Global Meditation Working Principles

When it comes to defining what sort of inner awareness and attitude is necessary to successfully participate in a meditation where one actively seeks to send out to the world thoughts, energies and vibrations of Peace, Love and Harmony, such as in the weekly global Meditation Focus, it is very hard from the onset not to get caught in the trap of words and mental misinterpretation. Often, in fact, most of the time, we each give a different value to certain words, or concepts represented in words and sentences, and it is therefore almost impossible to make sure one conveys exactly what one wants to say, when using words and "artificial" human mental explanations.

But we can all relate to pictures and images which usually can describe more precisely, albeit more subjectively, what is present in the mind of a person trying to communicate an idea or a sentiment. That is why good writers always use analogies and visual examples to portray what they feel and understand within to future readers. That way, the true essence of the creative process going on in the writer's mind is expressed without excessive distortion, as long as the reader accepts to put aside his or her own views to admit within his or her mind the undiluted, undistorted expression of creativity so depicted.

Now concerning the matter of this subject, the working principles behind any global meditation, we can but hope to do our best to avoid the trap of excessive mental discourse and try to pinpoint with "talking" analogies and visual examples what is at the heart of the intimate personal experience of attunement with planetary transforming energies and vibrations. First, we will ask the reader to put aside for a moment any strongly held belief and assumptions to open, for a few minutes, a space where the architecture and spiritual design of this subject can be erected. We will ask patience when what is being expressed seems obscure or unrelated to any previous experience; for it's often only when actually trying to do what is going to be expressed, that one may truly understand and sense what the concepts and explanations meant.

In fact, an example here can help... Only when actually tasting a piece of orange in his or her mouth and feel the flavor and sensation it creates can someone really knows what the taste of an orange is. Hours of explanations and descriptions of what this taste is can never replace one second of actually tasting it. So it is for the inner world of spiritual sensations and meditative attunement when, acting like genuine cosmonauts of the invisible worlds of Spirit, we immerse ourselves in its myriad expressions of subtle sensations, visions and revelations. Transposing to the mind of an unacquainted person what could be felt and learned requires much patience on both sides and a gradual initiation to the domain of spiritual experience and beingness.

This initiation process normally takes years to accomplish and hours of dedicated and disciplined work in the quietness of silence and the stillness of mind. Motivations must be pure, or purified, objectives must be clear, or clarified, and results must be sought without any personal desire for gratification, nor personal attachment. Like an artist patiently working for years with an apprentice until the student can truly master the essence of his art, the inner guide of our soul, speaking through the small voice within, gradually opens our mind to new perspectives and understanding, and lovingly inspires the part in us which aspires to eternal unity and blissful ecstasy until it blossoms through our heart in a Fountain of Love and luminescent Radiance. This is what we are now going to achieve, step by step, opening successively many doors until you, the reader, can begin to see beyond the walls of confining ideas and insufficient experience.

Step ONE: The first most important thing to do to prepare yourself for any global healing meditation work is to create around you the conditions favorable to such a period of quiet attunement and meditation. One must usually think of letting know other closed relatives and friends of what your intentions are so that they allow you to be quiet and undisturbed. Then, in addition, one must think of those things that may distract the attention from what is being done, such as noises, a ringing phone, and so on. Of course, it is not always possible to avoid all such hindrances but going in a place where you can be alone or only with other people meditating along with you, away from any phone (you may also disconnect it or unhook it) or from whatever noise, sensation or action that may disturb you is the best thing to do.

Step TWO: Once you have a "safe" place to be, place yourself in the most comfortable position, generally seated to avoid sleepiness, and with the upper part of the body in a relaxed but still generally straight posture. You may lean your back on something if you wish but not to the point of becoming drowsy. The point here is that once you are in deep meditation, you won't need to move any part or your body because of an uncomfortable position, neither feel any tension that may distract your attention. This being said, if you have to move or if something disturbs your attention during your meditation, you simply move or adopt an inner attitude that says: "There is something that attracts my attention there but I won't get upset about it and will simply refocus myself gradually on what I am doing now." This attitude of being relaxed and deeply unaffected, imperturbable is really what you want to achieve. Creating the best circumstances around and within you is simply to help you get there.

Step THREE: Once all the physical circumstances are on your side, the next step is to allow yourself to gradually get away from any preoccupying idea, recollection or project. You may of course, if you wish, take a few seconds to check out if every part of your body is properly relaxed, but usually, once you get into the deep meditation mood, complete body relaxation follows naturally, including the easing of subtle tensions and stress that may remain from your previous activities and other concerns. It is to be mentioned here that one of the great benefits you may find in meditating for Peace is the profound sense of regeneration for your body, mind and spirit, that will result from such an attunement. In the course of your mundane, worldly activities, this weekly oasis of calm, peace and serenity will gradually become an indispensable break that you will always see coming with great appreciation. So, quickly, after closing your eyes, and maybe taking a few deep breaths that you exhale completely so as to expel your tensions, you will see all sorts of images, ideas and thoughts coming through your mind as you gradually collect yourself and break away from the world of human activities and thinking.

It is at this point that many people feel unable to really quiet the mind and open new vistas of consciousness, generally inaccessible to most people. Many options exist here to quietly guide the thinking mind through the labyrinth of multi-formed thoughts and sensations that inhabit the realm of objective thinking, which is the surface level of our inner world of spiritual awareness and thinking. Getting past this point, this threshold of confusion and conflicting tensions and disturbances, is to be achieved without any fight or coercion within one's mind for any such stubborn effort to get rid of unwanted thoughts is bound to generate even more tension and dissatisfaction. So one must first accept that certain thoughts will come up and gently allow them to exhaust their course and slowly clear the place for other more subtle thoughts and energies to well out from the deepest recesses of your being.

It's here that some "celestial", relaxing music may help. Of course, there are many people who are not used to have music playing while they meditate but it has been found that certain kinds of soothing music are perfectly suited to create an opening to very high levels of spiritual awareness as well as and influx of spiritual energies. Playing such music—at whatever level feels appropriate to you—during your meditation also allows the mind to be gently "charmed" into a more subtle realm of thinking and beingness. To be more specific, and although many excellent albums exist, some of which you may already be familiar with, there is one which has been found to be perfectly adapted to this kind of global meditation healing work. It is the album called "Angelic Music" from the New Age musician Iasos. The song especially recommended on this CD is called "The Angels of Comfort" and it lasts 29 minutes and 50 seconds which makes it perfect for a 30 minute meditation. Here is how you may access this music.

For more details about this album, go at

So once you are confronted, as it inevitably happens, with thoughts and inner sensations that have nothing to do with what you need to focus on at this point in time, simply observe each of them with detachment and with an open-minded attitude for usually, after a few minutes of collection of the mind and relaxing of the body, the ideas gradually starting to emerge most clearly in your mind will concern deep soul level matters that need your attention before you can completely break free from distracting ideas. The point here is that it is better to be at peace within oneself and with one's consciousness to be able to expand your awareness and radiate energies of Peace, Love and Harmony to the world. A disturbed mind is like a dirty mirror. It cannot really reflect the powerful light of the sun to its full force until it is cleared from what obscure its shining surface to receive and reflect the rays of the sun. Similarly, a being that has no Peace and Love within for oneself and for other surrounding beings can hardly become a radiant sunshine of Peace and Love until the attitudes and thinking that prevent these qualities to expand from within are transcended and healed.

Of course, striving to achieve this goal is the work of a lifetime, so we simply try to at least find some peace within at this moment to allow ourselves to expand and radiate our Inner Light as best as we possibly can in the present circumstances. And by the same token, we will benefit from being in contact with these forces to gradually clean our "dirty mirror" and restore our soul connection. Once we have heard and assimilated the guidance communicated to us by our "still small voice within"—the quiet voice of our higher consciousness—to help us gradually remember who we truly are and thus better contribute to planetary awakening and healing, we are then primed for the most essential and precious part of our meditation.

Step FOUR: This is where it all really starts flowing, although it may indeed have already begun before what has been described above is completed. Once you start feeling tingling energies flowing from the top of your head through your spine and your entire body, and swiftly expanding around you and towards the rest of the Universe, then the real Work has begun. You may come back and forth as distracting ideas or physical stimuli draw you back to a lower level of attunement, but once you are "hooked" to these energies, so as to say, you are on the right path, or at least in the right direction. What this energy actually is cannot be easily described or explained. No one knows for sure what their true nature is and where they come from, although even trying to think of an origin or a "place" where they may come from could also be irrelevant. What matters is that, as confirmed by a growing number of people who experience it quite often, there exists within the fabric of a human being and soul the possibility to unlock prodigious forces and almost magickal energies that can really work wonders for all sorts of things.

It can contribute to heal someone else (as some nurses do when they use what they call "Therapeutic Touch" or as most genuine psychic healers do), or your own health problems, it can move objects, connect two people telepathically, bring to you visions of the future or perceptions of some distant objects and events, trigger the projection of our consciousness, even heal a planet and bring Peace, Love and Harmony in the world. And that is precisely what our main goal is. We can only imagine all the extraordinary achievements the Power of Love is capable of. But we know for sure, once immersed in it, that it exists, and understand that the spiritual ability to tune into these vibrant energies has been given to Humanity as a tool to enter a new phase of evolution in the endless Saga of Life on Earth.

Now imagine for a moment the potential of Light Manifestation and of Good there is when thousands and even possibly millions of people attune together to expand their minds beyond the frontiers of matter and time, and radiate like shining stars such potent energies and thought modulations of Peace, Harmony, Joy, Serenity, Goodness and above all Love. Words like tremendous, astonishing or magickal can't but allude to what actually happens in these intense moments.

Many occasions have been given in the last two decades to create such Cosmic Moments of Global Attunement, such as Harmonic Convergence in August 87, the World Healing Meditation every December 31st at Noon GMT, and countless other such global initiatives. Whatever such activities you are already participating in, keep doing it for they are essential elements in the unfolding Plan to awaken all human beings to their true nature, value and potential.

There has been also other smaller scale types of meditative work that have been going on for decades. One of them is the "Triangle" meditation proposed by the World Goodwill Association and originally given by the "Ascended Master" Djwal Khul, through Alice Bailey. Using the Great Invocation (a planetary prayer invoking the presence of Christ, Maitreya, Buddha, to assist in lifting the Veil of Ignorance and Darkness), three people make a regular rendez-vous in time, even if they live far from each other, to join in a triangular meditation and attune themselves together to higher energies and vibrations.

What each weekly global Meditation Focus strives to accomplish draws elements from both global types of planetary meditations and smaller group meditations. Integrating these two approaches, each Meditation Focus enables a massive collective attunement of people at the same globally synchronized time and also enlists the personal contact of direct invitation to participate through each new theme regularly proposed through email networking.

Being aware, like in a giant geodesic dome where each interconnection supports the whole structure, that we are related to all others through telepathic contacts and knowing that the fact we all join at the same time allows for a massive, powerful combined action whose effects go well beyond the force and strength generated by our little node of connections. This is something only such globally synchronized meditations can offer - something which has now become common place in our fastly integrating global spiritual culture.

To conclude this description of these global meditation working principles, once we attain a certain level of radiating energy and sense we are connected to the powerful vortex of cosmic vibrations using us as a channel to anchor and foster a greater level of planetary awareness of Love, Peace and Harmony, we may, as we feel inclined to, direct our attention to close partners and friends that we know are meditating with us at the same moment. We may telepathically express our Love for them and sense the mind to mind, heart to heart connections we have. Over the course of weeks and months, we may experience a greater and greater strength in this connection as well as a closer and more loving relationship with these people who are also regularly participating to this global healing work for peace and greater harmony on Earth. Of course, we must also know that, as these Light energies come into play in our lives, they will also shed clarity upon our dark unattended corners and require cleansing actions and transforming decisions. Like a butterfly in its chrysalis, we may endure a period of difficult mutation and adaptation, but as surely as the sun goes up every morning, we will come out of this process rejuvenated, radiant, happy and at Peace, ready to fly to new heights of accomplishment.

So attuned with our brothers and sisters, we gradually open our mind to the spiritual influx of insight and guidance and accept, as prompted from within, to pour an outflow of Peaceful thoughts and images, harmonious healing energies and, most impossible to describe, the powerful groundswell of Love vibrations flowing like a Galactic Star Beam from the very center of our beingness, one with many, innumerable others, unique in the whole Universe. This "God Presence Within" may now be entirely felt, without any hindrance, any resistance or fear. Love surrounds and permeates us, making us One with this inexpressible Reality, a reality that human words can only distort and misrepresent.

The tingling energies felt in these moments of intense at-One-ment can variously be described as "Flowing Crystals of Energy", "Scintillating Bursts of Radiance", "Sparkling Fountains of Light". The Presence they invoke and represent tells us something about Who we really are and What exists within us. The sense of Accomplishment, Joy and Ecstasy such an intense Communion leaves in us gives a new and entirely different meaning to our existence, and brings us closer to the moment when, as in the experience of those who came close to die, we are about to receive the Supreme Revelation and enter the Sanctuary of Infinite Bliss and Realization.

Coming "back to Earth", after these moments of intense experience, may sometimes appears like switching from color TV back to black and white, or turning off a Symphony of Love to listen again to what often amounts to be the Cacophony of the human world. Still, we always bring back some glimpses of understanding and even, sometimes, an inner call for a new urgent mission in our life to accomplish. The feeling we have is one of contentment, satisfaction, hope and great resolve to keep doing what the situation and our inner guidance require us to do at the best of our knowledge and ability.

And one of these guidances, as it could turn out to be, will bring to your attention a week later that it is now time again to leave the mundane world and join with your brothers and sisters around the world for another sacred communion of souls, during the next global Meditation Focus...