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Global Equinox Meditation – March 20, 2017

As our planet is once again reaching a new equinox, and as humanity is still searching for a Way Forward and Upward through the many challenges of this hour, all spiritually aware souls are invited to join, this Monday, March 20, in a global communion of souls and in common purpose for the healing of the Earth and the illumination of this world.

As for the previous solstice meditation, on December 21 2016, we are now going to contribute to both individual and global enlightenment, but we are also going to join our spiritual energies to activate the self-healing mechanisms of Terra Gaia to whom we are all deeply connected. We will be once again led to tap into our own spiritual guidance, each relying on our own meditational experience, to achieve the common aims suggested on the accompanying and unifying soundtrack suggested for this global equinox meditation.

Let us recall that this year constiture a new stage in our collective work, as guided from Within, to further develop and assert our spiritual mastery, but also to become more actively instrumental in fostering a greater spiritual awakening and shift to a higher dimensional experience of Life on Earth, which can thus help humanity as a whole to get past the threshold where open contact with more advanced, hyper-dimensional species and more direct assistance from them may become possible.

It is clear that reaching such a global shift point ensuring greater harmony on Earth, peaceful open-ended cooperation and a general recognition of our common humanity and mutual responsibility to care for each other and for all Life on Earth is the only sensible, effective option Forward and Upward to mend all our relationships and heal our living planet from centuries of abusive, unbalanced and unsustainable stewardship.

To become a collective living vessels for a Higher Cosmic Consciousness, with the assistance of the younger generation of older souls now being readied for or actively achieving the Mission they incarnated for, each individual soul has a key role to play to hold the vibration of Love, no matter what, and to exemplify through the template of their daily sacred existence the Golden Path of Light we co-create together to launch the Era of Illumination which is now dawning on Earth.

To read the rest of this presentation about "2017 - The Year of Individual and Global Activation", please refer to the invitation to the Global Illumination Meditation that took place last December 2016, and which is archived at

Practical Information About this Global Meditation

Starting at 10:13 GMT/Universal Time (UT), which corresponds to 06:13 in New York, 03:13 in Los Angeles and 10:13 in London, UK (for other time zones, you can find at your local corresponding time), you may begin listening to the mp3 recording provided HERE (please rather use this first link if you can right-click to download the mp3 file, as the DropBox link will be blocked if there are too many downloads there) and at this DropBox LINK- the button you need to click to download it to your computer, tablet or phone is in the upper right corner - and remember that it is recommended to set to flat the equalization of the music software you will use to play this mp3 file and to make a preliminary test to adjust the volume to your liking. This meditation will thus begin exactly 15 minutes before the peak moment of the March equinox that will occur Monday, March 20, at 10:28 GMT/UT. The recording lasts 30 minutes and comprises music and a few simple thoughts provided as guideposts along the way. If the time recommended is not suitable for you, you may also pick any other moment of that day that best suits you, and then project your consciousness beyond the illusory limitations of time to add your soul presence to that of all others that day, knowing that time is a mere illusion from a cosmic, timeless perspective.

Finally, when the 30 minute meditation is over, it is recommended you note down the highlights of your experience and key thoughts you will have, as a reminder of the guidance thus received. What you do afterwards with this guidance will most likely become the foundation for whatever new guidances will be given to you whenever you will participate in other such global meditations, understanding that acting upon the guidance received is the gateway to new future guidances.

Thank you for passing this invitation on to others so as to help us all expand the circle of participating souls.

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