From: (Jean Hudon)
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000
Subject: FWD "China Threatens to Nuke America"

Hello Palden, John, Michael, Maggie, James, Barbara, Boudewijn, Deborah, Roger, Leigh and ilyes

What do you make of this absolutely mad scenario below? I know the question about what Gore, Bradley, McCain and Bush would do regarding the China-Taiwan potential conflict if China was to make an agressive military move was asked in 2 seperate televised (CNN) debate a couple days ago and all of them had the usual official military "ambiguity" policy response to make (in short, don't say beforehand what you would actually do in such or such case so as to let China - and Taiwaneese hotheads - guess what the U.S. would really do. None of them had any constructive plan to help Taiwan and China find a peaceful path towards some kind of reunification that would be satisfactorily to both parties. Since China seems to be losing patience with this issue and since some elements in the military command (see below) appear to be more than willing to resort to an armed and even nuclear conflict to force Taiwan back into the fold, I thing we should be really concerned about this and must try to work from the inner side of Reality to nudge all parties towards a peaceful, constructive resolution.

What do you all think?

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

From: "Boudewijn Wegerif" <>
Subject: Interesting! WorldNetDaily exclusive "China Threatens to Nuke America" Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000


China threatens
to nuke America
'First wage 'Vietnam'-like conflict,
then bomb U.S., says PLA document

By Charles Smith
© 2000

A recently-declassified Chinese military document states communist China will first conduct a "Vietnam"-like conventional war against American forces, and then eventually fight a nuclear war against the U.S. homeland.

The document, recently translated by an American intelligence agency, was sent by the Chinese army central command to all the regional garrisons and army corps headquarters in China. A copy was obtained by WorldNetDaily for this exclusive report.

According to the August 1999 policy document published by the People's Liberation Army Office of the Central Military Command, China is "willing to sustain major losses of our armed forces" in exchange for large losses of U.S. military personnel. The Central Military Command is the party command structure of the People's Liberation Army -- that is, the people who make policy for the Chinese military.

"If the U.S. forces lose thousands or hundreds of men under our powerful strikes, the anti-war sentiment within their country will force the U.S. government to take the same path as they did in Viet Nam," states the Chinese army document.

Titled "Watching Closely for Changes in Relationships with Taiwan and Enhancing Awareness of Military Leadership of Current Situation," the Chinese army strategy document also describes a chilling scenario of nuclear war with America.

"In comparison with the U.S. nuclear arsenal, our disadvantage is mainly numeric, which in real wars the qualitative gap will be reflected only as different requirement of strategic theory. In terms of deterrence, there is not any difference in practical value. So far we have built up the capability for the second and third nuclear strikes and are fairly confident in fighting a nuclear war. The PCC (Communist Party Central Committee) has decided to pass through formal channels this message to the top leaders in the U.S."

The Chinese army command document also noted that recent U.S. combat experience cannot be compared to a future war with the massive People's Liberation Army. China is capable of massing millions of troops, and has over 5,000 aircraft that can be thrown into a battle over Taiwan. In addition, the Chinese military noted it had a clear edge in fighting a tactical nuclear war with American forces in the Pacific region.

"In terms of air defense," noted the Chinese army document, "it is impossible for the U.S. Air Force to enjoy the kind of dominance which they maintained in Iraq or Yugoslavia."

"It can be safely expected that once the U.S. launches an attack, the front line of U.S. forces and their supporting bases will be exposed within the range of our effective strikes. After the first strategic strike, the U.S. forces will be faced with weaponry and logistic problems, providing us with opportunities for major offensives and win large battles."

According to the Chinese military, "Unlike Iraq and Yugoslavia, China is not only a big country, but also possesses a nuclear arsenal that has long since been incorporated into state warfare system and play a real role in our national defense."

"During the last crisis across the Taiwan Straits, the U.S. tried to blackmail us with their aircraft carrier(s), but when their spy satellites confirmed that our four nuclear submarines which used to be stationed at Lushun Harbor had disappeared, those politicians addicted to the Taiwan card could not imagine how "During the last crisis across the Taiwan Straits, the U.S. tried to blackmail us with their aircraft carrier(s), but when their spy satellites confirmed that our four nuclear submarines which used to be stationed at Lushun Harbor had disappeared, those politicians addicted to the Taiwan card could not imagine how worried their military commander were."

The Chinese military command also outlined its plan for a quick victory by using overwhelming numbers in a massive assault against Taiwan.

"Taiwan occupies only a small area. Although the quality of its equipment is not too bad, its quantity is limited. It is obvious that after the first fatal strike, the Taiwan forces have no way to organize effective resistance. Under such circumstances, we will be able to control Taiwan before the U.S. intervention and then concentrate our forces to fight the U.S. Based on this scenario, it is impossible for the U.S. to force us to fight on two fronts when it tries to protect Taiwan."

The Chinese army document also noted that the Chinese diplomatic attack has started in the "war" with America. According to the military, recent Chinese diplomatic efforts successfully lined up a solid wall of support from the other Asian powers, allowing the Chinese army to move forces south in preparation for an invasion of Taiwan.

"Internationally, President Jiang Zemin will go to Biskek in late September to attend the five-country meeting, including China, Russia, Kyrgzstan, Kazakstan and Tajikstan. The meeting will sum up and expand cooperations in the field of security and reach agreements on reduction of armed forces stationed along the borders and establishment of military trust."

"The above efforts will not only eliminate security concerns along our rear by reducing the traditional pressure along our northeast and northwest border, and increase the proportion of forces which can be moved to the southeast coastal regions, but also serve to ensure our exchanges with the outside world by land routes during the war."

Charles Smith is a national security and defense reporter for WorldNetDaily.

To: "Boudewijn Wegerif" <>
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000
From: (Jean Hudon)
Subject: Follow up to the "China Threatens to Nuke America" post
Cc: "Art Rosenblum" <>, [Palden Jenkins] <>, John Owen <>, Michael Lightweaver <>, Maggie Erotokritou <>, James Twyman <>, Barbara Wolf <>, "Boudewijn Wegerif" <>, Deborah Moldow <>, Roger Miles <>, "Leigh Tremaine" <>, ilyes <>,

Hello Boudewijn and Palden, ilyes, Art, John, Michael, Maggie, James, Barbara, Deborah, Roger and Leigh

Thanks for your comments on this Boudewijn, Art, ilyes and Palden. I'm passing on those 4 comments to the initial list of recipients of my query as to whether we should be "doing" something about this. I'm not going to circulate this to a larger circle or to the ERN list unless a consensus emerges in favor of suggesting *as a group* that this is an issue requiring our collective attention in our meditations and prayers. Obviously none of us has a crystal ball that would allow to see what the future will be and so we have no way to be sure if this is mere posturing, propaganda, internal maneuvering on the part of some hawkish elements within the Chinese military establishment, a genuine, serious threat of war or all of these together. But on the other hand we all know that the future is the result of decisions made now and trends initiated over the course of a number of years.

The point is we have the possibility to quickly mobilize thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people with the ability to collectively shift the momentum of any given situation towards a peaceful, gentle resolution of problems and conflicts. The fact also is that very few calls, if any, have been issued to focus our collective attention and meditations towards fostering such a peaceful resolution of the simmering conflict between the governments of China and Taiwan. As we can all sense, such attention invested for other conflictual situations has been fruitful in fostering some kind of peaceful settlement. My initial request of comments on this possibility of imminent conflict raised by our friend Boudewijn from Sweden pertained more specifically as to whether we should be issuing *as a group* such a call to urgently focus our collective attention on this issue and I'd like to hear from as many of you as possible - if time permits - on this aspect.

We could also serve as an exercise in finding out how we can process as a group to evaluate, define and introduce such issues through our various Internet contacts to the larger audience of the emerging spiritual community on Earth -- and also in finding out who is actually interested to participate in such a process. As I discussed a few weeks ago with Michael Lightweaver there is a very real possibility that we will soon try to establish a "Governing & Guidance Council" within the context of the Planetary Awakening Network (with the intent of producing a weekly Meditation Focus List) as some of you have already seen. Here is how Micheal Lightweaver described this idea in a recent email quoting what he plans to send out in one of his regular Updates to the PAN list (this has not been made public yet so it is probably still in a draft version):

"Another step is to create a governing or guidance council of those who have the networking interest and time to work with the whole membership in shaping the future of PAN and addressing any challenges which may arise. (...) If you are interested in participating in a PAN governing or guidance council, please let me know. Ideally this should not be too large (maybe 7 max) and would include participants from several countries. Personally I would see this functioning initially as a guidance council working with me and, over the course of a few months, gradually assuming more and more responsibility as a governing council with my role being more of simply coordinator or moderator."

(End of quote from Michael)

This "exercise" could therefore help us figure out how to best go about establishing the working parameters of such a council of "sages".

Your input is most welcomed even if you don't think you'll want to be part of such a permanent council. Also please note that this "Governing & Guidance Council" proposal is something that will be further discuss within the context of the PAN network based on the proposal of Michael Lightweaver

Love and blessings to all of you

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

From: "Boudewijn Wegerif" <>
Subject: SV: FWD "China Threatens to Nuke America"
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000

Dear all,

I also sent the WorldNetDaily exclusive "China Threatens to Nuke America" story to Art Rosenblum, the Aquarian Research Foundation, and his response should be taken into account:

This seems to me to be propaganda of the worst kind, a way of making us fear China and hate them. It will probably work well. China may take Taiwan. It is theirs and we all know it. U.S. cannot stop them except by political and trade threats, not military. I do not believe we have any nuclear war over it. However, all this is very good for our "defense" industry to get more money from Congress and that is probably the main purpose.

I personally think that China is ready to go to war with the U.S. (and Europe!), sooner rather than later, with Taiwan as the fuse. China is heavily committed to petroleum-fuelled economic growth based on western-style banking, transportation, arms build-up, etc. The longterm goal in China is for every household to own a car. The production of motor vehicles has been growing by at least 13 percent for 30 years, nearly doubling every five years. In the 1950s there was one car to every 22,000 people, now there are 8 motor vehicles (including two-wheelers, trucks, buses) to every 1000 people. That is still low compared to the States. Pollution is already a big problem, specially in Beijing, where the number of vehicles is growing by 15 percent per year! Watch this cuckoo grow! -- with an inevitable fight for better access to ever-diminishing resources -- specially oil and natural gas resources to the north and west. There is also the fact of an external debt, to U.S., Japanese and European banks mainly, of now over $150 billion, up from $55 billion in 1990 and a mere $4.5 billion in 1980. Obviously internal pressure is growing in China to remove the U.S. as a dollar imperialist creditor nation and big competitor for resources.

The Global Intelligence Unit Stratfor is also showing concern. ( A Stratfor intelligence alert of 3 March is worth noting. The summary reads:

In China on March 2, the state-run People's Daily ran several articles touting the benefits of strategic partnership between Russia and China. The publication appears to endorse little noticed negotiations between Moscow and Beijing, which are exchanging top- ranking officials in preparation for a summit. Details have been closely guarded, but the talks involve oil and weapons. The timing of the state press coverage suggests that there has now been a breakthrough in the talks. And it appears that a more vigorous strategic partnership between Russia and China - one that will worry the West - is beginning to take shape.


Boudewijn Wegerif
Monetary Studies Programme
Vardingeby Folkhogskola
S-150 21 Molnbo, Sweden.

Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: FWD "China Threatens to Nuke America"

Greetings, all -

The Taiwan/China situation is MOST distressing. Last nite I heard a Chinese gov't spokesman's answer when he was asked by a tv reporter, "What's more important to China: opening your export markets and becoming a full trading partner in the WTO, or ensuring that Taiwan remains a part of China?" (This is my paraphrased question, not the exact words he was asked, tho they're essentially the same.)

The dude never thought twice and responded indignantly, like it was a stupid question: "Taiwan is a part of us! No question -- Taiwan is what's important. Taiwan! WTO is not important."

This situation could turn pretty horrific pretty quick. Interesting, too: I've been comfortable here on the WestCoast for 2 yrs now, but in the last couple of days I've been getting the old familiar 'restless itch' stirring up my innards -- this itch usually presages/initiates moves for me. I've been waiting for a couple of months now for cross-country weather to clear so I can haul my stuff across to leave at my Dad's house, but for the last few days, the urge has been REALLY strong. I don't know if my urgings are tied in to China's plans, but I DEFINITELY want to get out of here now, the sooner the better ...

- ilyes

Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000
From: Palden Jenkins <> Subject: Re: FWD "China Threatens to Nuke America"

Hello Jean

My sense is that this is in one sense a very real threat, and in another sense it is the noisy kicking of a hawkish faction in China which is trying to protect its position and maintain the rather obsolete political setup in China, to divert attention from the friction between capitalist modernisation and old-fashioned centralist government. The real question is that China is on the edge of potentially breaking up into regional and internationalist forces within China (very much as a result of the shadows arising from the government and its Maoist-centralist-controlling tradition), and the best way to counteract this pulling-apart is to get hawkish and militaristic, and to invoke nationalistic fears.

It's also the case that USA, poised as it is on the edge of major changes (many of which are likely to involve loss of wealth and power), has a paranoiac streak which is getting activated here. USA has a problem: when it wants to, it interferes in the world's affairs, but when the world's affairs intervene in USA's affairs, it doesn't want to know, or it gets terribly insecure about it! A cancerian nation! What better threat to offer it than to threaten to strike at its own shores!

This is about nationalism versus internationalism, and both China and USA (and other countries too) are getting caught in their own self-centred, nationalistic-territorial patterns here - but the general global drift is toward internationalism. After all, nations *are already* obsolete - and it's TNCs that matter now - and USA and China have become totally co-dependent on each other through TNCs. So they're locked together, and these are symptoms of unease at that! They fell into bed too quickly, and now the lovely sex is over, they're discovering each other's personalities and problems around bank accounts, personal habits and the washing up sink! And they might also have got pregnant, and are fighting over the kid!



Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000
From: Deborah Moldow <>
Organization: The World Peace Prayer Society
Subject: Re: Follow up to the "China Threatens to Nuke America" post

Dear Jean,

Thanks for asking my opinion about when is the right moment to request
lightworker intervention in a potentially explosive [no pun intended]
political situation. I am not a political expert and cannot understand
why Taiwan is so vital to the Chinese. Yet I can certainly imagine a
scenario wherein China makes a strong military move on Taiwan, betting
that the U.S. will not risk nuclear engagement to intervene. The issue
for the American president and Congress would be a difficult one.

But the issue for us is far simpler. Why not focus some of our prayer
energy on this situation? It would be perfectly appropriate for the ERN
or PAN to ask its members to include China and Taiwan in their prayers,
maybe over a specific period, such as a week. It could not hurt and it
could work miracles!

We all pray and/or meditate, and we are accustomed to holding certain
persons or situations in the light or asking for peace or giving them to
God for the highest good. Here at the World Peace Prayer Society, we
regularly pray for peace in every country of the world.

In some ways, it would be easier to receive a prayer request than long
messages with many opinions on a political situation.

May Peace Prevail in China.
May Peace Prevail in Taiwan.
May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Love, Deborah Moldow


Thanks Deborah for your feedback and suggestion regarding a possible "lightworker intervention in a potentially explosive political situation". And thanks for including every other person invited to comment in your Cc list. I also received this comment from Maggie Erotokritou and I'm passing it along since I don't see she has Cced to the others - Thanks also Maggie for you light on this matter.

I'm still waiting to hear from a couple others - will there be more?? - before commenting again on this. Let's just add for now that my main concern if we decide to go ahead as to do with how this call for a Prayer/meditation focus on this potential crisis should be worded, to whom we would send it (would it for instance qualify as a high-level Alert or merely as a low level one that should not go to the PAN Alert list - of course I'll be willing to send it to the ERN list but who would do the actual post on the PAN list?...) Naturally, we would assume that those amongst us deciding to support such an initiative would also forward it - possibly with some additional comments - to their own organizational/contact list.

Another thought that has crossed my mind is that in this case we would be not be asking people to focus their prayers/meditations on a hot conflict in the news involving thousands of casualties or to join along with others for a planetary alignment or some other astronomical event of global significance. Instead of being "firefighters" helping to extinguish the flames of a burning conflict, we would be working upstream instead, before the actual conflict begins and then perhaps develops into a global conflagration with possibly even dreadful nuclear weapons involved. Like a Chinese doctor whose job it is to keep his patients healthy instead of waiting until a disease appears to do something as in the allopathic Western approach to medecine, we would be ensuring, hopefully, that the seeds of a potential world conflict never gets to develop.

I feel all this must also be taken into consideration and sufficiently explained in the resulting Call for meditation to be circulated, a call that would preferably focus on praying for the highest good and simply sending positive vibrations, as Deborah suggested, to avoid falling into the trap of trying to micro-manage, in terms of any prefered outcome, what is better left in the hands of God and the spiritual "overseers" of humanity.

May Peace Prevail in China.
May Peace Prevail in Taiwan.
May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Indeed and most clearly


P.S. I'm keeping all together in the same file all the correspondence exchanged on this issue and could post it on my site and then we could include the URL of this webpage for anyone interested to review more background information as to how we came to the decision to collectively support and define a Call on this issue.


Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000
From: Maggie Erotokritou <>
Subject: Re: Follow up to the "China Threatens to Nuke America" post

Dear Jean,

Thank you for your info. I didn't reply before because I didn't really have
anything to say, I couldn't get a feel on it at all. My attention is
continuously drawn to Jerusalem at the moment, I can feel something going on
there and will probably be going in two weeks with a large group to do

I think that the importance of establishing this type of contact is that those
of us living in different parts of the world won't necessarily know so much or
be aware of what is going on elsewhere. Our attention sometimes might be more
localised when necessary, for instance myself within the Middle East, I always
feel the rumblings in this area or Europe. The same as many people in USA don't know where Cyprus is and yet I believe our strategic position set in the midst of Greece, Turkey, Israel and Lebanon is very important. The island also reflects a lot of light and untapped magnetic energy.

Therefore I think it is very valuable to be reminded when help is needed
elsewhere in order to expand our focus and share our skills and functions as
lightworkers. I personally like the idea of a weekly meditation focusing on
whatever areas need help or special attention at the time. I don't necessarily
need to know the details or all the politics of what is going on, we are working on a higher level anyway. Sending light and asking for healing can only be of value and when we come from the highest possible level of integrity and caring only good can come about. I also feel it is time to further expand our networks and have more communication and become more active, each of us in our own way. So yes if you are feeling the pull, let's call a global meditation for China and Taiwan.

Love and light,

From: "Leigh Tremaine" <>
Subject: Re "China Threatens to Nuke America"
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000

Hi Jean

You asked me about the "China Threatens to Nuke America" issue. In response
to the original posting, my own thoughts are that it seems to be a mixture
of propaganda and scaremongering, which we would do best to avoid adding our
energy to, and instead focus on healing the mischieviousness and fear behind
it. Many apocalyptic scenarios have been painted recently - from comets and
radioactive space probes crashing into the Earth, to Y2K problems triggering
social chaos or even an inadvertent nuclear strike. All these fear-based
messages appear to be supported with evidence or rational argument, but if
we choose instead to avoid reacting emotionally to them, and to remain
centred and in tune with our deeper intuitive sense, we will have a much
clearer sense of what is reality. I'm not saying that we should ignore such
messages, just that we would do better to be in control of the way we react
to them, and to not allow other people's fear to overtake us. The moment we
start focusing on the potentiality of any imagined negative scenario, we
necessarily increase the legitimacy of it by energising the thought-form. If
we are to react at all then I would suggest that we ask Spirit that the
thought-form be healed at source, then detach ourselves from the whole
matter. Once we are done we can continue to hold a vision for peace on
Earth, and to work in our own way to help make that vision a practical

In reference to the follow-up postings about whether we need a coordinated
rapid-response initiative to the existing political tension between China,
Taiwan, and all concerned - and to certain other conflicts in world
consciousness - I would say that we do - in principle. My main concerns are

1. We should avoid the kind of ego-inflation in which we try to fix things,
believing that we are the spiritual saviours of the situation. Trying to
impose a desired outcome on world situations - however well-meaning our
intent - is non-productive, and such interference will only generate group
karma for ourselves.

2. We should be very careful that we do not fall into the trap of allowing
ideological conditioning to influence our perception of what is needed - by
unconsciously endorsing a particular moral viewpoint, for example. From the
perspective of the whole there is no right or wrong. The perception of right
and wrong is a dualistic one - implying separation - and can be thought of
as egoistic favouritism. When it is not aligned with the whole, the personal
ego can never understand the meaning that is inherent within the total
picture. Fostering a non-egoistic attitude, and dedicating our work to the
highest good of all - divine will, or whatever term you use - is the best

3. How is a coordinated rapid-resonse to world conflict to be structured?
The advantage of having a coordinating body made up of a core group of
lightworkers is that decisions can be made quickly, and a definite structure
put into place. However, such centralisation may be a limitation if it
starts to exclude other people in the decision-making process, or if it
starts to reflect the personal concerns and preoccupations of the core-group
members. When this happens people no longer resonate with the cause and walk
away, or never join it in the first place. The problem that coordinators of
networks often face, though, is a lack of response by network participants -
who say that they either have no time or have nothing to contribute. When
this happens it is difficult for a network to avoid being centrally-led. I
think if we start to dwell on this dilemma too much we could start to lose
enthusiasm. However, we need to address it as best as we can. We might, for
instance, discuss ways to strengthen our networks, to encourage and inspire
greater active participation, and to ensure that others are regularly
invited to have a place on any proposed coordinating body so that it is not
exclusive or limited in its viewpoints and concerns.

Anway, those are my thoughts. If we can move our collective efforts forward,
all the better.

Warm regards


May Peace Prevail Within
May Peace Prevail on Earth

Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Another feedback to Follow up to the "China Threatens to Nuke America" post

Greetings, Everyone -

I think that an Alert to *all* Lightworkers is appropriate whenever the
collective *Conscious* (those whose Path this is) is invited,
_vis-a-vis_ *potential* crises, to serve globally.

I especially resonate with your use of the phrase "working upstream on
this one", Jean :-) IMO, it's always more efficient to employ
preventive medicine rather than attempt to figure out wch of the limited
number of less-than-optimal remedies one might choose AFTER a situation
attains crisis proportions.

The major function of the Lightworkers is to help ground the Light. I
don't think we can EVER ground 'too much' Light, considering the shape
our planet and Her species are in ...

Yes, let's pull our focus of Attention together on the China/Taiwan
issue ... and let's include a dollop also to further encourage blessings
re: the Israeli withdrawal from Palestine ... and the Kosovo horrors
still need our Attention ... as do the Mozambique 'natural' disasters in
wch a million of us are homeless, starving, without pure water, and
succumbing to malaria and various diseases -- Can you imagine having to
give birth IN A TREE in the year 2000??? Let's also Intend our Light to
shine on ALL of Africa and the horrifying devastation her people are
succumbing to in the AIDS pandemic -- an ENTIRE generation is being
wiped out, a generation wch consists of the parents (educators/carriers
of tradition) of the kids, many of the latter of whom are now growing up
as orphans. Many orphans have been taken in by grandparents, aunts, and
uncles -- the ones who were hoping, in their old age, to be *tended to*
by their children and grandchildren. AIDS in Africa is a self-wrought
'old paradigm' horror, as the men carouse while women are not permitted
to 'just say no' when approached by a male ... In the Sudan, women and
children continue to be kidnaped and worked as slaves ...

Yeah, we've got our work cut out for us, alright ... I think we should
have global meds at least once per week ... 'whether we need it or not'.
I'm sure the Light'll get sopped up by our planet and Her lifeforms
like a sponge disappears water ...

with Love to you all,

- ilyes


Thanks a lot ilyes for your comment which covered a number of current situations demanding our collective attention - but I would also add the terrible human right situation in Chechnya where hundreds or perhaps thousands of people are detained and tortured, not to mention the outright destruction of Grozny where the poor elderly people still "living" there barely register a concern in the international media.

Regarding the notion of "working upstream" to prevent potential conflicts to flare up, I had a quite powerful dream last night. But I cannot describe it and its significance right now. I'll do so shortly along with my wrapping up comment on our exchange of ideas and perspectives so far.

I just receive Leigh Tremaine's feedback on this - thanks a lot Leigh, very good thinking overall! - and I had received another one from Art Rosenblum 2 days ago (also included below).

I also sollicited a comment from Michael, but unfortunately, after being away for 3 weeks in Thailand, he said he cannot make time to get involved in this discussion. Hopefully, he will be able shortly for I always value very much his perspective. He wrote though that he is very much in line usually with whatever Palden's views are.

As for Barbara, Roger, John and James, if you want to jump in, I recommend you do it now because I suppose we will then consider you are not interested or cannot make time to drop even a short note on this.

So back in touch with you again soon on all this.

Love and blessings


Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Another feedback to Follow up to the "China Threatens to Nuke America" post

Dear Jean,
Yes you are right I haven't set up a list, I didn't realize we would continue the
discussion in this way.

I don't think the choice of words is what is important here but the sincere
intention behind them. When we come from a place of wanting to simply perform
service towards the upliftment and transformation of the world, how can there be any
doubt that this would be anything but helpful. It is difficult to see the results of
our lightwork as it is when we send distant healing, we trust that it works in the
best possible way for those concerned taking into consideration karma and that we
can't always see the bigger picture.

Whether we choose prayer, meditation, sending light, or taking a few thoughtful
minutes doesn't matter, each person will do it in the way that feels right for them.

I would certainly send this out to my network and feel sure many would want to
participate. So often we feel helpless in our ability to create the changes that we
might like to see but specifically at this time I feel there is a major shift taking
place that is calling those who wish to be of service to take more action. So why
not give a focus for the places that need more help or attention during any
particular week, I think many people would welcome the opportunity to participate
and as those of us who have networks have probably noticed there is a great sense of expansion taking place with more and more people becoming interested. Here in Cyprus I know many people who do not have the luxury of being on the Internet but would be very pleased to take part in a plan to expand global consciousness and peace.

As the Great Invocation says "Let the Plan of Love and Light work out." If we can
help it along, then lets get to work.

Love and light,


From: "Boudewijn Wegerif" <>
Subject: SV: Re ilyes' feedback to Follow up to the "China Threatens to Nuke America" post
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000

Dear friends,

You will want to take note of the following from
today, I think



STRATFOR.COM Weekly Global Intelligence Update
13 March 2000

Power Shift in China: Opponents of Reform Gain A Major Victory

In recent weeks, the world has focused attention on Beijing's
threats against Taiwan and deteriorating relations with the United
States. But both are merely symptomatic of a larger shift within
China itself: traditional leaders of the Communist Party are
dramatically gaining the upper hand against pro-Western economic
reformers. The government has executed the highest-ranking official
in decades, a top official in an economically significant province.
And an old face - Li Peng - has returned to power. If these
victories hold, there will be a sharp reversal of China's economic
and foreign policies.

Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000
From: Deborah Moldow <>
Subject: Re: Leigh's feedback to "China Threatens" post

Dear all,

I am impressed with Leigh's concerns, and one struck me as particularly
important for the long run:

"How is a coordinated rapid-resonse to world conflict to be structured?
The advantage of having a coordinating body made up of a core group of
lightworkers is that decisions can be made quickly, and a definite
structure put into place. However, such centralisation may be a
limitation if it starts to exclude other people in the decision-making
process...[...] The problem that coordinators of networks often face,
though, is a lack of response by network participants -
who say that they either have no time or have nothing to contribute.
When this happens it is difficult for a network to avoid being

This is a hugely interesting problem in each group I am involved with
that is attempting new paradigm governance. If we do not have some kind
of "council," then all leadership decisions default to the organizer, in
this case Jean If we do have one, we know that we cannot "represent"
others but can only give any matter our own deepest reflection.

This is not a small question. The future of democracy may depend on
creative solutions to just this kind of dilemma. ANY IDEAS?

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Love, Deborah

Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000
From: Palden Jenkins <>
Subject: Re: Leigh's feedback to "China Threatens" post

Dear Deborah

In my experience, your and Leigh's observations are very true. The best
that can be done is simply to set up mechanisms whereby people can offer
feedback and views *when they come up*. The issue with democracy is that
most people don't want to participate in everything, but they do want to
participate when they feel like it! This is difficult for coordinators,
but nevertheless a common thing. So a coordinator must, to some extent,
simply get over their nervousness about making mistakes, power issues and
other associated aversions from the past!

Another trick is to have a consultative group of, say, 5-7 people, chosen
for their understanding of the issues involved and for their clarity, so
that the coordinator can e-mail them for a 'second opinion' and a *quick
answer* on a particular point.

Also, when the coordinator puts out questions, the best form is: "I'm
going to do this, any complaints or alternatives?", rather than "What
should we do? Any suggestions?". In the first, you generally get one or a
few clear answers in response to the posited statement, and in the latter,
you get lots of varying answers which often leave you no wiser than before
and loaded with a load of opinions to sort out!

Uranus and Neptune are in Aquarius - and, to be honest, the problem at
present lies not with 'leaders', it lies with the general public and its
rather splashy, short-termist and often self-centred views! The public is
in both a transition to greater participation and in utter chaos as to what
to think - and there's a lot of susceptibility to populism too.

This is a very real problem which I've had to face many times, and the main
challenge is to make the 'right' decisions which everyone can agree to -
and to have a facility for feedback when they don't - and the receptivity
to learn and own up when mistakes are made! Otherwise, have confidence
you're doing the right thing, and get on with it!


From: "Leigh Tremaine" <>
To: "Palden Jenkins" <>,
Subject: Re: Leigh's feedback to "China Threatens" post
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000

Dear Palden

I very much agree with your comments to Deborah. Mechanisms whereby people
can offer feedback and views relating to the decision-making process are
essential. However, I would like to stress that, in my opinion, any
consultative group would work best if, once it has been set up, it is open
to others who consider themselves to have the necessary vision and
understanding. Otherwise, while coordinators may invite feedback and views,
the decision-making and consultative process itself will remain in the hands
of a clique. This is not only disempowering, it also reduces the incentive
for others to aspire to organisational and leadership roles.

I think these structural issues are important to be sorted out, because they
are relevant not just to our own networks and initiatives, but to other
situations too. When we set standards of our own, they become visible and
therefore relevant to other people too. Looking ahead, I don't think I would
be happy living in any future society in which decisions affecting the whole
were made by a committee or executive that was not open to all.

The objection that is often raised against the idea of open participation is
that a consensus is more difficult to reach with large numbers of
decision-makers. However, in practice, the number of decision-makers
involved is likely to be naturally curtailed by people's interests,
aptitudes, and commitments. Furthermore, when we genuinely agree to work for
the good of the whole, in a non-egoistic way, under the guidance of spirit,
consensus becomes much easier to reach. Any initial glitches should not be
considered undesirable, for they are part of the healing process - they show
us, or hint at, what is holding us back.


Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000
To: (jean hudon)
From: Palden Jenkins <>
Subject: Re: Another feedback to Follow up to the "China Threatens to
Nuke America" post

At 16:33 09/03/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Another thought that has crossed my mind is that in this case we would be
>not be asking people to focus their prayers/meditations on a hot conflict
>in the news involving thousands of casualties or to join along with others
>for a planetary alignment or some other astronomical event of global
>significance. Instead of being "firefighters" helping to extinguish the
>flames of a burning conflict, we would be working upstream instead, before
>the actual conflict begins and then perhaps develops into a global
>conflagration with possibly even dreadful nuclear weapons involved.

Very good, Jean! This is a right-on suggestion!


From: (Jean Hudon)
Date: March 15, 2000
Subject: Some more feedbacks on the Follow up to the "China Threatens to Nuke America" post

Hello my friends

I was hoping to be able to write down my additional comments today but I've not been able to make time for that yet. So it will have to wait until tomorrow. But as you'll see with these other comments that were not sent to all of you, there is some good progress being made I feel in clarifying the ultimate goals of this discussion process.

What I intend to do is to draft a more formal proposal trying to synthesize all that has been put forward so far and adding some more ideas that came to me, but in a shorter and palatable format for newcomers to this discussion (with all our previous individual comments made available on a webpage that I'll post on the ERN site as a reference for anyone interested), getting your feedbacks and suggestions for improvement/amendment from those of you who will want and have time to comment, then preparing a revised draft for your final approval - hopefully - and then submitting it to everyone on the ERN and PAN list, both for enlarging the circle of participants, solliciting more comments and ideas and possibly moving forward with a first focus of spiritual meditation as a result of this process.

I feel it is important not to rush anything because we could be setting the foundation here for something quite important in and for the future and thus it must go through a careful step-by-step kind of natural conceiving and growing process.

So back with more soon


(The feedbacks included were those from Palden Jenkins to Deborah Moldow - see above) and those from Leigh Tremaine in response to Palden - see also above.)


Your Light Is Needed NOW!! Important Activity of Light on March 26, 2000

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
FAX: 520-749-6643
PO Box 41883 Tucson, Arizona 85717

The multidimensional, multifaceted Divine Plan for this sweet Earth and ALL Her Life is unfolding perfectly. Contrary to the negative reports we are being bombarded with by the media, there are incredible steps being taken through the unified efforts of awakening Humanity and the Company of Heaven that are catapulting us forward into greater frequencies of God's Light.

I will stress again that from outer appearances it looks as if the World is going amuck, but that is not an accurate interpretation of what is happening. As the Light of God pours into the Planet through the expanding Spark of Divinity in the hearts of awakening Humanity, It pushes the negative patterns that conflict with God's Will and Heaven on Earth to the surface to be transmuted and healed. The media is merely reporting that negativity to us.

Atrocities are being brought to our attention, not so that we will be terrorized and held in the grip of fear while wringing our hands in despair, but so that we will take action to correct the negative situations that are occurring. As each of us listens to our God Self and responds to the inner promptings of our heart, our individual intervention will be accomplished in myriad ways. By far, however, the most powerful force on the Planet is the unified, focused, one-pointed consciousness of Humanity's attention.

When we join together as One Voice, One Breath, One Heartbeat, One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love, we create a collective Chalice through which the Light of God can pour into Earth. As the unified Cup of our consciousness is filled to overflowing, God's Light floods into the destructive patterns that are surfacing on the Planet.

At long last, we are capable of enduring unprecedented frequencies of God's Healing Light. The power of that Divine Light can transmute and heal ALL of Humanity's miscreations. It is critical for us to remember during this Cosmic Moment on Earth that the Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious, and WE are that Light!


NOTE FROM JEAN : To continue reviewing the compiled archives of this whole discussion, please click on the link to my draft proposal below: