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March 20, 2011 Equinox Meditation

Sixth Step in a Cycle of 12 Globally Synchronized Meditations


You are hereby invited to join in the sixth step in a series of 12 globally synchronized meditations designed to mark the celebrations of the last 12 solstices and equinoxes before December 21, 2012, an era-changing pivotal moment that has been recognized and heralded by many as the central shifting point into a new Golden Age for humanity and all Life on Earth.

Each of those 12 ascending steps towards this climaxing shift-point is part of a gradual reawakening and remembering process to re-ignite in us all the deeply felt sentience of our Oneness with All That is, and thus enable us all to walk on a Golden Path of Light that will lead us directly into a conscious reunion with the Source of our existence.

The central template of this whole process is the ever deeper and keener understanding of the fact that our true nature is that of a soul living a physical experience and learning the lessons of a new lifetime. To facilitate this recognition of Who We Are and deep integration within the very matrix of our sense of self of this simple fact, it was announced on December 21, 2009 that twelve Keys would be shared over the course of the next 12 Solstice and Equinox Meditations to help stir the remembrance of Who We Are. The sixth key is offered hereafter.

To initiate and/or sustain this reformatting process of our self-awareness, it is suggested that you first reach a state of deep synchronism with the soul aspect in you, doing so with whichever method and for whichever period of time that suits you best. To reach the key triggering Moment of Remembrance at the same time as every other soul who will be participating to this globally synchronized meditation, please ensure that you have reached that stage at the exact same moment as all other participating souls worldwide.

It is recommended that during your preparatory meditation, prior to reaching the peak moment, you slowly go through the five Remembrance Keys given so far, thus reiterating...

I Am Light... I am Love... I Am Peace... I Am Harmony... I am Compassion... imbuing your whole being with the entire spectrum of thought-forms and feelings each of those sacred Keys evokes in you.

Then, starting at the exact moment when the Earth is at the peak of this equinox cycle, on Sunday, March 20, at 23:21 Universal Time, (which corresponds to 19:21 in New York, 16:21 in Los Angeles, 23:21 in London, and to Monday, March 21, at 0:21 am in central Europe) express forth from the heart of your soul the following sixth Remembrance Key...

I am Forgiveness

...and repeat it, mentally and/or aloud, as many times as necessary to feel you have impregnated your whole being with the full understanding and recognition of this unfathomable Reality.

To deepen your understanding of some aspects of what Forgiveness truly is, the following affirmation is provided to further trigger the emergence within you of what no words can possibly describe...

For as long as I remain bounded to physical reality, my innate Perfection cannot shine through my human form without being deflected by the ill-informed ideas, dysfunctional habits and distorted perceptions that are so prevalent in this earthly plane of existence. The same applies to all other memory-impaired fragments of Omniversal Reality living a physical experience. I can thus perfectly understand that as long as I will remain in this state of limitation, I will not be able to see the Perfection in myself and in others. Yet if I could just see myself and others for a moment through the eyes of Creator Source, I would immediately understand why no matter how many so-called ‘bad’ choices I or other souls seem to make, there is absolutely nothing that can tarnish the crystal gem of the soul fragment of All that I Am. From that perspective, it is therefore totally natural to allow Forgiveness to prevail in my heart, for no matter the level of imperfection some choices may represent, they will always fade away the moment I see and love who I am for Who I Am, as One with every One.

Note: If you find difficult to fully grasp what you have just read, the following reminder may be helpful to you:

As you certainly know if you have attempted entering a state of deep meditation after reading theme-setting material such as this one above, the best way to actually reach a deeply vibrant sense of Oneness at soul level is certainly not to try to remember while you meditate any of the details you've read about the suggested meditation theme. Having a general idea of it in the back of one's mind is all that is necessary. If you wish however to use the exact wording for the affirmation suggested above, you may want to have it written or printed on a piece of paper and read from it when you are ready to do so during your meditation.

Finally, when you feel ready to go back to your normal everyday existence, you may conclude this meditation through reading the following affirmation, aloud or within the sacred sanctuary of your soul...

I am a soul
A divine spark of the Infinite
That gave birth to this universe.

I remember Who I am

and serve the Greater Purpose of Life
as One with All That is.

I came here with many other souls

to assist in the expansion of Light
on this living planet Earth.

I accept to let Love

Be the guiding beacon of my life
and to shine Its radiance in every moment.

I am a soul

and the sole purpose of my existence
is to be All That I Am.

So be it.

... and use this as often as necessary to help you remember and reassert Who You Are.

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To find out when is your local time corresponding to the exact time of this 2011 vernal equinox (in the northern hemisphere) / autumnal equinox (in the southern hemisphere) at 23 hr 21 min Universal Time, on March 20, 2011, please go at;p1=0

If you cannot take part to this globally synchronized meditation at this exact time, please pick any other moment of that day that suits you best, and do the same procedure suggested above while mentally projecting yourself at the exact moment when it is occurring in the Time Continuum, knowing that time is merely an illusion from our physical standpoint, and that the power of our focused intent can easily overcome this illusion.

If you can do this meditation and remembrance activation in the company of other souls – especially at a sacred place that evokes deep feelings of peace like the seashore or any other natural sanctuary – its effects will be magnified in direct proportion to the intensity of the vortex of Love and Light generated by these assembled souls. Whether you do this alone or with others, always be aware that many other souls from other dimensions of existence are partaking in our experiences every time we dedicate ourselves to such sacred moments of communion with All That Is.

To discover the significance of the equinoxes in all cultures around the world, review this Wikipedia entry on the vernal and autumnal equinoxes.

For more information on the equinoxes and solstices, visit

We are the Golden Key to the Future

As we approach the threshold point beyond which our entire sphere of existence will jump into the fourth dimensional reality, a very unique alchemical process is taking place around the globe within the physical/spiritual/etheric matrix of all those who are at the cutting edge of Life's evolutionary progress. Together with all those who contribute to the spiritual awakening of humanity, we are acting as the a trigger mechanism within the overall consciousness of our species, and as part of the entire Gaian being comprising all that lives on Earth.

As the pioneering Awakeners, the spiritual consciousness ‘leaven’ in the ‘bread’ of humanity's emerging Oneness Consciousness, we have a most unique, vital and irreplaceable role to play to ensure this coming awakening jump point in our collective evolutionary path is successfully crossed—the success being defined as enabling the largest possible segment of humanity to consciously choose to participate in the coming species and planet-wide transition into a higher frequency of existence.

We are literally the Key to the future for all those souls who are to follow our lead onto the Golden Path of Light that we are now marking out.

Manifestly, the Part of us that is being called upon to make right now the conscious, deliberate choice that will mean, for us and for countless other souls, spiritual liberation from the karmic wheel of multiple successive embodiments into physical forms, has nothing to do with our ego, but everything to do with our immortal soul. It is the highest level of our most intimate awareness that needs to awaken, and be nurtured back to full Remembrance of its divine Nature, exhumed from its multimillennial torpor and resurrected from a very long series of successive deaths, so as to fully assert the sovereign mastery over its Destiny and engage its entire, unfathomably vast resources of goodwill, creativity and above all Love into the final push towards the Light Realm awaiting the Awakened Ones.

Let us collectively join in this common realization of our Manifest Destiny and weave all together, in a mutually empowering wave of Oneness Consciousness, in synch with Gaia's own global upsurge towards the Omega Point, the Web of Love that will soon create the necessary catalytic Thrust within untold millions of our fellow soul companions to access their own Golden Key, so that we may open the Sacred Portal and step into a New Era of unconditional Love, absolute Peace, and perfect Harmony.

May Light, Love, Peace, Harmony, Compassion and Forgiveness prevail in every heart.

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