The purpose of Global Meditation Focus Group is to facilitate greater cooperation, coordination, and synchronisation between those individuals, groups, and networks who work or wish to work for peace and healing on Earth through meditation and other consciousness-raising techniques. By doing so we believe that we will be providing the means for a greater degree of order to emerge from what sometimes seems to be an unfocused and - to some extent - individualistic movement of people and groups, and thereby increase the power and resonance of our collective healing intent. Although traditional networks will be used, the Focus Group will work primarily with the Internet, where mass communication can occur across geographical boundaries at an instant.

The work is based upon the following three ideas and principles:

1. We are all interconnected and we can all resonate to one another - as many have experienced during previous global meditations.

2. The more our minds and hearts are united around a common purpose through synchronized meditation and intent, the more powerful is our collective effect.

3. In meditation we become receptive to our essential unity with All That Is, and by so doing can act as channels for the further reception of this spiritual awareness and its unlimited love, wisdom, and power into the collective consciousness. This is particularly so when we are joined with each other in meditation and are allowing the powerful effect of this collective awareness to radiate out to all life.

The Focus Group embodies the understanding of these ideas and principles in the following two initiatives:

i) The Golden Moment of At-Onement

The simplest suggestion that may first come to mind is to encourage everyone to dedicate at least once a day a few minutes of their time, at any hour, to closing their eyes, opening their heart, and connecting with the worldwide web of meditators, and to let the power of universal love uplift their consciousness and enhance the resonance of this vibration of love within all. Thus, wherever you are, and whenever you participate, you will know and may sense that countless others are experiencing, just like you, a moment of At-Onement with Life, and in so doing, are helping to catalyze the spiritual awakening within humanity that will enable the peaceful resolution of conflicts to be reached and the reorientation of human priorities towards satisfying the basic survival and evolutionary needs of all on Earth.

ii) The Global Meditation Day

In addition to this regular practice that will both accelerate the spiritual awakening of every participant and help generate a global atmosphere of peace and compassion towards all Life, the Focus Group suggests that meditators unite each Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time, and for a few minutes everyday, for the purpose of facilitating the peaceful resolution of potential or existing conflicts in the world as well as assisting in bringing back balance and harmony on Earth.


This document as well as the Guidelines for Focus Group Members may be amended and/or augmented from time to time if deemed necessary by the Focus Group members, but all such changes must be the result of a clear group consensus as was the case for the initial adoption of these two founding documents.