Meditation Focus #120:
Preparing for Global First Contact


What follows is the 120th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 2 weeks beginning Sunday, November 21, 2004.


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Please review also this Addendum to the Meditation Focus #120: Preparing for Global First Contact (Webposted on November 25, 2004)


As our world enters of new critically important phase of its evolutionary ascent towards ever more Light following the renewal for another four-year term, amidst sustained allegations of fraudulent manipulations of voting results, of a virulent strain of extreme conservatism personified by George W Bush, humanity is now confronted with an assortment of daunting challenges that, put all together, appear to indicate a bumpy road ahead, leading to an uncertain and perhaps bleak future. But governmental policies, as bad as they may sometimes be, are just one factor at play in what will ultimately determine which kind of future will prevail on Earth. Individually and collectively, in our everyday choices, whether it is the vibrational state of mind we allow ourselves to resonate to, or the countless decisions we make, mostly unconsciously, as to how we use our influence as consumers, social advocates or culturally creative people, we each wield considerable power to shape the day-to-day evolution of human and spiritual affairs in this field of earthly experience towards achieving the deepest purpose of our existence, here and now.

But there is a third important factor that may soon play a major role as to how speedily we will succeed in positively overcoming the many challenges at hand. To lucidly examine this third element in our evolutionary equation involves willingly accepting to go beyond the encrusted, obsolete thinking, or rather lack of thinking, when it comes to considering the potentially very beneficial influence of souls and civilizations that have come from elsewhere in this universe to assist this living planet and her billions of human children through these uncertain times. Although not widely known nor recognized, reliable information from a wide variety of sources point to the presence for several decades now of a plurality of extraterrestrial civilizations that have been closely monitoring our often chaotic progress and, according to many unrelated sources, either providing beneficial assistance to protect our planet from the worst traumas humanity has caused her, or covertly involving themselves in alliances with governmental agencies who did not always have the best interests of humanity at heart.

The extraterrestrial civilizations that could almost overnight help us to turn things around in a way that would ensure a magnificent future for all humanity are however unable to provide any overt massive assistance until there has been a clear and powerful enough request from the vanguard of the human movement towards global spiritual awakening earnestly expressing such a free will determination that the time has come for an open, peaceful, global first contact with our soul family from outer space. Clear signals have been provided a week ago through a reliable human channel that our space family is eagerly anxious to receive a formal request for such a direct participation in helping us all solve the many life-threatening problems now jeopardizing our common future. In order to help break this log jam, it is therefore suggested that all those who wish to give their unreserved consent and firmly ask for the kind of friendly extraterrestrial assistance alluded above, join in thought and spirit, from now on, to formally ask for this to happen, until the level of support for this major breakthrough is deemed sufficient to trigger such a global first contact and contribute, in a manner always respectful of our spiritual sovereignty, to a rapid shift away from war, environmental destruction and unbearable poverty towards peace, harmony and love for all.

Please dedicate your prayers and meditations, as guided by Spirit, in the coming two weeks, and especially in synchronous attunement at the usual time this Sunday and the following Sunday, and also during every such future meditations, to contribute in expressing our common will to initiate a new chapter in our global evolution through openly and peacefully connecting and interacting with members from the benevolent civilizations from outer space in a common effort to quickly alleviate all human suffering on Earth and help us set our world onto a sustainable path towards a brighter, more enlightened future for all. May the power of Love made manifest dissolve the last remnants of resistance in everyone concerning the true existence of such beings of immense spiritual goodness, so that they may soon be wholeheartedly welcomed with unconditional love and acceptance, for the Highest Good of All.

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i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

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1. Message from Matthew - November 12, 2004
2. The Neo-Conservative Shake Up of the CIA and Implications for Extraterrestrial Disclosure
3. Bush Threatens Mankind, Says Dr. Caldicott


November 12, 2004

MATTHEW: With loving greetings to you, beloved soul Jean, this is Matthew answering your request for my comments about your message exchange with Meria Heller, another soul dearly beloved by me. First let me say that although both of you are correct insofar as your views are stated, I see neither view as the fullness of the situation and welcome the opportunity to address Meria’s words, that the law of noninterference needs to be broken. To quote her exactly:

“Due to the law of noninterference, it is time for all of us to ASK Spirit to intervene on our behalf. There is strength in numbers, so the more of us that ASK for intervention, the quicker it can happen. Sometimes even Universal laws can and must be broken, now is that time. Cry out on behalf of all living things and come from love.”

Due to sheer lack of time as one of the most active lightworkers on your planet, she didn’t state how and why and by whom “universal laws can and must be broken,” which she knows through her connection with sources in high light stations. Meria, you know that I hold you in highest esteem, and in no way do I wish to impose my words on your meaning; I shall endeavor to make my explanation do justice as to how you would choose to express your knowledge.

Now then, “Spirit” in the context of Meria’s words applies both universally and cosmically, and I shall explain how that is. Creator established the cosmic laws and God, by whatever name one calls the Supreme Being of this universe, must honor those laws in this universe. A few years ago in your linear time, Creator “broke” Its own law of free will by decreeing that there would be no more nuclear detonations in space. In honoring that decree in this universe, God correspondingly “broke” the law of free will by denying that to souls who have attempted such detonations. He has done so by permitting civilizations to use their technology to prevent the success of those attempts, and since Creator issued Its decree, those civilizations have acted to fulfill God’s authorization throughout this universe.

In all other instances, God is bound to honor Creator’s law of free will. Therefore, in a subsequent issue affecting Earth, it may appear that not only is He “breaking” that law, but in addition He is “breaking” His own law of noninterference, or nonintervention, which is that no civilization may enter into any other civilization’s affairs without request. He did so by denying the free will of those who have tried to cause more devastation on the scale of 9/11, and again this is being accomplished through the efforts of higher civilizations. However, in so allowing this, God is honoring the free will choice of Earth, who is a sentient being, a soul with a planetary body, that no more deliberate destruction to that extent may befall her life forms.

That is only the most recent of her requests for extraterrestrial assistance. Because it is necessary in this context to repeat what I have often mentioned, I say once again that your space family answered Earth’s plea for help as far back as six decades in your time, when she was in death throes. She had to decide whether to let her soul return to its former higher vibrations and let her planetary body die, or to ask for the massive help she needed to remain intact so she could give all of her population the opportunity to continue physical life as well.

The universal law in effect here is that a soul must ASK for help. Earth did that. So, while it could be said that God “broke” His own law of nonintervention, again He was honoring Creator’s cosmic law of free will—it was Earth’s CHOICE to survive intact. Thus, in immediate response to her request, God authorized your space family to assist, and from throughout the universe massive light was beamed to stabilize Earth’s orbit, which in her desperately weakened condition was in grave jeopardy. The loss of her own light was caused by the negativity that had been accumulating during millennia of humankind’s brutality to each other, and the infusion of light from other sources was imperative to relieve this near-lethal condition.

Universal assistance to Earth has included extensive use of advanced technologies. Quakes, violent storms and volcanic eruptions are Earth’s own means to relieve negativity entrenched as kinetic energy, and with thanks to ET technology, the extent of death, floods and dramatic changes in seas and coastal lands has been greatly reduced from what it would have been without their intervention.

The light they beamed into Earth’s body bolstered her strength after such dire weakness from loss of her blood, the oil and natural gas that have been extracted. They have intervened as well by lessening the most toxic effects of radioactive elements in weaponry and other manmade pollution, such as the toxins in chemtrails that include airborne laboratory-made diseases, all of which poison Earth’s lungs. They have deflected the course of celestial bodies that could have collided with your planet.

Few souls on Earth are aware of any of these forms of intervention by your helpers in space. Few recognize that there are countless souls in this universe—to me, countless, but not to God—and many, MANY are advanced in soul evolvement, intelligence and technology development beyond your imagination. Through their love for Earth, they have willingly and joyfully assisted her return to being a viable homeland for all souls there, whom they love equally.

Now I return to Meria’s letter. She rightly states that it is necessary to ask for the help of “Spirit”—in this case, I say it is your space family. Just as Earth asked for their assistance before they could give it, you also must ask if you so wish this. They responded in full measure to Earth’s request for stability and rejuvenation, and they will continue to do so along her journey into the higher frequencies where darkness cannot exist in that intensity of light. So what we are addressing now is YOUR souls and YOUR desires! God Himself has stated that Earth’s pathway to salvation is assured and it’s up to each of you to assure your own. Mother, please insert a note as to which part of the book has God’s messages about that. [NOTE: These are the chapters Know Who You Are and Be Informed and Act! in Voices of the Universe.] Thank you.

Do you want to participate in holding up or speeding up Earth’s ascension? Or in other words, do you want the energy of killing, grief, and fear to continue running its course that is slowed by the negativity of those emotions, or do you want to call upon helpers so this course can be run much more swiftly? It’s your world so it’s up to you to choose. God, no more than Earth or your space family, may impose His will upon any soul. Creator’s free will law gives you the choice to call upon assistance or not, and the response must be accordingly. If you desire help to co-create peace and harmony in your world—and I remind you that you already chose to be there to help usher in this era!—you must ask for it. The greater numbers of you who ask, the greater the response because of the greater energy momentum generated. Here the universal law of attraction, or like attracts like, applies—simply, what you put out, you receive back in kind. Your desire for assistance goes out to the universe and brings back assistance; the greater the desire, the greater the assistance in accordance with that.

Indeed, collectively—or, with mass consciousness—you have the power to move your planet in a nanosecond into that lighter density where love and peace and harmony prevail. However, you don’t know that this extent of manifestation exists, much less how to employ it. This is not your fault—it is a fact of third density limitations that have obscured this knowledge from your belief system, your consciousness. But you can consciously request this help from civilizations that DO have this knowledge! ONLY YOUR ASKING is required before they can act beyond their response to Earth’s cry for help to preserve her body so that your bodies did not perish.

What many of you do believe is that God, by whatever name, works in wondrous ways, but most of you do not attribute any of those ways to His telling other civilizations to lend a big hand. Many of you who acknowledge the reality of angels and spirit guides do not give the same credence to God’s children in highly evolved physical worlds. In this unprecedented time in the universe, these light beings are willing and eager to help their beloved Earth kin, and they are awaiting only your request for this.

You may wonder: How would they help us? Your skies are filled with spacecraft of several dimensions, some with enough troops to subdue all the armies on Earth. Their resistance power comes from technology that would stun, not harm, any military resistance to their presence, and wars would cease. They would introduce to you their technologies. Some can quite rapidly restore your environment by cleansing the pollution from air, water and soil; other types can harness renewable energy sources and still others pave the way for transportation modes that today you call science fiction. The ETs who long have been among you to spread their light can at last identify themselves, and by public demand for their wisdom, honesty and spiritual integrity to replace the dark ones now in power, they will assist in leadership roles until you achieve order in your own governing. And the ripple effects of the intensity of all their light combined with your own would soar around your planet to anchor the energy of love-light and all darkness would be vanquished.

So you see, these members of your universal family would not be conquering you or taking over your prerogative to govern yourselves—completely the opposite! It would be the same as your family members with resources willingly helping you when you fell upon hard times—they do it because they can and they love you. These extraterrestrial peoples have families and homelands of their own. They left those to fulfill their God-given mission of protecting you and your planet in the ways I have described as well as the ways where, upon your request, they are willing to extend their help. All are looking forward to the day when their mission is completed and they can return to their own worlds!

As many high sources have repeatedly told you through their respected channels, love is the most powerful energy in the universe. We have asked you to let this energy fill your being and to ask without judgment for the same to enter all dark souls on your planet. In that same spirit of love, ask that your space family help all souls on Earth. There is no separation between you and any other soul there or anywhere else in the universe, not those who are highest in the light or those who have plummeted into deepest darkness. Yes, each of you has the capacity for light and dark, but you choose which “side of the coin” you wish to exemplify. The truth that all souls originate within the essence of God and thus all are inseparable at soul level does NOT mean that the darkness which some have chosen permeates all—each of you has the conscious choice to embrace the light or the dark.

Your lighted space family with the ability to help you transform your world into what you desire it to be and whose unceasing love for you includes honoring your free will choice to ask for help, is at the ready to respond to your wishes. They can do no more until you let them know what your wishes are.


NOTE from Jean: In a separate email from Suzy Ward, I also received this important complement to what is above:

"On behalf of all souls in this high light vibration, this is Matthew asking that you open your hearts with thankfulness to your space family who, at Earth's request, have been helping her in myriad ways for over six decades. The law of the universe requires that you must ASK for other civilizations' help -- they cannot gratuitously intervene. Earth asked and has received; her ascension is assured. Now it is up to each of you. Your universal brothers and sisters are eager to respond to your request for help in healing the traumas in your world, and when peace and harmony are reigning, they wish to leave for their own homelands and families. Our prayer is that you ASK! Ye shall receive!"

She also mentioned receiving "a couple dozen emails from people who have wholeheartedly embraced ASKING."

Suzy also sent to me separately another excerpt from her fourth book, Voices Of The Universe, recommending me to include it as well. To find out more about Suzy/Matthew's all 4 books, simply give a look at

Here is an excerpt of Suzy's conversation with Lazarus back in October 23, 2003. To review the entire document, please go at

LAZARUS: If you could check with those who saw it, you’d find out that they discovered it just before it got nearly vaporized and concluded that it was an anomaly. You know that very few of your scientists give any credence at all to intelligent beings in space.

S: Isn’t that changing?

LAZARUS: Not significantly since we last talked, but I can guarantee you that it’s going to change in one wild moment, and that time of landings is getting closer.

S: Is there a master plan for this?

LAZARUS: ABSOLUTELY! The Intergalactic Federation Council is coordinating this with the various ETs who have been roaming your skies for 50 years. Longer, some of them, and MUCH longer in some cases—your Bible has a lot of evidence of ETs! You know Hatonn. His Pleiadian-based fleet has been around a lot longer than the ones who answered Earth’s cry for help about half a century back. One of Hatonn’s fleet’s jobs was maintaining the protective shield around Nirvana that extends to Earth during all visitations, residents there visiting you and vice versa—although you’re almost never aware of either.

S: I did know about that from Matthew. What other ETs will be landing?

LAZARUS: Besides representatives of Pleiades, there will be those from Lyra, Arcturus, Sirius and Vega. They will be the first because they are the ones in ships nearby and also, they’re your primary ancestors. I do know of Horiss’ message, so you already know that some of you have that ancestry, and some of their lighted souls will be coming. I say “coming,” but you know that many ETs are there already. They will be ecstatic to reveal their true identities at long last, and some of them are going to truly shock you!

S: You mean, because we know them so well by positions they hold?

LAZARUS: That is exactly it.

S: I don’t suppose you want to tell me who. Or do you?

LAZARUS: No, but only because it’s their prerogative to do this when it’s time, not mine now. Actually, you might not be too shocked at some, Suzy, and we have to let it go at that!

S: OK. Lazarus, could Earth remain in stable orbit if you and the others weren’t using your technology to assist? It was nine years ago when you told me you were doing this.

LAZARUS: Our beloved Terra has regained a great deal of her former strength with the incoming light, but we still are adding ours along with our technology to assure her stability. Not all the upheaval in ridding her of negativity is over, you know, and there’s no point in diminishing our diligence in this respect until she is fully within fourth density vibrations. Then we’ll all shout Hallelujah—our work there will be done! And at that point, you’ll all know your universal brothers and sisters.




Exopolitical Comment # 20

The Neo-Conservative Shake Up of the CIA and Implications for Extraterrestrial Disclosure

Michael E. Salla, PhD

November 18, 2004

I would like to comment on the recent events in the CIA and the top level resignations that have occurred that with the new Director, Porter Goss. It's clear that there is some payback happening here for what occurred during the recent election when the CIA played a role in leaking information about the Bush administration. Some Senators such as John McCain describe the CIA as a rogue institution and that it needed to be reigned in. See the following story on this:

Well the question that can be raised is how do all these events relate to exopolitics? On a conventional political level, we can see this 'housecleaning' at the CIA as the triumph of a hard-line neo-conservative approach to foreign policy over a more moderate and cooperative approach to major foreign policy issues. The CIA under Tenet did have a more cautious approach to Iraq and this was consistently ignored by the Bush administration, and Tenet and the CIA were made the scapegoat for the manipulation of intelligence material that supported the preemptive war.

The departure of Colin Powell from the Department of State signifies that the Bush administration will not tolerate dissent at the Cabinet level from the main foreign policy principles that Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Cheney are advocating. So we have all the signs of a recent power struggle and that neo-conservatives have triumphed, and will set the agenda for the next four years. This is where it becomes interesting in terms of the shadow government and exopolitics.

It is fairly well known that the shadow government has been divided by factional struggles over how to approach the ET issue. One faction advocates a hard-line approach, while the other is more tolerant and supportive of the ET presence. Whistleblowers such as Daniel Burisch have commented extensively on these different approaches, and the factional infighting that has occurred:

Now as I've argued in a number of papers, the US has a number of agreements with ETs that started under the Eisenhower administration:

In my view, the secret agreements with the ETs has predictably led to diverging opinions within the shadow government on how to respond to the ETs. One position is that they can be trusted and can greatly assist humanity through technology exchanges, assistance, etc. This is especially championed by whistleblowers such as Dan Burisch or Michael Wolf who interacted with the Gray ETs that participated in these agreements. Individuals promoting this view basically have much trust in the Grays from Zeta Reticulum, and the Tall Grays from Orion, as dependable allies in helping humanity emerge into an interplanetary society.

The other position is that the ETs with whom the agreements have been made can't really be trusted and this is where one reads reports of a hard line approach to ETs advocated by people such as Col Philip Corso in his Day After Roswell. Individuals promoting this hard-line approach are very nationalistic and prepared to fight to maintain US independence from manipulation by the Grays while simultaneously seeking technology and assistance from the Grays in a variety of joint projects such as at Dulce, New Mexico:

I think that the struggle we've seen in the conventional political system between a hard-line neo-conservative and more moderate cooperative approach to foreign policy mirrors what has been happening in the shadow government. So what we have now is evidence of the emergence of a hard-line approach to the ET presence. This takes me to the topic of extraterrestrial disclosure since I believe that we are quickly reaching that time when some announcement will be made. I think this is inevitable since frankly as you have guessed by now, terrorism is a pretty feeble enemy against the U.S., and there needs to be a new enemy to justify the enormous military expenditure that is occurring and the black budget that is covertly collected by the CIA:

This is an idea that Carol Rosin has been saying for years based on her experiences with the corporate military world, and what Werner Von Braun told her would eventually happen as different threats would lose appeal:

It seems that once terrorism becomes a toothless tiger, the shadow government will draw out the ET bogey after having exhausted everything else. We know that in 2005, there will be a remake of War of the Worlds by Steven Spielberg so there's a hint that some kind of hard-line approach is very likely when it comes to ETs.

To sum up so far, the cleaning out of the CIA is evidence of a power play by the neo-conservatives to edge out of key positions more moderate and cooperative approaches to foreign policy, and more covertly to the ET presence. This is done in preparation for a disclosure announcement once it has been concluded that the terrorist bogey has no psychological impact on the American population. The likely spin to be placed on the ETs is that while there have been a number of agreements reached with them, they can't be trusted and so a rigorous national security system has to be set up to monitor them and the humans they interact with. All this will serve to justify the vast national security system set in place to monitor extraterresrials, and the vast black budget created to fund this system.

Well the key question that can be asked is whether the triumph of the neo-conservatives is a bad policy development or not when it comes to ET affairs? Frankly, I'm divided on this. On the one hand, I see a great threat posed by the agreements set up with ETs from Zeta Reticulum and from Orion. The research I've done on different ET races shows that these ETs have a track record in subverting worlds and using the captive population as a gene pool. A number of contactees with alleged Nordices from a number of worlds mention this kind of scenario, e.g., Billy Meier, Alex Collier, Enrique Castillo. For example, the following statement from an alleged Nordic ET from Procyon exemplifies this alarming scenario:

"The Grays began to visit us, first a few as ambassadors, then as specialists in various domains where their expertise could be useful to us, as participants in different programs that involved mutual collaboration, and finally as tourists. What had begun as a trickle became a flood, as they came in ever-increasing numbers, slowly but surely infiltrating our society at all levels, penetrating even the most secret of our elite power groups. Just as on your planet they began by unobtrusively gaining control over key members of the CIA and KGB through techniques unknown to them, such as telepathic hypnosis that manipulates the reptilian levels of the brain, so on Procyon through the same techniques they established a kind of telepathic hypnotic control over our leaders. Over our leaders and over almost all of us, because it was as if we were under a spell that was leading us to our doom, as if we were being programmed by a type of ritual black magic that we did not realize existed."

On the other hand, a national security crack down by neo-conservatives who play the ET bogey also carries dangers in terms of how all ET affairs would presumably be closely monitored and subject to approval. Centralizing national security institutions and limiting human extraterrestrial contacts to only those approved by key government agencies carries risks as well. We could well imagine the creation of a Fortress Terra where only those ETs who trade technology with the government will be officially approved. Such ETs will be closely monitored as well as those citizens who have contact with these. This could well mean the exclusion of the many positive ET races that have assisted in the moral and spiritual development of humanity, and who have declined to participate in technology exchanges which they rightly perceived would be exploited for weapons purposes. Exclusing such positive extraterrestrial races from interacting with humanity would make it possible for extraterrestrial subversion to occur by those ETs with whom agreements have been made:

I believe humanity is entering treacherous territory where we will have to skillfully navigate between the dangers of ET subversion by cooperating too closely with the Grays from Zeta Reticulum/Orion or cracking down too hard on all forms of ET contact. I still believe that the best solution we have to dealing with the ET presence is to have an open transparent system where private citizens are given a more prominent role in the decision making about which ETs to work with, and how to deal with problems of subversion, manipulation etc., by some ETs (see: ). Exopolitics will soon burst into the public arena as an urgent set of policy issues, we will do well to be prepared for the exopolitics issues about to be thrust upon us.

© Michael E. Salla, PhD
November 18, 2004



Eisenhower’s 1954 Meeting With Extraterrestrials: The Fiftieth Anniversary of First Contact? Revised Febuary 12, 2004, first published January 28, 2004,
On the night and early hours of February 20-21, 1954, while on a ‘vacation’ to Palm Springs, California, President Dwight Eisenhower went missing and allegedly was taken to Edwards Air force base for a secret meeting. When he showed up the next morning at a church service in Los Angeles, reporters were told that he had to have emergency dental treatment the previous evening and had visited a local dentist. The dentist later appeared at a function that evening and presented as the ‘dentist’ who had treated Eisenhower. The missing night and morning has subsequently fueled rumors that Eisenhower was using the alleged dentist visit as a cover story for an extraordinary event. The event is possibly the most significant that any American President could have conducted: an alleged ‘First Contact’ meeting with extraterrestrials at Edwards Air Force base (previously Muroc Airfield), and the beginning of a series of meetings with different extraterrestrial races that led to a ‘treaty’ that was eventually signed. This astonishing First Contact event, if it occurred, will experience its 50th anniversary on February 20-21, 2004. This paper explores the evidence that the First Contact meeting had occurred with extraterrestrials with a distinctive ‘Nordic’ appearance, the likelihood of an agreement having been spurned with this ‘Nordic race’, the start of a series of meetings that led to a treaty eventually being signed with a different extraterrestrial race dubbed the ‘Greys’, and the motivations of the different extraterrestrial races involved in these treaty discussions. The paper will further examine why these events were kept secret for so long, the significance of the 50th anniversary of Eisenhower’s meeting with extraterrestrials, and whether an official disclosure announcement is likely in the near future. CLIP

A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races – A Typology of the most Significant Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity (July 26, 2004) OVER 50 PAGES LONG...
There are an extensive number of extraterrestrial races known to be currently interacting with Earth and the human population. In a 1998 interview, Clifford Stone, a retired US army Sergeant who served in the US Army for 22 years and participated in covert operations to retrieve crashed extraterrestrial ships and extraterrestrial biological entities (EBE’s), revealed there were a total of 57 extraterrestrial races known to the US military. From this pool of extraterrestrial races, a number are more active than others, and can be claimed to have the most significance for human evolution and sovereignty. The extensive number of testimonies concerning different extraterrestrial races indicates that the motivations and activities of extraterrestrial races vary greatly, and an idea of these motivations can be distilled from close examination of these testimonies. This report describes the main extraterrestrial races most commonly referred to in the literature who appear to have most strategic significance for the evolution and sovereignty of humanity, and their impact on a range of systemic global problems. The report distinguishes between these extraterrestrial races on the basis of their belonging to one of either two distinct groups. The first group contains extraterrestrial races with which ‘shadow governments’ responsible for extraterrestrial affairs, have reached agreements with and even collaborated in a number of joint projects. The extensive set of interlocking agreements between these races and the ‘shadow government’ in the US and elsewhere suggests the existence of a military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex of interests. The military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex of interests currently controls most information concerning the extraterrestrial presence; and dominates government institutions around the planet, financial interests, the mass media, and is responsible for systemic global problems.

There is also a second grouping of extraterrestrial races that lie outside of this web of clandestine agreements between extraterrestrial races and ‘shadow governments’/national security agencies. Most ‘contactees’ report these races to be ‘friendly’ to human interests suggesting a more ethical approach to the challenges confronting humanity as it prepares for the truth about the extraterrestrial presence and challenges posed by advanced extraterrestrial technology. It is this latter group which may prove to be the key in solving systemic global problems caused by the first group and the ‘shadow government’.

This report will first describe the group of extraterrestrials that are part of a military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex that while mainly associated with the US, is global in scope. The report will then describe the second group of extraterrestrials who have declined to be associated with the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex. Distinguishing between extraterrestrial groups in this way helps bring to prominence the complex ethical-legal-political dimensions in understanding how different extraterrestrial races choose to cooperate or not with the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex. For example, is a race of extraterrestrials ‘unfriendly’ if it chooses to become part of a ‘military-industrial-extraterrestrial’ complex thereby sharing technology with national security agencies in what may be described as ‘mutually beneficial projects’ that lead to secrecy, human rights violations and damage the global environment as a result of policies by the ‘shadow government’? Likewise, is a race of extraterrestrials ‘friendly’ when it refuses to be co-opted into a military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex thereby choosing to play a mainly observer role as a majority of the human race is exploited by human elites and extraterrestrials associated with the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex? While a prima facie argument can be made to answer ‘yes’ to both questions, this should not disguise the deeper ethical-legal-political issues that emerge with the existence of a military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex and dealing with such questions. Understanding the motivations and activities of the most significant extraterrestrial races will help greatly in answering the above questions; and will also help private individuals respond adequately to the dilemma over which extraterrestrial races contribute to global problems confronting humanity, and which extraterrestrial races can be worked with for the evolution and emancipation of humanity. CLIP

Part 1 - Two Scientists Describe An Extraterrestrial Biological Entity Called "J-Rod"

Part 2 - J-Rod and Microbiologist Dan B. Burisch, Ph.D.

Part 3 - More Background on the Scientists Linked to "J-Rod" (October 5, 2002)

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Could the predicted 2012 Catastrophe be a "Sun Storm"?
(...) "Is there something significant we should know about the Winter Solstice date of December 21, 2012? Yes. On this day a rare astronomical and Mayan mythical event occurs. In astronomic terms, the Sun conjuncts the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic. The Milky Way, as most of us know, extends in a general north-south direction in the night sky. The plane of the ecliptic is the track the Sun, Moon, planets and stars appear to travel in the sky, from east to west. It intersects the Milky Way at a 60 degree angle near the constellation Sagittarius. CLIP

Book: Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foes, by George Andrews. Details on this 1993 book at



Bush Threatens Mankind, Says Dr. Caldicott

By David Williams - Sydney Morning Herald


Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr Helen Caldicott fears US President George Bush's re-election will lead to Armageddon and she isn't sure if mankind would survive another four years.

"This is the most serious election that has ever occurred in the history of the human race, without a scrag of doubt," she told

"I don't know if we'll survive the next four years ... I don't think the Americans have, on the whole, the faintest idea - and I have to say also I don't think most Australians do either. But it's not just the threat from nuclear war. It's the threat of what's happening to the environment, the global warming which is occurring rapidly now, to ozone depletion, to species extinction, to deforestation - it's the whole thing."

Speaking from her son Will's Boston home, the Australian paediatrician, who runs the Nuclear Policy Research Institute in Washington, has just spent a frantic two-and-a-half months criss-crossing America to deliver her anti-nuclear and anti-Bush message. She discovered the country was more divided than at any time since she first stepped onto American soil in 1966.

Early on election day she was convinced Democratic challenger John Kerry would win but reality soon set in. "This is what I've been afraid of and I actually can't believe it's happening," she said. "The voter turnout was so high, which should have supported Kerry. "I don't think I've ever felt so personally, politically devastated in my life and that includes when [former president Ronald] Reagan won a second term of office - which was pretty devastating for me as I was so heavily involved in the anti-nuclear movement in those days.

"But this is worse, these people are much worse than the Reagan people."
Dr Caldicott rose to fame in the American peace movement during the '70s and '80s, her vehement antinuclear stance earning her many enemies, some of whom saw her as an apologist for the Soviet Union. She has long warned of the dangers of nuclear weapons, America's "first strike" policy and missile defence.

In her 2002 book The New Nuclear Danger, she detailed links between the Government and weapons makers and Mr Bush's will to militarise space.
Mr Bush's win meant "endless war and I think it could mean nuclear war", she said.

"In January 1995 we got to within 10 seconds of nuclear war when [former Russian president Boris] Yeltsin and the Russians made a mistake and thought they were under attack. The Americans still have a first-strike policy to win a nuclear war against Russia. The weapons are still in place both in America and Russia. Virtually nobody knows that in this country and that a mistake or a terrorist takeover of the command system - on either side - or errors being made could lead to the end of life on earth."

In a website interview two years ago, Dr Caldicott was asked why Mr Bush remained so popular. She replied she didn't believe it - that the polls were inaccurate [although that was before the invasion of Iraq].

Now she has to face the reality that more than half of Americans want Mr Bush back, despite [or because of] his policies. She puts it down to brilliance on the part of his campaign team, in particular Karl Rove, and the ignorance of much of the population.

"They [the Bush administration] have been able to con the American people with their extremely brilliant propaganda and brainwashing, with the help of the media ... they consistently lie. On the whole the American people don't really understand the dynamics of the right at all. They don't know that Bush et al want to go into Iran next and that they want to dominate the world militarily and that they want to put weapons in space.

"I don't think they [the American public] understand. It is a mandate for Bush to do absolutely anything he wants. I know people don't like me using this word but they're fascists."

Not firing all her ammunition at Mr Bush, she saved some for Australian Prime Minister John Howard. She said Australia was now the "51st state of the US".
"I've always been so proud of my country, now I'm not just ashamed by what's happening and embarrassed ... but I really fear for the future of Australia and the previous wonderful quality of life that we've always had."

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