Meditation Focus #155

Choosing to Serve The Light


What follows is the 155th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 4 (FOUR) weeks beginning Sunday, July 30, 2006.


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At this crossroad, when so much hangs in the balance for humanity and the future of this world, it is vital to reaffirm our choice or firmly commit ourselves to serve the Light and BE the radiant being of Love and Compassion that we are each meant to be in the seemingly unending saga of our evolutionary progress back to the One Source at the origin of all that is. It is now a truism to say that what we focus on grows. So many people have awakened from the slumber of millennia of spiritual inertia and so many more are in the process of reaching up for the first rung of the soul awakening process, and in so doing are adding their light to the global awakening process that is now gathering speed in tandem with this planet's own spiritual ascension towards a higher dimension of experience, en route to the much higher dimensions of this infinitely complex and intricate universal field of multi-level experiencing.

As part of this process, all awakening experiencers are being currently presented with a number of challenges in order to test the mettle of their spiritual awakening and to further catalyze and deepen their level of anchoring into the Light. Those who have vowed their allegiance to darkness are still doing their utmost to maintain as many people as possible, through fear-based manipulations and sheer violence, in the lowest possible levels of awareness, in an ultimately vain effort to perpetuate their power and domination over this planet. What they fail to realize is that, as this planetary field of experience gradually ascends towards higher vibratory frequencies through the unrelenting beaming of Light from on and off planet sources, they will soon be vibrationally unfit and unable to maintain their very physical existence in the Love infused atmosphere that is taking hold of this living planet. Akin to a swift transition from water breathing through gilds to aerial breathing through lungs, only those who have succeeded in developing their inner Light breathing apparatus and in attuning the vibratory rate of their whole body to the new Lighted atmosphere of Love and radiant Communion with the Omniversal One will be able to maintain their continued existence on Terra Gaia. Therefore it is vital that those who have walked the awakening path for so long and who are readying themselves to take a giant leap into this new emerging reality make a conscious choice to continue focusing their attention to both ensuring their successful transition into the higher dimension and encouraging as many other souls as possible to avail themselves of this extraordinary opportunity offered to all beings of Good Will and Good Heart.

Please dedicate your prayers and meditations, as guided by Spirit, in the coming four weeks, and especially in synchronous attunement at the usual time this Sunday and the following three Sundays to reaffirm your absolute commitment to serve the Light and channel as much Light as possible towards assisting all other human beings in their own awakening process. Make this whole month a time of complete surrender to the Will of the Universal Force of Life that has so assiduously worked to establish its vibrant presence in all nooks and crannies of this infinitely vast multidimensional universe, thus reconnecting consciously with Who You Really Are and accepting at all levels of awareness to follow its fluid moment by moment guidance so as to best assist others and bring the unique contribution you have chosen to bring at this place and time, for the Highest Good of All.

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i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

These times below correspond to 16:00 Universal Time/GMT:

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage 7:00 AM -- Los Angeles 8:00 AM -- Denver 9:00 AM -- San Salvador, Mexico City, Houston & Chicago 10:00 AM -- New York, Toronto & Montreal 11:00 AM -- Halifax, Santo Domingo, La Paz & Caracas 12:00 PM -- Montevideo, Asuncion * & Santiago * 1:00 PM -- Rio de Janeiro * 2:00 PM -- London, Dublin, Lisbon, Reykjavik & Casablanca 4:00 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, Geneva, Rome, Berlin, Paris & Madrid 5:00 PM -- Ankara, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Athens, Helsinki & Istanbul 6:00 PM -- Baghdad, Moscow & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Tehran 7:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 AM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +2:00 AM -- Wellington * +5:00 AM

You may also check at to find your corresponding local time if a nearby city is not listed above.


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1. Message from Ker-On -- 24-July-06 
2. Public Statement from Star Nations
3. Ancient Starcraft Unearthed
4. Captain Namor Bio
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Message from Ker-On 24-July-06 

Events are developing very quickly upon Earth, and it is clear that decision time is being forced on to many people who are involved in determining the path of Humanity. Either you choose to stay on one that leads to continued death and destruction, or pressure is brought to bear to change your present course. 

With every escalation of the wars upon Earth, we note your rapidly growing mass consciousness that calls for an end to hostilities that exist in any shape and form. In a period when your sensitivity has increased twofold, your reactions to what you are seeing in the Middle East causes a great plea to resound in the heavens. You are pleading for peaceful reactions, so that a halt can be brought to the carnage and destruction. 

Those that are responding bring pressure to bear upon those in power, but it is difficult to persuade the hawks that peace is a viable option. Man has been used to controlling situations through force to weaken his opponent. The idea of peaceful solutions only comes into play when the horror becomes too much to bear, and political pressure from outside is mounting. Man looks to gain from war, and it is not simply a matter of defence as is so often claimed. 

By now you are becoming wise to the idea that situations are contrived to the advantage of the stronger powers. There is inevitably an agenda that is waiting to come into force. The dark can in some ways be very patient, but they seek to take their opportunities as they arise. They realise that they are facing increasing opposition to their plan for the domination of Man, but try to ignore the inevitable reality of change. The time has arrived for a different approach to Earth’s problems. Trust will never be restored until leaders emerge that are able to show their peaceful intent. 

Dear Ones of Earth, as painful and distressing as these times are the negativity has to be cleared. As unthinkable as it may seem, all of you have contributed to this situation at some time in your previous lives. Many have still not changed, and they are here at present to register the result of their wrong thinking and actions. You have many amongst you who find glory and excitement in war, and still harbour a lust for killing. Karma will decide their fate, and through their experiences they will one day understand the error in their choices.

Meantime the forces of Light grow in strength, and their voice is heard above the noise of war. They move another step forward calling for an end to Man’s incessant fighting, and their day will soon arrive. The energies of change are bringing Light to bear upon those of the dark, who are prepared to exert influence and bring about positive change. Remember that no one is beyond change, and many now have doubts within them as their conscience begins to surface and causes them to question their beliefs.

The scales are tipping in favour of the Light and its influence is becoming felt. It is a force that cannot be repelled and is growing every day, as more people weary of the way that Man carries out his affairs. We for our part help by arranging support for people of peaceful intent, who are prepared to push themselves into the limelight. It takes a certain quality and presence to insulate yourself from the fear being generated, but these dear Beings do exist and they are here at this time for that purpose. Some fail to rise up, but that is not held against them as they can still contribute through their love and support of others.

The whole point of the movement of Light is that it draws its strength from its numbers. It is so vast spreading across the continents, and has created an ever-growing circle of Light that continues to transmute the dark energies. At the same time it is lifting up others who aspire to link more with their higher consciousness. There will soon be an explosion of Light, that will manifest the intent that you have expressed to bring permanent peace to Earth.

You are poised to bring far-reaching changes, and they will snowball as others follow your lead. The Light must manifest your intent within the lower levels of Earth, as it now draws nearer to you from the higher levels. Everything first exists in thought and you are to see the fruits of your labours. Your cries and prayers for peace have been heard for a long time, and they have not gone unheeded. 

However there are the Laws of the Universe, that ensure all action occurs at the correct time and reflect the results that you seek. These are always balanced against karmic considerations that also have to be fulfilled. Great Beings of love oversee you world and its inhabitants, and that includes all life forms. There is a fantastic interaction between all types of life, but Man with his freewill is the dominant species. This brings with it much responsibility, and is the reason you accrue karma through your travels. You are here to learn and manifest your Higher Self through your experiences. 

One of the least considered aspects is your relationship to Earth itself, and it is abused and very much taken for granted. Your concerns for it are often only centred on self and how it affects you, little realising that you were appointed the Guardians to Earth. Now you reap the results of your lack of caring and love for Earth, as it reacts to your inconsideration. Mother Earth is a conscious living Being, providing all that you have ever needed with little acknowledgement from you as to her place in your life. 

Man is now rapidly learning many lessons held back for these end times, and you cannot move on until they are taken into your consciousness. It is a hard time for all concerned, but the Love of the Creator for all creations has decreed that all shall be brought to a conclusion very shortly. Look around you and give thanks for what you see, as it came to you in its own perfection. Soon you will be restoring all to that same perfection before this cycle is brought to its end. Go about your work with your eyes and heart fully open, and you see the beauty even within the outworking of the events being played upon Earth. 

I am Ker-On from Venus, and come on behalf of the Galactic Federation who await their call to openly approach Earth. That time is almost upon you, and through your devotion to the Creator you are holding the Light that is bringing the final stages so much closer to you. Do not lose your faith in the goodness that prevails upon Earth, as there are many who need your help at this time. By your example you will help others weather the storm, and the outcome is assured despite how it may otherwise appear. We emphasise that you are already victorious and there is no way the dark can re-write the end times. Stay strong in your vision of the future, and let those of the dark go their chosen way. Know that great love always accompanies you and it is both your strength and your shield.

Thank you Ker-On

Through Mike Quinsey


NOTE: Talessian Namor aka Mario Sasso recently issued the following "Public Statement from Star Nations" . You will find more on him below, plus Matthew's confirmation that "nothing at all in the message is misleading." Matthew also "expressed his great hope that this inspired and greatly needed message will be widely disseminated." You will also find some additional Web research to complement this whole topic.


Galactic Star Federation

A Public Statement from Star Nations

"Symbol of Truth" Campaign for peaceful awareness and simpatico human relations

July 19, 2006


Some of you know us, some of you don't, some of you fear us, and some of you welcome us. Well, whatever your thoughts are we still offer our love and heart-filled compassion to each and every one of you.

We are made up of a Federation of benevolent Star Cultures and we have been here since the Dawn of Mankind. The starcraft in your skies not only proves our historical and ancient relationship to early humankind, but is also a Symbol of Truth for modern humanity.

The Star Nations offer this starcraft as a Symbol of Truth, a public demonstration of our benevolent intention and as a sign of our collective history. The starcraft you will soon witness over a number of your cities was removed from your country of Egypt after having been buried there in safe-keeping for many thousands of years.

The statement and message we are communicating at this time is that we want All People of All Cultures (Human Nations) to understand that the Star Nations love you all and hope to one day soon be welcome as friends in and around your communities.

Ultimately we will not force you to make any decisions, for it is against our 11 Spiritual and 11 Universal Laws* to interfere with human free will and spiritual development. We only ask you to look within your hearts, to know the truth, and to welcome us as friends.

Be wary of any false displays of star-like craft especially if it is threatening, violent or fearful in nature for it will be an attempt by the Elitists (Cabal) to injure our collective friendship. There have been paramilitary operations who have stolen some of our starcrafts – usually by shooting them down and calling them crashes – and then have reverse-engineered the technology to the best of their efforts.

These same groups have captured the surviving starcraft occupants and have kept them in detention forcing them to assist corrupt scientists and technicians. Many of your "abductions" were actually carried out by humans using this technology in order to psychological harm our Contactees and to create fear and distrust. Likewise, paramilitary groups are also being paid to spread disinformation about Star People in order to keep the public confused, angry and afraid.

Our future goal, when you are ready and no longer under the influence of egotistic leaders and military minds, is to befriend all of you and welcome you into the federation of stars: Star Nations.

The Greatest Liars

The report about your ancient history is filled with many untruths, that is, the truth of your history has been distorted and rewritten for religious, political and military reasons. For many years we have attempted to cooperate with your governments, leaders, military and people of economic influence (collectively referred to as the "Cabal"). We have not restricted our efforts to any one particular nation. And despite our efforts, we have failed to reach a mutually beneficial form of cooperation.

Our strongest effort came with an Agreement with four of your governments (USA, People's Republic of China, USSR, and Europe) in April, 1964. That Agreement was woefully neglected and deceitfully manipulated by Cabal operatives, men of power and influence bent on world domination, until September 2005. At that time, after an exhaustive effort to remedy the underhanded attempts to steal our technology and permanently stall our contact attempts with humanity, we proceeded to invalidate the 41-year-old Agreement.

Many of the technologies you see today were gifts from the Star Nations given as a way of ensuring your collective evolution into a developed civilization capable of joining the interstellar cultures in your galaxy. This was all negotiated in the 1964 Agreement.

Military organizations, including those of a public or secret nature, have attacked our people at every opportunity, as well made it difficult for us to serve Earth Planet with her required spiritual maintenance. Today let us begin the return to peaceful cooperation and open dialogue. Today, we ask your governments and decision-makers, public and secret, honest and dishonest, to begin the process of Full Public Disclosure on Star People, Star Visitations, and Star Technology.

We feel that at this time that human beings are ready for the truth.

Our interaction with humans in the past has been unsuccessful because of ego-minded and corrupt individuals (e.g., Cabal, Elitists, certain Industrialists and Militarists) working together in concert to prevent the common and good-willed humans from knowing the truth about Star People. This again has been based on fear. Global society is swimming in fear, and this has been orchestrated by those same groups of elites who have labeled us as "evil".

Traditionally speaking, we have been inappropriately labeled as "UFOs" (Unidentified Flying Objects), "extraterrestrials", "ETs", "Extraterrestrial Biological Entities" ("EBE"), and woefully, as "aliens". All of these labels are based on fear tactics to distance us from humans of good faith and intention. We are people just as you are people. You are human people, we are star people. In this manner of thinking, we prefer the terms "Star People" or "Star Persons" or "Star Visitors". You would not enjoy being called "Primitives" or "Mutated Primates", and we do not enjoy the terms "Aliens" and "Extraterrestrials". The continued use of these terms demonstrates a stagnant mind.

Likewise, our starships, or starcrafts, are not "UFOs". They are starships and starcrafts. Starships can be considered to be larger than starcrafts. All of them are advanced flying machines that incorporate intricate scientific and spiritual knowledge to manage subtle and native energy fields within the context of the composite world.

The Symbol of Truth starcraft is scientific and visual proof of free-energy and antigravity systems at work. Your Energy Conglomerates will not be happy with these demonstrations. Free-energy has been available for some time and kept from you in order to make the Cabal wealthy and fat with power. We hope to share these technologies, and more, with you someday soon. There is no further need to pollute planet Earth, once free-energy (Zero-Point Energy) devices are in the public domain.

The Star Children

The human species, homo sapiens sapiens, was created by genetic mutation using the available primates and supplementing this base stock with our own genetic material. Since the original version of human was created we have provided periodic upgrades in order to allow the growth and development of a being with not only scientific characteristics (reason, beauty, stamina), but also, with significant spiritual characteristics (love, compassion, morality).

It must be said that all of your religions and all of your faiths originated from a singular source that we shared with you, and which has been lost over the millennia due to a disconnection with True Source, what many of you now call Divine Consciousness. Catholicism, Hinduism, Judaism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Islam and the many other religions in the world today have remained immature and stagnant despite technological, psychological, spiritual and genetic improvements in society.

Your conscious mind, limited by linear thinking and hindered by established logic, will attempt to disbelieve what we are sharing at this time. This is why we recommend looking within your hearts to find the truth and not to be swayed by those in denial, of which we predict there will be many of you. It is a normal reaction and it is best to allow this reaction to filter out of your system rather than to suppress it with any form of medication.

Some of you may find yourselves as noticeably different, even look upon yourselves as outcasts and unable to fit into a structured and spiritless society. You may find yourselves noticeably sensitive, especially affected by people who are without morals, use aggressive behavior and are routinely ignorant. You may find yourselves with a strong intuition, helping people selflessly, or, even may find that you have telepathic and healing abilities. Your kinds of people, collectively Star Children, have been highly upgraded with the genetics of Star People, and now represent a significant population on your planet.

Many of you who are Star-Enhanced may not be aware of your uniqueness, so it may not be readily apparent. Rest assured that the time is upon you now to wake up to your true talents and put them to good use. Step out of your constrictive environments and embrace your true nature.

Imaginary Enemies

Capitalism, communism, and socialism have all failed to deal with the long-term development of an encumbering global population straddled with inescapable poverty. The rise (and continuance) of militarism is a misguided action based on a devious and faulty agenda.

All of your modern wars have been planned and executed by these same corrupt individuals (Cabal, et al.) in order to further their own agendas to lock down the entire planet into a kind of prison in which they are the wardens. Each war has allowed them to fight imaginary enemies and, at the same time, enabled them to develop and test new military technologies. These same military technologies are then used against the people. Their ultimate goal is to arm the circumference of the planet so as to control the planet. Many of your awakened experts have referred to this as the "Weaponization of Space".

Clearly your self-elected Cabal industrialists and wealth leaders have covered up our existence and continued on a dangerous course to weaponize space, so as to enable them to attack Star Nations at some future point. The Star Wars Initiative under US President Ronald Reagan was part of that agenda. The Cabal currently possesses some advanced militarized weaponry and clearly intends to use them against us at their earliest opportunity. Fortunately, that opportunity has not yet arrived.

The Cabal will certainly play the "Star People Enemy Card" and wage war against us in order to take the next technological leap into space. They might even refer to us as an Asteroid or a Moon/Mars Mission at first, in order to obtain approval of NASA and defense space agencies funding.

We oppose this fear-laden view and only wish for peaceful contact. You can see the problem we face and have faced for many years. The Cabal is bent on war (and control), as is evidenced in the nations around you, and counted in the rising number of daily body bags. As long as the Cabal dominates the decision-making of the world (through various councils, bodies, administrations, societies and paramilitary groups), whether seemingly "legitimate" or obviously self-imposed, then war will continue and humans will suffer. The Cabal does not understand the ideas of love and compassion. Unfortunately, many of them will never understand until their next life.

There are some international groups located throughout your global communities who want to promote peaceful and diplomatic relations with the People of Star Nations. Every individual or groups of individuals has a right to interact with us, and this is our ultimate goal. Surely Citizen Diplomacy is a very good place to start.

Possible Reactions to Our Presence

The ultimate truth that is upon all of you now is the truth that you are a part of us, and we are a part of you; therefore, we are the same on many levels and different on many levels. It is time now to increase our sameness and to decrease our difference. This will require a profound acceptance and a great requirement in your heart. There is no rush to complete this transformation of yourselves; there is a rush to begin this transformation; because human society, if it stays on its current course, will fail self-destructively.

It is expected that each individual will have a different response to the Symbol of Truth of their history. So, it is normal then that some individuals will be incapable of managing the presence of Star People. These individuals should seek the comfort of those who understand Star People, or of professionals in the fields of counseling, psychology, and clinical social work, as examples.

It is expected that some minds will not be able to cope for some time and may need medical attention. This is normal. You understand the needs of your body, and, in moderation, you should ensure that you feel safe, comfortable and maintain your mental health. For the majority of you, these symptoms will pass, rapidly or eventually.

It is possible that this starcraft demonstration, for whatever reason the people in positions of power may conjure, may be seen as threatening. We want to make clear that we are peaceful races of beings from different planetary systems and any violence or disapproval originates from a human source of misunderstanding, misinformation, or simply ignorance.

We hope that enlightened individuals can intervene and clarify the situation, thereby preventing large-scale mistakes. Humans of good conscience must now take a stand and undertake initiatives toward a future of peaceful coexistence.

Our Hopes

Further we wish to inform you that the world you see today, including all the modern things, are in fact inferior and archaic things because they are based on an absence of spirituality, the central basis of life and this universe. So, this said, life will get better.

Already many of you are studying things such as yoga, meditation and philosophy in order to find meaning and purpose in lives you often find banal. Many of you are naturally seeking a more spiritual existence in a world filled with selfishness, corruption, greed and fear.

Also we would like to assert that the Earth humans of egocentric authority (Shadow Government, Cabal, Illuminati) are not to be trusted and have been the reason behind our separation from you all. They are a minority group. They have kept the truth of our existence from you and have ignored and dismissed our requests for this information to be made public (i.e., Full Public Disclosure).

People will realize that their public and private governments have long known and have had extensive contact with Star Nations. All of this knowledge has been kept from you (e.g., the UFO Cover-Up) for many reasons. It is right and proper then to demand the gradual release of this knowledge along with a Public Apology in due time. It is also right for the people of the world to forgive these treasons, and to use love and compassion as a way of moving forward.

Leaders and people in positions of power who are responsible for this "Cover-Up" should be automatically removed from their position and denied any position of influence. If they have broken laws, local or international, they should face a judicial court of law according to the region or country in which they are residents. All of these things must be handled with responsibility, manners and intelligence rather than haste, anger and violence.

We will not force you to act in any particular way, and will always offer our love as to whatever path you choose. You must understand that this planet is your planet and you must learn to govern yourselves. The reason we are here today is because it is time for all of you to base your decisions on the truth rather than on the lies that you have been fed for so many years.

In Conclusion

We hope that this Symbol of Truth craft will inject hope into the human heart. We hope that this Symbol of Truth will be accepted as a sign of our sincere intentions to connect with the citizens of Earth Planet – you.

We respectfully remind you that this is a peaceful mission. We are not hostile. Should you witness any military attacks, or, other acts of aggression, it will originate from an Earth-based party, group or individual. Remember that they do have some of our technology in their possession including weather modification technology.

The message is simple: Star Nations are part of Earth's history, past, present, and future, and we wish to reconnect with humanity in a productive manner that is consistent with high moral standards.

This is the message and our intention. These things must not be twisted or distorted to fit rogue ideologies or militaristic tendencies. These things must remain clear. Let the spiritual leaders (and enlightened individuals) take a stand and express their hearts. Let courage govern your hearts and minds and the idea of fear will fade away.

Many of your refer to this as "(Formal) Contact". So this is the ultimate goal, and we wish it to happen in the near future. When you are ready.

Should there be acts of aggression from the human side you will cause your own casualties. We do not wish this. Our mission is peaceful.

Star People are very Earth-oriented and regard this planet as a living planet, as some of you do, that needs care and attention, especially now. Some of the Earth's changes will be structural and may be felt as earthquakes and weather changes, things of this nature. It is expected after so much abuse and neglect, so you must be prepared.

There will be no Ending of the World; for that itself is based on fear; instead, there will be an Awakening and in that process the world you once knew will look different, it will be perceived differently, and you will also live differently. The Earth too, being alive, will adjust and this will cause some small catastrophes, but this is normal and is to be expected. It is an opportunity to work collectively as spiritual beings.

Minority-group Cabal and its military allies around the world are keeping and using Star Beings as prisoners to further their acts of world domination. We would ask that these Star Beings to be released without harm. They, in turn, will not harm and will hold no grudge.

The Symbol of Truth craft traveling across your planet is a real starcraft. It may pass through your area or city and you are welcome, even encouraged, to take photos or video images as you like. The starcraft is a gift from us as a Symbol of Truth that reminds all of humanity that the Star People are an integral part of your history and your future. Share this knowledge and be proud to know that what you have seen is real. We repeat: The Symbol of Truth starcraft in the sky is genuine.

Do not be fooled by any imitations or Cabal attempts to deny or obscure this truth. Be prepared for their attempts at distractions, be it a New Flu, Threat of Biological Attack, or Something Really Surprising. They are proficient with fear-based actions and conjuring imaginary enemies.

The Star Nations will approve of any form of peaceful, compassionate, and insightful contact with humankind of any race, culture or religion. It is time to embrace your true heritage at this pivotal moment in your short history. This is only the beginning.

Further, we sincerely hope that in the coming short years that we can present ourselves in person to the humans of the world. In the meantime, let us begin this period of renewed peaceful relations and work together until we reach the Point of (Formal) Contact. Then human existence will surely transcend all of its previous advancements and enter a new paradigm, a new age and an acceptance into an interstellar circle of star cultures.

Be well and know that we love you all, forever and always.

In Service to Star Nations,

Talessian Namor , spokesperson for Star Nations

(also known by Earth name, "Mario Sasso"), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



July 19, 2006

Ancient Starcraft Unearthed

Canadian Philosopher Unearths Ancient (ET) Starcraft in Egypt; Starcraft dubbed “Isabella”

VANCOUVER, BC, July 21, 2006 -- A Canadian philosopher unearthed Thursday an ancient (ET) starcraft that has been hidden for millenniums within the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt. “The unearthed starcraft redefines human history, and challenges the Theory of Human Evolution,” Star Nations representative Talessian Namor announced.

“The starcraft has been preserved for thousands of years, but with help from my star family she will now be on display to the world,” said Namor. “With a worldwide group of UFO experiencers in the millions and with an actual starcraft in our skies, humans will finally agree that Star Visitors are real.

“After 60 years of denial and suppression,” Namor continued, “the starcraft’s presence brings a profound sense of closure to the UFO Cover-Up. Star People exist, and out of respect for an advanced race we should welcome them. There is so much more to learn.”

The advanced starcraft, elegantly named “Isabella”, is now about to embark on a peaceful worldwide mission to enlighten humankind to its true historical origins. That mission will include low-level visits over major cities. Namor, a star person born as Mario Sasso, has been granted exclusive permission to care for her until her mission is complete. Namor is also an author and philosopher. For more information on the starcraft, please visit

Dr. Richard Boylan, interlocutor between Earth and Star Nations, said, “The saga of Star Visitors’ contact with Earth is the greatest missing fact in our history books. History written from 2006 on will never be the same again.”

Going forward, Isabella will be a “Symbol of Truth” for all humanity to affirm that advanced races of people were here since the beginning and are still here today.

“Surely, the world will have many questions and in time they can be answered. But, more importantly, any expert -- be it a scientist or commentator -- who continues to deny the existence of ET races is either a fraud or has been paid to spread disinformation.”


Contact: Dr. Richard Boylan, +1-916-422-7400 or ,
Talessian Namor, or


Also from:

Captain Namor Bio

Talessian Namor is the captain of the oldest starcraft on earth, Starcraft Isabella. In July 2006, several major metropolitan areas across the world witnessed a daylight display of this friendly starcraft.

Talessian was born Mario Sasso (legal name) in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. He tried his hands at many jobs before discovering writing at age 25. That same year he entered full-time studies at Langara College where he finished a two-year diploma in Pacific Rim Studies before transferring to Simon Fraser University to complete a degree in Marketing and International Business. In 1997, after publishing two books, he moved to Asia, his life-long dream, and remained in China until 2002, where he published another five books and became a TV actor for a time.

The son of working-class Italian immigrants, Talessian broke the mold by completing a degree and gaining fluency in Mandarin Chinese. Never adept at managing his finances and continually in debt with his head in the clouds he embraced his passion for writing with every ounce of his being. His deep-rooted interest in consciousness and science fiction stimulated several alternative screenplays and non-fiction works – but nothing quite prepared him for his spiritual awakening in December 2005.

It was then he became aware of his star heritage and six months later was honored to assist the Star Nations in bringing an ancient starcraft to planet earth. He intends to further his dedication to ensuring that humanity achieves interstellar status and joins the galactic star federation: Star Nations.

He considers himself to be a rogue philosopher with a deep concern for humanity.


Also from:

Probable Questions

What do we call “them”?

Traditionally speaking, they have been inappropriately labeled as “UFOs” (Unidentified Flying Objects), “extraterrestrials”, “ETs”, “Extraterrestrials Biological Entities”, (EBE), and woefully, as “aliens”. All of these labels are based on fear tactics to distance Star People from human people. They prefer to be called “Star People” or “Star Persons” or “Star Visitors” or “Star Cultures”.

The existence of Star People contradicts the Theory of Evolution and Genesis. What is the origin of humanity?

The human species, homo sapiens sapiens, was created by genetic mutation using the available primates and sea mammals and supplementing these base stocks with star genetic material. Since the original version of human was created Star People have provided periodic upgrades in order to allow the growth and development of a being with not only scientific characteristics (reason, beauty, stamina), but also, with significant spiritual characteristics (love, compassion, morality).

Are you a star person?

Yes. Certainly there is more than one kind of Star Person. Some Star People live offplanet and only visit earth. Some Star People live on planet. Still some Star People exist in human form and therefore are human in appearance. Appearances are deceiving and our eyes can blind us to the truth. I am a Star Person in human form. I still have many unanswered questions about who I am. I’m here (on earth) to learn like everyone else.

Can you simply state the starcraft’s message?

The message is simple: Star Nations are part of earth’s history: past, present, and future. Star Nations wish to reconnect with humanity in a productive manner that is consistent with high moral standards.

Who or what is Star Nations?

A galactic star federation made up of a group of benevolent Star Cultures. There are three common races (there are others): Mantoid (Praying Mantis) People, Zeta People (short and tall), and Reptoid People. All of them have different features but are human-like. Star Nations, guided by their 11 Universal and Spiritual Laws, continues to contact humans of goodwill in the hopes of an eventual reunion. These Star Civilizations are peaceful and intelligent races here since the Dawn of Humankind.

If the starcraft is 12,000 years old (or older), how come it looks new?

Good question. The reason for this is because the starcraft was stored inside an inter-dimensional chamber. The inter-dimensional chamber existed outside of earth’s time-based, high density dimension; therefore the starcraft is without age. In terms of earth years, the starcraft was built about 12,000 years ago (this is my personal estimate) and then put into storage among other sacred knowledge. Given this perspective then, the starcraft could not age inside a dimension without time as humans understand time, but in terms of when it was created it is an ancient aircraft.

How did you learn to pilot the starcraft?

Remote learning and astral flight simulation. In remote learning, I entered an altered state of consciousness whereby I interacted with various Star Races who downloaded relevant knowledge into my system and also gave me a chance to communicate telepathically with them. At certain points of that process I then entered an astral flight simulation with the starcraft. I think if you combined modern Flight Simulators and then improved them a full two orders of technology higher that then you might just achieve the same thing. Suffice it to say that my training was very rigorous including physical, mental and spiritual dimensions.

How much of what you say is true?

Star People are real and therefore exist. Certainly the fact that these advanced races and their actions are primarily invisible would suggest that they don’t exist, but given that the Men in Power have routinely attacked them and blatantly denied their existence you can understand why they don’t operate in the visible spectrum. Wind is invisible and wind also exists. Thought is invisible and also exists. It is my belief and theirs that society has been conditioned to believe only the obvious, that is, what can be seen. Now it is up to the individual to consider the existence of Star People and to satisfy his or her own beliefs. My decision to embrace my destiny by piloting this starcraft was so that the truth about the existence of Star People and other civilizations on earth could be brought to humanity.

Are Star Nations anti-religion?

Star Nations do not go against free will. Every person can choose to do whatever they wish to do. That said, most major religions have denied the existence of Star People for the better part of two thousand years while the starcraft refutes those ideas. Devout religious followers are free to believe whatever they want. Star Nations will not tell any individual what to believe or not believe. While I feel that certain individuals or groups will be offended by such knowledge, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and forgiveness is our best choice to go forward. If we look at all religions we will find a common seed and in that seed is truth, a truth we all share.

How do you feel about scientific “debunkers”?

Let them speak up and voice their concerns. I will not agree with all their opinions and this will open the stage for debate. My focus remains on the starcraft. Should people wish to discuss history, science, religion or politics I would have to recommend other experts take my place since my expertise is the starcraft, and, personal details.

Can you tell us about the 1964 Agreement?

The lies of historical interaction with Star People started long ago, but something significant happened in 1964. In April of that year an Agreement was made with four earth governments (USA, People’s Republic of China, USSR, and Council of Europe) such that Star Nations would share scientific and technological knowledge in exchange for having the chance to enlighten humans. It was also decided that the human leaders would fully disclose the truth to the world. That Agreement was woefully neglected and deceitfully manipulated by Cabal operatives, men of power and influence bent on world domination, until September 2005. At that time, after an exhaustive effort to remedy the underhanded attempts to steal Star technology and permanently stall their contact attempts with humanity, the Agreement was invalidated.

How do you communicate with Star People?

The primary method I use is telepathic communication. Certainly, some people dispute that telepathy actually exists. Others say it exists, but is highly inaccurate. I would agree with these people and to add that their experiences are such because they are humans without that function. Throughout history priests and monks have talked with God. Even Presidents speak to God. Well, isn’t that telepathy? Many people hear their own thoughts. It is not much of a stretch to then hear other’s thoughts. Telepathy (given the biological trait) is a skill like cooking. Not everyone can cook, in fact some people hate cooking. Star People have an innate function for telepathic communication.

Piloting a starcraft over a militarized planet seems dangerous? Do you expect retaliation?

A military-grade response is predictable from military minds. Since the "Symbol of Truth" campaign was first mentioned on an online UFO List I have been attacked by paramilitary operatives using psychotronic weapons (involving microwave energy). I can assure you that 1) these weapons exist in our orbit, and, 2) that they hurt. While I didn’t build the starcraft, I can confirm that I am on a peaceful mission. Any retaliation will be initiated at the human level of decision making and only should convince the public that the world is run by madmen with lots of weapons at their disposal.

This starcraft is very ambiguous. What is their true intention?

Twelve thousand years ago, an advanced race of people lived on this planet. They were also very benevolent. Today, nearly every film about Star People displays them as evil monsters (or evil aliens) bent on destroying humanity. How do you feel when people say bad things behind your back? What do you do when your reputation is destroyed by gossip magazines controlled by a corrupt government? The friendly starcraft only confirms the benevolent nature of Star People, and offers humanity a chance to make friends with an advanced race of people.

Is it the End of the World?

No. The End of the World scenario is created by fear and perpetuated by fearful people. So, anyone who continues to think that the world will end is experiencing the result of years of fear absorption. They are intoxicated with malicious intent. I am not qualified to help, best to seek a professional. Certainly, after many years of neglecting earth’s environment the planet will experience structural changes including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and weather changes. These are normal changes. At the same time these catastrophes will force people to adjust and cooperate. Still, the world will not end, only that humanity will wake up. In that sense the old view will end and a new view will begin, like going from adolescence to adulthood, life goes on but we see and experience it in an entirely new way.



"Embrace every inch of your destiny."

39 years old
Vancouver, BC

About me:

What I am going to tell you will be hard to believe. In fact, what I will tell you will sound incredulous, fantastic and fictional; nonetheless it is true. I am a star person with a story to tell.

I don't know if the world is ready to know the truth about Star People, but with the current state of violence and poverty I don't have much choice.

The question is: Are you prepared to believe me?

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who considers themselves to be an outcast, misunderstood, and odd. Anyone who thinks they are here on a mission that maybe they know or they don't know. Anyone who wants to help the world and do good things. Anyone who has a minimal ego and a generous heart.

Also, people who have had pleasant "UFO", "ET", or "Star Visitor" experiences and are comfortable with that. Plus, all of those who are in contact with Star People, or are Star People, are most welcome.

For those that do not believe in Star People this is not a place for you for we will have nothing in common. Likewise, for those who believe that Star People are "bad". (They are not.)


NOTE FROM JEAN: In a July 25 email Richard Boylan wrote: "This is your distant early warning that you will soon be asked to join in a Joint Psychic Exercise to send psychic protection, love, strength and clarity to Talessian Namor (Mario Sasso), when he has begun his first Public Demonstration of the Star Nations starcraft over a major metropolis. As you are aware, Cabal forces will try whatever they can to deflect him from his mission. Our spiritual and mental support can, and will, make the difference."

See also:

Intentions of a Benevolent Being (Pt 1) By Talessian Namor (22nd July, 2006)
To find out much more about Talessian Namor's intent and views...

Intentions of a Benevolent Being (Pt 2) By Talessian Namor (22nd July, 2006)

"When Disclosure Serves Secrecy" by Steven Greer (1999)
Ending the secrecy surrounding the UFO/ET subject is a laudable goal. It is long overdue. It would transform the world in ways both simple and profound.And yet it is fraught with danger. The covert projects which have been running UFO related programs for nearly 60 years are not interested in a disclosure which upsets their apple cart. They want such a disclosure to transform their apple cart into a freight train. And they potentially have the power and connections to do it. There are multiple scenarios attending the disclosure of the UFO subject-and not all of them have the best interests of humanity at heart. Elsewhere, in the new book ‘Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications' I write about the kind of disclosure the world needs. An honest one. An open one. One which replaces secrecy with democracy. A disclosure which is peaceful, scientific and hopeful. But then there is the disclosure the powers that be would like to see:Manipulated. Calculated to consolidate power and engender fear. Configured in such a way that chaos and a deepening need for Big Brother is carefully inculcated into the masses. We have seen the plans and it is not a pretty picture. CLIP - Recommended by "Kathleen Roberts"> who wrote: "Thanks very much for copying me in your conversation with Suzy about Mario Sasso. I'll just put, below, Boylan's latest mailing about it, followed with a piece Steven Greer wrote in 1999 about government plans to create fear of ETs. Because of these various sources talking about it, it's been expected for awhile, and certainly things are coming to a crisis, I think the story is genuine. I only hope that the Star Nations have some way to manage this without getting shot down and government convincing us we're under attack. And if they do appear we must reassure people their intent is peaceful. I keep reminding myself that the darker it gets, the stronger the starlight guiding us."


Consider: One scenario for disclosure is that the UFO and Extraterrestrial subject is acknowledged in a way which is scientific and hopeful. Excessive secrecy which lacks executive branch and congressional oversight is ended. Humanity begins to entertain open contact with other civilizations, with peaceful engagement as the goal. Technologies which are currently suppressed are allowed to be disseminated: Pollution ends. An economy of abundance and social justice is firmly established. Global environmental destruction and mind-numbing world poverty become a faint memory. Zero-point based energy devices transform the world. Electro-gravitic devices permit above ground travel without paving over the world's precious fertile farm land. As an ET once told Colonel Philip Corso, " Its a new world, if you can take it...". This is the disclosure which we are working for.

But the disclosure envisioned above could have happened in 1950. It did not - Why? For such a disclosure would lead to the total transformation of the status quo. Centralized energy systems would be obsolete. Oil would be useful only for lubricants and synthetics. The geo-political order of today would be a thing forgotten: Every country and people on Earth would have such a high degree of progress and advancement that all nations would have a seat at the global table. Power would need to be shared. Peaceful acknowledgment of life from elsewhere would make the Earth seem like the very small, organic homeland which it is. The vast trillion dollar global military - industrial sector would be reigned in. And a universal spirituality might dawn...

But remember, there are hugely powerful interests who dread this scenario. For them, it is the end of the world as they know it. The end of centralized, elite power. The end of a controlled geo-political order which today leaves nearly 90% of the people of Earth barely one step out of the stone age. And they do not wish to share the power they wield.

Now, let me describe the ‘disclosure' which would make these covert control programs happy. This is the false or contrived ‘disclosure' which has only one clear goal: The further consolidation of their power and their paradigm. It has to do with fear, not love. With war, not peace. With division and conflict, not unity. It is the dominant paradigm - but it is slipping away slowly. And a carefully orchestrated disclosure of the ‘facts' of the UFO and ET subject could secure their power. This is the disclosure which is to be dreaded. This is the disclosure to watch out for. This is the disclosure which is already occurring.


So let's all envision that the first scenario will be the one to take place unobstructed as explained by Talessian Namor/Mario Sasso above


From: "Suzanne Ward">
Subject: Re: I need your opinion on this...
Date: 24 Jul 2006


I "flowed" with this throughout, possibly because except for the Symbol of Truth starcraft, this information is what I've been hearing from my many off-planet sources for 12 years. I did feel a little resistance at the "inappropriate" designation of extraterrestrial, and that was solely because Matthew sometimes refers to the Star People that way as well as "our benevolent 'space' family," "our universal brother- and sisterhood," and "highly evolved light beings," but never has said "Star People."

When I finished reading and asked Matthew's opinion, he said he can attest to the truthful basis throughout this message. It has the minor distortions that are inherent in the telepathic communication process itself and what receivers "hear" as the most accurate explanatory term or phrase -- i.e., all synonyms or similar expressions in the receiver's vocabulary get nudged by the source's telepathic energy blips, and the receiver "hears" the word(s) that he or she would most commonly use -- but nothing at all in the message is misleading, and he respects the clarity and sincerity of Talessian Namor aka Mario Sasso. He said that he wasn't aware of the starcraft's emergence prior to reading this with me, but from the activity in Earth's energy field of potential, he feels that more time must pass before there can be guaranteed safety for the pilot, Talessian, even though he will of course be protected by the Christed light and light-weaver colleagues on- and off-planet.

Matthew expressed his great hope that this inspired and greatly needed message will be widely disseminated and his delight that it correctly states (Formal) Contact rather than "First Contact," which is a great misnomer; also he said "Star People" is indeed more appropriate for these advanced beings who in many cases are our ancestors and some of whom are living among us (he has stated this in many messages and the books), and in a future message he will mention this more accurate designation.

Blessings to you both and LOVE and PEACE....




From: "Suzanne Ward">
Subject: Previous message from Matthew on this topic with an update
Date: 25 July 2006

Hello All...

This reminds me of what Matthew told me 3+ years ago -- it's a chapter in Voices of the Universe -- I'll copy it below. I asked him if everything in that is still valid:

"This is Matthew in loving greeting. Yes, this information is 'still valid,' to use my mother's words, and even though there is a significant change afoot, it is timely to publish this information to be more widely available than the book can reach. It was being considered by the US government to use this tactic at the time I told my mother about it, but other strategies were selected so that this could be held until the need for creating a new height of global fear was deemed greater than at that earlier moment. Now that light is unimaginably intensifying due to Israeli violence in Lebanon that is so obviously disproportionate to their announced purpose and further, that they are recognizing the intervention of off-planet light beings, the moment of striking profound fear into the global population by introducing an 'alien invasion to conquer Earth' is near. 

"There will be, however, a change in the 'invasion' plan that I wrote about: It will be claimed to be coming from space instead of bringing forth the 'Little Greys' en masse as concrete evidence of their presence and the appearance on the ground of the locally-built 'UFOs' in which those 'aliens secretly arrived.' For all they lack in human emotions, the beings that became trapped in the energy of third density and have lived underground for several decades do understand violent deception at US government hands. They experienced it themselves, and this makes them unreliable to comply with the scenario devised by the government, so no longer will this years-old plan be risked.

"Nor need it be, with the intended flight of the true starcraft -- oh yes indeed, there is knowledge about this in the dark quarters. I heard that they received this word with some glee, and sooner than I myself learned of it, which was with my mother yesterday [July 24]. Since I am in service in another galaxy, my primary means of learning developments on Earth is by contacting monitors in Nirvana or information sent to my mother that she shares with me. It is not news to me, though, that the dark intelligence network is as good as the light's or that the near-madness of the dark minds almost totally excludes their using common sense, so it is no surprise that they are discounting what they do know: the power of the Christed light; the light forces' technology that successfully has thwarted all dark terrorist attempts on '9/11' scale since that event; and the many people who fearlessly acknowledge extraterrestrial spacecraft that no doubt could have wreaked havoc if that were the intent of the occupants, and since that has not occurred, obviously it is not their intent.

"We welcome the benevolent intentions of the Star People to be made abundantly clear to souls on Earth! We will rejoice when the Star People can safely intermingle with you and assist you in restoring health and harmony throughout your world! For millennia the lighted universal family looked on helplessly as the darkness spread its venom all over your homeland, as there was the understanding that karmic experiencing had to run its course. Repeatedly and repeatedly it completed the cycle only to begin again until beloved Gaia cried out, "No more!" Since her request over sixty years ago in linear time for help in ridding the darkness, spiritually, intellectually and technologically advanced civilizations continuously have provided the help she requested, as only by invitation could this be given. These light-filled souls are with you hand-in-hand in this momentous time, and we urge you to welcome them as the universal brothers and sisters they are!"



May 31, 2003

MATTHEW: Fear about global terrorism is subsiding; the concocted SARS scare is dwindling; no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq; atrocities committed in that war and in Afghanistan are coming out, as is scientific evidence of ground-level explosions toppling the twin towers in New York City. In the minds of the puppets of the dark forces, something of profound nature is needed to de-emphasize these tactics that failed to sustain mass fear. Something profound is needed to divert attention from their results as well as from the tattered world economy, mass death from disease and starvation in many countries, more exposures of fraud, and the like. From what we are seeing, this could be the “anticipated incursion of an alien force bent on enslaving us.”

The dark minds need something of that dramatic nature to divert your focus from the actualities and reunite you all in fear of another of their misrepresented situations. This one is not a new idea. It has long been in governments’ top secret military contingency and strategy plans, but not intended to be set in motion unless the population started strongly resisting their control. And you are! You are embracing compassion, understanding, sharing, helping, all of which is increasing the light on Earth and making it more and more difficult for those in the camp of the darkness to keep a cover on their deception, corruption and brutality. So the time may come when they are motivated to unveil the underground “extraterrestrials” as a last resort to their own intent to enslave the world through fear, and I’d like to get a jump on this possibility.  

First, just a note about the purpose of fear in the dark agenda. Energy with fear attachments is anathema to the energy of light. Reception to light is essential for both cellular restructuring so bodies can survive in the higher light densities into which Earth is evolving as well as for people to attain spiritual clarity, also a requirement of life in the higher frequencies. Clearly, the controlling forces do NOT want light to expose their dark deeds, and inciting fear is one of their most effective means of preventing that. But it isn’t working well any longer, and they are becoming desperate to strengthen their ebbing control through greater fear-filled measures. The ultimate is sending the underground population of “aliens” up to the surface.

When this “alien” civilization commonly called “little grays” arrived over 50 years ago, they didn’t expect to be trapped in Earth’s atmosphere, but they were, and ever since then they have been largely unseen residents. They came to offer their advanced technology in exchange for permission to conduct experiments with the Earth humans with whom they had soul contracts for enhancing their species. They were betrayed. An attempt to annihilate them after receiving their technology failed – some “UFOs” are your governments’ creations using that technology— and stories of “abductions” were distorted or fabricated even as they officially were called hoaxes. The stories of gentleness in cooperation were suppressed. Although these people differ from you in appearance, they are a human civilization and, like you, some have lower light frequency than others. A few of those lower beings abused the soul contracts, which specified Earth individuals’ conscious memory of their agreement, and dreadful fear and suffering were caused to the few who did not remember.

But as a group, these people have no more desire or intention to take over and enslave all of you than do the many millions of bona fide extraterrestrials who are assisting you in this unprecedented time on your planet – indeed, in the universe. Your world leaders know the truth about the presence and purpose of all of these civilizations, and they know none pose an iota of danger to you! Totally to the contrary, the “danger” posed is to their continuance of dark control on the planet.

There are approximately 17 major groups of extraterrestrial forces actively working on your behalf. Many are in spacecraft surrounding Earth, but members from some of these civilizations are right there among you. In their homelands they may not have the same shape and features familiar to you, but their manifesting capabilities permit them to easily adapt to the appearance of the population in which they are living.

They are able to achieve this as well as attain increasingly influential positions because of their extraordinary intelligence. Their brains are not as constrained by the still-prevailing third density limitations as are the vast majority of Earth human brains. Some of these individuals are born to Earth parents, others simply “appear.” Their highly developed psychic abilities alert them to danger from those commanded to eliminate them once they are seen as dangerous to the aims of world leaders. They are able to manifest protective shields, disappear by de-materializing, see beyond your vision and hear beyond your hearing. When it is safe to do so, they will reveal themselves for who they really are, and when love and peace reign completely, they may choose to continue to help if invited or return to their homelands.

The far greater numbers of extraterrestrials are using their advanced technology literally to hold Earth together during these years of mammoth cleansing. At this time the largest contingent of life preservers in human civilizations near Earth is from Arcturus, and the next in number is from Lyra. Both were the original homelands of some of your planet’s earliest settlers, your ancestors. Forces from the Pleiades is not the largest in members, but it has the most potent technology for clearing the lower atmosphere, and others of Earth’s earliest settlers came from this origin. 

In my Wesak message I mentioned specific invaluable contributions of these and other civilizations, and I’d like to repeat that for the benefit of you who aren’t familiar with it or as reminders to you who are:

Their various forms of technology have kept Earth in regular orbiting and have prevented the tides from moving as rapidly as the other effects of the accelerated energy, which you sense as time passing faster and faster. These light beings also have dispersed the kinetic energy build-up far more uniformly than would result from release through earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that otherwise could sever entire states and submerge coastlines, and they have reduced the power and size of tornadoes and other fierce storms.

Their knowledge is being filtered to your scientists, who subconsciously will be inspired toward discovering and developing energy sources to replace the current siphoning of Earth’s gas and oil, which are her very blood. The advanced capabilities of these higher light beings will aid in restoring those natural resources as well as cleaning up the polluted air, water and soil, which are other parts of Earth’s body.

They are reducing the most drastic effects of what are known as chemtrails, and of radioactivity from weaponry or leaking storage containers and in particular, the effects of depleting uranium. “Depleted” is a government-devised term meant to convey a completed process, as if less harm can result. Despite science’s longevity estimate of the effects of this ongoing decay of lethal toxins, eventually they will pose no harm at all to physical bodies.

Your space brothers are helping your own efforts to preserve the lives of the cetaceans. Species-wide, the cetaceans are the most spiritually and intellectually evolved beings on Earth, and their bulky forms are anchoring the light energy being beamed to the planet. The dark forces are aware of this crucial service, and it is their influence that has been behind the killing of whales and dolphins. By God’s own mandate and the work of the high light beings combined with yours, that deliberate destruction will not continue!

Another example of help you are receiving is the heightening of conscience. That layer of the soul that guides the consciousness in line with the soul’s chosen missions is being reinforced by the intensifying light the high beings are adding to your own and beaming to all.

Some of these space brothers are in your midst. Along with shining Earth souls, they are gaining influence in governments, international corporations, law and justice systems and the banking and medical fields – the major establishments that for so long have prevented the populace from getting past their controls. You will see the top ranks of these institutions either turning into honorable leaders or being forced out by others who will take the reins and provide fair, caring and meaningful services to all the people. These leaders will see that Earth’s abundant resources no longer are exploited, but are shared equitably.

Along with this great spectrum of virtually unrecognized extraterrestrial assistance, there are some misunderstandings and some grave concerns about what might happen. First, there will be NO nuclear detonations! By Creator’s decree and a unique withdrawal of free will, those who would use their free will to cause nuclear explosions will be thwarted in their attempts. Acting upon this decree is God’s responsibility and by His instructions, your space brothers have prevented and will continue to prevent detonation of nuclear warheads in space weaponry.

Some of those preservation and restoration measures are being managed by human civilizations and some by vast and powerful collective souls you could call suprahuman or a force field. A very special service being rendered by some of those highest light forces is the amassing and directing of light toward the groups working in dimensions nearer the planet. These beings could be considered the arms providers to the arms bearers, with the arms being love in its tangible use as directed light to your Earth and each of you.

Please know that NONE of these civilizations is imposing its powers on your planet, but rather by God’s request, are aiding Earth’s free will choice to continue living. Rapidly reaching the state of non-viability, she had the choice to physically die, in which case only her soul would evolve, or live and ascend the limitations of the third density into which she had fallen through her human population’s abuse, neglect and ignorance. However, in her desperately damaged state, she no longer had the capacity to sustain life, and she is recovering only because many millions of lighted souls are assisting in this process. 

Nevertheless, it would be wrong to believe that all extraterrestrials interfacing with Earth are benevolent. By far the most powerful are those in the highest light frequencies, but there are alien civilizations that have been wreaking havoc on the planet for eons, primarily the darkly inclined reptilians. But it wouldn’t matter what civilization the dark forces used to spread their agenda of violence, greed, control and suffering. The influence of the reptilians whose nature is dark is waning by the second, and the reptilians who are light beings are aiding in this victory for the light.

It is time for your world to stop wondering if Earth is the only populated place in the universe and know that she is not. It is time for your world to know that all civilizations are connected at soul level. Each soul is a part of God, thus the universal brotherhood – whether high spiritual beings or dark, whether primitive or greatly advanced intellectually and technologically, whether beautiful or ugly by your standards – is One.

This May 31, 2003 message above is also archived at



Project Blue Beam in the Pipeline?  - Monday, 26 June 2006
'Official Disclosure is potentially the most staggering and awesome media weapon the Illuminati governmental tier have at their disposal. It will be the biggest story of all time and every media outlet on the planet will cover it with an endless stream of video footage, interviews, eye witness reports, commentaries, polls and debates. Truly, nothing will ever be quite the same again. Official Disclosure is the formal declaration that extra terrestrial beings are in communication with Earth. Maybe have been for 50 years, maybe more. Before the more inflexibly scientific aspect to our minds begins to lose focus, let's remind ourselves of a few facts.' In 2003, an astronomical team led by Simon Driver of the Australian National University Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics made an estimation of the number of stars in the known universe. The Anglo-Australian survey was trying to measure the distances to 250,000 nearby galaxies using advanced equipment located at the Siding Springs Observatory in Australia's New South Wales state and a telescope located on the Canary Islands, off the coast of Spain. The number of stars the researchers put forward was 70 sextillion, or 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. “This is not the total number of stars in the universe, but it's the number within the range of our telescopes,” said Driver. When asked if he believed there was other intelligent life out there, Driver remarked: “Seventy thousand million million million is a big number... it’s inevitable.” (...) So why is Official Disclosure in the hands of the New World Order such a perplexing and disquieting thing? The answers lies in the arguments posed within the NWO and ET communities focusing on the likelihood of whether the NWO will actually ‘stage’ official disclosure. That is, fake it. To further explore this point, let us take a look at the much discussed Project Blue Beam. Blue Beam is purported to be a highly classified black-budget project based on Holographic technology. Holography is a technique for obtaining 3-dimensional images by using 2 sets of single-wavelength light waves to form an interference pattern, which is developed to form a hologram. This hologram can be used to recreate convincing 3-dimensional images of any object. Investigators claim that the effects of Blue Beam are indistinguishable from actual real-world phenomena. CLIP


“Threats To Human Freedom” For All Terrestrial Humanity


1) The purpose of this document is to provide humanity with information about hidden threats that exist to the free will and self-determination of mankind. This information describes threats from extraterrestrial societies, international organizations, and domestic shadow government activities. The implications of successful fruition of these threats are also presented along with information that must be considered when planning a strategy for resisting these threats and ultimate objectives.

2) This document attempts to expose the fact that all three sources of threats must be considered together because they are all interrelated. What may appear to be independent groups with vastly different agendas are all actually working toward the same goal of world domination and the abolishment of individual freedom for all of mankind. The only way to prevent this from happening is for humanity to become aware of the threats and respond as one people, despite how unpleasant this may be. It is morally improper to remain silent and do nothing to prevent global domination from occurring.

3) This document contains information of a serious and troubling nature that will be emotionally disturbing to sensitive individuals. Only by viewing this information from a dispassionate and discerning point of view, can the emotional reactions of anger, fear, anxiety, and depression be avoided. This document may not represent all truths from all points of view. It only presents information relevant to the preservation of Human freedom.

CLIP - Read the rest at


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Interview with 'Mr. X' - Friday, 12 May 2006
'This man was locked in a vault type room with a guard slipping trash bags full of papers, envelopes and photos to him, all marked Top Secret and higher. He was not allowed out of the room until the late afternoon when the work day was over. He was not a military man but a civilian employee of a Southern California Defense Firm, and his tale is stunning. He speaks of the evidence he handled that showed or documented "Tall Orange" ETs in charge, Grey ETs everywhere, communications between ETs and Air Force officers common place, the confirmation of the Roswell (Corona, NM) UFO crash and details about these alien beings that left little to the imagination. He even saw documents about a possible end of the world scenario ... that's right ... in 2012.


After 15 days of a bombing campaign by Israel against alleged Hezbollah targets in Lebanon partly in response to a continuing barrage of small rockets launched by Hezbollah guerillas against the civilian population of Northern Israel, leading to over 600 mostly civilians deaths in Lebanon, thousands of injured people, hundreds of thousands of refugees and a massive international evacuation of people, as well as over 50 deaths in Israel and major disruption in the lives of thousands of people, there is no end in sight yet to this conflict, as recent diplomatic efforts to broker a ceasefire have failed. Meanwhile over 150 Palestinians have been killed during military operations by Israel in the Gaza Strip in a conflict that has received far less media attention but is proving to be just as deadly and destructive. Please dedicate a part of your meditations to assist in creating the conditions for a peaceful resolution of these conflicts and a complete restoration of peace with justice and dignity for all parties involved.

The following section is for those who wish to understand in more details the situation briefly outlined above. It is recommended to view this information from a positive perspective, and not allow the details to tinge the positive vision we wish to hold in meditation. Since what we focus on grows, the more positive our mind-set, the more successful we will be in manifesting a vision of peace and healing. This complementary information is provided so that a greater knowledge of what needs healing and peace-nurturing vibrations may assist us to have an in-depth understanding of what is at stake and thus achieve a greater collective effectiveness.

Also included below:

1. Kucinich Introduces Middle East Cease Fire Resolution
2. Quick Report from the Israeli Peace Front

You will find much more information in the following 2 compilations:

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UN calls for aid truce in Lebanon (July 29)
The UN has called for a three-day truce between Israel and Hezbollah to allow for aid to enter southern Lebanon and for casualties to be removed. UN humanitarian chief Jan Egeland said children, elderly and disabled had been left stranded by two weeks of fighting. US President George W Bush has again dismissed calls for an immediate truce, arguing instead for an international force to be deployed in Lebanon. (...) Briefing the Security Council on Friday, Mr Egeland said some 600 people had been killed by Israeli action in Lebanon, of which around a third were children. "It's been horrific... There is something fundamentally wrong with the war, where there are more dead children than armed men," Mr Egeland said. (...) Refugees from Rmeish said conditions were deteriorating rapidly in the area.They said some of those still trapped in the village were drinking water from a stagnant pond. A senior official at the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) in Lebanon told the BBC that supplies were "running out very, very fast" in southern Lebanon." The south is definitely where the critical needs are at the moment. You've got active combat going on, several tens if not hundreds of thousands of persons displaced within the south," Arafat Jamal said. Aid agencies also said that many people in the area were in urgent need of medical treatment.

Bombings Hit Children Hardest
Bilal Masri, assistant director of Beirut Government University Hospital, told IPS, "Not only are most of the patients children, but many of the injured have been brought in serious condition. Now we have a 30 percent fatality rate here in Beirut. That means that 30 percent of everyone hit by Israeli bombs are dying. It is a catastrophe."

Hezbullah Wants an Immediate Cease-Fire
Hezbollah wants an immediate cease-fire and is ready to swap the two abducted Israeli soldiers "in six hours" after it comes into force, according to officials from Amal, a Shia party allied to Hezbollah.

Hezbollah politicians back peace package (July 28);_ylt=Ah9LkaCmBePo4pd5.uE8KPSs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3OTB1amhuBHNlYwNtdHM-
BEIRUT, Lebanon - Hezbollah politicians, while expressing reservations, have joined their critics in the government in agreeing to a peace package that includes strengthening an international force in south Lebanon and disarming the guerrillas, the government said. The agreement — reached after a heated six-hour Cabinet meeting — was the first time that Hezbollah has signed onto a proposal for ending the crisis that includes the deploying of international forces. The package falls short of American and Israeli demands in that it calls for an immediate cease-fire before working out details of a force and includes other conditions.But European Union officials said Friday the proposals form a basis for an agreement, increasing the pressure on the United States to call for a cease-fire. President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Friday they too want an international force dispatched quickly to the Mideast but said any plan to end the fighting — to have a lasting effect — must address long-running regional disputes. CLIP

Helplessly Hoping
"I recognize Israel's right to defend itself as I recognize the US's right to defend ourselves as I recognize Lebanon's and Iraq's right to defend themselves - but I do not, cannot, and will not recognize anyone's right to commit wholesale slaughter on babies and children," writes Cindy Sheehan. "I refuse to recognize that right no matter who does it - terrorists or state-sanctioned wars of terror - I refuse to recognize the right to slaughter and, whether it makes a difference or not, I refuse to be silent about it."

Israel Drops White Phosphorus Bombs, Littlest Victims Suffer
Jawad Najem, a surgeon at the hospital, said patients admitted Sunday had burns from phosphorous incendiary weapons used by Israel. The Geneva Conventions ban using white phosphorus as an incendiary weapon against civilian populations and in air attacks against military forces in civilian areas.

Israeli Justice Minister: IDF Entitled to Kill Everyone in South Lebanon (July 27th, 2006)
From the BBC today: Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon “said that in order to prevent casualties among Israeli soldiers battling Hezbollah militants in southern Lebanon, villages should be flattened by the Israeli air force before ground troops moved in. He added that Israel had given the civilians of southern Lebanon ample time to quit the area and therefore anyone still remaining there could be considered a Hezbollah supporter. “All those now in south Lebanon are terrorists who are related in some way to Hezbollah,” Mr Ramon said.****Ramon made these comments on Israeli Army radio. He was apparently not asked about the IDF’s practice of blowing up the cars full of civilians fleeing south Lebanon. Ramon has made stark the standards that the Israelis are using, and there is no excuse for any American politician or citizen to continue denying that the Israelis are intentionally targeting civilians en masse. Bush again embraced Israel’s effort in Lebanon today - even after the Justice Minister’s comments.

Israelis resolve to use more force (July 28)
JERUSALEM - With relatively heavy losses in Lebanon and unexpectedly fierce resistance from Hizbullah, the Israeli army shifted Thursday in the direction of using far more firepower in the two-week-old conflict. While many nations are increasingly critical of Israel's offensive in Lebanon, the mainstream Israeli reading of the situation seems the opposite: Much more military force – not less – is the key to beating back Hizbullah.One barometer of the Israeli outlook ticked higher as Israel's security cabinet Thursday authorized a broader call-up of reservists, indicating it might send a much larger contingent of forces into Lebanon. The decision came as Israelis watched the procession of funerals of soldiers throughout the day, coupled with a widespread attitude that the Israeli military should "take the gloves off" in dealing with Hizbullah militants."Greater Determination, Less Sensitivity," read the front-page headline in Maariv, a mainstream Israeli daily. "Woe is to us if we act in proportion, and what would that actually consist of? One bomb from a plane in return for a rocket? One artillery shell in return for a Katyusha?" railed Amnon Dankner, the paper's editor in chief, and analyst Dan Margalit, in a jointly written commentary.Opinion pages and air waves are filled with arguments about whether Israel should focus on using its technological edge over Hizbullah through more aerial attacks and artillery shelling instead of sending in new ground troops who are vulnerable to attack. On Wednesday, Israel suffered the greatest number of military casualties in the conflict that began July 12 after Hizbullah captured two Israeli soldiers. Nine soldiers were killed in house-to-house fighting in the Hizbullah stronghold Bint Jbail. So far, at least 433 Lebanese and 51 Israelis have been killed. Thursday, the Israeli army continued to pound Lebanon from the air, while Hizbullah launched about 75 Katyusha rockets into Israel. CLIP

Watching and waiting in Tyre (July 28)
The Israeli bombardment of Lebanon is at its most unremitting in the hills around the spectacularly located southern Lebanese port of Tyre.(...) Only about a tenth of the population of Lebanon's fourth largest coastal city are thought to remain now - including many who are too poor or sick to contemplate the arduous journey north. For its part, Israel's adversary, Hezbollah, fires daily salvoes of Katyusha rockets from Tyre, leaving undulating trails of white smoke from the citrus and banana groves beyond the city's southern outskirts. This rocket fire - Israel's main reason for going to war, along with the capture by Hezbollah of two Israeli soldiers in a deadly cross-border raid on 12 July - has caused terror and emptied the streets of northern Israeli cities.But Israel's military response around Tyre shows its fundamental weakness when dealing with a guerrilla army drawn from the indigenous population of southern Lebanon. It can take up to 12 minutes for Israeli aircraft to come and drop their 1,000-pounders on the launch sites - plenty of time for the highly-mobile rocket crews to pack up and escape. Israeli leaders put great emphasis on the inherently indiscriminate violence of Hezbollah's unguided Katyusha rockets. However - though they insist Israel's campaign is targeting Hezbollah staging areas and supply lines - the bombing has killed many more Lebanese civilians with its hi-tech weaponry than have died in Israel.For people in Tyre the most terrifying noise is not the shelling a few kilometres away, but the whine of the all-seeing drones flying overhead, relaying potential targets back to Israel with pinpoint accuracy. CLIP

Dahr Jamail: Lebanon Bleeds, Iraq Burns, People Flee
Dahr Jamail quotes a conversation with his interpreter: "Habibi, to live in Baghdad now is to live in a big prison," he told me recently, "You stay in your home, and that's it. You only go out when you must. So many are being killed daily, and you only hope that your day to die is not today."

Israel troops 'ignored' UN plea (2006/07/26)
UN peacekeepers in south Lebanon contacted Israeli troops 10 times before an Israeli bomb killed four of them, an initial UN report says. The post was hit by a precision-guided missile after six hours of shelling, diplomats familiar with the probe say. UN-led crisis talks in Rome ended with no agreement to urge an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah. In the latest fighting, up to 13 Israeli soldiers were reported killed in southern Lebanon on Wednesday. Israel has not confirmed any deaths from among its soldiers, but says there have been 20 casualties in the clashes around the town of Bint Jbail. More than 400 Lebanese and 42 Israelis have died in two weeks of conflict, which began after Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid on 12 July. In other developments: A Jordanian military plane arrived in Beirut to evacuate some of the most seriously wounded Lebanese civilians. Ten lorries loaded with food and medical supplies arrived in the southern town of Tyre from the capital, Beirut. Hezbollah's leader Hassan Nasrallah warned on TV that his organisation would begin firing rockets further south into Israel than Haifa. (...) The Rome summit, called by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, brought together EU and Arab nations plus the US and Russia, but not Israel, Iran or Syria. The conference released a declaration expressing "determination to work immediately to reach with utmost urgency a ceasefire to put an end to the current hostilities". It also said a ceasefire "must be lasting, permanent and sustainable". The statement called for an international force with a UN mandate for south Lebanon, and the full implementation of existing UN Security Council resolutions calling for the disarming of militias and deployment of Lebanese troops in the border region. CLIP

UN Observers Leave Israel-Lebanon Border
The United Nations decided to remove 50 observers from the Israeli-Lebanese border and the United States evacuated about 500 more US citizens from Beirut aboard a chartered cruise ship, believed to be the last US-organized mass departure for Americans.

Allies Losing Patience With US Terms for Cease-Fire
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's calls this week for a deliberate approach to building "a new Middle East" are facing increased skepticism among many who ordinarily would be America's strongest backers in efforts to end the conflict in Lebanon.

Tide of Arab Opinion Turns to Support for Hezbollah
At the onset of the Lebanese crisis, Arab governments slammed Hezbollah for recklessly provoking a war. Now, with hundreds of Lebanese dead and Hezbollah holding out against the vaunted Israeli military for 15 days, the tide of public opinion across the Arab world is surging behind the organization, transforming the Shiite group's leader into a folk hero.

Red Cross Ambulances Destroyed in Israeli Air Strike on Rescue Mission
The ambulance headlamps were on, the blue light overhead was flashing, and another light illuminated the Red Cross flag when the first Israeli missile hit, shearing off the right leg of the man on the stretcher inside. As he lay screaming beneath fire and smoke, patients and ambulance workers scrambled for safety, crawling over glass in the dark. Then another missile hit the second ambulance.

High Death Toll in Gaza Clashes (26 July 2006)
Israeli military attacks in the Gaza Strip have killed 23 Palestinians, including several children, witnesses and medical sources say. At least 11 militants were among the dead, but many civilians were also killed, and about 70 people were hurt. The raids come amid Israeli efforts to release a soldier captured by Palestinian militants last month. About 140 Palestinians and one Israeli soldier have been killed since Israel launched its offensive. The attacks on Gaza have been overshadowed by fierce clashes between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Israel ends deadly Gaza operation (July 28)
The Israeli army has pulled out of the Gaza Strip after a two-day operation in which at least 29 Palestinians were killed, many of them civilians. Air strikes overnight destroyed several buildings across the territory, killing two Palestinians, one a teenage boy. The Israeli army says it attacked weapons facilities in four areas in a continuing campaign to weaken militant groups in Gaza. Eyewitnesses say farmland, power lines and telephone cables were destroyed. Among those killed in the operation were a baby, two infants, three teenagers and a 75-year-old woman, Palestinians say. One report said that 13 militants had been killed in the operation. Israel says it killed 25 "terrorists". The offensive in Gaza began a month ago in response, Israel says, to the capture of its soldier Gilad Shalit by Hamas-linked militants. Militant groups say that was motivated by Israeli bombardments that killed several civilians. Aid from the EUThe EU has meanwhile given millions of dollars in aid to Palestinians, much of it to pay the wages of health workers. An EU official told the AFP news agency the 40m euro ($51m) payment marked the third instalment in an aid package aimed at directly paying Palestinian public sector workers, bypassing the Hamas-led government. EU External Affairs Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said after visiting Gaza on Thursday that the situation was of "total crisis."We hope that there will be immediate work to put to a stop the violence on both sides," she was quoted as saying by AFP. The EU is the biggest aid donor to the Palestinians but suspended much of its aid earlier this year over the Hamas-led government's refusal to renounce violence and recognise Israel. Some one million Palestinians, or a quarter of the population in the West Bank and Gaza, depend on the wages of the Palestinian Authority's 160,000 employees.

Israeli tanks move back into Gaza Strip (July 28);_ylt=AlHw0ce_c.Yvb8kLtRIQzR2s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3b3JuZGZhBHNlYwM3MjE-
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israeli tanks pushed back into the Gaza Strip before dawn Saturday, a day after ending a deadly incursion that killed 30 Palestinians over three days. Seven tanks crossed just over Gaza's northern border, Palestinian security officials said. The army had said its withdrawal Friday was temporary and did not mean its month-long offensive in the Gaza Strip was over. (...) According to an Associated Press count, Israeli troops have killed 159 Palestinians since they started attacking the Gaza Strip to try to recover Shalit and stop Palestinian militants from firing rockets into Israel. Most of the dead were militants but a considerable number were civilians. CLIP

Israeli war crimes in Lebanon
The wanton destruction by Israel of Lebanon’s infrastructure and the creation of 500,000 refugees, is a brutal war crime visited on a people unable to defend themselves against such an overwhelming onslaught. Not even the ancient Roman remains at Baalbek have been spared by massive Israeli bombardment. Using the kidnap of two of its soldiers by Hezbollah as a pretext, Israeli forces have deliberately set out to destroy Lebanon as a functioning state. In doing so, they have implemented a strategy drawn up by the American and British governments, who have resisted international calls for a ceasefire. The immediate next targets are Syria and Iran.This horrific strategy has one simple aim: to undermine any power, movement or state in the Middle East whose interests differ from those of Washington and London. At the heart of their ambitions is open access to dwindling oil resources and the creation of market economies in the area.In practice, the so-called “war on terror” is thus a war against defenceless populations. It has nothing to do with winning Muslims away from support for radical Islamic organisations. In fact – and Bush and Blair surely know this - the war on the Lebanon will only boost recruits to militant groups, just as the disastrous invasion of Iraq has done.If there is hesitation about a full-scale invasion, Israelis remember that Hezbollah actually arose in response to their 1982 invasion. Hezbollah’s popular resistance in turn drove out the Israelis, who suffered huge losses. Cowardly attacks from the air cannot disguise the fantasies Israeli generals still have about “destroying Hezbollah”. CLIP

A Tale of Two Resolutions on Lebanon
No student of history can escape the parallels between what is going on in Lebanon now and the start of World War I. The question is, do we have political will, and the sanity, to stop it. Those who are not interested in history are at the mercy of the present, so we might as well review. (...) The Bush administration, who is green lighting Israel's every action, is manipulating public opinion at home to escalate this into a nuclear first strike on Iran, to try to regain the dominance lost in Iraq. Until you understand this nothing else will make sense. And in this they have the willing cooperation of Hezbollah and their supporters, who believe they will win the whole game if we do so, and they have our misadventure in Iraq to give them confidence. They are both wrong. Such a conflagration in the Middle East will end human civilization as we have previously known it. BOTH sides will exchange nuclear weapons strikes. The restraint which has kept the nuclear monster in check since 1945 will be vaporized. Perhaps the other side will only be able to muster dirty bombs, or perhaps a revolution in Pakistan will put fully operational warheads in the hands of Islamic militants at once, and this is assuming they have not already acquired some of the many loose nukes out there, or maybe it will take them a while longer to acquire them. But it will happen. That is all unless we find a way to break the cycle of revenge and insanity. (...) Though not to minimize the 30 or so Israelis who have been killed so far, most of the actual destruction raining down is by Israel's hand. If this continues much longer there won't be a Muslim population in the Middle East not screaming for Israeli blood. Only a cease-fire can save Israel from itself. They have demonstrated they can launch a military strike any time they choose, and could presumably with impunity resume hostilities any time they would wish. But if moderate Arab governments start falling like dominos to militants in their own populations, any opportunity for diplomacy will be lost forever. CALL YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS NOW AND DEMAND THEY CALL FOR AN IMMEDIATE CEASE-FIRE IN LEBANON - TOLL-FREE NUMBERS: 888-355-3588 and 800-828-0498 - ACTION PAGE:

The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil, By Michel Chossudovsky (July 26, 2006)
Is there a relationship between the bombing of Lebanon and the inauguration of the World's largest strategic pipeline, which will channel more than a million barrels of oil a day to Western markets?  Virtually unnoticed, the inauguration of the Ceyhan-Tblisi-Baku (BTC) oil pipeline, which links the Caspian sea to the Eastern Mediterranean, took place on the 13th of July, at the very outset of the Israeli sponsored bombings of Lebanon. (...) The bombing of Lebanon is part of a carefully planned and coordinated military road map. The extension of the war into Syria and Iran has already been contemplated by US and Israeli military planners. This broader military agenda is intimately related to strategic oil and oil pipelines. It is supported by the Western oil giants which control the pipeline corridors. In the context of the war on Lebanon, it seeks Israeli territorial control over the East Mediterranean coastline.(...) Israeli Prime minister Ehud Olmert has stated that the Israeli offensive against Lebanon would "last a very long time". Meanwhile, the US has speeded up weapons shipments to Israel. There are strategic objectives underlying the "Long War" which are tied to oil and oil pipelines. The air campaign against Lebanon is inextricably related to US-Israeli strategic objectives in the broader Middle East including Syria and Iran. In recent developments, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice stated that the main purpose of her mission to the Middle East was not to push for a ceasefire in Lebanon, but rather to isolate Syria and Iran. (Daily Telegraph, 22 July 2006)At this particular juncture, the replenishing of Israeli stockpiles of US produced WMDs  points to an escalation of the war both within and beyond the borders of Lebanon.

NOTE FROM JEAN: As show below the Israeli government has launched an Internet campaign to rally support behind its war policies. So knowing this, you can get involved either to "voice Israel's side to the world" as they say on their website below or counter their efforts by following which Internet votes they recommend to their supporters and then , if you disagree with them, vote against their positions...
Dear friends, Many of us recognize the importance of the Internet as the new battleground for Israel's image. It's time to do it better, and coordinate our on-line efforts on behalf of Israel. An Israeli software company have developed a free, safe and useful tool for us - the Internet Megaphone. Please go to, download the Megaphone, and you will receive daily updates with instant links to important internet polls, problematic articles that require a talk back, etc. We need 100,000 Megaphone users to make a difference. So, please distribute this mail to all Israel's supporters. Do it now. For Israel. Amir Gissin Director Public Affairs (Hasbara) Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem

Mideast Full coverage;_ylt=AkXq5IMx3NgBQoWEofyFWjas0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA2ZGZwam4yBHNlYwNmYw--



Kucinich Introduces Middle East Cease Fire Resolution

Calls on Bush to immediately send US diplomats to facilitate negotiations

July 21, 2006

Congressman Kucinich introduced H. Con. Res. 450 on Wednesday, calling upon the President "to appeal to all sides in the current crisis in the Middle East for an immediate cessation of violence and to commit United States diplomats to multi-party negotiations with no preconditions."

The concurrent resolution also asks the President to send a "high-level diplomatic mission to the region to facilitate such multi-party negotiations."

Finally, the Kucinich resolution "urges such multi-party negotiations to begin as soon as possible, including delegations from the governments of Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt; and supports an international peacekeeping mission to southern Lebanon to prevent cross-border skirmishes during such multi-party negotiations."

In introducing H. Con. Res. 450, Kucinich issued the following statement:

"The continuing violence in the Middle East is spiraling out of control and is on the verge of being full-out regional war in which there will be no winners.

"The US has a moral obligation to become immediately engaged and to try to seek a peaceful resolution to the situation. This Administration must seek an immediate cease-fire and return all sides to the negotiating table.

"The region urgently needs diplomatic assistance. The only way the US can reclaim its role, as a mediator is to speak and act like a mediator. Unfortunately, the Administration is making statements that only will contribute to escalation.

"My resolution is not about assigning blame, it is about seeking an end to the conflict."


Action Alert from Jewish Voice for Peace - Kucinich Cease-fire Resolution

Date: 25 Jul 2006

Finally, we have a bill in the House of Representatives that we need to support. Brought by Dennis Kucinich and with 23 co-sponsors, H. Con. Res. 450 calls for an immediate cease-fire, multi-party negotiations. and an international peacekeeping force. Go to: to read the text of the bill.

The US Campaign to End the Occupation has designated Tuesday, July 25 a national call-in day. JVP, along with the US Campaign, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the Council for the National Interest, Partners for Peace, Progressive Democrats of America, United for Peace and Justice, Peace Action, the American Friends Service Committee - Chicago, and Interfaith Peace-Builders are coming together to call for this national day of action.

Please take a moment to locate your representative's phone number by going to our home page at

Now that we have a bill that we can support. It is crucial that we send a clear message to our representatives to urge them to support this bill.
Click here: - originally: to send an email to let your representative know that you support H. Con. Res. 450. But phone calls are much more effective, especially if we all do it on the same day. So call today and tell Congress we want the killing to stop now!

Jewish Voice for Peace
"Israelis and Palestinians,
Two Peoples, One Future."


See also

Middle East Crisis: Who backs an immediate ceasefire? (21 July 2006)

What are they waiting for, the Apocalypse? - Dennis Kucinich (July 21, 2006)
US Has a Moral Obligation to Become Diplomatically Involved -- Immediately.

PREPARE FOR PEACE - Dennis Kucinich (July 20, 2006)
"Mr. Speaker, how is it that even with the constant moral and financial support of our Nation, our friend and ally, Israel, is still not safe and secure. If we insist upon the security and survival of Israel, and we must, then we must also insist upon the security and survival of the Palestinians and the Lebanese. "We say we will never negotiate with those who have sworn to destroy us or our allies, but history shows us that every conflict was resolved by doing exactly that. We prepare for war so grandly; let us prepare for peace grandly by looking fearlessly and deep into the hearts of those who wish us harm, and find that spark of recognition that connects us to a common humanity and from that draw a flicker of hope to enkindle the warm glow of peace."After 9/11, we asked, Why do they hate us? Isn't it time for us to ask, Why do we hate them?"Do we think about what hate does to our own hearts? Isn't it time to put on the invincible armor of human compassion to explore human relations as the science of the human heart, in which we always have the capacity through courage, communication, patience, and understanding to turn hate into love, and to beat our swords into plowshares?"


THE FOLLOWING WAS TAKEN FROM Larry Morningstar> Peace Times newsletter emailed on July 26. To subscribe to this list: Just send a message with the words: "subscribe: Peace Times" to:

Quick Report from the Israeli Peace Front

The peace movement in Israel has pulled out all stops to end this mad war.  Lots of groups are active, and we had a big joint demonstration last night -- at least 5,000 people (though the media reported 2,500).  Marching through the streets of Tel Aviv with signs, "End the War", "End the Occupation" felt like a relief after the roar of pro-war-talk on all the media.

Women in Black held vigils last Friday throughout Israel. The reactions from the street were quite violent and the police were out in numbers keeping onlookers (and on-shouters) at bay. After our vigil, we read the list of 55 (!) locations [see list below] that held solidarity events this weekend. Some were Women in Black and others organized by allied groups.  We felt greatly encouraged by this international solidarity.

I end with a short note from Hannah Safran of the Haifa vigil of Women in Black. The women were shelled during the vigil, but they returned to complete it.  Later that day, under the newly formed "Women Against War", they again left their homes to protest.

Hi gila, how are you? We are having a terrible day today. While we were demonstrating at our regular Women in Black square (30-40 people in all), we were bombed on both sides. It felt like being targeted from close. We had to abandon the vigil and look for shelter. we came back 20 minutes later and completed the vigil on time. As we were traveling home, there was a second attack and we had to stop the car and look for shelter. When we came home we opened the newspaper to read letters of women from Lebanon. The devastation is horrific. Has Israel gone crazy or have we not noticed what a mad country we live in? It is 5:45 p.m. now and we had two attacks since then. I am off to our daily demonstration of Women Against War in front of the Foreign Office and all the foreign press. We will not be silenced. War must be stopped now. Every minute counts as people's lives are in danger. Do all you can to stop this madness. only someone from outside can put pressure on Israel to stop. I have to hurry. Be well and let's pray for better days. Love, Hannah

Please continue to voice your protest throughout the world.

Gila Svirsky
[Note: this is a coalition of 10 Israeli and Palestinian Women’s Peace Groups.]

5. 911 TRUTH


From: "Leonard Spade">
Subject: 911 TRUTH: the L.A. panel discussion on 9/11 will be broadcast Saturday night at 8 p.m. EST Tell your friends!
Date: 28 July 2006

Media Advisory – Finally, after five years of media blackout, the truth will be told on a mainstream media outlet.


Cspan's schedule now confirms that the L.A. panel discussion on 9/11 will be broadcast Saturday night at 8 p.m. EST. This is the main CSpan channel, not book tv or another, less-viewed, channel (even David Ray Griffin's talk wasn't broadcast on the main CSpan channel).

Webster Tarpley has this message to the 9/11 truth movement (via email):

Dear Friends --

The Sunday panel discussion from the Alex Jones Los Angeles conference will reportedly be telecast on C-SPAN this coming Saturday evening at 8pm and 11pm eastern time.

This discussion includes Alex Jones, Professor Steven Jones, Col. Robert Bowman, Professor James Fetrzer, and myself.

The mere fact that it has been scheduled pays tribute to the growing strength of our 9/11 truth movement.

I urge you to build the maximum audience for this important event, which represents our best opportunity of counteracting the escalation of the Middle East and North Korean crises towards thermonuclear World War III, by means a strong dose of 9/11 truth.

I call upon each of you to put aside other considerations for the next 48 hours and to mobilize all available forces to make this a turning point in world history. Let it be seen by 100,000,000 Americans, and we can turn the world back from the brink of the abyss.

Webster G. Tarpley

Let's rally behind Webster's call to maximize viewership.

08:00 PM EDT
1:50 (est.)

Forum: September 11th Terrorist Attacks
Alex Jones Productions
Ray McGovern , Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
Alex Jones


11:00 PM EDT
1:50 (est.)

Forum: September 11th Terrorist Attacks
Alex Jones Productions
Ray McGovern , Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
Alex Jones

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