A Spiritual Perspective from the Global Meditation Focus Group

Spiritual Nugget #2:
Meditation is as sunlight upon the Unified Field

The complementary spiritual perspectives provided in these Spiritual Nuggets are designed to offer concepts that relate to lasting global solutions to the global problems our world faces, and our intention is that the Spiritual Nuggets will address this work from many diverse perspectives in order to achieve a more rounded effect. They will also hopefully be seen as relevant to the global healing and peace-nurturing work we collectively do during our regular Meditation Focuses.

Meditation is as sunlight upon the Unified Field

We live in an interconnected world, or a "psychic ecosystem" of many minds and bodies. This unified field, through which we interact, conveys every inner impulse, just like radio signals, with lightning speed to the world at large. In return, the conditions of the world are transmitted back to us in a constant feedback-loop. Our Brothers' and Sisters' misery is also our own, and so too is their love and good will. Every mind renders instantaneous effect upon every other mind, continuously. This is the natural law of cause and effect, also known as karma.

States of mind resemble the various nation-states of the world. Each has its own policy on human relations, be it kind, ruthless, compassionate or indifferent. Every mind state has its own scope of influence, with far reaching environmental effects upon our entire planetary society. Every feeling, thought and intention we have, contributes to the unfolding of external events, which mirror our internal focus. Inner states become like entities, traveling from person to person through the agency of resonant human minds.

We live in a unified ocean of consciousness, where every single state of mind has relevance. There is no inner impulse that does not eventually give rise to profound outcomes. For this reason, our inner state of being must be considered of equal importance to the outer state of social affairs. The inner and the outer are inextricably bound together, and can never be separated. Thus, war torn fields of battles waged, or peaceful splendors of harvest, are ultimately only an intention, feeling or thought away.

In order for us to change the outer condition of community, environment and international policy, we must first change the inner condition known to be their primary cause. Peace can be reflected in the outer world only when it is firmly established within. The same may be said about love, clarity, compassion and good will to all nations and neighbors. For this reason, it is our need as a species to master our inner state of being, so that outer chaos may be transformed to peace and spiritual prosperity. Meditation is a primary key in this work. As we meditate, we create a coherence and elevation of the consciousness (mind state) within. Like all other states of mind, the meditative state creates profound changes in our personal sphere, and ultimately, within the collective sphere of our global civilization. The inner coherence, love and clarity that meditation acts to cultivate within, can then be combined with other people who also meditate. Through this practice, individuals and groups may reorient their state of mind at will. As a body of persons dedicated to the greater enlightenment of our species, we may direct our new-found inner force together. We may mutually create at-will changes in our environment, in the same fashion as we created them within.

World and Earth changes are upon us. Many of these reflect the inner imbalances of our human collective consciousness, in the form of war, extremes in weather and climate, environmental degradation and general confusion. Through meditation we can and we are transforming these world conditions by intentionally bringing love and clarity to bear upon the shadowy corners of the world. In this way, meditation is as sunlight, upon the Unified Fields of the planet Earth.


The Focus Group also wishes to invite anyone interested to submit similar material with direct relevance to the work of the Focus Group. We believe that in offering to anyone interested the opportunity to creatively contribute such spiritual gems, we will discover that there is a considerable wealth of wisdom that only awaits such an outlet to express itself in lots of people around the world. The diversity of viewpoints that will be collected and broadcast through our separate "Spiritual Nugget" listserver will certainly prove in due time to be a key stimulant in helping more and more people understand their potential as co-creators of a New World of Peace and Harmony. It may also help empower many individuals into launching their own unique and vital initiatives once more acutely aware of their own inner guidance and as part of the overall Plan of evolution of Life for Earth.

If you would like to submit a short text (between 500 and 1200 words), offering an inspiring perspective on themes related to the global healing and peace-nurturing work of the Global Meditation Focus Group, please e-mail it to the facilitator, Jean Hudon, at globalvisionary@cybernaute.com, and it will be reviewed by the members of the Focus Group and included as a future Spiritual Nugget if deemed appropriate. In some cases we may suggest editorial changes, which will be submitted to you for review and approval. We would like these Spiritual Nuggets to be kept anonymous and written as much as possible from a collective or impersonal point of view.