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Meditation Focus Series

Week # 18: Shifting Up

Beloved Ones

Here is the 18th suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the other Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week # 18: Shifting Up

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As we gradually make our way spiritually-wise into ever new territories of inner remembrance of what it is we came here to learn and accomplish, we tap into a vastness of knowledge and sentience that is literally infinite. We connect with the Source of this Universal Dream we are cocreating and comanifesting. We adjust our puny little sense of self several notches up until we can fit easily into the greater sense of Who We Are, and even if this inner matching of vibrations and awareness lasts a mere flicker of an instant, it is enough to open infinite vistas of possibilities, realize the magnificence of It All, and often make tears appear on our smiling face as unimaginably potent streams of Love burst through our entire Being in a radiating pattern that reaches to the confines of this planet and well, well beyond.

Change is all about neutralizing within ourselves any kind of ego-centered certainty and surrendering through bliss-filled tears into the embrace of the Higher Self, the Immortal Soul, the Infinite Being of Love we each are in essence. It is opening the floodgates of Divine Light pouring, overflowing and expanding ad infinitum through us. It is unreservedly accepting our True Divine Nature, going with the Flow of Love that spills out endlessly from the Well of Wisdom and Clarity shining at the core of our Being, and soaring ever higher on the waves of Sentient Perfection echoing the Omniversal Creator enshrined into each speck of matter, energy and consciousness throughout the entire dimensional range of Reality. In short, change is shifting up.

What is expected from each one of us is nothing less than remembering, accepting and integrating in every facet of our existence, and within the very fabric of our waking consciousness, the fact that we each are a Living Miracle, the embodiment of Universal Perfection, and the co-Maker of our evolving reality. All we need to do is ask... Ask for a universal upgrade... Ask to have our physical self, brain, bones and blood, adjusted to the higher frequencies now seeping through every atom of our physical reality to catalyze and precipitate the Shift of Ages into an unprecedented era of Heaven on Earth, Blissful Happiness in every soul, and ongoing Communion with the universal family of souls living throughout this galactic Milky Way and beyond in the Grand Symphony of Light, Life and Love...

You may choose to remain on the sideline of evolution and persist in sticking to your egoic certainties and separate sense of self. There is absolutely nothing wrong in doing so, for you have absolute freewill, just like every other soul in existence. Or you may choose to shift up towards the Light calling us all back into full remembrance of our truly universal, divine nature. If you so choose, then join other awakening souls as we commune every Sunday, rejoice and expand our reach together until Peace, Love and Harmony prevail, for the Highest Good of All.

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"As we go on today, collectively devastating the Earth on an unparralled scale, we are proving by the absurd the validity of this ancient perception of our place and role in the community of Life. We are destroying the fragile balance, established after billions of years of slow progress, between the unrelenting efforts of Life to take hold on this once barren planet and the sheer forces of entropy counteracting permanently to bring things back to their simplest mineral and chemical expressions. We are simply killing ourselves... This is the ultimate result of a civilization dominated by the Illusion of Separation. Fortunately, in the late sixties we began to see the emergence of a movement calling for a return to simpler values, more in harmony with the natural rhythms and laws of Life, and eventually leading to the ecological movement of the 80's and 90's. Yet, the old dominant paradigm still exerts a considerable influence and threatens, if not quickly changed, to create a traumatic setback to the evolution of Life on planet Earth. And the key of this change... is in each one of us. Dissolving this Illusion of Separation is our greatest challenge and our best opportunity to shift from a world of violent competition, war, pollution and despair, to a world of gentle cooperation, peace, harmony and hope. And again, Love is the only force that can change the world... and ourselves. Love within us first, for if we cannot feel Love within us, we cannot feel Love for others. Then Love for all the other human beings, no matter how different they are, for what really matters is not the outside but the inside: the same human body, the same feelings, the same desire to love and be loved. And above all, the same Life animating all our cells... and the cells of all the other Life forms on this planet and everywhere in the universe. This sacred bond of Love is what makes the Illusion of Separation just that... an illusion. Nothing is separated from anything. All is ONE!... "

– Taken from Dissolving the Illusion of Separation

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