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The Awakening Key #1

and explanations on the use of the audio file for the 10 minute guided meditation


As announced last October 2014, here is the first Key to Inner Awakening, which is offered as a basis for a daily meditation which you may do whenever you want and for about 10 minutes. More detailed information is provided below as to the method that you could adopt to use each of these keys.

Here's the image featuring the first Key networked on January 1st 2015.

It is also available at (you may drag this image on your computer desk to access it when needed) where you can share what will be inspired to you while contemplating this thought - if you have a Facebook page. Every day, a new key has been published in English and French at - a page which you are of course warmly invited to Like, if you have a personal Facebook page, and to subscribe to so as to receive all future publications on your news feed. And of course, you are welcome to post there any comment or thought you'd like to share following your meditation contemplation of the latest daily Amakening Key

If you would like to know how to create and use a Facebook page, go to to discover this. This video for the beginner may also be useful.

Good awakening!


A 10 minute audio recording is offered to you since February 5, 2015 if you wish to dedicate this time to a daily meditation with each new Awakening Key.

You can download it through this LINK, for which a mouse is needed to download it on your computer (using the right-hand button).

Before starting this recording, you need to have the text of the Awakening Key you wish to meditate upon, preferably on its visual support, or at least written down on a piece of paper. If your mp3-playing software (like iTunes) has a built-in equalizer, it is recommended to select the 'flat' setting because this recording, like the other ones for the weekly Meditation Focuses, is already optimized with added bass and treble. But depending on your sound system or playing device (headsets, for instance), it will probably be necessery to adjust the bass, midrange and treble according to your usual preferences.


While everyone is facing the multiple learning challenges that life puts in our path to help us perfect our consciousness and our expression of the profound Reality at the very origin of Who We Are, of the Omniversal Source Within, it is advisable to become aware that, every moment, each of us has a Choice.

This Choice consists in consciously taking the reins of one's existence, deciding deep within oneself to adopt as a key priority to spend time each day to stimulate the conscious awakening of the full understanding and perfect realization of Who We Are, of the fundamental Goal of existence, and of the Ultimate Destination of the Great Journey of Life in this world and the Otherworld.

There are not 36 ways to achieve this. To accomplish such a goal, one must first have a firm commitment to devote the necessary time to this work. This Choice, only you can make it. Despite all the constraints that modern life and the necessities of physical survival may impose upon us, the fact remains that we all have free will, this unique privilege that allows each soul willing to avail itself of it to determine to what will be devoted its time, attention and vital force enabling it to exist.

So, here what is offered to you. Commit yourself from the depths of your being, to spend a few minutes every day to foster the gradual awakening to its full expression of all that is still latent within you. To facilitate this process and help you stay focused on the fundamental elements that may guide your inner journey towards an ever keener awareness of Who You Are, of the Purpose of your existence and of the Ultimate Destination of your Journey, an Awakening Key is offered each day in the form of a thought to meditate and contemplate.

That is basically what is proposed here. A Facebook page created exclusively to support this awakening process is available to all souls willing to publicly share what they've realized during their daily contemplation. Those that will do so will find there an opportunity to express in a few words the gist of what the daily Awakening Key has inspired them, thus giving to others nourishment for their own awakening journey

This is it. A new step in our collective awakening has begun with the introduction last January 1st 2015 of this new initiative that complements and builds on all that has already been offered to the community of awakening souls who have so far benefited from the profoundly transformative experiences made possible by the meditation focuses proposed over the years. May we all draw from this the inspiration and motivation to continue developing our infinite potential of Love, Light and Good.

In case you have not seen this, or just as a reminder, here is how this new daily experience has been presented on October 26, 2014...

"As I was considering the fact that once the ongoing 52-week series of Meditation Focuses is recorded, I would not have anymore to issue weekly emails to invite people to join in, I was inspired to now create and offer daily for 2015, in French and English, a series of 365 concise, well chiseled thoughts as the basis for a short 10 to 15 minutes contemplative daily meditation.

People will also be invited to strive, upon waking up in the morning, to have as their first thought what their personal highlight or conclusion was from their meditation the previous day, so as to bridge each day with the mindful awareness of our eternal universoul nature - the central focus of our collective meditation work for the past several years. Those short contemplative meditations won't be globally synchronized, but I'll create a Facebook page solely dedicated to publishing these daily thoughts along with a supporting relevant picture (in addition to networking them through email, everyone will be welcomed to share there whatever insights and enlightening thoughts that may result from their daily moment of contemplation, whenever they choose to join in this soul-anchoring routine. The same kind of deep soul-sharing will also be recommended for those who will continue participating to the weekly Meditation Focuses (that will go on using the same 52-week series) and solstice and equinox meditation (new recorded material to be produced each year as usual)."

So you may want to bookmark THIS WEBPAGE and then access every week on your own the written and audio material provided for each meditation.

If you have a Facebook page, you may also "Like" the following Facebook page and then subscribe to it using the method recommended HERE.