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Celestial glyph suggested for the
August 28, 2011 Meditation Focus - and More!


The sacred geometric archetypal symbol suggested as a soul-awaking aid for this Sunday's global meditation is the following:

It was reported on July 31, in Oberschleissheim, near Munich, Bayern (Bavaria), Germany, and may be viewed at

You are invited to focus your attention for a couple minutes on this celestial glyph, just before the start of the meditation, and simply allow the intricate design of this symbol to stimulate whatever soul remembrance it may trigger.

To find out more about why this is being suggested, please review the following SPECIAL SUGGESTION FOR THIS SUMMER.

You are also welcomed to review once again the Summary of the current Meditation Focus #225: Shifting from an Ego Mind-set to a Go-With-The-Flow Soul-set before this Sunday's meditation as a mind-refresher for what we are being invited to do/be during this global meditation.


Also of interest...

Eye of The Storm Series #14: Necrotic Democracy Dying From Cancerous Corporatism
(In case you have not seen this yet)

Together, we can direct our blessings to the area being affected by Hurricane Irene and to supporting those 50 million people who are in her path. If you are watching this video during the storm, hold the intention of reducing its power. If you are watching it afterwards, direct the energy toward healing the affects on the people and places. Please join us in this collective effort and pass this video along to anyone else who would like to participate. So many vital centers of the US and Canada will be affected by this storm, so many precious people, animals, environments and communities. Because of the immense size of the hurricane, the wind effect may last as long as 24 hours straight. Let's keep the blessings going during and after the storm. Our light and love will be directly felt by the living beings, including Gaia herself. We create a "Blessing the Time-Wave" video every month to focus our collective attention on co-creating a bright future through the 2012 portal and beyond. You can subscribe to this YouTube channel, or sign up on our Belland Todd website, - Thank you, Bonnie and David

Calling All Lightworkers! (August 23, 2011) POWERFULLY INSPIRING!
The time is now. If you are here to help with the planet's ascension process, there is no more time to procrastinate on reclaiming your Divine self. You must find the courage to be all that you are, no matter what. For this is the only way you will truly be able to serve humanity and its higher purpose. Recommended by Len Satov ( who wrote: "Beautiful, powerful message - she's a gem." Someone else also wrote: "This is the most heartfelt message I have ever seen." "Please emerge from your cocoon. Now is the time to fly..."

Galactic Federation of Light: The time of waiting is over the time of Truth has begun
The time of waiting is over. The time of Truth has begun. The Dawning of a New Age has finally arrived. The momentous event of the official Disclosure of our star family is drawing ever closure each day. With Disclosure we will change our perceptions and know the Truth of what an who we really are. The governments of the world will have a gathering with the Galactic Federation of Light to present to the all media so all questions can be answered and everyone will begin to connect and come to know each other. After the first official announcements it is important to Tune into your inner knowing, to listen to your heart and open your mind to the light of truth that resonates with you when you hear it. Look around you, there are people, neighbors, friends, perhaps even a family member who you will notice are joyous, Dancing in the streets at the formal disclosure of your space family. We are Starseeds who are here to help you as the unprecedented Disclosure unfolds.

Getting A Dreamjob...

Some people think of themselves as Lightworkers,
Battling the forces of Evil,
Shedding light on all the pain.
The harsh light of Day they think,
Will drive the darkness away.
And in part they speak and think rightly,
For Evil exposed can be banished.
But exposure alone is not the stake in the heart of coldness,
For beyond exposure lies the realm of dreams,
Not in slumber nor in escapism,
But in the collective vision of our world,
The dream of what it is and what it will be.
So Lightworkers think twice.
You have to give a better dreamjob than the tools of darkness,
If you want to turn some heads.


By Daniel A. Stafford ( 08/26/2011

The Nature of Service

For so long, I served myself
and what I discovered at the core of myself was God.
So in serving myself, I served God.
When I recognized God inside myself, I recognized God in everyone else too.
Now I understand that everything I do for myself I do for everyone else, and everything I do for everyone else, I do for myself.
This is the nature of service.

The entire universe is the body of God.
My body is the body of God.
God lives through me.
I observe God living through me and call it my experience.
My experience is God's experience.
God lives through me whether I understand this or not.
Now that I understand this, I serve God through the fullness of my experience.
This is the nature of service.

No matter what I do, God lives through me.
I am willed by God to be.
My will is God's will.
Surrendering myself to God is redundant.
Surrendering the illusion of myself to the awareness of God is God growing through me.
Like a flower blossoming, or a tree bearing fruit, God recognizing itself is a natural state in the cycle of my humanity.
I am not discovering God, I am merely blossoming into true self-awareness.
I am seed, tree, blossom, and fruit.
God's existence through me will nourish those around me and those who continue after I have shed my leaves.
This is the nature of service

I have always been here to serve myself.
There is nothing else I can do.
My true self is everywhere.
Now that God has blossomed to recognize itself through me, I no longer am being willed to experience the confusion of not recognizing myself.
Recognition inspires recognition.
And so the illusion of separation between self and other dissolves.
This is the nature of service.

Recognition is sunlight.
Recognition is rain.
Recognition is nourishment.
Recognition is patient.
And so the seed planted in the garden becomes the plant, becomes the flower, becomes the fruit, becomes the nourishment for the seed.
And so the seed becomes the gardener.
And so I become the gardener.
And so the gardener becomes me.
This is the nature of service.

- Chris Spheeris -- Taken from Service

"The intention that created me exactly the way that I am is the same intention that created the entire universe, infinite and eternal. When I take a stance against the way that I am, exactly as I am, I am taking a stance against the entire universe, infinite and eternal. It takes all of Creation, infinite and eternal, to create me just as I am. Everything that I am, I simply am, and am perfect just the way that I am. If I believe that something is wrong with me, the entire universe, infinite and eternal, will assist me in seeing my illusion by bringing me the gift of suffering. All illusions will bring the gift of suffering. This is how the universe, infinite and eternal, helps me identify my illusions. Through the gift of suffering, I have the opportunity to align my beliefs with what is and what I am."

- Chris Spheeris - Excerpted from Everything that is, simply is

Also recommended: Written Interview: Reflections on being Chris Spheeris to better discover who this wonderful soul is as a passionate, inspired, humble human being at this point in time.


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