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January 30, 2005

The Light Series #72: It's All About Love, Light and Oneness

Hello everyone

It is always with great pleasure that I compile and send out such Light filled compilations, both to balance out at least part of the more challenging material I network, but also to inspire and rev-up everyone's hope for and trust about the positive changes taking place, often barely noticed, all around and within us all.

I'm sure you will enjoy as much as I did discovering these gems below and sharing them with whomever might be interested...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Violence can never bring peace, and putting the sword back in its place‚ is admitting God's authority, and confirms God's love for us."

- Rev. Chang-whan Kim (speaking to over a million people in Seoul in 1987), as quoted in the book, Ordeal and Glory The 30-Year History of Yoido Full Gospel Church, Korea. Sent by "Stan Penner">

"Sacred Relationship is not for everyone. In fact, I suspect that there are far fewer persons capable or even willing to undertake it than there are those who prefer to play emotional card games. This type of relationship demands utmost honesty both with oneself and with one's partner. Instead of hiding our cards, we lay them all out on the table. All our hopes, all our fears, all our petty and jealous thoughts, all our conniving: all of it gets laid out in the clear light of awareness for our partner to see. And he or she must do the same. It will not work if there are back doors unlocked with mental escape in mind. It will not work if both partners are not absolutely impeccably honest with each other. "

- Tom Kenyon -- Taken from
Recommended by MICHAEL SONLIGHT>


Imagine, for a moment,
that peace befell the land
that all of humankind reached out
and held each other's hand.

Imagine, for an instant,
the touch of skin to skin
proved so powerful a feeling
every nation felt like kin.

Imagine, for a second,
love possessed the honest soul
of each citizen on the planet
and the world was truly whole.

Imagine, for a heartbeat,
how quickly hatred would dissolve
and compassion rise up gallantly
with blazing-strong resolve.

Imagine, in your lifetime,
this chain of hope began
and the link at its inception
was your firm, extended hand.


- Terri McPherson -- Taken from
Recommended by Star Light> NOTE: Her sumptuous site at is worth a looong look...

"We are not victims of the world we see; we are victims of the way we see the world."

- Dennis Kucinich

Worthy of Your Attention

The Miniature Earth

We Were Humans
Interactive documentary about war

Only Love Prevails
You are invited to participate in a worldwide experiment to create a peaceful planet. The premise of HOW we shift the current paradigm is very simple and requires only a heartbeat of our time. Recommended by "Eve Howard">

A LOT of Inspired Writings

Very Cool Liquid Sculptures
Recommended by "Mark Graffis">

Petition for Inquiry of Eisenhower Extraterrestrial Meeting


1. Synchronicities - water
2. Feedback
3. Experiences with Oneness
4. What do trees have to do with peace?
5. Global Healing Group
6. We Need To Talk! - A Message From Big Mama
7. International Coalition “For Humanism!” - Upcoming Conference in Russia
8. "Put Your Light Into Money" Movement
9. Working With Oneness
10. The Glitter of This Fantasy

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Announcing the 30th Anniversary SSF-IIIHS International Conference: "At the Dawn of a New Light" - May 20 to 29, 2005 in Montreal, Quebec
With BRIAN O'LEARY, Former NASA astronaut & futurist, RAYMOND A. MOODY, celebrated researcher in "life-after-life", STEVEN GREER, founder of the C-SETI Project, DR. MASARU EMOTO (Japan), ELISABET SAHTOURIS, a celebrated evolution biologist and futurist, and dozens of other presenters on the following 4 themes:
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Kucinich: Iraq Elections Will Be A Farce
WASHINGTON -- January 26 -- Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) today said that Iraqi elections, to be held on Sunday, will be a farce. In a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and John Negroponte, the United States Ambassador to Iraq, Kucinich cites a total absence of international election monitors in Iraq for Sunday's elections. The closest international monitors will get to Iraq on Sunday will be Amman, Jordan.In the letter, sent today, Kucinich states,"It is clear, in just five days before the Iraqi elections are to be held, that it will be impossible to conclude anything about the extent to which corruption, voter intimidation or outright fraud will mar the results. The exercise will regrettably be a farce. The results will have no recognized legitimacy whatsoever, and surely do not merit association with the United States' notions of democracy. "The elections will not yield certifiable results due to the pitifully small number of election observers, and the total absence of international election observers from the process. Indeed, according to the Washington Post, this is the first transitional election in the past two decades that will not have international election observers touring polling stations. As you know, international monitors have independently observed and evaluated elections throughout the world and have helped to point out when they are fraudulent and when they are legitimate." CLIP


Date: 21 Jan 2005
From: Lillian Akersborg>
Subject: Synchronicities - water

Dear Jean,

I think this is something to share. My synchronicities are so frequent and ongoing that I have the feeling they're telling me to pay attention so I'll notice when something especially important is presented, and it seems this is one of those times. I've recently been getting reminded to send Light and Loving energy to the water in my glass or bottle, and then to send the same energy to the water parts of the planet.

I'm reading a novel (The Magic Circle by Katherine Neville) filled with historical, mythical and mystical references which all appear to be well-researched and accurate. One night during the first week of January I read in my book the following well-stated paragraph: "According to the ancients our coming age will be ushered in by unchecked water gushing forth. Those who build dams to hold it back, who construct walls to resist change, who are repressive, inflexible, unaccepting - those who wish to turn back the clocks, to return to a golden era that never existed - will themselves be destroyed by this tidal wave of transformation. Only those who learn to dance atop the waters will survive."

In my dream that night I walked into a room filled with a group of people and I told them about having read this information. The next day I opened your message from the Light Series and read the message from Thoth (through Lilliana Corredor dated Jan. 6) in which there is a great emphasis on the importance on the healing of the planetary waters and the water in our bodies. This suggests to me that working directly with healing the water could be very beneficial on all levels.

It's simple. The difficulty is in remembering to do it when You pick up that glass of water!

With love and much appreciation,



Date: 21 Jan 2005
From: "Dr. Joyce - Meet the Coach">
Subject: Feedback to Rising Phoenix Series #34: AMAZINGLY...

Dear Jean and everyone:

I so value your "Only on Earth" ideas and sharing. So wonderful to hear how love and joy and laughter transforms us, our world and our souls. I especially liked the idea of think, feel and be love and compassion and help the world move into positive "space."

I have also started to "imagine" the bones, the infrastructure one needs in this new world and age of illumination. Some believe that all will be provided and we will just awaken to this world with everything we need. Perhaps. But, I feel that we will need to explore this new psychic territory and discover new pathways and understandings as we grow more deeply into it. Hence, I am now exploring and hoping to discover ways to help myself and others create and dwell in this world of illumination. I have heard others also speaking of new patterns, new structures and would love to hear from them. Perhaps, we will be the ones to create the portals and doorways to the new.

Joyce Kovelman,>

Joyce is a Psychologist, Scientist, Certified Coach, and author of "Once Upon ASOUL: The Story Continues.... Science, Psychology and the Realms of Spirit," "Namaste': Initiation and Transformation," Jalmar Press, 1998, and "The Reluctant Twin", "The Lonely Triplet" and a game, "Knowing Me, Knowing You," for children ages 4-9, and 5 workbooks, "I AM WOMAN on a Journey called Life."


Date: 22 Jan 2005
From: Patty-Lynne Herlevi>
Subject: Experiences with Oneness

Bonjour Jean,

I would like to join in your new project (Only on Earth) and share my oneness experiences with you & the ERN community.

First I would like to mention that I have always been connected to a divine source. As an artist and extremely sensitive person, I have always been on the other side of enchantment. While working on various projects, especially involving music or literature, I would lose myself in that timeless place of oneness.

When I attended WOMAD USA in 2001, I felt a powerful sense of oneness. I recall walking through the crowds, observing the musical acts and feeling at one with everything. I knew something powerful was happening, but I also knew a spiritual test waiting in the wings, and on September 11, 2001, we were hit with that spiritual test. Would we succumb to fear and the illusion of separation or continue to stay centered in oneness?

During the last Harmonic Concordance, I visited a lake near my home where I did a bit of ritual work. Mainly, I prayed, meditated and sung chants. Now, this lake we call Greenlake in Seattle is absolutely magical. I even wrote a song about it back in the early 1990's. The lake is like a sister to me, but also a comforting mother.

On the day of the Harmonic Concordance, I was dealing with upcoming medical test and the 3D paranoia of a doctor I had visited. I was feeling anxious over these upcoming tests which by the way turned out to be for nothing, but that's another story.

I asked a Willow tree for comfort and I also spoke with the ducks who also comforted me. I begin to feel love welling up, not only in my heart, but throughout the lake. The autumn leaves, flaming oranges, reds and yellows were so gorgeous and the lake was absolutely tranquil. I felt love coming from everywhere and at the same time, I was sending out to everyone and everything. I moved deeper into this timelessness. Then at one point, I saw two large black birds with what appeared to be white heads. They were too large to be crows, not Great Blue Herons so even though the birds were far away, I finally recognized them as a pair of Eagles.

And the message was, no matter what the world looks like at this time, you must detach. You must let go and everything will move along as planned. You will be comforted and you will be fine.

By the time, I left the lake, my anxiety had completely disappeared. I was walking on air and feeling full of love. I felt like those eagles roaming freely through the sky. And I would like to mention that the sky was a bluish-yellow--amber light. The lake seemed surreal, more like a spiritual painting than an actual lake.

Also saw a pod of Orcas off of Seattle's waterfront last weekend. I think of Orcas as a yin/yang whale, balance and harmony. They were following a ferry across the sound--and yes, this is a rare event to see whales so close to Seattle! A very good omen.

Thank you for this opportunity for me to share my experiences. Many blessings to you & your readers.



NOTE FROM JEAN: To find out about what Patty-Lynne is doing, visit her website at



Forwarded by Paul Prior> on January 24, 2005

What do trees have to do with peace?

Thirty years ago, in the country of Kenya, 90% of the forest had been chopped down. Without trees to hold the topsoil in place, the land became like a desert.

When the women and girls would go in search of firewood in order to prepare the meals, they would have to spend hours and hours looking for what few branches remained.

A woman named Wangari watched all of this happening. She decided that there must be a way to take better care of the land and take better care of the women and girls.

So she planted a tree. And then she planted another. She wanted to plant thousands of trees, but she realized that it would take a very long time if she was the only one doing it. So she taught the women who were looking for firewood to plant trees, and they were paid a small amount for each sapling they grew.

Soon she organized women all over the country to plant trees, and a movement took hold. It was called the Green Belt Movement, and with each passing year, more and more trees covered the land.

But something else was happening as the women planted those trees. Something else besides those trees was taking root. The women began to have confidence in themselves. They began to see that they could make a difference. They began to see that they were capable of many things, and that they were equal to the men. They began to recognize that they were deserving of being treated with respect and dignity.

Changes like these were threatening to some. The president of the country didn't like any of this. So police were sent to intimidate and beat Wangari for planting trees, and for planting ideas of equality and democracy in people's heads, especially in women's. She was accused of "subversion" and arrested many times.

Once, while Wangari was trying to plant trees, she was clubbed by guards hired by developers who wanted the lands cleared. She was hospitalized with head injuries. But she survived, and it only made her realize that she was on the right path.

For almost thirty years, she was threatened physically, and she was often made fun of in the press. But she didn't flinch. She only had to look in the eyes of her three children, and in the eyes of the thousands of women and girls who were blossoming right along with the trees, and she found the strength to continue.

And that is how it came to be that 30 million trees have been planted in Africa, one tree at a time. The landscapes--both the external one of the land and the internal one of the people--have been transformed.

In 2002, the people of Kenya held a democratic election, and the president who opposed Wangari and her Green Belt Movement is no longer in office. And Wangari is now Kenya's Assistant Minister for the Environment.

She is 65 years old, and this year she planted one more tree in celebration and thanksgiving for being given a very great honor:

Wangari Maathai has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She is the first African woman to receive this award.

After she was notified, she gave a speech entitled, "What Do Trees Have To Do With Peace?" She pointed out how most wars are fought over limited natural resources, such as oil, land, coal or diamonds. She called for an end to corporate greed, and for leaders to build more just societies. She added:

"Our recent experience in Kenya gives hope to all who have been struggling for a better future. It shows it is possible to bring about positive change, and still do it peacefully. All it takes is courage and perseverance, and a belief that positive change is possible. That is why the slogan for our campaign was 'It is Possible!'"

"On behalf of all African women, I want to express my profound appreciation for this honour, which will serve to encourage women in Kenya, in Africa, and around the world to raise their voices and not to be deterred."

"When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and seeds of hope. We also secure the future for our children. I call on those around the world to celebrate by planting a tree wherever you are."

As she received the Nobel Peace Prize this week in Oslo, she invited us all to get involved:

"Today we are faced with a challenge that calls for a shift in our thinking, so that humanity stops threatening its life-support system. We are called to assist the Earth to heal her wounds and in the process heal our own."


From: "Alicia Power">
Subject: Global Healing Group
Date: 24 Jan 2005

Hi Jean,

Thought you might like to pass this information on to your list if it feels right. When the tsunami hit on Boxing Day last year, my spirit mentors asked me to organize a global healing telephone visualization every week – to heal the electromagnetic fields disturbed around Mother Earth. (There is a story here as to how the tsunami was generated due to electro-magnetic disturbance from dark forces.)

During these group visualizations (guided by senior overseer spirit mentors of light) we approach fear vibration as it sits quietly choking the light in these Earth fields. Under careful planning by senior spirit teams, the human energy fields of everyone present on these calls is used as a magnifying chamber to download intensely piercing light vibration into these fear-filled vortices. This is not an easy task, as each person is meticulously screened (before their individual vibration is accepted) so that unconscious fear from that person’s soul archives is not inadvertently triggered, creating a ricochet effect which could fuel instead of delete the targeted dark vortex.

If anyone feels to participate in these calls (which are fully open to everyone) they will find themselves involved in a personal decision – usually regarding their schedule, or conflicting events. This prioritizing moment is the key to the unconscious eligibility to participate.

During the visualization we are taken through a quick preparation - passed through protection protocols with exponential speed (deceptively simple to the rational mind). We are then guided into real interaction with intensely dark vibration – scouring and “poulticing” key areas around the planet. Throughout this process our minds understand that our simple guided visual instructions and imagination create unbelievably powerful results. This is due to our “representative” role as human envoys (with emotion-powered intention) who are collaborating in a massive operation – involving vast layers and teams of authorized light armies supporting the process.

The entire clearing process is mentored by overseer “creator-level” beings of light who understand dark vibration as well as the light. They also have jurisdiction over darkness but “must” involve the human race because essentially it is “our” fight for freedom. (It’s all about intention.)

So the invitation is available to anyone who would like to participate on such a radical and elevated level. Not easy – but fun when it comes to making a difference.

The information for the telephone visualizations are below:


Every Wednesday through 2005

Call USA  (702) 821-1425 each week (from abroad)

1. NSW Wed 7pm, QLD Wed 6pm, NZ Wed 9pm, Frankfurt Wed 9am, London Wed 8am

Call USA 407 318 2766 (on February 2)

2. San Francisco Wed 7pm, New York Wed 10pm, NSW Thurs 2pm

Meditation "journeys" will include

· supporting Mother Earth's energy fields,

· healing and clearing these under strict higher protocols,

· awakening light vortices in troubled global areas.

- Each meditation deepens your love capacity exponentially.

- Participants enjoy upgrading in consciousness.

- Multi-dimensional technicians scan and heal our own heart wounds.

- Each meditation journey guided by a senior overseer spirit beings.


These meditations are available to anyone with an open mind and heart.

Email : for info on cheap calls to the USA. (1.8c min)


Thanks Jean. Thanks also to your unswerving dedication to life, god and goodness. It’s making this world a better place – even though the indicators at the moment look fuzzy!

Wishing you peace, inside and out,

Alicia Power

Note from Jean: I requested a bit more details from Alicia: "How long does it last on the phone? How many people join in so far each time (on average)? Are you the one speaking/guiding people on the phone?" and she replied: "Hi Jean – re how long do the visualizations last – usually about 40 mins – we give ourselves an hour because often we’re asked to lie down for 15 mins afterwards to continue some type of connection “pumping” with our energy fields. Probably a mix of continued pumping and “deflating” - coming back down. At the moment there is a smallish group on the calls – I haven’t had time and energy to spread the word so hence my email to you – yet (huge push at on this subject from above here) THE MORE THE BETTER. And yes I’m the one who is the voice for the “higher mentors” on the calls."


Date: 24 Jan 2005
Subject: We Need To Talk! - A Message From Big Mama

In light of all the commentary on recent events, I felt compelled to share an alternative view from a traditional Native American or indigenous perspective.

... Michael

We Need To Talk!

A Message From Big Mama

You know something, I'm kind of fed up with you guys. You take everything SO PERSONALLY. It doesn't occur to most of you that I am ALIVE. Yes, I'm a living being just like you. I'm continually evolving, growing, changing, etc., and you are a part of my growth as you are a part of your own process. When I stretch, yawn, hiccup, sneeze or simply celebrate my Bat Mitzvah, you think it's some kind of collective punishment for your 'sins.'

We Need To Talk!

Your popular human religions have done you a deadly disservice by teaching you that I and all my other creatures are simply objects that were designed for your pleasure to use, abuse, exploit and destroy. Did it ever occur to you how arrogant that is?

We Need To Talk!

You worry about 'Earth Changes' -- no such thing except for the fact that I am continually changing. It's not an event. It's an ongoing process that you don't understand because of your fruit fly mentality.

Last week some guy found fossilized footprints of a dinosaur which roamed the suburbs of Washington, DC. 100 million years ago. That was long before you were even a suggestive sparkle in the Creators eyes.

Did you know that the total life span of a fruit fly is seven days? Seven days!

OK, so lets say this guy John-the-fruitfly is born one Monday morning in late October. On Thursday, the first freeze of the season hits. John tragically freezes to death. Now one could take a fruitfly perspective and claim that this was some kind of punishment for Johns many fruitfly misdeeds or - taking a somewhat larger view of the matter - one could see that John had the unfortunate bad luck - or chose at some level - to be born four days before the first killing frost. John really doesn't understand time or cycles. His lifespan and genetic memory are too brief to grasp either one.

Do you have any idea how old I AM? Your life span isn't much more than that of a fruit fly. Your whole species is created, thrives and becomes extinct while I'm enjoying a cup of tea on a lovely cosmic afternoon. It's just that you don't have an 'eonic' sense of time so you tend to take things personally.

We Need To Talk!

One hundred years from now, you and everyone you know will be dead.... and on to greater adventures. All the important people and events that you read about in the newspaper or see on TV... Gone, and for the most part, forgotten. I will still be here, yawning, hiccuping, sneezing and enjoying my afternoon tea long after your species ceases to even be a memory around this place. Put your daily petty dramas into THAT perspective.

Why does it ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ABOUT YOU? Did it ever occur to you how much of your energy and money is focused on killing other species on this planet - and I'm not just talking about bug spray and chicken farms. You are spending over $175 million dollars a day to destroy Iraq while 14,000 children starve to death every day. That means that more children have starved to death so far since 12/26/04 - just from neglect - than all of those who died in the big wave. And then you applaud yourself for sending two days worth of war costs for relief. NOW THAT IS SOMETHING YOU SHOULD TAKE PERSONALLY!

YES, I'M PISSED - BIG TIME. But God & I haven't conspired to punish you. You seem to do a fairly good job of that yourself. I'm just fed up with taking the blame - along with GOD - for just being who I am and doing what I have been doing for the last umpteen millions of years; long before you came on to the scene.

And though I may not sound very compassionate at the moment, I do feel the pain of EVERY ONE OF MY CREATURES who suffers. Did you know that I sent a warning to let everyone know that I was about to sneeze? Did you see the news? The only ones who heard me were the wild animals in India and some 'primitive' tribal people on a remote island. They all went to higher ground just before the wave hit and none of them died. Why didn't the rest of you hear me???

So I let you know I'm about to sneeze, you don't hear me because you aren't listening, and it wreaks havoc. And then you have the audacity to blame GOD! Give me a break.

Maybe you should just start listening..... Or even better, maybe you should ask yourself what you are doing that is so important that you aren't listening....

We Need To Talk!

Michael Lightweaver

International Institute For Global Leadership

Mountain Light Sanctuary


Date: 28 Jan 2005
From: Conference>
Subject: International Coalition “For Humanism!” - Upcoming Conference in Russia

Dear colleagues,

The information on your site (and especially these lines: expand and deepen global awareness and the sense of forming a global spiritual community gradually empowering itself to contribute in shaping the future of this world) lets us think that the members of your network could be the very like-minded people we are looking for.

The problems we are meditating on and our position are formulated in the appeal of the previous conference, here you can read it:

We would be very obliged if you find it possible to place the information about our conference and activities among the subjects you are mailing to the subscribers.

We would be very glad to see you and your colleagues participating in our activities in any way.

Sincerely yours,

Organizing Committee

The conference 1-2 May, 2005

The System Crisis of the Commercial Civilization and the Humanist Transformation

The International Coalition is pleased to invite all interested persons to participate in the conference 2005.

The conferences are aimed at the consolidation of like-minded persons on the international level. People who are not indifferent to the present state of the world and recognize the crisis of the modern consumer civilization are welcome to
discuss the possible way out we call the Humanist Transformation.

The information on our site will give you an idea of the Position of the Coalition, Our Understanding of Humanism and of the Global Crisis of the Consumer Civilization. Also some speeches of the previous conference are available.

The organizing committee will gladly consider your requests for participation. You may participate as delegates, speakers, observers or your speech may be presented in your absence. Feel free to send any question or suggestion to our

The conference will take place traditionally in St.-Petersburg, Russia.
As we are non-commercial organization, any support (informational or financial) will be much appreciated.

Note from Jean: To find out more about what this organization is all about, check their short position paper at


From: "Sunny Ariel">
Subject: "Put Your Light Into Money" Movement
Date: 24 Jan 2005

Hi Jean,

It would be wonderful if you could pay this one forward to your extensive mailing list. Thanks for all your good work. It makes a difference! You are making a huge difference!. Let’s get this Put Your Light into Money info out there as loudly as possible. All is about to manifest – I feel it and it’s HIGH TIME!!!!

Have a magical week!

Shaloha – and joy,



Michael Worldwide Events - #2 - Jan. 22, 2004

Put Your Light Into MONEY 'Movement

Beloveds and Friends,

St. Germain's message through Mike Quinsey of 01-21-2005 has 'triggered' me to initiate a worldwide global movement that all Light Workers and men, women and children of good will, from any religious belief or stand can support. Share this widely with everyone, please!


Credo Behind and Within this "Put Your Light Into MONEY" Movement

Put Your Light Into Money...

"Let there be Light!" and "God is LIGHT" is no empty divine statement! When and where light comes, the DARK must retreat---and be no more!

Everything in the Universe moves and interacts through a vast vibrational field OF LIGHT. Each and every snowflake, raindrop, grain of sand, human, animal or mineral 'form' has it's own very unique vibrational Light tone, which self-places it at any self identified 'level' within it's part of the Light Spectrum of the Universe. This applies to any "form" of any kind, be it a person, a rock, a chair (even a coin or all kinds and values of dollar bills), including Euros, Pounds, Pesos, Yen, etc. etc. etc., etc.

As most folks in vibrational medicine or hologram, or quantum physics and virtual reality programs know, anything through focus, by a man-devised gadget or device, or the human mind itself--can be given a select constructive or destructive electric or electromagnetic "charge" into it!

Depending on the amount of 'charge' the newly charged form will "hold that charge" (or extra Light) for a given time.

Thus, as Great Teachers guiding our human race on Earth have pointed out, having been given free will, we can each place our "intent" into whatever we choose and thus bring about a higher, more uplifting reality, or a further greatly degraded reality in our personal world and through our shared worlds of reality. 

The creative power of the mind is awesome, and is much, much more so when a large group of folks stand strong in their hearts and minds about any given course of human or spiritual action or any joint, or unified project!

Now then think! Money flows like water all over the world non-stop, and is mostly now greatly tinged or "shaded" if not colored with greed, lust, and evil diabolical power over others (even over nations). Most money today is loaded with the heavy feeling of drudgery, of hard "work" or sheer 'heaviness,' and in seeming greatly LIMITED personal supply!

MONEY - is greatly desired for what it can do to relieve the pain and suffering and hardship of taxes, slavery, ill health, and everything else that blatantly ails humankind on Earth today! 

Money only carries a 'light' or joyful vibration when we each personally have plenty in our pockets or purses or bank account to meet our own and our family's seeming never-ending daily, weekly or monthly bills and debts or personal obligations! The momentary upliftment of money is fast gone, for almost without exception, for us masses, it soon disappears from our hands.

THINK now, in light of this, what a grand loving, thrilling Light-filled movement we can initiate together (in joy and powerful unity) - IF from this moment on---every time we have a coin, a dollar bill, or any amount or kind of "currency" in our hands (receiving it or giving it) we each FEEL and mentally project as much white, white or gold dazzling Light as we can imagine into that money? Be assured, soon---the money of the entire world will suddenly or eventually all be CHARGED WITH GREAT LIGHT!

CLIP (abridged fro the sake of brevity)



From: Working with Oneness>
Date: 25 Jan 2005
Subject: Working With Oneness

"The new energy that is becoming available to us is an energy of oneness that can help us live our true role in relation to the planet, a role of stewardship based on conscious interconnectedness."

- Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Dear Friends,

We have re-launched our website and thought you might like to take a look!

Some of the items you might be interested in are the many new resources including new articles, downloadable pdfs of books, online audio, recommended reading and an updated schedule of events.

For those of you who are new to, it is a website dedicated to connecting with individuals and spiritual groups of all types who are working towards the emerging consciousness of oneness. This consciousness is central to our human and planetary survival and evolution.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee has said: "When we live with conscious awareness of our intrinsic oneness we bring this oneness into a collective consciousness that is dying through the illusion of separation. Our light is the light of the world; our divine consciousness is the spiritual consciousness of the world - nothing is separate."

At the present time there is a greater need for those of us drawn to this work of oneness to connect with each other. We hope this website will be a valuable resource for you in facilitating this connection.

We welcome your feedback and look forward to working with you!

Warm regards,



Forwarded by

The Glitter of This Fantasy

Now comes the final merging,
Now comes everlasting beauty.
Now comes abundant grace,
Now comes boundless purity.

The infinite treasure is shining,
The mighty ocean is roaring,
The morning of grace has come -
This is the eternal Light of God!

Who occupies this beautiful form?
Who is the ruler and the prince?
Who is the wise man? -
Nothing but a veil.

The wine of love removes these veils.
Drink with your head and your eyes -
Both your eyes,
And both your heads!

Your head of clay is from the earth,
Your pure awareness is from heaven.
O how vast is that treasure
which lies beneath the clay!
Every head you see depends on it!

Behind every atom of this world
hides an infinite universe.

0 Saaqi, free us from the facade of this world.
Bring wine-barrels full!
Our eyes see too straight -
straight past the truth!

The Light of Truth shines from Tabriz.
It is beyond the beyond
yet it is here,
shining through every particle of this world.

'In the Arms of the Beloved'
Translations by Jonathan Star


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