The Earth Concert Project

"Some call me Gaia. Others call me Mother Earth. I am the Spirit of Life on Earth. For billions of years now I have dwelt upon this magnificent planet. You can see me all around you and feel me within you. Without me nothing would exist. I manifest myself everywhere in this mighty Universe and without me nothing would be. I am the light pouring from the stars. I am the water bearing myriads of Life forms. I am the air protecting an infinite number of planets from the cold of outer space. I am the earth nurturing innumerable manifestations of My creativity. I am the fire of Life within you as well as in everything else.

I call upon you to listen to me as I speak to you in the innermost secret part of you. For I have an important message for you now. Feel the response within to what you are about to read and decide in accordance to your feelings what to do with this request. No one else can take this decision for you. Trust your feelings..."

My name is Jean Hudon and I'm living in the northern part of Quebec, Canada. But who I am is less important than what I'm trying to do. And I need your help to manifest an idea whose time has come. Let me explain to you what this is all about. Last winter I had a vision... and I got a mission. As it occurred to me many other times before, I felt prompted to sit down and write something that was about to come. I closed my eyes, got in meditation and let it be. I heard... The best way now Jean to reach the world with this new awareness that is growing in you as well as in many, many other people is to make a movie. And you will write the book out of which the movie will be made. It will be called "The Immortal Child" and its central message will be this one...

"There is a Universal Plan and we are part of this Plan. The Universe is slowly becoming aware of Itself. We are slowly becoming aware that we are the Universe. WE, is all the living beings, on every plane of existence, everywhere, every time. The Illusion is to think, talk and act as if we are apart from the whole Universe. We are not apart. We are a part, a holographic part, a microcosm reflecting and encompassing the macrocosm. Not only are we interconnected, but we are simultaneously the whole Universe. When we think something, the Universe is thinking something. When we say something, the Universe is saying something. When we do something, we know that the Universe is doing it. Not through us, but Itself, directly. What is implied by this is simply phenomenal!... Gaia is the name given to Mother Earth and expresses the same Reality. We are Gaia as everything else: the rock, the leaf, the fly, the bird and the child. We are all this at the same time, simultaneously. And Gaia is a cell of Galactica, our Cosmic Mother, the swirling haze of stars spinning around itself as a true living Being. And Galactica is also a cell of the infinite Universe: Universalia... And the Plan, evolving through countless eons of time, patiently brings awareness of the Unity of all that is to all that IS."

Now, after "receiving" this I wondered what would be the titles of the chapters of this book. So I got again into a meditative state of mind and "heard"...

1) Birth 2) Growth 3) Inner Presence 4) Innocence Regained 5) Dance of Life 6) Regenerescence of the Cells 7) Power of the Infinite Within.

*Please, look at the other enclosed papers to know more about what have been my previous commitments as a co-founder of the World Federation for Peace and founder of the Positive Thinking Planetary Network (Love Chain). If they are not included and you want to get a copy of these documents, just ask for them when answering this letter.

"Well", I thought, "it is certainly a great idea but it's quite too big a thing for me." Then I realized that in a sense I have been prepared through my whole life to do such a thing and that all I had to do was to attune with the Spirit of Life all along while writing this book and just see what was going to happen. So I committed myself to write it and took the opportunity of a 2 weeks vacation in February 87 to begin it and then continued it during another 2 weeks of vacation last summer. At that point, I had written four chapters and, as if the thing has a life of its own, I discovered that not only it was a very interesting story but that also it was going to be much more than just a book and a movie. But before explaining this, let me give you an idea of the story.

It begins at the very beginning of all, if there was one!... So in a very far away distant past, we see Life that for the first time manifests Its Presence through the form of a shining spark of Light. From this single first manifestation of Life is drawn the very existence of all the Universe we know today. And all of us were there, joined as One Single Being, One Single Look, One Single Thought. The Immortal Child was born...

Then back to our century, we witness the birth of a child born from Marianne and Roberto. Strange things occur at the moment of birth. Later, the parents of this boy come up in meditation with a special name for him: Gaia! Hence begins the saga of a being who was going to have a very particular destiny.

In the second chapter, Gaia manifests at the early age of three an innate ability to tap his huge reservoir of intuition. His parents also discover that their son is under the protection of powerful forces. They are awakened by a mysterious being of Light to an important mission accepted a long time ago. Then, we see Gaia at ten years old, looking for something missing in his education to prepare himself to do things as yet unknown to him. After much soul-searching, he decides to quit the school and his parents and goes out into the real world to learn at the School of Life. Many marvelous experiences happen to him... He overcomes his fears, feels at one with Nature, awakens to the hidden powers of the soul, and sets out to explore the whole planet and its various peoples and cultures in an endless search of his true Self.

In the third chapter, Gaia in his twenties decides that he has had enough of wandering around and goes to the Mount Shasta in California. Guided as ever by the still small voice, he climbs the mountain and raises his consciousness to the stars, crossing a new threshold of awareness.

Then, the story takes an unexpected turn when Gaia discovers a passage in the rocks leading inside the mountain to a long-forgotten transportation system. There he gets aboard a capsule which brings him into huge caves created by an ancient civilization. After a walk in the forest of this underground world, he encounters three children swimming in the basin of a waterfall who give him a vivid picture of their past and present history. Finally, Gaia meets the most beautiful being he has ever seen, the Maha Chohan, his Guide and Master for a long time. After more revelations, Gaia is initiated in the womb of planet Earth and endowed with the mission to speak on Her behalf to all the people living upon Her face.

When we quit Gaia at the end of the third chapter, it was still an enthralling but fictive story. When we emerged in the fourth one, we are on the stage of the Madison Square Garden, in 1989 on the 31st of December. Hundreds of millions of persons are waiting for the beginning of the "Earth Concert", a twelve hour satellite TV show featuring some of the best bands, musicians, artists, and performers of the world and including the broadcasting of the first part of the movie "Immortal Child". The fiction is now a reality, in fact, has to become an actual reality... Yes, what has manifested under my pen is not just a movie project but a global media event aimed at fostering the sensitivity of the world population to save our dying planet from the scourges of pollution and over exploitation. As it is described in this fourth chapter, the main character on screen, Gaia, will be on stage as the lead singer of the band that will open the show. There will be first a one hour simultaneous broadcast, all around the world and in the main languages of each area, of the movie "Immortal Child" presenting the first three chapters of the book.

Then, from the Madison Square Garden in New York (accommodating approximately 25,000 people) will begin a 10 hour show featuring rock bands and popular artists from all around the world singing, in all the main languages, songs related to the main theme of the Earth Concert, which broadly includes environmental concerns, global and peaceful cooperation, and the unity of humanity.

The beginning of this musical show is described in the book as well as the last one hour part of the 12 hour broadcast. This last part will culminate with the theme song of the Earth Concert sang by all the artists together and with a final message given by Gaia.
Here is an excerpt from the book to let you appreciate what will actually be this message. We are on the 31st of December 2012 and Gaia speaks to us about our future...

"Dear friends, what great pleasure it is for me to speak to you across these 23 years separating us. How much would I also like to have you at my side to show you what has become of our world today.

So many things have changed... So much has happened... Millions of beings have left us, many prematurely. Millions of others have joined us and we are now a family of approximately seven billion humans. Not everyone has the same standard of living, at least not yet, but the lot of all has considerably improved since the world nations, all of them, decided to unite their efforts to preserve life on our so beautiful planet. Yes indeed! What seemed still unthinkable in your era has at last been achieved. All humans and those who governed them have finally recognized the urgent need to unite their forces and determination to balance the development of human civilization with the respect of the natural cycles.

Much has been accomplished since this memorable agreement, put forward by the U.N. and all the responsible international organizations, to end the worst effects of human activities on the environment and to begin the long task of planetary regeneration.

Already, large sectors of the Amazon are turning green again through the determined impulse of millions of workers engaged in this international effort to give back to Life all her rights. Necessary measures to stop the destruction of the ozone layer have been implemented with the strictest rigour everywhere around the world. Acid rains, for a long time responsible for the decline of the northern forests have finally been brought under control thanks to the billions invested in the atmosphere cleaning-up programs. The water is again clear as previously in the majority of lakes and streams where the population can once again swim securely and the aquatic flora and fauna proliferate freely. The land having suffered great hardships due to agricultural practices uncaring about long term effects has regained all its natural fertility through intensive efforts to regenerate the activity of the topsoil microorganisms, and the balance has been restored between the predators and insects harmful to agriculture.

All this was made possible by the unequivocal cooperation which has progressively become the basic rule for relations between world states. All the conflicts that were fouling the atmosphere have been curbed one after the other thanks to the concerted efforts of mediation and negotiation which, at all levels, have permitted a better and more cordial understanding directed towards the wellbeing of human collectivity.

But above all, what has made a world of difference between on the one hand war, violence and hate and, on the other hand, Peace, goodwill and Love, are these hundreds of millions, these billions of persons who have chosen, one by one, to turn their life towards a continuous improvement of their state of inner Peace and Harmony. It is this which has really made all the difference, without a shadow of a doubt! For a soul at Peace can but shine with Love... and a being guided by Love cannot commit violent acts nor support directly or indirectly those who commit them..."

And while the voice of Gaia, filled with calm and wisdom, was talking to the beings of this century, verdant pictures, so beautiful as to be breathtaking, were passing on the screen illustrating his words. (...) 'Here we are today... , continues the voice of Gaia, strangely close, almost palpable. The screen being dark, a spotlight is lit up and everyone discovers a man sitting at a table in the center of the now empty stage. He holds a pen in his hand and on the table is a great book on which he has just written these last words. Slowly turning himself towards the crowd and the cameras, he raises up the book in full light, wide open on two immaculate pages.

"Nothing of what I have just told you is written as yet in the great Book of History. For it is up to you now to write the future History of the world...

It is up to us, men, women and children all over the Earth to choose the Fate we want...

In this moment, people from all around the world, I ask you on behalf of Life, on behalf of this marvellous and generous Life making my heart beat in unison with yours, I ask you to silence your thoughts, all your thoughts, and join your Love with mine to thank Life for all that she has given us, since ever....... We are all one, brothers, sisters...We are all One...We are all One..."

So you now have an idea of what is this Earth Concert Project, the Immortal Child book and the movie project. But that's not all. I am now in the process of writing the last three chapters of the book. Already the fifth one is completed (as of 11/01/87), with amazing surprises and wondrous developments, and the sixth and seventh ones will soon follow. When this is done, I will translate the book into English and then seek help to translate it into other languages.

Now, for sure, such a project needs a lot of help from a lot of people to become a reality. As I have done since the beginning of this, I intend to remain simply a tool in the hands of the Life forces guiding me all along through the writing of this book and this present letter. I feel that if this Project is to be manifested, the people, the resources and all the circumstances will appear at the right moment to help implement it. I don't want to become a hero nor acquire any fame in this. I only feel that I have the necessary skills and contacts to give a start to the whole thing. What will then happen is not under my direct responsibility and I am not attached to any specific agenda and I don't have any hidden motivation. I am willing to share this project with all the persons who will be drawn to "join the bandwagon" and let everyone contribute what the Life forces wants them to contribute. This really has to be a collective project or it won't be at all!...

We have this great opportunity before us and all that is needed now is the will to pursue it and bring it from the realm of possibility into the realm of manifestation. We have the power to do it, collectively. So let's cooperate together in putting forward the necessary resources and skills to create this historic event. It has been done before for other purposes and it can be done again. The great Human Family, on the verge of the 90s, need such an event to celebrate its common bond with Life and expand its consciousness to think globally, and act locally to protect and restore the balance with other life forms on our planetary Home. And above all, Mother Earth urgently needs a massive shift of our global creativity and resources to replenish what has been destroyed and help the Life forces in the regeneration of our sole life-support system, in fact of our common planetary body, Gaia... Will you help?...

At this preliminary stage of the project, I feel that a task force should be created to discuss all the various technical, financial and organizational aspects and write down a detailed schedule of each step leading to the realization of the Earth Concert and the movie, including the publishing of the book. Already, some people, including an editor, have committed themselves to help publish the first French edition of the book. Others are actively spreading the word about this and contacting specific persons who can greatly help through their professional contacts to get the whole project going on the right track. Needless to say that it must also be a fast track, for we just have two years in front of us to do it. But even if the time is short, I feel that the time is also ripe. So all should unfold naturally in its right time and with the right people. Don't you feel that too?...