Letter sent to my entire emailing list on January 27, 1999.

Subject: The Time of Reckoning

Hello everyone

It has been quite a long time since you've heard from me and there are good reasons for this. As most of you will remember, I had made a major shift in my focus last October 31 as a result of my contact with an organization called Truth Fellowship. I had been invited to "to collaborate for the common good" by its founder, Simon Kaddy, when on September 17, 1998, he first wrote this to me:

"We have been observing your sincerity in world-service and acknowledge your purity of motive. Today we feel that it may be time to introduce ourselves to you on the physical plane, and this in order to discern whether we may be able to collaborate for the common good. We have written a very important book entitled 'Servers of the Divine Plan' which reveals much about the hidden side of the ongoing planetary transitions, but with practical application. (...) Your vision is connected to the same pyramidal work of world-redemption as ours is. We are working for the same Boss, and this is why I deemed that it was time to connect on the physical."

Following this, more than 200 email communications and the reading of this book, 'Servers of the Divine Plan', as well as the studying of a correspondence course which Truth Fellowship was offering free of charge, led me to believe I could best serve my inner callings for world service by joining force with this organization and devoting my skills and attention to further its educational aims, in the hope of sharing with many more people what I considered to be some excellent tools to foster spiritual awakening and practical service in the furtherance of this "Divine Plan".

Most of you have then observed the ensuing shift and more narrow focus of my attention as I sent you documents with titles such as "Touched by an Angel" and "The New World Order", and most certainly many of you gave a good look at all this, while very few actually decided to get a copy of the book or undertake the correspondence course.

Now, despite the profound effect the material and teaching from Truth Fellowship was having on me, stirring up some quite powerful stuff and mystical experiences, there were a number of things advocated by Simon which felt quite a bit extreme to me, such as the imminence of a global world cleansing along the lines of the "Judgement Day" and apocalyptic depiction found in the Bible, or the continuous reference to unseen manipulations by dark negative forces influencing everyone to prevent any of this Divine Plan to take place, and the frequent and systematic demeaning presentation of all other spiritual groups and teachers as being corrupted, disconnected from their initial truth and fake to some degree -- not to mention the very name of the organization he had founded, "Truth Fellowship", which is thus portrayed as a portentous possessor of such "truth".

So I *knew* that at some point I had to find out, beyond all the very clever stuff Simon was writing up in his books and emails to me, if the guy was up to his own rhetoric. And the occasion came in December when he decided abruptly to move from Australia to England where, as I finally learned despite the halo of mystery he surrounded himself with, he was originally from. The decision was quickly made to pay him a visit there along with another woman from Quebec also involved, and so we went in Glastonbury, England, in the famous Avalon area, at the Little St. Michael's Retreat House near the Chalice Well, at the base of the Tor hill, a place where, allegedly, powerful ley lines intersects and which is visited year-round by pilgrims from around the world -- to know more about this enchanting place, visit http://www.glastonbury.co.uk/chalicewell/.

So the meeting took place and we got to know him much better. I don't want in this letter to enter into any details as to why I finally realized last weekend, after learning a number of things from another person involved in TF who was also there in England, that I could no longer remain involved with this group and its leader. Suffice it to say that I'm no longer able to support what he is doing because I feel it is wrong, deceitful and, in the end, unacceptable. For those of you who might be interested to read my last letter to him in which I explain in more details my reasons for quitting, you may find it at this exact URL: http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/TimeReckon.htm"

I do not regret at all my trip in England. I met beautiful people, including my good friend Palden Jenkins (not involved in TF) and his wife Sheila living nearby, visited a number of interesting historical sites, and had in general quite a good time, including with Simon who is a good fellow and a good company despite those elements which, to me, are not congruent with what he is attempting to do. I would no longer recommend to anyone though to get involved, as I did before, with Truth Fellowship and I want to apologize here and express my sincere regrets to anyone who might have experienced any difficulties as a result of my initial recommendation of this group.

But I do not wish to throw the baby with the bath's water either. I still strongly believe that changes of a great magnitude are bound to take place in the coming years as the world and all humanity will have to face the consequences of over a century of runaway pollution and desecration of this beloved and living planet. It is my deepest conviction that, as Frenchman Andre Malraux wrote, "The 21st century will be spiritual, or won't be." The only way we can hope to get through this crucial transition period from millennia of hateful wars and blind destruction of our global environment to a new era of peaceful coexistence with man and nature -- and with the entire cosmos! -- is to go through a spiritual revolution of the "x" magnitude which will put a critical mass of humanity back in touch with our natural roots with Gaia and our spiritual heritage as Sparks of Life originating from and still intricately interwoven with the Universal One Life.

In the spirit of the Aquarian conspiracy described in the 70's by Marilyn Ferguson and in line with the metaphor of the awakening Global Brain presented by Peter Russell, millions of people are nowaday awakening from the deep slumber of the illusion of separation and shaking off the trancelike dreamstate of a culture of violence and greed bent on self-destruction and total domination of the entire world population by a tiny BigBrotheresque elite.

Notions such as selfless service, here-and-now-God-mindfulness instead of ego-I-centredness, and the power of love over the illusion of fear are vital ingredients in this awakening process. Being actively involved in an organization teaching some of these eternal truths has been a truly powerful wake-up call to get me back in touch, more than ever, with these essential parameters of my service to my community - the community of all living, sentient beings on Earth and beyond. And for this I am thankful. Yet, as someone was pointing out to me in an email a few days ago, "Integrity is the biggest factor in life this year - its all part of the clearing, so I like the fact that you are prepared to take a stand for your beliefs."

At a time when the president of the most powerful nation on Earth is caught lying point-blank to the entire world about not having any sexual relationship with that woman, when the head of the most respected world sport organization - the International Olympic Committee - is presiding over a bribe-collecting cast of despicable characters, and when wherever one may look, all that can be seen is corruption, mass-manipulation and disinformation on an unprecendented scale, it is no wonder that even people with such lofty goals also fall into the same trap.

No longer will I ever give over my power to decide for myself what I feel is right and wrong. No longer shall I encourage others to do the same. We each have to take responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds and not let someone else decide for us what we should think, say or do. And in doing so, we will come to know the exhilarating feeling of complete freedom to be all that we can be. No more gurus. No more Big Brothers imposing their views on the entire world. No more fear, no more greed, no more lies.

We have got to take back the power that is rightly ours as living manifestations of the One Universal Consciousness and freely express our entire potential for the good of all.

Such is going to be the goal and common quest we can and will eventually all share, each in our own unique and perfect way, as the awakening Sons and Daughters of God-Universe.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Anse-St-Jean, Quebec, Canada -- January 27, 1999

P.S. Expect more emails from this source in the coming days as I have a backlog of issues and material I want to share with you all ;-)