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Invitation to the December 2017 Global Solstice Meditation

Dear beloved souls

Once again, you are invited to join in a world meditation, for the coming December 21st solstice, so as to shine forth all over the world the Light of Peace, Harmony and Love that gradually transforms our sphere of existence into a haven of marvelously balanced happiness, where every embodied being finds the conditions conducive to the realization of what his soul came to learn and manifest here.

Even though the external conditions, as presented to us by the media, may seem difficult, even dangerous to secure the future of this world and its inhabitants, it remains nonetheless that in the invisible realm, where it really matters, tremendous progress is being made to facilitate the emergence of a New Reality, which carries with it the seeds of extraordinarily better tomorrows.

With this new guided meditation, whose simplified and easily understandable content is presented below in order to set out in more detail its constituent elements, we undertake a new annual cycle of collective meditations and spiritual work which, in the wake of all that has been proposed previously (which is available HERE), will offer, to every soul eager to avail itself of it, the possibility of perfecting its spiritual formation, in service to the Light, while working for the complete healing of anything that could still disrupt its balance at any level.

As usual, the proposed recording lasts 30 minutes, and includes, after the first 10 minutes of guided meditation, several inspiring musical tracks to accompany your inner journey. However, unlike the meditations proposed for the previous solstices and equinoxes, there is no mention of this cyclical event since this guided meditation is designed to be equally used for the four great annual meditations, for the Sunday meditations, and even as an audio support for your daily meditations, if you decide to adopt it for this purpose.

It is recommended that you start the mp3 recording 29 minutes before the climax of the solstice which, this Thursday, December 21, will take place at 16:28 GMT, which is equivalent to 11:28 in New York and 16:28 in London (UK) - for the other time zones, you will find HERE your local time equivalent to 16:28 GMT). You will thus have to start playing the recording at 10:59, if you live in New York, or at 15:59 in London. To accurately set the time of your mp3 player (computer, tablet or cell phone), simply visit

To let you know in the recording that the climax of the solstice has arrived, you will hear distinctly towards the end a bell that will be followed by a final minute of music. If you want to remain in silence afterwards to continue your meditation after this pivotal moment of the solstice, simply add nothing else in your playlist after this recording (depending on the type of device you use ). If you prefer to meditate with music, you can add the musical selections of your choice. You may also want to note down at the end of your meditation any strong images or feelings, or elements of new spiritual understanding, that you may have experienced during the meditation, so that you may refer to them later, which will help you remember it. It is an effective way to better transpose and integrate in our daily reality the realizations gained during your moments of meditative introspection and spiritual contemplation.

To download the mp3 recording, please do so preferably via (using the right-click button of your mouse or the equivalent on a keypad or touch screen - using two fingers simultaneously), or via the "Download" button on this Dropbox LINK. It is also possible to play the recording without downloading it at the two links above. Note that it is recommended to use only the first link above, because Dropbox limits the bandwidth for free accounts to 3 gigs per day, which allows only about fifty people to download this 58 megs mp3 file during a 24-hour period, after which downloads are automatically blocked for several days.

Here is finally the text presenting the concepts and key elements found in simplified form in the audio recording.

* * * * * * *

Finding Balance, Initiating Resonance and Shining Radiance

Balance, Resonance and Radiance are to be the cornerstone of our global spiritual work this coming year. As we all know, where there is no balance, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, there is no harmony and the subtle promptings of the soul cannot be heard and felt. Balance is needed more than ever in this world for the Light of Love and Peace to prevail. So many people are so out of balance and so out of touch with their spiritual roots that it is no surprise so much violence, ill health and depravity are being observed. But this is a temporary situation as a new consciousness is dawning and a higher spiritual understanding is gradually gaining ground and influencing more and more people towards finding again their natural balance with the Flow of Life within which all things exist.

We are collectively at a crossroad in our evolution from the darkness of spiritual amnesia to the Light of total soul remembrance of our True Universal Nature. A New Earth is slowly emerging from the depths of our immortal Self as we reconnect with the Source of All in us. A bright new future of untold happiness and spiritual Knowingness is forming as we feel out the inner resonance of its already existing manifestation in the All Now Continuum, and adjust our self-consciousness according to its attraction as it moves us all ahead on the Golden Path of Light.

As Light Servers midwifering the emerging new Era of Peace and Love, we are spontaneously responding to this inner call from our future selves in the Continuum and offering the contribution of our resonant field of Love to the many nodes of Light Servers now appearing in cascading exponentiality all over this sentient living planet. We find and maintain Balance in every waking moment of our lives, and especially more so during our precious moments of global communion. We initiate Resonance from the core of our soul being with the perfect Master Plan of the Universal One, ever guiding our steps along the Way back to Source. And once we have achieved inner Oneness with Its Supreme Will, we shine Radiance, as One, encompassing this whole planetary sphere of Life as interlinked nodes in the grid of Oneness Consciousness pervading this beloved Earth Mother and radiating as a permanent spiritual supernova in all dimensions and all directions, so that Thy Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

In so being, we act as the Bringers of the Dawn of this New Era of Light now coming to lead us to the Promised Land of eternal Joy, unconditional Love and permanent Peace as it befits the sons and daughters of Omniversal Life. We create the movement that in all souls, however lost and afraid they may still be, will open the hearts and illuminate the Path towards this bright New Reality we came here to co-manifest. It is our greatest privilege and honor to have been chosen amongst so many to carry this vital mission and it is with zealous perseverance that we shall continue serving the Light, until all are awaken and have joined in Balance, Resonance and Radiance, for the Highest Good of All.

* * * * * * *

Thank you for your assistance in widely networking and sharing this invitation which is archived at and available on Facebook at The French version is available at You will receive in the next 12 months a simple reminder of upcoming global meditations for the next equinoxes and solstices, with the exact time, and, as already mentioned, the same recording will be used, just as it will be for the next Sunday meditations starting at the time indicated HERE during standard time (in winter) and HERE during daylight saving time (in summer) for your city or time zone. Please remember to keep a copy of this recording for future use.

If this has been forwarded to you and you wish to be invited by e-mail to the next solstice and equinox meditations, just send an email to with "I want to receive the invitations to future global meditations" as the subject of your email.