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Meditation Focus Series

Week # 6: Being One With Gaia

Beloved Ones

Here is the sixth suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the other Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week # 6: Being One With Gaia

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Let us pause for a moment to ponder about the progress made so far and acknowledge all that has been learned. As we gradually enter in a state of deep meditation, joining in thoughts and feelings into the celestial harmonies created by the chorus of loving souls communing together, both on Earth and beyond this realm of existence, let us open ourselves to the magnificent beauty of the vast, holy assembly we form.

Let us feel out the streams of loving kindness emanating from all participating souls, rejoicing in this NOW moment to the effulgence of Light pouring through our hearts and radiating around this living sphere to form a pulsating cocoon of dazzling brilliance.

Let us feel Who we collectively are as we become One with all Life on Earth, One with Gaia, this perfect Being of Love, this global quintessence in which we all partake as cells in a greater body of Life.

As our thoughts float towards the center of this gigantic being, let us express our infinite gratitude for all that she continuously gives us, for the air we breathe, for the water we drink, for the food sustaining us and for the grace of Life with which we are each imbued and through which our very existence is made possible. Let us sense the rivers of Love streaming within us from within Her and connecting us all as One.

Looking around into the infinitely vast universe from the vantage point of our common Earth post, let us experience the unfathomable sense of Bliss springing forth as we contemplate the Miracle of Life gracing this infinitely small speck of dust in the boundless cosmos around us, and let us feel how precious each and every single Life form truly is, each intricately connected to all others to form a perfectly functioning and self-regenerating living entity: Gaia.

As we join in this globally synchronized communion of souls, at the appointed time or at any other NOW moment, let us consciously remember what brought us here, what mission we vowed to accomplish and what infinite resources of creativity and power we each have at our disposal, if we only believe in us as One, to BE the change we are here to manifest in this physical realm of joyful existence.

As we do so, let us renew our sacred vow to uphold the sanctity of Life, to protect, cherish and Love every single expression of the Creator around us, and let us brazenly, without the slightest shyness, express the embodied perfection that We each Are... for the Highest Good of All.

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"Feel your connections with the Force of Life within you... Feel It palpitating within each of your cells... Feel the sparks of Life radiating with vitality... All around you... Like an aura of Harmony surrounding you... Now feel your connections with every other human being on Earth... our great Human Family, many aware like you of their Unity with All Life... and through Life, of their Unity as ONE HUMAN FAMILY... The same Force of Life within all of us and all other forms of life, visible and invisible... The same Spirit of Life, everywhere... Now there is just one reality, filling your heart and mind... Love... An infinitely huge feeling of Love... For each and everyone of us... For All That Lives... For Gaia, our Mother Earth, We are all One with Gaia... One with Life... One with All That Is..."

- Taken from HERE

"A time is coming, very soon now, when each one of us will have to make some very crucial choices. We have each been given repeated opportunities to learn to trust our inner Divine Guidance and act unhesitantly as It prompts us to be-have in every possible circumstance. If you feel you are not yet up to the unique task you will soon be called upon to accomplish, rest assured that untapped resources of spiritual ingenuity will spontaneously spring up from the core of your soul — your eternal divine soul that has always be the only true essence of Who You Are — and enable you to masterfully realize what might have appeared, up to that point, to be beyond your reach and abilities. The tests that are coming are perfectly within your level of spiritual skills, provided you accept and choose from the bottom of your heart, and without the slightest hint of fear, doubt or lack of faith in your Self, to shift your sense of self-perception from that of a frail, mortal being whose existence lasts a mere flicker of a cosmological instant to that of a vibrantly conscious fragment of the One Force at the Origin of All That Is, a self-perpetuating miracle of Life whose creative genius and infinite Love have spawn the extraordinary symphony of wonders manifested through this multidimensional universe."

- Taken from Co-Creating The Future of Our Choice

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