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He was born in Quebec City on the 19th of June 1952, and lived there up to 1979. After completing his education, he became a self-taught musician, playing electric bass in many bands, as well as composing songs and lyrics in a progressive rock band called Maelstrom - see their Facebook Page - which recorded an album and played at major venues. In 1979, after a 10 year musical career interspersed with various jobs, he moved to a rural community in the Saguenay area where he built a comfortable three-storied house, and learned organic gardening. He also took part in the creation of an intentional community called Les Plateaux Commun'o'Terre on their 540 acres communally-owned land, home today (2020) to 31 adults and 11 children living in 17 individually-owned homes.

In 1981, he became a social activist when he joined a local environmental group which organized the first demonstration in Quebec against the scourge of acid rains. In 1982, he set up the Quebec branch of a program called Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose. More than 50 Exploration Groups were formed all across Quebec to study documents on various problems facing humanity, and discuss ideas to solve them. With 20 delegates from Quebec, he participated to a Planetary Congress in Toronto which resulted in a final document later presented to the U.N.

At the end of 1983, in view of the growing threat of a nuclear holocaust, he launched a global initiative to help increase public awareness and commitment to defuse the crisis. Called Peace Bomb, this 5-minute globally synchronized moment of prayer/meditation was widely publicized and observed in numerous countries on the 21st of December 1983. A weekly 15-minute meditation called Love Chain was then launched to help sustain the momentum for peace and kept going over many years.

In 1985, he was invited to the founding meeting of a group called the World Federation for Peace whose motto was The Earth is my Home and Humanity my Family. His contribution was to design and publish in French and English a Guiding Manual for a New World (featured below) presenting various perspectives on the emerging new paradigm as a way to foster a transformation process within participating individuals.

In 1986, he was inspired to write a book called The Immortal Child (also featured below) whose purpose was to present to a vast audience the concept of our living planet as one single global entity, a concept also referred to in the Gaia Hypothesis. This book published in English, French, Japanese and Portuguese led to 2 years of intense work to promote the idea of an Earth Concert which finally took place on December 31st, 1989 through 20 concerts held in 15 different countries. Hundreds of people were directly involved in organizing these events and a major heightening of awareness ensued as to the plight of our endangered planet.

In 1990, he planted 40,000 tree seedlings during a 6 week period in summer. He then made the transition towards becoming a professional translator on a full time basis and has so far translated over 30 books for the Editions Ariane based in Montreal, and from which he retired in 2017. In addition, he regularly wrote and mailed out around the world various documents outlining his visions as a way to foster change and action on key issues of peace, environment and global governance.

In 1993, he joined the Green Party of Quebec as an elected member of the National Executive Committee. After 2 years of efforts to promote ideas of sustainability, decentralization, participatory democracy and social justice, he jumped on the Parti Québécois bandwagon, 6 months before the provincial election, with the hope of increasing the exposure of its leaders and members to the ideas mentioned above. Following this, he was hired to write the green platform of the Parti Québécois and produce a video on sustainable development featuring Mr Jacques Parizeau, former prime minister of Quebec.

On November 29, 1996, he decided to re-activate the Earth Concert worldwide network in order to create an unifying global event to mark the beginning of the new millenium. He has co-founded the Earth Rainbow Network in February 1997 for that purpose. Over time, this network evolved and his focus shifted towards sharing information, visions and feedbacks on a broad range of subjects as a way to expand and deepen global awareness and the sense of forming a global spiritual community gradually empowering itself to contribute in shaping the future of this world. He has since networked over 50,000 pages (US letter format) of material (all archived on this site) to a thriving global community of over 3200 English subscribers in more than 50 countries. He also has 1580 French subscribers receiving material archived HERE and HERE.

He has also co-created the Global Meditation Focus Group in April 2000 to, initially, regularly issue Meditation Focuses designed to focalize the attention and healing energies of a growing number of meditators around the world onto situations and crises in need of peaceful resolution and spiritual assistance. It has also become - from July 2005 onward - a means through which thousands of people around the world have been regularly joining in meditation to foster humanity's spiritual awakening and increase their own sense of Oneness with All That Is. In 2015, from January 1 to Decembre 31, he produced 355 Awakening Keys starting with this one.

You may also review HERE and HERE what others wrote about his work, as well as some of the 196 entries posted over the years in this backup copy of a public guestbook used from 2007 to 2012, and the 469 entries in a previous guestbook. There is HERE a presentation of him in French, posted when he took charge in July 2012 of the Facebook Page of the Editions Ariane. You may also check these others websites - Coalition québécoise de lutte contre la pollution électromagnétique that he has created and maintained since 2012, et the campaign Let's Stop 5G - Let's LiveSafely to which he devotes much attention, mainly through the posts he regularly makes at


Picture on the cover of his first book, the "Guiding Manual for a New World"

Guiding Manual for a New World

A "Guiding Manual for a New World" of over 160 pages has been published in 1986 by Jean Hudon to offer in-depth information in the 7 following themes: Universal Divine Consciousness - The Spirituality of the New Age - Gaia and Reverence for Nature - Personal and Planetary Transformation - Group Consciousness and Communities - Evolution of Humanity toward Unity - Practical Applications and a Directory of the Organizations and Books related to those themes.

This Manual is a very useful tool for personal and planetary transformation and providing the latest developments in what was at this time the emerging New Paradigm...

NOTE: I still have some copies left (both in French and English). If you are interested to have one, let me know at

Picture on the cover of his second book, "The Immortal Child"

The Immortal Child

by Jean Hudon

Amongst all the new books offered to the public, here is one which clearly stands out by its story, which concerns all of us very closely, as well as by the way in which it was written, or rather "received", should we say...

The fruit of an inspiration directly connected to the very womb of all Life on Earth, this book features a very likable central character with which everyone can easily identify, at least at the beginning. For rapidly this child, called Gaia, comes to embody a most vital awareness for Humanity's survival.

From the first stages of Life forms which appeared billions of years ago in an obscure corner of the primeval universe up to a striking apotheosis which will test even the most fertile imagination, this book carries us into an adventure in which we all play a central part. For in fact, there is a spark of this Immortal Child within each one of us...

Yes, this book is really not something which can be called ordinary, half fiction, half reality, in the heart of the most fascinating adventure ever: the evolution of consciousness! And whether we like it or not, this concerns all of us!

"A wonderful book. A riveting and fast moving account of perhaps the greatest adventure story of all time. I found it enjoyable, clearly written and informative."

- Ken carey
Author of "Starseed Transmissions" and many other books

"Exciting, imaginative reading. A great story, for it is our story. As this book makes abundantly clear, the Earth and ourselves are of one mind, one spirit, one purpose - and the time to realize this is now."

- José Arguelles
Instigator of Harmonic Convergence and author of numerous books

This book is no longer available from the author but may be found through

You may also read it online by clicking on THIS LINK.

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