January 23, 2004

The Arisen Phoenix Series #2: Major Hope On The Horizon

Hello everyone

Much work and attention went into preparing this compilation which features some quite exciting news that could make a major difference in your lifetime.

Much more details in my introductory notes below.

Your assistance in networking this material could also help make a difference ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"As each of us awakens to the conscience of love, we take our place in this conducting force and the great Law of Love that governs God's creation has full guidance over our lives. As we live in harmony with this law, we assume greater responsibility for extending its rule on the lower levels of manifestation and become co-creators with God in building the “new heavens and the new earth."

- Laurence Newey - Taken from "The Conscience of Love" at

"The time is now for each and every one of us to fully understand and recognize that if we do not radically change our corporate driven consumptive and destructive way of life, we will go extinct."

- Mark Elsis -
Meria with Mark Elsis:

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JAMES TWYMAN will be leading a group of elders from the major religions of the world, as well as aboriginal and native leaders from the five continents, to Baghdad for an international vigil for peace. Millions of people will participate in small gatherings held in churches and private homes. The event will also be broadcast via the Internet around the globe. The journey will take place within six weeks, and we will likely only have a short period of time to pass the word. An e-mail list is being developed to instantly alert millions of people when the trip begins and how you can track the group's progress. (If you are already on James Twyman's e-mail list, then you are already registered.) A special webpage will also have regular audio and video updates from the group as it winds its way toward Baghdad. Our goal is to shift the world's attention toward a postive event in Iraq, EVEN FOR A SINGLE DAY, and to demonstrate that a spiritual movement of peace can have a profound impact on the whole world. Pass word about this important trip to everyone you know. If you would like to join the e-mail list simply go to and add your contact information.


1. New Energy Sources
2. The Coming Energy Revolution
3. Channeled Messages
4. All you need is l.o.v.e.
5. A Planet of Creativity
6. Why I am here in the USA
7. A Girl with an X-ray vision
8. 36 vital resources to help protect all animals


NOTE FROM JEAN: I've known Hal Fox for more than 5 years now and he has been a consistent and most credible source of validation of all new energy developments. Those of you who have been long enough on this list will remember his regular feedbacks I posted after requesting his input on various new energy development info I had received - read for instance "Miracle in the Void: The New Energy Revolution(March 13, 2000) or check There could be no way to emphasize emphatically enough the need to support this man and what he is doing right now. Much of the future on this planet hinges on us and the rest of the world rallying in support of these new energy-producing technologies that will gradually free us from the yoke of fossil fuels and the ecosuicidal consequences of their unrelenting use. Please contact Hal directly if you are willing to assist or — as I suggested to him — mail him a downpayment to make sure you'll get your own new-energy device as soon as it becomes available. I'm sure having this option will appeal to thousands of supporters interested to invest in their own future energy security. More details on this below.

Date: 16 January 2004
From: Hal Fox>


There are dramatic developments being made in new-energy systems.

Definition: New-energy does not include the older forms of "alternative energy" with sources from sun, wind, tide, geothermal, or biomass. Also not included are fuel cells and the use of hydrogen. Fuel cells are a hundred-year-old technology. The production of hydrogen from water is energy intensive.

Creating energy from the burning of fossil fuels creates a market that is approximately $4.5 trillion per year. [Source of data from Encyclopaedia Britannica Book of the Year 2000, computed at 5 cents per kilowatt hour.] The result of fossil fuel combustion is global warming and the pollution of our atmosphere. These valuable fossil-fuel resources should be retained for continued long-term use as chemical feed stocks.

Our group has spent over 14 years searching the world for new-energy devices. There are now five new-energy devices that have been invented, tested, and which are in some stage of being commercialized and are considered to have strong commercial potential.

All five new-energy devices are patented (or have patents pending) and all five appear to pass our stringent requirements as follows:

1. The device must provide three times as much energy output as the energy input by the operator (the excess energy is input freely or nearly freely by the active environment). [Thermal energy is about one-third the cost of electrical energy and some devices use electrical input which produces thermal energy output.]

2. The source of the extra energy must have a scientific basis.

3. The devices must be non-polluting, tap a large energy source, and be able to be economically manufactured, in other words, have a strong commercial potential.

The following is a list of viable new-energy devices that are judged to have near-term, strong, commercial potential:

1. Devices based on high-density, electron charge clusters (six patents issued). For example, see U.S. Patent 5,018,180. Note: this is the first patent, known to us, to state that the excess energy comes from tapping the zero-point vacuum energy of space. This discovery appears to be a major candidate for providing our future energy needs. The Utah group (Emerging Energy Marketing Firm, Inc., EEMF) has the exclusive rights to all six patents that have issued in the U.S. I am president of EEMF, Inc.

2. Dr. Randell Mills patented discovery of energy from water (from the hydrogen in water). See The source of this energy is a new form of chemical energy from "collapsing the hydrogen atom below its normal ground state."

3. The Russian patented process for a low-energy nuclear reactor. Reportedly, two kilowatts of electrical input provides forty kilowatts of thermal energy. The source of this energy is from relatively safe, low-energy, nuclear reactions. This device uses a piezo-electric crystal to vibrate a mixture of light and heavy water. The surging water is moved back and forth through small holes in a special material resulting in a development of high voltage resulting in considerable thermal energy.

4. Tom Bearden (and co-inventors) stationary electromagnetic generator (one patent issued others pending). This device apparently is also tapping the energy of space. Independent testing is currently underway.

5. The fifth device is under a non-disclosure agreement, however, the inventor is negotiating with a U.S. company to produce and distribute this new-energy device in the United States. It is expected that this new-energy device (which also gets its energy from tapping the energy of space) will be ready for marketing in 2004.

It is past time for governments (state and national) and, more important, private industry, to recognize that solutions to the current polluting, high-cost, energy sources are available. Development funds have been provided from corporate and private investors. No U.S. government funds have been used in developing these new-energy devices. Furthermore, there is no need for tax- payers funds to be used.

Any one of the above new-energy discoveries can be commercialized within two years with an estimated $15 million or less. To build a new fossil-fuel-powered, atmospheric-polluting, electrical generating plant will take at least three years and cost $100 million or more.

EEMF is being privately funded for a project to demonstrate that radioactive solids can be transmuted to stable elements with a dramatic reduction in radioactivity. EEMF, Inc. has demonstrated the capability to dramatically reduce radioactivity from radioactive liquids. (Paper presented at a meeting of the American Nuclear Society).

Forgive the following ad, but thought you would like to know: Some choose to keep up with these developments by a $35 per year Membership in the Institute of New Energy and receive New Energy News by email each month. Also, some subscribe to the peer- reviewed Journal of New Energy for $150 per year (which also includes emailed copies of New Energy News).

Submitted by Hal Fox,
Editor, J. of New Energy
3084 E. 3300 S.
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
Phone 801-466-8680 Fax 801-466-8668


The above is a standard blurb telling people like yourself that there are answers to life after the oil crash. However, the situation is getting desperate because it will take about ten years of intensive manufacturing and marketing to penetrate just 10 percent of the fossil-fuel market. And this penetration will be resisted by Bush and his cohorts who are well funded by the fossil fuel (especially coal) industries.

Best personal regards,

Hal Fox, president, EEMF, Inc.

P.S. EEMF has been approved for a large grant (up to $40 million) for the on-site stabilization of high-level, radioactive liquid wastes. $10 million of this amount is for the needed new-energy device development. Those who desire to purchase new-energy devices to provide electricity for their home or office can be first in line by paying a modest $100 US per option. For more information email Hal Fox at>

NOTE FROM JEAN: I required much more information from Hal on his offer above and have been thoroughly satisfied with his replies. I will send him my $100 shortly. Should you want to review my questions and his replies, please go at - this way you'll save Hal some time which he may better focus of his company and the final development of his amazing new energy products. Should you have additional questions that are not answered in my correspondence with him, I'm sure he will be pleased to answer you. Please copy me on your questions and his replies so I may include these additional details to the current webpage on this topic.


Note from Jean: Before networking this above, I circulated it to a small list of people and got a feedback from Tom Bearden (who is also mentioned above) who suggested some minor yet necessary corrections (now included above) and who had the following important comment:

From: "Tom Bearden">
Subject: RE: Here is the intro note that will go with your update
Date: 18 Jan 2004

Hal, Jean and all,

(...) The article is very timely, particularly when one considers the giant emerging Chinese thirst for more energy. Some analysts estimate the Chinese demand will double in just a few years, by as early as 2010, but certainly by 2015. The Hubbert peak has already occurred, and the availability of cheap oil is declining.

All modern national economies are based on cheap energy (and one would hope, cheap CLEAN energy which presently is not the case. So the world is looking at a very bleak future, with energy wars erupting, failures in agriculture because of escalating energy costs etc.), and massive turning to dirty energy such as from coal plants. Presently our scientific community --- particularly the Department of Energy -- has released its major program needs, and its for hot fusion, big accelerators, and more of the same.

The technologies pointed out by Hal are capable of being developed to alleviate the coming great energy crisis (convulsion is more like it). Anything that can be done to get that message out to the public, is well worthwhile. And Hal is one of the inspirations and stalwarts in this entire field, who has exerted great effort for many years now, largely paid for out of his own pocket.

Just wanted to touch up that little point that needs correcting, and express my personal admiration and support of Hal Fox.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden


P.S. from Jean: To find out more about Tom Bearden, the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator he co-designed, and tons of other fascinating scientific information go at and for much more check also at



THE COMING ENERGY REVOLUTION... the title of a book written by Canadian journalist Jeane Manning (U.S.A. Avery Publishing ISBN 0-89529-713-2) in which she examines the brilliant new clean safe and inexhaustible technologies that are now becoming available.

A number of scientists have been carrying out research in these fields for a good many years - some of the principles have been known throughout this century and earlier, the pioneering work of the physicist Nicolai Tesla is a case in point.

However, powerful vested interests in the fossil fuel and electricity generating industries have ensured Tesla's work has been largely forgotten. Subsequent research by a small number of scientists has been carried out very much on their own, out of sight in back yards and garages etc. and without disclosing to their colleagues and faculties that they are doing it. When they have gone public, they have often been ridiculed and ostracised. They can lose their posts or have their research papers and equipment seized by government agencies as has happened on a number of occasions in the U.S.

Part of the problem has been the attitude of the scientific establishment many of whom continue to deny the possibilities because some of the principles involved are not yet fully understood by mainstream science.

What are these new technologies?


Nuclear power was revolutionary because it represented a break from the ancient technology of burning things to produce energy, but it proved to be so dangerous in it's present form that people understandably say it must go.

However COLD nuclear fusion (as opposed to hot fusion) may have the potential to be the safe simple and inexpensive application of nuclear technology, but the success of experiments in this area has been denied and suppressed for 10 years or more.


This is the most radical and far reaching technology with the potential to institute a revolution that would dramatically change our landscape our environment our economies and our whole lives for the better. It's based on the new physics that recognises that everything in the cosmos is ultimately made up of energy, including what we perceive to be solid matter, which is not solid at all when analysed at the sub-atomic level. It also includes what appears to be "empty" space which may not be empty at all, but rather filled with a universal energy field which somehow holds everything in place - the atoms and molecules in "matter", the sun and planets etc. in the solar system and so on. It is sometimes referred to as the "zero point energy field" because devices, some of them solid state (i.e. with no moving parts) are being developed that can tap into this universal field of energy and provide electric power. Some may need a conventional power input to get them started but, once up and running, they can continue without any further conventional input.

The implications of the successful application of this technology are enormous - the end of the electricity grid system, as homes, offices, factories etc. have their own electricity supplying devices installed on the premises. Clean unlimited electric power in cars etc. replacing the internal combustion engine. Solar, wind and wave power would then be seen as expensive, inadequate and obsolete, and the oil industry would be decimated.

Funding for further research and development is urgently required given this, the scientists involved in this technology are confident that marketable products could be available within 10 years. Do not doubt how rapid technological progress can be with proper funding - just study the fantastic progress made in computer and communications technology in the last 20 years.

Vested interests are preventing the same sort of progress being made with space energy technology, because the implications are so great. If we are to live in a technologically advanced, better, pollution free world there may ultimately be no choice but to embrace the new technologies and all the changes that will go with them.

Richard Greaves / Herefordshire, UK.



"My friend, Jeane Manning has the correct idea: Tap the vast energy of space itself (all space, everywhere, even inside of us). In fact it is because space energy is both inside and outside of our bodies that we do not "feel" this enormous energy - there is no energy gradient to "feel." However, space energy can be "felt" because it is the cause for inertia. Get in your car, fasten your seat belt, accerate to 50 mph and slam on the brakes. You are thrown forward in your seat. We have labeled this effect as inertia but only recently have understood the source. When a mass accelerates it pick up space energy. When a moving mass decelerates it loses space energy. That is how we can "feel" space energy.

There is enough space energy in a liter volume (or quart) that if it could be turned into thermal energy you could boil the Atlantic Ocean.

Some new-energy devices (at least two of them) tap this space energy and convert it to electrical (and some thermal) energy. That is what we are developing and will make available to the world as rapidly as funds are available."


NOTE FROM JEAN: I discovered the following on a new website (at pertaining to preparations and contacts with advanced space-faring civilizations and some far-reaching projects to clean up some day our planet with their technological assistance), and requested permission to network this from the channeler who received the following 2 messages and I got this reply from him:

Date: 15 Jan 2004
From: Ken Peterson>
Subject: RE Channeled messages

Dear Jean,

You indeed have my permission to put these and any other "channelings" and messages that come through me on your website or wherever you wish to publish them. These messages are important for everyone at this time and the wider the distribution the better.

You may also use my email address. I do not desire anonymity. I wish only that the Masters' and Celestials' words be made available to all who seek them. If I can be of service to mankind in any way, may it be so. I know we all have exciting times ahead and I certainly do look forward to the fantastic ride we are on. Hopefully soon these words will be seen coming directly from their mouths not mine. I look forward to that day when those of us who channel these messages are no longer needed and then we will be able to move on to other works ahead, like the purifying of the planet.

I am glad that I am able to make some contribution to the evolvement of mankind in these exciting times.

Love and Light,

Ken Peterson



Dec 30th 2003
From: Ken


Good evening my dear friends,

I am Helena of the Starship Capricorn. I am here tonight to express to you our joy and thanksgiving to all of you who are so diligently sitting down to your computers for contact with me and others of the Galactic Federation. I also want to RELAY to you my Highest Wishes for each of you as you celebrate the ending of one year and going into a new one.

Take the time in these next few days and ponder the past year and see what you have experienced in your life that was good, loving, kind and empowering for you. Dwell on the positive issues. Then think upon the coming New Year of your existence and open yourselves up to the realizations that so much more of a positive nature can come into your lives if you will but invite them in. Be grateful for that which you have received and be doubly grateful for that which you are about to receive.

Your future of us working together will be a reality. See us working together to clean the Earth of the pollution and the greed and ignorance which has caused it. See us, together, creating new technologies to be used here on earth to free you from your dependance on fossil fuels. The energy is there you just need to access it. We can work together to create new sources of energy on this planet which will gradually replace your current systems and as a result do much to clean up your atmosphere, oceans and land masses. Working together we can again create a pristine environment in which to live.

Once NESARA is announced in this New Year, the prosperity issues so many of you face will fall away and you will find much freedom in your future. Make plans now on how to utilize your freedom from so many worries.

Make your New Year Resolutions this year ones that address what you want to create in this New Year which is now here for you. Do you wish to create health? Do you wish to create these new technologies? Do you want to work with us? Do you want to be more creative? Decide what you want for this coming year and let your imaginations run wild and free. Dream BIG!

Remember that which you can imagine you CAN create!!! Make it so.

Make it a point to continue sitting at your computers and asking for contact with me. Open your mind and heart to the loving contact which we offer to you. Let us work with you. Let us LOVE you! We are open to contact with you and I look forward to the times when contact is made and a loving connection is made with each of you. You may at first question the contact..."Am I really contacting Helena?" "Is this really her?" I hear your questions and I say to you that if you make the effort to contact me using the vibration of LOVE, it will be me, Helena,  who answers you and fills you to overflowing with my love for you in return. With practice, we will talk together just as you now use your telephones. It is that easy.

We look forward to seeing you and working with you, First Scouts, in the very near future. Raise your vibrations, call us in and make it so.

Know that the celebrations we will hold on the starships this New Years Eve and Day will be in celebration of YOU. We will make a toast in your honor.

I AM Helena.


Dec 30th 2003
From: Ken
Subject: First Contact Space Volunteers

Tonight, I, Sananda (Jesus, Jeshua), will address you. I am standing on the bridge of the Starship Capricorn with its captain, Helena, and Padre Pio. We will be working closely together in the times ahead preparing you for contact with those you consider the Celestials who are here surrounding your planet at this time ready to give aid to your forces so that NESARA can be announced and contact made between us and you a true reality.

You really do not realize what these wonderful beings are doing for your world and have been doing for many years now. They work with the entity you know as GAIA, Mother Earth. They are aiding her in her re-birthing pains, helping you to be reborn as well as her. Without their help, she would have evolved without you or should we say, much much fewer of you.

The catastrophes and earth changes which were predicted would have taken place and the number of humans on planet Earth would be less than 10% of what the current world population is now. Volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards and such would have created much change on the planet were it not for these helpers and you, the growing number of humans who are awakening as to your true identities and abilities.

YOU, with the help of the Ascended Masters, these beings you name Celestials, and other beings of great love and power have cleansed a great majority of the Mass Consciousness of this world and have altered the time lines and prevented that which was predicted, these catastrophic earth changes. Now, as the being known as GAIA evolves, you will evolve alongside of her, with her, into the higher dimensions of reality.

Tonight, though, I need to address the topic of COMPASSION. Each of you will need to fill your hearts and minds with compassion and love in the days ahead when your history is made known to you in its truth. When that event known as the NESARA Announcement takes place much will be revealed to you that many, many of you will be at first be filled with hatred and abomination. Some of you will not but many of you will.

ALL of you need to take these feelings as they arise and surround them with the Violet Flame of Transmutation and see them transformed into love and compassion for those whose roles these were to carry out these acts. Yes, these individuals had free will to do as they did but in their fear they chose and embraced the darker energies rather than the ones of love and light. It is your time now to FORGIVE them, have COMPASSION for them, LOVE them....remember they have the same I AM spark of GODHOOD in them just as I do and you do. They will be judged for their actions, yes. They will have to make amends for their choices. It is not up to you to judge and condemn them....they will do this themselves as is required by the Universal Laws which govern us ALL.

The time is now, Dear Ones, for each of you to truly find within yourselves the power of the Light that resides within you. Do not look elsewhere for that feeling of Love and Light. Do not look for ME to give it to you. Look within yourselves, find it within. Look for my essence that exists within each one of you. We are ONE.

Become the Christed Beings that you already are. All you have to do is own it, merge with it so completely that you live each moment in the Love and Light that you truly are. Take that first step by opening your heart center and looking within for the LOVE that resides there and embrace it and bring it out to your outer being and existence. Learn to live each moment of your life in total love, seeing every situation as a chance to see the love that exists within the situation if you will but stop and look for it.

This same LOVE exists within every being, no matter how heinous or repulsive they might seem to be or what actions they have done in the past. Learn to recognize and change those negative feelings within yourselves as they come up for you to examine. Learn to immediately change them into a feeling of love and compassion. You can do this with just a thought. All it takes is practice doing it. All you have to do is change your thinking. It is as easy as that. SEE THE LOVE IN ALL THINGS.

Then, Dear Ones, be that example to your neighbors, friends and loved ones and show them how a true being of love responds to the unfolding times ahead of us all. Show them how to look within themselves. Teach them about love and compassion. Teach them to see the love in all things. This is the true task for you all. Your tasks ahead are so much more than just greeting the Celestial Crafts as they land and make their presence known. Each of you has so much more to do.

I thank each and every one of you for "signing on" for this task. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. YOU ARE BEINGS OF LOVE, BEAUTY AND TRUTH.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now to contemplate that which you have felt within your heart as you have read these words. I am but a thought away from you all. Think of me and I will be there with you.

End of Transmission.


NOTE FROM JEAN: Give also a look at this website including



NOTE FROM JEAN: For more insights on the following, please see "Messages From Space Ship Capricorn" at as well as Lavar's November 20, 2003 message archived at

Lavar has so far received over 40 messages from Helena, Captain of Spaceship Capricorn.

Here are two of his latest communications with Helena

15 Jan 2004


Sending Welcome


Yes Lavar, we have a message for you. There will be many tasks to perform for the benefit of earth after we land and join forces with your scientists and leaders. There are many tasks to be done to clean up the earth's atmosphere. In addition, there are other cleanup tasks that we can help with. As your group is involved in the stabilization of radioactive wastes, we can help with that project.

Perhaps the most important task that we can help with is changing the way that your earth people produce energy. There are, as you know, vast amounts of energy in all of space. Your scientists often call this zero-point energy. That is the energy that is present everywhere. That is the energy that should be used to power the Martian Rover and the space craft that brought the Rover to Mars. We, of course, utilize that enormous source of energy for our space craft and our shuttles.

There are other tasks that we have discussed with you. One of the important tasks is to stabilize the relationships among the various religious groups. All religions are based on the knowledge that there is a deity, a God, an All-That-Is. There should be no war nor problems existing among various religious groups. With our representatives from religious groups that are with us on the Capricorn, we will be bringing all of these persons to earth to work with their own religious groups. Many other tasks will, of course, be found by our close working relationship with various groups on your beautiful earth. We look forward to an early beginning of those cooperative endeavors. That is our message for this morning. Any questions?


Is Nicoli Tesla with you or can you contact Tesla. We are planning a conference devoted to honoring Tesla's work. We would like to have some contact with or messages from Tesla.


Tesla is not with us but we can, of course, contact him. His spirit is available to us and his essence should become available to some person on earth at the present time. When you are ready, we will try to help get a message to your Tesla Conference. Hopefully, some of our scientists aboard the Capricorn will be able to come to your conference.


If it is appropriate, we would like to have one of your scientists present a paper at the coming Tesla Symposium. Blessing to you and all aboard the Capricorn. We look forward to your visits. Much Love.

***End of Communication ***


Communication with Capt. Helena, Capricorn

22 January 2004


Welcoming Helena


Yes, Lavar. We have information for you today. There is much to be done to prepare for our landings. Our shuttles must be protected during the landings, that is why the NESARA program is essential to our first landings. We have been here now for over a decade and will be pleased to begin our long anticipated work among the children of men. You, of the earth, have begun a policy of destroying the beauty of the earth. This attitude among too many industrialists, where profit exceeds the care for the planet, must be changed. Where there are only fossil fuels to obtain energy, it is expedient to burn fossil fuels. The missing ingredient is the ability to tap the vast energy of space and turn that energy into thermal and electrical energy. Some of you already have the patented devices that will accomplish this important task. However, there has not been support from governments for such technology to be exploited. That is where we come in. We will help.

There are other things that we can do to help. There are diseases that are beginning to spread due to the deleterious effect of atmospheric pollution and the weakening of the immune systems among many people. We can help your doctors and nurses care for the ill. In addition, we can help ensure that there are better health practices that will enable those of you who are willing to follow good health principles to improve their immune systems. In addition, there are those among you who are natural healers. This is an aspect of your medical practice that has been ignored. We will help to prove that there is great value in those who can help heal.

There are many among you who do not want to have anyone support new devices or new principles to use. You are correct and that is not our purpose. Our charter allows us to help where we are invited. We will not impose our way of life or our technology on any part of your society. We will help those who desire to improve the health and well being of the people of the world or of any part of it. We are here to assist and not to govern. Blessed are they who seek after righteousness. Righteous means also includes self choosing and that is to be left sacred. That is all for the preaching for this morning. Any questions? 


One question. There is a great lack of understanding of gravity. In our society there are at least two factions that believe that gravity is a push and other that gravity is a pull. Which is correct? 


Gravity is predominantly a push. However, gravity is more complex than any earth science has, as yet, recognized. We will be able (where asked) to suggest experiments that will help lead to a better understanding and control of gravity. 


Thank you for your help. Blessings on you and all of your friends aboard the Capricorn.

*** End of Communication. ***



From: "Ruth">
Subject: A Planet of Creativity
Date: 22 Jan 2004

Dear Jean

I liked the message in the last Meditation Focus about our creative power and thought I'd add to your resources for the Light this piece I wrote. My thoughts are inspired by the Ageless Wisdom books by Alice Bailey; further information is available from

With Love and Light,



A Planet of Creativity

Planet Earth is the throat chakra, the higher creative energy centre of our solar system and our Solar Life. We have been fully creative in the lower sense, producing physical bodies for descending souls and for imagining and manufacturing the many forms and structures that we need to live comfortable lives. Creativity is now seeking a higher form of conscious expression, reflecting our true identities as spiritual beings.

We are starting to realise that we are creative agents of the One, intended to birth and apply new facets of truth within these dense realms. We do this by watching for implicity, suggestiveness, a ‘pregnancy’ in words and phrases in our reading, listening and viewing. Something is seeking to emerge through our reflective minds, as consciousness plays upon that which has made impact. This indicates the One actively seeking to expand Its outreach as It descends further and more broadly into the collective lower reality. As each new understanding dawns, we precipitate a fresh and unique thoughtform, an emergence from one point in time and space of something which has never before been expressed: the result of our existing perspective and understanding coming into contact with a ‘trigger’ allowing the expansion of the mind of the One into an as yet unconscious, unexplored and inexpressive portion of Itself.

Every time we think originally, ‘out of the box’ as they say, we create a mini-explosion of consciousness into the substance which surrounds us. Each of us inhabits an internal world populated by several major thoughtforms or belief systems. Some of this mind content is shared amongst many minds. There are group, national and global thoughtforms, as well as individual ones. Yet our overall belief system and its mental offshoots is unique. Others inhabit their own unique belief system, the sum total of their mind content. No wonder we have trouble stepping into the consciousness of the ‘other’. With every thought, choice and decision, we buy into an existing or create a new understanding or perspective. Our reality, what we believe to be true, is being either re-confirmed or modified continually.

Every time we think, the invisible building devas rush to mould substance into the shape of our thought on the inner planes. Initially fragile and volatile, energy is harnessed by that form every time we act out or express that thought, and it becomes embedded into mental substance. Habitual thoughts become energized and effective and our thought manifests our reality. Each of us is conditioned by a number of these realities simultaneously, all of them interweaving and feeding off each other. It is a two-way, self-sustaining process. What we think, we create in the outer world. We also see life ‘out there’ through the filter of our habitual attitudes and preconceptions and so life tends to confirm our inner reality. Events and conditions then strengthen our beliefs. Our multiple beliefs create an outer reality which is highly complex and crammed to bursting point with the product of our minds.

Our collective reality is thus only an illusion. What we have created, we can destroy, in order to exit this unreality. The lower substance into which consciousness has flowed and involved itself, must now be released from these forms, to allow an inflow of higher, divine concepts and laws into this substance and bring about the return of consciousness to the underlying unity. Destruction occurs spontaneously when thought forms become static, inflexible and reluctant to allow a through-flow of consciousness. Their boundaries crumble under the battering of an increasingly light-infused energy seeking to upgrade them, and they eventually collapse. This also happens consciously when we allow this higher-vibrating energy to infuse our minds and clear away outdated forms. Figments of mind substance are, through the birthing of new perspectives or the collapse of boundaries, exploding or imploding all the time.

We assist the One in helping the collective mind evolve. In meditation, we lift our mental consciousness into a more rarefied layer of substance, which flows without form. The barriers which were the outlines of thoughtforms collapse under the strain of intensified energy. We find that only one very simple idea remains: it is unmistakable because we are in that idea and there is no edge to that thought. That thought is Oneness, expanding to fill the space vacated. In that moment of stillness we become the conscious extension and precipitation of the One into this lower reality. In that Oneness, we identify with the Planetary Logos, the Solar Logos, the Universal Logos. The Logos, the one word, is the ultimate simplicity.

This is the simplicity we must now create upon the outer planes. This knowing that we are the One expressing through the many parts must infuse and uplift all aspects of the planetary Life. It must be expressed in all areas of service and in meeting the needs of humanity and the lower kingdoms. This is the creative outflow of the kingdom of heaven which is intended to replace the current reality. Matter which once was unconscious has been made conscious through the precipitation of thoughtforms, and then redeemed into conscious oneness. Lower and higher mental substance have been fused and so we can bring awareness of a divine Plan through into our local reality. Concepts of oneness appear to be new and revolutionary. However, this divine unified field has been in us and through us all along. Through our clarified personality bodies, we draw it out of implicity into new and illumined forms which speak of brotherhood, sharing, interdependence and other themes of wholeness, so that unity becomes the benchmark by which all decisions are made.

We thereby create pockets of illumination within the mental field of humanity, where higher matter has flowed downwards. The mental field gradually develops a porosity which will allow a whole-scale infusion and diffusion of illumination throughout these lower realms. Then there will be no evading the fires of oneness. The resulting rapid destruction of outdated thoughtforms will be remarkable and will prepare a vast open space in consciousness for the manifestation of the new spiritual civilisation.


Date: 21 Jan 2004
From: Michael J>
Subject: All you need is l.o.v.e.


Thank you so much for the weekly consignments of Truth - both the painful kind and the inspiring kind, which always seem to arrive hand-in-hand!

Enclosed is an open letter to Samone, whose piece on the Illuminati stopped me in my

Happy New Year! And may it be rather less of an ordeal than 2003 was, for so many people around the world. . .

Love and thoughts and thanks, as ever, from



NOTE: the review "Samone Michaels on Dove, NESARA and the Illuminati" go at

To: Samone Michaels>

Dear Samone,

I read your piece about the Illuminati [15 January 2004] with great interest, especially what you said about the need to project love to those who are working against the Earth and humanity, whether human or extraterrestrial.

For a while now I have been road-testing - or should I say flight-testing? - an interdimensional Light-Operated Vehicle of Exploration [l.o.v.e.] which is oval in shape, approximately ten feet high, can only be entered by its owner, can travel anywhere on Earth, through Space, from dimension to dimension, is impervious to oncoming ‘solid’ bodies and to extreme of temperature, and also to negative thoughts, disruptive influences, rays and wave-forms of every kind.

I didn’t have to build this superlative vehicle, I simply found myself in it one night, while half-awake and half-asleep. The moment I did so, certain things became clear: I realised that we all have one; it’s just that many people haven’t stumbled on theirs [the way I recently did] because they have no idea that it exists and, more importantly, what it signifies:

We are ALL potential sky-walkers and dimension-jumpers! We have all been issued with a free pass to Infinity. And, needless to say, this huge privilege carries with it certain responsibilities: Never invade other people’s space; never attempt to control, manipulate, exploit or harm them; respect their existence just as you would expect them to respect yours; use your personal vehicle for the very highest purpose for which it was designed - for the good of all.

Maybe, having rediscovered our l.o.v.e., we should invoke that all those who are working against Earth and mankind should rediscover theirs - then respectfully enter them, and fly away from subterfuge, the destruction of others and self-destruction at warp speed. . .

See you around the galaxy some time?!

Michael Joseph.
London, UK
22 January 2004



Date: 22 Jan 2004
From: Yumi Kikuchi>
Subject: Why I am here in the USA

Dear ones,

The day after the caucus at Kucinich campaign office in Iowa, Sandra approached me and asked me to write a letter for Americans about why we are here in Iowa. So I did and am sharing it with you. We had met wonderful Kucinich supporters from all over the place and I am very grateful to be able to participate such a campaign which is changing the course of history. * Please feel free to share this with your friends who care.

Love and peace,



Dear American friends for peace I haven't met yet,

"It is not your business, you have no right"- some Americans may say if they find out I am here in support of Dennis Kucinich. Let me explain why I think it is vital for every American to find out who this amazing man is and what he stands for.

My name is Yumi Kikuchi, a Japanese writer and mother of 4, living in an old farm house in Japan growing most of what we eat organically. Born and raised in Tokyo, a real city girl who had no real experience growing anything in my life until I moved to a country side of Kamogawa.

As I am a flutist and my husband is a folk musician, we call our garden and house "Harmonics Life Center", sharing it with those who look for an alternative and sustainable life style. People from all over the world come, enjoy, eat and stay to experience a simple and sustainable way of life with us.

Living at Harmonics Life Center had been very peaceful until the tragedy of 9-11 in 2001 happened. When I saw the World Trade Center collapsing, something collapsed in me and a calling emerged from tears. Enough life was lost on 9-11 and I wanted to do something to stop further loss of life. I knew dropping bombs and killing more innocent people will not stop terrorism.

We originally launched The Global Peace Campaign to stop the retaliation by the USA to Afghanistan. GPC raised thousands of dollars from small donations of peace-loving Japanese, enough to place a full page peace advertisement in the NY Times: a Vietnam veteran's letter to G.W. Bush saying, "If we kill one innocent person, we become a terrorist" endorsed by Veterans For Peace.

The response to this ad was extraordinary, media coverage in Japan was good, and we were able to raise more money to place 3 more ads in the LA Times, Washington Post and NY Times again.

I discovered the book "Addicted To War" by Joel Andreas and loved its message so much that I translated the book into Japanese, sold 70,000 copies in Japan (10,000 in the USA). GPC is now working with many American peace groups and activists for more sustainable and peaceful world.

Then just a year ago, someone emailed me a speech by Dennis Kucinich he gave on Jan 5, 2003 in Cleveland, Ohio. I had never heard his name before. He was talking about the US's role in the world, saying the US should give food not bombs. He also talked about creation of a cabinet level Department of Peace. I was very impressed as the US was poised to attack Iraq. It must have taken great courage for a US congressman to say that, I thought. So, I wrote an article about him for the first time. In that article, I ended: "Imagine if this man were the President of the United States, what kind of world is possible?" He had not announced his candidacy yet then.

A few months later, I learned that Dennis Kucinich was running for the US President. I thought a miracle has happened. I found his web site and read all of his speeches in awe. Wow! He is an amazing human being. And he is running for US President! I thought this is unprecedented opportunity for approaching the lasting peace on earth for the first time.

On May 27, I flew to California to see Dennis Kucinich as he was touring there. I left 2 babies behind with my husband, the first time I was ever away from them. My first encounter with Dennis was in Stockton. A Latino community hosted a small gathering and he was very compassionate with a lady who overcame alcoholism. He touched me so deeply that I wanted to do something to help spread his words. I am a writer, so I decided to write a book about him.

I picked up the speeches I liked from his web site and translated, added my comment for each, and the manuscript was ready to be published. A major publisher in Japan told me that they would publish the book if Dennis got nominated. I told them it was too late then. Then a small company called me and told me that they would publish the book. A big surprise. On Oct. 8, 2003, Dennis's birthday, the book "Dennis Kucinich: A Peace President for America" was published in Japan, 5000 copies.

Everyone I knew in publishing business said that the book was not salable as no one knew Dennis Kucinich in Japan and he was not even nominated yet. But surprisingly, the first edition was almost sold out by the end of December. Another miracle is happening.

Now I am in Iowa, with my husband and two babies (2 and 3 years) in support of Dennis Kucinich. I am a Japanese so I cannot vote, donate nor collect money for Dennis. All I can do is to speak, to play music and to dance for peace (and Dennis).

Many Americans do not know how much the US foreign policy is affecting the rest of the world. After 9-11, many Japanese do not feel our government is in Tokyo, but it is in Washington DC. Increasingly our government does not listen to the Japanese public but they respond quickly to the White House. Now the Japanese Self Defense Force is in Iraq. For what? It is the first time we ever sent our soldiers oversea into combating region since World War II.

I sometimes feel I should have a right to vote for the US presidential election as our future is pretty much in the hands of the US president: he decides who is a terrorist and who is not, and which country to bombs next, etc. He can withdraw from all the international treaties. Many countries and people in the world now feel threatened by the USA and can never say NO to the US as we are afraid what the US may do if we do not go along with her.

I also learned that Depleted Uranium is not an issue in the US. The US Military has used DU in Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. It is a documented fact that 10.5 thousand US soldiers who participated the 1st Gulf War have returned home safely but later died due to strange illnesses called Gulf War Syndrome. Many nuclear experts suggest that exposure to DU and toxic chemicals are the reason for so many deaths among returning veterans. But children in Iraq are in an even worse situation. Their homeland is now irreversibly contaminated yet they have to live there forever. I do not see how anyone can live and grow in good health if the air, water, soil and food are radioactive. Yes, DU is radioactive, emitting alpha rays that have a half life of 4.5 billion years. Iraq has become uninhabitable, yet innocent men, women and children must live there.

Dennis Kucinich is the only one who understands and take this issue seriously, the only one to address it in his campaign. He is the only one who has a plan to get the US out of Iraq and the UN in. He is the only one talking about canceling NAFTA and WTO, replacing them with fair trade agreements, 20% renewable energy, medical marijuana, single payer universal health care, free education from pre kinder to college for all, 15% military budget cut.

Why do Americans not agree with what this brave man is trying to do? Before you say he is not electable, why don't you do your part to support him? He IS electable if you get behind him. Don't you want a lasting peace on earth for a change? I do. I want our children to live in a safer, more sustainable and peaceful world. I recognize Dennis as not only the US leader, but also the world leader for peace.

I am here to spread his message of hope and peace as American media is not giving him the serious coverage other candidates are enjoying. Dennis is electable if all Americans have a chance to hear him once. I am not American, but my son, born in Hawaii, is. I want to raise him in the USA and I do not want to raise him in fear but in love.

Fear ends and hope begin with Dennis Kucinich.
Dennis wins, Peace begins.

Yumi Kikuchi
Founder, Global Peace Campaign


NOTE FROM JEAN: Here is an excerpt from the newsletter published daily by the Kucinich Campaign headquarter - subscribe to it at to be in the loop for all the exciting developments...


Excerpts from a report by Lu Bauer, Maine Co-Coordinator: Yesterday's tour in Maine was fabulous. We were all on an incredible high with the huge turnouts Dennis brought out every step of the way! At the University of Maine in Orono, Dennis brought 350 students to their feet repeatedly...The Unitarian Church in Belfast was bursting its seams, and people just kept on coming. Standing room only pushed back into overflow rooms in the church. The excitement was contagious. Local organizers had been speaking with the crowd of an estimated 250 curious and supporters about how they can have a voice in deciding the nominee...A traveling rap team showed up unexpectedly from California to entertain and literally sing the praises of the candidate.. engaging the audience in rap songs like "We Want Dennis Kucinich", as they awaited the arrival of the delegation. The Mayor of Belfast welcomed Congressman Kucinich to the city... and the church organ played John Lennon's "Imagine" as Kucinich and the riders from the bus came jubilantly down the aisle. This scene was repeated thrice more that day! In Rockland...In Bath...again, the crowd was huge, topping 450 with standing room only...In South Portland...People are newly excited about caucusing for Dennis on February 8.


While the media had already picked a winner of this nominating process and even a loser of the general election before the Iowa Caucuses, it's the people who actually get to decide. Iowa produced no run-away leader, and there are 49 states left to go. Anyone can win, and we can nominate a candidate who can defeat George W. Bush if we put our minds to it. This contest is going to go down to the convention in July, and your state's primary or caucus is going to matter, perhaps for the first time in many years. This is terrific for our democracy and terrific for the Kucinich campaign, because we are going to build strength one state at a time.

If we nominate a candidate who disagrees with Bush on extending the war in Iraq, on NAFTA and the WTO, on the HMO and private insurance system, on the "PATRIOT Act," on the Pentagon budget, a candidate with a plan for truly universal health care and universal education from pre-K to college, we just might have some debates in the general election worthy of being called debates.

Most Americans won't start paying attention to this election until AFTER the Democratic nominee is chosen. If we choose one who presents a contrast to the President, we will excite people and turn out new voters, in addition to all the regular voters who plan to vote for whoever the nominee is.

And we all can support whoever the nominee is. But now is our opportunity to make that nominee a candidate who can revitalize our democracy and defeat President Bush by calling for fundamental change, not staying the course but altering the rhetoric. That Dennis Kucinich will make the strongest candidate against Bush is hard to dispute. That he is not ahead of other Democrats in the polls is no reason not to vote for him in the primary. A primary is a chance to vote for the best candidate. If he doesn't win, you've helped promote his platform at the convention. If everyone who says "Dennis is my first choice but he's not electable" turns off their televisions and talks to their neighbors and votes for him, he will be elected, "electable" or not. Let's surprise ourselves. Let's take back our country.



Dennis Kucinich was greeted by enthusiastic crowds at events around the state of New Hampshire yesterday as he delivered his "State of the Nation" address. President Bush delivered a "State of the Union" last night, too, but is apparently living in a different country. Read excerpts from Dennis' speech here:

Kucinich supporters in Iowa organized and turned out over 15 percent of the participants in many caucuses, thus winning delegates to the state convention. It was not enough to win Iowa delegates to the national convention, but it made for a surprising show of strength that was documented in the media.

A consortium of news organizations conducted an "entrance poll" in Iowa the night of the caucuses, polling voters as they went into their caucuses to determine who they were supporting and what their demographics were. Dennis received 4 percent, meaning 4,000 to 5,000 Iowans caucused for Dennis despite a near blackout by the media in the preceding week. Because of the way the caucus system works, the 4 percent were able to win only 1 percent of the delegates to the state convention.

NOTE FROM JEAN: I also recommend to your attention



Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


A Girl with an X-ray vision


Moscow's medical workers discovered a magnificent gift of a sixteen-year-old girl Natalya Demkina from Saransk. The girl possesses "dual vision". She is capable of discerning a person's internal organs without using X-ray or ultrasound.

Natasha has already disproved several medical diagnoses and has not made any mistakes. A series of medical experiments conducted in one of the clinics provide substantial and undeniable proofs of the girls' unique abilities. "Growing up, my daughter was just an ordinary child," states Natasha's mother Tatyana Vladimirovna. "Perhaps, she just a bit more mature than other kids her age. Natasha started to talk when she was only 6 months old. At 1, she could already recite Pushkin and Nekrasov by heart. By 3, Natasha mastered the alphabet and learned to operate a snowmobile," continues her mother. "Since early childhood, Natasha has been resistant to cold temperatures. She practically walked around naked till winter. She once walked barefoot in the snow after sauna [Rus. banya] Overall, she was just a normal kid. Never was she able to see through humans!"

The Demkins family remains puzzled as to the origin of their daughter's gift. Perhaps, Natasha's latest surgery has triggered such "vision improvement". Natasha's appendix has been removed. However, by the time she was scheduled to be sent home from the hospital, she could hardly move. Ultrasound revealed that doctors forgot to remove sanitary cotton tampons from the girl's intestines. Natasha was once again hospitalized and operated for the second time. In a month after that incident, the teenager was able to surprise her mother with her unique quality. "I see a crimped tube similar to our vacuum cleaner inside of you. I also see two beans and a tomato that resembles a bulls' heart," states the girl. Back then, she was not aware of medical terminology and could not provide a proper name for a heart, a liver, a kidney, or intestines. She simply compared what she saw to fruits and vegetables.

Medical workers of children's hospital N1 decided to conduct several experiments in order to gain some insight into the girl's gift. Natasha was shown a woman with a whole bunch of illnesses. The girl managed to list every single one of them. Further ultrasound examination simply proved her final diagnosis.

Natasha is capable of distinguishing even the tiniest pathology on a molecular level in the deepest corners of a human body, which are usually left undetected by regular ultrasound. "It's like having double vision. I can switch from one to the other in no time if I need to know a person's health problem," says the teenager. "I see an entire human organism. It is difficult to explain how I determine specific illnesses. There are certain impulses that I feel from the damaged organs. The secondary vision works only in daytime and is asleep at night."

Natasha began her studies at a multi-disciplined academy at the Moscow's State University of Ogarev in order to learn more about organism's phenomenal qualities. There she specializes in medicine. "Being able to use medical terminology, I will be able to state the final diagnosis more accurately. I have to know and understand what I see. This will definitely ease my work with people who come for consultations," states Natasha. In the meantime, the amount of people willing to attend the girls' consultations increases day after day. News about her wonderful gift has quickly spread around their district. Today, the Demkins family accepts about twenty phone calls a day with cries for help.

"We even have people standing in line right before our door," says Natasha. "I cannot turn them down. I do not accept any monetary rewards either. That is why I am often exhausted by the end of the day. Some people do not even thank me."

Doctors themselves often pay visits to the girl. Several times Natasha disproved their final diagnoses. "There was once a lady who had been diagnosed with cancer. I looked at her and did not notice anything like it, just a small cyst. The woman however stated that she had just been diagnosed with cancer." Secondary examination however revealed that Natasha had been right.

"I would like to get into Moscow's medical academy of Sechenov. However, I do not think that I will be able to pay for my studies- 70,000 rubles annually. Not even my gift can help me in these matters," says Natasha. Natasha is right. Despite a number of experiments and thorough medical examinations, the girl's gift still needs to be backed up by scientific evidences and facts. Today, the girl hopes that scientists will notice her and conduct all the necessary experiments. "I have nothing to hide," says Natasha. "Let them experiment with me. Perhaps, they will be able to explain the nature of my secondary vision. Then I guess I will have a chance to study at the most prestigious medical school."

Source: PV-Gazeta


NOTE FROM JEAN: Just thinking about the millions of our animal kins who are assisted by all those great organizations gives great hope for the future of humanity.

From: Susan McCauley>
Subject: 36 vital resources to help protect all animals
Date: 20 Jan 2004

Greetings Jean

Much light & love to you for your steadfastness in support of our evolvement.

I’ve put together a list of some animal sanctuaries and organizations that seek to promote enlightenment of humans about our relationship with all life. It’s a small list but many of the sites have extensive links to other organizations around the planet and they all provide superb models for organizations in the making or in the planning stage. I am hoping you will put this list out to your subscribers. Hopefully, everyone would send this list out to their lists in turn and request that recipients choose at least one organization to send a donation to (more than one is fine, of course.) Sans a $donation, the awareness boost will be most valuable. Other sites might also be added.

I’m sending you a hard copy of this list via snail mail tomorrow along with a check for you for the remarkable work you do for all of us. I’ve been wondering if you’re an Archangel and just not telling us.

With Gratitude & Love,

Susan McCauley

African Wildlife Foundation delivers solutions for the long-term well-being of the African wildlife, their habitats and the welfare of the people who share the land with them. 1400 Sixteenth St, NW, Rm 120, Wash.DC20036
Alley Cat Allies is the premier national clearing house providing education and training for trap-neuter-return techniques to communities across the country (USA). 1801 Belmont Rd.,NW, Suite 201,Wash.DC 20009-5147

American Wild Horse Sanctuary saves wild horses who are ruthlessly rounded up and shot by the Bureau of Land Management or sold to slaughter or premarin factories. Jalama Road, P.O. Box 926, Lompoc, CA 93438
Animal Legal Defense Fund fights for the legal rights and protections that animals deserve and so urgently need. If you know of a situation of abuse/neglect, please contact this devoted group. 127 Fourth Street, Petaluma, CA 94952, 707-769-7771
American Anti-Vivisection Society works through education, public policy and advocacy to put an end to the use of animals in science and, through the Alternative Research & Development Foundation, funds the development of non-animal research techniques. Request a copy of their Guide To Compassionate Shopping. 801 Old York Road, Ste. 204, Jenkintown, PA 19046-1685.
a searchable encyclopedia that promotes inquiry-driven learning for students and teachers on the natural history of individual animal species (distribution, classification and conservation biology).
has an innovative program of investigations, litigation, legislative action, public awareness and advocacy. Their mission is to end animal abuse and exploitation. Look at the many free brochures available. Animal Protection Institute, P.O. Box 22505, Sacramento, CA 95822-9986
is an award winning, independent, networking source of information on the situation of animals, their pro-active defenders and provides links to many other sites world wide e.g. the International Animal Rescue Britain, One Voice of France, Free the Bears Fund Australia. Noahs Ark Lodge Singapore. Educational and high impact information is available from the site.
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is one of the largest animal sanctuaries in the US, providing care for up to 2,000 dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds. They run a strong adoption program and work to foster spay-neuter programs. Workshops are given on various aspects of sanctuary operations to assist local organizations around the US and elsewhere.
is a permanent sanctuary dedicated to the continuing care of unwanted, abused and neglected wild and exotic animals and domestic cats (currently more than 600). Contributions are needed to expand land and facilites. P.O. Box 690422, San Antonio, Texas 78269.
Defenders of Wildlife works to protect species and habitat (especially those threatened with extinction). 1101 Fourteenth St, NW, Room 1400, Wash DC 20005
D.E.L.T.A. Rescue is dedicated to finding and rescuing pets who are abandoned in the wilderness and to feeding and caring for them for the rest of their natural lives. Over 1500 rescued animals rescued from forests and seashores are provided with wonderful shelter, medical care and love. P.O. Box 9, Glendale, CA 91209
Doris Day Animal League regularly petitions Congress to pass legislation such as the Charitable Pet Trusts Act, HR 1796 that would provide federal guidelines for pet-related estate planning. 227 Massachusetts Ave, NE, Ste.100, Wash DC 20002
Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue is a haven for burros rescued from the Mojave Desert (and Bureau of Land Management rifle shooters) and rodeos where they are used as roping targets. PO Box 802980, Santa Clarita, CA 91380-2980
A natural habitat developed specifically for endangered Asian and African elephants 65 miles outside of Nashville, Tennessee on 800 acres surrounded by a buffer zone of 3000 acres…Beautiful! Volunteer programs available. P.O.Box 393, Hohenwald, Tennessee 38462
FARM runs national and international educational campaigns on behalf of the billions of innocent, sentient animals in the world’s factory farms and slaughterhouses. Three teaching modules are available for downloading at Their information archives provide much information on the benefits of vegan eating and the devastating impacts of animal agriculture. P.O. Box 30654, Bethesda, MD 20824
Farm Sanctuary is a leading farm animal advocacy organization and runs a shelter in New York State. Over 200 restaurants (including Hard Rock Café, Four Seasons, Russian Tea Room, Tavern on the Green, the Savoy and the Park Ave Café in New York City) have signed their pledge not to serve “white” or “milk-fed” veal. Learn why on the website. P.O. Box 150, Watkins Glen, NY 14891
The Humane Farming Association works to secure legal victories that will ensure the curtailment of the abusive treatment of hogs in the factory farm pork industry, of calves in the veal industry and of all animals in factory farming in general. Their exposes have been broadcast on major national network programs such as 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, PrimeTimeLive and 20/20. P.O.Box3577, San Rafael, CA 94912

for a list of charities given the Humane Charity Seal of Approval. These are charities that are committed to using state-of-the-art, non-animal research methods. They focus on clinical research, human population studies and hi-tech strategies – techniques that bring real results. The Council on Humane Giving, 5100 Wisconsin Ave., Ste.400, Wash DC 20016
educational and pro-active site for teens to provide informed awareness of animal and human issues such as factory farming, animal cruelty, animal research in labs, companion animal needs and steps that teens can take now to get involved in making a difference. HSUS, Humane Society of US, 2100 L Street NW, Wash D.C. 20037
International Bird Rescue Research Center has been providing ‘oiled wildlife’ cleaning and rehabilitation since 1971. They educate local groups worldwide to develop response capabilities for rescuing wildlife threatened by oil spills. 4369 Cordelia Rd., Fairfield, CA 94534
International Primate Protection League began as a one-member organization (founder, Shirley McGreal) in 1973, has grown to 15,000 members worldwide, cares for 33 gibbons in South Carolina, helps chimpanzees in Sierra Leone, gorillas and mandrills in Cameroon, guenons in Nigeria, spider monkeys in Chile, capuchin monkeys in Ecuador and gibbons in Indonesia and Thailand, supports grassroots efforts in India, Indonesia and elsewhere. The branch office in London is committed to aiding established and new sanctuaries in Africa and elsewhere. IPPL believes that primates should not be objects of commerce and fights both the legal and illegal trade. P.O. Box 766, Summerville, SC 29484 USA and
In Defense of Animals runs a number of vital campaigns to end the exploitation and suffering of animals and is advocating to raise the status of animals beyond mere objects, commodities, property and things. They encourage all people to think and act as “guardians” of the animals who share the planet earth with us. Read about the liberation of the Coulston Chimpanzees. Donate old cars, trucks, boats, rv etc to IDA, 131 Camino Alto, Mill Valley, CA 94941
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine supports alternatives to animal experimentation and educates about the benefits of low-fat, vegan diets. Read their article on “Breaking the Food Seduction” in the summer 2003 issue of Good Medicine. 5100 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Ste 400, Washington DC 20016
An investigation, education and rescue program that investigates, exposes and stops cruelty to animals wherever found from rundown kennels to alley dumpsters to huge factory farms to secretive product-testing laboratories, etc. Their ongoing mission to save animals from misery and cruelty has resulted in many reforms and legal remedies. People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals, 501 Front St., Norfolk, Va
a safety/rescue/investigative/rehabilitative effort for lost or besieged companion animals in the state of Florida- they will assist in contacting other groups for lost pets anywhere in the US if the animal has a microchip. There may be some guidelines here for startup groups elsewhere.
The Pet Savers Foundation works to advance the spay-neuter programs throughout the USA including those of local humane groups, Alley Cat Allies, etc. Guidelines available at are being used in other countries also. 59 South Bayles Avenue, Port Washington, NY 11050-3728
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society works to conserve/preserve marine eco-systems and marine life through public education and documentation in accordance with guidelines of the United Nations and specifically with law enforcement of several nations. Consider their volunteer and sponsor programs and look at the links page. P.O. Box 2670, Malibu, Ca. 90265
Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network provides rescue for beached and stranded dophins, whales, manatees, sea lions etc. The website has much valuable rescue information. They work closely with rescue groups in California, Ireland, Italy and New York. Very good links page to other sites of concern for marine mammals.
United Animal Nation runs EARS (Emergency Animal Rescue Service), a nationwide disaster program that goes anywhere to help animals stranded and/left behind in disasters (floods, wild fires, spills, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc). Read the book, Out of Harm’s Way by Terri Crisp and Samantha Glen (Pocket Books,’96.) The website features disaster tips and preparedness lists for cats, dogs, horses, reptiles, amphibians. Learn also about current efforts to pass legislation that would protect American horses from slaughter. EARS runs volunteer training programs in different cities. The 5892A South Land Park Drive, P.O.Box 188890, Sacramento, CA 95818
United Poultry Concerns is dedicated to the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl and runs a sanctuary for same. They address the treatment of domestic fowl in food production, science, education, entertainment and human companionship situations. The website has a valuable links page which will take you to many other great websites P.O.Box 150 Machipongo, Va. 23405

The World Society for the Protection of Animals is the world's largest network of animal protection societies with offices in 13 countries, associate groups in over 100 countries and more than 400 local organizations benefiting from shared expertise and funding. The websites have much background and current information re the animals they work for. They have consultative status with the UN.
The Nature Conservancy identifies 'hi-priority' landscapes and seascapes world-wide that, if preserved, promise to ensure long-term biodiversity for all of the native wildlife and natural communities. It joins with communities, businesses, governments, partner organizations and individuals to safeguard large tracts of land/water through their Conservation by Design framework. 4245 North Fairfax Drive, Ste. 100, Arlington, Virginia 22203-1606


If you would like to subscribe to the Earth Rainbow Network automated listserver and regularly receive similar compilations covering a broad range of subjects, including each new Meditation Focus issued every two week, simply send a blank email at from the email account to which you want to receive the material compiled and networked by the Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator. Subscription is FREE!