Meditation Focus #202

Let There Be Light, Love and Oneness


What follows is the 202nd Meditation Focus suggested for the next 4 (FOUR) weeks beginning Sunday, August 9, 2009.


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For far too long, we have been lost in a mist of self-conceived delusion, firmly believing that we are merely mortal flesh, with perhaps some kind of soul aspect attached to us, but rarely have we actually considered ourselves, especially in the course of our daily existence, as a living soul, embodied for the duration of yet another lifetime in a wonderfully perfect instrument that we use as a vehicle to carry on our aeons-long learning process in the realm of matter. This fanciful idea that our human personage is all there is to us is so pervasively entrenched into our psychic makeup that it is very hard for most people to open their heart and mind to the notion that this Something doing the thinking and sensing/monitoring their every feeling and physical experience from beyond the filtering interface of their ego-driven personality is, in fact, the true center of their sentient self. Lately, there has been a resurgence of deeper spiritual understanding and numerous indications from countless sources that we are really a soul having a physical experience, and yet the old miasma of our illusory sense of separation from this deeper and truer reality somehow holds us firmly in its grip and we keep forgetting about Who We Are and mindlessly pursue, like a broken automaton, our absent-minded routine of pretending we are merely a mortal being endowed with some kind of theoretical soul.

However, the moment we go into a state of deep meditation and manage to calm down the vociferous monologue we usually allow to prevail in our consciousness, we can switch from this old sense of disconnection and enter in a near-dream state realm where we contemplate the emerging thoughts and flashing kaleidoscopic perceptions condensing in a millisecond teragigs of information as if we had suddenly accessed an infinitely vast computer with all the knowledge of the universe at our sentience tips. When we are in this divine State of Being, there is very little room left for us to doubt that we are far more than our usual mortal self and, for as long as we are willing to remain in that blissful state of Being, we come to rest in the deepest most encompassing peace of mind and soul that can possibly be. Those who are now familiar with this "territory" know what potentially infinite power to create and manifest is "there" for us, the moment we align our little will – "little" in the sense of being a holographic reflection/expression of the Whole – with the Will of Good of the Universe.

The overall focus of this globally synchronized meditation suggested for the next four Sundays is to first reach that state of blissful immersion into the Reality of your existence as a soul, then reach out to all other similarly attuned souls around the world and beyond, and collectively Will the manifestation of Light, Love and Oneness through expressing the triggering thoughts Let There Be Light... Let There Be Love... Let There Be Oneness... and slowly repeating this process in a spiral ascent of co-manifestation until this triadic creation is fully anchored in the collective field of consciousness of this whole planet, for the Highest Good of all as One.

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"While more and more individuals are taking the path to freedom, powerful forces from beyond the material realm are assisting us in this process and challenging those who remain centered on fear so they may also change and thus join the collective movement towards total planetary freedom. They are invited to know themselves as parts of an integral planetary organism. In doing so, these assisting forces are obeying our own request, made before we started descending into matter, to help awaken us to our true nature when our downward cycle would be completed. And now the time has come for a new beginning, for a new cycle of creation, except that this time we are called to take part in it, consciously and with the entire realm of experience we have gathered during our long trek into density. Your ego will not dissolve in such an awakening; it will ascend into enlightened comprehension of its co-creative partnership with the Eternal Being in whom this universes congeals. Already you are moving in the currents of eternal thought. As you continue to flow with this thought, it becomes your own. You remember."

- Taken from STARSEED TRANSMISSIONS: A New Chapter of Tremendous, Historic Proportions

"We come from the Light and to the Light we return. This is the whole story of our soul journey. No word can possibly express the infinite bliss and ecstatic sense of Oneness that pervades One's consciousness when perfect communion is achieved with the very Source of our Beingness. And yet one is guided to offer a way, a Golden Pathway, towards reaching back to the Light of Source. This is not about attempting nor doing anything. This is only and purely about surrendering to What Is, Has Always Been and Forever Will Be. The effulgence of Divine, Blissful Love that flows directly from Source and through One's whole being elevates One's Soul until fusion into Oneness erases all possible confusion as to Who We Are... and in Being so, One is being born again into the Light."

- Taken from Being Born Again Into The Light

"At the core of creation something is changing, coming alive in a new way. A light at the center of the world that has for millennia been dormant has been rekindled. This is the light of life itself waking up, remembering its own real nature and divine purpose. And with this awakening, the living being that is our world is undergoing a transformation in its very essence. The awakening of the light at the center of the world carries the potential for a whole new revelation, the possibility of a new way of living and being and relating to one another and to life. At this moment, we stand on the edge of a new stage in the evolution of life and consciousness, a new paradigm for the world. Life is one, has always been one. It is a single, living, organic wholeness and everything in creation is a part of it, as vitally and inseparably related to the whole of life as an individual cell or organ is related to the larger organism of which it is a part. Life is alive, with its own intelligence and purpose. And that purpose, which is our own purpose because we are not separate from life, is to bear witness to its Creator, to know and love and praise Him. “I was a hidden treasure and I longed to be known, and so I created the world.” The world is God’s revelation, His knowing of Himself."

- Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee -- Taken from A New Light

"The Earth beneath our feet is not made of mere dust. It is the ashes, blood, bones… laughter, dreams, and strength… from the ones who walked before us. We are going to pass beyond the surface to meet the deeper truth... Have you ever listened to the messages carried by the Wind? When the Wind changes, all transient realities change too. Each grain of sand bears witness and its far memories. Once upon a time, a grain of sand was the top of a mountain. It remembers the suns, moons, stars, giants, little folks and redwoods… It remembers the ancient songs and stories. It remembers the ancient beyond the ancient and the legacy beyond the suns... Can you hear the songs from our ancestors? ---Hay---Yu-yu----Yie---La—--Wa--- Yie---La---Yie—La-Yie—La-Wa---- Like grandma’s morning boiling teapot... What seems to be buried shall come forth again… Like the flowers in the early spring… nodding, trembling, whirling with the last snow… To live is to Love. To love is to know. To know is to live. When the Wind blows, the invisible ones watch us in silence… You and I dance with stars laughing in our palms. Infinite new Earths, infinite new Heavens, infinite new visions burst… into this Eternal Now. The winds, the messages, the sand... the giants, the songs, the dance and the legacy beyond the suns… In oneness, we become… Stories unfold like this –– ONCE UPON A TIME …"

- Star Light -- Taken from


i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

These times below correspond (for most countries) to 16:00 Universal Time/GMT:

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage * 8:00 AM -- Los Angeles * 9:00 AM -- Mexico City, San Salvador & Denver * 10:00 AM -- Houston * & Chicago * 11:00 AM -- Santo Domingo, La Paz, Caracas, New York *, Toronto *. Montreal *, Asuncion & Santiago 12:00 PM -- Halifax *, Rio de Janeiro & Montevideo 1:00 PM -- Reykjavik & Casablanca 4 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, London *, Dublin * & Lisbon * 4:00 PM -- Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Geneva *, Rome *, Berlin *, Paris * & Madrid * 6:00 PM -- Ankara *, Athens *, Helsinki * & Istanbul * & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Baghdad *, Moscow * 8:00 PM -- Tehran * 8:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Perth, Hong Kong, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 AM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +2:00 AM -- Wellington +4:00 AM

You may also check at;p1=0 to find your corresponding local time if a nearby city is not listed above.


The following is provided as a complement to further the process of inspirational understanding of what, in truth, cannot be grasped from a purely intellectual perspective, for the True Key to unlock the vault of your spiritual knowledge lies within you... and nowhere else.


1. Sparking a Spiritual Revolution on Planet Earth
2. Nurturing Communion With Your Soul
3. Peace
4. I Dream of Peace
5. Imagine
6. The Glitter of This Fantasy

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Sparking a Spiritual Revolution on Planet Earth

At this most critical crossroad in this world’s history, humanity is slowly realizing that past centuries of warfare against man and nature can and will come to an end only when we disarm within the very core essence from where our thoughts, decisions and actions stem the primal cause of self-destruction and wanton violence.

All Life forms are united by the very nature of this magical Life Force that runs through each sentient and non-sentient form of Life on this planet and everywhere else in this Universe and beyond.

Realizing, understanding, imbuing ourselves with this incontrovertible and yet unfathomable Reality is the only means through which humanity can come to adjust its everyday thoughts, words and actions to the fact that We Are All One.

One could make the argument that our own genetic code already spells out in minute details how closely related we all are from a biological standpoint. But this is not about mental reasoning or intellectual construct. This is all and only about intuitively sensing what has been there all along and opening ourselves to Our Selves.

There is no way around the fact that in division and duality we all perish, whereas in unification and reintegration into Oneness, we all survive and prosper.

As more and more souls awaken to their innate Oneness with All That Is and actualize this Reality into all they are until the very sense of separation is gone, extinguished, annihilated, it is becoming ever more easier for other awakening souls to likewise tune into this omnifying vibration that resonates like a dynamic magnetic star core in all frequency bands, permeating the very substance of our planetary body and exponentially expanding towards its Fifth Dimensional Accomplishment.

The results from this Miracle in progress are astonishing to behold and the upwardly cascading radiance of Love that stems from the center of every single cell of our human bodies in a symphonic chorus of tingling ecstasy is melting the fast vanishing barriers of deception built by fear, hatred and disharmonic vibrations generated by our lower animal nature as our embodied souls struggled through countless centuries of incremental growth towards this critical threshold of global awakening we have collectively entered, starting in August 17, 1987 and during successive other Moments of Cosmic Choice, up to this critical juncture in our specific time continuum.

The Time is NOW.

Let us all rejoice, celebrate and contemplate in melted awe what is happening to our Selves as we reach up to the last inner key to the final Moment of Choice and Global Awakening.




Your focus of attention is what brings forth the manifestation of your soul into daily life. When was the last time you focused on your soul? This part of you, which is your most authentic, true, eternal, Divine Self awaits your attention. With only a small thought there is a tremendous surge of energy allowing you a deep and benevolent connection to guidance and wisdom. You can be assured that your soul has your best interest as its foremost intention. You can know that the most secret longings of your heart are a part of the makeup of its very being. Trusting in your soul's guidance can become one of the greatest joys in your life.

When you become enamored with the idea of knowing the pure depths of your soul, it is like a quest that leads you onward. This forward movement guides your path home to Oneness with all that is, was and ever shall be. At the same time you will sink ever more deeply inward into the deepest sources of your very being. Does this not sound delicious? Allowing yourself to gain a foothold in communion with your soul can assist you in the greatest fulfillment of your spiritual destiny on earth. This is this achievement for which your soul has hungered. It is that feeling behind your thought, the part of you beneath the one that searches constantly, always leading you onward when you find the next earthly goal leaving you still unsatisfied.

Have you ever heard the old story about the Creator implanting your greatest treasure into the deepest reaches of the heart, where you would never think to look? In some ways it is very true. The soul is only available when you go deep within your being and find your own personal, authentic and very beautiful treasure.

It can be the quest of a lifetime and yet truly, your treasure is not hidden to the heart that is open, the mind that is willing, and the spirit that allows itself to receive love. These are the qualities that spark the soul to pull aside the many veils on the path and gently guide the way into the temple of Grace within your being. Here the soul will speak to you in a myriad of resonate voices. As a part of your personal soul's journey you find those voices that have the greatest resonance and cause your heart to sing with Joy and Gratitude. The more you listen, the more pure these voices become. The deeper you trust in your own soul's wisdom, the more empowered becomes your life path.

Extreme measures are often necessary to awaken the human in order to hear the soul's voice. Your soul awaits patiently for your attention, but when the impulse of your original life contract becomes time appropriate, many opportunities begin to present themselves. These opportunities often come as synchronous happenings, “chance” meetings, or nagging thoughts behind your conscious awareness. All are meant to get your attention and for you to take time to witness the communication coming to you from your soul. At the beginning, these impulses may be soft and quiet, but after a while they will gain strength calling on you until finally, all may be stripped away so you have no choice but to listen.

How much more graceful would it be to take your accustomed place on your seat of meditation, and ask your soul for the guidance you need to fulfill your purpose on Earth. This willingness to receive opens the floodgate of Heaven's Light. Your soul awakens your inner connection to the deepest resources within your being, and your path gains clarity and joy.

It is like a muscle that needs exercise to stay strong in order to function in an optimum way. You may not receive the instant revelation you were hoping for, but with practice and even a small amount of self-discipline, the rewards will be great. When you begin the spiritual practice of attunement with your soul, consider taking some clear steps to set this intention.

1. Commit yourself to a minimum of 10-15 minutes every day. Early in the morning helps the day unfold more gracefully and you will find that you benefit more from this quiet time than 30 minutes extra sleep. If you are the type that thrives at night, consider taking your meditation time after your day becomes quiet again, and before you sleep as long as you can stay awake to give your full attention to your alignment with your soul.

2. Make the place where you sit as beautiful as you can, uncluttered and clean. Light a candle as a dedication to the Light within your soul. Ask to receive from the deepest sources of your being the guidance you need to fulfill your soul's purpose.

3. Consciously breathe in Divine Light from above your head in a sparkling pillar through your body and down into the earth below your seat. You can use white, gold, purple or even a rainbow of Divine Light. These are all high vibrational colors. Experiment to find the one that resonates most with you.

4. Have a pad and pen to journal any insights that come to you. Know that through your actions you are “priming the spiritual pump” to encourage a flow of inspiration. It is very individual how the guidance will come to you. There may be a flow of inspiring words, a deep inner knowing, or perhaps you will open a book and the answer will be there. Having your paper ready just in case thoughts come to you is useful to clear your mind, and to let your soul know you are ready to receive insights on your path. Be very open and receptive. Don't let your critical mind get in the way of any positive and powerful guidance you may receive.

5. Sit and breathe in Light with a clear intention to receive inspiration from your soul. Stay as long as you can. Know that even 10 to 30 minutes are very helpful and will offer you a sense of wellbeing. The nurturing your spirit receives helps pave the way to a more fruitful and happy future.

When you give yourself time to receive from the loving presence of your soul, a new joy and peace will awaken within you. You will feel you are doing what you came on earth to do, even if nothing apparently changes in your outer life at first. Soon you will begin to attract more opportunities and support you never knew before. All manner of assistance will bless your path. You cannot expect it to look a certain way, but if you can continue your intention to receive more Grace, Harmony and Peace in your life, so it will be.

This Soul's Journey is the one for which you have been called. You are never alone when you walk the path being shown to you from the guidance within your being. The Heavens rejoice in your commitment to your spiritual path, and you are blessed. Small steps will have great rewards. Be at Peace.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel

April 7, 2009

Shanta Gabriel is the author of the original Angel Messages Book and Card Sets that touched thousands of people and opened the way for her new book, The Gabriel Messages, which is now available. This volume of timeless, compassionate wisdom for the 21st century, is personal as well as practical, and provides clear suggestions for emotional and spiritual balance. Shanta leads an Archangel Study Program, as well as Angelic Communion and Angelic Light Therapy trainings. For more information, visit

Kindly offered by Shanta Gabriel for inclusion in this Meditation Focus.



I am complete in who I am. There is nothing lacking, nothing needed. I am as full as the earth that sings her songs through her many different aspects: the waters, the sky, the wind, the clouds, the rain, the thunder, the birds, the trees, the grass, the rocks, the animals, the people.

I am as full as the planet, the earth, in her cycles and rhythms; her turning, her day, her night. Nothing changes really - all is fullness no matter what the season. One only needs to recognize the fullness that exists.

I am as lush as the planet, as carefree as the earth, as structured and timely as the elements of nature with their own intelligence, their own timing. Even in the deserts of the earth there is fullness, lushness - the fullness of the heat and sand, and the winds that whip across the seemingly barren terrain.

Like the desert I have been seemingly barren - wind whipped and dry, wandering in the fullness of the sand and sun, not seeing, not knowing my own lushness; my underground well that holds the lushness of my own life; my own inheritance of fullness waiting for the time to emerge.

My fullness awaits its expression. My fullness is bubbling up from its underground cave; a holding den for the ripeness of its time. My fullness knows it's time to allow the underground spring to find its outlet; to flow into the rest of me, ripple out and merge into the lushness of the planet - blending, merging, seeking oneness in the fullness, in the rhythm and delight of the flow. My body knows it is time. My body knows its fullness and seeks to express it in harmony with the other rhythms of life and the planet.

The rocks and boulders sing in harmony around me as if in a concert or symphony. The trees stand in the delight of their song. The water ripples with joy and gladness at the vibration of sound. The birds perch themselves where they can join in the melody. The earth beneath embraces the rocks and receives their deep pulsations, cradling the sound and the stones in her bosom - never to forget the hum of life penetrating her. The dandelions applaud to hear the lullaby and draw near to feel its comfort.

The earth moves and creates in silent symphony sung to the inhabitants of the planet. The music is always there. We have become numb, forgetful, blasé. We have lost our connection to the sounds of the universe that speak of Light, of Source, of fullness, of purpose, of order, meaning and endless maturation. We ARE the universe in human form gathering dust and decay. Our knowing is hidden in the underground cave of our hearts that longs to sing with the universe, to travel amongst the stars, and breath in the life that permeates everything that surrounds us.

Creation is so full. How did we become dead.... Creation speaks to us daily and we do not hear the music. We do not hear creation calling to us - to play with her, to sing her tunes, her life, and dance her dance. We have forgotten the music. Where did it go... How did we lose it.... What muffled and snuffed it out.... Why are we so dead to the music of life.... The final act is upon us and we must awaken to the sound, hear the beat and dance into the cavern of our hearts - keeping time to the rhythm within us that longs to sing to US, to heal US, awaits for US to awaken. We ARE creation and long to be in harmony with the created others. We long for the oneness of creation. How simple life would be if we all saw ourselves as one with creation. How the hostilities would drop away; the prejudices that keep us separate, divided, different, unreconciled and unresolved would lose their power. We could all sing in harmony - all different instruments and different sounds, but playing together in the grand symphony, creating the music of the spheres: The Oneness of the Universe orchestrated by the Light of the One. The Light that knows all and loves all no matter what sound you make, or dance you dance, or thought you think, or action you take, or word that you speak - because all is part of the symphony of the planet that adds to the symphony of the stars, that adds to the symphony of the other planets, galaxies and realms....

Such a calling...

Singing my tune in harmony with other tunes, in harmony with other tunes, in harmony with other tunes in an ever unfolding sound ripple, sound wave, reaching back to Source - the wellspring within our own hearts.

- Christine Kennedy -- Taken from


I Dream of Peace

I have visions of peace
That resonate in my soul
A world where dreams come true
Where everyone is whole

I have visions of bliss
Of joy and hopes fulfilled
Where children play and flowers bloom
And only good is willed

This place I sense so far away
From this world that we see
Is really not so distant
It exists in you and me

Every child knows this place
As the dream from which they came
But adults, they have forgotten
And don’t even know its name

Yet I hear the child within me
Laughing and singing a song
Whose lyrics and whose melody
Get louder and grow strong

It seems it is a heavenly choir
That I know is from my home
It’s calling me, its eerie sound
And I know I’m not alone

Others, too, can hear the tune
Of the angels and the Masters
As we silence the cacophonies
It echoes off the rafters

The structure of our inner Self
Hidden from our knowing
Forgotten many lifetimes
Yet now, again, it’s showing

Eternity, infinity,
I can hear them calling
Come home creator spirit
It’s time to stop your falling

Come home is not to travel
But to turn to depths within
To finish what you started
And yet it’s to begin

Using all your powers
To create the dreams you see
Living in the dream
As your reality

Show kindness and forgiveness
To those who still don’t know
They are your brothers and sisters
Unconscious of the flow

They cannot hear the music
From the heavens of the spheres
They cannot see the things you do
Though they have eyes and ears

Show mercy and no judgment
For they are a part of you
And everyone you come across
Is Divine and holy too

There is no separation
It’s just a grand illusion
A game designed for growing
A creative big delusion

From the nightmare’s war you travel
To the dream of inner peace
When you stop looking outside
And projections you release

Dream my bother … sister
And make your dreams come true
By finally recognizing
That it’s all inside of you

You hold the keys to every dream
You can direct the vision
When you see only love and peace
You end the great division.

- By Ron Van Dyke -- Taken from



Imagine, for a moment,
that peace befell the land
that all of humankind reached out
and held each other's hand.

Imagine, for an instant,
the touch of skin to skin
proved so powerful a feeling
every nation felt like kin.

Imagine, for a second,
love possessed the honest soul
of each citizen on the planet
and the world was truly whole.

Imagine, for a heartbeat,
how quickly hatred would dissolve
and compassion rise up gallantly
with blazing-strong resolve.

Imagine, in your lifetime,
this chain of hope began
and the link at its inception
was your firm, extended hand.


- Terri McPherson -- Taken from


The Glitter of This Fantasy

Now comes the final merging,
Now comes everlasting beauty.
Now comes abundant grace,
Now comes boundless purity.

The infinite treasure is shining,
The mighty ocean is roaring,
The morning of grace has come -
This is the eternal Light of God!

Who occupies this beautiful form?
Who is the ruler and the prince?
Who is the wise man? -
Nothing but a veil.

The wine of love removes these veils.
Drink with your head and your eyes -
Both your eyes,
And both your heads!

Your head of clay is from the earth,
Your pure awareness is from heaven.
O how vast is that treasure
which lies beneath the clay!
Every head you see depends on it!

Behind every atom of this world
hides an infinite universe.

0 Saaqi, free us from the facade of this world.
Bring wine-barrels full!
Our eyes see too straight -
straight past the truth!

The Light of Truth shines from Tabriz.
It is beyond the beyond
yet it is here,
shining through every particle of this world.

'In the Arms of the Beloved'
Translations by Jonathan Star

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