Suggestions for Enhancing the Effectiveness
of our Healing Focus in Meditation

Having considered the background research that deals with the nature of the crisis and its root cause, our task as meditators is to assist the positive transformation of the crisis into a situation of healing and wellbeing, in accordance with the highest good of all. In order to become an effective channel for the universal healing energies, we must first develop an attunement to them. To do this we find peace within ourselves, dedicate our intent to the will of the divine, or the highest good of all, and then intend that the vibration of our consciousness is elevated, focusing upon the experience of divine unity and universal love which characterises our contact with the ultimate source of healing. What we focus on grows, so after a few moments we will have opened our channel, strengthened our connection, and built a surplus charge of healing energy within us.

In this state of consciousness we then direct our attention to the crisis situation and intend that the healing energies flow through us under the guidance of Spirit to where they are most needed (we may not know but Spirit, or the intelligence of the whole, does). One way to help these energies to be grounded is to hold in focus a positive vision of the healing process, in which we experience new healing options and positive outcomes developing to further the spiritual self-realisation of all. In order for the vision to be fully integrated with the current situation of crisis so that a healing transformation can begin, we can include in our focus the root cause of the crisis, and request the assistance of Spirit in its healing. In a state of elevated consciousness we realise that the suffering born of conflict and separation is temporary, not the only reality, and is calling out for positive change and resolution. In this way such attention to the crisis does not serve to amplify the crisis, but to amplify the unfolding of the potential for healing within that crisis, for with our attention we carry the awareness that the situation before us is in a state of flux.

Our vision can then take the form of living out and experiencing the birth of the healing transformation with all of our senses so that we experience the healing process unfold in all things as if it were happening to us - and indeed it is, for at the deepest level of our being we are all essentially one. We can, for example, experience obstacles being overcome at the peace table as common ground is found and we can experience the growth of love and spirituality within peace negotiators and the nations they represent as this happens. We can feel the deep longing within people's hearts for peace and love, and experience it breaking out from the shell of indifference and finding human expression. We can experience within people the falling away of fear and illusion and the movement beyond egocentrism towards sacred and harmonious relations. We can experience the self-empowerment of all peoples as they connect with the true source of their being. By holding this vision we acknowledge it as a reality, and the energy we give to it empowers it with a life of its own, making its manifestation on Earth a more probable one.

When visualising new healing options, it is important that we do our best to avoid incorporating into our vision unconscious assumptions that are part of the old framework of reality rather than the new one. Maintaining clarity, awareness, and responsiveness to Spirit will assist us here, as will the deliberate casting away of all assumptions so that we are left with that which we experience as truth.

It is important to realise that holding a vision, and experiencing that vision as a manifesting reality, is not the same as trying to impose our will on specific people to bring about peace - an activity we would discourage. What people on Earth choose to experience is their own privilege as free will beings learning their own lessons. What we can do is to increase the availability of healing where Spirit decides it is needed and to *offer* it to certain situations of suffering, with an accompanying vision of healing. The difference is that we honour people's free will experience, without taking it away from them, whatever stage they are at on their path of growth, but recognise at the same time that they have potential for change, and that there is an alternative to conflict and suffering, which we add our energy to. Like angels, we don't force people to change, we merely work in partnership with their God-Self, supporting their evolution with love, light, and compassion.

Once we feel that our healing meditation is complete we may want to seal it in some symbolic way as a means of closure, for example, by seeing the situation within a ball of light, or under the protection of Spirit, and then detach ourselves from it, entrusting the healing process to the self-organising forces of the whole. We would like to remind you never to doubt your power as a co-creator with Spirit, for on the inner planes where we place our attention energy will flow.

Note: the above text is meant as a suggestion only, and as a clarification of certain issues that were raised within the Focus Group discussions. We request that you work in your own intuitive way for the highest good of all, using the text as an additional guide if necessary.