Meditation Focus #196

Growing into Selfless Servants of the Light


What follows is the 196th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 4 (FOUR) weeks beginning Sunday, February 22, 2009.


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Special Reminder About the Change to Daylight Saving Time

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As we enter a turbulent period when most things humans take for granted seem less and less stable, there is a growing need in the world for those who have accepted to serve the Light rather than their own personal interests, and who can master the innate abilities all humans have to tune into their higher self and access immediate inner knowledge as to what is to be done, said and expressed in thought-forms, no matter what situation they may face. These souls, these selfless servants of the Light, will be the most important "commodity" in the years just ahead as this world is entering a phase of rapid changes in preparation for the dimensional shift now in progress. It cannot be strongly emphasized enough how important and vital it is for all who came here with a specific mission, in the so-called end times of a fast-fading era of disunion from the Greater Whole, to actively devote themselves to growing and learning and, most importantly, remembering the skills they need to assist other less prepared souls for the many and often traumatic challenges just ahead.

Serving the Light is a very demanding and yet extremely rewarding task. One needs to walk the narrow Golden Path, in perfect balance between the temporal/physical requirements of everyday life and the ethereal/immaterial necessities of eternal life, and always keep one's feet firmly grounded here and now and one's heart immovably centered in the Light, so as to see and sense the perfect path towards perfect achievement of one's sacred mission, enshrined through the sacred vows taken in soul form aeons ago. There is a quickening, an inner urge to fulfill our self-appointed tasks that is unmistakable when one is paying attention to the subtle and yet crystal clear signs given when one has chosen to once again allow the Light of Love to be the sole guiding Force in everything—the litmus test against which all things are measured so as to determined what resonates as truth and worthy of our soulful attention and dedication, and what is best left untouched and unattended because it is soon to be part of the past, soon to be no longer relevant, soon to vanish in the mist of history. Through shedding the Light that shines in us on all that needs greater clarity and on the path leading up back to Source, so as to show the way to all others searching for the way out of the dying era into the coming Golden Era of Light and Love, all servants of the Light play a pivotal role in shifting this lower dimension up to the dimensional gateway leading back to where we all came from a long, long, very long time ago... in the Continuum.

As you join in concerted meditation and common determination to help all Life on Earth and beyond feel the Radiance of the Origin and walk past the present misknowing of one's own unfathomable Divine Greatness, please be conscious of the immeasurably potent service you co-render as One with All That IS, and allow an ever greater flow of pure Love to shine forth through All You Are, thus marking the Golden Path with the blazing light of your Divine Self, shining like a beacon and pointing the Way ahead, for the Highest Good of all, as One.

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"I am a child of the Light. I love the Light I serve the Light. I am protected illuminated provided for and sustained by the Light. I bless the Light. I am the governing love, wisdom and power with its intending intelligent activity, which is acting today, in every single thing that I think or do. I command this infinite activity to take place every moment of the day and be the sustaining guard about me, so that I move, speak, or act only in Divine Order."

- Anonymous

The Souls of people, on their way to Earth-life, pass through a room full of Lights; Each takes a Taper, often only a spark, to guide it in the dim country of this world. But some souls are rare fortune, are detained longer and have time to grab a handful of Tapers, which they weave into a Torch. These are the Torch-Bearers of humanity, its Poets, Seers, and Saints, who lead and lift the race out of darkness, towards the Light. They are the lawgivers and the Saviors, the Light-Bringers, Way- Showers and Truth-Tellers, and without them, Humanity would Loose its way in the Dark....."

- Plato -- Taken from

"We are all interconnected and we can all resonate to one another - as many have experienced during previous global meditations. The more our minds and hearts are united around a common purpose through synchronized meditation and intent, the more powerful is our collective effect. In meditation we become receptive to our essential unity with All That Is, and by so doing can act as channels for the further reception of this spiritual awareness and its unlimited love, wisdom, and power into the collective consciousness. This is particularly so when we are joined with each other in meditation and are allowing the powerful effect of this collective awareness to radiate out to all life."

- Taken from


i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

These times below correspond (for most countries) to 16:00 Universal Time/GMT:

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage 7:00 AM -- Los Angeles 8:00 AM -- Denver 9:00 AM -- San Salvador, Mexico City, Houston & Chicago 10:00 AM -- New York, Toronto & Montreal 11:00 AM -- Halifax, Santo Domingo, La Paz & Caracas 12:00 PM -- Montevideo, Asuncion * & Santiago * 1:00 PM -- Rio de Janeiro * 2:00 PM -- London, Dublin, Lisbon, Reykjavik & Casablanca 4:00 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, Geneva, Rome, Berlin, Paris & Madrid 5:00 PM -- Ankara, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Athens, Helsinki & Istanbul 6:00 PM -- Baghdad, Moscow & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Tehran 7:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 AM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +2:00 AM -- Wellington * +5:00 AM

You may also check at;p1=0 to find your corresponding local time if a nearby city is not listed above.


The following is provided as a complement to further the process of inspirational understanding of what, in truth, cannot be grasped from a purely intellectual perspective, for the True Key to unlock the vault of your spiritual knowledge lies within you... and nowhere else.


1. Archangel Michael's prayer for Light workers
2. Living by the Divine Law of Love
3. A Life-Changing Dream
4. The Renaissance of Unconditional Love
5. Message from SaLuSa -- 20 February 2009
6. Obama Builds the Field

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Tantra and Love


Archangel Michael's prayer for Light workers

I am a divine instrument of Light, through which the higher dimensional frequencies of creation flow.

From this moment forward, I will fully and completely live my perfected vision of Heaven on Earth.

Each day, I am becoming a master of Divine Manifestation in the world of form, and I move beyond the restrictions and limitations of the third and fourth-dimensional reality.

I carry the torch of God Light; I radiate the love of Angels

Henceforth, each and everyday I draw to, through and around me more and more of my Perfect I Am Presence of God.


Living by the Divine Law of Love

As the financial situation deteriorates the world over and people loose their homes and their jobs, we are set to witness poverty on an even more massive scale and in places we had not ever expected nor anticipated.

The world has changed, the old ways are dead and time is now to create anew.

We have lived in a virtual reality for a very long time as far as money and abundance is concerned because money and the money supply have been in the hands of those whose idea of abundance was not for all but only for a few, often at the cost of massive exploitation and destruction of the earth's resources and peoples.

As 2012 approaches we have slowly moved into a deeper understanding of what is wrong with the way we have lived on earth, the first aspect of this understanding being that all around us resources are finite, not infinite and we need to start using and sharing them wisely and reverently. Megalomaniac behavior is now more than exposed from politicians to bankers and industrialists and again a new understanding is emerging that things can not indeed remain as they are/were. To quote The Divine Laws: the crumbling has started in earnest.

Moving forward, this is going to be our reality: we either choose to live and create with love and in a sustainable manner, or we will simply choose to remain as we are and thus perish and die for failure of amending our ways and mistakes of the past.

Let us pray together today that the Divine in each one of us, in our leaders and in all of humanity takes command in all our decisions and in all our cre-actions so that we never forget that our Beloved Planet is only hosting us for a short span of time and we should honor Her for the welcome and the countless gifts she provides for us to have expression here and evolve. Thank You for being here and to offer yourself in prayer and service.


A Life-Changing Dream

I dreamt...

I was sitting in a waiting room waiting for my friend who is a spiritual healer. A door opened and a man walked in from the house side. We were amazed to see he was naked, but his whole body was golden, his skin was golden, his hair was golden and his eyes were very bright. He was very tall and very slim, his eyes were a brilliant blue. Holding his hand was a young boy of about thirteen years old. He too was golden.

My friend came out of her room and greeted him warmly. They shook hands and then the man and child departed. My friend took me by the hand and led me to a river in the mountains. She instructed me to cross the river. After quite a battle I reached the other side feeling quite pleased with myself. I looked across at my friend and she instructed me to climb up the mountain side, then down again, negotiating the river, jumping from rock to rock. Eventually I got to the other side and was amazed to see she was in exactly the same place as when I setout. “But why did you send me on such a wild goose chase” I asked indignantly. My friend smiled. “I had to bring your mind to zero point” she said. Then a voice boomed from heaven. “Be still and know that I am God”

The scene changed.

My friend brought me to a chess board of life size figures and instructed me to step onto the board. I moved around playing with the figures. After a while I stepped off the board and exclaimed in exasperation “How can I play chess on this board when nothing works according to the rules”. “Quite right” my friend said patiently. “It is the Game of Life, nobody wins and nobody loses, life just IS. All we have to do is stand still and watch the play, stand aside in our mind and be detached”. Suddenly a voice boomed from above. “Stand still and behold the salvation of the Lord”.

The scene changed.

My friend put me on a expansion bridge over a gorge and told me to walk across. I was terrified as the bridge was swinging dangerously in the wind. Trembling I looked desperately at my friend for help. “Look up” she said calmly. Just them a voice boomed from heaven. “Fear not, I am with you”. I raised myself in consciousness and felt a warm loving presence guiding me.

The scene changed.

My friend took me up to a steep slope and told me to climb it, It was night time and very dark. A little irritable I said to my friend, “How can I climb in the dark?”. Patiently my friend answered. “Look up to the heavens and follow the Star”. I started to climb looking every where for the Star. Eventually I got to the top, and my friend was sitting there. “I never saw the Star” I said indignantly. My friend sighed, “Could you not see the way” she asked. “Yes” I said, confused.

My friend said, “You could not see the Star or the Light because you are the Light. A voice came from above, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Light”.

Note: This inspiring story comes from an actual dream. The dreamer wishes to remain anonymous.


The Renaissance of Unconditional Love

In these amazing moments upon our planet something extraordinary is happening – we are once again awakening to unconditional love. This divine love is stirring in the very depths of our being and calling to us through our hearts. We are finally listening to these subtle whispers and paying attention to our intuitive wisdom. We are turning within and beginning to question our very notion of reality. These are the signs that unconditional love is returning rapidly to our conscious awareness.

Our ability to love and be loved has always been our natural state and eternal heritage. Yet through eons of time, we have drawn our attention away to the outer world of our experiences and gradually forgotten this love at the core of our being. By allowing our attention to become fixed upon outer conditions, circumstances and events, we separated ourselves from our own potential and source of life.  In an attempt to understand this separation, and our newfound inability to experience the love that we knew we were, we gave rise to the notion of fear. This perception of fear was really our personal doubt that we could ever love unconditionally again.

The time has come to reclaim our innate love. It is our renaissance of unconditional love. This is who we are. We can love so absolutely and so unbelievably that anything less than love simply dissolves into more love. Oh yes, it is indeed possible. It has been a long time since we loved so beautifully, so gracefully and so powerfully that we may be surprised when our heart expands to encompass this rebirth of our own choosing.
Breathe it in and allow yourself to be who you are. Let go of all the limitations of the past, the outmoded and outdated memories of times gone by, and embrace the potential that you came here to express. Be the one who does it first. Show others that love was never meant to be limited to physiological, mental and emotional constraints, rather it is here to express boldly and without conditions. Take the first step today and create a new reality where unconditional love is the beginning, middle and end in all you do and the world will begin to reflect your love.

From my heart to yours, thank you for your courage to be the love that you are!

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker
President and Founder
The Love Foundation, Inc.
“Inspiring People to Love Unconditionally”

Think: Global Love Day
Feel: Love Begins With Me
Remember: May 1, 2009

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The Renaissance of Unconditional Love



Message from SaLuSa -- 20 February 2009
Dear Ones, we often talk about you regaining your freedom, which is your God given right. You came to Earth by choice as free souls, and knew that you were to experience duality. It was up to you how you progressed, but even the most aware of you eventually succumbed to the pull of the lower vibrations. It was a matter of degree, but those who fell completely under its influence lost all measure of remembrance of who they really were. Now you are coming to the end of duality, and every effort is being made to reawaken you. For over a century the amount of Light being brought to bear on you has increased tenfold, and has been instrumental in lifting many of you up. This is in accordance with the Divine Plan to release you from the lower vibrations, and end the cycle whilst giving every soul the opportunity to rise up.
True freedom is much more than you might imagine, but cannot be fully experienced until you have moved on to the path of Ascension. It is because the remaining influences coming from those souls who have declined to move on, still has the potential to stall your progress. Freedom is total without restrictions, and the benefits will include the removal of legislation that curtails your free movement around the world. It will also result in the coming together and settlement of religious differences, and the recognition of All as being of the One. Freedom to worship is vital, but not where it is accompanied with the type of religious fervour and extreme reactions that has often led to war. Allowing others to follow their own path is essential to a peaceful world. The differences can often complement the knowledge that is held by others, and it should be known that no one religion holds the total truth. Regrettably, many ancient teachings have been used to exercise power over others, by trading on the fear factor.
Freedom comes when trust is well placed and seen to be upheld. That will be easier to accept when respect returns and all lives considered sacred. As part of the whole each one of you contributes to the collective consciousness. None are considered greater or lesser than other beings, after all it is not given to you to know the life plan of another soul. Experience is what you shall take with you at the time of Ascension, and as likely as not, no two paths will have exactly matched each other. Therefore each contribution from you is forever expanding the pool of consciousness, from which you all draw your understanding. Now you have the old paradigm losing ground to a new one that will eventually replace it. This is necessary before you can experience the changes that herald the coming of the Golden Age.
Freedom of movement and speech are going to be returned to you, but always it is wise to bear in mind that you are responsible for your thoughts and actions. As long as you do no harm to another soul, you can take it that you are working from the Light. When you often read about our reluctance to “interfere” with your freewill, you will realise how careful you will also have to be where others are concerned. Judgement is high on the list of “do not” and is because you cannot fully know the circumstances that led to the actions of another Being. As you can see, freedom also has its rules, but those that move onto Ascension will already have an awakened mind and understanding of their responsibilities.
Freedom is something that the Illuminati wish to restrict for the purpose of controlling you. By their reckoning you cannot be allowed to have powers that can be used against them. For those of you in America this is why your Constitution has been savagely attacked and watered down by successive governments. It will however be restored and adopted by the rest of the world. Governance will return to truly representing the people, and note their wishes which will be acted upon. It will become openly conducted and be transparent, so that its dealings are seen to be without secrecy and covert operations.
It will be only natural that your minds will return to all that is of the highest desires and is for the benefit of all people, and you will gravitate towards a more spiritual approach to life. It will not take too long before the Laws of the Universe will be understood and applied to all of your thoughts and actions. You will be moving into higher and higher vibrations, and these will carry you to those levels in preparation for Ascension. You will find it most natural and acceptable to move in this direction, as it will be seen as the logical progression of your evolution. When you move with the flow, life becomes easier and each person will find great happiness and joy in so doing.
At present your minds are full of the news regarding the financial problems that are happening all over the world. It is distracting but also necessary that you learn how you have been subjected to the corruption that has led to its downfall. In seeing the worst you will begin to understand that you cannot go back to the old ways, as these are defunct and a totally new money system is required. Is it not amazing to you, that suddenly the foundations of your civilisation are being shaken almost every day by revelations of one kind or another? This is happening as predicted and clearly signals that the cleansing has got under way.
There are many dear souls that have come to Earth for this particular time, and have done so specifically to offer their expertise and experience to overcome your many problems. Given the opportunity to influence the ways in which the changes proceed, they will ensure that they are appropriate to your needs. Our allies are of course in the thick of what is happening, and are already briefed as to what their tasks are to lift you up again. They are working directly with the Galactic Federation, and whilst dealing with your problems, are also paving the way for First Contact. Be assured as always that all proceeds well in spite of the apparent chaos. Give it time to settle, and you will see the positive signs of a new paradigm emerging. One that will fulfil all of the requirements to restore your sovereignty and freedom.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and hope to have inspired you to keep your vision firmly in your sights, as immense Love and Light accompanies you. Your success is already guaranteed and the new Age is rapidly advancing.
Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey



Obama Builds the Field

By Michael White - February 04, 2009

Right now we have a new paradigm president who is having to deal with what remains of the old paradigm. There is a lot of speculation about the real potential of hopeful change, now that he is in office, but the quantum shift that we voted for on Nov. 4th, 2008, is still ahead of us. We tasted an echo of it coming from the future that we aligned with by electing Obama, but like the rest of us who are here to hold the light during the Great Transition of the ages, Obama is also patiently waiting for the quantum shift that he has been positioned for.

It is very interesting from a psychological perspective the kind of reflection this quantum election has brought us, and I hope that people are learning to look in the mirror of history to see and take responsibility for what they energize with their thoughts and vision of the world. For 8 years we had one group saying that Bush was the antichrist and another saying that he was a saint. Now that Obama is in office, the people who called Bush a saint are calling Obama the antichrist, while many in the other camp think he is some kind of savior.  

It is quite humorous how clearly history wants us to become aware of the way we project this old construct of duality onto the world stage. Clearly if every group sees duality when they look at the world then everyone is being excluded or seen as an enemy by someone. That is no way to create balance or wholeness. In many ways we have elected a wholeness that is not yet visible to the masses because we are still building the field of equality that support us to sustain the quantum environment that continually reveals that level of vision in human consciousness.

Equality is the key to Wholeness, which is the key to accessing the Eye of One. The Eye of One sees everyone as equals and treats everyone as equal to a holographic whole. This is what we tasted on Nov. 4th, but it took an event with a specific focal point to produce this effect in human consciousness. It was enough to open us up to be imprinted with the code of a future where the Eye of One begins to open within the masses as a collective revelation of spiritual equality.  

The extreme inequality being expressed through the bailout of greed while families are being booted from their homes will produce the Spiritual Equality Revelation in human consciousness that was encoded into the Great Pyramid of Egypt long ago. The Spiritual Equality Revelation is not just an idea or a concept, it is a form and vibrational structure for human consciousness that we are going to align with that will clear the resonance of duality from the world, ending millennia of human institutions based on inequality. This is about changing our resonance, and there will soon be a powerful new form of human resonance that commands humanity to enter a circuit of time where all are whole and equal to each other as one spiritual family. This is a world without debt and a world without fear, but we are not quite there yet and so we have work to do to build that field for humanity.  

I can see from the inner planes that President Obama has consistently called the Light into his administration and devoted himself to finding the alignment in each moment with the resonance of equality that is guiding us into a world where we are one. There are an enormous number of angels present in the field of his administration that have been placed there to cocreate with us through these changes. Obama is very aware of not only the historic nature of his election but also the spiritual nature of his election. 

He knows that he is a spiritual leader, not in the religious sense, but in a transcendent way that guides him to show up as a leader by example. He is being initiated into the same level of responsibility that all of us are who are here to hold the light.  

The great challenge that he faces now is in dealing with what remains of the old paradigm system for a period of time. He has been thrust into the reality of the problems that his administration inherited and on some level he knows that the solutions will involve a change in consciousness, not merely creative budgeting. The system he is working in cannot yet contain a person of his vision and potential to create change, because the change is about freeing humanity from the ownership mentality and our bondage to the debt based system that extends from it.  

In a sense he is still slightly ahead of his time, but while he is doing his best to work with the old system, he is also doing something far more profound that most do not yet have the vision to understand. He is building a field of group consciousness with the people around him through holding a vibration of equality. He is actively engaging people in this field that he knows he carries an attunement to, just as he was trained to in the ancient mystery schools. He is working to balance the field of his team from within himself and learning to trust that this is what is needed to prepare for what is coming.

Before the end of this year, a chain reaction of events will trigger the masses to begin choosing a new code of consciousness that will open the field of a collective revelation echoed in the words that founded this nation, that all are created as equals. The Power of One, the Law of One, the Eye of One, the Love of One will reflect into the field of equality we are "wholeding" with each other. This is how we will begin to fulfill the prophesy Out of Many, One! 

The more we can build this field of equality by acknowledging everyone as equals with the Power of One, seeing the one to one relationship that reflects in the space between us, the more we can grow the container for this revelation to utilize the waves of unifying energy coming to us from the infinite future. In the Eye of One, we are all one-one. This is the code of oneness.

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