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Global Equinox Meditation – March 20, 2015

Once again, a 30 minute audio recording (available immediately at the top of this webpage or also via this Dropbox LINK) has been created for this Global Equinox Meditation which will culminate this coming Friday at 22:45 UT (Universal Time), which corresponds to 22:45 in London, and to 18:45 in New York and 15:45 in Los Angeles. If you live in another time zone, please go HERE to find out what is your corresponding local time. If this time does not suit you, see what is recommended at the bottom of this webpage.

This guided meditation is a powerful unification means and consists in part of new material that will allow participating souls to live, as a globally synchronized group, a unique experience that has rarely been done on this scale. As for the previous solstice and equinox meditations, the 12 remembrance Keys are not featured in the audio recording. You will be guided step-by-step and will need along the way to refer to the following two pictures to visualize a context for this experience similar to the one all the other participating souls will imagine at the same moment... an experience which is the continuation of the Global Solstice Meditation from 3 months ago, and which prepares for the following ones.

This recording is designed to be started exactly 25 minutes before the peak of the equinox. Therefore, you have to start it at 22:20 Universal Time, that is at 22:20 in London, 18:20 in New York and 15:20 in Los Angeles (for other time zones, see HERE to find your local starting time), so that the climax of the guided meditation can match the exact moment the axis of Earth will reach its maximum tilt, corresponding to the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and to the fall equinox in the southern hemisphere..

Note that it is obviously preferable, before you begin, to sit comfortably a few minutes first (in the lotus position, if possible, with something to lean back on so as to avoid any muscle tension), close your eyes, gradually relax and clear your mind of any concerns as you would normally do when meditating. You may also use the usual 30 minutes preparatory meditation we use every week if you wish to be already in a state of deep meditation when the equinox meditation will begin. At the end of this guided meditation, which lasts 30 minutes, an additional 5 minutes of complete silence is provided on the recording to allow you more time to enjoy this blissful state of samadhi before opening your eyes and resuming your physical experience. Except for making any necessary volume adjustment before the meditation, it is highly recommended not to listen to the entire recording before the moment scheduled for this planetary meditation.

If you use the recording of the preparatory meditation mentioned above, so you need to start it 21:50 in London, 17:50 in New York and 14:50 in Los Angeles, making sure that the new recording provided for this equinox meditation is located immediately after in the playlist of the mp3 playback software (such as iTunes) you use. Note also, that it is better to set the equalizer settings of your software at flat because the equalization is already optimized for the bass and treble in the mp3 recording provided, and it is not necessary to change the usual settings of your sound system.

If you prefer not to use this recording, or if you are unable to do so, you can still participate to this global meditation as explained HERE.

As usual your help in disseminating this invitation before Friday 22:45 UT will be appreciated by the other souls who will then be able to choose to join in.

If you prefer not to forward this email in full, you can just recommend to people you want to invite to access the archived copy HERE.

If this e-mail has been forwarded to you and you wish to receive this Meditation Focus Series, as well as the solstice and equinox meditations, simply send an email to with "I want to receive the weekly Meditation Focuses" in the subject field of your email.

Global Equinox Meditation – March 20, 2015

Beloved souls,

Once more, we are being invited to join as One through a global Communion of souls, on Friday, March 20, at 22:45 Universal Time (please click HERE to find your local corresponding time as indicated above), the exact moment of the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere, and fall equinox in the southern one.

On this day, after a 30 minute preparatory meditation, let us all unite into a state of perfect Oneness Consciousness, focalizing on the Joy of sharing together this moment of pure Bliss, aware that through our awakened sense of Divine Oneness the entire Creation is experiencing Itself, revelling in Its exquisite aliveness, and sensing the Omnipotent Presence of Creator Source flowing through All That Is. Let us also remain keenly aware, throughout these blessed moments of tingling grace and ecstasy, that the forever ongoing spiritualization of the lower realms of this universe is furthering its expansion through our common celebration and loving recognition of our sacred role as living souls, embodied in this physical plane for the sake of bringing it in ever greater resonance with the vibration of Love at the heart of Everything.

We shall never underestimate the power of our Union to bring about swift, near miraculous changes around us. By the very radiance of our presence anchored into the highest realms of Universal Reality, and in conscious connection with our globally united Soul Selves, we foster every other soul's awakening around us, and far, far beyond, radiating the Joy, Love and Bliss that are at the heart of our very own nature. We have gradually been trained, as we were following our collective Golden Path of Light, to become like beacons of Light now suffusing the ethereal realms of this living planetary sphere with endless streams of Love, revealing the path ahead through our illuminating presence, and showing the way through walking our spiritual talk as trailblazers of the New Era of Love now dawning on Earth.

If you feel drawn to do so next March 20, in preparation for this global Communion of souls, you may use the following 12 Remembrances Keys...

I Am Love...
I Am Light...
I Am Peace...
I Am Harmony...
I Am Compassion...
I Am Forgiveness...
I Am Kindness...
I Am Mercy...
I Am Healing...
I Am Joy...
I Am Bliss...
I Am Perfection...

... intensely feeling what each of those sacred Keys evokes in you... and then fusing them all into the final 'I Am One' key, expressing it forth from the heart of your soul at the apex of this Global Equinox Meditation, at 22:45 UT, and allowing for a timeless moment the entire spectrum of Oneness to flow through your whole being and radiate forth in all realms of Creation, for the Highest Good of All as One.

Once again, in the Eternal Now,
we shall Breathe as One,
Think as One and
Be One...

Then, whenever you feel ready to conclude this sacred celebration of our continued Oneness, you may read the following affirmation, aloud or within the sacred sanctuary of your soul, and use it regularly to further anchor into your consciousness this Ancient Reality that you now ever more fully remember.

I am a UniverSoul
A crystalline spark of the Infinite One
That exists through all dimensional realms.

I know Who I am
and achieve the Greater Purpose of Love
as One with All That is.

I manifest my Self here and now
in my ever-expanding Creation
as One with this sphere of living Light.

I radiate Love
and forever shine Its Radiance
to and through All That Lives.

I am a UniverSoul
and the sole purpose of my existence
is to BE All That I AM.

So be it and so it is.

NOTE : If you wish so, you may download the audio version of this Soul Affirmation above through this Dropbox LINK (if it works!) or open it at this other LINK and play it at the end of your meditation.

The Golden Path of Light – The Soul’s Path…

Trying to define and explain what this new spiritual path is could be compared to describing a totally different reality using a new language based on a whole new set of concepts that are still foreign to most people today – like trying to describe a television set to tribesmen living isolated in a remote jungle, still untouched by modern civilization. There are few bridges upon which to cross to bring the inquisitive mind on this new foreign and yet strangely familiar land on the other side of the River of Amnesia, named after the memory impairment process we all go through when we come from the Other Side to live another lifetime of experiences in a physical body, here on Earth or anywhere else in this universe.

The first concept to grasp and essential state of mind to stay focused into is the simple notion of thinking and acting like a soul. Our culture has generally conditioned us all to think of ourselves as human beings, forming thoughts through our brains and feeling emotions through our hearts. Most everything in this defining conception of who we are is based on our physical bodies, and not much concerns the invisible, subtle and yet absolutely central aspect of who we actually are, which is, first and foremost, souls.

Rarely do we have opportunities to explore, sense and appreciate this reality and to form in our mind a perception founded on actually experiencing ourselves as a soul. Try to think of those times in your life when this underlying, rarely mentioned and yet fundamental perspective that each one of us is a soul had taken precedence for a few fleeting moments in your thoughts over the all-consuming demands of physical “reality”... What comes to mind? When loved ones died, you have perhaps felt their presence at your side in their spirit form, or talked to them to express your feelings of love and how much you miss them. Or when you were expecting the birth of a baby, you have perhaps felt his or her soul hovering nearby and wondered what sort of being he or she would turn out to be once grown up. But aside from those special moments in life, it is likely that you rarely devote much attention to the soul living through you a physical existence... the soul that is your true immortal self... the soul that, ultimately, is what actually feels and thinks through your heart and brain.

The essential purpose of the Golden Path of Light is to enable as many souls as possible to experience themselves for who they really are, while living this physical existence, and to help them make this experience so fulfilling and so wonderful that they will gradually shed their transient human personage and learn to permanently sense themselves as, feel like and be this eternal and pure spirit energy that they have always been and will eternally remain.

As more and more souls will become fully awakened to the infinitely vast creative powers now still dormant in them because they see and sense themselves as being merely their mortal bodies of flesh, blood and bones, it is expected that the entire realm of existence known as planet Earth will become thoroughly transformed into a new Eden where the living radiance of Who We Truly Are will rise and shine once again, thus bringing about an absolutely magical spiritual revolution that will forever change the face of this world. To use a familiar imagery, once they have remembered their true spiritual lineage, the sons and daughters of the One in All will once again grace this planet with their presence and accomplish their ancient dream of living in Peace, Love and Harmony.

May Peace, Love and Harmony Prevail in Every Heart

If you cannot take part to this globally synchronized meditation at 22:45 UT, please pick any other moment that suits you best, and do the same procedure suggested above while mentally projecting yourself at the exact moment when it is occurring in the Time Continuum, knowing that time is merely an illusion from our physical standpoint, and that the power of our focused intent can easily overcome this illusion.

If you can do this meditation in the company of other souls — especially at a sacred place that evokes deep feelings of peace like the seashore or any other natural sanctuary — its effects will be magnified in direct proportion to the intensity of the vortex of Love and Light generated by these assembled souls. Whether you do this alone or with others, always be aware that many other souls from other dimensions of existence are partaking in our experiences every time we dedicate ourselves to such sacred moments of communion with All That Is.

To discover the significance of the solstices in all cultures around the world, review this Wikipedia entry.

If you wish to review, ponder and contemplate the 12 affirmations accompanying the 12 Remembrance Keys mentioned above, click HERE. If you need written guidance as to how you can reach a state of deep meditation, you will find HERE a basic meditation method.

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