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Hello everyOne!

A couple of days ago, I woke up with the thought that a sort of "Planetary Decree" was urgently needed, partly to help offset the downward trend towards everything we don't need right now, as promoted and abetted by the Sorcerer's Apprentice now playing with fire in the White House, but also to take advantage of the unique opportunity presented by this complacency-and-apathy-bursting spur to catalyze the change of hearts and global awakenings that are necessary to massively shift our current course towards safer waters.

I strongly believe that what I've been inspired to write up can make a critical difference and set us all on the Path to a much brighter future than what would happen if that course-correction was not swiftly initiated. I trust that you'll sense the same certainty in your heart and soul and help with its dissemination. So, here it is...

Global Pact for Peace, Love and Harmony

While a man in the United States tries to impose —as some see it, justifiably or not— his will on his country and on the world by decrees, millions of souls are mobilizing around the globe to begin what will soon be known as the greatest peaceful revolution this world has ever seen. A Force more powerful than all the armies of the world has been growing in everyone’s consciousness for several decades. This Force has already deeply transformed this planet by the will of Peace, Love and Harmony it has sown in every heart, and its benevolent action is on the verge of reaching the critical mass essential to its expansion to all humans.

To facilitate this process, everyone reading this is invited to solemnly swear to honor the following commitments:

1. I pledge to never again allow fear to rule my life, turning me away from the Purpose I have chosen to achieve here below. From now on, only unconditional Love will guide my thoughts, words and actions.

2. I pledge to dedicate the rest of my life to serve the Will-to-Good in all things. I will always express, gently and firmly, the Truth my heart understands, provided it resonates with Love and Goodness.

3. I pledge to defend till my last breath what I know, in the depths of my Being, to be just and good, so that one day soon Peace, Love and Harmony may prevail in every heart.

May it be so and so it shall be.

Please note that a version featuring only the Global Pact above is available on Facebook at http://bit.ly/2l7yAZq and is thus easy to share on your Facebook page. It constitutes a great way to help spread the word about this global initiative!

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Kaia Nightingale, who wrote the complementary material you'll find below and who assisted me with proofreading the Global Pact, had the following comment after reading its final version:

"I love this sense of 'the biggest peaceful revolution'. I’d love to hear more about how this could play out and how, aside from their inner work, people can step up to move things forward. I’m eager and ready to do my part. Exciting!"

To which I replied:

"Concerning the peaceful revolution envisioned, I think the Women's March on Washington (with their pink cat-ear hats) was a wonderful start for it. Yet the peaceful revolution may not necessarily translate into any such huge expressions of collective will and outrage. If a critical mass of people actually do abide by the general spirit of the pledges outlined in this global pact, and thus do implement them in their daily thoughts, words and actions, it will transpire in everything. Actually, this is precisely what has been going on for the past several decades (at least since the 60's), otherwise things would be much worse today.

But with the possibly imminent explosion of the methane mega climatic time bomb and the bad choices of Trump and his minions, we have a perfect conflation of converging crises that offer us all a perfectly timed opportunity to choose a different future than the descent into oblivion which is now assured if we don't quickly slam the brakes and shift direction.

And since you cannot stir people into anything but disorganized panic with such fear-striking omens, a positive commitment made contagious through fast networking can make a huuuuge difference.

Cheers and super-positively onward!"

Note: For more details on the climatic time bomb, choices of Trump and descent into oblivion alluded to in my reply to Kaia above, I've compiled some of them HERE for your review. But be warned that some of this can have a very disturbing effect on you if you feel you cannot face more bad news than what you are already aware of. Let's just say that no matter how dire the situation may be, I'm confident we can still avert the worst, in the nick of time, if we all band together to quickly and massively implement the Soulutions and Heart Shifts needed in everything to avoid this. I also have faith in the wisdom of Life/Creator Source to help us all get through the narrow Gateway leading to an Era of Peace, Love and Harmony for all on Earth.

As usual your feedback and networking assistance will be most welcomed. This whole email is archived at this LINK if you wish to simply refer people to it. A French version is partly available now, and some other translations are now available.

Working together to co-create an absolutely, astoundingly wonderful and Love-filled life experience for all souls, here and Beyond.

Jean Hudon

* * * * * * *

The following is adapted from the notes for a conference Kaia Nightingale has given in Ottawa on February 13, 2017, the day this Global Pact was first networked.

The New Paradigm is Love

The essence of the new paradigm is love. We gradually shift our sense of Self into the heart. We feel interconnected. Love and compassion guide us more and more. This isn’t just surface sweetness. It’s where everyone can feel each other’s spirit essence as much as their own. We can all directly sense our interconnectedness with water, earth, trees, wildlife, sky and sunlight.

A heart-opening exercise is first proposed before going forward...  Please, breathe consciously... Go into your heart... Body same as heart... Outside body same as inside... Think of loved ones... Feel for others the same love...

Everyone here has a sense of love and spiritual truth. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t already have direct experience of awareness outside physical and mental consensus reality.

But now, here’s the thing. We’ve been building our inner strength, love, compassion, power of prayer and meditation. The time has come to integrate this awareness into physical, day-to-day reality such that our very way of life comes into harmony with spirit and the natural world.

To do this, we need to clearly differentiate between our inner awareness and what I’m calling consensus reality – the old paradigm we have been schooled into. We need to know what consensus reality is so we can clearly see it, observe it in our lives, and differentiate between it and our authentic integrity and love.

Consensus reality can be defined by the following statements: Only what is physically measurable is real. Time is linear and tracks forward. We are born and we die. In between, our separate selves must be maintained by our individual efforts. We must strive, compete, and know we are not good enough as we are. Success is a high salary, close imitation of social norms, and criticizing those who aren’t normal. Do you recognize this story? Is anyone immune? We all have our versions of this and so remain bound in a system that is oh so gently boiling us frogs. Will our spiritual practice, our connection to spirit and to our hearts awaken us in time?

So far our spiritual practice has been inside, in Light realms, in God worlds. The new paradigm will be when we integrate our inner truth with our physical day-to-day lives. Right now, this isn’t as easy as it looks.

Most of us, including myself, drive a car. Our homes are heated. It’s very convenient. Consensus reality has no problem with this. Everyone else is living like this, so it’s the right and normal way.

And we can do this because we don’t see the CO2; the gas fracking chemicals and oil spills are in someone else’s backyard; we are far inland, and the rising water isn’t lapping at our doorstep. At the same time, we think that our ecosystem needs protecting. And we also think: what can I do?

An interesting question is: Our hearts have so much integrity, so how is it we continue to degrade our planet through consumption?

Here’s how... We compartmentalize: our heart's truth in one part of our mind, our social programming in the other. And it actually hurts to hold both at once, so we don’t. How we will move towards the new paradigm is by staying closer to our hearts. Our hearts, through hurting, will tell us what is out of alignment with spirit. Our minds won’t tell us because our minds are carefully programmed in the current paradigm. Our minds can’t see the current paradigm because they are it. It’s like a fish trying to see water.

Einstein wrote: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Our minds have been schooled into the way of seeing of the current paradigm. Our minds are constantly manipulated through fearful news, invasive advertising and beliefs that are so pervasive we have no other perspective to see them with.

However, your higher awareness and spirit essence cannot be controlled.

This is where the meditation, prayer, healing and spiritual practices you have done all comes in. It is through your practice that you are able to get your head above water, above the mental conditioning of the old paradigm.

How do we upgrade our conditioned minds to match better with our inner awareness? We hold our thinking and the felt sense of our heart in our awareness at the same time. I understand this isn’t a comfortable thing to do.

I mind about when a pristine forest is destroyed, when indigenous communities are overrun by corporate interests, when wildlife suffers from the poisons we spill into the ocean and air. My intellect could potentially treat this as another factoid, but my heart tells me clearly this is out of alignment with spirit, and there must be another way. Which there is. We have the technology and means to have a beautiful healthy planet and all of us working short days with much time for meditation and creativity. What stands in the way are financial interests, corporate profit, economic growth. Why are finances made more important than the very ecosystem we rely on, more important than our health and well-being?

The very inconvenient truth is: We believe in money. You and I.

We also run our lives by money, not following our soul purpose, afraid of foreclosure, working in jobs that bore us for the security of a pension, buying the cheapest even though it isn’t ethical, taking the best paid jobs not the jobs that resonate with our spirits.

The Big Revolution will be when our awareness, love, compassion and connection to spirit permeates our thinking to the point that we awaken out of this monetary system with such confidence that we can say, no more! No more stress, ill-health and ecocide for digits in a bank. The real world of living beings comes first.

We'll then return to the real economy of fairly sharing and distributing resources and using our skills in the service of the common good.

Core sense of truth to hold within: Spirit and Love drive us. We are all interconnected... Our new paradigm-based world needs this fundamental truth as its foundation. Without spiritual truth as our ground and foundation, our minds are like untethered boats swept out to sea.

What is being asked of us is that we let go of the old paradigm. We are the ground crew, you and I and countless millions of others who have sufficiently awakened. We came to serve. We are calling in a new possibility. It’s not about fighting for change, but about becoming incredibly strong in our integrity. Daring to see things as they are. Daring to step outside the norms and live in truth.

We can ask for guidance, from our spirit guides and higher awareness. We can stay close to our hearts. Our hearts quickly sense what is harmonious, gentle, compassionate and right to do.

We have to be strong in heart to be able to model a new way of being. We need to step out of the complacent, self-centred social norm, and quietly be seen to behave in new ways. We can model the new way, the way of the heart. We are the loving ones we’ve been waiting for!

Take a moment to envision this new way...

Ask your heart, or your guides, if there is a special part you are here to play...

One truth, One love, One spirit... We are working together to co-create a way of being that returns us all to living in harmony with spirit and the natural world, to realign with Universal Law, a truth or resonance in which all beings and all things rests in perfect harmony. It is our hearts that will guide us there. The New Paradigm is Love.