A Spiritual Perspective from the Global Meditation Focus Group

Spiritual Nugget #1:
The Influence of Intentions on World Peace

Networked in October 2000


As a complement to our regular postings, we have decided to send out what we call "Spiritual Nuggets" which are meant to offer concepts that relate to lasting global solutions, in conjunction with the global problems our world faces, and that are also relevant to the global healing and peace-nurturing work of our regular Meditation Focuses. Among the subjects we hope to cover:

- The implications of love and fear
- The environmental field effects of meditation
- The impact of group meditation
- The universality of humanity in consciousness
- Identification with the global community rather than ethnic or national territoriality
- Unified field implications
- The meaning behind continued human evolution
- The meaning of good will and spiritual right-action

We include our first Spiritual Nugget below for your consideration and plan to send four more such texts in the coming weeks. If you have any comment to offer or any other such spiritual material that would seem appropriate and related to the Focus Group work, you are welcome to send it to us for possible inclusion in future postings.

The Influence of Intentions on World Peace

Like wind in the leaves, the mutual feelings of crowds and nations stir us to action, and shape our daily lives. The depth of emotion felt within each of us is a part of the intensity of feelings elsewhere around the world.

Our interconnectedness is a fact of life from the most basic instinctual levels to the highest intellectual spheres. All states of mind set into motion the trends of action for the next moment, the next hour and even the next decade. Despair or delight are contagious things, traveling from person to person in a never-ending stream. They flow across international boundaries and observe no cultural barriers.

Just as the quality of emotions and intentions of a person molds the events of their personal lives, so too do the collective feelings and intentions of humanity continuously shape international relations. We cannot escape this natural law, but we can take advantage of it to chart a better future.

We can consciously hold those states of mind which create world peace, and thereby set into motion the psychic winds of change that may contribute in improving the human condition.

When we finally realize that our thoughts and emotions have a profound impact on the external physical world, the people of all nations will then break free of the historical cycles of warfare that plague the globe today. They will use the power of deeply felt intentions to create a mutually beneficial world.

The planetary conditions we see before us are a mirror of our own inner state. They are a reflection of both inner chaos and growing wisdom, and the test of our evolutionary fitness will be determined by which of these we choose to cultivate.

The wars and civil strife going on right now at this moment, are but the collective symptoms of the inner unrest we all feel much of the time.

Although the faces of generals and politicians may change, it is this same phenomena of inner struggle we see today which has been witnessed throughout history. Warlike intentions give rise to international disaster. History repeats itself, because our own inner hostilities and dissatisfactions keep repeating themselves.

To recognize this fact is the first and most critical step for world peace. To truly progress we must stay focused upon benevolence and goodwill, with the full knowledge that any intentionally held hostility is ultimately self-destructive.

The body of humanity to which we belong is an indivisible collective, and it is important to view it as such. For our own sake and self preservation, we must provide aid to our neighbors and other countries with an enthusiasm born of this spiritual understanding.

It is our task to intend benevolent, progressive relations into place, and to know that there is simply no alternative for our survival and prosperity as a species. This is how love, understanding and peaceful relations with our neighbors and between nations will come to be.