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October 3, 2008

The Perfect Storm Series #18: Time to Take a Whole New Direction

Hello everysoul!

I highly recommend that you listen first to this 2 min video excerpt of David Korten's conference on The Great Turning...

"The human species faces an apparent paradox. We have embraced economic growth as our primary indicator of human progress. Yet as economic output and consumption grow the number of people forced into lives of dehumanizing deprivation increases and the quality of life of all but the wealthiest among us declines.

The reason is as simple as it is disturbing. Sometime toward the end of the Twentieth Century the human species passed over a critical threshold in its relationship to our home planet. Humanity's collective demand on the regenerative capacity of Earth's ecosystem grew to exceed the limit of what can be sustained. The more the economy grows the greater the demand, the more rapid the depletion of the living systems that are the source of all real wealth, and the more intense the unequal competition between rich and poor for what remains - a competition the poor invariably lose.

Travelers on a living spaceship, humans continue to live like cowboys on an open frontier - living out an old story in a new era. In deep denial and captive to the imperatives of global corporations and financial markets that value money more than life, those who hold positions of institutional power remain resolutely committed to policies that enrich themselves, but impoverish people, community, and planet. To create a world that works for all, public policy must give priority not to aggregate growth, but to using the resources of planet and society equitably and sustainably to provide healthy, fulfilling lives for all people and other living beings. It means reorganizing economic life to produce more of the things that people need - like food, shelter, clothing, education, and health care - and less of the costly things we do not - like military hardware, pollution, traffic jams, and crime.

Hope for the human future rests, therefore, not with institutions of power, but with the millions of individuals all around the world who are awakening, as if from a deep trance, to the reality of our collective crisis. Acting out of love, compassion, and a deep sense of responsibility to people and planet, they are rejecting the disempowering mantra that there is no alternative to a dysfunctional status quo, putting their bodies on the line to stall the forces of corporate globalization, and living a new story into being. They see the human future as a matter of choice, not destiny, and seek a world that works for every person and the whole of life."

To continue reading this and discover how you can actually assist in shifting your priorities towards sustainable solutions, please go at

I also recommend you give a good look at my new section below entitled "Exploring some solutions to the growing global crisis" as you'll find there a generally positive outlook and encouraging signs to empower ourselves to be the change we want to see in the world? I felt it was necessary to research this material for you today to counterbalance the more pessimistic outlook of much of the material in the rest of this compilation.

Crunch time ahead... Such a crisis is in fact a wonderful opportunity to reassess our heading and make a conscious choice for a whole new direction.

As Joanna Macy says below in The Greatest Danger, it is time "we realize how lucky we are to be alive now, to take part in this planetary adventure."


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Thank you Jean for these extraordinary links leading to the communications by Adamu from the Galactic Federation of Light. The love and beauty and clarity that emanate from these communications just lift you up. It brought tears into my eyes and at the end of the communications I went straight within to give grace to this Federation. Yes I am ready to welcome these beings from outer space into my life and to do everything I can to help others not to enter fear when these star people will make their appearance to us humans."

- Birgitta Storjohann (

"The inflation in consumer prices that is going to destroy the United States, as a result of the government deficit-spending, financial bubbles and the Federal Reserve creating excess money and credit to pay for it, all will be felt in different ways (...) he has never seen such insane creation of excess money and credit by the loathsome Federal Reserve before, either. Nobody has! And all this inflation is affecting me, personally, as I am getting used to puking up blood when I think of the misery and suffering to come. But it is affecting me in a more practical way, too, as when I started out in economics, it was mostly about millions of dollars, and then things were in billions of dollars (a thousand times bigger than a million), and then things were in trillions of trillions of dollars (a million times bigger than a million), but last week I mentioned the US$1.25 quadrillion of global derivatives estimated to be outstanding (a billion times bigger than a million), and when disbursed evenly amongst all the world's population of 6 billion people, $1.25 quadrillion comes out to $203,000 for each man, woman and child on the face of the planet!"

- Taken from Inflation in stereo

"Collapse requires resilience in a range of scenarios. Resilience, the ability to withstand shocks. An ability to adapt to the unexpected. We aren't going to be able to think of everything, but increasingly we need to think of contingency plans, backups, possibilities, and preparations."

- Taken from Sept 14, 08 Janaia's journal at

"Will future generations know our time as the Great Unraveling, when profligate consumption exceeded Earth's capacity and led to an accelerating wave of collapsing environmental systems, violent competition for resources, and a dramatic dieback of the human population? Or will they look back on the time of the Great Turning, when their forebears turned crisis into opportunity, and learned to live in creative partnership with one another and Earth? Empire organizes by domination, brings fortune to a few, and condemns most to misery and servitude. Earth Community organizes by partnership, unleashing human potential for creative cooperation, and shares resources and surpluses for the good of all. The future is in our hands... We have the power. We are the ones we have been waiting for."

- David Korten -- Taken from - More on David Korten through and where one can read, "History shows that as empires crumble the ruling elites become ever more corrupt and ruthless in their drive to secure their own power-a dynamic now playing out in the United States. We Americans base our identity in large measure on the myth that our nation has always embodied the highest principles of democracy, and is devoted to spreading peace and justice to the world. But there has always been tension between America's high ideals and its reality as a modern version of Empire." ... How truthful!

"Zen poet Thich Nhat Hanh was asked, "what do we most need to do to save our world?" His answer was this: "What we most need to do is to hear within us the sounds of the Earth crying." (...) Pain for the world-the outrage and the sorrow-breaks us open to a larger sense of who we are. It is a doorway to the realization of our mutual belonging in the web of life. Many of us fear that confrontation with despair will bring loneliness and isolation. On the contrary, in letting go of old defenses, we find truer community. And in community, we learn to trust our inner responses to our world-and find our power. You are not alone! We are part of a vast, global movement: the epochal transition from empire to Earth community. This is the Great Turning. And the excitement, the alarm, even the overwhelm we feel, are all part of our waking up to this collective adventure."

- Taken from The Greatest Danger below - a MOST inspiring read!

CONTENTS - of the main section of this compilation

1. Message from Matthew
2. Republican and Democratic Congress Members Sound the Alarm: Tyranny is Here
3. House Votes 'No' on Paulson's Bailout -- But Is the Financial Meltdown Averted?
4. US Economy: Even Hank Paulson's bail-out plan cannot detox global banking
5. Congratulations, Corporate Crime Fighters! Coup Averted for Three Days! ...from Michael Moore
6. With All Eyes on the Bailout, House Passes Trillion-Dollar Defense Bill
7. $1 Quadrillion of Unregulated Debt At Core of Coming Derivatives Crisis
9. The Iranian President Makes More Sense Than Bush, McCain or Obama
10. The PRE-PLANNED Financial/Economic 911 of 2008
11. That parrot!


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CONTENTS - of this special section

1. Main Street Before Wall Street
2. They Stood Up to the Banks
3. The Greatest Danger
4. Welcome to a Different Planet
5. The Great Correction


Organize your block (18 January 2008)
(...) It's part of the broader vision of N Street residents to become a cohousing community. Cohousing, a modern equivalent of the traditional village where everyone looks out for one another, was invented in Denmark and is now a common housing option in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Germany. It is also beginning to take root in the United States, with 200 communities in more than 30 states. Cohousing updates the '60s ideal of communal living to include a combination of private and community spaces. Households generally have their own residences, kitchens and yards, but also enjoy the common house, where community meals and events take place. Other shared facilities can include gardens, fields, workshops, kids' playrooms, libraries, volleyball courts and so forth. Most cohousing communities are new constructions. But N Street is one example of an existing block deciding to become a more closely connected community. It began when two neighbors tore down their backyard fence in 1986 and now includes 17 households. The common house was purchased and remodeled in 1991 and features a community kitchen, dining room and rec room with a piano, TV and foosball table.Resources: Cohousing Association of the United States,

List of and details on more than 350 existing and forming Cohousing Communities and ecovillages in the US and around the world
Check also
The Frog Song Cohousing community in Cotati, California, is a good example of a success story

Communities Magazine
A vital resource offering many models of alternative living in these changing times -- Since 1972, Communities has been the primary resource for information, issues, and ideas about intentional communities in North America - from urban co-ops to cohousing groups to ecovillages to rural communes. The 80-page quarterly is also focusing increasingly on creating and enhancing community in the workplace, in nonprofit or activist organizations, and in neighborhoods. Articles and columns cover practical "how-to" issues of cooperative living as well as personal stories about forming new communities, decision-making, conflict resolution, raising children in community, ecological living, and much more. We explore the joys and challenges of cooperation in its many dimensions.

Many interesting related links through
(...) Many of us are examining our lives to find ways we can reduce our impact on the overheating, overfished, eroded, paved and poisoned planet. Of course there are lots of little things we each can do that will make a small change in our individual footprint, and those are good places to start. But we're realizing that we've reached a time when big changes are called for--and lots of them. (...) More and more people now understand that community and cooperation are a central part of the way forward to a healthier planet and a thriving society. Our communities are even getting positive coverage in places like USA Today and US News & World Report. CLIP ... such as Cohousing Communities in Small Towns Nationwide - a good way to face the uncertain times ahead! See also their complete online Newsletter Archive at

Visions of Utopia Video
A companion piece to the Communities Directory, this video documentary features profiles of seven diverse communities, plus a fascinating history of shared living spanning 2500 years. Visions of Utopia is a great way to experience a sampling of community life "up close." You can see and hear community members tell their stories in their own words.

Creating Our Own Neighborhood - Bellingham Cohousing (27 min)
Peak Moment - bringing you examples of positive responses to energy decline and climate change through local community action.

Peak Moment: Community Responses to a Changing Energy Future
Peak Moment is a weekly series showcasing perspectives and initiatives for local self-reliant living. Programs feature host Janaia Donaldson's conversations and on-site tours with guests preparing for accelerating energy decline, climate chaos, and economic uncertainty. Sample topics include: local food production; renewable energy; transportation alternatives; sustainable building; personal, economic, business, and governmental responses. More through where many inspiring DVDs are offered.

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
"The Power of Community" is creating excitement in localization groups, and with good reason. In this film, individual Cubans tell us how they responded to an artificially imposed "Peak Oil" in the 1990s, when the fall of the Soviet Union caused the loss of most food and oil imports. Their stories serve as a valuable model for a world facing Peak Oil on a global scale. Cuba's transition to a low-energy society is hopeful and instructive.Interweaving a cogent overview of global Peak Oil with the story of Cuba's experience, director Faith Morgan outlines the dire consequences of Cuba's energy crisis. Transportation halted. Electricity was available sporadically. Lacking substitutes for fossil-fuel-based farming, food production was devastated. The average Cuban lost 20 pounds.Morgan shows us the innovative responses of the Cuban people. We see city-dwellers planting urban gardens on every available plot, using permaculture and organic farming to reclaim soils destroyed by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These local farmers reconnect with their neighbors and willingly supply free food to elders, schools, workers, and pregnant women. We also see how Cuba coped with a sudden lack of energy for modern infrastructure. Without fuel for cars, Cubans walked, carpooled, and rode buses. They even massively adopted the bicycle, despite the prior absence of a cycling culture. We also see Cubans creatively reducing energy consumption in their homes and workplaces and implementing small-scale renewable energy projects. CLIP - More through And watch the whole 53 minutes documentary through

Learning from Cuba's Response to Peak Oil - Excellent interview - 27 min 36 sec
Peak Moment #27: Megan Quinn of The Community Solution discusses her visit to Cuba, and the movie "The Power of Community". This young woman sees Peak Oil as an opportunity to create the communities we want, but notes that we must reduce our consumption despite environmentalists' assurances that biofuels will save us.

Check all the other "Peak Moment" interviews - a fascinating series! Over 129 episodes so far!
Such as...

The Climate Change Despair and Empowerment Roadshow

101 Solutions to Global Climate Change

Meeting the Energy Challenge - The latest episode posted on Sept 27, 2008
Permaculture Design is an ecological design system focused on working with rather than against nature.The originators of Permaculture are Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, who coined the term in the 1970's as a contraction of the words "permanent" and "agriculture". Their desire was to create garden systems that mimic the way natural ecosystems work. One approach involves increasing the functional connections between elements so that nature does most of the work, and the need for human labor is reduced.Since the 70's, Permaculture has evolved to include many aspects of sustainable, low-impact living, such as Natural Building and small-scale renewable energy. (...)

Related video: A Sustainability Renaissance Man - MOST interesting interview!!
Peak Moment 91: Earth needs humans to figure out our shared destiny, says Alan Seid, whose interest is both the outer and inner dimensions of sustainability. Outside there's ecology, social systems and economics (e.g., in Permaculture). Inside is the psychological dimension of personal and group values and intentions. How do we meet people where they are, engender respect, promote crucial information-sharing, and motivate change?

"What permaculturists are doing is the most important activity that any group is doing on the planet. We don't know what details of a truly sustainable future are going to be like, but we need options, we need people experimenting in all kinds of ways and permaculturists are one of the critical gangs that are doing that."

- David Suzuki, International Environmental Advocate

The following is taken from

Resources on connecting with allies and building a people's movement. Start a Dialogue

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) conducts grassroots campaigns on voter registration and education, election reform, and city council redistricting, and promotes ballot initiatives to empower low- and moderate-income families.

The Center for Nonviolent Communication offers training, consulting, and tools for resolving conflicts peacefully.

Everyday Democracy helps people think, talk and work together to solve problems. The group aims to bring all kinds of people into discussions about public life, and is helping people connect dialogue to real solutions.

From the Four Directions provides coaching, networking, and resources for citizen leaders to start conversation circles.

The National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation offers a wealth of information and tools to help people engage in powerful, lively, and thoughtful dialogue and conversations about issues that matter to them. Their website provides a beginner's toolkit for dialogue and deliberation.

Wisdom Circles provides resources to help small groups have meaningful discussions.

Post-capitalism refers to any hypothetical future economic system which are proposed to replace capitalism as the dominant economic system.[citation needed]There have been a number of proposals for a new economic system to replace capitalism. The most notable among them are: Socialist economics, an economic system based on state or public ownership of the means of production. Participatory economics, an economic system that uses participatory decision making as an economic mechanism to guide the allocation of resources and consumption in a given society.Post-scarcity anarchism, an economic system based on social ecology, libertarian municipalism, and an abundance of fundamental resources. Binary economics, an economic system that endorses both private property and a free market but proposes significant reforms to the banking system.



Main Street Before Wall Street

by David Korten - September 24, 2008

Events of the past few weeks have exposed the danger of a financial system devoted to reckless speculation that produces nothing of real value and, as we are now being told, presents a risk to the whole global economy. The Bush administration proposes handing $700 billion to Treasury Secretary Paulson to disburse-without oversight or review-to those who created the current mess. Spending what many analysts believe will grow to at least a trillion dollars to prop up this predatory system for a few more months, or even years, seems less than a great idea, which hopefully makes this a teachable moment.

We might start with the lesson that there is an essential role for government. Market fundamentalists have long argued that markets freed from governmental interference self-correct. We can now see clearly that the more Wall Street freed itself from regulatory oversight, the more its most powerful players manipulated markets and politics to their personal benefit. The more reckless their risk taking became, the greater the instability of the financial system, and the greater the threat to the rest of the economy.

So what would a healthy financial system look like? Let's start with the relationship between Main Street and Wall Street. Main Street is the world of local businesses and working people engaged in producing and exchanging real goods and services-a world of real wealth. Wall Street as it now exists is a world of pure money in which the sole game is to use money to make money for people who have money-a world of speculative gains and unearned claims against the real wealth of Main Street.

Money, an essential medium of exchange, makes modern economic life possible. In our current money system, the money that Main Street depends on to facilitate productive economic exchange and investment is created when Wall Street's private banks issue loans. You might say that the business of Wall Street is creating money. This does not in itself create wealth. Money is only an accounting chit useful as a medium of exchange. Wealth creation is the business of Main Street. This suggests that the only legitimate reason for the existence of Wall Street is to provide an orderly flow of money to meet the needs of Main Street.

Wall Street performed its appropriate tasks reasonably well so long as public regulatory authorities put in place subsequent to the financial crash of 1929 held it accountable to Main Street interests. As it liberated itself from public oversight, however, Wall Street turned from serving Main Street to preying on it to generate outsized financial rewards for its biggest players. It created a mind boggling variety of "heads I win, tails you lose" financial games.

It used deceptive practices to encourage people to run up credit card and mortgage debts far beyond their means to repay, and then hit the victims with special fees and usurious interest rates as they inevitably fell behind in their payments. To get the high risk mortgages off their balance sheets, the banks sold them to brokers who packaged them into tradable securities with inflated quality ratings. The banks that made the decision to extend the bad credit collected their fees and passed the risk on to others. Proceeds from the sale of the overrated securities were used to finance more lending to unqualified borrowers. Many of these overrated securities ultimately ended up in the portfolios of retirement funds, passing the risk back to Main Street workers and pensioners who had no voice in any of the decisions involved.

Wall Street also found it profitable to merge regulated banks with unregulated investment houses to facilitate insider dealing and finance a proliferation of highly leveraged hedge funds and private equity funds that specialize in gambling with other people's money using exotic financial instruments no one fully understands.

The players and their apologists claimed they were creating wealth, providing market liquidity, increasing economic efficiency, and stabilizing markets. In fact, they created and profited from financial and real estate bubbles and debt pyramids that used borrowed money to create paper assets that became collateral for more borrowing to create more paper assets to justify compensation packages for themselves in the hundreds of millions of dollars. It may be legal, but it is not wealth creation. It is an act of theft made possible by abuse of the legally sanctioned power of a private banking system to create money out of nothing and direct it to use by financial predators engaged in expropriating the real wealth of Main Street for exorbitant fees.

In 2007, the fifty highest paid private investment fund managers, averaged $588 million in compensation-19,000 times as much as average worker pay. They said they were worth it because they were so smart and productive. Now that their bets don't look so good, they think Main Street taxpayers should pony up to cover the losses of the firms they created to generate these handsome management fees.

Rather than seeking to restore the health of Wall Street's predatory private institutions, a proper plan would seek to rid Wall Street of its purely predatory elements while dismantling and reassembling its useable institutions to create a new system accountable to the needs of Main Street. Here are some of the basics.

Hedge funds and private equity funds pose great risks to society while performing no beneficial function. They should be dismantled.

As Rep. Bernie Sanders has recently said, "If a company is too big to fail, it is too big to exist." Adam Smith, revered by many as the founding prophet of capitalism, cautioned against any concentration of economic power that might be used to avoid market discipline, manipulate market prices, and extract unearned profits. He had a very good idea. It's an important market principle.

It is time to revive anti-trust to break up all excessive concentrations of corporate power and particularly the banking conglomerates that have been fueling speculation in global financial markets. To meet the financial needs of Main Street create a system of federally regulated, community banks that fulfill the classic textbook function of acting as intermediaries between local people looking for a secure place for their savings and local people who need a loan to buy a home or finance a business.

Proceeds from taxes on the ill-gotten gains of those who created the financial mess can be used to make whole the pensioners, home owners, and credit card holders the system victimized.

I grew up believing that a strong middle class is a foundation of democracy and the American ideal. This would be a great time to get serious about a broader legislative agenda to restore the middle class by restoring a progressive tax system, raising the minimum wage, and assuring every American has access to the basics of a decent life. And while we are creating a tax code to favor Main Street over Wall Street we should include provisions to discourage absentee ownership and speculation by making them unprofitable.

Perhaps the most important of all the needed reform measures is to make money creation a public function and strip private banks of their ability to create money out of nothing by issuing loans at interest against unsecured demand deposits.

These are not small steps. Their implementation would likely cause significant temporary disruption, but no more than the disruption that inevitably lies ahead if the current system of predatory finance remains in place. Use the trillion dollars to help the people who are creating real wealth and let the fat cat speculators take their lumps. Only a thoroughgoing redesign of Wall Street offers prospect of a real solution. Anything else is only a costly temporary band-aid.

David Korten is author of the international bestseller When Corporations Rule the World and The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community. He is co-founder and board chair of YES! Magazine, where he writes frequently on issues of corporations and creating living economies.

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Living Wealth: Better Than Money by David Korten (Fall 2007)
If there is to be a human future, we must bring ourselves into balanced relationship with one another and the Earth. This requires building economies with heart. If we are to slow and ultimately reverse the social and environmental disintegration we see around us, we must change the rules to curb the pervasive abuse of corporate power that contributes so much to those harms.Taming corporate power will slow the damage. It will not be sufficient, however, to heal our relationships with one another and the Earth and bring our troubled world into social and environmental balance. Corporations are but instruments of a deeper social pathology revealed in a familiar story our society tells about the nature of prosperity. (...) The human species has reached a defining moment of choice between moving ahead on a path to collective self-destruction or joining together in a cooperative effort to navigate a dramatic turn to a new human era. The profound cultural and institutional transformation that is needed goes up against the short-term interests of the world's most powerful people and institutions. The barriers to what we humans must now achieve are daunting. By any rational calculation, the needed transformation is not politically feasible. Yet it is essential to human survival and prosperity, which means we must set ourselves to the task of figuring out how to make the impossible into the inevitable.

Stand Up to Corporate Power
Each year since 1985, the editors of THE FUTURIST have selected the most thought-provoking ideas and forecasts appearing in the magazine to go into our annual Outlook report. Over the years, Outlook has spotlighted the emergence of such epochal developments as the Internet, virtual reality, and the end of the Cold War.



They Stood Up to the Banks

by Sarah van Gelder - September 30, 2008.

The American people stood up, and the bailout package went down.

Like other moments in U.S. history when the robber barons or the big banks went too far, the American people reined them in this week, refusing to hand over billions of dollars that would put themselves and their children and grandchildren into debt to pay off the collapsing fortunes of some over-sized and under-regulated banks. In the face of predictions of economic calamity, they said "no" to more help for the super-rich. They told their representatives in Washington they'd had enough.

This group of people from across the red-blue spectrum is exactly the group we feature in the current issue of YES! magazine, Purple America.

They are being squeezed by sharply higher costs for the basics, like medical care, food, energy, and housing. They are not getting a share of their increasing productivity on the job, so their wages have stagnated. And as good-paying jobs have fled abroad, many have struggled just to keep a roof over their heads. Those who were lucky enough not be be hit by big medical bills or be scammed by sub-prime mortgage lenders survived by working longer hours, having more members of the household work, and going deeper into debt.

Why the Middle Class Got Stuck: Surging Prices, Spiralling Debt

Now, in spite of having no national party and no big popular spokesperson to bring them together, these American populists have said enough! The scare tactics didn't convince them. I spoke to a Senate staff person, who told me the phone had been jammed all last week with people calling opposing the bailout.

So what now? The market Tuesday recovered much of Monday's 777 point drop. Most world markets held steady over night. How bad would it be to just say "no" to the big banks?

Maybe not so bad at all. The 200 economists who signed a letter against the deal say we've got time to think before we jump. Dean Baker of the Center for Economic Policy and Research says in a recent op-ed that the banks are essentially holding a gun to their own heads and saying, "Bail us out or we pull the trigger." The immediate crisis, according to Baker, centers on the fact that the banks don't trust each other, so they are refusing to loan money to each other.

But there are other ways to resolve this besides throwing the cash equivalent of 5 percent of the U.S. economy their way.

The U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve, and the banks themselves have a variety of tools available to help make it through this immediate crisis without taxpayers borrowing billions more from China and the Middle East. In a op-ed, James K. Galbraith shows how we could use these tools.

In fact, as Baker points out, if the U.S. goes that much further in the hole we may create far more serious problems. Where, for example, will we find the money to cope with the next crisis-many analysts believe the credit card companies will be the next ones lining up for a bail out. How much further can the U.S. government go into debt before our credit rating and the value of the dollar go down the toilet?

And where will we get the money to stimulate the real economy, the economy of Main Street, of real goods and services that meet real needs and provide regular people with jobs? This real economy is in trouble because real Americans, the ones being squeezed, are running out of purchasing power and options.

It's important to be clear that Wall Street is not the economy. In fact, as author and YES! board chair David Korten points out in his column, Main Street Before Wall Street, Wall Street has been preying on the real economy of Main Street. The speculative financial sector has grown many times larger than the real economy through exotic financial instruments that create new "assets" out of nearly nothing, which are then leveraged and traded to create still more new assets. If this was just a casino outside town, then by all means, let them play. When they lose their chips on bad debts, let them pick up the pieces. But of course the speculative money games are built on real assets, like mortgages and loans to businesses, and this process undermines real jobs, real communities, and (this part usually gets left out) real ecosystems.

The trouble with the bailout package, besides its breathtaking size and poor overall design, is that it asks those in the real economy-now and indefinitely into the future-to once again prop up the speculative system that is concentrating wealth and power at the top. So what do we do instead of a bailout? Three principles proposed by the Institute for Policy Studies stand out as good guidelines:

- "Wall Street and speculators should pay now for the mess they created." The only way the American people will accept government involvement is if Wall Street and those who have benefited from the wild speculative blow-out now foot the bill.

- "Instead of borrowing from the super-wealthy beneficiaries of the casino economy, we should tax them." This is not only fair, it also begins to address the structural causes of the breakdown. If every stock and currency trade carried a small tax, it would discourage speculation, and turn the market back towards its original purpose-providing capital for the production of goods and services in the real economy. Radio host and author Thom Hartmann has a great piece on this.

- "Any bailout should stimulate the real economy with investments in Main Street, not just Wall Street." And to take that one step further, our taxpayer investments should build a sustainable foundation of a 21st century economy. Such an economy will have to be climate friendly with investments in smart energy generation and efficiency and job training for green-collar employment. Anything less, and we'll simply be putting off more crises for the not-so-distant future.

The Institute for Policy Studies is promoting these principles among lawmakers, along with specific ways of implementing them.

As investment advisor Leslie Christian says in a column on the YES! website, we can also in our own lives support the real economy by supporting the local economy-local sustainable businesses, farms, banks and credit unions, that exist to serve real people within the constraints of local ecosystems.

Sarah van Gelder is the Executive Editor of YES! Magazine.


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Surging prices, stagnant wages, spiralling debt. This is what stuck feels like.

How Wall Street Can Bail Itself Out Without Destroying The Dollar By Thom Hartmann
For Grover "Drown Government In The Bathtub" Norquist, this bailout deal will work out very well. At a proposed cost of $4,780 per taxpayer, it'll further the David Stockman strategy of so indebting us that the next president won't have the luxury of even thinking of new social spending (expanding health care, social security, education, infrastructure, etc.); taxes will even have to be raised just to pay for the bailout. It'll debase our currency, driving up commodity prices and interest rates, which will benefit the Investor Class while further impoverishing the pesky Middle Class, rendering them less prone to protest (because they're so busy working trying to pay off their debt). It'll create stagflation for at least the next half decade, which can be blamed on Democrats who currently control Congress and, should Obama be elected, be blamed on him.  But there's another way: Create an agency to fund the bailout, loan that agency the money from the treasury, and then have that agency tax Wall Street to pay us (the treasury) back. It's been done before, and has several benefits. In the United Kingdom, for example, whenever you buy or sell a share of stock(or a credit swap or a derivative, or any other activity of that sort) you pay a small tax on the transaction. We did the same thing here in the US from 1914 to 1966 (and, before that, we did it to finance the Spanish American War and the Civil War). For us, this Securities Turnover Excise Tax (STET) was a revenue source. For example, if we were to instate a .25 percent STET (tax) on every stock, swap, derivative, or other trade today, it would produce - in its first year - around $150 billion in revenue. Wall Street would be generating the money to fund its own bailout. (For comparison, as best I can determine, the UK's STET is .25 percent, and Taiwan just dropped theirs from.60 to .30 percent.) But there are other benefits. As John Maynard Keynes pointed out in his seminal economics tome, The General Theory of Employment, Interest,and Money in 1936, such a securities transaction tax would have the effect of "mitigating the predominance of speculation over enterprise." In other words, it would tamp down toxic speculation, while encouraging healthy investment. The reason is pretty straightforward: When there's no cost to trading, there's no cost to gambling. The current system is like going to a casino where the house never takes anything; a gambler's paradise. Without costs to the transaction, people of large means are encourage to speculate - to, for example, buy a million shares of a particular stock over a day or two purely with the goal of driving up the stock's price (because everybody else sees all the buying activity and thinks they should jump onto the bandwagon) so three days down the road they can sell all their stock at a profit and get out before it collapses as the result of their sale. (We ironically call the outcome of this "market volatility.") CLIP

House Limiting Emails to Keep from Crashing (Wed, 1 Oct 2008)
The House is limiting e-mails from the public to prevent its websites from crashing due to the enormous amount of mail being submitted on the financial bailout bill.



The Greatest Danger

by Joanna Macy

If you're really paying attention, it's hard to escape a sense of outrage, fear, despair. Author, deep-ecologist, and Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy says: Don't even try.

How do we live with the fact that we are destroying our world? What do we make of the loss of glaciers, the melting Arctic, island nations swamped by the sea, widening deserts, and drying farmlands?

Because of social taboos, despair at the state of our world and fear for our future are rarely acknowledged. The suppression of despair, like that of any deep recurring response, contributes to the numbing of the psyche. Expressions of anguish or outrage are muted, deadened as if a nerve had been cut. This refusal to feel impoverishes our emotional and sensory life. Flowers are dimmer and less fragrant, our loves less ecstatic. We create diversions for ourselves as individuals and as nations, in the fights we pick, the aims we pursue, and the stuff we buy.

Of all the dangers we face, from climate chaos to permanent war, none is so great as this deadening of our response. For psychic numbing impedes our capacity to process and respond to information. The energy expended in pushing down despair is diverted from more crucial uses, depleting the resilience and imagination needed for fresh visions and strategies.

Zen poet Thich Nhat Hanh was asked, "what do we most need to do to save our world?" His answer was this: "What we most need to do is to hear within us the sounds of the Earth crying."

Cracking the Shell

How do we confront what we scarcely dare to think? How do we face our grief, fear, and rage without "going to pieces?"

It is good to realize that falling apart is not such a bad thing. Indeed, it is as essential to transformation as the cracking of outgrown shells. Anxieties and doubts can be healthy and creative, not only for the person, but for the society, because they permit new and original approaches to reality.

What disintegrates in periods of rapid transformation is not the self, but its defenses and assumptions. Self-protection restricts vision and movement like a suit of armor, making it harder to adapt. Going to pieces, however uncomfortable, can open us up to new perceptions, new data, and new responses.

Speaking the truth of our anguish for the world brings down the walls between us, drawing us into deep solidarity. That solidarity is all the more real for the uncertainty we face.

In our culture, despair is feared and resisted because it represents a loss of control. We're ashamed of it and dodge it by demanding instant solutions to problems. We seek the quick fix. This cultural habit obscures our perceptions and fosters a dangerous innocence of the real world.

Acknowledging despair, on the other hand, involves nothing more mysterious than telling the truth about what we see and know and feel is happening to our world. When corporate-controlled media keep the public in the dark, and power-holders manipulate events to create a climate of fear and obedience, truth-telling is like oxygen. It enlivens and returns us to health and vigor.

Belonging to All Life

Sharing what is in our heartmind brings a welcome shift in identity, as we recognize that the anger, grief, and fear we feel for our world are not reducible to concerns for our individual welfare or even survival. Our concerns are far larger than our own private needs and wants. Pain for the world-the outrage and the sorrow-breaks us open to a larger sense of who we are. It is a doorway to the realization of our mutual belonging in the web of life.

Many of us fear that confrontation with despair will bring loneliness and isolation. On the contrary, in letting go of old defenses, we find truer community. And in community, we learn to trust our inner responses to our world-and find our power.

You are not alone! We are part of a vast, global movement: the epochal transition from empire to Earth community. This is the Great Turning. And the excitement, the alarm, even the overwhelm we feel, are all part of our waking up to this collective adventure.

As in any true adventure, there is risk and uncertainty. Our corporate economy is destroying both itself and the natural world. Its effect on living systems is what David Korten calls the Great Unraveling. It is happening at the same time as the Great Turning, and we cannot know which way the story will end.

Let's drop the notion that we can manage our planet for our own comfort and profit-or even that we can now be its ultimate redeemers. It is a delusion. Let's accept, in its place, the radical uncertainty of our time, even the uncertainty of survival.

In primal societies, adolescents go through rites of passage, where confronting their own mortality is a gateway to maturity. In analogous ways, climate change calls us to recognize our own mortality as a species. With the gift of uncertainty, we can grow up and accept the rights and responsibility of planetary adulthood. Then we know fully that we belong, inextricably, to the web of life, and we can serve it, and let its strength flow through us.

Uncertainty, when accepted, sheds a bright light on the power of intention. Intention is what you can count on: not the outcome, but the motivation you bring, the vision you hold, the compass setting you choose to follow. Our intention and resolve can save us from getting lost in grief.

During a recent visit to Kentucky, I learned what is happening to the landscape and culture of Appalachia: how coal companies use dynamite to pulverize everything above the underground seams of coal; how bulldozers and dragline machines 20-stories high push away the "overburden" of woodlands and top soil, filling the valleys. I saw how activists there are held steady by sheer intention. Though the nation seems oblivious to this tragedy, these men and women persist in the vision that Appalachia can, in part, be saved and that future generations may know slopes of sweet gum, sassafras, magnolia, the stirrings of bobcat and coon, and, in the hollows, the music of fiddle and fresh flowing streams. They seem to know-and, when we let down our guard, we too know-that we are living parts of the living body of Earth.

This is the gift of the Great Turning. When we open our eyes to what is happening, even when it breaks our hearts, we discover our true size; for our heart, when it breaks open, can hold the whole universe. We discover how speaking the truth of our anguish for the world brings down the walls between us, drawing us into deep solidarity. That solidarity, with our neighbors and all that lives, is all the more real for the uncertainty we face.

When we stop distracting ourselves by trying to figure the chances of success or failure, our minds and hearts are liberated into the present moment. This moment then becomes alive, charged with possibilities, as we realize how lucky we are to be alive now, to take part in this planetary adventure.

Joanna Macy wrote this article as part of Stop Global Warming Cold, the Spring 2008 issue of YES! Magazine. Joanna is a scholar of Buddhism, general systems theory and deep ecology, whose latest book is World as Lover, World as Self. She lives in Berkeley, CA.



Welcome to a Different Planet

by Sarah van Gelder - Spring 2008

The depth of our crisis came home to me at a conference of environmental journalists last fall, where one climate scientist after another spoke about the dangers confronting migratory birds, water supplies, agriculture and food supplies, coastlines-every strand of the web of life. Their words were carefully chosen, but their voices revealed their alarm.

How bad could it get? In spite of increasingly sophisticated models, no one can predict exactly. But as the temperature rises, there is increasing disruption to the interconnected systems that keep our climate stable and within the narrow range that can support life. The shrinking of the polar ice cap and the opening of the Northwest Passage are among the clearest signs yet that the planet is warming faster than climate models predicted.

The good news is it's not too late to act. We have the technology and, in much of the world, we have the social stability to act. And we have precedents. When the United States mobilized for World War II, car factories turned to building tanks and trucks. Americans planted 20 million victory gardens, recycled rubber, and brought women into the workplace to build battleships.

We'll need to mobilize in the same way to combat the global threat of climate change-especially here in the United States where we are among the largest greenhouse gas polluters. Here is some of what it will take:

- We need to turn car factories into wind turbine factories, and hire young people and those displaced from the fading oil and coal industries to operate them, to install renewables, and to retrofit buildings.

- We need to shift taxpayer subsidies away from oil and coal production, to climate-friendly solar, wind, and other renewables.

- We need to stop all construction of new coal plants unless technologies that capture CO2 and sequester it are proven effective.

- We'll need to switch from most liquid fuels to electricity generated using clean renewables. (There are sustainable biofuels, but food-based biofuels are not among them.)

- Any new buildings, transportation, and factories should be climate neutral so we avoid locking ourselves into destructive climate impacts for years to come.

- We need to use more brains and fewer BTUs. We can get a long way to a climate-neutral economy just by being more efficient with the energy we use.

- Justice must be at the core of our work. Decades of excessive fossil fuel use enriched some people; those who missed out on that abundance will not forgo a path out of poverty while the wealthy continue to over-consume. To win this race against time, we'll need everyone, including the poor. That means the wealthier will have to cut their own energy use while helping to finance the efforts of the poor to leapfrog over the fossil-fuel age straight to green jobs and renewables.

"One Way or another the choice will be made by our generation..." Lester Brown

Climate scientist James Hansen famously said we have 10 years to reverse climate disrupting trends, or we will be living on a very different planet.

The reality is that we will be living on a different planet either way. If we continue as we are, it will be a planet of extreme weather, rising sea levels, large refugee populations, and violent conflicts over remaining land and resources. If we make the needed changes, it can be a planet of widely shared, renewable energy technologies. We might find that a less materialistic, more locally based way of life taps a whole new level of creativity as people seek out the smartest, most sustainable, and most beautiful ways to make or grow what we need. And our grandchildren will thank us for leaving them a world where they too have a shot at a good life.

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The Great Correction

Eliza Gilkyson wrote this song for "Last Sunday," a monthly gathering in Austin, Texas, she co-hosted with University of Texas professor Robert Jensen and Presbyterian minister Jim Rigby.
They created a space in which people could get together to face with honesty deepening economic, political, cultural, and ecological crises.
"We wanted to provide a place to discuss, grieve, and mull over our future without having a need for an immediate solution other than the comfort of each other's presence," Gilkyson says.

Read more about Last Sundays …
Everyone tied to the turning wheel
Everyone hiding from the things they feel
Well the truth's so hard it just don't seem real
The shadow across this land

People 'round here don't know what it means
To suffer at the hands of our American dreams
They turn their backs on the grisly scenes
Traced to the privileged sons

Down through the ages lovers of the mystery
Been saying people let your love light shine
Poets and sages all throughout history
Say the light burns brightest in the darkest times

It's the bitter end we've come down to
The eye of the needle that we gotta get through
But the end could be the start of something new
When the great correction comes

Down to the wire running out of time
Still got hope in this heart of mine
But the future waits on the horizon line
For our daughters and our sons

I don't know where this train's bound
Whole lotta people trying to turn it around
Gonna shout 'til the walls come tumbling down
And the great correction comes

Listen to The Great Correction,
from Eliza Gilkyson's CD Beautiful World.
Find out more:

- Taken from


Wonderful picture of 3 fairies (or are they just insects?) in a Sept 14 maize crop formation
To see the whole formation...

Check all the new celestial glyphs in the UK created in September
including this Sept 28th one

Blossom Goodchild clarifies FACTS regarding October 14th
She admits it took her 2 months to finally network the message she had received and emphasizes the higher vibration of Love the Federation of Light is bringing and the importance to let go of our fear about things we don't fully understand. Something amazingly wonderful is about to happen...

UFO Information Center

UFO Video: Out Of the Blue
The Sci-Fi channel's riveting 90-minute UFO documentary.

Galactic Federation Predicts Fall of Illuminati
There is a transcript of this message at
(...) the MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT is that by February 1st 2009 the Illuminati will be totally dismantled. The collapse of the Illuminati will happen through financial problems. When this finally occurs, they will lose all control over Planet Earth and Planet Earth will finally be able to start going down the path that is meant to happen; the path towards First Contact and Ascension. Check also

Ancient Technologies: STARGATE BASES ON MARS
Closely held Secrets: Ancient Technologies StarGates Data Interstellar Travel Bases On Mars Teleportation Invisibility Steve Quayle On AJS 092308

Cynthia McKinney REVEALS THAT 5000 PEOPLE (possibly prisoners) WERE EXECUTED after Katrina!!!

War made Easy - narrated by Sean Penn

SeaChoice: Healthy Choices, Healthy Ocean
If you want to know which sea food is considered acceptable based on sustainability and toxicity criteria and which ones you should avoid, this is the place to go.

PETITION: End Whale & Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands!
Whales are sensitive, social animals with highly developed nervous systems. They have a profound capacity to suffer distress, terror and pain. Each year, the Faroese kill pilot whales and other small cetaceans. Islanders in motorboats first drive the whales into a bay. The chase may be lengthy. The exhausted, terrified and confused whales are eventually driven into the shallows. Here the bloodbath begins. The islanders repeatedly hammer 2.2 kg metal gaffs into the living flesh of each whale until the hooks hold. A 15 cm knife is then used to slash through the blubber and flesh to the spinal column. Next the main blood vessels are severed. The blood-stained bay is soon filled with horribly mutilated and dying whales. The Faroese celebrate the butchery of their victims in an carnival atmosphere of entertainment. Indoctrinated from an early age, children are often given a day off school to watch the fun. They run down to the bay and clamber over the carcasses of slaughtered whales. Every year around 2,000 whales are driven ashore and cruelly slaughtered in the Faroe Islands, mid-way between the Shetland Islands and Iceland. For centuries the Faroe Islanders have hunted pilot whales, driving entire schools into killing bays, where they are speared or gaffed from boats, dragged ashore and butchered with knives. Although the Islands are a protectorate of Denmark, they have their own Government and regulations governing the pilot whale hunt or "grind" as it is known. Aside from the fact that the number of North Atlantic long-finned pilot whales is unknown and they are listed as 'strictly protected' by the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats, this is an act of barbarism and pointlessness. By slaughtering 100 whales at a time, the Faroese are wiping out entire pods and family groups. They are removing building blocks from the gene pool of the species and damaging the web of life in the North Atlantic and the North Sea.The drive hunt is a practice abandoned elsewhere many decades ago, and now outlawed by other European states. The inhabitants of the Faroe Islands have no subsistence need for whale meat, and much of the flesh is left to rot and be dumped; it cannot be exported, as it is polluted with heavy metals and other toxins and therefore cannot meet EU heath standards for human food. According to Faroese legislation it is also permitted to hunt certain species of small cetaceans other than pilot whales. These include: Bottlenose dolphin; Atlantic white-beaked dolphin; Atlantic white-sided dolphin; and Harbour porpoise (There are also specific regulations for the hunting of harbour porpoise. Harbour porpoises are killed with shotguns). NOTE: There are graphically revulsive pictures of this slaughter at -- Please help networking this!

Video: Dennis Kucinich Speaks Truth on Bailout
See Dennis' interview on this with Amy Goodman
"I said we’re the Congress of the United States; we’re not the board of Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is struggling to survive. And, you know, their former chief is now the head of the US Treasury. He’s in a position to be able to direct assets in a way that would help enhance his own financial standing. I mean, that’s a clear conflict of interest."

Kucinich tells Maddow: Bailout plan is 'immoral'
"Frankly I salute the Republicans who understood that Wall Street ought to be able to fix its own problems," he told Maddow. "And a bailout would constitute a violation of every free market principle that any Republican ever believed in."

Wikipedia's comprehensive take on NESARA

U.S. Treasury Issues New $1 Bill

Jack Cafferty Tells Us How He Really Feels About Sarah Palin - Pathetic!
Read also on this interview: Palin Is Ready? Please...

Food Matters trailer
You are what you eat!

5 Friends Uncensored
The non-partisan PSAs, produced by DiCaprios Appian Way, were created to engage and inspire young people to register and vote and participate in the upcoming election. -- ONLY a few days left in some states to register to be able to vote in the US elections.

McCain and Bush's visions of war... frightening
"McCain is going to make Cheney look like Gandhi!"... McCain stated on 8/5/2007 during a GOP Iowa Straw Poll Debate: "It's naive to say that we will never use nuclear weapons." He also said 2 days ago: ‘I Always Aspire To Be A Dictator’ !!!

Check the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation October newsletter !
It provides educational information on nuclear weapons abolition and other issues relating to global security.

Il y a enfin des protestations au Québec contre les antennes cellulaires - À VOIR!

À voir aussi...

Journée annuelle des maisons vertes
12 portes ouvertes le 18 octobre prochain à Montréal, Québec, dans l'Estrie et les Laurentides organisées par l'excellent magazine, La maison du 21e siècle - et de l’entreprise É, en partenariat avec les organismes Archibio et Énergie Solaire Québec. Seulement 60 personnes par maison seront admises.


Wave of House converts jump aboard bailout bill (October 2, 2008);_ylt=AkqeOVB6cwRFjrqAO6pVISNu24cA
WASHINGTON - A wave of House converts jumped aboard the $700 billion financial industry bailout Thursday on the eve of a make-or-break second vote, as lawmakers responded to an awakening among voters to the pain ahead of them if stability isn't restored to the tottering economy. Black lawmakers said personal calls from Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama helped switch them from "no" to "yes." Republicans and Democrats alike said appeals from credit-starved small businessmen and the Senate's addition of $110 billion in tax breaks had persuaded them to drop their opposition. "I hate it," but "inaction to me is a greater danger to our country than this bill," said GOP Rep. Zach Wamp of Tennessee, one of the 133 House Republicans who joined 95 Democrats in rejecting the measure Monday, sending the stock market plummeting. Still, the outcome was far from assured. Vote-counters in both parties planned to huddle first thing Friday morning to compare notes on coming up with the dozen or so supporters needed to reverse the stunning defeat. Lawmakers were agonizing as they decided whether to change course and back the largest government intervention in markets since the Great Depression. "I'm trying desperately to get to 'yes,'" said Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, D-N.H. Fears about an economic downturn sent the Dow Jones industrials down nearly 350 points Thursday, three days after Monday's historic 778-point drop. The Federal Reserve reported record emergency lending to banks and investment firms, fresh evidence of the credit troubles squeezing the country CLIP

Asian stocks fall on fears of US-led slowdown (October 3, 2008)
SINGAPORE - Asian markets fell Friday in the wake of another plunge on Wall Street amid doubts that Washington's bank bailout plan — even if it passes — will prevent a recession in the U.S. and a slump around the world. (...) But even if the package is approved, investors in Asia are pessimistic about the outlook for the U.S. economy — a vital export market — and realize that cleaning up the bad debt mess at the core of the global credit crisis will take a long time. CLIP

White House Admits It Drew Up Bailout Months Ago (SEPTEMBER 23, 2008)
No one could have seen this coming, right? Well, actually, the White House has admitted that they drew up the bail out plan months ago: [White House Deputy Press Secretary Tony] Fratto insisted that the plan was not slapped together and had been drawn up as a contingency over previous months and weeks by administration officials. He acknowledged lawmakers were getting only days to peruse it, but he said this should be enough. But the government did nothing real to prevent the financial meltdown. Instead, it let the meltdown happen, and now is trying to ram through terrible and counter-productive legislation drafted previously by using fear tactics. Does this sound familiar? It should.

Protests on Wall Street - what the news media isn't showing you
Protests took place on Wall St. to protest the bail out plan - and the mainstream news media didn't even mention it. Hundreds of protestors demonstrated against the proposed $700 Billion bail out plan for the finance and banking industry, yet the national news media in America didn't even report it! Why not? It seems strange that this barely generated a gander from the big news outlets like ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC etc. all of whom have a presence in New York City. Despite having such a large protest event occurring in their backyard, the major news media chose not to tell the American people about it. I had to stumble upon this on the internet to find out about it. That's really indicative of the pathetic state of affairs in the U.S. media today.Anyway, in case you haven't seen it, I have collected a bunch of video from the protests on Wall Street (Sept. 25) and posted them below. Have a look at what the news media DIDN'T show you! Warning: some of the protest videos contain profanity. CLIP

The Magnitude and Meaning of the Proposed Bailout: What $700 Billion for Wall Street means on Main Street
(...) $700 billion is more than what is currently allocated for the U.S. war in Iraq. This amount would allow us to repair all of our nations 77,000 deteriorated bridges and still have $519 billion to spend; or it would allow us to rebuild all of our nations 33,000 deteriorating schools and still have $664 billion to spend. For more analysis and trade-offs at the State and Congressional District level, please visit National Priorities Project's Trade-offs page online ( CLIP

Elite Panic as Bailout Goes Bust: The Shadow of the Pitchfork (September 30, 2008)
(...) What's more, the Democrats stood shoulder to shoulder with the president on what is apparently the only issue that can now stir Americans to genuine anger and widespread protest: a direct threat to their bank accounts. Wars of aggression like the Nazis used to wage; elaborate tortures like the KGB used to practice; concentration camps, lawbreaking leaders, diminishment of liberty, the slaughter of a million innocent people in a land destroyed by an illegal and pointless invasion -- all of that stuff is pretty much OK, easily swallowable, worth no more than a shrug or perhaps a frowny "tsk tsk" before going on to the sports pages or flipping over to another channel. But put out an open ploy to steal their money and give it to the filthy rich -- and baby, it's pitchfork time! Yet here, as the public face of just such a ploy, is where the Democrats chose to make their stand.So Monday's rejection of the bailout plan is not a catastrophic political defeat for George W. Bush; he has no political standing, no political future. But it is a vast and humiliating defeat for the Democratic leadership, across the board, who, as Democrat Lloyd Dogget of Texas said,"'never seriously considered any alternative' to the administration's plan, and had only barely modified what they were given. He criticized the plan for handing over sweeping new powers to an administration that he said was to blame for allowing the crisis to develop in the first place." (From the NYT) CLIP

Business News - Full mainstream media coverage;_ylt=Ar5KopiABsRR543bqSeJxCKs0NUE

Banks Love Bailout, Hate Credit Card Curbs
David Lazarus, The Los Angeles Times: "You've got to love the banking industry. As our friends in the financial sector were passing the hat among taxpayers last week for $700 billion in bailouts to cover their crappy mortgage investments, they were simultaneously condemning the House of Representatives' passage of a 'Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights,' which aims to crack down on some of the industry's more troublesome practices."

Dirty Secret Of The Bailout: Thirty-Two Words That None Dare Utter (September 22, 2008)
A critical - and radical - component of the bailout package proposed by the Bush administration has thus far failed to garner the serious attention of anyone in the press. Section 8 (which ironically reminds one of the popular name of the portion of the 1937 Housing Act that paved the way for subsidized affordable housing ) of this legislation is just a single sentence of thirty-two words, but it represents a significant consolidation of power and an abdication of oversight authority that's so flat-out astounding that it ought to set one's hair on fire. It reads, in its entirety:Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.In short, the so-called "mother of all bailouts," which will transfer $700 billion taxpayer dollars to purchase the distressed assets of several failed financial institutions, will be conducted in a manner unchallengeable by courts and ungovernable by the People's duly sworn representatives. All decision-making power will be consolidated into the Executive Branch - who, we remind you, will have the incentive to act upon this privilege as quickly as possible, before they leave office. The measure will run up the budget deficit by a significant amount, with no guarantee of recouping the outlay, and no fundamental means of holding those who fail to do so accountable. CLIP

Video: Bloomber Analyst: Bailout Could Balloon to $5 Trillion
“So now they try to solve the problem by having this credit bubble actually extended and I think the $700 billion will be like a drop in the bucket because the total credit market in the U.S. is something close to $60 trillion, then you have the CDS market – credit default swap – of around $62 trillion. Then you have the whole derivatives worldwide worth about a notional $1,300 trillion. So the $700 billion is really nothing and the Treasury is just giving out this figure when actually the end figure may be $5 trillion.”

What Wall Street Hoped to Win (Sept 30, 2008)
(...) Mr. Paulson worked as Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs until he was sworn in as U.S. Treasury Secretary on July 10, 2006. Exotic instruments created and peddled by Goldman around the globe while Mr. Paulson was Goldman’s Decider have contributed to the collapse. His former firm has also benefited to the tune of tens of billions from taxpayer money already doled out by the Federal Reserve. Other firms like Merrill Lynch and Citigroup/Smith Barney that broke the backs of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by selling them billions in explosive derivatives have also seen their prior execs appointed to plum spots in the “rescue” mission. And expect the bailout proposal to become more corrupted as the days go by. CLIP

The free market preachers have long practised state welfare for the rich - by George Monbiot (September 30 2008)
Bailing out banks seems unprecedented, but the US government's form in subsidising big business is well established (...) Any subsidies eventually given to the monster banks of Wall Street will be as American as apple pie and obesity. The sums demanded may be unprecedented, but there is nothing new about the principle: corporate welfare is a consistent feature of advanced capitalism. Only one thing has changed: Congress has been forced to confront its contradictions. One of the best studies of corporate welfare in the US is published by my old enemies at the Cato Institute. Its report, by Stephen Slivinski, estimates that in 2006 the federal government spent $92bn subsidising business. Much of it went to major corporations such as Boeing, IBM and General Electric. The biggest money crop - $21bn - is harvested by Big Farmer. Slivinski shows that the richest 10% of subsidised farmers took 66% of the payouts. Every few years, Congress or the administration promises to stop this swindle, then hands even more state money to agribusiness. The farm bill passed by Congress in May guarantees farmers a minimum of 90% of the income they've received over the past two years, which happen to be among the most profitable they've ever had. The middlemen do even better, especially the companies spreading starvation by turning maize into ethanol, which are guzzling billions of dollars' worth of tax credits. (...) A new paper by the US Institute for Policy Studies shows that, through a series of cunning tax and accounting loopholes, the US spends $20bn a year subsidising executive pay. By disguising their professional fees as capital gains rather than income, for example, the managers of hedge funds and private equity companies pay lower rates of tax than the people who clean their offices. A year ago, the House of Representatives tried to close this loophole, but the bill was blocked in the Senate after a lobbying campaign by some of the richest men in America. Another report, by a group called Good Jobs First, reveals that Wal-Mart has received at least $1bn of public money. Over 90% of its distribution centres and many of its retail outlets have been subsidised by county and local governments. (...) Corporate welfare is arguably the core business of some government departments. Many of the Pentagon's programmes deliver benefits only to its contractors. Ballistic missile defence, for example, which has no obvious strategic purpose and is unlikely ever to work, has already cost the US between $120bn and $150bn. CLIP

WaMu Is Seized, Sold Off to J.P. Morgan, In Largest Failure in U.S. Banking History (SEPTEMBER 26, 2008)
In what is by far the largest bank failure in U.S. history, federal regulators seized Washington Mutual Inc. and struck a deal to sell the bulk of its operations to J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (...) The failure of WaMu eclipsed what had long been America's largest bank bust on record, the 1984 collapse of Continental Illinois, which had $40 billion in assets.The fact that no bank was willing to buy WaMu until it failed shows how badly confidence has eroded in a banking system awash with record profits just a few years ago. Faced with deepening losses on mortgages, credit cards and other loans, big and small banks across the country are struggling with what many bank executives say is a crisis far deeper than the savings-and-loan debacle. CLIP

Financial Crisis
As a representative of the Bush Administration, you have proposed a financial bailout program of $700 billion – over $2,000 for every man, woman, and child in the country. We are appalled that your proposal puts the cost of this bailout on average Americans; that it contains no provisions reversing failed deregulatory policies; that it allows executives at these failed institutions to continue to make exorbitant salaries and bonuses, and that your proposal contains no help for average Americans who themselves are facing severe economic hardships. While the Administration has quickly rallied to help Wall Street, it has ignored the needs of the declining middle class. Since President Bush has been in office the wealthiest people in this country have made out like bandits and have not had it so good since the 1920s. The top one-tenth of one percent now earn more income than the bottom 50 percent of Americans and the top one percent own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent. Incredibly, the richest 400 people in our country saw their wealth increase by $670 billion during the Bush presidency.Having mismanaged the economy for 8 years while continually insisting that, “The fundamentals of our economy are strong,” the Bush Administration, six weeks before an election, wants the middle class of this country to bail out Wall Street to the tune of one trillion dollars. Meanwhile the wealthiest people, those who have benefited most from Bush’s policies and are in the best position to pay, are being asked for no sacrifice at all. This is absurd. CLIP

Confidence in US Banks Nosedives after Washington Mutual Collapse
The failure of the Seattle-based bank Washington Mutual undermined confidence in a fresh clutch of US household names today, as investors digested the implications of the biggest collapse of a high-street bank on record.

Bailout fraud (October 2, 2008)
The $700 Bln bailout is not about US cash. The U.S. is a debtor nation. The cash for the bailout has to be borrowed, primarily from the Japanese and Chinese. According to one person I've spoken to who knows the top Japan and China banking regulators, they are not happy about the U.S. p***ing their money up the wall. The better informed congressmen have lines of communication to the Chinese & Japanese and know they can't sell it. Bush in Tuesday's speech insisted the toxic assets could, if held for some years, be sold at a profit. That's plain rubbish. If that was the case, there would be no need for a bailout. Banks could just sit on their assets until they recover in value. The problem is, they were so wildly overvalued, they are not going to recover in value. How were they so wildly overvalued. You won't read it in the FT or hear it on the BBC but clearly the answer is lies and fraud. Even more important! This is not a liquidity crisis. On Tuesday night, European banks deposited well over 100 Billion euros at the ECB. The banks were not prepared to leave their money for one night in a retail bank. Perhaps, they know something we don't?If the banks deposited E100 Bln there is no shortage of cash. The point is they won't lend it. Not to each other, not to companies, not to home buyers, except at rates which make a mockery of the word 'lending'. This is a default crisis. Banks and large corporations are going to default. The banks know that. The public do not yet. (...) Russia dealt with illiquid banks by knocking their heads together and forcing them to swap assets at knockdown prices. Washington does not have the balls for that. It proposes using taxpayers money to buy assets the banks don't want. It is a recapitalisation of the banks by stealth and lie.

Bailout Can't Hide It - The United States Is Broke
The bad-debt bailout would be the biggest government patronage program in history and would amount to declaring martial law over the U.S. financial system and economy. Even if such martial law is necessary, its implementation should be put in democratic hands - a non-partisan agency with full transparency, statutory standards for its purchases, and close accountability to Congress.

The Federal Reserve Banks should be seized by Congress
(...) Here I would like to turn to a proposal by a man I have met and respect. His name is Darrell Castle, and he is the 2008 candidate for vice-president of the Constitution Party. Castle has spent the last year traveling around the country meeting people on Main Street and listening to what they have to say.This is what Castle proposes in the Constitution Party's latest newsletter:“The Federal Reserve Banks should be seized by Congress under Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. The FED banks could survive as clearinghouse banks, but the Federal Reserve that has robbed the American people for 100 years would cease to exist. The debt owed by the American people to the FED banks would be discharged in bankruptcy. Congress would take monetary policy from the FED and would simply stand in place of the FED through a monetary board. The FED credit computers would be transferred to Congress who would issue new credit (money), because under our present system 97% of all money originates as credit. This new credit would keep the system going and prevent collapse. It could all be done without interest and without debt. The backs of the international banking cartel would be broken forever, and the American people through their elected representatives would control monetary policy; i.e. money in circulation, interest rates, and credit availability.” Pearlstein, Bush, Paulson, Pelosi,, along with Obama and McCain, should also read the U.S. Constitution. Then they would see that the problem stems from the fact that in 1913 Congress privatized our money supply by turning it over to the private banks that own the Federal Reserve System. This is also why we have lived under the mass delusion that a healthy financial sector leads to a healthy producing economy. Actually it’s the other way around. The financial sector should support the producing economy, not bleed it dry through interest, fees, commissions, and the destruction that arises from financial profit-seeking. CLIP

An Emergency Bailout Plan That Americans Will Love (September 30, 2008)
There is a great economic emergency looming in our country. But, it seems to me that we—or at least our elected leaders—have only looked at one side of the crisis, that of the housing bubble-inspired financial credit crunch. By doing so, we’ve missed the bigger picture and the solutions needed. So, here is one person’s take on the Emergency Economic Bailout package that will heal the economy. As quick background, let’s consider this:24.5 all Americans earn poverty wages (9.60 or less)10 percent of all Americans—15 million Americans—earn 6.79 or less33.3 percent of African American works and 39.3 of Hispanic workers earn poverty wages.The share of our entire national income hoarded by the top one percent is, as of 2005, 21.8 percent. The last time it was that high was in 1928 (23.9)—just as the Great Depression was about to hit with its full fury. We accept poverty as a fact of life in this country—partly because workers have not gotten the fair share of their hard work over the past three decades (in Republican and Democratic Administrations). If productivity and wages had kept their historic link (meaning, as workers were more productive, that translated into higher paychecks), the MINIMUM WAGE in the country would be $19.12. Yes, $19.12.At the recent new minimum wage of $6.55 an hour, if you worked every single day, 40 hours a week, with no vacations, no holidays, no health care and no pension, you would earn the grand sum of $13.624. The POVERTY LEVEL for a family of three is $17,600.47 million Americans have no health care and tens of millions more have inadequate or costly health care that can bankrupt them. Since 1978, the number of defined-benefit plans—that means, pensions that give retirees a promised monthly amount—plummeted from 128,041 plans covering some 41 percent of private-sector workers to only 26,000 today. It’s a Dog Food Retirement future for millions of people.All those numbers above do relate to the more narrow crisis in a very specific way: without being able to rely on their paychecks to survive, a lot of people got sucked into the housing bubble mania as an economic coping mechanism. Home equity credit lines substituted for decent pay, retirement and affordable, quality health care. And we know the rest. So, here is what I think is a more comprehensive economic rescue plan, all of which should be attached to any new "bailout" proposal: CLIP

Homelessness in the United States
(...) As many as 3.5 million people experience homelessness in a given year (1% of the entire U.S. population or 10% of its poor), and about 842,000 people in any given week.[10] Most were homeless temporarily. The chronically homeless population (those with repeated episodes or who have been homeless for long periods) fell from 175,914 in 2005 to 123,833 in 2007.

DEVELOPMENT: No "Bailout" for the World's Poorest
UNITED NATIONS, Sep 29 (IPS) - As a spreading financial crisis threatens to deepen the economic recession in the United States, the news of an unprecedented 700-billion-dollar bailout package reverberated through the corridors of the United Nations last week as over 100 world leaders gathered in New York for the annual talk-fest: the 63rd session of the General Assembly. At a time when the United Nations is seeking increased financial assistance from rich nations to help developing countries meet the faltering Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), including a 50-percent reduction on extreme poverty and hunger by 2015, the current U.S. economic crisis and its predictably negative fallout overseas is expected to be a major setback. Addressing delegates last week, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned that the current gloomy outlook threatens the well-being of billions of people, "none more so than the poorest of the poor." "This only compounds the damage [already] being caused by much higher prices for food and fuel", he added. Ban has called for 72 billion dollars per year in additional external financing to achieve the MDGs by 2015. As one Asian delegate put it: "The 72 billion is peanuts compared to the 700 billion the White House wants to dish out to save some of the Wall Street firms from going belly up." "And the urgent needs of developing nations will now be the least of the priorities of the United States and other Western donors," he predicted. (...) Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg told delegates that "money doesn't seem to be a problem, when the problem is money". (...) The outrage against Wall Street, described as the world's financial capital, is also directed at the high salaried chief executive officers and the middle rung bosses who make multi-million-dollar salaries, with stock options and perks that set them up in a privileged class by themselves. According to one report, the lowest salary on Wall Street was around 280,000 dollars a year in a country where the average low or middle class employee would go home with a pay packet of 50,000 or 75,000 dollars per year.In 2007, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, was paid 68.7 million dollars -- described as "the most ever for a Wall Street CEO." As the entire U.S. economic edifice is in danger of collapsing, the White House has been called upon to save some of the biggest financial institutions in the country and, at the same time, redress the excesses of Wall Street business tycoons who earned multi-million-dollar salaries and extravagant bonuses. CLIP

Economists Against The Paulson Plan
To the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President pro tempore of the Senate: As economists, we want to express to Congress our great concern for the plan proposed by Treasury Secretary Paulson to deal with the financial crisis. We are well aware of the difficulty of the current financial situation and we agree with the need for bold action to ensure that the financial system continues to function. We see three fatal pitfalls in the currently proposed plan.

US Taxpayers are Being Enrolled in an Economic Chain Gang
"To preserve their [the people's] independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our selection between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude" - Thomas Jefferson

A Bailout and a New World By Pepe Escobar
What the UN is NOT talking about is how the US will be able to sustain wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and go against Iran, the Pashtuns in Pakistan or Russia if the Chinese, the Japanese and sovereign wealth funds of the Gulf petromonarchies decide to stop financing these demented adventures. That's the larger-than-life elephant in the UN house: everybody knows that the end of the unipolar world is tied to the fact that Washington simply cannot continue to be a superpower financed by foreigners.

Bailout tests how much the American public will tolerate theft (September 23, 2008)
Treasury Secretary Paulson's edict to create a $700 billion fund to buy worthless mortgage securities from agitated wealthy bond investors is nothing short of a final step on the path to the end of the republic. The secretary claims he can only be effective if his decisions are beyond judicial review. Our government and its owners appear to be testing how much the American public will tolerate. A few years ago, no one could have imagined that the silent majority would quietly accept thefts of this magnitude from a government that stopped tiny payments to single mothers with poor children in the name of welfare reform because the program's $10 billion cost was breaking the federal budget. If the public allows this theft, then it will signal to powerful forces that they can essentially do anything, because the American public has become so mushy-headed that it will stand up for nothing. When power discovers that those from whom it would exact payment are powerless, its viciousness increases infinitely. Our enemy has revealed itself, and it is our own government. Because the American public has not been introduced to methods for controlling its government for generations, I will suggest one called a general strike. This fundamental democratic power is where everyone decides to send a message to the government by not going to work, to school, shopping, nowhere. This is the critical time when charlatans among us will promise they can save us from the inevitable if we only allow them the power they need to save us. They are lying.

Almost Armageddon: Markets were 500 Trades from a Meltdown (September 21, 2008)
The market was 500 trades away from Armageddon on Thursday [September 18], traders inside two large custodial banks tell The Post. Had the Treasury and Fed not quickly stepped into the fray that morning with a quick $105 billion injection of liquidity, the Dow could have collapsed. According to traders, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, money market funds were inundated with $500 billion in sell orders prior to the opening. The Fed's dramatic $105 billion liquidity injection on Thursday (pre-market) was just enough to keep key institutional accounts from following through on the sell orders and starting a stampede of cash that could have brought large tracts of the US economy to a halt. Cracks started to show in money market accounts late Tuesday when shares in one fund, the Reserve Primary Fund - which touted itself as super safe - fell below the golden $1 a share level. By Wednesday, banks sensed a run on their accounts. They started stockpiling cash in anticipation of withdrawals. Banks, which usually keep an average of $2 billion in excess reserves earmarked for withdrawals, pumped that up to an astounding $90 billion, Lou Crandall, chief economist at Wrighton ICAP, told The [Wall Street] Journal. And for good reason. By the close of business on Wednesday, $144.5 billion - a record - had been withdrawn. How much money was taken out of money market funds the prior week? Roughly $7.1 billion, according to AMG Data Services. By Thursday, that level ... had grown to $100 billion. Note: For insight into the banking and financial powers that runs today's governments, click here.

Six Short Takes on Why Obama Came out Ahead in the Debate (September 27, 2008)

Barack Obama poll surge makes John McCain comeback unlikely (October 03, 2008),25197,24437508-2703,00.html
SUPPORT for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has surged according to a series of polls yesterday. The Illinois senator now heads Republican rival John McCain nationwide, including significant leads in battleground states in the lead-up to the November 4 poll. The polls reinforced trends witnessed in the past two weeks as the meltdown on Wall Street and the US economy worked in the Democrat's favour and as the Palin bounce - the surge in polls for Senator McCain after he chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate - evaporated.Voters were also impressed with Senator Obama in the first presidential debate last week, watched by 56million people. CLIP

Analysis: Stakes high, Palin tops expectations (October 3, 2008);_ylt=AsTIhrAOu2H3p5CUIbv66GOs0NUE
WASHINGTON - While both vice presidential candidates achieved their goals Thursday night, the stakes were much higher and the bar was much lower for Sarah Palin. So, in the contest of low expectations, Palin won. Joe Biden's task was to attack. Palin's was to attack, connect and stick to her folksy script.If nothing else, the first-term Alaska governor got past her raft of nonsensical and meandering answers in evening news interviews with Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson, the spoofs by "Saturday Night Live" and the mockery of late-night comics. (...) She was adept at not answering questions and stuck to breezy sound bites, frequently looking to her notes.At one point, she bluntly acknowledged her failure to answer questions directly, telling Biden: "I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear, but I'm going to talk straight to the American people."Palin's head bobbed up and down from notes on her podium to Biden as she rattled off criticisms of the Democratic ticket — doing so with a smile and a conversational tone. (...) In the five weeks since she was named to the GOP ticket, Palin's best performances came at the Republican National Convention and in this debate — both after days hunkered down in intense preparation with McCain's most senior advisers running through a script. As the debate ended, Palin noted she likes "to answer the question without the filter of the mainstream media." The message may be a preview of her campaign narrative in the final stretch — ignore Palin's uneven performance with TV news anchors and consider how she spoke to nation when it counted. The big question: Will the country see Palin relatively unscripted again or will McCain's team keep her under wraps until Election Day — happy to leave this lasting impression?

Voice of the White House September 29, 2008
(...) What seems to be causing a feeding frenzy now is the appalling Sarah Palin and most especially her idiotic and devastating Couric interview. There is genuine panic in the upper ranks of Republicans over the choice of Sarah as McCain’s vice president. I have never met her, nor would I want to, but I have been speaking with people who do know her and believe me, they are shocked and frightened lest the voters learn more of her distasteful persona and activities. In the first place, she may be clever but she is stupid beyond belief in areas in which a vice president must be knowledgeable. She knows absolutely nothing about economics, foreign policy, domestic and foreign diplomacy and her idiotic chatterings are beyond belief. Sarah is being kept away, often by force, from any correspondent or television interviewer lest she utterly destroy McCain’s chances at the Oval Office. Sarah virtually pushed McCain away from the podium once and announced the ‘Palin/McCain ticket’ in her cheerleader squall. As more and more about Sarah Palin’s background comes out, the GOP leadership is now seriously considering the ways to boot her off the ticket and replace her with someone else that won’t do to McCain’s campaign what the iceberg did to the Titanic. CLIP

No Debate: How the Republican and Democratic Parties Secretly Control the Presidential Debates (October 02, 2008)
The Obama and McCain campaigns jointly negotiated a detailed secret contract dictating the terms of all the 2008 debates. This includes who gets to participate, as well as the topics raised during the debates. (...) Unfortunately, Amy, we don’t know the extent of the rules, because, precisely because, the Obama and McCain campaigns have absolutely refused to release the detailed contract that dictates the terms of tonight’s debate. We only have limited knowledge. With respect to the new rules that we do know about, because the campaigns are terrified that both Biden and Palin will make a major gaffe during tonight’s performance, they have severely restricted the response times, so each candidate only has ninety seconds to respond to a particular question and then, only two minutes afterwards, to have some sort of discussion. This is in sharp contrast to the amount of time that was given to Obama and McCain during their debate. And, of course, Amy, you’re not going to see any third party voices in tonight’s debate. The Republican, Democratic parties, who exert near absolute control over these public forums, have determined and made sure that no third party voices are ever seen on the debate stage and can challenge their dominance of our political system. CLIP

Secrets and Shams of Political Polls (September 18, 2008)
In the 13 years David Moore worked for the Gallup Poll, he learned that media polls are not used to uncover the "will" or thoughts of the public, but rather to manufacture a 'public opinion' that grabs the attention of journalists and can be used to fill media news holes. [Moore] draws on first-hand experience as well as the history of modern media polling practices - focusing particularly on the four most influential polls: New York Times/CBS News, Washington Post/ABC News, Pew Research, and USA Today/Gallup - to reveal the inner-workings of pollsters and the cycle of bias that tends to promote the powerful and suppress dissent in his new book The Opinion Makers: An Insider Exposes the Truth Behind the Polls. Analyzing pollsters‚ problematic methodology ... Moore reveals how polls distort voters‚ election preferences as well as the public's support for or opposition to government policies. The net result, he says, is that polls give false readings of which candidates voters prefer and what the public wants, which ultimately determines the democratic process. In his new book, Moore shows how polls create a "legitimacy spin cycle." Those in power frame an issue to favor their position, while the press limits its coverage of sources that might disagree with the administration. Pollsters, in turn, develop surveys to dovetail with the news stories and the people - many of whom have little idea of what is happening beyond the limited information presented to them by the news media - are pressured into answering questions that reinforce the original position of those in power. Note: For lots more on the many threats to free and fair elections in the United States, click here.

Florida 2000 Redux?
Daphne Eviatar, The Washington Independent: "You know it's going to be a heated election when a state attorney general sues his own state agency for not cracking down on voter fraud. But that's just what's happened in Wisconsin. It's indicative of the kinds of legal challenges now being brought in hotly contested states around the country. The outcomes of those challenges will decide whose votes get counted and whose don't - and in a race as close as this one, that could make all the difference."

Pre-election Militarization of the North American Homeland. US Combat Troops in Iraq repatriated to "help with civil unrest" by Michel Chossudovsky (September 26, 2008)
The Army Times reports that the 3rd Infantry's 1st Brigade Combat Team is returning from Iraq to defend the Homeland, as "an on-call federal response force for natural or manmade emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks." The BCT unit has been attached to US Army North, the Army's component of US Northern Command (USNORTHCOM). (...) The deployment of an Army combat unit on US territory, with a mission to curb "social unrest" constitutes a dangerous historical precedent. It creates a new legitimacy, namely that combat units can integrate civlivan law enforcement functions and that this comes to be accepted both by the US Congress and the American public. It should also be under that the combat units repatriated from Iraq to defend the Homeland will be replaced by mercenary forces.

Will Wall Street's Meltdown Turn America Into a Police State? (September 30, 2008)'s_meltdown_turn_america_into_a_police_state/
I'm not much of an Army Times reader, but after reading that a brigade was shipping from Iraq in October to serve as "an on-call federal response force for natural or manmade emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks" in the homeland right before the election, my antennae perked up. Same as they did when I read that an electoral college doomsday scenario exists in which Dick Cheney casts the deciding vote that gives McCain-Palin the White House.That is, if Cheney and Bush don't take it for themselves. That may sound like fantasy, but don't kill the messenger. They are all strands of the Gordian knot the Bush administration has tied around the neck of the American people for the last two presidential terms, best represented today by the failed bailout of banks, brokers and other complicit parties that have since jacked the American people out of trillions. And while the Army Times revelation or election doomsday may turn out to be paranoia rather than prescience, the evidence just isn't there. Like I said: antennae. (...) Is history repeating?"Indeed, it is, as one could tell from the repetitive usage of loaded terms and phrases like "Great Depression," "meltdown," "apocalypse," "Armageddon" and more to describe the just-on-time cratering of the American economy. After the strange bedfellows in both parties torpedoed Bush, Bernanke and Paulson's so-called bailout, more than $1 trillion of market value in American equities disappeared in a single day. The Dow Jones average set a record for quickest suicide dive in a single day. Other indexes sunk to multiyear lows, wiping out years of value, and stocks across the board went negative like Ann Coulter. In fact, the only major stock that actually advanced on Monday was Campbell Soup. Can there be a more fitting metaphor for the American economy stuck beneath the Bush administration's thumb? But the reruns, and their loaded terminology, are merging: Bush himself is just another iteration of the infamous "New World Order" instituted by his father while trying to, what else, convince the American public that it needed to go to war against Saddam Hussein. The revisionism is transparent, befitting a government that cares nothing of what its people actually think. Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" recently juxtaposed Bush's address on the financial cataclysm with his pre-invasion speech in 2003 and found -- surprise! -- they were exactly the same. CLIP

Russia delays Iran reactor yet again, until Bush leaves office (September 11, 2008)
NICOSIA — Russia, ignoring yet another contract deadline, has again delayed plans to launch operations of Iran's first nuclear reactor. (...) Western intelligence sources said Russia was expected to delay the opening of Bushehr until at least the departure of U.S. President George Bush from office. The sources said Moscow has quietly agreed to postpone full operations of the nuclear reactor until Iran agrees to a Western proposal to halt uranium enrichment.

Russia says U.S. blocking nuclear arms reduction talks (Sep 29, 2008)
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Russia accused the United States on Monday of stonewalling negotiations on a new pact on reducing the size of the two powers' nuclear arsenals, the latest sign of deteriorating Russian-U.S. relations."Negotiations between us and Washington to make sure that after START I treaty expires in December 2009 we have some meaningful strategic arms control regime, these negotiations are not so far heading anywhere," said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START I, between the United States and Soviet Union came was signed in 1991 and eventually resulted in an estimated reduction of around 80 percent of all nuclear weapons in existence at the time. Speaking on the sidelines of the annual open debate of the U.N. General Assembly, which ends later on Monday, Lavrov said the reason the talks had stalled was that "our American colleagues do not want to keep limits on the delivery vehicles (missile) and on nuclear warheads in storage." "They only want to keep some limits on the operationally deployed nuclear warheads," he told reporters.START I signatories were allowed to keep no more than 6,000 nuclear warheads beyond a specific number of intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched missiles and bombers. Lavrov's accusation comes as relations between Washington and Moscow grow increasingly icy after Russia's invasion of Georgia last month. CLIP

IAEA 'puts Israeli nukes on agenda' (29 Sep 2008) Another telling example of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's subservience to US and Israeli's interests!!
The UN nuclear watchdog has unanimously agreed to put the issue of Israel's nuclear capabilities on the agenda of its annual meeting. After requests by the Non-Aligned Movement and the Arab League, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) agreed to put the issue of Israel's nuclear capabilities on the agenda of the 52nd annual meeting of the UN body. The move was initially met with protests by the US and Canada but the two countries had to back down from their position after they realized that other member states of the IAEA meeting's presidential board would not support their stance, an informed source told Fars News Agency on Monday. Israel is believed to possess the only nuclear arsenal of the Middle East but it has so far refused to allow IAEA inspectors to visit its nuclear sites.

Israel Must Quit Nearly All Occupied Land: Olmert (October 1, 2008)
The people of Israel were virtually taken by surprise earlier this week by the ramblings of former Prime Minister Olmert….. Ramblings that if uttered before he stepped down as Leader might have made a difference in the present situation. Israel’s interim Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Israel must give up virtually all the occupied West Bank including east Jerusalem, insisting in an interview published on Monday this was key to achieving peace with the Palestinians.Olmert, in a caretaker role since quitting on Sept. 21, said he was breaking new ground in calling for a broad pullback from the occupied West Bank, where Palestinians hope to establish a state, and in the annexed Golan Heights, which Syria wants back. (...) The statement is expected to stir deep controversy. Israel officially considers Jerusalem its “eternal, undivided” capital, a view Olmert — a former mayor of the city — said he shared for many years. Are we to believe that this is a new awakening for the former Leader or is it a ploy to save face and go out looking like a man of peace rather than the bloodthirsty murderer that he actually is? The Palestinians themselves had the following to say about the above; Viable State Palestinian chief negotiator Ahmed Qurie said, before the Olmert interview, annexation of settlement blocs would prevent the Palestinians from establishing a viable and contiguous country. “We can’t have a state with settlements dividing the land,” Qurie said.Another senior Palestinian negotiator said tracts Olmert proposed to exchange in a peace deal “are lands we don’t want”. (...) Political observers throughout the word and in Israel in particular will closely be watching the incoming Prime Minister Tsipi Livni to see if there will be any significant changes regarding the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Occupied Territories. The New Year just might be full of a few pleasant surprises…. We can hope.

British envoy says mission in Afghanistan is doomed, according to leaked memo (October 2, 2008)
Britain’s Ambassador to Afghanistan has stoked opposition to the allied operation there by reportedly saying that the campaign against the Taleban insurgents would fail and that the best hope was to install an acceptable dictator in Kabul. Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, a Foreign Office heavyweight with a reputation for blunt speaking, delivered his bleak assessment of the seven-year Nato campaign in Afghanistan in a briefing with a French diplomat, according to French leaks. However sources in Whitehall said the account was a parody of the British Ambassador’s remarks. François Fitou, the deputy French Ambassador to Kabul, told President Sarkozy’s office and the Foreign Ministry in a coded cable that Sir Sherard believed that “the current situation is bad; the security situation is getting worse; so is corruption and the Government has lost all trust”. According to Mr Fitou, Sir Sherard told him on September 2 that the Nato-led military operation was making things worse. “The foreign forces are ensuring the survival of a regime which would collapse without them . . . They are slowing down and complicating an eventual exit from the crisis, which will probably be dramatic,” the Ambassador was quoted as saying. CLIP

Iraq Facing New Civil War, Insurgency (10/02/2008)
What does the start of a new civil war in Iraq look like? It looks a lot like this:The Times reports today matter-of-factly on the pattern of assassinations of Sunni members of the Sons of Iraq militia by Shiite death squads: (...) "They will kill us," Zoubaidi declared. "One by one."Across Baghdad, leaders of the groups speak about the transition in similarly apocalyptic terms. Some have left Baghdad, saying they fear that the Iraqi government will conduct mass arrests after the handover. Others are obtaining passports and say they will flee to Syria. (...) Others aren't fleeing at all. They'll fight.It's going to get uglier. (...) Sunni fighters who once battled US troops in Baghdad, before turning their guns on al Qa'eda, have warned the Iraqi government it must continue to support them or risk a return to chaos. ...The Sahwa themselves are concerned that the Iraqi government may simply disband the councils and push the former insurgents back into the role of active insurgents. In essence it would be a repeat of a former devastating mistake, when America disbanded the Iraqi army in 2003, leaving thousands of trained soldiers without jobs and a score to settle against the US military. CLIP

“The Age of the Warrior”: Robert Fisk on the US Elections, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Israel-Palestine
Robert Fisk is Britain’s most celebrated foreign correspondent and has borne witness to countless tragedies in the Middle East for over three decades. With the publication of a new collection of essays, Fisk joins us to talk about the US elections and their bearing on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Israel-Palestine. (...) And, of course, here, in this country, as the number of US casualties has declined, so has the attention in the media or in the public to the situation in Iraq, and everyone has now bought into the thought that things are getting better. ROBERT FISK: Ha ha ha, yes. Look, the degree of ethnic cleansing that actually took place—genocidal, in some ways—and the fact that the Americans have now built walls through every community in every major city in Iraq, which has divided between the communities, means that there isn’t, in fact, any free flow of movement. There isn’t a country operating anymore. But now, I mean, if you stand back a little bit and look at it like this, first of all, we went to Afghanistan, we won the war. Then we rushed off to Iraq and won the war. Then we lost the war in Iraq, or maybe we won it again. And then we’re going back to Afghanistan, where we seem to have lost the war, to win it all over again. And in due course, perhaps we’ll have to go back to Iraq. I mean, in my reports, I’m calling this Iraqistan. And now, we’ve actually got soldiers on foot turning up in Pakistan. I mean, has nobody actually stood back and said, “What on earth are we doing out there?” I mean, I calculated for our Sunday magazine that we now have twenty-two times as many military personnel per head of population as the Crusaders had in the twelfth century. You know, what are we doing? CLIP

'US dominance is over' - Medvedev (2 October 2008)
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said that the era of US global economic dominance is over. Speaking after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in St Petersburg, Mr Medvedev said the world needed a "more just" financial system. CLIP

How China has created a new slave empire in Africa (28th September 2008)
(...) These poor, hopeless, angry people exist by grubbing for scraps of cobalt and copper ore in the filth and dust of abandoned copper mines in Congo, sinking perilous 80ft shafts by hand, washing their finds in cholera-infected streams full of human filth, then pushing enormous two-hundredweight loads uphill on ancient bicycles to the nearby town of Likasi where middlemen buy them to sell on, mainly to Chinese businessmen hungry for these vital metals. To see them, as they plod miserably past, is to be reminded of pictures of unemployed miners in Thirties Britain, stumbling home in the drizzle with sacks of coal scraps gleaned from spoil heaps.Except that here the unsparing heat makes the labour five times as hard, and the conditions of work and life are worse by far than any known in England since the 18th Century. Many perish as their primitive mines collapse on them, or are horribly injured without hope of medical treatment. Many are little more than children. On a good day they may earn $3, which just supports a meagre existence in diseased, malarial slums. We had been earlier to this awful pit, which looked like a penal colony in an ancient slave empire. (...) Out of desperation, much of the continent is selling itself into a new era of corruption and virtual slavery as China seeks to buy up all the metals, minerals and oil she can lay her hands on: copper for electric and telephone cables, cobalt for mobile phones and jet engines - the basic raw materials of modern life.It is crude rapacity, but to Africans and many of their leaders it is better than the alternative, which is slow starvation. It is my view - and not just because I was so nearly killed - that China's cynical new version of imperialism in Africa is a wicked enterprise. China offers both rulers and the ruled in Africa the simple, squalid advantages of shameless exploitation. For the governments, there are gargantuan loans, promises of new roads, railways, hospitals and schools - in return for giving Peking a free and tax-free run at Africa's rich resources of oil, minerals and metals. For the people, there are these wretched leavings, which, miserable as they are, must be better than the near-starvation they otherwise face. CLIP

"Sandra" started out "trying to figure out the chemtrails" in November 2007. Debilitated with Lyme disease, she was directing a conference when some researchers concerned for her health and exposure told her about chemtrails.A few months ago, Sandra went to the mayor, chief of police and county commissioner near Tampa, Florida with her pictures of chemtrails over the Tampa, Florida area - and chemtrails complaint. The county commissioner went to see Senator Bill Young, and the state congressional Representative.The chemtrails stopped."They weren't completely blatant. They would go out into the gulf and spray and let them come in," Sandra explained. "They're not spraying directly anymore," she reconfirmed. "They're sneaky about it. When it's getting ready to rain, they'll spray above the clouds." Sandra knows a "very well known microbiologist who has three dead friends" and whom she does not reveal to anyone. Using a 20,000-power microscope he looked at her samples of chemtrails fallout caught in a sterile dish in her front yard - not rain, but actual powder falling from the sky."That's what fell outside of the house that day," she explains. "Literally on those heavy days you can write your name on your car. The worst days, when people feel bad and there are a lot of accidents, we have a pink haze."Sandra describes the chemtrails fallout she collected as "dirty, fibery, like crusted salt kind of stuff. You could see these fibers with you eyes."One colorful microscope slide photograph she sent me shows the twists of what could be a "viral capsid." Sandra says of her microbiologist friend, "He had never seen anything like it."(...) Sandra is a Registered Nurse. On a recent heavy spray day at her local hospital, a doctor told her, "Hey this is through the roof. Don't get sick now because there's no room."Doctors described the sudden epidemic as "unknown viral upper respiratory."Sandra sent me pages of obituaries for people who died suddenly after heavy spraying - and were not that old. "Look at those ages," she told me over the phone. "lt's shocking." CLIP

FLOW: The Film that Will Change the Way You Think About Water (September 27, 2008)
The Sundance hit "FLOW: For Love of Water" is taking the country by storm and waking people up to our water crisis. -- Can anyone really own water? That was the questions that got French filmmaker Irena Salina inspired to take on a mammoth project -- chronicling the global water crisis and solutions -- from privatization to politics to pollution. Her creation, the award-winning film "FLOW: For Love of Water," was a Sundance hit and now is making its theatrical debut in theaters across the country. Her film includes interviews with some of the world's leading activists, scientists and policy makers. But it also looks at how everyday people are affected around the world -- from the United States to South Africa to India and the growing network of grassroots activists that are coming together.While the film is alarming, it is also empowering. As a review in the New York Times said, "Irena Salina's astonishingly wide-ranging film is less depressing than galvanizing, an informed and heartfelt examination of the tug of war between public health and private interests. From the dubious quality of our tap water (possibly laced with rocket fuel) to the terrifyingly unpoliced contents of bottled brands (one company pumped from the vicinity of a Superfund site), the movie ruthlessly dismantles our assumptions about water safety and government oversight. "What I also love about this film is its unabashed attack on the privatization of water. You get a look at who the corporate players really are and what they have to say for themselves. In an interview with AlterNet, Salina told us about what inspired her to take on this project and the blessing that it has become. CLIP

Brazilian officials face charges over Amazon destruction caused by logging (September 30 2008)
Illegal logging has sharply accelerated destruction of the Amazon and the biggest culprit is the Brazilian government, according to new evidence. Officials are expected to face criminal charges after satellite imagery revealed the worst-hit regions belonged to the Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform, or Incra, a state agency which distributes land.The top 100 illegal loggers, with Incra at the top, would be sued, the environment minister, Carlos Minc, told a news conference. "It was a terrible result. We're going to blow all 100 of them out of the water and then some."Official data released on Monday showed that 292 square miles of rainforest were chopped down in August, more than twice the rate for the same month last year. The National Institute of Space Studies said its findings would probably have been even worse had it obtained images of a quarter of the forest covered by dense clouds in August. Until recently Brazil's government highlighted an apparent slowdown in the rate of deforestation as proof of conservation success. This week's announcement was all the more embarrassing because the six largest deforested areas since 2005 were owned by Incra. Officials tasked with distributing land to the poor, along with vote-chasing mayors and other politicians in the Amazon, were accused of turning a blind eye to the tree-felling by peasants, big landowners and logging companies. CLIP

European temperatures rising faster than world average, report says (30 September 2008)
Europe is warming faster than the world average and governments need to invest to adapt to a changing climate set to turn the Mediterranean region arid and the north ever wetter, a study released Monday said. Europe's mountains, coasts, the Mediterranean and the Arctic were most at risk from global warming, according to the report by the European Environment Agency and branches of the World Health Organization and the European Commission. "Global average temperature has increased almost 0.8 C...

Top Ten Forecasts for 2008 and beyond
5. The earth is on the verge of a significant extinction event. The twenty-first century could witness a biodiversity collapse 100 to 1,000 times greater than any previous extinction since the dawn of humanity, according to the World Resources Institute. Protecting biodiversity in a time of increased resource consumption, overpopulation, and environmental degradation will require continued sacrifice on the part of local, often impoverished communities. Experts contend that incorporating local communities' economic interests into conservation plans will be essential to species protection in the next century. --World Trends & Forecasts, Nov-Dec 2006, p. 6

EMF-Omega-News 27. September 2008



Message from Matthew

September 24, 2008

Global economic situation, greed, corruption led to “meltdown,” ultimate outcome; Sarah Palin; why Obama will be US president, other national leaders; perspective of “Impending Event Alert”; predictions that won't materialize; bad dreams; chiropractic philosophy; diet, health, Golden Age; energy of ascended masters, others; only off-planet light beings near our solar system; “behind the scenes” of Gustav, Ike; Pakistan suicide bombing a “black ops” event.

With loving greetings to all, this is Matthew to address what we see as uppermost in people's interests and concerns. Although a great deal of the global economy is being played out on the public stage—it became far too gigantic to keep hidden any longer—this is not surprising to long-time readers of these messages. But it is not that we have been "predicting" the bankrupt status of the United States and its eventual domino effect around the world; rather, we have been seeing the energy momentum behind that first domino staying the course with such increasing intensity that it could not be swerved off track by the Illuminati's smoke and mirrors economic manipulations. However, instead of what they intended—the consolidation of all the world's funds within a few gargantuan institutions, which they own—they have manifested their "meltdown," to use your economists' term. Universally viewed, this is the power of light ending a long era of unimaginable greed and corruption; as viewed on Earth, it is the implosion of the foundation of the world of finance. While most people have no idea whatsoever about the existence of the Illuminati, US taxpayers clearly see that their government is shifting to them the monetary burden of bandaging the gaping wounds in the national economy.

The ultimate outcome will be wholeheartedly greeted by everyone worldwide except the corrupters of banking, commerce and investment systems, but there is no denying that now hardships are befalling many in all affected countries. Especially fearful are those who have no idea that the collapse of the global economy is making way for the new foundation based in fairness, honesty and integrity. We can only urge you who do know that the current frenzy is a transitional stage of world transformation, please do not add to that fear. Most souls at this station have had lifetimes of extreme deprivation and we can empathize with you who are struggling financially. Remember that the universal law of attraction, "like attracts like," always is in effect—sharing what you have with those who have less will bring back to you what you need. The energy of giving from the heart not only adds to your light, thereby radiating out to all lives you touch, this starts a cycle of upliftment. Just as your heart feels lighter when you help others, they in turn feel grateful and hopeful, and the energy in gratitude and hope gives them more light to send out to all lives they touch, and so on and so on.

In response to the many requests that basically are, "Where can I invest my money so it will be safe?" I can only repeat that we are not financial advisers. But we can assure you that after the temporary tumultuousness, there will be abundance aplenty for all! In the meantime, exchanging goods and services is an excellent way to deal with money shortages, and it is heartening for us to see how many are benefiting from a return to the bartering that once served humankind well, until unbridled greed entered a few dark minds. They established a monetary system among tradesmen that included loans at usurious interest rates, and despite later enactment of laws to prevent that practice, usury continued unabated and expanded to cover the globe. That played a large part in manifesting today's shattered economy, but deception had a large role too. The concept of tithing was developed by self-serving early church leaders along with payment for absolution of sins; that fed their private coffers then and it continues to this day to add to the Vatican's untold wealth. Taxation also has played a very heavy part, with royalty exacting tribute from the poorest in their realms; later, the Federal Reserve System and its tax collection agency, the Internal Revenue Service, was foisted upon unwitting citizens of the United States, most of whom still believe this is an integral part of the federal government. In fact the Federal Reserve is a privately owned global banking consortium and all monies paid as income taxes to the IRS go directly into the hands of the Illuminati. Also the Fed buys currency from the Treasury Department, paying a few cents on every bill regardless of its face value, then lends the money at face value to the government, continuously creating an ever-increasing national debt. Exploitation of Earth's natural resources has been another part of the Illuminati's tightly woven web of economic control; so has their initiation of civil and international wars, and always the war machine has greatly enriched their companies that keep it supplied.

All of that theft—that is exactly what it has been, and on a mind-boggling scale—has been completely in accordance with the Illuminati's generations-old plan to attain global domination by creating and spreading impoverishment, devastation, and death of the masses who are not needed to serve their sinister purposes. The massive negativity created by centuries of unconscionable disparity between the "haves" and the "have nots" could not continue or it would have destroyed Earth's planetary body. As a sentient being, Earth chose not to let that happen. She chose to regain her viability and vitality, thus the end had to come to the long reign of darkness behind everything that is divisive, unjust, deceptive, violent and cruel in your world. And that end has come.

Now then, sharing the world's spotlight is the imminent presidential election in the United States—of great interest before, now it holds even more importance because of the crashing economy and the candidates' ideas to salvage it. And yes, John McCain's choice of running mate does enter into this. To reply to the many requests for our opinion of Sarah Palin's capability to handle the vice presidency, I can only say again what so often you have heard in messages from light beings—we love all souls unconditionally. This does not mean that we must consider all equally qualified for a particular position or we must admire everyone's decisions and activities outside of their agreements that bring harm to selves and others. It means that regardless of their choices, our love for all souls, like God's love, is infinite and eternal. When you feel, not only know, the inseparability of all souls with God and each other, you too will feel unconditional love for all.

To the even greater number of questions, With Palin as his running mate, will McCain win the election? first I repeat: We are apolitical. We neither endorse nor favor one soul over another, but rather objectively report what we see in Earth's energy field of potential and what exists in the continuum. So then, ever since McCain's announcement of Palin as his selection, the energy field has been quite astir! But even if her popularity within specific groups of voters were to continue instead of wane, and wane it will, it could not change the outcome of the election. Earth, a sentient soul, cried out in her death throes sixty-some years ago for other civilizations' help to save her planetary body; she chose to have no more terrorism like "9/11"; she has been ridding herself of negativity so she can rise to vibratory levels where her original health and vibrancy will be restored and the higher consciousness of her humankind will glory in spiritual renewal. The energetic force that has been propelling her ascension out of third density's darkness has been leading naturally to a spiritually evolved visionary as president of what you consider your world's most powerful nation.

Thus, in line with Earth's own vision, Barack Obama will accomplish his mission to bring wisdom, justness and integrity to the United States government, and his example of governing with compassion and reconciliation to unify a divided nation will resound around the world. He is not the only highly evolved soul who will lead Earth into the Golden Age—many others also came to fill influential positions, some to support Obama and some as leaders of other nations. Be aware that mainstream "news" in the United States is falsely portraying some leaders as posing a danger to democracy or destabilizing their nations, whereas they are light beings distancing their countries from the Illuminati's empire-building, which in large part has grown through two centuries or more of the US government's covert intrusion into other countries' affairs. Foremost among these leaders vilified by the Bush administration is Vladimir Putin, and another is Hugo Chavez. In countries long involved in violent conflicts, negotiations seesaw from pessimistic to optimistic to pessimistic, but eventually there will be stability under wise, benevolent leadership throughout the world. As the consciousness of Earth humankind continues to rise and truths continue to emerge, all light receptive peoples will rejoice—so will all lighted beings throughout this universe!

Now I shall comment on something that is less well known than those two primary issues, and that is the "Impending Event Alert," the subject line on an email in circulation. Mother, please copy my response to Jean Hudon about the four precognitive dreamers who reported that their recent dreams indicated the likelihood of a very substantial and disruptive event, possibly as significant as "9/11," sometime in the next two months.

September 11, 2008

This is Matthew with loving greetings and our perspective of the potential for a "very substantial and disruptive" event, perhaps even another "9/11," happening during the next sixty days. The collective consciousness, or universal mind, that some individuals have the ability to tap into includes all thought forms, both light and dark, from The Beginning of Creation. Relative to dark thought forms, those of antiquity were attracted by those in the planning of "9/11," and the force of that combined energy enabled the Illuminati to manifest that tragic day. That is when Earth chose never again to experience such death and destruction at the hands of dark ones, and in honoring her free will choice, God authorized off-planet helpers to use their technology to prevent all such unconscionable attempts anywhere in the world. Since then they have done so successfully on as many as a dozen occasions.

Let us speak of this moment. The activity in Earth's energy field of potential is in as much foment as we have ever seen, with ever-increasing light streamers to preclude more zig-zagging of the kind the dark ones have been causing by lashing out in all directions in deepening desperation and fear. These Earth puppets of the darkness have been seeing their power erode to the extent that it is "do or die" time, and despite their failure in plot after plot, they feel that they still have a chance to prevail if they can prevent both of the following scenarios that indeed will be "very substantial and disruptive" events. They cannot prevent either.

First, the undeniable presence of other civilizations. If safety cannot be assured for people on the planet and souls in the star nations themselves for their announced appearance October 14, the delay in that occurrence would not be lengthy--simply, the time for this has come. And when it happens, it will be extremely disruptive especially within the US government, which long has been under Illuminati control and thus denied even the possibility of other civilizations' existence, much less admit that extraterrestrials have met with its leaders and the consequences meted out to those beings who came with only peaceful intentions. Second, the truth about who planned and executed "9/11." In the higher vibrations in which Earth is now orbiting, that truth cannot be hidden much longer; when it emerges along with its even deeper purpose than controlling oil resources in the Mideast, which is to dominate the entire planet and kill or enslave its peoples, the Illuminati's long reign of terror will meet its just end. The global impact of these two major events is part of the ongoing world transformation and spiritual renewal of Earth's humankind, the God-blessed "ascension" joint venture with your space brotherhood that all of you on the planet chose in pre-birth agreements to be participants.

It is equally important that you know what other individuals who also have the ability to tap into the collective consciousness are seeing. Many are accurately seeing what we have described in Earth's Golden Age—the loving, peaceful life of all peoples, the restoration of your planet's health and beauty, the harmonious co-existence of humankind with all of Nature. In this wondrous Earth that is on the near horizon and already created in the continuum, there is no fear, no violence or greed or bigotry or any other divisiveness that thrives in a third density world. The choice is yours as to which world you want to be in, but because of our unconditional love for every soul, we pray you will choose the one of love and peace.


Thank you, Mother. I shall add that as long as any dark tentacles are lashing out, dire-sounding pronouncements, predictions, speculations and warnings will continue to swirl, and judging from emails my mother is receiving, these cause concern even to lightworkers. To ease minds about several issues that keep popping up in Internet articles or channeled messages: There will be no war with Iran; concentration-type camps will not be filled with the millions who oppose government policies; no "Planet X" or any large celestial body is on a collision course with Earth; there will be no need for your space family to evacuate all peoples before planetary cleansing makes Earth uninhabitable; NESARA is not an event that will be "announced." And these current issues: Russia will not engage in a major war and neither will China; and martial law will not be declared to postpone the US election and keep the Bush administration in power—a dramatic event would be needed to achieve that, and technologically advanced souls off-planet and living among you would prevent that kind of attempt.

On this topic of dreams, I shall answer your questions about them. Are dark energies sending people bad dreams to keep them weak? Is that a form of mind control? Do my violent dreams portend something ominous only for me or do they have a much wider meaning? and How can I stop a recurring frightening dream? To all the questioners I say, fear is the root cause of dreams you could call nightmares. You need not be consciously fearful of something to evoke these kinds of dreams; they may arise from cellular memory of other lifetimes, horrible happenings in this lifetime that consciousness has suppressed, or a variety of concerns that dreams can release rather than allow to fester.

Now then, when fear enters the psyche, energy carrying dark tentacles home in on that. While this is not the same kind of individually programmed mind control or the kind that mesmerizes the populace like religious dogmas and TV, as examples, it does alter the thoughts and can affect the behavior of persons plagued with bad dreams. Here, too, the law of attraction applies, as preoccupation with frightening dreams perpetuates them. Generally those kinds of dreams pertain only to the dreamer because it is fear that initiates them and the fearful feelings are within the person. As for stopping recurring dreams, asking for divine help and protection of the Christed light is a practical first step, but trust must accompany those prayers—doubt carries a low frequency that makes it difficult for light to enter the psyche and rid it of darkness. Some energy healers can determine the source of the fear and remove its blockage that is preventing energy from flowing smoothly for the well being of one's entire system—again, trust is a necessary element. Hypnosis performed by a trustworthy therapist may be helpful—dreams need to be put into their authentic context in the psyche so it can clear itself of whatever fear is causing them.

Along a similar line, I shall summarize what a chiropractor wrote: True practitioners in the field believe that a universal intelligence animates all things, and as that intelligence flows through an individual, it enables better use of all faculties as long as the nervous system is functioning optimally; physical, chemical and emotional stresses can distort communication between body and brain, which can impair health and cause inappropriate responses to a situation; chiropractic uses a specific application of force to improve one's ability to adapt to the ever-changing world. He would like my opinion as to whether this philosophy fits in with one's ability to evolve into higher consciousness. So along with my thanks to the writer who shared that philosophy, I say this: That understanding is a result of the enlightened consciousness that is enabling the medical community to see the interrelatedness of body, mind and spirit, or, the inseparability of science and spirituality.

My comments about diet elicited a lot of questions. No, I did not mean that individuals cannot enter the Golden Age unless they stop eating meat, and yes, it's fine to eat eggs, dairy products and seafood if you know it isn't contaminated. The nutritional value of raw fruits and vegetables usually is greater than the same cooked, but some vegetables are really unappetizing raw, so cook them. Whole grain is better than bleached, pure raw milk better than pasteurized, and nuts are preferable to mints. That a serving of red wine daily may be a good preventive for some diseases doesn't make it incumbent on nondrinkers to start imbibing. We know your "food pyramid" goes topsy-turvy whenever a new study comes out about this or that food causing some condition or previous convictions are proven false. Just pay attention to your bodies—they will tell you what foods are best for you and what to avoid. The real purpose of irradiating foodstuffs is to weaken your immune systems, but another example of our space family's technological assistance is rendering the toxicity ineffective. Malnutrition does seriously affect the brain and retard intellectual growth, but please don't equate intelligence with spiritual evolution. The bottom line here is, following inner guidance about diet, like all other matters that pertain to you as the unique individual you are, always will serve you well.

In the Golden Age all peoples regardless of age will be healed from the effects of emotional stress and environmental and food toxins; anorexia will not exist; and newborns will be perfect. Yes, life spans will be much longer, but there will not be a specific "drop-dead" age then any more than now—always soul growth is the decisive longevity factor; when Earth has presented all the experiencing a soul needs to move into a greatly different plane, he will leave. The splendid difference is, in the Golden Age there is the spiritual clarity that life is unending learning and growing, there is no excruciating grief and sense of loss that exists now, and all can communicate telepathically with beloved souls elsewhere in the universe.

Where are the best places for spiritually evolved persons to live so they can make a living and do healing work without the stress of left brain work? Only your soul knows where you need to be and what you need to be doing in accordance with your pre-birth choices. We do realize that in times of stress, it is more difficult to quiet thoughts and hear messages from the soul. This isn't due to personal frailty, it is the wild energetic effects globally that are affecting everyone and can cause difficulty distinguishing between the intuition that comes from soul level and what is response to external influences. Nevertheless, you all have the power to attain the tranquility that will enable your consciousness to commune with your soul—be still and listen. And in these days at hand, with linear time being accelerated by the higher frequencies prevailing, synchronous happenings are like corn popping, so be alert for these windows of opportunity the universe is providing.

The powerful energy of souls you call ascended masters and the White Brotherhood and other light forces you don't know about has been intensifying on the planet and is available to each and every one of you. It isn't necessary that those souls embody or that you know their names, simply ask for divine help and these emissaries of God will provide it. It may not come in the form you think you want, but it will be what you need in accordance with your soul contract. Never underestimate the power of prayer for your own or another's highest good!

In this universe there are myriad councils, star nation groupings, force fields, and galactic and intergalactic federations. The only ones in proximity to your solar system are of the light, but only several years ago in your time calculations, that wasn't the case—part of the vast force field of thought forms deriving from darkness held sway in the area until the in-pouring of light reached such a mass that the force field, to which light is anathema, no longer could remain.

Both reptilians and humans of dark persuasion are in top positions within the many sectors under the Illuminati "umbrella." They are the ones I have spoken about that agreed to fill "bad guy" roles until completion of individuals' and Earth's third density karma, when they would join the light forces but instead reneged on their agreements. Like all souls, they have the choice to accept the light and live within it, or physical death will happen when Earth reaches the frequencies where only light-filled bodies can survive; then, in accordance with universal laws, their souls automatically go to placements where the energy is commensurate with the physical lifetime energy.

To the oft-lonely soul who successfully manifested the exiting from her life all people who were not spiritually aligned with her and only family were left, remember that unseen helpers galore always are around. Feel their closeness, mentally talk to them, and be your own best friend. Yes, knowing that kindred spirits are connecting and your "taking action when spirit moves you" is all there is to it—for everyone!

How to respond to people who believe that if a huge starship appears, it will be "a trick of Satan to overthrow Earth"? If they have been resistant to considering that your expressed view may be valid, my suggestion is to feel compassion, and if the topic arises again, to simply reply such as "Time will tell." It is sad for us to see minds tightly closed to the truth that could offer those people boundless joy.

Please have NO concerns about water ever becoming a commodity and masses dying of thirst because they cannot afford the cost!

Now, returning to questions about current events, although speculation about potentially disastrous results of the Large Hadron Collider test have been "overcome by events," as you say, I am mentioning this topic to make this point: The technology of your off-planet brotherhood would not have permitted a catastrophic outcome and will not permit such from any testing.

Some lightworkers are pleading for mass landings NOW and others are of the mind that Earth's peoples should stop looking to the skies for help because you're supposed to bring about all necessary reforms yourselves. Oh my! Divide and conquer? Your space family has been assisting Earth in ways you cannot, and they are not taking on the entire responsibility of transforming your world—they are working with you to manifest the world you want. And they cannot land en masse and delve right in with their pollution-clearing and other technologies until there is safety for them and all of you.

There is a "behind the scenes" reason that destruction from hurricane Gustav was less than from Ike. After off-planet technology so successfully weakened Gustav's wind force, Earth's weather controllers ramped up their technology's power to such an extent that they believed they had designed a storm of such massive size that "aliens" could not alleviate its devastation. However, to the dismay of those dark minds, the technologists in space considerably reduced the eye of the hurricane and veered it away from the coastal oil rigs and refineries to prevent the Illuminati's goals: widespread ecological damage from oil spillage; thundering support for drilling in the Arctic refuge; raising oil prices again; and reimbursing oil companies for their losses. Two other notes here: It isn't necessary for weather controllers to stir up a storm—Mother Nature can do that on her own, and when she does, they take over with their maliciousness. And the refusal to let residents of Galveston Island return sooner is that the death toll is far greater than reported and time was needed to find and dispose of all the bodies. Since depopulation by any means is an Illuminati goal and the death toll would be attributed to Mother Nature, it is hard to figure the reason for delaying the residents' return. Still, causing negativity by any means helps the dark ones' cause, and they achieved that by keeping thousands in stress by miserable living conditions and without answers to what happened to their homes and businesses.

The suicide bombing in Islamabad was a CIA "black ops" undertaking with the intent to create more turmoil and fear in Pakistan and hopefully unseat the leader, who is not under the Illuminati thumb. That incident also was intended to divert attention from the crisis in the global economy and the outrage about bail-out shenanigans. If you suspected as much and also thought that the bombing may indicate the Illuminati's growing concern that they won't be able to control Obama, so they are beefing up voter support for McCain's war-like stance on Terror!, you are indeed connecting the dots.

But even though incidents like that and others of violent nature are the focus of your mainstream media, we see Earth's ascension right on target and your space family's constant vigilance and ongoing assistance. We see the light in continually growing numbers of hearts and minds radiating like the brilliance of the high noon sun. And now, in loving farewell, we at this station and all other light beings throughout the universe are cheering you on as each day you bring closer Earth's Golden Age.

To find out more about Matthew and Suzy Ward, please go at




Republican and Democratic Congress Members Sound the Alarm: Tyranny is Here

Democratic and Republican congress members are sounding the alarm: tyranny is here.

For example:

- Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) says:

“I have been thrown out of more meetings in this capital in the last 24 hours than I ever thought possible, as a duly elected representative of 825,000 citizens of north Texas.”

Burgess asks the Speaker of the House to post the bailout bill on the internet for at least 24 hours instead of passing the largest piece of legislation in US financial history in the “dark of night.”

Rep. Burgess’ says, “Mr. Speaker I understand we are under martial law as declared by the speaker last night.”

Congresswoman Kaptur (D-OH) says:

“My message to the American people don’t let Congress seal this deal. High financial crimes have been committed.

The normal legislative process has been shelved. Only a few insiders are doing the dealing, sounds like insider trading to me. These criminals have so much political power than can shut down the normal legislative process of the highest law making body of this land.”

We are Constitutionally sworn to protect and defend this Republic against all enemies foreign and domestic. And my friends there are enemies.”

The people pushing this deal are the very ones who are responsible for the implosion on Wall Street. They were fraudulent then and they are fraudulent now.”

Of course, there are many other indications that tyranny has already come to America, including the permanent stationing of U.S. troops inside the country to quell "civil unrest" and the probable suspension of normal constitutional government for a state of emergency "continuity of government" operation.

This is not entirely new. In 2006, the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities wrote:

"House leadership invokes 'martial law,' forcing members to vote on key bills without full knowledge of what they are voting on: move represents erosion of the democratic process."

Indeed, many people, including high-level politicians, have been warning of tyranny in the U.S. for some time. As three of many examples:

- Former prominent republican congressman Bob Barr stated that the U.S. is close to becoming a totalitarian society and that the Bush administration is using fear to try to ensure that this happens.

- Current U.S. Congressman Ron Paul stated, the government "is determined to have martial law", and that the government is hoping to get the people "fearful enough that they will accept the man on the white horse."

- And Former Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor warned of dictatorship.

Note: It is possible that Pelosi declared "martial law" just as to the House of Representatives. Clarification is needed.


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Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) sees clearly what's happening and spell it out VERY clearly for all to understand"

Marcy Kaptur warns “there are domestic enemies to the Republic”
Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) warns the American people about Constitutional enemies of the Republic and the fraudulent trillion(s) dollar bailout… “My message to the American people don’t let Congress seal this deal. High financial crimes have been committed.” “The normal legislative process has been shelved. Only a few insiders are doing the dealing, sounds like insider trading to me. These criminals have so much political power than can shut down the normal legislative process of the highest law making body of this land.” “We are Constitutionally sworn to protect and defend this Republic against all enemies foreign and domestic. And my friends there are enemies.” “The people pushing this deal are the very ones who are responsible for the implosion on Wall Street. They were fraudulent then and they are fraudulent now.”

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The Rich Are Staging a Coup Right Now by Michael Moore (September 29, 2008)
The biggest robbery in the history of this country is taking place as you read this. Let me cut to the chase. The biggest robbery in the history of this country is taking place as you read this. Though no guns are being used, 300 million hostages are being taken. Make no mistake about it: After stealing a half trillion dollars to line the pockets of their war-profiteering backers for the past five years, after lining the pockets of their fellow oilmen to the tune of over a hundred billion dollars in just the last two years, Bush and his cronies -- who must soon vacate the White House -- are looting the U.S. Treasury of every dollar they can grab. They are swiping as much of the silverware as they can on their way out the door. No matter what they say, no matter how many scare words they use, they are up to their old tricks of creating fear and confusion in order to make and keep themselves and the upper one percent filthy rich. (...) This bailout's mission is to protect the obscene amount of wealth that has been accumulated in the last eight years. It's to protect the top shareholders who own and control corporate America. It's to make sure their yachts and mansions and "way of life" go uninterrupted while the rest of America suffers and struggles to pay the bills. Let the rich suffer for once. Let them pay for the bailout. We are spending 400 million dollars a day on the war in Iraq. Let them end the war immediately and save us all another half-trillion dollars! CLIP

How Financial Madness Overtook Wall Street (Sept 18) Comprehensive article!,8599,1842123,00.html
For years the financial markets roared along as if there were nothing to fear. Now it's payback time--and all of us will be feeling the pain. (...) Didn't the folks on Wall Street, who are nothing if not smart, know that someday the music would end? Sure. But they couldn't help behaving the way they did because of Wall Street's classic business model, which works like a dream for Wall Street employees (during good times) but can be a nightmare for the customers. Here's how it goes. You bet big with someone else's money. If you win, you get a huge bonus, based on the profits. If you lose, you lose someone else's money rather than your own, and you move on to the next job. If you're especially smart - like Lehman chief executive Dick Fuld - you take a lot of money off the table. During his tenure as CEO, Fuld made $490 million (before taxes) cashing in stock options and stock he received as compensation. A lot of employees, whose wealth was tied to the company's stock, were financially eviscerated when Lehman bombed. But Fuld is unlikely to show up applying for food stamps. (...) Whatever the politicians do, we as a society are going to be poorer than we were. We've lost credibility with foreigners; they will be less likely than before to lend us endless amounts of cheap money. Will that ultimately lead to higher borrowing costs? It's hard to see how it won't.Coping in this new world will require adjustments by millions of Americans. We all will have to start living within our means - or preferably below them. If you don't overborrow or overspend, you're far less vulnerable to whatever problems the financial system may have. CLIP

America's No. 1 Export: Debt (Sep. 25, 2008),9171,1844547,00.html
(...) In the early 1990s, as the U.S. got its fiscal house in order, the capital inflows from overseas shrank. Late in the decade, they returned, with a twist: foreign investors and companies were buying into corporate America to get in on an economic boom. That boom ended in 2001. But the Bush Administration soon began running deficits, and foreigners discovered an American financial product to which they'd never paid much heed before: mortgage securities. The result was a staggering increase in capital inflows. The inevitable flip side was a staggering rise in the current account deficit--basically, the trade deficit plus a few other things. It grew from $114 billion in 1995 to $417 billion in 2000 to a record $788 billion in 2006 before falling to $731 billion, or 5% of GDP, last year. Political discussion of this shortfall usually focuses on trade agreements and exchange rates. But if the U.S. simply stopped borrowing so much--that is, if Washington balanced its budget and restrained financial companies from loading U.S. households with ever more debt--the current account deficit would evaporate. The housing crash and resulting credit crunch are already forcing U.S. households to retrench. Government--fearing disaster if everybody retrenches at the same time--has stepped into the breach. Again, that makes sense in a crisis. But once the panic has passed, the U.S. will simply be steering toward another, even bigger, crisis unless it finds something to replace debt as its No. 1 export.Of course, less money borrowed means less money to spend. "Can you imagine McCain or Obama going around saying he wants to reduce your standard of living?" asks Murphy. Probably not. But maybe they could just sell it as, say, diversifying our product offering.

Amy Goodman:The Wall Street Bailout: Why Politicians Can't Be Trusted (September 18, 2008)
Now that the government is bailing out the finance industry, taxpayers should be in the driver's seat -- not politicians beholden to Wall Street.

Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1 (Sept 8, 2008) Note from Jean: Some speculate this could be in preparation for Martial law, but to me it does not appear so if you go read the whole article...
The 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team has spent 35 of the last 60 months in Iraq patrolling in full battle rattle, helping restore essential services and escorting supply convoys.Now they’re training for the same mission — with a twist — at home.Beginning Oct. 1 for 12 months, the 1st BCT will be under the day-to-day control of U.S. Army North, the Army service component of Northern Command, as an on-call federal response force for natural or manmade emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks. (...) They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control or to deal with potentially horrific scenarios such as massive poisoning and chaos in response to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive, or CBRNE, attack.Training for homeland scenarios has already begun at Fort Stewart and includes specialty tasks such as knowing how to use the “jaws of life” to extract a person from a mangled vehicle; extra medical training for a CBRNE incident; and working with U.S. Forestry Service experts on how to go in with chainsaws and cut and clear trees to clear a road or area. The 1st BCT’s soldiers also will learn how to use “the first ever nonlethal package that the Army has fielded,” 1st BCT commander Col. Roger Cloutier said, referring to crowd and traffic control equipment and nonlethal weapons designed to subdue unruly or dangerous individuals without killing them. CLIP

NSPD-51: Bush prepares martial law (05/24/2007)
very president since FDR has drawn up such plans. The most notorious were Nixon's "Operation Garden Plot" and Reagan's "REX 84 Alpha"—a legacy we recalled when the Homeland Security Act passed in 2002. This latest incarnation has gone unnoticed by the New York Times and other major media. Leave it to the editorial page of Tennessee's Chattanoogan, May 24: Bush Makes Power Grab President Bush, without so much as issuing a press statement, on May 9 signed a directive that granted near dictatorial powers to the office of the president in the event of a national emergency declared by the president. The "National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive," with the dual designation of NSPD-51, as a National Security Presidential Directive, and HSPD-20, as a Homeland Security Presidential Directive, establishes under the office of president a new National Continuity Coordinator. That job, as the document describes, is to make plans for "National Essential Functions" of all federal, state, local, territorial, and tribal governments, as well as private sector organizations to continue functioning under the president's directives in the event of a national emergency. The directive loosely defines "catastrophic emergency" as "any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions."When the President determines a catastrophic emergency has occurred, the President can take over all government functions and direct all private sector activities to ensure we will emerge from the emergency with an "enduring constitutional government." Translated into layman's terms, when the President determines a national emergency has occurred, the President can declare to the office of the presidency powers usually assumed by dictators to direct any and all government and business activities until the emergency is declared over. Ironically, the directive sees no contradiction in the assumption of dictatorial powers by the President with the goal of maintaining constitutional continuity through an emergency. CLIP



House Votes 'No' on Paulson's Bailout -- But Is the Financial Meltdown Averted?

By Mike Whitney - September 29, 2008.

The fear on Capital Hill is palpable, especially among the Democrats who have led the effort to pass Paulson's boondoggle ASAP.

Today the US House rejected Treasury Secretary Paulson's $700 billion Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. Paulson said he has the votes, but Paulson was wrong. The House bucked the Paulson's claim that buying up the illiquid mortgage-backed assets from the nation's banks would be enough to save the financial system from an impending meltdown. The jury remains out on that question, too. Professor Nouriel Roubini, chairman of Roubini Global Economics, summed it up like this, "You're not resolving the two fundamental issues: You still have to recapitalize the banking system, and household debt is going to stay high". A large number of economists believe Roubini is right. The bill would not solve the underlying problems.

There is a crisis. The banking system is undercapitalized, the credit markets are frozen, and foreign creditors are beginning to slow their purchases of US debt. It's all bad. At the same time the number of casualties among the financial giants -- Bear Stearns, Indymac, AIG, Lehman, Washington Mutual -- continues to grow. Three more struggling European banks were added to the list of financial institutions that needed emergency government assistance this past weekend. It's no wonder Congress feels like they have to do something to stop the bleeding.

Before the stock market opened on Monday, the futures markets had slumped heavily into negative territory, while the TED spread, an indicator of stress in interbank lending, had widened to 3.19, a level that suggests another rocky week of trading ahead. Could this be another Black Monday?

Paulson's bill was designed to avert a system-wide crash by clearing the banks' balance sheets so they could resume extending credit to consumers and businesses. The hope was that massive infusion of capital would "turn back the clock" to the happy days of low interest speculation and bubble economics. Paulson is a "one trick pony" who firmly adheres to the belief that wealth creation depends on maximum leverage and an ever-weakening currency. But that world view is no longer applicable after reaching Peak Credit, where consumers are no longer able to make the interest payments on their loans and businesses and financial institutions are forced to curb their spending and dump their toxic assets at firesale prices. The system is deleveraging and nothing can stop it. Paulson has yet to accept the new reality.

Besides, there was no guarantee that the banks would use the money in the way that Paulson imagines. As one Wall Street veteran explained to me, "I don't see one penny of that $700 billion ending up helping the broader economy. I see it being used to prop up share prices so the insiders can salvage as much as possible when dumping their shares".

Indeed, the $700 billion is just part of a massive "pump and dump" scheme engineered with the tacit approval of the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve. Once the banksters have offloaded their fraudulent securities and crappy paper on Uncle Sam, they will do whatever they need to do pad the bottom line and drive their stocks up. That means they will shovel capital into hard assets, foreign currencies, gold, interest rate swaps, carry trade swindles, and Swiss bank accounts. The notion that they will recapitalize so they can provide loans to US consumers and businesses in a slumping economy is a pipedream.

The US is headed into its worst recession in 60 years. The housing market is crashing, securitization is kaput, and the broader economy is drifting towards the reef. The banks are not going to waste their time trying to revive a moribund US market where consumers and businesses are already tapped out. No way; it's on to greener pastures. They'll move their capital wherever they think they can maximize their profits. In fact, a sizable portion of the $700 billion will likely be invested in commodities, which means that we'll see another round of hyperbolic speculation in food and energy futures pushing food and fuel prices into the stratosphere. Ironically, the taxpayers' largesse will be used against them, making a bad situation even worse.

Then again, if a rehabbed bill isn't passed, no one can predict with certainty what will happen. Here's how Tim Shipman summed it up in "Bailout Failure Will Cause US Crash", in the UK Telegraph:

"Officials close to Paulson are privately painting a far bleaker portrait of the fragility of the global economy than that advanced by President George W Bush in his televised address last week.

One Republican said that the message from government officials is that 'the economy is dropping into the john.' He added: 'We could see falls of 3,000 or 4,000 points on the Dow [the New York market that currently trades at around 11,000]. That could happen in just a couple of days.

What's being put around behind the scenes is that we're looking at 1930s stuff. We're looking at catastrophe, huge, amazing catastrophe. Everybody is extraordinarily scared. It's going to be really, really nasty.'"

The fear on Capital Hill is palpable, especially among the Democrats who have led the effort to pass Paulson's boondoggle ASAP. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and fellow Democratic Party leaders, Chris Dodd, Harry Reid and the blabbering blowhard from Massachusetts, Barney Frank, did everything in their power to sandbag dissenters, quash resistance, and rush the bill to a vote without the usual deliberation and debate. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) was one of many angry members of congress who lashed out at Pelosi's highhandedness. It's all caught on a one minute video:

Rep. Marcy Kaptur: "The normal legislative process that should accompany a monumental proposal to bail out Wall Street has been shelved. Yes, shelved! Only a few insiders are doing the dealing. These criminals have so much power they can shut down the normal legislative process of the highest lawmaking body in this land. All the committees that should be scanning every word that is being negotiated have been benched. And that means the American people have been benched. We are constitutionally sworn to protect this country against all enemies foreign and domestic, and yes, my friends, there are enemies….The people who are pushing this bill are the very same one's who are responsible for the implosion on Wall Street. They were fraudulent then; and they are fraudulent now.We should say No to this deal".

Republicans were equally furious at the way the Pelosi Politburo kept the rank and file out of loop as much as possible. Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) summarized the feelings of a great many congressmen who felt they were being railroaded by Pelosi and Co: "We have seen no bill. We have been here debating talking points …House Republicans have been cut out of the process and derided by the leaders of the House Democrats as "unpatriotic" for not participating in supporting the bill. Mr. Speaker, I have been thrown out of more meetings in the last 24 hours than I ever thought possible as an elected official of 800,000 citizens of N. Texas….Since we didn't have hearings, since we didn't have markup, let's at least put this legislation up on the Internet for 24 hours and let the American people see what we have done in the dark of night. After all, I have never gotten more mail on a single issue than on this bill that is before us tonight."

Rep Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) gave the best speech of the day railing against the financial industry and defending the interests of working class Americans.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: "The $700 bailout bill is being driven by fear not fact. This is too much money, in too short of time, going to too few people, while too many questions remain unanswered. Why aren't we having hearings… Why aren't we considering any other alternatives other than giving $700 billion to Wall Street? Why aren't we passing new laws to stop the speculation which triggered this? Why aren't we putting up new regulatory structures to protect the investors? Why aren't we directly helping homeowners with their debt burdens? Why aren't we helping American families faced with bankruptcy? Isn't time for fundamental change to our debt-based monetary system so we can free ourselves from the manipulation of the Federal Reserve and the banks? Is this the US Congress or the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs?"

There was greater opposition to the Paulson bill than any legislation in the last half century. The groundswell of public outrage has been unprecedented, and yet, Congress, completely insulated from the demands of their constituents, continues to blunder ahead following the same pro-industry script as their ideological twins in the White House. There's not a dime's worth of difference between the two parties. Not surprisingly, neither Pelosi nor any of the Democratic leadership has even met with any of the more than 200 leading economists who have stated unequivocally that the bailout will not address the central problems that are wreaking havoc on the financial system. Instead, they have caved in to Bush's demagoguery and the spurious claims of G-Sax bagman Henry Paulson, a man who has misled the public on every issue related to the subprime/financial fiasco so far.

There are parts of Paulson's Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 that every US taxpayer should understand, even though the media is keeping those facts obscured. In sections 128 and 132; the proposed bill would have suspend "mark to market" accounting. This means that the banks would no longer be required to assess the worth of their assets according to what similar assets fetched on the open market. For example, Merrill Lynch just sold $31 billion of mortgage-backed securities for $6 billion, which means that similar bonds should be similarly priced. Simple; right? The banks need to adjust the value of those assets on their balance sheet accordingly. This gives investors and depositors the ability to know whether their bank is in bad shape or not. But Paulson's bill lifted this requirement and allowed the banks to assign their own arbitrary value to these assets, which is the same old Enron-style accounting scam.

CLIP - Read the rest at'no'_on_paulson's_bailout_--_but_is_the_financial_meltdown_averted/?page=3



US Economy: Even Hank Paulson's bail-out plan cannot detox global banking

Can the rescue package really halt our slide into a new Depression, asks Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

27 Sep 2008

Even if Congress backs the Paulson bail-out, the $700 billion blast cannot save the US, Britain or the world from the deepest economic slump since the Thirties. If Congress balks, God help us. The credit system is suffering a heart attack. Inter-bank lending is paralysed. Funds are accepting zero interest on US Treasury notes for the first time since Pearl Harbour, because no bank account is safe.

Wherever you look - dollar, euro, sterling Libor (the rate at which banks lend to each other), or spreads on credit derivatives - the stress has reached breaking point. If borrowers cannot roll over the three-month loans that are the lifeblood of business, they will default en masse.
"Money markets are imploding. If no action is taken very soon, there is a significant risk that the global economy will collapse," says BNP Paribas. Almost every trader says much the same thing. So does US treasury secretary Hank Paulson, who as Toby Harnden reports, literally dropped on bended knee to beg help from Democrats on Capitol Hill.

Republican refuseniks - defying their president - have a grim responsibility if they now tip America over the edge, setting off the "adverse feedback loop" that so terrifies the US Federal Reserve. Like players in a Greek tragedy, they seem determined to repeat the "liquidation" policy that led to the Great Depression - and to Democrat ascendancy for years.
Lehman Brothers' collapse showed the chain of inter-connections that can cause mayhem across a clutch of different markets. That was just one bank - albeit with $630 billion or so in liabilities.

Credit is the lubricant of a modern economy. A seizure now would probably lead to the bankruptcy of General Motors and Ford in short order, but it would not stop with the US car industry. Waves of job losses would set off a self-feeding spiral. Yet more people would default on their mortgages (and car loans), driving house prices down even further. That, in turn, would threaten the solvency of the best banks. That is the way to Armaggedon.

As Mr Paulson says, US taxpayers are on the hook whether they like it or not. A $700 billion fund to soak up toxic debt and stabilise the credit market is the cheapest way out. It is certainly cheaper than Depression.

Hopes that the world can cruise happily on as the US buckles have been dashed by the violent downturn across Europe and Asia over the summer. The Baltic Dry Index measuring freight rates for ships has plummeted by two thirds since May. Japan's economy is already contracting. China's may be close behind: a third of all textile factories in Guangdong have closed this year. House prices are tumbling in Shenzen, Beijing, Shanghai.

Albert Edwards, global strategist at Société Général, says Asia built its boom on shipping goods to the US: "The emerging market boom is going to collapse and this will shake investors to the core. The great unwinding has only just begun."

In Europe, an arc of states from Scandinavia down through the core of the euro zone is already sliding into recession. German GDP shrank by 0.5 per cent in the second quarter. Its manufacturing orders have fallen for eight months in a row, for the first time since records began. Spain is at the onset of a calamitous bust after a property bubble that surpassed even the excesses in America.

This is debt deflation - partly imported from America, partly home-grown. It is global. There is nowhere to hide. Even oil-rich Norway took emergency action this week to shore up its banks.
How will it all end? Europe assumed - wrongly - in the early Thirties that it could withstand the Atlantic gales after the collapse of the Bank of the United States in December 1930. However, Austria's Credit-Anstalt failed in the early summer of 1931, setting off contagion across the central European banking system.

In the end, it was America that muddled through. The US produced Roosevelt: Europe lost half its democracies. We now live in more benign times, but unlike America, it is far from clear whether the eurozone has the machinery to rescue its economy in a fast-moving crisis. EU rules prohibit big fiscal bail-outs. There is no EU treasury to take charge.

America's serial bail-outs - nearing $1.6 trillion, or 12 per cent of GDP - are playing havoc with the US budget. The deficit is above 6.7 per cent, near a 60-year peak. But claims that the US is going bust are frivolous. The US Treasury is not taking on permanent debt: it is behaving like a giant wealth fund, hoovering up mortgage securities selling far below their real value for reasons of panic. Famed investor Warren Buffett expects it to make "a considerable amount of money".

The system will recover, but it may take a slow purge for a decade or more to rid us of the debt toxins. There will be no quick rebound this time.


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Grand Theft America.Financial Crime of the Century (September 29, 2008)
The crime of the century. The greatest one ever. Author Danny Schechter calls it "Plunder." The title of his important new book on the subprime and overall financial crisis. Economist Michael Hudson and others refer to a kleptocracy. A Ponzi scheme writ large. Maybe an out-of-control Andromeda Strain. An economic one. Deadly. Unrecallable. Science fiction now real life. Potentially catastrophic. World governments trying to contain it. Trying everything but not sure what can work. Maybe only able to paper it over for short-term relief. Buy time but in the end vindicate the maxim that things that can't go on forever, won't. The world as we know it is changing. Industrial capitalism. The entire global economic system. Interconnected. What affects one nation touches others. If the troubled country is America it reaches everywhere, and if the crisis is great enough, the disease may be fatal and human wreckage catastrophic. Precisely the current dilemma that world leaders and financial experts are scrambling to figure out. Desperate to contain, and not sure what, if anything, can work. How did this happen and why? The result of unfettered capitalism's fatal flaw - unbridled greed in a rigged system that rewards the few at the expense of most others. (...) This time is really different. A $700 billion bailout (called the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 - EESA) is just a down payment. Trillions will be needed in the end. Other nations contributing to help. The problems are deeper and more intractable than anyone expected. Before this ends, unimaginable amounts of capital will be written off. Too much to even contemplate. Bad investments contaminating good ones. Threatening world financial structures with paralysis. Severe economic damage to their economies as a result. CLIP

Financial Tsunami: The End of the World as We Knew It (September 30, 2008)
The unexpected rejection by the US Congress of the Bush Administration financial rescue plan, TARP on September 29 has opened up the spectre for the first time of a 1931-style domino wave of worldwide bank failures. That is already underway across the US banking spectrum with the failure, nationalization or forced liquidation in the past two weeks of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, of the giant Washington Mutual mortgage lender, of the nation's fourth largest deposit bank, Wachovia. That was on top of a wave of smaller bank failures that began with IndyMac in the spring. For some it is appealing and more simple to grasp the magnitude of these titanic events in the US-centered financial world by assuming it is all part of a pre-planned grand conspiracy by the Money Masters, what in the 1920s in the USA was termed the Money Trust, to control the entire financial world. (...) Power and greed are the only visible juice driving the decision-makers in Washington today. Acting in the long-range US national interest seems to have gotten lost in the scramble. As I wrote last November in my Financial Tsunami five part series on the background to today's crisis, all this could be foreseen. It is what happens when elected Governments abandon their public trust or responsibility to a cabal of private financial interests. It will be interesting to see if anyone in Washington realizes that lesson. Whatever next comes out of Washington, however, one thing is clear, as reflected in what German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück told the Bundestag. This is the end of the world as we knew it. The American financial Superpower is gone. The only important question will be what and how will the alternative be.



Congratulations, Corporate Crime Fighters! Coup Averted for Three Days! ...from Michael Moore


Everyone said the bill would pass. The masters of the universe were already making celebratory dinner reservations at Manhattan's finest restaurants. Personal shoppers in Dallas and Atlanta were dispatched to do the early Christmas gifting. Mad Men of Chicago and Miami were popping corks and toasting each other long before the morning latte run.

But what they didn't know was that hundreds of thousands of Americans woke up yesterday morning and decided it was time for revolt. The politicians never saw it coming. Millions of phone calls and emails hit Congress so hard it was as if Marshall Dillon, Elliot Ness and Dog the Bounty Hunter had descended on D.C. to stop the looting and arrest the thieves.

The Corporate Crime of the Century was halted by a vote of 228 to 205. It was rare and historic; no one could remember a time when a bill supported by the president and the leadership of both parties went down in defeat. That just never happens.

A lot of people are wondering why the right wing of the Republican Party joined with the left wing of the Democratic Party in voting down the thievery. Forty percent of Democrats and two-thirds of Republicans voted against the bill.

Here's what happened:

The presidential race may still be close in the polls, but the Congressional races are pointing toward a landslide for the Democrats. Few dispute the prediction that the Republicans are in for a whoopin' on November 4th. Up to 30 Republican House seats could be lost in what would be a stunning repudiation of their agenda.

The Republican reps are so scared of losing their seats, when this "financial crisis" reared its head two weeks ago, they realized they had just been handed their one and only chance to separate themselves from Bush before the election, while doing something that would make them look like they were on the side of "the people."

Watching C-Span yesterday morning was one of the best comedy shows I'd seen in ages. There they were, one Republican after another who had backed the war and sunk the country into record debt, who had voted to kill every regulation that would have kept Wall Street in check -- there they were, now crying foul and standing up for the little guy! One after another, they stood at the microphone on the House floor and threw Bush under the bus, under the train (even though they had voted to kill off our nation's trains, too), heck, they would've thrown him under the rising waters of the Lower Ninth Ward if they could've conjured up another hurricane. You know how your dog acts when sprayed by a skunk? He howls and runs around trying to shake it off, rubbing and rolling himself on every piece of your carpet, trying to get rid of the stench. That's what it looked like on the Republican side of the aisle yesterday, and it was a sight to behold.

The 95 brave Dems who broke with Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were the real heroes, just like those few who stood up and voted against the war in October of 2002. Watch the remarks from yesterday of Reps. Marcy Kaptur, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Dennis Kucinich. They spoke the truth.

The Dems who voted for the giveaway did so mostly because they were scared by the threats of Wall Street, that if the rich didn't get their handout, the market would go nuts and then it's bye-bye stock-based pension and retirement funds.

And guess what? That's exactly what Wall Street did! The largest, single-day drop in the Dow in the history of the New York Stock exchange. The news anchors last night screamed it out: Americans just lost 1.2 trillion dollars in the stock market!! It's a financial Pearl Harbor! The sky is falling! Bird flu! Killer Bees!

Of course, sane people know that nobody "lost" anything yesterday, that stocks go up and down and this too shall pass because the rich will now buy low, hold, then sell off, then buy low again.

But for now, Wall Street and its propaganda arm (the networks and media it owns) will continue to try and scare the bejesus out of you. It will be harder to get a loan. Some people will lose their jobs. A weak nation of wimps won't last long under this torture. Or will we? Is this our line in the sand?

Here's my guess: The Democratic leadership in the House secretly hoped all along that this lousy bill would go down. With Bush's proposals shredded, the Dems knew they could then write their own bill that favors the average American, not the upper 10% who were hoping for another kegger of gold.

So the ball is in the Democrats' hands. The gun from Wall Street remains at their head. Before they make their next move, let me tell you what the media kept silent about while this bill was being debated:

1. The bailout bill had NO enforcement provisions for the so-called oversight group that was going to monitor Wall Street's spending of the $700 billion;

2. It had NO penalties, fines or imprisonment for any executive who might steal any of the people's money;

3. It did NOTHING to force banks and lenders to rewrite people's mortgages to avoid foreclosures -- this bill would not have stopped ONE foreclosure!;

4. It had NO teeth anywhere in the entire piece of legislation, using words like "suggested" when referring to the government being paid back for the bailout;

5. Over 200 economists wrote to Congress and said this bill might actually WORSEN the "financial crisis" and cause even MORE of a meltdown.

Put a fork in this slab of pork. It's over. Now it is time for our side to state very clearly the laws WE want passed. I will send you my proposals later today. We've bought ourselves less than 72 hours.


Michael Moore


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Here's How to Fix the Wall Street Mess ...from Michael Moore
The richest 400 Americans -- that's right, just four hundred people -- own MORE than the bottom 150 million Americans combined. 400 rich Americans have got more stashed away than half the entire country! Their combined net worth is $1.6 trillion. During the eight years of the Bush Administration, their wealth has increased by nearly $700 billion -- the same amount that they are now demanding we give to them for the "bailout." Why don't they just spend the money they made under Bush to bail themselves out? They'd still have nearly a trillion dollars left over to spread amongst themselves! (...) EVERYBODY NEEDS TO TAKE A DEEP BREATH, CALM DOWN, AND NOT LET FEAR RULE THE DAY. Turn off the TV! We are not in the Second Great Depression. The sky is not falling. Pundits and politicians are lying to us so fast and furious it's hard not to be affected by all the fear mongering. Even I, yesterday, wrote to you and repeated what I heard on the news, that the Dow had the biggest one day drop in its history. Well, that's true in terms of points, but its 7% drop came nowhere close to Black Monday in 1987 when the stock market in one day lost 23% of its value. In the '80s, 3,000 banks closed, but America didn't go out of business. These institutions have always had their ups and downs and eventually it works out. It has to, because the rich do not like their wealth being disrupted! They have a vested interest in calming things down and getting back into the Jacuzzi. As crazy as things are right now, tens of thousands of people got a car loan this week. Thousands went to the bank and got a mortgage to buy a home. Students just back to college found banks more than happy to put them into hock for the next 15 years with a student loan. Life has gone on. Not a single person has lost any of their money if it's in a bank or a treasury note or a CD. And the most amazing thing is that the American public hasn't bought the scare campaign. The citizens didn't blink, and instead told Congress to take that bailout and shove it. THAT was impressive. CLIP



With All Eyes on the Bailout, House Passes Trillion-Dollar Defense Bill

By Joshua Holland - September 26, 2008.

It's 'empire spending,' not 'defense spending.'

On Wednesday, the House passed a mammoth defense bill by a 392-39 vote. It's expected to clear the Senate with little difficulty next week.

It was part of a trillion-dollar stop-gap measure to keep programs running through next March, allowing lawmakers to skip town without passing a final budget. The Associated Press reports, "The legislation came together in a remarkably secret process that concentrated decision-making power in the hands of a few lawmakers."

In keeping with the tradition of recent years, Bush held a gun to his own head and threatened to pull the trigger if his demands weren't met. According to the AP, "To earn President Bush's signature rather than a veto, House and Senate negotiators dropped several provisions he opposed. They include a ban on private interrogators in U.S. military detention facilities and what would have amounted to congressional veto power over a security pact with Iraq."

In other words, Congress also maintained recent tradition, swearing not to give Bush a blank check and then whipping out their pens and signing a blank check.

The number that the House sent to the Senate for "defense" -- $612 billion for the coming year -- is eye-popping. Imagine a stack of 612,000 million-dollar bills. Quite a pile.

That number's a sham, however. The budget calls for $68.6 billion for the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009. War costs this year totaled $182 billion, according to the Federation of American Scientists.

The House passed the Brobdingnagian spending measure 11 months after George W. Bush vetoed a bill -- one passed with a lot of bipartisan support -- that would have added $7 billion measly dollars per year to the State Children's Health Insurance Program, covering 4 million more uninsured children. You'd be hard-pressed to find a clearer sign of national psychosis.

Here's what "defense" spending looks like in the era of Bush's "War on Terror," according to official figures:

(click for larger version)

But that's just the cash to feed the gaping maw of the Department of Defense. Throw in a bit more than $50 billion for Homeland Security, around $20 billion for the nuclear arsenal in the Department of Energy's budget, about $10 billion for the Coast Guard, a similar number for foreign "security assistance" and maybe another $125 billion -- according to one estimate -- in other defense-related programs scattered throughout the federal budget.

Bush also requested $91 billion for the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2009, up from $72 billion just three years ago. A generation of damaged young men and women are going to cost more and more as the years go by -- many post-traumatic injuries, for example, don't manifest themselves for 10 or more years after people get out of combat. In 2000, nine years after the first Gulf War, 56 percent of those who had served in that conflict were receiving disability payments.

But wait, as they say on late-night infomercials, there's more!

All of this only finances our current military adventures. We're still paying for Korea and Vietnam and Grenada and Panama and the first Gulf War and Somalia and the Balkans and on and on. Estimates of just how much of our national debt payments are from past military spending vary wildly. Economist Robert Higgs calculated it like this:

I added up all past deficits (minus surpluses) since 1916 (when the debt was nearly zero), prorated according to each year's ratio of narrowly defined national security spending--military, veterans, and international affairs--to total federal spending, expressing everything in dollars of constant purchasing power. This sum is equal to 91.2 percent of the value of the national debt held by the public at the end of 2006. Therefore, I attribute that same percentage of the government's net interest outlays in that year to past debt-financed defense spending.

In 2006, he came up with a figure of $206.7 billion for interest payments on past militarism. Add it all up, and we're talking about at least a trillion dollars in military and homeland security spending. If there were a million-dollar bill, you'd have to stack a million of them to reach a trillion dollars.

Of course, very little of this is "defense." This is empire spending, pure and simple ...

What's that? You want health care, education, affordable housing, 21st-century infrastructure?

Sorry, we've got other priorities.

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Joshua Holland is an AlterNet staff writer.

Here are some of the comments posted there...


The biggest threat to this nation by far is the collapse of its middle class. No external enemy could bring us down more quickly or more effectively.

The global war on terrorism is in part "W"s and McCain's misguided belief/obsession that "radical Islamofacism is the defining issue of our times"

I have a particular interest in the private sector profiteering that took place and continues after Mr Bush signed Operation Bioshield in 2004 where billions were allocated to Bioweapons research and even possible illegal production? This also resulted in an academic brain drain away from endemic diseases the world has right now like tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/Aids. (the very breeding grounds of terrorism)

Also how we justify this level of defense expenditure for whatever reasons - to reduce threats both real or perceived - when access to quality Health Care is denied to so many Americans?

Thanks Josh Holland


Welcome To The Homeland

Welcome to Germany
Welcome to the Hyper-White Techno-Evangelical Inquisition.

80 billion additional dollars to the War for Lockheed-Halliburton
now up to a quarter of a trillion for the war for the Brown&Root- for the Dyncorp
in addition to the regular 800 million or so a minute for the
Narcotics Trafficking- CIA- Military- Industrial- World's Greatest Polluter- Criminal Think Tank Complex

Small scale tactical nuclear weapons cocktails
served up to brown skinned children
with distended bellies
by well-manicured barbarians in Citadels and Mansions
by their servants in boardrooms
with distended bellies

With 725 military bases
With 350 outposts
In 132 countries
In Every jungle
In Every tree
All baby-faced tamarinds run for cover, hiding in their mother's breasts

America- A fundamentally sick society
America- A culture of conquest

Get out of Iraq Get out of Viet Nam
America get out of Colombia
America get off the Rez
America get out of Afghanistan
America get out of etcetera

America, a fundamentally sick society.

Welcome to Plastic Racist Nation
Welcome to McAmeriWal-Martika
Germany- The Fatherland
America- The Homeland
Welcome to Soft Fascism

General Reinhard Gehlen head of German military intelligence on the Eastern front and his network of spies and terrorists were brought over to the USA after World War 2 in the now well known Operation Paperclip. From these advisers and functionaries Allen Dulles, copying many of the methods utilized by the likes of Herr Gehlen, shaped what we now know to be the CIA.

Instruments of Statecraft
Counterinsurgency Literature

Strangle Them- Starve Them
Hold an election
Call it Democracy

I pledge allegiance to the United Sports Utility Vehicle
of Der Father- der Home Land of the Fee
Home Land of Wage Slavery
Land of the Tidy White Bestiality
This Land of Pre-Ordained Brutality
This Land of Hyper-Tense Entreprenurial Mentality

Overthrow Castro
Overthrow Arbenz
Overthrow Mossadegh
Overthrow Chavez
Overthrow National Sovereignty
Overthrow Dignity

It is time to stop living
The Lie that is America- I Secede



I think what Nader said on the Bill Maher show is true. The corporate structure in power will be a gigantic force to be reckoned with and will, he thought, give anyone who gets in their marching orders. But what saddened me was the continued obsession with war and the never ending spending of trillions of dollars as far as the eyes can see. It is folly to think we will be the first nation, besides Alexander the Great to rule and create order in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Furthermore, I don't think it is wise or diplomatic of us to be putting missiles on the Czechoslovakian border. What if Russia put missiles on the Mexican border? This was never mentioned. Barack left a lot out and I'm sure he too will be pushed around by the next big bubble, the Military Industrial Complex. who would like to see all of our tax dollars go to private corporations forever. If we want to increase revenues we need to have some kind of cut backs on military spending this was never mentioned. They just passed a 630 billion dollar military budget on top of the bail out and wouldn't even extend unemployment benefits. Do you think they care if you live or die? NO! We need to erase tax cuts for the very wealthy, stop giving billions to the drug and health insurance companies, restore capital gains tax and raise caps on Social Security among many other things. All in all we are spending way too much and eventually it will totally hollow out our economy if it already hasn't.

How Obama and address all this does not seems doable without some major reduction in spending and those in power will do anything to stop him. They do not care if we go down in ashes. They are a moral, ruthless Neo Cons who believe that the end justifies the means. That's why they think it's OK to keep stealing elections as they intend to do for the next one. As long as they have control we are gonners cause they will spend us to death. Ten's of thousands of Iraqis were also killed. Maybe a million, that was never mentioned and a couple of million displaced. That was never mentioned. What if that was us? Can you even imagine. And now they tell us there will be happy Democracies there while we kill their women and children? This doesn't seem like a winning strategy to me. We need to tell congress NO MORE WAR ANYWHERE. We can still protect our borders and do what we have to to protect us here but waging wars and provoking nations only means less for us and more for the military and corporations.


We've got behead the military-industrial monster! - And the sooner, the better.


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Senate Slips Huge Pentagon War Funding Bill in Under The Radar. (October 1, 2008)
The Senate has acted against the will of the American people and caved to the Bush Administration yet again. US Senators donned their Harry Potter invisibility cloaks and under the cover of darkness late Saturday night, with the smoke and mirrors distraction of the Wall Street bailout, quietly voted on and passed a huge, outrageous spending bill that gives an additional $488 Billion dollars to the Bush Administration and The Pentagon for funding of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There has been a near media blackout of this vote, and we need to get the word out that this outrageous warfunding is quietly continuing while the news media is being distracted by the gigantic and horrendous Wall Street bailout bill. (...)

Stop Funding The Occupation of Iraq!
This special one click action page is brought to you by and The People's Email Network (P.E.N.). It will submit your personal message on the issue above to your local daily newspaper as a Letter to the Editor as determined by your address, as well as to both of your senators and your house representative if you like all at once. You can even select exactly who you want your message to go to. CLIP

US Spends $88 on the Military for Every Buck Fighting Climate Change (January 31, 2008)
A few days ago, a Spanish reader made his way through a story about these primary-related gender wars we're fighting, and had a suggestion. "I think you all must go to the shrink," he wrote, "in a kind of collective, nationwide, psychoanalysis."Some support for that view surfaced this week, as the Institute for Policy Studies released a new report by Miriam Pemberton titled "Military vs. Climate Security." Pemberton found that for each dollar the U.S. government spends on fighting global warming, it throws $88 at the military. It's a stunning -- and telling --ratio, but it's not the whole story; according to the report, "even the modest $7 billion in the federal climate change budget is badly targeted toward what ought to be low priorities, while major climate priorities get short shrift." The shocking thing is that the 88:1 ratio is actually an improvement over recent years; from the report: Releasing its latest report to Congress on federal climate spending, the Bush administration highlighted the fact that during the previous five years it had spent more than $37 billion for this purpose. During the same period, it spent more than $3.5 trillion on its military forces. That means: During the last five years the ratio of military security to climate security spending has averaged 97 to 1. The government is allocating 99% of combined federal spending on military and climate security to military security. The U.S. government budgeted $20 to develop new weapons systems for every dollar it requested to develop new technologies to stabilize the climate. We will devote 50 times as much to arming the rest of the world as to helping it prepare for and avoid global climate catastrophe. I know those Canadians have been looking sideways at us lately, and I'm as nervous as the next guy about their intentions, but, really, in a world without a conventional (nation-state) enemy, these numbers are signs of a nationwide, bipartisan mental illness. It's all the more so given that the military itself sees global warming as a potential security threat. As the Washington Post reported last spring: CLIP

While US politicians try to figure out how to deploy a multi-trillion dollar slush fund to bail out their friends on Wall Street, there's another ongoing multi-trillion dollar disaster still unresolved. The Iraq War. McCain says we may need to be there another 100 years. Have you noticed how the cost of the Iraq war is not a media issue? Instead they're focused entirely on greasing the wheels for the latest multi-trillion dollar scam.

US-India Nuclear Proliferation Deal Approved by Congress
On September 27, the US House of Representatives approved the US-India nuclear proliferation deal, followed on October 1 by the approval of the Senate. David Krieger, President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, said, “The US has demonstrated that perceived short-term geopolitical gain, with an unhealthy dose of potential financial profit thrown in, is more than enough to defeat even the most important of security-related principles. The Bush administration has succeeded in making the Congress complicit in blowing a hole the size of a nuclear explosion through the principle of safeguarding the country and the world against the spread of nuclear weapons.”Congress bypassed rules requiring a 30-day waiting period before a vote, eliminating the possibility of debate about proliferation implications. Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) stated that it was “outrageous that such a critical vote, one that will forever change the global nonproliferation regime, was taken without the benefit of full congressional review and oversight, as required by the law.”Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) said that through this deal, the US is telling the rest of the world that, like India, “you can misuse American nuclear technology and secretly develop nuclear weapons; you can test those weapons; you can build a nuclear arsenal in defiance of the United Nations resolutions, and you will be welcomed as someone exhibiting good behavior with an agreement with the United States of America. What message does that send to others who want to join the nuclear club?”After the Senate vote, Rep. Markey commented, “Now that the nuclear rules have been broken for India's sake, Iran, Pakistan and North Korea will be looking for a way to similarly game the system.”

Pakistan wants civil nuke deal with US (October 3, 2008)
Pakistan's prime minister says his country wants a similar nuclear deal as its neighbour, following India's landmark agreement with the United States.



$1 Quadrillion of Unregulated Debt At Core of Coming Derivatives Crisis

By John Tiffany

Despite all the blather and swearing-on-the-Bible pronunciamentos from establishment "pundits" our house-of-cards financial system is not fundamentally sound.

Expect such indices as the Dow to tumble even much lower when the Pandora's box of derivatives is fully opened.

Believe it or not, the Dow is still not far from its all-time peaks, with a lot further to fall. The depression is still in its early stages. We are looking at $1 quadrillion of unregulated debt, with much of it at risk. (And we used to think $1 trillion was a lot.)

These are literally inconceivable sums. Counting one dollar per second, it would take 32 million years to count to one quadrillion.

The stock market in this era of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank is a giant craps shoot. Much of it is quite unregulated, especially the invisible market of derivatives. The sub-prime mortgage market collapsed, which is now being followed by a giant credit crisis. Now we are looking at the possible collapse of the derivative market.

President Bush failed at every business he has been associated with. He has always had his dad to bail him out to avoid bankruptcy. But this time his dad and even Henry Paulson can't keep Bush from facing the failure of his economic policies at the helm of the U.S. economy.

America's oversized debt pyramid has just begun to wind down. The Federal Reserve has announced that it is giving an $85 billion loan to American International Group (AIG), the world's largest financial conglomerate, in exchange for a nearly 80 percent stake in the firm.

The Associated Press calls it a "government takeover," but as Ellen Brown, J.D., author of The Web of Debt, says, this is not a real nationalization like the purchase of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac stock by the U.S. Treasury. "The Federal Reserve," she points out, "has the power to print the national money supply, but it is not actually a part of the U.S. government.

It is a private banking corporation, owned by a consortium of private banks. The private banking industry just bought the world's largest insurance company." But they used taxpayer money to do it.

Proposals for reforming the banking system are not even on the radar screen of establishment politics, but the current system is collapsing at train-wreck speed. Says Brown: "We need to stop funding the culprits who brought us this debacle at our expense. We need a public banking system that makes a cost-effective credit mechanism available for homeowners, manufacturing, renewable energy, and infrastructure; and the first step to making it cost effective is to strip out the swarms of gamblers, fraudsters and profiteers now gaming the system."


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Crash Inevitable! (September 29, 2008)
We've heard that before, huh? But this time it is real."The US stock market could suffer a devastating crash with shares losing a third of their value this week…" "…a meltdown of 1929 proportions…" "Officials close to Paulson are privately painting a far bleaker portrait of the fragility of the global economy than that advanced by President George W Bush…" "…the message from government officials is that "the economy is dropping into the john." "…We could see falls of 3,000 or 4,000 points on the Dow…" "That could happen in just a couple of days." "We're looking at catastrophe, huge, amazing catastrophe." "It's going to be really, really nasty." "This has the potential to make 1929 look like a walk in the park." Below is an email I received this last week from a reader. "Mike M. - "You see I am the person you were talking about. I have lived in a 1200 square foot home for 31 years and I served in the military for 4. I drive a truck for a living, 31years and still going. I live below my means and try to always watch what I spend money for. In the end these people and every single government figure will be held accountable. I wish to God I could put each one of them in the electric chair and just pull the level down for full power. I would personally laugh as each one of them…fried. You say damn this man is crazy; no I am not crazy I just believe in vengeance and fairness. I am sick and tired of a crooked government and a crooked system." (...) "Washington Mutual, the largest U.S. savings and loan, reduced Killinger's (Washington Mutual CEO) total compensation…$5.25 million from $14.2 million in 2006." "Killinger's salary remained the same at $1 million last year to maintain the tax deductibility of his full salary…" Let's hear now about the new CEO who has replaced outgoing Killinger and how much this new dude will make at Washington Mutual as the new CEO. "Golden parachute for Washington Mutual CEO" "Washington Mutual's new CEO Alan Fishman -- who had been on the job a measly 17 days -- was paid nearly $20 million in the last month." "That includes a $7.5 million bonus when he was hired Sept. 8. And it includes a mind-blowing $11.6 million cash severance now that the company has gone under. That's on top of his base salary -- a cool $1 million a year. Plus, he was eligible for annual bonuses worth up to 365 percent of his base pay." "All this while the company was posting billions in losses. (Yesterday, it became the biggest bank failure in U.S. history…) "Read over all that again -- and explain to me why something doesn't need to be done about CEO compensation.", 9-26-2008 CLIP

Financial crisis: Bailout stall threatens to bring down banks throughout the West (30 Sept 2008)
European leaders are pleading with America's lawmakers to reach an agreement on a financial rescue package "for the sake of the world" after a string of banks on this side of the Atlantic had to be saved. Financial institutions in Iceland, France, Germany and the Low Countries have become the latest victims of the contagion spreading throughout the global economy.They include Fortis, the Benelux giant which has more assets than the entire Belgian state, and Iceland's third largest bank, Glitnir, with very real fears that other banks will follow if Congress does not reverse its decision to reject a $700 billion bail-out of US banks. (...) The governments of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands had to step in on Monday to save Fortis, buying £8.9 billion of shares in the bank to prevent it from collapsing as its share price tumbled.Belgium and Luxembourg also joined forces with France to pump £5 billion into another bank, Dexia, which was also struggling with funding problems. (...) Even Russia's seemingly unstoppable economic rise, based on its oil and gas reserves, has been halted in its tracks, with trading on its two main markets, the RTS and the MICEX, suspended for part of the day after they had fallen 7.11 per cent and 5.50 per cent respectively on Monday.Chris Weafer, a Moscow-based analyst, said: "Investors everywhere are suffering an almost complete loss of confidence in governments' ability to prevent a systemic failure of the financial system."

The TRUTH About The Bailout (September 30. 2008)
You have heard that its all "American Gambles" You have been told repeatedly by George Bush and Henry Paulson that this bill is about a "rescue" of Main Street, not Wall Street. You have been lied to repeatedly. The bill The Senate intends to try to ramrod down your throat is neither about Main Street or really even about Wall Street. You are going to get VERY angry. Sit down before you read further." "Hundreds of billions of dollars are going to bail out FOREIGN INVESTORS. They know it, they demanded it, and the bill has been carefully written to make sure that can happen." - Brad Sherman , D-California"That's right folks. You are going to have $700 billion - about 25% of the total federal budget - put on your personal credit card (via taxes forever) in order to bail out foreign investors. Oh, and the best part of it is that the underlying assets involved do not even have to be in the United States! CLIP

Marc Faber says US bailout won't stop recession, buy gold (30-09-2008)
Any proposal to rescue the US financial system will fail to avert a recession said Marc Faber, the Swiss fund manager and Gloom Boom & Doom editor and publisher, now based in Thailand.A stock rally in the event that a package is approved will be temporary and should be used as 'an opportunity' to sell, said Faber."The rejection of the package is good because it shows that some people in the US are still sane," Faber said in a phone interview with Bloomberg. "A bailout will not buy the US a way out. The government is less powerful than markets in fixing this mess.""Most of the investment community are focusing on the financial crisis," Faber told TV newswire last night."But what they should be focusing on is that earnings will continue to disappoint for a long time, and that global growth is going to go down substantially. Most economies already today are in recession."Noting that the US Dollar should continue to find support as investors rush to try and re-pay their debts "I think gold will be a relatively good investment under any kind of scenario until the US government bans the ownership of Gold in the United States. CLIP

Credit cards to 'implode:' analyst (September 29, 2008)
A hurricane of bad credit card debt will start crashing ashore in the United States in the first quarter of next year, even as the mortgage crisis continues, analysts at New York research firm Innovest Strategic Value Advisors warned Monday. "A combination of a 10-year steady drip of deteriorating personal finances and a tidal wave . . . brought on by the mortgage and credit crisis leads us to believe that credit cards are going to implode in the near term," Gregory Larkin, Innovest's senior banking analysts said during an online seminar on the topic.So far, credit-card "charge-offs" - debts declared irrecoverable by card issuers - have been "defying gravity," with losses lower than in both 2001 and 2005, Mr. Larkin said. But, historically, after a time lag, irrecoverable credit-card debt has followed mortgage charge-offs up or down, and U.S. mortgage charge-offs have rocketed up eight-fold since the last quarter of 2007. "If history is any indicator, there should be an equivalent surge in credit-card charge-offs very soon," he said. "We forecast first quarter credit-card charge-offs will be $18.6-billion (U.S.) and that the total 2009 charge-off bill will add up to $96-billion." CLIP




September 29, 2008

Here, in this shattering new interview, Stephen Spoonamore goes into harrowing detail about the Bush regime's election fraud, past, present and--if we don't spread the word right now--to come. Since he's the only whistle-blower out there who knows the perps themselves, and how they operate, we have to send this new piece far and wide.

Here Spoon tells us that McBush's team--i.e., Karl Rove and his henchpersons-- have their plan in place to steal this next election: by 51.2% of the popular vote, and three electoral votes.

He also talks about the major role played by the Christianist far right in the electronic rigging of the vote.

And he defines our electronic voting system as a major threat to US national security, calling for it to be junked ASAP, in favor of hand-counted paper ballots.

Since Spoon is a Republican and erstwhile McCain supporter, as well as a noted specialist in nosing out computer fraud, his testimony is essential--not only for its expertise, but, no less, for the impact that his views will surely have on those Republicans who have been loath to see what Bush & Co. has done to our election system.

That whole story's just about to break. In fact, tomorrow there will be a number of articles appearing, on a recent breakthrough in the lawsuit that Spoon's testimony has enabled, and on other aspects of that all-important case.


9/26/08: New Spoonamore Interview - E-voting Machines are a National Security Threat

Last week, VR interviewed GOP Cyber security expert Stephen Spoonamore about the upcoming election and his testimony in the new Ohio litigation to take depositions of Karl Rove and others.

The video is posted in full below with ten short clips for You Tube viewing. This interview is so important and explosive that we urge everyone to watch it.

Spoonamore says that the GOP wanted e-voting to steal elections but now foreign governments will be hacking and the winner will be determined by the best hackers. He says that if the GOP wins the hacking competition, McCain will win 51.2 percent with three electoral votes over Obama, and it will be a stolen election.

Spoon also makes a crucial point about the people who have been implicated in much of the election theft: "They are religious extremists." He names those who know about stolen elections, and he insists that the only way to protect this election is with paper ballots, hand-counted.

Check out this extraordinary interview here. It's a network, people. Electronic voting machines are a national security threat. The genie is out of the bottle?. Fifty ways to steal an election. Mike Connell: Bush IT Guru The Rapp Family: Ohio election cover-up. Evangelicals and voting machines. Paper ballots please. McCain/Palin will win by theft. People should doubt the vote, it's being stolen.



The Iranian President Makes More Sense Than Bush, McCain or Obama

Why America Should Listen to Ahmadinejad


The full text of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech to the UN General Assembly last week was printed in the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz (9-25-08).

Although our Founding Fathers would have comprehended and endorsed Ahmadinejad's speech to the United Nations, present-day Americans would find it strange should they happen to hear about it.

Unlike their forbears, Americans today live a material life, not a spiritual one. Americans are far too likely to dismiss Ahmadinejad's words about obeisance to God and justice as the mumbo-jumbo of an "Islamist extremist."

The hubris of Americans and their belief in U.S. "exceptionalism" would cause them to reject Ahmadinejad's holding the US, its NATO puppets, and Israel accountable before the UN General Assembly. So successfully has Ahmadinejad been demonized by the propagandistic US media that his speech would be dismissed out of hand by the arrogance of those who regard themselves as the salt of the earth.

Ahmadinejad echos the statements of other world leaders when he says that US power is rapidly waning. The US "superpower" is dependent on foreigners for its financing. The US cannot exist without Chinese financing, just as Europe cannot exist without Russian energy. America's European puppet regimes are rethinking the consequences of serving US hegemony.

A "superpower" that cannot subdue Iraq and Afghanistan cannot subdue Russia and China. Do Americans and their neocon leaders believe that China and Russia will lend the US the money to finance a war against themselves? Do they believe that Russia will keep America's NATO puppets supplied with energy if American aggression against Russia intensifies?

Warnings about America's financial dependency on foreigners have been ignored.

The bailout of the US financial system is entirely dependent on the willingness of the Chinese, Saudis, and other foreigners to use their trade surpluses with the US to purchase the US Treasury instruments that must be sold in order to raise the money for Bush's bailout of the financial institutions.

The bailout of the US government's budget has been going on for years, and it takes place every time the US Treasury holds an auction of new American debt. But now the bailout by foreigners of the US government is starting to turn into much larger sums that carry much higher risks.

Last week the Financial Times reported that Peer Steinbruck, the Finance Minister of Germany, said that the American financial crisis was "a fundamental rupture" and that "the US will lose its status as the superpower of the world financial system."

Steinbruck is being charitable. The US lost that status when it became dependent on foreigners to finance American consumption of foreign goods and US goods and services produced offshore in addition to the war-swollen budget deficits of the US government. Indeed, foreigners finance Americans' home mortgages. The Chinese alone hold about $400 billion of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bonds.

Is Ahmadinejad correct in his view that, with the waning of American hegemonic power, the world is on the verge of a better, more humane, and more just world? I wonder. Many Americans think of themselves as hard-nosed realists. They believe that it is a dog-eat-dog world: We have to get "them" before they get us. This paranoid view is the basis of US foreign and military policy. It holds that America must not only have the military power to overwhelm any combination of possible enemies, but also America must prevent the rise of any country or countries that could challenge American power. This is a "diplomacy" without any concept of peaceful coexistence or good will among men. Yet, Americans think of themselves as a Christian nation.

Neocons and macho Republicans think we don't win our wars because we lack the balls to use enough force. They believe that the US should nuke every country that doesn't follow our orders. Indeed, many American "conservatives" are lusting for the US to nuke a country in order "to teach the world a lesson."

To accommodate this blood-lust, the Bush Pentagon revised US war doctrine to permit preemptive nuclear attack even upon non-nuclear-armed countries. During the long cold war, preemptive nuclear attack was not a US option.

Which vision of the future will win out? Ahmadinejad's policy of peaceful co-existence or neoconservative desires for American world dominance? The chance is too high for comfort that the hubris and arrogance of the United States will lead to a nuclear confrontation that will destroy the world.

People of good will hope that Ahmadinejad and Steinbruck's views will prevail and that the rest of the world will wake up and ask if they want to continue financing America's hegemonic ventures that threaten life on earth. The day the foreign bankers turn off the credit spigot to the US Treasury, American arrogance will be tamed.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions. He can be reached at:


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"The theories of development that are in line with the hegemonic system and not in accordance with the true needs of humankind and human societies, have turned into repetitive and bland tools for assimilation of economies, expanding hegemonic domination, destroying the environment and destroying the social solidarity of nations. There is no end in sight to this. Poverty, hunger and deprivation are hurting more than one billion of the world's population and have dashed their hopes for a decent life. The dignity, integrity and rights of the American and European people are being played with by a small but deceitful number of people called Zionists. Although they are a minuscule minority, they have been dominating an important portion of the financial and monetary centers as well as the political decision-making centers of some European countries and the US in a deceitful, complex and furtive manner. It is deeply disastrous to witness that some presidential or premiere nominees in some big countries have to visit these people, take part in their gatherings, swear their allegiance and commitment to their interests in order to attain financial or media support. This means that the great people of America and various nations of Europe need to obey the demands and wishes of a small number of acquisitive and invasive people. These nations are spending their dignity and resources on the crimes and occupations and the threats of the Zionist network against their will."

- Iranian President Ahmadinejad's speech to the UN General Assembly (24/09/2008)

Israel cuts U.S. cluster bombs for homemade self-detonating brand (01/10/2008)
Israel has cut purchases of United States-made cluster bombs, defense officials said on Tuesday, stocking up on supplies from a state-owned Israeli company rather than heeding calls for an outright ban. The Israel Defense Forces want to avoid a repeat of civilian casualties from cluster bombs during and after the 2006 Second Lebanon war, the officials said. More than 100 countries have banned the bombs because they can kill indiscriminately. Cluster bombs have a relatively high failure rate compared to more conventional explosive munitions, but are favored by armies as a way of hitting enemy combatants in areas where no precise targets can be located. The Israel Air Force and artillery showered south Lebanon with cluster shells, each containing dozens or hundreds of grenade-size bomblets, during the 34-day war against Hezbollah guerrillas two years ago. Between 30 percent and 40 percent of the bombs failed to explode on impact, according to the United Nations Mine Action Coordination Center (UNMACC). Many of these were later detonated by accident, killing 20 civilians and wounding 195, it said. (...) While no army wants to fire dud bombs in conflict, failed devices that later maim and kill civilians have created diplomatic pressures that Israel wants to limit. The officials said Israel has since begun switching to the M85 cluster bomb made by Israel Military Industries' (IMI), which says the weapon includes a self-destruct fuse designed to blow up unexploded ordnance. IMI claims a less than 1 percent dud-rate. A 2007 report on the M85 by Norwegian People's Aid, one of several groups campaigning for a ban on cluster munitions, rated it at more like 10 percent.

U.S. approves sale to Israel of 25 F-35 fighter jets (01/10/2008)
The United States government on Tuesday said it approved the sale to Israel of 25 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft and an option for 50 more in coming years - a deal valued at up to 15.2 billion Euros. (...) Earlier this month, the Pentagon approved up to 330 million Euros in three separate arms deals for Israel. Top Israeli and U.S. government officials met in Washington this month for the most senior bilateral high technology dialogue ever between the two allies. Discussions focused in part on ensuring that sensitive technologies were not passed to third parties. An embassy spokesman said that the deal is further proof of the U.S.-Israel special relationship, as Israel is the first country outside NATO to receive the aircraft. CLIP

US Arms Sales Increasing Rapidly
US arms sales are increasing rapidly as the Bush administration rearms Iraq and Afghanistan, contains North Korea and Iran, and creates ties with former Russian allies. While in 2005 sales were at $12 billion, this year $32 billion in weapons and military equipment have been sold. Deliveries on orders are set to continue for several years.The Middle East is where most of the weapons and equipment are going, but Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and Canada are among those also making deals with the US, which the Bush administration says will tighten military alliances and fight terrorism. CLIP

Has Israel Become a Breeding Ground for Jewish Settler Terrorism? The Attack on Zeev Sternhell (September 30, 2008)
The words "Jewish" and "terrorist" are not easily uttered together by Israelis. But just occasionally, such as last week when one of the country's leading intellectuals was injured by a pipe bomb placed at the front door of his home, they find themselves with little choice.The target of the attack was 73-year-old Zeev Sternhell, a politics professor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem specialising in European fascism and a prominent supporter of the left-wing group Peace Now.Shortly after the explosion, police found pamphlets nearby offering 1.1 million shekels ($300,000) to anyone assassinating a Peace Now leader. The movement's most visible activity has been tracking and criticising the growth of the settlements in the West Bank. Mr Sternhell, whose leg was injured in the blast, warned that this attack might mark the "collapse of democracy" in Israel. He has earned the enmity of the religious far-right by justifying the targeting of settlers by Palestinians in their resistance to occupation. (...) The Shin Bet, Israel's secret police, have a Jewish department dedicated to tracking the activities of Jewish terrorists. Unlike the Shin Bet's Arab department, however, it is small and underfunded. It has also proved largely ineffectual in dealing with the threat posed by the far-right. Jewish extremists who attack Israeli soldiers or Palestinians in the occupied territories, openly incite against Palestinians or express unlawful views rarely face charges, even when there is clear evidence of wrongdoing. The general lawlessness among the West Bank settlers has reached new peaks, underscored this month when settlers from Yitzhar went on what was widely described as a "pogrom" against Palestinians in the neighbouring village of Asira al Qabaliya. The settlers were caught on film firing live ammunition at the villagers, but the police have so far failed to issue indictments. CLIP

Ze'ev Sternhell Warnings on the Growth of Israeli Fascism: It Can Happen Here By URI AVNERY (September 29, 2008)
(...) DURING THE last months, there has been a marked increase in the number of incidents in which settlers attack Palestinians, soldiers, policemen and "leftists". These acts are committed openly, in order to terrorize and deter. Settlers riot in the Palestinian villages whose lands they covet, or for revenge. These are "pogroms" in the classical sense of the term: riots by an armed mob intoxicated with hatred against helpless people, while the police and the army look on. The Pogromchiks destroy, injure and kill. These days it is happening more and more frequently.In the few cases when the army or the police intervene, they do not turn on the settlers, but on the Israeli peace activists who come to help the beleaguered Palestinian farmers. The spokesmen of the Security Establishment and the commentators try to sound balanced and speak about "rioters from the Left and the Right". That is a false even handedness, which itself belongs to the Fascist arsenal of tricks.The Settlers' pogroms are violent by nature, both in thought and deed, while the peace activists are non-violent on principle. If there is violence, it comes from the army and the border police, the pretext being that local boys have been throwing stones. What is not mentioned is that the well-protected soldiers and border policemen pursue the Palestinian demonstrators into the alleys of their villages.The "boldness" of the extreme right-wing thugs - or "rightist activists" as the media insist on calling them courteously - is increasing by the day. They do whatever they want, knowing full well that no harm will befall them. The police do not interfere, since anyhow the courts will not mete out meaningful punishment. ANYBODY WHO knows the history of Nazism is familiar with the shameful role played by the courts and the other law-enforcement agencies in the German republic vis-à-vis the law-breakers whose declared purpose was to put an end to the democratic system. The judges imposed ludicrously light penalties on Nazi rioters, whom they considered "misguided patriots", while treating Communist rioters as foreign agents and traitors.Now we are experiencing this phenomenon here. The law-breaking settlers get symbolic sentences, while Palestinians who are accused of much lesser offenses get harsh penalties. Nowadays, even a settler who sets his dog on a company commander goes free, as does a settler who breaks the bones of a battalion chief. The army's internal justice system can only be called monstrous: the commander who held up a bleeding woman in labor at a checkpoint causing the death of the child, was punished with two weeks detention. The commander who told a soldier to shoot a handcuffed Palestinian prisoner in the leg was "transferred", meaning that this war criminal can serve in another unit. CLIP

An Israeli Trojan Horse (September 27 / 28, 2008)
How Israeli Backdoor Technology Penetrated the U.S. Government's Telecom System and Compromised National Security -- Since the late 1990s, federal agents have reported systemic communications security breaches at the Department of Justice, FBI, DEA, the State Department, and the White House. Several of the alleged breaches, these agents say, can be traced to two hi-tech communications companies, Verint Inc. (formerly Comverse Infosys), and Amdocs Ltd., that respectively provide major wiretap and phone billing/record-keeping software contracts for the U.S. government. Together, Verint and Amdocs form part of the backbone of the government's domestic intelligence surveillance technology. Both companies are based in Israel - having arisen to prominence from that country's cornering of the information technology market - and are heavily funded by the Israeli government, with connections to the Israeli military and Israeli intelligence (both companies have a long history of board memberships dominated by current and former Israeli military and intelligence officers). (...) "The fact of the vulnerability of our telecom backbone is indisputable," says a high level U.S. intelligence officer who has monitored the fears among federal agents. "How it came to pass, why nothing has been done, who has done what - these are the incendiary questions." If the allegations are true, the electronic communications gathered up by the NSA and other U.S. intelligence agencies might be falling into the hands of a foreign government. Reviewing the available evidence, Robert David Steele, a former CIA case officer and today one of the foremost international proponents for "public intelligence in the public interest," tells me that "Israeli penetration of the entire US telecommunications system means that NSA's warrantless wiretapping actually means Israeli warrantless wiretapping." CLIP



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The PRE-PLANNED Financial/Economic 911 of 2008

From T. Anthony Michael


WHAT: A pre-planned collapse of the US (and global) financial and economic systems.

WHO: The same characters who perpetrated the original 911.

WHERE: New York City & DC, of course. Plus a sideshow in Washington state.

WHEN: The days surrounding September 11, naturally.

HOW: Instead of painted drones, missiles with wings & big fins, and fake airplanes, they used the much more stealthy short seller.

WHY: To remake the economic/financial order of the world into a "PPP".

WHY Really: Think about it ! And then ask yourself, "Cui bono?"

The 911 blueprint worked so magically for the world controllers that they were compelled to use virtually the same playbook. "If it ain't broke, why fix it?

So, what's the real deal here?

By analogy, let's take a quick look at the 911 timeline and stack it up against the new 2008 Financial "911", as it began to unfold earlier this year.

1. The Bear Stearns collapse that began in March 2008 is analogous to the 1st World Trade Center bombing in 1993. Just a warm up. This was preceded by a little failure back in January featuring Countrywide ? the largest US mortgage lender.

2. The nationalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac marks the beginning of the new 911. Both in the DC area, they were the first to come down this time. Just as they struck at the heart of the military complex, this time they went for the jugular of the national real estate market. Remember ? this is a financial 911.

3. Next came this year's version of the twin towers, building 7 and other assorted NYC landmarks in the form of Lehman Brothers, AIG, Merrill Lynch, as well as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs in their "new & improved" form. Basically took out the whole of American investment brokerage, heh?!

4. And, of course, we still have Washington Mutual out there in the boonies just like the one that "crashed" in a PA farm field. Update: WashMu is now history! As is another "little" bank by the name of Wachovia.

5. Their MO! What else, but controlled demolition? Throughout 2008, and especially this month of September, we have seen some of the world's largest banks, brokerage houses, mortgage lenders, insurance companies and investment brokers go bust, as each of them fell perfectly into their own footprint faster than you can say: C O N T R O L L E D D E M O L I T I O N ! ! !

6. The 700 billion dollar Bailout Plan is just like the Patriot Act, isn't it? Only this time it's maybe a 1 or 2 page document (in its original form) that conferred absolute authority on the Executive Branch to do just about anything they want with the taxpayer's money. And they want it rubber stamped now. Not tomorrow. NOW!!! Without discussion, or unnecessary congressional debate. Talk about Shock & Awe being used against the American people, and their elected representatives!?! "The Greatest Depression" never sounded more like "Weapons of Mass Destruction", eh?!?!

7. Now we know we can expect further gyrations, panics and precipitous declines in the market and elsewhere, just as we had anthrax attacks in the Capital, beltway snipers in Maryland in October of '02, the 3/11/04 train bombings in Madrid, and the 7/7/05 bombings in London. Not to mention the 50+ other synthetic terror events staged throughout the world to enforce compliance and create distraction.

8. The sudden and dramatic downfall of NY Gov Eliot Spitzer can also now be seen in its proper light. Having left the reservation one too many times, he simply could not be trusted to go with the flow. He had their numbers, their signatures (especially their MO's), their addresses --- the whole ball of wax, as well as his own reputation to burnish. Eliot, to seal his fate, wrote a masterful expose on the subprime mortgage fiasco/fraud that was published in the WashPo just weeks before his public humiliation. He had recently testified before Congress in fine revelatory fashion as well. The elimination of John O'Neil, Head of Security at the WTC complex, is quite similar, except that John O. ? a great patriot ? died on 911, having just been given the job.

9. To date, the most obvious and glaring example of this manipulated takedown is the case of a NY Senator. His letter to the FDIC contained confidential information that triggered the IndyMac bank collapse in July. California AG Jerry Brown was called to review the entire affair after the OTS Director explicitly blamed the letter for causing a run on the bank (3rd largest bank failure in US history). This episode is eerily reminiscent of Larry Silverstein's order to, "Pull it." just prior to the expertly controlled demolition of Building # 7on 911.

10. Just as 911 was perpetrated as a cover for: inaugurating the War on Terror, overtly advancing the NWO regime globally (in contrast to this previously covert operation), imposing a police state (Homeland Security) in the US (by gutting the US Constitution), UK and elsewhere, dominating and securing oil/gas reserves in the Middle East and Cacaucus (to include running energy pipelines through Afghanistan and stealing Iraq's oil wealth via military invasion), jump starting the Afghan opium trade, etc., the ECO/FIN 911 of '08 is a cover for many of these same agenda items. However, there is one little item that is particularly high on the current agenda. And that concerns the derivatives market, which in its totality approximates somewhere between 750 trillion and 1 quadrillion dollars of instruments as of 2008. In fact, the sub prime mortgage defaults are just a tip of the tip of the iceberg when compared to the real megilla ? DERIVATIVES. This is what they're really worried about, and having to cover for. Except this is a quadrillion dollar megilla that can't be covered without unraveling the entire capitalistic system, and its fascist corpocracy and kleptocratic oligarchy.

11. And then there is the teenie-weenie matter concerning the Federal Reserve, and its collection agency ? the IRS. The man standing behind this curtain has a lot at stake, especially in the form of mountains of evidence that will indict, and convict, the entire system. Lots of evidence was destroyed during and after 911, as will happen after many of these Wall Street firms are taken over, nationalized, liquidated, merged and disappeared. The veil, however, has already been lifted.

Does anyone see a pattern here?!

The real lesson to be gleaned from this analysis is that events of such enormity and consequence are rarely spontaneous and unchoreographed. Especially when they happen just weeks from an era defining presidential election. They have obviously been planning this one for a long time, and it has been fastidiously engineered to have a very definite effect and desired outcome ? a permanent planetary plantation (PPP).

The execution, thus far, has been flawless. Even for those of us who stood there on the 1st 911, and knew it was a fraud while the buildings were coming down, this one is exceedingly more difficult to penetrate. However, penetrate we will, until every last conspirator is sitting before the TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION spillin' the beans. The ultimate and lasting effect of these inquiries will be a New World Order of our making, not theirs. The only remaining, $64,000 question will undoubtedly be, "What do we do with them after we head them off at the pass?"

For the uninitiated, it may take quite a lot to wrap your mind around this extremely complex and convoluted plot, but, please, just be patient. As this drama plays out, the true intentions of the primary perpetrators will become manifest as they unwittingly reveal themselves by their handiwork. As Eliot Spitzer, no - Eliot Ness, nee ? Sherlock Holmes once alluded to ? a fingerprint inadvertently left as evidence is impossible to erase.

You see, the short sellers, unlike the "airplanes", are still with us. Each one had a target to take down which they did with amazing speed and dexterity. And the myriad transactions that converged to topple their prey are all preserved somewhere, in some huge database, with multiple backups to serve as confirmation of trades of staggering amounts. AHHH! Nothing like computers, especially when they're not confiscated and shipped off to China for permanent disposal.

May all financial wizards and economic soothsayers, henceforth, be inspired to stare into their crystal ball and divine the upcoming financial and economic events of global proportions with the keenest of acumen and sleuthing. As we shine the LIGHT of our collective awareness on these rapidly unfolding schemes, we will serve as beacons of revelation, and hope to the world.

Remember ? we now know the script. We know the major players involved. We know their MO: Controlled Demolition. We are able to watch the crimes being commit-

ted in real time. Each of us has now been thusly notified, and empowered, to serve as a vector of dissemination of this critical information. So -----"> LET'S GET BUSY ! ! !

T. Anthony Michael 9/22/08

Permission is expressly granted to copy, email, scan, attach, forward or post this article.

Special Message to the Market Oracles and Money Masters of the Universe

Our "PRE-PLANNED" scenario delineated above in no way ignores the true state of the national economy, international finance or global economic picture. In fact we are, and have been, fully cognizant of the fact that the true state of every market ? real estate, equity, bond, commodities, currency, derivative, etc. has been in shambles for many years, just waiting for the Perfect Storm to come around and blow it all away.

It has been obvious to many of us that each of these markets have operated according to the whim of a very few individuals with extremely concentrated power to manipulate. Therefore, all markets can be artificially inflated, as we have seen time and time again. Likewise, they can be artificially deflated, sometimes rather quickly for effect, as we have seen. "The Invisible Hand" of the market is just that ? a very carefully hidden hand that makes a complete and total mockery of every economic and financial theory ever advanced. Time for a lot of us to accept this fact of modern economic life.

Perhaps we should now take off our blinders and admit that while, yes, all of the indicators are, and have been, there for a catastrophic economic meltdown & financial cataclysm, these events are still completely controllable. All of us have seen bubble after bubble grow and balloon, and merge and overlap, and inextricably interpenetrate each other, until all we have is one massive bubble ready to pop. But, when will it pop?! It will pop when the confidence level is sufficiently undermined by the very same MEDIA that controls the flow of the relevant information. And who, pray tell, controls the media, if not The Invisible Hand? Clearly, the real Market Oracles are not a part of that MSM juggernaut. Therefore, it is incumbent upon each oracle to get it right, since they are the very best sources of pertinent financial and economic data/information.

The inevitability of self destructive capitalism does not preclude the process of controlled destruction. As the system eats itself, there are those who are eaten, and those who eat. We are witnessing this devolution in living color, as we both write and read these words. The "strong" at the top of the pyramid have always done the eating, as the "weak" at the bottom provide the bone for the stew. The only major difference at this particular, and final, feast is that the internet has allowed for an unprecedented explosion of true and accurate information in real time. Therefore, the playing field has been leveled like never before. The little guy or gal, for the first time ever, has the opportunity to take back a little, or a lot, of his/her power (WEALTH), should he/she so choose.

Even as the Wall Street gangs team up with the opportunistic political class, as well as the numerous corporate/legal jackals and lobby parasites, to effectuate the most massive redistribution of wealth (aka in your face THEFT) in recorded history, something has profoundly and fundamentally changed. There is a dynamic at work which can alter the game just enough to potentially turn the pyramid upside down. This, however, requires a no nonsense, "look in the mirror with raw honesty" approach. Then we (the oracles) will not deign to render a judgment that is not fully baked. And the recommendations we make are more likely to be issued in the best interest of ALL, especially for those who are in a position of class disadvantage, financial ignorance or structured powerlessness.

So, we have made it clear that all the forces have been put into place for the upcoming monetary apocalypse. But even these forces are controlled, each and every one of them, all the way up to the top. It's probably a very good time to contemplate just who it is that resides at the peak of the global financial decision-making process. And, their agenda ?!?

HINT: Let's get serious for a moment. Most of us know by now that the Crash of '29 was an intricately engineered fiscal armageddon as a necessary prelude to the real Armageddon known as WWII. Historically speaking, a man without a job, or prospects for employment in his homeland, is much more likely to hire himself out to his gumment as a mercenary fighting in a foreign land. Hasn't this been their (TPTW)* formula for both war and wealth creation for eons. Although it has always worked like a charm (see "War is a Racket" by Major General Smedley Butler), wethinks the charm has finally worn out. We also think this misbegotten plan to foist WWIII upon us has somehow been thwarted. Yes, they've finally been snoockered! And they don't even know it yet.

Someone, please send them this email.

* The Powers That Were


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Web Bot Report Foresees October 7 "Turning Point" (August 9, 2008)
Fellow Texan George Ure's buddy Cliff whom heads up the Web Bot Project was on the Jeff Rense Radio Show on September 2. Here are a few important topics Cliff spoke about that the Web Bots have uncovered: The Web Bots see September 22-27, 2008 as precursor dates to the main turning point date of October 7, 2008. Closely watch events during September 22-27, 2008 for hints as to what to expect on October 7, 2008.Cliff said whenever "it" happens, and whatever "it" turns out to be, "it" will be a date in history you remember like 9/11, we will remember 10/7. The Web Bots foresee that October 7, 2008 to February 19, 2009 will be filled with emotional intensity, and the length of the release period will be extraordinary. The Web Bots have never picked up any event lasting this long. In comparison, 9/11 length lasted about 10 days. This event will be four months of high emotion. The Web Bots foresee consumer society collapsing by mid November 2008. The Web Bots foresee a West Coast/Vancouver area large scale earthquake around December 12, 2008. The Web Bots foresee that the Winter in the Northeast will be very cold this Winter, causing some schools to close, and then later to reopen as shelters for people who can't heat their homes. Language suggests that the shortage will either be caused by supply, cost of fuel, or both.]"


Forwarded by Kelley Elkins (

That parrot!

So, there was this huge ocean liner with wonderful entertainment… floor shows of singing, dancing, jazz, classical and contemporary music… and especially a magician that could do exceptional magic… However, there was a retired pirate on board whose parrot would spoil virtually every act from the back of the audience with, “It’s up his sleeve”, “It’s under the table”, “It’s behind him”.. This was driving the magician crazy and not helping the audience.

Then this huge ocean liner, the biggest ever built, hit an iceberg and sank... almost the only survivors were this magician hanging on one end of a piece of decking… and that parrot on the other end. They starred at each other for two days of freezing weather…when the parrot finally said,” Okay, I give! Where’s the boat?


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