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Date: 2007-09-05 20:03:08
jim towns ( / no homepage) wrote:

i like your website very much. thanks for all the information. love ya jim

Date: 2007-09-05 14:20:16
Daniel Brower ( / wrote:

The Circle of Sound will share the Global Harmonization Ceremony again this Equinox, the 23rd of September with people around the world. Circle of Sound is a global family of people using the sacred sounds of crystal singing bowls and didgeridoos to amplify the power of our united consciousness. We will all be uniting in thought as we focus on the intentions of Harmony, Acceptance, Unity, Joy and Compassion among all beings of the planet. Everyone everywhere is invited to join us, whether you have a crystal bowl or not. The main ingredients to participate in the ceremony are your thoughts and heart.
This ceremony in September is synchronized on the hour so that we will all be playing at the same moments. The starting hour is 17:00 Greenwich Mean Time, and the hour in most places around the world is listed on the EVENTS page of our web site . There are many places around the globe where Circles of Sound are established and will be participating in the ceremony. Many of these places are listed on the CONTACTS page .
Circle of sound is part of the global movement to manifest Peace and Harmony on this wonderful Earth. May Peace and Joy prevail everywhere.

Date: 2007-09-03 13:21:50
Clare ( / no homepage) wrote:

If you check the website of Dahlia Wasifi,, they refute that they signed the open letter. They signed a petition at a rally and their signatures were transposed on to this document. This is a hoax.
The group I belong to tree of the golden light have been discussing this "event" and believe it was to be something like Project Blue Beam. You can google this for more info. However today we have receive an email saying that most of the dark have acquiested.

From: "Michael David" <>
Date: September 2, 2007 1:56:39 AM PDT
Subject: [TheGalacticFederationofLight] Re:Project Blue Beam

Dearest Ones,

The cabal has essentially acquiesed and has surrendered and ended all
attempts to create any kind of space laser lightshow. A shame really .
. . it would have been great entertainment. I see them quite clearly
surrendering, being taken into custody without resistance, being
broken men and women . . . they are being very well treated and all
but a very few have been taken into custody. Apparently, they're being
held within the inner Earth where they will immediately begin some
kind of rehabilitation and preparation for the coming trials. The most
interesting part is that the individual tasked with working with them
is none other than Adolph Hitler and one of his generals. They were
secretly escorted to the inner Earth just before the end of World War
II, which is why Hitler's body was never found. To say that he's a
changed man is an understatement. But the Agarthan folks were smart
enough to realize what would happen after the fall of Nazi Germany.
Hitler's mission (to unite the world under a common banner), like that
of the Pharoah Akenaton, was side-tracked by ego and the drugs given
him by his trusted personal physician. The Agarthans secreted him away
just prior to the Russian invasion of Berlin and he has undergone a
radical transformation over the past 62 years. Who better than him to
assist the cabal members in their own rehabilitation? It's really
amazing how much I'm able to see now. But, there's still the 'trickle
down effect' that must happen and this is what's likely to take 8 to 9
months before our space and spiritual families show up.

So, the presentation of a New World Religion, which is what Project
Bluebeam was all about, has been halted. Incidentally, Adolph Hitler
lives in the land beneath Antarctica, which is called Arktika.
Hitler's mission, like that of the Pharoah Akenaton (Aton or Hatonn),
became mired down in ego. This is not due to any particular failing or
weakness on the part of the individual, it is simply the nature of
duality and 3D. Obviously he is a very different person today and has
been preparing for this moment for the past 62 years. This planet is
uniting under a common banner, but not a banner of war, a banner of

I may be gone from this earth and from this group for approximately
three days. Many of you will find yourselves in the inner Earth
temples and ascension chambers over the next 10 days. As this process
unfolds be aware that resistance IS futile and will only slow the
process, including any physical symptoms. If you can remember to
surrender to the process and to take steps to help your mind accept
the transformation everything will proceed much more smoothly. Myself,
Archangel Michael or Michael David, was tasked to "open the door" from
Harmonic Universe 1 in which 1D/2D/3D earth exists to Harmonic
Universe 2 in which 4D/5D/6D Tara exists. This 'parallel' earth exists
in the exact same time and space as the current one, the exception
being in frequency and the angular rotation of particles and
antiparticles in relation to one another. If anyone wishes a more
thorough understanding of ascension mechanics, a book by Ashayana
Deane entitled, Voyagers !!: The Secrets of Amenti, is available.
Chapter 5, Return to Amenti, describes the mission of Akenaton, the
three Christs and ascension mechanics. Just don't allow yourself to
become caught up in all the information about the dark projects. This
book was written and updated in 2003 and this was still nearly 4 years
ago. A great deal has changed during that time.

I look forward to seeing many of over the next 10 days.

In Loving Service and Infinite Love,


Date: 2007-08-30 15:36:37
Stan Penner ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hopefully the following can help somewhere, somehow, in the pursuit of peace on this planet of ours. Stan

Take a few minutes to visit Voices for Peace at the web site A Grain of Wheat at

Date: 2007-08-30 14:55:42
Stan Penner ( / no homepage) wrote:

(For Jean Hudon, and others, too):

Dear Jean,

Keep on working for peace. I'm sending some more quotes. Others seem to say exactly what I would like to say.

Stan Penner

P.S. I want the province of Quebec to stay with the rest of Canada. We need you guys. The Anglo-Saxons are great but we minorities need La Belle Provence to keep a healthy balance. Here in Manitoba we Mennonites, etc., etc. live together with many, many French Canadian neighbours. I love it. Please work toward keeping Canada united, Jean. Kindly reply about this important matter. Thanks. Stan

Quotes follow:

Give me the money that has been spent in war and I will clothe every man, woman, and child in an attire of which kings and queens will be proud. I will build a schoolhouse in every valley over the whole earth. I will crown every hillside with a place of worship consecrated to peace. ~Charles Sumner

"More than an end to war, we want an end to the beginnings of all wars."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations. ~David Friedman

“…I concluded, after the war, that the conscientious objector who calmly endured public scorn was as brave as any veteran.” - Veteran J. Ralph Wilson, in Maclean’s magazine

All the arms we need are for hugging. ~Author Unknown

A great war leaves the country with three armies - an army of cripples, an army of mourners, and an army of thieves. ~German Proverb

What a cruel thing is war: to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this world; to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors, and to devastate the fair face of this beautiful world. ~Robert E. Lee, letter to his wife, 1864

Nations have recently been led to borrow billions for war; no nation has ever borrowed largely for education. Probably, no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and civilization. We must make our choice; we cannot have both. ~Abraham Flexner

War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today. ~John F. Kennedy

Date: 2007-08-18 16:02:41
P. L. Brandon ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am supremely comforted to know about this Earth Rainbow Network. You have elegantly put into words, images, and actions, a huge number of the ideas about which I have been worrying for over 35 years! Thank you, and you, and you...

Date: 2007-07-26 13:18:39
Klaudia de Mür ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean,
I`m from germany and I was searching the net to find critical informations about the deeksha-bhagavan movement that I got in touch with over here. After working myself through this endless emailing with janneke from netherlands I do see a lot clearer now. My respect for publishing it. I must admit it did make me laugh - ...first it was wonderful, then it got bad, then even worse and at the end, when the money came back, beautiful again, but only a little...
Thank you.
Best regards

PS: Have you read chapter 14 by now? :-)

Date: 2007-07-22 16:25:08
annamaria hemingway ( / wrote:

Practicing Conscious Living and Dying: Stories of the Eternal Continuum of Consciousness. Publisher o-books, publication date Jan 08. Preview copies available for any organisations promoting living life in a conscious manner

Date: 2007-07-19 05:57:53
Jackie ( / wrote:

Hi Jean - Yes for sure I do believe that somehow, someway and soon that the buffoonery that is about us today is about to loose it's power. The idea of peace and love for all eternity, wow the people of the universe won't know what hit them, in time they will. Time to change our tune, put down our (me) syndrome, the sickness of war and gluttenous ventures it is over, thanks to the Higher Power of the Universe, been with us all along and no doubt laughing up a storm for sure. Finally it is coming, the new awakening for all. Thanks so much for all you have put into this wonderful network, looking back now 78 years into the past and just moving forward remembering ght ghastly activities I myself have undertaken, wow! History in the making is what it is and it was a wonderful learning so much and gaining so knowledge along the way and now finally able to put it to fruition. Thankyou so much in love. Jackie ONeil

Date: 2007-07-15 06:30:35
Yvette ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am not going to go into a long explanation. These eight – 9 minute videos will explain everything.

I have made my commitment and whatever you choose to do is your choice to make, without judgment.

I have to at least attempt to heal our planet by sharing my energy, besides…I am not a skeptic with these things.

You, of course, should be given the opportunity to make that choice too. If you have not seen these clips,

I am glad I was able to get them to you in time. Enjoy them; this woman has a wonderful story to tell.


Shelly Yates videos on "You Tube" (8 Parts)









The collective date to remember 7/17/07

Here is the official fire the Grid Website where you can find the exact time.

Have a great day!


Date: 2007-07-04 18:15:31
Mary Treherne ( / no homepage) wrote:

'An epochal event is unfolding, the terms by which authority, knowledge, selfhood, reality and time are conceived has been altered forever.' Those able to think for themselves and imagine outside the cultural box, who are willing to learn something new, the beginnings of an intellectual and moral revolution are spreading on the web with the most potent NVDA any human being can take for peace, change and progress.

Date: 2007-07-04 01:07:42
Colleen McCool ( / wrote:

Here are some rather interesting insights into Bovine Growth Hormone. BGH is supposed to be illegal in Canada. However (see third item below), there is apparently a booming illegal trade in BGH within the Canadian dairy industry. I wonder what the results would be, were lab tests to be done on random samples of Canadian commercial milk?

1. Bovine Growth Hormone: Milk does nobody good... by Mike Ewall

The recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), a genetically engineered hormone manufactured by Monsanto, has sparked a controversy nationwide since its introduction to the marketplace a couple of years ago. Sometimes referred to as Bovine Somatotropin (rBST), the bioengineered hormone is injected in the cows every other week to force the cows to produce more milk than their bodies normally would. rBGH is similar, although not identical, to a hormone that the cow naturally produces. Increasing levels of this hormone boosts milk production, causing a number of problems with the milk, among them, raising levels of pus, antibiotics residues and a cancer-accelerating hormone called IGF-1.


The presence of rBGH in the cow's blood stimulates production of another hormone, called Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1, or IGF-1. It is IGF-1 that is directly responsible for increasing milk production. rBGH use raises IGF-1 levels significantly (about five times as much, according to Monsanto studies).

IGF-1 is a naturally-occurring hormone found in the milk of both cows and humans. It affects cell growth and is responsible for the quick growth of infants in both species. This is why it is biologically present in mother's milk, since it is meant to be consumed by infants. While the IGF-1 hormone already exists in humans, it is usually bound to protein and thus has less of an effect than unbound IGF-1 in milk.

When cow's milk is consumed by human non-infants, it behaves as a cancer-accelerator. IGF-1 is not destroyed in the pasteurization process nor during human digestion and is therefore biologically active in humans, being associated with breast, prostate, and colon cancers.

IGF-1 promotes cell division. As cells divide, at some point they are instructed (by their genes, in combination with hormone signals) to stop dividing or they are instructed to die so that the creation of new cells is matched by the death of cells and no net growth occurs; this is called "programmed cell death." If "programmed cell death" is prevented, then cells don't die at the right time, causing out-of-control growth of cells, which is another way of saying cancer. Cancer is uncontrolled cell division.

2. News Release

1999-03 January 14, 1999 Health Canada rejects bovine growth hormone in Canada

OTTAWA - Health Canada announced today that it will not approve the bovine growth hormone rbST for sale in Canada.

3. rBST Illegal but Used

In an announcement made January 14,1999 and applauded by animal welfare groups, Health Canada rejected recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST) for use in Canadian dairy cows. The genetically engineered bovine growth hormone is used to increase milk production. The drug’s manufacturer, Monsanto, vowed to appeal the decision.

Health Canada’s decision came following a report from an expert panel established by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association that found the use of rBST resulted in a 50 percent increase in the risk of lameness, a 25 per cent increase in the risk of udder infections, and an 18 per cent increase in infertility. Monsanto’s packaging lists 20 possible side effects of the drug, including swollen and ulcerated udders, skin rashes, hoof disorders and reduced hemoglobin.

CFHS and other animal protection, environmental and public-interest groups had strongly voiced their opposition to approval of the hormone. The drug was also opposed by Dairy Farmers of Canada and the National Farmers Union who were concerned about consumer acceptance of dairy products containing rBST.

The use of rBST is not permitted in the European Union, where biotechnology has met with significant skepticism, though it is used extensively in some parts of the United States. Ontario dairy farmer Ian Cumming maintains that illegal rBST use in Canada “is booming,” smuggled into the country at $200 per box of 25 injections. Whether the federal government intends to address this black market remains to be seen. Source: Can-Ag-Fax, Winter 1999

Date: 2007-06-29 02:32:52
Patricia ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

I have been hearing about the Rainbow Gathering for a while and heard that there is a gathering starting this weekend in Salt Springs Island in BC Canada. I live in BC and wanted to find out about it and go but I cannot seem to find any information about the gathering in Canada. From what I have heard and read, the Rainbow Gathering sounds like a beautiful way to spend time, even if only a weekend. All peoples involved striving for the same purpose in life.

Date: 2007-06-15 20:52:48
Ken Elkind ( / wrote:

My site emits The One groove that all of humanity can rejoice in. What happens when the energy produced by a planet full of joyous humans is hard to imagine!!!

Date: 2007-05-25 04:22:32
Ronald Riley ( / wrote:

What's the Purpose?

What's the purpose of the spiritual knowledge that we seek?
Is it to sound smart in conversation when we speak?
Or is it to elevate ourselves in the presence of others,
To sound more enlightened than our sisters and brothers?
Your purposes may vary, I too have my own,
And that is to prepare myself now for the return trip home.
See, life's lessons will teach us better than any old book,
If we take time to observe, take time to look.
Example: If I find that someone has stolen from me, what should I do?
I must realize that somewhere, I must have stolen too.
Or, what if I hear someone has bad mouthed my name?
I must understand why, I too have done the same.
Let's search for this knowledge in order to become the ones,
To fulfill our very purpose of our creation.
What's this purpose you ask, I thought that you should know,
It's to be purged and purified, and to spiritually grow,
Into perfected vessels of LOVE, the Essence's dreams come true.
That's the purpose of my search for spiritual knowledge,
Now what about you?

Ronald Riley

Date: 2007-05-22 01:35:56
ron riley ( / no homepage) wrote:

Greetings Jean,
I am writing you in reference to the article about the new crises that may arise due to farmers now planting fuel/energy crops. As many researchers probably already know, when Mr. Ford invented the first automobile, he designed it to run on HEMP oil, and invisioned american farmers to become very prosperous because of it. Somewhere along the line, someone decided to use the waste by-product of crude oil and engineered automobiles to run off of this waste and now look at us. Why is nobody mentioning HEMP plants when they discuss these new energy crops? Is it possibly because the plant is a serious threat to the establishment and its international corporations? See, this great plant would replace many products like nylon, cotton, tree paper and of course crude oil waste. Feel free to post this in your next newsletter to see what other truth seekers/revealers are thinking.

Date: 2007-05-14 15:48:02
Mary Tiger ( / wrote:

Light and Love....
Like Muse sing: "your time is now"
Bright Blessings Beautiful World*

Date: 2007-05-12 13:32:27
Rev. Dr. Kelley Elkins ( / wrote:

Jay Leno wrote this; it's the Jay Leno we don't often see....

"The other day I was reading Newsweek magazine and came across some poll data I found rather hard to believe. It must be true given the source, right?

The Newsweek poll alleges that 67 percent of Americans are unhappy with the direction the country is headed and 69 percent of the country is unhappy with the performance of the president. In essence 2/3s of the citizenry just aren’t happy and want a change.

So being the knuckle dragger I am, I started thinking, ''What we are so unhappy about?''

Is it that we have electricity and running water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Is our unhappiness the result of having air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter? Could it be that 95.4 percent of these unhappy folks have a job? Maybe it is the ability to walk into a grocery store at any time and see more food in moments than Darfur has seen in the last year?

Maybe it is the ability to drive from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean without having to present identification papers as we move through each state? Or possibly the hundreds of clean and safe motels we would find along the way that can provide temporary shelter? I guess having thousands of restaurants with varying cuisine from around the world is just not good enough. Or could it be that when we wreck our car, emergency workers show up and provide services to help all and even send a helicopter to take you to the hospital.

Perhaps you are one of the 70 percent of Americans who own a home. You may be upset with knowing that in the unfortunate case of a fire, a group of trained firefighters will appear in moments and use top notch equipment to extinguish the flames thus saving you, your family and your belongings. Or if, while at home watching one of your many flat screen TVs, a burglar or prowler intrudes, an officer equipped with a gun and a bullet-proof vest will come to defend you and your family against attack or loss. This all in the backdrop of a neighborhood free of bombs or militias raping and pillaging the residents. Neighborhoods where 90 percent of teenagers own cell phones and computers.

How about the complete religious, social and political freedoms we enjoy that are the envy of everyone in the world? Maybe that is what has 67 percent of you folks unhappy.

Fact is, we are the largest group of ungrateful, spoiled brats the world has ever seen. No wonder the world loves the U.S. , yet has a great disdain for its citizens. They see us for what we are. The most blessed people in the world who do nothing but complain about what we don't have , and what we hate about the country instead of thanking the good Lord we live here.

I know, I know. What about the president who took us into war and has no plan to get us out? The president who has a measly 31 percent approval rating? Is this the same president who guided the nation in the dark days after 9/11? The president which cuts taxes to bring an economy out of recession? Could this be the same guy who has been called every name in the book for succeeding in keeping all the spoiled ungrateful brats safe from terrorist attacks; The commander-in-chief, of an all-volunteer army that is out there defending you and me? Did you hear how bad the President is on the news or talk show? Did this news affect you so much, make you so unhappy you couldn't take a look around for yourself and see all the good things and be glad?

Think about it......are you upset at the President because he actually caused you personal pain OR is it because the "Media" told you he was failing to kiss your sorry ungrateful behind every day.

Make no mistake about it. The troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have volunteered to serve, and in many cases may have died for your freedom. There is currently no draft in this country. They didn't have to go.

They are able to refuse to go and end up with either a ''general'' discharge, an ''other than honorable'' discharge or, worst case scenario, a ''dishonorable'' discharge after a few days in the brig.

So why then are the flat-out discontentments in the minds of 69 percent of Americans? Say what you want but I blame it on the media. If it bleeds it leads and they specialize in bad news. Everybody will watch a car crash with blood and guts. How many will watch kids selling lemonade at the corner? The media knows this and media outlets are for-profit corporations. They offer what sells, and when criticized, try to defend their actions by "justifying" them in one way or another. Just ask why they tried to allow a murderer like O.J. Simpson to write a book about how he didn't kill his wife, but if he did he would have done it this way......Insane!

Stop buying the negativism you are fed everyday by the media. Shut off the TV, burn Newsweek, and use the New York Times for the bottom of your bird cage. Then start being grateful for all we have as a country. There is exponentially more good than bad.

We are among the most blessed people on Earth and should thank God several times a day or at least be thankful and appreciative."

"With hurricanes, tornados, fires out of control, mud slides, flooding, severe thunderstorms tearing up the country from one end to another, and with the threat of bird flu and terrorist attacks, "Are we sure this is a good time to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance?"

Jay Leno

And Jay Leno is correct! However do check out this little URL... I find it interesting that , Yes, volunteers, are fighting a war --when we now have no logical reason for being there.. It has become more than obvious that we were lied to about why we should be invading that country, (to say nothing about 9/11) and have continued to be lied to every day since...Not only by bush and cheney but now rice and everyone else. Her ridiculous statement to Charlie Rose, about how the "government" of Iraq does not want us to leave may be true...Why? because the people of Iraq will have those "officials" shot immediately upon our leaving. Why? because we set those officials in office --not the people... the people may only think they voted for somebody, anybody...much the same as here.
The war in Iraq is presently costing us over 425 billion dollars and quickly climbing.
Consider how many better teachers could be teaching our children, how many better highways, streets and lanes, how much better sewage treatments plants, how much better treatment for many diseases, How much better aid to third world much better care could be made of our oceans, our forests, our planet as a whole...feeding and educating the poor and making sure everyone has really clean water...not just more chemistry....And cars, trucks, jets and aircraft and trains that run/fly without gasoline or diesel...
This country could indeed be the leader of nations instead of the ass hole of the world. Don't it make you proud?

In Truth, Simplicity and Love,
Rev. Dr. Kelley Elkins
Vietnam 70-71

Date: 2007-05-09 17:17:23
Carol Petersen ( / wrote:

This event honors art in the world through the eyes of the children. Help us to honor them with a ceremony. June 25, 2007 Washington Mall D.C.
Join our discussion board. Please help to fund elders to attend. Please circulate this message.

Rainbows bring peace and the promise of hope

Carol Petersen
Rainbow Medicine Blanket

Date: 2007-05-03 17:53:44
Debbie ( / wrote:

Hi Jean, Wanted to thank you for all you do. Also wanted to invite everyone to do a gratitude ceremony for the bees. I participated in one yesterday and it was beautiful and important. A native American Indian elder here in Sedona, AZ organized it. We had music and dancing and told bee stories, and why we are grateful to the bees. We heard many others were going to hold similar events. I invite everyone to give it a try, they need our praise, gratitude and love. Blessings, Debbie

Date: 2007-05-03 16:03:02
Mathew Hart ( / wrote:

Just wanted to draw everyone's attention to the worldwide earth-healing meditation event scheduled to take place for one hour beginning 11:11 am GMT on July 17 of this year (2007). Please visit for details. Thank you. Love and Light,

Date: 2007-04-27 20:20:41
Christina ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Jean!
Cell phones or mites? I think dear bees decided we are not good enough to deserve their delicious sweet and even less their highly valuable pollenating job.
Love from Argentina

Destructive mite threatens Hawaii bees
By TARA GODVIN, Associated Press Writer
Thu Apr 26, 4:24 AM ET

HONOLULU - A tiny mite that has devastated mainland honeybee populations showed up in Honolulu hives for the first time this month and has now been confirmed in bee colonies across Oahu.

The infestation by varroa mites has led the state to ask beekeepers to restrict transport of bees around the islands. There are concerns it could threaten the Big Island's thriving queen bee export industry, which has so far tested free of the mites.

"This is going to be for us a nightmare," said Michael Kliks, head of the Hawaii Beekeepers' Association and owner of Manoa Honey Co. "When I saw that mite I knew exactly what it was. I knew exactly what it meant and I fell to my knees and almost began to weep because it's inexpressible what that sea change is for us in Hawaii."

The parasites are blamed for destroying more than half of some mainland beekeepers' hives and wiping out most wild honeybees there.

Kliks discovered the mites April 6 on a pupa contained in an abandoned hive he recovered from the Makiki section of Honolulu and immediately notified state agriculture officials.

Since then the mites have been confirmed in hives in Waimanalo, Ewa, Kunia, Kahaluu and Punaluu.

Hives are still being checked elsewhere on Oahu but it is too late to hope to eradicate or even contain the infestation, Kliks said.

"The only thing we can try and do is keep the levels of infestation in our managed colonies below what's called the threshold level ... so that we can still produce honey. But keeping it at that level will certainly require quite regular, heavy application of permitted pesticides," he said.

That may mean the end of certified organic honey production on the island.

The appearance of the mites could also hurt island crops that depend on wild bees for pollination, such as coffee, macadamia nuts and pumpkins, Kliks said.

Originally from Asia, varroa mites were first discovered in Wisconsin and Florida in 1987. By the next year, the mites were found in 12 states and have since spread throughout the continental U.S.

The pinhead-sized insects, which are spread through contact between bees, feed off the blood of honeybee adults, larvae and pupae.

Bees cannot legally be imported into Hawaii, and officials do not know how the mites made it to the state.

Beekeepers are being asked not to move their bees between islands or even within the same island. Once authorities have confirmed where the mites have spread, they can then work on a possible quarantine for bees throughout the state, said Janelle Saneishi, spokeswoman for the state Department of Agriculture.

"But you know a bee flies. So that's the wild card," she said.


Date: 2007-04-19 19:13:13
Judith Hope ( / no homepage) wrote:

Just caught a glimpse of this site while at the library today. Wonderful source of info. Thank you!

Date: 2007-04-17 14:34:35
José Luis G. Soler ( / wrote:

Dear New Friends,
In , we just posted a fascinating interview with Elizabet Sahtouris, evolutionary biologist, futurist, UN consultant on indigenous peoples, lecturer and author.
Please,tune in at
Welcome to Future Primitive

José Luis G. Soler
Production Assistant

Date: 2007-04-08 14:56:03
mariana ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Beloved Jean Gigantic Spark JoyUs Sundancer

Brother of Love Keeper of the Flame

"Namer of the Game ~ your Word is Blessing

Thankyou for your Easter Message { as below ]

~ " Soon, events now in progress will bring to the fore new ways for humanity to assert its unflinching will for peace, a peace that comes not from the barrel of a gun but from the bottom of our hearts, and the belligerent ones will be forced to resign and give way to more enlightened leadership that will better reflect the awakening heart of humanity.

Yet for this to take place of the grand scale that is necessary for new pathways to our common future to open up, each individual holder of the Flame of Life and Peace of Earth still has to reach ever higher towards the epitome of their quintessential divine nature to touch the Source of All hidden deep within their Spirit loins, impregnate their whole Self with it luminescent Love Force and RISE UP, permanently freed from the yoke of illusory self-limitations to fully express their Christed Divine Self and manifest their ultimate destiny. "
~ ~ ~

Thankyou for never letting us Forget !

Date: 2007-04-01 08:44:59
Anjana Saideepak ( / wrote:

You have a lovely website!! The plethora of information on your website is truly overwhelming!!

May I take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am writing on behalf of Spiritual Science Research Foundation, Inc. We are a non-profit organization conducting extensive and exhaustive research in the spiritual realm for the past 20 years.

We have recently conducted research about Angels for eg: the various types, functions, spiritual level, planes of existence of angels, how close angels are to God, do all angels have wings etc. You can find more information of our findings at: .

I believe our articles on spiritual practice for lasting happiness may also be of interest to you, this can be found on All the information presented in our website is obtained by Seekers with advanced sixth sense (ESP). I urge you to please go through some of our articles and give us your valuable feedback. We have recently uploaded a Video - "Live an Aware life", please see , this will give you a gist of the contents of our site.

I would like to invite you to post a link of our articles/ webpage on your website. I am keen to know your opinion on the same.

Should you have any queries regarding our website, I would be happy to assist you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Anjana Saideepak

Spiritual Science Research Foundation

«Bridging the known and unknown worlds».

Date: 2007-03-31 23:06:17
PAULA BOLES ( BOLESENP@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

THIS ARTICLE IS, IMHO, A VERY WELL WRITTEN, HARD HITTING CLOSE TO THE TRUTH. I AM SENDING THIS TO EVERYONE ON MY LIST. IF THIS OFFENDS ANY OF YOU, PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY. IF IT TOUCHES YOUR HEART OR (GOD FORBID) OPENS & ENLIGHTENS YOUR MIND A LITTLE BIT THEN I'VE ACHIEVED MY GOAL IN HELPING THE WRITER'S WORD..OR TRUTH.. BE SPREAD AMONGST OTHER HEARTS & MINDS. IF THE SPIRIT SO MOVES YOU AS IT DID ME, PLEASE PASS IT ALONG TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW WHO MIGHT LIKE TO..OR NEED, TO READ IT. BLESSINGS. PAULA P.S. JEAN..YOU ARE AN AMAZING SOUL AND WILL HAVE MANY STARS IN YOUR PROVERBIAL CROWN. A Sacred Right By Salman Abu-Sitta 03/30/07 "Guardian" -- -- Why should I, a Jew from north London, be permitted to take up Israeli citizenship, when that right is denied to a Palestinian who languishes in a refugee camp in Lebanon? Especially when I acknowledge that a large majority of those that left in 1948 were ethnically cleansed by Israeli forces. Those are the words of Alex Stein, writing for Comment is free last week. A commendable admission of injustice to Palestinians, you would say. But then he derives conclusions that are contrary to this premise; that the right of a Palestinian to return to his home is neither sacred, legal nor possible. This split-personality theme has been infamously adopted by Benny Morris who pored over hundreds of declassified Israeli files. Morris confirmed in minute detail that, in 1948, Israeli invasion forces committed massacres, expelled Palestinians, destroyed their villages, looted their property, burnt their crops, poisoned their wells and shot on the spot any Palestinian who tried to return to his home. Referring to the remaining minority, Morris then solemnly declared that he was sorry that Ben Gurion "did not finish the job". Both Alex Stein and Menny Morris escape from the fact, slowly seeping into the western conscience, that Palestinians were - and are today - subject to the most massive, comprehensive, meticulously planned and executed and continuous ethnic cleansing operation in modern history. This has long been denied by Israeli historians. A notable exception is a brave and honest Israeli historian, Ilan Pappe. The sensation created by Benny Morris's revelation about al-Nakba, grudgingly accepted by some Jews, is a stark measure of how the west was taken in by the Zionist propaganda for several decades. The Palestinians do not know whether to laugh or cry, for the "revelations" are only some of what they have been saying all along since 1948. Hundreds of thousands of refugees gave graphic details of their plight but these were dismissed by the Zionist Europeans as "a figment of oriental imagination" until an Israeli historian found damning evidence in Israeli files. Facts have a way of surfacing. The facts, documented on maps and records, show that in 1948 Israelis depopulated the Palestinian inhabitants of 675 towns and villages, that their land represents 93% of Israel's area; that half of all the refugees have been expelled in the last six weeks of the British Mandate, before the state of Israel was declared and before any Arab regular soldier set foot on Palestine to save its people from the invasion of Jewish European immigrants who had just waded into their shores to build Israel on the ruins of Palestine. What is more natural than a person returning to their home? If Stein does not believe this is "sacred", he has to ask 6 million Palestinian refugees (two-thirds of all Palestinians) why are they still determined to fight for their right to return over a period of six decades and through three generations and many wars. That the right of return for Palestinians has been affirmed by the UN more than 130 times is enough to put this matter to rest. No need to spill more ink on that score. If defeated on both counts, Zionists usually resort to their last defence: that the right of return is not possible to implement. In a civilised society, if a crime is committed, its consequences must be reversed. The criminal should not be rewarded, and his crime should not be forgiven or even legitimised. The stolen property must be returned. Rights must be reinstated and reparation paid for material losses. This is what the international community insisted upon, sometimes using military force, in implementing the return of refugees to Bosnia, Kosovo, Burundi, Cambodia, East Timor, Georgia, Guatemala, Mozambique, Ruwanda, South Africa, Tajikistan, Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. This is also what the European Jews rightly got when they returned to their former homes (if they so wished), recovered their property in Europe and received massive amounts of compensation for their suffering during the second world war, without the benefit of a single UN resolution. The pretext that return is not possible because of the influx of Jewish immigrants to Palestine to replace the expelled Palestinians is not a valid one, morally, legally or politically. But we are spared the argument on this point. Here we have yet another one of the misconceptions designed to mislead and misinform the western public. It is not true that it is physically impossible to implement the right of return. Palestine is the most documented among conflict-torn countries, certainly much more than Bosnia and Kosovo. We have complete UN- documented ownership records of every acre of land. Not a single Israeli Jew has an equivalent title deed after al-Nakba. We have detailed maps of what every acre was, what it is today and can visualise what it could/should be in the future. We have a huge database of millions of Palestinians - where they come from in Palestine, and where they are residing today, their family structure and their ages. Today, 90% of them reside within 100 km of their homes, 50% within 40km and many can actually see their home on the opposite hill. That is not all. The refugees' land is still sparsely populated. Eighty per cent of Israeli Jews still live in the same area they acquired during the Mandate and a little more, but 15% of Israel in total. About 18% of the remaining 20% of the Jews live mostly in half a dozen originally Palestinian or mixed cities, considerably enlarged. This leaves 2% of Israeli Jews who are the members of Qibbutz and Moshav. This small number of population, in addition to the army, use and control 85%-88% of Israel's area, which is the patrimony of 6 million Palestinian refugees. To take an example, all the rural Jews in the southern district from Ashdod (Isdud) to Eilat (Umm Rashrash) are less in number that one refugee camp in Gaza. Their density is six persons per square kilometre while that of Gaza population - the owners of this very land - is 6,000 per square kilometre. These owners of the land are held captive by the occupier in a concentration camp called Gaza.

Date: 2007-03-14 17:43:30
Jean Hudon ( / no homepage) wrote:

This will be in my next compilation... NOTE: The Ultimate Con 9/11 Documentary Trailer I've recommended in my last compilation has been pulled by YouTube on March 12 but not before 12,000 could see it. It is also available (since March 9) at -- This movie is supposed to come out in April. Let's hope it does!

Date: 2007-03-12 18:22:02
Chuck ( / no homepage) wrote:

youtube is not showing this clip that you just sent, can someone tell me why and what was on it?

The Ultimate Con 9/11 Documentary Trailer Added March 08, 2007

Date: 2007-03-12 01:00:31
christina ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Jean
Having a first look at your lastest stormy and
"cornucopius" compilation, I read that item on man's responsibility (or lack of it) for global warming. Several years ago I found an article, the 08th chapter of the series "Divine Cosmos" posted in the David Wilcock's site. It is interesting, it considers the global increase of energy as a solar system event, detailing the changes in other planets noticed by scientists over the world since many years ago. It includes good images and a bibliography. The
material presented in the series is good if not news, but this chapter is especially opportune at this time.

Of course, it is up to you to determine both the interest and accuracy level of the whole. Although D.Wilcock is well-known in the Oneness spiritual community, I learned to use my own
criteria and deep feeling, without regard to the author or place where I find the information. (I guess that is your
advice too...)
Love and gratitude from Argentina

Date: 2007-03-10 01:47:21
Jamie ( / wrote:

I love your website. I saw link to this site from Matthew's site. Great information on this site! I just hope that you can arrange the entries well (like just put links to them instead of having them in one page if possible) but it's okay with me, if it's not possible.. Take care :) Love&Peace everyone!

Date: 2007-03-01 23:14:48
Diana Lindley ( / wrote:

Thank you for your Great Work and Love. Wish to share with you about a project I help facilitate. Introduced in 1996, the World Unity Flag an international, community art project – a co-creative symbol of Unity, the interconnectedness and interdependence of all Life. This project exists and is offered to serve and support humanity as a tool, an energetic co-creative symbol that reminds and expresses beyond language, nation borders, differences of race, culture and religion our inherent Common Unity .
“Whether in Canada, Cuba or Cambodia…Unity is the Heart of All Community!”

Would Love your insights and feedback. Let us know what you think. Blessings and Gratitude,

In CommUnity,


Date: 2007-02-27 15:52:57
Rev. Dr. Kelley Elkins ( / wrote:

Regarding 2012...I’m sure we’ve all been asked a few times ‘what does this mean to us?‘. I know I have, and so a response.

This is what I have been saying: First of all let’s set a ground rule. There is no such thing as fiction. We are the creators on this planet… so much so that even the E.T.’s do not interfere… it appears to be a law of theirs, sort of like the one for the startrek crew. Second are we talking in the realm of a limited God or an unlimited God? (And where does that God dwell?)

Everything that has ever been written is either happening, did happen or is going to happen.. on this planet, in this dimension or one of who knows how many others.

We are the creators and what we write, think and focus on happens.. Especially if enough people are focused on it. It just so happens that because of the internet more people are aware of the mayan calendar than could ever have been imagined twenty years ago. So it will happen.

What will happen? Well, 2012 solstice will come and go and between now and then, during and following there will be a slurry of events… depending on where your minds vision/emotional baggage is.

There will be everything from catastrophic, maelstrom events of storm, waves, shaking and even volcanoes and of course, war…

To include, nothing out of the ordinary, except to those who are consciously making an incredible, constant effort to be more conscious, more awake, more aware, i.e, doing something with their emotional baggage.

These awakening people may indeed, on or about 2012, notice that everything appears to be a little to quite different. Perception, interaction, cognition, even their physical movement may be somewhat different. Better, worse --who can say from where we are now.

Is it good or bad that Dr’s Helen Wambaugh and Chet Snow’s book “Mass Dreams Of The Future” hasn’t been a best seller? I’m not sure. However, 2,500 different people is (in the words of the academics) statistically relevant… meaning the chances are very good this could happen(?).

We are the creators here. There is no one creating for us except by default. And unfortunately there is indeed a lot of default going on. (Dr. Arthur P. Guyton MD states in his textbook “Textbook On Medical Physiology”, “99% of all sensory input is disregarded by the brain as unimportant”!)

There are the majority of people that believe the have no control over their lives and that the government/terrorism (for example) cannot be changed and global warming either is or is not happening and if it is it may be too late or not. Remember the larger majority of the worlds population may be working on one to five percent of their sensory input or less.

These and many others are simply mindsets… and it is true that if enough people are stuck here then that is what the majority of this planets population will experience.

And the movies, “Loose Change“, “Inconvenient Truth“, “What The Bleep Do We Know?”, “The Secret”, “The Celestine Prophesy” and others through the wonders of URL’s like “utube” and DVD’s are quickly changing how the majority of people are seeing the world.

We have choice. We do indeed live in the most incredible time of our planet. We have front row seats and we get to participate in how we choose to perceive the world around us. We have choice.

There are myriad ways to learn to find your emotional baggage and do something with it ---so that you are in charge of your life. Instead of the other way around. Thinking you are in control is a front…for I’m afraid. Being in charge is much higher consciousness.

Most of the population of the planet are not in charge of their lives. Their emotional baggage determines what they think, what they say and certainly how they respond. And none of that is the truth of who they are.

We are on an emotional roller coaster and we can be afraid, worried, confused and plain paranoid… or we can be changing our response/reaction to everything and be happy… As Douglas Adams wrote “I would rather be happy than right”. Think about that.

Using the “Law Of Attraction” we get to decide on what we want rather than being pissed at what we don’t have. And the fastest way to faith is through gratitude… Faith? In what? Faith in your own ability to create what you want. Create peace by BEING gratefully peaceful. It really isn’t hard. Simply choose. And keep choosing…until you are.

If enough people (hundredth monkey) choose peace often enough then that is what we will have. If enough people stopped watching mainstream television and violent movies/tv and reading mainstream news/magazines then the world would change. The world is indeed an out picture of what we as a majority focus on…and it is obvious that “They” want us to watch violence to maintain the fear and paranoia…So, they can by default ,,,be in control. So, if you are not part of the majority then begin being part of the growing population that chooses peace and cooperation and become part of the “spiritual community” that Dr. Snow speaks of.

Getting there may most of the fun. The rest is…well, I guess we’ll see when we get there. Where will you be? Be making your choice now and continue making that choice…be at peace and be grateful for it.

In truth, Simplicity and Love,
Rev. Dr. Kelley Elkins DC

Date: 2007-02-20 10:29:36
Hedwig ( / no homepage) wrote:

Beauty and grace on this site with very good energy! We all KNOW what to do, it is encoded!

Succes all friends on and off this Earth planet!
With Love White Feather

Date: 2007-02-18 20:17:05
Renee Emelander ( / wrote:

I have been with you for several years now. I don't know what I am to be, but, I am here and very grateful for this influence.

Date: 2007-02-18 13:26:48
Cecilia ( / wrote:

Que Dieu vous bénisse avec Sa paix et force.

Date: 2007-02-15 02:43:00
Dr. Douglass Capogrossi ( / wrote:

Akamai is a quality international university dedicated to the betterment of the human condition and sustainability of the planet. Our online degree programs span the full range of advanced subject matter in the fields of applied psychology and human services, economic development, ecological and environmental studies, education and literacy, health and wellness, transpersonal and consciousness studies, and sustained human development. Programs are uniquely designed for mid-career professionals pursuing study through self-paced, individualized instruction. Participants have access to the world's largest academic full text online library.

Date: 2007-02-13 07:22:45
Antibush ( / wrote:

Bush is forever saying that democracies do not invade other countries and start wars. Well, he did just that. He invaded Iraq, started a war, and killed people. What do you think? Why has bush turned our country from a country of hope and prosperity to a country of belligerence and fear.
Our country is in debt until forever, we don't have jobs, and we live in fear. We have invaded a country and been responsible for thousands of deaths.
The more people that the government puts in jails, the safer we are told to think we are. The real terrorists are wherever they are, but they aren't living in a country with bars on the windows. We are.

Date: 2007-02-07 14:46:06
Jami ( / wrote:

We think your site is great and would like to invite you to join us in a powerful Teleconference on Febraury 10th

We will be sending the message of
May Peace Prevail on Earth to each of the 50 states and all Native American Nations.

We would love every state represented. So please Jean and visitors join us in something Spiritual and amazing.

Just check the website and register online for this great teleconference event. We look forward to hearing from you! Any questions, please feel free to email me.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!
Jami :)

Our words generate energy. Our thoughts generate energy.
The energetic field generated through the message and prayer
– May Peace Prevail On Earth – are strong enough to change
the course of human destiny and all living things.
Masami Saionji
The World Peace Prayer Society

May Peace Prevail on Earth

May Peace be in the United States of America
Saturday, February 10th
USA Eastern Standard Time
11:00 AM

Dear Peace Representatives, Peace Pal Coordinators, members, friends and supporters of the World Peace Prayer Society and of PEACE:

In the past few months, we have been hosting our monthly World Peace Prayer Ceremony
via Teleconference for every country on earth. NOW it is time for us to focus our prayers
and intentions on the USA - to allow a new surge of healing, awakening and evolution for the Fifty States.

Our goal is to have all States represented. We are especially needing your help to establish contact in the following States: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Lousiana, Minnesota,Maryland, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Wisconsin

We will also be hosting our monthly World Peace Prayer Ceremony- Global Link Teleconference a week later on
February 17th at 9 PM USA Eastern Standard Time. An Announcement email will follow. Email us if you are
not sure you are on our email list.

Here is our up-to-date data report from our last World Peace Prayer Teleconference held on January 27th.
78 Locations with many individuals in each location - over a 100 people total attended.
18 States, 13 countries, 19 other locations which were untraceable.


The World Peace Prayer Society

Date: 2007-01-25 15:05:42
Lyra Jubb ( / wrote:

Aloha Jean,

Congradulations! It is great to hear that this network has been thriving for so long. Thank you for your work.

When I saw the picture of the faery, I thought that you might be interested in a picture I have of a wood nymph. I took this picture while out with my son in our forest. I will send you a digital copy of it when I get home today.

Peace, Love and Light,

Date: 2007-01-23 14:19:15
Susan ( / no homepage) wrote:

Being a fan of the Matthew Books, I was directed somehow here. I am somewhat overwhelmed by all the information I've read since the first Matthew book. I've read this site and others that have caused me to have strange sleeping patterns.

I have a question for anyone who feels they have an answer. Why is everyone around me - here in Arkansas and in California on some type of antidepressant? Why have hundreds of people I know been diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder? I too was told I had this, and my husband. I was put on a variety of drugs (that kept changing)and ended up almost killing myself in a car accident. September 20, 2005 I stopped all drugs and stopped going to "head doctors." Was there anything really wrong with me mentally? My answer is NO. And, I would have to say that there is technically nothing wrong with all these hundreds of people who are being drugged. I am the type of person who questions, who seeks answers and sees the broad horizon and doesn't wear blinders. We're drugging kids who don't act like others, but who may be different. Is it a control mechanism? What exactly is going on? Thanks. Susan

Date: 2007-01-17 02:36:03
Linda Paul ( / wrote:

Beautiful Site!! I have added a link to my site. Keep up the good work...

Date: 2007-01-11 16:06:09
Suzanna ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean...Welcome to 2007! I feel as many others have expressed that this year good things will happen bringing about the start of changes we hope for. Your compilations are the reward I look for when I am able to take some time for myself. I savor being able to sit at my computer and go over the information you send. One comment I feel compelled to make stems from my deep feelings about the U.S. and the conflicts arising from our aggression in Iraq. I am appalled that this government overlooks the cries of its citizens and that our children are no more than fodder used to feed the mill of targetted enemies around the world. Others of us at home are nothing more than worker ants following a system of supposed work and reward that sustains the ever increasing burden of those who wield their sword of wealth. The times I spent in school learning about the workings of our government in the form of a democracy do not reflect the representation of what structure our government is today. How can the ideals that brought a country up to the standards the U.S. had a generation ago be brought down so fast? It has had to have been planned long before now. That means that even the bones that lay in the ground from our parents generation faught a losing battle for freedom. I know that the ideals of freedom rang true in their hearts and they faught and died to support that for themselves and all of us. I also know that many young people put their lives on the line today for the same reason, but how can it be that we haven't learned what we truly are supporting? Our country people should not have to stand culpable for these aggressions, but our government should because the government has abused its power of democratic leadership when it does not reflect the will of its citizens. Just knowing that so many innocent people have been killed and will be killed over the conflicts that exist on this earth is heart wrenching. How can we hope to help another country reach a higher standard of governing when our own standard has fallen? How can the citizens of another country look to us as benefactors when so many are left empty handed? Where are the arms that were there to hug their children and where are the children to fill the empty arms out stretched with nothing to fill them? Where are the houses that sheltered the families, business, worship, education? Where are the places people called home, the cities, towns, villages and countryside? The face of war does far more than destroy an enemy. What anguish do we feel over the faces of our own country men and women who silently cross our television screens or news articles when they have laid down their lives thousands of miles from their homes? Our hearts should be crying in anguish over war of any kind and we should not let our sons and daughters inherit a legacy of war. The thought of leaving this life and planet when my days are done and knowing that my existence may have been filled with heartfelt goodness in my small arena, but yet had no real affect in changing the big picture is discouraging. Unless we can all join in support of a peaceful existence, we all face the same and leave the same...a planet where nothing has changed. God, whoever He/She is...forgive us.

Date: 2007-01-04 17:00:16
Josef Graf ( / wrote:

This new website - EARTH VISION - is now online. Spiritual ecology is the central theme, exploring the nature and soul interweave, the wilderness within. Five books take nature to the next level, as they deepen the perspective of spiritual ecology.

Date: 2007-01-02 21:11:41
susan shane ( / no homepage) wrote:

God bless you Jean. Thank you for the mention of the One Big Circle website in your latest newsletter. We are all sending you love and healing. Take care of yourself, you are a beacon of hope for all of us. Love, Susan

Date: 2006-12-31 13:54:24
Theresa ( / wrote:

Jean Hudon,
You are one of those amazing people sent to uplift and inspire humanity. Thank you for all you do.

Date: 2006-12-30 12:25:44
morghana ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Re the 2007 suggestion i made in previous message
.... i meant to put forth the idea of spending some time sending out Lovebeams to Jean every time we are fortunate enough to receive the NewsLetter

with love................

Date: 2006-12-30 11:39:14
morghana ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

In the end of year complilation , Jean asked which ones of the year had been most important for us .

For me, the "Halloween Schizophrenia " compilation pierced straight to my heart. Prior to Halloween i had been made aware that it maybe very challenging to " hold the Light ".
When the window of time of Halloween came , i experienced it as a very energetic 'battle'. When i read Jeans opening words -
"I feel split between hope and despair. I don't know if you are like me, but the accrued impact of all the info and news I've reviewed and passed on to you over the past several years is really starting to take its toll ......" ,
.. i strongly felt for my Brother . I have never felt so close to Jean as then.
Feeling the magnitude of his mighty being, i wept, lit candles and symbolically held him in my arms, for such is the Love , he does inspire.

It takes an extraordinary heart to give to the world as relentlessly as Jean has done. What a Labour to go through the material he does, as he has to 'absorb it' before he sifts, orders,then gives as an offering to us .We have a choice each week in the compilation ,as to what we will handle reading . He experiences The Lot . i am in Awe of my Brother's stamina throughout this epic commitment.
With tears i watched how in that Halloween Newsletter , Jean demonstrated a heartmoving Transmutation . He is able to encompass the heaviest darkest happenings of our planet , then expand to the Source of Oneness and in so doing , is able to bring the Alchemy and offer it to the world as renewed Love ...................Light..Hope...Faith...Trust that indeed this New World of Peace is indeed in existence . It's here. It's not a future time.Here is One individual who's actually living it .
Apart from the gentle passive qualities that are associated with Peace , it is also an energetic active movement of Love.

Jean is the Messenger of Love each week .Yes,he said on Halloween, full well i know that there are times it can be heavy ...then moved to the point where... and he said "
A flip-second freewill decision is all it takes...

And from there all doors open, all changes become possible and an irresistible spiritual juggernaut will spring forth from our combined Love to heal all that needs healing...

Here and now...""

Peace exists because we claim it,proclaim it and live it. I see Jean as a PeaceWalker of great courage . Yes, says Jean,...though the Light reveal the last darkness, we are united in the power of the One Love.

At this time of year many have been celebrating the Chrysted One . Christ is a Consciousness. Our natural birthright.Ours for the claiming .
Thankyou Brother for your reflection . For me you stand as a mighty multifaceted Chrystal , for each darkness you have fronted , another shining facet has grown, and here you stand, radiating your laserLights round the world .
My hearts Thanksgivings to the Light you are Jean . You can take the blackestof blues to the darkest of reds and spin...until we have a whirling rainbow... spin..until we have the Shining Light that goes round the World .

At the time of Halloween i wished to nominate Jean as a key Focus of ' the Meditation ". Wished to say to everyone who receives the Compilations.... send huge beams of Love to Jean, ~ for by his love, this Newsletter connects us all.

Perhaps in 2007 , if we are so fortunate to receive Jeans Labour of Love...we could all spend some minutes sending out some LoveBeams to him , for in the energy balance equation, it is a massive Labour .

Jean knows he is not alone in his labour . Around the planet many Souls stand as conduits for Love . We are connected. The network of our Light is a Living Reality !

And on we shall go...our individual and collective Light ever expanding .

with profoundest of respect dear Jean and love from the Galactic Centre...the world would not have been the same without you in this 206 orbit around the Sun .
Keep Shining ! your Sister in heart ~ mariana

Date: 2006-12-29 01:44:10
Mystery Mike Hennessey ( / wrote:

Greetings and Salutations to you all...
My name is Mystery Mike Hennessey...I am a 17 Survivor (VICTOR) over AIDS, as well as an enlightening entertaining educator of children and most importantly I just Founded an Outreach for the Homeless called "EXTRA Cans For The Needy" & "RECYCLE A LIFE" & the first ever "MILLION 'CAN' MARCH" to take place on Earth Day 2007...

Please check out our site to see what we are doing in a simply wonderful way to bring great 'change' to the world (pun intended)...

We collect empty bottles and cans on every movie and tv set (The Oscars are joining in too) and then we hand them over to the homeless and people in need....

There has been a remarkable outpouring of compassion and love here in Hollywood and since we went National last Monday (dec 18th) we are confident that it will catch on everywhere...Just a simple effort is making a beautiful impact...

Please let everyone know about us...I will be on numerous tv and radio shows in the coming months as well as in print (our first article is on our site)...

I have been asked to go before Congress after the New Year to appeal to them to set up Bottle Bills in the remaining 39 states to have a wonderful system set up to take care of our own simply and easily...

Any good thoughts you can send my way, I'm all 'third eye' :-)

Peace & Blessings to you all,
Mystery Mike Hennessey,
FOUNDER, "EXTRA Cans For The Needy"

Date: 2006-12-14 14:33:54
susan shane ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thanks for all your work and devotion! You guys are amazing!!!!! Love you lots, Susan Shane

Date: 2006-12-10 18:48:14
Nansea Cross ( / no homepage) wrote:

I just wanted to pass my idea for Christmas on here. I love your work Jean.

Socially/ Globally Responsible Christmas

Dear Family and Friends,

I’m feeling compelled to have what I’m calling a socially/globally responsible Christmas this year. I would like to use my money in what I feel is a more productive way for Christmas. Instead of sending you all silly little things that you don’t need or want, I would like to use this money to help people who are really in need. I know there are people living in poverty, people who are starving, people who need medical care and can’t afford it. Hopefully I have your blessing in doing this. I am encouraging you to do the same if you feel so inclined. I really don’t need anything right now, so feel free to give to whatever charity you like.

Besides truly helping people in need, this will give me a new meaning for Christmas. I feel that I’m doing something helpful to those in need. It will also help me to escape the commercialization of Christmas. This will also help to eliminate some of the stress of Christmas going shopping, fighting the crowds, using up a lot of time running around to find what I feel would be the perfect item which probably wouldn’t be. I will instead spend the time researching charities to ensure that I’m getting the best bang for my bucks.

What I would like to do also, to show you all how much I care, is to offer up my time to help you with some project or chore. My time is my most valuable asset right now, as I know it is for many of you. If you need a hand cooking a meal, planting a garden, cleaning you house, etc, give me a call. I try my best to help out.

Lastly I feel that we should be personally responsible for Christmas. We shouldn’t spend money we don’t have. I know that is difficult, but we can really cut out a lot of little expenses. Let’s try to think first of those who are truly in need. I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas season.

Love and peace,


Please pass this idea on if you like it. Most of the people who I’ve spoken to about it think it’s a great idea.

Date: 2006-12-05 03:21:42
Marie-France ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am always looking forward to read your compilations. I always pass them on to my children and friends. Merci Jean

Date: 2006-11-25 14:24:29
Joy ( / no homepage) wrote:


Date: 2006-11-25 04:09:45
Jade Dragon ( / wrote:

Friends of Nature,

If you are anything like us you too have been having a difficult time living happily in a culture which is geared towards maintaining the status quo - especially as official consensus grows that the status quo is unsustainable. Global climate change is finally being accepted as the reality it is. Humankind may be responsible for returning Earth to a pre-human stage of evolution. While this has been going on, the world has been edging closer to some sort of “final confrontation”, probably in the Middle East. Yes, the war is becoming more and more unpopular - as it should be. War is not a viable answer. Recent elections demonstrated that “we, the people” are not pleased with rampant corruption and the selling out of our constitutional rights in favor of a corporate police state founded on the idea that some subcontracted security agency can somehow protect ourselves from “terrorists”. Maybe we are learning that, by allowing the military-industrial-government complex complete control of our lives, we simply sink the ship faster. We are not sure the Democrats have the moral integrity to confront and even impeach the people who are most responsible for this travesty. Looks like they might go along. We are beginning to understand the depths of the corruption of the human soul and how that turmoil is being played out in the world. Yet, regardless of this historic situation, Luthien and I are still on the path of gaining more (not less) freedom - without destroying the planet in the process. Why? Because a path with heart is the truest and most loving internal guide we can locate.

My father said, “Son, you are about 10 years ahead of time“. Not any longer. Time is speeding up and changes are happening in an exponentially rising curve towards a possible 2012 CE “trigger point”. We’ll soon find out what the future delivers and it won’t deliver much stability if humankind keeps traveling down the same status quo road to oblivion. There is no promise that it won’t and Luthien and I cannot ignore the spirit call to prepare for the worse. By doing so we are also preparing the way for the best to unfold. We were worried about pollution, poisoned water and air, collapsing ocean fish stocks, mad cow and chronic wasting disease, drought and famine, and a host of other potential plagues which very might ravage the countryside in the near future. No matter how we looked at it, the facts were staring us in the face: doom everywhere. That’s when we decided to ground ourselves on Faerie Hill and begin the process of co-creating a living paradise. It is the best we know how to do.

Last autumn (05) we began residing on Faerie Hill Farm in our little solar electrified RV. We set up a compost pile, dug and planted a grey water processing pond, built a wooden fence “compound” around the RV, and got to work on a much larger project. We began construction of Module #1 of the Faerie Hill ecoark, an off-grid solar/wind electrified, waste water recycling, organic waste composting, food producing, passive solar heated (with propane backup) greenhouse integrated 32’x20’ home to reside in. We worked almost every day on this and are now living in a dream made manifest, completing the details, typing away at this computer.

In 2007 we plan to build Module #2 which is an attached food production greenhouse which will most likely contain a sustainable aqua-agriculture loop. We’ll also begin construction on Module #3, a two story octagonal “tower” with a covered deck on top, which will increase our interior living space and have enough room for a classroom. Yes, we’re planning on teaching those who would like to learn more about how to survive and thrive through the growing changes. Pictures of Module #1 can be found in our website: and construction pictures in our sustainable systems and communities think tank: where many folks have gathered to discuss reality and how to deal with it. Feel free to join in!

There are a few other things we’ve been up to: digging a couple more small water retaining ponds, planting fruit trees, and building up organic garden beds with piles of recycled cardboard, shredded paper, and mulch from last years compost pile. We started an essential oil business which, in this holiday season, might provide a source of unique and useful gifts for yourself and your loved ones which doesn‘t come from Walmart: We accept Pay Pal.

As we get settled into the ecoark, over the winter, we’ll be working on recording the final touches to several long term music projects. I still have CDs available of the last one completed and I assure you that the lyrics are becoming even more potent as the 2012 trigger date approaches.

Luthien and I have been kicking around the idea of opening our doors for a series of 2007 workshop weekends revolving around the following themes. We would like your input. Would you attend one or more of these weekends if we charged $50 and supplied the food? It would be a camping occasion with evenings spent in conversation and music around the sacred fire. Please get back with us on this so we can judge whether or not to proceed. Which weekends might you be interested in?

#1 - Self-Healing: herb teas and natural medicines, essential oils for aromatherapy and massage, solar sauna, clay body packs for detoxification, light/color therapy, chakra cleansing and balancing, 5 rites of rejuvenation (a simple form of yoga), intoning/sonic therapy, the how and why of natural and wild foods

#2 - Self-Discovery: deep relaxation, guided meditation, past life recovery, astrological and tarot insights, the many maps of consciousness, undoing negative programming, discovering and doing one’s true will, tapping the inner child, maturing responsibly, the work/play paradox, gender roles and society

#3 - Self-Development: being honest about thoughts and emotions, facing one’s fears, overcoming internal and external obstacles, self-love without ego-tripping, walking in balance, creative visualization and positive self-imaging, bringing dreams into reality, synchronizing with natural cycles, local /global stewardship, building cooperative community support networks

#4 - Self-Sufficiency: solar/wind/micro hydro energy sources, passive and active solar space and water heating, air wells and ground tube cooling systems, super insulation, building with natural and recycled materials, composting toilets, grey water recycling, constructed wetlands waste treatment and resource recovery, organic gardening, edible landscaping, energy efficient appliances, living off the grid in style

It has been good having a chance to communicate to you. Feel free to ask us anything. Here is the creed we live by:

Blessed Be - Divine Do
Everyone is a Star
Love is the Law,
Jade and Luthien

PS - We are LGBT friendly faeriefolk!

Date: 2006-11-25 00:46:30
LoriAnn ( no email / no homepage) wrote:


Please Sign This Petition Supporting a Resolution in Congress to End Funding of the Iraq War Cindy Sheehan

We have endorsed a Resolution in Congress to cut the funds for the Iraq War. We hope you will join us in signing the linked Petition from Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) supporting HR 4232:

We have been working with PDA organizing support for HR 4232 since Rep. McGovern introduced this important bill in November of 2005.

Congress has appropriated more than $300 billion for U.S. military operations in Iraq. Simply stated in monetary terms, we are spending $8 billion per month in Iraq with no end in sight. That's $2 billion per week, or $267 million per day, or $11 million per hour.

Small wonder that 61% of the American people are opposed to current U.S. policy in Iraq.

H.R. 4232 would end all funding for the deployment of U.S. troops in Iraq. Consider adding a link to your site,

HR 4232 would in no way prohibit nor interrupt U.S. non-defense funding in support of Iraq's social and economic reconstruction, including support for democratic institution-building, elections, and the restoration of Iraq's infrastructure.

HR 4232 provides for the safe, orderly, and honorable withdrawal of the United States from military operations in Iraq. By continuing U.S. support for the economic and social reconstruction of Iraqi society and the financial and material needs of Iraqi security, it maintains our moral and political obligations to the Iraqi people, while concretely promoting, supporting, and providing for greater multilateral engagement in these serious tasks.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope you will sign the petition and please share it with your friends! If you have any questions about this Petition or the Resolution it supports, please contact Sherry
Bohlen, PDA Field Director (

Please consider donating to help with information that will be donated to all for free donate Today!

In peace,

Cindy Sheehan, Tim Carpenter, Medea Benjamin, David Swanson, Rev Lennox Yearwood

I found this message on a message board in my yahoo group and thought I would pass it along. I hope you will sign the petition and donate $10 as I did. We need our children back home where they belong. My nephew has been deployed twice now and will be going back just before Christmas for the third time. I pray for his safety constantly as I do for all our men and woman in harms way.

Please help me! We all need to do what we can to keep our children alive and bring them back home safe and well, An Aunt who loves her nephew and cares deeply about our future.


Date: 2006-11-06 16:17:00
Cliff Lindquist ( / wrote:

There are so many web sites/BLOGS on the net today with great information to offer up the public about America's fate.

Unfortunately, there are NOT so many that truly identify the EVIL CAUSING IT ALL.

Here are two such sites that pulls no punches revealing this EVIL to America's and the world!




Date: 2006-10-31 13:33:15
Suzanna Sjogren ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good Morning Jean, I started reading your introductory remarks in the Veracity Series #16 and quite agree with the mixed feelings one can end up with in viewing current, past affairs and future potentials. Early this morning I woke up remembering a dream I just had and in trying to make sense of it, I think it somehow reflects an aspect of our existence. In the dream, I was at a Christian concert put on by two of my cousins. They were pulling people from the audience to play in skits that put emphasis on their message. In one of the skits, a group of about ten people were drawn together in a group and they had to hang onto each other each hugging the one next to them. The large lump of people had to then start moving around in unison. They looked awkward and cumbersome. Finally one started to fall over and they all had to fall over in order to stay together. I asked myself why it had to be like that and what I received in reply was, that is how we look when we try to act in unison with single intent. Then I asked why it was like that when as individuals we act with such disregard for others. Then I was told that we can still act in unison without holding onto one another, but that required acknowledging that there is one thing that we all have in common and that we all have to hold that one thing in the same regard and act out of the same motive that evokes. The one thing we all have in common is where we come from. It is the creative force, source of all life or in my language God. In recognizing this Source of all life and the wonders of miracles that have evolved from that Source, one has to see a reflection of the great love Source has for all things created and the response that should evoke would be our love in return. We should respond with love. That's simple isn't it? All that is not of Source is not love, but that did not evolve out of Source it evolved out of us acting individually without recognition of our One-ness to Source. We can be individual as freewill was meant for us to be, but we still have to remember that we are one with Source, all of us are ONE WITH SOURCE. Therefore, we are all one with each other as well. I know this is simplistic to higher thought and I've had loftier perceptions myself that I could describe with long words and great philosophical intent, but so what? We really need to look at the simplicity of this issue to really set it home within us.

Date: 2006-10-26 01:59:26
Jeri Velasquez ( / no homepage) wrote:

I've known of this site and its great sources and goals for many years. It was one of many similar synchronistic occurances that occur whenever I conciously re step onto my spiritual journey. The principles and practice of more than one gathered together in a spiritual focus are such powerful tools for creating, healing, overcomming any obstacle. Why I slip off the path and become re entagled with the frustrations and imbalances in this country and world eludes me. Yet I *know* without doubt that I return to places of *knowing* like this one. The practices of positive change cannot be stopped as long as a person can think and focus there intention to the spiritual meeting places that this site leads to. No force or power is too great to overcome the combined powers of human spirit. This is a great focal point for world healing and I'm glad to be a part. The world needs the participation of its beings, each of us, to bring us into a season of great rebirth.
Together lets heal this world!!! ;-}

Date: 2006-10-22 13:24:12
Leigh St. Germain ( / no homepage) wrote:

You have my continued gratitude, Jean, for your hard work on behalf of truth and the greater good. One idea for a graceful exit strategy from Iraq might be to use the old social work approach. Call for 24 Iraqi tribal and/or religious leaders and their wives to meet to solve the problem. The communities, of course, decide on who participates. Let the men meet together and the women meet together, seperately at first, to discuss the problems and the problem solving strategies. Then they come together, confer and discuss, and agree upon a solution. A problem solving approach used in community organization for years and years. There are many highly qualified professionals in the world who could be employed as facilitators of the process. We would have to agree to their recommendations and begin implementation immediately. This agreement on the part of the United States could go far to regaining a little of the world's trust in our goodness as a people. The current number of Iraqi people who have left their homes through violent means or simply fleeing is up to 900,000. This fact is appalling and completely unacceptable. Perhaps Dennis Kucinich could propose this way to peace...(As an 'unscientific' support measure, all who choose to, Iraqis and Americans of all faiths and paths, can call on the angels to guide this process. They could be waiting to be asked.)

Date: 2006-10-17 23:33:20
Marci Short ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am happy to find your sight. I believe and I experience in love and oneness. We co-create a new world order of love, peace, and healing.

Date: 2006-10-14 19:42:49
Nanbe1st ( / wrote:

hello ladies and gents!
I've been kind of lurking around.
I love this site! thanks for having me :)

Date: 2006-10-14 11:11:17
Sandra Rodriguez ( / no homepage) wrote:

Just discovered your site...just subscribed!


Of course, it'll take some time to read all this material but, for starters, count on me for support.

I'm from Borinquen (the originary indigenous name of Puerto Rico) and the Taino Peace Consciousness is as alive and powerful now as ever!

The unity of our peoples in Peace throughout Abya Yala and Tutle Island will overcome,and the rest of the world will be blessed and grateful for it. Nobody said it will be easy...but it WILL BE.

Date: 2006-10-02 04:00:29
Vincent Casspriano, Jr. ( / wrote:

My new book "The Simplest Path to Personal and Planetary Transformation, Step One: FREE YOUR MIND" was released by New Paradigm Press on 9/23/2006, and I would be grateful if you would take a look at the website I have created in support of the book, and add a link to it on your site. The book is available for sale in paperback, but from the The Simplest Path website, anyone can preview the entire book on-line for free. I hope many will want a paper copy, but there is no obligation! Thank you for your time and kind attention!


Date: 2006-10-01 05:51:52
Tony Grindel ( / no homepage) wrote:

I have no website. I have read your site and find it's content enlightening. I am happy people are really ready to choose a new future. I feel I have concrete advice to lend to inquiries about real solutions.

The answers to todays problems are not found in solutions to the individual dilemmas. Once we realize we are destined for a higher life in which we use all the brain power we evolved ages ago, once we had the ability to choose our fate, then we can choose a path likened to the path of all else in the known universe.

Since there is a benevolence inherent in every single aspect of this world, we can only choose to act the same. Caring more for everything else should come naturally to all. The ultimate act of caring more for another human being is monogamy. Taking only one mate for life is the sexual attitude of a society bent on giving every individual the highest level of respect and self worth.

A new generation of youth concieved, nurtured and taught in a spirit of complete unconditional love will evolve a brain power that will leave this present paradigm behind and we will truly become a civilized people. We will advance to a species we will not recognize.

So, an answer to what can we specifically do to remedy the woes of this world, lies in choosing how we behave and effecting the consequences of our thoughts, words and actions. The behavior of a freely monogamous society is one not giving in to "rules" but simply following the natural example of all life around us; care more for others than for yourself.

Thanks for listening, Tony

Date: 2006-10-01 03:51:45
Barry ( / no homepage) wrote:

I often come to your site and let me tell you I do so appreciate what you are doing.
Thank you for all the hard work.
In Love and in Peace


Date: 2006-09-29 19:51:22
Cecilia ( / wrote:

I'm a 12 year old girl from Rome, Italy... please check out my site, it's for peace and to save the earth!!

Date: 2006-09-28 19:02:54
Phylipa Delglyn ( / wrote:

Hi Jean

I have been reading the postings to your website for many years now - ever since 9/11 when I happened to be in California at the time and knew instinctively it was an inside job. A friend told me of your website and I suddenly found I was not alone.
My way of working with people is to teach them that it is only when we are "in our body", grounded and centred that we can release all our negative issues and limiting beliefs because it is only when we are in our body that we feel safe enough to do so. It is time for us all to wake up and be part of the light. It is only when we are grounded and centred that we can truly be spiritually connected. I work with the spleen on a very physical level because it is the spleen that keeps us both in our body and spiritually connected. It also governs thought so with a strong healthy spleen we think more clearly and more positively. My experience is that we can raise our own frequencies when the spleen is healthy. We need to do this physical work in order to be of service and work with the light. It is my mission to spread this through my website and possibly a book as well. I would be happy to have a link to your website because it gives so much meaning to why we all have to heal ourselves now.

Thank you for both bringing attention to what needs to be done and the uplifting pieces, especially from Matthew.

Love and light
Phylipa Delglyn

Date: 2006-09-26 15:06:48
Ariel Ky ( / no homepage) wrote:

U.S. $8.5 trillion dollars in debt

All U.S. citizens should look at this debt report -
Be sure to check out the second page on foreign debt and how our children and grandchildren will inherit our debts.

Date: 2006-09-08 23:12:42
Jackie ( / wrote:

I have come to a conclusion and it didn't come lightly for at 77 years young I can actually look back and recognize all the little bits of history and like one giant jig saw can easily submit the right pieces in the right places. So to stop berating myself because I can't do much physically anymore and it does no good to feel guilty because I can't, so to put a stop to that immediately, ha not really, took time. Today I realize all I can do is pray and pray hard for our world, and to clean up my own little part of the world which is my heart and my feelings and to just in some small way be willing to pass on historical facts, to let go and walk and be in peace each day as it comes for in reality we all only have one day at a time. The truth speaks for itself, yesterday is over and tomorrow is a dream, dreams can come true when we are benevolent about them. I so do appreciate your hardwork to put this all out for the rest of us, count my prayers in for they are there for sure and shall continue forever. God bless all of us as we continue to keep prayer and meditation high. Thanks. Jackie

Date: 2006-08-31 14:02:04
Darren Wilson ( / wrote:

please consider placing a web link to my my web site.

Date: 2006-08-13 20:41:54
Cheryl Lee Harnish ( / wrote:

Thank you so much for all the fantastic information!!

Good luck with your site,


Date: 2006-08-08 17:19:52
Ginny ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean,

I have been regularly reading your compilations for about three years now. I have gleaned so many beautiful nuggets from them, such as the ho' article today, that I must say thank you from the bottom of my heart for this service you provide for everyone.

With gratitude,

Date: 2006-08-06 19:04:19
Suzanna Sjogren ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean,
I was going through my journal this morning and I came across a particularily beautiful entry from August of 1998. It was given to me by Angelic Spirits just after a very difficult divorce. In reflection, I think it would be of benefit to others even though it is a bit long and so thought I would share the words that I wrote from the Angelic voices that sang to my heart that day. "A beautiful day full of beautiful promise, it is the seed for tomorrow and the richness of lifes humus ground upon which we tred softly with peace or forceful with anger. How much easier tomorrows seed can be planted on the earth that was softly, peacefully tred. Let the richness of all that you are nourish your growth today and let it break the vision for tomorrow as the sun magnificently rises in God's fiery glory. Let the light cleanse you, let it breathe the freshness of it upon the dawn, let it's warm red orb draw from you all that you need not carry for the day and let the warmth enter in there after and warm your soul and light your eyes to see you through to its setting. Let the rhythm of the earth in its seasons and days reflect in your being bringing Gods time to your days and then praise Him above all things and let His joy bring balance to your life for ever more and always. His light will guide your way, the path you are to walk, it is Holy ground as you follow His lead. Let the circle of love He places around you bring you comfort in all ways and let His light shine forth into the world and beyond. Let it divinely connect all things of His making and let the healing rays of His love channel through you to all ends, all peoples, all creatures and all that has the gift of life here and here after. Let the energy of love flow through you and awaken the call within your heart. Let God's love lift you wherever you are,its healing is known to you. Let the sacred gifts bestowed upon you be the resources of your work, your calling, they have been brought to you from age to age and the wisdom of the bearers is gifted to you. Carry them close to you at all times and draw from within each to give to all as they come to you in their needs, for they will come to be with you. Your spirit calls them and brings them comfort and Gods Spirit is within you to draw them near without fear. Let the tears you will carry for others be shed daily and not weigh you down. They will all be carried to God's Heavenly Throne and added to the tears from the beginning of time as they issue forth from God's Throne. Be still often and send your love to the world. Be in prayer and meditation daily and many times as you can. Working with the things of nature are healing for you and will bring God's peace to you. Do not seek to draw yourself away from these things. Do not let the cares and worries of money gauge your moves. Feel in your heart the rightness of what we speak. You are to stay on your farm and work from your heart. Keep a balance in all things, but do not feel pressed by man's ways and needs from man's point of view. Dedicate yourself to honoring your Father with what you have and He will honor you with your needs met in all things and in all ways. Do not fear in anything. Let love flow through you, let its cleansing power run in your veins, let your eyes see inward and upward, but do not cast their vision upon the tasteless things of man. Hear with your inner hearing and your intuition. We gently speak to your heart many, many times throughout each day. Listen to us as we speak to your inner being it is this you must hear above all things of man's hearing and sounds. The more you listen to the inner man and your inner voice, the more attuned you will be to peoples needs. This is part of your commission, it is the path you must walk to be on the healing path, to be a healer. You will bring healing peace and joy to many through God's loving gifts to you. Cherish all of this and guard it closely to your heart..." There was more to this invocation, but the words were more personal to my situation and would not add to what others could share in the wisdom displayed here. I truly hope that these words, which are not mine, but were given to me, will be of help to others as we stand at such crossroads that we do on this earth. Blessings to all, Suzanna

Date: 2006-07-29 11:59:40
Larry Penna ( / no homepage) wrote:

To those who really care about our world please go to IMPEACHBUSH.Org now & together we will make a difference!!!! LOVE&PEACE, Larry Penna, aka, beatlelp.

Date: 2006-07-29 11:55:21
Larry Penna ( / no homepage) wrote:

I could only quote four individuals who made a big difference & continue to: "All You Need Is LOVE, LOVE Is All You Need", "Give PEACE A Chance" & "LOVE Is The Answer", of course, from "Mind Games" PEACE&LOVE, Larry Penna, aka, beatlelp. Thank-you.

Date: 2006-07-27 18:52:07
JVB ( / wrote:

Please view and forward the link with your personal message to everyone you know who is concerned about our world, wants to empower women, and is ready to make it happen.

Date: 2006-07-25 14:52:52
Lotus Immortal ( / wrote:

Tools for the Expansion of the Human Experience...seeking the immortal consciousness, and the Truth.

Date: 2006-07-23 17:18:07
sushil_yadav ( / wrote:

Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

Dear friends,

I want to share my article with you. This is about the link between Mind and Social / Environmental-Issues. The fast-paced, consumerist lifestyle of Industrial Society is causing exponential rise in psychological problems besides destroying the environment. All issues are interlinked. Our Minds cannot be peaceful when attention-spans are down to nanoseconds, microseconds and milliseconds. Our Minds cannot be peaceful if we destroy Nature.

Thank you,
Sushil Yadav

Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment.

Subject : In a fast society slow emotions become extinct.
Subject : A thinking mind cannot feel.
Subject : Scientific/ Industrial/ Financial thinking destroys the planet.
Subject : Environment can never be saved as long as cities exist.

Emotion is what we experience during gaps in our thinking.

If there are no gaps there is no emotion.

Today people are thinking all the time and are mistaking thought (words/ language) for emotion.

When society switches-over from physical work (agriculture) to mental work (scientific/ industrial/ financial/ fast visuals/ fast words ) the speed of thinking keeps on accelerating and the gaps between thinking go on decreasing.

There comes a time when there are almost no gaps.

People become incapable of experiencing/ tolerating gaps.

Emotion ends.

Man becomes machine.

A society that speeds up mentally experiences every mental slowing-down as Depression / Anxiety.

A ( travelling )society that speeds up physically experiences every physical slowing-down as Depression / Anxiety.

A society that entertains itself daily experiences every non-entertaining moment as Depression / Anxiety.





To read the complete article please follow either of these links :


Date: 2006-07-09 13:12:14
Roberta Shoemaker-Beal ( / wrote:

Thanks, Jean,

We are working on a website~chat exchange for Eco-Art Therapy, called Eco-Arth, for short.. I want to eventually link with teh Rainbow Network, being a rainbow kindred spirit... Had a rainbow initialtion dream in 1973... May the rainbow always be at the end of each journey.... to start a new one...

At this point, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you have done with this WWW location.... It will be my inspiratoin for our Eco-Arth site... Later I will come back here to link up...

My husband, Jim and I gave a talk and workshop at the Conference in Montreal this May.... Wonder if you were there? They are VERY simpatico spirits up in Quebec...

Blessings along your way...... Roberta

Thanks for all the inpsiring work that you do.

Date: 2006-06-27 16:47:37
Bill R ( / wrote:

Thank you for all your good work. ERN has led me to many very interesting and helpful explorations.

In an effort to balance the negativity of the world, we have created the Worldwide Blessing Generator. It mixes blessings and prayers from all world religions and gives a random hybrid of spiritual goodness. We think of this as a digital version of a Tibetan prayer-wheel; a "device for spreading spiritual blessings and well being." Our intent is to mix the wisdom of all cultures to create blessings in a spirit of religious tolerance that applies to all faiths and are truly worldwide in origin.

Try it out and let us know what you think or how you feel about it. Thank you, and infinite blessings to you all!

Date: 2006-06-27 03:46:19
Christo Love ( / wrote:

great site... keep up the good work!

Please join us as we bring in the dawn with a Global Sunrise Meditation and World Unity Celebration this Equinox, Septemeber 23rd...
more info at

The Global Sunrise Meditations are intended to create flowing moments of silent prayer for peace in the world every equinox and solstice, as all participants focus their minds, 10 minutes before the sunrise and 10 minutes after, on unity through unconditional love, to heal oursleves and the planet. Believe in your power!

The intention of the World Unity Celebrations are to unify the people of the planet together in peace through celebration of uncondtional love. We are working on linking events together from all over the planet that occur during or within a few days of the equinoxes and solstices.

Please invite 10 people to join us for the Global Sunrise Meditation and World Unity Celebration as we spread this love around the world.

We use this energy that we create together to build a peace-full world, where we work together cooperatively to help eachother live our lives to the fullest, so there is abundance for all, creating peace of mind for ourselves and all of humanity...

The light in you is the light in me. Namaste.
may the love be with you...

christo and johanna love!

for more info about Christo, Johanna and Love Flow
please visit
Be Free!

"i reallign with divine within me at all times healing my entire being"

Date: 2006-06-24 15:39:59
amu ( / no homepage) wrote:

Get in-Touch with Real Tzolkin

When "world completed" and " a new world" resonate with you, it''s because you came to life at this time for exactly the opportunities the Great Change offers. When you discover that the most astronomical advanced culture on the planet tells us that worlds do indeed complete and new ones begin then we want more information. We embark on the journey of Maya Time-Keepers, of spinning planets and galaxies, and our evolution.

As often in this world when we search for something there is some obstacles. Often first we get deceived. We can see it as a test, iniciation or adventure. This little article is about the RealTzolkin and DreamSpell Deceptions

As we search for Maya DayCount and Galactic Intelligence, come ro understand that DreamSpell stops its tzolkin for 24 hours once every four years. They say this day is an invention of the Roman Empire, do not acknowledge it, and refuse to give that Earth-spin a place in the Tzolkin. A Prime Rule in the sacred evolving DayKeeper Tzolkin is “One Spin is One Kin”. The Tzolkin is for a DayKeeper the Great Tool of Evolution, Spinning thru the Cycles, living conciously thru Time. It is truly magical.

Realize that we as Earth spin around our own axis, each spin is 24 hours, is one kin – a quality and frequency of Evolution. The attunement is to know the kin of the spin.

As Earth we circle the sun, in a year. We spin 365, 2425 (est.) times in one year. As DayKeepers we count every Day and see that in 4 years, there are 1261 spins. The 4 quarter-spins (of YearCount) have made another whole spin. Everyone lives that spin, the DayKeeper counts the Spin and knows the Kin. That “extra day” is leap-day, the Day that counts 1261.. The spin that completes 4 years.

The ignoring of this Spin and not giving it a Kin is the downfall of DreamSpell. It makes all dream-spell signatures and calculations wrong. Any-one who sees that dream-spell stops its tzolkin and does not count a day will quickly abandon it, feeling lucky to have seen its fault, and ready to find the true maya DayCount - the Maya long-count and the RealTzolkin. In a way we can "Thank you dream-spell-designers" for making such an obvious mistake. It shows you want us to move out of your “kinder-garden” and become initiated into the RealTzolkin and the spiralling Cycles of Time.

Also we may feel somewhat fooled and even upset about the deceiving
dream-ordeal, Also we'd admit that6 it was our own ignorance that kept us linked the dream-spell. We did not investigate proper before, and left the authority in the hands of another, who as it now turns out to be were out to make fools of us.

We hoped to get into the Real-Tzolkin and were fed glossy corporate-style packaged deceptions instead. As long as we stayed in the dark we could keep up the dream, stay in its spell. Now that we see that the dream-tzolkin count stumbles and falls, we are free to move on and embrace what we really want. So, fortunate we are to
have passed thru the mazes of dream-spell and come to know freedom to
become DayKeeprs, TimeKeeprs.

Positively confirmed Tzolkin-count of the traditional Long Count of the Elders gives at
the completion of the world-cycle, on winter-equinox (at sunrise) in 6 years (on 21-12-2012 (Christian date) the Tzolkin signature AHAU-4. From that Kin of that Spin you can come to any Kin of any Spin. Just count days back. Cycle back thru the Tzolkin.
For good connections you can also check

There are more deceptions in dream-spell. It is woven into it's existance. For example a famous feature of dream-spell is 13Moon. It divides the year in 13
periods of 28 days that are called Moons. It claims to harmonize the
Earth, Moon, Sun and galaxy into one calendar. However, it does not honor
the real Moon.

We know that a Moon is from New Moon to New Moon,
and that Full Moon is in the middle. It takes an average of 29, 53 days for a MoonCycle. A good real Moon-calendar has an average of 29, 5 days in a Moon. In the Maya culture of ancient Mexico the Moon calendar started with 30 days, the next Moon 29 days, etc – as to average out to a Moon Cycle Count. Since Moon-cycles vary some thru-out the year the actual period of each Moon also changed. Basically the calendar would just count from NewMoon to NewMoon. We also want to live our Moon-Connection.

In fact, there is NO WAY to fit an exact number of Moons in one year. The year
is about 365, 25 days and the MoonCycle is about 29, 5 days. Divide to
find that 12, 3 Moons fit in one year. The “last” moon would have 11 days in the old year and 18 days in the New Year. Moon 1 follows Moon 12, after 354 days. The
remaining 11, 25 days make a Thirteenth Moon each 2, 6 years.

The 13Moon is unfitting to the Moon. It is another dream-spell deception. By calling the 28-day period a Moon it makes the Moon a concept of a fixed 28 days, instead of the real and changing Moon cycles. It tries to steal the Moon-name. Again, dream-spell is challenging our common sense. It seems it is inviting us to pick up on these clues. On top of it the dreamspellers call the extra day each year (the 365-th day) the the day "out-of-time" This name is confusing cause a Day is inside Time for it to be a Day. It better be called "Year Completion Day". It is interesting to notice that people think that the leap-day is out of time, and in dream-spell it is. It is out of Tzolkin. This makes dream-spell just what it calls itself: a dream, and not real.... and a spell, not liberating.

For sure, 13 periods of 28 days to divide the year – with 52 weeks and just an extra day- is very nice, and seems good to count a year. 1 Day is One Spin, 7 Days is a Week, 4 weeks make a Month, and 13 Months a Year. Then we add the extra Day that does not fit in 13Month and each 4 years we should have a double extra Day. Then it works.

While investigating and learning, we encounter the next dream-spell deception , in the basic counting itself. In Maya culture The same sign and tone is the Beginning and the End of a cycle. Calculations become circular, instead of linear. To print rows of sign and tones that start with 1 is not at all teaching us the reality of the cycles. The magical sign in Maya Counting is 0 with a line thru the horizon. In 3D it is a sphere that is surrounded by a circle at the equator. It is the symbol of time, of spinning, of evolution, of the Beginning and the End. Any listing is to start with the cycle
starter. It starts at the Beginning, which is just after 0. Like at 0,001 In the Tzolkin this sign is AHAU (the FlowerLord) and it is active thru-out the spin - until at mid-nite the next sign comes. Say at 0,999. Then at 1 the sign IMIX (RootMother) follows.

Instead dream-spell starts the list with 1 = “Dragon” (IMIX). And puts AHAU as number 20 at the End only – in fact the number 20 did not exist in the count of the signs. It goes from 19,999 back to 0, 001 (AHAU).

For the tone-cycles the same principle applies. The tone 0 with line is the
Beginning, and End of the Cycle. It is the Cosmic tone, it is the cause of
tone-cycle. It should be on TOP of any list. Again, the dreamers get no
initiations into the real Maya heritage.

Why is all this so important? Cause time is spinning on…. And now we
are moving into galactic alignment between our Earth, the Sun, Alcyon
and the Galactic Center. This occurs once every about 26,000 years. It
is a very special time and we do need to awaken to the Real Tzolkin to increase our life-navigation skills... We need to attune the micro-Tzolkin in our head, in the pineal gland, to the Earth-Tzolkin at the core of the planet in the CrystalCenter. In that harmony and connection, we continue into the cycles of Sun around Alcyon and the upcoming Change and Gate to the Galactic Center. This is our challenge as the team of lite-loving beings.

As you resonate with the invitation to remember you are a TimeKeeper,
then first become a Tzolkin DayKeeper. On this Path to the Center we also
become Gatekeepers.

It is the Time of Galactic Dawn for the earth. She is entering a new
stage of her Evolution. As Souls now is the time to prepare for a Great Leap that brings us closer to the Source of Lite and Life. In fact, all life is conscious. The Guardians of Earth, Sun and Alcyon are calling now the Souls in Lite to become conscious of Time and Tzolkin.

Know your Evolution.
Know the Kin of the Spin.

Amu Lawman
Maya Tzolkin

DO PASS THIS ON - in many Waves !!!

to wake up our friends and family of lite,
from "dream-spell" deceptions
and get into Real Maya Tzolklin

Date: 2006-06-20 21:08:24
scott haydon ( / no homepage) wrote:

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network - You are an absolute liberal wacko. Most of your "writings" are cut and paste operations. Don't you have an original thought? I have news for you....
1. Man is no more contributing to global warming than we are to the expansion of the universe.
2. We are fighting radical Islamic religous nuts in Iraq and attempting to plant a seed of sanity. It has nothing to do with oil.
3. We ought to drill for oil in Alaska, Fla, Calif and your back yard if it were there. And it wont hurt wildlife. It will protect and enhance it.
I strongly encourage you to seek out Ann Coulter and have a chat.
Best regards - Scott

Date: 2006-06-12 01:39:02
Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D. ( / wrote:

Your are an inspiration and guiding light. Thank you on behalf of all humankind.

Date: 2006-05-21 22:27:44
Julia Fairchild ( / wrote:

Dear Ones, We're all in this together, and I'm LOVING the connections to you all. I'm living currently, and finally, on an Isle of Lemuria (Big Island, Hawaii) and receiving frequent messages from the Angels about the children returning to Lemuria. Please visit and partake of my website. I have been told it's like a candy store for the soul. Lovingly, Julia Fairchild Kamuela, Hawaii

Date: 2006-05-17 13:07:03
Molly Peters ( / wrote:

Hi, I recently created a non-profit Web site to provide information about stevia. I came across your site as I was searching for more content related to the natural zero-calorie sweetener. If you or any of your users have information they would like to share to help promote this natural, safe alternative to chemical sweeteners, I encourage you to visit to share it with our community. Yours, Molly

Date: 2006-05-12 18:30:32
Alex Smith ( / wrote:

Good site, good vision.

Your visitors may want to tune in to the Net's only all environment radio station, Radio Ecoshock at Totally non-profit, free, commercial free news & interviews on the planet's crisis and solutions.

Alex Smith

Date: 2006-05-11 22:09:49
Marie Jones ( / wrote:

What a beautiful and empowering website. I will come back again and again.

Date: 2006-05-07 02:14:55
Randy Fricke ( / wrote:

We've already won! The dark side knows they are outnumbered. Keep the pressure up. Love more. Be happy. Our fear is their main course. Fear is manufactured by their constant bombardment of propaganda. Stop watching television. TV is their main channel into your psyche. Know that we are all energy. We live forever. Victory! Victory! VICTORY!!!

Date: 2006-05-06 21:13:11
cindy poole ( / wrote:

We are a metaphysical bookstore and each month we send out a newsletter via email. We will be adding your site as a link for our readers to visit.

Thank you for all the wonderful information. This certainly needs to be shared with everyone. This site is a lot of work. Thanks so much for your time and effort.

Awakenings And Gifts

Date: 2006-04-25 08:46:36
Petra Muths ( / no homepage) wrote:

just wanted to post another Bush-joke...


The 23rd Qualm
George Bush is my shepherd; I dwell in want.
He maketh logs to be cut in national forests.
He leadeth trucks into the still wilderness.
He restoreth my fears.
He leadeth me in the paths of international disgrace for his ego's
Yea, though I walk through the valley of pollution and war,
I will find no exit, for thou art in office.
Thy tax cuts for the rich and thy media control, they discomfort me.
Thou preparest an agenda of deception in the presence of thy
Thou anointest my head with foreign oil.
My health insurance runneth out.
Surely megalomania and false patriotism shall follow me all the days
of thy term,
And my jobless child shall dwell in my basement forever.
Oy, Gevalt

Date: 2006-04-23 18:10:27
Chris Iglesias ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean
A little more than half an our ago, I finished my prayer/meditation, in which I had the joy to join all my brothers and sisters in the
our Sunday devotion for love, peace and light in our planet.
We light workers are as human as anyone, and therefore, we need and welcome little signs showing us that our efforts are really cooperating in the working out of the desired situations.
When I first read Tom Engelhardt´s article "In the Rubble", I could not reprise a little sigh of mischievous (childish?) satisfaction. Especially about the two paragraphs I have highlighted for you to locate them easier.
They seemed to me like written especially for us all and most especially for you, who through the years have put so much time and effort in keeping our merry-go-round going on in a long lasting commitment of love.

Tom Englehardt wrote:
"...Looked at in the light of history, the incipient collapse of the Bush project seems to have occurred in hardly a blink. Its brevity is, in a sense, nearly inexplicable, as unexpected as water running uphill or an alien visitation..."

And then:
"...How can you explain the way the leaders of the world's preeminent military power were chased through the night by Iraq's unexpected set of rebellions and its no-name resistance? How quickly -- though, unfortunately, not quickly enough -- their various elaborate tales and lies, their manipulated intelligence and cherry-picked stories of Iraqi WMD and Saddam's nefarious links to al-Qaeda were dismantled -- a process that has yet to end..."

Now Jean, honest, didn't you let go that little sigh of accomplishment in reading this?
Although as Tom wrote, there still is a long way to go along this line,
and the ancient Chinese philosophers advised: "When after overcoming a dangerous situation you feel you are finally safe, keep yourself watchful, crying: We may perish, we may perish! until you are really sure that the peril is through".
From far down South,
My gratitude and love,

Date: 2006-04-23 17:26:49
Evelyn Goodman ( / no homepage) wrote:

God Bless You!!!!!
With all the emails I receive, (and there are many!), yours is the one I look forward to and read, 'front to back', so to speak.
As to Matthew's messages, I have read all the Matthew books, and am in touch with Suzanne Ward, who is one superb human being. (Talk about synchronicity!!)
I am going to forward your site to all that I feel needs to, and wants to, be informed. It is such an amazing compilation, I almost don't have to go elsewhere to get the news and other items in your emails.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
With love and peace,
Evelyn Goodman
P.S. do you know about
another amazing site!

Date: 2006-04-21 17:05:38
Lotus ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean,

I look forward to reading your compilation (since 1999!) Thank you.

I am writing here because you haven't added the link I sent you to your latest. I suggest you take a look at

So many of his dreams have come true..some not good at all. I am not one to condone fear spreading, but some of his 'come true' dreams are worth noting.

Namaste and May You be Blessed, Guided, Healed and Prospered.


Date: 2006-04-19 06:51:55
Log Book for the Tora Or Project - Planetary Healing Reiki Network ( no email / wrote:

Log Book for the Tora Or Project - Planetary Healing Reiki Network: Global Reiki Network co-operating with the Light Beings of Sirius, Pleiades qnd Archturus ane the Archangelic Orders of the Eternal Mother-Father God in an Inter-Personal Light Body and Planetary Light Matrix Empowerment Project

Date: 2006-04-18 17:38:22
Bob Keenan ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thank God this is available! It's going to take me hours to get through it, but I know it will be worth it. The Iraq war is a tragic testament to the unholy alliance between the petroleum industry and the military-industrial complex Ike Eisenhower warned us about back in 1961. This is why I'm pushing for biofuels such as ethanol and 100% biodiesel. They burn cleaner, are renewable, and would get us off of the petroleum tit the world keeps being forced to fight over. The federal regulations are being written in such a way so that petroleum is a component of the fuel we use, i.e., E85---a ruse if there ever was one. Also, if one wants to convert over to ethanol using an existing car, one has to register it with the EPA as an experimental vehicle, pay $23,000.00, and relinquish the vehicle for a 50,000 mile road test before it will be certified for use on the roads. And if one wants to use the only legal ethanol conversion kit for sale in the U.S., one has to pay $750.00 for the privelege for doing the right thing(this for using a kit that has already been certified). Obviously, these regs were designed to discourage conversion to protect the petroleum industry from having to face an honest competition at the pumps, a competition biofuels would win hands down. Widespread use would go a long way towards bringing about world peace.

Date: 2006-04-18 02:01:40
Jackie ( / wrote:

Hi Jean - I am totally dismayed at all the rhetoric going on today, it is all so unconsciousable to say the least. We have nothing but a bunch of very sick people running this country, deranged beyond normalcy and if the American people can't see it yet, there really isn't much to say. Hopefully but by the Grace of God we all can come down to seeing the truth before our eyes. These strange people are just playing games with the people of America and the whole world, they are nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats wanting their own way and something radical has to be done about it. Yes I believe in prayer, but I believe even God has given up on this bunch, it is time for the people to stand up physically and do what has to be done, removal from office before we end up in the brink, why destroy a whole planet just for the one deranged puppy whom wants to rule the world, it is total sickness and needs to be stopped NOW. Now with this 700 lb bomb to be blown up in Nevada, it will create many earthquakes which will rumble throughout the country - total insanity is among us - and what do we do with the insane? Not sit back and do nothing this requires ACTION and more action.

Date: 2006-04-16 16:15:46
Dr. Kelley Elkins ( / wrote:

While it is more than obvious that we should all be concerned about the horrid effects of depleted uranium weaponry, it feels like we’re missing something here…It isn’t just people that are being harmed by this poison. It is ALL life forms…all plants and trees, all fish and sea life, all animals, … all biology.

This poison, a ceramic oxide dust, is affecting the planet and we have no known remedy. We have absolutely no idea of its over all effect. It is said that this dust, at less than a micron (goes through gas masks) attaches to DNA. Every living thing has DNA. All the viruses, bacteria, fungi, plankton, algae and up either are DNA made or use DNA .. What will this attachment to DNA do to the function and replication of any and all cells? And Bush wants more nuclear war?

Are all the monsters of the 50’s and 60’s science fiction horror movies about to come to life? What effect will this have on the billions of life forms that replicate every moment in all life’s habitats around the globe? What have we allowed the greedy to do? And more than this…how will we correct it? What plant or mineral will set this straight? Must we simply wait it out?

Is this our wake up call? When weird things start crawling about or growing out of strange places and start going bump in the dark -will it get our attention in a large enough way? Isn’t it time to recognize that the right-wing fundamentalist have gone too far and that the bickering between religions is not serving but destroying….Will it be enough soon enough to wake us up to the realization that we are all here together on this little planet? And that it does not matter what you or I or anyone use as a name for God/Goddess, but that we individually call Them now for our individual and collective help before it is too late?

Our entire ecosystem/lifestyle is at risk of ending as we know it…and people have the nerve to preach religion (abuse of power). -Or science (abuse of knowledge). -Or politics (abuse of service).. From the pharmaceuticals, fundamentalists and the congressional industrial military machine…we have what we have today. It is become only too clear as to what has happened -we have allowed too few to be in charge of too much for too long. And more than that - these too few are too greedy to care about their children or their children’s children. Much less the Mother, our Mother, Earth.

Am I just making this up? You do the research…show me to be insane…please! And then send a donation to Aaron Russo to help support his movie “America, Freedom To Fascism” to wake us up the trailer (
Thank you…
Dr. Kelley Elkins

Date: 2006-03-30 23:56:38
Chad Person ( / wrote:

Hello. I am an Albuquerque artist with a proposal that may be of
interest to you.
I have recently been working on a project called
"F.U.G.O. II" - a design for the world's first passenger atomic bomb.
Actually it's a hot air balloon to be flown in the upcoming
Albuquerque balloon fiesta.

Here is a link to more information and images:

The project is a direct reference to our current administration's push
for "usable nuclear weapons" and historically refers to "Fat-Man" as
well as a WWII
Japanese balloon-based bomb program called the Fugo program. Fugo was
a low-tech program where the Japanese launched 9,000 small bombs
attached to weather balloons into the jet stream, which then randomly
fell over the western US. To my understanding, a fugo bomb took out a
power line feeding a reactor in Washington state that was enriching
the plutonium for the Fat Man bomb we later dropped on Japan.
Remarkably, this single, small, weather-guided fugo
caused a three day shut down of the Manhattan project (which may have
been the only military disruption of the US nuclear weapons
development program).

My Fugo is an echo of history, and a reflection of the absurdity
of further nuclear weaponry development here in New Mexico. Once,
it has been flown, it will be destroyed and distributed to donors
in an act of ritual disarmament. My assumption is that people here
should regard the FUGOII with a mix of repulsion and pride. I hope
the visual presence of my balloon bomb can function similarly to the
fugo program in my state, infiltrating
the consciousness of the people, and sparking pertinent discussion
about New Mexico's
current and future role in the stewardship and development of our
atomic arsenal.

Currently, I am in search of support for this project in order to
make it a reality. I have a pilot on board to fly the balloon, and a
good deal of public support. The Albuquerque Balloon feista has
been positive thus far, but cannot grant acceptance until after
construction is complete. There is also an annual event in Marfa, TX
that I would like to fly the balloon at called the Chinati Open House.

The total cost to produce the balloon is $40,000. So far $7,000 has
been pledged to the cause. My goal is to raise half of the sum as a
downpayment to get the balloon into production as soon as possible.
Registration for the ABQ festival began March 1st and I need to get
the balloon into production in order to register. I also hope to fly
the FUGO II at the Chinati festival this year, and possibly at other

This is a big project, with a tremendous amount of press potential
both in and out of the art world. I don't see any reason that this
won't become one of the single most talked about art ventures of the
year. At the end of this message there is a list of current links.

My site is set up to take small donations through Paypal ($10 is the
base suggestion). For a larger sum, I am offering corporations the
opportunity to be included in ALL press, along with the inclusion of a
banner message/sign (logo perhaps) on one side of the basket. Given
the tremendous amount of press attention this balloon will likely
recieve, I think that is a very good deal. Hopefully, some tier of
will accommodate your budget. They are all listed in detail on the

You could also help by my website on your site, send the link to your
mailing list, and/or
give me some good leads to help support it. I am currently
fundraising, but I could also really use some administrative help.

Take a look, and also please forward this to anyone you think may be
interested in helping get this project in the air. It is going to be a
really fun project if it comes to fruition.

Thank you for your time. Please contact me if you have any interest in
supporting this venture.

best regards,
Chad Person

p.s.- images of the designs and more information can be found at:;;

here is a list of press links thus far:

Date: 2006-03-10 16:51:52
janet ( / no homepage) wrote:

i have only read a little from your sit so far and yes iv enjoyed it so far.big smiles

Date: 2006-02-27 23:05:00
Mellen Thomas ( / wrote:


This letter is coming to you from the office of Mellen Thomas Benedict. Thank you for carrying Mellen’s inspiring story.

We now have an official website for Mellen Thomas. We are asking that you link directly to Mellen’s new site. In this way, readers who are interested can find the latest information and updates for Mellen, including the release of his up coming book, and his lecturing schedule.

This is how we would like the links to appear:

For the latest updates on Mellen Thomas:
Mellen Thomas Near Death Experience NDE
The official website of Mellen Thomas

Your email program here doesn't saccept the hyperlink paste. The Line above that should be the hyperlink is "Mellen Thomas Near Death Experience NDE"

We would appreciate you adding the link twice, once at the beginning of the story, and once again at the end of the story.

It is very important that the “anchor text” of the link, the highlighted blue line, read exactly this way so the search engines will give it proper ranking.

The URL that the hyper link points to is

Thanks once again for carrying Mellen’s story and spreading the word. If we can be of any further assistance, please contact our office.

Best Regards,
Mellen Thomas
Rita Rivera Assistant to Mellen

Date: 2006-02-26 20:45:48
Suzanne Sjogren ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean,
Thank you again for all of the work you do in making these compilations available freely to all. My son studies and works at one of our states universities. He was home this weekend and we were talking about world events. He said that one student where he worked was commenting on the emotional upset of the Muslims over the bombing of the Shiíte al-Askari Shrine in comparison to destructive happenings elsewhere in the world and that this student felt that all the upset was not warranted. At that point, a young man was walking near by in tears because as a Muslim he was feeling the import of this destruction in a personal way. My son said that it is really interesting to have seen the critisism on the one hand and the tears on the other and knowing that no matter where in the world strife and hate filled actions are taken, someone will feel the pain and shed the tears. I said that perhaps there is a positive note to all of this in that we can realise that we are not separate from one another, but that we are all part of a greater whole and that in seeing someone elses grief, perhaps we can grow in compassion and from that grow to realise that all of the hatred and destructive actions on this Earth are hurting ALL OF US and perhaps our hearts will open to the LOVE which is the only way we can continue to live as we perceive ourselves as individuals and also as the collective that we truly are. We can never achieve the positive by acting out the negative, but perhaps if we have eyes to see and ears to hear our hearts will have only LOVE to give and thus to receive. Perhaps our universities are truly the gateways to a higher way of educating ourselves!

Date: 2006-02-26 17:06:22
Carol ( / no homepage) wrote:

The two other State Legislators mentioned in the article below who support Val Stevens are Dan Kristiansen,, and Jim Honeyford,, whom have also been sent this. I feel this is just another form of the Bush Administration's foreign policies being practiced here in the US. Tribal Members all over Washington State are outraged over this.
----- Original Message -----
From: Carol
Cc: Rep. Cathy McMorris ; Senator Murray ; Senator Cantwell
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2006 10:49 AM
Subject: White Supremacy on Tribal Lands....

This has also been sent to the Governor....
My friends,
This is outrageous! At least the 1993 case is appropriately named! I think letters to state legislators are in order... intimidation & harrassment indeed! She says to call a law enforcement officer from their own government.... which is a form of acknowlegement of tribal sovereignty, but yet is a blantant disregard for tribal law by whites on tribal lands. Period! What don't they understand about the word sovereignty??? If it were Indians trying this on "white" lands it would not be be tolerated; white supremacy is alive and well in Washington State..... see article below:
State Sen. Val Stevens says non-Indian drivers don't have to talk to Tulalip police.

Non-Indians protest stops by tribal police

By Lynn Thompson
Times Snohomish County Bureau

Emboldened by an informal state attorney general's opinion on the limits of tribal police authority, some non-Indian residents of the Tulalip Reservation say they will challenge Tulalip officers who stop them for traffic violations.

"It's intimidation. It's harassment," said Mike Whitehead, who got a speeding ticket in August on the reservation.

He said that if he is stopped again, he'll call the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office or the State Patrol and ask one of those agencies to handle the matter, not officers from the Tulalip Tribes.

State Sen. Val Stevens, R-Arlington, said she supports the protest. She said non-Indians stopped by tribal police should hold up a card that reads: "You don't have authority over me. I'm calling a law-enforcement officer from my own government."

"The card wasn't my idea," Stevens said last week. "I just told them [non-Indian residents] that it needs to be in large enough print so an officer standing in the rain can read it."

Stevens emphasized that motorists should stop if police lights are flashing in their rearview mirrors, but she said non-Indians don't have to roll down their windows if they are stopped by Tulalip officers.

At the request of Stevens and two other state legislators, a deputy attorney general last month issued an informal opinion that concluded tribal police officers "generally lack authority to issue citations to non-Indians for traffic activity on public roadways and highways" on reservations.

The opinion doesn't have the force of a judge's ruling but does offer the views of the state's lawyers.

The conflict over tribal police power dates at least to last summer, when a number of county residents complained about Tulalip officers stopping motorists on Interstate 5 near Marysville as part of a State Patrol effort to inform motorists of a lowered speed limit in the area.

Around the same time, a number of non-Indian residents of the Tulalip Reservation contacted Sheriff Rick Bart over the legality of traffic stops by tribal police on the reservation.

The residents' protests followed moves by the tribes to assert their authority over a range of issues on the reservation, including ending leases held by non-Indian homeowners and asserting regulatory authority over tidelands.

The issue of police authority appeared to have been resolved in favor of the Tulalips in late August, when Mark Roe, then the chief criminal deputy in the Snohomish County prosecutor's office, said tribal officers have authority to stop non-Indians for traffic violations.

County Prosecuting Attorney Janice Ellis said the issue of tribal-police authority should be decided by the courts or the Legislature, not by the side of the road.

Bart weighed in last summer, warning residents that "a uniform is a uniform" and that they should stop for tribal police.

But Bart, after reading the recent comments from the Attorney General's Office, said non-Indians have legitimate questions about the authority of some tribal police to cite them for violations.

One issue is that only Tulalip Police Chief Jay Goss is cross-commissioned as a deputy sheriff, Bart said. Under current practice, the 20 patrol officers on the Tulalip force write tickets, which are then signed by Goss and forwarded to the appropriate court. Traffic citations to tribal members are handled in tribal court. Those involving non-Indians are referred to county District Court.

"I've commissioned Jay Goss. I haven't commissioned the rest of his officers," Bart said.

But Goss said his officers may legally stop anyone who commits a crime or traffic violation on the reservation in their presence. He cited a 1993 state Supreme Court case, State v. Schmuck, which held that a tribal officer has "inherent authority" to stop drivers on public roads within a reservation.

To be forced to release non-Indians, the court wrote, "would be to subvert a substantial function of Indian police authorities and produce a ludicrous state of affairs which would permit non-Indians to act unlawfully, with impunity, on Indian lands."

Goss said all of his officers have received training from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and that many have attended the state police academy.

"We follow the law. We're a professional police department," Goss said. "We're trained to the same standards" as other police in the state.

Last week, tribal police detained a suspected non-Indian drug dealer who was driving recklessly. Goss said officers confiscated two guns, cocaine, methamphetamine, scales, brass knuckles and a roll of $100 bills. The previous week, officers stopped a felon wanted for an alleged parole violation.

"Do we let these guys drive off because they're not Indian, or do we keep the community safe?" Goss asked.

Lynn Thompson: 425-745-7807 or

Date: 2006-02-11 16:31:57
Victoria ( / no homepage) wrote:

Has any one ever heard of this new movie that is about to be realesed sometimes this year (2006). I thought it may be worthy of your attention and your ern subcribers may also be interested in giving this website a view. I thoroughly enjoy your informative emails especially those that bring about love and light into the hearts and minds of some many of us. It is a beautiful heart warming feeling to be connected to such a loving force such as yours in the universe. Thank you for warmth , kindness and love. Namaste, Victoria your

Date: 2006-02-04 04:52:25
Jean Hudon - Coordinator ( / wrote:

NOTE: This comment is in reference to the next message below by Chris becker - which you may want to read first to better understand my reply to him...


Dear Chris

I just found your message in the ERN guestbook - which I just made public for all to see.

I'd like first to thank you for taking the time to share your appreciation about this networking service and the weekly Meditation Focuses (these are indeed a wonderful opportunity to do some good Light/healing work).

Thanks also for sharing your thoughts regarding the "prophetic" bias you see in the compilations I prepare. It is true that lately there has been a number of articles that I've picked which emphasized threats and imminent events that COULD happen, and that I have not necessarily in each case tried to add disclaimers as you'd like me to do.

There are a couple reasons for this: The first one - as it has been the case for 8 years - is that I'm alone here at my computer to bring all this information together and it takes quite a bit of time which I don't have as much as I did in the past - I'm working as a translator to earn a living and my time schedule to complete my current book translation is rather tight. Thus, once I'm through with reviewing and selecting the material for a compilation, I'm often too tired or just too much in a hurry to get it done to take time to write up such disclaimers. Secondly, I trust that most people, especially those who have been on the list for quite some time, have enough experience and discernment to make their own mind as to the credibility of the material they read, and thus they don't need anyone to warn them about this or that.

Moreover, each person should do their own homework when they are feeling unsure about the level of credibility of a topic or a claim made in a news article or in any of the diverse sources of views and information I chose to include in my compilations — obviously because I feel they hold some validity or that is is important to be aware of these views and info. None of the material I network is presented by me — unless I do so unconsciously which is possible as I sometimes get carried away when commenting about something which I feel strongly about — as any kind of truth that ERN subscribers should believe in. And frankly I think that describing the content of these compilations as being "prophetic" in tone is a rather exagerated claim in itself ;-)

To warn about imminent global environmental catastrophe as many scientific articles do is not being prophetic but merely stating the obvious from their informed perspective. And it serves a useful purpose in the global sense as it moves governments, corporations and individual alike to re-evaluate their assumptions about what our future potentially holds and, hopefully, make all necessary adjustments to correct the current course that will lead to a tragic end of our civilization if no correction is made. I believe that is the goal of scientists like James Loveloch - the father of the Gaia Hypothesis - whose recent dire pronouncements about the fact that we MAY have already crossed the threshold point after which no environmental recovery is possible — could his opinion possibly be the basis for your perception about the so-called prophetic content of recent compilations? If you diligently do your own homework and review the massive body of scientific information available about the cumulative effects of global warming and the far-reaching cascading effect it is in the process of triggering worldwide, perhaps you will come to a similar conclusion and likewise sound alarmist and prophetic when trying to wake up other people still enthranced into their own personal bubble of self-selected "reality", oblivious to the disintegration of the Web of Life around themselves.

Now regarding the example you mentioned with the article suggesting the possibility of a 16 feet sea rise (Dramatic Change In West Antarctic Ice Could Produce 16ft Rise In Sea Levels, archived at, it should be noted again that it's British scientists (not me!) who are making such a claim, and that this is what would happen if the vast section of the Antarctica called WAIS was to suddenly slide into the ocean. I trust these people have their math correct and that the mass of this ice sheet is sufficiently large to add 16 feet to the ocean levels. For your reference here is another article on this topic - with a relevant quote - that I've just found through Google and which shows that this is a rather old debate within the scientific community...

Ice Sheets and Rising Seas
(...) Serious concern began to spread when John Mercer, a glaciologist at Ohio State University, drew attention to the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. This is a smaller (but still enormous) mass of ice, separated by a mountain range from the bulk of the continent. Mercer argued that this mass was held back, in an especially delicate balance, by the floating ice sheets ("ice shelves") at its rim. The shelves might disintegrate under a slight warming. Just so, he suggested, a collapse of Arctic Ocean ice sheets might have caused the more local, but remarkably sudden, cooling of the North Atlantic around 11,000 years ago that other scientists had identified. A West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse could be very rapid, Mercer said. The sea level would not rise as far as if all of Antarctica surged, but it would be bad enough — up to five meters (16 feet). Much of the world's population lives near the shore. Such a rise would displace perhaps two billion people and force the abandonment of many great cities. Mercer thought it could happen within the next 40 years.(6*)

Also, just for your information, before the ice sheets that covered North America and Europe 11,000 years ago melted at the end of the last ice age, the level of the oceans was about 300 feet lower than now. So there is PLENTY of frozen water on Earth (mostly on the Groendland and in Antarctica where the ice sheet often reaches detpth (or thickness) of 5 to 6 kilometers) to considerably rise the level of the oceans over a relatively long period of time of course - like several thousands of years.

So I hope this helps you see those information in a clearer context.

Best regards

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network coordinator

Date: 2006-02-03 16:45:50
Chris B ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am doing my best to be positive with this message, please bear with me.

After being introduced to ERN through chance with a google search, I was immediately drawn in by the concept and the way you all have executed it. The most interesting aspect is the weekly global meditations. I have not yet participated but I often feel compelled to step into this circle and do so. What prevents me lately from doing this, really, is the content of the ERN newsletters. Increasingly, I see prophetic warnings about "imminent" this or that, and I think implying so strongly that we know what the future holds is very dangerous. Not only that, but it alienates a lot of the people and the passion that ERN could otherwise assemble, were these compilations assembled with a bit more scrutiny and a few more disclaimers. For example, when a headline reads "Dramatic Change In West Antarctic Ice Could Produce 16ft Rise In Sea Levels", this is pure alarmism. I can't imagine there is enough extra water on the face of the entire planet to raise the global sea level 16ft in any amount of time. Putting the science aside (and I'm no expert) it is even more frustrating that this headline has no disclaimers or anything aside from the completely alarmist conclusion of a 16ft rise in sea levels (there is not even an indication of how many years a 16ft increase would take, which seems far more important than the actual estimate of the sea level increase itself.)

I want this group to succeed and grow, but I feel it simply cannot unless the newsletter – which to me is the group’s flagship – can be made more informative and less prophetic.

Date: 2006-01-29 01:48:52
Moriah ( / no homepage) wrote:

A Sioux Indian story...

My grandfather took me to
the fishing pond when I was about seven, and he told me
to throw a stone into the water.
He told me to watch the circles created by the stone.
Then he asked me to think of myself as that stone person.
"You may create lots of splashes in your life,
but the waves that come from those splashes will disturb the peace
of all your fellow creatures," he said.
"Remember that you are responsible for what you put in your circle
and that circle will also touch many other circles."
"You will need to live in a way that allows the good that comes
from your circle to send the peace of that goodness to others."
"The splash that comes from anger or jealousy will send
those feelings to other circles. You are responsible for both."
That was the first time I realized each person creates the
inner peace or discord that flows out into the world.
We cannot create world peace if we are riddled with
inner conflict, hatred, doubt, or anger.
We radiate the feelings and thoughts that we hold inside,
whether we speak them or not.
Whatever is splashing around inside of us
is spilling out into the world, creating beauty or discord
with all other circles of life.
Remember the eternal wisdom:

Date: 2006-01-27 15:19:08
Judy Sweeney ( / wrote:

What an absolute pleasure it was to open your site. So beautiful and restful to look at and a treasure trove of information and articles. I am sure I will be back many times. I will be recommending your site to my friends and collegues with a link from my site. Blessings to you. Judy

Date: 2006-01-23 16:53:00 ( / wrote:


Great site. I recently created a short flash movie about blessings which is the core of a 100-day experiment to share a heartfelt blessing of good with at least one million people. I thought your readers might be interested.

It can be found at: After viewing the movie, anyone interested in joining the experiment may do so.

Thank you so much for the great work you are doing.

May you and your readers be blessed with all things good,


Date: 2006-01-15 21:37:31
Suzanna Sjogren ( / no homepage) wrote:

Todays meditation was so fast and concise for me and a bit different in what I usually experience. I feel compelled to share what happened. I always go to the same place for meditation and I immediately felt the energy of this meditation as I entered the room. The weight of the world was so heavy...I saw a pyramid that took shape encasing the earth and the all seeing eye from the U.S. dollar bill was stationed on top of the pyramid. This was not exactly comfortable for me, but I stayed with it and the whole pyramid and earth was getting heavier by the second. Suddenly, there was a light from above that pierced through the eye and pyramid shattering both and then the light encompassed the entire earth. The weight of the earth became very light...all heaviness was gone. I was left with a beautiful gift of light and lightness. Anyone else have something similar?

Date: 2006-01-12 05:32:46
Carstie ( / no homepage) wrote:

One feature of our growing interdimensional world will be new art forms and a reformulation of some of our ruling abstractions such as alphabets and calendars. Much good work has been done on calendars, a good deal of that based on the 13 month year and on Mayan traditions by people like Jose Arguelles.
For about 30 years now I have been developing a new symbological alphabet for the entire planet. This alphabet is called the New World Cosmographic Alphabet. Based on universal symbols, primarily, it is not particular or specific to any culture or nation as are most extant alphabets.
Over the past five years now, I have also been doing sculpture in a medium commonly known as diamond willow, which I call Wizard Willow. Most "art" as it has been known and explored, is man's imposition of his images and concepts of reality. Working the Wizard Willow is different, to me anyway, as it is such a crossgrained and insistent medium that it is essentially impossible to impose one's own vision upon it. In this new formulation of the notion of sculpture I am accepting that the tree, and the fungus which has altered it and the cosmic correlations it has shared is the actual artistic genius and that my role is something more along the lines of being a midwife to the magic which lies hidden under a rough and unpreposessing exterior. I look forward to sharing these new insights with anyone who shares in the vision of cosmic congruency, correlativity and connectiveness of all being. Blessings: Carstie//stickman

Date: 2006-01-09 10:28:59
Judy ( / no homepage) wrote:

Beautifully done compilation of pages on this website. It contains tremendous amounts of food for thought. Jude

Date: 2006-01-07 22:35:16
Brenda Flynn ( / wrote:

This is a wonderful web site full of great information. I am honored to be the midst of so many like minded individuals.
Love and Light,

Date: 2006-01-06 05:59:50
Jackie ( / wrote:

Thankyou so much Jean Hudon for what you are teaching so many, I find your site very calming and reassuring, even when I get upset at what is happening to planet earth, makes me very sad. I have faith in the MotherFatherGod whom truly does love us all and also is very saddened at the state of our messes on planet earth - I also have faith that even in the darkest of days there is a rainbow of peace and tranquility and all we have to do is look,it is there. I have faith that somehow the human species will come to believe whom they really are and know what they have to do, we have had many lessons to learn and I do believe we have learned our lessons well, it just is the time to persue the truth and remember what we have learned, put it into action and get on with the business of living, move forward, not looking backward - knowing within we have the power to change, when we truly use it - not falling back into a dismal sad state of affairs. Anyway after watching the actions of the earth for the past 76 years, well almost, totally aware of what has happened and why and sometimes do feel like there is little I can do - when out of the blue there comes more awarenesses and off I go again, so I shall continue to do my best and God be with you too - we shall succeed.

Date: 2005-12-25 20:32:01
Novaita Sanders ( / no homepage) wrote:

Excellent resource! I spend almost all my time in the Internet, and at my work and at home, when I feel weariness search for something on this theme. Having found your site, I have understood that I should not waste time on search more. Thanks for your professional approach!

Date: 2005-12-21 12:40:34
Henry ( / wrote:

Hi Jane!
Thanks for all those many, many newsmail I've received from you through the years! You're one incredible and brave Rainbow Warrior, and doing a really tremendous good work!
My best wishes to you for the future!
Greetings from Sweden,
........Henry and Anette

Date: 2005-12-18 14:16:09
PaulDHarris ( / wrote:

The url has changed on your page

Recommended by "Adi Gaia">


A Special Report and Overview
Prepared by The Phoenix Project


has a link to has changed to
Thanks Paul Harris Editor of Paul's Paranormal Papers at

Date: 2005-12-09 10:56:47
Veaceslav ( / wrote:

Centre of Enlightenment and Manifestation of Spiritual forces “Eternal Dragon”

Dear friends
The activity of the centre is directed on development of spiritual potential of the society and harmonization of social life by disclosing both perfection of spiritual and physical abilities of the man, restoration of harmony between the man and nature, association of efforts and creative abilities of the people for the decision of actual problems of the modern society.
At the moment, the center works in the following directions:
• Cosmoenergetics school
• Kung-Fu school
• Healing
…. I will be glad that you will read my letter. I will be glad to reply you if you will have the desire to communicate in rest and silence. Maybe there we will find the consent. The distance does not matter, time is not divided. All there is our house and in one second, I can be there, you can be here, and in the same second to be everywhere. It is that silence and that rest, where we can find the consent and perfection, to overcome the difficulties, to understand each other openly without hidden. We are not guests in our house. We are not housebreakers. Let's behave as owners. And there will be a destiny of the Creator - the harmony for the world and peaceful disposition for all…..

Yours sincerely

Veaceslav Covali

More information:

Date: 2005-12-07 18:04:40
Christopher Becker ( / no homepage) wrote:

I think the inclusion of Tom Flocco's pieces in your newsletter are not contributing the value of the communication. The reporting is highly dubious and offers very unconvincing "sources" for the stories, which often appear to be made up completely and cannot be verified with any other news source on the net. Regardless of whether these pieces are real or fake, I think it would help bolster ERNs credibility and effectiveness if they were excluded from future communications.

Other than that, I find the newsletter to be an outstanding source of information and inspriation. Thanks for all you do.

Date: 2005-12-06 15:11:35
StarStuffs ( / wrote:

I've been a part of ERN for a long time now and I invite anyone who is concerned for the welfare of the earth, concerned for human interests and searching for spiritual direction to be a part of ERN. Also many blessings and thanks to Jean for all the hard work you do in keeping lightworkers connected. Thank you again for sharing this beautiful energy.
Love and Light,

Date: 2005-12-03 13:03:02
Gary Toth ( / no homepage) wrote:

Jean, I wanted to get this article I wrote Thanksgiving morning about Gratitude. Please use it as you wish.


I have much to learn about gratitude. I have heard from souls wiser and much more informed than myself of the glories of living a life filled with gratitude. There is a person in my life whose opinions and insights I’ve learned to pay serious attention to just because he has proven to be correct on this type of issue time after time after time. I’ve heard him say “If you want more blessings in your life, count the ones you have and you will automatically receive more”. I know that he holds with the highest esteem the practice of going within to get in touch with the knowingness of self that lies in various states of dormancy in the hearts of the majority of people on this abused planet. In regards to that, he’s said if you don’t have time to practice, just sit for a few minutes and try to feel gratitude. I’ve also heard him say, in explaining the gifts of gratitude and how it relates to love, “The more gratitude you experience, the more love you will experience and the more love you experience, the more gratitude you will experience and the more gratitude you experience …………. and on and on and on. And further stating that once this cycle gets rolling, there is not a power in the universe that can stop it.

But the greatest gift concerning seeing for myself the glories of gratitude happened for me one sun filled day while on a shamanic journey during the summer of 2002 while sitting on the side of a mountain in Colorado across the road from Echo lake. Echo lake sits at about 10,000 feet between Evergreen and Idaho Springs and is less than 2 hours west of Denver. It’s one of my very favorite places because I’ve many times been able to knowingly reach inward and touch something very special that makes life seem sensible and sane in this insensible and insane world. On this one particular day, I was sitting with my eyes closed and focused inward for a short period and was shown a scene from a slice of life that I assumed to be of a human civilization on a world that was not Earth. Or perhaps it was in the future of the very world I call home. I wasn’t projected totally into it, but in close proximity so I had partial access to the experiences of the very, very human beings I was observing. Kind of like if you’re standing outside a kitchen and the air is carrying to you the aroma’s of the culinary delights being prepared for the enjoyment of some very fortunate, hungry people. You don’t actually taste the food, but do get a very real sense of what’s happening. The main purpose for the privilege of having this experience recently became clear to me; Understanding gratitude and how it affects my life. And what I saw was gratitude induced love flowing out of these people in the most natural way anyone could possibly imagine. At first I thought it was gratitude itself, but now in retrospect I see that what was flowing was love compelled by gratitude to flow outward. It wasn’t like my “normal” experiences of gratitude which is usually in bits and pieces, it was total and complete. These people had gratitude induced love pouring out of them like light pours out of the sun or like blue pours out of the sky on a cloudless day. It was endless with absolutely nothing in it's way. This was their constant, natural state of being. No form of effort was needed. And even though it was part of the mix, there was no opportunity for being grateful for the gratitude they were feeling because the gratitude was so overwhelming it couldn’t be broken down into meaningless specifics. It just WAS. It did appear to me that my observation was happening while a special event was taking place within their society. The 5 or 6 people I was watching all seemed to be facing a particular direction in an undescribed room in an undescribed building and gazing up at about a 30 degree angle. I could tell that this event I was watching was happening in a similar fashion all over their world. Gratitude was not only an effortless experience for them, it could also have effort applied to it resulting in some type of amplification of the love energy it inspired to gush out in explosion like fashion from their planet to anything fortunate enough to be in it’s path. Which could easily and realistically be described as everything else in existence. And as a bomb going off shows no discrimination and total indifference to it’s annihilation of anything in it’s proximity, this gratitude inspired love energy showed those same qualities with the exception of appearing to break the laws of physics with the elimination of the proximity factor. It maintained a constant intensity no matter how far from it’s originating point it got.

We as human beings experience a flow of energy within our beings. Many years ago it was described to me that we are caught in a backward flow of energy. That is, we try to pull love into us from our external world, while the reality, that the love we are searching for high and low is lying inside us and going largely unrecognized. A better choice to pull toward us from our external world is gratitude. When this is done, it acts as a carrier or instigator for the love within us to flow out into our external world. Then, a very delightful byproduct of that effort is that we experience the love as it flows outward. A useful, but not entirely accurate, image would be to imagine the gratitude energy being pulled in and entering us through the top of our head. Then flowing down to the heart area and compelling the love within to exit from that point and gently touch and influence everything around us. The gratitude energy then loops back around and does the same thing over and over again, catalyzing the love energy to flow outward. Attempting to pull the “Love“ energy into us totally mucks up the established natural flow. Instead, attempting to pull the “Gratitude” energy into us is a conscious way for us to reverse the backward flow of energy that dominates our way of being. Gratitude and Love are opposite sides of the same coin. In our dualistic world, it’s impossible to have one without the other. Each is the only food the other thrives on. In our lives, it is the ultimate expression, the great dance and worthy of our complete, no holds barred involvement.

It just so happens that the day this is being written is Thanksgiving day 2005. And I started writing it at about 1:30am this morning because I couldn’t sleep. Yesterday I started to refer to this day as Gratitude Day. The word “Thanksgiving” has almost lost all meaning. I think of families all over the country stuffing themselves sick with hormone laced butterball turkeys. Then, the men, watching some football game that most have no emotional involvement in while the triptifiene from the turkey takes over and deactivates them into snoring lumps while the game goes on, uninterrupted from any lack of emotion they wouldn’t be putting into it anyway. And while the snoring and blubbering wafts through the house, the women dutifully clean up the kitchen. So from this day forward, this day will be known to me as Gratitude Day. A day to be reminded to practice re-establishing the natural flow of energy as originally intended. It’s been pointed out to me that there are plenty of things to be grateful for and the vast majority are outside myself. It could be the oxygen contained within the air I breathe or the tires on my car that hold that same air, allowing me to travel smoothly. Each and every one can be used to assist me in my goal of establishing the graceful flow of gratitude into my life.

Date: 2005-11-28 06:43:52
Trinity ( / wrote:

Great site. Abundant blessings and thanks for sharing!

We'd also love to share a link from the Openhand site.

Openhand is dedicated to unveiling the true self. Rather than struggling for things we think we want, by going inwards and continually questioning who and what we are, we peel back the layers of illusion in which we live until we discover divine inner peace.

Date: 2005-11-22 11:10:16
Jeffry R. Palmer ( / wrote:

Great site. Many thoughtful articles and a wondeful energy behind all that is here. Well Done

Date: 2005-11-13 22:39:37
Bryan James ( / wrote:

Lightworker Brian James of the Galactic Federation presents Circle of Lights:
Children of the Light features Kevin and Katherine James, Bryan's Indigo and Crystal Children, as they interact with angels, etheric teachers and other Holy Beings, learn to meditate with Light energy for color ray healing, and overall life empowerment. The Circle of Lights Journal is advanced Lightwork
training for families. Agents of the Federation reveals how we partner with beings
from other planets and dimensions to fulfill our Earthly missions.

Date: 2005-11-12 09:37:19
Simon Templeton ( / wrote:

Hi, I run a site featuring free metaphysical books to help empower individuals to reach their fullest potentials and make a difference to this world - like your site does. Thought your readers might be interested.

Date: 2005-11-10 18:15:52
Melisa Grant ( / wrote:

eco recycle ~ save money & energy + mitigate global hunger

Date: 2005-11-07 00:00:10
Yaron ( / http://www.Peace.TV) wrote:


I'm happy to co-create the Peace Media revolution with you all :)

In Unity and Oneness,

Date: 2005-11-05 05:44:39
Cashel Boylo ( / wrote:

Busted Levee Blues
(To the tune of "Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out")
Copyright 2005 Cashel Boylo

Dubya sent our levee to Iraq
Not sure when we'll get it back
Now we're hopin' for a gov'm'nt shack
Cos Dubya sent our levee to Iraq

Our family's gone, we're mostly dead
Cos WMD went to Dubya's head
Don't know what we're gonna do
Stuff happens don't it, to me and you


Baker says God cleaned up a mess
Laura appears in nice new dress
She can't remember the name of the storm
Says criticism of Dubya's disgusting form


Kyl says folks shouldn't live where stuff might happen
Unless of course it happens in Aspen
Muskowski says we're not in plight
Dubya says, What didn't go right?


Dick Cheney says the exercise went fine
Barbara says the underpriveleged are doin' well
From where I'm at, don't look too fine
If this is good, then what is hell?


Brownie did one heck of a job
With results quite unacceptable
Condolleezzaa says don't heed the mob
Discrimination is simply just not credible


We're startin' over right from scratch
Like all those we've bombed in far Iraq
And Haliburton's here to help
For half a billion dollars pelf

Dubya sent our levee to Iraq
Not sure when we'll get it back
Now we're hopin' for a gov'm'nt shack
Cos Dubya sent our levee to Iraq

Date: 2005-10-29 12:37:09
micheal ( / wrote:

I am impressed by the Beauty and Wonder of your site. You do Great work. Everything Radiates Light and Love. I wish you Joy and Prosperity. Peace.

Date: 2005-10-29 04:59:07
Lisa Ulshafer ( / wrote:

Hello, my name is Lisa and I am creating a publication called Empowered Living Magazine...opening minds to a new way of being. We offer self empowerment seminars as well from a true healer and life success coach, Dale Halaway. A friend told me of this site and I am thrilled to see the wonderful information that you are making available to the world!

Date: 2005-10-24 21:33:54
Stephanie J. King ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi, I was given your sight address by a friend... and was surprised to see The Winds of Change are sweeping.... I have written a book called THE WINDS OF CHANGE and wanted to contact you to ask for help to present it to a wider audience... It was published 10 months ago and now has a sister called JUST FOR TODAY. Inner Sanctum Publications published it for me but I am looking for a large publisher to take me on board. All I have achieved I have done so off my own back, but there is still a very long way to go. Are you able to help do you think???? The book also funds a voluntary healing centre presently only open one day a week because that is all I can afford.. If you were to help I would love it...... Please write back...

Date: 2005-10-24 10:20:53 ( / no homepage) wrote:


Friday, October 21, 2005 - FreeMarketNews. com


Readers can be helpful, and one just wrote in to inform us of a link that we had never imagined - Donald Rumsfeld, until he resigned and joined the Bush Administration, was the chairman of something called Gilead which just happened to make something called Tamiflu.

Now anyone who hasn't been on Mars for the last month or two, knows that there were only two things that were going to stop the human version of bird flu. One was a bird flu vac cine (which probably would work better if you were a bird) and the other was something called Tamiflu. Yes, that Tamiflu. In such short supply that the hundreds of millions of orders that have been pouring into Gilead probably won't be filled for another 12 months or so. But everyone has got to have it because somehow or other it became established that Tamiflu really worked.

This was the party line, anyway, for about a week, until word began trickling ba ck in that maybe Tamiflu didn't work. In fact, the word on Tamiflu has always been positive at first and then eventually negative. It's a kind of pattern. We even find corroboration of it here on the Democ, in what appears to be either a chat room or news roundup as follows, "Rummy was CEO of Gilead S ciences until named to the Bush cabinet and, like Cheney, still has ties that bind to the 'old company.' Now isn't it an 'amazing coinciden ce' that the drug Tamiflu patented by Gilead Scien ces is being pushed by the National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases as the NUMBER ONE choice for flu, which, wonder of wonders, is sweeping through in one epidemi c after another."

The post from January '04 adds, "Tamiflu is now also being recommended to fight avian flu ... S croll through this NIAID page and you will find Tamiflu listed as ahead of all other recommended drugs for both prevention and treatment of flu. Trouble is, Gilead has been ac cused of rigging the trials of Tamiflu as a preventive treatment. Meanwhile Gilead is making a killing."

The post then gives the following link:

We bet Gilead is still making a killing as is Big Pharma. Please notice now that the orders are in, the hysteria has died down a bit. Perhaps everybody is too busy counting the money. Or perhaps it was never about anything BUT the money. We weren't entirely sure, but we knew that none of it passed the old "smell test." In fact, in serial arti cles we claimed that bird flu probably wasn't going to turn into human flu anytime soon, that even if it did, it didn't mean that the world was in for a dose of 1918 influenza all over again. We just couldn't believe that the people bringing us Spanish Influenza Redux - with all the hype and horror - were remotely qualified to bring us even the opening of an envelope.

We questioned everything, even whether 1918 was all just the fault of a flu virus. Didn't seem likely to us then and doesn't now - especially sin ce we've come to understand what hygiene was like for the soldiers coming ba ck from the war, how vac cine providers apparently unloaded their stock after the war, lowering immunities, etc. and, finally how the new mira cle drug, aspirin, was all the rage, prescribed by medi cal parishioners everywhere. Aspirin lowers fevers and allows flu to build until it bursts out all over the body with renewed and potentially mortal violence.

And that brings us to today. Bird flu still rages and, yes, it may mutate into human flu at some point and cause death, many deaths, or fewer deaths, no one knows. It may indeed sweep around the world. But of more worry immediately were moves of civil authorities to float trial balloons about mandatory vac cination and to start sending vials of superflu bugs around the world in the name of scien ce. We demanded that our viewers call the Capitol Hill and get out the word that the government was to cease testing new va ccines, cease ordering TamiFlu and bird flu vac cine, neither of which work or will work against whatever it is that bird flu will turn into. Which at least some in government would love because then they could turn the President's apparent yen for martial law into reality. And Bush could use some martial law about now. Hell, he could use anything, maybe even a good book.

We hoped that this latest epidemic of hysteria would finally for ce the government to come clean about other remedies - super doses of Vitamin C and even the use of silver as an antidote. We're still waiting. Sigh.

staff&nbspreports - Free-Market News Network

Date: 2005-10-11 13:44:31
Elijah A. Alexander, Jr ( / wrote:

I find this site quite refreshing. I have not, of course, read the whole thing but I see it as work toward bringing "The Peace" to earth which is soon to be here. Thank you, my Rainbow Family.

Peace and Joy

Date: 2005-10-02 21:03:55
Lydia ( / wrote:

Ancient Wisdoms is an online New Age store. We carry a huge selection of items - just about anything you can imagine.We are constantaly adding new items and new features to the store to make your shopping experience easier. We strive to offer only the best quality products and customer service.

Date: 2005-10-02 11:49:14
Russell Gardner ( / wrote:

I'm very involved with the Epidemic Peace Imagery project (EPI) which began on Mar 19, 2003, when bombs began in Iraq. The above website, webmaster Dave Meinhardt, tells the history and rationale of it. It's named "epidemic" as we hope for its spread. Its first exhibit opened on June 1, 2003, and it has been growing since, as hoped, and has been on continuous exhibit. THe first one had 43 poetic and/or visual art works and the exhibit that was mounted in the Marshfield Public LILbrary, Marshfield, WI, on October 1, 2005, has 109 works (all the venue can hold of the 268 works that presently comprise it). Each work is 12x16 inches outside dimension and we welcome ever more as well as future venues. We have small and large ones scheduled through November, 2006, with inquiries for 2007. The Unity Church of Madison, 601 Tompkins, had three iterations of the exhibit over a three month period that ended in September, 2005.

Date: 2005-09-20 03:26:22
joanne Heriot ( / wrote:

Wonderful site..well done. Our site at The Tithing Tree is a humanitarian project administered by volunteers. We have a section called 'world at a glance' and we were wondering if you would give us permission to use the graphic of the world in the hands for an image on our site as we love it. You may wish to look at our site before you make this decoion Love to hear from you....warmest regards Jo Heriot

Date: 2005-09-15 20:10:35
Ina Maynard ( / wrote:

Please link our website to yours. I have been receiving messages about Katrina and its aftermath which go out to those who sign up on our email list which shed added light on Bush's culpability in what has happened. Keep up the good work. You provide an invaluable service!

Date: 2005-09-11 22:48:41
Coco Tralla ( / wrote:

I have faxed/emailed thousands of letters/posts for the past 1 1/2 years to domestic/global media as well as US Congress and Senate, and no one has listened to me! Together, we can what's happening in the world today. Here's my latest post to the world (feel free to quote me, you so desire, I am not afraid of my government anymore):
The website,, is a wake up call for people around the world to unite so that we can stop weaponry that creates catastrophic events with a hidden agenda. If you doubt the truth of that statement, study the inventions of Tesla and Schauberger. Never heard of them? They've been purposefully omitted from history books because their inventions are the backbone of National Security in the United States of America—their prototypes, designs and papers were confiscated by US officials days before they died. (Tesla 1940, Schauberger 1958)

Although both inventors made startling discoveries that were intended to transform the world for the better (like equipment that changes polluted water into fresh, spring water or devices that power cars without oil or gas), their technologies are being misused and have become our nightmare because these inventors created: 1) an earthquake machine and 2) a hurricane generator. What can we do? We can change the path of destruction that has occurred over the past four years if we unite and demand answers. Here's a letter to the President that explains why the discoveries of these two inventors remain blocked:

Dear President Bush,

On 9/11/01 in Shanksville, why weren't reporters allowed to view the crater that was 50 feet deep? In fact, that particular area was cordoned off and still is today. Why did you change the disaster site by filling in the hole? And why are security guards still posted at that site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Is it due to the horrendous aftermath of using a lethal energy directed weapon? (If you doubt such weaponry exists, check out the links at the website before you decide.) Is the United States government still keeping secrets from the public about weapons of mass destruction—just like it did with Hiroshima? (If anyone doubts this assertion, read Coco's Perspective at the website for the lies and deception about weapons of mass destruction in America that continues even 50 years later.)

Since I am also concerned about false gifts and broken promises associated with the numerous catastrophic events during your term, can you account for all the monies collected for 9/11/01 and the tsunami? Did any of that money go toward rebuilding the disaster sites or did it just fill other people's pockets? I'm wondering because now we have another effort for fundraising with Katrina, and I need to know if the monies will be used to not only create a safer coastline, but also to turn polluted waters into clean, fresh water based on the outstanding technological achievements of Viktor Schauberger.

I have other questions about the numerous catastrophic events that have occurred while you've been in office. Since you are the one who flew over the area the day after Katrina hit the Gulf on August 30, 2005 (you "cut short" your vacation by two days), why don't you take the responsibility when you were one of the first to see the devastation via Air Force One? You knew all along, so why would any agency or official need to write a memo or contact anyone for help when you had already seen the catastrophic aftermath of the hurricane? After viewing that tragic site immediately after the storm, why didn't you rush to save those people and summon the right humanitarian agencies during the Gulf Coast's greatest need? Instead, you prohibited the Red Cross from entering the area and sent the military five days after the storm hit, then portrayed the people who were struggling to survive like they were criminals, when all they needed were the basic essentials of life. You will have to live with your inaction and callousness that caused the misery and deaths of an entire civilization for the rest of your life.

Only the President has the kind of power for the monumental Call to Action that could have saved thousands of lives. And you did nothing for five days.

Shifting the blame only makes you more of a disgrace to the world. To make it worse, you've been focusing on "looters" and "lawlessness," when indeed, you don't even mention the help offered by countries around the world who you continue to alienate instead of communicate with—it saddens me to see you with so much power—because now you've killed young men/women who have fought wars for you and people who believed in you, now you've not only wronged an entire country, but you've dishonored all humanity with your total disregard for human life. Helpless innocent aged folks, men, women, young children and even newborn babies are dead because of you. And now, their horrific deaths are not even being honored because their bodies were left to rot on the streets of New Orleans for eleven days after Katrina hit the Gulf. It took twelve days before anyone started gathering the corpses. Isn't it hard to look at yourself in the mirror?

Based on your track record, you don't deserve the honor to be President of the United States anymore.

Coco Tralla

Date: 2005-09-09 00:53:07
Joe ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean,
I just had a horrible notion.

We know the evacuated residents of New Orleans and outlying areas are
being flown out of state to other locations that will take them in.
It's a humanitarian gesture, to be sure.

But flip the coin over.

They're being scattered to the four winds, never to be in one place as
a cohesive, angry mass of people roaring and demanding justice and answers.

Oh my Gods! Such diabolical minds that reside in that administration... I am just stunned all over again.

Date: 2005-09-07 12:02:45
D ( / no homepage) wrote:


Date: 2005-09-06 10:52:24
Lichtinsel ( / wrote:

Hello !
Your site is wonderfull!
I work with angels and light - also in Austria.
Nice to meet this site in ´the web.
Love and Light
1 million trees for the world!

Date: 2005-09-05 15:38:31
Pat Dupy ( / no homepage) wrote:

Have.your web site for a long time. . My forever thanks to you.

Date: 2005-09-04 15:15:29
Joaquim Fernandes ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear friend,

I think this is an interesting

information to your website.

Thanks for its diffusion and



Joaquim Fernandes, Ph.D

For Immediate Release: August 23, 2005

New History Reveals the Truth About the Fátima Incident
Authors say Famed Apparitions in 1917 were Close Encounters with Alien Beings

VICTORIA, BC – The Fátima incident was an important event in the history of religion. In 1917, three little Portuguese shepherds – Jacinta, Francisco, and Lúcia – suddenly encountered the Virgin Mary, illuminated in the splendor of heavenly lights, who told the children three secrets about the fate of the Earth. The contacts were followed by an unexplained aerial phenomenon, called “The Miracle of the Sun,” in which the Sun was seen to dance in the sky by thousands of awestruck onlookers who flocked to Fátima.

The apparitions were presumed to be a case of divine intervention in human affairs, a sign from Heaven that the world war then raging in Europe should end. A shrine sprang up at Fátima that drew millions of believers, and a myth was invented that the secrets of Fátima would be revealed in the fullness of time – as a testament of faith in a secular age.

In Heavenly Lights (EcceNova Editions; July 2, 2005; $22.95), Portuguese historians Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d’ Armada tell the true story of the apparitions of Fátima. The first history of Fátima to be written by Portuguese historians based on the original documents, Heavenly Lights is the result of a 25-year odyssey by the authors in search of the actual facts of the Fátima case. Fernandes and d’ Armada began their investigation in 1978, when they were given access to secret archives held at the Sanctuary of Fátima.

The records of Sister Lúcia, kept at the archives since the incident, revealed that the children did not interact with an apparition of the Virgin Mary but with a hologram of an extraterrestrial projected on a beam of light from a spacecraft hovering high above them. The archives clearly showed that the entities encountered at Fátima were not deities from Heaven but rather alien beings visiting our planet from “elsewhere” in the vast Cosmos. This finding was supported by hundreds of other facts from the time of the apparitions. Fátima, the authors discovered, was the first major UFO case of the 20th century.

Heavenly Lights is certain to become a definitive history of the Fátima Incident of 1917. When it was first published in Portugal in 1995, entitled As Aparições de Fátima e o Fenómeno OVNI, the Jornal de Notícias, a leading Portuguese newspaper, heralded the work “a literary success without precedent in the field of Portuguese ufological studies.”

Now the whole world can know the truth about the apparitions of Fátima. This new translation by American journalists Andrew D. Basiago and Eva M. Thompson offers a powerful argument for both UFO researchers and religious scholars alike to re-examine the actual evidence that at last explains the enduring mystery of the Fátima incident.

About the Authors

Joaquim Fernandes, Ph.D, is Professor of History at the University Fernando Pessoa in Porto, Portugal. He directs the Multicultural Apparitions Research International Academic Network (Project MARIAN). His research interests include the history of science and the comparative anthropology of religion, with an emphasis on anomalistic phenomena.

Fina d’ Armada holds a Master’s degree in Women's Studies. She has written five books about the Fátima incident, all based on original documents held in the archives – three co-authored with Fernandes – and hundreds of articles. Her research interests include phenomenology, local history, the history of women, and the era of Portuguese discovery.

About the Book

Heavenly Lights: The Apparitions of Fátima and the UFO Phenomenon

By Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d’ Armada

Translated and Edited by Andrew D. Basiago and Eva M. Thompson

Foreword by Jacques F. Vallée

EcceNova Editions
Publication Date: July 2, 2005
Price: US $22.95, CAD $30.95, £14.99
ISBN: 0-9735341-3-3

For Publisher’s Summary, Author Information, Jacket Photo, Excerpt, and Contact Details visit and follow the link to the Media Kit

Date: 2005-09-02 00:44:23
c Becker ( / wrote:

You are all brillant and I am so thankful that this site exists. It is a source of hope, and I know it will continue to be.

Date: 2005-09-01 16:11:30
Scott ( / no homepage) wrote:

Global warming may be too simplistic an explanation for Katrina. Please see the following web site for evidence of hurricane engineering.

"Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations.It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important."

[Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn.]

Date: 2005-09-01 14:35:07
the Tarotlaydee ( / wrote:

As a person who wants to interact with the Mother and interested in EVERYTHING happening globally, your newsletter is a must for me to read and I anxiously await it's arrival in my inbox. It provides the most concise summary of anything yet written on the Net. Jean, your work is so greatly appreciated for those of us trying to aim our magickal work to and for the shifting of a New Tribe and Global Consciousness. Thanks so much for what you do!

My family is from Quebec also, the Charlevoix area. I think of the lovely scenery up there when I travel in my meditations. I hope to visit there again and perhaps stay permanently one day. There is nothing like that place anywhere!

See: if you would like to do some focused healing and energy work for the Planet with us!

Date: 2005-09-01 02:30:03
Greg O'Neill ( / wrote:

Hi Jean ... As I've shared with you in the past
my group has access to proven systems to provide
fuelless, clean power, and propulsion. We wish to network with others willing to work with us to bring these systems into global use. -- One
company I know of is preparing to market a con-
version kit to split water, on demand, into H2 and Oxygen, injecting the hydrogen into the com-
bustion chamber, and igniting it to provide mo-
tive force, doubling mpg ratings. Eventually we
will show people that their engines will run fine on just hydrogen alone. -- The governor of
Indiana now knows of this clean technology, and
is very excited about it. -- IF we can get the
other state governors to back this H2 technology
and the others we know about we will get them out to all nations, regardless of what the feds
try to do. All people, and our living world, need clean, eco-friendly power and propulsion
systems, and they are available NOW. -- I invite
any other ERN readers to contact me to network,
and brainstorm ways and means to get these sys-
tems out far and wide. --- Peace, Greg

Date: 2005-08-31 19:57:38
Patrick Brusselaers ( / wrote:

Dear Lightworkers all over the world...

My deepest appreciation for bringing the Light back to the earth. My name is Patrick Brusselaers and I come to you with a special request. We have a spiritual organisation in Belgium to assist people in their awakening and ascension process. A few months ago I felt the inspiration to use the Power of the World Wide Web to connect thousands of people to Mother Earth as well to one another, this with the help of an online-meditation. I have answered this inner call and on the 3th of july the New Earth Circle was born, first starting in the dutch-speaking countries (Belgium, Netherlands,..). Since the 12th of july the New Earth Circle is also available in english. Our intention is that on a planetary level, an intensified, healing Force Field will be generated to assist the Earth and all its inhabitants in the process of inner-healing and elevation to a higher Dimension. People can join and register their names and personal blessings for the New Earth. When you go to our website (see below) , you can read all the details and procedures.

This is our request to all the lightworkers. To let the New Earth Circle grow to it's highest potential and to move as much as possible souls to participate, we are in need of the assistance of other lightworkers. As we have almost no contacts with spiritual associations in english speaking countries, may we ask you to let other people know about this service, of course only when your heart resonates with this kind of service. We thank you in advance...

If you choose to support us, please let us know. We can link our websites to one another (we have a page for 'sponsors') so the participants of the New Earth Circle (from all over the world) can also take notice of your services. If you want to tell others about the New Earth Circle, this page might be of some help :

Here is the direct link to the New Earth Circle :

May you all and your families be blessed in the Light ...

Patrick Brusselaers - New Earth Counsellor

Date: 2005-08-27 10:36:47
brooks suttle ( / wrote:

jean, i have been reading your compilations for several years now, and i want to express to you the awe and admiration i feel towards the work that you are doing. you are an inspiration to others like myself who've found themselves walking the same path. i just want to write and say thank you for all that you have been doing. if you're interested, i started a weblog recently, and i thought i'd send the address along. maybe you'll find something that interests you. regardless, i look forward to your compilations every week, and in my opinion, for what it's worth, you're doing a great service to humankind.

thank you again,


Date: 2005-08-17 12:53:10
Joe ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Jean,
Re: your compilation entitled "Taking It All In" (August 10, 2005) you included a note about Operation Clean Sweep, from someone named Devvy Kidd. Much of what Kidd has to say about the current state of affairs in the US government is spot on, especially corruption of the two major political parties. However, Kidd has axes to grind about feminism, homosexuality, and other bugaboos of the current neo-conservative movement. I, for one, would be leery of this Clean Sweep she advocates, because it seems just another facade for her biases.

Date: 2005-08-10 06:21:18
Dave & Brian ( / wrote:

Fabulous site, we both have enjoyed finding all the treasures you have here. Thank you for carrying your torch to light the way for so many. Bless your hearts!!

Dave & Brian Savedra
B&D Enterprises

Date: 2005-07-31 23:33:42
Rainbow Hawk ( / wrote:

Howdy Folks

Rainbow Hawk here and wanting to send everybody lots of great energy from La Paz (The Peace).
The acknowledgement I received for the Rainbow Warrior logo that you folks colorized is appreciated, but you did get the from Texas part wrong. More from Northern California and short periods on the East Coast.
I had a vision that the Bushes would move to Texas and never wanted any part of that (jestingly he states).
I would like to post some major documents on this site so the folks can discover the great work being done here to protect the Mother and contribute to fulfilling the Prophecy of the Warriors of the Rainbow.
The documents are fairly large and I have no idea of what space limits this site operates with.
And folks
The homepage listed is just started and under construction. Needs a lot of changes and upgrades, but it's a start.
Sending lots of love and great energy to all.

Rainbow Hawk

Date: 2005-07-24 08:06:34
Billy Hight ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Jean, I enjoyed reading your site, I am a SFC in the US Army and was the Fire Support NCO in the Battle of Fallujah. I strongly disagreed with your reporting of that event, as I was there and was the one that called in all the indirect fires. If you wish to debate this issue I strongly recommend that you email me, I will say this, when you're own men are dying for freedom, it is a strong motivator to defend your own. Pura Vida...

Date: 2005-07-21 09:46:32
mariana ( / wrote:

My website is called Greetings of Love -
It's an online gallery of my paintings [which were designed as greetingcards] that are often combined with inspirational text or poem.
Celebrating Love is what it's all about - Universal, Romantic,
the Spirit of Nature , Sacred Sexuality

Rainbows have always been significant for me. As a child I used to stare right into the sun and watch the coloured rainbows swirling round it. Until i was finally caught by a teacher in the playground who told me that i would go blind if I kept looking. Very reluctantly, I gave up the practice !

So glad to have come across your site. YES!!! We can all make a difference to this world.

Peace to all

Date: 2005-07-20 01:32:53
Firefly ( / no homepage) wrote:

I was just browsing the internet when I came across Rainbow and I must say that I have more respect for this group than any other. The ambition and drive to improve this world is astronomical and now I understand why I always loved rainbows. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Date: 2005-07-17 10:22:46
Chrissy Hardman ( / wrote:

I'm thrilled with Rainbow's a one stop site for everything I'd like to be informed about...I also love the atmosphere/vibrations of the site... It feels truly authentic! Jean, you put in an incredible amount of work....congratulations on a superb achievement...

Date: 2005-07-13 00:52:05
toby ( / wrote:

The Rainbow Mint group site is listed under Beliefs - Youth, mainly for the awareness of St Germain and Nikola Tesla - somewhere to display art, which features the wireless transmitter, somewhere to post channellings and Galactic Federation material, etc. Its open to join immediately.
Love and blessings, Toby

Date: 2005-07-10 06:05:38
Firelight ( / wrote:

Hello all, Just sending some love your way. Pretty good site you have here with lots of great info and interesting stuff. Keep up the good work! **Huggs**

Date: 2005-07-08 21:36:39
linda ( / no homepage) wrote:

dear jean,
first i must say many, many blessings to you for your work and helping enlighten all of us. i've found so much information in your newsletters that i would have never found on my own.
i have 2 observations / 3 questions that i have wondered about for a while and was in hopes someone else may be able to share some insights on.(i'm trying to be brief as i'm sure you're very busy)
1. i'm a certified natural health practitioner, and it has come to my attention that there are a number of females 'hot flashing' at midnite, 3 AM and 5 AM mst. any thoughts about synchronized hot flashes ?
2. it would also appear that there are a few folks who are 'just hot' daytime, nightime, of both sexes, again...why ?
3. any information out there about 'chips' in the head ? it has been told to me that they are 'alien chips'. as i have been finding more and more chips, i'm very curious and have been able to find no information regarding these, i wondered if anyone had any imput.
many blessings to you, have a very blessed day !
rev linda, cnhp

Date: 2005-07-07 21:08:25
Colleen Marshall ( / wrote:

We deeply appreciate the wonderful Light work you are doing. Through information and unity there is strength. Your efforts to connect people is a divine service. Thank you, for truly, Together we are Victorious!

Date: 2005-06-30 08:40:51
Jackie ( / wrote:

Thankyou all for the wonderful work you are doing in getting the truth out. From where I sit, much faith, and prayer is sorely needed for our little planet earth, and the country I call home America - God bless her. I have lived a few decades and watched this happening right before my eyes, on some of the issues remember attempting to put my 2 cents in and help where needed, today the longer this charade goes on it is totally making me very sad, which is the best word I can find. We can all if we collectively band together in love can have an immense part in changing what some have so greedily have put upon us, thanks again for all your wonderful wonderful words - I am with you 100%.

Date: 2005-06-29 06:23:11
ananth ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Jean and Janneke,

I followed up on your experience with the Golden Age Foundation and am dismayed by your conclusions. I've followed the growth and transformation of this Movement since the last 9 years from its very humble beginnings, at a time when nobody cared or understood what it represented. I've seen people throw abuse and ridicule Bhagavan, the dasas and the label the Movement as a cult. In fact famous magazines have done cover stories calling it fake and instiiling fear about the motives of the Movement.

On the other hand, I've also seen holy water drip right in front me from Sri Amma Bhagavan's Srimurthi into a vessel in a humble devotees' house and my parents have seen offerings like bananas being 'accepted' (vanishing right in front of them :-)) I've met and talked to Sri Bhagavan personally. I've been seeing many of the dasas for several years.

I know first hand the sloppy organizational capacity they possess and the minimal facilities at intensives back in the early days. Despite all this, people persevered. I don't know when you came to know the Movement, but back in those early days there used to be 3-4 different intensives each stretching over several days to prepare one for the Mukthi Yagnas that started around 2001. Now there is no need to go through those because the human collective consciousness is more receptive and only dikshas are being given. But those were the years when so many people came and did the hard work that prepared them to be receptive to the Dikshas. You must know that this Movement does not possess the organizational capacity of well established church communities or temple-goers - it is not very well organized centrally because it is very dynamic. Constant change is how I would describe its evolution.

You cannot expect what you know in your country to work there. Do you know how difficult it is to start a business, or to get utility connections or get on public transport in India - if you live in India, a certain humility develops in you wherein you accept what is given to you. I am not discounting your expectations from the people you are corresponding with at GC, but merely trying to let you visualize that the work culture in India is not as organized, efficient, individual centric as it is in the developed world. If you can't understand what I mean, I can only tell you that you should live in India for a few weeks and you will know. Efficiency is low, things are not on time, but ultimately the work gets done. People in India are used to this - this is the way everyday life is - for them it is not a struggle, they accept things as they are and wait in patience for their turn. Privacy may seem to be abused, but people dont have malicious motives ; they just dont take the concept of privacy seriously - thats just the way things run in India. Accounting may seem irresponsible, but there is innate trust in the people managing things - people arent there to make money and many who manage the finances are volunteers helping out.

Money issues bother you folks. People in India who were in financial difficulties, back in those early days itself, used to borrow from a friend or relatives to attent those intensives. Sums of money charged for those intensives used to be around 250 Rs or so, the equivalent of US $ 6 ! Even that was very high for some of the poor people who used to attend. But they would. They would borrow and attend and then do the intensive and come out of their financial difficulties. One of the reasons the fees for Westerners is so high is that the currency diffential is vast - a truck driver makes more than $50000 in the US, but a highly successful businessman in India might make $30000. Where is the comparison between the culture and attitude towards life of a truck driver and a well educated successful businessman? The fees for the courses for Westerners are deliberately set high so people who attend, have attained the capacity to earn enough not to be bothered by it - meaning, it acts as a filter to weed out less than successful people who are not ideally suited to attend the 21 days courses in the first place.

People I've met through the years know they cannot achieve Oneness on their own and gladly partake of the Divine Grace that grants it to them - if you do not realize this deeply within yourself, you will sooner than later. Don't mistake this deep conviction or Truth the individual has realized as his own, as his 'being dependent' on Bhagavan. You can entertain your concepts of co-creating happiness and peace on earth, but these are still based on your concepts of 'self' and its importance in your life. You may not like to hear this, but experiencing another culture and people is something you are evidently not good at. Your expectations,high standards and own self-centeredness limit your capacity to experience others as they are, to welcome Grace into you and to know humility. I don't mean to pass judgement on you, but merely bring to your attention limitations in your experiencing that have unfortunately led you to pass negative judgement on the Movement. I don't doubt that there are several areas where they can do much better and this should be brought to their attention, but your conclusions on the effectiveness of dikshas are highly biased and reflective of your severe cultural conditioning and not representative of general public experience. I know people who live down my road in India are enlightened! So please don't assume your experience to be the only reality or that everybody is in a hypnotic trance and you alone are grounded in reality.


PS: I've lived all my life in India and the last 4 years in the United States - you can say I've seen the best and worst of both worlds. I draw upon my experience in both countries to write my views above.

Date: 2005-06-28 14:34:05
Birgit ( / wrote:

Thank you for letting me link my website!

Date: 2005-06-25 09:38:57
Mary Lou Johnson ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean,
Your correspondence with Janneke Monschauer of Holland regarding Oneness University in India, reached me, and I would like to comment.
I am happy that Janneke was willing to go public with her criticisms, judgements and doubts about the 21-day process she underwent in India. It echoed many of my own doubts, and brought them up right in my face. Some of her comments showed an absolute ignorance of Indian culture, and some showed her psychological instability when one compared her later correspondence with her initial one.
Reading this correspondence forced me to examine my own doubts and to dispel them.
I have seen the transformations that take place in people's lives after receiving even one diksha. I myself now have complete peace of mind. Much of what you publish on this site is very negative. Someone has to bring the darkness into view. Thank you for being willing to do that.
Mary Lou Johnson

Date: 2005-06-19 14:40:22
Sharon Leigh ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean:

Sometimes, we must take a chance, take a leap of faith even when our actions are small. If we are to affirm the Glory, the Light, the Spark of the Great Creator that is within each of us, we must affirm it in all of us. I know that there are those who hold great resentment and negativity for the Bush family, and yet everything that Christ and the other Masters taught tell us that God forgives everything. Perhaps if we affirm what is that Spark within the President and First Lady of the United States, it will fan the flame and brighten the world. This may sound too optimistic, but we have nothing to lose by taking this action and everything to gain. I am sending this Letter to Laura and ask for your assistance in making the Letters to Laura Campaign reach around the world. Use my words or develop your own to implore the First Lady to stand up and be the great woman that the world so needs now. I humbly thank you for your consideration of this campaign. I affirm the same great Light and Glory within you and I see it illuminating the world.

In service,
Sharon Leigh

Dear Mrs. Bush:
Dear Laura:

I write to you from the very essence of my heart and soul, for if anyone can bring love and light, intelligence and beauty to our world it is you. You are our hope and you hold the faith and the prayers and the trust of the people of the world.

Please appeal to the President to stop the wars, to stop the inhumane treatment of others, to stop the corporate takeover of our planet, to protect this magnificent Creation that is Earth. This lack of love and beauty cannot be your vision of a future for your grandchildren....nor can it be our President's vision and legacy.

I believe that it is possible for one strong and brave woman to make a difference to the whole world. You are that woman. You can speak up and assist the most powerful man in the world to act from wisdom and compassion.

This begins a "Letters to Laura" campaign that will reach around the world with all of us who are mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters, teachers and ministers and nurses and leaders and citizens writing to ask for your help. We are in a dark night of the soul and we need you. Please stand up for us. Please release us all from fear and mistrust of one another.

It is not too complicated to accomplish, but it does require the might of the Angels and the promise of heaven on earth. Take our prayers and our vision with you as you speak to the President and to those who can bring peace and prosperity to all nations, all peoples of this magnificent creation of God.

Please make Peace in the world, end starvation and poverty, protect all the children with health care and education, be the steward of all life on earth. Be the Heroine that you are meant to be. You will find that you have so much help, so much more than you could ever imagine.

May God be with you and bless you and hold you closely,
Sharon Leigh

There is a reason that you are the First Lady of the United States of America right now. That reason must be to bring peace to the world, to nurture all of the children, to give every human being a chance for a healthy, balanced life and to restore the wonder of this blessed planet.

Date: 2005-06-19 13:41:10
Suzanna Sjogren ( / no homepage) wrote:

Two weeks ago for two nights consecutively, my husband and I both woke in the very early morning (approx. 3:00am) hardly able to breath. This has never happened before and we sleep with our windows open. All I can say is that I believe we were experiencing what it would be like if we humans continue on our bent to destroy the vital life force of our home, planet Earth. How can Gaia sustain us if we consume beyond her provisions and as glutons feast wildly from her abandoned in our ego centric needs and not considering Her needs for re-nurishing? If our oxygen supply depletes it will be curtains for all life forms including Gaia Herself. That will certainly even the playing field!

Date: 2005-05-29 08:27:54
Timothy Billington ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am a biological scientist who has been involved in DNA research, specifically transgene construction in plant cells. I am fascinated to read Matthew's thoughts on DNA in general.

My other main interest is crop circles. It would be enlightening to find out what are Matthew's thoughts on what these phenomena are trying to say to earthlings.

A third concern of mine is the Church and its rapid movement towards self-interest, apparently ignoring what the Supreme Being is communicating.

Date: 2005-05-20 09:20:59
Hielan Fairie ( no email / wrote:

Thank You so much for Your (web)presence!

VISIONS from HOME, Energy-pictures to remember and reconnect on my site...


Date: 2005-05-19 14:44:40
auriewildflower ( / no homepage) wrote:

Glad to finally find my family...I knew you were out there somewhere!

I continue my life's work with growing and creating Flower Essence Formulas to heal on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

I am more than ready for the changes, and look forward to the New Age!, at last!

Date: 2005-05-19 09:06:57
Rogerio Montenegro ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean,

Just a few words to thank you for the article about "Chiquitas Children" in your website, exposing the tragedy of many Nicaraguan Families to the world as a result of the use of pesticide nemagon in the banana plantations.

Our deepest gratitute and respect.


Rogerio Montenegro & Family,
Nicaraguans in Jacksonville are,in Florida

Date: 2005-05-17 18:31:07
Steve Moyer ( / wrote:

Beautiful peaceful toys for people who love the Earth.

Date: 2005-05-17 15:45:27
mance graves jr ( / wrote:

greetings, fellow earthpeople of the universe and lovers of life, liberty, and freedom! it is people like you who give me that special feeling of warmth and joy that i experienced as a child. let's bond in the spirit of creator, creature, and His divine unity that connects us and all that is around us, both here on earth, in the earth, and in the heavens.

Date: 2005-05-15 14:38:43
Karen Moussou ( / wrote:

It's so nice to find a site where people can connect. We see an enlighted world of Unity and Love and hold that space for everyone. Come on in, the Light is fine. :-) Prayer, love, peace, meditation, and affirmation. The CD "Grace" provides prayerful meditation, accompanying relaxing piano, acoustic guitar with an african feel, Native American drum, flute and chanting, subtle jembe drumming, and ocean surf with windchimes and seagulls. Feel your heart open and see the oneness of all people.

Date: 2005-05-14 00:00:15
Joy Shayne Laughter ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi, Jean,

THANK YOU for such wonderful work. I want to make sure you see this essay by Eric Francis, one of the best astrologers on the web, and a seasoned investigative journalist as well (specialized in dioxin contamination for a while). His site is and the essay, "The Land That Time Remembered," is here:

It is tremendous reading for hope, grouding for clear decisions, and simple actions to gently change everything.

Love and blessings to you,

Joy Shayne Laughter
Seattle, WA USA


Getting together means recognizing how much we are NOT together, and how much we NEED to be together, and then actually taking the simplest steps toward making that happen. Simple, like friends meeting in the Laundromat the same night and doing the laundry. Simple, like making food for one another.

The Star talks not of exclusive, closed community, but rather of open, free community. This card is next to the 2 of cups -- love. This 2 is usually personal or interpersonal love; no doubt. Yet the fairly simple message, placed where it was, is that personal relationships exist in the context of community, not as something apart from it. In this spread, The Star and 2 of cups say start building that community close to home, then spread out. Interesting that The Star is surrounded by one card representing love (2 of cups), and another card representing fear (10 of swords). These are the choices we have as a community.

As with all things Aquarian, our global technology (the Internet, for example) can, for the moment, bring us closer. But that's not close enough. We need to do better. If we cannot smell one another, the communication is not complete. If we cannot hear one another's voices, we cannot hear. We need to be pretty close to get the pheromone molecules circulating and to hear the real voice and to feel human warmth. No verbal communication is as subtle as body language. Nothing can replace eating together, celebrating together, grieving together, loving together, fucking together, raising our families together, doing business together, or building our world together.

Date: 2005-05-01 03:34:23
Anni ( / no homepage) wrote:

Just wanted to say 'Congratulations' and many thanks, Jean, for 5 years of selfless service, inspiration and gentle prodding, with the Sunday 'Meditation Focus'!

Who knows what luminous wave of interlocking, cosmic purpose you've unleashed within all of us - inciting a percolating fever of desire for love, compassion and unity consciousness?

Blessings to you, and our thanks for your many years of great vision, impeccability and devoted leadership.

Love, Anni

Date: 2005-04-29 15:48:39
RONALD RILEY ( RONR@UCFINC.COM / no homepage) wrote:

I've noticed that there is a pattern of human rights violations and abuses globally, by all governing bodies. We who are aware, already know that this is the last ditch effort to reign in all of mankind under the umbrella of one global dictatorship. The events of today are a simply a culmination of our collective passiveness and handing over our responsibility to our governing bodies to take care of everything for us. Now that we've given them the authority to "take care of us", they are taking care of us alright!
Average people don't believe that their goverments would be behind some of the most heinous human rights abuses ever. Have you ever read "their" protocals? Are you aware of "their" long term plans for this planet?
As the pendulum swings back into balance, there are going to be more and more ferocious attempts to remain off balance by those who refuse to go with the flow, and wish for things to continue on this destructive path. Have you ever noticed that in government paintings where a clock is included, the clock always reads 11 o'clock? They have known for quite some time that this is the final hour.

Please post this short poem in your next newsletter...

Gandhi said,” Be the change in the world that you want to see.”
I now know what Ghandi meant, that IT ALL BEGINS WITH ME.
It’s a simple mathematical equation, 1 + 1+ 1 = 3,
If I want to change this world, IT ALL BEGINS WITH ME.
Mr. Jackson sang about the man in the mirror,
Just what do you think that song means?
In order to make a change, IT ALL BEGINS WITH ME.
Martin Luther King had a great dream,
I must have had the same dream, seen the same thing.
I see a wave of LOVE, spreading like the sea,
I see the LOVE wave moving outward because, IT ALL BEGINS WITH ME.
The hatred of the world is like a fire, we all throw logs on you see,
And if I want that fire out, then IT ALL BEGINS WITH ME.
I’ll use my logs instead to build up people and family,
Because I so desire for change, and IT ALL BEGINS WITH ME.
Ronald Keith Riley© 03-27-2005PASSOVER

Date: 2005-04-27 13:50:26
I AM ( / no homepage) wrote:

I AM the Majestic, Victorious Presence, that fills all official places !!! Let there be Light!
I AM the concious action everywhere!!

Date: 2005-04-23 14:30:18
Suzanne Sjogren ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Jean,
(As to why you don't receive much feedback) Here it is time for your next compilation and I am reading the previous one. It is known that linear time is changing and this is proof. Please do not stop informing those of us who gratefully consume the information you put together and send out. I for one would not have the "time" to dedicate to this huge task and yet I rely on the information because it is broad in scope and the agenda is FYI and not aligned with a motive other than enlightment. Please keep on with your dedication to this task. It is gratefully received by thousands and sent on to even more (perhaps in bits and pieces), but none the less continues in bringing this beautiful world and its wonderful creatures into greater understanding and love. Sincerely,
Suzanne Sjogren USA

Date: 2005-04-19 12:00:16
Lea Rothrock ( / no homepage) wrote:

In response to your question about why you don't receive many comments on the material, I feel like you probably have enough to read already. Only so much time in a day, after all! And the mountain just gets bigger....

Date: 2005-04-18 03:07:35
Debbie Dehm ( / no homepage) wrote:

HI Jean, I wanted to ask you to include this in your next message. I would like to organize a "Hands Across America " event for peace, along old Rt. 66 as it runs from coast to coast. Much of it is walking trail now so it would be a safe place for people to line up, link hands for world peace. I think Mother's day would be a great day for this because Mother's day was started by mothers against war. Please help me network this. I have sent the idea to a few other people but no one has the network of contacts you do. I so appreciate all your hard work and keeping us informed. Blessings, Debbie

Date: 2005-04-17 02:47:54
Laura Jennerman ( / no homepage) wrote:

i have learned that i don't need to read much of the stuff i get on the internet because i know if it's worthwhile it will come in your compilation. i'm in northern wisconsin, in a small town so getting the information you send helps me alot. i forward the compilations occasionally to my own list. thank you for helping keep me sane.

Date: 2005-04-16 20:58:54
Yvonne Jackson ( / no homepage) wrote:

I too find that people are just very non-communicative today. I send emails to a listing of friends, acquaintences, postings to email groups, etc. and find very few ever respond. It is sometimes very exasperating to me, but I continue on anyway. I have not bothered to send commentary to you because I feel that you have enough of your time focused on creating what you do... I don't wish to bog it down anymore than it is. There are just so many hours in your day... Forgive me for not realizing you would like feedback..

Date: 2005-04-16 18:10:01
Michael Irving ( / wrote:

The Winds of Truth ....

Good wishes, Michael

Date: 2005-04-16 12:04:00
Joan Lartin-Drake ( / wrote:

HI Jean,

godd quesition abotu feedback. For me, it is a combination fo the following-
1, infoglut
2. tax time, working mom, sick kids and husband, bad flu season here
3. There is only so much gloom that I can read without it dragging me down, I choose where to put my energy to make the workld a better place adn I know I can't do everything or worry about everything.

4. Personaly, between you and me, remember the last time I responded about the "savethemales" site, which I found to be so toxic I couldn't beleive you wre sending people there?
I got slammed by the person who sent it to you, to whom you had forwarded my comment. I was astonished at her vitriol and just ignored it. Now, I DO not expect that you always have the luxury of loads of time to check out every little thing, which is one reason I thought I was giving you a heads up by reporting back on how angry and toxic I found the material on that site to be.

I will get over all this and try to remember to send you feedback if I have somethinhg to say in the future.

Keep up the great work,
Joan in Pennsylvania

Date: 2005-04-16 10:37:02
Nancy DuPont ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean,
Thank you for the work you do putting these compilations together for us. As have many on the list, I have felt compelled from an early age, to search for answers as to why we are here on this earth...through the readings of Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts' Seth material, Zecharia Sitchkin, Robert Monroe, Kryon, David Icke, and on and on (one resouce always leading to another). For so many of us out here who are quiet, keep up the good work. We look forward to your words and guidance. I have no fear of the future. I know I chose to be here for this incredible journey at this time and I am so positive that Suzy's Matthew is correct. We will be blessed with wondrous change as the earth shakes off her dark cloak and dresses in her new light garments...the New Jerusalem.

Date: 2005-04-15 17:54:47
genaman ( / no homepage) wrote:

I just happen to stumble upon Green Holocaust 18 and couldn't stop reading it.
I am a very bad writer,but every word that was written. I have been trying to say in my own way for over 30 years.
All I can say is I will put you on my Favorites list and try to read from you every day.
If Only Our Words would come true.
What a wonderful Earth future generations could have.
Thank You Again

Date: 2005-04-07 21:23:03
Carol (ANNIE) ( / wrote:

Gods way is truth and light...Thru Jesus we learn the essence of love. Thru love we learn the magic of life. Thru the spirit of our souls, we learn to keep the commandments of God to live a deep, meaningful, love-filled life. We are all unique individuals but one thing keeps us all in common...our conscious effort to do right and good. Your site is beautiful and I can only pray, the number will keep growing as people observe and are given pause for thought. I only know for myself, it gives me comfort and joy to know I am not alone. God Bless You. Come visit me sometime.

Date: 2005-04-01 04:56:56
Nataliya ( / wrote:

Thank you for inquiring about Golden Altai UniverSynergy Arts. We are dedicated to helping people all over the world achieve personal improvement, health, happiness, and success.
Currently we have seminars and classes in Europe, Asia, Australia, and America. Our headquarters is located in the beautiful Altai Mountains of central Asia.
Working together with individuals and organizations, we expect to improve the lives of millions of people, and thereby improve the world, using the power of UniverSynergy.
What do you want? What do other people want? How do these wants fit together in a functioning society? How can conflicting wants and desires work together for the greater good?
When individuals gain personal power over bad habits, negative influences, and destructive forces, their lives become happier, more productive, and more successful.
When people learn the secrets of health, family harmony, business success, and group dynamics, they become a positive force in society.
When people work together for good, they can accomplish more than the sum of their efforts. That’s UniverSynergy in action.

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Belly Dance and Slavic Yoga
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Tantric Yoga
Experience improved mental, physical, and emotional health.

Date: 2005-03-21 19:26:55
Liz O'Driscoll ( / wrote:

I have given my son's web address as I have none of my own as yet. Kieran passed on in June 2003 just 18 days before his 19th birthday (born June 22nd, 1984). Thank you for all your efforts. He has appeared in a rainbow to our friends, and although already a vegetarian was aiming at becoming Vegan when he
became 'ill'. Still not sure what was really
'happening' to him. Somehow it relates to whatever has been happening between the stars, especially it seems of Cancer, Gemini, Orion and Taurus and this solar system/reality. One of the messages he heard said "The One is One of Many", perhaps a message also indicated by a rainbow. Love, Liz O'Driscoll

Date: 2005-03-10 22:23:08
visitor ( no email / wrote:

Please consider adding the document linked above to your website or newsletter - I thought you would find it interesting and significant.

Date: 2005-03-07 16:10:14
gien ( / wrote:

I'm glad to have just discovered the rainbow etwork. Great resource for all those on a genuine path to nondual awareness! We all come from different traditions but my view of all genuine traditions is that they are like different paths winding up and leading to the same mountain top in which we can gain the limitless view of nondual mind. As long as they are all going in the same general direction (up), we will all eventually arrive there. Each one is characterized by a different approach, history and what we see along the way but as we approach the peak, all our separate view begin to converge to the same experience of nondual mind.

Soon I plan to travel and bring awareness of nondual mind through music. Insofar as people like to put labels on things, I have recently found a label I can live with. I describe my music simply as "yogic music" to bring awareness of nondual mind. Singing and Creating music is so fulfilling because when done with openness, it comes directly from the nondual mind itself.

My musical project is entitled "Jopoa" in honor of my yogini grandma who I absorbed teachings of loving kindness from for many decades. This music is to honor her and to share her loving kindness with all sentient beings with the purpose of awakening their own nondual nature.

Blessings from Jopoa and Gien.

Date: 2005-03-03 02:57:44
l0rdpj ( / wrote:

Great site. We are looking for members for our yahoo group for discussions about the Earth, and how we can change it. Checkl it out!

Date: 2005-02-22 16:37:04
Starshine ( / no homepage) wrote:

man, your site is beyond cool, man.

Date: 2005-02-16 15:46:37
anon ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

It is good that somebodies dare to openly comment the "Indigo" movie. As you know, the "super-power" is in full gear to pick fight. This movie can help them win.

I first knew of this group from this website, when they launched petition for asking pope to intervenue the decision to invade Iraq. I don't know if anyone recall this event.

Well, their group is very successful. They publicized their power of spoon bending in preventing this invasion. As you know, the invasion eventually happened as their group wished for, with over 100,000 civilians innocently killed.

They also look very "spiritual". They kept telling people to pray for GWB, claiming that this bloody man was doing something for highest good. They asked for prayer just before the invasion. Even during the election, they also requested people to pray for this bloody man. Apparently, the slogan of their group's is to pray for only one man --- one bloody man. As you know, this bloody man got another 4 years.

I did join some online discussions in their discussion board. To be dishonest, I discovered a lot of "divine goodies". They promote "light and love". If my interpretation is right, they would like u to hold onto "light and love" by supporting the invasion, the freedom fighers and the bloody man.

This is just my prospective. But anyway, thanks for their "highest good".

Date: 2005-02-14 20:39:53
Shit for Brains ( / no homepage) wrote:

This was awesome reading, clearly my comments can be of no use since you guys used up all the creative stuff. There is no creativity left on earth.

What are you smoking, and why don't you share?

Date: 2005-02-12 17:19:40
sovinec ( / no homepage) wrote:

(Your service to humanity cannot be calculated easily: it is exponentially based in terms of the links involved. Thank you deeply )
Each present moment contains what we need and our inner spirit finds it. Today, first I was studying holographic creation, then you provided links to ecopolitics in your last work. One hologram is being created by realistic scientists with dire predictions of ecological collapse and the other a hologram of our planet as part of cosmic society. At least two meetings with other civilisations recently are warnings, that we must look after our planet or risk destruction, one took place outside Harare,1994 and witnessed by 62 school children and the other, at Szczecenik, in Poland 2003 with the same message. Personally I am deeply pained by the wreckage done to nature by man and therefore feel emboldened to do what beings from other galaxies came all this way to tell us and confront people with, Please, before you board planes, remember planes consume oxygen. So does every car on the road. I have just bought a piece of land, only about a hectare. One hologram for its future is bleak, wind howling, hurricanes, blizzards, then one sunny snow sparkling day some roebuck deer appeared against the setting sun on the hill. They communicated for a long long time. With the power of our holographic ability we can save nature. This valley, home to deer and other animals will be saved. I realise how important it is to create a vivid hologram of how we would like our world to be. The purpose of life is to control energy.
Sovinec, Czech Republic

Date: 2005-02-11 00:48:20
David A. Anderer ( / no homepage) wrote:

Story of a Time Once upon a time there was a Land of Confusion and Wonder, and smack dab in the middle of this land was a village. In the village there were family groups and each group was just a little bit different than the other. Another thing that was usual about this land was that it was filled with beautiful magical butterflies. The wonder of the land was great and filled the people of the village with happiness and gratitude. But – the confusion of the land filled the people with discomfort. The people enjoyed the wonder but wanted to understand the confusion. Over millenniums the people had discovered that if they caught a butterfly and held it for a while, And were very quiet, and then let the butterfly go, they would get new insights into the confusion. These insights would unfold new wonders for them to enjoy. But sometime a butterfly would be caught but the villager would neglect to be very quiet. When this happened no insights would come and the confusion would persist. Sometimes the villager would be so upset and confused they would stomp on the butterfly. This was truly an unfortunate event for the whole village. One family who had this happen a number of times began saying that butterflies were not magical at all. Many in the village who had not yet experienced the wonder of the butterfly insight became doubtful. One day smack dab in the middle of the village, in the middle of all the families, a small child caught a butterfly. All the villagers looked on, some expecting a new wonderful insight and some expecting nothing. The little child held the butterfly gently and sat down on the grass and was very, very still. All the villagers from all the different families looked on. From the quiet place that surrounded the little child the butterfly emerged from her tiny hands. As the butterfly flew off up into the blue sky the child said aloud, “Oh now I understand!” With that the child arose from his place on the grass and began to fly above the whole village. The villagers were in disbelief but filled with a new happiness. When the child returned to the families he told them all what the butterfly insight was. And from that day on a new wonder emerged in the Land of Confusion and Wonder , everyone could now f l y. David A. Anderer )))))))::::::::)))))))))::::>^<::::(((((((((:::::::((((((( DNA - WATER - MEDITATION - PRAYER -

Date: 2005-02-09 10:32:51
Teresa George ( / no homepage) wrote:

What Freedom means to me - freedom from hardship, pain and sickness; to live a good life; of choices and voices; from the hold and control of world government; from the lies and deceit purpatrated by organized religion; from the corrupt financial systems; from the destruction of our plant; from the forces of darkness. Freedom IS, the great shift to the 4th dimension; first contact by our ET brothers and sisters; spiritual awakening of all mankind.

Date: 2005-02-08 23:25:37
Detox Dave ( no email / wrote:

daniel reid and detox dave - online expert guided fasting and cleanse programs - featuring the "cleanse community" - reclaim natural health and happiness, remove accumulated negative matter from the pasrt....

Date: 2005-02-01 21:44:02
Robert Landbeck ( / no homepage) wrote:

"A new scriptural synthesis and interpretation, [authorship unknown] entitled The Final Freedoms, which includes material from the OT/NT, Apocrypha, The Dead Sea Scrolls and The Nag Hammadi Library, to describe and teach the first wholly new Christian moral and spiritual paradigm for two thousand years is on the Net."

"And this is the first ever religious teaching, a gospel able to demonstrate by an act of faith, its own efficacy! That is to say, the first living and testable proof of the living God has been published and is circulating on the Web! However incredulous this may sound, if this teaching is confirmed, and there appear to be many who are attempting to do so, it can only be described as an intellectual and religious revolution in the making! "

The site where I found my copy of the manuscript [a 1.3mb pdf download] at is at

Date: 2005-02-01 00:55:48
Meria ( / wrote:

Your site and your work is much needed on this planet. You do a wonderful job spreading the light. I do too, but I have to include a lot of the ugliness. It makes the light look even brighter -
The Meria Heller Show
Founder of The Universal Medicine Wheel

Date: 2005-01-28 09:34:30
organizing committee ( / wrote:

so nice to see an active virtual community meditating on such topics
we have many common points
everybody is wellcome to collaborate

Date: 2005-01-20 23:31:51
ira rodrick ( / wrote:

loved your sites and info i agree 95 % with u on your views of gods order

Date: 2005-01-15 19:39:08
Sundari ( / wrote:

Dear Jean,

Maybe you would like to add the above mentioned Homepage to your site. This site details the life, work and teachings of Holy Mother Starlight Devi (who gives not only Darshan but you can also contact her in person for personal guidance) and includes extracts of her books, biographical detail, as well as meditation techniques and free advice on a whole range of health and self-help topics. From Experience I know that Holy Mother in Silence does a lot for the world and nature - as all Holy Mothers - this is one of her tasks on earth - next to helping humanity to change and really be what we are - a world of light

Love and light


Date: 2005-01-13 10:16:40
Consuelo Luz ( / wrote:

Dear Jean,
I hope you can post my new song "What Would Jesus Do?"
You can listen and download it from my website
Please feel free to share this song and link with your readers.
Below are the lyrics:

by Consuelo Luz 2004

We know that in Divine Order

All is unfolding as it should

But a part of the unfolding

Is each of us choosing what is good

We know that in Divine Order

All is unfolding right or wrong

Still we co-create with our choices

Still we love and sing our songs

And we ask:

What would Jesus do

If he were inside me and you

If he still followed the Golden Rule

What would Jesus do?

If he saw collective insanity

Made normal on TV

Violence, lies, hypocrisy

Perpetual war economy

Would Jesus privatize, contaminate, take away our rights

Drive us into debt till he bleeds us dry

Or would he choose life, of every color and creed and cry

And make sure the Earth and her creatures do not die

Would he sanction fraud and torture

To pursue power and greed

Lavish riches on those with plenty

Taking away from those in need

What would Jesus do

If he were inside me and you

If he still followed the Golden Rule

What would Jesus do? He’d say:

Love your neighbor as yourself

Ease the suffering of the meek

Who shall inherit my new earth

Forgive, but take action, is to turn the other cheek

If you torture the least of my brothers

that is what you do to me

One child starves to death every two seconds

Every two seconds you starve me

Thou shalt have no Gods before me

Of lies painted red white and blue

Of on the backs of children dying

A life of ease only for you

If you want peace, work for justice

Only then will you be free

Love is the answer to every question

I am you and you are me

So, what are we gonna do

With Jesus inside me and you

Just follow the Golden Rule

And do what Jesus would do

He would not give up on me

He would not give up on you

Just look at all the children, you will see

The love and beauty meant to be

So, if we want peace let’s work for justice

Only then will we be free

Love is the answer to every question

I am you and you are me

In lakech alakin (Mayan: I am you and you are me, what I do to you I do to myself)

Tikkun olam (Hebrew: To heal the world)

Date: 2005-01-05 00:26:36
Carolyn Fumia ( / wrote:

Dear Jean!!

Happy New Year!! Peace and gratitude to you! A couple of recent audient visions helped me to understand what is going on with G.W., the U.S. and the state of the planet and I wanted to share them with you.

In the beginning, we all knew our Divinity. We were of One Consciousness. There was no sense of separation, no illusion of duality. Time is only a circle. The beginning and end do not really exist. It is a perception only.

I was told this morning through an audient vision that George Bush is fearful of those whom he is loyal to and that he wishes to see beyond the veil. I was told that he may indeed shift to be in align with the will of the people, and the veil is thin to the completion of him doing right action for the good of the whole.

I was told the tsunami was the beginning of a major shift of consciousness and that we were all recalibrated to a new grid. The man made grids have no ability to oppress the peoples' spirituality and knowing of their Divinity.

The veils have come off humanity. It is a tremendous acceleration of consciousness, like a twinkling of an eye kind of shift. Everyone has been feeling a bit off balance until last night (Sunday, 1/2/05), and not very grounded or focused due to the change that has occurred.

There were grids set up by unknowing people to keep us in a state of duality, a perpetual state of spiritual oppression. These no longer exist as of 12/26/04, the date of the tsunami!!

As the Oneness prevails now, all will work together to achieve harmony, balance and the restoration of this beloved planet and her peoples.

The change is huge, but just like the beginning, when all was created new and as a paradise, so shall these coming times be, and then we begin a new, and so the true beginning and end are the same, a return of heaven on earth, a paradise planet of blue and green with fully conscious individuals with good will in their hearts and actions.

So, all is well! This year will be a year to remember because of all of the good that is brought forth in our lives, and with the new, comes the loss of the old ways which no longer serve our Highest Joy. This can actually be painful as we grieve the familiar and leap into our Grandness.

Happy New Years! I feel it is all good! It just is somewhat disheartening at times when we cannot view things from all angles to see what is truly going on, and I know what is truly going on is leading us to Infinite Grandness!

Lots of Love, Laughter, Joy, Happiness and Peace!!


Date: 2005-01-04 10:12:42
Harmony ( / wrote:

Hi Jean!

Thanks so much for all you do. The Rising Phoenix #33 compilation with "We Are One" was just what I needed to hear. I sat there at my monitor listening to the song with tears running down my cheeks. Just when we think all of us are beginning to forget who we are together, one of us will remember and sing it back to us:

We Are One

Date: 2004-12-26 00:55:54
arty ( / no homepage) wrote:

I signed on this year and am totally impressed with the quality ans well as quantity of important, significant material not otherwise easily available. Hopefully, Jean, you will carry on in our future. Arty

Date: 2004-12-23 12:53:28

Dear Jean,
Thank you for your extraordinary effort & work, our sincere admiration and respect for that.

We wish you a Lot of Love, Peace & harmony for the Holidays, for you and entire Family.

From your Nicaraguan friends in Jacksonville, Florida,

Rogerio Montenegro & Family

Date: 2004-12-21 16:47:51
Dr. Kelley Elkins ( / wrote:

Dear Jean,
I'm not one to make too big a fuss.. I tire of the bad news, enjoy the uplifting and Thank you for the compilations..Here's a dream I had last night, following really intense process session in Quantum Dynamics.

The hard way?

I had a most remarkable dream…I know many will say, “Well, its just a dream… So? Many indigenous peoples say our dreams are more real than our waking reality.
In this dream I (and a classroom of students) was given a chemistry test (was not one of my favorite subjects).. the first question was weird…and the multiple choice answers all over the place…it took me a while to get the answer -it was as if it was too obvious, too easy…immediately following this question was a paragraph about there being two of me and that I could put the “lean” on the other me…and it went on to imply that I could finish the test right there if I wanted other words it could be easy or hard… I was befuddled as if I didn’t trust it. As if there was a trick until I realized that there were only three of us still sitting. So I got up and handed in my test. As I stood and handed the test in there was playing in the background Lennon & McCartney “All You Need Is Love”. This song was followed by “She Loves You” and it occurred to me that “She” is Mother Earth…and furthermore, “America” is feminine. That the songs and the test were referring to Mother Earth with America as her representative for me…us.
That it can be easy or hard…the choice is ours and that we ARE loved…even though we’ve hurt her…we can apologize and BE LOVE.

All You Need Is Love -Lennon/McCartney

Love, love, love
Love, love, love
Love, love, love

There's nothing you can do that can't be done
Nothing you can sing that can't be sung
Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game
It's easy

There's nothing you can make that can't me made
No one you can save that can't be saved
Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time
It's easy

All you need is love
All you need is love
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need

Love, love, love
Love, love, love
Love, love, love
All you need is love
All you need is love
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need

There's nothing you can know that isn't known
Nothing you can see that isn't shown
No where you can be that isn't where you're meant to be
It's easy

All you need is love
All you need is love
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need

All you need is love
All you need is love
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need
Love is all you need
That is all you need
That is all you need
That is all you need
That is all you need

She Loves You -Lennon/McCartney
(think about “She” as being Mother Earth)

She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah

You think you've lost your love
Well, I saw her yesterday-yi-yay
It's you she's thinking of
And she told me what to say-yi-yay

She says she loves you
and you know that can't be bad
Yes, she loves you
and you know you should be glad

She said you hurt her so
She almost lost her mind
And now she says she knows
You're not the hurting kind

She says she loves you
and you know that can't be bad
Yes, she loves you
and you know you should be glad

Oo, she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
And with a love like that
You know you should be glad

You know it's up to you
I think it's only fair
Pride can hurt you too
Apologize to her

Because she loves you
and you know that can't be bad
Yes, she loves you
and you know you should be glad

Oo, she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
And with a love like that
You know you should be glad
And with a love like that
you know you should be glad

And yes, this may seem too trivial…Too EASY. So, what if it CAN be this easy? What if we are loved in spite of all we’ve, they’ve done? “You know it's up to you, I think it's only fair, Pride can hurt you too, Apologize to her, -Because she loves you and you know that can't be bad, Yes, she loves you and you know you should be glad ,… And with a love like that You know you should be glad”
Meanwhile, I’ve shifted gears…I’m choosing the intention to be loved and for everything to be easier --until it is easy. I’m choosing the easy way….I’ve done the hard way for too long.

In Truth, Simplicity and Love,
Dr. Kelley Elkins (Viet Nam 70-71)

In Truth, Simplicity and Love,
Young Kelley and Young Toni /
Visit us at where you can now read all our newsletters from our archives...
Buy Toni's book: Dancing With Death Through Senility Into Eternality ...

Date: 2004-12-11 00:30:40
Steve&Donna Kinniburgh ( / wrote:

Blessings Jean ....your labour of love is very much welcomed and needed.....Thank YOU!!

Date: 2004-12-09 22:54:57
Uttama ( / wrote:

Come experience the oneness and be a part of the global enlightenment phenomenon.

Date: 2004-12-07 23:05:56
Gary Schwartz ( / wrote:

Thank You

Date: 2004-12-05 22:22:17
Rich CrystalWolfe Baker ( / wrote:

Greetings All;

I am in the process of trying to get things started for next year here in the Cheney, WA area more awakened to spiritual things not religious things. Any ideas you have would be helpful. Am also looking for Speakers to come to talk to the community.

Aho, Bless Be
Rich CrystalWolfe

Date: 2004-12-04 10:40:08
Marg Garner ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello, Jean and all my fellow travelers of
the earth and beyond. Thank you, Jean, for
providing a place where we can all go, to
hear, to share, to be as one, in understanding,
healing, love and empowerment.
A few years ago I wrote a poem that I would like to share at this time---it was written for "US", today,
in this hour of our history.

I would also like to communicate
with people "out there" who are of like mind
and heart. Often, I feel isolated here in the
cold northland of Montana.

Here is the poem:


May the great waters
of the Creator
wash down
and cleanse us

Wash the blood
from our hands ---
our hearts.

Restore us, Creator,
all of us ---
every one.

Restore the earth,
and all her children.



Marg Garner
Butte, Montana

Date: 2004-12-01 01:26:45
Jane Ilene Cohen ( / wrote:

Thank you for this expansive, inspired site!

Date: 2004-11-30 15:32:12
Al Farthing ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Jean --- your messages are a wonderful addition to my weekly library of information about our wonderful world, and its destiny. We are well into the Age Of Information, and I consider it to be the best hope for the future that I have known in my lifetime. Thanks, Al

Date: 2004-11-29 09:07:33
Rita Hochstrasser ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you so much for all the effort and love you put into this website and of course the compilations you send out. It is great to have such information available. Question, do you intend to have a German text version also in the future? Again, thank you for all the great work! I wish you all you need to keep going on with this great mission!
Love Rita

Date: 2004-11-16 19:40:12
Steve Rangel ( / wrote:

Join our social networking site specifically tailored for Liberals and Progressives.

Date: 2004-11-16 18:16:55
an0nym0us ( / no homepage) wrote:

I don't think I should pay any intention to those so-called Indigo Children announcement (found in "The Light Series #68: Changing Realities").

These ignorant individuals have been asking for prayer for their bloody leader for almost two years. But they did not ask for prayer for the suffering iraqies at all. So far, what have we got? More than 100,000 civilians were killed in cold blood.

The Lancet figure was not exageration. I was told by an eyewitness that every family has at least two to three family members died in the hand of these so-called freedom fighters.. Worst the occupiers have been trying to bomb hospitals and blocking any path to the local hospitals to make sure the injured civilians die. Immediately following the recent death of the four contractors working for the occupying soldiers, they killed 70,000 people. So, if the eyewitness was right, the Lancet figure is indeed a reasonable estimate.

If I understand correctly, the indigo children have also been asking for donations. It seems that your god needs a exceptionally large amount of money. But for what purposes? I need to ask this question because many dying iraqies don't have enough money to buy oxygen due to the recent privatisation efforts by the occupiers.

Having a little of black magic does not means they are saintly in any way.

Date: 2004-11-16 04:17:23
Marg ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you, Jean, for your wonderful service
to humanity; we all appreciate you and need you! There is something amazing I'd like you
to comment on:
In all this "election insanity" did anyone else
notice the strange phenonomenon of the vote
"percentage" in Washington, D.C.? It was a
"blue state", and Kerry got 90% of the vote,
Bush just 9%. I have seen no one, anywhere,
discuss the implications this glaring difference holds. Just think of it. Why?
Perhaps D.C. was the one state where the vote
was not, could not be, screwed up? It was the
one state where the "true count" was made,
and probably shows the overall vote that Kerry "really got" in the U.S. election of 2004.
I find it amazing, and would like to communicate with anyone who would like to comment. If possible, could you include this
in a near=future earthrainbow network report?
Thank you and God bless all of you out there,
Marg in Montana

Date: 2004-11-14 23:28:30
silvia ( / no homepage) wrote:

I have no words to discribe the elation I feel when I read mathews messages and the beauty of your photographs....Thank you so much for keeping US focus on our divine plans. In Love and Light, Silvia.

Date: 2004-11-14 13:44:42
Stefanie Sormani ( / no homepage) wrote:

dear Jean and all other Lightworkers,

thank you for being here. At this very moment. To help change the world in the loving Eden it once was and will be again.

Love prevails!


Date: 2004-11-10 23:03:58
Pete Putra ( / wrote:

I enjoy the articles being published. They are informative and offer alternative approaches to our world problems. My site is American Indian owned and operated and wants to make contributions to cultural advancement.

Date: 2004-11-08 19:23:03
John Michael Greer ( / wrote:

Jean and all,

Many thanks for citing my article "The Coming of the Deindustrial Age" in your newsletter. The more people realize that we can no longer sit back and rely on big government, big business, big *anything* to bail us out of the predicament our own energy-squandering lifestyles have made inevitable, the more likely we are to get some of the achievements of the last three centuries through the long slow age of decline and contraction now dawning around us.

With my best,

John Michael Greer
Ancient Order of Druids in America

Date: 2004-11-07 14:02:19
galima chothia ( / no homepage) wrote:

wonderful work and i love the effect of the arrow with trailing stars !!!!!! great

Date: 2004-11-05 14:49:28
SCM0037 ( / no homepage) wrote:

First of all, I wish to thank you for your contributions.

But I noticed something which, I believe, is a grave mistake. Certain individuals keep telling people about the goodness of the UN weapon inspection. I think they are completely wrong.... They shouldn't keep their bloody mouth shut.... If they can't, they should encourage other countries to keep as many weapons as possible....

A scientific saint, Nikola Tesla, once mentioned the danger of air strikes in our generation. In order to bring "peace", instead, he told people to advance weapony technologies... If my memory is right.... he also emphasized that displomatic efforts are of no use. Whether he was right or not, Tesla was at least a light being constantly surrounded by light...

Throughout our history, there hasn't been any cold war with civilian death toll more than 100000. I have never seen any nuclear nation under apache attack or military oppression like what is being done on a defenseless nation.

Date: 2004-11-05 11:03:48
Tia ( / wrote:

send flowers, gifts to Nepal

Date: 2004-11-04 14:03:00
Barry Common ( / wrote:

Please spread the word about and sign the petition at Many have signed including John Joseph Kennedy, Karl W B Schwarz, Maichael Badnarik and David Cobb. Peace be with you all, Barry Common.

Date: 2004-11-01 14:35:40
Micheal ( / wrote:

There is a wisdom to freedom and the free expression in this site resonates wth positive energy. May sacred mother earth embrace your spirit and caress your soul. Peace.

Date: 2004-10-26 08:05:01
Consuelo Luz ( / wrote:

Thank you for your wonderful site and inspiring information that helps keep me focused on the light! I suggest you start posting beautiful inspirational music that we can listen to while we read all the mind blowing, heartstirring and soulmoving stuff. Music opens the heart and moves the spirit in ways that words alone cannot. I offer two of my songs to you and your members. Off my CD "Missing Water", the song "How Much Can Our Hearts Take" which has been playing on the BBC lately, you can download it from my site. I can also send you an MP3 of another song off the CD which would be very appropriate for you "We Mystified Children".
Many blessings and love to you,
Consuelo Luz

Date: 2004-10-26 07:13:51
Todd Michael Kjelland ( / wrote:

Hello, I am a new Author of a book titled "Words of the Angels - a personal experience" It is written as a personal journal about connecting with our inner voice (self). It is a 2 way conversation format and is very helpful to people searching for inner peace. I feel many of your members may find it enlightning. Thank you.

Date: 2004-10-21 14:57:48
Monique Bédard ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Avec les autres dans l'esprit du bien,je me sens moins seule et prête à continuer dans la prière pour la paix ,l'amour et le bien être de tous les Êtres humains.Oh Seigneur Dieu entends notre prière car nous avons faim de pain(la plupart cherchent leur nourriture et sont sans espoir) de justice et d'amour; la souffrance dans le monde est telle que seul notre père céleste peut nous aider.

Date: 2004-10-21 01:41:01
RobinRenee ( / wrote:

Thank you for your wonderful work for global unity. It is truly the day of "one shepherd and one fold."

Date: 2004-10-20 00:17:40
mark ( / wrote: - fake claims of 9/11 complicity that distract from best evidence (several of them are listed on your site) - 9/11 parable, 9/11 dictionary, best web sites
Understanding 9/11: incompetence, blowback, pearl harbor or reichstag fire? Hijacking the hijackers.

Date: 2004-10-14 19:22:16
Ethan W. L. Meanor ( / wrote:

This is a wonderful site you have here, and is inspired mine, which can be found in the link above, so please keep up the aweosme work.

Date: 2004-10-11 09:40:09
Tatomir Ion-Marius ( / wrote:

I would like to sign the Earth Proclamation-so,please add me on the list.Thank You.
May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Date: 2004-10-03 06:50:35
Michael Ahern ( / wrote:

Enjoyed the site very much. Amid the nonsense in this wild frontier of cyber space it is heartening to find life affirming, positive intention.

Date: 2004-09-30 12:46:11
Anne Khan ( / no homepage) wrote:

What a beautiful site, am so glad i've signed up for your newsletter ....... the state of our beautiful planet and inhabitants todate at the bullying hands of the heirachy just makes you want to break down and cry, cry, cry, but we must be positive and fight back, reclaim "Love, Peace and Light" and justice for Mother Earth and the oppressed ...... Little ways you can help is sign up for a email acc. with where every click helps and sign as many petitions with them as possible, also sign petitions with "The Union of Concerned Scientists" and any other sites that have petitions for Mother Earth, the Animal Kingdom, the Oceans and the needy ...... Together we can make a big differance .... ' THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD '

Date: 2004-09-28 10:20:53
laura ( / wrote:

Thank you for all you give us through this page, I would like to share with you an idea that came to me after a very deep meditation.
Love and Peace for the world.

Date: 2004-09-22 20:56:29
Ernesto Ciccarelli ( / no homepage) wrote:

I love the resonance of your frequency.6/18/37....Chi

Date: 2004-09-19 17:23:19
Sakeenah Myers ( / wrote:
See footage of the recent protests against the RNC. Interviews with prominent people, marches, theater

Date: 2004-09-16 03:49:35
Tall Trees ( / no homepage) wrote:

Somehow everyone of us who can invision a better world---one of real love and justice---needs to join with others and change the conditions now existing in our nation---on our planet. Kitty Kelly (author of THE FAMILY) says that W. Bush plans on winning by any means necessary.

Date: 2004-09-16 00:45:21
Saved By Grace ( / wrote:

I like your web site. It is full of usefull imformation. Were actively engaged here at Upper Applegate Community in petitioning our elected officials, both State and Federal, in doing something about the "Illegal harrassment" of innocent law abiding citizens at the rainbow gathering in Northern Ca, and not only there, but everywhere this sort of illegal behavior is going on. By sending emails to our elected officials, both State and Federal, were at least bringing it to their attention, which is important, and we encourage you to do the same. In the days ahead, we plan on starting a non profit tax exempt organization dedicated to providing Legal help and representation to the hundreds of thousands of innocent victims of police "brutality" and "misconduct" who have had their "Civil Rights" as well as their "Constitutional" Rights "crimminaly" violated by "crooked" and "dishonest" people wearing a badge, a gun and a uniform. Most of these people have no money and can't hire a lawyer or fight back because their broke and homeless, and its a known fact to anyone who has half a brain that the Police "prey" on the "defenceless" and the "weak", which is usualy the poor and the homeless, and last, but not least, anyone who has a "profile" they dont like, especially someone with long hair or dread locks. Everybody makes a big deal about racial profiling, but what about the other kind of profiling? The long hair dreadlock hippie looking school bus type "profiling" thats always going on? Were doing our part and we hope and pray that you all do your part in the days ahead. If we all come together and "drench" our elected officials with emails demanding this issue be addressed, we will get results. Peace and love to you all. Saved by Grace. Keep up the good work.

Date: 2004-09-14 15:18:49
Natalie Mannering ( / no homepage) wrote:

Please check out http:/ for an extremely dynamic scientist and lecturer, who your readers will really be happy to know about. This guy is worlds ahead of NASA, understands Tesla technology, what is happening in the solar system, and so much more.

Date: 2004-09-11 02:41:02
Zen ( / wrote:

This is a beautiful website . Thank you so much for your wonderful work. I will be adding a link from my site (or a banner if I can find one) so that more brothers and sisters can share in your heartsong's creation. And I invite Family traveling through Hawaii to come by and share hugs and aloha.

Date: 2004-09-08 23:03:46
Larry O. Blevins ( / no homepage) wrote:

" Hearts are opening up to spirit and to unconditional love. The 100th monkey phenomena is creating a chain reaction and mass consciosness growth. And we will knock the foundation out from under the hierarchy of fear! Those in tune with their intuition can feel this taking place!"
Larry O. Blevins

Date: 2004-09-03 23:03:42
Joelle ( / wrote:

New Peace Logo for 21st Century. Enjoy! And thank you Jean for your incredible work on those compilations! Here is my intentions for Peace & Joy throughout our world shall BE! It is Done!

Date: 2004-09-01 04:09:12
Ilona Ireland ( / no homepage) wrote:

Namaste to all. I am grateful for the depth of information that is presented by the Earth Rainbow Network. Some material amost makes me fall to the floor in deep grief and yet I know that I must hold my small light in connection with all the other lights and loving consciousnesses that seek to heal this planet and all sentient beings. May all beings be well, May all beings be happy, May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering, May all beings be at Peace.

Date: 2004-08-27 20:24:21
wizanda ( / wrote:

Open discussion on all religions and beliefs, Forums on all aspects of spirituality. The site offers the ability to post articles, photos, poetry, news, links, polls and chat about spiritual subjects.

Date: 2004-08-27 02:49:39
Pip Wilson ( / wrote:

Greetings from Australia,

A friend sent me one of your newsletters and I was so impressed I subscribed. I look forward to reading it as it arrives.

Date: 2004-08-26 23:00:43
Natalie ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Jean, I am a longtime reader of Earth Rainbow, and I wanted to send this link for other folks who are interested in Nibiru. This link is the only place where I have actually seen anyone do the math on the next probable date of Nibiru's crossing. Not surprisingly, it turns out to be 12/2012, according to Robert Solarian, whose website this link is from. If he is correct, it certainly would explain a lot of things. Much more on this website in the way of well documented articles (including Sitchin, Velikofsky and others) and plenty of footnotes. Namaste, Natalie

Date: 2004-08-20 21:04:17
Larry Blevins ( / no homepage) wrote:

Note: When the world realizes the spiritual connection is made though LOVE- Alot of walls will FALL!
IMAGINE: The Love based Initiative:

In a time when technology should be tearing down walls that separate people, we seem to be building them higher. I want to keep the goals of the love based initiative simple: to break down walls.

To show that there can be a national or world spirituality that doesn't conflict with individual freedom and freedom of thought. That compliments and does not necessarily conflict with ones choice of faith.

For a long time I had the attitude of a warrior. I wanted to attack those who built institutions with a foundation of fear, morality and conformity therefore suppressing the American values of individual freedom and freedom of thought. I now feel if their foundation becomes one of Love, Truth and Understanding, they can embrace this with open arms. I feel it's important that people unite in the name of Love!

As a child I thought in order to have any kind of spirituality, you had to take a leap of faith and you better leap in the right direction, for your eternity depended on it. Well I found out different; in 1989 I met on a heart space (fell in love).

From the very first night there was an unspoken communication between us we would say the same thing at the same time and share common thoughts. She was a professional counselor, and I was there for a healing purpose. I thought of the association as professional-client and the communication as person to person. I was not seeking what unfolded!!

It happen on the very first night of our meeting, I did not know it at the time but people do fall in love (meet on heart space) in an in instance. In the months that followed I went though four distinct steps. My first step was to try to deny it, to play it down as an infatuation; after all she was an attractive lady. My second step was to try to destroy it by looking at the rational. I had a family, two daughters and a son that was less then a year old. My third step to run away from it. I stop seeing this counselor. This did not work!

Step four; The Epiphany!!

I made an appointment and went down to see this counselor, and then it all came together. This was a joint adventure, I remember telling her what she feels for me is what she suppose to feel for everyone one the face of the planet. Inside I heard myself say what are you doing you fool, this is your soul mate. I told her that she has to see past the additive side of love, inside my head again (you fool you are going to lose your hold on her). I guess it is true, if you love someone set them free if they return it's meant to be.

It was a joint insight, and spirit was there, we both came to see that we needed to embrace this love we have for each other without demand or expectation, to love unconditionally. We did not have to hold, embrace or even be apart of each others life.

In conclusion: When two people meet on a heart space (fall in love). This open up an intuitive even telepathic connection between them, they have common thoughts even say the same thing at the same time. This is the spiritual connection, not to take away from the romantic connection (two individuals sharing the beauty of the world because they rationally choose to be together). It is a wonderful feeling to fall in love, where we get into trouble the ego see the other person as the source of those feelings, then the ego reaches out to possess that person in one way or form, just to hold on to those feelings.
This is the just the additive side of love, for "love is sufficient unto love" and "love has no other desire except to fulfill itself"

We can move beyond the subjective, we can have a rational world were people are thinking and planning for a better world for all people. We can keep a free economy by seeking balance. The strong must take care of the week but the weak must be come strong for themselves. The bottom line has to change from all for me and none for you to prosperity for all.

We do need to keep people out of our schools goals are control and to seek conformity rather then educate, enlighten and embrace individual freedom and freedom of thought.

Love is the light and the way, love is the truth that sets us free!

Intuitively you can feel, that there is a oneness space that transcends time and space, if you love somebody they are never far away even in death.

Faith, Hope, Love the greatest of these is Love!

There is a morality contained in this, to the right thing, because you are apart of the oneness of all that is, to do the wrong thing would be like cutting off your own leg.

Love takes away all the commandments yet all the commandments are contain in love, love does know right from wrong.

When the spiritual connection is made though love, faith becomes a secondary inner knowing.

"The lovers of the world need to come more vocal" - Dr. Leo Buscaglia-

This insight, this epiphany was the direct result of two books (James Allen's)( As a man thinketh) and ( Key Keyes Jr.)( The Handbook to Higher Consciousness)

Some of my favorite quotes from these books are: "As a man or woman thinketh, in his or her heart so is he or she" James Allen

The Law of Higher Consciousness states "To love everyone unconditionally including yourself" Ken Keyes Jr.

"Falling in love is not a basis for involvement" Ken Keyes Jr.

My dad did teach me to stand tall and be real, and though, every individual can find this for themselves; I will attest to all truths here. Larry O. Blevins

Namaste- The Divine in me recognizes and honors The Divine in you, and knows that we are one.

Date: 2004-08-20 03:46:27
Mark Stephens ( / wrote:

Just to expand on an earlier comment - thanks for your web site. There is a growing community out there of sites that are taking it upon themselves to do the work that our governments should be doing and I wish you all success with your venture in promoting global awareness and change.

Please visit where we present a thinking philosophy aimed at personal, corporate, social and global change.


Date: 2004-08-19 19:09:50
Lotus Wilkerson ( / wrote:

Please visit "Peace on Earth," a painting on the Angel Fine Art Gallery, which endeavors to portray some of the interactions of the angelic and nature kingdoms with us, and to depict a glimpse of the life and activities of those who have entered the non-physical dimensions. There are also some photographs of angels and spirits on the page entitled “Through the Veil.”

Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing on this website - it is much appreciated. The Matthew Books by Suzy Ward are truly awesome. There is also some information that was telepathically received by Helen Greaves, an English author, entitled "Testimony of Light." This is an extremely upliting and inspiring account of her friend's experiences after her passing.

Date: 2004-08-13 10:19:41
Graham Stuart Broughton ( / wrote:

Light - Dolphins - 11-11
ufo's - Essenes - Healing
Egypt - 'mystic' poetry
etc, etc,
Links to My other sites 'Essene Network international'

Date: 2004-08-12 06:37:08
Mark Stephens ( / wrote:

I like what you guys are doing. Please take a look at our site and add a link if you can. I can reciprocate.



Date: 2004-08-11 16:44:33
stone ( / wrote:

with a single month's experiance with computers I find myself totally thrilled with the new worlds opened to my perview. Naturally I find myself drawn to the rainbow & communities sites and I'm posting portals as fast as I find them.

Date: 2004-08-09 00:48:39
Anakhanda Mushaba ( / wrote:

I think that what you are ofering, the many resources that can be utilized by those who vist your site, is very awesome. So many peole are drwan to many different paths that all lead to the same place. I know Sizy Ward, Mash's Mom and I have all of Mash.s books. I also have a very interetsing book available that really need to be made available to the public for the info in it is very important and timely for all people of earth. this book is laying the foundation for something mucg bigger that will be here soon. Take a look at if you feel drawn to do so at mu website above. Thank you and Bless you immensely!

Anakhanda MUshaba

Date: 2004-07-27 15:49:37
James ( / wrote:

Few would disagree that misunderstanding between cultures and nations is running at dangerously high levels. What is more difficult to glimpse is a strategy to improve communication. What would it take and who could make it work? It is a question that is preoccupying governments, agencies, artists, educationalists, policy-makers and thinkers, the (responsible) media and others.

The British Council, a leader in the field of cultural dialogue, thinks that the time for debate about the role of cultural relations is now. Its think-tank, Counterpoint, is organising a global conference in London 2-4 November called Eye to Eye, where representatives of all these professions, and more, will join in discussion about how we stimulate the creative co-existence of people and peoples.

It is clear that the time is short for developing a new grammar of intercultural relations based on equitable dialogue and mutual listening. We hope as many will join us in discussion as possible, both in London and through the discussion forums on our website There you can find updates on Eye to Eye and register online for your conference place

Date: 2004-07-23 13:00:21
Debbie DEhm ( / wrote:

My website explains the different healing modalities I do and how to reach me. It also has some testimonials and a few of my channeled messages. I am a massage therapist and reiki master and also teach mediation and reiki.

Date: 2004-07-22 23:39:36
Annie Stanton ( / wrote:

I am lightworking in Australia, with friends, to help children inherit a cleaner, less toxic world. Please visit some of our websites for information. I am also learning to live in joy, in the now. Thank you for creating this website, and networking the efforts of all the good hearted people! love Annie

Date: 2004-07-20 13:52:20
Jessie ( / wrote:

Fabulous site! I especially liked the meditation link.
Yours, Jessie

Date: 2004-07-20 04:25:12
Paul Muscari ( / no homepage) wrote:

Glad to see a good-great thing...
Love paul

Date: 2004-07-15 21:02:09
karen ( / no homepage) wrote:

like a breath of fresh air....I enjoy the website!

Date: 2004-07-12 04:44:29
shane eden ( / wrote:

Great site: I have a link to your site on our site, too. Can we add you to our list of supporters? Peace rules, Shane Eden

Date: 2004-07-03 03:56:46
P.C.S.MENON. ( / no homepage) wrote:

Namasthe! Dear All,

I am grateful and blessed for this inspiring site and thanks God for everything. Only Love Prevails and thanks.

peace & love,

Date: 2004-07-02 18:22:55
Robert Mason ( / wrote:

Great site!! Thank you very much for sharing it all with us!

You are welcome to use the discussion forum at to contact other like-minded people, to share your thoughts and to help spread Light throughout the world by using the World Wide Web.

Many thanks

Robert Mason

Date: 2004-07-01 17:15:51
Chuck Burkhardt ( / no homepage) wrote:

"This human being thing, it's not working, time to move on." Gaia

Date: 2004-06-30 16:00:29
John McConnell ( / wrote:

THE GREATEST GLOBAL MYSTERY By John McConnell -- July 2, 2004. Today I listened to Charlie Rose and other TV progams, trying to get a sense of the big picture. The media again focused on power struggles around the world (present and past). The 700 club had Pat Robertson on -- supporting President Bush and his war in Iraq. It is such an enigma that Bush claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ -- who taught and demonstrated the power of his love to make friends of our enemies. Bush and Robertson praised the power of our military might and the ability of our soldiers -- who make skeletons of our enemies. Life is filled with so many mysteries. All my life I have tried to find a satisfying answer: Why are we here? Where are we going? Why do people think the way they do? What's life all about? Different religious leaders and moral philosophers have come up with different answers. I want to be fair and have tried to honestly consider what they all have to say. In trying to accent the positive I have found that most all of them teach we should obey the Golden Rule -- "Love your neighbor as yourself." Of course we are all influenced by many things -- our genes, our education, our culture and religion. My father was a Pentecostal Minister and I have fond memories of what he preached and practiced and taught his children. I also witnessed many amazing cases of answers to prayer and healing of the sick. But as I grew up, we witnessed a new age of science. I became Vice President of the Nobel Research Foundation in Los Angeles and met many scientists. Later, when I started Earth Day, I had the advice of Margaret Mead, a famous Anthropologist. With her help, I was able to obtain 33 Nobel Laureates as sponsors. In my search to better understand the mysteries of life I found that we had no evidence of a Creator, or life after death -- that scientists could agree on. To add to the complications we face in trying to understand the nature of things and the role of the human family on our planet -- its rights and responsibilities, we must consider the history and structure of our institutions (governments, banks, stock market, etc., etc.) Our society favors the wealthy and encourages the lust for money and power. "Son, make money -- honestly if you can, but son make money." There is also the issue of land rights. I tried to address this many years ago in my article, "Planetary Rights." I based my views on the verse in the Psalms that said, "The Earth hath he given to the children of man." This indicated that God is just and Planet Earth is for the whole human family. To implement this principle, every person on Earth should receive a minimum royalty -- representing his claim to his global inheritance. This would encourage him to be an Earth Trustee and pursue the Earth Trustee goal of "peace, justice and a sustainable future." I tried to address these issues in my "Earth Magna Charta" which is at I am told by leaders at the United Nations that my ideas and efforts helped end the Cold War and encouraged Earth Trustee actions. (Go to and type in "Earth Trustee") Had the world leaders and global media given suitable attention to Earth Day and its Earth Trustee agenda, there would have been no war in Iraq. There would be more peace and justice around the world and the new millennium would provide a new beginning for the human family -- with new meaning and hope for the future. The attitudes and actions of those like Martin Luther King, Jr., who demonstrated and proved the power of real love and nonviolent resolution of conflict, would have made war a thing of the past. Now at 89 years of age I again ask the question "What's Life All About? The more I have learned, the greater the mystery. To have a creation, there must be a Creator. The Creator must be aware He exists, or else I am in some ways superior to the source of all that exists. The Creator must be a God of Love -- for love is the greatest wisdom. And God must love His (or Her) creation. The greatest example of love in human history is the life of Jesus. His words -- his commandments and promises -- provide the way to forgiveness, justice and peaceful progress on our planet. Leaders like St. Francis and Martin Luther King, Jr. have demonstrated their value and pointed the way to a better future. However, on balance, the evil lust and misuse of money and power far outweighs the money and effort devoted to peaceful progress. With our billions for devilish weapons and misuse of power it is evident the world is headed for doom. THE GREATEST GLOBAL MYSTERY As I think about all of this I am reminded of the times in history when peace prevailed over violence. I believe we should accent the positive and have witnesses some miracles of faith in my life. I hope the word will spread contagiously -- that the faith that works by love can change the darkness into day. And instead of total catastrophe, we will see a new beginning for the human adventure with a promise of peaceful progress on this amazing planet. "Every time I hear a newborn baby cry, or touch a leaf, or see the sky, then I know why, I BELIEVE !!!

Date: 2004-06-27 12:42:42
Randy Fricke ( / wrote:

One other important thing I want to mention is that the best way any of us can do our portion is to make the most of yourself. Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want. We create our realities through our thoughts. We are responsible for the reality we create. It's simple. Just BE happy. Regardless of current physical appearances, focus on what you are preferring. That sets up in your mind what your reality will be. We create in the now. Time is an illusion. There is only now. OK. Who wants pie?

Date: 2004-06-26 10:22:30
Kevin Farrell ( / no homepage) wrote:

Just to say that I am deeply grateful for sources such as yours to tell us the TRUTH rather than the lies the US and UK (I'm from England) governments force-feed us.

I posted an email to my local Member of Parliament re the Iraq issue and his response
was that my mind was "contaminated". I ought, in other words, only to believe my and the US governments because according to him they are the only credible sources of "truth".

Amazing eh.

Best wishes

Kevin Farrell

Date: 2004-06-21 01:33:32
Shalom ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

The following website,,
holds world-wide meditations for world peace every Sunday at 3:00 PM (New York time.) Earth Rainbow Network has meditations for peace every Sunday also, but at 12:00 PM (NY time.)So I was thinking, these meditations should be held at the same time! Duh! The more people meditating at once, the greater the effect. So could this be organized?

Date: 2004-06-21 00:15:39
Virginia Essene ( / wrote:

I have been so busy the past 20 years producing 10 channeled books that I haven't taken time to just reach out via email and connect personally with those heart-centered folks who share my own deep commitment to life. So today I am pleased to have this chance to greet you and thank you for being here on Earth with me during these challenging times!
I'm also especially prompted to recommend a novel about spiritual politics (I didn't publish it) called The Shift: An Awakening... by John English. It really touched my longing for a way to create politics in America that carry forth the vision of what I believe our founding fathers wanted us to implement.
John's in AZ at if you can use a novel in which consciousness enters American politics and the Earth gets a voice.

Date: 2004-06-15 17:31:58
Samone Michaels ( / wrote:

Dear Earth Supporters,
As Director of CURE, a nonprofit organization that promotes independent research and unbiased education, we ask for your assistance. Please help us by holding visions of what Heaven on Earth is like to you. This sends energy to the global consciousness, and in turn helps what we are promoting. Another way to assist is by directing people to us that would be interested in joining our team or that are in a position to provide funds or assets. Please visit our web site for details at Thank you for making the world a better place.
Love & Light,
Samone Michaels
Director, CURE

Date: 2004-06-11 08:50:11
Ormungandr Melchizedek ( no email / wrote:

Follow the yellow brick road, it always brings you back to yourself!

Walking the Rainbow Bridge from one Heavenly Mansion World to the Next . . . .

Blessed Be The Source of All Blessings


Date: 2004-06-07 16:00:22
staff ( / wrote:

Hello & " IMAGINE... GOOD NEWS " …from

Creating A Global Network of… Community Centers…
In Every Neighborhood, Village, Town, City, Tribe...
All Around the World...

All with Community web sites...
All Connected Together,
Creating - One Global Community

Imagine… A Global Network of Community Centers
A New Way to...
Build Healthy Local & Global Community

A Way to Exchange and Share Information...
Ideas, Projects, Resources,
Education, Mentoring, Whatever,

Between People, Within Your Community...
And... Between People and Community Centers...
Around the World

OGC... Has On-Line, FREE to READ, How/To Books...
That Help Individuals, Groups and Communities...
Set Up & Operate, Local Community Centers...
Around the Earth

Click here for more info...
Pass OGC info On…

Date: 2004-06-07 09:52:49
Ilse Solskov Jensen ( / wrote:

Always looking forward receiving your very informative letters from all the World.

Date: 2004-06-03 15:25:29
Audrye ( / wrote:

Blessings everyone! It is an honor to share with you. What I am is a mystic intuitive channel artist writer with a wonderful project, Achee (Ah shayh'). How may we help one another? Achee's Mission is to cause peace, transformation and sustainability globally by creating learning and cultural Pocket of Peace centers and ecololgical sites. We have property in the Republic of Benin to build The Achee Light Center and an adopted village, Akim Anyinase, in Ghana, both in West Africa. Please join us on our first Achee African Adventure, a two-week voyage to Benin and Ghana, at the end of December through the beginning of January. I invite you to visit our website and email me. Your contribution makes this possible and creates miracles in y/our life. Thank you, and many blessings.

Date: 2004-06-01 19:16:19
Mihoko ( / wrote:

You are making such an enormous contribution to the humanity in their ascention process! Thank you and thank you! "The Cosmic Heart" is about Master S, an anonymous man or "man of light." He has anchored the Columns of Light throughout the planet for over 20 years.

Date: 2004-05-31 13:23:54
Steve Bird ( / wrote:

I am grateful to have discovered your inspiring website

Date: 2004-05-26 14:09:30
Diana ( / wrote:

Hello All! Thanks to the creators of this site which is filled with great info. I am here to help people transform their energy and their life back into remembering who we truly are. Please visit my site for info and let me know if I can assist any of you wonderful beings!

Date: 2004-05-21 23:35:25
Shirley ( / no homepage) wrote:

Enjoyed this site tremendously. Thank you for bring it all who are aware. Would like to see a forward ability on the web site. Would make it easier for those who are not up on the paste and copy

Date: 2004-05-19 19:47:25
Brenda Lieberman ( / no homepage) wrote:

HI Jean:
I really appreciate all that you do -it must take so much time! I would never have known about NESARA if it was not for your info.
I know it must be hard to screen all that you put out, but sometimes I get a sinking feeling about how much negativity compared to Light articles there are. Also, the latest Writing on the Wall series -at the end (#15.) the Kaminsky article included some very negative comments against Jews - how does this kind of article help us to all believe that we are one?
He said that God cursed the JEws and that they are a very difficult people - I was appalled that that would be included and that someone like you could be seen as endorsing that kind of dark thinking. Thanks again for all the lovely articles and websites you have connected us too also. Love and LIght, Brenda LIEberman

Date: 2004-05-13 06:58:42
Adam Lilien ( / wrote:

Dear Jean,

We have spoken before. Please if you could, link these to your list email: I will let these documents stand on their own merit.

The first time through scan through the whole piece.


and also amazing art accessed from

I can not thank you enough for the amazing service you are performing.


Date: 2004-05-05 19:54:17
Jennifer McMahon ( / wrote:

Submission opportunity: Original poems, artwork, photographs, short written pieces based on your personal spiritual experiences for the book Illuminations. First volume deadline: October 31, 2004. All faiths and spiritual perspectives welcome.

Date: 2004-05-05 07:34:25
Madan G. Gandhi ( / wrote:

An excellent earth care site. Felicitations to the team for promoting one earth mankind, enhancing awareness about dangers to the earth mother.

Date: 2004-04-29 23:17:24
Jackie ( / wrote:

Thankyou so much Jean for everything you are doing, it is immense and I for ome am totally appreciative of it. It is so hard to reach people about truth, I am trying in my humble small way for sure, it is hard. To give up would be harder still, just watching people go about their daily business oblivious of the truth, was reading about the music today, truly fantastic and true - anyway wish there was more I could do but I believe just attempting to share the truth where I can is part of it, somebody has to reach them, it hurts when I get a retort like (you don't know what you are talking about) doesn't stop me, anythanks millions for being there and God bless you.

Date: 2004-04-26 17:35:12


Please consider JOIN and if you have a website-
add a link to our RAINBOW FORUMS site at your site.
We can add local forums as well (and in any language).

Live Long And Prosper

Date: 2004-04-13 08:50:02
earthwatch ( / wrote:

Bush has repeatedly implicated himself in the mass murder conspiracy by having claimed to have seen on TV the plane crash into the 1st WTC tower before he entered that Florida classroom, which was long before the only KNOWN video of that crash was ever broadcast!

Date: 2004-04-12 05:17:50
eyeb1 ( / no homepage) wrote:

I can't in my wildest dreams imagine the fact, that this link is dead, is just a coincidence:

Date: 2004-03-29 05:44:21
Maxine Mesbergen ( / no homepage) wrote:

"Found" you at the discussion forum "People for Kucinich" and plan to go right back to thank the person who referred this wonderful website, and then plan to send my e-mail to you so that my mail will be enriched!! Have been a "Unity student" for 25+ years and recognize many of your beliefs, thoughts and meditations as the Universal Truth we all truly know.
Peace, Joy and Love,

Date: 2004-03-28 19:29:57
Guido and Ilse ( / wrote:

Lightworkers need to be aware of disasters like the one we just talked about, and the consequences that the disasters hold. After all, that which transpires on earth basically comes down to getting rid of debris. The real work is the work that takes place behind the scenes, in the invisible world. This work is a lot more important. We are asking you to send out a message to those who are open to showing the way to the Light to these groups of souls, using meditation and the power of though. As beacons of Light, you will contribute in helping these souls return to the Light. We would like to point out that your focus should be on a group rather than on an individual. Aim your light at the group instead of an individual person!

Date: 2004-03-27 15:20:52
Betty ( / no homepage) wrote:

I do so appreciate your articles. I did enjoy the book you wrote.Keep up the good work.

Date: 2004-03-17 11:45:00
Vincent ( / wrote:

I love this site it is a lovely one but i wish you people should give your lifes to God and stay cool

Date: 2004-03-16 02:01:26
Soul Graffiti ( / wrote:

Soul Graffiti LLC, (, was created with the single mission of building a worldwide community aimed at shifting consciousness away from "material graffiti" to that of "soul graffiti." We believe that through soul graffiti - conscious acts of kindness - we can leave a permanent mark on this world and upon the lives of others. We at Soul Graffiti are committed to helping others reach their potential and contribute to the world through acts of generosity and kindness, while providing a community of support and encouragement.

Date: 2004-03-15 06:02:47
Jeannie ( / wrote:

We seek to establish lasting world peace and healing, individually and collectively, utilizing nonjudgmental and nonviolent methods. These methods include healing, prayer, meditation, journeying, affirmations, intention and various gifts based on individual expression and contributions to the betterment of the collective.

So often we find ourselves feeling helpless in the face of the current world state. Our goal at LIGHT NATION is to offer an alternative to helplessness. We wish to empower those seeking to establish lasting peace within the world community through nonviolent and nonjudgmental ways.

We are a small group of healers and non- healers, religiously and non-religiously affiliated, concerned with the current world state. We seek to affect change in the direction of the highest good for all concerned through collective effort and coordinated focal points.

By determining a weekly focus we accomplish three things:

1. We make the issues of the world less overwhelming by focusing on them one at a time.

2. We focus our thoughts in a unified direction making our effort concentrated, longer-lasting and more effective.

3. We become unified for the higher good thus creating a new humanity.

If you or your group wish to join our efforts, please visit for more information. You may contact for assistance in individual and group participation.

Whether you choose to join us or not...we wish you great peace and many blessings on your journey.

Peace to you and all of will come because of valiant efforts such as yours.

Date: 2004-03-11 16:45:44
Jake Dudas ( / wrote:

Hello all at ERN,

I am an writer/author/radio host from Toronto, ON, CANADA. Last November you picked up (or at least someone in your forums did) an article I wrote in the Toronto Star entitled 'The Day the Music Died.'

You might be interested in the radio show I did on the same topic, as well as some of my other published writings about commercial culture. You can find them at

Thanks for your time. If you have any questions, or if I can be of further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me at


Jake Dudas
writer/author/radio host

Date: 2004-03-10 00:29:32
Jackie ( / wrote:

I am not sure I might already be a member, not sure except I have been getting emails about the meditation series. Love what I read and finally found your website and am totally impressed. Believe in Peace for all and somehow to eradicate the miserable sin called GREED from our planet, tis not necessary if we really do care for all with a LOVE that is ongoing and will produce more wonderful experiences, thanks for being there.

Date: 2004-03-08 00:54:07
don carl quixote ( / wrote:

We are forming a group that may support or complement your work. It hopes to touch a very broad range of people, even fundamentalists:

Dear Seekers of Truth, Life, and Liberty,

We write to offer and seek a vision
that will inspire and unite humanity
to transmute our worst nightmares
into the greatest miracle ever

Our current world path has high risk of collapse
However… opportunities are even higher
IF… enough people unite on a shared dream
bridging all barriers: e.g. race, religion, nation, EGO, etc.

We see Americans leading this quest
not with arrogant pride… but with humble service
transmuting fear, greed, hate, and righteousness
into peace, hope, love, and openness

An "I Have a Dream" caliber speech and event is needed
to inspire and unite people to this massive change
We’ll call it "WE NEED A DREAM, AMERICA"
A seed draft is in

We hope you read it with your heart
imagining the possibilities
contributing your own
believing with all your being
we can make our dreams unfold

In faith, hope, and love,
We Need a (forming)

Date: 2004-03-07 02:05:24
chamish ( / wrote:


You know my work and I'm very grateful you've let others see it. Now I have my own site.
Please tell your readers to have a look a

Best, Barry

Date: 2004-03-05 12:58:12
jeri ( / no homepage) wrote:

This is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for sharing....peace and love

Date: 2004-03-02 01:53:27
Clifford A. Green ( / wrote:

Thanks for creating this community.

Date: 2004-02-24 18:06:17
M.F. Belay ( / no homepage) wrote:

I tried the link provided on your site to suscribe to the mailing in english, but it does not get through.
Thank you for your help

Date: 2004-02-09 09:43:38
Don Weaver ( / wrote:

Jean et al:

Thank you for listing TO LOVE AND REGENERATE THE EARTH which I authored, but could you please change the link given to the new and only site: ? Thanks very much for that and all your work for Life on Earth! In Friendship, Don

Date: 2004-02-08 20:04:48
Cathy ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean,
Your compilations of 2/7/04 were so very stirring and informative, more so than ever before to me. I have been a Karmic Astrologer for many years now, so the writings by Kiara and the information about Venus were so wonderful to me, that I had to write and say thank you so much for your very insightful, thoughtful messages. I want to thank you so much for your total dedication to your purpose. I read every paper you send, and when I can't sit at my computer and read them, I copy them off and take them to the gym with me to read while walking on the treadmill. Thank you again and again, Cathy in Tampa, Florida, USA

Date: 2004-01-29 10:06:17
John ( no email / wrote:

Hello there, nice website you have here, I am writing as some time ago we were discussing the possibility of the Earth Rainbow Network becoming affiliated with the Progressive Webgroup Alliance, a coalition of free thinking and progressive online communities. For some reason however I didn't follow it up, anyway, I'd now like to invite you to list the website and mailing list at our website by posting a message under the "Join the Progressive Webgroup Alliance" on our message boards at with a brief description of and link to this website and i'll be happy to enter the details.

best wishes

Date: 2004-01-19 18:56:34
Dennis Barker ( / wrote:

good site...will be in touch about networking and common projects in the future
looking forward to working with anyone in london or the

Date: 2004-01-13 19:54:42
Guido and Ilse ( / wrote:

In Love and its Light to the Self. Center New Dimensions and Spiritual Meetingpoint

Date: 2004-01-12 18:17:40
Milton Kristensen ( / no homepage) wrote:

If there comes about a shift in the way the United States votes in some following national election,will free-enterprise or the corporate structure acquiesce, and/or will they already be converted themselves to bring about a good election and a workable system as a result so that we will eventually have a fair system in the west, spreading to the rest of the world, at least those that are ripe and interested? I am hoping that this will eventually be happening on a world scale. Milton.

Date: 2004-01-12 09:04:36
LILIA FIREFLY ( / no homepage) wrote:

Relieved to join you in Prayer.


Date: 2003-12-18 22:30:46
john francis ( / no homepage) wrote:

Please check out this website for peace!
Correction. See correct e-mail above.

Date: 2003-11-30 21:43:33
Laurie Corzett ( / wrote:

Study War No More

What lesson can be applied?
When imperialist troops crash down upon a people's pride?
When might as right meets the instinct to survive?
When Midas greed lashes out to destroy?
We've been here before, o my brethren, o my children --
repeating the fouled lessons poured into our thirsty minds,
pushing back the horror before our eyes with blinding rage
forged into weapons by mortal foes
who hide in plain sight.
The only thing I know --
The lesson repeating agony in all our souls,
Haunted by the pleading eyes and bloody hearts
Of the slaughtered sacrifices to malignant gods --
There is something vital here to learn.

Laurie Corzett

New American Anthem

After Shock and Awe
It's a transitional time
Of untidiness

We bombed in Baghdad
Now we have no idea how
To clean up this mess

Forget peace on Earth
Let the common folk suffer
And not have a say

Since god is with us
Against the rest of the world
We'll just have to pray

Date: 2003-11-29 18:25:47
Ron Van Dyke ( / no homepage) wrote:

Oh Great God, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Great, Holy Spirit that impregnates all Life with a Divine Spark/Spirit, Supreme Master of the Universe, I humbly implore You to bring Your Kingdom to Earth, not just in the hearts of humble people as you have been doing from the beginning of time, but now over the kings of the earth who rule in arrogance and greed.

You have awakened me from my slumber and sleep. You have reminded me of why I am here. I stand—hopefully with thousands upon thousands, even millions, of other pure-hearted humans—in the gap between humanity and the beast that was long prophesied to rise up out of the sea at the end of this age. That creature, along with hordes of false prophets well trained in the skill of mass hypnotism, towers over the people of the earth, yet it remains scarcely visible to the masses of my brothers and sisters lulled to sleep. But I have been graced to see it, and to know its plans for world domination that will show no mercy, to whom kindness is an abhorrent weakness. Yes, and I tremble at its awesome power and unparalleled wealth which it has stolen from the peoples of the earth. It magnifies and rejoices in creating terror and causing most to blame the innocent, thus setting one against another till both reap destruction and death. And this beast comes dressed in sheep’s clothing, deceiving church, temple, synagogue, and mosque alike. And even good people are temporarily blinded. Many lose hope.

Lord God Almighty, I had thought those who were preparing NESARA were moving things towards fulfillment of Your promises; yet, it seems that many of them have become bogged down in egoistic fights over who is the greatest and whose “contacts” are most pure and without error. (Some things never seem to change!) Have they, too, been deceived? Dove tells us that the Illuminati have won another round. Of course! When the so-called White Knights depend on human strength and wisdom, rejecting angelic intervention, all plans to implement justice on earth will fall short…just as the skeptics have said all along.

What do the people of earth need? As I see it now, oh King of all kings, we need an outpouring of your Holy Spirit as never before. That outpouring must shake people to the very center of our beings, opening the eyes and ears of the heart, and stirring up the healing gifts within us. The Lights need to come on and shine into the darkness so that people will, by the thousands, come out of their hypnotic trances. Truth needs to be told so that every man and woman on his planet will know what has been going on behind the scenes, things that would truly terrorize us short of knowing that YOU, OH LORD, are still in control. Together, in the power of Your Might, we are stronger and much more powerful than those arrayed against You and Your Holy One long prophesied and awaited by peoples from every nation, tongue, kindred, and tribe.

But neither any other nor I can do anything without Divine empowerment working at the conscious level of our beings. For too long, we have lived in doubt and fear, forgetting who we are in You, and who You are in us. Those doubts and fears have wrapped themselves around us like invisible steel cables, imprisoning us in thoughts and belief systems designed to alienate us from ourselves, from each other, and from You. Even those of us who believe have been weakened and deceived. No one is immune! That which is destructive has been strengthened, while that which is life producing—loving kindness, mercy, forgiveness, truth, integrity, justice, peace, empathy, healing, and many more valuable qualities—has been sacrificed in the pursuit of endeavors and “things” that can never satisfy the soul nor bring healing to the inhabitants of Earth. Jesus wept! And so do I.

And so, My Lord God, I put on, again, the armor of Your Spirit. And I implore You from the deepest part of my being: fill me with a fire, a passion that will not be satisfied until I see this entire planet filled with Your Glory shining forth on every face. Let my soul see, in this body, brothers and sisters coming together for universal good. Let me see, as you have promised, the just reward of the wicked workers of iniquity, as those who have been first, become last. Raise up leaders who will take us into the Promised Land. Do not hesitate to send us legions of angels to intervene in world affairs, separating between the sheep and the goats. Don’t wait until the beast’s plan of destruction has reaped more horrific devastation; but stop them in their tracks. Cause their grand weapons against humanity to malfunction and fail. Let their mighty “swords” truly be beaten in to “plowshares” capable of preparing the soil for a grand harvest of souls.

Let Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. So, I pray, this 29th day of November 2003.

Date: 2003-11-28 18:26:27

I LEAP OVER THEIR HEADS! FRIENDS - Think you will enjoy this regarding General Electric and Jack Welch. Please use as you see fit. Go to: The music is beautiful, too. Thank you.

Date: 2003-11-25 01:47:44
James Hoeschen ( / no homepage) wrote:

Harmonic Concordance Solar Eclipse November 24, 2003

I had been looking forward to experiencing the end of the Harmonic Concordance with a long walk in the outdoors with several possible special locations in mind. Then my wife reminded me that during the solar eclipse we would be attending a children’s birthday party then a dinner with her relatives in a brand new suburban development on the edge of the city. I began to think of ways to avoid the event but accepted that I was to attend with our son.

However, just before the eclipse was to begin a window opened up between the children’s birthday party and the dinner. I took a car across an old farm road to the phase two area of the development, a vast stretch subdivided woodland prairie with artificial lakes, to the furthest end where about a half a dozen houses had begun to be built.

Along the western side of the development was a oak forest that stretched for several kilometers along a small river called The Seine. I entered by the southern edge of the wood and arrived at a beautiful rapid that had not yet iced up. I began to meditate on the beautiful sunset, basking in the solar energy. I am a water sign and I tuned into the high energy frequency of the river. I stepped onto a rock, then another, then a very large one in the middle of the rapids. I was connecting with the 2D elemental energy. My mental self began to trip out and get high on the combined energies.

I began to do yoga and chose the bow pose (dandayamana dhanurasana). This was the first time I had ever done yoga in nature. Interestingly, benefits of that pose are to increase the circulation of the heart and stimulate the cardiovascular system by opening up the diaphragm. My physical self was preparing for the journey. I was able to get into full expression for a few seconds as I balanced precariously on this rock. I walked alongside the river for a while then paused inexplicably and saw a large deer partially hidden on the opposite side of the bank.

Brother Deer drew me across a frozen stretch of the river and I continued to follow him occasionally spotting him ahead of me. As I followed I began to feel more and more energized and I began to really FEEL, my breath, my body, Brother deer, the oaks, the small gullies and ridges, the whole forest, the wind, the sky. Oak is a dream symbol of strength and in this oak forest I was rapidly moving out of 3D and into 4D. I was in another much more subtle-energy world, I was in a waking dream.

Turning east and up a ridge, I walked straight into Brother Deer at less than twenty meters away. I continued to move forward, he was a massive antlered stag, he did not run but firmly stared me down and as I moved towards him I was overwhelmed by his energy, his power and his virility and dared not approach any closer. The stag is a dream symbol of personal power and this stag was a manifestation of my own awakening power, my expanding consciousness. I was Brother Deer and he was me. I was overwhelmed by my our personal power as I viewed myself completely detached from the 3D me! You could also say my 3D self shapeshifted into Brother Deer.

Still in awe and unable to approach any closer, I continued along my original path into a gorgeous round meadow surrounded by young pure white poplar trees and here I was then moved by the beauty and pureness of this place. It was sacred and I immediately became the sacredness of this place. I only needed to stay a moment for it was so pure. I was overcome with peace. I was now completely balanced and mentally clear. Brother Deer had sent me to this place to ground me when he sensed that I was overwhelmed by my own consciousness epiphany.

I followed a very clear trail and found myself standing at the top of a small ridge. I began ohming for at least ten minutes OOOOOOOOOH AAAAAAAAAH MMMMMMMMMM! My charkas were now fully opened and I was restructuring my DNA as I swung my arms around me, counter-rotating my fields of energy and activating my merkaba – the linking together of “mind, heart and physical body”. Amazing! Brother Deer, this time a graceful doe appeared at the bottom of the ridge to congratulate me and I left the forest only to have two more doe say goodbye just before I reached the car.

James Hoeschen Winnipeg, Canada

Date: 2003-11-23 16:04:22
george douvris ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Friends. As current domestic oppression grow, I feel it abusive not only to myself, but also to my wife, children and friends to continue living in this country. We have visited many places around the world and feel that a small island in Fiji is a wonderful alternative. During a recent ayahuasca ceremony with the Peruvian shaman Don Jose Campas, a vision for our intention of a place to move to came which is guiding me to send this information to you. Along with several other friends of mutual interests, we have already bought individual lots. Contact me if you would like more details. Basically it is a small island with white sand beaches, vast coral reefs, sparkling blue waters of the South Pacific, refreshing tradewinds, perfect year round weather and offering pleasurable relief to the mind and body of pressures and anxieties to modern life. Not meaning to sound like a real estate agent, but we are definitely excited and would like to share the opportunity. There are 500 inexpensive lots and half have been sold. There will be no more development on the island besides this one and 90% of the island will remain Fijian land trust. The best kava in the world is grown here and the situation very favorable for our spiritual freedom and neighbors with mutual interests.
David Miller, the project owner, has also expressed to me a great incentive to our friends as he too wants to see the community focus develop. If you decide to go to Koro and see the lots and then buy one, he will reimburse you for the flight over. So it becomes a free holiday to beautiful Fiji as a bonus.
This is a wonderful opportunity for living in a joyful neighborhood of diverse individuals with mutual interests while owning a part of one of the most beautiful places in the world. Walking, bikes, and horses are the main mode of transportation (a horse costs $100 here.) There is no polution and the dwellings are using solar power. Recently the center hosted a yoga and meditation retreat thus opening up more opportunities for the community. Ethnobotanical seminars and other consciousness exploration projects are being organized. We look forward to seeing you there. But do think about it soon as there are only a limited number of lots and a rising number of reasons to find better alternatives for living. Even if you can't move there yet or even full time, consider reserving a spot in our safe haven soon. Already the US government is making moves to take away passports for even small credit card debts while private prisons are spreading.
Blessings, George or

Date: 2003-11-20 16:51:43
elsie noble ( / no homepage) wrote:

this is a much needed site for linking many diverse writers and channels for info concerning peace and growth for earth.

Date: 2003-11-18 22:44:36
Bryan ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi I got to this web address by looking for things about Ken Carey. We are his neibors and we are interested in selling our home. We have five acres and a four bedroom home. We thought that the people whom moved here ought to be someone who could relate and love the atmaspere as much as we have, but do to one of our childrens health we are forced to move closer to a health provider. Thank you, and I hope we haven't emposed any of your time.

Date: 2003-11-13 20:14:20
Rev. Regina-Sophia ( / wrote:

Dear Jean, fellow traveller on the path to harmony and healing and beauty. Thank you from th e bottom of my heart for your work and visionary sharing of such diverse materials, I would never have time to find myself. Thank you for your courage and tireless dedication. Goddess Bless Love and Light,Blessings and Peace, Regina-Sophia

Date: 2003-11-13 01:03:47
armando jose g ( / no homepage) wrote:

yes there is a fraternity of rainbow

Date: 2003-11-10 11:51:10
Laura ( / wrote:

I had this info 'given' to me a few years ago. It was a mathematical formula and when I worked it out it was 3 notes: G, High C, and B; when played together,preferably on aluminum, it will create an A note in the Universe that will vibrate,creating a solidarity or solidness.(I have no idea what that meant) There was also a 6 pointed star that was apparent after doing all the math. I had /have no idea as to its signifigance, but an aquaintance ,on Sun.(I guess that was yesterday judging from the time now), told me it was the harmonic convergance, so I figured I should probably pass this info on to whomever knows what to do with it. I hope it is helpful.No need to contact me,unless you can explain its use or signifigance. I hope you can employ it by 11/11/03. Sincerely,LauraMy website is not up and running yet,for lack of money due to health problems-so our to-be business is not quite off the ground yet.So I have included our domain site we have reserved, but it is not 'up' yet.

Date: 2003-11-09 15:14:27
David Gray ( / wrote:

I am trying to get to as many people as possible with my free screensaver downloads for personal and planetary healing. Thanks David

Date: 2003-11-08 21:20:08
Paul :^) ( / wrote:

thankyou for creating this website it is good.

kind thought's,


Date: 2003-11-06 20:03:33
David Gray ( / wrote:

Free downloads of Mother Earth and other planetary screensavers to programme for personal and planetary healing. Thanks for the gift of your site. David

Date: 2003-11-06 17:35:56
QuanYin Cathleen Quinn ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Yous Website is a most Magnificient and Beautifully Presented Gift. I will pass this Loving, Knowledge and Wisdom on to my Mystery Schools, Family , Friends and Business Associates. Please let me know if I can help as I believe that you have the ability to " Help This World to Reach It's Blessed Destiny.

QuanYin Cathleen Quinn
I have attended Dr.Jean Huston's, Mystery School in New York, Dr.Gay Luces 9 Gates Mystery School in California,Dr. Brugh Joy's Mystery School in Arizona ,Dr. Michael Harner's Mystery Schools in California, and others throught the United States, and Europe.
I have lived and studied in Eslen, Findhorn, 2 Ashrams, Retreat Centers, Monasteries, Convents000

. in the West and East coasts of the U.S.,Europe and India for over a period of more than 25 years.
I Had my own Real Estate Company, Ran for the State Senate, Was an Acivitist for Social Justice, Community Leader and Raised a Family.I am looking for people who are interested in sharing their lives and ideas with others of Like Mind and Intention.

8 children

Date: 2003-10-31 18:15:32
Jette Møller Ibsen ( / wrote:

We have created af center for personal development. We want to tell people, that they are wonderfuld spirituel beings. We have transalted the message "Do you want us to show up" into danish if anyone would like to read it in danish.

Date: 2003-10-16 00:26:08
Tom Kay ( / wrote:

Gopi Krishna regarding Kundalini, higher consciousness


We thought your site might be interested in linking to this definitive
page featuring writings from Gopi Krishna regarding Kundalini, higher
consciousness, and the need for research into mystical experience and
the evolution of the brain.

We have a "reciprocal links" page where if you put in a link to us, we
will gladly put a link in to your site.

If you are interested in excerpting from any of Gopi Krishna's writings
or interviews in your publication, please contact us.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best wishes,

Tom Kay

Date: 2003-10-08 19:12:00
BluebellWanda ( / no homepage) wrote:

Rainbow blessings and love, light and laughter, thank you so much for being here now when we need you the most. We are starlight we are golden we are one. I honour the light within each and everyone of you, BluebellWanda.

Date: 2003-10-01 07:55:36
Michael Ahern ( / wrote:

Ancient dreaming (eg Aboriginal Dreamtime) is modern networking. Welcome to ATSOHE-The School of Human Ecology.

Date: 2003-09-26 19:52:17
Rosemarie Jeannero ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi, I am so glad that I got introduced to your web-site. I did not know there were so many of us and I am happy to add my light to all of the others, together we will shine away all the darkness on this planet. Peace, love and blessings, Rosemarie

Date: 2003-09-18 07:30:41
Hervé DAOUST ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am very happy to simply see that you exist. From now on, I would like to be informed of your activities.
As for myseld, I am recovering from depression - anxiety - chronique fatique. I still don't know what to do next. Fortunetaly, I am retired. I ceased working in 2000. Then I started to study Psychology ... but I am not finished ... another year or two to go for my bachelor degree. I would like to continue but I don't have the energy at the moment.
When I can, I translate from English to French as a pasttime.

Date: 2003-08-20 05:14:54
Anahata ( / wrote:

Thanks for your inspirating site,
maybe you are interested in free music for meditation etc.?
Please visit my sites at or and maybe you tell me your suggestions..
Light-Love and Peace

Date: 2003-07-29 16:37:21
sawyer ( / no homepage) wrote:

1Love. Jah bless your quest. Lets clean up this mess.

Date: 2003-07-17 11:25:06
Serge Joseph Grandbois ( / wrote:

I admire your efforts with Earth Rainbow Network, and I'll put a link to your site from ours.

Our website explores the very human aspect of my spiritual journey with the channeling of the Spiritual Entity we call Kris. Our world has a great need of enlightenment and Kris seems to be up to the task of helping us reach that next level.

On our website you'll find gems and insights into the human condition, workshops and soon to be sold digital recordings and transcripts of channeled sessions. Kris is a true Spiritual Teacher, who's perspectives are the most profound and challenging since the late Jane Roberts and Seth phenomenon.



Date: 2003-07-08 16:07:05
Judson Witham ( / wrote:

Fort Leonard Wood and Whiteman AFB are flying TANKERS and Spraying all the time. BIO Defense is their DOD Primary Command. See The US Whitehouse Press Release on BIO Sheild and look for aticles on previous BIO Weapon Testing by Fort Dedrick MD. Angel Hair or the FIBERS being seen were back in the 1950s called ANGEL HAIR. See Encyclopedia of UFOs edited by Ronald Story 1980

Also See

The Great Texas Bank Job
The Looting Of US Banks and S&Ls by the Government and Politicians the CIA it's REAL:

Search For The Great Texas Bank Job on Google or Yahoo

Your Brother In Christ

Date: 2003-06-26 15:22:50
Charyl Miller Pingleton ( / wrote:

Hello! So much information! Judging by your site content, I think you may enjoy my new book called 'Angel Unaware'--It has many spiritual messages within the story. Take care! Charyl-

Date: 2003-06-11 01:34:26
Montagraph ( / wrote:

Found your site looking up the word "Corpocracy"!Have a great year!...........S.Q.

Date: 2003-05-31 06:41:03
Kristie ( / wrote:

What a beautiful and amazing lil' site....I wish there were more people close to me that felt this way...i seek them out daily...thank you for this promising and enlightening site:) I wish everyone well and send many many can never have too many hugs....or friends...peace, love and light to all....

Date: 2003-04-25 23:15:43
Patricia Rose ( / no homepage) wrote:

Beautiful website!!! My friend found you & I am SO glad she did!!! I share this with lots of folks!

Date: 2003-04-17 16:00:17

FRIENDS - Think you will enjoy the first 3 chapters of my upcoming book, I LEAP OVER THEIR HEADS!, regarding General Electric (GE) and their reprehensible behavior. You can read them by going to The music is beautiful, too.

Date: 2003-04-17 11:18:24
Corey ( / http://www.CoreyMondello.Com) wrote:

A GREAT website. Also, the email list is wonderfully full or helpful eye-opening information.

Date: 2003-04-15 20:12:08
Fred Burks ( / wrote:

I'm so excited to have found your site! Thanks for the incredibly empowering work you are doing. I think you'll like the site I'm coordinating at I also coordinate a research website at you may find very interesting. Thanks so much for all you are doing! Take care and have a great day!

With much love and thanks,

Date: 2003-04-13 00:09:13
Emily Bligen ( / no homepage) wrote:

This is my first time on your website, but it will certainly not be my last.

Date: 2003-04-12 05:16:34
Guido ten Berge and Ilse Nijssen ( / wrote:

PEACE: THE THIRD WAY! Peace or Protest? Perhaps it is good to have a closer look from an unprejudiced perspective at the way in which pacifists and other groups active in the peace process operate, as well as our own role in this process. Many great souls such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishnamurti and many others knew that peace through protest in whatever form creates the opposite. War results from peace and peace results from war. When we take a closer look at these two opposites, we will see the similarity in connection with the creative principle. In itself there is nothing against these opposites because we also accept being born and dying, growth and decay, action and rest, and so on. Once the individual consciousness increases, these opposites will begin to show more harmony towards each other, as a result of which extremities such as war will no longer be necessary. Everyone has the power and strength to change his/her life circumstances. Higher frequencies of Light consume and transform the lower frequencies and as a consequence we ourselves become capable of changing the energies in our lives. In doing so we obtain the ability to remain objective regarding war and are no longer touched by it. A change at one particular level affects the other layers of consciousness in and around ourselves. When we are present in our Unity all layers are in harmony and agreement: ‘As above, so below’! We gain insight into the fact that all our actions derive from ego or power. As long as we are not yet conscious of this ego, this will be at the cost of others (our opposites). Precisely the polarity of our thinking makes it possible to maintain harmony. The ability to see the quality of life once we work intelligently and are empowered. If this experience is bypassed then our opposites will become clearer and we will no longer see the true value of this opposite image. Based on the law of polarity, everything exists in continuity and has an opposite. We are able to neutralise and transform any unwanted thoughts by concentrating on their opposites. This is the law of mental vibration. It can be used to conquer a storm from a sense of calmness by no longer tuning in to the energy of the storm but by simply letting the storm rage itself out. By simply letting the energy take its course without us feeding it or paying attention to it or connecting with it based on fear. We need to create space within ourselves. A space of the kind where we rediscover such as the space that develops when too much water is transported by the river and finds a temporary outlet in washlands so as to prevent even bigger disasters from happening. This action in advance sees to it that in case of a calamity we act neither actively nor passively but rather are able to be positively actively present where help is needed. The law of action engenders activities that support the thoughts, feelings and words regarding the connection of Heaven and Earth. Heaven needs to be connected to the earth and thereby anchored. This can only manifest in our 4th and 5th dimensional thinking. The 3rd dimension requires action necessary for the realisation of manifestations. In the 5th dimensional realm of consciousness we create by means of our thoughts the space to enable these manifestations to take place. Through our actions we become conscious of this 5th dimensional area of creation and its power and this enable us to create eternal peace; this is what Lightwork is all about. Therefore all work that is not ego or emotion bound and is in tune with the most High is Lightwork. This means that the work does the work without us putting ourselves on a pedestal and proclaiming what is good and bad while basing our actions on this. This does not mean that people cannot be against war. It simply means that we no longer try to convince others of our viewpoints via protest since this in fact is equal to waging war. Each emotion, war or whatever else is suppressed, will sooner or later rear its head again since it is linked to its own rhythm, patterns and cycles. This is the reason why these things will continue to manifest until such a time that we change ourselves. This is a Divine law. Therefore never be too emotional or enervated, never again be negative, because all this deeply permeates our consciousness and once again looks for its opposite. It is very important that we are extremely cautious regarding people and groups that wish to manifest themselves on a large scale. The true Lightwork and its peace will take place in the invisible, in simplicity and in our hearts. Therefore it is no use trying to convince someone against his or her own will because it will not change the other’s viewpoint anyway! Each soul needs experiences, also an experience necessary to gain understanding as to why a war has developed and why it was reversible. Based on the law of relativity, each person has his/her own karma to work through. This means that each and everyone one will have to go through a number of problems and experiences since these are the tests of initiation that each soul needs in order to strengthen the light within. Therefore continue to regard these tests as challenges linked to our heart while we ourselves deal with our problems. It teaches us to compare our problems to those of others and to see everything in the right perspective. After all, no matter how difficult the situation, there is always someone who is even worse off, and this in turn makes everything relative. We often have an inner battle going on inside us, one having to do with pain that has not yet been processed. We strive towards outer peace and yet continue to be at war with a family member due to hurtful events from the past. Everything originates from the unseen and therefore mankind needs the physical image to become conscious of the unseen. A human being is a dualistic creature and wishes to manifest itself in good and in evil while its soul becomes conscious of this illusion. There are three groups of souls on this planet: 1. Those who are in favour of war. 2. Those who are opposed to war and protest in whatever way possible. 3. Those who let the work do the work. Letting the work do the work is a continuous process of peace in connection with the Self. It is the silence from which may spring a fragmented and more dimensional viewpoint. We then come to realise that nothing can be steered from a collective consciousness which has not first come to enlightenment in every soul. On the scale of mental evolution, a human being is the only one with a sense of an individual soul and therefore humankind’s creative force is so strong. Animals have a group soul that expresses itself in instinctive behaviour. If human beings lowers themselves to this level, they enter into massive protests, acquire things that everyone else has and identify with the group instead of searching for the Light within their own Selves. Let us hope that we will come to understand this from the heart. Guido F.A.P. ten Berge Also see the article ‘What is true peace?’

Date: 2003-04-09 08:18:55
Bryan Carlson ( / no homepage) wrote:

Your comments are completely wrong about the war in Iraq. You ignore the horrors of the Saddam Hussein government. Thank God the United States is willing to sacrifice to set these oppressed people free. You should be speaking out against the evil Islam which preaches murdering and killing all who will not be brainwashed into joining this evil cult. Islam has waged war and murdered countless people throughout history. This type of evil thrives because so-called good people look the other way and refuse to speak out! President Bush has the courage to fight against this evil!

Date: 2003-04-06 20:08:20
mark mulligan ( / wrote:

You and your friends might find interesting reading in LEARNERS: On the Move from Weaponworld to Peaceworld, my 400-page Web samizdat on World Peace.

LEARNERS rejects touchy-feely sentimentalism and moralistic bombast. Instead, it studies the pragmatic, nuts and bolts specifications we require to construct a solid World Peace in our lifetimes.

• Why we’re not there already;
• How we achieve it; and
• What we should expect once we get there.

I launch this work freely through the web, in direct defiance of every way the United States shows itself to the world, these days.

Instead, I invoke what is best in Americans: our heroic freedoms and liberties that have nourished us into benevolence, peace and prosperity -- our glorious birthright. I believe it is our duty to offer this gift up to the whole world, lest we lose it altogether.

Please search – peaceworld, learners – in Google.

www. peaceworld. freeservers. com (link deliberately broken to circumvent anti-virus censorship software).

Please tell your friends about this. Tell me, too, what do you think about it?

In cheerful anticipation,


Date: 2003-03-27 01:41:15
Taza Guthrie ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you for the deep service you provide all of us, Planet Earth most definitely included! Your efforts help sustain my faith in the belief that Peace Will Prevail On Earth.
Blessings to you and yours, Jean.

Date: 2003-03-24 09:27:40
Pono Kealoha ( / wrote:

I am Hawaiian and Proud of my race & land ...... What the U.S.A. is doing to Iraq, is just another "REPEAT", of what was done to the Hawaiians and the Kingdom of Hawai'i...
Aloha to you Jean and your thoughts & site.
Alwayz Aloha,

Date: 2003-03-23 16:57:42
Kathleen Scott ( / wrote:

I applaud your good works! I have listed your organization on my website of people, companies & organizations promoting higher consciousness on planet earth:

Kathleen Scott

Date: 2003-03-22 20:51:30
Geri Rodriguez ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean:
Thank you so much for your newsletter coming to my home. Your newsletter has been the voice of reason in my life day after day. As a citizen of the USA, sometimes I feel so alone in my beliefs as do my husband and children. Reading our newspapers and watching TV news make us feel so isolated, scared and depressed. When I open your newsletter, we know we are not alone. We have hope from so many other like minds. Thank you for spreading light in our world.

Date: 2003-03-18 05:54:55
Jo Dean & Ed Graham ( / wrote:

Very insightful. Guiding Spirit's vision is to bring people with diverse Spiritual gifts together to work as a group in a collective effort to share their gifts in assisting those on a Spiritual path. We have a terrific contact and absent healing section where a fee is never charged. Love and Light, Jo and Ed

Date: 2003-03-18 05:40:37
Myles ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean

Whilst surfing today, I found the website ''. I would recommend you take a look at this site. It was very interesting to read what the so called 'enemy' really thinks. I was particularly interested in an article called 'There goes Mr Bush again', written by Tarik Al Maeena, and tried to submit a comment on the article. Unfortunately, I don't think it got through. In the hope that my comment does not get lost due to technical difficulties, here is what I wrote...

I think the most pertinent quote in this article is, "You're either with us, or you are a terrorist".

I first heard G W Bush say this just after the September 11 plane crashes, and at the time assumed that these were the words of a distraught man. But no, it appears that he actually meant them. Well, out of the window go democracy and free speech.

Wait a minute, the French aren't 'with him'. Neither are the Russians, Canadians, or a whole string of other countries. In fact, the number of countries that are 'with him' you can count on the fingers of one hand. And even in those countries, the majority of the populace does not agree with their country's support (certainly not without the backing of the UN).

So the question is, who is he going to bomb next?

To quote Pastor Martin Niemoller...

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

Martin Niemoller was speaking of Hitler and the Nazis. They picked on small groups of people, claiming that they were to blame for the problems that Germany was facing at the time. Does this make you think of anyone else? A bit of finger pointing can work wonders when things are not going as planned. Get the people behind you and suddenly you can commit any act of depravity in the name of 'good'.

G W Bush has also been heard to say, "The evil one is among us".

Of this, I am sure.

Date: 2003-03-12 13:45:09
Guido ten Berge and Ilse Nijssen ( / wrote:

Spiritueel Trefpunt is a contemporary meeting place and pays attention to spiritual and paranormal subjects. We are independent and very much down to earth. We try to throw light on different elements in the spiritual and paranormal world. Love and Light, Guido and Ilse

Date: 2003-03-11 23:57:29
Gayle Kirk ( / wrote:

Gayle Kirk is an Experienced, Honest & Caring Psychic Medium, Healing Facilitator, and Channel for Divine Spirit. Through her work, Gayle helps people all over the world connect with the love, guidance, wisdom, and healing light of Spirit. Gayle offers telephone and in-person Mediumship / Psychic / Channeled Readings, Chakra Balancing Sessions, and a variety of spiritual development classes. Please call Gayle at 617-489-7717 or visit

Date: 2003-03-09 16:02:46
Takeo AMATATSU ( / wrote:

Nice to meet you from Japan.War is not the answer.Pepole over the world can decide our future, not by Bush.See you again.

Date: 2003-03-03 21:23:56
David Snape ( / wrote:

Thank you for helping to spread the word about the awful persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Date: 2003-02-28 21:35:57
david isaiah hedelman ( / wrote:

What a wonderful place. My home page Reiki for Reconciliation and Peace shares a committment to the blend of spiritual pursuits of peace being one pathway to realizing harmony and unity.

Please visit there as well

Date: 2003-02-24 00:35:38
Amy ( / wrote:

You have a Wonderful website!

Date: 2003-02-19 05:19:11
Meria Heller ( / wrote:

Thank you for speaking so highly of my show at in your newsletter. You do a beautiful job with your site as well.
Much love,

Date: 2003-02-11 04:56:42
Rev. E ( / wrote:

I have found your articles to be very inspiring.
Keep up the Light work! Would you like to exchange links?
live to serve and serve to live,
Love Beams,
Walk in Light, She/He will always guide,
Walk in Light and there will be Peace,
Reverend Edith Bello Church of the Creator (COTC)
I remain in a state of Divine Right Order ®\
"Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them.."
Richard Bach ILLUSIONS

Date: 2003-02-03 12:53:26
Svein Olav Blindheim, Norway ( / no homepage) wrote:

BLACK BLOOD (tempo : ca 240./western swing with Texan accent)

Back home in good ol` Texas where my father used to live
where moral`s high and tax is low, you take more than you give.
”We`re a peace lovin nation” my daddy said to me
and one day you`ll be president for all the brave and free.

There is one thing, son , you got to do for me before I die
only than I`ll have peace in my heaven up in sky
Clean up that place for me and finish off the job
I started back in ninetyone to wipe out Saddams mob
- they got:
Ref: Black Blood - Black Blood- Black Blood—in their vains

There`s a renegade loose down in Bagdad my son,
you wont have my blessings til the day that he`s gone
He`s filthy, he`s evil he`s dirty and he`s mean
he walks arround in skirts and never had real blue jeans ?

Go for that gunsling with the black and big mustash
his debts are high , his standards low, a man of no courrage
I tried to kill him slowly but he managed to survive
so this time son, I only want him dead , not alive.
he`s got
//:BB://--- in his vains

He`s scared like hell but smart as well, you wont know who to frame
cause he got a bunch of lookalikes, in fact they all look the same.
it is an act of mercy just to let them burn in hell
so no ones gonna blame you if you take the rest as well.
cause they got
//:BB://---- what a smell

I know they`ve sendt inspectors there to check his ABC,
he claimes to be a reader , but he doesn`t impress me.
Despite of what they find and despite of what they say
He`s got a hell of a well, so what more can I say
we want
//:BB://-------in USA

I`ll ask my friend All Mighty God , if he can help you out
Desert and deceit was things he used to know about
If Saddam`s close to Allah- than closer he shall be
when you have stoned him, Georgy Boy, and put him in hell for me

he `s got a //:Black God,-in Bagdad://3x---- a moolvie
We want//:BB://-------
only then you`ll know for sure cause theres never ever been a real cure for
//:Black Blood:// -- We want Black Blood! ---don`t you?

Date: 2003-01-29 14:18:55
Loni Webb ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Jean, I have just read & copied out to share with others The Writing on the Wall Series 13: Chronicaling the Fall etc. & just had to email you for the first time & thank you for the valuable information that you gather & share with us. It makes me feel less helpless to know the truth about events & to gain strength from knowing that there are many others 'out there' who see the world situation as I do & not as our political leaders & newspapers tell us. Thank you most heartily for the service you give. many Blessings Loni

Date: 2003-01-24 04:59:33
Sharon Shane ( / wrote:

Visit the web site and join us in The Great "OM" Event May 23, 2003 5:00 to 12:00 PM Worldwide.

Just takes commitment and focus on intent to chant the sacred OM.

Read the channeled info here:


Date: 2003-01-22 15:21:10
Yvonne Shobhana ( / wrote:

Thank's for bringing important messages out to the world !!!!

Date: 2003-01-16 16:00:53
Christa Fricke ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello; I have been trying to link to the - with no luck. How does a person get a copy of the books written by Suz Ward - they sound very interesting!!

Thanks bunches and cheers, Christa:)

Date: 2003-01-09 06:36:33
LYNDA HENDERSON ( / no homepage) wrote:

Maitreya Ishwara
Maitreya Meditation Centre
760-788 Wakamarina Rd Havelock 7154 Marlborough New Zealand <>

Q. Do you advise participating in prayers or meditations for peace in the world?

A. Source is in full control of all events, and wants everyone to do exactly what they have already been programed to do, including praying for peace - and making war.
If war is destined to occur, no amount of prayer or meditation, even by all six billion of us, would make the slightest difference to that outcome. If war is not destined to occur then it may appear as if our peace meditations made a difference. That appearance would be illusory, for nothing can ever change the predestined outcome of events that were written into the cosmic story long before humanity existed.
However, you may feel better about yourself by focusing your energies on peace and by creating a more peaceful atmosphere in your own heart.

Personally, I leave decisions about war and peace and all other matters in the hands of the One Power. I am in love with reality as it is, because it is how God wants things to be now, and because rejecting reality is the foundation for suffering.
If a violent climax is required before the world can truly evolve into the coming age of enduring peace, who am I to attempt to interfere with God's carefully crafted saga?

I wish those who pray for peace well and, if you pray or meditate with them, you will likely find more peace in your heart if you focus on purifying it with unconditional love of life as God.
In case you do develop any psychic power and attempt to bring peace to Earth, pray that you never use that power to manipulate anything for personal gain. Misuse of psychic power happens only to those who have previously developed it - usually through their previously good intentions.

God programs many well-meaning people to try to make a difference to the state of the world. But all outcomes and events were decided long ago and will not change no matter what anyone does or does not do. Even so, you may well benefit from a selfless endeavour to make a better world.

I invite you to join me in a meditation that is certain to succeed in your own transformation into a conscious and peaceful warrior of truth and lover of reality. Meditate on the total perfection of each moment as it is in you. Accept every experience you are given, especially your difficulties and limitations, with conscious equanimity. Surrender your ego to the fire of Now that burns in your centre as the eternal awareness of Source

Existence is structured in complimentary and antagonistic pairs of opposites. The contrast of yin and yang, male and female, day and night, war and peace etc, create the dynamic balance of energies that allow life to have full meaning and depth.
Leave the outcome of world events in the hands of the Mystery that created them to be as they must be - for reasons that are perfectly just, balanced and very complex.

Enjoy your sublime let-go into trust in life as God and become a lover of reality.
Freedom from ego, with its perennial shadow of suffering and illusion of being an individual doer, will certainly follow.


Removal Information:

Occasionally friends send us the email addresses of people who they think might be interested in the Centre and Maitreya's work. If you feel you have received this email in error and do not wish to remain on our mailing list, please do the following: Press Œreply‚, type Œremove‚ in the subject field and type your email address in the body of the message so that it is clear to us just which address to delete. We have no wish to disturb you with unwanted mail and will happily honour your request. Love.

Maitreya Ishwara

Maitreya Meditation Centre
760-788 Wakamarina Rd Havelock 7154 Marlborough New Zealand
Tel +64 3 574 1062 Fax 574 1063

Date: 2003-01-08 20:04:39
steve curran ( / no homepage) wrote:

I have found some realy good reading from this site and got alot of knowlage to, found yous on the spiritweb site love the storys and the inspiration on this site. just like to send out there in to our beautifull world to all our brothers, sisters all the peace we need at this moment of time. That their his more love in our world than we realy do know So with all us like minded souls out there we can change things around for the better of all man kind. We can keep our thoughts on peace and love and try to chage things this way. I send all my love and peace out in to our wonderfull and most beautifull planet we live on. By for now steve

Date: 2002-12-28 03:35:31
Tim Tipene ( / wrote:

Flowers of peace to Islam.

On the 27th of January, representatives of the United Nations will report on the weapons inspection in Iraq. America and Britain are hoping to lead an attack on Iraq following this date.
I ask that this be the day for you to give a flower to Islam as a symbol of peace and to demonstrate that you do not support this intention of mass violence on Iraq.
Either lay flowers at the gate of a mosque in your area or give a flower to a Muslim.
But please respect Muslim tradition. Men only give flowers of peace to Muslim men, and women only give flowers of peace to Muslim women.

Through this act, our government will witness our desire for peaceful, non-violent resolutions; and that we do not want our country to be party to war. Our government’s attempts to support the violence against Iraq, in order to please America, will only bring acts of violence to us all.

Our cry for non-violence encourages peace.
Our silence will only add to the violence.

Regardless of what happens before or on the 27th of January, please give flowers of peace to Islam, on the day.

God bless.

Tim Tipene.

Please forward this message to others.

Date: 2002-12-07 23:21:17
Irmie ( / wrote:

I am delighted to have found your site through SpiritWeb. It is wonderful to know that there are so many loving human beings to bring such valued information to seekers. Thank you for being there!

Date: 2002-11-25 21:02:02
Carolyn ( / wrote:

Congratulations and much love and peace to you all on your wonderful and empowering website!
Please pop in to my website and have a wander around it and if any of you have an article to contribute to my Wisdom Seekers Newsletter please send it along. Love & rainbows Carolyn

Date: 2002-11-11 14:37:49
JAHN STARR ( / no homepage) wrote:

Please join me in LIGHTING A CANDLE for love and peace EVERY SUNDAY EVENING at 9:00 p.m. across the planet.

It is a symbol of our LIGHT within radiating outward to all of life, carrying the intention of the BEINGNESS OF LOVE and PEACE for all of the earth and beyond.

Thank you for your work as LIGHTBEINGS- for carrying the Light within and giving the Light to others. IT IS NOW THE TIME TO SHINE AND PASS THE LIGHT TO OTHERS!

Date: 2002-11-09 20:22:46
roni satori ( / wrote:

We all have to work togheter now. Every human can help with ideas, alternative ways, ... with his/her energy. It is time to change


Date: 2002-11-06 18:57:30
Mariola Carlo ( / wrote:

Dear owner of this site, we are still here at the above website:John & Mariola Carlo.
Thank you for keeping some of our material on your site. It gives people history of what we have done in the past and who we are. Thank you for a great website.
Love & Light to all

Date: 2002-10-16 17:59:56
Lightening Woman ( / wrote:

Tansi One and All,

I just wanted a way to say Hello and I hope you will take some time to wonder over to our web site. I think many of you would gain some useful information and enjoyment.

Hope to hear from you, Peace!

Date: 2002-09-27 20:50:06
BeiYin ( / wrote:


Date: 2002-09-27 05:37:55
Lois Hartwick ( / wrote:

Channelings from Sananda for the global community toward anchoring light and creating etheric pyramids to harmonize frequencies now creating unrest, lack of clarity, proclivity toward war, etc. Messages from Thoth,St. Germain and Hilarion will appear.

Date: 2002-09-26 15:35:01
betts richter ( / no homepage) wrote:

thank you. perhaps it is time to impeach bush. my only reservation is that what we resist persists. CHOOSE PEACE NOW!!!!!

Date: 2002-09-24 04:20:24
Dave Meehan ( / wrote:

Awsome site thanks for all the great info,
please keep up the good work light will prevail

Date: 2002-09-18 18:32:07
Jody ( / no homepage) wrote:

Here is the website that has the 90 page document from "Rebuilding America's Defences: Strategies,Forces And Resources For A New Century " reported on by the Sunday Herald.

Date: 2002-09-15 02:56:09
Linda Lavin Scheper ( / wrote:

During this week of Remembrance in New York, I had a transformative experience I would like to share. I was privileged to be a part of "Spark in the Park" in NYC with a group of healers from NY, NJ & Arizona. We worked in Battery Park (opposite Ground Zero) and Washington Square Park, offering a variety of healing modalities to many who were still experiencing the effects of 9/11/01. I was thrilled to spend a day helping people heal by using N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Techniique) and Reiki. (I am a psychospiritual counselor and was given 4 days of N.E.T. training (free!) last Oct. with the proviso that I "pay it forward", which I have been doing by helping relieve the grief of many firemen's wives.
It was so gratifying to see people helping people heal their shadow selves and integrate those previously-disowned parts. There is a palpable shift from the perception that we are separate to the awareness that, as the Mayans put it, "I am another you." I feel the integration, the movement towards wholeness, as we leave polarity consciousness (3D) and move towards compassion (5D). People, we are doing it! We are truly healing the rift, individually and collectively, as we move away from "right/wrong, good/bad" thinking, to more and more often feeling with the heart - compassion. And as I saw "Lady Liberty" across the water, I had a felt sense that many more "other selves" were beginning to understand the connection among us, on an intuitive level, perhaps at the level of the morphogenetic field. Perhaps she represents freedom on another dimension. Freedom from the ego and the darkness of judgment, and an enlightened awareness that oppression and revenge have no part in the solution we seek: world peace.
I just wanted to share this vision of hope. Namaste! - Linda

Date: 2002-09-10 13:22:02
Diane Larocque ( / no homepage) wrote:

Bonjour Jean,

Surtout, bravo pour ton magnifique travaille. Je me demandais aujourd'hui s'il ne serait pas possible, de quelque façon que ce soit, de dire à l'armée américaine que nous ne voulons pas qu'ils obéissent aveuglément à n'importe qui, y compris les politiciens sans scrulules comme Bush. Ils doivent savoir qu'ils doivent écouter la majorité, c'est à dire le peuple. Après tout il doivent prendre conscience que la terre est là pour tout le monde et non pas pour une petite poignée de gens riche et sans scrupule. Je pensais qu'on pouraient écrire une lettre où tout le monde pourait signer sur le net par exemple, et ensuite leur envoyer la lettre.

Quand pense tu?

Diane, merci et bonne journée.

Date: 2002-09-08 10:44:09
véronique ( / wrote:

this website is not an esoteric one but a site which wants to catch your conscience when you traval..I just make the tourisme being human and show that travelling and visiting you can help your brother..
My site in dedicated to a poor country called djibouti

Date: 2002-09-08 01:45:42
Diane Larocque ( / no homepage) wrote:

Bonjour Jean,

Bravo pour votre magnifique travail. Je vous écris pour savoir s'il y a des groupes de gens qui se sont déjà adressé à des hommes de l'armée, ou si il y a des pétitions qui leurs ont déjà été adressé, pour leurs faire prendre conscience du danger qu'ils coûrent s'ils vont en guerre contre l'Iraq au lieu de suporter les gens en faveur de la paix.

Merci, Diane.

Date: 2002-08-28 08:52:21
Theresa ( / no homepage) wrote:

I recieved a email yesterday about a crop circle that had dolphins in it .I was wondering if anyone knew of a website that might I view this at. Thankyou t

Date: 2002-08-06 03:07:35
ilsa bartlett ( / wrote:

want to join your group for the greater good of human kind. sincerely, Ilsa

Date: 2002-08-06 02:36:30
ANastasia Alexander PhD ( / wrote:

I am thrilled to be connected with such visionary and world spread energies--please know I am totally i sync with your enrgy and thought--let us speak further about connections. blessing Anastasia Alecander PhD

Date: 2002-08-05 22:56:39
Yaron Fishman ( / wrote:

Steps To End The Eye For An Eye Cycle In The Middle East And Around The World:

1) Military forces must reduce the violence addiction by using hi-tech, non-lethal weapons more often. This would prevent civilian casualties and educate the children who search for their heroism.

2) Distribute video recordings of Israelis and Palestinians working together in peace activism to all media stations and to those (especially children) who would otherwise not have access to such content.

3) Recognize the entire earth as humanity's home and caregiver.

4) Recognize that humanity is a family.

5) Recognize that poverty is one of the main causes for war and expand the global campaign against poverty.

6) Recognize that how we treat our planet is a direct reflection of how we treat our human family. We must expand the global campaign against pollution. Alternative/higher technology energy is necessary in order to heal our sick planet. Greed driven oil dependency must end.

7) Recognize and study the idea that all life forms are relatives of life's family. Reverence for all life may be the result of such thinking.

8) Use energy gathering events such as the Olympics to educate and unite the people around the world.

9) Recognize and study the healing potential of bilingual peace chants such as "Peace, Shalom, Salaam."

10) Keep studying and sharing ideas for global healing.

thank you for considering these suggestions...

Peace, Shalom, Salaam


Date: 2002-08-04 05:20:30
janae weinhold ( / wrote:

your website is great . . . have you been following the work of Mike Ruppert? His work should be included in your postings. You can find him at

Date: 2002-07-15 05:22:09
Nicolas Rousseau ( / no homepage) wrote:

Here is a link I think very useful for people of the Earth Rainbow Network, since, in our quest for truth, we are often presented some conspiration theories.

The Political Research Associate organization ( works at exposing lies, false myths and wrong logical thinking. More precisely, The Political Research Associate organization ( has for mission to look for accurate information and to analyse the strategies and claims (like scapegoating, conspiracism, etc.) used by some in way that perpetuates oppression. Political Research Associate wants to denounce such claims to quick fix solutions that are harmful to the deep analysis of the structural problems and that are harmful to the research of solutions for equity.

Peace and Love^^~

Date: 2002-07-11 22:10:35
john downs ( / no homepage) wrote:

Did you know that the oil industry discharges some 3 million tonnes of barium, a toxic heavy metal, into our environment every year?

Date: 2002-06-20 13:50:58
Kaye Phillips ( / wrote:

Conventional media chooses to make money for the corrupt John Dean, but fails to mention this historical work about the Identity of Deep Throat ...the brotherhood of Journalism is unwilling to turn on its heroes

For Immediate Release…

More information contact: Kaye Phillips (540) 381-9077
Fax: (540) 381-0113


As the 30th Anniversary of the Watergate Break-in approaches, a new book by Thomas O’Malley finally reveals the identity of one of America’s greatest, yet until now anonymous, heroes- Deep Throat.

Kept secret for decades by the Washington Post, Deep Throat’s identity has until now been the subject of speculation with most surmising the famous source was a well-known and highly placed individual. In his book, Deep Throat- Fact or Fiction, attorney Thomas O’Malley debunks the myths and reveals the real Deep Throat: Joseph A. Lowther, Administrative Assistant to Watergate Judge John Sirica.

An experienced and gifted trial attorney, Deep Throat was a manic depressive. A veteran of the OSS (the precursor to the CIA) who enjoyed good connections to the FBI and CIA, he often drank too much and could act irrationally. Despite all his frailties, during Watergate when our country faced its greatest constitutional crisis, this one man came forward and made a difference. “He took on Sirica and Watergate, not for personal acclaim or to gain notoriety, rather so that he could be of service to his nation and his court. Those were his sole motivations and were only a part of what he did as a lawyer.”

O’Malley, a former United State’s District Attorney in the District of Columbia, and close friend of Lowther's, makes his case in Deep Throat- Fact or Fiction by citing the deathbed confession of a man who by Bob Woodward’s own admission was a source. Just why Woodward and the Washington Post continue to keep Deep Throat’s identity a secret is painstakingly examined.

Here is the inside story, told from the offices of the Court where Watergate was tried. Deep Throat- Fact or Fiction unveils the mystery - who the man was, why he became “Deep Throat”, how he helped bring down a President and why his identity has been kept secret for too long.

The electronic book is currently available for sale on the Internet at The price is $12. Use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (available on the Internet) to read the book. Advance orders for the printed hard cover version, due to be released in 2002, can also be requested from the web site.

# # #

Date: 2002-06-12 12:43:45
Sabine Lichtenfels ( / wrote:

Dear Friends,
I appreciate very much the work you are doing in this network. Particular the combination of the spiritual and political issues. Therefore I want to present you the work of Sabine Lichtenfels. Enclosed I send you her invitation to the Ring of Power. If you want to know more, please visit her homepage.
Thank you very much,
Janka Striffler (for the Ring of Power)

Invitation to the "Ring of Power" by Sabine Lichtenfels
Dear friends,
The violence is closing in, the global ring of violence becomes tighter and tighter. It seems to eat up the last oasis’s of hope. At the same time more and more people decide in spite - of this insanity - to commit themselves to peace and to a meaningful live on earth. In this context it becomes more and more clear to me how closely spiritual research and political acting belong to each other. This years peace camp "Peace in Palestine and Israel" ( originated from a peace meditation.
After being asked repeatedly, I decided to start an experiment. I call it the "Ring of Power". The Ring of Power addresses all the peace workers who know that spiritual research and political acting belong to each other. You will only be able to realise as much peace in the outside world as you have realised within. In this time of the globalisation of violence everybody who is active in peace work needs an active training, which provides the personal strength and knowledge to walk the path of trust and fearlessness. The close cooperation with all powers of peace is the connecting thought of the Ring of Power. We go to the spiritual sources which feed our capacity for free and loving action in this world. I myself do a morning attunement at sun rise to connect myself to the power of universal love and all cosmic peace powers. Everyday at sun rise I go to a special place for this peace meditation. I wish that a spiritual-political meditation ring around the globe starts, which holds the Ring of Power. Thoughts create reality – may we strengthen the peace bringing powers by our meditation.
There were many committed peace bringers. Courageous people, who connected prayer and political acting and who left behind a precious knowledge, which we can apply daily in our concrete peace work. I will gather quotes and excerpts, from time to time also portray a person from whom we can learn a lot.
You will find sentences of strength for the week, insights from my meditations and occasionally statements concerning the concrete political situation. Additionally a new webpage will be launched for the Ring of Power, on which current news and diary notes can be read. We will let you know about the start.
Apart from your decision whether to participate in the sun rise meditations, you can participate in the Ring of Power. It is meant as an inspiration for all who seek new courage and thoughts for their peace work. I will send my thoughts into the Ring of Power each Monday. You can add a personal peace prayer and distribute it to your network. Thus the Ring of Power will slowly but surely grow and create a network of the heart. I ask everybody who wants to participate to send an email to . It would be great if you could support the Ring of Power also financially but it is no condition. The money will finance the spiritual-political actions which come out of the Ring of Power. Right now it would be used to pay for flights for young Palestinian peace activists to come to the Israel-Palestine-Camp. I will inform about donations and their use. I look forward to a creative cooperation.
A warm welcome to the Ring of Power - a network for peace workers.
Yours Sabine Lichtenfels
Please mark in which way you want to become part of the Ring of Power. We will only send out the messages to people who explicitly wish so. Thank you.
Yes – I want to participate in the Ring of Power and receive your emails____

Yes – I want to participate in the Ring of Power by receiving and forwarding your emails____
Yes - I want to join the Ring of Power and the morning meditations regularly____
Responses please to: (German: )
Financial support please to the following account:
Amelie Weimar
VR Bank Fläming eG
BLZ: 160 620 08
Kto.-Nr: 4102056100
Keyword: Ring of Power

Date: 2002-06-04 21:32:39
nikki ( / no homepage) wrote:

i think its really cool that we keep the hippie hood alive. They were the only ones that have beleived in peace for every living thing. And they are the only one w/a heart. Don't you wish we lived then!!!!!

Date: 2002-05-29 02:21:54
Joy Rae Freeman ( / wrote:

You are so right on! Thank God for Spiritual Warriors such as yourself. I think it would be interesting to get some behavioral scientists to analyze how Bush reacted when he got the 9-11 news while at a Florida school. I have always thought it was pretty coincidental that he was in Florida that day. But when looking at the clip showing him get the news - (he's a terrible actor, among other things) Well, see what you think.


Date: 2002-05-25 12:15:25
Lynn Montana ( / no homepage) wrote:

I receive your great newsletter, and I just wanted to tell SOMEONE! I think the FBI and the CIA actually did not fall down on the job but are being unfairly blamed by the administration to cover up the fact that the buck stopped there. In thinking about it, the intelligence agencies both, during a time when we were not on code red or even blue, did pick up on infromation from various sources and from the field, just as they are suppossed to, but when they tell the Admin. it goes no where. When they want to investigate soemone, they get orders from higher up to pull back. Now we are watching the Bush Admin blame the FBI and dump all the heat on them form "not doing their job". We need to speak out and stand up for them, unless this is an even bigger plot for "how to take social security fund money to pay for this "war" without the people objecting. Thanks for all your work Jean, a fan, Lynn Montana

Date: 2002-05-21 12:34:53
Corey Mondello ( / wrote:

Your website is very inspiring....Thank You.

The Conscious Living Homepage

Date: 2002-05-10 06:22:38
Andre CNR ( / wrote:

Lovefull Greetings from the swiss Rainbow-Family ! RB-Info allover, see ! Welcome Home !

Date: 2002-05-05 22:38:11
Prof E. J. Light ( / wrote:

A most enchanting web site indeed. I find it full of good information and very comfortable to spend a lot of time here. We at Light Mission extend a very grateful appreciation that you are here for others to "See The Light". "Once you have opened that door and experienced that grace, once you have had that experience, the door never quite closes again!" -- Anne Shulgin (Mindstates Conference)
Welcome To Light Mission Enlightenment Books - Click Here

Date: 2002-04-19 11:53:35
Aannsha Jones ( / wrote:

Hello, I'd like to welcome you to "Healing Truth for Personal and Planetary Evolution" at the above address ...

Contained within this site are pages that I have filled with both my observations and also techniques which, when practised consistently over the years, have brought me so much abundance in many areas: health, personal relationships, career to name a few.

More recently, I have added a new section: Future Visions 2012, that incorporates messages I received in 1990 and which I now see were given to me to share with the world at a later date. That date is now, and the future you are looking to create is within your hands ...

I look forward to seeing you at Healing Truth,
Kind regards

Date: 2002-04-15 23:33:39
Arlene Johnson ( / wrote:

Dear Jean, We're definitely on the same page and we agree on issues. The American people have been led down a path of no return and I am despirately trying to save them and the world's people as well. There are so many Americans who do not understand that it's very nice to find one who does. Thank you so much. Arlene Johnson Publisher of True Democracy (La verdad sobre la democracia) the unique and accurate history e-magazine that empowers those who read it because of the boycott that's contained in it.

Date: 2002-04-15 22:23:28
Hooshmand Kalayeh ( / wrote:

Dear People of Goodwill Everywhere,

I have been inspired by all the great heroes of humanity who sacrificed their lives for our freedom! I hear God cry and feel humanity's pain! This is my calling to let the whole world know where do I stand! I am seeking
your support! Please be my voice and let all of your friends in Earth Rainbow Network and around the world to know about God's dream, my dream and your dream!

Earth is darkened with dust of injustice, division and disunity!
Where are the Light of the World?
Humanity weeps at the fewness of the champions for world peace!
Where are the peacemakers of the world?

The time has come for people of goodwill everywhere, regardless of race,
religion, gender and nationality to work together, like fingers of one hand, to cure the blight on our unity. I dream that one day all the people of the world will get
together, once a year on September 11, to remember heroes of our hearts and
plant seeds of unity in the heart of our community, city, country, and all
of humanity.

Vision of world unity is the seed, world unity is the root, different nations of the world are the branches, we are the leaves and world peace is the fruit of tree of humanity! A world united is a world at peace! Let's
take the first step toward embracing World Unity for one day! Perhaps then
we may be able to do it for a second day and so on.


Hooshmand Kalayeh

A thousand miles journey starts with a single step. Please be Light of the World and let my voice to be heard!
Let's take the first step toward a unifying vision to illumine the darkened
Earth. Please sign my World Unity Day petition. You can find it on the Web:

Date: 2002-04-05 03:45:07
Alanna Hartzok ( / no homepage) wrote:

Question - Some people are questionning the truth of the story about the Minnesota woman who is experiencing a massacre in Ramallah. Please verify this story posted on your site. Who knows this woman, how, is there a phone number to verify the truth about what who she is and what she is saying?

Date: 2002-04-05 01:25:45
Evin O'Ryan ( / wrote:

We are always looking for ways to unite with others to help build the New Civilzation. Any suggestions?


Date: 2002-03-30 05:34:14
Gidion ( / wrote:

peace is in our hearts
if we take back our individual power
take back the GOD within
we will create peace from our deep love of humanity

Date: 2002-03-15 18:58:40
David McLeod ( / wrote:

Thank you for your wonderful site.

Date: 2002-03-13 13:19:01
Barbara Ann Rossi ( / wrote:

What a Magnificent website!
It would be an honor to link with you.Our website is for parents and children who desire to become Masters of LOVE!
We are dedicated to empowering families to live the highest version of family life through the One Power of LOVE each day, here on Earth!

Date: 2002-03-10 17:45:58
Linda ( / wrote:

Wonderful information! I look forward to spending more time here. Peace, Joy and Love...Linda

Date: 2002-02-21 13:12:48
Mike ( / wrote:

Hi Jean! Congratulations on your Earth Rainbow Network website! I have linked to your website from my stress management site. The link can be found on my site map page... In the section headed: "Healing & Personal Development Opportunities in Stress" Your site is the first entry.. "Spiritual connection & life purpose" Please link back to my site... Thanks! Best Wishes Mike Meredith *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* M. J. Meredith, B.Sc (Physiol), M.A., Ph.D. Stress & Healing Consultant, Meditation Trainer "That Sunflower Within - Beauty in Wholeness" 4 New Close Farm Business Park, Lolworth Cambridgeshire, CB3 8TL, United Kingdom Tel: 01954-780695 UK Fax: 01954-780568 Email: Website: *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Date: 2002-02-11 19:23:01
mary mawson ( / no homepage) wrote:

How heartening it to realise there are so many sites dedicated to awakening the spirit!
Do go and you will be encouraged!
Best wishes Mary M.

Date: 2002-01-28 23:11:50


Date: 2002-01-22 09:06:20
Carol Wightman ( / wrote:

ELEMENTAL MAGIC - Nature Spirits are an important part of all of our goals to create the Earth anew. Awareness of them and cooperation with them will greatly facilitate and enhance our efforts in this direction. They are anxiously awaiting our requests for help. So - just ask them -- anytime!

Date: 2002-01-04 23:29:36
Farooq Rabbani ( / wrote:

i thought visiters might like to visit my site:
It may seem rather left wing at first but if you read the facts you will agree with everything I present:
example USA used depleted unranium bombs in Iraq, which has caused horendous extreme birth defects ( the pictures are very disturbing)

example 2: did you know that US has vitoed every single resolution that was ever passed against Israel , read the facts at

examle 3: did you know that there is a Federal law that the U.S. Military and Department of Defense can use *ANY* Biological (including anthrax)and Chemical Agents on the American Public without their knowledge or consent?

example 4: did you know that russia has commited genocide in dagestan and also chechnya?

check out the facts at

anyway gotta run bye
Farooq Rabbani

Date: 2001-12-24 02:53:16
cheryl ( / no homepage) wrote:

i've only just recently found this site because of a notice you posted on another site inviting us all to join in the Dec2001 Solstice Meditation. And just when i started feeling like i was hanging out here in the dark all alone! (rather like Frodo on trail in the dark in a storm. small and afraid and just KNOWING there were terrible things lurking in the dark!)you are a LIGHTLIGHTLIGHT that warms my heart and soul. thank you so much. cheryl.

Date: 2001-12-21 20:24:14
Jack Sawyer ( / no homepage) wrote:

This is a new e-mail address
Many thanks for your good work!

Date: 2001-12-21 04:57:00
Ariel ( / wrote:

Thanks, Jean! Keep it up.

Date: 2001-12-13 22:47:15
Thomas ( / wrote:

Hello fellow Lightworkers,

We have recently met and spent time with 3 of the white buffalo that have been born in this country. We have put some information and pics up on our site.

If you would like to check it out as well as the rest of our site please visit.

Wonderful work you are all doing in the world.

Blessings of Love & Light,
Florence & Thomas

Date: 2001-12-12 18:08:47
Tage ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you beloved Jean for all your great work!

I will leave your list now until we will come home again from the near all winter rekreationsort that we next week will travel to.

Will be telling you again when we are at home, and to enter your beloved ship again!

Greetings and Love!

Tage (Sweden).

Date: 2001-12-10 14:49:10
Erix ( / wrote:

Erix: 33 years old cannot tune in this artificial word so I don't. The art of being is much more like me. So let it be ...

With love from Holland,


Date: 2001-12-08 15:09:34
Joy ( / no homepage) wrote:

Jean, just a note to thank you again for all you do!!! I look fwd to reading your e-mails. we are in interesting times thats for sure! And balancing all the news can be quite challenging at times, & just when I think it takes too long for people to wake up & or take positive action ...something will happen to make me smile.. I live in a very conservitive town...but saw a bummper sticker that made me smile..It said "Illegetimate son of a bush" I would have like to ask the brave lady who's car it was on where she got it but was unable to. but it did make me smile & I knew you would like a smile too. If anyone on your list knows where we to could get it..I know a few who would want one..Love to you & all who really care about Human-(kind) 7 our precious planet,

Date: 2001-12-04 22:46:39
Nan Cohen ( / wrote:

LIGHT Blessings! I am Nan. I am a LIGHTworker. Your website is beautiful! I wish to invite you to be listed on LIGHT RADIANCE LIGHTWORKERS NETWORK . I do not charge money for this service. Is there anything you need? Can I be of service? I believe that the Entire LIGHT Community wishes to know that the pilot for the nationwide tv program "LIGHT Television KIDS Shows" is complete and about to air in Missoula, Montana! Thursday evening, December 20, 2001 9:00pm Mountain Time cable 7 Missoula Community Access Television People are welcome to set their VCR's to record it. It is the time we have been waiting for ... LIGHT TIMES!!! I am excited. It is an honor to be one of GOD/SPIRIT's LIGHTworkers. Aho!!! Light, Love, and Peace Worldwide, Nan Cohen LIGHT Productions The Living Light Center 3200 Brooks Street Missoula, Montana 59801

Date: 2001-11-24 18:22:31
Rainbow Symphony, Inc. ( / wrote:

Transforms Light Into Living Color...Just Hang'em In a Sunny Window!!

Date: 2001-11-23 10:28:21
Rudolf and Alice Boainain-Schneider ( / wrote:

We thank you for adding a link to the website of the Institute for Planetary Synthesis and hope that it will contribute to create one more link in the network of light, love and power that embraces the Earth.

Date: 2001-11-15 01:06:13
Viv ( / wrote:

Thank you letting me come aboard. Your work and site is awesome. I am quite familiar with the many subjects you touch upon. Thank you for your terrific service to the One. I will link your site on mine asap. Love, Viv

Date: 2001-11-10 18:01:15
Dennis aka DenRA Proffitt ( / Http:// wrote:

We all need to work together for our planet and children and fellow creatures to survive.Goldeneaglevideo does environmental video with music video to help support activists by raising awareness and funds to protect planet earth from destruction and degradation.We have a educational web site and produce benefit concerts for activists such as Julia Butterfly Hill,Northwoods Wilderness Recovery,Clean Water Surf Classic.You will find info on alternative healing as well as places to buy alternatives goods such as Hemp,Herbs,Vitamins,Solar Power,Spiritual Tools,Etc. Be Well, Dennis (DenRA) Proffitt/Goldeneaglevideo

Date: 2001-11-10 05:10:49
Mona LaVine ( / wrote:

"A period of crisis has descended
on the world, one that will bring many
nations together in a new way".

"...the reasons for terrorism -- the hurt,
the resentment, the baffled despair
of millions in the East -- are beginning
to dawn on many Americans,
enabling them to take a broader
view of recent events.

Above all, a new spirit of co-operation
makes itself felt, a new sense of
responsibility is dawning in the minds
of many, East and West".

Today a great spiritual Teacher stands on
the verge of emergence into public awareness.
His concerns: brotherhood, sharing, justice,
right human relations and peace.
If you would like to know more:
Send a blank email message to
automatically receive an information pack:

In wake of the September 11 tragedy,
you CAN help:

Date: 2001-11-07 16:10:38
Philip Edward Wienand ( / wrote:

I LOVE it, send you LIGHTFUL greetings and rays of LOVE from my HEART ! WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT ! Jesus loves you and me and every being around. We make it, let´s grow up, grow strong and become one heart in the LOVE of our mother father creator HEART !! !! !! ! PEACE with you, strength and clarity :-) LOVE, Philip :o))

Date: 2001-11-05 22:43:35
Simeon Nartoomid ( / wrote:

Please join the Planet Prayer Network. I have listed this website. To check our Planet Prayer Network go to:

Date: 2001-10-29 23:21:14
Myra Johnson ( / wrote:

I applaude the work you are doing with this site. I would like to offer an article written by a close friend of mine entitled: Understanding Terrorism. Please visit my website and if you are interested you are free to link to it:
Thank you!

Date: 2001-10-26 18:37:33
David ( / wrote:

what a wonderful web site, such vitality and honesty. I'm so glad my friends pointed me in this direction.

Date: 2001-10-18 16:16:45
Richard Winsor ( / no homepage) wrote:

I just found dyou and am so excited to be a part
of the family for World Peace. God bless us all.

Date: 2001-10-15 18:06:07
Helena ( / wrote:

Will just tell you that I love your site!

Date: 2001-10-13 20:07:51
Larry Smith ( / wrote:

Hi Jean, Keep sending the emails and newsletters,you are doing a great job. I will be snipping your logo and installing it on the Karinya site for a good link to your wite for all our visitors to go to if they wish. You are already mentioned and we have one of your articles up on the site re enviornmental concerns.

Date: 2001-09-28 12:44:03
Lady SilverHawk Moon ( / wrote:

Very interesting site! I will be adding a link on our coven website to your site. Blessed be

Date: 2001-09-24 01:03:31
Asa Williams ( / no homepage) wrote:

OM(aum) For World Peace( a letter to Oprah and you if it fits for you. Thanx for all you are doing. Peace and prosperity. Robynjean
Dear Oprah,
The OM for world peace is a powerful means of affecting world and inner peace at the same time. The OM for world peace originated in 1978 at Santa Cruz, Calif. World Peace Center. I discovered it at the World Symposium for Humanity in Pasadena, Calif. I personally have experienced this Divine energy many times, including at the Health and Harmony Fair in Santa Rosa, Calif. with about 400 participants.
Here is how it works;
1. Participants sit in concentric circles, depending on the number of people attending.
2. Everyone visualizes Mother Earth in the center of the Circle.
3. Everyone sit with hands on knees, eyes closed, and at their own tempo sound the word OM three times to receive God’s Grace. It’s tremendous power is a result of the Hindu’s discovery thousands of years ago that this is the Universal sound.
4. Everyone sits in silence for a few moments, then the leader asks everyone to raise hands chest high, palms to the front. Each person OMs with all their love focused towards the vision of Mother Earth in the center.
5. When the leader feels the energy is complete( about 7-9 OMs);participants place their hands at their knees in a resting position, breathing deeply.
6. After a brief pause,the leader asks everyone to extend their arms out and individually imagine that they are holding the Earth in their hands.
7. Then everyone lifts up the planet into the Heaven, seeing it with love, light, joy, abundance and PEACE.
8. Sit in silence united in the Spirit, and invite participants to share their experiences.
9. Many people report they feel much joy and bliss, picturing Jesus, the Buddha, Quan Yin or other spiritual figures.
I humbly request to be invited to lead this on your show, that the experience will bring millions of viewers more peace and harmony.
I may be contacted at 510)215-0737 or email at

Asa Williams
CEO of the World Peace Commission

PS. My vision is thousands doing this at the Washington Monument. I appreciate your cooperation in making this happen.

Date: 2001-09-23 20:21:31
David Kingston ( / wrote:

Wonderful web site, sincere content and great presentation. Please keep up the wonderful work.

Date: 2001-09-19 06:41:01
Zanoni ( / no homepage) wrote:

Sisters and Brothers of the Light,
At this time in our earth’s awakening it is important that we all mourn and feel the pain and great loss to human life with the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings.
Why have we all come to be here on earth at this time? We are here to learn, not only to judge and condemn, but to learn. Every day of our lives we are faced with challenges. Because we are free -will beings, we can go for the light or the darkness.
We have heard the expression “Armageddon” for many years and it seems that we are in that battle now. Some would say destroy the enemy; wipeout the terrorists; it is time for revenge. Look at Israel and Palestine. Has revenge worked for them? Revenge perpetuates revenge and breeds more hate. Deepak Chopra tells us that what happened was a result of centuries of continuous cycles of tribal aggression and “eye for an eye” revenge, and that only when people around the world and their leaders cease to further fuel these cycles by demanding and enacting more bloody escalations of violence will the world finally turn away from the abyss of death and self-destruction towards which it is now headed.
Look at history. Have any of the great war lords of the world brought peace? I haven’t found any success stories. Our politicians and world leaders right now are talking revenge and retaliation. Do they think that by taking out a handful of madmen that other madmen will back off? A terrorist mind feeds off the anger of others.
Kay Cordell Whitaker, author of The Reluctant Shaman & Sacred Link, tells us that the core of our world problems is in the family. We, especially men, have taken the woman out of the center of the circle. In many tribes the woman is honored and placed in the center of the circle with her children. Where should the men be? They should be on the perimeter of the circle protecting the mom, protecting the daughter, the wife the grandmother.
The woman is the bearer of the human race. The man offers the seed and nourishes the feminine. Sadly, for many thousands of years, the woman has been out of the circle. Her space has been violated. It wasn’t women that perpetrated this terror, it was men. The male has placed himself in the center, choosing to run the show and using the female at his convenience. This has caused the wheel to go in the reverse position and thus disturb the flow of creation.
The woman is the heart of the home. What have we done with her? We have sent her into the work force and left the house empty so that when the child comes home there is no heart there to welcome, to embrace, to hug the child. Where is the mother? She is away from home trying to make enough money to make ends meet. Is it no wonder the child has no center to which to come home to? Is it not time for an economic and social change?
If these terrorists had a loving mother do you think they would even entertain the thought of killing children- children who also have mothers?
Yes, the world is changing. Armageddon is here. But let us not merely project Armageddon outside ourselves. There is a personal lesson here. Armageddon is happening all the time inside each and every one of us. We have a choice at every moment to follow the darkness or the Light. It is time for us now to become aware of our power. Each one of us can change the world. Didn’t a few men change the course of history in the recent holocaust in New York?
We Lightbearers on this planet are far greater in number. Do we bite the bait and follow in their footsteps and perpetuate hatred, anger and violence? Let us go within and admit our own violent tendencies and do something about it, transmuting our anger, hatred and judgement into compassion and love. There are many more Lightbearers than Shadowbearers. Imagine the power we have if we all projected love to ourselves and others.
We have been told to be patriotic and rightly so. The word “patriotic” is a Latin world and means “father”. Let us also be Matriotic and wake up to the fact that we all live on this beautiful “Mother earth”. Along side our flag of the United States we should hang the flag of our Mother Earth- all the earth, not just one country or one nation, but all the earth- in honor of our Mother earth and our personal mothers.
We are all children of this beautiful Mother no matter what country we come from. Mother earth didn’t make boundaries and walls between nations, man did. What does it mean to be a man? Does it mean to throw a gun over our shoulders and kill the enemy? A real man is a person of wisdom an individual who places love and compassion before personal anger. A real man loves his wife and embraces and protects his children. A real man doesn’t have a bomb in his heart, he has Love
We are all creators. We use our creative ability every day all the time; we just don’t know it. When we focus on revenge and hatred we are adding fuel to those who wish terrorism to continue. Why not visualize something better! Why not visualize how we would like the world to be!
It is time for self-empowerment. Each of us can change the world. Each of us is important. No one can replace you. You have been given the gift of life, the gift of free will. We’ve had enough pain, sorrow and terror on this planet. Let’s try something else. Let’s try Love. Every thought that we have is registered throughout creation. Every electron feels our thoughts.
Let us create a brave new beautiful world.
How about it? Why not join the Love Train now!

In Oneness, Zanoni, Order of Melchesedek of the Divine Light

Date: 2001-09-19 06:30:50
Zanoni ( / no homepage) wrote:

Love Without End,
by Glenda Green

Your Rights and Freedoms

“When you know that you have rights, then you know that you can change your life.”
“Free will is the foundation right given by the Holy Father (Mother) to all His children. It is the right to be who you really are and to make choices in life, which give evidence to that truth”.
“Free will is not a sanction for destructive, deviant, or irrational behavior...Free will is not a senseless free-for-all.... Free will is given equally to all in order that each person might have the right to express his love as it truly is, and to protect himself from the ravages of circumstance.”
“All the children of God are equal in relation to their Holy Father (Holy Mother). There are none who have a preferred relationship to the Father or special advantages in fulfilling it. Every person was created in the loving image of the Father, and a loving core essence remains unsullied by even the most desperate circumstances. Within each individual is a Sacred Center wherein his covenant with the Father id purposefully sustained”.
“The highest unity is one which respects difference as well as sameness and regards both with equal respect”.
“In return for these fundamental rights, it is asked of you only that you refrain from judgement. You cannot know what is in another man’s heart, and often outward signs are misleading”.
“Your third fundamental right is to know, to experience, and to honor the love, spirit of innocence, and most importantly, to know where innocence can be found. Innocence belongs to the Father, to the sacred center of each person’s heart, and to a quality of perception which is free from judgement and pre-conception”.
“The goodness of a man lies within the innocence of his heart”.
“You have a right to know yourself as love, and to manifest that personal truth in your own unique way. You are love. The world would have you believe that you are from love, and that your love is justified by what you do. It may persuade you to believe everything else about love, except for the fact that you are love. The very essence of your worth, lie in the certainty that you are love. ...nothing external can diminish the power of your love. It is a matter of integrity to honor that which you are, and to seek ways of nurturing your life so that your love is truly expressed. Love is your eternal right; it is who you are”.
“In communing with the one spirit, the key is to surrender and to listen”.

“Yet those who have gotten into trouble spiritually are those who have attempted to assert themselves aggressively into the spirit, to manipulate or direct it according to their private desires. Remember, as I have already told you, anyone who disrupts or divides the spirit or violates its simple oneness, especially for selfish motives, will have the assault visited upon him!”
“You have a right to live in fullness and to seed all the blessings of life”.
“Most suffering occurs because mankind does not know that it has a right to the blessings of life”.
“You have to experience only that which gives fulfillment to the love that you are. You do not have to do it all, see it all, hear it all, think it all, believe it all, and feel it all. Each person is an individual, unique and like no other. You are complete when your love is complete, not when you are like everyone else in the world. Conformity is not part of your purpose in living.”
“The long era of judgement has been man’s darkest night, but that will end soon when the last judgement has been made. The last judgement will be the judgement against judgement itself.” At that time, human consciousness at last will rise in splendor like a valiant bridegroom to join his bride, the Sacred Heart. This is the Holy Wedding which has been the dream of prophets. After this marriage occurs, there will be peace on Earth”.

Date: 2001-09-16 14:52:57
Ralph Nimmann ( / wrote:

To whom it may concern: Justice: YES! Bombing: NO! Enough people have died. Peace message by Ralph Nimmann -

Date: 2001-09-14 07:12:22
Yaron Fishman ( / wrote:

Dear Humanity:

I am among those who feel that the only way we will rid the existence of evil is by stepping out of the ego and realizing that evil doesn't exist. Behind what we label as "evil" is the perspective of the ego which causes immense pain, fear and desperation. The ego is an idea, a lesson that we (our souls) chose to experience here on earth. The ego has various levels of extremity. The ego denies the divine, universal oneness of each and every moment. The ego says that we are separate and in competition with each other ... the ego doesn't see that life is an eternal family. The ego manifests the fear of not having external control over others. All that happens is God's math. Within this earthly learning environment, we have been given the opportunity to experience the creation of unconditional, universal love. Unconditional, universal love has always been here. The gift of this profound remembrance game is a gift that comes from unconditional, universal love. I pray that repetition will get unconditional, universal love's point across! When we respond to the ego with ego, we are responding unconsciously. Just as Gandhi so truthfully said ... "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." For those who are in the position to give justice ... arrest those who take the ego's perspective to it's most hateful extreme ... arrest them, and educate their children! We must teach ourselves and our children that we are playing a profound remembrance game. Unconditional, universal love is what we are searching for. Our karmic experience is shaped through our intentions. In other words, we receive what our intentions give. When we align our intentions with unconditional, universal love, we pave the way for eternal, universal joy.

with love, always


Date: 2001-09-12 06:04:07
Craig Russel ( / wrote:

Thank you for all your inspiration, truth and service to the Light of God that never fails. Humanity and our Earth are served well by your contribution.

Date: 2001-09-06 00:06:00
marie-lou ( / no homepage) wrote:

WOW! I am thankful for the enlighten peeps that walk this earth you are not alone bros and sis I walk in the contry sides of Quebec healing every day a piece of precious earth in biodynamical ways, following the moon and the planets, the tides and the magnetic fields, ancient calendars of a ultimate precision and divine wisdom. I sing and beat with my hands making bread and my feet making basic rythms taping on my mother belly . If there was one thing I could give to you all it would be courage, courage. Go in peace out in this world and keep in mind that there is no death but only a change of form. JUST BE CAUSE Joy Peace Thruth Love Marie-Lou

Date: 2001-09-02 13:25:22
Chandrika Sampat ( / wrote:

Hi, This is the most beautiful and exciting place that I found on the NEt and would like to be very much part of it I am from India and invite you all to my small world of Divine Powers through which I have healed and changed lives of many of my frineds Now I wish to share this beautiful knowledge with all through the Internet and hecne made this place. Please be my guide and send me your love and guidance to work for this mission < a href='' > Love and Light to you all Chandrika Sampat

Date: 2001-08-31 00:55:10
Joyce A. Kovelman Ph.D. ( / wrote:

thanks for all the energy and integrity in your work and service.

Date: 2001-08-21 16:47:05
Nicolas Rousseau ( / no homepage) wrote:

Tout simplement: continue! Tes efforts sont magnifiques et lumiere.

Date: 2001-08-21 16:11:36
Lynn Cousino Saldanha ( / wrote:

I was most pleased and utterly happy to have found the work you are doing on your site. Phenomenal stuff is happening to the Earth and since we are under Her care, for now, we deserve to be kept fully abreast of the coming happenings.

My quest has taken me into an avenue which I never expected. In 1996, I found the Spirit of John Lennon...yes, the Dead be of my soul group. The ride began then, and has culminated to this point...again a bit unexpected to and for me...into a project to assist humanity, step by step, into the Golden Age. It is called, The LennonTask. A meeting of minds, where like is attracted to like.

I jointly compile Volumes called, Literally Connected to John Lennon. I am no one in the scheme of the "biggies" or the "Big Boys" who control this World through their inner secrets and hidden knowledge. The thing is...I am privy to what is OURS to know. All of ours. Lennon was, too. He was shot.

What began 30 years ago on as a movement for peace on Earth, and then shattered by bullets has birthed anew from the city where it began. Toronto, Ontario. In 1969, John Lennon declared his mission for World Peace from Toronto. Appropriately (and again of surprise to me, for I am an American who married a Canadian and moved to Toronto in 1999...30 years later..!!)the same propogates from Toronto in 2001. It is the LennonTask.

I am thrilled to see the work of Jean Hudon coming forth unabashed and full of life's real truths. The time for killing and despair over who knows what and how many they will tell is OVER. We are on the precipice of something great. It takes the little people, the unobtrusive bearers of light and truth to come forth and we will change this world. Why? For it is why we are here. It is what we do. It is why we live and the reason we breathe.

Thanks for your time. Thanks for your work. Thanks for shining as a guiding light.

Lynn Cousino Saldanha
Literally Connected to John Lennon
Unity through Diversity.
Understanding from Diversity.
Together we can all bring the world to peace.
"And the world will live as one."
Imagine / Lennon

Date: 2001-08-21 01:02:50
Johanna S.R ( / wrote:

All things have their own time, and there is purpose behind everything that happens.
I thank for finding this great work on yours webside. Let love, charity and forgiveness be our guiding light, both in words and doings, it affects the evolution of every thing. Be welcome to visit my homepage.
If my speech coordinates, helps or awake someone, somewhere in someway it´s harmonize my mission.

Date: 2001-08-18 01:40:30
Arlene Johnson ( / wrote:

Dear Dr. Boylan,
As the publsher of True Democracy, the unique empowering periodical which uses boycott to achieve its goals, I broke the cover-up of the 20th Century to international acclaim in March with the exposé of the real reason why President Kennedy was assassinated. He wanted to disband two agencies that are part of the Shadow Government. I also published two more exposés, those being the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergs with reseach which I adapted on the Trilateral Commission's Effect on the Middle East in top secret information which other Americans don't know but which Candadians and Western Europeans do know because it was in their press while it was occuring and an article written by Per Fagereng on the Bilderbergs' effects at the WTO.
When I was provided with your Web site, I was extremely excited. For the first time, I knew that I could crack that thick veneer of the completely corrupt government which deceives the American people and have the beginning of world peace.
The problem is that I have not made you aware until this time that I am publishing your basic premise and embellishing it with information from other sources as well as what I personally know. I hope, therefore, that you are delighted that I am making the world aware of your excellent work because I know that I certainly appreciated having the documentation of the deviance of our federal government.
The password to access the first four editions of True Democracy is the word freedom. Check it out and see. Please give me permission to publish this information as I never would have had the proof that people need to end the atrocities the world attempts to endure without it. Thank you.

Date: 2001-08-05 14:24:46
Lisa Meyler ( / wrote:

Greetings from Sweden and Lisa Meyler - just found your exciting site and adding a link to mine: Transpersonal psychology, psychospiritual growth, the Near-Death Experience, After Death Communication, information and readers stories from all over the world. Welcome to take a look, read and share experiences!

Lisa Meyler

Date: 2001-07-23 11:00:04
Claudette ( no email / wrote:

Your thoughts and topic always get to my heart..I so wish in the world we could all think of each other as one. thanks for your hard work!

Date: 2001-06-27 08:45:55
Nicolas Rousseau ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am presently in Korea. 1 week and a half ago, I participated in the Humanity Conference. The message declared and lived by so many Koreans is in agreement with the one of this web site. Visit for more information about this meeting. Also, I invite you to know about DanHak, a Korean actualization of its old traditions of spirituality, welfare being and use of life energy:

Harmoniously yours,
Nicolas Rousseau

Date: 2001-06-06 10:17:08
Ilse Jensen ( / wrote:

Thank you Jean, for all your great informational work coming right into my mailbox every day

Bless you..

Date: 2001-06-04 22:24:08
StarStuffs ( / wrote:


Thank you for this website. It is wonderful to see more active groups that care about healing in various forms. I think it's imperative to be aware and be active in the healing process. Reading through your site, I noticed how it seems to mirror what we are doing in a yahoo club I help found, the Universal Healing Club.

The Universal Healing club has many tenets, however, the crux is "just a small number of people of one mind, one purpose, fully attuned to the sacred principles, can transform the world and precipitate and manifest what is needed to relieve suffering and benefit all beings...even the smallest prayer sends vibrations of prayer moving through the air"...this calls forth the voice to sing in joy and harmony, to let the beauty flow in their hearts.

Thank you again. I do believe we are all making a difference!

Many Blessings,

Date: 2001-06-04 04:07:08
The Empress ( / wrote:

PEACE is GOOD! Sunshine and Rainbows to you!

Date: 2001-05-25 21:14:59
Vasu Deva ( / wrote:

Aloha Friends,

I'd llke to invite you to visit my little site; it has some creative home business opportunities, some with zero start up costs; various merchants and their wares; some entertaining links, and a poem and joke on the "meet your host" page.

One of the companies I am most excited about is eFlash; click on the banner at the bottom of the home page for information about how you can own your own low cost high quality multi-media website.

Thank you for your attention.


Date: 2001-05-08 02:24:55
Lucie Poulin ( / no homepage) wrote:

I just read the book Conscious Evolution, Awakening the Power of our
Social Potential (in french) because I'm from Québec city in Canada. I
want to khow if you heard about a group or an education center near our
city in Québec (Canada) . It's the new interest in my life; I'm a art
teacher for teenager and since I explored my spiritual sence, I want to
do more in this direction for my sence of life and mixe this spiritual
side with my artistic side.

I read more than 30 books about all subject : Kryon - Coversation with
God and so on.

Please answer to my need of helping others.
Thank you.

**PS: Answer in french would be appreciate **

Lucie Poulin

Date: 2001-05-01 06:32:13
Christopher Pringer ( / wrote:

In regard to the Mayday activism in London today, and the fears of violence causing the heart-led any hesitatation toward their march, I am led to offer this:

Preservere the peace-led in the march ever constant;
Tho' The bent and violent lurk among the peace-led;
scapegoated and invalidated, essential to preservere,
Faith maintains the Purpose Light; the Way shown.

I also want to add my political page URL (Thank you):

Date: 2001-04-12 22:24:58
Joseph Montagna ( / wrote:

Great site - we need more of these.
Are you or any of your readers who have a website interested in exchanging banners? Our banners are located on our Herbal homepage and on our Bookstore homepage, and are available for the taking. In exchange, we will place your banner or listing in our D-E-V-A-S (Diverse-Entertaining-Valuable-Awesome-Sites) section. In our Bookstore, you will find a complete copy of all 3 volumes of the "Handbook For A New Paradigm" - a guide for lightworkers throughout the world to bring forth the new paradigm on Earth.
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In Light & Love,
Alternatives For A New Millennium
7909 S. E. Stark St.
Portland, OR 97215
(503) 253-2665

Date: 2001-04-09 00:59:29
hans in the luck from Europa ( / wrote:

Good !
Welcome of my new Web site ...

Date: 2001-04-07 22:02:43
Eva Snead ( / wrote:

beautiful, inspiring!

Date: 2001-04-06 00:47:25
Nenki aka Francois Pierre ( / wrote:

Hi everyone, come and visit us at for all of the french-speaking visitors and spread the news. Mr. Hudon, I have a surprise for you on our site. You made the front page editorial with your great document on the Summit of the Americas, sic. with references to your site , yourself and the writer. J'espère que ça vous plait...Merci pour le beau travail... In frienship...Nenki aka Francois Pierre

Date: 2001-04-03 23:23:00
Suzy Ward ( / no homepage) wrote:

Jean, I love you!!

Date: 2001-04-03 20:55:26
Ariel Ky ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you for a lovely website and the message that you convey.

Date: 2001-04-02 19:38:31
julia woodman ( / wrote:

wonderful site and cause - i will put a link to it on which is my healing/divining/creativity/environment site as i have a special page for links to other sites of interest, thanks and very best wishes, julia.
ps - i also do webdesign:

Date: 2001-04-01 16:08:11
Gordon Muir ( / no homepage) wrote:

I have an invention for a hydro ocean water pressure power station,NO ONE SEEMS TO BE INTERESTED,ive only had 2 replies within 6 months,this idea will produce constant almost free electricity,for all cities,and cars with high powered electric engines.
I allready sent this idea before the California power shortage.

Date: 2001-03-04 18:25:35
skye stone ( / no homepage) wrote:

just got my comp. online went right to you .
enjoyed the site and look foward to e-mails

Date: 2001-02-26 16:38:37
jay ( / wrote:

great site! we would invite one and all to visit the buddhafield, and if you like what you see to stay...

Date: 2001-02-13 22:52:50
Judy Bell ( / no homepage) wrote:

Please update the proclamation to 2001 as I wish to print it out.

Also, I am going to crete a World Peace and Prayer Day here in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs, CA area) and would like tohear from anyone in the area who can get involved. WPPD is an event created by Arvol Looking Horse, the keeper of the pipe of the White Buffalo Calf Woman. CHeck out his website. Thank you, Judy

Date: 2001-02-07 00:36:47
Jean Hudon ( / wrote:

Hello everyone

Today, February 6, 2001, I discovered this easy to use guestbook and decided to make it available on this Earth Rainbow Network website so as to allow anyone interested to leave a message, comment and/or link to their website.

Please feel free to use it, being aware that, over time, lots of people may read your words.

Hoping you had a good time visiting this site ;-)

All my best to you

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


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