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Meditation Focus #214

Stepping Up Towards Oneness Consciousness


What follows is the 214th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 8 (EIGHT) weeks beginning Sunday, July 11, 2010 - which means the next Meditation Focus will be issued for the first Sunday of September.


1. Summary
2. Meditation times
3. More information related to this Meditation Focus
4. Special Earth Healing Vigil


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Please note also that the SPECIAL "HEAL THE EARTH WOUND" GLOBAL HEALING INITIATIVE has now also be translated in Italian and is available HERE, in addition to the Dutch version and the Portuguese version.


As the Love of Life, the universal Force throbbing in All That Is, continues to grow in us all, we are arriving at a key stepping stone/threshold in our cosmic journey of awakening and remembrance. Let us assume for a moment that, during your individual meditations and/or as part of globally synchronized ones, you have reached through repeated, increasingly intense experiences of total fusion with All That Is the clairsentient perception and understanding, at soul level, of what it is to embody a tiny, infinitesimal fraction of God/Creator Source's Presence, Awareness and Will. Let us also assume that you are now ready for the next step in this cosmically inspired gradual preparation, through these and many other collective meditations, toward accomplishing what we came here to achieve, as part of God/Creator Source's overall plan to shift this living planet a notch up in the dimensional scale of this multidimensional multiverse. Now, there is still some linear time to go before this dimensional shift is fully realized. This remaining time is to be used to gear our Selves up for this grand achievement that will usher in a New Golden Era of manifested Light and Love in and for All That Is unlike anything that has happened before in this world and beyond, in this entire universe. The sense of Oneness that will ultimately pervade the awakened living souls on this whole planet will be the hallmark of this new era and the keystone aspect of all Life on Earth.

The still fairly abstract notion that all sentient life forms – from the tiniest bacteria to the largest mammals and up to the entire pulsing sphere of Life itself, are intrinsically connected as one whole living being, sharing a common consciousness of its multifaceted existence and being keenly self-aware of All of Itself and of All of Its connections with the rest of this living Universe – will become as intensely felt and as continuously experienced as the current self-awareness that forms the bedrock of our own individual experience as individuated souls living a physical experience through a vehicle of flesh, bones and blood. However, before we can reach this stage of completion, there is an intermediary step that needs to be taken by a significantly important portion of those who are at the cutting edge of this planetary ascension process, so as to prepare the way through co-creating and co-anchoring the energetic blueprint for what is yet to come. This process will occur fairly rapidly and, in fact, has already started through the many collective meditation initiatives that numerous Light bearers have been inspired to launch and foster, all of which forms a training ground and preparatory stage for the nascent group consciousness which is, indeed, the intermediary step mentioned above in our collective journey towards fully bloomed planetary Oneness Consciousness.

So from this point on, those souls who have taken to regularly participate in those global meditation focuses and similar activities will have, if they so chose, a new opportunity to heighten their skills and deepen their ability to immerse themselves into a collective of souls and thus co-aggregate and meld their respective soul consciousnesses into a fledging group consciousness, which is soon going to be a key element to further expand the now emerging global Oneness Consciousness on Earth. This new field of experience will however require that each of those souls who want to enter this training seek out at least one or preferably several other souls who would be willing to embark upon this collective global effort to foster group consciousness, as a prerequisite to enabling global Oneness Consciousness in a couple years from now. Each participant needs not report back to anyone about anything except perhaps to those involved in the group to be formed, nor could it be expected that detailed specific instructions will be provided from external sources, beyond what is suggested here and in related future complements, as to what specific steps need to be taken for this training to be successful. The only true source of guidance will be the thoughts and visions emanating from each participating soul as this training process gets underway. We each have a direct connection with God/Creator Source through the channel of our soul's consciousness. That's where the plan for this work issues forth and that's where ultimately the further directions for this group consciousness training will come from.

Now, as you can sense, if you feel you are to take up this mission, it implies you will have to take on a more proactive role from this point on than merely reading these meditation focus summaries and joining in at the recommended local time once a week. Such material will continue to be created and issued on a monthly basis (from September on) for those who prefer to simply meditate with others from around the world on the proposed meditation focus theme. And you are all encouraged, obviously, to continue joining, whenever possible, in those weekly meditations, every Sunday, so as to continue adding the vibratory flame of your Light and Love to this growing global field of spiritual service for the Highest Good of All. Yet, if you wish to take part to this new field of spiritual training, you are hereby invited to initiate contacts with other like-minded souls, either from the area where you live or from anywhere else around the world – or both! – share with them this proposed vision of developing and exploring group consciousness, and then either start soul-communing with your training partner(s) at any given moment of your group's choice, once a week or preferably once a day, and for the duration that best suits those involved, and also to do so at least once a week, starting 30 minutes before the beginning of the weekly meditation focus, thus building up your level of group soul communion prior to joining with the larger assembly of souls at the usual time (16:00 Universal Time) every Sunday and applying your revved-up group consciousness towards the suggested global meditation theme.

Thus will more and more souls contribute in shaping the Golden Path of Light that is gradually leading us up towards the Golden Era of Light and Love now just around the corner, metaphorically speaking. As for the theme of this 8-week long meditation focus, Stepping Up Towards Oneness Consciousness, it is exactly what has been outlined above: a time for decision-making at soul level as to what proactive role you are called upon to take in the remaining time before the dimensional threshold is reached and crossed, so as to bring your vital contribution, as co-creator with God/Creator Source, towards the full-bloomed manifestation of this dimensional shift. So you are hereby invited to reach deep within your soul, during our moments of collective, globally synchronized meditation, to connect with the Source of All That Is, listen deeply and carefully pay attention to the personal guidance that will be provided to you as to what steps you are to take to co-manifest this vision, for the Highest Good of All as One.

This whole Meditation Focus has been archived for your convenience at

(Automatic approximate translation is provided in numerous languages by a Google Gadget at the URL above)

Note: If you find difficult to fully grasp what you have just read, the following reminder may be helpful to you:

As you certainly know if you have attempted entering a state of deep meditation after reading theme-setting material such as this one above, the only way to actually reach a deeply vibrant sense of Oneness at soul level is certainly not to try to remember while you meditate any of the details you've read about the suggested meditation theme. Simply having a general idea of it in the back of one's mind is all that is necessary. The goal here is simply to impart through the written material a sense of the sacredness of this collective experience that is being proposed and hope that this will motivate people to create a special moment in their life to experience, beyond concepts and words, what it is to be an immortal expression/manifestation of All That Is.

"We can be powerful generators of Love. As for electricity which can be tapped from anywhere in the universe, the energy of Love, an aspect of the all pervading consciousness of God/Creator Source in all, can be accessed and manifested from anywhere/anytime through our physical "avatar" endowed with a dazzling array of spiritual/emotional/intellectual abilities, the very means through which the soul we actually are can interface with the physical dimension of this multidimensional universe. The more we are to actively generate love - will Love into vibrational manifestation - the more we can shed its higher dimensional Light on/into everything and everyone around us and around the world. We can be/emit just a dim light, like a small light bulb, or be an ultra powerful sun radiating transdimensional Love - the very power that brought this universe into existence and held it together ever since - from the center of our being, as One with All That Is. The limit of our power to shine/be Light is the limit of our ability to shine/be Love... which is infinite, literally! So, let us shine All That We collectively Are and, in so being, transmute the whole world with Love!"

- Amanumenoum

"Change is all about neutralizing within ourselves any kind of ego-centered certainty and surrendering through bliss-filled tears into the embrace of the Higher Self, the Immortal Soul, the Infinite Being of Love we each are in essence. It is opening the floodgates of Divine Light pouring, overflowing and expanding ad infinitum through us. It is unreservedly accepting our True Divine Nature, going with the Flow of Love that spills out endlessly from the Well of Wisdom and Clarity shining at the core of our Being, and soaring ever higher on the waves of Sentient Perfection echoing the Omniversal Creator enshrined into each speck of matter, energy and consciousness throughout the entire dimensional range of Reality. In short, change is shifting up. What is expected from each one of us in nothing less than remembering, accepting and integrating in every facet of our existence and within the very fabric of our waking consciousness the fact that we each are a Living Miracle, the embodiment of Universal Perfection, and the co-Maker of our evolving reality. All we need to do is ask... Ask for an universal upgrade... Ask to have our physical self, brain, bones and blood, adjusted to the higher frequencies now seeping through every atom of our physical reality to catalyze and precipitate the Shift of Ages into an unprecedented era of Heaven on Earth, Blissful Happiness in every soul, and ongoing Communion with the universal family of souls living throughout this galactic Milky Way and beyond in the Grand Symphony of Light, Life and Love... You may choose to remain on the sideline of evolution and persist in sticking to your egoic certainties and separate sense of self. There is absolutely nothing wrong in doing so, for you have absolute freewill, just like every other soul in existence. Or you may choose to shift up towards the Light calling us all back into full remembrance of our truly universal, divine nature."

- Taken from Meditation Focus #178: Shifting Up

"You are the temple of the Sun of yourself. So if you have been worrying about something, allow yourself to take a deep breath... right now... feel that easy, deep breath and allow yourself to go within, eyes open or eyes closed, whichever feels comfortable, and go within to the sacred place of the Sun within you, and know that within you is divine radiance. There is nothing that can threaten or change that divine radiance within you. Feel it with your mind's eye. Feel yourself in the Sun within yourself. Know that you are surrounded by the Sunlight that you are. Feel it. Visualize it. Allow it to expand until you feel yourself to be in a bubble of Sunlight. Feel yourself to be safe, secure within the Sunlight of yourself. All that you have ever truly desired abides within the Sun within your own temple, within yourself. Go within and for a moment allow everything else to be blotted out by the brilliance of the Sun in that space. Visualize how the Sun fills every part of your being. Visualize yourself in the middle of that Sun. Feel its warmth. Feel its power. Feel the security. Nothing can threaten that security. Any time that the world speaks to you of problems, go quickly to your own temple and to your Sun and abide there in the security of the divine essence, the divine radiance that you are. And then if there is something that has been troubling you, bring it within that light and see how it dissolves into nothing, into light, knowing yourself always to be taken care of, always in the Light. You have fashioned a body so that you could walk through this reality to play in this reality, to struggle with all of the challenges that you have collectively agreed upon. But none of those challenges can threaten or change the divine light of you within you."

- Jeshua ben Joseph channeled by Judith Coates (8 July 2010) - Taken from The Temple of the Sun (Spanish version HERE - French version HERE - Latest Messages from Judith Coates)


i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage 8:00 AM -- Los Angeles 9:00 AM -- Denver 9:00 AM -- San Salvador, Mexico City 10:00 AM -- Houston & Chicago 11:00 AM -- Caracas 11:30 PM -- New York, Toronto, Montreal, Santo Domingo & La Paz 12:00 PM -- Halifax, Montevideo, Asuncion, Rio de Janeiro & Santiago 1:00 PM -- Reykjavik & Casablanca 4:00 PM -- London, Dublin, Lisbon, Lagos & Algiers 5:00 PM -- Geneva, Rome, Berlin, Paris & Madrid 6:00 PM -- Ankara, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Athens, Helsinki & Istanbul 6:00 PM -- Baghdad, Moscow & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Tehran 7:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Mumbai, Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 AM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane +2:00 AM -- Canberra & Melbourne +3:00 AM -- Wellington +5:00 AM

You may also check at;p1=0 to find your corresponding local time if a nearby city is not listed above.


The following is provided as a complement to further the process of inspirational understanding of what, in truth, cannot be grasped from a purely intellectual perspective, for the True Key to unlock the vault of your spiritual knowledge lies within you... and nowhere else.


1. Currents of Mind... in the flow...
2. The Desire of I
3. Planetary Community Emerging in Unified Field of Love
4. Solar Eclipse 11 July through the Cosmic Ray of Solar Service
5. Master Hilarion's Weekly Message
6. Be All That You Are

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Currents of Mind... in the flow...

This still point - April 2010

The Buddha often described his teaching (which was not called Buddhism while he lived) as "the Middle Way". Yet the peace and fulfillment of genuine non-attachment is elusive. There is a tendency to either feel passionate or detached, but true non-attachment is not detachment.

Often people feel pulled between two polls of frustrated effort and hopeless non-effort even when they try to stop chasing their tails in search of fulfillment, because even in detachment they are still hanging on to wanting. You want things to be a way other than the way they are, and so you are not as consciously depressed when chasing after the hope that more effort will finally bring the cherished prize of lasting happiness, and then you are quite obviously depressed when you still want, but tell yourself there is no reason to bother trying because: life s u c k s, life hates you, there is something wrong with you, happiness is only for other people, no one is really happy just more or less honest, etc.

The truth is that happiness can only be found within what is, just as it is. You have to learn to appreciate not the things outside yourself that you have, but the pervasive thing that you have, which is what you are. You are life. You are awareness in all forms. You are everything that exists, all that has ever existed, and all that will ever exist. You are not that body and the history of what that body has experienced. You are not the tales you tell about yourself in your mind. You are not the function that is meant to constantly strive to keep you alive by avoiding danger and pursuing comfort, nourishment and procreation. You are more than the separate ego self and the body it defends and promotes at every opportunity.

So long as you are identifying with the limited portion of you that is coming from your ego perspective as "X person" you can't really have lasting happiness, because lasting happiness is anathema to ego. Its purpose is to be dissatisfied so that it has something it is needed to fix.

Yet right here and now there is something miraculous happening in and all around you. It is there every day, and yet you see everyone ignoring it. You see that you have felt good and then bad while it was there, so believe it can't be the answer you have sought. Yet it is. All that separates us all from complete and lasting happiness is a willingness to embrace the one and only thing any of us truly have and devote ourselves to it completely. Love this moment of existence. Cherish the breath moving in and out of your lungs and the light glowing even through your closed eyelids. Feel yourself immersed in an endless ocean of love, and know that it loves itself completely.

The real You loves itself completely. Notice, and then commit yourself to noticing. Embrace what you have rejected as "not good enough, not solid enough, not real enough, and unprovable." Embrace the God that is you as you truly are, inescapable and all powerful yet willing to be ignored while waiting patiently for you to find the courage to say "Yes" to all it wishes to share with you.

I too struggle with maintaining this awareness. I dip in and out of it. When I dip in, I try to write something to anchor myself there. But then I wake up again the next day, immersed in delusion once again. Throughout each day I remind myself again and again to notice and appreciate what I truly have in that moment. Sometimes it feels real and sometimes it feels like I'm just telling myself, but I still keep doing it to train my mind to break its old bad habit of always looking for happiness in my external conditions. Sometimes I feel very sad when I reflect on what I've done with my life and the opportunities I've let pass me by. As much as I've done, I keep feeling I missed the boat on "my destiny." But with nothing changing within any of that, sometimes I feel I am floating effortlessly in a sea of bliss. When those moments happen, I notice that my mind writes a story of "why external conditions justify happiness" and so I respond by immediately debunking the story and noting that the reason I feel happy has nothing to do with external circumstances. It has to do with the ego loosening its grip in that moment so that my true self could shine through.

That is all that is required of us, so simple and yet so difficult to actually do. Let go and know that you are carried by the infinite perfection that you are, and which loves itself perfectly. Know that everything in your life is perfect by its view of perfection, even if not by ego's, and that as much as ego promises something different would bring you happiness and no matter how reasonable intellect says ego's promises are, they are all lies.

There are people who have any given thing you want and are unhappy. We like to tell ourselves that we would be different under their circumstances, but I tell you that if you would be different then, you would also be different now. So be different now under these circumstances. BE the satisfaction they deny themselves. Be who you are with both courage and humility.



The Desire of I

The ego/mind always wants to change what currently is.
The ego/mind always wants to make things different from how they already are.
Look inside, watch the mind, and you'll see it's true.
Rehashing the past, looking forward to the non-existent future, incessant babbling.
Does this sound like peace (of mind)?
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.

What creates suffering for every individual?
The inability to accept what currently is, no matter what that might be.
The neediness to change what is.
The neediness of thoughts, thinking, and emotions.
Desire, wantingness, craving, attachment, addiction, neediness, selfishness.
The little me, myself, and I.
The ego/mind.
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.

There's no reason to control anything.
There's no reason to manipulate anything.
People confuse force as being power.
True power relies on nothing whatsoever.
True power is self-sustaining and needs nothing.
Only when we let things be will peace (of mind) be found.
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.

The world does not need to be saved, for it is an illusion created by our collective and individual thoughts.
This world is a school for evolving one's own consciousness.
If all is connected, and All is One, then we change the world because of what we are, not just because of what we do.
We change the world in far greater unseen ways because of what we are, as opposed to what we do.
Do, but without doing.
Change yourself, and you change all.
Save the world by saving yourself.
Save yourself by losing the needy little self.
Lose the needy little self and realize the self-sustaining all-encompassing all-knowing Self. (Awareness)
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.

Trying to control and manipulate things is giving more power to the ego/mind's neediness.
Our true nature has no wants, nor needs.
Our true nature is already utterly whole, complete, and perfect beyond description.
How can that which is already Infinitely Everything have any wants or needs?
How can something as simple as Pure Awareness have any wants or needs?
How can The Essence of all things have any wants or needs?
We only want or need anything because we identify the body and the ego/mind as being "me".
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.

Our true nature never suffers for it is changeless, unmanifested, formless, and beyond physicality.
It is No-Thing, yet Infinitely Everything, yet beyond both because both are mere concepts.
Make the change from that which changes, to that which is changeless.
Those who are the same when faced with pleasure or pain will realize their true nature.
Those who accept what currently is have found the Peace of the Self.
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.

So why are these words being written if it's not what we do that really makes the difference?
Because "others" can't find their true nature if they are not told how.
The desire to help and explain this to others isn't the same kind of desire.
This kind of desire isn't needy.
It is a desire without desire.
It is a desire of selflessness.
Help is offered but whether or not it's accepted is of no difference whatsoever.
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.

The I was let go of once, and the splendor of Truth in all its magnificent glory was revealed.
But it wasn't permanent.
The I didn't die because of its selfish neediness for self-existence.
Still working on letting go of the I, and this selfless writing helps with that.
But when individual will is surrendered there is no I to claim doership.
This writing is the consequence of waiting, listening, allowing, surrendering, silence, "receiving", being, and knowing.
Everything is happening spontaneously on its own as an automatic karmic consequence of what one is.
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.
And above all, let the I die.


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Planetary Community Emerging in Unified Field of Love

by Ariel Ky (

The summer solstice has provided impetus for the unified field of love to bloom and anchor in the collective consciousness. The planetary community here on Earth is awakening. We are experiencing a once-in-5000-years planetary alignment that will culminate in a solar eclipse July 11, creating an opening for a spiritual shift so many of us have longed for and worked for all our lives.

All of the old systems are losing their appeal. Anyone still wedded to concepts of power and control do not have access to the unified field of love. People who are still engaged in thoughts and behavior that harms others cannot access the unified field of love.

But everyone else gets to play. All you have to do is ask to join in. You have to be ready to release all hatred and judgment, and be prepared to be healed of all emotional wounds from your past and even your past lives, and back through your ancestral lineage. That’s how powerful the unified energy field of love is; it transcends space and time, and we get to feel what it’s like to be there, outside of the limitations of physicality and of space and of time.

The unified field of love is the most exciting thing happening in the world today; it is orgasmic, enthralling, exciting, nourishing, and so wonderful to experience and such an awesome experience that everyone is going to want to be part of it.

We are transcending this old reality and shedding it like the skin of a snake. We are emerging into our wholeness of who we are and how powerful each one of us really is. We are becoming a free and sovereign people who are taking care of each other and making sure nobody goes without, that everyone has what they need, and that we can make life rich and wonderful and blessed for all living creatures on this planet and the very planet itself, which we are part of, as we are part of the stars.

The energy of creation dances in our souls and our hearts as we awaken to the glory of what is possible for us to enjoy and share here on this beautiful planet. We thank our planet for all that she has endured and honor her for giving us life and making our lives possible.

The unstoppable process of collective healing has commenced. The rising tide of consciousness is bringing about a tremendous peace process of forgiveness, reconciliation, atonement, and liberation. It begins with forgiving ourselves, now and throughout the past, as we stand embodied for each of our ancestral lines. We become newly aware of each other as everyone presently on earth embodies the culmination of a long line of parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents, and on and on back to the first people.

We begin with forgiving ourselves, and then we forgive our parents, and their parents, and so on. We reconcile with the worst in ourselves and in our families. The need to keep family secrets is gone, as we all reconcile with the harm that has been done in the past.

And thus atonement begins. For each person, the need to atone is individual and must be self-determined, not imposed by others. As we atone, we are more and more readily free to access the unified energy field of love. It is a process of choice. Who would not choose it? To love and be loved, to be free, to belong, to be happy and to know our full worth. All of this now possible for the first time on this great planet. Rejoice!


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(...) In the last few months I have experienced many kinds of Community within the emerging Noosphere. I have experienced what I call "Family of Light", the Global Community of Lightworkers. If you are reading this, you are probably part of this Community in some way. We love to write and blog and we use the internet and the print media to share our insights and thoughts. We also gather as groups, and when I was in the Middle East and Europe recently, I was enchanted and delighted with the powerful group energy of this community as we shared and celebrated the Fifth Dimension of Group Consciousness together. Then there are other kinds of Communities. When I was in Portugal I visited Tamera, which is an intentional community that calls itself a "healing Biotope". Their purpose is to be an Evolutionary Node or point where an alternative way of living beyond war and violence can be achieved. Their focus is on Peace both Globally and in their own community of about 200 people who live and work on the Community land. There are many of these intentional communities arising all over the Planet, and they create another level of information sharing and evolutionary energy in the Noosphere. Then there are communities that are more flexible. Groups of people who come together to share, usually people who lives ordinary lives in cities, but who seek out a group of people with similar ideas and energies for activities and gatherings related to their interests and beliefs. These can be in real time, or they can be virtual groups in cyberspace. The information is moving, the emerging Planetary Information exchange system is humming along, and we are emerging as a new species that expresses itself through its Connections. We are learning to solve problems and create spaces for our lives and dreams in this new arena of interconnection. It is no longer about "I" but about "Us". Or maybe, more about how "I" fits into the "Us" or balances with the "Us". CLIP

Lunar To Solar Eclipse : The Big Push By Lauren C Gorgo (June 24, 2010)
(...) There is a timed solar activation (I'm pretty sure they mean from the solstice gateway to the solar eclipse on July 11th) that is triggering a biological purification completion for the path-paver group, and from this period on, as I understand it, we are officially rescinding from this phase of the journey. "The recent, incoming solar waves carry with them the diagnostic codes required to release humanity from dross. These codes are also responsible for lifting those with elevated light quotients to soul embodiment. As a result, those who have yet to complete the 4 phases of DNA reconnection and activation will begin their journey into wholeness, and those who have completed the DNA reconnection and activation will be catapulted to the realms of oneness." -- Pleiadians Unlike any other activation that we have experienced to date, I am told that this activation is the "big push" and one of "purposeful retreating from the lower realms of physical existence." (I guess the commander-in-chief...aka God...has finally decided to pull the battle weary brigade & first infantry division from the front line. Boy, that didn't take long, did it?) The most important component of this activation is the reconnection of the 12th strand of DNA (as discussed in the last Galactic Times post), and the physical changes that we will eventually feel will be a direct result of this refusing.Together, this timed solar activation and the completion of our DNA reconnection is slated to anchor us in zero-point and propel us to physical stabilization. "In an instant, all disharmonious energies that kept you in a state of dis-ease will be lifted from your energy field and will initiate a deep genetic and cellular mutation." CLIP

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Solar Eclipse 11 July through the Cosmic Ray of Solar Service

Anrita Melchizedek - 6 July 2010

Invocation to the Cosmic Ray of Solar Service

I call upon the Overlighting of the Company of Heaven, Helios and Vesta,
Nature Intelligence and Mother Earth,
As I align myself through Mother/Father God,
and my Higher Light.

Through the amplified energy of the Sun and new Moon,
I ask to be taken in Soul Consciousness into the Unity Grid of Light,
Within and around this Earth plane,
And connect to the Light workers, star seeded ones and Beings of Light
along this Crystalline Matrix of Light.

I now call upon Helios and Vesta,
And ask to be taken through a portal of Light, a dimensional doorway,
Into the Ascension Seat and heart of the Sun,
So I may experience the amplified frequencies of Love-Wisdom,
So I may bring through the key codes for this Golden Age of Light.

As I enter into this Ascension Seat and new Healing Chamber of Light,
I am surrounded in a beautiful copper-gold flame of Light,
Letting go of all that is not of the Light .
I now merge with my multidimensional Selves at this dimensional level,
And activate the remembrance of my Highest Potential,
As this sacred Master Being in Service to the Divine.

I now actualize the new I AM Avatar blueprint,
My perfect Adam Kadmon Blueprint of Light,
My etheric, electronic body of Light,
Through the downloads of Light
spiralling forth from this Cosmic ray.

I now bring through the new Ascension Codes of Light,
Through this Cosmic ray of Solar Service,
and anchor and activate these key codes within the Unity Grid of Light,
Allowing these Ascension Codes to be available for all Life on this Earth plane.

I now direct the energy of this Cosmic ray,
And this beautiful copper-gold flame of Light,
Into all those areas within and around this earth plane,
Needing these amplified frequencies of Love-Wisdom.

I now bring a focus to the Gulf of Mexico,
And the oil spill within the oceans of this world,
And through the power of manifestation,
Assist in shifting this polarity timeline
Into one of reverence for all Life.

I am a Child of the Sun,
An Ambassador of Light,
In Service to this Earth and Solar System.
I manifest all that I need in reverence,
abundance, joy, Love-Wisdom and harmony.
I Am That I Am.



Master Hilarion's Weekly Message

Channeler: Marlene Swetlishoff - June 27-July 3, 2010

Welcome back, Beloved Lightworkers,

These times that you are living in are the most challenging and most exhilarating Humankind has ever experienced. These times are filled with the old structures and paradigms collapsing all around you and at the same time, the new way of living and being is being implemented, this is truly a wondrous time to be present in a physical body as these changes occur and each of you are an active participant in them. Well met, Beloved Ones! Many of you are leaving the old patterns behind you and embracing a new way, a way of sovereignty and personal power, a way of peace, loving kindness, compassion for all, for how can it be otherwise, for when you gaze into the eyes of your sister or brother, you see their Divinity reflected there.
In the next month or so, there will continue to be great changes taking place within the minds and hearts of Humanity and there will be great revelations taking place in each one's consciousness and understanding. Much will change as this happens, for the force of Love is at work and there is no greater power in existence. Many things that were hidden will come to Light and the minds of Humanity will be experiencing shock and awe as they come forth. Know that each of you are prepared to take your places as this happens and that you have been placed in exactly the right spot to be of the greatest benefit to the Earth and all upon Her. Your Light is a shining Beacon and each of you hold a greater role in the Divine Plan than you can imagine at this time. Your Light transmutes and transforms and stabilizes everything within the radius of your home for hundreds of miles around you. That is how powerful you are!

Go through these times remembering the Light that you are and daily affirm that you are the Light and the Light is needed now. As the Cosmic Forces pour down upon the atmosphere of the Earth, all will be affected in a way that is in keeping with the Path that each has chosen to walk in these changing times. Let go of the fetters and the illusions and the games that are still playing around you. We understand that this is very difficult to do when it is your own Loved Ones who are in the midst of these, but you must hold steady your Light and your great faith in the Light of God that never fails and never falter. Call upon the Forces of Light that surround you and believe that all is as it should be.

Each day, take the time to affirm the life that you envision for yourselves and your Loved Ones and hold steady to the vision. In the midst of the chaos, your visions will see you through. You are our Front Line teams, you are the ones who have held the Light steady upon the Earth, even when you have been severely tested, and, we know that you have been, Dear Ones and that it does not seem fair, for those who are so good, so kind, so loving to be asked to bear such great burdens. Know that this, too, shall pass and you will all see the Light of a new day upon your Planet and life as you have known it shall be forever changed for the better and all that you have so earnestly desired within your hearts shall come to pass. You shall come to understand that not all is as it seems and the greater picture of your current experiences shall begin to come into your awareness.

The most important thing to remember is that you are loved beyond measure by we of the Higher realms and that you are literally, never alone. Write down affirmations that empower you and repeat them constantly. Hold to the feelings of joy, anticipation and well-being, of excited anticipation for the new era that will soon come to pass. You can do this, Beloved Hearts, you can and will do this because you hold the greatest Love the world has ever seen within your Beings and as you remember who and what you are, the blessings you bring to those around you will become apparent and no longer will you be the Invisible Ones because of the Light you have held. It was necessary in order to protect you all and everything that you have had to live and endure was for a greater purpose. You are now in the home stretch of your journey and soon many more of your Brothers and Sisters will Awaken and join you in this Great Work, and perhaps even your Beloved Family members will be among them. Take heart and keep on keeping on!

Until next week…..

I AM Hilarion


Be All That You Are

Once upon a time, ten sages of great wisdom came to Earth to assist the awakening human beings upon their path of self-discovery. They each had a unique gift to share with all who were ready to listen to them, but none were ready to do so at the time of their initial coming. Today, the time is ripe for these universally gifted beings to deliver to humanity what they came to offer. Today enough aspiring souls, after aeons of careful preparation are ready to receive these unique gifts entrusted to these wisest of the wisest ones by the Great Force of Life that gave soul, form and life to All That is. To be able to accept the precious essence of Knowledge, nurtured by Infinite Love, and embraced by the divine Grace, we each have to make a conscious choice, and Be All That We Are.

Once upon a time, tens of millions of souls, joining at the pre-appointed, self-chosen time, in harmonious synchrony began to resonate as One Living Being, and in the pregnant silence of their universal vibration of Bliss, the voice of the first sage echoes, as One Single Quintessential Epitome in the One Heart of All, to offer his unique, precious contribution to humanity's global awakening...

In the midst of all that you have been, emerges the single most precious quality that has been enshrined since the very first atom appeared, since the very first breath of air was taken in, since the very first thought was formed in a thinking mind... LOVE... That is the First Key of your Global Awakening.

Be All The Love That You Can Be, for the Highest Good of All...

* * * * * * *

A second sage is stepping forward to offer his unique, precious contribution to humanity's global awakening...

In essence, we are all One, but in the physical form we appear as separate beings, each seemingly unrelated to all other beings. Yet this is an illusion, as all Life forms are intrinsically connected to all others through the same Life Force pulsing and flowing through their cells. Realizing that deep within leads to increased caring for all others in service to the One Life in All. Compassion is that sense of being-responsible-for-the-well-being-of-all in action. Acting with compassion is also love in action, for love and compassion are both sides of the same coin.

Once we embody compassion, through all kinds of gratuitous, selfless acts of kindness, we know from the fulfilling sentiment of doing what is needed for the highest good of all that we have become an instrument of a Higher Purpose. Through opening ourselves to being such instruments of the One Life in All, we cease to experience the illusion of separation, for in completely surrendering ourselves to serving All That Is through whatever opportunity presenting itself to us in perfect synchrony, we become One with All That Is.

Thus through embodying Compassion, the Second Key of your Global Awakening, you step into and co-create the New Era of Peace, Love and Harmony that is now manifesting.

Be All The Compassion That You Can Be, for the Highest Good of All...

* * * * * * *

A third sage is stepping forward to offer his unique, precious contribution to humanity's global awakening...

Once a soul enters the stream of a new lifetime, it is usually caught into a swirling cauldron of ever increasing tensions as its human personality is faced with the many demands of existence in the material world. But eventually all souls are presented with numerous opportunities to make time for introspective activities of the mind that often lead to a sense of greater understanding of life's goals on a spiritual level and, hence, to the emergence of a desire to bring its current life in greater harmony with the crux of these vital objectives. It is then that lies one of the greatest challenges for each soul as it strives to make way for the complete expression of what its life was meant to be as planned and agreed upon before each new incarnation.

Creating a space within where the clear understanding of where its next steps should take its human form, figuratively speaking, can be achieved only when the man or the woman seeking spiritual clarity about one's life purpose decides to actually dedicate oneself to opening up his/her heart during moments of meditative silence to the guiding inspirations and intuitively-driven promptings of his/her own calm and reassuring Presence within, often called "still small voice within." Once the inner channels of spiritual insights into one's own true life purpose and ensuing every moment synchronous harmonization with the higher will of one's soul are opened and cleared of all intellectual hindrances — the certainties that he/she previously held dear before discovering the higher Truth That Is within each living being — the Seeker can finally begin his/her life-long discipline of attuning with ever greater synchrony with the moment-by-moment guidance that soon becomes like a second nature and which continuously rises in a smooth flow of Knowingness that can best direct one's thoughts, feelings, words and actions so as to bring complete harmony with All That Is.

As more and more physical expressions of souls achieve this delicate inner balance in their every moment conscious interactions with other beings and throughout every possible situation, an increasingly greater harmony will exist and gradually spread in every realm of human existence, thus bringing harmony on Earth and thus contributing to anchoring harmony in this universe.

Thus through embodying Harmony, the Third Key of your Global Awakening, you step into and co-create the New Era of Peace, Love and Harmony that is now manifesting.

Be All The Harmony That You Can Be, for the Highest Good of All...

* * * * * * *

A fourth sage is stepping forward to offer his invaluable contribution to humanity's global awakening...

At first there was Light. And then came all the various manifestations of Life, some of which eventually evolved enough to being able to express Love. Light, Life and Love form the eternally spiralling triangle of manifestation of the creative power of the Divine Creator. Because it was the first expression of the Presence inherent in All That Is, Light is an unsurpassed spiritual force that can create, virtually out of nothing, all that your own creative imagination can conceive, provided you learn to trust, to have unremitting faith in its manifesting abilities. Once the floodgates of Light are opened in you and you accept to be intuitively guided to direct this force for the highest good of all, whenever a situation arises in which your brothers and sisters, or any other life form, need assistance, you become an instrument of the infinite benevolence of the Universal Being at the origin of your very existence.

By tuning into this universal field of Light, you turn yourself on and start radiating waves after waves of tingling, all-encompassing Light energies, and in so doing enable the creative process initiated aeons ago to further achieve its ever unfolding plan for spiritual enlightenment of all souls and all living matter, inanimate or not. Through embodying this essence that is the very nature of All That Is in everything, you re-ignite within you the Sacred Flame of Oneness and thus contribute to spread in every human being the inner knowledge that all are inseparable aspects of the same Universal Presence. You also catalyze the healing of the rift that has grown over millennia of embodiment in the matrix of physical experiencing, and thus help bring humanity ever closer to recognizing its oneness with all Life and its everlasting communion with the Source of all Light.

Be All The Light That You Can Be, for the Highest Good of All...

* * * * * * *

A fifth sage is stepping forward to offer his invaluable contribution to humanity's global awakening...

As all humans progress on the path to spiritual enlightenment and as an ever greater number of souls remember who they are, a sense of permanent joy is gradually seeping through their consciousness from the realm of eternal bliss where they originally came from. It is important for each one of you to become ever more acutely aware that allowing this heavenly feeling to blossom freely is a key to further accelerating your progress. You have to literally make a conscious choice, each and every waking moment of your life to enable the healing power of Life to act through you and in you by accepting joy as your natural state of mind, no matter how difficult the circumstances you may be in at any given moment, no matter how great the challenges you may face.

Anchoring your basic feeling about life in deep, unrelenting joy will catalyze in a much more direct and efficient way than any other means your spiritual awakening and, in so doing, you will be able to tap within you, from the Source of your very existence, the tremendously potent Forces of Light and Love that have remained dormant for most of the times when your consciousness was embroiled into the travails and tribulations of physical incarnation, over numerous lifetimes. This growing and yet innate sense of blissful joy can express itself through laughter or simply as a subtle smile, but it is much more than such superficial expressions. Joy, as an enduring attitude towards all experiences in life, will unlock the unexpressed potential for spiritual clarity, relaxed contemplation and hyper focused attention that are necessary to ascend into the higher dimensions of existence which is the true Promised Land towards which all are striving.

Be All The Joy That You Can Be, for the Highest Good of All...

* * * * * * *

A sixth sage is stepping forward to offer his invaluable contribution to humanity's global awakening...

Emerging from the infinitely long and patient work in progress of Life's ever rebounding creativity, countless life forms, including yours, have taken shape and offered ever new opportunities to Universal Consciousness to experience, in an infinite myriads of ways, all aspects of existence in physical form. Stemming from this cauldron of multitudinous reflections of the One and Unique Being at the origin of All That Is, your labor of Love has given rise to an exquisitely wondrous expression of this universal creativity in the form of a human body and its overlapping invisible bodies of Light that constitute your whole being. Please hold for a moment the notion that you are much more than your mere physical expression and wrap your mind around the fact that what is essential and literally eternal within you is your True Self. Consider also the fact that, by its very nature, this ethereal soul that you are is indissolubly linked with every other expression, in every dimensional realms of existence of the One Being at the Source and at the evolutionary Apex of all existing fragments of Its infinitely expanding Essence.

Consciously reconnecting with and remembering this innate reality about your True Self is a vital key to a quantum leap in consciousness as all of humanity gradually ascends the evolutionary ladder of spiritual remembrance, out of the seemingly bottomless pit of illusory separation and isolation from all other facets of your True Self. Beyond mere intellectual consideration of this conceptual reality, allow yourself to vibrate as a resonant, tingling and scintillating emanation of All That Is until all sense of separation is dissolved and a true sense of wonderment about the cosmic beauty of your very existence as the Universal One takes hold of your entire vibrant and most sacred Presence in this space-time continuum.

Be All The Oneness That You Can Be, for the Highest Good of All...

* * * * * * *

A seventh sage is stepping forward to offer his invaluable contribution to humanity's global awakening...

When one comes to life and takes the very first breathe, hence starts the lifelong process that will maintain this new being into physical existence. And then every time one takes in some food or beverage, more is given to help maintain the body through which life and its infinitely diverse palette of tastes, smells, sights, sounds, touches and other subtler senses can be experienced. Every time one goes successfully through another of life's numerous challenges, thus increasing the accrued knowledge, yet even more is given to prod our awakening God-sense of acutely aware Presence into ever greater understanding of our place and role in this universe. All this and the mere fact that trillions of human cells harmoniously and ceaselessly work together to ensure the continued existence, for a given number of years, of one's marvelously complex and utterly perfect physical body, itself being a mere reflection and complement of several other invisible bodies composing the entire apparatus used to get a chance to experience a human life, one among countless successive lifetimes, should be enough to bring anyone to pause for a few seconds and appreciate with deeply felt gratitude the exquisitely precious gift of life most humans all too often take for granted.

No matter how difficult the circumstances one may encounter in the course of a day, a week, a year or a lifetime, it should always be clear that there is so much more to be grateful for than the transitory difficulties one may face that it is worth reiterating with fervent heart-centredness the immense sense of blissful appreciation that is due to honor and acknowledge Who We Are and what we are becoming. Such a grateful attitude is a central key to unlock the infinitely deep well of Love that can thus resonate in unified perception of What Is and inspire upwards the fledging consciousness of one's divine nature.

Be All The Gratitude That You Can Be, for the Highest Good of All...

* * * * * * *

An eight sage is stepping forward to offer his invaluable contribution to humanity's global awakening...

As you gradually discover your place in the universe, you are bound to also realize not only how vast and diverse this universe is, but just how infinite is the abundance bestowed upon all living forms. That you have plenty more than what is needed to meet your requirements for survival and happiness is certainly an understatement. When you come to conscious life, once more, you open your eyes upon a world, your planet Earth, that is blessed with so many diverse expressions of the creative Force of Life that you cannot even begin to comprehend how vast is the scope of the blessings made available for your sustenance, comfort and spiritual expansion. The so-called diversity that some of your scientists study and marvel at is but a reflection of the innate profusion of manifestations of Who You Are as an infinitesimal expression of the Universal Creator Being. Realizing this inner microcosm reflecting within you the outer macrocosm of the larger universe of which you are a vital expression is another essential key in re-igniting the sense of Oneness and integral belonging which, in time, will lead you back to the One Source of All That Is.

This abundance of material forms around and within you is also but a mere sampling of the much vaster levels of manifestation existing in several other dimensions acting as a stepping down manifestation ladder for the multitudinous beings evolving through the carefully calibrated pathway leading from unformed potential to manifested expressions of What Is and back to un-manifested potential. Consciously sharing in the knowledge of this stupendous co-evolutionary merry-go-round is opening a window directly into the infinite abundance of blissful moments of cosmic communion and tuning you up into the global matrix of perfection you are meant to achieve, while experimenting in the physical realm, as you are searching for your way back from the labyrinth of embodiment.

While scarcity consciousness is still the order of the day and principal motivating factor for many human beings nowadays, there will soon come a time when such thinking will simply be obsolete and useless once the connection with the infinite abundance that comes with synchronizing one's life with the Higher Purpose of existence is achieved. Yet it is required to anchor now this emerging awareness of God-given universal abundance in the field of all human consciousness for it to flourish and soon be recognized as our true natural state of being, the same that most other life forms on Earth are already attuned to, as part of their natural instinct.

Be All The Abundance That You Can Be, for the Highest Good of All...

* * * * * * *

A ninth sage is stepping forward to offer his invaluable contribution to humanity's global awakening...

One of the most precious values we hope to teach you is peace. For too many centuries your world has been engulfed in continuing violence that has climaxed in the last century, in your linear time, with terrible devastation. Throughout the universe, millions of civilizations have learned to live peacefully among themselves and with others and it is high time the people of your planet realize the utter foolishness of war. Without peace, no other soul qualities can flourish. Without true, universal peace, your civilization has no future and nearly all life will be doomed as so much efforts and resources are wasted in destructive pursuits while your natural environment is being shredded in tatters.

It often seems easier to explain what peace is not rather than illustrate what may stem from a peaceful atmosphere and gentle behavior. Imagine a world in which everyone deeply cares for the well-being of others. Imagine a life in which all attention is dedicated to expand one's awareness of and ability to express Love and all the other qualities, proper attitudes and states of awareness we have mentioned to you so far. Sense deep within you the well of peace from which flows out endless Light and unfathomable bliss. Only through experiencing first-hand the innate ability you each have to express within and around you the sublime vibrations of peace can you begin to understand the sheer magnitude of its power to positively affect your own sense of peaceful self-centeredness, as well as the global sense of oneness gradually emerging amongst humanity as a whole.

There is not much time left for you to spread your spiritual wings and start manifesting the infinitely powerful talents you have been endowed with as part of your natural heritage as sons and daughters of the One Universal Being and Creator of All That Is. We plead with you that you consider what changes could be brought in your priorities not only to help bring about peaceful relationships with all your soul kins and, indeed, around your entire world, but also to resolutely set foot on the path leading to the co-creation of a world that is absolutely free from all forms of violence against all forms of Life. You have within you the power to be-come a true shining star of benevolence, Love and Peace. Please allow your Self to expand beyond the limiting confines of your lower self so as to encompass all that you truly are in a manifested expression of all that you can BE.

Be All The Peace That You Can Be, for the Highest Good of All...

* * * * * * *

After being offered with nine gifts — love, compassion, harmony, light, joy, oneness, gratitude, abundance and peace — a tenth sage with a brighter aura is stepping forward to also offer his invaluable contribution to humanity's global awakening. But this time, all nine sages who spoke before join him to express in a common, united telepathic voice what are to be the guiding thoughts for this very special meditation...

Now that you have been given the nine keys for your individual as well as for your global awakening from millennia of slumber into the illusion of material existence — between your stay into the lighted realm of heaven — you are ready to anchor on your plane of experience the delightful certainty of your Oneness with All That Is. You are All That Is... And through this growing awareness of this unique and most precious inner sensing of your true immortal nature, you are opening a door through which millions upon millions of beings like you will soon also access this level of Knowingness.

You are entering a New Era, a New Realm of infinitely powerful opportunities for spiritual upliftment, and you each have now received the proper inner training to contribute in co-creating this emerging New Reality, this long prophesied New Earth. You simply need to trust, in each passing moment, that your Higher Self, your soul, perfectly knows how, where and when to channel the healing, love/peace/harmony-fostering energies that come through you when you join as one in common purpose, in Service to the One is All.

Those Meditation Focuses, that have been provided to you for over five years now, have been both a training regime, as well as a proving ground to help you realize the infinitely powerful potential for Good that exists in you, and to see its effect in the outer world when the Will of the One is being magnified through the goodwill of the many.

It is highly essential, and a profound blessing for all, when you choose to make time to join at the suggested globally synchronized meetings of the souls. It is also supremely beneficial to you when you invest your most vital soulful attention into providing for the Universal One a conduit through which high level Life Force and spiritual guidance can be stepped down to match with the receptive minds and physical apparatuses of billions of human beings and other sentient life forms on Earth, so as to catalyze the global awakening of all to the magnificent Oneness of All That Is.

So once again, you are invited to simply Be All... That You Can Be, for the Highest Good of All...

The inspirational material above has been excerpted from the Meditation Focuses #135 to #144, networked from August 2005 to January 2006, and accessible through


As the Earth continues to suffer from continued abuses and as the Gulf of Mexico and the U.S. eastern seaboard are experiencing the growing long-term consequences of the oil spill, let us maintain a keen focus during our moments of meditation and spiritual at-one-ment on nurturing the vision of a successful completion of the efforts underway to end this spill and of a quick and sustained mitigation of the environmental damages incurred so far, as well as a complete rejuvenation of the many strands of the web of Life affected by this calamity as well as by the other less visible but no less damaging consequences of humanity's disregard for and careless stewardship of this living planetary jewel of Life – most certainly unique in the entire universe. Through the power of our collective ability to channel powerful healing energies directly from Creator Source, we can and shall offer ourselves as instruments towards achieving such goals, locally and globally, and thus play the role we meant for ourselves when we chose to embody once again for this key lifetime on Terra Gaia.



1. OIL SPILL: Collective Karmic Balancing & Learning
2. Spirit of Water
3. Is it almost over? BP will try to stop oil flow next week

"One of the key understandings that can make a significant difference in this process is the realization that all Life on Earth is intrinsically connected and form a vast sentient being, our living Earth, mother of over 30 million species, all contributing to its continued existence. For just as our human body is composed of billions of cells working together as a single living being, so are the billions of life forms on Earth working together as a living super organism. The rainforests, functioning as the planet's lungs, exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide in concert with the oceans. The rivers and streams are like a circulatory system for the planetary body, bringing clean water and flushing the system. Invisible currents of universal force that run longitudinally, latitudinally and diagonally around our planet are like acupuncture meridians that carry this life force within the human body. The seasonal cycles mirror bodily changes, from the contraction of autumn to the inevitable rebirth of spring. Everything works in ordered splendor and unison, overlapping from the smallest of algae, bacteria and plankton to the migration of birds, caribou and whales. Everything is intelligently self-regulating and acting coherently and wisely... except human kind. Can we feel the pulse of the Earth beneath our feet? Feel a deeper reality? And comprehend this magnificence? Can we plug into and attune to an even greater universal knowledge? Can we Humans come to a deeper understanding of the source from which we spring? Can we learn to work intuitively together for the benefit of the whole, and thus become one with Gaia? It is time for us all to set about to renew and re-energise our water, clean up our air supply, afforest our barren marginal land and deserts with greenery and color, and eliminate all toxic and harmful residues. It is time to heal Mother Earth! Please dedicate your prayers and meditations to contribute in heightening within humanity's collective consciousness the sense of Oneness with all other Life forms and with our Living Planet herself, and thus to assist in precipitating a global awakening through reaching a critical mass of enlightened sensing/being/acting human beings, each with a renewed awareness of the sanctity of all Life and a profound commitment to do no harm as we strive to live in symbiosis with Earth. Let us tap the Universal Force of Love and act as living channels to collectively beam healing vibrations to all waters, to all forests, to all animals and within the very core of Gaia's living body so as to balance out the imbalances created by our past actions and foster a complete regeneration of the Web of Life, for the Highest Good of All."

- Taken from Meditation Focus #132: Healing Mother Earth



OIL SPILL: Collective Karmic Balancing & Learning

by Dr. Lilliana Corredor July 2010 - aka Ama Ri Al


The aim of this message is to offer humanity a different perspective on the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. For although it has created havoc, it offers us the opportunity to learn invaluable lessons and prompts us to want to make changes and take actions - both as individuals and as a Collective - to ensure the protection of our resources and the viability of life on earth.

The lessons that I humbly submit humanity could learn from this calamity are:

1) To realize the impacts of:

- Greed and self-interest

- Over-exploitation and mismanagement of resources

- Lack of appreciation for the life support our planet and its resources provide us

- Lack of respect for the waters and all life on earth

- Disinterest, lack of social responsibility and lack of environmental responsibility.

2) The oil spill and the inability to stop it, is due to a Balancing of Collective Karma taking place. In other words, the Law of Cause and Effect has been activated, because we have all allowed the present reality on earth. Our planet is simply showing us the effects of what humanity is co-creating.

3) We all have the response-ability to take actions - as individuals and as a collective, to ensure the conservation and long-term viability of our resources and of all life on earth. Rather than sitting in righteous anger, judging and blaming others.

4) Our Collective focus and power can harm or repair the earth.

We could make an analogy of the oil spill to a 'planetary hemorrhage'… our planet is asking us - in a very visible way - to realize that the very life stream of the planet is leaking away and that we better do something about it… In fact, this has been happening for a very long time. Since the industrial revolution took place we have been continuously polluting our air and waters with all sorts of chemicals, nuclear waste and sewerage, to mention a few (only not as visible as this black oil sludge); and through these we have been diminishing and driving to extinction populations of species we rely upon for our food supply, environmental balance and economy. The difference now is that because the oil sludge is black, thick and sticky we cannot turn the blind eye and pretend nothing is happening, as we have been doing for the past 100 years. The good news is: our planet will recover with time, even if we aren't here to witness it.

Humanity would achieve better results by perceiving the continuous oil spill and all attempts to stop it failing for what it is: as a Collective Karmic balancing as well as, a “blessing” in disguise… for it is shaking humanity to value our planet and its resources, and reassess our modus operandi in relation to these.

Another 'benefit' of this very long period of continual oil leaking is that it has allowed this news to arrive to the remotest places on earth for all to witness and ponder upon. People around the world who had never before given a single thought at how our resources are exploited or managed, nor had ever really valued the state of health of their environment, are now becoming aware of these issues and are in shock at the implications of this environmental calamity.

At this time most people around the world are:

a) Feeling sorry for all the pelicans, dolphins, turtles and other marine life coated in black sludge and dying poisoned by it.

b) Realizing just how many people on earth actually depend on fisheries to survive and knowing such an event could happen in their backyards.

c) Recognizing the long-term effects of irresponsible resource management.

d) Local and federal governments are realizing how much their economy and the wellbeing of their communities suffer when their environmental health collapses. And

e) Realizing how interconnected we all are. For if an environmental disaster happens in one part of the world, the whole world is affected by it: economically, environmentally, emotionally, etc.

The crux of the matter is that the present state of health of our planet is at such a point of imbalance, that all nationalistic, economic and political differences of opinion are truly irrelevant…

The fact is that as a collective we have been allowing the continual demise of our planetary resources and health, and few have been doing anything to stop it. A great majority of humanity has been acting as helpless witnesses waiting for something to happen and finding someone to blame … when in reality, WE ALL HAVE THE RESPONSE-ABILITY to change the present state of affairs of world resources and planetary health!

It is important to understand that humanity is a collective of creative souls and as such, we can determine exactly what we wish our reality to be… by focusing our intent on the same goals, i.e. a healthy planet, responsible management and abundant resources for all.

However, for such an intention to become a reality we must first review whether our present approach to use of resources ensures their conservation and long-term viability, and establish clear actions to achieve this.

Here are some questions that individuals - which form the collective - could ask themselves and their government representatives:

- Why continue to pollute our waters and air, when our very existence depends on them?

- Why pollute the atmosphere and create climatic havoc, when we need climate balance for our crops to flourish and fresh air to breathe?

- Why over-exploit some resources at the cost of other resources… when we have the scientific knowledge to establish sustainable use of all our resources? For example: Why continue oil exploration when we have had the technology and the know-how to run our cars on water and on electricity for over 30 years? Why use nuclear power that produces extremely dangerous waste that takes thousands of years to clear, when we have had the technology for solar energy for over 30 years? Why continue mining any more gold using the most toxic chemicals that kill all life in the waterways near them, when we have gold bullion everywhere?

- Why continue giving licenses to companies to over-fish and deplete our fisheries, when they are our source of food and we have the scientific data available to manage this responsibly?

- Why continue giving licenses to companies to clear-cut our forests when they are our main sources of water, oxygen and CO2 balance, and we have plenty of other sources of materials that can be sustainably harvested (i.e. bamboo)?

- Why do we as individuals and as a collective allow our government representatives to permit multinational companies to dictate the level of exploitation of resources and the way in which this is done? Our taxes pay our government representatives, so we can put pressure on them to change laws that allow this, and we can also sack them and replace them!

All that is needed is for people everywhere to become interested in their local and country affairs and own their power by taking action! It is of utmost importance for people around the world to recognize that no one is helpless! Each individual can take some kind of action!

For example, as an individual you can:

a) Take responsibility for the energy you emit through your thoughts, emotions, words and actions, and choose to minimize your output of fear-based energies for your own wellbeing and all on earth. You can learn techniques to manage your anger and your energy (counselling, self-healing, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, etc).

b) You can ensure that your household produces a minimum amount of pollution to air and water resources, recycle as much as you can, reduce use of packaged foods, save water and electricity.

c) You can also keep an eye on your local government development plans and environmental plans, and write submissions if you disagree.

You can join forces with other people and act on what you do not agree with!

Unity is Power!

d) You can talk to your friends and create a community group, and then approach your local government representative to take action. If this person does not take action you can sack him/her and replace with another person that truly represents the wants and needs of the community. Remember that your taxes are paying for that person to remain in office.

e) You can create a group to clean the rubbish in waterways or beaches.

f) You can create a group to do reforestation and get grants from your government to do so, or whatever your interest is.

g) You can create a group to do Planetary Healings through Intent and active healing meditations.

Remember that all great changes in humanity's history have taken place through the masses taking action and not necessarily by a single political figure.

NOTE: You have the right to disagree with any issue, but this does not mean that you need to have a negative charge on it. If you truly wish to help yourself, your community, country and/or planet, please strive to be pro-active and ensure any action you take is based on: acceptance that it is as it is; compassion; tolerance; and faith on the issue changing and on its resolution (and not based on anger, judgment, criticism, condemnation, blame, victimization, selfishness, doubt, distrust, etc.).

DO NOT BE DISHEARTENED IF THINGS DON'T CHANGE AS QUICKLY AS YOU WOULD WISH THEM TO. Plant your 'seeds of change' with Love… and trust the universe to produce a fine harvest in 'Divine Timing'.



Spirit of Water

Elixir of Life - triumph of Creation,
how beautifully you play in mountain stream...
How still your inland lakes – moonlit,
dancing with diamonds in the morning sun.

Sparkling as dewdrops on the springtime lawn...
Eternal fountain of youth's dream...
Light filled substance of heavenly hue.

Water... my Love... my Light... my Life...
I know you in the crashing surf
and dolphin's joy.
God's Grace in motion,
of strength unknown,
of power unnamed.
A force yet undefined,
a beauty unsurpassed in all your form.
A crystalline experience of Creator's Mind.

Symphonies of Water in union with Universal Flame.
A celebration of the One to All,
a gift of Life unto Itself.

In Purity you came – in Gratitude received.
Water we love you, honor and revere,
your sacred fluid treasure we hold most dear.




Is it almost over? BP will try to stop oil flow next week

By Mark Seibel - July 9, 2010

WASHINGTON — In a dramatic turn of events, the Obama administration has given BP the go-ahead to remove the containment cap atop the runaway Deepwater Horizon oil well and replace it with a tighter fitting one in an attempt to stop all the oil now flowing into the Gulf of Mexico, perhaps as soon as the middle of next week.

If successful, no oil would gush into the Gulf of Mexico for the first time since soon after the Deepwater Horizon exploded in flames on April 20.

Thad Allen, the Obama administration's point man on the oil spill, said Friday that the current containment cap will be removed on Saturday and that installation of the new one would begin three or four days later.

Once the new cap is in place, engineers will attempt to stop any oil from flowing out.

"Our first goal," Allen said of the new containment device, "would be to shut . . the well in. In other words, close all the means of oil to escape."

It was unclear how, after more than 80 days, officials suddenly had a seeming solution to the gushing oil ready in a short period of time. While the new containment cap has been under construction for weeks, officials previously hadn't portrayed it as having such a potentially crucial role.

Allen didn't say how many days it would be before the cap would be in place, but a timeline that BP provided to Allen on Friday shows that if all things go as planned, BP would be able to close off the well five days after the old containment cap is removed.

If technicians encounter difficulties, that period might stretch to nine days, the timeline showed.

Bob Dudley, the BP executive in charge of the Gulf oil spill, said in a letter to Allen that included the timeline that switching the containment cap wouldn't begin until hoses are connected that would allow BP to add a third ship to collect oil from the blown-out well.

Allen, however, appeared satisfied that those preparations are well on the way to completion and that engineers "will likely be in a position to be able to start removing the current cap . . . tomorrow."

Just Wednesday, Allen had declined to lay odds on whether the Obama administration would approve the new containment cap, and Thursday he remained skeptical that BP would be able to close off the well until mid-August.

Allen laid the decision to the weather, saying forecasters are predicting a seven to 10-day window of calm weather.

"We think this weather window presents a significant opportunity for us to accelerate the process of capping — shutting down the well from the top and increasing the prospects for being able to kill the well from below through the relief wells," Allen said.

Allen also said other events had come together to assuage earlier concerns that capping the well at the top would cause damage to the well itself — a concern that caused officials to halt the so-called "top kill" effort in late May.

"If there is a problem and we have to release the pressure ... there'll be four different ways to take (crude out) . . . and produce it," lessening the pressure.

Allen described a multi-step process of robots unscrewing six bolts to remove the sheared-off riser pipe, strapping together two pipes that will remain so it's easier to fit the containment cap over them, then bolting the new contraption in place and sealing it with a valve.

There are, of course, no guarantees.

For one, while Allen talked of a seven to 10 days of calm weather, BP's timeline shows only an eight-day window — a window just barely long enough to accommodate the work if unbolting the well's riser pipe takes longer than the ideal.

BP also provided Allen with a list of backup plans should the new containment cap take longer to install than anticipated or not work as officials hope.

Among those, Dudley wrote, would be the stationing between the Deepwater Horizon site and the Gulf Coast of nearly 400 boats and more than 50 aircraft that would be expected to spot and scoop up the additional oil that would flow into the Gulf between the time the current containment cap is removed and the time the new one is installed.

The primary backup plan, however, is the completion of connections that would allow oil to flow from the Deepwater Horizon well's failed blowout preventer directly to the Helix Producer I drill ship. Those connections are in place, Allen said, and the Helix Producer may begin receiving oil as soon as Sunday.

Having the Helix Producer in place will help ease one immediate negative result of removing the current containment cap — once it's gone, the 15,000 or so barrels of oil a day that had been collected through it by the Discoverer Enterprise drill ship will spew directly into the Gulf until the new cap is in place.

Allen said, however, that by Tuesday the Helix Producer will be taking on at least as much oil as the Discoverer Enterprise was.

"We're hoping to mitigate the gap without having the capping device on by bringing the Helix Producer on board," Allen said.

Allen also said the new capping device will help officials determine whether the Deepwater Horizon's wellbore was damaged by the April 20 explosion and fire that raged for more than 36 hours after. The condition of the wellbore has been a concern for weeks. A damaged well bore would complicate plans to kill the well permanently by pumping heavy drilling mud into it through a relief well.

Allen said that with the cap in place and closed, technicians will be able to measure the pressure inside. A pressure of 9,000 pounds per square inch, engineers believe, will be a sign that no oil is leaking out of the wellbore. A lower pressure would indicate that oil and natural gas are leaking out of the wellbore into the surrounding seabed.

The decision to move ahead with capping the well also complicates the task of determining how much oil is leaking from the well. Previously, Allen had said that government scientists would have a better chance of refining estimates of the leak once three ships were in place with a capacity to collect 53,000 barrels of oil a day. Currently, government scientists have said the well is gushing between 35,000 and 60,000 barrels per day.

With the new cap sealing the well, however, Allen said government scientists would have to estimate the well's flow rate solely by knowing precisely the pressure within the cap.

In addition, Dudley also outlined a schedule for permanently sealing the well with heavy drilling mud and cement through the relief well by Aug. 13, a date more in line with what Allen and others have long said was the most likely timeline.

That schedule forecasts that drillers of the relief well will be within 100 vertical feet of where they hope to intercept the runaway well by Monday and that by a week later, they should be ready to drill into the well bore and begin pouring heavy drilling mud into the well's "annulus," the space between the wall of the well and the drilling pipe inside.

That process will take 10 days, BP estimated, after which drillers will enter the pipe itself and pump in drilling mud and cement, a procedure that will take 14 days.


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Mitigating Annihilation (7 July 2010)
From the air, the area north of Grand Isle, Louisiana, much of it around Barataria Bay, looks like scorched earth. This area has been and is heavily afflicted by BP's oil. The so-called cleanup efforts, including laying out booms to supposedly prevent oil from destroying more marsh and killing more wildlife, are a farce. Opaque, multi-color sheen stains much of the bay and is visible in countless inlets that snake their way into the marsh. The contrast between the green marsh area yet to be soiled and the marsh already blackened by the oil and the sheen covered Gulf water is stark. The afflicted water appears as a lifeless, dull, silvery fluid.
(...) The vile physical destruction of these fragile wetlands is an ominous precursor of worse that is to come. Wildlife experts recently reported that the toll on sea birds from the BP catastrophe will soon change dramatically for the worse."Scientists warn that as shifting weather and sea conditions conspire with the dynamics of avian life cycles, a tremendous number of birds will soon be put in jeopardy," says an article in Scientific American. "In the coming weeks, millions of waterfowl and other birds that flock to the U.S. Gulf Coast on their annual fall migration will arrive in the region either to roost for the winter or to make brief stopovers en route farther south. With toxic crude still gushing from the floor of the Gulf of Mexico and streaks of the slick creeping inexorably farther inland, many more birds and other wildlife that nest, feed and find shelter on shore are likely to become casualties." This warning has sparked a desperate rush to try to find ways to lure tens of millions of migrating birds away from the oil-infested marsh that has historically served as their habitat. "The impact of the Gulf disaster on migrating birds will be like a train derailment during rush hour," Frank Gill, president of the National Audubon Society, said. "Not only will it affect the entire system, but its repercussions will be long-lasting." This concern has spurred the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service to launch a $20 million program that aims to pay landowners in the Gulf region to idle land, restore wetlands and enhance habitat. Will it work? This worsening disaster shows us how futile it is to tinker with nature - whether it be via drilling for oil in the depths, or then trying to mitigate the annihilation of nature and life in ways that often make the situation worse via unforeseen consequences. CLIP

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