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April 14, 2005

The Light Series #76: Enlightening Contributions and Meditation Focus Follow Up

Hello everyone!

Lots of interesting material in this one!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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Worthy of Your Attention

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All kinds of UFOs clearly visible in Ancient Artwork
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Lots of amazing articles from the mysterious India Daily source


1. Gratitude Quotes
2. Happiness – a never-to-forget-experience
4. Children Feeding Children
5. US Takes the Lead in Trashing Planet
6. Canada plans to cut greenhouse gases
7. How to Win an Argument with a Meat Eater
8. 'Termite guts can save the planet', says Nobel laureate
9. Japan to Expand Whale Hunt to 2 New Species


From: "Susan R. Jason">
Subject: Peace
Date: 13 April 2005

Hi Jean,

Can't you just imagine what wonderful changes would occur on our planet if the US congress were to allocate that $80 billion to achieve Peace instead of war! As long as the current focus remains on war, that's where we're headed... you know, that old universal law of Like attracts Like. That's why I feel so strongly that each and every one of us must do whatever we can to focus as much energy as we can muster toward attaining peace. Dennis Kucinich has re-launched his website: . He is still trying to get a cabinet-level department of Peace approved, and installed, and I'm sure he needs all the help and encouragement he can get from all of us. Also, Humboldt County's grassroots Peace Ambassadorship program can now be found at

I hope you'll find time to check out both of these sites, and pass them on to the ERN readership. It would be truly awe inspiring if every community adopted more pro-active Peace endeavors.

Love-Light and Peace,


NOTE FROM JEAN: Dennis Kucinich's latest online videos are worth a look, including his tribute to his parents and the one about the recent Peace March in London. Susie also recommended to my attention the Resolution for Moratorium on Sonar just approved by Marin County, adding: "I hope other counties will encourage their Boards of Supervisors to adopt resolutions like this one. It puts the pressure on... the more ways we object to this low frequency sonar testing, the sooner we'll see change."

To review a copy of the Marin resolution, visit:
The Resolution emphasizes that high-intensity active sonar endangers our ocean ecosystem, including the Marin coast. The sound created by these sonar systems is a danger to whales and dolphins, as well as our fishing industries. This noise pollution could have disastrous economic and environmental consequences. Recent evidence links whale and dolphin mass strandings and deaths with U.S. Navy active sonar exercises. The Navy would like to have no restrictions on the use of active sonar, despite the growing international concern and mounting scientific evidence that ocean noise pollution is threatening marine life. Resolutions calling for a moratorium on active sonar have already been passed by San Francisco, Maui, Hilo, and the European Union. International coalitions are also sending petitions to NATO and the UN.

An accompanying fact sheet can be accessed at:

County supports ban on military use of sonar
Marin Independent Journal news story of last night's success

Check also


Join the new US PEACE ARMY

"Barbara Peck"> wrote on April 13 : "I would like to invite you to join TBN's newly-formed PEACE ARMY that I started while in the UK. I hope you can take a moment to visit the US PEACE ARMY website where you can join up - and become a US PEACE ARMY recruit! You will also be able to vote in our poll and join our Yahoo newsgroup. If you have friends in Europe, perhaps you would like to direct them to the UK PEACE ARMY site -


From: "Steve Marsden">
Subject: Gratitude Quotes
Date: 8 Apr 2005

Hi Jean,

Thank you for the great spiritual service you provide for us all by making available the guiding and enlightening information that helps us on our way through these "times that test men's souls." I've just enjoyed reading the Earth Rainbow Network Newsletter of March 09, 2005 The Light Series #74: Keeping Up in the Light

I particularly enjoyed the section about "living in appreciation & gratitude" and The Hathor Material through Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene. I'm a big fan of gratitude, and have recently added 4 new gratitude quotes webpages to my site. I think that these pages may be appealing to other Earth Rainbow Network Subscribers in a future newsletter.

Kind Regards

Steve Marsden

Note from Jean: As an example, here are the first two quotes from
Make sure also to explore the links at the top of each of Steve's webpages and you'll find an extensive website with lots of inspiring wisdom and many, many amazingly beautiful paintings. And don't forget to click on the "NEXT" link at the bottom of each page...

"The expression of gratitude provides the most rapid path towards experiencing a joyful life and assists you in forging a clear pathway towards enlightenment and beyond. Gratitude opens your heart and enables you to get a glimpse of that state of consciousness that connects you to All That Is, a state of consciousness that is bliss itself - union with your soul, connection to your source, God, Goddess. The daily practice of gratitude will take you to increasingly higher levels of awareness of the Divine in and around your life and of all the many gifts that are afforded you on each and every day. Even the so called negative experiences can be received with gratitude in the moment or in retrospect as you begin to experience the spirit of God as it guides you on your journey back to love.The practice of gratitude is not the habit of saying thank you because it is considered to be good manners, but it is rather giving recognition to the things that have brought you joy and have served you in expanding your consciousness, your personal and spiritual growth, and have served you in bringing more clarity into your life. When you are in a state of experiencing gratitude for something that has been received, you open your heart which allows you to receive more of the same." (Omni through John Payne)

"No man knows what this year will bring, but your attitude towards it can make it the most glorious of years. Waste no time listening to predictions for the coming year, simply hold in your consciousness that this will be the most wonderful year possible and so help bring it about. Your whole attitude and outlook are so vitally important; otherwise you fall into the trap of thinking like the rest of mankind and allow yourself to become part of the chaos and confusion which is everywhere rampant in the world at this time. Be still and hold yourself apart and do not become part of what is now taking place. Constantly seek within, and work from that innermost part of your being which is the same yesterday, today and forever…" (Eileen Caddy of the Findhorn Foundation)


NOTE FROM JEAN: I had a note to add back Janneke Monshouwer (from The Netherlands) to the ERN list near the end of March. So doing so I wrote to let her know, mentioning that I hoped she “made it safely back home.” She replied: “Many Thanks for putting me back on the list. Today I came home after more than 2 months in India. It is so wonderful there that I postponed my ticket. Yes thank you Jean — I am safely back with a never-to-forget-experience. I feel so blessed and rich. For me this experience is the crown on all the work I did 13 years to heal myself. I feel lighter! It is really a world changing movement with the centre/source there in South India with Kalki and his wife Amma. The first real thing for me to do is to write a book about my life experiences.”

So I wrote this back to her: “Thanks Janneke for the good news on your momentous trip. Glad to see you are in such a high spirit. Perhaps you should try to summarize the gist of your experience to share with others on the list the highlights of what you learned through this... Much Love and keep shining ;-)


Date: 09 Apr 2005
Subject: Re: Never-to-forget-experience
From: Janneke Monshouwer

Dear Jean,

I tried to write my experiences and feelings to share in your bulletin. Please feel totally free to distribute this or not. Thank you!

Many greetings and all the best to you Jean.



Happiness – a never-to-forget-experience

Dear Jean,

Yesterday I came home after more than 2 months in India. It is so wonderful there that I postponed my ticket. For me this experience is the crown on all the work I did 13 years to heal myself. I feel lighter! It is really world changing, the Oneness Movement / Golden Age Foundation in South India with the Avatars Sri Baghavan and his wife Sri Amma as the centre/source and founders.
This I can say: I was totally off the world there in the Golden City, not far from Chennai, former Madras. I felt there in Paradise, exactly as I always live and want to live. I’ll try to find the right words to tell my experiences.

I was so very surprised: never before I felt a connection with India. And now: my whole heart blossoms open for these Indian people and the country, all splendid colours in their clothes, religion, the fantastic music. I feel at home there. Most spicy food: I love it. On the moment I even wear a nice little trinket between my eyebrows like Indian women. I also planned to sell beautiful Indian sacred music from the Kosmic Recording Studio’s of the Golden City and gorgeous cotton and silk textile. When this work will be successfully than I can extend this with more products. This is really fantastic. With this business I help India, Indian families and also myself- financing my films. I also want to make an international film about this movement.

There in The Golden City I followed a 21-days Intensive course in the Oneness University. After the course I stayed longer in India, first 10 days and nights in a hospital in Chennai, were I stayed on the side of fellow student from Austria. She was very ill from a bad dysentery. After she fortunately was able to fly back to Austria, I postponed my ticket, returned to the Golden City. I wanted to stay there to make arrangements for making the film. After all I noticed I was very blessed for waiting so long for meetings because I stayed there in all quietness, peace, without any stress so my changing/growing process could continue and establish in myself.

For me this course gave me exactly what I had hoped for and much more. For me it was an enormous cure. I found there a health resort to digest my own trauma’s and the trauma’s of the world.

Since 1992 I am working on healing myself to cleanse myself from trauma’s. I was heavy misused and abused from early babyhood by my father and a half brother. Also had my mother two times tried to kill me during a psychosis when I was 10 days old and when I was 13. A healing process for these trauma’s takes time. Fortunately everything worked out very well. I am so blessed: I was helped by archangels, angels and divine guides, also to find the best people to help me. For me it was a very heavy, difficult, but also a very beautiful and miraculous growing process. I also felt that my trauma’s were also the trauma’s of Mother Earth and habitants. So I founded the foundation: Viva Pachamama (Inca-language: Live Mother Earth) to inform people about new development how to make a Paradise on Earth.
Last year in my inner process I came up to a certain point. I asked myself: What now? In that same time I was invited for a workshop where Kiara Windrider should give deeksha’s. For this purpose he was initiated in a special course in India at the Golden Age Foundation. Deeksha = transfer of cosmic energy to achieve enlightenment by laying on of hands up the head.

In my trauma healing process I noticed from the beginning that it went step by step: every time when I was relieved from an old trauma I received literal: enlightenment- for that part. The burden became less heavy. Also: it became lighter in myself. Every step gave me more space for my contact with de Divine Source. Or: Creator. Also: God.

In spite of my age of 61 when many people (want to) stop working, through this healing process I received every time more energy and I started a new working life. I also receive more and more creativity and the ability to develop more talents. Every time more talents come up from which I did not know I had that inside me. I can tell everybody: we have much more gifts inside us than we know! That’s why: Immediately I knew that for me these deeksha’s are the last step of my healing process and the beginning of a new life: the crown on my work. After 9 months I went myself to India to the source, also to be able to give deeksha myself. Now after 2 months I am back home again. I am initiated and I received the gift to give deeksha’s to everybody who wants this. Now I have a new more profession.

I stared my eyes out to what there in The Golden City is built up in two years in tearing rush. And they are building more and more each day on the different campuses: more university buildings, meetings halls, dormitories, a wonderful temple and meeting- and rest quarters for the many international guests and students !

The atmosphere in all complexes is to compare with a temple: no smoking, no alcohol, only vegetarian food. They asked us only to wear loose-fitting good covering clothes (no bare parts of the body) with (half) long sleeves.

My room mate Johanni had her own motive to come to the 21-days course. She wanted to become enlightened. She had read the words of Sri Baghavan: when 64.000 people become enlightened, who then in turn facilitate in this hear- aware, brilliant state in others, the rest of humanity follows as a matter of natural law.
Johanni said: “The less that I can do is to go to India to become one of the 64.000.”

Mitchell J. Rabin, host & producer of the popular TV show in the US called A Better World was also one of my fellow students. A year earlier, in 2003, he made 3 very interesting interviews with Baghavan. (I distribute and sell these DVD’s in Europe). Mitchell writes:

“Sri Kalki (Baghavan) has over 15 million followers from around the world. Many have experienced his compassionate and healing presence as well as skill in awakening the dormant enlightened self. These are the ingredients to re-build healthy and balanced values and a sustainable and humane society. Sri Baghavan holds a vision of the entire world being awakened and has the means to facilitate it. The fruition of the vision is, interestingly, in accord with the timing put forth in the ancient Mayan Calendar. In this interview, Baghavan tells about his vision of a world transformed and the means to achieve this. Free from many of the typical aspects of a Guru culture, Baghavan encourages people to guide themselves through their Awakened Self, and even to’design their own Enlightenment’.”

For more information about the interviews go to: and A Better World Video Library. These interviews gave me so much inspiring information, that I loved to go to India for the 21-days Intensive Enlightenment Course.

Kiara Windrider writes (see also )

“The 21 day process is designed for Westerners to offer a direct experience of oneness. Bhagavan refers to ‘enlightenment’ as the process of breaking through the thick wall of the mind, and ‘deeksha’ as the means for this to happen. The more concepts we carry around in our minds, and the more attached we become to these concepts, the harder it is to break through this wall and to experience the child-like state of oneness, which is our natural state!

Through a series of teachings accompanied by the direct experience of the condition of our thoughts, mind, and body, this process is designed to break down the illusion of the ‘self’ that keeps us in a state of separation and conflict. Suffering comes from our resistance to the experience of reality as it is. It comes from the illusion that there is a ‘self’ that can control this reality. It comes from an inbuilt genetic fear of death that keeps us enslaved in a limited experience of reality. When this sense of a fixed, separate ‘self’ dies, that’s when we truly begin to live.

The ‘deeksha’ is the means for this to happen. Defined as a ‘transfer of intelligent cosmic energy’, it initiates certain changes in the neurobiological structure of the brain, which in turn allows for the dissolving of the illusion of the separate ‘self’. Once the boundaries of this ‘self’ disappear, we enter fully into the present moment, and attain to states of enlightenment and God-realization.

‘Enlightenment’ is a state in which our brain no longer perceives reality as separate from ourselves. God-realization goes a step further. It is when you no longer experience yourself separate from the primordial source of all creation. It is accompanied by a flowering of the heart and the experience of oneness with God. In preparation for this state of God-realization, a further aspect of the 21 day program is a process known as ‘induction’, where divine beings who exist in a state of unified consciousness are invited to merge within your ‘antaryamin’, or inner being. Once this initiation takes place, it opens the door for oneness with all creation, and the direct experience of inner divinity. You become a Buddha, a Kalki, a Christ.

(The experience of enlightenment and God-realization being offered at Oneness University are a gift of grace. Many people have had fleeting experiences of oneness in their lives, but to realize this as a permanent state requires a neurobiological shift in the structure of the brain itself. This is the process that gets initiated with the ‘deekshas’ during this 21 day program. Once initiated, it is a constantly evolving process of deepening, with no limits.
Each participant in the 21 day program goes away with the empowerment to be able to transfer ‘deekshas’ to other people, assisting them in very powerful ways to move towards their own healing, enlightenment and God-realization. As more and more people around the world experience their enlightenment and God-realization, it is expected that we will soon reach a ‘critical mass’, affecting a massive shift in the collective consciousness of humanity. This, Bhagavan predicts, will initiate the Golden Age of peace that so many of us have been awaiting for so long!”

In my case, what I experienced in The Golden City is unbelievable. During my inner process I noticed that I felt more and more happiness. Although the outer circumstances of my life were not changed (yet), my deepest inner emotions came up. My inner feelings changed day after day. I reported all my feelings and experiences to my lovely Indian guide Utpala, so also this feeling of happiness. She asked me: Janneke do you want to become continually happy? I answered: Yes sure! Utpala gave me the advice to pray for this. I did. I pray for many things, also that my deeksha’s may have the power of the deeksha’s of Jesus Christ.

I had my lessons in an enormous meeting hall with many airconditioning appliances, electric fans, sound boxes. I was in a group of 120 students: ± 60 from The Netherlands, a Belgium woman, a few Germans, people from Austria, Egypt, a group Spanish people, Hungarians, many Mexicans, and groups from Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador. The common language was English - also a Spanish translator and translations in Portuguese - and personally we translated also.

In our group from The Netherlands were also many people who came from the Mahirishi movement (the Mahirishi is living in The Netherlands). I have heard that the Mahirishi had said that he sees himself now as a kind of John The Baptist, a predecessor for the Avatars Baghavan and Amma who initiates us in enlightenment and Christ consciousness (also the consciousness of Kalki, Messiah, Lord Matreya).

In that same time in Anandaloka 3, really a Paradise (another campus- the place where I stayed during the night and in my free time) was a course for a group of about 40 people from France and Morocco, people of the Sufi Movement. I made also friends with people from Dubai (Emirates), Singapore, Malaysia. There were also many personal courses: there I met VIPS from different corners of the world, a group from Kazakhstan (the only people who had their own special food), Sweden, Denmark, Australia.

Also in other campuses were lessons: there I saw many people from India. In the same time there were also deepening courses for people who were initiated earlier.

After my 21-days course arrived many people from USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Denmark, a group of 110 people. In the same time also a big group (more than 100) Russian people and people from Russian-language countries, who had lessons in another hall. Dear heavens, what a huge organization. It is so amazing, many many people from all over the world there in Southern India. Just before my departure a few days ago preparations were being made for a group of 80 Japanese people.

I love it so much to be with everybody: Sufi people, Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Tao, everyone alike, all having a deeper and more personal relationship with their own unique relationship with God.

We from the West (rich countries) have to pay a great amount for the courses. The people of the organisation uses this money also for education of people in India, and other poor countries, who can receive reduction of prices or can attend the courses for free.

In my country, in The Netherlands on this moment we are with 120 deeksha givers. This is really special for such a little country. I am curious how things develop here. For me: I follow my heart, I’ll continue to work in my own profession, something I love to do: making films (documentaries). I organize events to support the issues of my films: to restore a Paradise on Earth. In my last films I bring my ideas and practical information to inspire people how we can build in a new way: human/child- and nature-friendly beautiful organic architecture with roof gardens. I also give lectures about the subject. Hundertwasser and of course Gaudi are here my source of inspiration – and also the huge and wonderful ING Bank building in Amsterdam built by architect Anton Alberts. I also continue organizing Hundertwasser Architecture Travels. And I dream to start building projects: beautifying cities and new buildings/houses.

I also designed a colourful fountain for our main square and a band stand (music temple). When I came back home from India I noticed that there are more sponsors for my designs, even a very big sponsor. In India I designed a fountain for the the Golden City. And at once there came an architect who wants to realize this together with me. The people from Dubai and also Singapore invited me to come to the Emirates to show them my work. My work is in motion! And of course I love it to give many wonderful deeksha’s everywhere in the world.

So many times I have said to my friends that one day I will be really happy. That is the purpose of my life. When I was a little child when people asked: Janneke what do you want to be when you are grown up? I always answered: Happy. Many times I felt very happy and I also had beautiful peak experiences- but also very low moments. To become continue happy, this took a long time. I had to be so faithful to follow my dream, I needed so much patience and perseverance, to be courageous to remove my boundaries and blockages. And now in The Golden City in India? It is all Grace. I am so happy and grateful. I can say: I reached my goal, I am happy. I feel no inner conflicts anymore, no blockages, no traumas, no boundaries. I am so happy. The world is open. My new life has begun. And my higher purpose is: To help to make a Paradise on Earth. So wonderful!

Janneke Monshouwer
The Netherlands



my dear brother

it's been a long time. i have been doing some intense work for the past few months and so have not written or communicated much. here is an article to make up for it!

with love



By Kiara Windrider

April 2, 2005

I remember when I was a young student trying to study for my exams or writing a major term paper. I would usually wait until the last possible moment and then stay up all night to get it done. I just couldn't do it any other way.

It is the same with evolution and change. History is not always linear. Evolution is not always gradual. Nature does not always work in smooth curves. We wait until we almost destroy ourselves and then suddenly an evolutionary leap happens.

Nobody, except for a few sleepwalkers in the White House, can deny that we are close to an environmental catastrophe. The signs are all around us. Can humanity survive its own cancer? Can Earth survive its final creation?

I believe that we are getting ready for a major rite of passage. Some time ago, back in 1999, while on a vision quest in Mt. Shasta, I encountered a being from another dimension who presented me with some information about changes that were coming on Earth (please see my website, for more details). Humanity was going to shift into a higher consciousness, I was told, but we had a choice. We could do it gracefully as a collective, or we could go through a dimensional fracture, splitting into several parallel realities, each one experiencing the imminent shift in a completely different way.

Many people at the time were talking about the inevitability of such a shift, but they all felt that this would be accompanied by some kind of a planetary catastrophe. It was the first time I had heard from anybody that all all humanity could make this shift together, and in a graceful rather than catastrophic way.

The time for a planetary shift is nearing. The Mayans built their entire concept of history in preparation for this.  Thousands of years ago, they pointed to the year 2012 AD as a time when our experience of time itself would change. They pointed to a window in human history where we would move into a new galactic frequency as we shifted from linear time to what we might call spherical time, or holographic time.

There is an avatar in south India, known as Sri Bhagavan, who has also been speaking about this galactic window. He too sees a major passage into the Golden Age by 2012 AD. He arrived at this independently from his own visions and the visions of those he has worked with, and describes being amazed when informed that the Mayan calendar points to an identical time of change.

His own mission, he says, is to get 64,000 people enlightened and god-realized. This must happen by 2012, he says, in order to catch the galactic window that will be opened up during that time. This will happen through a release of grace, and not necessarily just through spiritual practice. Once this happens, a critical mass will be achieved and the rest of humanity will make it in one mighty tsunami of awakening. Similar to what has become known as the „hundredth monkey theory‰, he sees that once a critical mass of 64,000 humans is reached, it will only take about 10 hours for all humanity to become enlightened. We will then effortlessly step through a dimensional doorway into the Golden Age!

What makes this claim so different from prophecies that have come before? For one thing, Sri Bhagavan, unlike anyone else I know, has the power to actually transmit the enlightened state through a process called the "deeksha", and several thousands from around the world have received this state already. As more people continue to become enlightened, it becomes easier for everybody else, he maintains, and soon all humanity will be ready for the quantum shift.

The other difference is that Sri Bhagavan claims that this shift will happen very gracefully and joyfully. There will not be major cataclysms or earth changes involved, although a certain amount of this might precede the shift. He says that our journey into the Golden Age is assured. During a recent visit to his ashram, I asked him whether he saw mass enlightenment as a certainty in the midst of all the environmental, political and social chaos of these times. He spoke about certain visions that he and his disciples have had for many years now, and that everything is unfolding exactly as seen. In light of these visions he says that, yes, mass enlightenment is certain. Following this, we will step through the galactic window of 2011-12 into the Golden Age.  As if awakening from a bad dream, we will then enter a world governed by the laws of oneness rather than separation, harmony rather than division, and peace rather than perpetual conflict.

This will be so regardless of the threat of global catastrophes, political upheavals and so on, as long as the critical mass of 64,000 people become enlightened and God-realized on schedule. Earth and humanity will make it, he maintains, despite all the threats of imminent catastrophe posed by very rapidly changing climatic and electromagnetic changes on Earth, and despite the politics of global control that is being unleashed . If it were not for these enlightened people, our planet would go through a very difficult time, as many scientists and mystics are now predicting. Yet, nature is directly responsive to human consciousness, and as mass enlightenment takes place we will begin to experience an earthly paradise as well.

It is a very hopeful vision during a time when hope often seems to run thin.  The Mayan prophetic calendar states that the year 2008 will be ruled by what they refer to as the "Lord of Darkness" (see However, this will be followed immediately by 2009, which is ruled by the "Lord of Light", Quetzalcoatl. I believe we will be seeing a massive cleansing of political and social systems on Earth during this time, a last battle of opposing worldviews and paradigms, in preparation for the emergent Golden Age. This will also be a time when those who have been preparing for it will experience an overwhelming flood of divine energies, which will shortly afterwards lead to the complete awakening of the 64,000 in preparation for collective enlightenment!

When I was first given my vision of global shift in 1999, I could not see how a collective enlightenment would happen. This was before Sri Bhagavan initiated his program for mass enlightenment, and before I met him. Having met him and seen what is happening at his ashram in India, including my own experience of enlightenment, I feel a deep sense of gratitude in recognizing the magnitude of the changes before us, and the divine grace that is guiding us through!

If you are one of these 64,000, your soul already recognizes this. You have been divinely programmed to awaken fully and assist humanity in her journey through this galactic window. If you feel called to explore this possibility further, please check out,,, or my own website,


Kiara Windrider, MA, is a licensed psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, and author of Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension. He was born and raised in India, spent twenty-two years studying, working, and teaching in the US, and is currently traveling around the world with his wife, Grace, teaching and giving deekshas. His latest book, Fire from Heaven: Dawn of a Golden Age, highlights the possibilities of global enlightenment, and our emergence into the Golden Age. Kiara can be reached at


Hi Kiara!

I've been indeed thinking of you recently wondering why the long silence and yet knowing you were involved in spiritual work with your guru.

Regarding this promotional article you ask me to network, although I've done so before, I've now come to feel clearly that any proposition of world salvation based on the enlightenment method of any single individual teacher is inherently flawed and based in illusion.

I'm surprised you don't see it yourself. No one can monopolize spiritual illumination.

Pushing for others to go seek Mr. Bhagavan's deeksha and implying the world will not enter a new era unless 64,000 people are initiated by him is simply ludicrous.

Please know there is not an iota of contempt or negative emotion in my assertion.

Just a friend trying to shake a brother awake from his delusion.

With Love and appreciation for your inner Light


P.S. If his mission was humbly portrayed as a simple part in a much larger puzzle, as a contribution to global awakening as opposed to THE ONLY WAY, I would have been more inclined to network it, as I did before when your texts did not have such a radical streak.


dear jean

bhagavan is very clear that everyone who works for the upliftment of humanity is part of a collective avataric energy that is descending on earth now. he has a role to play in making global enlightenment happen but is not interested in being a guru, nor am i interested in seeing him as a guru. as you and i and margaret wolf were discussing some time ago, there is a wave of spontaneous enlightenment happening around the world, simply because it is the right time now. whatever frame we put this into is not important to me, what is important is that it must happen. bhagavan is not interested in followers but in leaders. he would rather be in the background and let people do the work necessary for mass awakening. he always says that if people can reach enlightenment through their own connection with divine grace, that's great, otherwise he is available to help. i experience him as very humble about all this.

as an avatar he does have a major role to play and i have seen all kinds of stuff happening around him that gives me hope in this crazy world. i would never claim that he, or anyone else, is the ONLY way but i can say that if someone is on a search for enlightenment that he is capable of giving it. it's a neurobiological process, and he knows how to activate this shift in the brain which activates the shift in consciousness. he prefers to seem himself as a technicial rather than a guru. what's important is that it works, and i have seen this happen with thousands of people.

anyway, i hope that clarifies things. i don't consider myself a 'devotee' in any kind of traditional sense, and i consider that i have much to learn from anyone who can teach me. my greatest and only priority is planetary awakening, and in this i think you and i are totally aligned!

with love and appreciation


Thanks brother for your kind and cool reply despite the cold shower I sent your way ;-)

I appreciate that you put things in this perspective which is exactly the one I share with regard to spiritual awakening and enlightenment being non exclusive to any specific path or technique or guide.

I can also certainly appreciate that you'd feel strongly about the demonstrated ability - for you - of Bhagavan when it comes to triggering this phenomenon and why you'd think it is a great opportunity for anyone interested to take a shortcut to a heightened God connection, and thus want to share the good news with others.

I just don't feel it is appropriate to base the global awakening of humanity on any ballpark figure - like 64,000 - in any article aimed at getting the attention of others to his offering - although it can certainly be said to be the long term objective of his movement. Framing this as yet another option for those who resonate with such a path, while acknowledging that each path to true enlightenment is as unique as, for instance, the path Siddharta followed in his own time, would go a long way towards featuring Bhagavan's work in a more adequate and spiritually centered light, IMHO.

Finally with regard to reducing enlightenment as being merely a "neurobiological process" as you assert is not what I would call a proper assessment of such a profoundly mysterious experience. If it takes countless lifetimes - normally - to reach this stage after innumerable learning and testing experiences through the wonderfully well balanced process of karmic prodding and rewards, it is for a good reason and I think that although it may indeed involve some kind of neurobiological process when it happens, I'd say this is merely a reflection of something much more deeper blossoming in the core of the soul when the spiritual "cooking" has reached its perfect maturation. You can't just jumpstart this ...

Any thought that someone is allegedly suddenly enlightened because someone else placed his hands on your head, thus allegedly channeling the mystical energies of a single man, is yet another delusion that will have to be done away with for true enlightenment - the falling of all scales before our spiritual eyes, the absolute detachment from any subjective notion of what is thought to be known, the clearing to crystal clear purity and ultimate elimination of all mental and subconscious filters - to eventually occur in its time... and even then there is always a higher stage of universal consciousness that can be reached which is only possible once you are outside the fragmenting environment of duality based physicality.

Anyway, these are some of the thoughts that come to mind and I thank you for offering me an opportunity through your reply to dig a bit deeper in the marvelously fun experience of rediscovering what we already know deep within.

Take care and continue to shine your precious light through whatever means feel appropriate to you. We all need it Kiara ;-)



dear jean

to say that enlightenment is a neurobiological event does not diminish the centuries of striving we have already done. there is a connection between our states of consciousness and behavioral patterns on earth with certain neurobiological patterns inherent in our dna which is now undergoing a change. it is not about 'reducing' enlightenment to something neurobiological any more than it would be 'reducing' the experience of watching a sunset to certain neurons firing in the pleasure centers of the brain, but the two are connected for sure. when bhagavan is asked how come enlightenment can be so easily given now, he says it is because we have done our sadhana for thousands of years already, and the time has come now to reap the rewards. this is true for the collective experience of enlightenment as well. much of it has to do with stepping into the 'golden age', which is related to the frequency that matthew and others refer to as the photon belt or the galactic superwave or whatever.

speaking of the deeksha, this energy has been jumpstarted through a hands on connection so far, but this will no longer be necessary soon. as we talked about before, bhagavan expects that this will be happening spontaneously in the future. we are all part of the collective 'kalki' or 'christ' or 'maitreya' consciousness that is sweeping the planet, although it might require a few people whose function is to hold this more strongly as powerhouses, and that is bhagavan's role as i see it.

i always like to put these things into as big a perspective as possible, and find that when i do so the seeming contradictions vanish. the 64,000 has to do with a percentage of the human population, which some have seen as the critical mass. it is one thousandth of one percent, thus with 6.4 billion people it becomes 64,000. i don't see this as an exact number but a proportion. the closer we get to this critical mass the faster things will accelerate until the shift happens, hundredth monkey style.

for the most part i am very cautious about gurus, and understand your reservations with this as well. my first book, "doorway to eternity", reflected my research into the process of planetary shift, and although i could see a big picture emerging from the confluence of various calendar systems, mystic prophecies, and scientific findings, i was still left dangling about how exactly this could happen on a more pragmatic level. what i am seeing and experiencing here fills in some missing pieces, and demonstrates for me how the divine plan is working through collective humanity. i am not a guru follower, and that is not how i see my relationship with bhagavan. but i do see something that is working. hundreds of people are being trained to do these 'deekshas' and they all are then empowered to go out and do the same, with significant results in people's consciousness.

your point about how this is presented is well taken. too many teachers who are presenting this work limit their vision to a specific religious tradition and to the exclusion of other paths. it is time to broaden our vision. the point that bhagavan makes, which i agree with, is that ultimately spiritual practice can only take you to the threshold, and grace must take you the rest of the way. this deeksha, as a trigger for neurobiological shift, is one means for this grace to act. but i would never want to limit the infinite and say this is the only way! nor do i see enlightenment as some kind of final capstone to our spiritual quest, but only another beginning to an infinite journey through the universe.

i am very appreciative for this discussion, hoping it will push both of us towards increasing clarity on this very important theme! we need these cold showers to wake ourselves up sometimes ;-)

love, kiara


Thanks a LOT brother for keeping this discussion going. It has led you to express even more important clarifications and I'm happy to say I entirely share with you the views you expressed above.

Cheers an onward in the Light and with integrity as our guiding beacon ;-)



From: Joyce A. Kovelman>
Date: 13 Apr 2005
Subject: Children Feeding Children

Dear Jean:

Recently, I was introduced to Cantor Estherleon in Los Angeles. I am giving you her web site as her personal story is quite compelling and speaks for itself.

Cantor Esther and her partner are co-creating a Concert on July 8th, 2005 at the John Anson Ford Theatre (opposite the Hollywood Bowl) in Los Angeles, to launch their new endeavor, "Children Feeding Children." This might be of interest to you. She would also like to contact celebrities who might attend, participate and spread the word about "Children Feeding Children" as well as this very special concert to end Poverty and Hunger.

More information about this crucial concert and program can be found on Cantor Esther's lovely web-site - - , along with her amazing story and her beautiful sacred music. We hope you can attend as well as help us get the word out to each and all.

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES ARE AN IMPORTANT COMPLEMENT TO THE Meditation Focus #128: Shifting the World from War-Making to Planet-Healing ISSUED ON APRIL 2.



Also from:

US Takes the Lead in Trashing Planet

By Derrick Z. Jackson - The Boston Globe

13 April 2005

For more than four years, President Bush has told us he needs to see the "sound science" on global warming before joining the rest of the world in combating it. In June 2001, he brushed off criticism of his pullout from the Kyoto Protocol, saying: "It was not based upon science. The stated mandates in the Kyoto treaty would affect our economy in a negative way."

A year later, Bush's own Environmental Protection Agency put out a report that the burning of fossil fuels in the human activities of industry and automobiles are huge contributors to the greenhouse effect. He publicly trashed the report, embarrassing then-EPA administrator Christine Todd Whitman, saying, "I read the report put out by the bureaucracy."

Now comes a new study, by a bureaucracy representing just about the whole planet. It is the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, commissioned by the United Nations in 2000 at a cost of $24 million and compiled by 1,360 experts from 95 countries. It is the latest in dire reports as to how we are doing the planet in and, implicitly, how the United States puts its interests and pollution over the welfare of the rest of the planet.

The report said human beings, whose numbers have doubled to 6 billion, have changed the world's ecosystems more in the last 50 years than in any other period in our pursuit of food, fuel, water, and wood products. More land was converted to agriculture since World War II than in the 18th and 19th centuries combined.

Those conversions, aggravated by the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, have led to 10 to 30 percent of mammal, bird, and amphibian species facing the threat of extinction. Highlights of what we have already lost in the last 50 years include: 20 percent of the world's coral reefs, with another 20 percent seriously degraded, and 35 percent of the world's mangroves.

The dilemma is that many of the changes in agricultural, fishing, and industrial technology have had incredible benefits for human beings, including the reduction of hunger and poverty. But in the process, 60 percent of the services the world's ecosystems provide, from basic food to disease management to aesthetic enjoyment, have been degraded. One example that is particularly painful in New England and Atlantic Canada is the collapse of fishing stocks.

"Any progress achieved in addressing the goals of poverty and hunger eradication, improved health, and environmental protection is unlikely to be sustained if most of the ecosystem services on which humanity relies continue to be degraded," the study said.

The study offered several scenarios of how humans can halt the degrading of the planet. The most obvious strategies involve a global economy where the sharing of education, skills, technology, and resources leads to a reduction in poverty and pressures on local environments. The worst possible scenario is one called "Order from Strength," which results in "a regionalized and fragmented world, concerned with security and protection, emphasizing primarily regional markets, paying little attention to public goods, and taking a reactive approach to ecosystem problems."

That precisely describes the United States. We consume a quarter of the world's energy, are the world's leading contributor to the greenhouse gases of global warming, and take advantage of agriculture in all parts of the world so we can have fresh peaches, peppers, and berries 365 days a year if we wish. Not surprisingly, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment has been out for two weeks and there has not been a peep out of the administration on it - the same administration that needed no sound science on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

The assessment was cochaired by the World Bank's chief scientist, Robert Watson. Watson was formerly NASA's chief environmental scientist and environmental adviser in the Clinton administration. Watson said two weeks ago that the study reinforces his belief that climate change "may become the most dominant threat to ecological systems over the next hundred years."

The World Bank has been in the news for other reasons, being so important to Bush that he had the right-wing defense hawk Paul Wolfowitz installed as president. It will be interesting, once Wolfowitz - hardly known for his caring about birds, insects, and Iraqi civilians - is fully in power, how much more Watson and the World Bank will speak out about how we are doing ourselves in. Watson speaks for 1,360 experts from 95 countries. It's only a matter of time before we hear Wolfowitz saying, "I read the report put out by the bureaucracy."


See also:

Earth To Humankind: Back Off (April 13, 2005)
Say good-bye to your car, computer, everything. We are burning up the planet too fast to hang on - By Mark Morford - The Earth is going down. Way, way down. To the mat, hard and painful and with a sad moaning broken-boned crunch. We are chewing her up, spitting her out, stomping and gobbling and burning and gouging and drilling and sucking her dry and we are carelessly replicating ourselves so goddamn fast we can't even stop much less even try to slow the hell down, and all we want is more and faster and with less consequence and pretty soon the Earth is gonna go, well, there you are, I'm finished, sorry, and boom zing groan, done. Don't take my world for it. Just read the headlines, the latest major, soul-stabbing report. It's one of those stories that sort of punches you in the karmic gut, about how they just completed this unprecedented, four-year, $24 million, U.N.-backed study involving 1,360 scientists from 95 nations who all pored over thousands of satellite images and countless scientific reports and reams of stats, and they all distilled their findings down to one deadly, heartbreaking summary. And here it is: We, humankind, people, sentient carbon-based biped creatures, only us and no one else but us because it sure as hell ain't the goddamn lions or caribou or meerkats or rhododendrons, we humans have, in our shockingly short time on this wobbly sphere, used up a staggering 60 percent of the world's grasslands, forests, farmland, rivers and lakes. That's right, 60 percent. Gone. Burned up. Used up. Much of it irreversibly. These are the basic ecosystem services that, simply put, sustain life on Earth. The glass ain't even half full, people. It's about three-fifths empty and draining fast and we are doing our damnedest to expedite the process because, well, this is just who we are. CLIP

End of the Wild: The extinction crisis is over. We lost. (April/May 2005)
For the past several billion years evolution on Earth has been driven by small-scale incremental forces such as sexual selection, punctuated by cosmic-scale disruptions--plate tectonics, planetary geochemistry, global climate shifts, and even extraterrestrial asteroids. Sometime in the last century that changed. Today the guiding hand of evolution is unmistakably human, with earth-shattering consequences. The fossil record and statistical studies suggest that the average rate of extinction over the past hundred million years has hovered at several species per year. Today the extinction rate surpasses 3,000 species per year and is accelerating rapidly--it may soon reach the tens of thousands annually. In contrast, new species are evolving at a rate of less than one per year. Over the next 100 years or so as many as half of the Earth's species, representing a quarter of the planet's genetic stock, will either completely or functionally disappear. The land and the oceans will continue to teem with life, but it will be a peculiarly homogenized assemblage of organisms naturally and unnaturally selected for their compatibility with one fundamental force: us. Nothing--not national or international laws, global bioreserves, local sustainability schemes, nor even "wildlands" fantasies--can change the current course. The path for biological evolution is now set for the next million years. And in this sense "the extinction crisis"--the race to save the composition, structure, and organization of biodiversity as it exists today--is over, and we have lost. This is not the wide-eyed prophecy of radical Earth First! activists or the doom-and-gloom tale of corporate environmentalists trying to boost fundraising. It is the story that is emerging from the growing mountain of scientific papers that have been published in prestigious scientific journals such as Nature, Science, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences over the past decade. CLIP

UN Wildlife Group Lashes India Over Dwindling Tigers (April 12, 2005)
GENEVA - India's commitment to protecting endangered species such as the tiger appeared to be weakening as organised crime networks poach populations near to extinction, wildlife protection group CITES said on Tuesday. Geneva-based CITES -- the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species -- requested an urgent meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, saying it was concerned about India's lack of effort to protect its tigers. "There can be no doubt that India's wildlife continues to be plundered by poachers and unscrupulous traders," said CITES Secretary General Willem Wijnstekers.From a population of more than 100,000 in the 19th century, Asia's wild tiger population has plummeted to an estimated 5,000 to 7,000 individuals. In India alone, official estimates place the tiger population at 3,500 to 3,700, although some experts say there are barely more than 2,000. CLIP - THE IMMINENT END OF THIS MAGNIFICENT ANIMAL AND OF COUNTLESS OTHER SPECIES BARELY REGISTERS IN MOST PEOPLE'S MIND - GLOBAL EXTINCTION BY SHEER DENIAL AND INDIFFERENCE!

UN Presses India to Save Tigers (12 April 2005)
Geneva - Even in their own reserves, they are rampantly poached for their "lucky" collar bones, fashionable skins and decorative claws. When they flee onto human territory, they are poisoned, electrocuted, shot or trapped. There is nowhere left for India's dwindling tiger population to turn. The large cat's rapidly plummeting numbers prompted a United Nations conservation body to write Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday, urging him to accept help in saving the largest of cats from extinction. CLIP

Chemical present in clear plastics can impair learning and cause disease (April 12, 2005)
Low doses of the environmental contaminant bisphenol–A (BPA), widely used to make many plastics found in food storage containers, including feeding bottles for infants, can impair brain function, leading to learning disabilities and age–related neurodegenerative diseases, according to Yale researchers and colleagues. (...) MacLusky said that high concentrations of BPA have been reported in the blood of some pregnant women and that BPA contamination could adversely affect human hippocampal development, with long–term effects on children's learning ability. Also, when the ability to make estrogen is impaired, as in old age, exposure to BPA could adversely affect hippocampal function and contribute to age–related neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, in which hippocampal function is impaired. About two billion pounds of BPA are produced annually in the United States. In addition to its use in plastics, BPA is found in dental sealants and prostheses. BPA derivatives are used as flame–retardants in adhesives, paper and textiles



Canada plans to cut greenhouse gases

Conservatives say they'll scrap $10 billion plan if they win office

April 14, 2005

OTTAWA, Canada (AP) -- Canada plans to spend about $10 billion (US$8 billion) over the next seven years to meet Canada's Kyoto targets under an implementation plan released Wednesday.

The goal is to cut average annual greenhouse emissions by 270 megatons for the period 2008-2012. The plan calls on large emitters -- industrial sources such as refineries and cement plants -- to cut emissions by 36 megatons, substantially less than the 55 megatons called for in the original Kyoto plan.

Its centerpiece is a $1 billion (US$800 million) Climate Fund, which could be increased to up to $5 billion (US$4 billion) in coming years. It would be used to fund emissions-cutting projects.

The plan is intended to "mobilize Canadians in a national effort" to create a low-carbon economy, and will require frequent revision as times goes on, officials said.

"We're hitting a sweet spot between making sure that you are not grinding the economy in the dirt in the interest of realizing your greenhouse gas targets and actually making the kinds of reductions that are environmentally responsible here," Industry Minister David Emerson said.

One of the major questions is what will happen to the plan if the Liberal minority government falls this spring or summer, as many expect. The opposition Conservatives, who are ahead in the polls, say they will scrap the plan if they win office.

"It could knock the things off the rails completely," Emerson said.

The Washington, D.C.-based environmental group, the Sierra Club, praised Canada's plan.

"Canada is acting to cut global warming pollution with steps that will also produce enhanced economic competitiveness, cleaner air and better health for Canadians," said Dan Becker, Washington Director of the Sierra Club's Global Warming Program. "In contrast, the Bush administration continues to bury its head in the sand and predict economic ruin if the US joined its trading partners in curbing global warming."

But some environmentalists were critical.

"There's a really disturbing lack of detail on a whole bunch of areas including the largest sections of the plan," said Dale Marshall of the David Suzuki Foundation.

The Liberals have also been criticized for delaying the announcement, considering that the Kyoto accord, which commits 55 countries, took effect February 16.

The global pact negotiated in 1997 in Kyoto, Japan, remains a small step, potentially eliminating only one-tenth of a projected 30 percent rise in worldwide emissions between 1990 and 2010. Its supporters already are looking beyond it, toward bigger steps once the agreement expires in 2012.

Scientific evidence on climate change continues to mount. At a British government-sponsored conference in early February, international experts cited melting mountain glaciers, shrinking Arctic ice and changes in rainfall patterns, among other effects of global warming.


Recommended by "Lotus"> who wrote: "Considering the recent publication of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, and media
coverage ( )
bringing to and raising public awareness of the very urgent need to turn this ship around,
it is a good time to show what is, to all appearances, a fundamental cause of many of the world's major challenges, and the obvious healthy, compassionate and tasty solution."

"Meat-eating is devouring oil reserves at an alarming rate. It takes nearly 78 calories of fossil fuel (oil, natural gas, etc.) energy to produce one calory of beef protein and only 2 calories of fossil fuel energy to produce one calory of soybean. If every human ate a meat-centered diet, the world's known oil reserves would last a mere 13 years. They would last 260 years if humans stopped eating meat altogether. That is 20 times longer, giving humanity ample time to develop alternative energy sources."


How to Win an Argument with a Meat Eater

April 21, 2001

While their numbers are rapidly growing, vegetarians are still a minority, and it is not unusual to be confronted with a meat-eater who not only protects his own right to eat flesh, but argues aggressively that vegetarians should join him in his carnivorous diet. Carnivores may regard nonmeat-eaters as a strange lot who munch on "rabbit food," and whose diet doesn't have the substance to make them strong, productive human beings. The following presentation is designed to turn the tables on such discussions by showing the devastating effects of meat-eating both on individuals and on our planet. It is based on a richly informative poster entitled, "How to win an argument with a meat-eater," published by Earthsave, an organization based in Felton, California, giving facts from Pulitzer Prize nominee John Robbins' book Diet for a New America. Below are eight separate arguments against meat-eating and in favor of a vegetarian diet.

1. The Hunger Argument against meat-eating

Much of the world's massive hunger problems could be solved by the reduction or elimination of meat-eating. The reasons: 1) livestock pasture needs cut drastically into land which could otherwise be used to grow food; 2) vast quantities of food which could feed humans is fed to livestock raised to produce meat.

This year alone, twenty million people worldwide will die as a result of malnutrition. One child dies of malnutrition every 2.3 seconds. One hundred million people could be adequately fed using the land freed if Americans reduced their intake of meat by a mere 10%.

Twenty percent of the corn grown in the U.S. is eaten by people. Eighty percent of the corn and 95% of the oats grown in the U.S. is eaten by livestock. The percentage of protein wasted by cycling grain through livestock is calculated by experts as 90%.

One acre of land can produce 40,000 pounds of potatoes, or 250 pounds of beef. Fifty-six percent of all U.S. farmland is devoted to beef production, and to produce each pound of beef requires 16 pounds of edible grain and soybeans, which could be used to feed the hungry.

2. The Environmental Argument against meat-eating

Many of the world's massive environmental problems could be solved by the reduction or elimination of meat-eating, including global warming, loss of topsoil, loss of rainforests and species extinction.

The temperature of the earth is rising. This global warming, known as "the greenhouse effect," results primarily from carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels, such as oil and natural gas. Three times more fossil fuels must be burned to produce a meat-centered diet than for a meat-free diet. If people stopped eating meat, the threat of higher world temperatures would be vastly diminished.

Trees, and especially the old-growth forests, are essential to the survival of the planet. Their destruction is a major cause of global warming and top soil loss. Both of these effects lead to diminished food production. Meat-eating is the number one driving force for the destruction of these forests. Two-hundred and sixty million acres of U.S. forestland has been cleared for cropland to produce the meat-centered diet. Fifty-five square feet of tropical rainforest is consumed to produce every quarter-pound of rainforest beef. An alarming 75% of all U.S. topsoil has been lost to date. Eighty-five percent of this loss is directly related to livestock raising.

Another devastating result of deforestation is the loss of plant and animal species. Each year 1,000 species are eliminated due to destruction of tropical rainforests for meat grazing and other uses. The rate is growing yearly.

To keep up with U.S. consumption, 300 million pounds of meat are imported annually from Central and South America. This economic incentive impels these nations to cut down their forests to make more pastureland. The short-term gain ignores the long-term, irreparable harm to the earth's ecosystem. In effect these countries are being drained of their resources to put meat on the table of Americans while 75% of all Central American children under the age of five are undernourished.

3. The Cancer Argument against meat-eating

Those who eat flesh are far more likely to contract cancer than those following a vegetarian diet.

The risk of contracting breast cancer is 3.8 times greater for women who eat meat daily compared to less than once a week; 2.8 times greater for women who eat eggs daily compared to once a week; and 3.25 greater for women who eat butter and cheese 2 to 4 times a week as compared to once a week.

The risk of fatal ovarian cancer is three times greater for women who eat eggs 3 or more times a week as compared with less than once a week.

The risk of fatal prostate cancer is 3.6 times greater for men who consume meat, cheese, eggs and milk daily as compared with sparingly or not at all.

4. The Cholesterol Argument against meat-eating

Here are facts showing that: 1) U.S. physicians are not sufficiently trained in the importance of the relation of diet to health; 2) meat-eaters ingest excessive amounts of cholesterol, making them dangerously susceptible to heart attacks.

It is strange, but true that U.S. physicians are as a rule ill-educated in the single most important factor of health, namely diet and nutrition. Of the 125 medical schools in the U.S., only 30 require their students to take a course in nutrition. The average nutrition training received by the average U.S. physician during four years in school is only 2.5 hours. Thus doctors in the U.S. are ill-equipped to advise their patients in minimizing foods, such as meat, that contain excessive amounts of cholesterol and are known causes of heart attack.

Heart attack is the most common cause of death in the U.S., killing one person every 45 seconds. The male meat-eater's risk of death from heart attack is 50%. The risk to men who eats no meat is 15%. Reducing one's consumption of meat, dairy and eggs by 10% reduces the risk of heart attack by 10%. Completely eliminating these products from one's diet reduces the risk of heart attack by 90%.

The average cholesterol consumption of a meat-centered diet is 210 milligrams per day. The chance of dying from heart disease if you are male and your blood cholesterol is 210 milligrams daily is greater than 50%.

5. The Natural Resources Argument against meat-eating

The world's natural resources are being rapidly depleted as a result of meat-eating.

Raising livestock for their meat is a very inefficient way of generating food. Pound for pound, far more resources must be expended to produce meat than to produce grains, fruits and vegetables. For example, more than half of all water used for all purposes in the U.S. is consumed in livestock production. The amount of water used in production of the average cow is sufficient to float a destroyer (a large naval ship). While 25 gallons of water are needed to produce a pound of wheat, 5,000 gallons are needed to produce a pound of California beef. That same 5,000 gallons of water can produce 200 pounds of wheat. If this water cost were not subsidized by the government, the cheapest hamburger meat would cost more than $35 per pound.

Meat-eating is devouring oil reserves at an alarming rate. It takes nearly 78 calories of fossil fuel (oil, natural gas, etc.) energy to produce one calory of beef protein and only 2 calories of fossil fuel energy to produce one calory of soybean. If every human ate a meat-centered diet, the world's known oil reserves would last a mere 13 years. They would last 260 years if humans stopped eating meat altogether. That is 20 times longer, giving humanity ample time to develop alternative energy sources.

Thirty-three percent of all raw materials (base products of farming, forestry and mining, including fossil fuels) consumed by the U.S. are devoted to the production of livestock, as compared with 2% to produce a complete vegetarian diet.

6. The Antibiotic Argument against meat-eating

Here are facts showing the dangers of eating meat because of the large amounts of antibiotics fed to livestock to control staphylococci (commonly called staph infections), which are becoming immune to these drugs at an alarming rate.

The animals that are being raised for meat in the United States are diseased. The livestock industry attempts to control this disease by feeding the animals antibiotics. Huge quantities of drugs go for this purpose. Of all antibiotics used in the U.S., 55% are fed to livestock.

But this is only partially effective because the bacteria that cause disease are becoming immune to the antibiotics. The percentage of staphylococci infections resistant to penicillin, for example, has grown from 13% in 1960 to 91% in 1988. These antibiotics and-or the bacteria they are intended to destroy reside in the meat that goes to market.

It is not healthy for humans to consume this meat. The response of the European Economic Community to the routine feeding of antibiotics to U.S. livestock was to ban the importation of U.S. meat. European buyers do not want to expose consumers to this serious health hazard. By comparison, U.S. meat and pharmaceutical industries gave their full and complete support to the routine feeding of antibiotics to livestock, turning a blind eye to the threat of disease to the consumer.

7. The Pesticide Argument against meat-eating

Unknown to most meat-eaters, U.S.-produced meat contains dangerously high quantities of deadly pesticides.

The common belief is that the U.S. Department of Agriculture protects consumers' health through regular and thorough meat inspection. In reality, fewer than one out of every 250,000 slaughtered animals is tested for toxic chemical residues.

That these chemicals are indeed ingested by the meat-eater is proven by the following facts:

* Ninety-nine percent of U.S. mother's milk contains significant levels of DDT. In stark contrast, only 8% of U.S. vegetarian mother's milk containing significant levels of DDT. This shows that the primary source of DDT is the meat ingested by the mothers.
* Contamination of breast milk due to chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides in animal products found in meat-eating mothers versus nonmeat-eating mothers is 35 times higher.
* The amount of the pesticide Dieldrin ingested by the average breast-fed American infant is 9 times the permissible level.

8. The Ethical Argument against meat-eating

Many of those who have adopted a vegetarian diet have done so because of the ethical argument, either from reading about or personally experiencing what goes on daily at any one of the thousands of slaughterhouses in the U.S. and other countries, where animals suffer the cruel process of forced confinement, manipulation and violent death. Their pain and terror is beyond calculation.

The slaughterhouse is the final stop for animals raised for their flesh. These ghastly places, while little known to most meat-eaters, process enormous numbers of animals each years. In the U.S. alone, 660,000 animals are killed for meat every hour. A surprising quantity of meat is consumed by the meat-eater. The average per capita consumption of meat in the U.S., Canada and Australia is 200 pounds per year! The average American consumes in a 72-year lifetime approximately 11 cattle, 3 lambs and sheep, 23 hogs, 45 turkeys, 1,100 chickens and 862 pounds of fish! Bon appetite!

People who come in contact with slaughterhouses cannot help but be affected by what they see and hear. Those living nearby must daily experience the screams of terror and anger of the animals led to slaughter. Those working inside must also see and participate in the crimes of mayhem and murder. Most who choose this line of work are not on the job for long. Of all occupations in the U.S., slaughterhouse worker has the highest turnover rate. It also has the highest rate of on-the-job injury.


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


'Termite guts can save the planet', says Nobel laureate

13 April 2005

The way termite guts process food could teach scientists how to produce pollution-free energy and help solve the world's imminent energy crisis. Speaking at the Institute of Physics conference Physics 2005 in Warwick today, Nobel laureate Steven Chu urged scientists to turn their attention to finding an environmentally friendly form of fuel. In an impassioned plea to some of the world's brightest minds, he explained how he's leading by example, and encouraged others to join the effort which "may already be too late."

Chu, who shared the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1997, has begun studying termite guts – one place in nature where a key hurdle for carbon-neutral energy supply has already been solved. Termite guts take indigestible cellulose, which makes up the bulk of all plant material grown on earth, and convert it to ethanol, which even today is a versatile and popular fuel.

Chu described how he decided to leave the richly-funded precincts of Stanford University to become Director of the Lawrence Berkeley Labs to kick-start the effort. He has been cajoling his new colleagues, including 56 members of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences, to realise the gravity of the problem and shift the focus of their research. And, he says, it's beginning to work.

The US already subsidises farmers to grow corn to turn into ethanol, but $7bn in the past decade has been wasted because the process isn't carbon-neutral. "From the point of view of the environment," explains Chu, "it would be better if we just burnt oil."

"But carbon-neutral energy sources are achievable. A world population of 9 billion, the predicted peak in population, could be fed with less than one third of the planet's cultivable land area. Some of the rest could be dedicated to growing crops for energy. But the majority of all plant matter is cellulose – a solid, low-grade fuel about as futuristic as burning wood. If scientists can convert cellulose into liquid fuels like ethanol, the world's energy supply and storage problems could both be solved at a stroke."

This is where the termite guts come in. A billion years of evolution have produced a highly efficient factory for turning cellulose into ethanol, unlike anything which humans can yet design. By exploiting these tricks, says Chu, we can use biology as a solution to a pressing world problem.

Nuclear fission may be the holy grail, but in the 50 years since it was first proposed, the predicted time-to-market has grown ever more distant. Solar and wind power look appealing, but mankind has not yet discovered how to store electricity on a large scale. Ethanol – a chemical fuel which would release no more carbon than it took to produce, would be the solution.

Immense funding is made available to cure the "diseases of rich people" such as cancer and heart disease, says Chu. "If we can't cure cancer in 50 years," he says, "it will be tragic but life will go on. But if we can't develop carbon-neutral fuel sources, life will change for everyone."

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Institute of Physics



Japan to Expand Whale Hunt to 2 New Species

April 13, 2005

TOKYO - Japan is set to expand its annual whale hunt to take two new species as well as nearly doubling its planned catch of minke whales, media reports said on Tuesday, a move virtually certain to spark global fury if true.

Under a new plan for what Tokyo calls its research whaling programme, Japan would take humpback whales and fin whales in addition to the four whale species it currently hunts, sources close to the situation were quoted as telling Kyodo news agency.

Japan, where whale meat is regarded as a delicacy, abandoned commercial whaling in 1986 in line with an international ban, but began a programme to hunt whales in what it calls scientific research whaling the following year. The meat ends up on store shelves and on the tables of gourmet restaurants. Japan maintains that eating whale is an important part of its cultural heritage despite the protests of environmentalists determined to prevent the killing of the marine mammals, some species of which are endangered. The plan is to be submitted to the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) this summer.

It calls for Japan initially to hunt around 10 humpbacks and 10 fin whales per year, Kyodo said, and to sharply increase the number of minkes it takes each year from the 440 it took in the Antarctic in the past whaling season. Japan last expanded its hunt in 2002, when it added sei whales to the list, setting off an international furore. It also takes sperm whales and Bryde's whales in addition to minkes.

It says it supports protection of endangered species but argues that others, such as the minke, are numerous enough to be hunted within limits. Japanese Fisheries Agency official Takatori Nagatomo declined to comment on the report, saying that under IWC rules no details of the plan can be revealed until it has been submitted.

"Over the last 18 years we've found out many things about the situation of whales in the Antarctic, and there's a need to investigate the entire ecosystem," he added. "It would be meaningless to continue our research programme in exactly the same way."

A different Fisheries Agency official said: "It has been recorded that the populations of the humpback and fin whales in the Antarctic are increasing. Nobody disputes this."

Japanese officials had said before details of the new plan emerged that Japan would continue whaling even if the plan was rejected at the IWC meeting in South Korea this summer.

"We always maintain that we will discuss these things scientifically," the official said. "But with whales, it quickly grows emotional." Japan blames whales for declining fish catches, saying the mammoth mammals consume such vast quantities of fish that they have contributed to a huge drop in fish landings.

Japan and other pro-whaling nations have become increasingly frustrated by what they see as a growing anti-whaling slant to the IWC's annual meetings, especially after the 2004 meeting ended with a small but significant victory for countries that want to maintain the whaling ban.


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