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July 20, 2010

The Shift of Ages Series #9: Doomsday Versus Bloomsday Thinking

Hello everysoul!

As you can probably figure out from the title of this compilation - Doomsday Versus Bloomsday Thinking - I've been grappling at the real possibility that with the ginormous amount of cultural focus and news on doomsday scenarios of all kinds, many of which are trailing in the wake of the 2012 phenomenon, and notwithstanding the fact that, because of our collective "mismanagement" (which is an understatement) of our planetary environment (such as what is featured in the Oil Spill Updates below), a number of grave repercussions are likely to be inevitable down the road, many people are still subconsciously trapped into the vicious circle of a collective belief into such doomsday outcomes that it could develop into a looping self-fulfilling prophecy, which they are in fact co-manifesting, aided and abetted of course by the usual cast of evil agencies doing their usual "mischiefs" (another understatement).

To try to illustrate the kind of counterbalancing and cancelling, positively-tilted influence to all this doomsday thinking on our collective, subconscious mind, I came up with the notion of "bloomsday" thinking, meaning that if/when we instead focus the power of our collective belief onto the increasing likeliness that thanks to the growing cocreative efforts of millions of powerful Light Bearers and New Earth Midwifes all around the world (some of whom are featured in the new WORTH EXPLORING section below) we are now setting in motion an even more powerful collective subconsciously-held belief into a regenerated, pristine planet where all that is good and hearty in our souls will soon bloom spontaneously - a vision that reminded me of the magnificent ending of The Yellow Submarine cartoon movie by The Beatles... with it's giant YES symbolizing the choice we all have to say "Yes!" to such a New Reality for all sentient Life on Earth.

I'm utterly convinced that it is within our collective power to be instrumental in co-achieving such a Golden outcome, starting with each one of us choosing here and now Love instead of fear, Light instead of its absence, Bloom instead of Doom...

How about YOU?...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. ERN subscriber Lance White (zanymystic59@yahoo.com), host of the Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic radio show (where I did an interview last March 13) had an interesting take - Breaking out of the “Food Chain” - a couple days ago which in some respects mirrors part of my thinking on this matter - "The more we focus on the dark matrix, the greater reality it holds." Another interesting related article, Are you on a 2012-13 catastrophic timeline? Or are you on a 2012-13 positive future timeline? Part 1 is partly included at the end of this compilation. Make sure also to read the related enlightening one before it: WaveThe Alchemy of Transformation - 5th Cosmic

OH! and don't miss Inception (Origine en français) - the new extraordinary movie by director Christopher Nolan now playing in the cinemas: http://inceptionmovie.warnerbros.com/ - The musical score by Hans Zimmer is pretty astounding too! More details HERE - A stunning illustration of the power of our subconscious mind and thoughts!!!

Please note that Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch versions of the current Meditation Focus #214: Stepping Up Towards Oneness Consciousness are now available through the Focus Group website

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"The Mayan predictions are far from 2012 doomsday prophecies. According to the Maya we will be leaving a time of darkness to enter an era of light around 2012. Some Mayan experts considered what the Maya wrote, "pure fantasy."What's interesting is the Mayan predictions ARE unfolding now, and are accelerating the closer we get to December 21, 2012. But, the ancient Maya never predicted the world was coming to a dismal end or a 2012 doomsday! You're worried. Concern about the future is what brought you to this site. I understand how you feel. When I first started to research the Maya sixteen years ago, I felt the same way. I worried too about 2012 doomsday prophecies such as pole shifts, earthquakes, asteroid collisions and more. But, now I'm at peace with what's happening in the world.There is a bigger brighter picture beyond the chaos and tragedies. I see now we have far more control over our future than we may think. Years of research and introspection have changed my fears to understanding. I now see that 2012 doomsday and other negative things are caused by our own negative thinking and actions. Worry and fear never changes anything for the better. In fact fear is attracted to itself. The purpose of this article and it's links is to help you understand what's happening in the world... see why there's so much chaos... and, know how you can find peace in the turmoil. (...) How fear controls us - The 2012 doomsday fears cause the hoarding of material things. I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't have extra food, energy sources, etc. available. But, you can't prepare for 2012 by accumulating food, money, guns, etc. We have relied on the physical so long we've forgotten our source of true power and safety. Fear makes us REACT instead of KNOW. Fear causes bad decisions.Your safety lies within and always has. This time of preparation for December 21, 2012 is not about the material. It's about the spiritual. This study from Berkley, CA shows we are growing as a planet. The only way to make you look within is to take away your worldly safety nets as the Course in Miracles states above. This may feel like 2012 doomsday is coming true. But it forces you to go within and trust your inner guidance."

- Sandra Musser -- Taken from 2012 Doomsday Prophecies and How Fear Controls Us

"If you really knew how beautiful you are, you would fall at your own feet."

- Byron Katie

"The fundamental contradiction of our time is this: we have built an all-encompassing economic engine that requires constant unending growth -- a contraction of even a percent or two is a crisis. But we are embedded in ecosystems that are indeed limited. There is only so much fertile soil, so much fresh water, so many fish in the ocean, the atmosphere can only absorb so much CO2 and stay benign. As Kenneth Boulding memorably remarked, “Anyone who thinks exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.”Shedding a way of life based on limitless growth, the celebration and reward of excess, and deeply ingrained habits of acquisition, consumption and waste is going to be an overwhelming challenge. The culture of "faster-bigger-more" will not yield easily to a new orientation where sustainability is the rule. We are going to need all the expertise we can muster to understand how we have overloaded the carrying capacity of our planet and its ecosystems -- and how we can tread from here on with a lighter footprint. Innovations in technology, law, policy and practices are absolutely essential. We must change the goals and rules we live by and create incentives and constraints to shape sustainable behaviors. We need new models.At a deeper level, I believe that living within the boundaries of nature requires a profound shift in perspective: we stop seeing nature merely as a limitless source of lifeless commodities to be used and traded and start seeing the natural realm as an astounding web of living communities that includes us. And we see that we do not live above and beyond the dynamic of the earth’s operating systems that sustain life itself. After centuries of driving economies, we must learn to dance with ecosystems. When you see your habitat as a collection of dead, disconnected commodities to be manipulated for power and profit, you try to steer and control nature. If you see yourself embedded in an ecosystem that is fluid, that has thresholds, that is so thoroughly interconnected, self-organizing and emergent that is not only more complex than we thought, but more complex than we can think, then you don’t drive nature, you dance. Let me offer some dancing lessons."

- Chip Ward -- Taken from Dance, Don’t Drive: How to Live In Tune With the Planet (July 14, 2010)

"Hello Jean! As always, thank you deeply for all that you do, for all the time you put into preparing such a feast of information (even though much is tough to digest, eh?) You are a public servant in the truest sense. As for the Gulf hemorrhage, and especially the Corexit used (and God knows what else), I wonder if it might help to suggest in a collective meditation, to offer thoughts of neutralizing it, to ask our elemental friends to help us render it neutral (non toxic). I often say such an affirmation whenever I see chemtrails."

- Pam (from Ohio) - And my reply was: "Thanks for your kind words of appreciation. Regarding neutralizing the toxic stew through a collective meditation, it would certainly not hurt to do this. Who knows the true extent of the power of collectively energized thought-forms and the miraculous effects our common goodwill can achieve? In addition to the mitigating efforts accomplished through our space family's technological wizardry, reaching out to the devas and other invisible Light forms who play such an essential stewardship role for the entire Web of Life on Earth would also certainly help galvanize the microbial activity that in the end will do the actual cleanup of the oil-bloodied oceans."

"Like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mohandas Gandhi and many other souls whose lives were shining examples of what the path of loving kindness and true dedication to compassion can achieve, yours has been a life dedicated to showing countless others that being true to One Self and resisting the temptation of violence and retribution is the only path ahead towards a future of Peace, Love and Harmony for all. May you be emulated by countless other souls. Namaste and happy celebration of the 75 years of your latest incarnation on Earth."

- Jean Hudon - This is the message I left after adding my name to this AVAAZ's birthday tribute to the Dalai Lama for his 75th birthday last July 6. Thousands of messages from well wishers from around the world will be delivered personally to him on a “wall of warm wishes” outside the temple in Dharamsala and broadcast around the region.


1. Just thoughts... & Life Springs from Ocean Water
2. Doomsday Methane Bubble Rupture? - How the BP Gulf Disaster May Have Triggered a 'World-Killing' Event
3. Save Sakineh
4. Managed News: Inside The US/NATO Military Industrial Media
5. Avertible catastrophe
6. G20: A Corporatist Show of Force and Power in Toronto
7. Economic Crisis: The Next Round of Financial Slaughter - The G-20 Summit Charade
8. Obama Can Shut Down Internet For 4 Months Under New Emergency Powers
9. The Fear Factor
10. UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet
11. America's Deadliest Sweetener Betrays Millions, Then Hoodwinks You With Name Change
12. Be afraid, be very afraid
13. Holistic Healing
14. The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts
15. The Alchemy of Transformation - 5th Cosmic Wave
16. Are you on a 2012-13 catastrophic timeline? Or are you on a 2012-13 positive future timeline? Part 1


Peaceful World Conversations
As part of a movement to restore the lost art of conversation, Peaceful World Conversations bring people together to talk about topics that matter in their own lives and in the world as a whole. Popular for years as Breakfast Conversations at San Francisco's Red Vic, the Peaceful World Conversation movement now enjoys a spreading popularity. The existing and evolving reality in which humans live has always been birthed in ideas, then expressed in groups and carried into action. World Conversations combines these factors and sends its participants out into the world to share their knowledge. CLIP

World Cafe - Introductions
There are people gathering here in the World Cafe community from literally all over the world, and it is so exciting!!! I really want to meet everyone, and I know I'm not alone. Would you please tell us a little about yourself here, just as an introduction, so we can start to learn about each other? Where do you live? How did you learn about the World Cafe? What are your interests and passions? (...) Renee Jackson on August 4, 2009 at 4:16pmI live in Chicago, Il for the present, and was introduced to the World Cafe Model, a little over 3 years ago. Cafe's... along with other innovations have completely transformed the way I provide tranings, workshops, focus groups, and forums. I have incorporated this system in my work with parent cafe's, men cafe's, community cafes, partnership cafes within communities, incorporating Social Emotional Learning also as part of the structure of the conversation. They have been very successfull with creating collaborative relationships/partnership between parents, teachers, and staff. They said it couldn't be done, and it would never happen. They have been extremely successful. I have provided cafes across the state of IL, and other states...crossing systems that provide services to children, youth and the whole family. Whether it's child and family services, human services, health dept., education, etc...it works, if you work it! CLIP

World Café
Nancy Margulies presents an introduction to the World Café, see more at http://www.theworldcafe.com - CHECK ALSO What is the World Café? http://www.theworldcafe.com/what.htm

Bowen in Transition (July 1, 2010)
Last weekend I attended the Transition Movement 2-day introductory training course in Vancouver, along with three fellow Bowen Islanders. We immediately and unanimously agreed to establish a "Bowen in Transition" chapter, affiliated with the Vancouver Transition network (called Village Vancouver).For those who might want to know a bit more about the Transition Movement, here's an overview of what we learned, along with a rough first cut at how we might adapt it to the needs of Bowen Island, where I now live.The first part of the course provided the facts about our unsustainable energy, ecological and economic systems, and outlined the main elements of the ever-evolving processes and activities that communities around the world are including in their Transition programs. It also outlined why it is so important for communities to have a Transition program. Here's a draft of a graphic that we might use to explain the purpose and key elements of a Transition program to the community of Bowen Island: CLIP

Wiser Earth - The Social network for Sustainable Development

Bioneers is inspiring a shift to live on Earth in ways that honor the web of life, each other and future generations. Viable solutions already exist for most of our environmental and social crises. The solutions in nature consistently surpass our concept of what is possible. Where we don't know what to do, we have a good idea what directions to head in. Once people discover these realities, it dramatically leverages pressure for change.That vision ignited us in 1990 to found the Bioneers Conference to disseminate breakthrough solutions. In 2006, the landmark UN Millennium Ecosystem report concluded: "Human activity is putting such strain on the natural functions of Earth that the ability of the planet's ecosystems to sustain future generations can no longer be taken for granted."The hour is dangerously late, yet there appears to be a worldwide awakening. The next ten years will be the make-it-or-break-it period to make a fundamental, large-scale shift. Bioneers has two keystone goals to help make this shift successfully. Connect people with solutions by popularizing breakthrough ideas and practices.Grow social capital by catalyzing, connecting and strengthening strategic networks, including bioregional and community-based alliances. As Bioneers celebrates our 20th anniversary, our ability to act as a fertile source for the urgent transition to a restored world is converging with an unprecedented receptivity in the world for innovative ways of thinking and acting. There is as much cause for hope as for horror. As David Orr said, "Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up."

The Chaordic Commons
The Chaordic Commons facilitates connection and collaboration among members. Also we facilitate access to a considerable and continuously evolving body of knowledge about chaordic organizations and organizing. From leveraging how others have discovered and expressed deep common purposes and essential principles of right relationship your intentions and projects can be realized more quickly and easily.Member projects are exploring: - New forms of governanceInnovative models of business - Emerging concepts of citizenship - New models for ownership, investment, and philanthropy - New approaches to public-private partnerships and multi-stakeholder alliances - Dynamic approaches to collaboration - New forms of leadership - Generative models of organizational learning and change - New, more global architectures of relationship in every field

Foundation for Global Community
As humans, we believe that our highest purpose is to discover, live, and communicate what is needed to achieve a world that functions for the benefit of all life. Our home is a water planet called Earth, cradled in a
universe of beauty, mystery, and unfolding drama. We now know that everything from the largest galaxy to the smallest particle is part of one unified, whole, interconnected system. Each of us, individually, is important and unique. However, at this moment in history, we are being called to set aside any narrow self-interests and to act with integrity, consciousness, and a spirit of goodwill. Recognizing our common destiny, we envision a world in which love becomes the prevailing human function, cooperating together with all cultures, races, nations, and religions for the benefit of all life.

How to Save the World Reading List
In Beyond Civilization, Daniel Quinn says: People will listen when they're ready to listen and not before. Probably, once upon a time, you weren't ready to listen to an idea than now seems to you obvious, even urgent. Let people come to it in their own time. Nagging or bullying will only alienate them. Don't preach. Don't waste time with people who want to argue. They'll keep you immobilized forever. Look for people who are already open to something new. Five years ago, I became ready to listen, and, starting with Full House and Ishmael, began to learn the truth about what is happening to this world, and what we can, and can't do, to save it from civilization's excesses. Here's the updated list - 80 books and articles that have forever changed my worldview and my purpose for living. The fifteen most critical readings have a numbered triangle in front of them, with the numbers reflecting the order that, I would suggest, it makes most sense to read them in. CLIP


Recommended by Wendy Pergentile (bengalexfx@shaw.ca) who wrote: "For extensive and non censored news. They have captured the riots and corrupt police resulting in martial law. I want to participate in how wrong this all is. Martial law is not to be accepted under any means, and this is foul play in order to try to educate public its means. We have to stand strong and fight this lined of conduct. I welcome any further discussion or brain storming. I read this morning in the Calgary Herald that a public inquiry to the police actions has been denied. THAT is so wrong! The media is twisting reality so much, that even the National post has written the protesters were the problem. They seriously do not want to admit, or be accountable for Martial Law that was enacted, and police bullying. I hope somehow "the people" can make themselves heard, and not feel hopeless due to the Act that was quietly a couple weeks before the G-20 passed by the government (and has expired now after-the-fact) that allowed the police to do what they did. I know the folks at The Real News will not let this go away without extensive reporting. More people need to see their news reports." And my reply was: "I've bookmarked this excellent site and will use material from there in my next compilations. No surprise there! The Canadian media and most journalists are all too often such vapid sissies and pure propaganda organs for the elite. Perhaps this will help wake up some people that they are worst and obviously more cunning than the Pravda was during the Soviet era. At least the Russians knew then that they were being fed false news, propaganda and disinformation. Most people in Western countries have no clue that the media are in cohort with, or unconsciously covering up for some of the worst evildoers... Apparently you did not notice this yet in my latest compilation: Toronto police knew they had no extra arrest powers (June 29, 2010) "But they let public believe they had authority to search people who were within five metres of the downtown security perimeter." They never had such special powers in the first place - the Toronto police chief made this up entirely! - and acted entirely illegally when they made those mass arrests. At least the Globe and Mail reported that as did some other media - but without much outcry so far! No media inquiry either into this creeping police state we are becoming under Harper the Great Oiler!" MORE related stories: Lorne Gunter: Toronto police spin a web of confusion - McGuinty comes under attack over G20 moves (McGuinty has refused to say why cabinet passed the law in secret and never made it public. ... Blair later admitted he didn't tell the public despite learning on the Friday that the new measures applied only inside the G20 fences, not outside. Civil libertarians were incensed. They also were angry that neither the province nor Blair clarified the provisions until after the G20 was over and the regulation, which was only enacted for a one-week period, had expired. Amnesty International, the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Civil Liberties Association have all called for an independent review of police behaviour."We are seriously concerned about the erosion of civil liberties in Toronto this (past) weekend," said PSAC president John Gordon The Canadian Civil Liberties Association demanded an apology of the Ontario government for using "war-time legislation" to suspend people's rights. CLIP) Much more through this LINK where one can see that this issue is petering out quickly as there is no media reporting of this past July 1st... MORE below in G20: A Corporatist Show of Force and Power in Toronto

Clay Shirky: How cognitive surplus will change the world - TED conference (13 min)

Most interesting video interview done in 1992 with Sal Rochelle
Sal also wrote Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders

The Living Matrix Movie Trailer
More through http://thelivingmatrixmovie.com/

Egyptian General - 9/11 Was An Inside Job

Japanese artist maps 1945-1998's nuclear explosions (6 July 2010) WE ARE LUCKY TO STILL BE ALIVE!
A Japanese artist named Isao Hashimoto has created a series of works about nuclear weapons. One is titled "1945-1998" and shows a history of the world's nuclear explosions. Over the course of fourteen and a half minutes, every single one of the 2053 nuclear tests and explosions that took place between 1945 and 1998 are is plotted on a map. A metronomic beep every second represents months passing, and a different tone indicates explosions from different countries. It starts out slowly, with the Manhattan Project's single test in the US and the two terrible bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that ended World War II. After a couple of minutes or so, however, once the USSR and Britain entered the nuclear club, the tests really start to build up, reaching a peak of nearly 140 in 1962, and remaining well over 40 each year until the mid-80s. It's a compelling insight into the history of humanity's greatest destructive force, especially when you remember that only two nuclear explosions have ever been detonated offensively, both in 1945. Since then, despite more than 2,000 other tests and billions of dollars having been spent on their development, no nuclear warheads have been used in anger. CLIP - Recommended by Richard Keber (srkeber@msn.com) who wrote: "Most interesting video - mind-blowing to see it this way. It's never smart to second guess God, but I've started wondering about Her Judgement in choosing humans to "steward" this planet .... or even each other..." CHECK ALSO Russian Parliament Committee Okays Nuclear Arms Deal (The treaty, based on a Moscow understanding between the two Presidents, calls for reducing nuclear warheads held by each country to 1,550 and delivery vehicles to 700 - ballistic missiles and heavy bombers - by the end of 2017. This is 74 per cent lower than the 1991 Start Treaty and 30 per cent lower than the 2002 Moscow Treaty.) Make sure to also read The Fear Factor and its related articles below.

Stars & Stripes FOREVER!
I, Sam the Eagle, present a musical salute to America.

Latest crops formations (celestial glyphs)
http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2010/fosbury/fosbury2010a.html (AMAZING HYPERCUBE!)
(Make sure to read the comments page "So I would say the CC makers are delivering a harsh message of purification or fasting which is upon us... The 11th hour...? Also November seems strong with this CC message." Check the new ones so far in JULY -- "CROP CIRCLE FACTOID: The number of territories where crop circles have appeared can never be definitively known but the best estimate is 56 countries." Taken from CROP CIRCLE ETIQUETTE: Guidelines for visiting formations

Crop Circles Map
This crop circle map shows where and when and what crop circles have formed this season - just hover over icons!

Amazing UFO Over NY
I don't think that this Mufon sighting needs much of an explanation at all. This pic really made me fall off my seat when I saw it. I will just present it in its own form. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Earth's upper atmosphere collapses. Nobody knows why (July 15, 2010)
The thermosphere recently collapsed in an unexpectedly large contraction, the sheer size of which has scientists scratching their heads. An upper layer of Earth's atmosphere recently collapsed in an unexpectedly large contraction, the sheer size of which has scientists scratching their heads, NASA announced Thursday. The layer of gas – called the thermosphere – is now rebounding again. This type of collapse is not rare, but its magnitude shocked scientists. "This is the biggest contraction of the thermosphere in at least 43 years," said John Emmert of the Naval Research Lab, lead author of a paper announcing the finding in the June 19 issue of the journal Geophysical Research Letters. "It's a Space Age record." The collapse occurred during a period of relative solar inactivity – called a solar minimum from 2008 to 2009. These minimums are known to cool and contract the thermosphere, however, the recent collapse was two to three times greater than low solar activity could explain. "Something is going on that we do not understand," Emmert said. CLIP

Spectacular Planck space images help explain universe (5 July 2010) With a video
An extraordinary new image of the universe has been unveiled by the European Space Agency, pieced together from photos taken by the Planck space telescope. The telescope was sent into space last year to survey the "oldest light" in the cosmos, and took just over six months to assemble the map. Researchers say it is a remarkable dataset that will help them understand better how the Universe came to look the way it does now. Owen Holdaway reports. READ MORE: Planck reveals 'spectacular sky'

'Virtual human' Milo comes out to play at TED in Oxford (13 July 2010)
Microsoft has shown off its "virtual human" that reacts to a person's emotions, body movements and voice. (...) The live demonstration used Microsoft's soon-to-be released Kinect controller, which uses a series of sensors, cameras and microphones to interpret a player's intentions. Peter Molyneux's first game was a text-based business simulation game in 1984. The demo was conducted by an assistant, who showed Milo exploring a garden, learning to skim stones and finally confiding in him after being told off by his parents. "We're changing the mind of Milo constantly," he said. "No two people's Milos can be the same - you are actually sculpting a human being. Some of the things you are doing will change the course of his life."Mr Molyneux said Milo had been built using artificial intelligence developed by his firm Lionhead studios, along with technology that was "hidden in the dusty vaults of Microsoft". He said the system exploited psychological techniques to make a person feel that Milo was real. In addition, software allowed "complete control" over subtle facial elements such as blushing and even the diameter of Milo's nostrils, which he said could denote stress. "Most of it is just a trick - but it is a trick that actually works," he said. During the demonstration, the player egged Milo on to squash a snail in the garden. CLIP

Interview with Stephen Kinzer, author of “Reset: Iran, Turkey, and America’s Future” on Charlie Rose

Key News: Abandoned Oil Wells in Gulf, NSA Internet Surveillance, US-Israel Nuclear Partnership, more

Key News: Banks Hiding Debt, Vatican Equates Pedophilia with Ordination of Women, Drug Company Hid Data, More

HAITI: SIX MONTHS ON (JULY 14, 2010 - 23 min video by Al Jazeera)
Six months after the earthquake that killed up to 300,000 people, the dust is starting to settle over Port-au-Prince. As it does, the deep wounds that fracture this country are re-emerging, more gaping than even before. NOTE from Jean: I watched this Monday night (July 19) on Charlie Rose show a MOST enlightening 53 min interview with Actor Sean Penn on his work in Haiti - which you can watch at http://www.charlierose.com/view/interview/11127 - and then went on to check his website from where I picked the following excerpt below. If you wish to send a donation to support the excellent humanitarian relief work his organization is doing, you may want to give it to this group... Near the end of his interview Sean had some very spiritual insights to offer...

Beat the Rain
Since the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, J/P HRO has been on the ground, working every day to help Haitians not only recover from the earthquake-but to build a better future.One month after the earthquake, J/P HRO launched the Beat the Rain campaign to help relocate and provide shelter for Haitians before the rain and hurricane seasons began. The work of ensuring that the people of Haiti avoid a public health disaster from flooding and disease in the wake of the earth quake continues.Our work to date can be divided into three phases: (...) Now, as we enter our third phase of work, our goal is to develop a sustainable answer to the problems faced by the Haitian people. For all that we've accomplished, there is so much more work to be done. We need more doctors, medical supplies, and donations to help the people of Haiti meet their urgent medical and housing needs. And we need a continued commitment to help build the foundation for a better future for all of Haiti.While the earthquake brought a global outpouring of immediate aid, the worst thing that could happen now is for the world to forget about Haiti —and to let the people here sink back into the desperation that followed the earthquake.


Forwarded by Mark Graffis (mgraffis@gmail.com): Matt Simmons blew the whistle on the made-for-TV capping

Oil industry insider Matt Simmons blew the whistle on the made-for-TV capping of the so-called oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico Thursday, July 15, during an interview on KPFK radio, the NPR station in Los Angeles.

Simmons, former energy adviser to the second President Bush, explained that according to his reading of the data from NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, capping of the so-called riser and the subsequent announcement by U.S. President Obama was “the biggest con job we’ve ever seen.”

Simmons, creator of an investment bank catering to oil companies, told radio host Ian Masters that the real problem continuing to gush oil into the Gulf was not the 6-inch “riser” that apparently has been capped amid much TV hoopla, but that an open hole or cauldron perhaps up to 10 miles distant from where British Petroleum’s cameras are focused which continues to spew 120,000 BARRELS per day, and that BP’s much publicized effort to drill relief wells in what the company says is an effort to stop the flow of oil is nothing but a cynical publicity stunt.

“The dimensions of this lie are beyond belief,” said Simmons, explaining that the idea of a relief well is “tricky at best,” since trying to hit a pipe of less than a foot in diameter 35,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf may be entirely futile because the casing of the original pipe is not even there, having blown away at some point.

But Simmons noted that both BP and Obama continue to deny that this open hole, or cauldron, even exists, even though Simmons and others insist the NOAA data from satellites prove by speed of flow and depth of light that the amount of oil that has been flowing through the on-camera riser could not possibly account for the amount of oil that has spilled into the Gulf.

“The riser is totally irrelevant,” Simmons stressed, adding “and there’s no way to cap the open hole.” He explained that BP continues to deny the open hole exists and theorizes the continuing flow of oil into the Gulf is really just the residue from what has already been spilled during the first 90 days of the disaster.

“There is denial that there’s even a problem,” Simmons said. “In about a month or two people will realize that this actually was the biggest con job we’ve ever seen.”

Simmons also noted an additional danger. “What the researchers now believe is that basically is that between 4000 and 4500 below the ocean floor lies an oil lake that’s somewhere between 100 and 120 miles wide and it’s about 4500 feet deep. It’s this toxic waste and crude and it’s releasing methane gases that are absolutely lethal which is why all the fish and dolphins and sharks and whales are dying. And workers too, which is why so many have gotten sick, or maybe really sick.

“The health problems are so serious,” Simmons said. “When you inhale methane you just die.”

The only possible solution, Simmons insists, “is a small diameter low level nuclear device. They insert it down the well 18000 feet, and set it off. It will fuse the rock and glass, and it’s totally safe, three miles under the seabed.”

Radio host Masters asked, “When do we get the truth?”

Simmons responded, “Basically the walls are starting to cave in on BP. there are only so many things you can make up.”

“But here’s the really scary thing,” Simmons told the Pacifica radio audience. “If we have a storm, let alone a hurricane, what hurricanes basically do is they churn up cold water from the base of the Gulf. This time it’s not going to be cold water, it’s going to be black poisonous crude. It will also shut down the 18 power plants along the Gulf Coast.

“So we’re going to entrap 20 million people in harm’s way.”

Radio link: http://archive.kpfk.org/parchive/mp3/kpfk_100715_170004dbriefing.MP3

BP floats ‘static kill’ plan to seal well (July 19, 2010)
Idea involves pumping heavy mud into the well bore to choke off the oil for good -- BP is preparing a new strategy to seal its busted Gulf of Mexico well which, if successful, could permanently shut down the flow of oil earlier than planned.On Monday afternoon, BP floated its plan of a “static kill.” Kent Wells, a BP senior vice-president, told reporters the idea is in its “infancy” but said a decision whether to try it would be made in the next couple days. (...) BP’s new idea of a static kill would involve pumping heavy mud into the well bore, to choke off the oil. A similar technique, called a top kill, was attempted in May but failed. The top kill could not overcome the force of oil flowing out of the well. But now that the cap is on, and holding, the forces involved are weaker and a static kill might work. “The static kill does give us a new option,” Mr. Wells said. “It’s encouraging at this point but there’s a couple days of work before we’d be in a position to make a decision.” The move, if it is tried and is successful, would effectively do the job of the close-to-ready relief well, which is now about a metre away from the original well. However, it will take until at least early August, and possibly mid-August, until the relief well is finished. Mr. Wells said the relief well remains “the ultimate solution.” Debate between BP and the U.S. government about how to handle the situation has been vigorous since the cap was installed. Signs of trouble emerged on the weekend but all indications on Monday suggested the cap is working and that the original well is intact and solid, BP and the government said. There had been fears of a seep of natural gas about three kilometres from the well but it was determined to be unrelated to the BP operation. CLIP - THOUSANDS MORE mainstream news on the Oil Spill HERE

Well Cap May Not Be Viable and More... (19 July 2010)
Hopes that BP has finally stopped up the Macondo oil well are being undermined by the possibility that materials are flowing past the cap and into the surrounding area. In a Monday press release, Admiral Thad W. Allen, who is the national commander of the Deep Water Horizon Response, said the federal science team and BP representatives held a conference call about possible leaking and methane that may have been detected above the well. According to the statement, Allen's group has extended the well integrity tests, but has not eliminated the possibility of having to reopen the well and resume collecting oil at the surface. According to The New York Times, BP officials are standing by the cap, which has been in place since Thursday. In terms of assessing the ecological damage, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that almost 2,200 dead birds have been found since April and that oil may have begun seeping into the lower levels of the food chain. Despite this concern, families are not eager to leave the Gulf. The New York Times interviewed several long-time fishing families -- descendants of Acadians expelled from Canada in the 1700s -- who are determined to stay put. Their defiance includes, according to the New York Times, continuing to eat fish from the Gulf despite government warnings that it may be contaminated. Meanwhile, the spill has boosted the onshore drilling industry. According to Bloomberg.com, Halliburton Co., which is the biggest provider of land-based oilfield services, attributes its 83% increase in net income -- $480 million for the second quarter compared with $262 million for the same time last year -- to the havoc in the Gulf.

As Predicted, BP Tries to Pretend New Leak is a “Natural Seep” (July 19, 2010)
Listening to the news this morning as I drove to work, I heard that BP is saying that the seep discovered near the blownout well might be a natural seep .Reuters notes: A BP spokesman said the seepage was detected by its engineers but it was unclear whether the source was the blown-out well, adding that seepage was a natural phenomenon in the Gulf. Indeed, a breaking news headline across the web reads: “BP spokesman says seepage nearly 2 miles from its ruptured Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico is natural and is unrelated to the oil leak.” As I pointed out on June 24th (and again yesterday): The Washington Post made a very important point yesterday: Bruce Bullock, director of the Maguire Energy Institute at Southern Methodist University, said additional leaks are a possible source of deep-sea plumes of oil detected by research vessels. But this part of the gulf is pocked with natural seeps, he noted. Conceivably the drilling of the well, and/or the subsequent blowout, could have affected the seeps, he said. “Once you started disturbing the underground geology, you may have made one of those seeps even worse,” he said. Remember that geologists have said that if the well casing is substantially breached, the oil and methane gas will find a way through fractures in the surrounding geology and make it into the ocean. For example, the Houston Chronicle notes: If the well casing burst it could send oil and gas streaming through the strata to appear elsewhere on the sea floor …. Obviously, if there are natural oil or gas seeps nearby, there are already pre-existing channels up to the seafloor … so that may very well be the path of least resistance for the subterranean oil to flow up to the seafloor. Therefore, if there were a substantial breach in the well bore, nearby natural oil and gas seeps could very well increase in volume. CLIP - Check also Oil spill: BP calms new leak fears as shares slide

BP Moves the Goalpost for the Oil Well Integrity Test (July 19, 2010)
(...) So, over the last 3 days, BP has walked the “integrity” goalpost down from as high as 9,000 psi to 6,000 psi, or at least the 6,700 psi, which happens to be where they are, give or take 100 psi. You know Adm Allen didn’t just make up the 8,000 to 9,000, being a sea captain and knowing little to nothing about oil and gas. Somebody gave him those numbers. BP moved to goalpost and the timeline, and the press let them get away with it. Again.***So the stage is set. It sure looks like to me that BP is refusing to disclose critical data and playing chicken with the government while holding our Gulf of Mexico as hostage. They have every motivation to not produce the well, for all the reasons we’ve discussed before, most importantly, being able to measure the flow; and the ROV feed of oil roaring back into the Gulf is the gun to the head. The government should compel BP to release all the data from this test. CLIP

BP oil spill: failed safety device on Deepwater Horizon rig was modified in China (18 July 2010)
This weekend BP remained cautiously optimistic that the cap placed on top of the Gulf of Mexico well on Thursday night would continue to hold back the torrent of oil. It is the first time the flow has been stopped since the accident happened almost three months ago. But BP said that the pressure readings from the Macondo well were not as high as it had hoped, which could indicate that it has ruptured and that oil could be leaking out somewhere else. (...) BP has been monitoring the pressure inside the well since Thursday. Thad Allen, the retired Coast Guard admiral overseeing the response effort, said that pressure of about 7,500 pounds per square inch would show the well was intact, while pressure that lingered below 6,000 psi would indicate it had been damaged and could be leaking. The pressure on Friday night remained at about 6,700 psi and was rising only fractionally. Allen has told BP to step up monitoring for any seabed breaches and gather additional seismological data to detect any pockets of oil in the layers of rock and sediment around the well. CLIP - Check also China seeks to limit damage from oil spill (a mere 11,000 barrels spill)

BP Spill May Be Plugged, But That’s No Reason to Get Lazy About Activism (July 19, 2010)
Historic oil spill fails to produce gains for U.S. environmentalists - For environmentalists, the BP oil spill may be disproving the maxim that great tragedies produce great change.Traditionally, American environmentalism wins its biggest victories after some important piece of American environment is poisoned, exterminated or set on fire. An oil spill and a burning river in 1969 led to new anti-pollution laws in the 1970s. The Exxon Valdez disaster helped create an Earth Day revival in 1990 and sparked a landmark clean-air law. But this year, the worst oil spill in U.S. history — and, before that, the worst coal-mining disaster in 40 years — haven’t put the same kind of drive into the debate over climate change and fossil-fuel energy. File this for use the next time somebody tells you that the key to getting people fired up in this country is letting things go to hell so they can see for themselves how bad things have gotten. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an otherworldly oilcano-style catastrophe, a gigantic explosion that kills dozens of workers that somehow prompts calls for even less regulation, the open acceptance of torture as an official practice, or wholesale electronic eavesdropping on domestic communications. As long as there are 31 flavors on the shelves and another season of American Idol coming, there’s never going to be anything automatic about political passion. You’re going to have to create it yourself, if that’s what it takes to get you and your neighbors to hit the streets, vote, and generally do stuff. Just a reminder.

After Oil Cleanup, Hidden Damage Can Last for Years (July 17, 2010)
On the rocky beaches of Alaska, scientists plunged shovels and picks into the ground and dug 6,775 holes, repeatedly striking oil — still pungent and dangerous a dozen years after the Exxon Valdez infamously spilled its cargo. More than an ocean away, on the Breton coast of France, scientists surveying the damage after another huge oil spill found that disturbances in the food chain persisted for more than a decade. And on the southern gulf coast in Mexico, an American researcher peering into a mangrove swamp spotted lingering damage 30 years after that shore was struck by an enormous spill. These far-flung shorelines hit by oil in the past offer clues to what people living along the Gulf Coast can expect now that the great oil calamity of 2010 may be nearing an end.Every oil spill is different, but the thread that unites these disparate scenes is a growing scientific awareness of the persistent damage that spills can do — and of just how long oil can linger in the environment, hidden in out-of-the-way spots. At the same time, scientists who have worked to survey and counteract the damage from spills say the picture in the gulf is far from hopeless.“Thoughts that this is going to kill the Gulf of Mexico are just wild overreactions,” said Jeffrey W. Short, a scientist who led some of the most important research after the Exxon Valdez spill and now works for an environmental advocacy group called Oceana. “It’s going to go away, the oil is. It’s not going to last forever.”But how long will it last? CLIP

BP's Well May Leak for 55 Years or More Into the Gulf of Mexico? (July 14, 2010) THEORETICALLY ONLY!
On June 15, 2010 the US Department of Energy announced that a group of federal and independent scientists convened by Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, and Chair of the National Incident Command's Flow Rate Technical Group (FRTG) Dr. Marcia McNutt (Director of the U.S. Geological Survey), had developed a new estimate for the amount of oil gushing from the ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico that indicated the leak could be spe wing up to 2.52 million gallons of crude oil per day from BP's Macondo Well.
(...) If the well is leaking at this so far maximum estimated rate of 100,000 barrels per day, and there are 1 billion barrels of oil in the reservoir, then determining how long the well could leak if it is not plugged is a simple high school mathematics level calculation. One billion barrels divided by 100,000 barrels per day equals 10,000 days to empty the reservoir into the Gulf of Mexico.That would mean a continuous leak of 100,000 barrels per day for 27.39 years, if the well is not plugged.If BP's well is "only" leaking at half that rate - at 50,000 barrels per day - then it will leak for about 55 years, if there is a billion barrels in the reservoir, if it is not plugged.While these admittedly back-of-the-envelope calculations do not take into account possible pressure and daily flow rate changes over time, they certainly give a new perspective on the enormity of the catastrophe and on its potential environmental impacts.
(...) The cost of helping the US Gulf Coast recover economically from BP's catastrophic oil leak could run into the trillions of dollars, a US lawmaker said Thursday following a briefing from top government officials."It will take billions of dollars - even trillions," Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee told reporters, citing "a presentation by the president's team on the BP oil spill" early Thursday July 1. The ecological environment and sea life of the Gulf of Mexico may never recover.

Whispers Become Louder; Potential For Gulf Evacuations? (July 8, 2010)
According to Matt Smith of Project Gulf Impact, the situation in the Gulf is quickly deteriorating. Matt Smith and his crew have been working on a feature length film documenting the Gulf oil crisis. In their travels during the past three weeks they have witnessed many different events such as two different types of sand on the beaches, where BP has attempted to cover up the oil stained and Corexit covered beaches."There are whispers that are becoming louder, people in the area are talking about evacuations" Matt was quoted as saying in a radio interview on Intel Hub Radio. Others such as Greg Evensen, a former state trooper with many insider contacts, have been quoted as saying, "evacuations are imminent." As the situation compounds and there is no end in sight, evacuations seem like the only viable option. If something is not done to get the people out they will most likely become overwhelmed by what some are describing as chemical rape. Will the evacuations be forced? What will happen if some of the locals disobey a mandatory evacuation order? Where will people be relocated to? These are all valid concerns that surround this issue. Tensions have risen as Gulf residents and people in the region seems to be getting increasingly angry over the BP oil spill. There are now reports surfacing that BP has been dumping its toxic oily waste into our landfills. This will obviously work the chemicals into our water systems and water supplies. The grim reality of this disaster is that it is effecting peoples health while at the same time potentially killing our food crops and getting into our water supply. On the other hand, it is very possible that the evacuations of the Gulf will be stalled as long as possible. The government may even wait until a major hurricane hits the gulf.

Gassed in the Gulf (Part I): BP Gulf War Syndrome (June 15, 2010) http://www.examiner.com/x-10438-Human-Rights-Examiner~y2010m6d15-Gulf-residents-gassed-Fl-prepares-evacuation
Note: This is Part I in a 4-Part series, "Gassed in the Gulf."Also see: Part II: Toward Full Spectrum Dominance - Part III: Cries, anger heard globally - Part IV: Oil 'spill' Louisiana genocide
The petrochemical-military-industrial complex is gassing Gulf Coast residents with poisonous Benzene and Corexit dispersant at dangerously high levels in the largest U.S. domestic military operation to date. The military and FEMA are engaged in Emergency Plans for 36 urban areas from Texas to Florida due to the unstoppable Gulf oil volcano the size of Mt. Everest, as WMR reports, indicating evacuations. Some people are advised to relocate now. (See Parts III and IV)
(...) No monitors, no dispersant toxicity studies Other life-risking withheld information is that chemicals released have not been monitored. WMR colleague John Caylor, a Gulf Coast resident, reported, "BP and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which have stated that several hundred air quality monitors have been deployed around the Florida and Alabama coasts and have not detected any benzene levels that would be harmful to human health, are lying." (WMR, EPA and media lying about air monitors on Gulf coast, June 7-8, 2010)A senior news source at WEAR-TV, ABC's affiliate in Pensacola told Caylor that "there are no air quality monitors that have been deployed along the coastal bays and inlets by either BP or the EPA. The station sent reporters out to check on the monitors and discovered they were non-existent." "ABC News network out of New York and CNN are echoing the BP and Obama administration's lines that the air quality is being monitored and is perfectly safe," wrote Caylor. WWL TV reports monitors are being now used in south Louisiana. (See video #2 below)The spe wing oil and dispersant chemicals are toxic enough for so many people to become ill, evacuation will be required, especially before a hurricane blows the lethal cocktail over more Southerners. Hurricane season 2010 is anticipated to be highly active and strong. Strong winds will bring the oil and "dipersant" (pesticide) chemicals further inland, impacting health of too many people to be ignored. Already, even mainstream news reports 70 people in Louisiana have been admitted to hospital with symptoms of toxic poisoning.New Orleans area officials have urged people without means to evacuate before a hurricane to register now."Get a game plan now," WWL reported.Corexit and Benzene Gulf gas combo effects
(...) Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) "Fact sheets" page for Nalco's Corexit has pdfs available for "Dispersant Type 1," Corexit 9500 (PDF); and "Dispersant Type 2," Corexit 9527A (PDF). Tom Philpott of Grist, who found that these product numbers matched those identified unofficially by his sources, writes,"The data sheets for both products contain this shocker: 'No toxicity studies have been conducted on this product" -- meaning testing their safety for humans and both data sheets include the warning 'human health hazards: acute.'" As Philpott reported, the MSDS for Corexit 9527A states 'excessive exposure may cause central nervous system effects, nausea, vomiting, anesthetic or narcotic effects,' and 'repeated or excessive exposure to butoxyethanol [an active ingredient] may cause injury to red blood cells (hemolysis), kidney or the liver.''"Prolonged and/or repeated exposure through inhalation or extensive skin contact with EGBE [butoxyethanol] may result in damage to the blood and kidneys.'"The solvents 2-Butoxyethanol and petroleum distillate appear "most dangerous," writes Philpott, but these chemicals continue to be saturating water and air.Out of work shrimper, oil clean-up work Clint Guidry reported, "The closest I got [to the Gulf water] was Venice, Louisiana, and you could smell it from Venice... they were actually spraying Corexit 9527A on the oil spill on top of the water and spraying all around-Venice sits on a peninsula, the Mississippi River, right at the-right above the Head of the Passes."And they were actually spraying this Corexit in the air all around where people were living, with kids and children, and continuously saying how safe it was." By May 24, New York Times reported that 700,000 US gallons (2,600,000 l) of Corexit dispersants had gassed the area, "approaching a world record." BP was ordered to take "immediate steps to scale back the use of dispersants" that the military was reportedly spraying. Both entities seemingly follow orders from a higher command. Chemical gassing of Gulf life continued.Toxic Swamp gasBenzene, or "swamp gas," the toxin released by fossil fuel oil, is lethal enough for public health concern and action without Corexit. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has determined that benzene causes severe human injury such as chromosomal, and is a human carcinogen. Exposure to high levels of benzene is associated with leukemia cancer: acute myelogenous leukemia, acute lymphocytic leukemia, and chronic myelogenous leukemia. (See: 0.9977 Benzene (IARC Summary & Evaluation, Supplement7, 1987)Benzene-related leukemias have been reported to develop in as short as nine months according to IARC.The satiation of toxic air, water and food has posed serious health risks to all people of the Gulf. This is particularly true for pregnant women, the elderly and people with health vulnerabilities such as asthma and emphysema. Gina Solomon, NRDC Senior Scientist outlined health risks Louisianians and other Gulf Coast residents face. CLIP

Toxic Dispersants Near Gulf Harm Humans and Wildlife (2010-07-13)
My eyes are burning as I type this. We've just returned from spending the day down in Barataria, located about an hour's drive south of New Orleans. The community of fishermen is swimming in oil. Within minutes of arriving, our eyes begin to burn and we begin to feel dizzy from airborne chemicals from the oil and dispersant. (...) Tracy is concerned about the dispersant BP has been using on the oil.The dispersants Tracy references are Corexit 9500 and Corexit 9527, both of which BP has used and continues to use (more than 1,400,000 gallons to date and counting) to disperse crude oil on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico and near the wellhead 5,000 feet below the surface where the volcano of oil gushes toxicity into the Gulf. The pathways of exposure are inhalation, ingestion, skin and eye contact. Health impacts include headaches; nausea; vomiting; diarrhea; abdominal pains; dizziness; chest pains and tightness; irritation of eyes, nose, throat and lungs; difficulty breathing; respiratory system damage; skin irrigation and sensitization; hypertension; central nervous system depression; neurotoxic effects; genetic damage and mutations; cardiac arrhythmia and cardiovascular damage; among several others.According to the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) latest analysis of dispersant toxicity released in the document "Comparative Toxicity of Eight Oil Dispersant Products on Two Gulf of Mexico Aquatic Test Species," Corexit 9500, at a concentration of 42 parts per million, killed 50 percent of mysid shrimp tested.Tracy tells us of the 44 reports for exemption BP has been issued to use dispersant. She and her husband Mike, who are both fisherpersons, are tortured by what they are witnessing where they live, fish, work and play.
(...) Tracy is distraught. She pauses and looks out to the nearby canal, then looks back at us. "We're seeing crabs crawling out of the water. We've never seen this before. Ever. Why are crabs trying to escape from the water?"She learned of the crabs from her friend Gene Hickman. Gene, a commercial and charter fisherman, lives with his wife Vicky a short ways down the road. Gene and Vicky come over. Gene shows me a video he took on Thursday, at night, of dozens of crabs crawling out of the canal onto his bulkhead.I'd long since heard of the dispersant poisoning the water as well as removing oxygen from it. Many toxicologists have already stated that Corexit is much more harmful to human and marine life health than we've been told. Marine toxicologist Dr. Susan Shaw has written: "Corexit is particularly toxic. It contains petroleum solvents and a chemical that, when ingested, ruptures red blood cells and causes internal bleeding. It is also bioaccumulative, meaning its concentration intensifies as it moves up the food chain."On July 9, in an interview with CNN, Dr. Shaw said this of the toxic soup that is the combination of oil and dispersants: "Shrimpers [were] throwing their nets into water ... [then] water from the nets splashed on [one's] skin.... [He experienced a] headache that lasted 3 weeks ... heart palpitations ... muscle spasms ... bleeding from the rectum ... And that's what Corexit does, it ruptures red blood cells, causes internal bleeding and liver and kidney damage.... This stuff is so toxic combined ... not the oil or dispersants alone.... Very, very toxic and goes right through skin." CLIP

Overwhelmed by Oil and Toxic Pollutants: The Destruction of an Entire Coastline (July 3, 2010)
For the people of the Gulf and the region - watching some of the most toxic pollutants known to man, being sprayed to disperse one of the most toxic pollutants known to man, unleashed as a result of man's fallibility, in a near-global addiction to consumerism - it must be an environmental apocalypse now. One dispersant Corexit 9500, is four times as toxic as oil, and also disrupts the reproductive systems of organisms. (...) Fifty dolphin have so far, been reported found dead. Experts estimate only one tenth of species which die will be washed up. The full toll of big oil's "collateral damage", now, previously and in the future, will likely never be known. When my friends hauled in a huge marlin, which had fought for its life with wile and valor, the old man of the sea said again: "Look. Watch." The great creature lay in the sun, gasping on the deck, its body glittering all over, in sequin-like, opalescence. "Watch", he repeated. In seconds, the lights started to go out and the magnificent creature became just a very large, dark, lump of flesh. Killing for sport is another obscenity. (...) Inspite of the scale of this environmental death warrant, Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, supports a legal action to reverse the Presidential six month moratorium on deep water drilling, in place to allow time to determine the exact cause of the spill, thus, hopefully, avoiding a repetition. Jindal views the cost in jobs as too high. Oil jobs, that is. And as the hurricane season has moved in with the great winds spreading unleashed deadly pollutants, farther and wider. Dahr Jamail, in Louisiana, writes of a poignant, differing view. Locals have erected white crosses, each representing something loved and lost: "Family time, crabs, white trout, camping, diving, walking the dog on the beach, sea shells, sea turtles, dolphins, barbecues, shrimp, shark, sand between my toes, boogie boarding, mullet, marsh, palm trees." (Christian Science Monitor, 22nd June 2010.) The crosses will undoubtedly multiply. Mexico's ancient mariner was utterly in tune with with his universe and all which shared it with him. A reverence a million miles from those who think only to ravage it.

BP Dumping Oil Waste In Mississippi Landfills [BP Does Whatever The F*** They Want To] (July 7, 2010)

'Whale' superskimmer drops out of Gulf oil spill response (July 17, 2010)
The converted iron ore freighter ‘A Whale’ recovered only negligible amounts of oil from the Gulf oil spill. Smaller, nimbler skimmers are more appropriate for widely dispersed spills, the Coast Guard says. -- The Coast Guard said “thanks, but no thanks” to the superskimmer “A Whale” Friday, as the 1,100 foot-long converted iron ore freighter failed to make a sizeable dent in the Gulf oil spill during a 24-hour testing period. Brought to the Gulf by Taiwanese shipping magnate Nobu Su to help sop up the vast blanket of oil covering parts of the Gulf, the massive A Whale held a tantalizing promise for Americans frustrated by the slow pace of the spill clean-up. Under ideal conditions, the ship's owners said, the A Whale could gather more oil in a day than all the other skimmers on the Gulf combined. In reality, the A Whale gathered a "negligible" amount of oil over a 24-hour period while nearly 600 smaller skimmers sucked up 25,551 barrels of oily water and recovered 12,800 barrels near the source of the spill. (...) The ship, manned by an all-Indian crew, was converted in Portugal over a 10-day period in June and then made its way to the Gulf. Early tests were hampered by large waves. Although the ship was the only vessel collecting oil during a period of stormy weather, the amounts ultimately didn't justify the expense. CLIP

Obama Threaten's Reporters With Arrest For Filming Oil Spill
Emerging reports are raising the question of just how much of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill journalists are able to document. When CBS tried to film a beach with heavy oil on the shore in South Pass, Louisiana, a boat of BP contractors, and two Coast Guard officers, told them to turn around, or be arrested. "This is BP's rules, it's not ours," someone aboard the boat said. Coast Guard officials told CBS that they're looking into it.As the Coast Guard is a branch of the Armed Forces, it brings into question how closely the government and BP are working together to keep details of the disaster in the dark. Furthermore, this may not be the sole incident of its kind. According to Mother Nature Network's Karl Burkhart, his contacts in Louisiana have given him unconfirmed reports of equipment being turned away or confiscated.

Censored Gulf news: Hissing burning surf, crying burning children. Verified reports (July 14, 2010)
From poisons hissing and burning in the surf to burning eyes, throats and skin of children, all the way south to the Cayman Islands and north to Hammond, Louisiana, verified Gulf Coast reports indicate deterioration of a once pristine sub-tropical paradise now unsuitable for human habitat. Louisiana Bucket Brigade provides the public service of incident verification, mapping and volunteer training as the chemical warfare with poison gas attacks on the people continues."Yesterday it looked as if the surf was boiling. It was milky looking and made a hissing sound. The water is the consistency of cooking oil," reported a Long Beach, Mississippi resident to Louisiana Bucket Brigade. "Odors have been strong and I can't seem to get the smell of oil out of my nose and the taste out of my mouth even after I have been indoors for awhile."Ecocide and genocide are accurate words to represent devastation of this attack on the United States.There is no scientific data reflecting that the poison being sprayed alleviates harm from oil, as Senior Representative Jerrold Nadler presented to Congress that chose to continue the aerial spraying. On the other hand, there are many documents, de- or unclassified, that reflect that this poison is a chemical weapon of mass destruction for permanent injury and elimination of life-forms by slow- or fast-kill. Aquatic Ecotoxicologist, Dr. Chris Pincetich's research evidenced, the EPA tests indicate death by dispersant only if the test subject dies within the first 96 hours. In other words, if the subject is still alive after 96 hours, the research records show the poison to be OK to use. This is no indication of long-term effects, or deaths after the 96-hour window.Louisiana Bucket Brigade, the non-government organization supplying air sample kits and training volunteers weekly, maintains an incident report. The following sampling from the past few days demonstrates the extensive destruction and adverse health conditions in which people and wildlife are suffering and dying. CLIP

Massive Amounts Of Tar balls Cover Cocoa Beach And Cape Canaveral On The East Coast Of Central Florida http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2010/07/08/massive-amounts-of-tar-balls-cover-cocoa-beach-and-cape-canaveral-on-the-east-coast-of-central-florida/
Massive amounts of tarballs are now hammering the Atlantic Coast of Florida and have left a large portion of Cocoa Beach in Central Florida literally covered in tarballs. Meanwhile local Government officials have taken a move straight from the Pensacola Beach playbook and are already misleading the public into thinking that the beaches are safe. (...) That report ends with the news anchor saying that "the tar balls from the beach are still being tested but their is a very slim chance that they are from the Gulf Oil Spill. The current has not started swirling the oil this way yet." Maybe someone should to point her the ROFFS independent oil tracking which has confirmed oil in the Gulf Stream up the entire East Coast of Florida. Perhaps seeing is believing and the aerial photos of oil the Florida Keys back in May just might convince her otherwise. CLIP

Rarely Seen Pictures Of The Devastating Consequences Of The BP Disaster
All oceanic lifeforms will die in the region. The oil is a toxic mix that suffocates the life in the water. The gulf is one of the world's 4 oxygen creation zones and has some of the largest coral reefs. The most beautiful waters in the world in the Bahamas and Florida coast will soon be gone forever. This is a terrible tragedy and global ecosystem killer. The planet's ecosystem will be directly affected by this disaster, all lifeforms and weather patterns will be adjusted.

Why BP is readying a 'super weapon' to avert escalating Gulf nightmare by Terrence Aym (QUESTIONABLE SOURCE!)
In a desperate attempt to stop a huge area of the Gulf ocean floor from possibly rupturing due to subterranean methane gas (leading to a calamity no human has ever seen) BP has ripped a page from science fiction books. The giant oil company is now quietly preparing to test a small nuclear device in a frenzied rush against time to quell a cascading catastrophe. If successful they will have the capability to detonate a controlled fusion generated pulse. While the world watches BP's attempt to contain the oil gusher at the former Deepwater Horizon site, company officials have given the green light on an astounding plan to use what is known as a nuclear EPFCG charge if all else fails.

Sea floor compromised
Reports still indicate that methane is flooding the Gulf waters at a rate one million times more than normal, and the NOAA research vessel, Thomas Jefferson has reported spotting new fissures. [1 - Methane in Gulf 'astonishingly high'-US scientist] Last week the science ship stunned some reporters with the revelation that the oceanographic team had discovered and measured a rift in the ocean floor miles from the BP wellhead. The rift was reported to be more than 100 feet long and widening. Oil and methane continues to plume from that rift. BP has also admitted damage beneath the sea floor. [2 - BP Official Admits to Damage Beneath the Sea Floor] The Omega plan Most enterprises—whether business, government, or exploration—have a Plan B to fall back on. To date, BP has attempted Plans B through N. Yet it is the last ditch plan-the Omega plan-that hold the greatest risk. Yet that plan may be the final hope to stop what some insiders now consider a catastrophe that could culminate with a world-killing mass extinction event that modern civilization could not survive. At a super-secret security base-CFB Suffield-located in southern Alberta, Canada, area reports indicate that high level engineers, physicists and military scientists are feverishly working to complete an ‘explosively pumped flux compression generator’ (EPFCG). According to published scientific papers [see sources below] an EPFCG generator can be powered by a very small, controlled fusion explosion-in other words, a tiny nuclear bomb. Why the UK based BP has set up operations at CFB-Suffield is obvious: The company already runs three oil rigs on the base, have worked with Canada’s chemical and biological efforts on and off for almost 40 years, and have strong ties to the Commonwealth’s infrastructure. The CFB Base, which incorporates DRDC Suffield, is one of six Canadian military research facilities and critical to the security of the country. DRDC Suffield is the lead facility for all of Canada’s engineering and weapons systems R&D.

The EPFCG—a Star Wars super weapon
A device that can only be used once, the EPFCG generates a high power electromagnetic pulse. It achieves this by using a powerful explosive, preferably nuclear. Advanced, nuclear driven EPFCGs can instantaneously create up to billions of amperes and hundreds of terawatts. Such raw power exceeds lighting bolts by huge orders of magnitude. The pulse can be shaped and directed and used to knock out electronics-or more importantly in this case—to fuse virtually any material—including crumbling rock strata deep under the sea. The fantastically energized pulse can also compress objects to very high pressures and densities. [3 - Explosively pumped flux compression generator] According to engineers familiar with the technology, the devices can generate plasma arcs hotter than the surface of the sun that will melt and fuse materials in nanoseconds. A special security force manned by members of AEGIS, a UK based paramilitary security corporation similar to the old US Blackwater Security company, is reported to have cordoned off the base. The security lid has clamped down hard while the engineers and scientists work with the nuclear materials. BP’s secret Omega Plan kicked off in earnest on July 7th, 2010. According to sources on the base the British Geological Survey (BGS), the United States Geological Survey (USGS), BP and Halliburton have set up a test site at one of the drill rigs. While the plan would admittedly only be executed if a worst case scenario seemed imminent, some geo-chemists have expressed concerns that detonating an EPFCG in the Gulf might ignite the methane. Meanwhile the preparations for the test continue in Canada. -- Sources: Scientific papers on a ‘super weapon’ CLIP

27,000 Abandoned Gulf Oil Wells May Be Leaking (July 7, 2010)
AP Investigation Reveals Feds' Lax Monitoring of Old Wells, Thousands of Which Only Have Temporary Plugs -- (AP) More than 27,000 abandoned oil and gas wells lurk in the hard rock beneath the Gulf of Mexico, an environmental minefield that has been ignored for decades. No one - not industry, not government - is checking to see if they are leaking, an Associated Press investigation shows. The oldest of these wells were abandoned in the late 1940s, raising the prospect that many deteriorating sealing jobs are already failing. The AP investigation uncovered particular concern with 3,500 of the neglected wells - those characterized in federal government records as "temporarily abandoned." Regulations for temporarily abandoned wells require oil companies to present plans to reuse or permanently plug such wells within a year, but the AP found that the rule is routinely circumvented, and that more than 1,000 wells have lingered in that unfinished condition for more than a decade. About three-quarters of temporarily abandoned wells have been left in that status for more than a year, and many since the 1950s and 1960s - even though sealing procedures for temporary abandonment are not as stringent as those for permanent closures. As a forceful reminder of the potential harm, the well beneath BP's Deepwater Horizon rig was being sealed with cement for temporary abandonment when it blew April 20, leading to one of the worst environmental disasters in the nation's history. BP alone has abandoned about 600 wells in the Gulf, according to government data. There's ample reason for worry about all permanently and temporarily abandoned wells - history shows that at least on land, they often leak. Wells are sealed underwater much as they are on land. And wells on land and in water face similar risk of failure. Plus, records reviewed by the AP show that some offshore wells have failed. Asked in multiple requests over several weeks how often abandoned wells have failed, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency acknowledged Tuesday - as this story was being released - that it has had to deal with leaks at abandoned wells in shallow state waters of Louisiana and Texas.
(...) Experts say abandoned wells can repressurize, much like a dormant volcano can awaken. And years of exposure to sea water and underground pressure can cause cementing and piping to corrode and weaken. "You can have changing geological conditions where a well could be repressurized," said Andy Radford, a petroleum engineer for the American Petroleum Institute trade group. Whether a well is permanently or temporarily abandoned, improperly applied or aging cement can crack or shrink, independent petroleum engineers say. "It ages, just like it does on buildings and highways," said Roger Anderson, a Columbia University petroleum geophysicist who has conducted research on commercial wells. Despite the likelihood of leaks large and small, though, abandoned wells are typically not inspected by industry or government. Oil company representatives insist that the seal on a correctly plugged offshore well will last virtually forever. CLIP

Republicans Block Investigative Power for Oil Spill Commission (June 30, 2010)
The US House of Representatives voted 420 to 1 to give the presidential commission investigating the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico full subpoena power. The (Republicans in the) Senate blocked it. No subpoena powers. No real investigation. Senate Democrats today asked unanimous consent to pass legislation that would give the BP Oil Spill Commission the subpoena power it needs to do its job. "Frankly, it's time we have a vote after so many Republican objections to this commonsense legislation," said Sen. Robert Menendez. "[This bill] asserts that we want to protect those families, taxpayers, not oil company profits."

Casualties of the Spill: BP's Crisis Could Soon Become Great Britain's (07/13/2010)
With the oil continuing to flow into the Gulf of Mexico, BP is facing ever greater challenges. Already, the company has lost half its market value. Should it be unable to cap the leaking well soon, the British oil giant may be forced to sell of assets. That could spell disaster for Great Britain.Such a crash has never before been seen. Fewer than 12 weeks ago, the multinational oil giant BP still held an uncontested fourth place on the list of the world's largest companies. Its impressive balance sheet boasted annual sales of roughly $246 billion (¤195 billion), a market value of more than $190 billion and after-tax profits of almost $17 billion. Indeed, insurance companies, retirement funds and pension funds worldwide viewed BP as a safe haven, an almost risk-free investment in an otherwise turbulent market. The company, many believed, would have no trouble weathering even the severest of crises. BP's global earnings appeared safe, its cash and petroleum reserves seemed impervious. But April 20, the day that the company's Deepwater Horizon oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico exploded, marked an end to the once unshakable faith the financial markets had in the oil giant. The company has made several attempts to staunch the ensuing leak, all of which have failed. On Tuesday, the company was voicing optimism that yet another effort -- the installation of an enormous cap said to be an improvement over its predecessors -- may stop the leak entirely. Few are holding their breaths. Experts estimate that more than 60,000 barrels of crude oil are surging out of the well and into the Gulf of Mexico each day.
(...) Every day, BP must ante up approximately $100 million to at least partially cope with the consequences of the catastrophe. Many experts estimate the company may ultimately have to pay up to $60 billion to compensate for environmental harm, penalties and damage claims. Still, even these gigantic sums don't frighten off most analysts. BP, they feel, is in a position to easily cope with such figures, particularly given that such payments will likely be spread out over many years, as has been the case with previous such disasters. Furthermore, sovereign wealth funds from Middle Eastern countries could inject fresh cash into BP's coffers. Prayers and Petitions -- For that to happen, however, BP must succeed in implementing its most recent plan -- that of drilling a relief well to finally stop the leak. The company estimates the oil will be stopped by late July or, at the latest, early August. Still, this so-called "bottom kill" method is complicated. It involves having a special drill precisely intersect with the approximately 20-centimeter-wide (7.9-inch-wide) oil well at a point roughly 4,000 meters below the ocean floor. Once the intersection succeeds, well pressure would be relieved enough to make a permanent plug possible. Chances are, however, that the effort won't succeed on the first try -- and the operation could also fail completely. That, of course, would be the worst-possible scenario for the environment. It would also mean that BP would likely be forced to sell off lucrative oil fields and gas station chains, such as Aral, at discount prices. Such a scenario may also include a bankruptcy declaration for the company's US subsidiary or even a partial nationalization in Great Britain. Prime Minister David Cameron appears no longer willing to completely rule out this eventuality. Next week, Cameron will be flying to Washington with Chris Huhne, his energy minister, to discuss the crisis with the administration of US President Barack Obama. The trip's top priority is that of capping the amount BP could be held liable for.

The Dangers and Difficulties of 'Bottom Kill' (06/16/2010)
BP has only one arrow left in its quiver, a method known as 'bottom kill.' The idea is for relief wells to stop the gushing oil from below, but the technical challenges are formidable. Past experiences show that the oil may continue flowing into late autumn. (...) Hayward's forecasts, however, have not always proven to be reliable and independent experts warn that relief wells, like any well, are not without risk. "More oil could leak than before, because the field is being drilled into again," says Fred Aminzadeh, a geophysicist at the University of Southern California. Ira Leifer, a geochemist at the University of California in Santa Barbara, voices similar concerns: "In the worst case, we would suddenly be dealing with two spills, and we'd have twice the problem." (...)
Although the BP engineers have already completed two-thirds of the first relief well, it is extremely difficult to find the out-of-control well in the middle of the bedrock, says David Rensink, incoming president of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists."You're trying to intersect the well bore, which is about a foot wide, with another well bore, which is about a foot wide," Rensink said recently. Hitting it with the first attempt, he adds, "would truly be like winning the lottery."Instead, the engineers will presumably have to repeatedly pull back the drill head to adjust the direction, Rensink predicts. "If they get it on the first three or four shots, they'd be very lucky." More Caution - Rensink is particularly concerned that BP, in drilling the relief wells, will penetrate into precisely those rock formations in which extreme pressure and temperature conditions facilitated the April blowout in the first place. Gas bubbles and gushing oil from the depths are real possibilities. "Any relief well has to be drilled more cautiously than the original well," warns Donal Van Nieuwenhuise, a geologist at the University of Houston. "You don't want to experience the same disaster a second time."Still, most geologists are confident that the bottom kill method will ultimately be successful. Van Nieuwenhuise says he has never seen the method fail entirely and points out that BP has ultra-modern drill bits bristling with sensors scanning the bedrock. Furthermore, the bits can quickly change direction. Once the stricken well is found, the drilling mud that will be pumped in is heavy enough to stop even the most high-pressure oil flows. Rensink too believes that the relief well method will eventually plug the leak. "The question is only when exactly that will happen," he says.Indeed, the engineers aren't only facing a formidable technical challenge. Weather will also play a significant role. Forecasters have already predicted that this hurricane season, which began this month, could be one of the most active on record. Drilling would have to be ceased for the duration of each strong storm.

Coast Guard Blocks Out Media at the Gulf; Activists Demand Answers (9 July 2010)
Journalists and independent observers of the oil cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico could be fined up to $40,000 and be charged with a felony if they get too close to booms and oil cleanup areas, and activist group Seize BP wants to know how authorities can justify such a muzzle on independent information gatherers.The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on behalf of Seize BP, demanding specific information on the US Coast Guard's justification for establishing 20-meter security zones around cleanup areas.Seize BP is an activist group calling for the government to freeze BP's assets to provide comprehensive compensation in the Gulf. Last week, Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said in a news conference that the security zones were implemented in three cities - Mobile, Alabama; Morgan City, Louisiana; and New Orleans, Louisiana - after officials complained that booms being used to clean up oil could be damaged or vandalized. The Coast Guard can grant journalists permission to enter the zones on a case-by-case basis. Carl Messineo, the attorney who filed the FOIA, told Truthout that Allen's justification is "suspicious" and "highly doubtful" considering BP's record of spreading misinformation about the oil spill - and the government's habit of backing it up - while using police and private security forces to keep journalists at bay. The FOIA filed specifically asks whom these civil officials were and if BP had anything to do with the decision."This attempt to muzzle the press on behalf of BP is just the latest in a series of actions that indicate collusion between the federal government and a giant corporate entity that has created an environmental disaster due to criminal negligence," Messineo said. CLIP

Oil Spill - CBS Threatened With Arrest For Filming (May 20, 2010)
The Oil Spill Journalist threatened with arrest. Emerging reports are raising the question of just how much of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill journalists are able to document. When CBS tried to film a beach with heavy oil on the shore in South Pass, Louisiana, a boat of BP contractors, and two Coast Guard officers, told them to turn around, or be arrested."This is BP's rules, it's not ours," someone aboard the boat said. Coast Guard officials told CBS that they're looking into it. As the Coast Guard is a branch of the Armed Forces, it brings into question how closely the government and BP are working together to keep details of the disaster in the dark
The following comment is from http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/891.html
"Did you see that masterful sleight of hand? From gun-enforced corporate media censorship to a focus on sea turtles. Most people will not even notice that their attention has been so deftly redirected. Katie Couric is one of the most loathsome individuals on television and she has her job for one reason: She's ready to change the subject instantly upon direction from the news director in the control booth. Note that is only takes ONE person at each network to completely control the output of television news. That's less than half a dozen people who determine what does and does not go out on the air and what does and does not get focused on. Look at the story they reported and then quickly threw away... A PRIVATE company restricting news media access to a PUBLIC beach regarding a story of serious public concern with the ARMED assistance of the Coast Guard, now part of Homeland Security."

First Amendment suspended in the Gulf of Mexico as spill cover-up goes Orwellian by Mike Adams (July 3, 2010)
(...) Yes, this is happening right now in America. This isn't a hoax. I know, it sounds more like something you might hear about in Saudi Arabia, or Venezuela or some other nation run by dictators. But now it's happening right here in the USA.As Anderson Cooper reported on CNN: "Now the government is getting in on the act. Despite what Admiral Thad Allen promised about transparency just nearly a month ago.Thad Allen: "The media will have uninhibited access anywhere we're doing operations..."Anderson Cooper: The Coast Guard today announced new rules keeping photographers, reporters and anyone else from coming with 65 feet of any response vessel or booms out on the water or on beaches. What this means is that oil-soaked birds on an island surrounded by a boom, you can't get close enough to take that picture. Shot of oil on beaches with booms? Stay 65 feet away. Pictures of oil-soaked booms uselessly laying in the water because they haven't been collected like they should? You can't get close enough to see that. Believe me, that is out there. But you only know that if you get close to it, and now you can't without permission. Violators could face a fine of $40,000 and Class D felony charges." CLIP

What the BP Disaster Really Means for America (12 July 2010) http://www.truth-out.org/what-bp-disaster-really-means-america61186
By the time you read this I may be gone, vanished from my home on Florida's Gulf of Mexico. For the past two weeks I've been barricaded, along with about 400 other holdouts, on the small barrier island where I live. We are cut off from the mainland and the FEMA and Homeland Security forces are surrounding us by land and sea. They're attempting to forcibly relocate us to a once-abandoned army base in Georgia. About three-quarters of the town passively already agreed to go, but some of us refused. When Homeland Security officials announced that those of us who choose to stay behind would have their property seized and would all be arrested and taken to a federal prison facility, we felt we had no choice but to take up arms to defend our homes and families. It's been a tense standoff ever since. Meanwhile the air surrounding our town is becoming fouled with a toxic and lethal potpourri of chemicals, and the ocean waters that graced our area, once crystal clear and blue, have become still and dark with glistening touches of contamination, and when it rains, the drops are large and oily and leave a dangerous slick everywhere. The shores of our long beach are littered with dead and decaying dolphins, stingrays, sharks, and smaller fish. Bird carcasses lie everywhere, like oily lumps of rag. The dry shells of hundreds of ancient sea turtles, some over a hundred years old, sit on the sand and dunes like misplaced and putrefying stones.
(...) Everything written above, of course, is complete fiction. Complete fiction. At least it is for me and everyone else who lives in and around my town. To the many deluded friends and acquaintances, who live far from here, and who have written to me or called over the past few weeks, the above scenario is believed to be true. Rumors of federally-mandated evacuations and forced takeovers are everywhere throughout the country.
(...) The BP spill or leak, or whatever you want to call it, is a true disaster on a number of levels, many not easily seen or realized by most Americans. Of course, BP is to blame. Does that surprise anyone? That a corporation that has served as the United Fruit of the Middle East for decades now would put profit way above safety and environmental concern should surprise nobody. That a company that served as a corporate pimp for assassinations in Iraq and elsewhere would get itself into such a foul fix is not the least surprising. That a company that continues to supply the Pentagon, two American wars and nearly every American military base in the world with fuel and oil would not really be held to task should surprise nobody. That a company that has secretly served as a major supplier of information and corporate intelligence to the CIA and Pentagon for decades now should not receive a slap on the wrist should surprise nobody. That BP has not yet actually set aside any money whatsoever for reparations and damages, or anything else, should surprise nobody. But BP's past and current actions mean little to the true disaster that has taken shape in the Gulf. There are other things to be seriously considered. CLIP

Disaster on a Small Scale: How the Gulf Spill's Devastation Works Its Way From Plankton to Pelicans (July 19, 2010)
As responsible parties to the BP disaster, we must take real steps toward preventing another catastrophe -- one that would further damage birds, fish and plankton. - As a wildlife biologist, I started wondering why birds, out of all of the species of wildlife being affected by the current disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, are so popular in the media. They’re such a small part of the equation. If you put all of the Gulf dwelling creatures into a pile, birds would make up a very small percentage of the biomass. Then it occurred to me that most of us just can’t relate to the rest of the ecosystem. We can grasp the lives of whales, dolphins, turtles and fish with a relative degree of attention but most of us are lost when it come to the enormous suite of crustaceans, mollusks, echinoderms, cnidarians, worms, and plankton that make up the bulk of sea life. After all, we know more about outer space than we do the deep sea. CLIP

The Cost of BP's Boys' Club: Why the Oil Industry's Macho Culture Is Bad for Women and the Environment (July 12, 2010)
All BP's executives are white males, except for one and interestingly, most of the leaders dispatched to clean up their mess are largely female. (...) We can begin to understand the tendency toward machismo in BP with simple numbers: all of BP's executives are white males, except for one female HR leader. Our research has shown this to be short-sighted. Countless studies have demonstrated that diversity in leadership produces better results overall. Women also tend to be more tempered risk-takers, which, among other things, could have shifted BP's decision not to use a safeguard device on the Deepwater rig, a potentially disaster-averting move that could have cost as little as $500,000. CLIP

Black Wave - The legacy of the Exxon Valdez
Teaser of Black Wave, a documentary about the Exxon Valdez tragedy. Check out the official website: http://www.blackwavethefilm.com - 20 years ago the Exxon Valdez ran aground in the Prince William Sound in Alaska. It discharges millions of gallons of crude oil. A class action lawsuit against Exxon netted $5 Billion for Alaska residents affected by the spill. As of this date none has been paid. There has been little clean-up. There is little fishing. It is an environmental disaster. There was a lot of lies. Now fast forward to today. This oil spill is several magnitudes larger and on-going. BP has been lying from the start. Clean-up is still sickening and killing people. Few businesses have been reimbursed. Fishing is halted and will probably not recover for many, many years. A class action lawsuit will happen in the future and there will be a judgment against BP. They will not pay it.

Protesters, Waxman Urge Clinton to Vote No on Tar Sands Pipeline (9 July 2010) THE ONGOING TAR SAND ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER MUST BE HALTED AND REVERSED!
Washington - Sweltering heat was not enough to keep away the 60 to 70 protesters who pulled on "Oil Spill Prevention Team" t-shirts over their already-damp clothing. For the protesters who massed next to the Canadian embassy on Pennsylvania Avenue, the issue at hand was the neighbor up north and next door: Canada. More specifically, its tar sand mines, which provide bitumen-based fuel that is converted to conventional petroleum. The protesters gathered in the mostly empty plaza at noon because the Obama administration is poised to approve or veto a 1,700-mile pipeline that would ferry oil from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf of Mexico. Holding signs saying "No Pipeline, No Pollution" and "We don't want your dirty oil," the Washington protesters were part of a multi-state, multinational effort to oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline, which is under scrutiny by environmental interest groups like Friends of the Earth and the National Resources Defense Council, as well as by congress - particularly chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Rep. Henry A Waxman (D-California).In a July 2 letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Rep. Waxman urged Clinton not to approve the pipeline which, once complete, is expected to transport up to 90,000 barrels of oil a day. "The problem is that oil can be extracted from the tar sands only by using three times the energy required to produce a barrel of conventional oil," he wrote. Also of concern, Waxman noted, was that the State Department, which has approval on the project because it crosses an international border, is pushing an aggressive review schedule.
(...) "The draft EIS contains no analysis of the potential greenhouse gas impacts of the pipeline . . . nor does it address any of the other significant environmental effects from tar sand developments that occur in Canada, such as destruction of the boreal forest ecosystem, extensive water pollution, air pollution, habitat loss, and effects on species," he wrote.In addition to the environmental hazards of the proposed pipeline, Waxman urged the Secretary of State to look beyond the approximately $7 billion project and to understand how the pipeline fits in with the larger US energy supply.Waxman wrote that adding the XL pipeline to the energy mix would increase tar sand imports to over three billion barrels a day and pump more than 37% greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere because the XL pipeline would be one of three such pipelines - joining the Keystone and Alberta Clipper pipelines which are already in progress. Further, Waxman wrote, the XL pipeline "would constitute a multi-billion dollar investment to expand our reliance on the dirtiest source of transportation fuel currently available," and would be in conflict with President Obama's efforts to move to a clean energy economy. CLIP

Big Oil Makes War on the Earth The Gulf Coast Joins an Oil-Soiled Planet (July 18, 2010)
If you live on the Gulf Coast, welcome to the real world of oil -- and just know that you’re not alone. In the Niger Delta and the Ecuadorian Amazon, among other places, your emerging hell has been the living hell of local populations for decades. Even as I was visiting those distant and exotic spill locales via book, article, and YouTube, you were going through your very public nightmare. Three federal appeals court judges with financial and other ties to big oil were rejecting the Obama administration’s proposed drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico. Pollution from the BP spill there was seeping into Lake Pontchartrain, north of New Orleans. Clean-up crews were discovering that a once-over of beaches isn’t nearly enough: somehow, the oil just keeps reappearing. Endangered sea turtles and other creatures were being burnt alive in swaths of ocean ("burn fields") ignited by BP to "contain" its catastrophe. The lives and livelihoods of fishermen and oyster-shuckers were being destroyed. Disease warnings were being issued to Gulf residents and alarming toxin levels were beginning to be found in clean-up workers.None of this would surprise inhabitants of either the Niger Delta or the Amazon rain forest. Despite the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969 and the Exxon Valdez in 1989, Americans are only now starting to wake up to the fate that, for half a century, has befallen the Delta and the Amazon, both ecosystems at least as rich and varied as the Gulf of Mexico.The Niger Delta region, which faces the Atlantic in southern Nigeria, is the world’s third largest wetland. As with shrimp and oysters in the Gulf, so its mangrove forests, described as “rain forests by the sea,” shelter all sorts of crustaceans. The Amazon rain forest, the Earth’s greatest nurturer of biodiversity, covers more than two billion square miles and provides this planet with about 20% of its oxygen. We are, in other words, talking about the despolation-by-oil not of bleak backlands, but of some of this planet’s greatest natural treasures.
(...) Oil corporations have penetrated vast parts of the Amazon rain forest in Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil. Consider just one part of that Amazonian immensity, the Oriente region of Ecuador in the Amazon basin. Humberto Piaguaje of the Secoya people still remembers how life there used to be. With a staggering abundance of birds, plants, animals, and foliage, with streams and tributaries winding through a humid lushness to the Amazon River, the region seemed like a blessing rather than something that could be owned by anyone.
(...) In its first 25 years, Texaco pumped 1.5 billion barrels of oil out of the Oriente region. According to one estimate, the company discharged 345 million gallons of pure crude oil into Ecuador’s rainforest and waterways. In 2009, Amazon Rights Watch reported that the company, by its own estimates, had dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater directly into the environment. Next to its hundreds of wells, Texaco dug into the forest floor at least twice as many unlined waste pits. That it intended the filth from the pits to flow into forest streams is clear, because it installed drainage pipes that allowed for just such run-off. “Pits,” by the way, is a euphemism for oil-sewage swamps, as is evident both in this photograph and this video. Forty years of oil exploration and production have translated into the slow poisoning of Oriente’s land, its people, its animals, and its crops. With no other water source, local tribes are forced, as in the Delta region in Nigeria, to use contaminated water for drinking, bathing, and cooking. A Harvard medical team and Ecuadorian health authorities have described eight kinds of cancer that result from this sort of contamination. Birth defects are legion in the region, as are skin diseases, which torment even newborns. CLIP


Waltzing at the Doomsday Ball: Capitalism is dead, but we still dance with the corpse (July 06, 2010)
As an Anglo European white guy from a very long line of white guys, I want to thank all the brown, black, yellow and red people for a marvelous three-century joy ride. During the past 300 years of the industrial age, as Europeans, and later as Americans, we have managed to consume infinitely more than we ever produced, thanks to colonialism, crooked deals with despotic potentates and good old gunboats and grapeshot. Yes, we have lived, and still live, extravagant lifestyles far above the rest of you. And so, my sincere thanks to all of you folks around the world working in sweatshops, or living on two bucks a day, even though you sit on vast oil deposits. And to those outside my window here in Mexico this morning, the two guys pruning the retired gringo's hedges with what look like pocket knives, I say, keep up the good work. It's the world's cheap labor guys like you -- the black, brown and yellow folks who take it up the shorts -- who make capitalism look like it actually works. So keep on humping. Remember: We've got predator drones. After twelve generations of lavish living at the expense of the rest of the world, it is understandable that citizens of the so-called developed countries have come to consider it quite normal. In fact, Americans expect it to become plusher in the future, increasingly chocked with techno gadgetry, whiz bang processed foodstuffs, automobiles, entertainments, inordinately large living spaces -- forever.

(...) Still though, the foundation of the world, including our entire economic structure, is nature. This is clear to anyone who has ever, planted a garden, hiked in the woods, gone fishing or been gnawed on by chiggers. In vis est exordium quod terminus. Yet, not one in a thousand economists takes nature into account. Nature has no place in contemporary economics, or the economic policy of today's industrial nations. Again, like the general American public, these economists are not in denial. They simply don't know it's there. Historically, nature has never been considered even momentarily because economists, like the public, never figured they would run out of it. With the Gulf oil "spill" at full throttle, the terrible destruction of nature is becoming obvious. But no economist who values his or her career wants to start figuring the cost of ecocide into pricing analysis. For god sake man, it's a cost! With industrial society chewing the ass out of Mama Nature for three centuries, something had to give, and it has. Capitalists, however, remain unimpressed by global warming, or melting polar ice caps, or Southwestern desert armadillos showing up in Canada, or hurricanes getting bigger and more numerous every year. They are impressed by the potential dough in the so-called green economy. In fact, last night I watched an economist on CNN say that if the government had let the free market take care of the BP gulf catastrophe, it would not be the clusterfuck it is now. Now THAT might qualify as denial. In the mean time, anthropogenic ecocide and resource depletion, coupled with the pressures of six billion mouths and asses across the globe, have started to produce -- surprise surprise, Sheriff Taylor! -- very real effects on world economies. (How could they not?) So far though, in the simplistic see-spot-run American mind, it's all about dead pelicans and oiled up hotel beaches.

(...) If we decide to believe the money economy still exists, and that debt is indeed wealth, then we damned sure know where to go looking for the wealth. Globally, forty percent of it is in the paws of the wealthiest one percent. Nearly all of that one percent are connected to the largest and richest corporations. Just before the economy blew out, these elites held slightly less than $80 trillion. After the blowout/bailout, their combined investment wealth was estimated at a little over $83 trillion. To give some idea, this is four years of the gross output of all the human beings on earth. It is only logical that these elites say the only way to revive the economy, which to them consists entirely of the money economy, is to continue to borrow money from them.

(...) From the outset, capitalism was always about the theft of the people's sustenance. It was bound to lead to the ultimate theft -- the final looting of the source of their sustenance -- nature. Now that capitalism has eaten its own seed corn, the show is just about over, with the nastiest scenes yet to play out around water, carbon energy (or anything that expends energy), soil and oxygen. For the near future however, it will continue to play out around money. As the economy slowly implodes, money will become more volatile stuff than it already is. The value and availability of money is sure to fluctuate wildly. Most people don't have the luxury of escaping the money economy, so they will be held hostage and milked hard again by the same people who just drained them in the bailouts. As usual, the government will be right there to see that everybody plays by the rules. Those who have always benefited by capitalism's rules will benefit more. That cadre of "money professionals" which holds captive the nation's money supply, and runs things according to the rules of money, can never lose money. It writes the rules. And rewrites them when it suits the money elite's interests. Capitalism, the Christian god, democracy, the Constitution. It's all one ball of wax, one set of rules in the American national psyche. Thus, the money masters behind the curtain will write The New Rules, the new tablets of supreme law, and call them Reform. There will be rejoicing that "the will of the people" has once again moved upon the land, and that the democracy's scripture has once again been delivered by the unseen hand of God.

Drought threatens global rice supply (July 2, 2010)
BANGKOK - Thailand and Vietnam, the world's two largest rice exporters, face severe drought conditions that threaten to severely undermine this year's crops and global supplies. Climate change and El Nino are variously being blamed for the unusually hot weather and lack of rainfall, which began with an early end to last year's tropical rainy season. Poor weather and low rice stocks contributed to a regional food shortage scare in 2008. Then prices spiraled to more than US$1,000 per tonne and many exporting countries put in place restrictions on overseas sales to guard domestic supplies. Across Asia, rice production was expected to be up this year before signs of drought became more apparent. The possibility of a new scare is rising as crop conditions deteriorate. For Thailand, which accounts for about one-third of global rice exports, analysts are provisionally predicting a drop of at least one million tons. On June 4, Thai officials declared 53 provinces as disaster areas because of severe water shortages. The Ministry of Interior's disaster prevention and mitigation department said nearly 6.5 million people had been adversely impacted by drought. North and northeastern provinces have been the worst hit, and an estimated 58,300 hectares of farmland have been severely damaged, according to official statistics. In addition to rice, sugarcane, maize, cassava, rubber and fruit crops have also been impacted. CLIP

In This Article, I Show How Easy It Is For Peaceful People to Violate the Patriot Act and Face 15 Years in Jail (July 10, 2010)
Last month, the Supreme Court exposed Americans to jail sentences of up to 15 years just for giving advice to groups the U.S. government considers untouchable. In Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project, the court ruled that the USA Patriot Act's expanded definition of “material support” for “foreign terrorist organizations” passes Constitutional muster. The broad wording of the statute not only makes it a crime to support violent activities, but also prohibits Americans from offering "services" or "training, expert advice or assistance" to any entity designated as a terrorist group. Providing weapons, materials or know-how that might help terrorists commit violent acts has long been a crime, but it was only with the rushed passage of the Patriot Act just weeks following the 9/11 attacks that “expert advice or assistance” was added to the definition of “material support.” The Constitution offers Americans the freedom of speech and association. There are only a few exceptions -- you don’t have a right to associate with people conducting a criminal act, and your freedom of speech doesn’t extend to "fighting words," inciting a riot or other forms of speech that might lead to violence. In criminalizing non-violent speech, the ruling is anathema to our system of constitutional government. In this article I’ll demonstrate just how easy it is to violate the Patriot Act by giving some peaceful advice to a few of the 45 groups the State Department has designated as foreign terrorist organizations.
(...) The Supreme Court has ruled that if I leave it at that -- expressing my own views without being in contact with any group designated as a terrorist organization -- I’m fine. But if I send this column to an official of Hezbollah or FARC -- if I communicate with them directly -- I’ll be committing a serious crime. When the “material support” statute was first enacted in the 1990s, a person didn’t need to know that a group they supported was listed as a terrorist organization in order to run afoul of the law. But after a district court agreed to hear a challenge to the provision, Congress modified the law so that people who, for example, unwittingly sent a few bucks to a charity that turned out to be associated with terrorism would be in the clear. However, in places like Gaza, where Hamas controls a lot of ground, it’s virtually impossible to deliver humanitarian relief without talking to members of a “terrorist” organization. CLIP

Obama risks all on flip of a COIN (June 29, 2010)
(...) By appointing Petraeus last Wednesday, Obama took the easy way out of the crisis created by McChrystal's shocking comments in Rolling Stone. It might not be inappropriate to quote that prescient British expert on Afghan policy, Peter Townsend, who said of the appointment: "Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss." On the other hand, Petraeus is not simply another McChrystal. While McChrystal implemented COIN doctrine, mixing in his obsession with "kinetic operations" by US Special Forces, Petraeus literally wrote the book - namely, The US Army/Marine Corps Counter-insurgency Field Manual. If the COIN cult has a guru (whom all obey unquestioningly), it's Petraeus.
(...) Is the COIN cult ascendant? It's too early to say whether Obama's decision to name Petraeus to replace his protege McChrystal carries any real significance when it comes to the evolution of his Afghan war policy. The McChrystal crisis erupted so quickly that Obama had no time to carefully consider who might replace him and Petraeus undoubtedly seemed like the obvious choice, if the point was to minimize the domestic political risks involved. Still, it's worrying. Petraeus' COIN policy logically demands a decade-long war, involving labor-intensive (and military-centric) nation-building, waged village by village and valley by valley, at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars and countless US, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and Afghan casualties, including civilians. That doesn't in the least square with the idea that significant numbers of troops will start leaving Afghanistan next summer. Indeed, Bruce Riedel, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer with long experience in the Middle East and South Asia, who headed Obama's first Afghan policy review in February 2009, told me (for an article in Rolling Stone last month) that it's not inconceivable the military will ask for even more troops, not agree to fewer, next year. The Post is right, however, that Obama needs to grapple seriously with the deep divisions in his administration. Having ousted one rebellious general, the president now has little choice but to confront - or cave in to - the entire COIN cult, including its guru. If Obama decides to take them on, he'll have the support of many traditionalists in the US armed forces who reject the cult's preaching. Above all, his key ally is bound to be those pesky facts on the ground. Afghanistan is the place where theories of warfare go to die, and if the COIN theory isn't dead yet, it's utterly failed so far to prove itself. The vaunted February offensive into the dusty hamlet of Marjah in Helmand province has unraveled. The offensive into Kandahar, the birthplace of the Taliban and a seething tangle of tribal and religious factions, once touted as the potential turning point of the entire war, has been postponed indefinitely. After nine years, the Pentagon has little to show for its efforts, except ever-rising casualties and money spent. Perhaps Obama is still counting on US soldiers to reverse the Taliban's momentum and win the war, even though administration officials have repeatedly rejected the notion that Afghanistan can be won militarily. Petraeus or not, the reality is that the war will end with a political settlement involving President Hamid Karzai's government, various Afghan warlords and powerbrokers, the remnants of the old Northern Alliance, the Taliban and the Taliban's sponsors in Pakistan. CLIP

Report: Israel convinces Obama to plan for Iran strike (July 19, 2010)
According to a report in Time magazine Israel has managed to convince Washington to put the option of a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities back on the table.Israel has long argued that all of the international sanctions against Iran are pointless unless Western powers are prepared to back them up with the threat of force.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been pressing that point since US President Barack Obama pushed through a new package of sanctions at the UN Security Council last month. In the past few weeks, Time reported that US Central Command has been devising a thorough plan of targeted air strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The article claimed that Israel has been brought into that planning process. Israel is also reportedly still revising its own independent plan of attack, should a solo mission against Iran become necessary.

Amiri Told CIA Iran Has No Nuclear Bomb Programme (19 July, 2010)
WASHINGTON, (IPS) - Contrary to a news media narrative that Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri has provided intelligence on covert Iranian nuclear weapons work, CIA sources familiar with the Amiri case say he told his CIA handlers that there is no such Iranian nuclear weapons programme, according to a former CIA officer. Philip Giraldi, a former CIA counterterrorism official, told IPS that his sources are CIA officials with direct knowledge of the entire Amiri operation. The CIA contacts say that Amiri had been reporting to the CIA for some time before being brought to the U.S. during Hajj last year, Giraldi told IPS, initially using satellite-based communication. But the contacts also say Amiri was a radiation safety specialist who was "absolutely peripheral" to Iran's nuclear programme, according to Giraldi. Amiri provided "almost no information" about Iran's nuclear programme, said Giraldi, but had picked up "scuttlebutt" from other nuclear scientists with whom he was acquainted that the Iranians have no active nuclear weapon programme. Giraldi said information from Amiri's debriefings was only a minor contribution to the intelligence community's reaffirmation in the latest assessment of Iran's nuclear programme of the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE)'s finding that work on a nuclear weapon has not been resumed after being halted in 2003. (...) Although an investigation has begun within the CIA of the procedures used in the case, Giraldi said, Amiri's erstwhile CIA handlers still do not believe he was a double agent or "dangle". What convinced CIA officers of Amiri's sincerity, according to Giraldi, was Amiri's admission that he had no direct knowledge of the Iranian nuclear programme. (...) Warrick and Miller reported that Amiri had "provided spy agencies with details about sensitive programs including a long-hidden uranium-enrichment plant near the city of Qom." Their sources were said to be "current and former officials in the United States and Europe". (...) Three days later, the Washington Post ran another story quoting David Albright, director of the Institute for Science and International Security, as saying that the intelligence briefings for Security Council members had included "information about nuclear weaponisation" obtained from Amiri. Albright said he had been briefed on the intelligence earlier that week, and the Post reported a "U.S. official" had confirmed Albright's account.Subsequently, ABC News reported that Amiri's evidence had "helped to contradict" the 2007 NIE, and McClatchy Newspapers repeated Albright's allegation and the conclusion that the new assessment had reversed the intelligence conclusion that Iran had ceased work related to weaponisation. In creating that false narrative, journalists have evidently been guided by personal convictions on the issue that are aligned with certain U.S., European and Israeli officials who have been pressuring the Barack Obama administration to reject the 2007 estimate. For the Israelis and for some U.S. officials, reversing the conclusion that Iran is not actively pursuing weaponisation is considered a precondition for manoeuvring U.S. policy into a military confrontation with Iran.

With record foreclosures and child poverty at a shameful level, can we really afford to stay in Afghanistan and Iraq for 10 years? (...) Why is nobody talking about the Afghanistan adventure as a cause of our plunging recession? Or at least citing the 30-year-old endless war as a major contributory factor in wasting our money to "nation-build" in the Hindu Kush while our own country falls to pieces on food stamps, foreclosures and child poverty – one in five kids – that would put the world's poorest nations to shame?Iraq was George Bush's war. But, as Republican party chairman Michael Steele correctly says, "Afghanistan is Obama's war of choice", and a losing proposition. Historically, Bush and Dick Cheney merely toyed with Afghanistan while visiting shock and awe on Iraq. But President Obama is really, really serious about it. He told us so on his campaign trail, but most of us refused to believe him. We told ourselves: oh, he's a closet pacifist, or he'll somehow find a way out of the impasse, thus sealing a devil's pact with our own consciences. Obama's "way out" is to dig deeper in so that he'll be able to get out, it's said. Where have we heard that before? Exit strategy, my foot. Obama is a willing prisoner of his generals, the latest four-star foot-in-mouther being General George Casey, army chief of staff, who a few days ago confessed to CBS News that the US could face another "decade or so" of persistent conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. (He then fudged it, but the cat was out of the bag.)Our Afghanistan war, which began in 1980 under the Democrats (by weaponising Afghan resistance to the Soviets), and is now truly a bipartisan war, is as bankrupt as our economy. No connection? None that I can hear from Republicans or Democrats and the "liberal base". The war without purpose or common sense is simply a given, like the weather. Other than a few lonely "wingnuts" like Florida congressman Alan Grayson (who introduced a bill titled "The War Is Making You Poor"), the antiwar Texas libertarian Ron Paul and Illinois's Tim Johnson, hardly anybody in public life dares to make a connection between teachers' pink slips, personal bankruptcies (6,000 a day now), our rotting infrastructure, lengthening queues at unemployment offices, child poverty … and the war. CLIP

Collapse in Living Standards in America: More Poverty By Any Measure - 15 million unemployed, homelessness has increased by 50 percent in some cities
More than 15 million Americans are unemployed, homelessness has increased by 50 percent in some cities, and 38 million people are receiving food stamps, more than at any time in the program’s almost 50-year history. Evidence of rising economic hardship is ample. There’s one commonly used standard for measuring it: the U.S. Census Bureau’s poverty rate. It guides much of federal and state spending aimed at helping those unable to make a decent living. But a number of states have become convinced that the federal figures actually understate poverty, and have begun using different criteria in operating state-based social programs. At the same time, conservative economists are warning that a change in the formula to a threshold that counts more people as poor could lead to an unacceptable increase in the cost of federal and state social service programs. When Census publishes new numbers for 2009 in September, experts predict they’ll show a steep rise in the poverty rate. One independent researcher estimates the data will show the biggest year-to-year increase in recorded history. According to Richard Bavier, a former analyst for the federal Office of Management and Budget, already available data about employment rates, wages, and food stamp enrollment suggest that an additional 5.7 million people were officially poor in 2009. That would bring the total number of people with incomes below the federal poverty threshold to more than 45 million. The poverty rate, Bavier expects, will hit 15 percent — up from 13.2 percent in 2008, when the Great Recession first started to take its toll. Still, the U.S. Census Bureau’s new numbers will offer only a partial picture of how the nation’s sputtering economy is affecting the poorest Americans — a problem state officials and the Obama administration want to address. CLIP

The Retirement Nightmare: Half of Americans Have Less Than $2,000 Banked for Their Golden Years (July 16, 2010)
With declining earnings and a culture of borrow-and-consume, America's workers face a future of uncertainty and little money to pay for their retirement. -- The days of quietly retiring with a nest egg built up from years of savings from a long career on the verge of disappearing. For tens of millions of Americans, facing rising costs, shrinking incomes and growing debts they already have disappeared."One out of three working Americans does not have retirement savings beyond Social Security, and about 35% of those over 65 rely almost totally on Social Security alone," Dallas Salisbury, president of the Alliance for Investor Education and the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) , explained to AlterNet. "Of the remaining two-thirds of working Americans that have some retirement savings, 27 percent report less than $1,000, 16 percent between $1,000 and $9,999, 11 percent between $10,000 and $24,999, 12 percent between $25,000-$49,999, and 36 percent $50,000 or more." Perhaps the most shocking number is that half of Americans have $2,000 or less saved for retirement. CLIP

States of Crisis for 46 Governments Facing Greek-Style Deficits (Jun 25, 2010)
Californians don’t see much evidence that the worst economic contraction since the Great Depression is coming to an end.Unemployment was 12.4 percent in May, 2.7 percentage points higher than the national rate. Lawmakers gridlocked over how to close a $19 billion budget gap are weighing the termination of the main welfare program for 1.3 million poor families or borrowing more than $9 billion in the bond market. California, tied with Illinois for the lowest credit rating of any state, is diverting a rising portion of tax revenue to service debt, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its August issue. Far from rebounding, the Golden State, with a $1.8 trillion economy that’s larger than Russia’s, is sinking deeper into its financial funk. And it’s not alone. Even as the U.S. appears to be on the mend -- gross domestic product has climbed three straight quarters -- finances in Arizona, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and other states show few signs of improvement. Forty-six states face budget shortfalls that add up to $112 billion for the fiscal year ending next June, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington research institution. State spending is 12 percent of U.S. GDP. “States are going to have to cut back spending and raise taxes the same way Greece and Spain are,” says Dean Baker, co- director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington. “That runs counter to stimulating the economy and will put a big damper on the recovery in the latter half of this year.”Stimulus Dries UpState budget woes are a worsening drag on growth as the federal government tries to wean the economy from two years of extraordinary support. By Jan. 1, funds from the $787 billion federal stimulus bill will dry up. That money from Washington has helped cushion state budgets as tax revenue has plunged.State leaders won’t be able to ride out this cycle the way they have in the past. The budget holes are too large. CLI

Detroit to Bulldoze Thousands Of Homes (28 May 2010)
The 2010 census is expected to reveal a population of about 800,000, down from a peak of 1.8 million in the 1950s. The long decline of the car industry and all its spin-off business has been exacerbated by the collapse of a housing market that has left prices close to what they were 50 years ago, when lifestyle magazines featured Detroit as the most desirable city in the United States. Decent three-bedroom homes can be bought for $10,000, but no one wants to buy. Plans currently being devised would be the most revolutionary carried out by a major American city. Large chunks of neighborhoods would be razed and converted to parks, urban farms or simply abandoned. The city plans to demolish 3,000 homes this year, and a further 7,000 over the following three years. Some are speculating that up to 40,000 homes could eventually go. In Detroit’s Brightmoor neighbourhood on the city’s northwest side, it is easy to see the logic of his vision. On many blocks only two or three homes are inhabited, the rest have been vacated by repossession, abandoned or burned down by arsonists. They become magnets for rodents, rubbish or drug gangs. This has prompted cries of “ethnic cleansing” and “cleansing of the poor”, accusations that defenders of the idea say ring hollow in a city that is 85 per cent black, whose top officials are mostly black, and where poverty rates are way above the national average. Almost a third of the city’s 139 square miles is vacant or derelict, though its land area would comfortably fit Manhattan, San Francisco and Boston, cities with combined populations of three million.

Time runs out for 1.2 million on unemployment (July 1, 2010)
(CNN) -- With her unemployment benefits coming to a halt, Miriam Cintron is forced to make a difficult choice between health insurance and daily expenses.Signing into her unemployment benefits account last week, the New Yorker was horrified to see she hadn't received any money for three weeks, she says. What would the four-year cancer survivor do if she couldn't afford to pay her $650 monthly COBRA payment? Her health insurance helped pay for life-saving treatment before, so giving it up is not an option, she says. When Cintron was laid off from her job as a case worker at a homeless shelter in late 2008, she never imagined she'd go on unemployment. But even with 17 years experience, she's been unable to land a new job. Cintron isn't alone. Unemployment benefits are set to run dry for 1.2 million people nationwide Friday after the U.S. Senate decided not to extend a deadline to file for these benefits last week, according to the National Employment Law Project. Come Saturday, the number of people cut from unemployment benefits will surge to 1.63 million, according to U.S. Department of Labor estimates. By mid-July, about 2 million unemployed Americans could lose their benefits. CLIP

Stamp of idiocy (June 29, 2010)
A whole series of alarms occurred after I got the news, although I lost the source, that "food stamp usage just soared to a new record high" of 40.2 million persons. This number is alarming in itself because it means that the economy is so bad that more and more hungry people cannot afford to even feed themselves, sort of like teenagers but with hopefully better manners and dietary choices. (...) Judging by the sudden rash of e-mails, everybody prefers Mr Rockwell's explanation better than mine. Since I seem to be outclassed at every turn, I take a different tack and wonder how many of the non-taxpayer-paid workers in the private economy (and thus the only ones who can generate a profit from their labors with which to pay the taxes with which to support the welfare state that the American system of governments has become), a population of workers currently numbering less than 100 million, can continue to support the food expense of 40 million people or, up close and personal, five people paying to feed two people. And since this is just a small part of the pandemic governmental bankruptcies that the neo-Keynesian econometric insanity has caused, as the intractable problems of Medicare and Social Security dwarf those of the food stamp program, it is indeed unfortunate that there is - and you can trust me on this one by merely looking deep into my Bloodshot Mogambo Eyes (BME) to see my total sincerity - no way out of this governmental bankruptcy mess, just like there has never, ever been a way of out of governmental bankruptcy in the last 4,500 years, despite innumerable attempts of innumerable idiotic governments trying to do so, desperately trying everything that they can think of, including murdering those considered "non-compliant", yet consistently failing miserably. CLIP

What Would Life Be Like Under Martial Law? By Giordano Bruno (07/01/2010)
The U.S. Federal Government under both the Bush and Obama administration has made it perfectly clear that in the event of almost any major disaster scenario, including economic and environmental, they see the institution of Martial Law as not only viable, but inexorable. From legislative actions like the Patriot Act and the Enemy Belligerents Act (currently in committee) to continuity of government programs such as Rex 84 (formerly classified) and Presidential Directive PDD 51 (currently classified, even from Congress), all the "legal" precedents have been put into place to allow the Executive Branch to implement military oversight of civilian affairs, dissolution of Constitutional liberties, even the end of Miranda Rights and the right to a speedy impartial trial as protected under the Sixth Amendment. In some cases, government legislation allows for the rendition and torture of American citizens as combatants, all for the "greater good", of course...Some in this country dismiss such bills and directives as abstract novelties that don't constitute any real threat to our freedoms or our daily life. People have a tendency to assume that the atmosphere we live in today will remain the same tomorrow and always. Many of us never consider that dramatic, even violent change in American domestic policy is possible on a moments notice. On the contrary, the continuity legislation now in place shows that our government under the direction of corporate globalists is not only prepared to implement a military lockdown of this country, they fully anticipate that such an event will occur in the near future.In this article, we will examine how Martial Law will be presented to the citizens of the U.S., how it would likely evolve and progress, and what the ultimate end result will be if such action is not stopped by the Liberty Movement and the American public.
(...) To peer into the future of what American martial law might look like, one need only research the history of martial law and dictatorships in general. From the Philippines to China to the Soviet Union, the stages of tyranny are pretty much the same no matter where you are in the world. Anyone who believes martial law in America will forgo any of these terrible steps, or that we will somehow maintain a sense of propriety and fairness, is going to be sorely disappointed.

Free Press Destroyed: The very first action of any government that has achieved military control of a country is to dominate the flow of information. The greatest threat to elitist domination is usually the people who they mean to rule over. Ending freedom of the press stalls chances that a view that opposes government control will gain footing. In America, the mainstream media is already under globalist control and would likely remain active during martial law, at least for a time. FOX, CNN, CNBC, etc, would change little, while the true free press (alternative web news which now dominates over the ratings of mainstream media) would be attacked, if not shut down completely. Government enforced web filters (like those in China and being legislated in Australia) could be put in place, and arrests of citizen journalists are liable to occur.
Dissolution Of Checks And Balances: In some cases, military rule allows for the dissolution of states rights and even of Congress itself. If Congress is allowed to remain, it would be in a ceremonial capacity only. Under martial law, all decision making is "streamlined" into the hands of the executive branch. The excuse given for this is often the same everywhere; the President (dictator) must not have his hands tied by checks and balances during a state of crisis, otherwise, his decisions are slowed, and more people could be hurt. Once the executive branch of a country removes checks and balances, they almost never put them back willingly, even after the so-called "crisis" has subsided.

Erasure Of Civil Liberties: Say goodbye to Habeas Corpus immediately. All tyrannies have abruptly suspended rights to fair trial, rights to legal representation, Miranda Rights, even the right to know what one has been charged with before being arrested. This process quickly devolves the justice system to the point where those who are detained simply disappear, and are never heard from again. The U.S. currently has many pieces of legislation that have passed or are pending which allow rendition and even torture of regular citizens, specifically in the event of a national emergency, which under current rules, the President can declare at his leisure.

Curfews, Checkpoints, Searches, Citizen Spies: Say goodbye to privacy. Expect ID checkpoints, and arrests for lack of ID. Expect nighttime curfews in cities enforced with extreme prejudice. Expect warrant-less searches of your home without cause, not to mention surveillance of web and phone traffic. Also count on the fact that some people, out of paranoia, or out of some twisted desire for petty influence, will start pointing an accusing finger at anyone who looks at them the wrong way, and the establishment will encourage this. Tyranny is much easier when the citizens police each other. We actually see some of this behavior today, however, under martial law, there is absolutely no chance whatsoever of holding the authorities or anyone who supports them legally accountable for any wrongdoing. There is essentially no means to voice grievance. Martial law is like a free pass to law enforcement officials to do whatever they please, whenever they please.

Arrests Of Activists And Dissidents: Political opponents of the establishment, no matter how honorable and peaceful they may be, would likely be arrested. Those who have the capability to lead a movement in opposition of the current government or those who have the respect of a sizable percentage of the populace will become priority targets during martial law. All tyrants seek to quash other voices, especially strong voices, so that they can create an environment in which THEIR voice is the only one that can be heard. Activists are normally labeled as subversives, insurgents, or terrorists. They are arrested and treated as enemy combatants. The reigning government will claim that such people are "dangerous" to the stability of the country, and a threat to national security. Associating activists with terrorists also makes the idea of rendition and torture slightly more palatable to the fearful public.

CLIP - Note from Jean: One only has to think about what just happened in Toronto during the G-20 to realize that such possibilities as the ones described above are all too real...

U.S Hawks Created Spy Scandal to Hurt Obama, Ex-Russian Security Head Says (July 9, 2010)
The U.S.-Russian espionage scandal that culminated in a Cold War-style spy exchange was an attempt by “hawks” in America to weaken President Barack Obama, the former head of Russia’s domestic security agency said.“It was an attempt to interfere in Obama’s reset” of relations with Russia, “and to compromise Obama himself,” Nikolai Kovalyov said in an interview in Moscow today. “This was an attempt by the hawks to influence policy toward Russia,” said Kovalyov, who headed the Federal Security Service, the main successor to the Soviet-era KGB, from 1996 to 1998. Russia’s Foreign Ministry and the U.S. State Department hailed the swift resolution of the spy situation as evidence of improved ties between the two countries under Obama. Russia’s Foreign Ministry said today the exchange of four convicted spies for 10 Russian citizens should help to deter “attempts to divert the two sides from this course.” CLIP

US-Russian Relations: Wooing the West (July 7, 2010) http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=20045
(...) Russia’s accession to Washington’s demand for new UN sanctions against Iran could be dismissed as a meaningless gesture if it wasn’t for the subsequent cancellation of the S-300 missile contract. Russia signed the contract in 2005, when its relations with the US were at an all-time low after US-supported colour revolutions in Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Ukraine. Russia finished assembling the missile systems in 2009 but has now admitted openly that it was cancelling the agreement due to pressure from Washington. The cancellation of the contract was a coup for Washington, and a blow to those who have come to expect Russia to take an independent role in world crises. It is also an expensive move, costing Russia up to $400m in a forfeit penalty, in addition to the $800m value of the sale, and could come back to haunt Medvedev. It came as a surprise to many.
(...) So it was crucial that Medvedev’s trip to Silicon Valley show that his pro-American reset would bear fruit. He chummed around with Obama and met business leaders, calling for US investment in Russia, much like Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev did a half century ago. Little did he know that the FBI had already informed Obama that it was about to bust a supposed Russian spy ring. What should have been a chance for Obama to rejoice at how thoroughly reset the reset button was, with Russian-American smiles on all fronts, became instead an embarrassing fiasco. Ten alleged Russian agents, mall-loving suburbanites one and all, were charged with “deep cover” intelligence gathering two days after Medvedev completed his tour. That it was intended to scuttle Russian-US rapprochement is shown by the fact that, having tracked the “spy ring” for a decade and touting the operation as the biggest in US history, the FBI couldn’t point to one piece of high security information changing hands. Anna Chapman, spyThe operation can only be interpreted as a “deep cover” prank, intended to keep the Russians off-balance, despite their compliance with US demands on all fronts. CLIP

US Forces on Korean Peninsula Reject China's Criticism of Maritime Exercises with South Korea (9 July 2010)
The leader of U.S. forces on the Korean Peninsula rejects China's criticism of maritime exercises planned with South Korea. But the top American general in South Korea asks Beijing to work more closely with Washington and Seoul to deter the North Korean threat. The commander of U.S. forces in South Korea, General Walter Sharp, says every nation, within its territorial limits, is obligated to train its forces against perceived threats. "South Korea has that right. And South Korea and the U.S. work very closely to be able to make sure that we have the defense capabilities from a military perspective in place to deter and defeat," says General Sharp. "And that's what these exercises are about." The joint maritime exercise is among of a number of South Korean responses to the sinking of one its navy ships in March. An international investigation determined that a North Korean torpedo sunk the Cheonan, killing 46 sailors. The exercise is to be held in the Yellow Sea, prompting protests from China that it is too close to its territorial waters. U.S. and South Korean officials have held off on revealing the exact dates and location of the drills until after the United Nations Security Council completes debate on a resolution about the Cheonan. CLIP

Yellow Sea drill a threat: Beijing (July 09 2010)
China again expressed dismay at a planned joint military drill between the US and South Korea in the Yellow Sea, claiming it threatens the country's national security interests. Qin Gang, spokesman of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reiterated Thursday Beijing's serious concerns about the drill, calling on Washington and Seoul to keep calm and exercise restraint."We are firmly opposed to foreign military vessels engaging in activities that undermine China's security interests in the Yellow Sea or waters close to China," he added.The US and South Korea announced the planned drill in June to counter North Korea's alleged sinking of a South Korean warship in March. China has voiced its opposition to the drill, claiming the location of the drill is too close to Chinese territories. An article published in the Korea Times on Tuesday quoted an official at South Korea's Ministry of National Defense as saying on condition of anonymity that the war game may be canceled, or that at least the scale of them will be decreased. However, the ministry said later in a statement that the drill would not be called off because of pressure from Beijing. Choon Heum-choi, senior researcher at the Korea Institute for National Unification, told the Global Times that the sinking incident was an issue between the two Koreas rather than with China. "Depending upon allied relations between South Korea and the US, it is natural for both sides to adopt measures to deal with the issue," he said. "So, the two sides will not cancel the military exercise due to China's opposition." He stressed that the US needs to show its support to its allies, saying that nobody will trust the US if it withdraws from the drill. CLIP - MORE ON THIS DEVELOPING SITUATION THOUGH THIS LINK

The Drums of War? Pentagon Provokes New Crisis With China - by Rick Rozoff (July 10, 2010)
Three news features appearing earlier this week highlight tensions between the United States and the People's Republic of China that, at least in relation to the language used to describe them, would have seemed unimaginable even a few months ago and are evocative more of the Korean War era than of any time since the entente cordiale initiated by the Richard Nixon-Mao Zedong meeting in Beijing in 1972.To indicate the seriousness of the matter, the stories are from Global Times, a daily newspaper published in conjunction with the People's Daily, official press organ of the ruling Communist Party of China, and Time, preeminent American weekly news magazine. Both accounts use as their point of departure and source of key information a July 4 report in Hong Kong's major English-language daily. On July 6 writer Li Jing penned a news article for Global Times called "US subs reach Asian ports: report," which detailed the following recent developments: "Three of the largest submarines of the US Seventh Fleet surfaced in Asia-Pacific ports last week, the South China Morning Post reported Monday [July 5]. The appearance of the USS Michigan in Pusan, South Korea, the USS Ohio in Subic Bay, the Philippines, and the USS Florida in the strategic Indian Ocean outpost of Diego Garcia was a show of force not seen since the end of the Cold War, the paper said, adding that the position of those three ports looks like a siege of China." [1]The piece from the Hong Kong newspaper cited was entitled "US submarines emerge in show of military might: Message unlikely to be lost on Beijing as 3 vessels turn up in Asian ports," and was in fact dated July 4. The author, South China Morning Post Asia correspondent Greg Torode, described the simultaneous arrival of three "Ohio-class submarines" equipped with "a vast quantity of Tomahawk cruise missiles" as a reflection of "the trend of escalating submarine activity in East Asia...." [2]
(...) The U.S. and NATO have transited hundreds of thousands of troops through the Manas Air Base (now Transit Center at Manas) in Kyrgyzstan, which also borders China, since 2001 and in recent months troops have passed in and out from Afghanistan at the rate of 55,000 a month, 660,000 a year. [26] Washington has announced plans to open new training bases in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, the second nation also adjoining China.With Afghanistan and Pakistan, which also have borders with China, the U.S. and NATO have a military presence in five nations on China's western flank and a foothold in Mongolia. The U.S. and NATO war in South Asia will enter its tenth year this autumn with no sign of Western military presence departing from China's backyard. The U.S. military remains ensconced in Japan and South Korea, has returned to the Philippines (including camps in Mindanao), is solidifying bilateral and multilateral military relations with practically all nations in Southeast Asia, and for the past five years has cultivated India as a military partner. [India is currently an observer at the RIMPAC exercises.) Japan, Taiwan and Australia are being integrated into a U.S.-designed regional and broader global interceptor missile system.The U.S. is conducting regular military exercises, building military partnerships, stationing troops and opening bases around China's periphery, in addition to the positioning of warships, submarines and aircraft carriers in the waters off its coasts. What alarms China most at the moment, though, is a proposed joint U.S.-South Korean military exercise in the Yellow Sea, enclosed by both Koreas to the east and China to the north and west. China's Global Times recently quoted Xu Guangqian, military strategist at the People's Liberation Army's Academy of Military Sciences, issuing this warning: "China's position on the Yellow Sea issue demonstrates its resolution to safeguard national rights and interests. It also reflects that China is increasingly aware of the fact that its strategic space has confronted threats from other countries." [27]China, which just concluded six days of naval drills of its own in the East China Sea, had more reason to be concerned when it was disclosed earlier this month that a U.S. aircraft carrier would join the maneuvers off its Yellow Sea coast. CLIP

Critics ask whether such sophisticated and pricey planes are crucial to military needs -- The Harper government has committed to buying a fleet of $140-million-a-pop fighter jets at the outset of an era of austerity, sparking questions about whether post-Cold-War Canada still needs pricey cutting-edge airpower.Marched in to a military band, Defence Minister Peter MacKay touted the new fleet of next-generation F-35s, fitted with stealth technology, state-of-the-art operating systems and super-secure communications, as the “best” that Canadian pilots need to defend the country’s sovereignty and fight in missions abroad.But the price tag for 65 planes – $9-billion to buy them, and an estimated $16-billion when a maintenance contract is completed – has heightened questions about whether they are really crucial to Canada’s future military needs.With no Soviet Union across the North Pole, critics say the Conservative government has yet to demonstrate a strategic need for fighters. “There is a whole lot of bells and whistles on the F-35 that they don’t really need,” said Michael Wallace, a University of British Columbia defence and international relations professor. “It’s basically a Cold War upgrade, and the Cold War is over, so there’s nobody it’s really useful against.”The F-35 Lightning II jets, developed by a cartel of nine nations led by the United States and including Canada, are the first “fifth-generation” fighter planes that U.S. allies can buy.The announcement of one of the biggest military equipment purchases in recent Canadian history is symbolically at odds with the Conservatives’ planned five-year round of budget cutting to start next year. CLIP Check also Controversy dogs fighter jet contract (...) Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said the Conservatives did the whole thing under the cover of darkness and called for the Common to resume sitting. “What Canadians want to know is do we need this plane. Do we need this number of planes. What is the purpose of these planes. We’re in a $54 billion deficit. Every choice has to be justified. You’ve got to justify it. That’s how it works in a democracy. Mr. Harper doesn’t just get to spend $16 billion of your money on his say-so,” he told reporters MORE related news HERE

The Siege against Gaza: America's Ongoing Support of Israeli Military and Intelligence Operations By Prof. Michel Chossudovsky (July 10, 2010)
We are dealing with a carefully planned military operation. The Israeli Navy Commando which attacked the Marvi Marmara on May 31st had prior knowledge of who was on the Turkish ship including where passengers were residing in terms of cabin layout. According to Swedish author Henning Mankell, who was on board the Marmara , "the Israeli forces attacked sleeping civilians." These were targeted assassinations. Specific individuals were targeted. Journalists were targeted with a view to confiscating their audio and video recording equipment and tapes."We were witnesses to premeditated murders," said historian Mattias Gardell who was on the Mavi Marmara."... Asked about why activists on the Turkish ship had attacked the Israeli soldiers, Gardell stressed "it is not as if Israel is a police officer whom no human being has the legitimate right to defend him or herself against": "If you are attacked by commando troops you of course must have the right to defend yourself ... Many people on this ship thought they were going to kill everyone. They were very frightened ... It's strange if people think one should not defend oneself. Should you just sit there and say: 'Kill me'?" he said." (See Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Detailed Compiled Eyewitness Accounts Confirm Cold-Blooded Murder and Executions by Israeli Military, Global Research, June 1, 2010) "They even shot those who surrendered. Many of our friends saw this. They told me that there were handcuffed people who were shot," quoted by Press TV) The Israeli Commando had an explicit order to kill. What was the role of the United States? The raids on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, bear the mark of previous Israeli operations directed against unarmed civilians. It is a well established modus operandi of Israeli military-intelligence operations, which is tacitly supported by the US administration. The killing of civilians is intended to trigger a response by Palestinian resistance forces, which in turn justifies Israeli retaliation (on "humanitarian" grounds) as well as a process of military escalation. The logic of this process contained in Ariel Sharon's "Operation Justified Vengeance" (also referred to as the "Dagan Plan" named after Sharon's National Security advisor) was initiated at the outset the Sharon government in 2001. This Operation was intent upon destroying the Palestinian Authority and transforming Gaza into an urban prison. (See Michel Chossudovsky, "Operation Justified Vengeance": Israeli Strike on Freedom Flotilla to Gaza is Part of a Broader Military Agenda, Global Research, June 1, 2010)."Operation Cast Lead" resulting in the December 2008 invasion of Gaza should be understood as part of the logic of "Operation Justified Vengeance". In turn, the Israeli attack on the Flotilla must be viewed as a continuation of "Operation Cast Lead" which seeks to enforce the Siege on Gaza.The attack on the Flotilla bears the fingerprints of a military intelligence operation coordinated by the IDF and Mossad, which is now headed by one of the main architects of "Operation Justified Vengeance", Meir Dagan. It is worth recalling that as a young Coronel, Dagan worked closely with then defense minister Ariel Sharon in the raids on the Palestinian settlements of Sabra and Shatilla in Beirut in 1982. The Role of the United States - There are indications that the US was consulted at the highest levels regarding the nature of the military operation directed against the flotilla. Moreover, in the wake of the attacks, both the US and the UK unequivocally reaffirmed their support to Israel. CLIP

Israel Chokes Gaza Despite Announced Easing (15 July 2010)
Ramallah - Israel has received international praise for its decision to ease its crippling blockade on Gaza following the country's deadly assault on a humanitarian flotilla trying to bring desperately needed humanitarian aid to the coastal territory. But according to the UN and human rights organisations, the easing of the blockade is insufficient in meeting Gaza's needs."Even if the blockade is eased it remains illegal under international law as it is a collective form of punishment on a civilian population," Chris Gunness from the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) told IPS."Eighty percent of Gaza's population is aid-dependent. Allowing more aid in is perpetuating this dependency and not addressing the issue of self- sufficiency or the root causes of the crisis," added Gunness. (...) During the week after Jun. 20, 695 trucks of goods entered Gaza. This compares with 2,400 per week prior to the closure, and meets only 30 percent of Palestinian needs. Over the past three years 2,328 trucks entered Gaza on a monthly basis compared with 10,400 trucks monthly prior to the blockade.Additionally, items which could be used for industry and manufacturing and which present no security threat are still being restricted. There appears to be "no change in the policy of inflicting economic warfare or by preventing entry of goods necessary for production," says the Gisha report. "Textiles, industrial-sized buckets of margarine, glucose, packaging boxes and other raw materials are still banned. CLIP

Israeli settlements cover 42 percent of West Bank
JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli human rights group says settlements control more than 42 percent of the West Bank. The B'Tselem group also says one-fifth of the land occupied by settlements was seized from private Palestinian landowners. It says much of the confiscation took place after Israel's Supreme Court outlawed the practice in 1979. B'Tselem said Tuesday its report is based on official state documents, including military maps and a military settlement database. B'Tselem said the built-up area of settlements covers about 1 percent of the West Bank's land area, but their municipal jurisdiction and regional councils covers more than 42 percent. Israel's settlements have been a controversial enterprise throughout the decades and a main obstacle to peacemaking with the Palestinians.

Supreme Court Favors Consumers in First-Ever Case on Genetically-Engineered Crops (25 June 2010)
The United States Supreme Court announced its decision Monday in Monsanto v. Geerston Farms, the first genetically modified crop case ever brought before the high court. As a result, the ban on planting Roundup Ready Alfalfa still stands, until and unless future deregulation by federal agencies occurs. The Center for Food Safety calls it a "major victory" for conventional farmers and consumers.In a 7 to 1 vote, the court ruled on 3 issues and held that any further attempt to commercialize Roundup Ready Alfalfa (RRA), which has been engineered to survive weed killer, may require an Environmental Impact Study that would be subject to legal challenge. The Court further recognized that the threat of transgenic contamination is harmful and onerous to organic and conventional farmers and that the injury allows them to challenge future biotech crop commercializations in court. Following the ruling, more than 50 U.S. lawmakers called on the U.S. Agriculture Department to keep Monsanto's biotech alfalfa out of farm fields. The lawmakers said the biotech alfalfa presents too great a risk to conventional and organic agriculture to ever allow it. CLIP

Airport body scanners 'could give you cancer', warns expert (30th June 2010) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1290527/Airport-body-scanners-deliver-radiation-dose-20-times-higher-thought.html
Full body scanners at airports could increase your risk of skin cancer, experts warn. The X-ray machines have been brought in at Manchester, Gatwick and Heathrow. But scientists say radiation from the scanners has been underestimated and could be particularly risky for children.They say that the low level beam does deliver a small dose of radiation to the body but because the beam concentrates on the skin - one of the most radiation-sensitive organs of the human body - that dose may be up to 20 times higher than first estimated. Dr David Brenner, head of Columbia University's centre for radiological research, said although the danger posed to the individual passenger is 'very low', he is urging researchers to carry out more tests on the device to look at the way it affects specific groups who could be more sensitive to radiation. He says children and passengers with gene mutations - around one in 20 of the population - are more at risk as they are less able to repair X-ray damage to their DNA. Dr Brenner, who is originally from Liverpool but now works at the New York university, said: 'The individual risks associated with X-ray backscatter scanners are probably extremely small. 'If all 800 million people who use airports every year were screened with X-rays then the very small individual risk multiplied by the large number of screened people might imply a potential public health or societal risk. The population risk has the potential to be significant.'Following trials, the airport scanners were officially introduced at Manchester Airport in January, at Heathrow Terminal 4 in February and at Gatwick in May this year. The most likely risk from the airport scanners is a common type of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma, according to the academic. The cancer is usually curable and often occurs in the head and neck of people aged between 50 and 70. He points out it would be difficult to hide a weapon on the head or neck so proposes missing out that part of the body from the scanning process. 'If there are increases in cancers as a result of irradiation of children, they would most likely appear some decades in the future. It would be prudent not to scan the head and neck,' he added. He recently aired his concerns to the Congressional Biomedical Caucus in the US - members of Congress who meet to exchange ideas on medical research. Dr Brenner urged them to look at his concerns but said it was important to balance any health issues against passengers' safety when flying. He said: 'There really is no other technology around where we're planning to X-ray such an enormous number of individuals. It's really unprecedented in the radiation world.' CLIP

Choosing healthy foods now called a mental disorder
In its never-ending attempt to fabricate "mental disorders" out of every human activity, the psychiatric industry is now pushing the most ridiculous disease they've invented yet: Healthy eating disorder.This is no joke: If you focus on eating healthy foods, you're "mentally diseased" and probably need some sort of chemical treatment involving powerful psychotropic drugs. The Guardian newspaper reports, "Fixation with healthy eating can be sign of serious psychological disorder" and goes on to claim this "disease" is called orthorexia nervosa -- which is basically just Latin for "nervous about correct eating."But they can't just called it "nervous healthy eating disorder" because that doesn't sound like they know what they're talking about. So they translate it into Latin where it sounds smart (even though it isn't). That's where most disease names come from: Doctors just describe the symptoms they see with a name like osteoporosis (which means "bones with holes in them").Getting back to this fabricated "orthorexia" disease, the Guardian goes on to report, "Orthorexics commonly have rigid rules around eating. Refusing to touch sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten, yeast, soya, corn and dairy foods is just the start of their diet restrictions. Any foods that have come into contact with pesticides, herbicides or contain artificial additives are also out."Wait a second. So attempting to avoid chemicals, dairy, soy and sugar now makes you a mental health patient? Yep. According to these experts. If you actually take special care to avoid pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified ingredients like soy and sugar, there's something wrong with you.But did you notice that eating junk food is assumed to be "normal?" If you eat processed junk foods laced with synthetic chemicals, that's okay with them. The mental patients are the ones who choose organic, natural foods, apparently. What is "normal" when it comes to foods? I told you this was coming. CLIP

Beating the Heat to Reduce Post-Harvest Waste (July 14, 2010)
For a farmer in a hot country like Sudan, a big harvest can end up being just a big waste. A fresh tomato off the vine will only last about 2 days in the stifling heat, while carrots and okra might last only 4 days. Despite being perfectly capable of producing abundant harvests, without any means to store and preserve crops, farmers in Sudan are at risk for hunger and starvation. They are also losing money that could be made by selling surplus produce at markets if they had a way to keep vegetables longer.The organization, Practical Action - a development non-profit that uses technology to help people gain access to basic services like clean water, and sanitation and to improve food production and incomes- provides a simple solution to this problem in the form of homemade clay refrigerators. Practical Action's clay refrigerators are called zeer pots and can be made out of mud, clay, water, and sand. To make one a farmer uses molds made out of mud to create two pots of different sizes. Once dry, the small pot is fitted into the larger pot and the space between them is filled with sand. By placing this structure on an iron stand so that air can flow underneath and all around, and by adding water to the sand between the pots daily, a farmer can use evaporation to keep the pots-and whatever is inside-cool. In a zeer pot, tomatoes and carrots can last up to twenty days while okra will last for seventeen days. And this can make a huge difference for a small scale farmer who is trying to feed her family. One farmer, Hawa Abbas, featured in a Practical Action case study, used to regularly expect to lose half her crop to the inescapable heat. But now, "[zeer pots] keep our vegetables fresh for 3-4 weeks, depending on the type of crop," she said. "They are very good in a hot climate such as ours where fruit and vegetables get spoiled in one day."Practical Action provides trainings and demonstrations to teach small scale farmers how to make and use the pots in developing countries like Sudan and Darfur. And an instruction manual about how to make the pots can be found on its website.To read more about innovations that reduce crop waste to alleviate hunger and improve livelihoods see: It's All About the Process, Reducing Food Waste, Investing in Better Food Storage, and In a World of Abundance, Food Waste is a Crime.

Kucinich to introduce bill for cell phone radiation research, warning label (June 30, 2010)
Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) said Wednesday that he will introduce a bill for a federal research program on the affects of cellphone radiation on users. The bill will also call for a warning label for mobile phones, as a growing body of research around the world indicate potential links between long-term use and cancer. The bill comes after The Post’s report Tuesday outlining the growing controversy over cellphones and health. The story looks into the lobbying effort against bills across the country that would require warning and radiation data labels for cellphone retailers and San Francisco's move as the first place in the nation to require retailers to disclose radiation levels of the phones they sell.“Some studies find links. Some don’t. But studies funded by the telecommunications industry are significantly less likely to find a link between cellphones and health effects. We need a first-class research program to give us answers,” Kucinich said in a statement. “Until we know for sure, a labeling law will ensure that cellphone users can decide for themselves the level of risk that they will accept”Kucinich, who held a hearing on the topic in 2008, said much of the current research on cellphone radiation is being done outside the United States. Federal regulations on how much radiation devices can emit – such as the Specific Absorption Rate set by the Federal Communications Commission – are outdated. His bill will call for a fresh look at regulatory standards on how much radiation a cellphone can emit. The FCC’s guidelines for SAR, an absorption limit set at 1.6 watts per kilogram of tissue, were determined in 1997 and were designed around testing for a male adult model. Those standards, according to some epidemiologists, do not take into account other affects of radiation on tissue and do not take into account the fastest-growing segment of cellphone users: children. Kucinich cited the 13-nation Interphone study (the U.S. did not participate) that found that while there is no conclusive link that long-term cellphone users were more prone to cancer, the heaviest users could be more vulnerable. “Consumers have a right to know whether they are buying the phone with the lowest – or the highest – level of exposure to cellphone radiation. They also deserve to have up-to-date standards, which are now decades old,” Kucinich said. Kucinich said in an interview that he will introduce his bill when Congress resumes session in two weeks. He said he has several co-sponsors."There is a high degree of interest in this among my colleagues," he said.

EMF-Omega-News 3. July 2010
Definitive German study - Tinnitus and mobile phone use - The Research of Dr. Zorach ("Zory") R. Glaser - Mobile Phone Mast Effects on Common Frog (Rana temporaria) Tadpoles: The City Turned into a Laboratory - Concern on mobile phone risks - Why are there so many complaints of vertigo from those living near cell phone towers? - Remarkable increases in the rate of malignant melanoma - Mobile Phone Mania: A Techno Addiction - Why are Bees Dying? Your Cell Phone May Hold a Clue - If Cell Phones Are Behind the Bee Decline, What Are They Doing to Humans? - Husband's cancer spurs wife to warn of suspected cell phone dangers - Industry Funded Cell Phone Study Ignores Evidence, Whitewashes Results - Kucinich Introduces Cell Phone Research, Warning Label Bill - Smart Grid Sensibility? - Residents win fight to stop phone mast going up nearby - Fears over health won't stop phone masts - Highlighting the dangers of living under high tension cables - Airport body scanners deliver radiation dose 20 times higher than first thought, warns expert - How the TeleCom Industry Plans to Take Over the Internet in Four Easy Steps

EMF-Omega-News 10. July 2010
Karolinska ‘Nobel Prize’ Institute threatens work of noted wireless safety researcher - Dr. Fiorenzo Marinelli: Presentation about the health challenges from EMF/electrosmog - Overexposure to cellphones hazardous to one’s health - India may adopt worst cell tower radiation norms - Cell Phone Health Hazards: Better Safe Than Sorry - Study Rules Out Phone Tower Link to Cancer - Electromagnetic fields: High-level microwave technology concerns - Wireless worries - Wireless signal making you sick? - The overwhelming testimony and struggles of James Collet - Children Effected by Cell Towers and Mobile Masts - Study Shows Electromagnetic Pollution's Impact on Aspen Seedlings, Wireless Concerns Mounting - Cell phones may be killing bee business - Hidden Facts About Ritalin - International Appeal from Würzburg - Norwich families preparing for new mast fight - Next-up News - News from Mast Sanity

EMF-Omega-News 17. July 2010
EMF and RF World Concerns - Epidemiological Evidence for a Health Risk from Mobile Phone Base Stations - Neurological and Endocrine illness patterns in Denmark since the introduction of mobile-phones in 1994 - Brazilian study cancer associated with radiation from cellular antennas - Auditory perception of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields - The possible effects of Electromagnetic Radiation and Radio Frequency Radiation - The Effects Of Radiation In The Cause Of Cancer - Study links Vatican Radio's waves to cancer risk - Top doctor's mobile phone radiation warning to children - Origins of U.S. Safety Standards for Microwave Radiation - Letters of Inquiry to FCC and FDA per legislators request - People power sees mast stopped in conservation area - Increase in mobile phone masts in Guernsey - It's PSE&G calling on Parsippany resident - Next-up News - News from Mast Sanity


Date: 10 July 2010
From: Carolyn Thompson (divinesynergy@live.com)
Subject: Just thoughts...

Dearest Jean....

Been wading through your huge compilation today and reading all the oil outcomes.... and I had no emotional reactions.... guess I am past that now, as the person I am. I cried it out before, and wrote about it - http://translucentsynthesis.wordpress.com/ - and now done with the emotional part...

Yet i write you to tell you, one post (available HERE) hit me deep inside with a sadness of truth I do not wish to think about...

For I know it to be true... and I cannot feel good about it even if I go to #3... I am sad for humans ... all of them... black or white hats... it does not matter.... my prayers were for all. My love is for all. My hope was for them to know goodness and yet, I am just one of the many... and I cannot choose for them. The sadness is heavy, and hard to think about. I thank you for this post. Bless the one who wrote it.

... the sadness will be with me for awhile... I need to feel and look at it...

I am very active in the multi-dimensions, always working to clean up astral planes, and Earth environments of old thought-forms, battle "echoes" from lands, releasing trapped souls from their traps.... and worldwide service. I bi-locate now and it is still hard work. I do it for ALL, so that the cleaner environments can allow people to move up in thoughts and deeds.

But they do not. They repeat and recreate the mire in which they live. They gossip ugliness, and hurt others repeatedly.... and as much as myself and others work and want the goodness for ALL, it just will not be so. Others, who are God also, make the choice not to move forward. They just do not want to.

And that makes me sad. I will not stand in their way.

Thank you for all your wonderful hard work and research!!! I intuitively know when you post and go to read... It connects me to so much earthly and etherically.

Carolyn Thompson

"Heal the Earth, heal Mankind, in perfect ways, in perfect time."


Dear Carolyn

First sorry for the delay in replying. There is just so much to do in summertime and my time at the computer is more limited - but so many emails keep pouring in...

I greatly appreciate that you opened your heart to share with me your reaction to this feedback which was indeed a bit dispiriting but nevertheless reflects an aspect of how things are... but just an aspect.

I hope you've been able by now to feel less strained by what was evoked and to refocus on the ongoing positive aspects of this duality reality which, by its very nature, will always have both positively and negatively-tinged elements.

All - even the most laggard souls - will have repeated opportunities to grow through their experiences and learn to let go of their self-created hell to eventually go back to Source - one way or another.

This is all part of the Cosmic Play of Creation.

Comfort is to be found in deep soul equanimity born out of a renewed sense of our Oneness with All That Is and of the Love that permeates all dimensions of Creation.

Light and blessings to you



From: http://translucentsynthesis.wordpress.com/2010/06/24/life-springs-from-ocean-water/

Life Springs from Ocean Water

By Carolyn Thompson -- June 24, 2010

When you take some ocean water from the deep ocean, place it in a jar and set in where it will receive about two hours of sunlight, little tiny organisms will birth. Tiny shrimp-like organisms, too tiny for the eye to see, will start swimming around as algae starts to grow within this jar as well.

Ocean water is a microcosmic world, teaming full of life and life renewing abilities. As the world begins to understand the importance of our ocean through a great catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, perhaps our Oceans will receive the respect that it is due.

Use this time to observe what nature does with this oil and the other contaminants that are released in the gulf to see what really happens. Oil itself is a natural part of the earth, yet the “dispersants” are man-made. What will become of this? Time will tell.

As the oil derivatives evaporate and rain upon the land, what will be that outcome?

As for the human, animal and sea life covered with the oil, they will just die a slow to fast death.

If you place this oil on human skin, it is absorbed just like anything else people put on their skin and is dealt with inside the body. Death from this is very slow, but it will cause death.

Think about everything else you place on your skin, is it natural or some man-made substance unknown to the body? Could we be causing more discomfort within the body due to slow absorption of strange concoctions our body does not recognize?

Oceans Mysteries

Oceans can teach us many lessons. We will witness its natural ability to break down this oil in to life-giving parts. Yet to observe this, we have to be patient as it may take up to 30 years for a complete natural cleansing of this part of the ocean.

All the wonderful efforts to remove the outpouring of this oil geyser will lessen the impact and death of the ocean life-forms that call this home. The miracle of life within ocean water will not activate until the water is pure enough. We as humans may not understand what this level of purity is.

Perhaps we could understand this more if we look at our own bodies and the bodies’ ability to handle what we put in our mouths, on our skin and breathe in our lungs; we can get an idea how sacred our body is. We can begin to also take that and try to imagine how sacred our oceans are. We can begin to realize how sacred our rivers are.

Are our rivers to be used as toilets, and chemical waste dumps? For this chemical and fecal mix evaporates and rains upon our lands and skin. Some of it is filtered out before we drink it and yet other times we just drink it as it is.

Even with our booming medical advances, people are becoming more diseased than any time in the history of our world. Could it be that we do not recognize how we have broken this chain of life? Perhaps focusing only on “bacteria and viruses” has narrowed our view. In the last 205 years we have developed so much that are “unnatural” and a lot of it we eat.

Women are like the ocean for they too can birth life. Modern living in America provides many choices in which restrict that ability to give life. It becomes harder to retain a pure body enough to hold a life, a baby, within the body if one uses the chemicals that are placed before women daily as beauty aids. Many disrupt the hormonal cycles within the body that keeps the body pure. Men also see this disruption and are part of the 75% decline in sperm vitality. Our bodies are a closed Terrarium, yet each time we add something to it there is chemical changes which occur.

Long Range Plans

So while this oil gusher spews tons of oil in to our Gulf Ocean, it is a time to reflect on what this means to us. We can complain, whine, fear, cry and other emotional outbursts, but in the end we have some very important decisions to make. If we do not make new choices, we must live in a dirty world with sickly people.

Pure water and sea water means no garbage, no dumping and keeping the land runoff to a minimum. It means that industrial businesses need to go the extra distance to contain their uses of water so that it is not part of our waterways and oceans. It means that people must become more conscious of their uses of waterways.

If pure ocean water can produce life forms with a bit of sunlight, we have the ability to rebuild what we have lost over time. It takes conscious choices and action towards a more pure environment. We have some science to back up these choices and yet science has also guided us to believe in doing nothing and allowing non-life affirming choices to be made in the name of business. We need to move beyond simple science and move in to our hearts, knowing what is right in order for generations to come to live in a pure world.

There is a respect of nature that has ultimately been lost over our excitement of other new discoveries. Respect needs to lead us forward. We must learn to understand the “sacredness” of all life, all rocks, all water, and all people in order to return to a more pure world. This sacredness was instilled upon the birth of Earth and it will also be there upon the death of Earth. The Earth is sacred whether people remember it or not. It is ready for us to actively participate and renew what we have lost over generations of ignorance and misuse. Sacred is a combination of science, natural forces and the divine in action.

Remember this. Remember we play a part in all life around us. Life is sacred; all life.

Disasters are calls to make new choices. Choices to change the way we do things. Choices without action are weak and never create changes. As we discuss the present Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, each of us needs to make a choice and then act upon it. 

Our Earth provides us with all that we need to live and yet we forget that. Absolutely everything comes from our Earth.

Once we pollute Earth sufficiently, we die. This is the very theme of many “doom” movies and is very real, with imaginative twists. Take up a cause on your local level and work towards new, healthy sustainable lifestyles.

Action is part of our sacred role as stewards of the Earth. To survive, we now must make sustainable choices in all that we do. To live a brilliant life, we need to return our Earth to a more pure environment. When we make that choice and act upon it in any way we can, we will have an abundant, beautiful way of life.

All life is sacred, our oceans and waterways are sacred organisms teaming full of more sacred lives.


First photo is by David Liittschwager in an article “Small Wonders, The Secret Life of Marine Microfauna” http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2007/11/marine-miniatures/holland-text

Second photo from

Understanding the Water Cycle

Organizations to get involved with:

Ocean Science and Stewardship

Ocean Conservation

The Oceanic Preservation Society

Blue Ocean Society

Ocean Conserve - list of many organizations

Get Involved with Life!


Other recommended articles by Carolyn Thompson

Measuring Lightworker Output (July 1, 2010)
(...) Can we really “measure” it? For most healers, we never know the outcome of the majority of our clients. We may never know the depth of land cleansing. We may never measure the clearing that we did in the astral fields. We may never know the practicality of our group work preparing the Earths grids and stability as She moves to higher frequencies. We may never know if our group prayers and light sent to people caught in disaster situations or wars. Our energy work defies measurement that we might crave for validation or confirmation. Lightworkers as a group works with Trust in all situations. It is vital that we trust the process and move forward in confidence. Trust moves energy to its intended. One of the outcomes of energy received is chaos. As we look around us the world is in various stages of chaos and is living proof or measurement of our Light Work. As the old, no-longer-serving energy moves out of people, places or wherever, chaos is a shifting. Chaos is the first step to reorganizing. (...) The chaos we see today is in part of Lightworkers continued efforts the assist the changes we need for a more healthy, peaceful and equitable world. Our universal heritage as angels, starseeds, brought us to this life in order to shift the whole world and all her people in to a more natural life. Our Creator Source intended something different for humans on Earth, than what we see today. It was allowed to this point and instead of a re-do, we all planned to come in and shift ever so slightly to abruptly, ourselves and all other humans on this planet. This would bring back to the One its entire sparks. It is a plan that is working. It is one that is an energetic healing on all levels of humans, material world and the unseen energies as well. If you measure the output of Lightworkers through the eventual proof that will be plainly seen in about three years, then all of us would be gold medal winners! Right now we can see the healing crisis moving in to intensity as it is the crucible required for full healing. So chaos is our present day measure. It is working. We are doing the work and it needs no real measure.

Loss of Jobs vs. Loss of Lives? (June 12, 2010)
As mankind is finding himself teetering on the edge of extinction, is it still a good choice to preserve jobs over the choice of preserving the ecological purity? One huge argument that is spoken all too often is that if we choose safety or health reasons it would mean loose of jobs. As industrialized nations lavish in the comforts of new devices to make our life easier or more entertaining, we have had this conversation about health and safety many times. Unions sprung up in large companies to force business owners to observe many harmful operations over the past and to find remedies. People want stability so they can go about their live in ease and comfort. We really need to add health to that as well. (...) Having been an avid scuba & skin diver, I have seen some of the most beautiful underwater landscapes on earth. Fire coral that is blazing red! I cannot even describe the beauty. I have never seen any film footage that captures the colors of the underwater landscape. Yet the animated movie Avatar came close to it and reminded me of some special ocean vistas I had the pleasure to swim in.I have also seen contaminated places under the ocean devoid of life, dusty old metal equipment, grit and rocks on the bottoms of these watery wastelands, not a plant or fish swimming. It is not a hard to realize the potential for human misunderstandings about our ocean landscape. Most people do not even swim much less look under the water. We learn about the chain of life in school with half opened eyes as someone tells us in a monotone lecture pointing at a chart with a circle of images. That is the extent of school exposure and unless you are one who in involved with the oceans, you may never understand its full value. People buy from local markets and grocery stores, so they have no clue about the life cycle of that fish on their plate. They totally trust industry to provide them with clean fish.If we keep allowing industry to contaminate our ocean we will die out as a species of humans. We have contaminated our soils already and are seeing the rise in disease due to the food chain that lives off of life from the soil as in plants and animals. Now we are endangering our oceans and if we do not take care of it, we are only two generations away from becoming extinct, just like so many wild lives that are already gone! So which is more important, saving an unhealthy job or the chain of life?

More from Carolyn Thompson through http://translucentsynthesis.wordpress.com/



Check Fact-checking Terrence Aym's Doomsday story AND

The irony of a site like Helium is summed up in the words at the top of its page: "Where knowledge rules."
Helium gives voice to writers who take hearsay and rumor and present them in such a way as to make the public believe they constitute knowledge, when in fact they do not.L et's take Terrence Aym's latest article "Doomsday: How BP Gulf disaster may have triggered a 'world-killing' event". In it he mentions "ominous reports" leaking from the gulf operation. What ominous reports? Sources? Terrence names none. Terrence refers to the Permian extinction and that it was caused by a mammoth undersea methane bubble. He goes so far as to list a source. Checking the source one finds scientific theory that does not support Terrence's statement even slightly. Scientists theorize the Permian extinction was caused by glaciation, not a giant undersea methane bubble explosion. Terrence's mention of the LPTM and its connection to his "story" strays so far from fact that to list all of the ways he fails here would take me most of my morning. CLIP

... So why bother networking this? Because I initially found this story at globalresearch.ca, the respected Canadian website maintained by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky and it has now already been widely reposted on the Web. Because of its high-schock factor level and the fact it is written in an authoritative manner that looks credible, people can easily fall for this kind of doomsday fallacy. But it probably has no more weight than the electronic bits used to write it. BUT AGAIN, suppose there is indeed serious cause for concern here and that the possible event describe has some solid ground in serious science. I digged this a bit and found the following excerpt from the Wikipedia entry for Clathrate gun hypothesis:

"The consequences of a methane-driven oceanic eruption for marine and terrestrial life are likely to be catastrophic. Figuratively speaking, the erupting region "boils over," ejecting a large amount of methane and other gases (e.g., CO2, H2S) into the atmosphere, and flooding large areas of land. Whereas pure methane is lighter than air, methane loaded with water droplets is much heavier, and thus spreads over the land, mixing with air in the process (and losing water as rain). The air-methane mixture is explosive at methane concentrations between 5% and 15%; as such mixtures form in different locations near the ground and are ignited by lightning, explosions and conflagrations destroy most of the terrestrial life, and also produce great amounts of smoke and of carbon dioxide. Firestorms carry smoke and dust into the upper atmosphere, where they may remain for several years; the resulting darkness and global cooling may provide an additional kill mechanism. Conversely, carbon dioxide and the remaining methane create the greenhouse effect, which may lead to global warming. The outcome of the competition between the cooling and the warming tendencies is difficult to predict."

So is the world is about to end? Go figure!

From: http://www.helium.com/items/1882339-doomsday-how-bp-gulf-disaster-may-have-triggered-a-world-killing-event

Also from http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=20131

Doomsday Methane Bubble Rupture? - How the BP Gulf Disaster May Have Triggered a 'World-Killing' Event

The unfolding disaster may be about to reach biblical proportions

by Terrence Aym - July 15, 2010

Ominous reports are leaking past the BP Gulf salvage operation news blackout that the disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico may be about to reach biblical proportions.

251 million years ago a mammoth undersea methane bubble caused massive explosions, poisoned the atmosphere and destroyed more than 96 percent of all life on Earth. [1] Experts agree that what is known as the Permian extinction event was the greatest mass extinction event in the history of the world. [2]

55 million years later another methane bubble ruptured causing more mass extinctions during the Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum (LPTM).

The LPTM lasted 100,000 years. [3]

Those subterranean seas of methane virtually reshaped the planet when they explosively blew from deep beneath the waters of what is today called the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, worried scientists are increasingly concerned the same series of catastrophic events that led to worldwide death back then may be happening again-and no known technology can stop it.

The bottom line: BP's Deepwater Horizon drilling operation may have triggered an irreversible, cascading geological Apocalypse that will culminate with the first mass extinction of life on Earth in many millions of years.

The oil giant drilled down miles into a geologically unstable region and may have set the stage for the eventual premature release of a methane mega-bubble.

Ryskin's methane extinction theory

Northwestern University's Gregory Ryskin, a bio-chemical engineer, has a theory: The oceans periodically produce massive eruptions of explosive methane gas. He has documented the scientific evidence that such an event was directly responsible for the mass extinctions that occurred 55 million years ago. [4]

Many geologists concur: "The consequences of a methane-driven oceanic eruption for marine and terrestrial life are likely to be catastrophic. Figuratively speaking, the erupting region "boils over," ejecting a large amount of methane and other gases (e.g., CO2, H2S) into the atmosphere, and flooding large areas of land. Whereas pure methane is lighter than air, methane loaded with water droplets is much heavier, and thus spreads over the land, mixing with air in the process (and losing water as rain). The air-methane mixture is explosive at methane concentrations between 5% and 15%; as such mixtures form in different locations near the ground and are ignited by lightning, explosions and conflagrations destroy most of the terrestrial life, and also produce great amounts of smoke and of carbon dioxide..." [5]

The warning signs of an impending planetary catastrophe-of such great magnitude that the human mind has difficulty grasping it-would be the appearance of large fissures or rifts splitting open the ocean floor, a rise in the elevation of the seabed, and the massive venting of methane and other gases into the surrounding water.

Such occurrences can lead to the rupture of the methane bubble containment-it can then permit the methane to breach the subterranean depths and undergo an explosive decompression as it catapults into the Gulf waters. [6]

All three warning signs are documented to be occurring in the Gulf.

Ground zero: The Gulf Coast

The people and property located on the greater expanse of the Gulf Coast are sitting at Ground Zero. They will be the first exposed to poisonous, cancer causing chemical gases. They will be the ones that initially experience the full fury of a methane bubble exploding from the ruptured seabed.

The media has been kept away from the emergency salvage measures being taken to forestall the biggest catastrophe in human history. The federal government has warned them away from the epicenter of operations with the threat of a $40,000 fine for each infraction and the possibility of felony arrests.

Why is the press being kept away? Word is that the disaster is escalating.

Cracks and bulges

Methane is now streaming through the porous, rocky seabed at an accelerated rate and gushing from the borehole of the first relief well. The EPA is on record that Rig #1 is releasing methane, benzene, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gases. Workers there now wear advanced protection including state-of-the-art, military-issued gas masks.

Reports, filtering through from oceanologists and salvage workers in the region, state that the upper level strata of the ocean floor is succumbing to greater and greater pressure. That pressure is causing a huge expanse of the seabed-estimated by some as spreading over thousands of square miles surrounding the BP wellhead-to bulge. Some claim the seabed in the region has risen an astounding 30 feet.

The fractured BP wellhead, site of the former Deepwater Horizon, has become the epicenter of frenetic attempts to quell the monstrous flow of methane.

The subterranean methane is pressurized at 100,000 pounds psi. According to Matt Simmons, an oil industry expert, the methane pressure at the wellhead has now skyrocketed to a terrifying 40,000 pounds psi.

Another well-respected expert, Dr. John Kessler of Texas A&M University has calculated that the ruptured well is spe wing 60 percent oil and 40 percent methane. The normal methane amount that escapes from a compromised well is about 5 percent.

More evidence? A huge gash on the ocean floor-like a ragged wound hundreds of feet long-has been reported by the NOAA research ship, Thomas Jefferson. Before the curtain of the government enforced news blackout again descended abruptly, scientists aboard the ship voiced their concerns that the widening rift may go down miles into the earth.

That gash too is hemorrhaging oil and methane. It's 10 miles away from the BP epicenter. Other, new fissures, have been spotted as far as 30 miles distant.

Measurements of the multiple oil plumes now appearing miles from the wellhead indicate that as much as a total of 124,000 barrels of oil are erupting into the Gulf waters daily-that's about 5,208,000 gallons of oil per day.

Most disturbing of all: Methane levels in the water are now calculated as being almost one million times higher than normal. [7]

Mass death on the water

If the methane bubble-a bubble that could be as big as 20 miles wide-erupts with titanic force from the seabed into the Gulf, every ship, drilling rig and structure within the region of the bubble will immediately sink. All the workers, engineers, Coast Guard personnel and marine biologists participating in the salvage operation will die instantly.

Next, the ocean bottom will collapse, instantaneously displacing up to a trillion cubic feet of water or more and creating a towering supersonic tsunami annihilating everything along the coast and well inland. Like a thermonuclear blast, a high pressure atmospheric wave could precede the tidal wave flattening everything in its path before the water arrives.

When the roaring tsunami does arrive it will scrub away all that is left.

A chemical cocktail of poisons

Some environmentalist experts are calling what's pouring into the land, sea and air from the seabed breach 'a chemical cocktail of poisons.'

Areas of dead zones devoid of oxygen are driving species of fish into foreign waters, killing plankton and other tiny sea life that are the foundation for the entire food chain, and polluting the air with cancer-causing chemicals and poisonous rainfalls.

A report from one observer in South Carolina documents oily residue left behind after a recent thunderstorm. And before the news blackout fully descended the EPA released data that benzene levels in New Orleans had rocketed to 3,000 parts per billion.

Benzene is extremely toxic and even short term exposure can cause agonizing death from cancerous lesions years later.

The people of Louisiana have been exposed for more than two months-and the benzene levels may be much higher now. The EPA measurement was taken in early May. [8]


While some say it can't happen because the bulk of the methane is frozen into crystalline form, others point out that the underground methane sea is gradually melting from the nearby surging oil that's estimated to be as hot as 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most experts in the know, however, agree that if the world-changing event does occur it will happen suddenly and within the next 6 months.

So, if events go against Mankind and the bubble bursts in the coming months, Gregory Ryskin may become one of the most famous people in the world. Of course, he won't have long to enjoy his new found fame because very shortly after the methane eruption civilization will collapse.

Perhaps if humanity is very, very lucky, some may find a way to avoid the mass extinction that follows and carry on the human race.



[1] The Permian extinction event, when 96% of all marine species became extinct 251 million years ago.

[2] "The Day The Earth Nearly Died," BBC Horizon, 2002

[3] Report about the Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum (LPTM), which occurred around 55 million years ago and lasted about 100,000 years. Large undersea methane caused explosions and mass extinctions.

[4] Ryskin Theory
Huge combustible clouds produced by methane gas trapped under the seas and explosively released could have killed off the majority of marine life, land animals, and plants at the end of the Permian era-long before the dinosaurs arrived.

[5] James P. Kennett, Kevin G. Cannariato, Ingrid L. Hendy, Richard J. Behl (2000), "Carbon Isotopic Evidence for Methane Hydrate Instability During Quaternary Interstadials," Science 288.

[6] "An awesome mix of fire and water may lie behind mass extinctions"

[7] "Methane in Gulf 'astonishingly high'-US scientist"

[8] Report: "Air Quality - Oil Spill" TV 4WWL video


"BP engineer called doomed rig a 'nightmare well'"

History Channel Mega Disasters - Methane Explosion

"BP Official Admits to Damage Beneath the Sea Floor"


From: "Alice Jay - Avaaz.org" (avaaz@avaaz.org)
Date: 09 July 2010
Subject: Save Sakineh

Dear Friends,

Yesterday an Iranian woman, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, was saved by global protests from being stoned to death.

But she may still be hanged -- and, meanwhile, execution by stoning continues. Right now fifteen more people are on death row awaiting stoning in which victims are buried up to their necks in the ground and then large rocks are thrown at their heads.

The partial reprieve of Sakineh, triggered by the call from her children for international pressure to save her life, has shown that if enough of us come together and voice our horror, we may be able to save her life, and stop stoning once and for all. Sign the urgent petition now and send it onto everyone you know -- let's end this cruel slaughter NOW!


Sakineh was convicted of adultery, like all the other 12 women and one of the men awaiting stoning. But her children and lawyer say she is innocent and that she did not get a fair trial -- they state her confession was forced from her and, speaking only Azerbaijani, she did not understand what was being asked of her in court.

Despite Iran's signing of a UN convention that requires the death penalty only be used for the "most serious crimes" and despite the Iranian Parliament passing a law banning stoning last year, stoning for adultery continues.

Sakineh's lawyer says the Iranian government "is afraid of Iranian public reaction and international attention" to the stoning cases. And after Turkey and Britain's Foreign Ministers spoke out against Sakineh's sentence, it was suspended.

Sakineh's brave children are leading the international campaign to save their mother and stop stoning. Massive international condemnation now could finally stop this sickening punishment. Let's join together today across the world to end this brutality. Sign the petition to save Sakineh and end stoning here:


In hope and determination,

Alice, David, Milena, Ben and the whole Avaaz team


Iranians still facing death by stoning despite 'reprieve', The Guardian:

Britain condemns planned Iran stoning as 'medieval', AFP:

More mainstream news on this HERE


From: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=20018

Managed News: Inside The US/NATO Military Industrial Media

by Prof. Peter Phillips and Prof. Mickey Huff - July 3, 2010

We face what appears to be a military industrial media empire so powerful and complex that truth is mostly absent or reported in disconnected segments with little historical context. A case in point: The London Times reported on June 5, 2010, that American troops are now operating in 75 countries. Has President Obama secretly sanctioned a huge increase in the number of US Special Forces carrying out search-and-destroy missions against al-Qaeda around the world? If so, this increase is far in excess of special-forces operations under the Bush administration and reflects how aggressively Obama is pursuing al-Qaeda behind his public rhetoric of global engagement and diplomacy. Somehow this information didn’t make it into the US media.
The US, in cooperation with NATO, is building global occupation forces for the control of international resources in support of Trilaterialist—US, Europe, Japan— corporate profits. A New York Times report on the availability of a trillion dollars  in  mineral wealth in Afghanistan, on top of the need for an oil/gas pipeline from the Caspian Sea, suggests other reasons for U.S objectives in the region.
Jim Lobe of Inter Press Service writes on June 15, 2010, “The timing of the publication of a major New York Times story on the vast untapped mineral wealth that lies beneath Afghanistan's soil is raising major questions about the intent of the Pentagon…Blake Hounshell, managing editor at Foreign Policy magazine, says that the US Geological Service (USGS) already published a comprehensive inventory of Afghanistan's non-oil mineral resources on the Internet in 2007, as did the British Geological Survey. Much of their work was based on explorations and surveys undertaken by the Soviet Union during its occupation of Afghanistan during the 1980s.”
Given the previous reports, there is nothing new about resources in Afghanistan that the Pentagon and US multinational corporations didn’t already know. On the contrary, the public should consider whether  the surfacing of this resource story is a managed-news press release being done at a time of sensitive concerns regarding NATO’s mission in Afghanistan. A deliberate news insertion such as the mineral wealth story is designed to create support for a US/NATO global empire agenda.
Managed news includes both the release of specific stories intended to build public support as well as the deliberate non-coverage of news stories that may undermine US goals.  Have you been told  about the continuing privatization of this global war? Independent journalist Jeremy Scahill, wrote in The Nation magazine November 23, 2009, how Blackwater (Xe) operatives in the Pakistani port city of Karachi are gathering intelligence and helping to direct a secret US military drone bombing campaign in that country.
There has not  been much coverage of the report in Global Research, May 27, 2010, regarding new US capabilities for cyber warfare, announced recently by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates as the activation of the Pentagon's first computer command and the world's first comprehensive, multi-service military cyber operation. CYBERCOM is based at Fort Meade, Maryland, which also is home to the National Security Agency (NSA).

The US’s Israeli partner in the Middle East demonstrated a skilled manipulation of the global media’s coverage of the May 31 attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. Israel controlled the news and images that emerged from the attack on the ships, asserting that the invading Israeli paratroopers were viciously attacked by crewmembers—resulting in the killing of several in “self defense.” Israel sought to divert the focus of public discussion away from the illegitimate use of excessive force against a group of humanitarians– of diverse religious and national affiliations– to the blaming of the victims for causing their own deaths.
Managed news creates a Truth Emergency for the public inside the US/NATO Military Industrial Media Empire. Deliberate news management undermines the freedom of information on the doings of the powerful military/corporate entities though overt censorship, mass distractions, and artificial news— including stories timed for release to influence public opinion (i.e., propaganda).            
A Truth Emergency is the lack of purity in news brought about by this propaganda and distraction. It is the state in which people, despite potentially being awash in a sea of information, lack the power of discernment resulting in a knowinglessness about what is going on in the world. In short, we are living in a time where people do not know whom to trust for accurate information and yearn for the truth.
One antidote to the ongoing Truth Emergency is the creation of validated independent news by colleges and universities around the globe where students and professors use research skills and databases to fact check and verify information that is reported to the public. For more about this, and what we can all do to counter managed news, see Project Censored International's new website at http://www.mediafreedominternational.org. Together, we can build accountability in our media and breathe life back into our withering republic.

Peter Phillips is professor of sociology at Sonoma State University, President of Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored, former director of Project Censored, and co-editor of Censored 2010.

Mickey Huff is associate professor of history at Diablo Valley College, Director of Project Censored/Media Freedom Foundation, and co-editor of Censored 2010.


Related article:

Obama Secretly Deploys US Special Forces to 75 Countries Across World (June 5, 2010)
(...) When Obama took office US special forces were operating in fewer than 60 countries. In the past 18 months he has ordered a big expansion in Yemen and the Horn of Africa — known areas of strong al-Qaeda activity — and elsewhere in the Middle East, central Asia and Africa. Obama has also approved pre-emptive special force strikes to disrupt terror plots, and has given the units powers and authority beyond that of former President Bush. The aggressive secret war against al-Qaeda and other radical groups has coincided with a surge in the number of US drone attacks in the lawless border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Obama has asked for a 5.7 per cent increase in the Special Operations budget for the 2011 fiscal year — a total of $6.3 billion — on top of an additional $3.5 billion he requested this year. Of about 13,000 US special forces deployed overseas, about 9,000 are evenly divided between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Their use, and the increase in drone attacks, is a strategy that has been strongly advocated by Joe Biden, the Vice-President, but criticized by the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Hundreds of civilians have died as a result of there special operations. The order also allowed for US special forces to enter Iran to gather intelligence for a possible future military strike if tensions over its alleged nuclear weapons program escalate dramatically.



From: http://www.financialpost.com/Avertible+catastrophe/3203808/story.html

Avertible catastrophe

Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post · Saturday, Jun. 26, 2010

Some are attuned to the possibility of looming catastrophe and know how to head it off. Others are unprepared for risk and even unable to get their priorities straight when risk turns to reality.

The Dutch fall into the first group. Three days after the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico began on April 20, the Netherlands offered the U.S. government ships equipped to handle a major spill, one much larger than the BP spill that then appeared to be underway. "Our system can handle 400 cubic metres per hour," Weird Koops, the chairman of Spill Response Group Holland, told Radio Netherlands Worldwide, giving each Dutch ship more cleanup capacity than all the ships that the U.S. was then employing in the Gulf to combat the spill.

To protect against the possibility that its equipment wouldn't capture all the oil gushing from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, the Dutch also offered to prepare for the U.S. a contingency plan to protect Louisiana's marshlands with sand barriers. One Dutch research institute specializing in deltas, coastal areas and rivers, in fact, developed a strategy to begin building 60-mile-long sand dikes within three weeks.

The Dutch know how to handle maritime emergencies. In the event of an oil spill, The Netherlands government, which owns its own ships and high-tech skimmers, gives an oil company 12 hours to demonstrate it has the spill in hand. If the company shows signs of unpreparedness, the government dispatches its own ships at the oil company's expense. "If there's a country that's experienced with building dikes and managing water, it's the Netherlands," says Geert Visser, the Dutch consul general in Houston.

In sharp contrast to Dutch preparedness before the fact and the Dutch instinct to dive into action once an emergency becomes apparent, witness the American reaction to the Dutch offer of help. The U.S. government responded with "Thanks but no thanks," remarked Visser, despite BP's desire to bring in the Dutch equipment and despite the no-lose nature of the Dutch offer --the Dutch government offered the use of its equipment at no charge. Even after the U.S. refused, the Dutch kept their vessels on standby, hoping the Americans would come round. By May 5, the U.S. had not come round. To the contrary, the U.S. had also turned down offers of help from 12 other governments, most of them with superior expertise and equipment --unlike the U.S., Europe has robust fleets of Oil Spill Response Vessels that sail circles around their make-shift U.S. counterparts.

Why does neither the U.S. government nor U.S. energy companies have on hand the cleanup technology available in Europe? Ironically, the superior European technology runs afoul of U.S. environmental rules. The voracious Dutch vessels, for example, continuously suck up vast quantities of oily water, extract most of the oil and then spit overboard vast quantities of nearly oil-free water. Nearly oil-free isn't good enough for the U.S. regulators, who have a standard of 15 parts per million -- if water isn't at least 99.9985% pure, it may not be returned to the Gulf of Mexico.

When ships in U.S. waters take in oil-contaminated water, they are forced to store it. As U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, the official in charge of the clean-up operation, explained in a press briefing on June 11, "We have skimmed, to date, about 18 million gallons of oily water--the oil has to be decanted from that [and] our yield is usually somewhere around 10% or 15% on that." In other words, U.S. ships have mostly been removing water from the Gulf, requiring them to make up to 10 times as many trips to storage facilities where they off-load their oil-water mixture, an approach Koops calls "crazy."

The Americans, overwhelmed by the catastrophic consequences of the BP spill, finally relented and took the Dutch up on their offer -- but only partly. Because the U.S. didn't want Dutch ships working the Gulf, the U.S. airlifted the Dutch equipment to the Gulf and then retrofitted it to U.S. vessels. And rather than have experienced Dutch crews immediately operate the oil-skimming equipment, to appease labour unions the U.S. postponed the clean-up operation to allow U.S. crews to be trained.

A catastrophe that could have been averted is now playing out. With oil increasingly reaching the Gulf coast, the emergency construction of sand berns to minimize the damage is imperative. Again, the U.S. government priority is on U.S. jobs, with the Dutch asked to train American workers rather than to build the berns. According to Floris Van Hovell, a spokesman for the Dutch embassy in Washington, Dutch dredging ships could complete the berms in Louisiana twice as fast as the U.S. companies awarded the work. "Given the fact that there is so much oil on a daily basis coming in, you do not have that much time to protect the marshlands," he says, perplexed that the U.S. government could be so focussed on side issues with the entire Gulf Coast hanging in the balance.

Then again, perhaps he should not be all that perplexed at the American tolerance for turning an accident into a catastrophe. When the Exxon Valdez oil tanker accident occurred off the coast of Alaska in 1989, a Dutch team with clean-up equipment flew in to Anchorage airport to offer their help. To their amazement, they were rebuffed and told to go home with their equipment. The Exxon Valdez became the biggest oil spill disaster in U.S. history--until the BP Gulf spill.

- Lawrence Solomon is executive director of Energy Probe and author of The Deniers.


Related video:

Australia 60 Minutes BP Oil Spill Video, 13 June 2010, Removed by BP Demand



From: http://howtosavetheworld.ca/2010/06/28/g20-a-corporatist-show-of-force-and-power-in-toronto/

G20: A Corporatist Show of Force and Power in Toronto

Dave Pollard - June 28, 2010

Toronto Star photo

A great corporatist hoax was perpetrated in Toronto during the G20 this past weekend, and both the Canadian public and most of the mainstream media bought it hook, line and sinker. To anyone who has ever participated in an anti-globalization protest, this will not be a surprise.

There were over 10,000 police in the downtown streets, in many places every 10m on empty streets and en masse in other places. Yet if you look at the photos of the so-called "anarchist vandals" who smashed windows of American Apparel and other big US-owned chains on Saturday, you won't find anyone being arrested or challenged - in fact you won't see any police in any of the pictures of vandals at all (but lots of cameras, of course). Similarly, the police cars set afire were seemingly driven in advance by police into the centre of the publicized demonstration area, and then left, empty, unlocked and unwatched. Shortly thereafter, the empty cars were attacked and torched by the vandals with no obstruction from the police, who are nowhere to be seen in any of the much-publicized photos (see for yourself below).

Then, beginning shortly after the totally-ignored vandalism occurred, large masses of heavily armed police charged peaceful, stationary protesters, beating and arresting dozens apparently at random, and charging the crowd, firing tear gas and rubber bullets at groups just milling around, seated talking or singing together. The unprovoked violence of the cops then continued for the last 36 hours of the G20 meeting, as gangs of heavily-armed police shoulder to shoulder threatened, arrested, bullied and charged at people going about their business in neighbourhoods throughout Toronto, seemingly with no purpose except to instill anger and fear of the police, and incite retaliatory violence.

Here is a collection of photos and videos that pretty well speak for themselves:

Toronto Star photos of "anarchists" vandalizing windows and police cars Saturday, totally undisturbed by the police. Follow-up Toronto Star photos of police-protester confrontations and G20 leader preening on Sunday, the last day of the G20.

Video by right-wing mainstream broadcaster Global TV showing trigger-happy police firing at a crowd of unarmed protesters point-blank.

Citizen journalist video of police arbitrarily charging into and arresting protesters sitting peacefully in a park.

Citizen journalist video of police charging people singing Canada's national anthem.

Citizen journalist video of police harassing and charging people in their home neighbourhood of Queen Street West, Sunday night after the G20 was over, and miles from the G20 meetings.

Citizen journalist video of police charging and arresting people in the designated Free Speech Zone who keep asking over and over "we're just standing here man, what are we doing wrong?"

Citizen journalist video of police charging and arresting people at random at the end of a peaceful march.

National Post (right-wing Toronto mainstream media newspaper) photographers tell of their personal ordeal when they were arrested and imprisoned for photographing the police violence:

"We weren't just handcuffed. They also put cuffs on our legs, around the ankles. Once we got to Eastern Avenue (the site of the temporary detention centre) we were put into makeshift cages. They were about six metres by four metres in size. For a while, they kept moving us from cage to cage, as we were being processed and the charges were explained to everyone. We were strip searched. It is all kind of blurry. Once we got to speak on the phone to a lawyer, we had some idea of what was happening and knew that we might get out on bail the next day. We did not get any water for 12 hours.We could not wear our shoes in the cell. It was so cold. It felt like it was five degrees and we were in our t-shirts. There were no blankets. There was just a narrow steel bench and a port-a-potty with an open door."

National Post reports on the mass illegal arrests of protesters.

More citizen journalist videos and photos.

The big surprise of the event is that the police gangs beat up, arrested and caged in a makeshift prison many journalists and professional photographers including representatives of the corporatist mainstream media, who had been set up to film and report on the "anarchists". Bad idea: The publisher of the mainstream Toronto Star called the show of force "abrutal spectacle that failed the city". An interviewer for TVOntario was appalled by what he saw first hand, and tweeted his outrage for hours. A reporter for the right-wing corporatist Globe & Mail wrote Police G20 Tactics Give Toronto a Black Eye saying:

Come to Toronto, for work or pleasure, and enjoy having your civil liberties trampled and your right to free expression stifled. Avail yourself of our hospitality in a crowded detention pen, with free stale buns and water when (or if) your hosts get around to it. Partake of an invigorating massage, courtesy of police officers wielding truncheons. The best part - there's no charge! Except that seems to mean the cops will pick you up, hold you, then let you go without ever following through criminal charges or prosecution, suggesting they had nothing on you in the first place.

The mainstream media as a whole seem a bit bewildered by all of this, but none of them has yet said what the indymedia knew all along: the masked "black bloq anarchist" vandalism was a carefully-staged photo-op for the gullible media, to justify the $1.3B security price tag for holding the ludicrous primp-and-preen G20 "leaders" circus right in the midst of Canada's biggest city (essentially shutting down the whole city for a week, with a cost to workers and businesses of billions more), and to discourage and discredit legitimate anti-globalization protest.

As in previous large-scale protests, there is substantial evidence that many of the 10,000+ police "hired" for G20 security worked undercover, in plainclothes, and as infiltrators/instigators of the "anarchists" and perpetrators of the vandalism. Since the vandals are all conveniently masked and unidentified (no police around to unmask them), we will never know.

Will the mainstream media figure it out? Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath. And don't hold your breath, either, for the dumbed-down Canadian majority to realize they've been had. The whole world was watching, but precious few realized what they were really seeing.


Related articles:

G20 Toronto Riots perpetrated by Agents Provocateurs of the Police (July 13, 2010)
Two weeks after the G20 protests in Toronto it is becoming more and more apparent that what many of us suspected is indeed true: the June 26 'violence' (i.e. property damage and police-car fires) was most likely perpetrated by agents provocateurs of the police. I recall walking back down Yonge Street after the June 26 demonstration and seeing smashed commercial windows and later watching the spectacle of burning police cars on the mainstream news; it all seemed surreal and quite staged. It felt a bit like being in a parallel universe. The demonstration broadcast on TV was not the demo I had just come from. None of the folks I was with during the demonstration saw windows being smashed or cars being set on fire, and when we saw the spectacle plaid out in the media we instantly knew that the vandalism was either staged or provoked, or both. Now evidence is beginning to surface that proves that these acts were at least partly carried out by undercover agents. As was the case at the 'Security and Prosperity Partnership' meeting protests at Montebello Quebec on August 20, 2007, it is the agents' boots that gives them away. In a recent article, Terry Burrows draws on photos from the Globe and Mail to demonstrate that 'black bloc' provocateurs and the uniformed armoured police were wearing in Toronto (as at Montebello) the identical government issued combat boots" [1]. It's likely that the agents provocateurs went off with other 'black block' people away from the larger march to set the stage for what Burrows aptly calls a "massive government / media propaganda fraud." This orchestrated spectacle of violence and destruction has at least three main functions or effects: it diverts attention away from the G8/G20 and any discussion on how they serve to plunder and exploit the world's resources, peoples and economies (the very issues raised by protestors); it serves to demonize demonstrators and delegitimize much-needed dissent and protest against global capitalism and its aforementioned devastation and; it serves to justify the billion dollar security bill that Harper put on the Canadian people. After weeks of insisting that the grounds for a one billion dollar police presence was specifically to stop so called black block tactics and 'violent groups,' when the time came police were no where to be seen and/or were given clear orders from the command centre that said "Do not engage," meaning to stand down and do nothing [2]. Rather than 'protect' the downtown district from violence and property damage, police actually used their resources and hugely disproportionate presence to demonize, intimidate and corral protestors. CLIP

Will G20 Police Succeed In Covering Up Reports of Rape and Torture (June 30, 2010)
Now that Canada is officially the most oppressive and backward dictatorship in the west, will authorities be allowed to cover-up the Abu-Ghraib style incarceration methods Toronto police engaged in during the G20 summit this past weekend, where women were arrested and subsequently raped by male cops? In this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcXhEd_mDt4 - , journalist Amy Miller describes how women arrested by Toronto police were threatened with rape, that numerous women were strip-searched by male officers and that one severely traumatized woman was sexually molested by police who stuck their fingers up her vagina.“I was told I was going to be gang banged. I was told that I was never going to want to act as a journalist again by making sure I was going to be repeatedly raped while I was in jail,” she said. Sexual penetration of an individual against their will is called rape. If these reports are accurate, and there’s no reason to think otherwise given everything else we’ve witnessed not only over the past few days but over the past several years in Canada, Toronto police officers are not only brutal thugs who like to lie about the law, unlawfully arrest people, snatch and grab protesters using unmarked cars, and beat up journalists from major newspapers, but they are also rapists who prey on innocent women. We have now learned that Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair engaged in mass public deception by lying about the claim that Toronto’s “Public Works Act” mandated G20 protesters to show their ID. The law doesn’t exist, it was never passed. The police officers who cited this law when arresting Charlie Veitch were knowingly engaging in wrongful arrest and should be sued. Likewise, the goons who brutally molested women Abu-Ghraib style need to be identified and prosecuted. Miller should seek out the victims and bring charges against those involved, and not allow these monsters to cover-up their shameful behavior. UPDATE: We have now learned that four journalists, including Miller, have “filed complaints with Ontario’s police watchdog, with allegations that police physically assaulted or threatened to sexually assault the females when they were arrested during the Toronto G20 summit.”In addition, Guardian journalist Jesse Rosenfeld has spoken publicly of his ordeal at the hands of G20 police.“I was grabbed on each side and hit in the stomach and back and pounced on by officers. I kept asking them why they were beating me because I wasn’t resisting arrest. But they lifted my leg and twisted my ankle,” said Rosenfield. RELATED: Activist Arrested On Bogus Charge To Cover For Illegal Conduct Of Toronto Police - CHECK ALSO Opposition pushing for committee hearings on G20 security - Call for G20 inquiry grows on Facebook (Almost 60,000 people have taken to Facebook to demand a full public inquiry into Toronto police action at the G20 Summit last month. A group called Canadians Demanding a Public Inquiry into Toronto G20 created the Facebook page June 27, on the last day of the Summit. The group also created an online petition calling for Chief Bill Blair to “be removed from his post.”) OTHER RELATED ARTICLES



From: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=19945

Economic Crisis: The Next Round of Financial Slaughter - The G-20 Summit Charade

By Matthias Chang -- June 29, 2010

In a November 2009 article, I forecasted that at the earliest, by the first quarter and the latest by the second quarter of 2010, the global economy would unravel.

Since the second quarter of 2009 and more so in the first quarter of 2010, the Obama administration, the G8, the international mass media, the IMF and the World Bank, all sang the chorus that the global economy is on "the road to recovery" and "the worst is behind us".

While, the Dow (DJIA) "recovered" from the March lows of 2009 and shot above the 10,000 mark, all major markets were manipulated to give the illusion of recovery. The gullible took it all - hook, line and sinker.

But let me share some common sense logic.

When the so-called economists and financial analysts were trumpeting that there was a global recovery, did you consider what that means in real terms?

If there is an economic recovery, common sense tells us that productive entities, namely companies and national economies must be making money --i.e. firms are making profits and countries are improving their export performance. 

And more importantly, if the so-called recovery is a sustainable recovery with economic growth, subsequent policies would no doubt reflect that optimism.

In essence, theory must jive with practice and/or reality.

But, what did we observe? What were the global central banks doing?

1. They deliberately kept interest rates low (in the case of the Federal Reserve, at almost zero rates), serving the interests of the Shadow banking system. I will explain later this sinister policy and what it means for common folks.

2. They continued their policy of "Quantitative Easing" --i.e. creating money out of thin air to maintain the debt / slavery cycle.

3. Knowing that the crisis has not abated and fearing the worst, they began an intense currency warfare i.e. Dollar v Euro, Dollar v Yuan, Dollar v Yen and so forth. This resulted in competitive devaluations of currencies.

What was the reality on the ground, namely the real economy?

1. corporate profits were weak.

2. Unemployment numbers continued to climb.

3. Foreclosures increased.

4. Taxes are set to increase.

5. Severe cut backs of all major categories of public expenditure have occurred in major national economies.

6. There have been renewed calls for another massive "stimulus".

7. The G20 was convened in another attempt to sort out the economic mess.

This is the harsh reality of the G-20 Summit.

The outcome is another charade, no different from the previous summit. It is abundantly clear that each summit participant has signalled that self-interest comes first and no one can be in any position to help another given the out of control sovereign debts that have swarmed the developed economies.

There are now two competing schools of thought as to how best to address this financial cancer that has spread to every major organ of the global financial body, namely:

(1) Continue with the massive stimulus and more borrowings at all levels, and

(2) Adopt severe austerity measures to reduce deficits and borrowings.

The solution put forward is not unlike tossing a coin — either head or tail, but these so-called economists and experts forget that they are both sides of the same coin. Whatever may be the preferred solution, the end result will be a vicious cycle of delayed boom and bust, but this time more severe than the bust of 2008.

Why is this so?

Let us just examine one critical factor of the global economy, specifically the issue of interest rates.

It is a wonder why until now there has been no violent revolution and/or social unrest throughout the developed world. And the people of the developed world are deemed to be educated and sophisticated "investors" with access to modern technology and savvy financial newspapers.

Should public opinion not be angry that:

1. Too Big to Fail Banks can borrow billions at zero rate interest and then lend them out, reaping huge profits.

Why can't anyone see that no interest payable means no costs of borrowing the billions from the central bank (Fed, ECB, etc). It is a no brainer to see how these banks can make so much money. If you have no costs, everything else is super profits. And that is why these corrupt banks have all declared record profits, more profits than they have ever earned before 2008. This is because before 2008, these banks had to pay interest to the Fed or to banks in the inter-bank market.

These financial manipulators are the only economic / financial entities in the world that need not pay interests on their borrowings.

Meanwhile, ordinary people have to continue paying mortgage payments for a house that is not even worth 50% of its mortgage value.

So why has the public not taken action against the central banks (including the Federal Reserve), the fat cats on Wall Street and the politicians?

2.  The rest of the world must incur a huge burden of financial cost in the form and shape of interest to start any worthwhile business. And the profit margins are so small, that it is a wonder that profits can be made at all in some cases.

3. Hardworking people are lured into the global casino with the illusion that they can make more money there than sweating in honest labour in a shop, factory or whatever. The mantra, "invest for the long run" is drummed into Joe's head and he is brainwashed. He needs to leverage to make the big bucks, the big score.

4. When these financial manipulators get this kind of handout, what do the smart guys at the Fed and the politicians call it?

I call it handouts, under the table money, SUBSIDY! And the amount is in the Trillions.

5.  Now there is a clamour for an austerity drive. The corrupt governments the world over demand that spending for social security, social services, pensions, public housing, medical care etc. must be cut drastically; subsidies must be slashed as there is not enough in the national coffers to pay for these gigantic expenditures. This is a nonsensical argument.

Ordinary people must bear the burden, while the banksters can continue to enjoy the biggest subsidy ever paid in history to a social minority.

6. "The government is broke", the paid scribes never cease to proclaim. But they can afford to lavish trillions worth of subsidies to the fat cats of Wall Street and the Too Big to Fail Global Banks and the Shadow Money-lenders. They create money out of thin air and lend at zero interest rates to them. But for you, the government says that they have to borrow to finance social security, medical care etc. and since they have no money, they have to raise taxes. Why can't the government create money out of thin air and lend you at zero interest rate just as they are doing for the fat cats?

So why has the public not reacted? 

I need not go further to explain whether the so-called economists and experts are right in adopting one or the other solution referred to in the preceding paragraphs.

The answer is staring at your face.

Do something about it. Stop whining and moaning!

Organise and stop this global robbery, the largest ever transfer of wealth from the many to the minute few in history.

Let me assure you that if all the global Too Big to Fail banks were to collapse and go into bankruptcy, the world's economy would not collapse.

To avert such a collapse, all the people need to do is to take absolute control of their respective Central Banks away from the hands of the so-called "independent board of directors / governors" and transform the way central banks are managed.

It is a lie that markets control interest rates (and for that matter the value of a nation's currency). It is the global central banks in connivance with the Shadow Money-lenders, hedge funds etc. that control rates through pre-arranged parameters. It is and always has been an insider's game.

Until this is done, all talk of financial reforms is just that — cheap talk. Control of the central banks is the crux of the matter.

Did not the Founder of the Rothschild financial empire say that whosoever controls the power to create money will have the ultimate power to control all and sundry?

So who should have the ultimate power to control the creation of money: the common people or the carefully selected financial elites, the fat cats etc.?


From: http://www.prisonplanet.com/obama-can-shut-down-internet-for-4-months-under-new-emergency-powers.html

Obama Can Shut Down Internet For 4 Months Under New Emergency Powers

‘Kill switch’ bill approved, moves to Senate floor

Paul Joseph Watson - June 25, 2010

President Obama will be handed the power to shut down the Internet for at least four months without Congressional oversight if the Senate votes for the infamous Internet ‘kill switch’ bill, which was approved by a key Senate committee yesterday and now moves to the floor.

The Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, which is being pushed hard by Senator Joe Lieberman, would hand absolute power to the federal government to close down networks, and block incoming Internet traffic from certain countries under a declared national emergency.

Despite the Center for Democracy and Technology and 23 other privacy and technology organizations sending letters to Lieberman and other backers of the bill expressing concerns that the legislation could be used to stifle free speech, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee passed in the bill in advance of a vote on the Senate floor.

In response to widespread criticism of the bill, language was added that would force the government to seek congressional approval to extend emergency measures beyond 120 days. Still, this would hand Obama the authority to shut down the Internet on a whim without Congressional oversight or approval for a period of no less than four months.

The Senators pushing the bill rejected the claim that the bill was a ‘kill switch’ for the Internet, not by denying that Obama would be given the authority to shut down the Internet as part of this legislation, but by arguing that he already had the power to do so.

They argued “That the President already had authority under the Communications Act to “cause the closing of any facility or station for wire communication” when there is a “state or threat of war”, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Fears that the legislation is aimed at bringing the Internet under the regulatory power of the U.S. government in an offensive against free speech were heightened further on Sunday, when Lieberman revealed that the plan was to mimic China’s policies of policing the web with censorship and coercion.

“Right now China, the government, can disconnect parts of its Internet in case of war and we need to have that here too,” Lieberman told CNN’s Candy Crowley.

While media and public attention is overwhelmingly focused on the BP oil spill, the establishment is quietly preparing the framework that will allow Obama, or indeed any President who follows him, to bring down a technological iron curtain that will give the government a foot in the door on seizing complete control over the Internet.

As we have illustrated, fears surrounding cybersecurity have been hyped to mask the real agenda behind the bill, which is to strangle the runaway growth of alternative and independent media outlets which are exposing government atrocities, cover-ups and cronyism like never before.

Indeed, China uses similar rhetoric about the need to maintain “security” and combating cyber warfare by regulating the web, when in reality their entire program is focused around silencing anyone who criticizes the state.

The real agenda behind government control of the Internet has always been to strangle and suffocate independent media outlets who are now competing with and even displacing establishment press organs, with websites like the Drudge Report now attracting more traffic than many large newspapers combined. As part of this war against independent media, the FTC recently proposing a “Drudge Tax” that would force independent media organizations to pay fees that would be used to fund mainstream newspapers.


From: http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2010/07/08/the_fear_factor

The Fear Factor

A new film aims to be the Inconvenient Truth for the nuclear danger. But is terrifying people the only way to get the message across?


Just after 2:26 a.m., on June 3, 1980, computer screens at the command post of the Strategic Air Command in Nebraska suddenly indicated that two submarine-launched ballistic missiles were headed toward the United States. Eighteen seconds after the first signals, the displays showed even more launches. The duty commander ordered B-52 and FB-111 bomber pilots to their planes and told them to start their engines.
The duty officers checked with the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) in Colorado, which mans the satellites and radars that monitor North American airspace. At this moment, the NORAD command said the radars and satellites showed no incoming missiles. Then the Strategic Air Command screens also cleared, showing no threats. The pilots were told to shut down their engines, but remain in their planes.

After a brief period, the Strategic Air Command warning display again lit up, this time showing that intercontinental ballistic missiles had been launched toward the United States. And soon after that, a similar warning appeared on the screens of the Pentagon's National Military Command Center in Washington, D.C. The duty officers in each location suspected the warning was in error. In the Pentagon command center, a threat assessment conference was called, and all locations were then assured that there were no real signs of missile attack. The pilots returned to their barracks. The alert was ended.

But what happened? Three days later, on June 6, 1980, at 3:38 p.m., the same error occurred again. Again, no missiles were seen by satellites and radar, only on the NORAD data link.

It turned out the false alarm had been caused by the failure of a computer chip in one of NORAD's communications devices. The peacetime message was supposed to continuously broadcast the digits 000, indicating there were no attacking missiles. The failed chip began inserting random 2s into the message, so it came out showing that 200 or 2,000 missiles were in flight. The chip was about the size of a dime and cost 46 cents.

This is just one of the harrowing tales of the nuclear age thrust back into the limelight this summer in a new documentary film, Countdown to Zero (Watch the trailer HERE), which opens in theaters July 23. The 91-minute film, written and directed by Lucy Walker and produced by Lawrence Bender, is intended to startle us out of complacency about nuclear dangers. It is a cauldron of stark, unsettling scenes, ending with an appeal for the Global Zero movement to eliminate all nuclear weapons.

The 1980 incident has long been known, but there is still something surprising about it, perhaps because it so vividly captures the tense, hair-trigger mentality of the Cold War. In the film, the episode is recalled by Bruce Blair, president of the World Security Institute in Washington, who served as a launch officer for Minuteman missiles in the 1970s and is an executive producer of the film. The false alarm, he says, led to "eight minutes of nuclear-launch preparations that were triggered by a malfunctioning computer chip that costs less than a dollar."

Countdown is full of such moments. Atomic bombs fall off airplanes by mistake; desperate men peddle uranium across borders; nuclear-weapons technology is spread by master proliferator A.Q. Khan of Pakistan. Perhaps the most unsettling and still little-understood episode was the launch of a four-stage rocket, Black Brant, from Norway as part of a scientific experiment on the morning of Jan. 25, 1995. The launch triggered confusion in the Kremlin about whether it was an intercontinental ballistic missile attack. The paperwork announcing the planned rocket launch got lost. When radars spotted the rocket and reported up the chain of command, it was considered serious enough to trigger the first-ever use of the nuclear briefcase by Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

Yeltsin was not at this point close to issuing a launch order; the most he could have done would have been to authorize a possible launch later if the attack proved real. We don't know much about what Yeltsin said in those minutes when the briefcase was opened. Did he panic, or keep his cool? But it became evident soon enough that the rocket was headed toward the North Pole. It was not an intercontinental ballistic missile, nor was it aimed at Moscow. Twenty-two minutes after the launch, it splashed into the ocean. Yeltsin took no action.

Moments like this need no embellishment. The evidence of nuclear peril is, by itself, jolting enough. But Countdown adds a dose of hype. In the Norwegian rocket episode, for example, the audience is told that "according to Russian military doctrine, Boris Yeltsin should have launched all-out nuclear attack on the United States that morning. We don't know what happened in the Kremlin. All we know is that he didn't." True, during the Cold War, both the Soviet Union and the United States relied on a hair-trigger concept known as "launch on warning," which might have led to a decision to retaliate based on signs of an incoming attack. But the Norwegian rocket was launched three years after the Soviet collapse, and it is not at all certain that Yeltsin should have responded with an order to attack the United States. Whatever his other failings, Yeltsin did the right thing.

In making a film that seeks to galvanize support for a cause -- the elimination of all nuclear weapons -- the creators of Countdown realized that they needed to stimulate a sense of urgency and anxiety, and there is no hotter button today than the fear of terrorism. The film opens with familiar yet haunting images of terrorist attacks around the world in the last decade: buildings, glass, and concrete crumpled from New York to Mumbai. For all the emotional freight these images convey, however, none of the blasts involved a nuclear device. Having grabbed our attention, the film shifts immediately to the hypothetical. A voice says there is "no doubt in my mind that if terrorists had acquired a nuclear weapon they would not have hesitated to use it. So I guess the question is: Could they ever get one?"

Could they? The answer provided by Countdown is yes. The film argues that highly enriched uranium could be easily smuggled into the United States through seaports, shielded in a lead pipe and buried in a shipping container. The design of a crude bomb is no longer secret. The film suggests that building a bomb is not rocket science.

But audiences will surely wonder: If it is so easy, why have we been spared nuclear terror? Why have more than six decades passed since Hiroshima and Nagasaki without a nuclear weapon again being used in war? Countdown leaves us hanging on these questions. The documentary would have been stronger if it had faced them squarely, perhaps offering a tip of the hat to deterrence during the Cold War. Instead, the filmmakers have rung all the alarms without addressing why we have survived so long without catastrophe.

The strongest part of Countdown is the focus on individuals in the great drama of nuclear danger. Blair recalls how a 12-digit code was supposed to be set for the Minuteman nuclear missiles in the 1970s to prevent unauthorized fiddling with the launch controls. But, he says, the Strategic Air Command didn't want the extra trouble, so they set all the codes at zero. Matthew Bunn of Harvard University, who annually compiles a detailed report on nuclear security around the globe, tells of Russians who broke into a toolshed on a naval base trying to steal nuclear fuel rods, and he quotes a military prosecutor as saying "potatoes were guarded better." We hear from two men accused of nuclear smuggling in Russia and Georgia. One of them, a worker at Luch, a fuel fabrication facility, skimmed off a kilo and a half of highly enriched uranium, taking small amounts each day so no one would notice. Why did he do it? He needed money for a new refrigerator and a gas stove. "I wanted to buy a few essentials, then work honestly," he says.

Perhaps the supreme example of individual vision and political daring came when Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan almost reached agreement on eliminating nuclear weapons at the Reykjavik summit in October 1986. Gorbachev says in the film that he looks back at this lost opportunity in sadness. "In Reykjavik, we truly opened the door and peeked beyond the horizon," he says.

The makers of this documentary hope to do for nuclear danger what An Inconvenient Truth did for global climate change. Bender also produced An Inconvenient Truth, and both films were backed by Participant Media, the production company founded by Jeff Skoll, which attempts to build social action around its films.
In Countdown, the imagery and soundtrack hammer relentlessly at nuclear peril. But the film only briefly touches upon remedies, at the very end: taking missiles off launch-ready alert, establishing a joint warning center with Moscow, sharing nuclear safeguards, and phased reductions in remaining arsenals. At the close, the audience is urged: "Demand zero."

It feels good, but is simplistic. There are still 23,000 nuclear weapons, 95 percent held by the United States and Russia. The film should have devoted a few more minutes to the complex and long-overdue business of reducing these arsenals. The U.S. Senate will soon have an important debate about one aspect of it: the new strategic arms treaty with Russia. Perhaps it is not the stuff of entertainment: nuclear doctrines, policy, negotiations, verification, science, and diplomacy. But those who feel a jolt from Countdown will realize, hopefully, that the answer to nuclear dangers is not as simple as just demanding zero. That's the finish line, but getting there is extremely difficult. Just look at how much fright and worry accumulated in the first six decades of the nuclear age. Many people devoted their lives to reining in the danger, and it is still with us, filling up our theater screen and making us feel uncomfortable.


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“Countdown to Zero” Imagines a Nuclear Arms-Free World (May 18, 2010)
More than twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the threat of nuclear annihilation remains a grave concern. Today, however, the focus is not an identifiable nuclear superpower as foe, but rogue groups, extremists or anyone with enough money, engineering capability and access to enriched uranium be it by theft or paying off corrupt officials. Lucy Walker’s disturbing Cannes doc, “Countdown to Zero,” produced with Participant Media, explores the all too real threat of a nuclear event that could easily destroy a major city, and with that plunging the world into a crisis that could not only kill millions and topple the economy, but also devastate age-old social mores as civilizations panic and demand an end to the sort of rights considered the norm in the world’s democracies. (...) Plame Wilson said that she came to the conclusion that the work she did prior to being identified was “delaying the inevitable.” She now believes that despite the work of intelligence services to keep enriched uranium from falling into the wrong hands, those efforts only make it more challenging for groups determined to acquire them, but ultimately - if the situation remains the same - they will eventually obtain that capability.“My position has evolved to the point that this is the only reasonable way that the world could eliminate that threat…Very little has been done in the twenty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. There is something about film that is able to grab people’s attention and say, ‘this is something you should care about.’ If I can add to that urgency of the issue, then I’m happy to do so…”“Nuclear weapons have changed everything except our way of thinking,” added Lucy Walker. “Making movies is really hard and trying to change the world is really hard. My most urgent issue is making movies that are really important and this is one of the most urgent issues of all. Unfortunately, the nuclear threat did not go away with the Cold War.”

Threatening World Order: US and Israel Quietly Announce Plans to Reconstitute Their Nuclear Stockpiles (10 July 2010)
The world looks like it's about to become a more dangerous place. A recent report from Israel's newspaper Haaretz finds that the United States is moving forward with plans to strengthen Israel's nuclear weapons stockpile. The report, exposed within the last few days, originated from Israel's Army Radio, which sent along a secret document chronicling the nuclear cooperation between US and Israeli leaders.(1) Israel has not signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), meaning that it is not technically violating international rules under the NPT regarding the development and reconstitution of nuclear weapons, despite longstanding efforts of the international community to establish a "nuclear weapons free zone" in the Middle East.Part of the fear of those advocating nuclear abolition in the Middle East is that the United States will agree to send nuclear materials - extracted from its own civilian nuclear power plants - to Israel, much as it did for India, another country that refuses to sign the NPT.The Obama and Netanyahu governments are seeking to obscure their contempt for nuclear abolition by calling for "nonproliferation" in the Middle East, while Israel simultaneously boycotts New-York-based discussions (at the 2010 NPT conference) of the need for a "nuclear free" Middle East.(2) "Nonproliferation," within this context, can be understood to apply only to other countries such as Iran, which has long been a target for US and Israeli military planners. CLIP

Iran says U.S. must state position on Israeli nukes (July 8, 2010)
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Thursday that the United States must make its position on Israel's nuclear strategy clear before talks on Tehran's atomic programme could resume. Sanctions imposed by "arrogant" Western powers would not slow Iran's nuclear progress, he said. (...) Asked what conditions must be met for talks to resume, Ahmadinejad said Washington must make its position on Israel's nuclear strategy clear. "The first condition is they should express their views about the nuclear weapons of the Zionist regime. Do they agree with that or not. If they agree that these bombs should be available to them, the course of the dialogue would be different," he said. Israel is widely assumed to have the only nuclear arsenal in the region but it refuses to confirm or deny having such weapons. The Jewish state has usually been spared scrutiny by its guardian ally but the Obama administration alarmed Israel in May by backing an Egyptian initiative for talks in 2012 on a Middle East free of weapons of mass-destruction. However, hosting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama echoed Israel's veiled justifications for having the bomb and said Israel had "unique security requirements." The White House said Obama had further pledged to keep Israel, which has not signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty, from being "singled out" at a meeting of the U.N. nuclear watchdog in Vienna in September as well as at the Egyptian-proposed regional conference. Ahmadinejad, speaking to reporters through an interpreter, said the United States must also clarify its own commitment to non-proliferation and its position on its readiness to "resort to force." CLIP

Obama says Israel unlikely to surprise US with Iran attack (July 9, 2010)
JERUSALEM — US President Barack Obama said in an Israeli TV interview broadcast on Thursday it is highly unlikely the Jewish state would surprise Washington with an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. "It is unacceptable for Iran to posses nuclear weapons and we are going to do everything we can to prevent that happening," Obama told Israel's Channel 2 television in the interview taped on Wednesday. "I think the relationship between the US and Israel is sufficiently strong that neither of us try to surprise each other," he said, when asked if he was concerned Israel could catch the US off guard with an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. (...) Obama said despite Iranian denials, "all indicators are they are pursuing nuclear weapons," and preventing this was a priority for him. "The single most important threat to Israel, Iran and its potential possession of a nuclear weapon, has been my number one foreign policy priority in the last 18 months," the US president said. "We will continue to keep the door open for a diplomatic resolution of this challenge," he said, adding that "I assure you I have not taken options off the table." Iran insists its nuclear programme is aimed solely at power generation and medical research and says the international community should focus its attention on Israel, which, unlike Iran, is not a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. CLIP


From: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2010/jun/02/un-report-meat-free-diet

UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet

Felicity Carus -- 2 June 2010

Lesser consumption of animal products is necessary to save the world from the worst impacts of climate change, UN report says

A global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and the worst impacts of climate change, a UN report said today.

As the global population surges towards a predicted 9.1 billion people by 2050, western tastes for diets rich in meat and dairy products are unsustainable, says the report from United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) international panel of sustainable resource management.

It says: "Impacts from agriculture are expected to increase substantially due to population growth increasing consumption of animal products. Unlike fossil fuels, it is difficult to look for alternatives: people have to eat. A substantial reduction of impacts would only be possible with a substantial worldwide diet change, away from animal products."

Professor Edgar Hertwich, the lead author of the report, said: "Animal products cause more damage than [producing] construction minerals such as sand or cement, plastics or metals. Biomass and crops for animals are as damaging as [burning] fossil fuels."

The recommendation follows advice last year that a vegetarian diet was better for the planet from Lord Nicholas Stern, former adviser to the Labour government on the economics of climate change. Dr Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has also urged people to observe one meat-free day a week to curb carbon emissions.

The panel of experts ranked products, resources, economic activities and transport according to their environmental impacts. Agriculture was on a par with fossil fuel consumption because both rise rapidly with increased economic growth, they said.

Ernst von Weizsaecker, an environmental scientist who co-chaired the panel, said: "Rising affluence is triggering a shift in diets towards meat and dairy products - livestock now consumes much of the world's crops and by inference a great deal of freshwater, fertilisers and pesticides."

Both energy and agriculture need to be "decoupled" from economic growth because environmental impacts rise roughly 80% with a doubling of income, the report found.

Achim Steiner, the UN under-secretary general and executive director of the UNEP, said: "Decoupling growth from environmental degradation is the number one challenge facing governments in a world of rising numbers of people, rising incomes, rising consumption demands and the persistent challenge of poverty alleviation."

The panel, which drew on numerous studies including the Millennium ecosystem assessment, cites the following pressures on the environment as priorities for governments around the world: climate change, habitat change, wasteful use of nitrogen and phosphorus in fertilisers, over-exploitation of fisheries, forests and other resources, invasive species, unsafe drinking water and sanitation, lead exposure, urban air pollution and occupational exposure to particulate matter.

Agriculture, particularly meat and dairy products, accounts for 70% of global freshwater consumption, 38% of the total land use and 19% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, says the report, which has been launched to coincide with UN World Environment day on Saturday.

Last year the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation said that food production would have to increase globally by 70% by 2050 to feed the world's surging population. The panel says that efficiency gains in agriculture will be overwhelmed by the expected population growth.

Prof Hertwich, who is also the director of the industrial ecology programme at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, said that developing countries – where much of this population growth will take place – must not follow the western world's pattern of increasing consumption: "Developing countries should not follow our model. But it's up to us to develop the technologies in, say, renewable energy or irrigation methods."


Related articles:

Should We Stop Eating Fish? (July 9, 2010)
Our society will be defined not by what we create, but what we destroy. Can we really sacrifice our ocean's bounty? -- I love fish. Poached salmon. Bouillabaisse. Absolutely sublime sushi. How can I say no to seafood? And why would I?Sylvia Earle, an awe-inspiring scientist and oceanographer who has studied the ocean for over 50 years, helped change my perspective in her most recent book, The World is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean’s Are One. She covers a lot of ocean ground, but one particular bit stuck in my craw with regard to over-fishing. “Ninety percent of many fish common [in the past half century] are now gone, consumed by eager diners unaware that in their lifetime they might witness the disappearance of some of their favorite wild-caught fare, from tuna and swordfish to lobsters and crabs.”Slow Food in San Francisco has instituted Meatless Mondays. I began to wonder what we could do for fish. I thought of Fishless Fridays, but that suggests we’re eating fish all the other days of the week. Fish Friday comes to mind, but I believe that’s a Catholic tradition. Maybe it could be more like one day a month, a celebratory day called First Fish Friday, the only day of the month we allow ourselves a special treat from the sea.It may seem extreme. But what’s more extreme? Reducing personal intake of an endangered food source, or gobbling it down as fast as you can while you watch it disappear? As Earle quoted John C. Sawhill: “In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy.”

'Iron Chef America' Takes a Big Stand for Sustainable Seafood (July 14, 2010)
The Food Network show made an extremely powerful statement about the reality of our ailing oceans and the need for immediate action if we are to save them.

Why Is the Obama Administration Parroting Monsanto Talking Points? (July 19, 2010)
Something's very wrong when the chief scientist at the USDA says we'll have to start farming parks, forests and golf courses if we don't switch to biotech. -- When key government officials start touting the need for biotechnology there's reason to be concerned. Roger Beachy, the Chief Scientist of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), recently told Smartplanet.com that biotechnology is needed to maximize food production and reduce the use of agrochemicals. "With a greater number of people," he said, "we're going to have to have more crop per acre. If we don't, we'll have to expand [agriculture] to our parks, forests, and golf courses." And at first it might seem strange to hear a top government official parroting talking points from Monsanto's Corporate Responsibility page ... until you read his resume, that is. His last job before joining the USDA was as founding president of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, a non-profit research institute co-founded by Monsanto and the Danforth Foundation. Now, another explanation why Monsanto and Roger Beachy have similar talking points could be that both are correct and they are simply explaining the facts about the future of food and agriculture. Do we really need biotech to feed a growing population? Nope, turns out that we don't. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, genetically engineered (GE) seeds, to date, don't translate to more crop yields. And worse, GE seeds have meant the uses of more, not less, chemicals. Jack Heinemann, a professor of genetics and molecular biology, agrees. He points out that no GE crops, to date, were designed with the goal of increasing yield, and while "yield benefits have been observed" they've occurred "sporadically and in a year-, location-, and crop-dependent manner." He does not find evidence for decreased pesticide use in GE crops either. CLIP

Flesh of Your Flesh - Should you eat meat? (NOVEMBER 9, 2009)
There's an interesting article by Elizabeth Kolbert in this week's New Yorker on vegetarianism, and specifically on the disconnect between our adoration of pets and our tolerance for the horrific, lifelong suffering of the animals we eat. It's really about human nature, Kolbert argues, and specifically that we just don't want to know about atrocities and suffering we don't feel we have any control over. (...) Is there a point in rubbing our faces in it, in forcing people to face up to the horror of concentration camps, slaughterhouses, factory farms, chemical weaponry, mental illness, sexual assault and torture, bullying, spousal and child abuse, animal testing laboratories, political interrogations, what happens behind prison walls, the agony of those in continuous pain not allowed to die and without access to relief, the children whose entire lives are consumed in deprivation and brutality, the suffering of crack babies? Safran Foer, author of Eating Animals, the book that prompted Kolbert's article, draws obvious parallels between the way we treat farmed animals and the way prisoners were treated in the second world war by the Axis powers. Kolbert explains:Foer's position is that all such arguments [those justifying 'humane' eating of animals put forth by Michael Pollan, Temple Grandin et al.] are, finally, bogus. We eat meat because we like to, and we devise justifications afterward. "Almost always, when I told someone I was writing a book about 'eating animals,' they assumed, even without knowing anything about my views, that it was a case for vegetarianism," he says. "It's a telling assumption, one that implies not only that a thorough inquiry into animal agriculture would lead one away from eating meat, but that most people already know that to be the case." What we know about eating animals is that we don't want to know. Although he never explicitly equates "concentrated animal feeding operations" with the Final Solution, the German model of at once seeing and not seeing clearly informs Foer's thinking. The book is framed by tales of his grandmother, a Holocaust survivor. CLIP


From: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mercola/americas-deadliest-sweete_b_630549.html

America's Deadliest Sweetener Betrays Millions, Then Hoodwinks You With Name Change

Dr. Joseph Mercola (July 6, 2010)

Aspartame is the most controversial food additive in history, and its approval for use in food was the most contested in FDA history. In the end, the artificial sweetener was approved, not on scientific grounds, but rather because of strong political and financial pressure. After all, aspartame was previously listed by the Pentagon as a biochemical warfare agent!

It's hard to believe such a chemical would be allowed into the food supply, but it was, and it has been wreaking silent havoc with people's health for the past 30 years.

The truth is, it should never have been released onto the market, and allowing it to remain in the food chain is seriously hurting people -- no matter how many times you rebrand it under fancy new names.

The Deceptive Marketing of Aspartame

Sold commercially under names like NutraSweet, Canderel and now AminoSweet, aspartame can be found in more than 6,000 foods, including soft drinks, chewing gum, table-top sweeteners, diet and diabetic foods, breakfast cereals, jams, sweets, vitamins, prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Aspartame producer Ajinomoto chose to rebrand it under the name AminoSweet, to "remind the industry that aspartame tastes just like sugar, and that it's made from amino acids -- the building blocks of protein that are abundant in our diet."

This is deception at its finest: begin with a shred of truth, and then spin it to fit your own agenda.

In this case, the agenda is to make you believe that aspartame is somehow a harmless, natural sweetener made with two amino acids that are essential for health and present in your diet already.

They want you to believe aspartame delivers all the benefits of sugar and none of its drawbacks. But nothing could be further from the truth.

How Aspartame Wreaks Havoc on Your Health

Did you know there have been more reports to the FDA for aspartame reactions than for all other food additives combined?

In fact, there are over 10,000 official complaints, but by the FDA's own admission, less than 1 percent of those who experience a reaction to a product ever report it. So in all likelihood, the toxic effects of aspartame may have affected roughly a million people already.

While a variety of symptoms have been reported, almost two-thirds of them fall into the neurological and behavioral category consisting mostly of headaches, mood alterations, and hallucinations. The remaining third is mostly gastrointestinal symptoms.

This chart will familiarize you with some of the terrifying side-effects and health problems you could encounter if you consume products containing this chemical.

Unfortunately, aspartame toxicity is not well-known by doctors, despite its frequency. Diagnosis is also hampered by the fact that it mimics several other common health conditions, such as:

How Diet Foods and Drinks CAUSE Weight Problems

In recent years, food manufacturers have increasingly focused on developing low-calorie foods and drinks to help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid obesity. Unfortunately, the science behind these products is so flawed, most of these products can actually lead to increased weight gain!

For example, researchers have discovered that drinking diet soda increases your risk of metabolic syndrome, and may double your risk of obesity -- the complete opposite of the stated intention behind these "zero calorie" drinks.

The sad truth is that diet foods and drinks ruin your body's ability to count calories, and in fact stimulate your appetite, thus boosting your inclination to overindulge.

Unfortunately, most public health agencies and nutritionists in the United States recommend these toxic artificial sweeteners as an acceptable alternative to sugar, which is at best confusing and at worst harming the health of those who take their misguided advice.

Even More Toxic Dangers of Aspartame

Truly, there is enough evidence showing the dangers of consuming artificial sweeteners to fill an entire book -- which is exactly why I wrote Sweet Deception. If you or your loved ones drink diet beverages or eat diet foods, this book will explain how you've been deceived about the truth behind artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose -- for greed, for profits, and at the expense of your health.

As mentioned earlier, almost two-thirds of all documented side effects of aspartame consumption are neurological.

One of the reasons for this side effect, researchers have discovered, is because the phenylalanine in aspartame dissociates from the ester bond. While these amino acids are indeed completely natural and safe, they were never designed to be ingested as isolated amino acids in massive quantities, which in and of itself will cause complications.

Additionally this will also increase dopamine levels in your brain. This can lead to symptoms of depression because it distorts your serotonin/dopamine balance. It can also lead to migraine headaches and brain tumors through a similar mechanism.

The aspartic acid in aspartame is a well-documented excitotoxin. Excitotoxins are usually amino acids, such as glutamate and aspartate. These special amino acids cause particular brain cells to become excessively excited, to the point that they die.

Excitotoxins can also cause a loss of brain synapses and connecting fibers. A review conducted in 2008 by scientists from the University of Pretoria and the University of Limpopo found that consuming a lot of aspartame may inhibit the ability of enzymes in your brain to function normally, and may lead to neurodegeneration.

According to the researchers, consuming a lot of aspartame can disturb:

The metabolism of amino acids
Protein structure and metabolism
The integrity of nucleic acids
Neuronal function
Endocrine balances

Furthermore, the ester bond in aspartame breaks down to formaldehyde and methanol, which are also toxic in their own right. So it is not surprising that this popular artificial sweetener has also been found to cause cancer.

One truly compelling case study that shows this all too well was done by a private citizen named Victoria Inness-Brown. She decided to perform her own aspartame experiment on 108 rats over a period of 2 years and 8 months.

Daily, she fed some of the rats the equivalent (for their body weight) of two-thirds the aspartame contained in 8-oz of diet soda. Thirty-seven percent of the females fed aspartame developed tumors, some of massive size.

How to Ditch Artificial Sweeteners, and Satiate Your Sweet Tooth

CLIP - to read the rest please go at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mercola/americas-deadliest-sweete_b_630549.html


Related information:

Aspartame - Other Sweeteners
Many people want to know what other artificial sweeteners they can safely use instead of aspartame. My first recommendation is NOT to use any chemical sweeteners at all, but merely use natural sugars or learn to adjust to the natural sweetness of raw foods themselves.I have provided a list of alternative artificial sweeteners available on the market today, even though I am not recommending their use over natural sweeteners. I do recommend them above aspartame, nonetheless, as their side effects are less harmful to human health.The best thing to do is avoid all artificial and chemical sweetener substitutes. They have NO food value, trick the body into thinking it is eating something sweet, and they have by-products of harmful toxic side effects. And remember that aspartame was discovered as an ulcer drug, not a sweetener. Every diet drink you used to drink was a dose of medication . (...) It is very important that people who have any interest in their healthstay aware from the highly toxic sweetener aspartame and other questionable sweeteners such as sucralose (Splenda), and acesulfame-k (Sunette, Sweet & Safe, Sweet One). Please see the extensive resources for sweeteners on the Healthier Sweetener Resource List. http://www.holisticmed.com/sweet/ CLIP

Do sweeteners bring on early birth? How fizzy drinks can harm an unborn child (10th July 2010)
Mothers-to-be who down cans of fizzy drink containing artificial sweeteners could be at greater risk of having a premature baby. Research funded by the EU found a correlation between the amount of diet drink consumed and an early birth among the 60,000 women studied. Many had switched from sugary drinks to those with artificial sweeteners believing they were a healthier option. But this study suggests that drinks using sweeteners, such as aspartame, carried dangers for the unborn child. Some British public health experts are now advising expectant mothers to avoid food and drink containing the chemicals. CLIP

Aspartame controversy
The artificial sweetener aspartame has been the subject of several controversies and hoaxes since its initial approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1974. Critics allege that conflicts of interest marred the FDA's approval of aspartame, question the quality of the initial research supporting its safety, and postulate that numerous health risks may be associated with aspartame. The validity of these claims has been examined and dismissed. In 1987, the U.S. Government Accountability Office concluded that the food additive approval process had been followed properly for aspartame. Aspartame has been found to be safe for human consumption by more than ninety countries worldwide, with FDA officials describing aspartame as "one of the most thoroughly tested and studied food additives the agency has ever approved" and its safety as "clear cut". The weight of existing scientific evidence indicates that aspartame is safe at current levels of consumption as a non-nutritive sweetener. CLIP -

Note from Jean: I was rather surprised to discover that the "good" people at Wikipedia had concluded that aspartame causes no problem at all, except for people with the genetic condition phenylketonuria (PKU), so I tried to dig a bit deeper on what they had on this and found the following in this discussion about whether to delete or not the Aspartame controversy page excerpted above (they decided to keep it):

"Look at the real science of the chemical formula of this drug called aspartame compared to a barbiturate: Aspartame C14 H18 N2 O5 Phenobarbital C12 H12 N2 O3 - As you can see, there are only slight differences in the number of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms in a molecule of aspartame vs. phenobarbital. Phenobarbital DOES pass through the blood-brain barrier, which gives it its properties of anesthesia, hypnosis, and sedation. The claim that aspartame does not pass through the blood-brain barrier is thus pure hogwash (to put it mildly), as its chemical formulae is nearly identical to phenobarbital. Thus the effects of aspartame in the brain are real; it affects the entire mechanism of hunger and thirst as it is a powerful drug which is chemically similar in formula to Phenobarbital. People can become confused about hunger and thirst sensations under the influence of a powerful psychotic drug, by "crossing the wires" of different senses. This is not about "junk science", it is about "junk business", more specifically selling junk as business. How much money is behind the attempt to remove any controversy about aspartame? All the money in the world that wants to steamroll over opposition to selling anything to anybody, with no government interference. The mantra that "all regulation is bad" is all over this attempt to muzzle free speech. The only way aspartame can even be sold is if strong regulation is watered down, which is how it got approved in the first place. The stuff look like Phenobarbital, which is called "truth serum", and if phenobarbital can "cross people's wires" so they can be knocked out or put into hypnotic trances then it aspartame sure as hell can have similar effects...as the chemical formulas are nearly identical. Wake up people!"

... but that dissenting opinion was not enough to get the "good" people of Wikipedia to switch side on this controversy and come out against aspartame... which makes me wonder how much those self-anointed "scientific" experts can be relied upon in much everything else wikipedia publishes online... Hmmm... When reviewing their other entry for Aspartame, I found that it reads like Aspartame industry propaganda heavily tilted towards the "fool-proof safety" of aspartame. I also found through http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Aspartame_controversy this current (end of June 2010) ongoing debate about whether to mention that there are many scientific studies that have established a link between aspartame and headaches. The person who wants to mention this link is facing stiff opposition from other Wikipedia editors (I'd rather say it looks like corporate-funded censors to me because it appears there is LOTS of ill will surrounding this ongoing debate there) and argued (on June 28, 2010) "This side effect has been recorded not only in numerous peer reviewed studies, but also in the list of reported adverse health impacts compiled by CFSAN. There is no wikipedia policy that prevents this data from going into the article. " Then I also checked the discussion under "Seizures" (another side-effect from aspartame that the board of editors refuse to see mentioned anywhere) and found right after this revealing comment posted HERE on the 6th of July 2010: "So, here's what I'm going to ask you, a choice: Do you want to work collegially with me (so far none of you have), and allow the pages on aspartame to reflect the full range of opinions out there, both the majority and the minority opinions, both the corporate and the independent? This would mean allowing in studies that show problems with aspartame, and data sourced from GAO documents that show thousands of reports of side effects, etc. Do you want me to simply go away and create a page on Aspartame at a wikipedia-alternative like SourceWatch.org? If I do this you will have won a Pyrrhic victory, because the information censored here will pop up there, and in a less NPOV tone, I can assure you."

So of course I checked SourceWatch and found at http://sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Aspartame a much more truthful description of the many risks associated with Aspartame which I therefore recommend to your attention. What strikes me when considering all the skulduggery going on in Wikipedia to protect the huge financial interests at stake (imagine the billions of dollars in litigation the governments would have to face if the FDA and all the other 90 national health regulatory agencies that approved the unrestricted use of aspartame - in 2006 for the FDA - were to reverse their stance on this lethal product and admit that for 30 years they have allowed great harm to be done to the public's health under the manipulative influence of powerful interests) is the great similitude there is with the debate over the potentially lethal exposure of cell phone users and base towers neighbors... Food for thought...

Aspartame and MSGA Cover-up of Major Proportions
The incredibly revealing video documentary Sweet Misery has saved many lives. It takes us on a journey across the U.S. interviewing highly respected doctors, neurosurgeons, federal health officials, and concerned individuals who lay out clearly the high risks and dangers of ingesting excitotoxins like aspartame (contained in sugar substitutes NutraSweet, Equal) and MSG. These professionals describe in detail a major cover-up by elements of government and industry to keep these serious risks out of the public eye.If you care about your health and the health of your family and friends, Sweet Misery is a must-watch video which can empower you to make a difference on this vital topic. Even if you have only a few minutes, don't miss at least watching the first part of this empowering video which will show you the hidden dangers of aspartame and MSG. A 10-minute Fox News clip listed below further drives the point home. And the "What You Can Do" box underneath these links gives great ideas on how to further educate yourself and spread the word. You can help to save lives with this critical information.

Sweet Misery (90 minutes) is available for free viewing at:

To purchase Sweet Misery:

For a revealing 10-minute Fox News clip presenting the serious dangers of aspartame: http://www.personalgrowthcourses.net/video/aspartame_risks_dangers_fox_news

For another excellent documentary showing the proven risks and dangers of GM food in our food supply:



Note from Jean: Flemming Funch is one of the original co-founders of the Earth Rainbow Network in December 1997 - You can see pictures of the founders near the bottom of this WEBPAGE

From: http://ming.tv/flemming2.php/__show_article/_a000010-001960.htm

Be afraid, be very afraid

by Flemming Funch - 2010-06-27

The old civilization (human civilization in the last few thousand years) is pretty much based on the observation that humans, on the average, work badly together, but they can be controlled. Thus, history is the story of individuals, the lucky few who were in the right position to control others, and who knew how to do so. Alexander the Great couldn't have conquered much all by himself. His genius was in persuading 100s of thousands of soldiers to do what he said, to go and get killed so that he could be the dictator of a huge empire. Most memorable parts of history worked pretty much the same. Some guy used force and persuasion to make lots of people do what we wanted done, and the result became something impressive. Empires. Pyramids. Roman aqueducts. Greek temples.

Our society isn't much different today, other than that the control mechanisms have gotten much more clever and convoluted, and they've been camouflaged as democracy, free markets and free speech. What's different is that it is no longer the very visible kings or presidents who are in charge of very much. They go with the flow almost as much as everybody else. What hasn't changed is that it is the very, very few who control the majority of what's going on. But it is the vast majority that enable this to happen and that provide all the manpower. Despite that what they're getting isn't really working very well.

Western civilization - it would be a good idea, like Gandhi said. Democracy, that would be good idea too. Free markets would be an excellent thing to implement. We don't really have those, even though most people on the street would tell you that we do. They'd also tell you that money represents value, and that everybody has an equal opportunity, and one is free to say whatever one wants. All of which is a cartoonish propaganda reality which doesn't really exist anywhere on this planet.

However, the really good news is that all of it could change very, very quickly.

The thing is that we simply haven't worked out how to work together yet. The groups we're familiar with are simply collections of people who follow one leader, or a few leaders. Corporations. Governments. Religions. The News. We're talking about thousands or millions of people who voluntarily choose to do what a handful of people tell them to do. Usually towards their own ends, for their own gain, or simply based on their particular personal insanity.

Mind-boggling. Why do we do that?

Because collective intelligence hasn't worked for us so far.

You put a group of people together, most of the time, you'll end up with something more stupid than any of the individuals you put together. They'll argue, posture, waste time, and probably end up agreeing on something not very useful. But give them a leader, somebody who'll inspire them, give them a purpose, while making sure they get paid and fed, suddenly they'll all line up and do what they're told.

But imagine that a group of people actually suddenly could become more than the sum of its parts.

Imagine that the natural order of things would be that a group of people would self-organize in order to maximize their common interests. Imagine that together they'd accomplish more than simply the sum of their individual contributions, because of the synergy between then. They'd operate at a bigger order. Surprisingly clever and wonderful stuff would happen that none of them individually could have predicted, and that none of them directly caused.

That's called Collective Intelligence. That's when a group of people becomes smarter than any of them individually, and even smarter than them all together. It's a positive sum. 1 + 1 + 1 = 5.

That's not a wild-eyed fantasy. It is simply that humans haven't been very good at it so far. The result of that has been that 0.01% of the population control the other 99.99%, who do what they're told, and who're rewarded in some mediocre way for doing so.

Imagine that it changed one day. Maybe somebody came up with a tool that allowed people to actually work together. Maybe it just started happening by itself. Evolution. Suddenly we see win-win relationships around us.

Just like Alexander the Great by himself in his underwear wouldn't be worth much, and just like Adolf Hitler was just a little angry Austrian guy, part Jewish, mediocre painter, chronically constipated, most of the great leaders of civilization don't amount to much by themselves. Oh, some of them do. Some leaders would remain leaders even if we had a choice about it, because they're inspiring, because they're empowering and enabling catalysts who know how to make things happen.

But most of those very, very few who call the shots should probably be very afraid.

Because if we actually figured out how to work together, they'd be out of a job from one day to the next.

Elected leaders are only there because they've been elected. One little scandal, the truth coming out, will remove them from office in a couple of days. And nobody might vote for them next time.

Multi-billion dollar multi-national corporations are only in the position they are because people are buying their products, voluntarily, but without really knowing what's behind it, who's doing what, where these products come from, what the money is used for, etc. If they knew, they'd make different choices right away.

While we're scattered, disjoined, dispersed, unconnected, distracted and confused - we're not very effective.

We, the people, are the real power. If a million people agree on what is in our common interest, what's one anti-social assh ole gonna do? Go hide? Unfortunately, today, that one guy is the CEO, and you could be laid off any day if you don't do what you're supposed to. But if we actually were talking with each other, he'd be the guy who'd be running for cover. Assuming he's one of those guys who got there by deceit and coercion.

There is one problem to solve. It is THE problem. How can we work together, towards our common interests, in a way that is constructive. In particular, how can we together solve complex problems together that we wouldn't be able to solve individually.

It is called collective intelligence.

It isn't just some crazy left-wing idealist dream. It is probably the natural order of things. The universe works perfectly well. Stars are born, stars die. Evolution has gone on for billions of years. Billions of life forms coexist in great diversity and synergy. It is just us humans that for a few thousand years have gotten lost in the dark ages of mental and emotional separation. We found that we could think abstractly, invent stuff, communicate, organize, manipulate. That made us surprisingly productive and simultaneously surprisingly malleable and controllable.

Chances are that we don't remain dispersed for much longer. One way or another we'll figure out how to actually work together. Or we'll go extinct within the next couple of generations. Evolution happens when there's a bit of a crisis. Probably we'll change and we'll make it.

When we change, it will probably happen quickly. Because, really, it is not exactly about what any one of us are up to. Rather, when we find out that we can work together and the sum will be greater than the parts, there will be no way back.

That will be the Singularity.

When suddenly we no longer all are working against each other, allowing the few to manipulate us for their personal gain, when suddenly there is positive gain in all our collaborations. When suddenly humanity starts to feel smart and creative and constructive, rather than homicidal and suicidal. When humanity wakes up.

There are really only a few anti-social fucktards who'd even be against this. Most all of us want humanity to succeed. We want to be free. We want to make a difference. We want to be happy. Duh. Most people are good people.

If the truth is available, and easily communicated, and large groups of people can work together on common goals, big things can happen. It hasn't happened so far. It probably will soon. In part because technology is evolving rapidly. It will probably soon be impractical to keep us all apart.

Doesn't really matter if you're left wing or right wing or religious or scientific. There are a lot of artificial abstract ideas that separate us. But if we actually could talk about what we really care about, and work together on the solutions, nothing much would need to stop us.

Until we get there it is maybe a bit of a pain to try to work with others. Might be easier to either force somebody else to do it our way, or to follow somebody else's program.

But once we learn to actually network... the world will not be the same again. There probably won't be any way back.

So, if you're in the business of deceiving the many, for your own personal gain, be afraid. You'll need a new job soon. Something is emerging that you can't possibly compete with.


From: Elyfly@aol.com
Date: 3 July 2010
Subject: Holistic Healing


I am working on a Ph.D. in holistic healing and have uncovered some very sobering information that can lead to the demise of the planet if not stopped soon. It is reversible but we need the people in power to accomplish the task. This is a global issue and the oil spill threatens to make it worse. I look forward to your feedback on the attached. I named it Hope because there is very little of that in the document. By the way I am a researcher, writer and teacher not a marketer.

Love and light,

Eleanore Dunn


The following information is based on 30 years of experience, research and application. We are currently faced with the most incredible imbalance of nature that mankind has ever experienced. We are in “Critical Mass”. My hope is that we have sufficient time to reverse the damage done by cultural, medical and political practices.

All of disease, physical and mental is digestive failure. Birth defects are caused by the mothers digestive system failing and the infant did not get the necessary nutrients to develop normally. Good digestion creates good health, poor digestion creates poor health.

Twenty-five years ago I was given a shot of penicillin when all over my file was stamped, “Penicillin Allergic”. I ultimately gained 60 pounds in 20 months without changing my lifestyle or my food intake. When my oldest daughter was 17 she developed pneumonia, she was hospitalized and given penicillin, also “Penicillin Allergic” and she gained an excessive amount of weight in a short period of time without changing her food intake or lifestyle. I wanted to know why. I have since earned a Masters in Nutrition with high honors and am currently working on a Ph.D. What I have learned is what is causing the excessive increase in disease, obesity, mental disorders and how to correct and prevent them.

What I intend to show is what is causing the breakdown in the digestive and immune systems and how to correct it. One of the problems is the damage to our water supply. National Geographic put out a booklet on water around the globe. The article ultimately condensed all of the water into a one gallon container and pointed out that of the one gallon of water only one tablespoon was safe.

Because the water is contaminated the plant life is impacted. Plants require the same elements as our bodies. Our metabolism has been compromised and the best food you can eat no longer nourishes because it is not appropriately metabolized and actually becomes a toxin in the system. (There is the cause of the salmonella and e-coli outbreaks which I can explain and set up experiments to prove). What cannot be metabolized small enough to be absorbed becomes a toxin. The plants also absorb the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and toxins in the water and that upsets the balance in the plants. I do believe that we will find that this is what is killing the honey bees, something else that needs to be tested. Water represents life because it contains the probiotics. We think in terms of how it impacts us directly but what about the plant life on the planet? If the water is contaminated with chemicals, pharmaceuticals (they don't break down) and poisons (arsenic being one), then the plants are also impacted. Could this possibly be the start of the predicted 2012 events? Do we have the time to reverse it? There are alternatives and I would like an opportunity to research and restore the environment so the next generation has a better chance at good health then we are experiencing.

Then there is the air we breathe. Asthma and allergies are on the rise. When we add the toxins from the water, the toxins from the air and the toxins from pharmaceuticals together it boggles the mind. If you take a shower in unfiltered water your body absorbs all of those toxins through the pores in the skin.

The body will slough off what it does not use as long as it has been metabolized into its bio-available form, small enough to be absorbed. That requires probiotics to get the process started. Everything in the body is synergistic and catalytic. This is why vitamins don't work. They are going through a busted digestive system and becoming toxins instead of nutrients.

The pharmaceuticals are now considered more dangerous then the illegal drugs. Prilosec turns off your stomach acids for 24 hours. How do you digest your food? Foods cooked over 118 degrees have no enzymes. Now the body has to produce from the limited life time supply in the pancreas to break down the food. Bodies are not breaking down because there are not enough enzymes to do the job. Everything alive comes with enough enzymes to break itself down at the end of its life. We are so out of balance.

It is even worse than I thought. I thought the damage was just from chemicals and antibiotics but more recently we are being alerted to the fact that the negative elements in our food are also winding up in the water along with all of the pharmaceuticals and that makes sense since the body cannot absorb from a pill. It has been known for some time that aspartame (becomes formaldehyde at 97 degrees), MSG (an excitotoxin that burns out the cells) etc. We know this already why is it still there. Why is tobacco still on the market when we know that it causes disease and death?

Scientific studies are generally accepted as the final word but frequently the researcher either removes the secondary elements that make it work or proves what they want to see, while the anecdotal is being disrespected but that is what actually happened when the elements were applied under natural conditions.

The scary part is it looks as if no one is getting the full ramifications of all of this, who has the power to reverse the destruction. Neither we nor the planet can survive without plants. I can tell you how to stop it and how to restore it but the powers that be must allow it and is there enough time left. We started loosing the honey bees about a year ago, that leaves us three years to undo and reverse the damage. We have lost the bats and now the tomatoes are showing up with fungus. Wake up America or there will be no planet.

When the body is nourished it is at peace and does not want to make war.

Eleanore Dunn (Elyfly@aol.com)
Behavioral Therapist
Nutritionist - Candidate: Ph.D.

AND MY REPLY WAS (in part):

As far as ascribing all diseases, physical and mental, to digestive failure, I won't go that far though but it certainly plays a central role in many ailments. Others are sure all health problems starts in our belief system. There are many views on this and I would not favor one cause at the exclusion of all others as you seem to do - with all due respect.

I've grown my own vegetables in my organic garden for 30 years and strive to eat only organically grown food, breathe clean air, drink good water with some occasional indulgences in lesser good stuff and overall, despite a frequent lack of sleep, I'm pretty healthy (at 58).

This was made out of a conscious choice to give my body what it was designed to have, not the 97% of toxic stuff sold in food stores - which nobody forces us to eat/drink BTW. I avoid pharmaceutical products as much as possible and do my best to nurture a positive, love-filled mindset and basic feeling. I've also meditated regularly (very deeply and blissfully) since I'm 18, enjoy outdoor activities as much as my work allows me and do my best to be of service to others, while being of a contemplative mind, sometimes only - too busy! - but I can instantaneously snap out of busy-mind to take in all the marvelous wonders of this amazing planet.

I'd say anyone doing the same - with a generally good start from breast-feeding and good genes - can achieve much the same results.

That's my recipe for good health and a positive outlook on life - despite all the bad news I circulate ;-) !

And that's what I would recommend to you or anyone else to reach and/or maintain holistic health.


From: http://www.ancientx.com/nm/anmviewer.asp?a=75

The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

The Bible tells us that God created Adam and Eve just a few thousand years ago, by some fundamentalist interpretations. Science informs us that this is mere fiction and that man is a few million years old, and that civilization just tens of thousands of years old. Could it be, however, that conventional science is just as mistaken as the Bible stories? There is a great deal of archeological evidence that the history of life on earth might be far different than what current geological and anthropological texts tell us. Consider these astonishing finds:

The Grooved Spheres
Over the last few decades, miners in South Africa have been digging up mysterious metal spheres. Origin unknown, these spheres measure approximately an inch or so in diameter, and some are etched with three parallel grooves running around the equator. Two types of spheres have been found: one is composed of a solid bluish metal with flecks of white; the other is hollowed out and filled with a spongy white substance. The kicker is that the rock in which they where found is Precambrian - and dated to 2.8 billion years old! Who made them and for what purpose is unknown.

The Dropa Stones
In 1938, an archeological expedition led by Dr. Chi Pu Tei into the Baian-Kara-Ula mountains of China made an astonishing discovery in some caves that had apparently been occupied by some ancient culture. Buried in the dust of ages on the cave floor were hundreds of stone disks. Measuring about nine inches in diameter, each had a circle cut into the center and was etched with a spiral groove, making it look for all the world like some ancient phonograph record some 10,000 to 12,000 years old. The spiral groove, it turns out, is actually composed of tiny hieroglyphics that tell the incredible story of spaceships from some distant world that crash-landed in the mountains. The ships were piloted by people who called themselves the Dropa, and the remains of whose descendents, possibly, were found in the cave.

The Ica Stones
Beginning in the 1930s, the father of Dr. Javier Cabrera, Cultural Anthropologist for Ica, Peru, discovered many hundreds of ceremonial burial stones in the tombs of the ancient Incas. Dr. Cabrera, carrying on his father's work, has collected more than 1,100 of these andesite stones, which are estimated to be between 500 and 1,500 years old and have become known collectively as the Ica Stones. The stones bear etchings, many of which are sexually graphic (which was common to the culture), some picture idols and others depict such practices as open-heart surgery and brain transplants. The most astonishing etchings, however, clearly represent dinosaurs - brontosaurs, triceratops (see photo), stegosaurus and pterosaurs. While skeptics consider the Ica Stones a hoax, their authenticity has neither been proved or disproved.

The Antikythera Mechanism
A perplexing artifact was recovered by sponge-divers from a shipwreck in 1900 off the coast of Antikythera, a small island that lies northwest of Crete. The divers brought up from the wreck a great many marble and and bronze statues that had apparently been the ship's cargo. Among the findings was a hunk of corroded bronze that contained some kind of mechanism composed of many gears and wheels. Writing on the case indicated that it was made in 80 B.C., and many experts at first thought it was an astrolabe, an astronomer's tool. An x-ray of the mechanism, however, revealed it to be far more complex, containing a sophisticated system of differential gears. Gearing of this complexity was not known to exist until 1575! It is still unknown who constructed this amazing instrument 2,000 years ago or how the technology was lost.

The Baghdad Battery
Today batteries can be found in any grocery, drug, convenience and department store you come across. Well, here's a battery that's 2,000 years old! Known as the Baghdad Battery, this curiosity was found in the ruins of a Parthian village believed to date back to between 248 B.C. and 226 A.D. The device consists of a 5-1/2-inch high clay vessel inside of which was a copper cylinder held in place by asphalt, and inside of that was an oxidized iron rod. Experts who examined it concluded that the device needed only to be filled with an acid or alkaline liquid to produce an electric charge. It is believed that this ancient battery might have been used for electroplating objects with gold. If so, how was this technology lost... and the battery not rediscovered for another 1,800 years?

The Coso Artifact
While mineral hunting in the mountains of California near Olancha during the winter of 1961, Wallace Lane, Virginia Maxey and Mike Mikesell found a rock, among many others, that they thought was a geode - a good addition for their gem shop. Upon cutting it open, however, Mikesell found an object inside that seemed to be made of white porcelain. In the center was a shaft of shiny metal. Experts estimated that it should have taken about 500,000 years for this fossil-encrusted nodule to form, yet the object inside was obviously of sophisticated human manufacture. Further investigation revealed that the porcelain was surround by a hexagonal casing, and an x-ray revealed a tiny spring at one end. Some who have examined the evidence say it looks very much like a modern-day spark plug. How did it get inside a 500,000-year-old rock?

Ancient Model Aircraft
There are artifacts belonging to ancient Egyptian and Central American cultures that look amazingly like modern-day aircraft. The Egyptian artifact, found in a tomb at Saqquara, Egypt in 1898, is a six-inch wooden object that strongly resembles a model airplane, with fuselage, wings and tail. Experts believe the object is so aerodynamic that it is actually able to glide. The small object discovered in Central America (shown at right), and estimated to be 1,000 years old, is made of gold and could easily be mistaken for a model of a delta-wing aircraft - or even the Space Shuttle. It even features what looks like a pilot's seat.

Giant Stone Balls of Costa Rica (More recent picture)
Workmen hacking and burning their way through the dense jungle of Costa Rica to clear an area for banana plantations in the 1930s stumbled upon some incredible objects: dozens of stone balls, many of which were perfectly spherical. They varied in size from as small as a tennis ball to an astonishing 8 feet in diameter and weighing 16 tons! Although the great stone balls are clearly man-made, it is unknown who made them, for what purpose and, most puzzling, how they achieved such spherical precision.

Impossible Fossils
Fossils, as we learned in grade school, appear in rocks that were formed many thousands of years ago. Yet there are a number of fossils that just don't make geological or historical sense. A fossil of a human handprint, for example, was found in limestone estimated to be 110 million years old. What appears to be a fossilized human finger found in the Canadian Arctic also dates back 100 to 110 million years ago. And what appears to be the fossil of a human footprint, possibly wearing a sandal, was found near Delta, Utah in a shale deposit estimated to be 300 million to 600 million years old.

Out-of-Place Metal Objects
Humans were not even around 65 million years ago, never mind people who could work metal. So then how does science explain semi-ovoid metallic tubes dug out of 65-million-year-old Cretaceous chalk in France? In 1885, a block of coal was broken open to find a metal cube obviously worked by intelligent hands. In 1912, employees at an electric plant broke apart a large chunk of coal out of which fell an iron pot! A nail was found embedded in a sandstone block from the Mesozoic Era. And there are many, many more such anomalies.
What are we to make of these finds? There are several possibilities:

- Intelligent humans date back much, much further than we realize.
- Other intelligent beings and civilizations existed on earth far beyond our recorded history.
- Our dating methods are completely inaccurate, and that stone, coal and fossils form much more rapidly than we now estimate.

In any case, these examples - and there are many more - should prompt any curious and open-minded scientist to reexamine and rethink the true history of life on earth.


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Ancient artifacts & Modern hoaxes - A Comprehensive Study - DEBUNKING SOME OF THE CLAIMS ABOVE
There are numerous articles throughout the internet about strange antique objects and unusual artifacts whose origin and purpose are not clear to most of us. Many of those objects are claimed to be evidence of UFO visits in ancient times. While, other objects are claimed as proves of existence of Atlantis or some Highly Advanced Civilization in prehistoric times. These objects are known in many names & have no exact definition (i.e. Ancient mysterious artifacts, Ancient gadgets etc.) However, in research documents or during investigations, especially the proponents of paranormal theories use a more generally accepted term: “Out of Place Artifact” (...) The objective of this article is to present a brief history, alleged claims and critics of these claims to give the reader a better understanding of the so called ‘Out of Place’ objects. However, the content of this subject is so huge that it wont be possible to talk about many relevant aspects i.e. Ancient Astronaut Theory, Famous UFO encounters etc. Following are the most intriguing & debatable artifacts usually seen in the internet: CLIP

Prehistoric Civilizations - Presentation Transcript
The Piri Reis Map
In 1929, a group of historians found an amazing map drawn on a gazelle skin. Research showed that it was a genuine document drawn in 1513 by Piri Reis, a famous admiral of the Turkish fleet in the sixteenth century. His passion was cartography. His high rank within the Turkish navy allowed him to have a privileged access to the Imperial Library of Constantinople. The Turkish admiral admits in a series of notes on the map that he compiled and copied the data from a large number of source maps, some of which dated back to the fourth century BC or earlier. The Piri Reis map shows the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern coast of Antarctica. The northern coastline of Antarctica is perfectly detailed. The most puzzling however is not so much how Piri Reis managed to draw such an accurate map of the Antarctic region 300 years before it was discovered, but that the map shows the coastline under the ice. Geological evidence confirms that the latest date Queen Maud Land could have been charted in an ice-free state is 4000 BC.

(...) The geographical detail shown in the lower part of the map agrees very remarkably with the results of the seismic profile made across the top of the ice-cap by the Swedish-British Antarctic Expedition of 1949. This indicates the coastline had been mapped before it was covered by the ice-cap. The ice-cap in this region is now about a mile thick. We have no idea how the data on this map can be reconciled with the supposed state of geographical knowledge in 1513. Harold Z. Ohlmeyer Lt. Colonel, USAF CommanderThe official science has been saying all along that the ice-cap which covers the Antarctic is million years old. The Piri Reis map shows that the northern part of that continent has been mapped before the ice did cover it. That should make think it has been mapped million years ago, but that's impossible according to today’s theories since mankind did not exist at that time. Other, perhaps more accurate, studies have suggested that the last period of ice-free condition in the Antarctic ended around10000 years put by different researchers everything between year 13000 and 9000 BC. The question is: Who mapped the Queen Maud Land of Antarctic 10000 years ago? Which unknown civilization had the technology or the need to do that?

(...) Why is a great deal of emerging evidence, very conveniently ignored? Around the world, countless such artifacts have been discovered, including in the rust resistant and extremely high purity Iron pillar in India, the statues of Easter Island, remains of cities found underneath oceans around the world – including off the coasts of Japan and India, Mysterious artifacts in South America, jewel like glass artifacts found in Egypt that can only be formed in temperatures that would require a nuclear furnace to create – to mention just a few. Many bold scientists have put forward theories involving cycles of civilization where civilizations have undergone periodic destructions to explain the countless anomalous artifacts that have been found across the world. Interestingly all major cultures have ‘legends’ surrounding several ancient cycles of civilization.In an NBC, show a scientist was pointing out that the mainstream models of anthropology and evolution could be compared to the ‘Emperor's New Clothes’. There is no strong backbone for the textbook theories yet if you question them you are quite likely to be labeled ‘ignorant’. A lot of fossils on which the mainstream theory of evolution and anthropology was built on has been found to be hoaxes. For instance the Piltdown man – a fossil hoax , was considered evidence of transitional fossil between man and ape for over 50 years, till it was proved a hoax,. Many such ‘findings’, later proved to be hoaxes, had a strong impact on the theory of evolution becoming mainstream. In fact, even today there is hardly any genuine evidence of inter-species transitional fossils. Once things get into textbooks people sub consciously accept them as “facts” and evidence suggesting they are not is very conveniently over-looked and ignored by the academia.

(...) The Pyramids of Bosnia - A recent discovery deserving very special attention Searching on http://www.icbp.ba or http://www.bosnian-pyramid.com can lead you to a series of videos of the excavation site that provide unmistakable evidence that what lies underneath the layers of mud on the hills are man made constructions. Thermal and satellite imaging have found evidence of a network of underground tunnels connecting the pyramid shaped structures. Many geologists have confirmed the structures are un-mistakably man made. While any rational mind can make out these are man-made structures some in the mainstream archeological community still refuse to even look at the proofs and blindly dismiss all emerging evidence merely because it wouldn’t fit into the textbook theories they learned in college - some have even been asking for the excavation project to be shut down!

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun
Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (former Visocica), with its height of over 220 meters, is one third taller than the Great pyramid of Egypt. Four sides of the pyramid are perfectly aligned with the cardinal points (North-South, East-West). Measurements made by the Geodetic Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina suggest that northern portion of the pyramid is forming geometric feature of triangle, with equal sides of 365 meters and inner angles of 60 degrees. North side of the pyramid is oriented towards stellar north (like the Great Pyramid of Egypt), in parallel with position of the North Star. Numerous scientific analysis suggest artificiality of the monument: satellite imagery, thermal inertia analysis that shows quick heat loss due to inner chambers and hallways; penetrating radar suggests straight passageways with 90 degrees intersections; water drainage and inner angles of 45 degrees characteristic for artificial objects. Geo-archaeological research uncovered man-made stone blocks that the pyramid walls. Gallery of pictures HERE - HERE for the Pyramid of the moon

Blocks of Bosnian Pyramid
Builders of the Bosnian pyramids used a cement-like substance to help build the ancient structures in the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids, according to the Kemal Kapetanovic Institute from the University in Zenica, Bosnia Herzegovina.The Institute has published the first results of archaeological samples taken from a number of locations in the Bosnian valley of pyramids.The builders behind the Bosnian pyramids made their own building materials and a type of ‘concrete’ to create the architectural forms found in the valley. (...) The gravel-like material that they made the pyramid from is reminiscent of today’s machine-mixed cement but is much stronger.The samples of these substances, taken from the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids, will also be sent for analysis to some of the leading institutions in Europe and America

Stone Spheres
One of the greatest mysteries for archaeologists and other scientific researchers today represents the phenomenon of stone spheres. First stone spheres were found in the early 1930's in the delta of river Diquis in Costa Rica. Since then were found hundreds of stone spheres of many different sizes in different locations of the world. Many of them are built from the mineral called granodiorite that is very firm. Bosnian stone spheres phenomenon was actualized in 2004 when Mr. Semir Osmanagic and his team of independent researchers and historians found few stone spheres in Bosnia and Herzegovina. First Bosnian stone spheres were found near Banja Luka. There has been found either the biggest stone sphere in Bosnia and Herzegovina whose construction was probably interrupted in one of its phases, so that the stone sphere seems not finished, which means that rough and by its outfit it is distinguished from unwritten rule that says that all stone spheres were glazed at the end of their construction. CLIP

The Secret of the Universe - Part 1 of 6
The ancient secrets of antigravity are revealed as the result of an in depth study - clues left by Edward Leedskalnin at Coral Castle, and the Freemasons Lodge (Grand Masonic Lodge) at Philadelphia. The Golden Ratio (Phi), or the Golden Section, and it's relationship to Prime Numbers, Prime Quadruplets, and the Pyramid Shape with an angle of 51.83 degrees is revealed for the first time! The formerly hidden secrets of anti-gravity and magnetism are here. The Star of David hexagram is a key as well, along with the number 144. Learn how the ancient megaliths of the world were really constructed. The best way to a real antigravity solution - infinitely easier to construct than Searl, Hutchison, etc.


From: http://www.recordsofcreation.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=3173:the-alchemy-of-transformation-5th-cosmic&Itemid=71

The Alchemy of Transformation - 5th Cosmic Wave

Judith K. Moore received this spontaneous transmission at 2 am on June 28, 2010

I was awakened with the ringing sensation in my head and not in my ears and a lot of energy running. When I listen very carefully I can hear that hum that I have identified as what I call the sound of the universe because it comes when there are significant transmissions from the mind of the universe.

I open to the heart of Oneness and expand my consciousness to communicate with the universal forces of Creation and universal life force energy through what we call the Masters of the Universe, the consciousness of the universe.

The 5th Cosmic Wave is the Harmony of Galactic Consciousness and Universal Order. The Earth has received the 5th Cosmic Wave. Gaia's energy has opened to a new harmonic potential. This quantum harmonic continuum is a vibration that permeates all forms of consciousness. The quantums of harmonics of the planetary vibration is thus altered and open to a new potential. This is an individual and a collective opportunity to synergize the molecular frequencies of physical existence with a harmonic vibration that is balanced with universal order.

A time of chaos on the planet will increase as pre existent sound vibrations that are disharmonic experience the vibrations and harmonics of universal Oneness. This is a molecular transcendence which opens a transcendental nature for consciousness. An opportunity exists to co operate with universal life force energy collectively in a powerful co creation for those elements of consciousness that are ready to make the quantum leap. Initially, this effect will seem to be resulting in widening the gap between those elements of consciousness that are capable of peace and those elements of consciousness that resist the transformation of consciousness that is ultimate and inevitable on this planet.

The overall harmonics of the planet is compromised by the vibration of fear matrix greed and jealousy and these frequencies ruled the dominion of discordant harmonics that controlled dimensions from the space of deep discord sabotaging the light of peace and evil appeared to be more powerful on the planet than the soul of love, the power of goodness, the generosity, hope and compassion but the light did not extinguish, the light that is the eternal light of peace did not extinguish but it was not the dominating factor of consciousness as the majority of the ruling factors controlled the dynamics of war generating discordant patterns, disharmonic fields, a vibration generated from consciousness.

This is the crossroads the place where this fertile loam of the new Earth and the seeds of peace receive nourishment from cosmic forces to support and sustain acts of compassion and why energy relationships can't result in harmonic co cooperation between energy fields, energy that is generated by consciousness, the force of creation the ultimate force of creation is the Power of One and the Power of One Harmonic of Oneness, Harmony of One is a primordial vibration that sustains life and is immortality through infinite rejuvenation of life force energy that is in balance and sustainable with the harmonics of Galactic Source.

The Power of One is now the dominant force on the planet. This initiates a support for wholeness, those individuals who are tuned to the Divine Soul Consciousness will by the nature of the transformation of your planet will experience accelerating grace and not without the effects of deteriorating energy systems that are no longer sustainable on your planet, you will be affected by the confusion and fear, the unleashed rage that lays at the sediment of consciousness very deep in the psyche of humans, the human mind, you will feel the effects of suppressed hatred coming to the surface to be burned as dross and transformed by the fire of creation into the universal life force energy for that which does not serve eternal life force energy in balance with the universal forces of creation is out of balance with the harmonics of the Golden Age of Peace and will experience a rapid deterioration as those thought forms were being fed from illusions, illusions that war was justified, illusions that the means justified the end and illusions that there are no consequences for destructive behavior. Thus the fields of dominant power structures that fed themselves from the power of fear will experience an accelerated intensified consequence and the suffering will appear to be acute, visible and, at times, overwhelming. At the very essence, this time of chaos is transformative and those individuals who have surrendered to faith and entered a 5th dimensional consciousness will experience increasing grace as from the inner planes, each individual now can transmute at a core level their own disharmony.

This is a time of birth, the birth of the Golden Light and the universe supports this alteration of the way humans perceive the destiny of their souls and the willingness to co create from a love based relationship. Each individual that chooses love now, the vibrations that go out from your field now are quantum harmonics and the accelerated energy particles from your cellular mind magnifies the harmonics of universal life force energy and the harmonics of peace in mega-vibrations. Thus rather than being one small light in the world of darkness the community of faith, the Beloved community of the Way, becomes the overseeing light of the planetary light continuum and quantum harmonic essence of consciousness. With increasing confidence you know there is nothing to fear and have created a sustainable hologram of peace through conscious choice of co creation from the heart.

And the 5th Cosmic Wave is the element of alchemy that supports this change. Your planet has recently anchored itself in the new Gaia matrix and entered the ascension timeline and as already stated it is a time that appears to split the parallel realities that are happening on Earth right now as the gap widens between the Armageddon timelines and those who have chosen to fulfill that timeline until it no longer exists and those who have chosen the ascension timeline and those that through the nature of their state move into the ascension timeline quite quickly as there will open an opportunity for vast numbers of humans to move and shift from the Armageddon timeline into the ascension timeline which is a matter of altered perception.

The challenge at this time is to stay of one heart and be compassionate, allowing all of the energy that is generated from discordant thought systems to be transmitted through the consciousness of your heart and that the souls who have already chosen the ascension timeline, facilitate the transmutation of the Armageddon timeline as it will increasingly lose power and velocity and eventually collapse. This is the death of an old world and the birth of a new world in simultaneous reality in parallel dimensions. There are those delusionary paradigms that will feel that they are losing the power to dominate the dynamics on the planet and manipulate the energy of consciousness through fear and those old systems will resist fiercely but fruitlessly. Futile, their efforts will be futile inevitably because they will draw their own chaos back into their systems and find that they are no longer able to be carried on the Earth. The parasitic social structures that take life force energy but do not return it to the Earth are in a state of inevitable collapse.

The purpose of this transmission is to help awareness to facilitate awareness for the opportunity to be firmly transfixed into the consciousness of the harmony of love and firmly, firmly anchor your awareness in the truth and reality that you are on the path of an ascension timeline and you no longer live on the 3rd dimensional Earth. A collective group of humanity has moved through the narrow gate and prepared for the fertile consciousness of ascension. This will be experienced by individuals and by soul groups as you relate to each other with a new capacity for conscious community that is sustained by the harmonics of the planet rather than sabotaged by the disharmonic thought forms of the alter-ego and the dominant forces of chaos.

This a time for celebration. You have been diligent, dedicated and followed the inner voice with true commitment to the vision that you carry of a peaceful world. And what you have planted through the Ages will come to fruition now and that which you have dreamed and visioned will find its place in social order as increasing opportunities support the journeys of wholeness and co creation.

Blessed Be.


From: http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-2912-Seattle-Exopolitics-Examiner~y2010m7d14-Are-you-on-a-201213-catastrophic-timeline-Or-are-you-on-a-201213-positive-future-timeline-Part-1

Are you on a 2012-13 catastrophic timeline? Or are you on a 2012-13 positive future timeline? Part 1

In the course of research on potential impending transitional changes during the 2012-13 time horizon, this Examiner.com reporter has identified what can be described as two parallel realities, each buttressed by independent sets of data and personal and institutional decisions – a 2012-13 catastrophic timeline and a 2012-13 positive future timeline.

The two parallel 2012-13 timelines are quite opposite in nature. The cataclysmic timeline envisions 2012-13 as a time when the Earth is hit by destructive “solar flares, large meteors, tsunamis, world-wide coastal inundations, mega-catastrophe.” The positive timeline envisions 2012-13 as follows: “2012 heralds Earth’s entry into the Golden Age, and between now and then is a time of transition from life as you have known it into life totally in harmony with all of Nature.”

As evidence of a possible 2012-13 catastrophic timeline, researcher Dr. Courtney Brown points to the results of a recent Farsight Institute remote viewing study of global climate change 2008 – 2013. Expecting to find marginal effects of global climate change on coastal areas in 2013, Dr. Brown reports, instead remote viewers found a catastrophic 2013 timeline. The 2013 catastrophic timeline is set out in an article by Dr. Brown, and in a presentation that has been shown publicly at only three venues including the recent 2010 IIIHS.org conference in Montreal in which this reporter spoke and participated. This reporter has reproduced the conclusions of Dr. Brown's study from his notes, as the Farsight video of Dr. Brown's presentation has been removed from its website.

Dr. Brown indicated at his IIIHS presentation on July 7, 2010 that he has been threatened by intelligence agents from showing his remote viewing information at wider venues, and suggested that to this Examiner.com reporter that the issue of a 2012-13 catastrophic and 2012-13 positive timeline future be distributed to a wider public in articles such as the one you are reading.

In his July 7, 2010 presentation, Dr. Brown states there are anomalies that suggest the U.S. government and elites are heavily invested in covertly preparing for the 2012-13 catastrophic timeline, while keeping the bulk of the human population in the dark. These anomalies (which are explored at length in the article below) suggest that decision-makers in the U.S. and other government and some elites have made the decision that the 2012-13 catastrophic future is the most probable future, and are feverishly completing underground facilities on Earth for the military, police, and key financial and political elites (as well as secret bases on Mars).

The evidence that Earth has recently shifted onto a “positive, non-catastrophic timeline” is growing, however. For example, the results in the Farsight Institute’s 2008-2013 remote viewing study are skewed between a 2013 “catastrophic” timeline and a 2013 “non-catastrophic” timeline. Statistically, 39 percent of the remote viewing reports achieved a disaster score of “3” (Catastrophic), while 29% of the remote viewing reports achieved a disaster score of “0” (Non-catastrophic).

If the Farsight remote viewing study is correct, it is statistically almost as much a certainty that a positive future will occur in 2012-13 as that a Solar flare-Planet X catastrophe will occur. Dr. Brown notes that Farsight Institute remote viewers once predicted an earthquake that would flatten Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on a specific date. Concerned about public safety, Farsight went public with that prediction. A 6.4 earthquake did occur in the LAX area, without consequent damage to the airport.

In a remarkable coincidence (or synchronicity), both the Farsight Institute and a chronovisor probe in the early 1970s by DARPA’s Project Pegasus chose archetypal targets in Washington, DC right across the street from each other. Project Pegasus chose to view the U.S. Supreme Court building in 2013 via chronovisor and Project Pegasus participant and whistleblower Andrew D. Basiago “found that the Supreme Court building was under 100 feet of stagnant water” in a chronovisor probe. The "Farsight Institute targeted the U.S. Capitol building in 2013, and some remote viewer reports viewed the U.S. Capitol in ruins along side deep water (See Farsight 2013 remote viewing reports in Slide Show in article below). The chronovisor is a device that uses a screen or holographic template to locate and display scenes from the past or future in the time-space hologram. The chronovisor was originally developed by two Vatican scientists in conjunction with Enrico Fermi and later refined by DARPA scientists.

Mr. Basiago has stated that “that because the chronovisors did not identify absolute, deterministic futures but rather alternate futures in the “multi-verse,” this catastrophic vision of Washington, DC might be from an alternative time line that does not materialize on our time line.” Other Farsight remote viewers targeting the U.S. Capitol in 2013 did not see a Washington, DC devastated by natural catastrophe.

Here, then, we have the 2012-13 catastrophic and 2012-13 non-catastrophic futures side by side. DARPA’s Project Pegasus chronovisor technology for probing future events in the time-space hologram was state of the art in the early 1970s. Project Pegasus itself was under the policy oversight of Donald H. Rumsfeld as a Nixon cabinet member. It may have been that Presidential-level decisions were made in the early 1970s to commence underground shelter preparations, on the basis of Project Pegasus and other time-travel intelligence about the 2012-13 catastrophic timeline.

It is reasonable to speculate whether the U.S. and other governments and elites may have made a fundamental miscalculation and false decision in using secret forecasting technology to assume that a 2012-13 cataclysmic timeline will be the actual future, when in fact it was an alternative future that will not materialize as the actual deterministic future in 2012-13.

It is also reasonable to speculate that the governments and political and financial elites have made a colossal moral error in creating safe underground bases for themselves, while making plans to leave an unwitting humanity on the surface to be ‘depopulated’ by a combination of giant solar flares, meteors from space, and a Mad Max scenario playing out – all of which is a future that does not materialize.

Have these governments and elites trapped themselves into a cataclysmic 2012-13 timeline mentality or meme?

An awakened and empowered humanity may find itself in a 2012-13 positive timeline, achieving self-governance.

In 2012-13, as Dr. Carl Joseph Calleman stated in an interview with this Examiner.com reporter, “the universal alternating energy wave movements end, and Earth is set on a gradual setting of a potential to reach advanced utopian planet status – a virtual ‘Garden of Eden’”.

This Examiner.com article explores the evidence for a (1) 2012-13 catastrophic timeline as well as a (2) 2012-13 positive timeline, and invites you – the reader – to go deep inside and ask: Which timeline am I on? Am I making plans for a 2012-13 Cataclysm or a 2012-13 and beyond Golden Age – or something in between?

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...and the following is from the end of PART 2:

2012-13 Galactic genetic engineering

2012-13 solar flares, gamma ray bursts, galactic center emissions may function, according to some researchers as a form of ‘galactic genetic engineering,’ upgrading our human DNA in the 2012-13 time horizon as part of the initiation of a ‘Golden Age’ on Earth.

The Galactic DNA upgrade model suggests, as researcher David Wilcock states, “that humanity is on the verge of a near-spontaneous metamorphosis into a more highly evolved state of consciousness.”
Biochemist Colm Kelleher observes that, "If one were to hypothesize a transmutation of the human body, it would be necessary to orchestrate a change, cell by cell, involving the simultaneous silencing of hundreds of genes and the activation of a different set of hundreds more. A Transposition burst is a plausible mechanism at the DNA/RNA level that could accomplish such a genome-wide change... that eventually results in the transformation of the human body."  

The transfigured body Colm Kelleher describes has been called the ‘lightbody’, similar to the description of upper-dimensional, human-like extraterrestrials.

One source states, "Many ancient traditions worldwide maintain that humans not only inherently possess the potential for fully incarnating light at the physiological level, but that some have already achieved it, and millions more will do so in the very era in which we live. The historical literature “suggests that there are unusual physical, as well as psychological, consequences in humans to the attainment of the exalted state of mind known as enlightenment,” writes biochemist Colm Kelleher. “These reported changes include, but are not limited to, sudden reversal of aging, emergence of a light body and observed bodily ascension.” While many of these descriptions associate the lightbody with death, Kelleher makes it clear that a number of reports indicate that “transformation of the body can happen independently of death.”

Multi-dimensional researcher Judith K. Moore, MA writes, “Scientists do not realize the codes they have discovered in DNA are not mindless.  Rather, they are capable of consciousness and respond primarily to the Divine Plan of what can be called the Mind. of God. The so-called junk DNA is, in fact, inactive DNA time-coded to be activated when exposed to increased vibrations of enhanced Light fields. The DNA codes are sensitive to ultraviolet frequencies. As the solar resonance is magnified by increasingly powerful solar flares, the ultraviolet light spectrum on the planet is being altered. The increased megahertz of the planetary field activates a metamorphosis of the genetic structure, which will result in the rapid evolution of the species. The new spectrum carries light frequencies that stimulate dormant codes within the DNA of all life forms, preparing the planet for a quantum leap in evolution.”

How can you know if you are on a 2012-13 catastrophic timeline, or on a 2012-13 positive future timeline?

Here one way to know if you are on a 2012-13 catastrophic timeline, or on a 2012-13 positive future timeline.

Find a quiet comfortable place to draw your focus within in solitude.

Relax, breathe slowly and let go of the cares of the day.

Close your eyes and imagine your ‘perfect place of peace’

It can be a meadow, a beach, at the foot of a mountain, on a distant planet, anywhere your inner self feels at peace.

Visualize yourself in your full potential and invite your full potential self into your place of peace.
Ask your full potential self:

"Am I on a 2012-13 catastrophic timeline, or on a 2012-13 positive future timeline?"

Listen to your hyperdimensional full potential self as she/he answers you.

Be genuine and in integrity in this process.


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