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January 21, 2005

Rising Phoenix Series #34: AMAZINGLY...

Hello everyone

As usual it is with GREAT pleasure that I share with you some of the recent discoveries I made on the Web and some of the excellent contributions from many ERN subscribers that I found in my Inbox.

Various superlatives come to mind when considering the diversity and uniqueness of the material proposed to your attention below.

As the title of this compilation indicates, it is up to you to complete it with through adding your own emphasis on what struck you as the most interesting/inspiring/moving piece.

Of course I'd be curious to see what you'd feel is appropriate to complete this title and will be happy to add your own superlative(s) to the title listed on the ERN homepage... and the archived copy of this compilation

Just for fun ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. A new Meditation Focus will be issue this Saturday...

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Worthy of Your Attention

THE FIRST EARTH FESTIVAL (An excellent initiative from France. Worth supporting!)
A week to celebrate together the Earth and the human solidarity between the nations. The WORLDWIDE EARTH FESTIVAL is a big festive event honoring the planet Earth, planned to take place in June 2005 for one week. It will permit all the peoples of the planet, with their diversity, to gather and celebrate a new relationship with the Earth. The Festival will be a worldwide window to showcase all the initiatives in favour of Ecology, Peace and Solidarity between peoples.

Aurora Gallery
Magnificent pictures of the Aurora Borealis. Be sure to check the 3 pages. These were caused by the recent CME's thrown off by our sun.

The Light Beam Photos November 8, 2003 - Harmonic Concordance

World Social Forum
The fifth edition of the World Social Forum will be held between 26th and 31st. of January 2005 in the city of Porto Alegre.

These are Monumental Times by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


1. Feedbacks and contributions to "Only on Earth Project"
2. Latest message from Matthew
3. Himalayan UFO Base in Tectonic Plates
4. Should We Celebrate Life and Our Universe Or Subdue, Dominate and Destroy the Natural World?
5. Life after death
6. A Dead Buddhist Lama Body Will Not Perish
7. Supernatural Divine Powers will intervene to prevent Nuclear War
8. Assessing Human Energy
9. Environmental catastrophes are not God-given
10. 2012 - The Moment of Transformation - The End of Time
11. Beyond Prayer Day

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Global Tsunami Death Toll Tops 226,000 (Jan 19)
BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (Reuters) - The global death toll from the Asian tsunami shot above 226,000 Wednesday after Indonesia's Health Ministry confirmed the deaths of tens of thousands of people previously listed as missing.

Worldwide Tsunami warning system from UN by June 2007, coverage of Indian Ocean by June 2006 (January 19, 2005)
UN is forging forward to create the worldwide Tsunami warning system that will not only cover Indian Ocean but also vulnerable Caribbean and the Eastern coastline of America. According to Susan Williams, an official with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UN is in the process of consolidating the proposals from Australia, China, India, United States, Japan, France and others. After the Tsunami, many nations hurriedly announced initiatives to show what they are doing about it. Soon all the nations after making some initial assessment understood the scope of such system is so large that it is only United Nation who can deliver anything like that. CLIP

Wood Found On Mars??
What's this?? It appears that Rover Opportunity has stumbled across a piece of petrified wood on the surface of Mars! 

Different Astral Projection techniques
There are numerous ways of achieving etheric /astral projection, and there are many books on the subject. Here I will only describe the most common and / or the most useful methods that I have come across. Different people will find different methods more suited

Computer model predicts 150 sq. mile asteroid to hit earth in 65 years – wipe out human civilization like that of Dinosaurs (January 18, 2005)
According to some computer models an early indication is given that an asteroid is headed towards the earth that may crush on earth’s surface in the year 2070 or earlier.The data received is vague and is yet to be confirmed but the size and shape of the series of asteroids coming earth’s way is very scary. Asteroids are rocky and metallic objects that orbit the Sun but are too small to be considered planets.


Subject: Feedback to "Only on Earth Project"
Date: 14 Jan 2005
From: "Diana Elsmere">

Hi Jean. 

I am just gob-smacked!! For the last 3 days I have been overcome by the need to focus all my thoughts, feelings and emotions on the core truth that 'All is Love'. I am convinced at a very deep level that when the group consciousness of mankind is steeped in fear, anger, dread and hatred, we create dreadful things. We create deserts, earthquakes etc. simply by what we think, feel and do to each other. The earth simply responds to what we are thinking so we are actually responsible for all disasters (whether we create an atomic bomb or think hateful thoughts). The physical creation of bombs is just a manifestation of our thoughts anyway and our anger at those who create war and bombs simply adds to the problem. To create a safe, peaceful, loving world we have to reach a point where a large enough group of people maintain loving thoughts irrespective of what is happening on the existing physical level because in order to create a new physical level, we have to maintain an unfaltering vision of what that new physical manifestation/level is to be. 

Anyway, the reason I am so shocked by your proposed 'Only Earth Project' is because it is exactly what I was thinking and I know in my heart of hearts that what you propose is the only way we will ever change anything! 

Thank you Jean. Thank you.

Diana Elsmere


From: "Meria Heller">
Subject: Re: The Light Series #71: Only on Earth...
Date: 14 Jan 2005

First of all, thank you for the beautiful song "What Would Jesus Do". Magnificent. While reading your latest compilation, I had a "eureka" moment.

We speak constantly of transforming fear into love and staying out of fear. However, I realize we aren't the ones coming from fear. We are already in love and coming from love.

It's those in "charge" by self divination over the rest of us that are coming from and purporting fear. Fear 24/7. Fear on the television, radio, newspapers. Fear in what people think about their own government. They are the ones that are fear based. Their fear is very real, their "rapture" is about to happen, but not the way they intend. They will be "rapped" with the sword of truth. Rapped with the calling out from the masses for accountability. Rapped by their very own "god" for blasphemy and treason.

We have a 'president' who is so fearful he has banned crosses at his "coronation". People will not be able to look directly at him (as if we'd want to). He cannot take anyone looking at him straight in the eye for his reign of terror over the world. Sooner or later, he will have to look in the eyes of the Creator who won't capitulate to CIA or FBI warnings. In that moment all he's ever been will be revealed as will the next lap of his journey and it won't be to some "rapture".

We are here. We are love. We are calling them out. We will continue to call them out. We will flush them out like the dung they are. They have built walls around themselves, passed laws to protect themselves from the people. None of it will work. One day the trumpets will be ordered to blow, and nothing will stand in their way.

Get your lips ready my friends! Be happy!


"THE MERIA HELLER SHOW "- 5th yr On The Net- #1 on Net!


We are what we think, but others are also what they think. One small candle lights a whole room. We must be that candle. Group think is a very dangerous thing, yet our society raises us that way. The individual that can truly think for oneself is always the one that must lead. There is no choice but to lead. Sort of like Cher telling Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck "snap out of it". Sometimes love is calling people to account. This is the love in motion we must exercise now on behalf of the human race, even those who are asleep. Time for that "cosmic alarm clock".


Date: 15 Jan 2005
Subject: Re: The Light Series #71: Only on Earth...
From: "A'keara">

Only on Earth can you taste the nectar of love.

Only on Earth can you embrace the sounds of birds chirping, dogs barking, musical instruments playing, voices singing, souls laughing, souls crying and complete silence.

Only on Earth can you sense the depth of a soul by caressing their Earth suit.

Only on Earth can you view a human smile, the breath-taking beauty of the oceans, the diversity of cultures, the eyes of a wolf, the gift of color and so much more.

Only on Earth can you connect with The All while honoring the scent of a rose.


From: "Chris Just Chris">
Subject: Only on Earth...
Date: 15 Jan 2005

Only on Earth could I have experienced my first insight of the oneness of body, mind and spirit. In January 2003 I was with a very good friend of mine visiting her Mother in Southern Spain. One day, the three of us were lucky enough to be invited onto a yacht to sail over to Gibraltar. There were some very friendly Americans and Europeans on the yacht and we were having a great time. We stopped for some scuba diving on the way to Gibraltar, had some lunch there and then set off back for Spain. About half the way back the sun was starting to set, it was getting quite windy and started to rain slightly. Everyone headed below deck, but I stayed sat on the seats on deck. I had never been on a yacht before and was enjoying the freedom of being out on the ocean with the wind blowing through my hair. Then everything came together. Behind me to my left was the rock of Gibraltar, far off in the distance to my right I could see Africa, and ahead of me and to my left was Spain. The sun was almost setting and sent out a magnificent glow across the horizon, and I felt an amazing sense of oneness, tranquility and inner peace. Just as I was trying to take in all of this immense beauty, two or three birds came and flew perhaps 20 feet to my left, alongside the yacht. I looked over at them and in this state of total harmony seemed to have an unspoken connection with them. After about 30 seconds they gently flew off. Three of the Americans then came up on deck and sat watching the sun set. They decided to have a competition to see who, out of us four, could get the closest guess to how long it would be until the sun totally set. Still feeling connected with the oneness of everything, I seemed to know precisely when it would be, and amazed my new friends and myself by getting the time right, to the second!

That was my first experience of feeling totally immersed in the universe and understanding oneness. Ever since then I have been on a spiritual journey, inspired by that one moment, the happiest and most peaceful to date!

I think the 'Only on Earth...' project is an inspired idea Jean, and hope this account of my experience may be of use to you. I hope you are well, and thank you for your continued dedication to the ERN list.

Love and light,

Lacey x



From: "Erik Lefevre">
Subject: Only on Earth...
Date: 15 Jan 2005

Congratulations for this text of pure bliss with Mother nature, both inspiring and working as a "Do it yourself tool" for whoever needs to be remembered what true Life is all about. Having spent a good part of my life outside, either in the hot weather (former camping safari-guide in East Africa) or the cold winters in the Alps where I used to live (nothing compared to your Canadian winters, I know for having enjoyed myself doing la pêche blanche et du Skidoo par chez vous avec des groupe de "Maudits Cousins" enthousiasmés par l'accueil québecois), j'ai de l'admiration pour votre capacité à partager l'intimité de vos moments d'éveil dans la nature sans en trahir l'intensité. Bien au contraire, vous offrez même une méthode simple pour y parvenir. Félicitations! Car si les poètes se contentent de nous faire rêver (c'est déjà pas si mal), c'est le propre des maîtres, de nous apprendre à gonfler l'aile du parapente au dessus de notre tête, enfin dégonflée de son mental agité, pour ensuite décoller par nous-même. CLIP


Date: 16 Jan 2005
Subject: "Only on Earth.." 

Hi, Jean!

What an inspired idea, to encourage people to share their "Aha" experiences... contributing to the collective experience of spiritual empowerment!

We all tend to be a bit shy about this sort of thing, worried about 'tooting our own horns'...the perception of that. But this is a way of 'comparing notes' and sharing our stories...experiences that may help us all to realise the potential open to us, to move beyond the parameters of 3-4 dimensional frequency suppression and imposed cultural 'normalcy'.

I loved the tale about your gurgling brook and the tall pine. I seek out such experiences in Nature. I like to run multi-ray-coloured energies from our galactic chakra down, around and through the personal chakras, to the Earth-centre chakra and back up again...eyes closed, of course... in the presence of of the Sun...while meditating on a headland overlooking the sea. Upon opening the eyes, everything has that sparkling, pristine luminosity... every blade of grass, every grain of sand, every wisp of cloud glistens as new and as though created just for my eyes and consciousness!

But, I will try to tell you now about another recent experience that was not so much 'self'-generated as some of the others, but seemed to have a will and purpose of its own. In fact, I had been wondering about how to record it, if I even should, and why...who would it benefit? And then, shortly after comes the Tsunami, and this challenge of yours....well, perhaps it was a timely vision after all! :)

Anyways, I was at my kitchen sink, washing dishes. Although, like many of us, I've been concerned about world events, I wasn't thinking about anything pressing at that moment. I'd just given my dog a Vitabone biscuit and he was on the linoleum about 6 foot behind me. I looked up as I was sponging a cup, out the window towards the garage and upper garden and apple trees.

In a nanosecond it seems, everything transformed... the windowpanes, the curtains, the shingles and door fittings on the garage, my car and all its components within that garage, the cup in my hand, the plastic dishrack and cotton towel next to me. It was as though in that nanosecond, the origins of all these commonplace things became utterly transparent... their dimensional existence, their position in 'time'. All at once, I saw factory floors and machinery; lumber yards and tree felling operations; textile mills; oil drilling platforms; and so many faces, both grim and tired, or stoic and laughing, of all racial types....their lives and loves and families stretching out behind them in immeasurable space and in innumerable strings of interconnections....all the people and the collective processes they were involved in who made up the 'story' of all these things and settings that are part of 'my' life. I sensed all the joy and despair, the hope and the waste, the courage, and the impatience. Each one seemed my own -- as though in just a second I could see into every heart and soul, and experience that love and pain and hope.... yet, the anguish of the Earth herself was foremost, as much has been purchased at her expense.

I was still functioning normally -- put my cup and sponge aside, and turned around, expecting the spell to break. My dog was still working on his biscuit. He normally finishes one within 5 to 10 seconds, so I realised that these incredible vistas of human interdependency had all occurred within 'expanded time', with which I'm already familiar.

The 'spell' was still on, though, yet I seemed to have gained some control of its expression. All the normal objects and animals in the house seemed made of a luminescent material that gleamed along their borders. I realised that if I shifted my focus for even a microsecond on an object -- a refrigerator, or a hanging plant, the whole history of that object, from its original atomic makeup would appear before me and mesmerise me. And I didn't want to get caught up, but felt drawn to the sliding doors to the deck, which overlooks the ocean and a wonderful 180º view of the sky.

I noted that as I drew towards the glass doors and moved to open them, my whitish right arm was far ahead of the physical arm that seemed to ever so slowly catch up with it. It was then that I realised that I was functioning out of the etheric, which I'm familiar with in meditation and 'dream' states. It's quite different to experience this in a parallel awakened state. I did note my dog's quizzical expression and his cautious following of my track to the deck. I also made note of the luminous quality of the very air around me, and the way that it seemed to part and move in front of me and flow around objects. If I had shifted my focus, I felt I could have looked into the conscious life of each sparkly mote -- it wasn't so much as I was moving, as though everything was parting and flowing around and past me as I advanced.

Once out on the deck, the small bit of earth we were on and the immensity of the sea, the horizon and the sky were all experienced as part of the oneness of our Planet. I reached up into the higher chakras and their vision - beyond the town, the Atlantic ocean, the continent and the Planet body. I won't go into all of this, as I've run on too long as it is. Just suffice to say that all that has been discussed here on your compilations, Jean, about the suffering in Iraq, in Africa and everywhere else across the globe, presented itself to me in its immediacy and its thundering anguish... yet, all the Beauty as well. All the exquisite uniqueness of myriads and billions of souls and living consciousnesses of every sort and form, and the absolute value of their existence, just as it is.

And I *remembered*, ever so briefly, why I came here, to this very challenging but often delightful 'stage'. It was all very clear at that moment, in all its refined causality....but, since then, I'm afraid I've partially lost that magic 'knowing' and struggle at times with reversions into cynicism about the 'powers' that oppress our Earth and humankind. In those magical moments, however, the divine flow was perfection in and of itself... I understood there was no need for struggle, anger or fear of any kind.

Because these are all our creations. Whatever we take for granted, our pens and dishrags, our cars and potted plants...our literature and philosophy and 'history' -some of these may seem to be our 'personal possessions' and some appear to be cultural. But they are global, they are human. They spring from the thought of wo/man's souls. They are the outward manifestations of inner spiritual processes. They are ephemeral, molecular holograms of whatever we choose to focus on as of momentary import.

And I also saw that we are capable of holding *all* of this within our immediate, loving consciousness -- that same consciousness that can expand itself unbelievably, like a woman's womb, to accommodate what would seem absolutely impossible and unfathomable. We have been deceived -- but our horizons are evolving with every moonrise and sunset.

Which means that it is *all* fluid. We can discard our old reality constructs and replace them with what's more in alignment with divine evolution. But it takes intent and focus -- and a determined disregard for the efforts of the 'old guard' powers to intimidate us!

So, that's it! I can't wait to hear what some of the others have been up to! Like so many 'wanderers', I've been feeling 'loose' lately, the past year or so.. as though we're straddling and living in several different dimensions, all at once.

What a brilliant idea, Jean -- to get everyone to share this way! I don't like to flatter people, but I do feel you've been inspired in this.

Blessings, and Namaste, Anni :º)

p.s. I know this is too long -- just didn't know how to make it succinct... I could have gone on and on for pages, trying to explain the experience! ;> Anyways, if it's acceptable at all, don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings by putting it in the reference section! Love, Anni

pps -- No, I don't take LSD or any other drugs! LOL!



You really blew me up, up and away with this one! What a wonderful storyteller you are! I'm sure also you feel me communing with you, breathing as one with you, filling our common Oneness with tingling Love and appreciation as I was totally lighted up by your Reality-revealing experience...

I'm so GLAD I was inspired to propose this "Only on Earth.." experience and collective co-creation as otherwise I feel you would never have committed to written form the gist of your experience - which I know it is as sssoooo much happens in nanoseconds when we are synched to Godness that is nearly impossible to express in understandable ways if we even try. I know my own attempt at sharing how this idea came to be and the initial aha moment of sensing/being the uniqueness of Every Thing That IS in every nanomoment barely scratched the surface of all that could be expressed, let alone remembered as it all vanished so fast once myopic "normal" consciousness kicks back in. But I think you reach here a rare climax of driver/thinker/perceiver seat perspective with your exquisitely detailed narrative. Thank you for allowing yourself to boldly go where few other human souls ever dare to go through sharing this brilliant gem with us all.

May it inspire many more cosmic bungee jumping candidates to take the plunge and open their heart and soul to help us all connect into the Oneness That Always Is.

With love and great admiration for your fortitude, humility and sheer brilliance


FINAL NOTE: These 6 emails above related to the "Only on Earth" project (details at the top of are a good start but I hope that with time more people will be sharing their own unique experience in whichever way they feel comfortable with. Since it took me nearly a month to go from the initial idea to actually conceptualizing it in words and sharing it with you, I'm happy to wait for as long as it will take for your contribution... ;-)


Matthew - January 17, 2005

S: Matthew dear, hello! Would you like to start with the questions I’ve received or do you want to give your own message first?

MATTHEW: Greetings to you, Mother! I am aware of the questions, and since my response to one is part of what I wish to relate, let us start with that question about the dire predictions of the disappearance of entire coastlines of the United States and reduction of the global population by the billions.

What I told you several years back still holds true! The kinetic energy buildup from millennia of negativity accumulation is being released through means other than the catastrophic geophysical events once thought necessary to achieve this essential planetary “cleansing.” I mentioned then that the “I Am America” map of drastic changes in land masses and water no longer was valid due to the great success of those other means: the massive light directed by your space family and some civilizations’ technology that is unimaginably advanced from your own.

Furthermore, those efforts led to the light being increasingly generated by Earth’s own population, which is helping transmute the remaining negativity into light. Yes, as in my last message, there will be other events with serious impact upon populations. But none, or their sum, will cause billions of deaths nor will entire coastlines be drastically altered by mammoth earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or flooding. As a reminder, the ET technology that is alleviating the impact of these happenings by leveling out their effects is not reducing the degree of negativity released. Of greater importance to remember is, the souls who will be leaving Earth lifetimes during these events still ahead have chosen to do this for the higher purpose of joining the light forces off-planet.

We acknowledge that many—not all!—of these kinds of reports being disseminated primarily via Internet postings are put forth with good intent. However, these “predictions” often produce alarm and fear, a primary source of negativity, and because the energy of fear is incompatible with the energy of light, this is evoking fluctuations within the light beams. We are holding these beams to all souls as steady as possible, but please be aware that your unwavering light-holding is paramount! As many high beings have transmitted to their respected receivers, Earth herself is on course into the higher densities—it is you as individuals who must stay steady in the light so you can accompany her in your physical bodies.

Mother, since much of that has been stated previously in greater detail, I believe my response to that question is sufficient.

S: Well, the next question is from several people and it’s about the same thing to some extent—they want to know where they can move so they’ll be safe. What do you say about this?

MATTHEW: I say, follow your inner guidance in total trust. If in calmness you ask whether to stay put or move, and if to move, where, you will receive the answer you need. Your soul knows, and a sense of urgency to move somewhere, anywhere, out of fear never is the soul’s reply.

If one’s soul contract calls for leaving at a specific time, that will happen regardless of where the person is. If the contract’s longevity provision calls for remaining in the lifetime for many more years, wherever the person is will be a safe haven even if it’s in the midst of turmoil and death. What are considered by most as survival “miracles” in actuality are the workings of guardian angels.   

Mother, I would like to address the next two questions on your paper because my response to both is the same, so will you type them, please.

S: OK, dear.How much impact will the recently passed law have that requires fingerprint and retinal scan identification for drivers' licenses, plane travel, etc?” The next question is: “Will psychological testing of all school children, with mandatory prescription drugs issued to those deemed in need of them, really be instituted or is this another fear tactic? The inordinate amount of time involved in this kind of testing and parents’ objections makes me think it’s just another way to promote fear.”

MATTHEW: Thank you. First let me say that the most effective way for a government to engender fear in the populace is to leak information that steps such as those are being considered and then enact laws to enforce them—start the fear reaction early, build on that and then sustain it. It is possible that some individuals will be subjected to those measures before the administration crumbles, but be assured, the measures will not last long. They will be eliminated as will many other unconstitutional or unfair or unwise laws currently affecting areas such as judicial systems, media regulations, the environment, education, tax structures and other aspects of your national economy. The same kinds of oppressive laws and others, too, that affect peoples of other countries also soon will become only part of your planet’s history. 

S: Thank you. “With only a few exceptions, even the Democrats in the House and Senate have been going along with Bush’s police state policies. If all the others are dark souls, how can we change this situation since beaming light to them doesn’t seem to be working?”

MATTHEW: Keep beaming light to them—it IS working!—and the majority of Congress are not among the “recalcitrant” dark souls. While some are acting from a self-serving intent to further their political careers and gains at any cost, others are genuinely convinced that the president’s stated aims are the best for the country. A number of members have succumbed to heavy political pressures that extend to life-threatening, and to protect selves and families, they justify their actions that are compromising their moral integrity. Some are simply overwhelmed by learning how impotent their elected office is. As the light intensifies with the higher vibrations entering, you will see more and more defections from the official stance. Even now some are publicly strongly opposing proposed measures and continuance of current policies, and it won’t be too long before their numbers will swell enough to turn the tide.

S: That can’t happen too soon! The next question is: “Will thousands more die from diseases in the countries affected by the tsunami, and if so, is that in their soul contracts or are they innocent victims because the warning that could have been given, wasn’t?”

MATTHEW: In my last message when I repeated what I had said before, that millions more will die before the darkness is vanquished from Earth, it included the people you are asking about. What has been happening all along will continue for a while longer: In addition to vehicle crashes, “old age,” and what you call “natural causes,” physical lifetimes will end due to wars, starvation, disease epidemics or natural and manmade geophysical happenings, and all will be either within original or amended soul contracts. With reference to the people in question, even subsistence living in the affected countries will be extremely harsh with insufficient medical care, food supplies and safe water; home and business property loss; and strained national resources. Combined with pervasive grief and lingering effects of shock, many will petition at soul level to be released from enduring those circumstances, and through divine grace, their petition will be granted with full credit for completion of chosen difficult lifetime experiencing. At soul level they know that living in those conditions will create more negativity for Earth to deal with, whereas their voluntary leaving not only will reduce that, but also will enable them to join with the myriad others who are beaming healing light to Earth.

Not to be unexpected, the forthcoming of massive money pledges is encountering political snags, but more so, the great numbers of people needing immediate assistance can’t be accommodated even with the help of the many individuals who were inspired to come to their aid with medical care, clean-up and reconstruction. The needs of the people and the areas of devastation are simply too great.

S: Mash, even with films and photos, I think this is incomprehensible to any of us who didn’t experience the tsunami and are living safely and comfortably far away. It seems that tears come with individual stories of loss because we can’t imagine the full impact of that death toll or grief or devastation.

MATTHEW: Mother, this reaction is not that much different from the millions who are directly affected. Each is suffering the all-consuming agony of personal loss and has little or no emotional margin left for feeling the grief and losses of others. The incalculable difference is that they are in the midst of all that and you are not.

I want to mention something that mainstream media never relates to this sudden monumental happening of Nature, and that is the death toll and destruction that has been shamefully perpetrated in Iraq for nearly two years in the name of “liberation” or “freedom” or “democracy.” The grief at loss of family, homes, livelihoods, safety and hope is no less among those people than among the people whose lives were forever changed by the tsunami. We herald this relationship that IS being made by the compassionate populace whose prayers for the Iraqi dead and living are as fervent as for those who died or survived the tsunami. Often you have heard this from high light sources, but again we ask that there be no judgments or condemnation, but rather the steadiness of the light in your hearts that radiates forth to all on Earth.

S: Matthew, can you and the others in those vibrations of only love-light really relate to the difficulty of knowing about heinous happenings and not have reactions to the people who cause them, as if it’s all only a “play” with “roles” that some channeled messages call our LIVES?

MATTHEW: Mother, dear soul, yes, we do relate, and with far more intensity than you can even imagine. Being in high stations of spiritual evolvement never is insensitivity to the suffering of souls on Earth! We feel your pain or grief or fear more intensely than you yourselves, just as we do your joy. The density of your bodies muffles all sensations, and in these higher vibrations, emotions not only are felt more intensely, they are felt purely, without assessing how we ourselves may be affected, beneficially or adversely, by what happens to others. The negativity created by pain, grief or fear on Earth remains there, whereas when we feel those same sensations because you do, no negativity can accompany our feelings. And the feelings themselves cannot remain in these stations—they rapidly are transmuted into light by the energy of our compassion, forgiveness and loving.

It is not with disrespect for the vital significance of every life on Earth that some sources refer to the unfolding events as a “play” or your lives as “roles.” Rather it is describing in terms common to you the universal reality that as yet is unknown—unremembered!—by you. Your present lifetime is but one of hundreds or thousands, each differing from all others, and you choose your “role” in each. The “play” at hand is in keeping only with current situations on Earth—you have no conscious memories of other ages when you lived there or in other solar systems or even in other galaxies where myriad other “plays” are in motion simultaneously.

Mother, I don’t want to get into the time/space continuum here, so I’ll say only, please stay focused on the glorious beauty of Earth and the magnificent changes you really do know are taking place, and let your heart sing with the advancement of the light!            

S: Your “pep rallies” help, dear—thank you. With the desperate needs of so many people around the world, the mega millions spent on Bush’s inauguration for another term of lies and wars is really getting to me. It’s probably good that the last question is quite a digression from the others: “Is there life on Jupiter’s moons?”

MATTHEW: From your easier breathing now, I believe that came almost as comic relief for you, dear soul, but surely it is an interesting question. However, first I want to say that this “term” will be among the shortest presidential reigns in US history.

Now then, I have to assume that by “life,” the question means intelligent beings in physical form. There are no civilizations inhabiting any moons in your solar system on a permanent basis because conditions are not as hospitable as elsewhere. But yes, there are “moon visitor stations,” shall we say, on Jupiter, with rest and recreation facilities for your space family who have surveillance responsibilities throughout your solar system—it’s like your shift-time arrangement, where someone always is tending to business. They land their spacecraft and alight within individual self-contained environments to approach the communities erected for such R & R activities.

There are permanent life forms on some moons—microbes and the insects that adapted to the environment after more favorable living circumstances were markedly reduced when these moons were formed, usually by the collision of two celestial bodies in a maneuver by a dark force field.

S: Are any R and R stations on our moon?

MATTHEW: Yes indeed! Right now the largest and most frequented stations are there because it is the closest to you, and as things are really heating up on Earth, most often the crews select your moon for their timeouts from flying around your planet. Some of these facilities have been photographed by astronauts and the pictures are securely hidden in top secret safes. The allowance of photographing was by intent, but otherwise the stations are obscured by energy shields—their invisibility prevents efforts by your governments to destroy them.  

S: Please tell me exactly what is “really heating up.”

MATTHEW: With great pleasure! That is the other part of what I wish to tell you in this sitting, Mother. As motion in the energy field of potential is clearing insofar as the steadily increasing light dominance, the darkness is going to be publicly exposed to an extent that the truth no longer can be denied. As reluctant as I am to give any timeframes, recent developments indicate that the momentum toward this exposure will peak possibly as early as June. During the intervening months, there will be much more upheaval as the darkness lashes out rashly in desperation to maintain its control, which it clearly sees is becoming more feeble by the moment.

Enough truth will be revealed so that your world will be reeling from the information that dramatically differs from what the vast majority have been led to believe regarding governments, religions, history and science. Do not expect everyone to embrace this with hallelujahs. The Earth human psyche is not developed to assimilate revelations that are so conflicting with long-held belief systems, and many will struggle valiantly to keep intact what they perceive as THE truth. The dark souls will take advantage of this reluctance to accept universal truths, but eventually the higher vibrations will either reach the reluctant souls or their contracts allow them to leave the planet physically. At a certain point, the dark souls no longer will have a choice, as their consistent refusal of the light precludes the cellular changes that enable physical life in the higher vibrations where your planet is heading. 

The first appearance of extraterrestrial beings also may come by mid-year, and while it is not expected to cause widespread fear, it will be at least a considerable shock to those who maintain that either none exists or believe that ETs would come only for conquest. The latter will be the stance of some government leaders—it will be their defense for keeping the rest of the world ignorant of their dealings or refusals to deal with other civilizations for over half a century. Although all is in readiness for the few initial landings that have been planned prudently for the safety of both the ETs and nearby Earth humans, landings will not happen until safety is assured.

S: I’ll certainly say “Hallelujah” when they come, and I know lots of others will too. Surely they know about the requests for their overt help from all over the world. 

MATTHEW: We all know of these, and that includes the dark souls on and off-planet. They know that once you openly welcome your lighted space family and accept the truth of your rightful place within the Oneness, their darkness is doomed insofar as any further influence on Earth. This isn’t news to them. It is the purpose behind the “Star Wars” weaponry development that in those leaders’ arrogance, let them believe can be superior to any off-planet civilizations’ technology.

S: Matthew, if all of this can happen just a few months from now, what significance does the year 2012 still have, if any? 

MATTHEW: Those who have interpreted that year as the beginning of the end of the darkness—never mind the total end of the world!—have misinterpreted its significance, and even that year itself no longer has the absoluteness it once held in prophecies because everything is being accelerated. There will be a time of transition from life as you have known it into life totally in harmony with all of Nature. Changes you can’t conceive of in this moment will be taking place, and they will do so in an orderly fashion after the initial confusion and resistance have subsided.

How rapidly this transition can be achieved is largely up to the people of Earth—it is YOUR world, not the homeland of the ET brothers and sisters who will help willingly as long as you need them. Wise, spiritually evolved men and women are ready to assume leadership positions and structures are in place for new governments, banking systems, fair laws, and assistance to impoverished countries. It is not unreasonable to think that initiating and adapting to the immense changes ahead could take almost seven of your linear years, which are “speeding up” in the prevailing frequencies and will quicken that pace as your planet keeps moving into higher densities. 

Mother, you all can rejoice in your participation in this restoration of beloved Earth to her former Eden Self!


More information about Matthew at


Date: 19 Jan 2005
Subject: Himalayan UFO Base in Tectonic Plates

Hi, Jean -- thought I'd send this along, just in case no one else has yet. It's worth checking at the url, as the maps are quite interesting.  Anni :º)


China and India both know about underground UFO base in the Himalayan border area deep into the tectonic plates

January 09, 2005

Kongka La is the low ridge pass in the Himalayas (the blue oval in the map). It is in the disputed India-China border area in Ladakh. In the map the red zone is the disputed area still under Chinese control in the Aksai Chin area. The Chinese held northeastern part is known as Aksai Chin and Indian South West is known as Ladakh. This is the area where Indian and Chinese armies fought major war in 1962. The area is one of the least accessed area in the world and by agreement the two countries do not patrol this part of the border. According to many tourists, Buddhist monks and the local people of Ladakh, the Indian Army and the Chinese Military maintain the line of control. But there is something much more serious happening in this area.

According to the few local people on the Indian and Chinese sides, this is where the UFOs are seen coming out of the ground, According to many, the UFO underground bases are in this region and both the Indian and Chinese Government know this very well..

Recently, some Hindu pilgrims on their way to Mount Kailash from the Western pass, came across strange lights in the sky. The local guides while in the Chinese territory told them that this was nothing new and is a normal phenomenon from Kongka Pass area - the tensed border region between India and China. This strange lighted triangular silent crafts show up from underground and moves almost vertically up. Some of the adventurous pilgrims wanted to look into the site. They were first turned back by the Chinese guard posts as they were refused entry from the Chinese side. When they tried to approach the site from Indian side, the Indian border patrol also turned them down in spite of their permit to travel between the two countries.

The pilgrims at that stage started quizzing the Indian border security personnel. The security personnel told them that they are ordered not to allow any one near the area of interest and it is true that strange objects come out from under the ground with amplified and modulated lights. India’s Special Operations Forces and the intelligence agencies are in charge of that area. 

The locals start laughing in that area when they are asked about these UFO sightings. They get surprised why the Governments are so eager to hide these obvious facts. According to them the extra-terrestrial presence is well known and is in deep into the ground. They believe neither the Indian or Chinese Governments do not want to expose the fact for some reason. When they bring up this matter to local Governments, they are told to keep quiet and forget the same. This is the region where the Euresian plate and the Indian plate have created convergent plate boundaries. Convergent plate boundaries are formed where one plate dives under another. Consequently, this is one of the very few areas in the world where the depth of the earth's crust twice as thick as in other places. The opposite is found in hot spots like Yellow Stone National Park in America where the earth’s crust in thin. 

The double thick earth-crust allows the creation of underground bases very deep into the tectonic plates. 

Kongka La has beautiful rocks and granites. For some strange reasons neither the Chinese nor the Indian authorities ever excavate, dig or mine in this area. The area is pristine and untouched.

Recently, both India and China have moved forward to solve all border disputes and start the Sino-Indian relations all over again. The Aksai Chin area is still disputed. But interesting while negotiations both the Governments are indifferent on this area. India and China as shown in the accompanying maps have huge border areas along the Himalayas and they are negotiating on all these regions. Though India claims that Aksai Chin is part of India, the common belief in the Government is that it is not a show stopper. On the other hand, Chinese after winning Aksai Chin from India in 1962 war, built a strategic military highway. Now they are using an alternate highway not to bother with the area in Kongka La. 

Recently in the local school, young children of the area entered into a drawing contest. More than half of the drawings had to do with strange objects in the sky and some coming out of the mountains. Many of them even know what and when to look for.

Many UFO researchers believe that there are hidden UFO bases under the ocean and deep under the ground. Kongka La is experiencing some strange phenomenon and suspicious objects coming out of the inaccessible huge mountains (Himalayas) and both the Governments refuse to come out and say what these are. 

The other alternative is that it is an underground strategic Air Force base of some one. Then why will either country allow the base on the official no man’s land in the highly sensitive disputed border area? Why is this region continuously reporting UFO sightings from various kinds of people?


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


Should We Celebrate Life and Our Universe Or Subdue, Dominate and Destroy the Natural World?

by Tom Turnipseed

January 15, 2005

Wild and domestic animals, sensing the peril of the sinister tsunami approaching from within the Indian Ocean, fled to the safety of higher ground. Compared with human losses which have climbed to an estimated 272,000 dead and missing, relatively few animals have been reported dead. A recent article by Maryann Mott in National Geographic News reported eyewitness accounts that elephants screamed and ran for higher ground, dogs refused to go outdoors, flamingos abandoned their low-lying breeding areas, and zoo animals rushed into their shelters and could not be enticed to come back out. Because the animals were in tune with the forces of nature, they sensed danger as it approached.

Over sixty humans perished while visiting at Sri Lanka's Patanangala Beach, a part of the Yala National Park wildlife reserve but park personnel said that there were no wildlife fatalities other than two water buffalos that died. No other animal carcasses were found where numerous species of animals reside including leopards, elephants and 130 species of birds. In southern Sri Lanka a man said his two dogs who were usually excited to go on their daily run with him on the beach refused to go and probably saved his life. Animals can sense impending danger by detecting subtle or abrupt shifts in the environment, according to Alan Rabinowitz, director for science and exploration at the Wildlife Conservation Society at New York's Bronx Zoo. Rabinowitz said, "Earthquakes bring vibrational changes on land and in water while storms cause electromagnetic changes in the atmosphere". "Some animals have an acute sense of hearing and smell that allow them to determine something coming towards them long before humans might know that something is there." Rabinowitz believes that humans once had this "sixth sense" but lost the ability when it was no longer needed or used.

Perhaps humans should attempt to regain a sense of reality about our being part of the natural world. Rather than follow the fearsome bible-thumping and preternatural sermonizing of religious zealots whose God tells them we must exercise human "dominion" over nature and other species of animals and plants, we should develop religions and ethical codes that respect our co-inhabitants of planet earth. If we top-of-the-food-chain humans are to survive in our inextricably intertwined web of life on earth, we must free ourselves from some of the images of the God described in the bible. In Genesis 1:26 God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps over the earth." God then told Adam and Eve: " Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it." Could the writer, or writers of such a prescription for human folly have been creating a God in their own image that was out of touch with nature and the universe? Sounds like marching orders to conquer, dominate and control the entire ecosystem by force.

In Genesis 9: 1-4, God is very explicit in speaking to Noah and his family: "The fear and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every bird of the air, upon everything that creeps on the ground and all the fish of the sea; into your hand they are delivered." The God I know surely would have us protect and be good stewards of life and the natural world.

President Bush openly justifies many of his policies through values based on his relationship with his particular God. Certainly the birds, beasts, cattle, fish and reptiles in Iraq are in fear and dread of the terrible destruction wrought upon them and their habitat by the pre-emptive war Mr. Bush is waging to have dominion over their habitat and the oil that lies beneath it.

With only 5 percent of the world's population, the U.S. consumes 26 percent of the world's electricity, while more that 2 billion people in the world have no electricity. Primarily through the use of fossil fuels, the U.S. accounts for 23 percent of the world's emissions of carbon dioxide, making us the largest single emitter. Such carbon dioxide -- added to the atmosphere by human activity -- is a principal cause of global warming, which contributes to "more extreme weather, rising sea levels, changing precipitation patterns, ecological and agricultural dislocations and the increased spread of human disease" according to leading climatologists at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the UK Meteorological Office. Despite overwhelming scientific and political support throughout the world for the Kyoto accords which are designed to reduce such emissions, Mr. Bush refuses to support US participation.

World-wide weather is becoming more extreme and the habitat of all forms of life is being destroyed by humans like Mr. Bush who tell us they are doing God's will by opposing birth control and waging war to sustain the excesses of empire. As God said, "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it".

Is it time for a reassessment of such religious dogma that disconnects us from our own ecosystem? Hope for the emergence of such a nature oriented religion was expressed by Carl Sagan in "Pale Blue Dot" (Random House 1994), "A religion old or new, that stressed the magnificence of the universe as revealed by modern science, might be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by the conventional faiths. Sooner or later, such a religion will emerge."

Tom Turnipseed is an attorney, writer and civil rights activist in Columbia, South Carolina.



Life after death


16 January 05

SITTING alone with the body of her mother who had just died, Olivia Newton-John felt "an incredible presence" in the room. "It was an energy I'd never felt before," the singer says.

Then, recalling a conversation the pair had some time earlier, she asked her mum to send a signal that she was OK wherever she now was.

"Make the candles move, or flicker, or something," Newton-John urged. Some small candles in the room moved a little, enough to reassure her.

But then she was called to the living room where family and friends were gathered. "You'll never believe what happened," they said. A candle in that room had just exploded with a fizzing sound right under the picture of Newton-John's mother.

The incident is among a collection of stories of the supernatural in a new book The Dying Experience and Learning How To Live.

Author Mike Agostini says former Grease star Newton-John's experience – first made public on Andrew Denton's TV show Enough Rope – was a classic ADC, or after-death communication.

Another involved Olympic gold medal swimmer Dawn Fraser.

It happened when she was seriously ill with glandular fever soon after giving birth to her daughter. "I really felt I was going to die," she said. "Suddenly I saw what looked like my late father's face on my wardrobe. 'Get out of bed, Dawny', he said.

"The next morning I again saw his profile and heard the words, 'Get out of bed, Dawny'. So I got up. If I hadn't seen that profile and heard those words, I would have died."

In 2003, the head of the United Nations office in Australia, Juan Carlos Brandt, spoke at a memorial service for officers and staff who had been killed by a bomb in Baghdad.

When Agostini later commented on how the wind rose strongly when the names of those who had died were read, Brandt looked at him intensely and said: "That wasn't the only thing.

"I could distinctly hear Nadia's voice (Nadia was a senior secretary and close friend of Brandt's who was killed by the bomb). Even above the wind, I could hear her saying, 'Piss off, Juan Carlos! We're all right, all of us. You get on with your work and do what you have to do because we're OK'."

In addition to ADCs, Agostini's book includes accounts of near-death experiences (NDEs) and out-of-body experiences (OBEs), many of them sent by readers of his earlier book Death: The Ultimate Orgasm.

Terry O'Connor "drowned" 40 years ago when he was 12. "All I can remember is that I suddenly found myself outside my body. I seemed to be above the pool in which I could see my body, lying limp and looking like it was dead. I suppose I should say I actually was dead.

"My body was floating in the pool, legs hanging down, arms slightly away from me on either side of my body and my head was definitely under the water, looking sort of bluish and certainly with no signs of breathing.

"I knew that body was mine – but yet it wasn't really me.

"In fact, I continued looking at it without worrying or feeling anything about not being inside what by then was becoming just a floating corpse.

"I don't know quite where I was then, able to see what was happening but it felt so incredibly good, pleasant and comfortable. No worries whatsoever. Only this wonderful feeling of warmth and comfort.

"If I could find the so-and-so who rescued me, I'd kill him!"

A powerful sense of peace and a loving presence, often filled with light, is common to many accounts from people who have had near-death experiences.

And Agostini says that he is motivated in writing the books by wanting to remove the fear of death, and of discussing death and experiences associated with it.

"If people can just get the message that these things are normal and natural."

The work had made him less convinced of traditional religion but more sure of an existence beyond life and death.

"I don't try to tell people what it's all about. I'm exploring it with them."

The Dying Experience and Learning How to Live is published by Vaucluse Press,



A Dead Buddhist Lama Body Will Not Perish

December 13, 2004

Sensational results of a thorough examination of the imperishable body of a Buddhist lama were made public the other day in Moscow, Russia.

"Samples taken 75 years after the burial indicated that the organics of this man's sin, hair and nails is no different from that of a living person," stated professor Galina Ershova at a press-conference in "Interfax" central office.

The matter concerns the body of a famous religious leader by the name of Dasha-Dorjo Itigelov, who used to be the head of Russian Buddhists from 1911 to 1927.

Not long ago before his, he bequeathed to retrieve his body from the grave after approximately 30 years. Since that time, exhumation was conducted twice: in 1955 and in 1973. Both times it turned out that the body of the Khambo-lama hadn"t been exposed to decay. Nothing changed the third time the lama's body was unearthed (in 2002). Afterwards, it was decided by medics to conduct thorough analysis of D. Itigelov's body.

"His joints bend easily, soft tissues can be forced effortlessly, just like with a living human being; after the coffin cover has been removed, we could all sense sweet smell coming out from the inside," said G. Ershova.

According to her, "this totally contradicts the notion regarding what should happen with a person after being buried for 75 years."

G. Ershova has also mentioned that this is the first case of its kind not only in the history of Buddhism but in the entire history of the humankind.

The lama's body has been the object of Buryat Buddhists for two years now. It is situated in Ivolginsk datsan (spiritual center for Russian Buddhists located in the capital of Burytia Ulan-Ude).

A fragment of the interview with the current head of Buddhist traditional sangha in Russia Khamba-lama Damba Ayusheev has been also demonstrated at the press-conference. In it, the lama noted that the phenomenon had "encouraged faithful Buddhists and helped those in doubt to leave aside all their uncertainties."


Date: 17 Jan 2005
From: Aluna Joy - Pilgrimages & Sessions>
Subject: Supernatural Divine Powers will intervene to prevent Nuclear War

Star Elders and Buddhist Monks share that Supernatural Divine Powers will intervene to prevent Nuclear War

Jan 2005 - Aluna Joy Yaxk'in -

Over the last decade the Star Elders have been sharing stories with me. Many of their stories talk about the changing times we are in. They told me over and over that it's going to be confusing, and it could get messy as we tear down the old structures to make room for the new ones. They say Earth changes and shifts, a natural occurring event, will be significantly less dangerous or life threatening than predicted, and unequivocally, without a doubt, no nuclear war will take place. Divine intervention will stop any government, or terrorist from dropping a nuclear bomb anywhere on earth again. We are being watched over and many attacks have already be averted.

WHY they say no more nukes. Nuclear bombs crack souls. Cracked souls don't evolve normally. They are highly susceptible to an entity attack, psychic attack, and can be used by dark forces as pawns for their controlling and disempowering agendas. No matter how hard these cracked souls try, they can't seem to heal their problems. Most of their lifetime is spent struggling between trying to fix the problem, and justifying it. They feel out of control and lost. Cracked souls can take hundreds of Earth years to heal. If it is not healed, the cracked soul will reincarnated over and over again and have uncountable difficult lives and hurt a lot of people in the process.

I have had personal experience with a cracked soul. It was my father. He lived a tortured life that he could never make resolution with. As a child I felt compelled to try to help him. In my dreams I could see a strange black animal attacking him. I would wake from these dreams crying in a cold sweat. I spent a lot of time trying to fix my dad. When I got older I finally gave up. I didn't understand what I was dealing with. It left me with a great sense of failure. I began to think that it was just a childish dream, until the day he passed. This was the day I was able to dislodge and clear the dark being from him, and help send my dad to a place where his soul could be healed. His next life will be a blissful one. He deserves it.

The Star Elders shared two ways souls can become cracked. A nuclear bomb, as I've already shared, and also the misuse of certain types of technology. During the times of Atlantis they had the use of this technology, and they were misusing it. This misuse caused the fall. It cracked an unaccountable number of souls, many of which are reincarnating today. I'm sure there are a lot of healers that have clients that they can't seem to help. The biggest problem with a person incarnating with a cracked soul is that you can't fix the soul while they're alive. The soul can only be healed after they have crossed over. Once the person drops the body we can ask that they be taken to the place that heals cracked souls. It's a huge undertaking and a hard process, but it is not impossible.

This is why the Star Elders say there will be Divine Intervention if a nuclear bomb is to be dropped again on this earth. We will not be destroyed by a nuclear blast. We will not be allowed to wipe ourselves out in this way. Things might get pretty messy as we begin to rebuild a new world, but there are greater forces at hand than our own. They will not let us crack souls ever again. There is a divine plan even though it looks bad at the moment.

The Star Elders share that it is really important that we don't go into fear at this time of change. Fear is the fastest and most efficient way to disconnect ourselves from our own personal truth, light, and power within. When we are in fear, we can not access spirit, and we can not access truth. We simply freeze up and can become fair game for those that would like to control the world.

Buddhist monks practice non-permanence. With non-permanence it is very hard to go into fear. You do not worry about your physical body or your material possessions because you understand they are impermanent. Negative future predictions can be faced in a neutral way, since there is no attachment. You become a powerful and clear witness to the material world around you, and you can make your choices from that clear place.

Many people are beginning to report going into a void place that I perceive is a bridge between this world and the next. When there, you may feel disconnected from most of life as it is now. You might lose your motivation, inspiration, passion, your Mo-Jo and feel fuzzed out. At first glance, we might think this is a negative. As many people are going through this at the same time, we begin to realize the awesome truth; we are heading through that prophesied doorway into a new world. It's happening. We are not just practicing non-permanence. We are actually living it by letting go of our worldly attachments. The more we let go of our attachments, the easier it will be to enter that New World.

In the wake of the worse tsunami disaster that we have seen in recorded history, we have to wonder why thousands and thousands of Buddhists, who practice non-permanence, have crossed over. Having taken the Bodhisattva vow to be of service to humanity, are they helping us now by building a bridge for humanity to this new world? Are they giving us a reason to forget our differences and finally have peace?

The Star Elders say that what we're about to do has never been done before. We have had dress rehearsals in ages past, but this is the time that we will actually shift into a New Age in a physical body and become spiritually aware. The Star Elders say this is why the Earth is so crowded with so many souls at this time. Not only is this the most amazing time that Earth has ever experienced, but it is also an unparalleled evolutionary jump for the soul, for those that choose to shift with the planet. Nearing the time of the final shift, the Star Elders will be with us once again. They tell me that they are not going to let us have all the fun. : )

Now about those beings wanting to control you and the world around you, the Star Elders have this to say. Any person in a place of authority that is misusing his/her power will discover all that was misused, will come back a hundredfold to set things right. The wolves of the world will be stripped of their sheep's clothing. Old ways will began to die away to make room for new ways. World powers are on a course of self-destruction. All we have to do is to stand back out of the way, and watch the darkness fall away. What an absolute blast it will be to watch Universal Justice in action. 

Many are being called to help ones in need. We are beginning to gather the warriors of light. It is the gathering of the Eagles. We are all taking our positions and setting things into place. We will be in the right place, at the right time, for what we have to offer. Isn't this amazing?!

The Star Elders, the Great White Brotherhood, Lord Meru and the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, and all the other master buddies, are speaking strongly these days. There's no time or space left for humanity to go into fear. Our senses can deceive us. What we see with our eyes can deceive us. What we read can deceive us. What we hear can deceive us. Listen to the truth within. I can't say this strongly enough. The Star Elders say that we will be Victorious! Did you hear that? We will be Victorious! So quit worrying about the multitude of negative predictions and accelerated earth events out there. 

When we know that fear cuts us off from our inner truth, wouldn't the control mongers of the world know this to! Wouldn't they use this knowledge and try to control us by projecting fearful predictions? Did it ever occur to you that negative predictions, conspiracy theories, and all the other fearful things we hear about might be put into place for the simple reason to shut us down, so we can't access our truth? Remember the outer world can confuse us at this time. Listen within.

When we let go of fear, we can access our truth. In the coming months and years ahead, as we enter a time that is miraculous, amazing, a little strange, and so very new, don't worry; be happy. Or as they say here in the Southwest, don't worry; be Hopi. Know that we/you/us will be victorious, and the truth within is the only truth to listen to as the rest will fade into an illusion.

So here below is a link to the web site that shares the Tibetan Monks‚ vision that validates all that I have said above. I hope you take into your hearts this positive message from yet another source. Read it here at this link ...


From: "John">
Subject: Assessing Human Energy
Date: 3 Jan 2005

Dear Jean,

A friend of mine is sharing your creations with me which I do appreciate very much. My contribution thus is to acknowledge your human energy transformations by sending you an assessment with this message.

Whether we are transforming energy that has been assessed by money, and that is actually all money does -- assess human energy transformations, or that is just appreciated as such, does not really matter a lot. The key here is that our human energies have been assessed and appreciated by others in one way or another; and the issue is that energy has been transformed. The limitations to those transformations are more often than not the presence of money. It is almost like in the case of an artisan who is restricted by the lack of adequate tools to create some art.

The more advanced human beings,however, do no longer need any money for transforming their energies from one form into another. One such example is Heidemarie Schwermer who is living entirely without money in Germany and has even access to e-mail under without paying for it in a currency. It is beyond my comprehension how she is doing this, however, the birds and the bees have been proving it to us for as long as they exist that energy can be transformed without using money.

I certainly will admit that it is much easier to live with the help of some money. Heidemarie Schwermer, however, does claim that her life has been enriched after she decided no longer use money as the basis of her human energy transformations. She can do almost anything on her list of activities without applying any money at all. And I really admire her for such skills, since I cannot do a hell of a lot without money. I can, however, send you this message without paying money for it, just like the birds can sit on the roof of my house without paying the mortgage.

There are other examples in our world of great folks who made contributions to human society without the involvement of money at all. Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Gandhi are just a few that come to my mind who were transforming their human energies without any regard for the money. In fact, Buddha gave all his money away before choosing this kind of life style to live just on his energy. He regarded the application of money as a form of moneypulation (or is it manipulation?) to keep people in check and under control. And to some extent he was right for we do put restrictions upon ourselves by assessing our human energy transformations with money. "If we do not have money, we cannot do anything," is often our lament. And that includes me. But not so Heidemarie Schwermer who does whatever she likes without using money. For example she has written a book about her life without money and gave all the money away that the publishers have been giving her. The book has been published in German, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese so far, but unfortunately not in English yet.

My personal view on this issue is such that the concept of energy will be of the greatest importance to determine the future of human society. Once we embark on the energy concept we got it made. It will replace the concepts of gender, race, and religion since these fall all under the concept of energy. Imagine the problems that will be eliminated when there is no longer any discrimination towards gender, race, and religion ! Wow, we can then be who we are while sharing our common asset -- the energy that we resemble as human beings and part of the universal energy household. God will then no longer be regarded as the old man and pie in the sky, but is suddenly present everywhere as the energy that it represents.

The difficult part is to measure the energy transformations as such since we have not developed the technology yet that will make this possible, like for example a little computer on our wrists that can determine our physical, mental, emotional,and spiritual energy much more accurately than money ever will. The birds and the bees thus are much more advanced than we, since they know how to live even without using any kind of measuring device to assess their energy transformations that we are knowing as "life." In any case, this message may serve as food for some thought that could indeed help us to head into an entirely new direction while joining Heidemarie Schwermer in Germany for a new try-out. The best of success for maintaining good health and your happiness throughout the year of 2005 during another space voyage around the sun.

Again, thanks a lot for your energy transformations that will help the old folks a lot to find their way out of the old system and discover new concepts for living.

Best regards,



AND MY REPLY WAS (in part):

Thanks for sharing with me this interesting perspective on money and the far reaching influence it has on us all. It is the first time I hear about Heidemarie Schwermer. As someone who has managed to do quite a lot with relatively little money (by Western standards) in this lifetime I can appreciate what she has accomplished. There are more and more people discovering on Earth through bartering of goods and skills that much can be accomplished without involving money in the exchange. What struck me in your letter is how pervasive the value attached to money as something determining the actual worth of most everything (a means to "assess human energy transformations" as you put it) is influencing ours perceptions of others, ourselves and most everything else. I've been envisioning for a good while now a future in which money no longer exists and has been replaced by a universal currency called Love that can only work based on unconditional universal trust and the inner certainty of our Oneness - what benefits one benefits all and vice versa. As more and more people learn the rope of trusting that all will be provided to us in good measure in direct proportion of our own selfless contributions to the Highest Good of All, we will eventually no longer need any control system - what money is - and be entirely free to apply our creativity and innate skills towards assisting everyone living happier, more fulfilling lives as will everyone do likewise for us as part - no more illusion of separation! - of the greater whole encompassing All That Is.


Subject: Environmental catastrophes are not God-given
Date: 20 Jan 2005

Dear Peaceworkers,

We want to offer you the following essay by Leila Dregger for publication. It shows the holistic backgrounds of environmental catastrophes: the connections between human actions and the self healing processes of the Earth. At the same time it suggests perspectives how human kind can survive these catastrophes.

I look forward for a short feedback.

Kind regards,

Katja Long
Institute for Global Peacework


Environmental catastrophes are not God-given

Or: Why have we become so stupid

Snow in the desert, tsunami in the Indian Ocean, tornados, floods, droughts, waves of cold and summer temperatures at Christmas in Northern Europe: The planet has come off its hinges. Deep down inside we already knew all along: We cannot constantly hurt the earth and, nevertheless, expect it to just carry on as if nothing has happened. Since we have ignored the warnings of environmentalists, we live in the expectation of catastrophe.

The whole of human civilization is built on the disrespect and destruction of the living. As long as we do not realize and change this fact, separate environmental repairs and appeals to the common sense of the human being can not succeed.

Environmental catastrophes are a last warning: Leave Babylon. Leave this way of life which destroys the earth. There is a healing perspective for the earth; and there is a perspective of how human kind can survive these catastrophes.

Self-healing processes of the Earth

The earth is a very resilient organism. It has access to great powers of regeneration and self-healing. Nature follows an inner image that reacts to all injuries by immediately activating a healing process. But at some point a limit is reached. When the global strain becomes too much, the earth enters a critical condition that leads to unpredictable reactions.

There have been warnings for a long time — not only since the "Limits of growth" by the Club of Rome - but the appeals did not help. In fact the opposite: The machinery of global growth is running faster than ever, more and more trees, animal and plant species are cast into the hungry maw of an industry which eats up mountains, oceans and peoples and leaves only debris behind. Now additionally to the known destruction of the surface of the planet we started the destruction of the inside with its unknown consequences. Metals, gases, coal and Uranium were torn from the body of the earth for centuries — even in the holy places of old cultures — on such a large scale that immense hollows were the result, which alone could already be the trigger of the upheavals of the earth's body. The big military powers have been testing nuclear bombs in the depth of the oceans or the deserts thousands of times for decades already - in spite of all warnings of geological institutes, reckless against the delicate balance of the earth layers and reckless against all human and animal inhabitants of the landscapes.  

An individual cannot draw away from this insanity. There is hardly a spot on earth that is free from the effects of this mega-machine. Especially the area of the current Tsunami-catastrophe. With its dreamlike landscapes and almost untouched islands it is one of the most tragic victims of globalization through sex tourism, gigantic shrimp farms, backyard production sites of globalization, nuclear tests by India, civil wars, extinction of indigenous tribes and animal species, immense poverty brought there through stock market speculation.

Why have we become so stupid?

Something freezes in the soul when we see these pictures. Pukhet, Aceh, Southern India and Sri Lanka: Why are the poorest of the poor the victims? How is it that "even" the animals have a much more reliable warning system as many fled inland from the wave and saved their lives? Is there a connection between the human doing and this apparently purely natural catastrophe? How is it that the modern human being is so helpless and ignorant in spite of all the technology and development?

The modern human being, who sends probes to Saturn and manipulates genes, still claims that natural catastrophes are God-given. Here his feeling of powerlessness — in spite of all his control over life — reveals itself when he is faced with this instinctual nature. By now he is no longer searching for strategies of healing the earth or environmental repair. Instead he is obsessed with perfecting the warning devices. In other words: The one fancying himself as ruler of the earth, is occupied with the question how to get away.

The human being has become stupid. By fighting and suppressing his own instinctual wild nature‚ he also fought and suppressed the wild nature of Gaia earth. Thus he lost the instinctual knowledge of animals. He sneered at the belief of aborigines, or romanticized it. But what they knew intuitively hints towards a fact that only now slowly re-emerges to consciousness: Human being and earth are one whole.

Gaia was only the beginning

The Earth itself is alive. It is a self regulating, living, infinitely connected system. The miracle shows itself on all levels, from the cooperation of millions of molecules in a single cell to the cooperation of the living beings in a tropical rain forest or in the ocean. Humanity, nature and earth are a unity. This is not a religious sensation but a fact of system theory. From the slightest flit of an eyelash to the strongest hurricane everything is embedded in the one whole, everything finds its resonance. Nothing exists of itself, everything lives in a highly developed tapestry of visible and invisible communities. The forests and oceans, the mountains and all animals and plants are organs of the one organism earth; each has its task in the big automatic control system; each exists within a relation of direct communication of continuous feedback to the whole. The Gaia hypothesis by James Lovelock was only the beginning; newest insights go further; life and consciousness are within all matter. The same powers of life and consciousness that move our body, stream through every living being, through every stone, through the earth as a whole; they trigger tornados and earthquakes as much as the opening of a flower, they control our digestive system the same as the great joy of love. We find the movement patterns of life in the pulse of the cells, in the shaping of clouds, in the breakout of a volcano, in the curves of a river and in the mental activity of our own mind. All is one being.

The connected and the disconnected human being

All is one being. Human and earth are one. Imagine actually living in such a world for one moment; to be connected with everything in daily life, to be embedded in and related to everything that is alive. Humans that have grown up with this awareness are standing in contact with the life around them, and in them. They receive a continuous, direct feedback to their actions. Therefore, it is not a religious order, rather an experience: What I do to my co-creation, I do to myself. What I do to the earth I will also do to myself. And as I treat myself, or any being, I treat the earth. A person perceiving co-creation with an open heart has a guideline for action and does not need any additional morality. Such a culture owns a self-regulation mechanism that makes it stable and durable. It does not need any law books and no jails because no one has the idea of stealing or killing. It has no mass farming of animals and no consumption industry. Its cities aren't monotonous concrete deserts, instead they are shaped in the image of organic forms. They don't live in separation and anonymity, they build a community in which the humans enjoy each other and enjoy being in communication and complementation.

The human beings today have separated themselves from the community of life. They have conquered the earth, taken away her sacredness and defined her as dead matter, in order to take hold of her natural resources and go to war. They live in division. Only as separated beings were they able to introduce the age of conquest, of the so-called objective science, of the capitalism leading up to the globalization of violence.

By turning the earth into an object though, the human beings have lost their place within creation, and nature as a partner. They no longer receives feedback for their actions because they don’t feel the creature's pain anymore, nor the pain of fellow humans. Dieter Duhm writes, in his book The Sacred Matrix‚ the greatest pain of the earth maybe consists of the disturbed contact between humans themselves. Fear and violence create a barrier that blocks the communication and contact between humans, as well as between humans and animals. Here lies the reason for their stupidity. And here also lies the change and necessity for a new beginning.

Biotopes for Healing

Lynn Margulis, co-author of the Gaia Hypothesis writes: "If we wanted to survive the ecological and social crises caused by ourselves, we would probably be forced to undertake radically new and dramatic community enterprises."

To support and survive the self-healing-process of the earth, humanity has to learn to live in connectedness. Humanity has to recall the original knowledge of the whole of creation and translate it with the help of science, ecology, and technology into our contemporary circumstances. It has to re-enter the community of living beings. This will only be possible when it enters into the community among humans.

The plan of the Healing Biotopes has the aim of installing research biotopes for humans, animals and nature at geomantically significant places on earth. These are pilot-models for a peace-culture between humans and with nature, for an eco high-tech that cooperates with the forces of nature. Global peace forces have to cooperate now to realize the financial, political and scientific requirements.

Environmental catastrophes are not God-given. We humans are gardeners of the earth, we are her steering organ. We are personally responsible for our own and her destiny, like the astronaut Mitchell realized as he recognized his home planet from outer space. The earth is in an upheaval. To understand this upheaval and to realize it is a reflection of our own inner upheaval and then transform it into determined action — that is the growing challenge of the environmental catastrophes: create new networks, develop new conceptions and create places where the inner connections of peace can be understood and looked at.

By Leila Dregger

Further reading:

Dieter Duhm: The Sacred Matrix. Meiga, 2003
James Lovelock: various titles

Further information:

Institute for Global Peacework, Seat: Tamera
Monto do Cerro, 7630 Colos, Portugal
Tel. 00351-283-635484



2012 - The Moment of Transformation - The End of Time

The word is spreading about 2012, and is likely to keep spreading in the years to come. In several prophetic traditions that are already well known, and in others that are coming to light, the years 2011 and 2012 appear again and again as the End of Time, when sweeping changes are expected to transform all of human consciousness, lifting and accelerating it into new and "higher"states of spiritual awareness and action.

On a planet that has yet to catch up with what Einstein and Planck wrote about 100 years ago, and with the main premise of quantum theory -- that the universe is composed not of solid "realities" of matter, but of frequencies of energy -- and that continues to doubt the infinite creative power of the individual mind, much less of many minds united in the "100th Monkey" paradigm, it's inevitable that most of the early air and scare about 2012 emphasizes the cataclysmic Earth changes that some expect to see, and the profound dislocation of human life in all areas: physical, social, political, economic, cultural. For those who are more interested in the symptoms than in the root thought, these fearful interpretations of the End of Time as "the end of the world" (imagine here the appropriate sound effects of screams, thunder, flames and the trump of doom) naturally evoke the imagery of the last days from Revelations and other sources: natural disasters, war, plague and every other horribly painful thing that fear propagandists can cook up, and their audience can imagine.

The actuality is different. The End of Time does not mean The Horrific Destruction of Everything We Love. It means a change in the nature of time itself, or more likely a change in the way we perceive time as no longer a kind of fluid medium that we live in, like water, or that we move along like a racetrack with birth at the starting block and death at the finish line. Rather, the change is likely to be a more proactive relationship with time as one of the art forms that conscious beings create, and that we therefore have the power to change. In other words, time will no longer be something we suffer passively. It will be something that we create and use to our advantage, for the purposes of our individual and collective soul evolution.

Thus some of those who've theorized about this -- and we'll get to a few examples soon -- speculate that in 2012 we evolve or "ascend" into the 5th Dimension, bypassing the 4th dimension of time, so that we are no longer at the effect of time, but can use it as a kind of artist's medium.

A few specific examples:

The End of Time in 2012 is an idea has been deeply linked with shamanic medicine, and with the calendrics of the Maya, ever since the late Terence McKenna and his brother Dennis did their original researches in the Amazon basin on 1971. While there has been debate about the calculations of Jose Arguelles -- pioneer of today's Mayan calendar studies in The Mayan Factor -- there is little doubt that some of the Mayan calendar systems, especially the "long count" that began in 3114 BC, do point to some moment of transformation coming in or around 2012.

The People to Read:

The leading researcher in the field is John Major Jenkins, whose seminal works of scholarship in Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 (1994) and Galactic Alignment (2004) prove that the Maya, and the astronomers of the Vedic and Egyptian traditions, all understood the key piece of knowledge: the precession of the equinoxes backward through the zodaic in a cycle of more than 25,000 solar years that Plato called the Great Year, and that the Maya also considered a circle of spiritual evolution toward higher consciousness. Jenkins demonstrates how the crucial Mayan "long count" of 5,126 years from 3,114 BC through 2012 culminates in a moment of extreme cosmic power and significance, when the winter solstice sun on Dec. 21, 2012 aligns precisely with the point where the ecliptic -- the path of the Sun through the zodiac -- crosses line of the galactic center, positioned late in the sign of Sagittarius, just before the cusp of Capricorn.

Another candidate for the moment of awakening has been proposed by the Swedish scholar Carl Johan Calleman, who calculates the ending of the long count on October 28, 2011 because this is the date of a rare synchrony: a 260-day tzolkin cycle and a new 360-day tun both begin on the same day. In Calleman's view, the period of almost 13 years from January 1999 through October 2011 are a 13-tun Galactic Creation Cycle in which seven "Days" of progress toward spiritual consciousness alternate with six "Nights" of regression away from spirit, until this cycle oscillates toward the moment of awakening. Calleman's new book The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness was published in April, 2004. The Mythic Preludes in last two Universal Festival Calendars for December have focused on Calleman's ideas. See especially UFC December 2003.

Terence McKenna first presented his Time Wave Zero paradigm in 1975. This design maps out all of human history, of each person and of whole societies and countries whose lives may span millennia, in a recurring fractal pattern that moves up and down between freedom and restriction, happiness and suffering, and the other positive/negative, good/bad features of polarity consciousness as we've experienced it so far the third density (read "third dimension") where we think we live. As human history has moved from ancient to modern times and to the present moment, the fractal pattern has occurred at shorter and shorter intervals; and it will keep accelerating in the years to come. If anything, the roller coaster ride will rocket along faster, plunge deeper and zoom higher than anything we've known or even imagined. According to Time Wave Zero, the fractal pattern runs out, and the carnival ride ends, in December 2012. Polarity consciousness is no more. We experience time, and everything else, as unity, not as a series of conflicts and oppositions.

In recent years, new studies of the controversial Time Wave Zero design have refined it to a greater degree of accuracy. For more on this, see the 2012 Links page of the Dire Gnosis 2012 website, which, apart from the unfortunate fear nuance in its title, does list a wealth of valuable material . Dire Gnosis lists over 100 sites with everything from scientific analysis and prophecy studies to channeled material and works of fiction on issues related to 2012.

As we approach 2012, and as 2012 and the Coming of Aquarius is published, these pages on Hermes 3 will carry more information on global meditations and ceremonies, and activities that aim at aligning and activating the Aquarian Hive Mind.

More to come on all this when time, whatever that proves to be, permits.

[As of October 12, 2004]


Date: 18 Jan 2005
From: Jaiia Earthschild>
Subject: Beyond Prayer Day...

January 18th 2005 - Prayer Day - the wise ones say

Today is the day the elders said to pray.
Pray for us all - Oh great humanity!
Yet that is only one part of our vast family...
Let's pray for the grasshoppers,
pray for the trees,
pray for the oceans,
and the creatures in the seas.
Thanks, great solar One,
thanks blue skies
and the mathematical perfection
that keeps us all alive.
Pour offerings of tears and love
for consciousness below, above.
Aspects of reality we cannot comprehend
wrapped up in human hopes and dreams
of life without an end.
Give gratitude for the gift
that forgiveness gives to all,
we who know and cannot act because we are too small
to counter corporations, ammunitions and all
the militancy and cruelty that births itself in fear.
Let's pray, may peace enrich us,
that wisdom reigns when terror hits us.
May we find a place of love
for leaders who have run amok ~
for those who call their enemies by names
that they themselves have earned.
Let us pray to come to terms
with death and pain and grief
and then to dare to live this life free of all beliefs,
to go beyond our need for prayer,
to awaken and remain aware.
We are the miracle,
alive right now, right here.




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