March 27, 2000

Subject: First feedbacks to the Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Hello my friends of the initial advisory group and hello also to all those who were the first to respond to this proposal.

I'm very happy to pass on to all of you those first feedbacks received so far, all quite supportive as you'll see except one (to which I responded -- see below near the end).

Since I do not have time to thank you all individually, I'd like to extend here my great appreciation to the 20 people who sent me/us their support, comments and additional ideas.

Before making any further move to implement this proposal, I suggest we wait a couple more days and then I'll try to synthesize the results of this consultation and propose any amendment that might appear necessary as well as put into motion the next part of this process. And we will then figure out how many people will actually be part of this first Focus Group and in which capacity.

Back in touch with all of you shortly


P.S. I'll post today this entire compilation on the ERN website as already explained in the intro letter to the proposal and then in my next email to the ERN list I'll recommend to anyone interested to review these feedbacks there. May I suggest also to you Michael that you include this URL - which is - in your forthcoming PAN email next week with a similar invitation that those interested to review the compiled reactions go there.

So far Maggie Erotokritou, K. Martin-Kuri, Kalama Hochreiter and Ricardo Ocampo (his email is not included below at his request) have formally volunteered to be part of the focus group and Jill Paterson, Shanna MacLean, Laurence Helwig, Sharon Walker and Jonathan Evelight have offered their assistance (as may be needed) and contribution to the current process. If there are other people from the initial advisory group that should also be included (Leigh and Boudewijn ?) as willing to be part of the Focus Group, please let me know...

See also at the very end of this post the "Proposal for World Creation" (Spiritual people creating a true global force for the transformation of separation to one world) received from Soleira and which is a whole new and quite ambitious concept as you'll see.

Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: sending the proposal to the Alert list


I know you may not believe this, but in reading your note to the PAN Alert
list, I finally really "got it" as to what is being created here: A "weekly
list of suggested meditation foci."

This is a great idea! I'm not sure if its a result of what's going
on with me, or the very long emails from you, but somehow I missed the
essence of what was being proposed. I am a total "bottom line" person. When
things get too long or not to the point, I skim and delete. I make no
excuses for myself, but that's the way it is.

I think this is a good idea and I will add my support to it in the next PAN
mailing, along with a clarification, if necessary, that this is an
independent initiative. I think you have assembled a good group of folks to
help select the weekly meditation foci.



ps: feel free to share this with the 12 or so people that have been on the
advisory group on this.

From: "Jonathan Evelight" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal


Initial response to this idea.

1. Total support + affirmation. Yes, its needed and a real sign that
World Light-workers + servers are capable + ready to synchronise
and care for the earth, to act consciously as a bridge between
spirit and material worlds. With the channeling of spiritual will
through the May alignment of chakras in the Earth's body and the
Solar System as a whole, this initiative well-prepares a chalice to
handle our willig response to meet planetary need.

2. Work alongside the PAN network. Maintain the "Global
Visionary News briefings" - this is a parrallel + equally needed
service, which could have web links with PAN, if not already.

3. A "totating" (?) Core group to sift through Alert content, will
serve to keep quality and avoid junk mail.

I'd like to help at this level of contributing to the process.

Much love - Jonathan

Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Dear Jean,

This is wonderful. Count me in.
I have the following suggestions:

- That a prayer for "the healing of the human heart" be considered for
inclusion at the beginning of each meditation...since most of the issues we
will be praying and meditating over will stem from that area of need.

- That people also be told that the more they are able to consciously
breath healing and God into their hearts all day long, the more rapid and
powerful human and planetary healing will be.

- Help people to become aware that the act of filling their hearts with
love and God for the purpose of sending it forth for world healing, whether
for a few minutes daily or through conscious breathing into the heart from
time to time throughout the day.... will fill themselves, their lives, and
their homes with this love and consciousness....prior to sending it out into
the world. Consequently, this combination of drawing the love in and then
sending it out will not only bring healing to our collective consciousness
and world but will bless their individual lives as well.

- In addition to the other suggestions for local times, I would personally
like to know there is a "core" time selected that I could join if I so

This is wonderful. You are wonderful. And I thank you for all of your great

With aloha,
Bobbie Sandoz

From: "Jill Paterson" <>
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000

Greetings Jean,

Fabulous idea! It's amazing how the Universe works. Just 5 min. ago I was
thinking that it would be really beneficial to have a regular global peace
meditation. Then I turned on my computer and read your email.
Specifically, I like the Proposal. Sunday is a good day, noon local time
means we are setting up a wave around the planet, and there is flexibility
for people to join in at any time that day. I also like this because it is
rhythmic and a regular rhythm is important in the manifestation process.
The selection of the various crises of the week should be fairly straight
forward. There are usually some obvious ones (ie China/Taiwan and
India/Pakistan at the moment) and then we could do a more general focus and
ask that the energy be directed wherever needed.

Let's get going quickly! If I can be of service to this project let me know
what I can do to help.

E Ho'omaluhia Me Ka Honua! (May Peace Prevail on Earth)

Jill Paterson

Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Aloha Jean,

We at PAO (Planetary Activation Organization) are delighted to see this
proposal for more focused meditations. We agree 100% with the criteria
you have outlined. Our organization has at least 3,000 people registered
and thousands more that we have in our network. We would like to
participate in this Light work. Our motto is Inner Strength through Unity.
I look forward to hearing from you as this project becomes a reality.
Count us in. May God bless you for your service to the transformation
of planet Earth and her people.

Selamat Ja!
(Sirian for "Be in Joy")
Colleen Marshall
Sheldan Nidle
Fax: 808-572-4751

Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000
From: K. Martin-Kuri <>
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Dear Jean,

I would like to be part of the group that sends out the global peace focus
items. I have been working for over twenty years in a similar
manner......and have held very powerful and focused groups during global
conflicts, gulf war, and national/internatinal emergencies on both physical
and spiritual levels. I am the author of the book A Message for the
Millennium...and a leading expert in visionary fields. I am a speaker,
writer, artist, spiritual counselor and much more including the development
of Rising Point. Such information can be provided later if you are

I am non-political in nature which thus allows my perspective on global
crises to be from a predominantly celestial viewpoint in terms of threats
to the spiritual development and the expanding consciousness of humanity.

Let me know what I may do for you. (by the way, I write meditative
verses used for healing by thousands all over the world....each written for
specific problems)

K. Martin-Kuri

From: "Shanna MacLean" <>
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000

Hello Jean: This is a wonderful proposal. A group of us are already doing
something very similar, as I am sure is happening in many parts of the
globe. We "meet" in meditation, though we are in different locations, at 8 pm on Sunday
evenings for 3/4 of an hour. The first half hour is devoted to global peace,
wellness, oneness. Each person holds this seed thought however they wish.
The last 15 minutes is devoted to one's personal role in this, connecting
with our individual beings of Light. I would be glad to help with any
aspect of this.

In love always,

From: "steve diamond" <>
Subject: start with the allopathic peace method...
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000

hi jean--

i'm enjoying your fascinating proposal with michael lightweaver and the
other people, i just read quickly through some of the correspondence on the
web that you put up... this is really cool.... because it gives millions of
positive peace-minded peoples a way to plug in and help with the heavy
lifting...i.e. meditating....

someone mentioned the allopathic method (d. moldow?) of spreading peace
thoughts BEFORE there is the big conflagration, i'd like to second that

again, why not promote the 12:00 noon meditation, May Peace Prevail On
Earth, as the 'allopathic' version people can do every day.... and then add
as needed the specific area (taiwan, mogadishu, afghanistan, chechnya, east
timor, indonesia, etc...) so you have TWO tools in the 'medicine bag,' the
allopathic aand the specific?

just a thought.

best wishes. keep up the good work. i may have a (new age/healing) book for
you to translate in the not-to-distant future... will keep you posted...

best wishes mon frere.....


Date: 26 Mar 2000
From: Kalama Hochreiter <>
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Hi Jean,

Thanks again for all your work on the behalf of our beloved planet!!
I would be willing to become part of the focus group if that is available.
My feedback is this: The focus of peace needs to become more focused. We must unite in our dreaming and visualize peace, dream peace and see it happening, have faith it will happen and act as though it will. Not only peace, but the factors that are behind the wars that divide us must be attended to in our meditations. Such as basic yet major inequities in the world over housing, food, health care, natural resources, freedom of belief, etc. As long as a few have a lot and many do without, expecting peace to just happen is unrealistic. We all belong on this planet and there is plenty to share, but THAT is what we must visualize, dream and pray/meditate about in a very specific way, and in addition to peace.

We are all the creators of this illusion here, and when we, who know the truth, join in synchrony with each other, visualizing peace and plenty and mutual freedoms for each of us, with our diversities, in a harmonious way for all life on Earth, without harm or pollution, we have such a greater and more powerful chance of this accomplishment becoming a fact.

In Love and Light,


From: Sharon Walker <>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Dear Jean,

THe proposal for World Meditation sounds like a wonderful beginning to me. I
see it very fashioned after the scenarios in "The Secret of Shambhala" by
James Redfield. I suggest adding the piece that when we raise the energy and
send it out we ask the angels to assist in raising the energy for the Highest
Good of all. Connecting with synchronicities that people are experiencing
would be helpful also.

I would like to be included in the focus group in some way if I am needed

Love and light to all
Sharon Walker, OBT (acupressure therapist)
Energecstasy "The Art of Zestful Living" incorporates my acupressure,
Melchizedek Method (healing and transformation), abundance meditation,
newsletter and business tools for "Remembering Who You Are"

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Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Your ideas of structure are good in my opinion. However, when focusing on the
difficulties and struggles of the planet we give them food to grow and invite
them to become a part of our own lives. I would suggest instead, that these
meditations be used as forums to discuss the consciousness changes we see
happening around us. To communicate to each other from across the globe about
the ways in which we see people and communities embracing enlightenment and a
peaceful response to what may otherwise be a violent situation.

Let's feed the change of consciousness by shouting from the rooftops about
how we can see Heaven being created here on Earth. Instead of whispering and
meditating about how we want to change the negative, let's water the positive
and watch it grow.

You may be surprised that when you do this even as an individual the sense of
fulfillment that you have and the sense that you are doing good resonates all
the way through you.

Much love,

From: (Laurence Helwig)
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Jean, hello.

Re: focus group.

The ideal group effort would perhaps best emulate that of the Spiritual
Hierarchy of our planet....

To work with seeding a given problem area with the thoughtform of the Planetary Logos (God) which is the Will of God for that issue.

The Hierarchy knows what the exact Will of God is for any given situation, and how that will outpicture on the physical plane. A focus group will not have this exact knowledge, so care will need to be taken that group members do not inject into the work their personal ideas as to how a perfect solution would work out.

Better to work with the Violet Transmuting Flame and call for the "perfection God desires" or "the perfect Will of God" for an issue being worked on. Then, the group will be creating a reservoir of energy from which Hierarchy can draw to actualize the archetypal thoughtforms appropriate to the situation.

If I may be of help, please let me know. L.

Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000
From: Deborah Moldow <>
Organization: The World Peace Prayer Society
Subject: Small feedback

Just wanted to mention again that the World Peace Prayer Society
encourages people worldwide to pause at 12 noon every day to say "May
Peace Prevail on Earth" and take a moment of meditation and/or prayer of
their choice. So Sunday noon seems like a perfect time to connect.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!



Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000
From: David Hoffmeister <>
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Hello Jean,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Peace is my devotion, and insights and experiences of a peace that
passeth the understanding of the world are the fruits. I share the
thought of Atonement with you and join in the Perspective that sees
beyond the error of conflictual perception. I invite all to deepen into
the experience of inner peace through forgiveness, for such is the
release from all conflict and crisis. I extend an invitation to join
our Awakening Mind Community of prayer and meditation and our opening to
the Correction within. To extend peace one must be peaceful, and
genuine peace comes to awareness through a deep experience of a State of
Mind which has released every scrap of judgment and attack thoughts.

Many, many blessings of Peace to you and all,

Foundation for the Awakening Mind

Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000
From: Grace Skrzypiec <>
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Dear Jean

I am indeed interested in a Peace Meditation Focus Group.

I run 2 mediation groups weekly, in Adelaide, Australia and to connect with
other groups globally would be great. Please keep me in touch with the
latest on this.

Love and Light

Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000
From: Fred/Frederick M.Fox <>
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Dear Jean,

I think this is a wonderful idea. After reading the Conversations With God
books my whole outlook about "separation" has changed. As Odo said in the Deep
Space Nine series, to be part of the "Great Collective" is to be one with the
consciousness of God/Godess.

A core group is a great idea, being there and continually holding the Light.
I think Unity has a similar prayer group at the Unity School of Christianity.

One of the issues that needs to be resolved is this religiosity thing. If
people can agree to be able to see God/Godess, The Source, from whatever
perspective they wish to choose, and not create an artificial division over which
wars have been fought for aeons, I think we can come a long way in our spiritual
evolution and healing the world. We do have the power, individually and
collectively and the sooner we reclaim that power the better off this world of ours
will be.

Best regards,

Fred/Frederick M.Fox

Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

In a message dated 3/26/00 3:22:21 AM US Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< ii) The more our minds and hearts are united around a common purpose
through synchronized meditation and intent, the more powerful is our collective
effect. >>

Dear Jean, I have written 3 books that emphasize your beliefs and will make
the people of the world aware of who and what they are and the roles they
should play throughout their lives.

Unless people are educated to understand the meaning of life, we will
continue to go through life with no meaning.

My intent is pure and you can inform all your readers that the books can be
ordered from any library so no cost is involved for them.

If you would like a copy give me your mailing address and I will pop a copy
in the mail.

God Bless

Michael Levy

Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000
From: Lauren McGlynn <>
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

The Lucis Trust has been doing full moon meditations for some 40 years
now. The principle is the focus on the divine energy from the position
of the moon when it is full, i.e., not the moon itself. I'll search for
the address but the headquarters are in NYC.

Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Excellent idea. We have been co-sponsoring Global Peace Meditations now
for over 10 years now..You may want to connect with www.worldpuja.comBR>
Da Vid

From: Ken Kalb <>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Dear Jean,

As you know, we've poured massive energy and resources over the last 5 years
into LightShift 2000, a project for synchronized global meditations. Besides
the internet outreach, consisting of multilingual websites which have been
visited millions of times, perhaps more participation has been garnered from
the millions of flyers, full page ads, articles, radio interviews, lectures,
book, etc. etc. In addition to outreach, various resources including time
change maps, meditation instructions, scientific studies, etc. have been
instrumental in the creation of a grounded foundation.

And I acknowledge your assistance in helping this process and project. My
thought is, instead of starting from scratch, that this strong, deep, and
widespread foundation be used as a basis for expansion. As you know, the
basic program calls for:

1. Affirming "May Peace Prevail on Earth" everyday at Noon (LMT).
2. 15-30 minute meditation on the first of each month.
3. Quantum meditations at key flashpoints, i.e. the Solstices and Equinoxes and
4. Special Quantum meditations at powerful times, i.e. the 8/11/1999 Total
Solar Eclipse, the 5/3-5, 2000 Grand Planetary Alignment, 1/1/2000, 1/1/2001, etc.
5. Noon on Sundays was also acknowledged in Chapter 2 of the book, and we
know many groups and people participate in this as well.

There are thousands of people around the world who participate consistently
and continually in these events, from prisons, to hospitals, to schools,
religions, etc. etc. Currently there are scores of articles and full page ads
running around the May events. The consistency is a key, as well as the lack
of need to depend on a special email reminder.

So I suggest using the foundation and momentum of this massive endeavor as a
starting point to build upon.

As you know, I have obviously had quite a bit of experience in this realm,
and have had countless discussions with other "experts" on the issue. The
consensus continually boils down to the issue of "critical mass:" Powerful
unified focused intent is indeed effective for increasing resonance in the
unified field of consciousness. Besides Dr. Nelson's conclusions, I think the
miracle of the smoothness and ebullience of the 1/1/2000 transition was
potent validation of this.

On the other hand, the continuous barrage of less concentrated efforts can
serve to dilute the potency of creating a critical mass of devoted
meditators, by creating somewhat of a "chicken little" effect....."oh, yet
another global meditation...." type of thing.

I offer this in the spirit of unity and synergy, for I know your intentions
are sincere.

I hope this finds you well, and happy, Jean, and enjoying the exhuberance of
the rebirth of Spring.


Ken Kalb
LightShift 2000


Dear Ken

How are you doing my good friend! I'm glad you took time to respond to the proposal.

May I suggest to your consideration the fact that what this Peace Meditation Focus Group intends to do is not being done by any other existing neutral group with a worldwide reach -- as far as I know. You perhaps missed the point as others did before in thinking that this is another new organization attempting to replicate what numerous other groups are already doing just fine thank you.

I don't think your otherwise excellent and well publicized Lightshift network monitors ongoing crisis points and potentially emerging crisis situations around the world and distill the essentially needed info down to a few crisp, factual, non-judgemental paragraphs and then issue every Friday a weekly list of suggested meditation foci to a worldwide list of Lightbearers, responsible for hundreds of various networks of contacts, who may then decide to pass on this concise alert list for concerted, worldwide, benevolent and enlightened meditations and prayers on those specific situations in the spirit already described in the proposal.

I urge you to carefully review the proposal and, if need be, check also the 60+ pages of email exchanges that led to this proposal as posted on the ERN site at
(Initial Post & Feedbacks)

(First Draft Proposal and Comments Received)

You will then have a better understanding of the uniqueness of this proposed Peace Meditation Focus Group and so perhaps reconsider your opposition to its existence and purpose.

Love and blessings


From: "Debra Silver" <>
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000

Thank you for your letter. I will review the proposal e-mails soon.
I am forwarding your letter to my e-mail list connected to this work. I am
also forwarding a request from the LightLanguage site
( ), about doing a meditation at noon, focussing
on various sacred geometric shapes.

love and Light,

Debra Silver, Israel

Here is an excerpt:
Noon Day Pyramids

Date: Saturday, March 25, 2000
Time: 12:00PM - 1:00PM HST (GMT-10:00)

Blessed greetings fellow light beings!

please join your Light Language community in today's noontime one minute meditation.

Our Light Language sequences at 12 noon local time zone wherever you are located amplify the local "thinking, feeling and preservation of peace" resonance. These waves of planetary cleansing are timed when the sun is at the highest point in the sky.

The sequence for today is pyramids.

Place 7 pyramids in the seven colors for 7 seconds each, bring
the color sequence downwards violet to red -- to preserve the love
field created 24 hours earlier.

Share with the list your experiences!

Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000
Subject: A Proposal for World Creation

Hi Jean and Michael,

I've seen emails from both of you in the past week and it feels like both of
you, similar to us and many others, are feeling and creating the need for a
coming together of spiritually oriented people all over this globe in some
way differently than we've done before. Santari and I were just watching
StarGate and, as usual, the idea came through the ideas on the show. See
what you think of something like this:

Spirit's United Nations (S.U.N.)

In each country there will be a centre point (a point of Light), a person or
organisation, prepared to coordinate for that country. To pass on
information, to collate information and ideas, to provide input from that
particular country as to how to move forward and to work together, etc. We
would create together a coordinated force for the creation of a new world
reality. We could have regular forums, broadcasts, discussions, etc. on the
Internet as well as an annual general meeting of representatives from each
country. We could demonstrate for the current United Nations how it might
actually really be done...all in a new way, all moving as Spirit guides us.
Unity in diversity. Working as One.

I would love to be a part of this creation and so would Santari I'm sure. We
want to CREATE A NEW WORLD together with the millions of other beautiful
souls on this Earth who are really ready to make it so.

I'd be glad to offer the Nov. 10-12 conference that I'm planning called
Transforming Your World (Michael L's UK LightWorkers Summit is the three to
four days before it on Nov. 6-10) and we could make it the very first meeting
of this global congress. Spiritual people creating a true global force for
the transformation of separation to one world. I'll stick my hand up for
that one!

I'll be interested to hear more about what you're both creating and the input
you've had and how what's above might fit into all that. It's an honour to
be a part of this creation with both of you.

(Sorry, I can't resist:) Yahoo! Let's rock and roll!

Lots of love

NOTE FROM JEAN: Some ideas that came to mind in response to this: I'd say that much of the groundwork for establishing the centre points of Light around the world as you envision them Soleira has already been done at the local and regional levels and the center nodes in this network only need to be recognized -- and recognize themselves - as such and integrated at a higher level of interaction and coordination. The process of the Focus Group and the further linkages it will facilitate between the various strands of the existing World Wide Web of Light may naturally lead to such a higher level of unified activities, mutual resonance and common intents. But while some kind of globally coordinated initiative inviting interested people to focus on a common vision of greater integration similar to what you propose is necessary at some point, it can only grow to be possible when enough people sense and recognize that the manifestation of such a vision has become a necessity and Must-Do thing to accomplish.

One last thing. Although it is still convenient to think in term of "countries" when discussing such projects as you do, we might want to keep in mind that ultimately the artificial political boundaries defined by men and history will give way to a United World where the national interests and views will no longer come first. Further emphasizing the concept of nation could only hamper the emerging global unification process. That is not to say that the rich cultural diversity we enjoy today should also give way to a uniform and dull One World culture. On the contrary, we will come to cherish even more this unique diversity which is being endangered today by the cultural homogenization of the world and so we will strive to protect and nurture it as much as we now do for endangered species - which is not nearly enough, I concede, in view of the rate of species extinction which is 1000 higher than normally was a few hundred years ago.

Now you may also want to read this: More feedbacks to the Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal