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Final Meditation Focus for 2012

Dear souls

We have reached the end of a 12-year long journey into Self-discovery and Self-remembrance, and are now at the beginning of a new one that holds the promise of further discoveries and remembrances about Who We Are and where we are going. At this juncture between the receding era of fear and darkness and the emerging Era of Love and Light, we have a unique opportunity to delve on what has been accomplished, acknowledge the Work done, and sense what our next collective steps will be, while also taking a moment to express our gratitude for the service rendered and the Light expressed through our common endeavor of Love.

What started as a desire "to focalize the attention and healing energies of a growing number of meditators around the world onto situations and crises in need of peaceful resolution and spiritual succour" gradually became a means to contribute to "the awakening now sweeping the world as to the ever greater awareness of people about our spiritual Reality as immortal souls, jointly forming a continuously expanding Universal Whole."

In the initial Draft proposal submitted for this project on the 17th of March 2000, 3 facts were considered: We are all connected as in a giant spiritual hive and can all resonate to one another; the power of human minds united and synchronized around a common purpose through meditation is awesome; and when joined in meditation, we are mere instruments for the universal Will, Love and Wisdom of God reaching out to all humans through the Web of Life interconnecting us all. As we have been able to experience over the last several years during our weekly meditations, those "facts" have now been amply demonstrated. [For more on the origin of the Global Meditation Focus Group, please explore the material archived HERE.]

The time has come now to encourage every awakening soul to be ever more self-reliant when it comes to focussing time and attention as part of our individual contribution to global awakening and healing. It is indeed essential to take personal responsibility for being part of the collective evolutionary progress of Life on Earth, while also being less dependent upon suggested meditation themes, so as to better nurture our own ability to follow our inner soul guidance while taking part to these weekly soul communions/meditations – which will continue in 2013 and beyond.

For those who still feel the need to use inspirational meditation themes as a springboard to reach a state of deep soul resonance with All That Is, it is recommended to simply use the 52 meditation themes from the 2012 Meditation Focus Series through accessing them HERE every week. As you'll notice, the date each one is to be used is indicated. As for the Solstice and Equinox meditations, you will receive through email an invitation that will provide you with the specific meditation dates and times, along with a suggested theme based on previously released material. This way, the positive energies set into motion over the last 12 years will continue to expand and further unite us all, while we will each adapt to the ever-changing circumstances and global vibrational frequencies of the emerging new era.

To conclude this year, it is suggested that we dedicate the last Sunday meditation of 2012, on December 30 at the usual time, to acknowledge our Gratitude towards each other for the Journey just completed, realize the sheer Abundance from the countless heavenly blessings bestowed upon us, and celebrate our renewed Oneness as we gradually ascend to ever higher dimensional realms of existence in our everlasting Quest for the Holy Grail of Love, forever shining in the heart of this Multiverse, for the Highest Good of All... as One.

The following inspirational texts are provided as a complement to this final Meditation Focus to further enlighten us as to the Gratitude, Abundance and Oneness gracing our existence...


When one comes to life and takes the very first breath, hence starts the lifelong process that will maintain this new being in physical existence. And then every time one takes in some food or beverage, more is given to help maintain the body through which life and its infinitely diverse palette of tastes, smells, sights, sounds, touches and other subtler senses can be experienced. Every time one goes successfully through another of life's numerous challenges, thus increasing the accrued knowledge, yet even more is given to prod our awakening God-sense of acutely aware Presence into ever greater understanding of our place and role in this universe. All this and the mere fact that tens of trillions of human cells harmoniously and ceaselessly work together to ensure the continued existence, for a given number of years, of one's marvelously complex and utterly perfect physical body, itself being a mere reflection and complement of several other invisible bodies composing the entire apparatus used to provide a chance to experience a human life, one among countless successive lifetimes, should be enough to bring anyone to pause for a few seconds and appreciate with deeply felt gratitude the exquisitely precious gift of life most humans all too often take for granted.

No matter how difficult the circumstances one may encounter in the course of a day, a week, a year or a lifetime, it should always be clear that there is so much more to be grateful for than the transitory difficulties one may face that it is worth reiterating with fervent heart-centredness the immense sense of blissful appreciation that is due to honor and acknowledge Who We Are and what we are becoming. Such a grateful attitude is a central key to unlock the infinitely deep well of Love that can thus resonate in unified perception of What Is and inspire upwards the fledging consciousness of one's own divine nature.

Be all the Gratitude that you can Be, for the Highest Good of All.


As you gradually discover your place in the universe, you are bound to also realize not only how vast and diverse this universe is, but just how infinite is the abundance bestowed upon all living forms. That you have plenty more than what is needed to meet your requirements for survival and happiness is certainly quite an understatement. When you come to conscious life, once more, you open your eyes upon a world, your planet Earth, that is blessed with so many diverse expressions of the creative Force of Life that you cannot even begin to comprehend how vast is the scope of the blessings made available for your sustenance, comfort and spiritual expansion. The so-called diversity that some scientists study and marvel at is but a reflection of the innate profusion of manifestations of Who You Are as an infinitesimal expression of the Universal Creator Being. Realizing this inner microcosm reflecting within you the outer macrocosm of the larger universe of which you are a vital expression is another essential key in re-igniting the sense of Oneness, the sense of absolute belonging which, in time, will lead you back to the One Source of All That Is.

This abundance of material forms around and within you is also but a mere sampling of the much vaster levels of manifestation existing in several other dimensions acting as a stepping down manifestation ladder for the multitudinous beings evolving through the carefully calibrated pathway leading from unformed potential to manifested expressions of What Is and back to un-manifested potential. Consciously sharing in the knowledge of this stupendous co-evolutionary merry-go-round is opening a window directly into the infinite abundance of blissful moments of cosmic connectedness tuning you up into the global matrix of perfection you are meant to achieve, while experimenting in the physical realm as you are searching for your way back from the labyrinth of embodiment.

While scarcity consciousness is still the order of the day and principal motivating factor for many human beings nowadays, there will soon come a time when such thinking will simply be obsolete and useless once the connection with the infinite abundance that comes with synchronizing one's life with the Higher Purpose of existence is achieved. Yet it is required to anchor now this emerging awareness of God-given universal abundance in the field of all human consciousness for it to flourish and soon be recognized as the natural state of being, the same that most other life forms on Earth are already attuned to, as part of their natural instinct.

Be all the Abundance that you can Be, for the Highest Good of All.


Emerging from the infinitely long and patient work in progress of Life's ever rebounding creativity, countless life forms, including yours, have taken shape and offered ever new opportunities to Universal Consciousness to experience, in an infinite myriads of ways, all aspects of existence in physical form. Stemming from this cauldron of multitudinous reflections of the One and Unique Being at the origin of All That is, your labor of Love has given rise to an exquisitely wondrous expression of this universal creativity in the form of a human body and its overlapping invisible bodies of Light that constitute your whole being. Please hold for a moment the notion that you are much more than your mere physical expression and wrap your mind around the fact that what is essential and literally eternal within you is your True Self. Consider also the fact that, by its very nature, this ethereal soul that you are is indissolubly linked with every other expression, in every dimensional realm of existence of the One Being at the Source and at the evolutionary Apex of all existing fragments of Its infinitely expanding Essence.

Consciously reconnecting with and remembering this innate reality about your Self is a vital key to a quantum leap in consciousness as all of humanity gradually ascends the evolutionary ladder of spiritual remembrance, out of the seemingly bottomless pit of illusory separation and isolation from all other facets of Your Self. Beyond mere intellectual consideration of this conceptual reality, allow yourself to vibrate as a resonant, tingling and scintillating emanation of All That Is until all sense of separation is dissolved and a true sense of wonderment about the cosmic beauty of your very existence, as the Universal One takes hold of your entire vibrant and most sacred Presence in this space-time continuum.

Be all the Oneness that you can Be, for the Highest Good of All.

Words of Thanks

Over the past 3 years and especially over the last year, the original English material has been translated in several languages thanks to the dedication of a team of volunteer translators. Let us have a thought of gratitude for Maria do Ceu Painhas, Maria Alpinda Grilo, Margit Spaan and Franca Scarpellini who have provided the Portuguese, Dutch and Italian versions for the 2012 Weekly series. Over the previous years, Maria Luísa Vasconcelos, Natalia Andriyevsky, Milna Bourumeau, Magda, Maria de Lima-Netto and several others have also regularly provided translations in Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Spanish and Italian. Without their assistance, thousands of souls from around the world would not have had the opportunity to join in those globally synchronized meditations. Likewise, thanks to the networking assistance of countless participants, many more thousands of souls would not have been invited to partake to this global Light Work, including francophones from around the world who have also benefited from a French version of this material. Let us also acknowledge the regular participation of several thousands of souls whose collective spiritual energies have made these weekly rendez-vous a high point in our lives, as well as a key contributing factor in the heightened spiritual atmosphere that is best conducive to the global changes now underway. Finally, let us have a deep feeling of gratitude towards the Source of All in us, the One Who has been guiding this Work since its inception and whose Love and Light are the very Reason and ultimate Purpose of our existence.

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