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Meditation Focus Series – Week # 33:

Activating the Universal Godnet

Beloved Ones

Here is the 33rd suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the previous Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week # 33: Activating the Universal Godnet

An audio version (mp3) is available HERE with instructions on how to access and use it.

As we gather as soul spirits, ever more keenly aware of the intricate Web of Love that unites us all as One, we are offered a new perspective to better understand what it means to reach out through our God Self to the Central Sun, the Original Source of All That ever Was, Is and Will ever Be in the infinite, multidimensional and all-encompassing Life Continuum. Through our soul’s Mind Eye, we can sense the infinitely loving Presence that continuously observes our thoughts and sense our feelings.

This omnipresent connection with Source works in both ways, deep-linking our sense of Self to the Omniversal Being which instantaneously echoes back to our micro-sensing monitoring station the macro-perception of All That is—which most of the time is way above and beyond our still very limited grasping ability to fathom the unfathomable. This two-way communication system can be compared in some ways to the global Internet that has become so prevalent in our lives, especially for those living in more affluent areas of this world.

Yet, this Godnet—to coin a new word—is infinitely more sophisticated than the crude one we use everyday as it links together all souls on Earth and throughout this Universe in a gigantic web of mutually enlightening sentience and wisdom that functions just below the threshold of everyday awareness and which can be tapped instantaneously at all times to access the infinitely vast reservoir of knowledge that can then be downloaded through our intuition and translated to our current cultural concepts through the means of a perfectly honed universal translation system called telepathy.

Now with so much power and wisdom at the tip of our consciousness tendrils, it is somewhat puzzling that so few souls on Earth consciously and deliberately use it to further their own spiritual advancement and guide them in their daily service activities in the spirit of ‘All for One and One for All’ that eternally reverberates throughout the entire Continuum. However, as we are on the verge of ascending to higher harmonics of Creation where a much more refined instantaneous access to the Godnet is a standard sense in all souls, we can now already reach into this new level of soulness, simply because our overall vibrational soul tonalities are getting ever more closer to the shifting threshold point where we will all spontaneously connect to these higher frequencies of Love that so many souls from the higher echelons of the dimensional scale have been beaming at us non stop in furtherance of God/Creator Source’s plan for this tiny corner of Its infinitely vast Creation.

The time has come now for us all to respond back in kind and pay our due—in Love!—to compensate for and balance out the considerable ‘investments’ that have been free-flowingly made in us. But of course, that is precisely the goal of the Grand Game of Exploration: to boldly go where no soul has gone before, enjoy the free will given to us all—the free admission ticket to enjoying the multitudinous facets of our own boundless creativity as One with All That is, and consciously reflect back to Source the wonderments and enjoyments harvested/experienced along the Way.

As you may already remember, we have been given access to one of the most coveted and cherished prime ground for Creator’s exuberant creativity, this most precious jewel of all, this blue pearl of Life, radiantly pulsing with zillions of cells, expressing countless life forms, all endowed with various degrees of sentience, all connected in One Single Hive Mind of Love.

This next Sunday, during our collective meditation, let us imagine ourselves for a moment floating in the vastness of outer space, gazing down on this exquisite Being and feeling its perfect beauty, while sensing the deep currents of Love that flows in from all universal directions, the way Father/Mother God looks at the marvelous result of aeons of patient labor, with such an infinitely profound Love that tears can but well up at the sight of so much Magnificence and Grace Incarnate... And then let us think and feel deeply, passionately and truly ‘I love God... I am God... I am Love...’, repeating this Remembrance Code until our full access to the Godnet is activated.

Then from this vantage point, let us enable our seeing/sensing perception to soar high above the Earth and let us allow the vision of this divinely blessed cradle of Light, Life and Love to permeate our entire soul being until we Know in our loins and feel in our trillions of cells the experience of absolute reverence for this jewel of perfection, of divine grace manifested and living in and through us all.

At that very moment, when in a flip second we have reached that state of utter Grace and perfect Bliss, we will also Know that the Golden Gates of Heaven—the Doorway to Ascension—have now opened... Let us stay ‘there’ for as long as we wish, and then after coming back to our everyday ‘reality’, let us continue loving Life... and living Love... for the Highest Good of all... as One.

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