Here is as an update on the Earth Rainbow Network. This is an email sent in response to my friend ilyes, in which you'll find some conclusions I've made.

Jean Hudon

Dear ilyes

Thanks for your letter.

I'm not planning for now to create any Earth Rainbow Network logo. Since there is absolutely no one still participating to any meaningful discussion on our listserver and since everyone is now apparently focussing on their own thing now, I think this network might have outlived its usefulness, at least in its previous form. I'm still keeping it alive through my networking of information but I just don't have the inner energy or group support to create any logo for an empty vessel.

Anyway, as for me and my initial project (the Millennium Gathering previously called Earth Concert 2000) that got me started on this long millennium trek, though I would still love to be involved in producing something like this, I just don't see how this could be done without much more financial support and direct assistance and involvement from many many people -- something which has not materialized so far and which frankly does not appear to be likely. Many people liked the idea but no one really committed to help make it happen. There is nothing sad in this, It's just a fact.

I'm sure my contribution through this inspired vision I had and through the creation and networking of the Earth Proclamation, and I don't know how many other pieces of information and literature, has had some positive effect if only by inspiring other people into some form of action or as an inspiration to continue what they are doing which is all so essential.

So it's not that I'm giving up. I'm just making a reality check here. I asked money from the Canadian government and got nothing. I hoped to have a demo video produced and wrote a script and even recorded the French soundtrack, but it never materialized and now it's getting a bit too late in the game for it to be of timely use -- unless some miracle happens vey quickly of course. I didn't find anyone else to ask for financing with any fighting chance of getting it, especially without this demo video.

So now I'm just refocussing on other more pressing needs and realities. It's harvest time in my garden. I'm working to help with the development of the Fund For Global Awakening. And I'm still responding to the incoming emails and sending out my usual eclectic blend of enlightening news and ideas. And that's fine with me for now.

Hoping for the best, working as best I can



Dear friends from around the world

I have received some most touching feedbacks to my recent email entitled "An update from me" and I'm sure you will be similarly touched -- especially if you have been on this list for some time now -- by those comments and letters.

There is just one thing that I would like to emphasize: I do not intend to discontinue preparing those informational emails, as I enjoyed very much doing this. The Earth Rainbow Network has never been conceived to be a coalition or a working organization of any sort. It's a very loose association of all those who recognize they have a special mission in life (aren't all our missions special in a way!) to assist in the awakening process now unfolding on planet Earth. This can mean small things or big ones. It does not matter. Every single initiative, whether local or global, is to me an essential component of the Awakening Plan and all are essential to the success of this collective Redemption Mission.

Thanks to the Internet and your willingness to be part of this network -- by the simple fact of accepting to receive, read and, most importantly, resonate within to the ideas, emotions and spiritual intents they try to convey -- there have been some kind of collective thought-form generated around the wide circulation of this information. Although it might seem there is only 600 people receiving those emails, many have recirculated what they received from this source and thus many more were "connected".

So the Earth Rainbow Network lives on, not because it has a name tag - which is not that much important as you know - or because there is a coordinator receiving and recirculating life-giving and soul-awakening information, but because we (all humanity) form a collective being slowly awakening to its true nature... and this is to me the most mysterious and sacred part of this endeavour. We barely know yet what we *really* are and what we are becoming. Yet we can all sense through the inner impulses and somewhat fugitive visions emanating from the core being of our inner Life Force what lies in store for us. And IT is wonderful, beyond anything we may try to conceive, beyond whatever words can convey, beyond all that our limited intellectual grasp on things may allow us to have.

It is really someting that is coming into "BEINGNESS" and definitely NOT something that has anything to do with "HAVING" or "POSSESSING" some intellectual understanding.

And it is probably better left unsaid and undefined for now, to allow all possibilities to flourish, within ALL OF US.

Love and radiant rainbow blessings to all

Jean Hudon

P.S. Expect a very special email from me very soon...



From: "WorldWide Africa"
To: "jean hudon"
Subject: Some Love from Cape Town
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 18:33:08 +0200

Hello Brother Jean,

Yes, it does seem that the first wave of information and inspiration has spent itself, and expectations of a huge groundswell to carry the energy on through may not manifest in this same form.

What I learned once in Process Oriented Psychotherapy was that important healing processes tend to move through a variety of different dimensions, changing from one to another quite whimsically sometimes. In an individual, a healing process may start in visualisation modality. If after some time it then encounters some blockage the process will continue to be available (provided the therapist/patient is sensitive to this option) through, say, movement - and then that may give way to talking, and then on to drawing, etc. But someone working only in visualisation, finding the energy dry up, may conclude that the whole process has dried up. It hasn't - it just changed mode - changed vehicle, or dimension, or form.

You have been working with us in primarily a heart-mind mode. A combination of the love that you generate and attract and nurture, and the information that you stir up from your network. There has been an ongoing meditative component - the various initiatives of Barbara Wolf and friends, and occasionally some sense of pro-active happenings is some places like in Spain with small and large groupings encompassing many people.

My own sense, for what it is worth, is that we are now moving into a more localised phase - maybe as local as your garden, or my eco-village project or even my family. This may seem strange as we move towards the millennium - surely we should be all Coming Together? For me we have. Thanks to your wonderful efforts I am now linked, without having to share another word on the net, with many thousands around the planet. I carry an awareness in me of the Barbaras and Ilyeses and Paldens and Eds - who they are and what they are doing - in a way that I did not before. This empowers me. Not overtly in any daily manifestation (that I'm aware of), but gently, powerfully, at a warm, cellular level and what I now do I do in some real sense with them.

So I guess what I want to tell you is, thank you Jean and bless you for what you have brought together. It is now happening. If you feel to continue with the info-networking I would much appreciate it - it saves me looking for these updates myself - I wouldn't know where to look. And it is important for me that my news comes always by hand of a healer, not by one who is just anxious to share the latest gossip with me and wallow in negative conspiracy.

And who knows - maybe next month, or next year - or next millennium! - the process mave shift again and we may find ourselves back in collective mode - maybe with different roles this time.
Hey, life is great!
Jeremy (watching another miraculous sunset over Noordhoek beach)

Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 02:27:10 -0400
To: (jean hudon)
Subject: (Hi) About your future....

Greetings, Jean --

I appreciate the even-handed way you've mentioned the possibility ERN may have outlived its usefulness; I suspect your saying that, out loud, may allow some other folks also to let loose of visions they've been seeking to enliven, and to participate in something different, now.

My observation: Your heart-response has been demonstrated, proven, and is well-known now by those who know of you. This in itself is sufficient purpose for the mail list to have existed, and that purpose has been fulfilled. You'd be welcomed to participate in most anything else, now, because of that, I think.

I'm wondering if you might have something to provide and a role to play in one of the following:

- Robert Theobald's efforts
- Flemming's New Civilization Network
- the Dreamspell efforts to bring a new calendar into use

I think an interesting task at this time in the history of the world might be one that looks like so:

- to treat Y2K predictions as 'real', and work right now to bring about changes in civilization with Y2K as the driving reason but with spiritual Oneness and Peace as the purpose to be fulfilled.

For example, some of us are working on creating a -global- network of 'local exchange' systems. This seems to be something that needs doing, no matter what; but if such a system were already widely enough in place and in operation by the time any Y2K disasters should occur, it could head off a great deal of chaos, confusion, and suffering for a great many of our fellow human beings. Anticipated rioting and looting, etc., might simply not occur.
Many other similar improvements could be worked on in other fields, in the short time we have between now and Y2000. About the coolest imaginabel outcome would be one in which, on the eve of Y2000, Peace and Oneness had already arrived. Imagine what cause for celebration -that- would be.

All the best,
-- Jeff --

Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 08:32:44 -0700
From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D."
To: jean hudon
Subject: Re: An Update from me

Hi Jean,

You are right, we can only do what we can do. Sometimes it seems like not enough. It is difficult to motivate people to match our expectations. I have found that my expectations can be obstacles to recognizing the difference I do make. People are so distracted right now. They have few skills in knowing how to prioritize.

Environmental issues remain difficult to motivate people into action about because our bodies are so resilient and we have been taught that a state of ill-health is to be expected in the world.

Tend your garden and continue broadcasting your thoughts. It might be just enough for now.


Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.
Professor of Environmental Studies
Antioch University, Los Angeles
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Visit the Environment News Service to read Jackie's weekly column
"Healing Our World" at
Also visit Jackie's own web site at

Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 14:44:35 -0700
Organization: Center for CropCircle Studies/US Network
To: jean hudon

Greetings, Jean -


I understand what you've just shared ... things are changing so very quickly, coming together and quickly rearranging themselves before our startled eyes faster than we can keep up ... ERN has served to bring certain facets of humanity together, certain LightWorkers, who even now are rearranging themselves and their Energies once again. I'll stay in touch, and I'll be doing my Circles work ... next is the post-Summer newsletter, a webarticle or two, and then ... THE BOOK! :-) I'm looking forward to it all ...

with Love, appreciation for all your efforts, and a BIG ol' hug,

- ilyes

"Energy rightly applied can accomplish anything." - Nellie Bly 1922

- ilyes
National Coordinator
Centre for CropCircle Studies / US Network

>visit my HomePage - and my Monograph,
"An Hypothesis: The Transmission of a CropCircle"
explore The CropCircle Connector's International Archives:

Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 07:59:00 +1100
To: (jean hudon)
From: (estelle)

dearest jean - cheer up - maybe the message from what we can learn from the dog is the secret - it took me 22 years to get to the place of NOW/WON/ONE - which was to finally let go of the need to be responsible for the rest of the world - not that it means not doing - my work/play/dance continues with networking and walking my talk - teaching by example - being peaceful joyful and harmonious and reducing stress in my own life and my own immediate space - sometimes means dancing away from stuff - but thats ok also you are doing a brilliant job - communication is the name of the game - take a breath a pat a hug and lots of love from one who knows....

the lesson from the dolphins is to have fun, play, make love and have individual freedom with a group consciousness easy???????? love love love and then more love estelle

estelle myers
11 florey crescent, springwood, nsw, 2777 australia
phone 612 4751 8401 fax 4751 8402

Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 04:27:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: brett elliott
Subject: Re: Global meditation proposed every Sunday by 3 different sources
To: jean hudon

Dear Jean,

Your work is wonderful!

I write from Bali, home for some remarkable and powerful lightworkers. I have been a quiet member of the network since May 1997. Thank you.

Your story of the journey of Gaia was a wonderful experience. You have the fantastic gift of direct transmission through words. I experienced a very real multidimensional shift the evening I read it.

I would like to be sent correspondences on "the balance between light and shadow", and anything else you consider Important.

I would like to forward this information to those who are actively and lovingly doing the work. In return, should this be helpful to you, I feel compelled to offer updates on energetic shifts here in Bali.

It is a very special place.

Blooming love and Lightness,


From: ""
To: "'jean hudon'"
Subject: RE: your emails
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 11:59:31 -0400

Hi Jean. My name is Kerry. My friend in HI sends me interesting stuff of which I see your name originating on from time to time. I have sent you stuff I think may interest you. If you want off the list at any time just email me back.

I have glanced at your mission. It's a nice mission. Global broadcast at Jan 01, 2000 may not be a reality depending upon how hard the y2k bug hits but don't let that stop you. For all we know it may broadcast most everywhere. I think you can enhance the success of your mission if you look for corporate sponsors who fit into your theme as if this world wide telecast happens the corporate boys will love to have their pitches on it. Also, you could see if GreenPeace, the Sierra Club, the WWF fund would be interested. Ultimately, you need a lot of people who have free days to provide labor to contact all these groups and do other things. This will be the biggest challenge.

As for myself, I have no time to donate as I am busy getting my MCSE certifications.

Good luck,


To: (Jean Hudon)
From: (Jean Hudon)
Subject: Other feedbacks received on an "Update from me"

Dear friends

I have been blessed, awed, humbled, uplifted, inspired, and even brought to tears by the many supportive letters received for which a sampling is included below for your perusal.

Enjoy and a Big wave of love to you all


P.S. As for the "Very Special Email" I promised you in the last post, well, hopefully, it will be the next one!


From: "chin goh"
Subject: The Big Millennium Bash
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 04:49:58 PDT

Jean, my dear Brother of the Light,

You wrote:

>I watch the opening of the Commonwealth Games, Quite awesome and beautiful!

Yes, it was even better here, live! Complete with the atmosphere and energy vibrations of the mounting excitement. Malaysians certainly know how to put aside the trials and tribulations of the 3 concurrent disappiontments, namely, (1)the unceremonious sacking of our popular Deputy PM, Anwar; (2)the falling Ringgit & (3)the economic crisis; just to rise to the occassion of being the honoured host of the Games. Well, the Commonwealth Games certainly comes in handy as a good temporary panacea of the 3 blows! I consider it as a distraction, a kind of a de-stress factor for the masses.

How I wish you were here to witness the Opening Ceremony live. I'm making a good attempt at getting a seat for the Closing Ceremony, to get more ideas for our Millennium Gathering. Queen Elizabeth will be here to close the Games on the 21st; though her son, Prince Edward has been around since the 7th of Sept. I was actually also thinking of you too. When I watched the final full dress rehearsal live, I was drifting away dreamily, incorporating some of the most beautiful aspects of it into your ideas of our own Millennium Gathering celebrations on the 31st Dec. 1999! Since then, I had a few fresh ideas!

Jean, I implore you NOT to give up this most divinely beautiful Vision of yours! Pleeease... You've put in so much work. Those most wonderful writings of your ideas of the Millennium Gathering and Opening Ceremony must be materialized! Spirit wants us to do it, Jean! If you can't get the necessary support in the States, come over here and team up with me. Perhaps Malaysia might take this up, and be some sort of a host country again?!

Last Monday (just 2 days ago) I phoned Datuk Seri Paduka General (R) Gazali to congratulate him on the good show he had put forth in the Closing Ceremony of the Games. I talked about our Millennium Gathering and that he is to keep those beautiful costumes and some props (the globe too) to reserve them for the 31st Dec. 1999. He seems interested in the idea.

Next, I plan on rigging an appointment with Tan Sri Hashim Mohd Ali to introduce our Millennium Gathering idea to him soon. He is the man who headed and organised the Commonwealth Games, the CEO of SUKOM '98. Hoping that if he's interested, we'll have both the resources and the experienced support team all ready made! Tan Sri Hashim, like Gazali, is also a retired General from the army. Hashim is the brother-in-law of our Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir (his wife, Dr. Siti Hasmah's brother).


Oh yes! Of course this is gonna be a great big Millennium party! We'll start the evening with exquisite performances, then we'll carry through your VISION of the sequence of events in the Millennium Gathering Ceremony. (I especially love the donning of the white robes on the various cultural costumes and then the rainbow colors radiating outwards from the globe idea of yours! We'll make a better globe then the one we saw in the opening of the Games). Then after the countdown, it's party time! Fireworks galore and then everybody is invited to come down to the middle of the stadium to boogie away the wee hours of the morning of the 1st of Jan. 2000!!!

Note from Jean: As we can all see, maybe a miracle will take place after all...

And as Peter Gabriel sings in one of his songs...

Don't give up
Don't give up
Don't give up


Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 06:18:54 EDT
Subject: Re: An Update from me & Upliftment from ME!! =:)

Dear Jean,

I have read with great interest the work that you do!! Some things are much more interesting to me than others, but I read them all and print many!! Some I have even forwarded. Here's what I encourage for you and with you!! Do the best you can!! And, let the rest go!! Do it for You and not for anyone else. My vision is that everyone has Peace within themself by 2000!! I Know that the Peace I Am radiates through Me throughout the World. All of Us--which You Are as well--are energizing one-another. What You are doing energizes me; what I am doing energizes You. And we collectively energize all the Other Light- Beings--by whatever name--on the Earth as They energize us. Play in your garden. Contemplate the Wonder of Life. The attitude of abundance and thanksgiving for it all.

I Love You! You Are Important! Who You Are Makes A Difference! Love Is Who You Truly Are! And, through this Jean Hudon, "Love them no matter what they do!"

Dwight Smith, Your Friend from/in Richmond, Virginia

From: "Eve Howard"
Subject: Dear Jean
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 09:34:40 -0500

Dear Jean,

I have just had time to read your "Update from Me" message. At the same time as some of the replies in the message I have received today. There is so much that I have to thank you for in the short time I have been fortunate enough to receive your e-mails. The information you send puts us in touch with such a broad spectrum of dedicated thinkers. The gifts of so many pearls of wisdom that I have been given and are able to draw upon at just the correct moment of need has been inspiring.

In a time when we feel the inner drive to find our mission, and with our energies being so taxed you give us the opportunity to rise above our local picture and plan with a broader global knowledge. Also in a time when so many opportunists have identified the rising outcries by people for a better world the effort you are expending offers to me a safe haven in which I can read and regenerate my faith and energy.

While I have been in touch with several of the participants in your discussions at times when a cord is struck I agree with Jeremy Burnham that efforts may be turning to a local level. While my contacts have been wonderful and I have been very greatful for the loving way in which my inquiries were received they have served as sources of energy and information to continue my plans on this level. There is so much to be done, one step at a time. I can only imagine how many you have touched like myself with the ripple effect that this must be generating - When I read your messages I feel so connected with the energies of the lightworkers around the world.

Please continue if you can.

Bless you and may you know the love that is felt for you around the world.


To: (Carol Geary)
Subject: re: here are my belated thoughts on a few of your topics

Hi, here are my belated thoughts on a few of your topics.

Jean Hudon wrote:

... Maybe it's a case of Millennium fatigue! I don't know.

>Anyway, as for me and my initial project (the Millennium Gathering previously called Earth Concert 2000) ...

For months I enjoyed reading your plans but could not help but think of all the problems to be overcome. With the Y2K uncertainty, many people will not want to travel at that time. And if there are massive power outages, our wired world won't work. So the show would not go on. Deeper than that, I favor interactive sharing on the network. If we get through 1/1/2000, perhaps my dream has a better chance in 1/1/2001. I know most people watch TV and movies and enjoy being part of an audience. But I spring for Gregory Wright's Millennium Holomorph idea, where the networking and the broadcasting are to facilitate sharing by everyone, all over the planet. We are the show. Actually, all the shows would be part of the holomorph.

I certainly hope the ERN list continues. Thanks for all you put into it.

Carol Geary,

Thanks for your note and thoughts Carol.

I also think Gregory Wright's Millennium Holomorph (and Snapshot) idea is great and hope it will work.

As for the ERN list, if it is ever discontinued, you can certainly be added to my personal emailing list to continue receiving my posts which I intend to continue preparing

All my best to you ;-)


Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 21:18:02 EDT
Subject: Re: Feedbacks received on "An update from me"

Dear Jean

Many blessings to you as you keep us informed. Sometimes there is so much to digest! Thanks for keeping/being the connection.

John and Carolyn

Global Family

Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 17:18:06 +1200
From: Rosalie Steward
Subject: your update

Hello Jean,

have just had the chance to properly read through your last posting. Hmmm, a familiar story - insufficient practical support for an excellent proposal.

I have appreciated, and continue to, the networking you are doing and the links/news etc that you send out.

Curiously enough, today at 12 noon - the time for the mediation for world peace - from the small town of Thames a group of around 60 people set out on a 'hikoi' - a spiritual march, in support of communities caring for each other. At the beginning of this month two ceremonies were held at each end of our islands - the north of the north, and the south of the south - to commence the nationwide hikoi that will be meeting in the centre - Wellington - on 1st October.

The plan is to collect the stories of the people on the way and present them to our parliament in Wellington.

You've been in touch with Robert Theobald of the Quality of Life Network? I think i've seen reference to his work. I'm currently circulating his item on 'How the Communities Movement took Governance' to an extensive network here, including green party members standing for our local government elections being held in October.

Best wishes and kind regards

hope your harvesting goes well!


Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 18:54:02 EDT
Subject: Re: Feedbacks received on "An update from me".

Hi Jean...thank you for sharing this lovely letter...i too have found myself lead to work more directly with my direct family and close friends and acquaintes vs clients...and his name "localized phase" seems to capture the essense of how this focus of creating love, peace and harmony is being expressed...bless you...

love and light, WELLNESS


Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 10:50:22 -0600
From: Erin Martin
Subject: My appreciation for your work

Dear Jean,

It was wonderful to read of all the others who are supportive of your work.

I still have hopes that your vision will find fullfillment. Thus far, my life and work has been such that I was unsure what part I might be able to play in helping you. So instead I have passed many of your emails to those I know, including several churches and our town's local synagogue. Not to mention the local community bulletin boards!

The suggestion of contacting enviromental organizations, etc struck a chord. I happily offer my assistance and time to help locate funding.

In the meantime, I continue to rework my website ( I'll publish later as I have it completely down at the moment ) and build my new mailing list ( -combining action on the spiritual, enviromental, and political fronts ). And then there is the time I am required to earn money. If only the electric companies would barter....

My love and respect,


Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 21:03:31 -0700
Organization: Center for CropCircle Studies/US Network

In response to your post, Jeremy wrote:

"Thanks to your wonderful efforts I am now linked, without having to share another word on the net, with many thousands around the planet. I carry an awareness in me of the Barbaras and Ilyeses and Paldens and Eds - who they are and what they are doing - in a way that I did not before. This empowers me. Not overtly in any daily manifestation (that I'm aware of), but gently, powerfully, at a warm, cellular level and what I now do I do in some real sense with them."

I resonate with Jeremy's 'take' completely! I feel exactly the same, and when I participate in a worldwide meditation now, as I 'breathe my longitude of Light/Love forward across the globe' degree by degree, I invite the Energies being held in all the places I'm aware of to join me/us. When my longitude of Light/Love kisses me on the back of the head, I send it 'round completely twice more before releasing it. I know everyone's there with me -- huge support -- it's 'good'! :-)

Thank you for thinking of me, Jean and Jeremy! I'm absolutely in awe of the work we're each doing, the niches we've manifested for ourselves OUT OF NOTHING! :-) Before we came along, NO ONE was doing what we're doing ... We were called by The Need, and with the help of Guidance are learning on the wing (as it were ;-) how we might best creatively utilize our skills, drawing energies from and simultaneously nourishing all who are in resonance with our own frequencies. It's an unstoppable downhill snowball of PEOPLE we're helping to generate, one by one by one ...

I find it so very reassuring to know that we're all 'out there', interconnected and walkin' our talk, our unified Intent focused single-mindedly on helping to anchor precisely those Energies that'll ultimately precipitate mankind's Transition. Wowie, gang! Whatta trip !!!


- ilyes

To: (jean hudon)
From: Palden Jenkins
Subject: Re: An Update from me
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 19:29:14 +0100

At 05:58 13/09/98 -0400, you wrote:

>Maybe it's a case of Millennium fatigue! I don't know.

This is an interesting comment, Jean! Keep up with the networking! For me, I withdrew from ERN mainly because of the plethora of e-mails, which I couldn't handle, plus that it mainly concerned (at the time, at least) North American issues. 'Millennium Fatigue' is worth contemplating. However, I think it's not so much fatigue as an understandable underestimation of the extent and dimensionality of the change which is approaching. However, this will happen *after* the Millennium. And perhaps the issues we need to look at are the more longterm spiritual-political issues which are likely to arise in relation to the unknown quantities we're likely to encounter, not only from the Y2K problem but also the general shift of perspective and priority which was going to happen anyway. A symptom of the immensity of that shift is the avoidance which has been common, as if to say "Please leave me in a 20th Century reality and don't fast-forward to the future!".

>Anyway, as for me and my initial project (the Millennium Gathering previously called Earth Concert 2000) that got me started on this long millennium trek, though I would still love to be involved in producing something like this, I just don't see how this could be without much more financial support and direct assistance and involvement from many many people -- something which has not materialized so far and which frankly does not appear to be likely. Many people liked the idea but no one really committed to help make it happen. There is nothing sad in this, It's just a fact.

Yes. I've had the same thing with the Hundredth Monkey Project: lots of goodwill and great ideas and energy, but in the end.... well.... "too busy!". This is another 'end of the 20th Century' symptom. It is saddening, though again thoroughly understandable, and we all participate in it! However, the big shit of the 20th C came out in 1902-1914, and we're likley to see a similar scenario soon, methinks. So the question becomes: what can we do about the situation following the Millennium? After all, the Millennium party-syndrome is rather a 20th C thing, perhaps - with an emphasis on a Big Bang approach. Actually, in this case, methinks it's not the Party itself which is the main thing, but the clearing up afterwards!

>I'm sure my contribution through this inspired vision I had and through the creation and networking of the Earth Proclamation and I don't know how many other pieces of information and literature has had some positive effect if only by inspiring other people into some form of action or as an inspiration to continue what they are doing which is all so essential.

You're correct there. And keep it up with the good work!

>So it's not that I'm giving up. I'm just making a reality check here.

Hmmm. Same problems over here. One little personal example: I've written a book called "The Illustrated Guidebook to the Millennium", which was originally commissioned (and my error was that I trusted the publishers and didn't insist on proper safeguards when they withdrew!), and which has then been rejected by 22 publishers on both sides of the Pond, even though it has been noted by five of them that it's the best Millennium book they've seen. So I'm sitting on an excellent manuscript which is going to waste, and thinking about making it into a website, though I haven't figured out yet how to pay for the illustration rights which would make it really work! So much for all that work on the Millennium! It'll work out somehow. However, this little saga is to illustrate that I don't think you're on your own with this rather strange situation.

>Hoping for the best, working as best I can

Go for it, matey. It will all lead somewhere worthwhile - though I cannot give you any hints as to when or how!

BTW. I've written an 8,000 word short story which gives my understanding of the likely scenario in the coming century. It too has been rejected for book publication, though commissioned! So I'm going to circulate it on Internet. If you're interested, e mail and I'll send it to you.


Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 23:56:46 -0800

Jean, Ed & (anyone else who may be reading this),

I have been so busy lately, I haven't been able check my email much at all, much less read all of it. I have been working a lot recently on several projects locally, including networking locally for Y2K preparedness. I feel that right now my focus needs to be on networking here in Athens, Ga. I have been getting very strong confirmations from the universe (wonderful amazing occurences of syncronicity -- 3 big ones yesterday!), so I know I am doing what I am supposed to be doing right now.

I have not forgotten ERN or the millenial vision, but wonder if my mission in the millennial process might be on a more local level. But who knows...that could change next week :-)

I feel that the best thing we each can do is to ask the universe for clear guidance to each see our path, instant karma to show us when we get off our path so we can each accomplish our own mission in the most effective way possible, and confirmation of when we are on our path. Kinda simple, but it seems to be working for me right now. I love you all very much and you are all in my hearts all the time, even when you don't hear from me much!

In Peace and Love and Light,


Dear friends

Again a big love-filled thank you to all who sent me those beautiful words of support and all their love. I'm passing them along as I feel this is not just for me to share but also for everyone in this worldwide "Web of Love" Family to receive and enjoy.

Let's all shine!


And I sure won't give up!...


From: (Ayla Dincer)
Subject: An update from you
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 23:34:53 +0300

Dear Jean,

Never give up. It is not for us. We can go deep in the sea, crash the rocks there and when everyone believes that we are finished, we are there: having received a handful of sand from where we had crashed and come upwards with a smile on our faces. That is who we are. We do not need the money, the power etc. as we have the means to do anything we are in need of. Just enough for that no more. What happens if we want to change the world than? Trust me, we all have that power within ourselves. I can not tell you if it is in the brain or in the heart or in somewhere else as I do not know, but I feel the smell, the push, the silent song going around. It is good to hear that you are there, the "WorldWide Africa-Jeremy" is there, that Jeff Gordon is around. So do Jackie Alan Giuliano; and of course ilyes (by the way my father's name is ilyas)and Estelle; who says take a breath, a pat, a hug and lots of love, which we all need, don't we? I must say hello to Brett Elliott, Bali. From somewhere so far and so near. So imaginative but can only be a dream for me to have a friend over there. Dear Brett, sorry as I do not have any wordly contacts but I am fond of worldly contacts for the moment as I do know that I leave on world for this moment. I love you all. Good luck Kerry, I hope you will have a MCSE not only for this planet, for our universe, too.

I am afraid I will not have the chance to hear the Real Audio-Word Indigenous peoples Conferences as I do not have the means to do so. But I will feel it friends. The most interesting thing for me is the Women's Spiritual Network. Do you need assistance from this side of the world friends, from Istanbul, Turkey? I do not have a center or a group but I am here even if alone. I love you all friends. Stay with inner peace, happiness will follow.


Dear Ayla

What a wonderful experience it is to receive such a Love&Light-filled letter from Turkey where we have had so little contacts so far. Thank you so much Ayla for sharing your thoughts and connectiong into the Web of Love we are co-creating on Earth *all together* as you so beautifully exemplified in your letter.

We are all coming together and as our dear friends and co-Lightworkers Catherine Grace and Ken Kalb from Lightshift 2000 remind us so often, the Lightshift IS occuring, one-by-one-by-one all around the world .

With Love and blessings from Quebec



Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 00:46:05 EDT
Subject: Re: Other feedbacks received on an "Update from me"

Dear Jean:

As I sit and read the many responses to an "Update from me," my heart is warmed that so much love is being returned to you. You have given so much to all of us.....assisting us in opening our hearts. Perhaps we will not gather together physically, instead we are all connected energetically......and we are aware of the feeling, thanks to you. Your vision has assisted each of us in believing that our dreams can come true. The outcome may not be in the form that we expect, but the blessings in the experience are abundant.

You are much loved and appreciated.....always remember that.

Much Love & Light,



From: "Maria Helena Neira"
To: "jean hudon"
Subject: greetings on love's and frienship's day
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 18:25:08 -0500

Hello Jean

Thank you for all your concern about life. All what I have read through your daily mails really makes you thinking...


Today is the love's and frienships's day in Colombia and I though that one of the person's in the world that deserves a hug and a kiss of thank you is you because you are really making us go back to our roots and see how we have damaged our environement and that must try to change our methods to let our children have a wonderful life.

Congratulacions. Marie


Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 12:40:21 +1000
To: (jean hudon)
From: "2blu89.1fm"

Dear Jean,

Greetings from all of us in the Blue Mountains, Estelle, Jyoti, Natali and Debra.

We support your wonderful work and hope that you continue networking and raising the energy to the right level for the new millenium.

The Brahma Kumaris continue with their World Meditation Hour at 6.30 - 7.30 pm GMT every 3rd Sunday of each month. Please feel encouraged to join them and if there is a meditation centre near you, to attend the gatherings. With the power of God, definitely the quality of human consciousness will be uplifted and there will be transformational shifts in nature also.

The Millenium Party will happen. Perhaps you need to approach Murdoch to get media support and coverage and the City Councils of London, New York, Rome, Sydney, Delhi and so on. It is worth the effort. Let's also invite the spiritual musicians from around the world to sing, perform and create the vibrations of peace, love and harmony on the planet. It would be a wonderful experiment if the gatherings were alcohol and drug-free zones so that young and elderly people can feel safe!!

Keep us updated Jean and all the best.

Jyoti Costin

(Current Affairs, Media Officer Brahma Kumaris Sydney)

Thank you so much Jyoti for your very supportive letter.

Have you heard about the US organization First Night International who have been organizing drug and booze-free New Year's eve parties in numerous US cities for many years now?

If you want to start a similar organization in Australia or encourage others to do so, you might want to contact them at:

Earls, Zeren
First Night International
200 Lincoln St #301
Boston MA 02111
617-357-0065, fax-0066


Subject: roland to jean about the future
From: (Roland)
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 22:21:51 -0800

Dear Jean and friends,

I am very sorry to hear that you, Jean, seem to have decided to withdraw from your most inspiring work at the heart of ERN. I do hope that this work continues and that you, Jean, play your important role in it. As for myself, I regret that I couldn't contribute so much during the last months; this is due to the fact that I had so much work and that I didn't want to forget my nearer environment - my family and my neighborhood.

In fact, we have founded a "Happy Republic of Fauggersweg" recently - Fauggersweg is the street in a Swiss village where we live. We already have a president, a fool and a peace man (his familiy name is friedman), and it's all fun and not very serious, but, as I hear, a good preparation for Y2k problems.

We were very busy and also successful with our Global Initiative and presented the "Torch of Hope" yesterday to Swiss president Flavio Cotti. You know about these projects, Jean, and you encouraged me often to continue. The Peace Candle welded of weapons has really been built at a central square in Berne, more than 3 meters high, and it is beautiful. TV and newspapers have reported about it, and yesterday Mr. Cotti told me that we agrees to light this candle with the torch of hope, together with us, in some weeks. So there is hope!

At the same time we don"t know if we can realise the "People's Walk for Peace" in 99; we will do our best in Switzerland, but still our infrastructure and finance is much too small.

Some months ago I have decided to withdraw a little my outer activities and to concentrate more on the inner level. I will create a "Peace Circle" of three or four persons of my confidence, with a philosophical background and some spiritual practice.

As I can see, there are many good projects concerning the millennium and peace in general, and I think that my contribution besides the Global Initiative can be this deepening of thought and practice.

I have started the Global Initiative in 1994 after some thoughts about the "Really Essential". I found that the work for the saving of our planet was really essential, and developed the ideas for worldwide disarmament as a first step to global healing.

In the meantime I have learned many things; one of the most wonderful facts is that I am connected to this worldwide coummunity of "workers for the future" through EMail and websites.

The other wonderful fact is that I often can realise inner peace and happiness in my life, also in difficult situations. Let's continue to work together!

As you might have heard, Alan Moore is prepared to create an event in order to present the World Peace Candle to Kofi Annan next July; as far as I am informed, he is working together with Linda Grover on this. We are happy about this and are still willing to play our role in it by sending one of our young activists (if we can afford it...)

Jean, your vision is very big, and you have the gift to express yourself very well. We are also, as I have said, considering to reduce our vision of the People's Walk, and I think this is sometimes necessary. Not all visions must be realised, it is already beautiful that we have them as visions, and it might be necessary that we give way to other projects to manifest.

I include here a press release which is somehow outdated but still gives a short impression of our acitivities.

With kind regards


Press Release

Our Word is Hope

With two powerful actions the Global Initiative will underline its demand for worldwide disarmament: On the feast of Switzerland's 150th birthday, Sept. 11-13, young artists will weld a "Peace Candle" made of weapons. One week later young people will hand the "children's torch of hope" to Swiss president Flavio Cotti in Brig, Switzerland.

The Swiss Peace Candle is already under construction in a workshop near Berne. A year old artist is working with cannon barrels which have been given by the Swiss Military Department. 20 year old Jonas Abplanalp has organised the project in order to strengthen the peace work of the Global Initiative. Switzerland is the first country with such a sculpture; peace organisations are already interested to build similar peace candles in other countries.

The Global Initiative asks the Swiss Government to join the "New Agenda" released in June 98 by 8 states including Ireland, Sweden and Mexico. The eight states de-mand total nuclear disarmament.

At the "Forum 98 Brig". Sept. 18 and 19, the Global Initiative will, in the name of civil society, hand over the "Children's Torch of Hope" to Swiss President Flavio Cotti. The torch has been brought from North America and has been in the hands of presidents, kings, the pope, the Dalai Lama and millions of individuals.

At this occasion, Mr. Cotti will be asked if Switzerland is ready to join the New Agenda. Also, Mr. Cotti will be asked if he is willing to light the Swiss Peace Candle in Berne with the Torch of Hope. The meeting with Mr. Cotti will be accompanied by a little theatre scene and a song performed by the committee of the Global Initiative, mainly young people.


From: "Stan Sobel"
To: "Jean Hudon"
Subject: Millenium Gathering
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998

Hi Jean,

Thank you for your information on the Millenium Gathering and your Earth Rainbow Network. I was guided to you by Cynthia Peden for which I give thanks.

I have a gift from Spirit to share with you and those you choose to share it with..

During 23 months of research on the effects of misalignment of our Electromagnetic Energy Body (EEB) with our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual (Etheric Template) bodies and the Earth's EEB, Spirit has revealed a simple technique for alignment.

Observations have revealed when I am in alignment I have a feeling of well being, my Immune System is functioning at a high level and my energy level is high.Recovery from health challenges is accelerated after alignment occurs

When I am out of alignment, my energy level is low, am edgey and easily irritated and my Immune System is suppressed making me vulnerable to a variety of health challenges. I truly believe a misaligned EEB is the basic cause of DIS EASE.

To minimize the duration of time one may be out of alignment, Spirit has suggested the following: Start your day and end your day saying the following ALOUD:


It is suggested those who use this simple technique and experience benefits do something nice for someone without them knowing it as an expression of thanks to Spirit for this beautiful gift.

Jean, I believe when the supporters of your Millenium Gathering are experiencing a feeling of well being they will radiate that inner love and attract others wanting to know more how they may experience that outer glow.

Please extend an invitation to all using the alignment to share their experiences during the first 15 minutes after the alignment and the following 3 days.

I applaud you for devoting your energy to The Millenium Gathering. It will help raise the Consciousness of Humanity to Love and Peace and be a great success. Will share your goals with others.

Let me know what you experience after the alignment.

Take time to have fun and laugh.


Stan Sobel

From the Ozarks