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January 14, 2005

The Light Series #71: Only on Earth...

Hello everyone

As Mohandas Gandhi wrote: "A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."

And as Meria Heller wrote in a recent (December 16) email: "As in the movie "American Beauty", I say constantly "sometimes there's just so much beauty I can't take it". We need to remember that beauty as it exists within us and without us. We must continue to love each other warts and all. We are all part of the "one" and growing together into a beautiful patchwork called the human race."

Those two quotes and some highly inspirational moments about a month ago by a nearby gurgling brook and again today at the same place lead me to propose to all of you the following special collective project. The easiest way to explain it is to start at the point when the first thought of it came to mind...

I was seated about a month ago on a bench by that brook, entranced by the calm and beauty of that moment, with snow flurries slowly spiralling down from the sky and the gentle sound of the water running at my feet, surrounded by tall trees at the bottom of a deep valley, seemingly far from it all. I closed my eyes and gradually calmed down the flow of my thoughts, entering into the state of enchantment that deep meditation can create when you are in tune with All That Is. After a while and many moments of spiritual highs, sparkling with the tingling sensation of Life's energy running through me, I slowly opened my eyes and was struck by the magnificent beauty surrounding me.

I'm sure most if not all of you had a similar experience at some point in your life when opening your eyes after experiencing in deep meditation such intense spiritual communion with All That Is, everything looked brighter, crisper, more vibrant, and your awareness could tap into all these sensory inputs with greater acuity than usual.

Part of the thoughts that came to me during this introspective contemplation had to do with how unique Earth is in the universe, that nowhere else could anyone find a planet with the very specific kind of nature we have with its profligate diversity of life forms, with such a diverse and rich tapestry of human races and cultures encompassing zillions of distinctive perceptions, thoughts, feelings and experiences, and with such a profoundly interesting set of historic circumstances and global challenges as we have here today.

So when opening my eyes, I looked at a tall evergreen tree in front of me, while taking in the whole surrounding scenery, the thought came, "Only on Earth, do you find such a place and moment in time, such a wondrously beautiful life form as this tree, set this way with its slight upward curve from the slope on which it is perched. In short, and if you get the feeling I'm trying to convey you'll see it too, I suddenly realized in one of those rare moments of awe - or aha! as some would say - how uniquely exceptional, literally in the entire space-time continuum, is every physical environment I'm in as a sentient being and every single infinitesimal fraction of a second - an eternity in itself - I experience at any given moment.

The simple experience of being here and now in full awareness is nothing new in itself and could have gone unremembered as many other such moments one has from time to time when the stars and everything align in just the right sequence. Yet, I then thought that surely everyone also has from time to time such experiences as I just mentioned, and thus that perhaps I could propose to all of you, my faraway friends from around the world, to share with everyone else through this ERN list similar moments of insightful realization, through using the introductory words "Only on Earth..." to initiate the train of thoughts leading to at least a partial expression — because except through telepathic communion it is virtually impossible to share more than a fleeting description of what goes through our mind at any point in time — of what you realized/felt/understood at such a special moment, either one you still remember, or one you purposely undertake to create for the sake of this collective co-creative project as I'm now proposing to you.

One of the goals that can be ascribed to this project is to emphasize to oneself, as we experience it, and for the benefit of others who will read what you'll share, how uniquely precious, majestically wonderful and magically vibrant with perfection is our living planet Earth, Terra Gaia, or planet Shan as some call it. This is what came to me this afternoon as my memory was suddenly jogged as to this project I had resolved to introduce, this "Only on Earth" Project, in a Light series compilation.

We hear so often about all that can and does go wrong on this world, especially with the recent Asian tsunami as the news have been filled with pictures of devastation dwarfing everything we have seen, perhaps since World War Two. My compilations chronicling the nefarious activities of some people and organizations and the destructive consequences their recklessness engenders also bring to you more harrowing information to be processed by your mind and soul, thus adding to the burden of things to balance out with positive intents/actions and healing meditations.

This collective experience I'm proposing may help not only balance out, at least for us, the perceptions and realities we have to deal with, but also help create in the collective consciousness of humanity an ever greater desire to help manifest, each in their own sphere of influence, the foundation of a world in harmony and peace, where love for one another and for all of nature — and All That Is — is to be the natural state of mind for all. By empowering with our emotional juice and soul connections the realization of the absolute beauty and perfection of this planet and all there is on it that is still unaffected by the reach of humanity's unbalanced activities, we may indeed help tip the balance towards increasing the worldwide efforts already made by some governmental agencies, countless NGOs - the vanguard of humanity's awakening to oneness and a sense of common responsibility to care for each other and for all of nature - and individuals towards jumping up into a new reality, a new soul-driven sensibility, a new Earth.

Some call it ascension... Let's simply call it evolution.

So practically, here is what I'm suggesting. Finding natural resonance with these ideas, and choosing to become an active participant in this collective experiment in co-creation, you will pick a moment when you'll know you can have time for yourself and access to a quiet environment conducive to inner contemplation, you will bring with you whatever you need to write down your thoughts, and enter as deep as you possibly can in meditation, with whatever technique you are familiar with, or none at all if you don't need any, with the intent of becoming acutely aware in the process of some unique, exceptional feature of Life on Earth, in whatever form and place that may be, or through just simply asking your higher self to bring to your attention whatever needs to be conceptualized, deeply understood and shared as it may come to you in your own words (this is not a writing contest), and then you will go with the flow of whatever happens from that point on.

These is no pressure to be put upon yourself for delivering results, nor any other kind of requirements to fulfill. It is simply an opportunity you give to yourself and — if you decide to share it with others — to everyone else that may read the words conveying your thoughts and feelings, to manifest thoughts and images streaming from the Universal One in All That Is as a contribution to global awakening and planetary healing.

Then, of course, if you are willing to share this with others through emailing it to me, I'll review all contributions emailed to me, and I'll include a selection of some of the best contributions in future Light series compilations, and archive all other contributions on the ERN website for all to review. It needs not be anything long. If there are typos, I'll correct them. If it is very long, I may excerpt some representative parts and refer people to the archived copy on the ERN site for the whole thing. If you have a website to reference along with you signature, you are welcome to do so. Your email address will be displayed so others may send you their comments.

I'm hopeful many of you will like this idea and look forward to read whatever you'll be inspired to send my way.

And now I'll let you explore this compilation filled with many inspiring gems from various subscribing "members" of our growing Earth Rainbow Network family ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

- Buckminster Fuller (

"Simple keys to a fuller life: I will do my best to choose what’s best for all. I will open to guidance from the divine. I will accept and understand myself and all around me. I will love and empower all to be the best we can be."

- Fred Burks - Taken from where there is much more worth reading

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

- Carl Jung

"There are unknown forces within Nature; when we give ourselves wholly to her, without reserve, she leads them to us; she shows us those forms which our watching eyes do not see, which our intelligence does not understand or suspect."

-- Auguste Rodin

I distilled 2004 into an essence...

Were you There?

Were you there when
The first flowering
Of Life began

Was that your heart beating
At the start of the dreaming
That we all are believing in
Was that your laugh that started it all

Were you the one who was always looking through
The glassy-eyed gazes
Of the hypnotized crowds

Was it you who saw through the wildebeest's eyes
As the big cat took your life 
Were you the one who...
Was that the one that was...
Was it you?

And Gaia do you feel at all as dinosaurs rise and fall
And creatures as complex as humans gain
geologic distinction by causing mass extinction

Will you be there when the next flowering begins
When single cells grow wings
And all of creation sings
With Love for you

And you are likely just a cell in the mind of
who can tell how vast a Being Eternity will spawn
I am just an infant crying out
In your yoniversal Dawn
Mother Who Are You?

- Jaiia Earthschild

"Albert Einstein said that to think humans are separate from all other energy/matter in the universe is "a kind of optical delusion", and supporting this is the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University as it registers the interconnectedness of human MINDS with material things, including earth changes such as quakes and tsunami's. Happily, there is a growing and empowering acceptance of responsibility that both individual and collective MIND energies "immediately influence all things in the universe", with constructive or destructive results, depending on the human intentions. And with it comes increasing awareness of the natural cosmic law of Cause & Effect - "for every action there is equal and opposite reaction" - supporting the ages-old wisdom "as you sow, so shall you reap". The reality is that in our unified field of energy-matter interconnectedness, thoughts of hate, anger and violence come back like a boomerang in one form or another, sooner or later, depending on the emotional strength moving it through our physical world density. Alternatively, if you choose to advance Love, Peace and Harmony throughout the universe, know that its your MIND that helps manifest it. Visualize the goal, Pray for it, Meditate on it, Affirm it, Energize it. Know yourself... You are powerful!"

- Triaka
For a Moral & Ethical, Balanced World

Worthy of Your Attention Archive
A Compilation of the Best Emails Sent Out to the Deep Insider List. Recommended by "Fred Burks" who wrote: "I highly encourage you to take just a couple minutes to read the news headlines." Note from Jean: I did as he suggested and discovered an amazing resource which I'm sure you'll enjoy exploring as well.

World Council for the Future
An unprecedented initiative to set up a council to speak for the future of the world has been launched in London. Supported by influential individuals, organisations and parliamentarians from around the globe, the World Future Council is designed to act as a voice for our shared global values and for future generations. Founder and President, Jakob von Uexkull, a former Member of the European Parliament, says: "We need to tell a different human story, for the present one can have no happy end. We need to understand the processes we have unleashed and rediscover our place in the world. Today humanity has unprecedented powers to damage the planet and affect the well-being of present and future generations, yet we seem powerless to address both the global and long-term impacts of our actions. Despite the growing clamour for change, solutions that are being proposed are rarely implemented, leaving many people feeling helpless, angry and disempowered. The huge gap between our deeper values and current policies now threatens the legitimacy of our democratic system, which currently offers only superficial, short-term alternatives. Our world needs a clear and sustained voice speaking up for the values of global citizens." The proposed Council "will challenge the short-term commercial thinking that currently has the power of veto over global decision-making." It will have a global membership of wise thinkers, practical pioneers and young leaders, who will identify the gap between current practices and those measures necessary to assure an equitable and sustainable world." As an institution which represents humanity's common values, the Council will provide an ongoing forum for discussion and debate designed to lead to action. It will set up 24 international commissions on crucial issues such as democracy, sustainability, justice, health and education. CLIP Recommended by Ed Elkin

Soar the virtual skies with Tilly the golden eagle
Recommended by John Kaminski who wrote: "Eagle with a camera. Nice ride."

eParliament is a pioneering operational model of webocracy to harness the power of virtual space to bring real changes in the lives of people by promoting the Internet as secure, confidential, convenient and cost-effective negotiation and mediation medium for conflict resolution and peace-building. also safeguards human rights and helps establish and/or restore democratic political culture in the regions of armed conflicts, transitional democracies and closed societies. CLIP - This is a fledging initiative brought to my attention by its founder (also an ERN subscriber from India) Sichendra Bista


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From: "Consuelo Luz"
Subject: New song for true Christ consciousness
Date: 13 Jan 2005

Dear Jean,

Attached is my new song "What Would Jesus Do?".
You can also listen and download it from my website

Please feel free to share this song and link with your readers.
Below are the lyrics:


by Consuelo Luz 2004

We know that in Divine Order
All is unfolding as it should
But a part of the unfolding
Is each of us choosing what is good

We know that in Divine Order
All is unfolding right or wrong
Still we co-create with our choices
Still we love and sing our songs
And we ask:
What would Jesus do
If he were inside me and you
If he still followed the Golden Rule
What would Jesus do?

If he saw collective insanity
Made normal on TV
Violence, lies, hypocrisy
Perpetual war economy

Would Jesus privatize, contaminate, take away our rights
Drive us into debt till he bleeds us dry
Or would he choose life, of every color and creed and cry
And make sure the Earth and her creatures do not die

Would he sanction fraud and torture
To pursue power and greed
Lavish riches on those with plenty
Taking away from those in need

What would Jesus do
If he were inside me and you
If he still followed the Golden Rule
What would Jesus do? He'd say:

Love your neighbor as yourself
Ease the suffering of the meek
Who shall inherit my new earth
Forgive, but take action, is to turn the other cheek

If you torture the least of my brothers
that is what you do to me
One child starves to death every two seconds
Every two seconds you starve me

Thou shalt have no Gods before me
Of lies painted red white and blue
Of on the backs of children dying
A life of ease only for you

If you want peace, work for justice
Only then will you be free
Love is the answer to every question
I am you and you are me

So, what are we gonna do
With Jesus inside me and you
Just follow the Golden Rule
And do what Jesus would do

He would not give up on me
He would not give up on you
Just look at all the children, and you will see
The love and beauty meant to be

So, if we want peace let's work for justice
Only then will we be free
Love is the answer to every question
I am you and you are me

Love is the answer to every question
I am you and you are me

In lakech alakin (Mayan: I am you and you are me, what I do to you I do to myself)

Tikkun olam (Hebrew: To heal the world)



Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005
From: Palden
Subject: Soulquakes

Palden Jenkins
7th January 2005
One of Palden's occasional articles on the state of the world

The people of Aceh and the Indian Ocean have gone through a terrible disaster, and the world has gone through a quake and tsunami of the collective soul. This disaster was vast yet localised - unless the recently-observed geophysical effect of the quake on the Earth's inclination and rotation has a noticeable global effect. But in the collective psyche it has been global - a Richter Nine soulquake in which structures turn to rubble. 9/11 was perhaps a Seven, and that was shocking enough.

What is historic and definitive about traumas like this is that, when they happen, the deeper collective psyche convulses, breaks out and vents itself. It roars through the public domain and abruptly redefines the agenda. When all-that-we-hold-good-and-true grates and rips, the constituent bits of our worlds are wrenched around and everything is reshuffled. Everything suddenly looks different. People start doing abnormal things, like caring for others' welfare and feeling solidarity with utter strangers.

It's a global near-death experience. The sacrifice of so many souls to the clutches of death sharpens collective awareness, overriding the secure, regularised reality that normally keeps us ticking. It renders people grateful to be alive, overwriting our assumed sense of possessing an inherent right to life.

There's another characteristic common to near-death experiences. The threat of death renders things starkly clear, rearranging priorities and perspectives. Some things become blitzingly important, as if they should always have been like that. Other things lose relevance, upstaged by the immensity of what has just struck. The future starts from that point.

The disaster has brought many things clearer into focus. It struck several centres of ongoing, dirty conflict. Aceh, before the earthquake, was already in a dismal state, suffering deprivation and repression with outbursts of independence war. This conflict has been long, brutal and kept well away from the eyes of the world. It's another oil war and self-determination war, and Indonesian and international business, oil and military interests, and we consumers too, all have a stake. This was a powderkeg waiting to go boom.

Then there was southern Thailand - a simmering self-determination conflict of southern Thai Muslims against mainstream Thai Buddhists. There was Sri Lanka - a longstanding conflict between Tamils and Sinhalese costing 64,000 lives over 20 years. There was Somalia, stricken with warlordism. These cannot be passed off as simple ethnic quarrels - behind them lurk the manoeuvrings of individuals, arms, terror and corporate interests, politics, propaganda, corruption and ideology. The tsunami's effect is to flood them out and change the political landscape. Are the earthquake gods saying something about conflict?

Then there is the big question of rich and poor, and the levelling effect of the disaster. We've seen prosperous Western tourists dying alongside simple village folk. We've seen patterns of charitable donation reflecting the values more than the wealth of donors. This tsunami has pounded at all boundaries, making us vulnerable, aware of how much we need each other.

Two notable observations came out amongst all the news-feed: that animals in affected areas and the 'primitive' peoples of the Andaman Islands sustained relatively little damage. They moved out of danger a day or two before the disaster struck. What do they know that we don't? Does this point to plain old unscientific intuition, so unpopular in our day?

Then there is 'being in the right place at the right time'. When mere minutes make a big difference, who is standing where at the moment of impact becomes a life-or-death matter. This 'karmic' element, and the intricacy of the 'chance occurrences' and crucial momentary decisions recounted in the accounts of survivors, alludes to a strangely awesome, intricate power. This is apocalyptic, especially since 'apocalypse' involves revelation, things presenting themselves as they are, irrespective of how we might believe or want them to be.

In my last book (1) I wrote about the schizoid development of the collective psyche in our time. Double standards, such as making big promises and then failing to deliver aid, arise from humanity's current predicament: we want change as long as nothing really changes. Deep down, we are more genuinely civilised and humane than we are in everyday life and official culture. This leads to crises followed by acute bursts of conscience and insight, mediated by events. Suddenly we become more generous, compassionate, forgiving and understanding.

This is the real humanity coming through, stripped of protective armour. If there is divine intent here, surely this is one of its key purposes. Disasters are horrific and also bring out the best in people. Soulquakes shake us, revealing a bigger order of things. Even in gory scenes, the angels are close. Death has a way of doing this. It punctuates the sentences and paragraphs that make up history, unveiling new futures.

The Lisbon earthquake of 1755, with 60,000 dead, is thought to have sparked the European Enlightenment, and the Black Death of the 1340s is regarded as the beginning of an historic shift toward the modern world. The Tangshan earthquake of 1976, killing 255,000, brought the end of the Maoist era in China. These crises shook up existing ways and beliefs. Does today's disaster mark an historic watershed - and toward what?

All the talk is about aid being sent to the disaster zone, but is this aid one-way? Disaster-victims have unwittingly given us a massive level-shift and wake-up call, a gift beyond measure. This aid arrived in our own disaster-zones faster than our aid reached theirs. For we live in emotional deserts where suffering is long and slow, sophisticatedly contained and denied. Perhaps the developing world, socially and culturally, is developing us.

The open question is whether the sacrifice of all those lives will be worth it in the end. Will it connect the conflicting sides of our mass psyche? To continue the geological analogy: earthquakes represent a relaxation of geophysical tensions, and soulquakes could represent a release of tectonic tensions in the world psyche. This disaster has pointed firmly at human conflict. The collective unconscious has stated something quite clear.

We'll see multiple secondary effects. The tsunami has washed much further than its physical reach. In my own area of focus, the Holy Land, people in the streets of Ramallah and Tel Aviv have also been emotionally hit, and it re-casts their situation in a different light. There will be a shift of international attention away from crisis-points like this. This might permit atrocities while the world isn't looking, or it might catalyse homegrown breakthroughs and resolution. Or simply accelerate movement and precipitate issues.

Today there are markedly fewer conflicts than in the 20th Century - the bad scenes in Iraq give a false impression. What reduces conflict is a pragmatic public desire to get on with other things. The world is awash with weaponry, yet the historic tide is ebbing slowly away from war. There are notable exceptions and xenophobia is alive and well, yet human empathy is also broadening and deepening. We have our differences, but we're increasingly aware we are stuck in this flimsy boat together.

Deep questions get worked over at times like these, jiggled and swirled by billions of people's feelings, all flapping at once. Some pending issues go critical. What gives such events this power is their unexpectedness and our helplessness before them. Sometimes this is inspiring, as when the Berlin Wall came down, and sometimes tragic, as we see today. What hits us deepest is events' symbolic poignancy - their sharpness of definition, pathos and dream or trauma qualities. The power of soulquakes lies in what they reveal: our smothered visions and hopes, and our stowed-away ghouls of fear, guilt and shame.

Scenarios such as 9/11, Rwanda, Bosnia, Tienanmen Square or Chernobyl awaken deep forces of world concern. Some horrors go unnoticed - such as those in Aceh before the earthquake, or the wars in Congo, killing 2-3 million people. More people died in Iraq during Clinton's watch than Bush's, but Bush caught the world's eye. This capturing of the hearts and minds of humanity is what decides the magnitude of soulquakes.

The disaster shines new light on so many things. The rich and the poor. The plight of ordinary people at the hands of government, armies and business. The skewed priorities of nations and ruling elites. The relative significance of other problems worldwide. The risk of a future disaster so big that everything, everywhere changes. The dashing of plans, intentions and illusions. The power of religion and belief. Mass charitability. Cooperation. The exposure of big secrets or shameful situations. Issues erupting with no direct relation to the disaster.

Around 1980, research emerged (2) suggesting a connection between earthquake activity and social wellbeing and conflict, through a reciprocal buildup of social and geological charge. It was squelched, deemed unscientific. Perhaps it's a point worth examining again. In the social realm collective feeling can quickly rewrite the rules and change far more than was first visualised. Here's a quote from a young man (3) in the crowd in Kiev in December 2004:

"The most amazing thing - which I believe will have worldwide sociological implications for a long time to come - is how incredible this crowd is. When you think of a crowd unhappy about something, being cheated by politicians, betrayed by the system, you expect a bunch of angry, agitated people. Well, think again. This is the happiest, friendliest, most incredibly loving and supportive group of people I have ever encountered.

People are smiling, singing, laughing and offering help and support to each other. You don't see any police anywhere, not a single policeman in sight - imagine that. According to the mayor's office in the city of Kyiv, there are no reports of any crime in this huge metropolitan area. Crime has stopped! Everyone is a friend, everyone is a neighbour, everyone is a brother. I do not know how long this can last, but we are in the middle of some kind of miracle.

It is cold out there... There are mountains of warm clothes everywhere on the main street of the city, donated by Kyivites. Food, hot coffee, hot tea are abundant and free everywhere. But you do not see any alcohol - this is the most sober one million Ukrainians you will ever meet. The crowd is completely self-organising and improving its collective behaviour continuously. Every new day brings new elements of better organisation, improved conditions, improved communications and general functionality..."

This alludes to the power of social 'synergy'. It happened in UK when just one person, Princess Diana, died. Small event, big soulquake. Hospital admissions, crime rates, car accidents and pollution plummeted, and even trains ran on time. For a week, the nation shared something profound. Everything functioned well and many chronic social problems were temporarily, magically relieved. As in Kiev.

Now think of the opposite, and the symptoms arising from breakdown, distrust, panic and divisiveness - a default pattern often confused with freedom. Normally, societies subsist on a diet of organised psychic disarray and mutually-restrained offence, politely institutionalised as 'competitiveness' and 'a good thing'. Disasters have a way of exposing such dissonance. This then poses a big collective choice: do we really wish to continue like this?

So was this earthquake a randomly-firing geological event, or was there a connection with human activity? Indonesia has not recently been renowned for social wellbeing and harmony. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about divine retribution: I'm talking about the hidden relationship between human activity and 'chance' occurrences, about the interaction of social and geological stresses and the pregnant symbolism and emotional impact of events.

A crisis renders things transparent, irrevocably shifting emotional continents and forging new connections in the public mind. It will take years for the many implications of the Sumatran earthquake to emerge. There might be more large-scale disasters in years to come - we've only just got over the Caribbean tornadoes. These are times of compounding complexity, as a whole way of life and civilisation comes up against its limits to growth.

Welcome to the future. The 21st Century agenda makes itself conspicuous in two big ways. The agenda items are demonstrated in the spontaneous responses people make to the big events of our time, revealing an up-welling instinct for justice, humane and ecological solutions, peace, sanity and proportion. They are also shown by looking at the mirror image of what extreme conservatives worldwide fight to maintain - self-interest, authority, exploitation of resources and people, disparity of wealth and power, fear, distrust and polarisation. People know roughly what the new agenda is because it derives from life-experience: everyone deserves a decent life and a safe and fair world to live in.

This new agenda struggles to bust the straitjacket of 20th Century ways. It poses enormous questions concerning power, truth, security, fair deals and the purpose of life. It rises up in heart-rending events and our collective response to them. Mass death is one way messages from the heart of humanity are rammed home, shaking us to the core.

May those souls who have passed away find peace in their departing, and may those who are left behind find new life out of the devastation. This we can pray for. The value in these deaths lies in what we learn from this, what we do next.

This quake may have been accidental but, having occurred, its timing is impeccable, and it pinpoints many key issues directly. The big debate on aid, trade and debt-relief just scratches the surface. We stand now at a crucial historic watershed. The key priority for the developed world is not to provide aid, relief and reconstruction assistance, though these help. The priority is to cease being a problem for the rest of the world, and to allow the global playing field to be more level. Not by giving, though this too helps, but by reducing its extraction of wealth and resources and domination of the world agenda.

We are also witnessing a subtle shift toward increased local and regional self-sufficiency: after all, following the tsunami, local rescue got there first - neighbours, relatives and monks, not governments and NGOs. We stand now at the beginning of an historic trend moving away from large-scale aid and relief toward self- and mutual help - principally because, sometime in the future, there might well be too much to cope with, and hardly anyone left to help.

Developing nations have an advantage. Generally their people have functional family and community survival mechanisms. Meanwhile, richer, safer countries need to recognise the social and cultural crisis we're in, learning more from the 'less developed' and 'primitive' cultures we tend to look down on. The era of superpower hegemony is now over, the international community is all that remains, and democracy means will of the majority.

This soulquake has reminded us we're guests on Earth. A balance has tipped. What we've all fallen into is big, wide and deep. It's just a beginning. We know this.

1. Healing the Hurts of Nations - the human side of globalisation, Palden Jenkins, Gothic Image 2003, ISBN 0-906362-62-8. A free, online short version will appear at in March 2005.
2. Jeffrey Goodman, We are the Earthquake Generation, Berkley Publishing Group, USA, 1980.
3. Thank you and good luck to Michael Bleyzer, Kyiv, Ukraine, address unknown, source Internet.
Palden Jenkins
Glastonbury, England

In a separate email, Palden wrote:

If you want a clue about what I'm up to nowadays, try these: and


From: "Acute"
Subject: Uriel's message on Asia's Earthquake
Date: 28 Dec 2004

Good morning dear Jean,

This is the very first time I have written to you, I received this message this morning from a dear friend just now and felt a sense of relief, I haven't been able to watch too much telly the last couple of days from the sadness and empathy I feel inside. I tend to be analytical with situations and when I read my friends message I am now able to re-focus.

You would be I'm sure working on your next compilation and if this is of any help to others like it is for me please include it!!!

I look so forward to receiving all your e-mails and I genuinely dearly love you as does Mother Earth for your continuous loving guidance.

Oceans of love and light to you and yours,

BLESSED BE Cherie xxx


Uriel's Message

Many fear that the predicted earth changes are beginning to occur and that humanity will be eradicated from the face of the world, in light of the recent earthquake in Asia. The earthquake is part of the Earth's own shift process and should not be seen as nature taking revenge on any part of humanity. Because you are so detached from the earth you forget that this planet is also a living organism with its own cycles of changes. The surface, weather and climate patterns are changing in response to these natural cycles and there will be more of what you call 'disasters' in the coming year. You must guard against engaging in the fear that these situations will bring because the fear is more dangerous than any storm or event that the earth can unleash.

The Shift is here to remove the fear from your consciousness and to learn to connect to the Universal Source. This merely requires that you stop living in fear and learn to practice unconditional love and to live within Universal law. Each of you has an individual connection to the Source and is on your own path. That path also includes whether you live or die. This is a time of great change and of great opportunity, but not everyone will be willing to change or will take the opportunities to heal that are presented. It is not a sign that the Universe is working against humanity, merely a part of a process that has been in place for many years. You must remove your fear from this process and allow yourselves to view these changes with the same detachment and non-judgment that you apply in your own lives.

Each of you has the power to change these prophecies of doom and to help the earth through the Shift process in a more gentle way. Each of you has the power to bring peace to this planet, by focusing your intention on creating peace. You can change the existing energies by manifesting the good that you desire, for yourselves and for the planet and its people, by living with Universal law and by refusing to live in fear. Fear is your greatest threat, not nature.

It has been predicted that many would leave the planet at this time and while these prophecies may eventually come to pass, the number of people who will leave is as yet undecided. The Shift is not about death and destruction, though, it is about learning to merge the spiritual and material worlds. It often takes a disaster or other cataclysmic event to bring the people of the world together, to remove their focus from war and fighting to stand together for a common purpose. This is happening now. So do not be afraid, for there is nothing to fear. Know that you are all loved beyond measure and are all blessed.




Building a Brighter Future

The Current Situation

In order to give meaningful suggestions for building a brighter future, we first need to speak candidly about what’s happening in the world at present. It appears that there is a relatively small, powerful group of elites who desire to gain as much control over the world as possible. Their primary means for establishing control are through diminishing purpose, advocating secrecy, and promoting fear and victimization. As they gain control, our freedoms and liberties are increasingly taken away, often without our even realizing it.

The power elite understand that a subtle, yet powerful method of gaining control is to distract people from their deeper purpose in life. Thus television, radio, and movies are filled with ever more greed, violence, and empty sex. Our educational system increasingly prioritizes passing tests over developing intelligence and creativity. Unrestrained corporate control of the media limits what news we receive, and often shapes our decisions and the way we think. Our attention is being diverted from our deeper purpose in life to the superficial attractions of sex, consumerism, and money.

Secrecy leads to control through preventing the exposure of hidden agendas, and through breeding distrust, suspicion, and even paranoia in the world. In the name of "national security," we are told ever more frequently that we should not know what is happening behind closed doors in government. Yet we are encouraged to keep vigilant watch over our neighbors, over those who question the government, and over those who look or act different from us, as they could secretly be terrorists in sheep's clothing. Rampant secrecy and suspicion are causing us to lose touch with the common humanity we share with all around us.

Fear and victimization is another powerful tool of control. “America is under attack! Your job, savings, and retirement are no longer secure. You are either for us or against us. The terrorists want to kill us all.” All of these messages are designed to push us into fear. And by encouraging us to focus blame on others such as terrorists and “evil” leaders, the power elite push us away from feeling in control of our lives, and towards the role of powerless victims. The more we slip into fear and being victims, the easier it is for us to be manipulated.
As people lose touch with their sense of purpose in life, and as they succumb to secrecy, fear, and victimization, the power elite is able to exert ever more control over our world.

Towards a Brighter Future 

What can we do about all this? Ultimately, it is the collective secrecy, fear, victimization, and loss of purpose within all of us that has allowed leaders to take power who would subvert democracy, and who would take away our freedoms and liberties. By each one of us making a commitment to work on these issues inside ourselves, and to inspire others to do the same, we can change our collective direction and build a solid foundation for a brighter future. Several actions can help us to take firm steps in that direction.

First, develop intentions and purpose for your life. To live full, rich lives in today’s complex world, it’s vitally important to give your life clear direction by exploring what is deepest and most meaningful to you, and by developing life intentions and purpose based on this.Then choose to live your intentions and follow your purpose to the best of your ability every day. By choosing to live with clear direction and focus, life becomes deeper and more meaningful. This then weakens the seduction of consumerism and media hype which distract us from our purpose, and allows us to more effectively focus on building a brighter future.

Avoid secrecy and encourage openness and transparency. An important way we can do this is to work together to inform friends and colleagues about the major cover-ups being hidden from the public. Then in our personal lives, when we notice ourselves keeping information from others, we can examine our motives for this secrecy. Are we withholding information out of our own self-interest, or because this is really what’s best for all involved? And on a deeper level, where are we avoiding the truth within ourselves?

Choose to transform fear into acceptance and love. When we notice ourselves feeling fear, we can trace the roots of that fear, so that we are able to identify our core issues and deal consciously with them. We can open to guidance from friends, teachers, and spiritual sources in moving from fear to acceptance and trust. We can transform our fears through welcoming the ever-present love of God, and the love that lies always deep in our own hearts, and in the hearts of those around us. In doing this, we begin to recognize fear as an invitation to growth.

Become aware of when you are playing the role of victim, and choose instead to take personal responsibility for building a brighter future. In blaming others for our problems, we often avoid taking responsibility for how much we are involved in creating these problems through the choices we make. When we catch ourselves playing the role of victim by blaming others for everything that’s wrong in our lives, we can choose instead to look inside ourselves, and to explore and take responsibility for our role in what’s happening. By focusing on improving ourselves, every one of us can make a big difference both in our lives and in our world.

In choosing love and personal responsibility over fear and victimization, we move beyond the polarizing focus on “good vs. evil” and “us vs. them.” We open to the realization that every one of us is doing what we believe to be right based upon our beliefs, circumstances, and upbringing. We focus less on judging and blaming ourselves and others, and more on loving and healing all of us. We see that each of us has a place in our heart that wants only to love and be loved. By challenging ourselves to move beyond fear, blame, and judgment, and by challenging ourselves to live with a clear intention to love, to heal, and to empower ourselves and all around us, we are choosing to build a brighter future for us all.
And finally, come together in groups to support each other in making these positive changes. In these groups, we exchange information about all that is being hidden from us. We also share our life intentions and encourage each other to live these intentions. We support each other in transforming fear into acceptance and love. And we inspire each other to take responsibility for our lives and to be the best that we can be. When we gather in groups to support each other in these intentions, we join in building a growing network of inspiration and empowerment around the planet.

These suggestions emphasize changing the world by starting inside of ourselves. It is important to do what we can to stop the destructive behaviors of the power elite. Yet when we focus on changing the outside world without first having a solid internal foundation, it’s easy to fall into blaming others, and into the polarizing “us vs. them” ways of the power elite. By starting with change on the inside, we develop more balance and strength to then work towards positive change out in the world.

As we change ourselves from the inside out, we send ripples of inspiration and healing out into the world. By joining together in groups to support each other in this, those ripples become waves which powerfully help to build a brighter future for us all.




Identifying Your Core Issues

Most people have one or more core issues which tend to surface repeatedly over the course of their lives. These issues are usually rooted in an unexpressed fear. Depending on your perspective, core issues either cause all sorts of problems, or present many opportunities for growth. When you choose to look at your core issues as an opportunity, you are much more likely to be effective at playing your part in building a brighter future. Below are a few examples of core issues, their related fears, and suggestions for dealing with them.

Examples of Common Core Issues and Associated Fears

* Abandonment – Nobody likes me. Nobody understands me. I don't matter. I'm alone.
* Arrogance – I’m better than all of you. I’m too much. You’re wrong and I’m right.
* Damaged – Something is wrong with me. I'm a failure. I'm needy.
* Inferiority – I’m not good enough. I’m stupid. I’m worthless. I'm boring. I'm hopeless.
* Negative self-image – I’m bad. I'm evil. I'm a mistake. I'm guilty.
* Rejection – Nobody wants to spend time with me. I'm a burden. I'm unwanted.

Note that some people are over-compensators. If you are one of these people, you will do everything you can to make it appear as if you are anything but your core issue. For instance, someone with inferiority as a core issue might outwardly appear very macho or domineering. Yet deep inside, this is covering up a fear of being inferior. A person who is overly nice and giving may be covering up a fear that they are really bad. Particularly if you are having trouble finding a core issue, notice if any of your behavior is opposite of the common core issues above.

Often these core issues originate from childhood family issues. Sometimes they were negative messages repeated many times to us by our parents or other significant people in our lives. Though you may find that you have more than one core issue, generally one will be more prominent than the others. Particularly if this is new to you, we highly recommend you focus on exploring your most prominent core issue. To deal with this core issue, you can design intentions to gradually shift this deeply ingrained pattern.

Intentions for Dealing With Core Issues

* Abandonment – I am worthy of love. I can find ways to safely share myself with others.
* Arrogance – I can see the beauty and value in everyone I meet. I open to learning from all around me.
* Damaged – I am whole and complete just as I am.
* Inferiority – I am a good, valuable person. I can find meaningful ways to meet my needs.
* Negative self image – I am a good person with only the best intentions in my heart.
* Rejection – I am an attractive person. People enjoy getting to know me.

It is not necessary to use the wording in the above examples. By finding words or statements that resonate more strongly with you personally, you can invite transformation on a deeper level. Take some time alone to explore these issues. Change the wording any time you find something more appropriate. You might also invite close friends or family members to give suggestions. Writing down your intentions is highly recommended. Consider developing and writing a set of life intentions, and review them frequently to help keep you on track.

Once you have developed your intentions, cultivate an awareness of when your core issue is triggered. Notice when you are telling yourself that same old story. Each time this happens, remind yourself of your deeper intention and open to shifting from your old, disempowering self-image into a new, fuller way of being.

This is not to suggest that you avoid or suppress your core issues. Working to accept and understand all parts of yourself, including your core issues, allows you to open more easily and naturally to the your beautiful deeper essence. This, in turn, can help you to live a much fuller and richer life. For empowering ideas on developing acceptance and understanding, see

Don’t be surprised if a while after having a significant breakthrough in transforming a core issue, you find the same issue then rearing its ugly head again in a different form. Most people find that working with their core issues is like peeling away layers of an onion. You make a significant breakthrough, only to eventually find the same issue manifesting in another, more subtle form. Yet as each layer is peeled away, you will very likely find your life to be richer, more meaningful, and more enjoyable.

By identifying and choosing to deal with our core issues, we work through our deepest fears and end up feeling more alive, and more available to the people around us. This then inspires us to participate more fully and effectively in building a brighter future.

If you are interested in more on core issues, there are many books, therapists, and workshops which explore this topic. Try a search on your favorite search engine to find more. Feel free to contact us, as well, for more suggestions.



Date: 10 Jan 2005
Subject: Urgent call from the Mayan elders of Guatemala

Urgent call from the Mayan elders of Guatemala 1/10/2004

Through the ancient techniques of divination and tools of prophecy, the Mayan elders are calling forth to humanity at THIS TIME to pay closer attention to the messages being sent forth by the mother earth and to immediately take the actions they have been calling for, to unite in an effort to bring balance again upon our planet. The recent destruction that manifested in Indonesia is predicted to now occur rapidly upon five continents of the earth. This message is not meant to induce fear, to the contrary, it is a call for bravery and for action. The elders are concerned about what has been presented in their recent divinations and they call to all humanity to warn their leaders and to work very hard at a spiritual level to prevent the impending destruction.

This message, verified and brought forth by various Mayan elders in Guatemala, is for all of humanity. The hurricanes in the US and the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia have been warnings and we must now pay attention or the possibilities of floods in Europe, Los Angeles, earthquakes and other efforts of the mother earth to awaken us will manifest quickly.

There is a specific call for people around the world to join in prayer, meditation or whatever method of spirituality one engages in to unite on January 18th at the time of their local sunset (approx 6:00PM). This date is (9) Keme according to the sacred Mayan Cholq'ij calendar(more info on calendar available at: and has the potential for protecting humanity from disaster.

There will be many major ceremonies in the Mayan communities for this purpose. An open invitation is extended to humanity that wish to join the Mayan people for the Waxa'qib B'atz' ceremonies on February 12th in Guatemala.

Again, this is a strong message, not meant to drive us to react in fear, for this will only negatively impact the level of destruction and our own circumstance. This is the opportunity for humanity to rise to the occasion and come together along the strong lines that unite us and overcome the obstacles that divide us. Please distribute this message widely.

Message issued by Mayan elders in Guatemala and delivered via: Carlos Barrios, Mayan Ajq'ij, Antigua, Guatemala Adam Rubel, Co-Director, Saq' Be': Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies, - 505.466.4044

Bringing young adults and others together with ancient traditions for cultural preservation and to foster a deeper spiritual, ecological and communal awareness so as to plant the seeds for a more harmonious future.


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Mohawk: Hopi prophecy pointed to climate change (November 05, 2004)
Beginning about 70 years ago, some traditional Hopi formulated a message to the rest of the world that there was a rising danger that humankind's lack of spiritual attention to the world was going to lead to disaster. The form this disaster would take was that there would be violent storms and all kinds of disruption that would eventually threaten human beings around the world. It had happened before, they said, and all signs, including ancient prophecies, are that it will happen again. The individual who emerged as spokesperson for this was Thomas Banyacya. CLIP

Eleven Die as High Winds Pound Northern Europe (January 10, 2005)
STOCKHOLM - Eleven people were killed and at least four were missing after gale-force winds battered northern Europe at the weekend, causing flooding and transport chaos and leaving hundreds of thousands without electricity. Worst-hit was southern Scandinavia. In Sweden, TT news agency said seven people died, including three motorists whose cars were hit by falling trees, as winds of up to 67 miles per hour (mph) hit the south of the country. The winds left 400,000 Swedes without power and forced the closure of two nuclear power stations. Sturup airport, near Malmo, was briefly closed and ferry traffic stopped, TT said. Across the Baltic Sea, Latvia's state power company, Latvenergo, said 60 percent of the country's population of 2.4 million was without electricity on Sunday. CLIP

Australia: Worst Bushfires in 20 Years Under Control (January 13, 2005)
AUSTRALIA: ADELAIDE - Firefighters brought Australia's deadliest bushfires in 20 years under control on Wednesday after nine people died in the blazes. Up to 15 more people were missing, emergency officials said. Large areas of southern Australia are on alert for more outbreaks after fires raced in a line across the Eyre peninsula, about 250 km (155 miles) west of the South Australia state capital Adelaide.

Warm Russian Winter Drives Bears Out of Bed (January 13, 2005)
MOSCOW - Russia's winter is so warm that a bear in a zoo has woken from her hibernation two months early, while another hasn't gone to sleep at all, Interfax news agency reported on Wednesday. The normally ferocious Russian winter, the bane of invaders from Napoleon to Hitler, has been unusually mild this year with temperatures hitting record seasonal highs.

Snow, where'd you go? Many wondering what happened to Europe's winter (Jan 13)
VIENNA, Austria (AP) - Bears in Slovakia are awakening early from hibernation. So are barmaids in Bavaria, unseasonably busy in outdoor beer gardens. Bushes are blooming in Austria, and skiers at snowless Bosnian resorts are chilling out in hotel pools. Forgoing a White Christmas was one thing, but the utter absence of snow for weeks on end has many Europeans pining for what seems - so far, anyway - like the winter that wasn't. "Hope springs eternal," Austria's Kleine Zeitung newspaper headlined Tuesday over a photo of a lone snowflake. The country's alpine ski slopes have plenty of white stuff, but Vienna and much of eastern Austria haven't had more than a dusting since early December. Although temperatures have been dropping to near freezing overnight, warm air pumped up from the Azores has produced a string of sunny, balmy days ranging up to 12 C across much of the continent. CLIP

Fossil Fuel Curbs May Speed Global Warming (January 13, 2005)
LONDON - Cutting down on fossil fuel pollution could accelerate global warming and help turn parts of Europe into desert by 2100, according to research to be aired on British television on Thursday. "Global Dimming", a BBC Horizon documentary, will describe research suggesting fossil fuel by-products like sulphur dioxide particles reflect the sun's rays, "dimming" temperatures and almost cancelling out the greenhouse effect. The researchers say cutting down on the burning of coal and oil, one of the main goals of international environmental agreements, will drastically heat rather than cool climate. "When the cooling affect goes away -- and it must do because particles like sulphur dioxide are damaging to humans -- global warming will be much stronger," climate change scientist Dr Peter Cox told Reuters on Wednesday. Temperatures could increase in the worst case by up to 10 degrees by the end of the century, the researchers said -- much more than current estimates.

US West Coast Storms May Have Started in Asia (January 13, 2005)
SAN DIEGO - Don't blame El Nino for the deadly storms that have scourged the US West Coast since New Year's Day. The real cause could be an Asian-born weather pattern called the Madden-Julian Oscillation.



Findhorn's Global Network of Light

The Findhorn foundation and community, known around the world as the centre of spiritual education and ecological innovation, is set to extend its inspiration through the creation of its new global network. Now people everywhere can experience being part of the community via the Internet.

Through special features that contain news, articles, synchronised meditations and sharings, people will be able to participate in our community with out physically being in Findhorn.

A feeling of shared vision blaze from the pages of the global network, and wherever you are whether in Aberdeen of Hong Kong, you will be able to feel as if you are in our Ecovillage or the nature Sanctuary and can be touched by the Angle of Findhorn.

Well known spiritual teachers including Caroline Myss, William Bloom and David Spangler write monthly articles that serve as soul food. Community residents also describe their life and times across the range on cultural, economic and spiritual activities that bubble and gestate here, and net work members around the world share their perspectives, and support and encourage each other.

Located in north-east Scotland, the Findhorn Foundation and Community has been in the vanguard of the spiritual/holistic movement for 42 years and has drawn many thousands of visitors to it's life changing workshops, training and international conferences.

The name Findhorn holds a special place in the hearts of many, evoking change and magic The life and work of the community is based on the values of connecting with our inner source of divine wisdom co-operation with the intelligence of nature and service to the world. Now, the essence of our community can be experienced and amplified online through the creation of our Global Network.

Co-ordinator Mattie Porte said, "Findhorn helped in the exploration of consciousness and became famous for its co-operation with nature. Though Tucked away I northern Scotland we have always held a planetary perspective.

"Our Global network enables our light to shine brighter and further and reaches out as never before to those who are not able to visit, and enables us to maintain our connection with those that do. Online visitors can experience all those qualities that are synonymous with Findhorn: attainment to our inner wisdom, deep listening, discussion, meditation and, best of all for some, the creation of a community.

Our members and visitors come from all over the world and we often say that the only continent not represented is Antarctica but that that may change through our Global Network!

From Falujah to Zimbabwe and others places Findhorn's reputation for being a beacon of light in an uncertain world will be strengthened by you. I invite you to visit us either at Findhorn or online".

Community co-founder, 87 year old Eileen Caddy, was awarded an MBE in the 2003-4 new year Honours List for services to spiritual inquiry. Recently Channel 4 UK broadcast a three part documentary series on the daily life of the community.

For more information:

Media: Michael Hawkins, or telephone =44(0)1309691620 or Eve Ward, or telephone +44(0)1309690605

Website: Visit
for a range of downloadable photographs including our Global network logo.


For more information: http:/ or email
Write to Mattie Porte, Global Network, Findhorn Foundation, The Park Findhorn, IV36 3TV Scotland

Fax:+44 (0) 1309 691 663


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EcoVillage Provides Challenge, Support (January 2, 2005)
(...) Like thousands of intentional communities around the world, people come to EcoVillage knowing they will be more than homeowners and neighbors, understanding that change in a community of environmentalists means trimming the fat -- making do with less and ignoring traditional beliefs. "I see it as a challenge,'' said Michelle Nolan, who has lived in EcoVillage for eight years. "This place has a way of making it easier on people to do the right thing, environmentally speaking,'' she said. "When you are ready to raise the bar a little bit more for yourself, someone is always there to share information and give support.'' Descended from communes, hundreds of these alternative communities are developed annually and many more go unreported, said Laird Schaub of the Fellowship for Intentional Community, a Missouri-based advocacy group. More than 100 adults and 60 children live in EcoVillage's 60 homes, which are clustered together in two existing neighborhoods on a hill overlooking downtown Ithaca. CLIP (Many useful related links at )



From: "Lilliana Corredor"
Subject: Message from Thoth - Higher Understandings of the Tsunami
Date: 6 Jan 2005



Through Lilliana Corredor

Greetings beloveds, I AM THOTH. I wish to offer you a Higher Understanding of the recent events related to the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

It is of utmost importance that humanity realizes that ALL that takes place on planet Earth: weather-wise, politically, environmentally, spiritually, and at every single level, is the result of humanity’s creations and co-creations, as individuals and as a collective. Nothing that takes place on Earth, no event what-so-ever is either disconnected or unrelated to the vibrations emitted by humanity’s states of being: of discord or of happiness.

Understand beloveds, that all emotions are currents of energy with a specific level of vibration, with a certain frequency and a tone. So too are your thoughts. And your words are cups of energy that carry immense power, while your actions speak for themselves…manifesting your thoughts and feelings in the physical plane.

Understand beloveds that there are two great events taking place at present, on Earth. On the one hand, you have the light and love workers amongst humanity’s population doing their utmost to hold themselves centered and in the love vibration, being of assistance to others, and holding the love and the light energies on Earth.

Indeed, our beloved messenger the Japanese HADO master Masaru Emoto has shown to the world the impact of words, music and love on water molecules -through his photographs of water crystals.

So too, has it been and will continue to be the work of our Emissaries of Love (the Love Body & Water Healers), to clear and transmute the discordant energies accumulated by themselves and by the collective of humanity, from the water matrix of the Love Portals of Earth.

On the other hand, there are still nowadays a majority of humanity that has not awaken, that has not remembered that there is an alternative state to the present ‘state of being’ on Earth, which is the ‘state of Separation’. And that indeed, there is a preferred state of being which is the ‘state of Oneness’, of harmony, where love prevails and everything that takes place is for the Benefit of all.

So as you see, there are two main forces, happening on Earth at present. Two polarities: the polarities of love and discord (which is actually fear… Anything that is not of the high vibration of Love is what we refer to as discord or fear).
Let us explain to you beloveds, that it is the waters of Earth, as well as the waters of your bodies, that hold the Divine Love, its qualities, virtues and power within your bodies and on Earth.

Understand beloveds, that the Fountain of Love, the Stream of Life, is water, whether at the etheric or at the physical level. It is in the waters of Earth and in the waters of your bodies that all love and all discord are accumulated. Know that love and discord are polarities of the same energy, which in turn is Divine in origin.

Understand too beloveds, that when humanity chooses to experience a particular state of discord such as that of aggression and destruction (as in the wars that are taking place on Earth), these discordant vibrations are being anchored in the waters of the bodies of those that enact it, more so than in others. Nonetheless, this energy is also anchored in the Love/Water matrix of Earth and in the collective Love Body of humanity. It affects the collective beloveds, because you are connected to one another and All That Is, through etheric water pathways. It is because you do not see these pathways in the physical plane that you believe you are disconnected from All That Is.

Think of yourselves as an old radio, which you open up at the back and you find multiple cables of different colours, as well as different structures that assist in receiving and emitting sound. So too, your Light and Love bodies indeed have circuitries and structures that connect you to All That Is, for everything is a part of everything else. It is through these circuitries -made of etheric water pathways connecting Love Portals or Chakras, that you emit and receive all energies and information from the ‘The Ocean of Love’ that is the cosmos.

Nothing is separate from anything else, beloveds, and this is the perception that humanity is now shifting: the concept that you are not separate from others, that you are intricately woven to one another, to your planet, to your solar system, to your galaxy, your universe, the multi universe and the cosmos.
Now that you have this understanding, beloveds, we hope that it will be much easier for you to comprehend the events that took place in the Indian Ocean from Sumatra to India.

Know beloveds that all vibrations that humanity emits, affect all that exists on Earth. It’s like if you throw a stone in a pond, beloveds, it creates a ripple effect, a wave effect, and the further away from the epicenter, the less effect is felt. This is what happened at physical level beloveds, as a result of the anchoring of discord at the etheric level through your thought-forms and your emotions and at physical level through your words and actions.

In other words, beloveds, the tsunami was co-created by humanity through discordant thoughts and feelings, words and actions, resulting in a reaction by Gaia: magnifying, reflecting the effect of your thought-forms, emotions, words and actions, and bringing the energies back into the natural state of balance and harmony.

The reason we offer this higher understanding, beloveds, is because at this point in time humanity is feeling in general disempowered, confused and pained by the magnitude of the disaster, by the magnitude of the suffering, by the magnitude of the destruction by the tsunami.

However, beloveds, if you could just shift your perception and realize that each one of you is a creator being, a holographic image of God/dess… that each of you is a master creator being …and that everything that takes place in your planet takes place as you wish it to be… If you were to realize that as a collective you have immense power of creation and you can create a planet for the benefit of all… then you could change your reality on Earth, beloveds.

Understand that at the end of the day it is a question of your choice, of exercising your Free Will, beloveds.

Your planet will become what you wish it to be.

If as a collective and as individuals, you strive towards being vigilant of your thoughts, your feelings, your words and your actions… if you strive towards sustaining and maintaining the energy that you emit with a high vibration of love… Oh beloveds, it couldn’t be otherwise… it is obvious that if many individuals are pursuing this, it would have an effect in your planet as a whole at all levels, beloveds. It is your choice. Everything is your choice and your co-creation, beloveds.

We bring this to your attention so that you know that you do carry the Divine Power of creation. For what else pulses your hearts, beloveds, but the Divine vital Love energies from Source. That life stream that keeps you alive on Earth beloveds, is Divine in origin, it comes from the One Source, from the Heart of All That Is. And that Divine stream of life is a Stream Of Divine Love carried by the divine waters, at etheric and physical level.

You may choose to bathe yourselves daily in the great waterfall of the Divine Love from Source. If you charge your bodies, your heart and your world daily with Love, then you will have a blessed planet, a healthy planet, a harmonious planet, beloveds. The choice is yours, beloveds. The choice is yours. A great many Hosts of Love and Light offer their assistance at this time to humanity to shift the perceptions and thus the level of consciousness by enacting and embodying the Divine Love from Source, the Divine Power and the Divine Wisdom on Earth… for this is the contract that humanity has chosen and signed with the Divine, beloveds.

There will be a time of awakening and then you will return to the Source of All That Is as One, through your own free will, your own understanding and through your own love, with your hearts shining, each individual on Earth becoming a ‘Fountain of Love’.

This you could add to your dreaming, beloveds, as individuals and as a collective: only by working together in Group Consciousness, as pods of dolphins and whales do, will you achieve the real shift in consciousness, beloveds, for the State of Separation is the state of individuality, while the ‘State of Oneness’ is the state of Group Consciousness. And in the state of Group Consciousness, each individual keeps and holds its own individuality and yet it enacts it, embodies it for the benefit of all.

I thank you beloveds for your great patience in accepting this very long instruction. I apologize for its length and happily hope that it will open your hearts to the divinity within each of you.

On behalf of the ‘Council of 12 overlighting the Healing of the Lovebody of Humanity and the Waters of Earth’ we enfold you in waves of Divine Love, translucent-white liquid love-light beloveds. Open your hearts if you wish and let our Love pour through the etheric water pathways from our hearts into your hearts, from our foreheads to your foreheads. Breathe in deeply now... accepting this simple gift of Love from your brothers and sisters.




To participate in the clearing of discord accumulated by humanity and the activation of the following Love Portals of Earth in 2005:

- Great Barrier Reef - Australia (Feb 14-25);
- South Pacific Ocean – Moorea/Huahine - French Polynesia (June 18, 19, 20 & 21)
- Santiago - Chile (June 25, 26 & 27)
- Lake Titicaca & Valley of Incas - Peru/Bolivia (July 9 – 21)
- North Atlantic Ocean – Scotland/Ireland (Oct. 14 -25)
- Caribbean Sea - Cuba (Nov. 6-17)

You can download the MEDITATIONS FOR ACTIVATIONS OF LOVE BODY & HEALING THE WATERS OF EARTH (previous and future activations) from our website. Although we have done these activations each person can do them for themselves at any time:


For the LOCATIONS OF LOVE PORTALS, see Map of Love Portals

See also our CALENDAR OF EVENTS - for Conferences, Workshops, Courses and Spiritual Journeys for Activations of Love Portals

For more information on our BOOK:
"Healing the Waters and the Emotions: Messages from the Star-Dolphins and The Higher Council of Water Beings", see:

Love and Blessings

Dr. Lilliana Corredor (aka Amarial)
Water Consciousness
P.O. Box 1330, Byron Bay, NSW 2481


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"Messages from Water" by Dr. Masaru Emoto
He suggests that we can help limit the secondary disaster of infections from polluted water in Asia by sending positive intent and love to the Indian Ocean's rim countries!

Duality Busters
(...) In the new world, colors will be different and more intensified. Sound will be more acute. You'll hear and see things you have never seen or heard before. Your understanding of reality and of life will blossom into a holistic fullness that will feel strangely familiar. It will be just like déjà vu . . . like you just remembered something you've always known.You're so close to shifting now. You're standing in the open door. It a fragile time but also the most powerful creative time you have ever lived in. So trust and know that you, and the universe, and all of us out here are working together to end the separation, to end war, to end hate, to end illness, to end lack. It will be a wild and weird ride, but once on the other side, you'll say “WOW, what a journey!” You’ll find gratification and feel fulfilled like you have come to the end of a very long project. You'll be a little tired and worn out, but never before feeling so amazingly good and uplifted. So get busting your duality and separation as this will make the shift a little easier. We can't tell you where you're going. We only know your ready to jump, and we will be right there with you. CLIP




Malaria Threat Emerges in Tsunami Zone

January 13, 2005


BANDA ACEH, Indonesia - Health officials plan to go door to door and tent to tent with mosquito-killing spray guns beginning Friday to head off a looming threat that one expert says could kill 100,000 more people around the tsunami disaster zone: malaria.

The devastation and heavy rains are creating conditions for the largest area of mosquito breeding sites Indonesia has ever seen, said the head of the aid group anchoring the anti-malaria campaign on Sumatra island. The pools of salt water created by the Dec. 26 tsunami have been diluted by seasonal rains into a brackish water that mosquitos love.

While the threat of cholera and dysentery outbreaks is diminishing by the day because clean water is increasingly getting to tsunami survivors, the danger of malaria and dengue fever epidemics is increasing, said Richard Allan, director of the Mentor Initiative, a public health group that fights malaria epidemics.

The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami has topped 157,000 across 11 countries after Indonesia added nearly 4,000 more to its tally. Allan warned that an outbreak of malaria could take an additional 100,000 lives around the Indian Ocean if authorities don't act quickly.

"The combination of the tsunami and the rains are creating the largest single set of (mosquito) breeding sites that Indonesia has ever seen in its history," he said Thursday in an interview with The Associated Press.

Asked about World Health Organization warnings that disease could double the tsunami death toll across affected areas, Allan said: "If anything, I think they are being conservative. Three-quarters of those deaths could be from malaria."

The World Health Organization said Thursday that seven cases of malaria have been confirmed in Aceh province. They are popping up now both because malaria season is just beginning and because a reporting system has been put in place over the last few days.

Relief workers in Aceh province on Sumatra island, meanwhile, warned that new rules requiring them to travel with armed escorts could cause bottlenecks in delivering aid and compromise their arms-length status from Indonesia's military.

"We discourage such actions because it blurs the distinction between humanitarian and military efforts here," said Eileen Burke of Save the Children.

Burke said her group has so far had no escorts — or problems — with their work in Sigli, about 60 miles from the provincial capital, Banda Aceh.

Rebels who have waged a low-level war for a separate homeland in northern Sumatra for 30 years reaffirmed their commitment to a cease-fire they declared hours after the tsunami.

Still, there have been unconfirmed reports of isolated skirmishes between Indonesian soldiers and rebels since the tsunami.

Vice President Jusuf Kalla said the government welcomed the rebels' declaration of a cease-fire. "Of course we welcome it. Indonesia will also make efforts toward it," Kalla said in Jakarta, the capital.

Indonesia's moves — which include an order that aid workers declare their travel plans or face expulsion — highlight its sensitivities over foreign involvement in the humanitarian effort, especially that of foreign troops.

Indonesia wants foreign troops out of the country by late March. The United States has the largest presence by far in south Asia with about 13,000 troops — almost all offshore.

However, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said Indonesian authorities had informed the United States there is no departure deadline for U.S. troops.

"Nobody is asking us to go home," Boucher said. "The Indonesian statement about three months, they tell us, was intended as an estimate about how long the military part of the operation might be necessary."

U.N. humanitarian chief Jan Egeland said the overall tsunami relief effort was progressing well except in Sumatra, where "huge problems" remain.

"It is still an uphill battle in the region," Egeland said in New York.

Survivors among the tens of thousands living in refugee camps in Banda Aceh have welcomed the foreign troops, who have been flying helicopter aid missions to otherwise inaccessible areas and running field hospitals.

"If they leave, we will starve," said Syarwan, 27, a tailor who is living with some 45 relatives under a tarp at a camp.

The cornerstone of the anti-malaria offensive is an insecticide spraying operation, where fumigators will walk from house to house in all neighborhoods of Banda Aceh.

They will spray the walls and put a small chalk mark on the outside of the front door as they leave so that no homes are left out and locations covered can be accurately mapped.

The tents in the refugee camps dotted around the city will also be sprayed, but those are home to only a tiny fraction of the population. Most people have been taken in by other families.

In communities along the west coast of Sumatra where almost all buildings were wiped out, the main defense will be pesticide-impregnated plastic sheeting, which villagers use for shelter.

"This will be the first situation where there is an incredible threatening epidemic and where if we get everything in place without obstruction ... we have a chance of stemming the starting point of an epidemic which otherwise will undoubtedly happen," Allan said.

Although malaria is endemic in the area, meaning it is widespread under normal circumstances and the local population is used to getting repeatedly infected, that does not provide protection from any outbreak that might emerge from the tsunami.

"They are even more likely to get sick. A lot of them have already got diarrhea, poor nutrition. They are stressed, they've got multiple infections already and their immune systems are weakened," Allan said. "Any immunity they had is gone."


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Canadians' donations set record (January 13, 2005)
In an unprecedented show of generosity, Canadians have donated more than $147-million in tsunami-disaster assistance. The staggering tally will continue to climb as humanitarian agencies tackle boxes of unopened mail and receive letters postmarked by midnight Tuesday, the deadline for Ottawa's incentive program matching personal donations to certain groups."It's been a phenomenal response. I think we've seen a huge level of generosity," Suzanne Cross, a spokeswoman for the Red Cross, said yesterday. The organization raised $99-million in donations from individuals. Mark Fried, a spokesman for charity group Oxfam, which collected more than $5-million, said the federal government's decision to match donations appears to have triggered contributions from Canadians who otherwise might not have responded to the appeal. CLIP

For Honduras and Iran, World's Aid Evaporated
(...)  But all too often when disaster strikes - from here in Honduras to Iran, where the ancient city of Bam was shattered by an earthquake a year ago, to Mozambique, which endured floods in 2000 - that mission seems to last only as long as the media attention. After the last bodies are counted and public focus shifts, governments stop sending money, pledges are withdrawn, many private relief organizations pack their bags and the poor are left to finish reconstruction projects in the face of the same entrenched systems of corruption and neglect. (...) Mitch was the tsunami of its time, a freak of nature that hovered over this region for nearly five days, dumping rain measured in feet, not inches. It was called the hemisphere's most devastating disaster of the century, one that turned rivers into raging torrents and unleashed landslides, killing and burying its victims all at once. It cost an estimated 9,000 lives and more than $9 billion in property damage. Pledges Unfulfilled - Soon after the tragedy, the international community pledged about $9 billion to help rebuild Central America. Today, experts at the Center on International Cooperation at New York University say most of that money never materialized. Half of what did was offered as loans, Honduran officials said. Trocaire, the overseas development agency of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, said Europe did not even begin its $250 million reconstruction plan in Honduras until three years after the hurricane struck. And it said debt relief meant little to Honduras because the country was still obligated to make interest payments on its debt, estimated at some $219 million last year. (...) That pattern was apparent in Iran, too. A year after an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 destroyed the central city of Bam, killing more than 40,000 people and leaving almost as many homeless, the streets there are still strewn with mounds of rubble. Tens of thousands of people who lost their homes remain crowded in prefabricated housing. The authorities there promised to have the ancient city rebuilt by now. But navigating Iran's byzantine bureaucracy and legal system held up projects longer than many relief organizations could wait. "Time is crucial" for the relief groups, said Patrick Parson, project coordinator of the British-based medical relief agency Merlin. "A lot of them just got tired of waiting and pulled out." As a result, Iranian officials reported that they had received only $17 million of the $1 billion pledged by the international community to help rebuild the 2000-year-old city. CLIP

Rights body says India's tsunami relief efforts 'pathetic' (Jan 10)
NEW DELHI (AFP) - An Asian human rights group described India's relief efforts in tsunami affected areas as "pathetic", a charge strongly denied by the government.

Best info on Tsunami available

More on this crisis at the Special Coverage webpage including ways to give aid


From: "Benton Productions"">
Subject: RE: Meditation Focus #122: Easing the Trauma of East Asia's Catastrophe
Date: 3 Jan 2005

Dear Jean,

Very Happy 2005. Thought you might be interested in an open letter I’ve written to Western Governments who have not signed the Kyoto Protocol. Sorry I have not been able to contribute financially to your cause, but like you I hold down a job which does not bring in much income, and I run one environmental organization and co-organize another, without any remuneration. I am also a grandmother with 5 grand children, and care for my disabled brother. I therefore understand the pressures you are under and wish I could help you out. I really appreciate the work you do as it helps the work I do also. The planet needs it’s workers, even though at times they feel as if they are burnt out.

Love and light

Viv Benton

PS My cousin is uncontactable in Burma where he is doing humanitarian work. We do not know if he’s OK or not. The room he was in on Christmas Eve in Phuket Thailand no longer exists. I just hope he’s OK.


An Open Letter to the Leaders of Nations Who have not Signed the Kyoto Protocol

Dear Leaders,

The terrible events that began our festive season, the large scale earthquake off Sumatra and the following Tsunamis which wiped out cities and villages and swept away the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, may seem at first to be random catastrophic events, unlinked to the issue of Global Warming. But are they? As an environmental consultant, I’d like to explore with you a possible link, and to warn that in my opinion, this may be just the beginning of far more devastating events that lie ahead if we do not act now to change the way we treat our planet.

Throughout the evolution of the Earth there have been a number of extinction events: five major ones that show up in the fossil records. We are at present, in the opinion of many scientists, in the midst of the sixth event: the first to have a human cause. That cause is human activity, often referred to as progress and economic growth. But if we take the amount of activity that is generated, through having to mitigate and deal with the disasters we have caused, out of the Gross National Product, it may be argued that we have not progressed at all.

Just prior to the events of Boxing Day in the Western Calendar a piece of ice shelf described as the size of the state of Tasmania broke off Antarctica and began its slow journey and melt in the Southern Oceans. A week or so later a piece of ocean floor, also described as the size of the state of Tasmania collapsed in the Indian Ocean. The reverberating shock transferred through the earth’s crust under the sea, materializing on land as earth tremors and Tsunamis. The energy of the collapse was delivered to the holiday coasts of Asia, Sri Lanka and India. But the energy of which collapse? Did this event begin with the collapse of the ice shelf, distant in time and location from the original event; or was it just a localized happening divorced from other events?

This question brings into focus the fragmented way in which we view the happenings in our world; detached from the entire system, isolated without reference to other events or our responsibility for them. If we are to take any lesson from the terrible tragedy of Boxing Day 2004, it must be that we must try to understand the natural world from a holistic, not fragmented view point. 

In the weeks prior to Boxing Day 2004 there was another large earth quake in our region. It took place south of Tasmania in the Southern Ocean closer to Antarctica, probably in the region of Macquarie Rise. This is a north/south rise under the ocean that comes to the surface as Macquarie Island and splits apart to form the South Tasmanian Rise and Auckland Islands of New Zealand. They also have been experiencing earth quakes

The Ninety East Ridge that skirts Sumatra is also a north/south underwater ridge. Could the collapse of the ice shelf have transferred its energy along this ridge and the Macquarie Rise.

Scientist have known for sometime that when large portions of an ice shelf break off and float off into the ocean there is a Rebound Effect. That is, the weight of the ice shelf exerting downward pressure on the Earth is released, causing the earth’s surface to rebound. It has been observed that when ice pressure is released from the earth, volcanic activity soon follows. The energy of this rebound could very well have been transferred along the ridges and rises resulting in Earth Quakes and Tsunamis.

But how could Global Warming be complicit in all of this? Well, as the Earth warms up the sea expands. It could very well be that the moulten interior of the Earth also expands when less and less heat is able to be given off into space. As the oceans expand and ice melts the ice shelves are lifted off their grounding line (the point on the land at which they are attached) and the water invades underneath the ice shelf as warming increases. The change in the angle of the ice shelf makes it increasingly unstable, until eventually it breaks loose and slides into the sea. In the case of the West Antarctic Ice Shelf, it has been carving ice bergs for some time. Behind some ice shelves, such as the East Antarctic Ice shelf lie massive ice lakes, and should this shelf collapse this water would be released into the oceans causing a rise in sea levels of 15 meters or more world wide. Most of the infrastructure for our modern civilization occurs along the coast. If we think in terms of a rise of that magnitude, how then would our society cope with a change of this type.

Many people are confused about how Global Warming occurs, and tend to mix it with a vague notion of the Ozone hole. They see the Greenhouse Effect as being some thing negative. But the natural Greenhouse Effect is what gives us the pleasant climate that we enjoy today. The Earth allows just enough light from our Sun to enter the Earth’s atmosphere and be stored as heat energy to warm the planet and keep it at a livable temperature. Any excess is reradiated as heat energy back out into space. Much light energy is reflected back out into space by the albido effect or ability to reflect of our pola ice caps and snow laiden areas. So when you combine a decrease in albido due to a decrease in ice and snow cover, it signals problems ahead. Combined with the increase in the atmosphere of Carbon Dioxide, the resultant effect could be very dire indeed.

When we accumulate Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, as we do with industrial and human processes, we form a layer of CO2 that prevents that reradiation process. In the terms of energy, this means that these incoming rays of light, changed into heat energy, have to go somewhere. One of the best absorber and storer of heat energy is water, and therefore the Oceans become an ideal absorber. As water absorbs heat energy it expands.

As heat energy increases in our atmosphere, the Earth enters an Enhanced Greenhouse Effect. This is marked by increased storm activity, more extreme weather events, more droughts in some countries and rain in others, as the natural system tries to rebalance itself. If it does not manage to rebalance itself, the system may very well enter a Runaway Greenhouse Effect in which the water on the surface of the Earth is sucked out into space. There is evidence that this has happened on other planets in our Solar System.

Even if we stopped our activity now, we cannot expect the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect to stop over night. But the sooner we restructure our activities, the less likely we are to enter the next phase of the effect. And that’s where the Kyoto Protocol comes in, providing a guideline for restructuring the way we do things.

Insurance can’t save us, boarder protection can’t save us, armies and accumulated money and possessions can’t save us. But human will and sensitivity toward the natural systems that drive this planet, can.

And that’s where you come in dear Leaders. It’s through your leadership toward a more energy efficient, less resource wasteful society that events such as Boxing Day 2004 will be averted. The Natural world does not run on human time, and therefore humans should learn to be more aware of Earth time and the consequences of their actions, preferring to move through the world they inhabit with greater reverence and caution. Events like Boxing Day 2004 remind us that human kind is just another species on this planet, and that to face off and seek to dominate nature is just pure hubris.

We understand that our future actions are not just up to our leaders, but are the responsibility of each of us. But right now as we reel from the enormity of the task before us, we need leaders who will see beyond the narrow boundary of boarders, corporatism and Economic Rationalism to a more harmonious way to live with our Earth. Only then will we be assured of safety and survival.

Wishing you a happy, sustainable New Year

Yours faithfully,

Vivienne Benton
Environmental Scientist


From: Cisela & Dag
Subject: Blind leadership
Date: 11 Jan 2005

What A Flight

Passengers on a plane are waiting for the flight to leave. The entrance opens, and two men walk up the aisle, dressed in pilot uniforms. Both are wearing dark glasses. One is using a seeing-eye dog, and the other is tapping his way up the aisle with a cane.

Nervous laughter spreads through the cabin, but the men enter the cockpit, the door closes, and the engines start. The passengers begin glancing nervously, searching for some sign that this is just a little practical joke. None is forthcoming.

The plane moves faster and faster down the runway, people at the windows realize that they're headed straight for the water at the edge of the airport.

As it begins to look as though the plane will never take off and that it will plow into the water, screams of panic fill the cabin.

At that moment, the plane lifts smoothly into the air. Up in the cockpit, the co-pilot turns to the pilot and says, "You know, Bob, one of these days, they're going to scream too late, and we're all gonna die.


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