Global Equinox Meditation for March 2020

A Moment of Grace

Beloved souls,

As the world goes through a unique experience with the current Covid-19 pandemic, it presents us with a unique opportunity to anchor positive vibrations of Love to balance out the anxiety and fear that are naturally prevalent in many of our brothers and sisters.

Without trying to assert who can benefit from this crisis or to ascribe malevolent intentions to some, as many are inclined to do, it is obvious that fearful people can be easily manipulated under the guise of offering them protection.

It is incumbent upon those who can steer clear of disturbing thoughts and projections to remain calm and centered amidst the storm, and contribute to helping every soul to rise above the current disturbance and focus their attention on the rare chance that is collectively offered us to further hone our innate ability to magnify the Light of Love that shines eternally in every soul.

We are the Light of this world and no effort, intended or not, can diminish this fact.

The astute observer of what is being decided in haste to try to shore up the failings of an economic system, designed to largely benefit the few while leaving a modicum of means to the many, can see that in times of extreme duress, things that seemed impossible under the strictly enforced constraints of a system that exploits man and nature to reap ever more profits and growth suddenly become possible.

What will come out of this crisis could lead to massively positive developments, made possible by the need of the hour to care for everyone, and open the gateway to a new world of solidarity, life-affirming and protective actions, and new global priorities designed to address the larger growing crisis of global climate change and environmental degradation, while continuing more effectively to lift out of extreme poverty the mass of souls still left with a meager pittance to live on.

The very nature of the current disturbance opens in every mind a window of interest for out-of-the box thinking and visions. We shall seize this occasion to further elicit the tingling arousal of Light-filled soul guidance in everyone through being Who We Are, thus letting our own inner soul-connected guidance shine a beacon of Light in the direction which our and everyone's thoughts, words and deeds will naturally be attracted to aim for.

This is not something that can be controlled by our conscious mind. Self-effacement and willing surrender to What Is Shining in us is the only Way, the real Golden Path of Light.

As we join in collective meditation over the course of the upcoming Equinox, starting at the hour recommended below, let's let the thoughts expressed above facilitate the manifestation of what is possible, of what is meant to happen, as we let go and choose to BE all That We Are, for the Highest Good of All as One.

* * * * * * *

Once again, you are invited to join in a globally synchronized meditation, for the equinox this coming Thursday, March 19 or Friday, March 20, depending on your location. The same guided meditation as for the previous 4 global meditations is available to facilitate a deeper awareness of Who we are.

Since the climax of this equinox will be at 03:49 GTM/Universal Time, it is recommended that you start playing the mp3 recording provided for this meditation 24 minutes before this moment, that is at 03:25 GTM/UT, which corresponds, if you live in Los Angeles, to 20:25 this Thursday, in New York, to 23:25 also on Thursday, and in London UK, to 03:25 this Friday morning. For the other time zones, you will find at your local corresponding time to begin playing the recording.

To accurately set the time of your mp3 player (computer, tablet or cell phone), simply visit

If you cannot take part to this globally synchronized meditation at 03:25 GTM/UT, please pick any other moment that suits you best, and do the same procedure suggested above while mentally projecting yourself at the exact moment when it is occurring in the Time Continuum, knowing that time is merely an illusion from our physical standpoint, and that the power of our focused intent can easily overcome this illusion.

As usual, the recording lasts 30 minutes, and includes, after the first 13 minutes of guided meditation, several inspiring musical tracks to accompany your inner journey.

To let you know in the recording that the climax of the equinox has arrived, you will hear for a fourth time the words I know I know I know, which are then followed by 6 more minutes of music. If you want to remain in silence to continue meditating, after the end of this 30 minute recording, simply add nothing else in your playlist (depending on the type of device you use). Otherwise, select the music of your choice. It is important also that you set the equalizer settings of your mp3 player at "flat" (you add no bass and no treble), or you may hear some distortion.

To download the mp3 recording, please do so preferably via (using the right-click button of your mouse or the equivalent on a trackpad or a touch screen - using two fingers simultaneously), or, alternatively, via the "Download" button at It is also possible to play the recording without downloading it at the two links above. Please remember to keep a copy of this recording for your future uses in the coming year.

Thank you for your assistance in widely networking and sharing this invitation which is archived at and available on Facebook at The French version is available at

If you wish to be invited by e-mail to the next solstice and equinox meditations, just send an email to with "I want to receive the invitations to future global meditations" as the subject of your email.