Compilation of words of appreciation for my work over the years

These comments were among those sent to me after I networked The End of the Road... on October 22, 2012

"A brief note to congratulate you both on completing these 15 years (it feels many more), and also for finding the space in yourself to let it go! As one who had a very small part in pushing you over the edge for this long flight way back then, I feel fully vindicated in my cruel deed - you have served the planet and her people enormously over these years, and I for one am hugely grateful for what you have offered. Thank you, Jean. I love you! Now go out there and enjoy your garden!"

– Jeremy Burnham, South Africa

"To be honest, I've been surprised and in admiration of you that you haven't said this earlier! You've done a remarkable and dedicated job, and I sense that it is good and right for you to do this, to stop. There's more to life than this. Also, frankly, people can become dependent and take your work for granted. Well done, brother, and good luck on the next stage of your journey."

– Palden Jenkins, Cornwall, Britain

"Thank you so much for the amazing work you have done over the past years to keep us informed, enlighten us and to help us as a wayshower to ascension. I wish you the very best, have a wonderful time and enjoy all the new avenues opening up and your work coming to fruition."

– Ursula Defferary, South Africa

"It is with great gratitude and immense love that I thank you for your years of service as a Lightworker and Wayshower for so many, dear Heart. You have indeed been a beacon of Light bringing awareness and shining your great Light upon this precious Earth. I too share your knowing of a planet filled with Divine Beings, aware of their soul Destiny and of their Oneness with All That Is. Thank you for your part in bringing this vision into reality. Know that your weekly messages will be missed. Yet you are forever in my heart."

– Sharon Rose, Maui, Hawaii, USA

"For perhaps six years I have been astro-traveling with earthrainbownet with a superlative visionary at the helm. At all times I found myself in unchartered waters, frequently having little clue which games we even engaging, let alone who I was or what role might be assigned to me. However daunting the news you reported or challenging our mission your encouragement was to always use our own discernment because these complex issues always arrived from stunningly diverse sources and understandings appropriate for one being might be toxic for another. Further, your insistence upon ONENESS and unity consciousness served me as an impeccable foundation--indeed the goal--of all our endeavors. Your antidote for all the trauma, grief and dysfunction we experience is love and gratitude. Weekly group meditations served to ground me in the solidarity and refuge of the sangha so my struggles toward a saner world wouldn't seem so solitary and futile. In sum you have devoted a substantial portion of your life work toward empowering hundreds of thousands of light-workers with indispensable skills that we will need to acquire the critical mass consciousness for the pending Shift of the Ages. Don't imagine for a moment that your selfless dedication has gone unnoticed by Gaia--or your fans. Personally, I hold you in similar esteem with the legends of MLK and Barbara Marx Hubbard for your inspiration toward humanity"s Ascension. My deepest bow of appreciation for ALL THAT YOU DO. Adieu, until we meet again."

– Eddie Griffiths, Seattle, USA

"Please accept a huge vote of thanks from me for all the stirling work you have done over the years. My family and I wish you every success in your future role(s). Certainly, there comes a time in every one of our lives when we have to move on. The I-Ching is not called "The Book of Changes" for nothing. Thanks again Jean for filling a much-needed niche. You will be missed!"

– Peter Quiller, England

"Over the years you've been kind to me, even passing along things I've written with the ERN readership. Your many years of dedicated work to educate, and enlighten, is deeply appreciated by myself, and your other loyal readers, we will miss you."

– Greg O'Neill, Spokane, WA, USA

"I want to thank you from the deepest recesses of my heart for doing all you have done to help with the elevation of spiritual awareness of all of us. Although, I think “thank you” is not enough but lack a much better word for how I feel. Maybe there isn’t an appropriate word invented yet."

– Sandra Goodstone, USA

"Got your note about the winding down of this special year and how you have come to the fork in the road in your journey. I want to add my voice with a HUGE thanks for all you have done and what you have meant to our world. Its been quite a journey, has it not? Through you, I have met many other people who have and still are key in my life and are from various corners of the globe. I can't tell what that has meant to me and how it has broadened my world and world perspective."

– Eve Howard, USA

"I first began communicating with you back in the 1980's. I want to thank you for your many years
of service to lightworkers all over the world. I'm wishing you all the best as we shift the planet from separation and fear to unity and love."

– Marion Culhane, Grass Valley, California

"Incredible work you have done, cyber Hermes, as no doubt people from all over the world are telling you. How difficult a task you set for yourself and how wonderfully well you carried it out. Standing between the light and the dark, the incredible and the impossible, sifting truth from fantasy and sharing all with a degree of integrity that has warmed our part of the Gaian matrix for so many years. How can I thank you?"

Jaiia Earthschild, Tasmania

"Many congratulations for having so conspicuously succeeded in your mission: shepherding your many readers towards self-discovery, and preparing us for the 'quantum leap' that the Earth and and we ourselves will soon be experiencing... May you thoroughly enjoy the next chapter in your life, and find fulfilment and satisfaction in all you do."

– Michael Dean, London, United Kingdom

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done over the years to keep us informed, aware, conscious and maybe even enlightened. Your presence will be greatly missed and hopefully will pop up from time to time."

– Amy Kalama Hochreiter, Tucson, Arizona, US

"I wish you well with your life of "retirement". People never really retire of course but simply change priorities. Thank you so much for my last 10 years or so with you. You have been a great help & I know the people I forward your emails to feel the same way. During this 10 years I have moved geographically from one side of Australia (Western Australia) to the other side (Queensland). With the benefits of the Internet I have met you & you have been a constant in my life."

– Margot Maurice, Australia

"Many thanks for all the efforts you have put forth over these years. I always found gems that I enjoyed in your emails. I long ago learned to accept what I can and can't do about all these horrors unleashed on the world by the 1% (actually less than 1%, but you know what I mean). I did what I could, then I meditated and left the rest up to the universe and other souls. Ultimately we have to face our own fear of death and accept whatever is that we can't change, change what we can, and trust that our small part is enough in the grand picture. Your part, fortunately, has been a little larger than most. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

– Michael Wong, USA

"A huge Thank You to you for the incredible work over so many years. I have learned so much from you it often felt like your were the main provider of real news and real hope. Thank you. Wishing you joy, peace and abundance in the years ahead."

– Franz R, Germany

"I wish to thank you for your tireless work informing the public about important issues. I wouldn't have received or even known about some of the disturbing elements going on here on Earth. You are loved and supported by so many and gave given many the chance to look deeper than the mainstream media to confirm what they are feeling and then go out and make a difference."

– Daria Babbitt, Maine, USA

"I do not remember exactly when or how I came to first visit your website, but I think it was shortly after the invasion of Irak in 2003, and it has been one of the most important turning points in my life because it not only helped me to fine tune my spiritual development, it also spread in front of me the vast panorama of how things really happened in the world in every sense. Politics and spirituality suddenly became two sides of the same coin... and I was fascinated by both, I just could not and cannot fully separate one from the other. It would be a blessing if politicians over the world would feel the same... I am sure you understand what I mean."

– Christina Iglesias, Argentina

"I don't know how to begin to thank you for opening my eyes to so many things. I will miss you terribly. My whole family knew that when your newsletters arrived, I needed to be left alone so I consume them following every link from one story to another. I wish you love, light and a wonderful future doing all that you love."

– Geri

"Dear Jean, I don't know how I ended up discovering your website several years ago but it was definitely one of those fated synchronistic paths which led me to ERN. The solstice and equinox meditations you have provided over the past 3 years have served to focus and anchor me and my spiritual group as we have gathered in ceremony at these times. We have been so grateful for your beautiful, loving guidance as we have journeyed together on this evolutionary path. Your emails have served to both open my eyes and my heart. Your writing and inspiration will be sorely missed. Wishing you every blessing as you journey forward. All best!"

– Colleen

"How can I express the intense gratitude I hold for your epic labour of Love... which has gifted the world with so many consistent years of ERN Newsletters and Meditational Focuses. These words are tiny, unable to convey the depth of Gratitude. I salute you in the highest way possible. Your work has been an original guiding light, demonstrating to the global brain of humanity, the model and Power of Network. And of its content... I bow to your ability to front up weekly and laboriously compile reports, exposing the Darkness, providing information often not covered by the mainstream. You have been an Inspiration... a living example of how to look Darkness in the eye and not be disabled... for your commitment and devotion to Love fuelled the power greater. What stormy seas there's been in this past decade! Tears of Thanks for being Love's Anchor. All Blessings dearest Brother! Thank you on behalf of All!"

– Mariana (Australia) -- Taken from the ERN guestbook

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