October 30, 2008

Eye of The Storm Series #1: A Maelstrom of News & Views

Hello everysoul!

So MUCH to report about! Here are a few thoughts though...

It is worth noting that due to the extreme polarization of the US electorate on the eve of this critical election, each side adamantly holding that if the other candidate gets in the White House it will be the end of the world, IF it turns out that through widespread vote fraud the McPain mob transforms what all polls now indicate should be a clear-cut victory, even a landslide for the Obama camp, into a too close to call verdict, with months of legal maneuvering afterwards to steal the victory once again through Supreme Court shenanigans or otherwise, the US citizens' simmering divisions and anger might unfortunately boil over into civil disturbances the like of which this country has not seen in a long time.

Let us hold the vision that such a scenario never manifests and that no matter all the vilification Barack Obama's reputation and presumed motives have undergone, he will be given a chance to implement some of the promises of change his campaign has been built upon. Obama isn't going to be a savior and he certainly has his flaws like ANY human being, but considering the alternative and the complete absence of any other choices save abstaining from voting, which in the circumstances would seem recklessly irresponsible, I'd say an Obama landslide is the best option on the table right now.

But mark my word: only a juggernaut of constructive, non antagonizing citizens' activism in all fields of human endeavor from day one of his presidency will enable him to steer the ship of this country away from the crippling, choking hold of the dark souls over the fate of our whole planet towards a saner, sustainable, gentler, peaceful and ultimately Love-filled future for all.

Also of possible interest. Following the October 14 no-show, I felt it would be good to explore a bit the actual evidence we already have on the presence of highly advanced civilizations and their space crafts around, on and within our planet, the moon and Mars. I found some pretty convincing evidence, including this 4 minute video on an Ancient Structure On The Moon Filmed By Armstrong in 1969. You will find MUCH more on this topic in Items 4, 5 and 6 below (The Coming of Nibiru - Message from Matthew - CoEvolution) including LOTS of tantalizing UFO videos. There is also MUCH to discover HERE... All this to say we already have plenty enough information to take seriously the reality of another much larger range of experiences awaiting us "out there" once we are mature enough to deserve direct interaction with this universal reality. We have to prove ourselves worthy of such open contacts and that means bringing peace on Earth, recognizing the sanctity of all Life and TRULY protecting our living planetary mother ship.

To reach such goals, only Love and a thorough, sincere commitment to spiritual awakening and living will enable us to "get there" and finally take our first baby steps as Citizens of the Cosmos.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

NOTE: A New meditation Focus will be issued tomorrow night.

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"Your feeling of being "disheartened" I think has more to do with a tendency to look OUTSIDE of you for reassurance and truthfulness about what is going on. I'd suggest you to try instead to seek WITHIN a sense of serenity and peacefulness about worldly events and strive to nurture in you the awareness that no matter what happens, there is always a higher and ultimately useful purpose to all the learning experiences humans are going through out of their now choices. Therefore if you feel disheartened and disempowered, I'd say that, in the end, it is because you have chosen deep within to allow such feelings to take hold in you and grow. It is always about choices. Nobody can impel you to react this way or another way... Our choice of reactions are entirely ours and we have theoretically full control over them - provided we first choose to assume full responsibility for how we feel and then strive to ascend back to a deep sense of serenity and imperturbability, no matter what happens in the illusory realm and grand theatre we are currently experiencing. Does this make any sense to you? Although all the views and perspectives offered by others (embodied or not) are informative and sometimes helpful in defining what sounds right or not, based on whether they resonate more or less well or not at all with my inner spiritual tuning fork, in the end these are all mere passing thoughts - like vistas quickly glimpsed through the window of a moving train - barely affecting the bedrock of my inner sense of self as I barrel through life in search of Who I really Am. Does this make any deeper sense to you? Being actively involved in the comings and goings of this world without ever forgetting that we are NOT of this world is, I guess, a good way to face what is—no matter what is. Enjoy Life and Be Your Self!"

Note from Jean: This above is a comment I made in response to an email from a subscriber who was disturbed after watching a YouTube video commentary about Zeitgeist The Addendum - and who wishes to remain anonymous.

"Creator and God intended souls' lives to be loving, joyous and fulfilling in the ONENESS of ALL. Relating that and other universal truths always has been the primary objective of the four books and seventy-some messages since their publication. If I were tasked with summarizing all that information into a few succinct guidelines to help you along your spiritual journey, they would be these: Know that you are a part of God, inseparable from Him and all other souls in this universe. Love and forgive self and others. Be fearless, compassionate, kind and honorable. See blessings and feel gratitude for them. Be discerning as you keep your mind open to learning. Trust and follow your intuition. If I had to be even briefer: Love is the key to everything."

- Matthew -- Taken from his extremely insightful and enlightening new message, included below in this compilation.

"The summer of 2006. I was approaching Camden High Street one Saturday afternoon when a West Indian guy, who was unloading his van, nodded at me. “When are you going to make your move?” he said.
I was astounded. “What did you say?!” “When are you going to make your move?” he repeated. I laughed. “When are you going to make yours?” “Yeah, yeah,” he said dismissively. “But when are you going to make your move?” “As soon as I possibly can,” I replied. “How on Earth did you know?” He unloaded the last of his boxes and slammed the van door shut. “I've been watching you coming to the market most Saturdays for the last two or three years, and it's so obvious you're going to do something really amazing one of these days. And when you do. . .” He shook his head and left the rest unsaid. “So are we all,” I said, and smiled and shook my head at the extraordinary lengths the Universe sometimes goes to, in order to deliver its messages, and went on my way."

- Michael Dean (michael8dean@mac.com) NOTE from Jean: The quote above is taken from Michael Dean's latest book, The Project: To Build a Bridge Between the Worlds, about which Michael wrote: “I doubt if any of us has any idea how much thought and preparation, here on Earth and elsewhere, have gone into the long-awaited moment when the Veil between the physical Universe and the subtle Universes will be drawn aside, and full vision will be restored to us. Fasten your seatbelt, please - we are about to cross the horizon in overdrive. Only time will tell if what we have envisaged will happen. If it does, the turnaround, the great Awakening - call it what you will - is going to be greeted with a shout of joy and relief and triumph that'll be heard clear across the Solar system..”


1. Europe on the brink of currency crisis meltdown
2. The Banking Bailout: Why Did Politicians and the Media Ignore the Public Will?
3. The Endorsement From Hell
4. Bob Dean : The Coming of Nibiru
5. Message from Matthew
6. CoEvolution
7. Plan B Is for Butterfly
8. Meat: Making Global Warming Worse
9. Sun's protective 'bubble' is shrinking
10. The Visionary Work of Triaka Smith



1. A Moment of Quantum Awakening
2. Knowledge is Never Negative - Only Ignorance is Negative!
3. Declaration/Pledge of Interdependence


From: MICHAEL DEAN (michael8dean@mac.com)
Subject: A Moment of Quantum Awakening
Date: 22 Oct 2008


Here, to support all the wonderful material you keep writing, collating and sharing with your readers, to encourage them in their own searches and explorations, is a memorable piece that I was led to last night. I hadn't read it for at least ten years, and was so glad to be reacquainted with it, as it offers the kind of calm reassurance that we all need, as we ride the roller-coaster into the future. . .

Love and thoughts and thanks, as ever, from London and

Michael. :-D


A Moment Of Quantum Awakening

by Ken Carey [received in 1988]

Excerpted from his book Starseed: The Third Millennium : Living in the Posthistoric World [HarperSanFrancisco, 1991]

At the moment of quantum awakening, change will occur rapidly, rippling across the terrestrial surface like a wave. Everything in the Earth’s gravitational field will be affected in some way. There will be a time of massive change, of change on a scale that has no historical precedent, though it does have antecedents in prehistoric events of this and of distant worlds.

The changes that your generation will experience before it passes the torch to another are more fundamental than those that accompanied the agricultural revolution - and those changes took thousands of years. They are more far-reaching than the changes of industrialization, which took nearly three centuries to transpire. Yet, deep and fundamental, massive though these present changes are, they will occur within the span of just a single human life.

Properly understood, these changes and their coming have the ability to inspire a degree of hope and optimism unprecedented in the history of your race, for they spell the end of humankind’s subconscious condition and therefore portend, as the scriptures of the world foretell, an end to bloodshed, starvation, warfare, exploitation, and merciless suffering.

Within your lifetime you will witness revelations that will show the foolishness of much that was once deemed wise. You will watch as traditions and historical habit patterns once assumed to be survival imperatives are discovered to be detrimental to a healthy life and to a healthy society.

We are rapidly dispelling what remains of human illusion, helping all to identify with the growing currents, the energies and the forces of love and life. You are already living in the dawning hours of the age of planetary awakening, the age of peace and community-building.

Though there will be much awakening of individuals prior to the first unified movement of the awakened planet, this movement, like a first breath, will occur in but a single moment. Do no discount the possibility that the moment might come as a thief in the night. And do not be among the foolish who will wait until the last moment to come to terms with the rising awareness.

This is to be an important occasion.

It is the event that is central to all of human history.

Our emphasis for many thousands of years now has been and continues to be to prepare you for this single moment.

This event will be of greater power than any the Earth has ever seen. More energy will be released in a very few moments than is typically released upon the surface of the Earth in many years. This energy will take the form of heightened perception and deepened emotional connection, rejoining the individual and God. As the new reality comes fully into human consciousness - at the moment when the Creator’s luminous field comes into perfect alignment with the Earth Mother - all illusion of a destructive nature will be dissolved. Though there have been many centuries leading up to this moment, when the moment comes it will be decisive.

NOTE from Jean: I also recommend to your attention a detailed summary I wrote in 1991 of this book. Here is a little primer from this dense, soul stimulating essay:

The Merging of Consciousness

Opening Starseed and reading its first chapter is like merging one's conscious awareness with some highly eclectic and vastly expanded level of perception and knowing through which one may sometime feel a bit dizzy as when you look down from a towering observation post. The perspective offered by Ken Carey's cosmic guides is magnificent and the sense of belonging to a vast body of conscious beings gives an indefinable feeling of powerful yet benevolent strength as well as a confusing sense of discrepancy between that very feeling and our own weakness and smallness. Like an ignorant visitor discovering an unknown land and its mysterious traditions, we have to stretch our intelligence to accommodate these higher vibrations of thinking and try to fully understand what is being expressed. And quickly we discover that the only way to succeed in grasping what is being presented is to allow ourselves into a non-critical, non-judgmental state of mind where we freely float above our preconditioned thinking for a while, thus permitting the flow of Light and information to enter our minds and circulate in the deeper recesses of our beings where our soul connections may then be awakened and our inner intuitive, innate knowledge triggered to the instantaneous recognition of the truthfulness and validity of what entered our minds. Mind-boggling, isn't it! Yet, it is exactly what happens when you survey openly the ideas expressed in these pages...

We are of a common fiber, spiritually talking, with these brethren of a long forgotten past. As we discover more explicitly in the following chapters, the universe at the origin "contained" and "was contained" by the same undifferentiated field of consciousness, by God's Presence if you will. We were then all parts of the same whole being and the differentiation process of incarnation in material forms had not yet taken place. We are being reminded this antediluvian, in fact antedensification state of being that was ours and asked to flip our self-identification accordingly. "Even now, you are but a breath away from the subtle perceptual shift that allows your identity to be transformed from solitary individual to the source of every individual, from the object of attention to the very flow of attention itself..." Their role in these transmissions is to awaken us to our full potential and allow them to experience the down-to-earth denser contact with matter through our collaborating senses -- "We have long known that (...) human beings would be our primary means of future creation, as well as organs of awareness through whom we would interpret and enjoy the material world" -- as well as open a new chapter of cosmic creation possible only through our fully awakened assistance... "You are the template, the prototype of a new and universal species (...) that will span the gulf between the visible and invisible, bringing new worlds into form. Through you a new unprecedented cycle of creation will occur." With such an exciting and far-reaching promise of a soon-to-be future of co-creation with God's closest allies, we enter into a detailed reminder of where we came from and how the incarnation into matter took place. As they see from their perspective, our history of mixing up into the material world is still relatively young. The ever-repeating process of densification of portions of the Universal Awareness so they may delve into the lower end of the vibrational ladder of creation always starts with a thought in the mind of God. And instantaneously, the first two separate manifestations of Eternity appear, thus giving existence to space and time which cannot be without separate individuals to observe them and realize their existence. In singularized Oneness throughout infinity, space and time simply have no room to come into existence, for all is "felt" as one huge undifferentiated whole existing in an all encompassing simultaneity.

But a simple thought is enough to break the stillness of Eternal Oneness and thus initiate a whole new cycle of creation. And as Ken Carey wrote: "The creation of specific beings or angels to sustain this thought over an open-ended stretch of time brought forth the steady stream of cumulative creation that has made possible, and given birth to, this present universe." Now as we begin the slow process of regaining our innate sense of belonging to this original Wholeness from which all proceeds, we need to understand anew how we came to tumble more and more deeply into unconscious co-existence with our bodies of flesh and blood, and thus initiate, from our own will but with "their" entire assistance, our gradual awakening from centuries upon centuries of bellicose and often destructive slumber. Here are some "conceptual tools" provided for through these transmissions.

CLIP -- To read this whole text, entitled STARSEED TRANSMISSIONS: A New Chapter of Tremendous, Historic Proportions, go at http://www.earthrainbownetwork.com/Starseed.htm


Note from Jean: I've often networked in past compilations material and feedbacks from Ron Van Dyke, who has been subscribed to this list since 1999. I always find his essays most enlightening as he unabashedly speaks his truth as he sees and feels it. But in his new article below, Ron has really surpassed himself. See for yourself and find out if you resonate with his eloquent views as much as I do...

From: http://www.metagroups.info/Ron%27sArticles.htm#KNOWLEDGE


Believe it or not, there really are many ego-driven people who want to rule the world; and some of them are rich and powerful enough to conspire together, creating a plan to actually do so. George Orwell’s famous, visionary novel 1984 gave a glimpse of what that might look like; and (from the novel) “ If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever." Right now, 2008, we live in a time when knowledge of this hidden-in-plain-view conspiracy is being revealed all over the World-Wide Web for those who wish to see and even understand it. Briton’s David Icke, one of the foremost teachers revealing the conspiracy, said at London’s Brixton Academy in his 6-hour, 2004 seminar: Secrets of the Matrix, “Knowledge is never negative - only ignorance is negative!”

To ignore conspiracies is the preferred reaction conspirators want from the public; however, this is very dangerous, both for the human race and for Planet Earth. To ignore their documented plan to rule the world is to allow the possibility of success. To gain knowledge of the plan shines more and more light on the agenda they’d like to keep hidden from as many as possible. However, with knowledge, we have the opportunity to manifest a different vision, but only when we come together from that place of knowledge, never from a place of ignorance. George Santayana (1863-1952), a principal figure in Classical American Philosophy, said, "Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it." Cicero said, "History is indeed the witness of the times, the light of truth." The most important history in any given generation is the one happening now, for indeed, that is the only one where we can actually make changes; and the changes we make now will lay the foundation for the future of all succeeding generations.

Sometimes, as I keep on learning about what is happening in our world of so-called illusion, I feel frustration that so many not only do not know, they do not want to know what’s going on here, now. Oblivious to current events they label: “politics” – many turn a blind eye and a deaf ear towards world-shattering and paradigm-shifting events that, in all likelihood, from a higher perspective, we created to be our teachers – indeed, our wake-up call, if you will. With so many, this seems to be a conscious choice justified by the teaching: What you focus on, expands. To me, this is a dangerously distorted view of what is meant by that teaching; and those who only want to focus on what they label positive unapologetically embrace it. They ignore what they judge and label negative. Let me repeat: “KNOWLEDGE IS NEVER NEGATIVE - ONLY IGNORANCE IS NEGATIVE!” Certainly we can choose to react positively or negatively to any form of knowledge; but we have absolutely no choice in how to act or react to knowledge we evade. Avoidance is the greatest of all ignorance!

We live in a time of quantum change. What is happening on Planet Earth is revolutionary in the political sense, and an evolutionary leap in the spiritual sense. As governments, financial institutions, long-standing legal structures, multi-national corporations, religious dogmas and organizations, historical beliefs, and virtually everything we have been told is real…yes, as all these come crashing down in the Light of Higher Consciousness, those who have chosen to be unaware will be clueless – including Lightworkers. While it is true that even with heads in the sand one can feel the energy-shift taking place; yet because of unwillingness to pay attention, many will be blindsided, and the changes experienced can be painful rather than joyful. This creates more fear, which actually makes it worse than it would be if we had an idea of what is coming our way. That’s why so many of us try our best to get the message out to everyone who will listen. We would like this process to be as uplifting and fulfilling for as many as possible. We would like to minimize the fear and grief probable as the very old foundations of human society crumble.

Some may ask, Ron, how can you say that the collapse of everything we have known could be uplifting, and even fulfilling? Those who may ask that question might not have answered an even more important question for themselves. Who are we…really?

As far back as we can go in what we call history, we have been sold a bill of goods that includes pseudo limitations of all types: moral, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, FINANCIAL, and other false paradigms. I purposely put financial in all caps. Why? Because the way in which money has been used throughout time has been the primary means of human enslavement without discernible bars or visible chains; and the collapse of our debt-based, fractional reserve financial system is the domino that will cause all the others to fall, for indeed it is the money system coupled with unabashed human greed and lust for power that has spawned every form of injustice, inequity, and disinformation. And the truth is: most humans, including (some would say, especially) Americans, have no clue how this done. The true nature of the financial house of cards is never taught in institutions of education – not even so-called higher education. Why would they teach it? That would only make people aware of the scam that it really is; and make no mistake: the education system, including the media, is designed on purpose, not to enlighten the populace, but to dumb us down. To those who would rule the world, limitation thinking is not only good; it is essential to the continuation of the scam. To quote Orwell again, “ In the long run, a hierarchical society [is] only possible on a basis of poverty and ignorance.”  

It is this scam, and the extraordinary attempts of those who created it, that has led to the creation of all of the systems in our world that hide us from the truth, which is the illusory reality created by the extremes of separation consciousness (ego) to hide from real Reality. For those who do not know, real Reality is simple: all Life is interconnected, and everything within The ALL is alive with energetic consciousness at varied levels. Stated even more simply: we are ONE with All That Is. In scientific terms, we live in a Holographic Universe where each apparently minute part contains and interacts with the whole. What is done by and to any component, of necessity, affects the whole. Because we are co-Creators, each human is both victimizer and victim of all that occurs, perhaps alternating in those roles. Nothing ever happens in isolation. Nothing!

Which makes me wonder how anyone claiming even a small degree of enlightenment can ignore any part of anything that is happening in the world around us. (Of course, it is fear!) We are collectively creating and experiencing the entire drama…and most haven’t a clue that this is the real Reality of human existence. Yet, I see it all the time – even among my friends and people I rub elbows with on a regular basis. Some actually think they can be and are separate from the ego, the drama, and the politics of life. Sometimes I even see these symptoms in myself, though I know it is merely a delusion of my ego-mind creating the experience of separation. It is ego showing me, yet again, what I am not, so that I might see who I am: a co-Creator of Reality and, thus, a Grantor of Desires, i.e., a GoD of FREE WILL.

This brings me to the point at hand, the challenge to all of my brothers and sisters on this prodigal journey away from HOME, away from our true nature, which is LOVE … and TRUTH … and GRACE. A phase of our journey – for many of us who choose it to be so – that is nearing an ending, completing a cycle. We are coming HOME! Nevertheless, this is true ONLY for those who choose it to be so.

I can only hope what I believe to be true, is: that many, once they realize the score in this game we have generated by allowing polarities to conflict rather than dance with each other, will chose to stop running away from that which they fear. Yes, I know some teach that duality will end. This has never made sense to me, since I perceive duality and polarity as pretty much identical. Energy, itself, is dual in nature. Positive and negative are two expressions of physical manifestation; and without either, there is no energy, no electricity and no magnetism. To me, there is no life either. Polarities are designed to be complementary. So then, it is polarization, not polarity that is the issue here. It is not us against them; or even light against dark. There is only ONE; and that ONE only appears to be separated from the finite and limited viewpoint specially created for the game we play. When the TWO in ONE are comprehended and merged from a higher perspective, we can see the dance of life. All warfare ends. Conflict ceases. The masculine and feminine energies conjoin to co-create new life, new expressions. This is the point of view that can and must transform everything. First, however, we have to learn the lesson we set up for ourselves in the game.

We are all role players in this time and space drama. Our egos are the masks we wear. Some masks are villains. Other masks are victims. Behind the masks, there is innocence … although some seem to have become so caught up in the delusional benefits of the victimizer role that they seem oblivious to the obvious disorientation and unsustainability behind it. Of course it is also true that if they could see behind their persona, they would not play the role effectively. In any case, it is my conviction that this is what we are here to see: THAT (victim) is NOT who I am; and neither is THAT (victimizer) who they are. Seeing this allows us to love truly; however, we do not see this without perceiving the primary segments (opposite forces) of the game. To ignore either is to continue the diversion. To know both is the only place of power for everyone. This is the mystery of wholeness, and the solitary way to free ourselves of the polarization that has continued to create all of the apparent ills in our world. We must rise above the wounded ego and learn to resonate with the Higher Self, which heals the ego.

Unlike what some teach, adopting an attitude of neutrality is not the way out of our tutorial dilemma either. That is a delusional fiction in this game. Neutrality is not love! It is apathetic ignorance. We must come to recognize the masks…and then choose. Both are ok for learning purposes; but only one is truthful. We are either love or not love. If we choose the latter, there are consequences, not as punishment, but as guidance indicating an incorrect choice that does not reflect real Reality. When we choose the former – I am Love – the reward is immediate. We begin to heal inside. The blinders fall off of our eyes. Comprehension of the game becomes clearer. “Of course,” we say, “those who conspire to rule the world and everyone in it are projections (masks) of my own ego in the macrocosm of my perceived reality. They are demonstrating what I am not – even what they are not. The tragedy of the performance is that I so often missed the meaning by turning away from the very thing sent to awaken me from my self-imposed amnesia? Over and over, lifetime after lifetime I failed to see it. Now, today, I choose to look and really see. In seeing with new eyes, eyes of the heart, I realize I can change my life and even the world.”

This is the reason so many of us try our best to get people to look around. Listen to those who have been crying in the wilderness for so long. Pay attention. Our message is clear to those who open their hearts and minds. When you KNOW the truth, the TRUTH sets you free. Without knowledge, there can be no freedom. Please stop ignoring the negative gifts we have given ourselves. The more we look and really see, the faster we can release the lessons provided for the awakening of humanity and the birthing of a new race of Lighted Beings destined to shine throughout the Cosmos. Please pay attention and commit yourself to learning what is happening in our world that is teetering, as it were, over a precipice of disaster for those who are not prepared – especially for those who choose ignorance as a method of dealing with difficult news. I invite and encourage you to make another choice: become better informed. We have the power to change the world for good; and that power, again, stems from knowledge of the truth, both positive and negative, now coming to light.

At the start, I quoted Wells’ 1984 vision of a totalitarian world. Let me close with my own vision of where we are headed as we wake up. We return to our Loving Creator who greets us with open arms and heart. “These, my children, were blind, but now they see again; they were dead, but now they live.” Then the party begins: dancing in the streets, children smiling, parents beaming, cosmic families reunited, creativity unleashed, all resources freely shared, leaders serve others rather than themselves, the entire Earth and all that inhabit her break forth with singing the new song of the ages: FREEDOM REIGNS! And no one need rule this world, for an awakened humanity WILL create Peace on Earth where men and women of good will dwell together in the knowledge taught by the illusion of separation. That knowledge is the foundation from which Love transforms hell into heaven as the illusion of separation disappears.


By Ron Van Dyke, October 2008. All rights reserved. May be freely distributed as long as it remains complete and with source information included.

"The more we look and really see, the faster we can release the lessons provided for the awakening of humanity and the birthing of a new race of Lighted Beings destined to shine throughout the Cosmos."


Also recommended:

COMMENTARY ON THE OCTOBER 14TH DISAPPOINTMENT - by Ron Van Dyke http://www.metagroups.info/Ron%27sArticles.htm#OCT14DIS
(...) Somehow, we must unite the inner world with the outer. Somehow we must find a way to release all of the wounds of separation, the disappointments, the experience of alienation, and our frustration at being unable to manifest our deepest desires in the material world. By deepest desire, I do not mean material things. That is so superficial. Truly, our deepest desire is to experience inanimate qualities made real: justice – after lifetimes of injustice, love – after lifetimes of alienation, abundance – after lifetimes of deprivation, freedom – after lifetimes of slavery, creativity – after lifetimes of suppression, grace – after lifetimes of corruption, and communion – after lifetimes of experiencing separation. (...) It’s high time for those who truly want to serve the world to be raised up and allowed to exercise real gifts that will heal and not hurt. We have not come here to fail again. We have not chosen abandonment this time around, nor submission to “evil” forces. We have not chosen to lay down our lives so that we can come back and start over again. This time we are here to fulfill every promise of a Golden Age we have ever been given. This time we came to heal the Earth from ignorant neglect, and in the process, to uplift humanity and ALL Life. Now is the time for the merging of the physical with the spiritual. We ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for…and that “we” includes our higher and lower selves merging into one glorious being: a New Humanity that is magnificent in its splendor and fills the New Earth with our rays of Light and Love, Joy and Gladness, Peace and Prosperity, Justice and Mercy, Knowledge and Wisdom, Health and Happiness. CLIP


Declaration/Pledge of Interdependence

We, the people of planet Earth,
In recognition of the interconnectedness of all life
And the importance of the balance of nature,
Hereby acknowledge our interdependence
And affirm our dedication
To life-serving environmental stewardship,
The fulfillment of universal human needs worldwide,
Economic and social well-being,
And a culture of peace and nonviolence,
To insure a sustainable and harmonious world
For present and future generations.

mailto:declaration@wetheworld.org?subject=Declaration%20of%20Interdependence%20Signer">Click here to sign the Declaration of Interdependence!
(Taken from http://www.wetheworld.org/wtw2/index.php4 )


Bush Trying to Avoid War Crimes Charges (2 min)
President Bush is trying to pardon himself - Should Congress pass a bill giving immunity to President Bush for possible war crimes?

How We Got George Bush - How the US vote can be stolen again (11 min)
A very credible computer programmer explains under oath how he was hired by the Republican speaker of the House in Florida to create a few lines of computer codes designed to easily and stealthily tamper with the voting results of electronic voting machines and central tabulators and that can self-destruct if anyone tries to de-compile the whole program to try to discover if it contains any such illicit codes - making the scam virtually undetectable. He also states that any significant discrepancy between exits polls and the official vote tallies is a sure sign there has been widespread vote fraud.
Recommended by Larry Stell (lstell@glasgow-ky.com) who wrote: "The US Presidential election is one week away. Here's a government hearing - never reported by the news media - that sums up the status of the security of the US voting system. Don't be too surprised if McCain and Palin "win" next week. No matter how unlikely the outcome, the US news media stands ready to pump out a plausible "cover story" to explain the results."

Touch Screen Votes Said Flipping in Texas (26 Oct 2008)
Touch-Screen Votes Now Flipping in TX Too! Obama/DNC Attorneys Still AWOL! State After State, ES&S iVotronics Are Flipping Democratic Votes to Republican! What You Can Do About It, And Where the Hell Are Those 'Thousands' of Obama/DNC Attorneys?... This is just getting worse and worse. Now it's happening in Texas. (And in MO, if you read to the end of the article). And the vaunted "thousands of attorneys" from the Obama campaign and the DNC are still nowhere to be found. With every incident so far reported of touch-screen vote-flipping during early voting in this year's general election --- from county to county in WV and in Nashville, TN) --- it's been the ES&S iVotronic touch-screen machine that has failed, flipping votes from one candidate to another not chosen by the voter. In most every instances [see update below], it's been an attempted Democratic vote, flipped to a Republican, or another party. CLIP - NOTE: http://www.bradblog.com is THE website to go to to get the real news on all vote fraud schemes.

Check the October 29 Interview of Robert Kennedy Jr on the Hour
After watching this, you may feel like me that one of the first things Barack Obama should do once elected is to pick this man as the Environmental Czar and task him with reversing the 8 years of Bush/Cheney's shredding of most environmental protection in the US...

One Million Acts of Green - A MOST brilliant and effective initiative!!

One Million Acts of Green - on The Hour http://thegreenpages.ca/portal/ca/2008/07/one_million_acts_of_green_on_t.html
(...) Install compact fluorescent lightbulbs. Walk or bike to work. Buy local food. Recycle your cell phone. One small thing can have a huge impact. It can inspire people to make a real and lasting change, in a practical way. Young and old, parents and kids, small towns and big cities, The Hour wants to build a nationwide movement.

The Hour Awesomeness: One Million Acts of Green (OCTOBER 22, 2008) http://wanderingcoyote.blogspot.com/2008/10/hour-awesomeness-one-million-acts-of.html
(...) The Hour launched something really cool called "One Million Acts of Green." Basically, this movement encourages everyone to do one small act of great to help save the environment - and the more small acts of green we do, the more it accumulates and the more green the world gets. You can sign up and register your acts of green, and there is even a cool calculator you can use to see how your small act of green impacts the environment. There is also a social networking aspect to the site a la Facebook, with friends and groups, etc. I highly encourage each and every one of you to sign up! The list of green acts is huge and varied: your act can be small and inexpensive and easy. Give it a whirl!

Oscar the Grouch and George have a little environmental discussion
Watch also this great interview with David Suzuki: http://www.cbc.ca/thehour/videos.html?id=898495314

Earth Song by Michael Jackson (7 min 29 sec) Must watch! Very moving! Over 4 million views!
You may read the lyrics HERE

2012 Conference on Fox 11 Los Angeles (2 min 33 sec)
There is another one coming up soon...
3 Day Pivotal Conference on Leadership towards 2012 -- October 31st - November 2nd, 2008

Interview with John Major Jenkins on December 21, 2012 from the Mayan perspective (30 minutes) http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/members/jmjenkins.htm
Check his website too: http://alignment2012.com/

I don't often send bulletins, but this is potentially very serious. You have probably heard of the deliberate adulteration of infant formula with melamine in China. It killed and injured thousands of children there. What you don't know - because the FDA and others don't want you to know - is that as much as 20 million TONS of Chinese manufactured milk powder and products containing milk powder were imported into the US from China this year. Now please read the next part very carefully: The US...is the ONLY country... including China... that has NOT pulled food products containing milk powder manufactured in China off its shelves. Please re-reread the previous paragraph carefully. The person blowing the whistle on this is an expert in toy manufacturing who stumbled on this while researching this season's Halloween candy offerings. He has found candy manufactured in China with milk powder widely being sold in US stores. Obviously, I have not had time to check all the facts, but knowing the parties involved - China, the FDA, the Bush administration, and corporate America - I have no doubt that this is not only highly plausible, it's highly likely. It's serious.

Must-See: Zeitgeist Addendum (123 minutes)
Have you seen Zeitgeist: Addendum? It's a must-see, eye-popping documentary about money in the global economy and how the banks have turned the People into wage slaves. Your view of the world will never be the same. This documentary is a lot like taking the red pill in The Matrix. Only take the red pill if you're really ready to learn the truth about money, banks, economics, politics, religion, the way the world really works and how to change it. The last being the most important of all. RECOMMENDED by many subscribers including Ed Elkin (EdElkin@aol.com) who wrote: "ZEITGEIST ADDENDUM is a truly major documentation of the state of our current civilization: finances, ecology, human evolution, etc. Although it is about 2 hours long and you may wish to break up your viewing into segments. I urge you to review it and share it with your community, families and friends. The film includes some major sharing by David Icke and by Krishnamurti. "Watch a short trailer HERE - if you have not seen the original Zeitgeist The Movie watch it at http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/ and make sure also to read the excellent article The Banking Bailout: Why Did Politicians and the Media Ignore the Public Will? below - Check also below the related comment "Another View of Zeitgeist. Is it real?" from Beverly on this Addendum.

Jesse Ventura: "The Secret Government" (Spilling the beans on many topics in his colorful way)

Under The Ground - WARNING! Potentially disturbing material
More though http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_sociopol_underground.htm#menu

Things You May Not Know

The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power
A journalist's penetrating look at the untold story of christian fundamentalism's most elite organization, a self-described invisible network dedicated to a religion of power for the powerful(...) Sharlet's discoveries dramatically challenge conventional wisdom about American fundamentalism, revealing its crucial role in the unraveling of the New Deal, the waging of the cold war, and the no-holds-barred economics of globalization. The question Sharlet believes we must ask is not "What do fundamentalists want?" but "What have they already done?" CLIP

Hillary's Nasty Pastorate (March 21, 2008)
There's a reason Hillary Clinton has remained relatively silent during the flap over intemperate remarks by Barack Obama's former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. When it comes to unsavory religious affiliations, she's a lot more vulnerable than Obama. You can find all about it in a widely under-read article in the September 2007 issue of Mother Jones, in which Kathryn Joyce and Jeff Sharlet reported that "through all of her years in Washington, Clinton has been an active participant in conservative Bible study and prayer circles that are part of a secretive Capitol Hill group known as "The "Fellowship," also known as The Family. CLIP

12 Ways You Can Safeguard the Vote
Are you worried that we will wake up November 5th to find that, once again, election results in key races are in question? Here's what you can do. These recommendations from the staff at YES! Magazine are simple ways you can protect your own vote—and the fairness of the system, based on the recommendations of leading voting integrity advocates.

Video Your Vote
Most states do allow you to film at your polling place. However, there are some states that expressly prohibit videotaping and others that have strict rules about how close you can tape near a polling place. For the most up-to-date information on your area, visit http://www.citmedialaw.org/legal-guide/documenting-your-vote In any location, basic rules of decency apply (don't film others without their consent, and don't campaign for any particular candidate), but documenting your experience at the polling place in most places is as much a right as voting itself.We encourage participants to think creatively - the videos don't necessarily have to be taken at the polling place, they just need to be related to the topic of voting.For a complete look at voter documentation laws, watch this primer from the Citizen Media Law Project at Harvard: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=DKhTNNXJIJQ

Official FUEL Trailer (2008)
FUEL achieves something few activist or environmental documentaries have done, which is to win you over. The audience at the opening was the choir, and although it was immensely popular and received a resounding ovation from them, it will play in Alabama and North Dakota too. It is not a polemic but a story, a story based on strong beliefs. Without losing its conviction, it allowed each of us, expert or newbie, to find our own way with the material, united all along by the charm of the narrator and director, Joshua Tickell. It is a masterful film. More through http://thefuelfilm.com/ - Recommended by Harold W. Becker (hwbecker@thelovefoundation.com)

Convicted on the basis of fabricated and suppressed evidence, as well as coerced testimony, Leonard Peltier has been imprisoned for over 30 years for a crime he did not commit. Many people believe that the Peltier case is an issue of "left" versus "right". It's not. It's an issue of right versus wrong. Learn more about the Peltier case. Watch "Incident at Oglala,"A Documentary Produced and Narrated by Robert Redford. CLIP

Greenpeace needs your help to protect Canada’s Boreal Forest (17 October 2008)
TORONTO, Canada — Kimberly-Clark continues to make Kleenex, Cottonelle, and other disposable products out of old-growth trees from Canada’s ancient Boreal Forest. So we’re asking everyone—especially moms and kids—to create messages that Greenpeace will deliver to Kimberly-Clark. Visit our action centre to get started, or read on for more info. The Problem: Destroying forests, targeting moms. Kimberly-Clark makes Kleenex, Cottonelle, Huggies, Pull-Ups, Kotex, Depend, and other disposable products out of clearcut ancient forests including the Boreal Forest. Canada’s Boreal Forest is essential in fighting climate change and providing a home to wolves, eagles, bears and threatened wildlife like the woodland caribou and wolverine.Instead of investing in alternative materials like recycled fibre, the company makes large investments in marketing campaigns that target their most important customers: young women and mothers. The Solution: Kimberly-Clark needs to: - Immediately stop purchasing virgin fibre from endangered forests; - Dramatically increase the amount of recycled fibre used to make their products; - Ensure that the remaining fibre comes from operations certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) -- Take Action: Send a message to Kimberly-Clark! - through http://takeaction.greenpeace.ca/kleercut/

San Francisco Poster campaign against Palin
Check also Hearing Voices: http://www.pbase.com/stetsa/image/104616425

Republicans ATTACK MCCAIN in Award-Winning Documentary Film Released Today (Oct 29)
Conservative Republican leaders speak out on Sen. John McCain's betrayal of American POW/MIAs and their families.

Presidential Election Coverage 2008 - MOST funny! Try it for yourself or trick your friends

McCain’s 13 bedroom Mac-mansion up for auction!
TV Channel KTVK got an exclusive tour of the desert gigamtic house, more like a compound.The McCain family’s 13-bedroom Mac-mansion estate located in Arizona will be auctioned in October. The base price is US$12,000,000.00. And it is not just the 13 bedrooms that make that mansion unique. It also has 10 fireplaces (in the desert), 3 ramadas, garage for six cars and just the air conditioning room, actually another stand alone house, is bigger than many condos around the country. Interesting to note is that the interview video was placed in a number of news outlets but immediatelly deleted after starting to draw attention, maybe unwanted attention for John McCain’s presidential nominee, a very rich man who some say is out of touch with the regular, middle class American people. Comment: The puppet masters don't want you to see McCain's mega opulent house as it would cast him as being an "out of touch" elitist.

High Frequency Crowd Control Machine
This device is now in the mainstream and will probably in the future be used more and more for non-combative situations

Obama Inspired Limited Edition BATMOBAMA and ROBIDEN http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=16193297

Old Fat Naked Women for Peace

Inspiring Videos

Awake in the Dream: Tes and the God Squad
Recommended by Ed Elkin (edelkin@aol.com)

"The May 12 2008 earthquake in Sichuan China was manmade and could have been stronger than it was but higher beings intervened. In the weeks following the quake, the scalar machinery was turned on full and there were many aftershocks but the area of devastation did not increase. Not all earthquakes can be stopped but all can be moderated. The agenda of the angelic realms is directly against those who would create destruction, fear, panic and war. The same people who create earthquakes, tsunamis, and destructive weather phenomena are still trying to create more earthquakes on the west coast as a possible prelude to enacting martial law throughout the USA. Over 90% of these destructive acts have been moderated if not entirely stopped. The forced meltdown of the USA and world economies is entirely artificial and the timetable was altered because the "natural" disasters did not happen. Even if the price of crude oil drops to $10.00 a barrel as it did in 1981 the dynamics and momentum of the real economy underlying the fiat economy will keep people fed, clothed and housed. The real economy is based on families. Banks and the fiat money supply were created to fund wars.Although people are hurting financially, the future looks bright."

- Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone - Forwarded by Huguette Demers (huguette.demers@tlb.sympatico.ca)


US defense secretary expands pre-emptive war doctrine to include nuclear strikes (30 October 2008)
In a remarkable speech on nuclear policy delivered October 28 at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP), US Defense Secretary Robert Gates painted a dire portrait of international affairs and argued that Washington should expand the doctrine of pre-emptive war formulated by the Bush administration to include possible nuclear strikes.It is widely rumored that, in the likely event that Democrat Barack Obama wins next week's US presidential election, Obama will keep Gates as defense secretary. Gates' speech, given in the waning days of the Bush presidency, has the character of a policy declaration of the next US administration. (...) Gates then issued a remarkable threat: "As long as other states have or seek nuclear weapons—and can potentially threaten us, our allies and friends—then we must have a deterrent capacity that makes it clear that challenging the US in the nuclear arena—or with other weapons of mass destruction—could result in an overwhelming, catastrophic response."According to Gates, the US must be able to credibly threaten a nuclear holocaust against any state that "challenges" the US in the nuclear arena or with other "weapons of mass destruction." By his own words, such a challenge does not require a nation to threaten to attack the US. It does not even require that a nation possess nuclear weapons or other WMD. It is enough for a nation merely to "seek" such weapons for it to become a potential target for a preemptive "overwhelming, catastrophic response" from the United States.Such a doctrine has immense implications not only for US nuclear weapons programs, but for the totality of US foreign policy. It stipulates that every foreign power in the world must believe that attempting to develop nuclear weapons invites US nuclear attack. Thus, the US would arguably be obliged to attack with nuclear weapons countries which it accused of developing nuclear weapons—such as Iran and North Korea—lest the rest of the world conclude that the US will not carry out its threats. Gates is filling out the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war—announced in advance of the unprovoked invasion of Iraq based on lies about supposed Iraqi weapons of mass destruction—with the proviso that a US first-strike can involve the large-scale use of nuclear weapons. In his speech, he called for a substantial increase in nuclear weapons spending, including the possible resumption of nuclear weapons testing. "There is absolutely no way we can maintain a credible deterrent and reduce the number of weapons in our stockpile without either resorting to testing our stockpile or pursuing a modernization program," he declared. Citing a "bleak" prognosis for overcoming technical and staffing problems of US strategic nuclear weapons programs, Gates explained that his policies involved the largest and most powerful US weapons: "The program we propose is not about new capabilities—suitcase bombs or bunker-busters or tactical nukes. [...] It is about the future credibility of our strategic deterrent." CLIP

US Leadership for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World
The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation has launched an Appeal to the next President of the United States calling for US leadership for a nuclear weapons-free world. The Appeal will be delivered to the White House on January 20, 2009 when a new President is inaugurated. Please sign this appeal!

Top international military officials meet in Adirondacks (October 18, 2008)
SARANAC LAKE - Powerful generals and admirals from some of the most powerful nations on Earth are reportedly meeting somewhere in the local area this weekend after flying into the Adirondack Regional Airport in Lake Clear on Friday. Among the passengers of a large Boeing 757 airplane with "United States of America" printed on its fuselage were top members of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and their counterparts from France, Germany and another country, possibly Great Britain, according to Barry DeFuria, a town of Harrietstown councilman and Airport Committee member who was there when the plane landed. A top military delegation from Italy flew in on a separate Falcon airplane, DeFuria said. Town Supervisor Larry Miller, also on the Airport Committee, was also there and confirmed which nations' officials were on which planes, but he said he did not know what kind of officials they were or where they were going from the airport. He said he and DeFuria had to get security clearances to be present and that soldiers were guarding the 757 around the clock at the airport. The Joint Chiefs of Staff is the leadership council of the U.S. military, comprised of the top general or admiral of each branch of the armed services. Its current chairman is Admiral Michael Mullen. NOTE from Jean: If they hoped to meet in secret, they utterly failed. This short news from a local newspaper is already reposted on over 2000 websites merely 4 days after it was initially published. The following anonymous comment was also included in the forward I received: "USA (AKA ISRAEL), GREAT BRITAIN, FRANCE AND GERMANY ARE THE HEAD TITAN CONTROLLERS OF THE PLANET - THE AGENDA-MAKERS FOR EVERYTHING THAT SHALL TAKE PLACE. HOWEVER, THEY KEEP TENDING TO OVERLOOK THE RISING POWER OF THE CHINESE AND THE SHREWD CLEVER POLITICS OF RUSSIA, VENEZUELA, AND NOW POSSIBLY BRAZIL. EU ARMY EXPANSION IS ON THEIR AGENDA WHICH NO NEWS MEDIA WILL PRINT UNLESS THERE IS A SUPER LEAK. FOR SURE THEY ARE DISCUSSING IRAN, AND WHICH WAY AMERICA WILL GO MILITARILY REGARDLESS OF WHO GETS TO BE PRESIDENT."

What you need under the Police State (Oct 29th, 2008)
This letter is divided in to sections. If you are only interested in what you need to have in the face of an authoritarian system then please look only at the links listed several paragraphs below under the heading "Books of Resistance." These books are uploaded in full and maybe removed soon in order to keep tyranny. Whoever you are I wish you well in our common struggle of freedom. CLIP

Russia to continue arms sales to Iran (28 Oct 2008)
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says US sanctions will not stop Russia's state arms trader from selling defensive weapons to Iran. The US State Department announced on Thursday that it had taken punitive measures against 13 companies in China and Venezuela as well as the Russian state arms exporter Rosoboron export for allegedly providing sensitive technology to Iran. On Tuesday, the Russian president said in televised comments that the US decision was simply an attempt to sideline a successful competitor on the global arms market. "We will continue to sell arms and military equipment exclusively to maintain the defense potential of our partners," Medvedev affirmed. Moscow has recently delivered 29 Russian-made Tor-M1 air defense missile systems under a $700 million contract signed in late 2005 and trained Iranian Tor-M1 specialists, including radar operators and crew commanders. CLIP

Iran opens navy base in Persian Gulf

Tehran: "Syria raid cannot be repeated in Iran" (October 28, 2008)
Iranian military officials have warned against a unilateral strike on Iran in the wake of a US raid against Syria. On Sunday, four US helicopters attacked a civilian building in the Syrian village of Sukkariyah, eight kilometers from the Iraqi border, killing nine civilians and seriously wounding 14 others. Deputy Army Commander Brigadier General Abdul-Rahim Mousavi told reporters on Tuesday that the time has come for the enemy to acknowledge Iran's defense capabilities. "Recognition of Iran's naval mastery has traveled beyond the country's southern waters, and has reached the far ends of the Indian Ocean," said Brig. Gen. Mousavi. The Iranian commander stressed that giant Western aircraft carriers and battleships do not intimidate world nations as they once did. In a Tuesday statement, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps' (IRGC) naval commander, Admiral Morteza Saffari said that Iran's navy has been reorganized and is ready to defend the nation against all threats. "Iran's naval forces will make sure that the enemy will live to regret any act of aggression against the Islamic Republic," said Admiral Saffari. CLIP

Oil price drop undermines stability of Iranian regime (29 October 2008)
With the price of oil plummeting on world markets, the Iranian government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is confronting a financial crisis that will inevitably bring it into sharp conflict with substantial sections of the population. The collapse in oil prices from a high of $US147 a barrel in July to less than $65 in trading mid-week is blowing a massive hole in the state budget, 50 percent of which is derived from oil revenues. Oil prices have continued to fall despite an agreement on October 24 by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to slash production by 1.5 million barrels.The projected Iranian budget of $307 billion for the year to March 2009 will have to be financed by a deficit. Estimates of how much the Iranian state will have to borrow range from $7 billion to as high as $50 billion. Under conditions of continuing turmoil on world financial markets and the freezing up of credit, it is unclear how such a deficit will be financed. Few major international institutions will risk lending to Iran, as it is subjected to economic sanctions designed by the US to punish the regime over its nuclear programs. The operations of major Iranian banks and firms have been curtailed and, in some cases, their assets frozen. (...) Iran possesses the world’s second largest reserves of gas and is strategically positioned to supply energy markets in Europe and Asia. The reality, though, is that Iran has to import as much gas as it exports. As is the case with petroleum products, it does not have the processing capacity and pipeline networks to meet its own domestic demand. Iran’s gas sector needs tens of billions of dollars in investment, which has not materialised due to the sanctions regime and concerns over the prospect of a war with either Israel or the US. Iran would therefore gain little financial benefit from an OPEC-style gas cartel that forced up prices. The collapse in oil revenues has even provoked concerns that the country will face gas shortages this winter as the government may not be able to afford the necessary volume of gas imports. CLIP

What is behind US-Taliban talks? (29 October 2008)
Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported on US plans to open direct negotiations with Taliban leaders in Afghanistan. The fact that the Journal, a conservative financial paper, broke the story shows that it was not a journalistic exposé, but a deliberate public declaration of a shift in state policy. According to the Journal, "The US is actively considering talks with elements of the Taliban, the armed Islamist group that once ruled Afghanistan and sheltered al-Qaeda, in a major policy shift that would have been unthinkable a few months ago." It reported that such talks were included in a "draft recommendation in a classified White House assessment of US strategy in Afghanistan."These plans seek to address a serious deterioration of the US position in Afghanistan. Violence has spread through the country and into neighboring tribal areas of Pakistan, whose US-backed government has been discredited by its acquiescence in US bombings and ground incursions into Pakistan against Taliban militants. The US war on the Taliban has also antagonized important US allies that helped the US organize the Taliban militias in the interests of US pipeline politics in the mid-1990s: the Saudi clerical establishment and Pakistan's powerful military espionage agency, Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI).Notwithstanding US "war on terror" rhetoric, which portrays the Taliban as monsters, US-Taliban talks are not new. The 2001 US invasion of Afghanistan deployed relatively few troops and the US occupation of the country has depended on manipulating Afghanistan's fractious tribal elite. (...) Now the surge is to come to Afghanistan. At least 12,000 more US soldiers will soon arrive there. The Journal notes that Petraeus publicly endorsed the policy of US talks with the Taliban. In an October 8 speech on Afghan policy at the Heritage Foundation think-tank, he said, "You have to talk to enemies. You want to try to reconcile with as many of those as possible while then identifying those who truly are irreconcilable."Petraeus will accordingly oversee a policy of carefully sorting out Afghan tribal leaders and making each one the proverbial offer they cannot refuse. For militia leaders who align themselves with US military policy there will be suitable rewards. For "irreconcilables" there will be air strikes and special operations raids.This policy shift is particularly significant in that the candidate now considered the likely winner, Democrat Barack Obama, has long attacked the Bush administration for being distracted from the war in Afghanistan and called for strikes against targets in Pakistan. The Journal noted that both presidential candidates, Obama and Republican John McCain, were supporting US-Taliban talks, helping "ensure that the policy is put in place regardless of who wins next month's elections."This underscores a central reality of the 2008 US elections: With the likely victory of Obama, more tactically adept but no less ruthless representatives of the US ruling class will come to power.

The Cost of Slumber by: Dahr Jamail (27 October 2008)
(...) Despite a collapsing economy and complicity in a system that is devouring the embers of a burning planet, the privileged carry on with their lives, "unaware." But everyone knows. Even the most ardent supporter of the powers that be is aware of what the government of the United States has done and is doing to Iraq, to the world, to the planet. I believe that, like me, most people, deep inside, know that many things have gone terribly wrong, that we must find a better way to exist. Now, as I write, on October 25, 21 Iraqis and another US soldier are killed in Iraq, along with an additional 17 wounded Iraqis. These facts hardly garner mention in the American corporate media, because the "surge" has been a "success." You and I are the intended beneficiaries of this "success," as our lives grind on in this twisted Disneyland, while half a world away an occupation grinds on, carrying out industrial scale slaughter, with the unfailing support of our tax dollars. CLIP

Boat arrives in Gaza to protest Israeli blockade: -
A boat loaded with protesters has arrived in the Gaza Strip to bring attention to Israel's blockade of the Hamas-controlled territory.

Biden voices 'unshakable commitment' to strong Israel-U.S. ties:
Democratic U.S. vice presidential nominee Senator Joe Biden met with Israel's ambassador to the United States Sallai Meridor on Monday, and stressed his and his running mate presidential nominee Barack Obama's "unshakable commitment" to strong U.S.-Israel ties.

Closed for Business (October 26, 2008) A REAL NIGHTMARISH SCENARIO!
The first section of this essay is a look into a possible future our society might encounter in the months, or perhaps weeks, ahead. (...) Imagine a banking crisis so severe that the real supply chain issue, money, gets rationed also! That is not a crazy proposition in the times we are in. Such an event could be triggered by a non-FNC Alert happening which hits in a smoke filled back room in Zurich or New York. Imagine a hedge fund failure of such magnitude it freezes the entire derivatives clearing system causing banks to beg governments world wide for a holiday to prevent an institutional and individual run on the existing cash on hand. We apparently have come very close to that event with the Lehman bankruptcy and good luck getting someone other than “a source” to speak openly about the dangers of this happening.It is real and could occur at any time within the next one hundred and eighty days as there is that much instability in the banking system at this time.The implications of such a seizing up of the cash flow are obvious. The governments of the world would have to act immediately because news of shortages and the inability to deliver are what create and trigger bank runs on a national basis. The United States would have to control the news, the events and the ability of everyone to transfer, use or withdraw monies immediately or risk the end of not just the system, but quite possibly the Constitution.In an interview on PBS this past Tuesday, October 21, Nassim Nicholas Taleb the author of “The Black Swan” said quite bluntly that this was “I don’t know if we’re entering the most difficult period since — not since the Great Depression, since the American Revolution.” The fact that he made that statement startled the interviewer, but it is not far from the truth. The allowance of a supply chain collapse is what will trigger the preventative action or “excuse” needed to allow the nations of the world to modify the methodology of their government functions and the system of finance currently in use.The meeting that President Bush called for November 15, 2008 will indeed include the new President elect and that will create the format for the official transition and the future of our nation. Regardless of who is elected, with the ‘D’ or the ‘R’ after their name, you will have no vote, no say, no input as to the direction our nation will take regarding capitalism and the future of our currency. The new banking system and perhaps a consortium of powers, outside of the United Nations, will probably be created to oversee the management of a new type of Bretton Woods Treaty. Our nation will never be the same after this as credit will be restricted and offered to only the select few and the ratings criteria will be revised to prevent another meltdown like the one we are only about forty percent through the de-leveraging process at best at this time. The flow of cash will be rationed, either in name via the fictional scenario above (currency controls via a bank holiday) or through the creation of alternate currency schemes. It must happen to separate the debt and instruments denominated in the weaker currencies from the new or approved nation’s currencies. This will put intense pressure on small businesses and individuals as credit will distributed at will via the government but commerce may have to be conducted using two types of currency; the old, rationed currency being used to pay employees and conduct business within the borders of the U.S. to pay off old obligations, and a new script approved and accepted by other nations for the purpose of trade or large obligations. The model for this idea was established with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s and unfortunately we are on a similar path if corrective action is not taken soon. The same double standard could be applied to our current dollar to finally resolve the outstanding debt pyramids for which the U.S. banking system is still currently liable. CLIP

World will struggle to meet oil demand - Financial Times (*29.10.2008)
Output from the world's oilfields is declining faster than previously thought, the first authoritative public study of the biggest fields shows. Without extra investment to raise production, the natural annual rate of output decline is 9.1 per cent, the International Energy Agency says in its annual report, the World Energy Outlook, a draft of which has been obtained by the Financial Times. The findings suggest the world will struggle to produce enough oil to make up for steep declines in existing fields, such as those in the North Sea, Russia and Alaska, and meet long-term demand. The effort will become even more acute as prices fall and investment decisions are delayed.The IEA, the oil watchdog, forecasts that China, India and other developing countries‚ demand will require investments of $360bn each year until 2030. The agency says even with investment, the annual rate of output decline is 6.4 per cent.The decline will not necessarily be felt in the next few years because demand is slowing down, but with the expected slowdown in investment the eventual effect will be magnified, oil executives say. CLIP

Gun sales thriving in uncertain times (Oct 27, 2008)
Americans have cut back on buying cars, furniture and clothes in a tough economy, but there's one consumer item that's still enjoying healthy sales: guns. Purchases of firearms and ammunition have risen 8 to 10 percent this year, according to state and federal data.Several variables drive sales, but many dealers, buyers and experts attribute the increase in part to concerns about the economy and fears that if Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois wins the presidency, he will join with fellow Democrats in Congress to enact new gun controls. Obama has said that he believes in an individual right to bear arms but that he also supports "common-sense safety measures.""Even though [Obama] has a lot going for him, he's not very pro-gun," said Paul Pluff, a spokesman for Massachusetts-based Smith & Wesson, which has reported higher sales. Gun enthusiasts are "going to go out and get [firearms] while they still can."Gun purchases have also been climbing because of the worsening economy, which fuels fears of crime and civil disorder, industry sources and specialists said. CLIP

Global recession threatens mass lay-offs in China (28 October 2008)
A wave of protests by laid-off workers is a sign of what is to come as the global recession hits China. Like their counterparts in North America, Europe and elsewhere in the world, workers in China are being hit hard by accelerating plant closures, especially in the major export industries. (...) As the full force of the economic tsunami hits China in coming months, many of these new industrial cities will rapidly be transformed from economic miracles to centres of political turmoil as sacked workers confront factory owners, police and government authorities.

Republicans fear long exile in the wilderness (October 26 2008)
In America's conservative heartland the talk now is not just of a win for Obama. With the Democrats poised for gains in the Senate and the House, moderate Republicans fear a wipeout that would leave their party in the grip of evangelicals increasingly out of touch with the public. Could the country be on the brink of change as deep as that ushered in by Reagan? (...) Weeks of relentless attacks on Obama by McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin have not succeeded in denting Obama's lead. Instead it has strengthened. Across America, battleground states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania are falling into Obama's column and southern states such as Virginia and North Carolina are going from red to blue. Some Democratic insiders are even whispering about the prospect of a landslide. The flipside of that is a potentially devastating Republican loss. If current polling holds true, the party may be reduced to its core support in the solid red heartland that runs through Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia and other southern and western states. That would trigger a profound crisis for a party that just three years ago was basking in the afterglow of a convincing presidential win and dreaming of creating a 'permanent majority'. Now that same Republican party could face a prolonged period in the political wilderness CLIP

Olbermann: Palin a 'share-the-wealth collectivist fraud' (October 29, 2008)
In a special campaign comment on Tuesday, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann called Alaska Governor Sarah Palin a hypocrite, a double-talker, a snake-oil seller, and a fraud. "You've accused Obama of doing something wrong," Olbermann told Palin, "of being something evil -- something you boasted of doing and being yourself just two months ago." CLIP

The Rothschilds and their 200 years of political influence
John McCain's campaign team is under investigation for allegedly accepting a benefit in kind from two mega-rich British citizens, namely Nat Rothschild and his father, Jacob, the Fourth Baron Rothschild.

Nature loss 'dwarfs bank crisis'
The global economy is losing more money from the disappearance of forests than through the current banking crisis, according to an EU-commissioned study.It puts the annual cost of forest loss at between $2 trillion and $5 trillion. The figure comes from adding the value of the various services that forests perform, such as providing clean water and absorbing carbon dioxide. The study, headed by a Deutsche Bank economist, parallels the Stern Review into the economics of climate change.It has been discussed during many sessions here at the World Conservation Congress.Some conservationists see it as a new way of persuading policymakers to fund nature protection rather than allowing the decline in ecosystems and species, highlighted in the release on Monday of the Red List of Threatened Species, to continue. Capital losses -- Speaking to BBC News on the fringes of the congress, study leader Pavan Sukhdev emphasised that the cost of natural decline dwarfs losses on the financial markets."It's not only greater but it's also continuous, it's been happening every year, year after year," he told BBC News. CLIP

Flagship eco-town plan falters in tough climate (October 26 2008)
Gordon Brown's flagship plan to build a string of environmentally friendly 'eco-towns' across Britain has been dealt a critical blow, with only two of the 10 sites promised now expected to be built.The model green communities, where residents would be able to do without cars and grow their own food on allotments, were billed as the most imaginative answer to putting roofs over heads in half a century. But the plans are now in jeopardy thanks to a combination of the credit crunch, a collapsing construction industry and fierce local opposition. Officials at the Department for Communities and Local Government have concluded only 'one or two' of the 15 shortlisted projects are genuinely viable, according to a source close to the discussions. The Eco-Towns Challenge Panel, appointed by ministers to ensure the plans were genuinely green, is understood to have reached similar conclusions. Some bidders have already dropped out, while others are said to have been alarmed by the house price crash and the collapse in sales. (...) The news comes as Brown prepares to hail green industries tomorrow as a new source of job creation in Britain. Geoff Hoon, the Transport Secretary, will announce plans to boost the manufacture of electric cars which ministers hope could become more appealing, as they are exempt from congestion charges and also save on petrol. He will announce a £20m grant for businesses to buy electric vans. Eco-towns are, however, central to Brown's vision for the environment. They were one of the first major ideas he announced within days of becoming Labour leader, pledging thousands of new homes in every part of the country. Four months later, he doubled his original target of five towns because of interest in the scheme, adding: 'For the first time in nearly half a century we will show the imagination to build new towns - eco-towns with low- and zero-carbon homes.' Although only a small amount of the three million planned new homes, eco-towns were intended to encourage other builders. 'The government will probably say it's all to do with the economic climate but I think the mistake was their approach to the subject,' said Grant Shapps, the Tory housing spokesman. 'They came up with a good idea but they messed it up by going for a top-down "ministers know best where they should go" approach.' A spokesman for the Department for Communities and Local Government insisted the programme would remain on track.

Eco town dwellers may be monitored for green habits (September 26 2008)
Residents of the planned eco towns in England could face strict monitoring of their travel habits, home insulation and even wasted food, to ensure they are truly living a "green" lifestyle. Experts advising the government on its plans to build up to 10 eco towns by 2020, yesterday called for ministers to toughen environmental standards for the developments with monitoring to ensure their carbon footprint is three times smaller than the British average. The recommendation is that there should be detailed scrutiny of the number of trips residents make by car, and the types of waste produced by households and businesses. Thermographic cameras should be used to check which homes lose heat, according to the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (Cabe). The monitoring plans are part of the proposed standards for the government's flagship housing programme, which has been criticised for failing to demand the highest levels of sustainability. Cabe and Bioregional, the company that initiated the low-energy BedZed housing estate in south London, want the government to ensure that the carbon footprint of eco towns is no larger than allowed under principles of "one-planet living". At present, the average Briton is responsible for almost 12 tonnes of CO2 each year and if everyone in the world consumed as much, three planets would be required to support the human population. The average Chinese person is thought to live a "one-planet" lifestyle. "If eco towns are to have a fundamental purpose, it must be to show us how we can all achieve one-planet living," said Richard Simmons, chief executive of Cabe. "Eco towns should show us, in a real and measured way, what our sustainable future will look like."Cabe's proposed rules are stricter than the latest government guidance on eco towns and come in advance of the publication next month of draft planning policy setting out the levels of sustainability and environmental soundness of the new developments. Techniques for monitoring residents could include checking the ecological footprint of the diet of 100 randomly selected residents, and calculating CO2 emissions from transport movements. Opponents of eco towns, who have argued that the developments would be little more than standard housing estates, said the proposals would create a "Big Brother" environment. CLIP - More on this through http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/ecotowns and...

Eco-towns worldwide
(...) The more radical fringe of eco-communities is represented by a collection of so-called earthships 12 miles northwest of the town of Taos in New Mexico. Here, emerging from the desert, is a development of 130 homes with walls built from used tyres full of rammed earth, empty glass bottles and cans and recycled materials. Pioneered by Mike Reynolds, the idea has spread around the world, including to Brighton. Typically earthships are built into hillsides which act as an insulator while a glazed frontage faces south, to maximise the sun's natural warmth. All electricity and additional heating are provided by renewable sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. All water is harvested from rain and snow through a roof catchment system, and is recycled four times. Waste is processed on site. CLIP

Organic Farming "Could Feed Africa"
Daniel Howden, The Independent UK: "Organic farming offers Africa the best chance of breaking the cycle of poverty and malnutrition it has been locked in for decades, according to a major study from the United Nations to be presented today. New evidence suggests that organic practices - derided by some as a Western lifestyle fad - are delivering sharp increases in yields, improvements in the soil and a boost in the income of Africa's small farmers who remain among the poorest people on earth."

UN urges end to DR Congo conflict (29 October 2008)
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called for an immediate end to fighting in the DR Congo, which he said was creating a "humanitarian catastrophe".His comments came as the rebel leader whose forces are threatening the city of Goma declared a ceasefire.Thousands of people have been fleeing an upsurge in fighting in the east in recent days, pouring into Goma.The UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting to discuss how to respond to the growing crisis.In a statement, Mr Ban said the intensifying conflict was "creating a humanitarian crisis of catastrophic dimensions and [threatening] dire consequences on a regional scale". He said he was particularly concerned by reports of exchanges of fire across the border with Rwanda and that the "collapse of discipline" among DR Congo troops was "especially worrying". UN officials in Goma have said DR Congo soldiers in the city are nervous and out of control and have been firing into the air.Mr Ban said he deplored the deliberate targeting of civilians and their use as human shields and appealed to "all those with influence" to restore an effective ceasefire.Correspondents say the 17,000-strong UN force in DR Congo - the world's largest - is stretched to breaking point. Both Congolese President Joseph Kabila and the head of the UN mission have called for more troops. CLIP

Q&A: DR Congo conflict (29 October 2008)
Rebel fighters loyal to General Laurent Nkunda are threatening to take Goma, one of the largest towns in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.Some 20,000 people have fled the rebel advance, in addition to up to one million already displaced in the region, raising fears of another humanitarian disaster. Gen Nkunda's forces started fighting again in August, after a lull following a peace deal signed in January.Why has the fighting broken out again? It is not entirely clear. But Gen Nkunda has always said he is fighting to protect his Tutsi community from attack by Rwandan Hutu rebels, some of whom are accused of taking part in the 1994 genocide. The Congolese government has often promised to stop the Hutu forces from using its territory, but has not done so. The latest deadline was apparently the end of August - just when the fighting blew up again. But eastern DR Congo is rich in natural resources such as gold and coltan, which is used to make mobile phones. Some say the fighting is really over control of these resources. CLIP

Join Local Peoples in Resisting Paraguay's Devastation by Genetically Modified Soya Monocultures
Deforestation, eviction, drought and murder are too high of price to pay for toxic soybeans In Paraguay, genetically modified (GM) soya plantations, planted in vast toxic monocultures, are the main cause of deforestation, destruction and pollution of other ecosystems, and violence and eviction of small farmers and indigenous peoples. Paraguay has nearly 2.6 million hectares of soy plantations for animal feed exports and, more recently, for agrofuel. The remnants of Paraguay's Atlantic Forest and of the Alto Parana forest, as well as wetlands, grasslands and rivers are being destroyed and polluted by the expansion of immense soya fields. Deforestation is worsening global warming and also causing severe regional warming and droughts. Local peoples are resisting ecocide bravely, and against long odds, and need our support. Please write to the authorities in Paraguay and urge them to fully support small farmers and their demands for protection from pesticide spraying, unlawful evictions, environmental destruction and pollution; while supporting their demands for food sovereignty and land reform. TAKE ACTION NOW!

Science of invisibility's giant leap forward (Oct 256, 2008)
It was a banner year for research in invisibility. The U.S. army could have a device within a decade (...) This summer, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, demonstrated for the first time the ability to "cloak" three-dimensional objects in artificially engineered "meta-materials" that bent light around the objects. They "disappeared." Previous efforts were able to bend microwaves around objects, but visible light has proved much more difficult. This differs from the stealth technology developed in the 1980s, which reduces radar's ability to pick up a fighter jet, making it hard to track, but doesn't render the jet invisible. "Cloaking" would bypass the radar or other waves around the plane as if it weren't there.The meta-materials are made using nanotechnology and engineered out of artificial atoms that are smaller than the wavelengths of light itself. One Berkeley approach used a "fishnet" material of metal layers to reverse the direction of light; the other used tiny nanowires made of silver."You'd have to wrap whatever you wanted to cloak in the material," said researcher Jason Valentine. "By sending light around the object that is cloaked, you don't see it." CLIP

Téléphoner d'une voiture accroît fortement l'effet des ondes (enquête) (I didn't find this in English yet) http://www.france-info.com:80/spip.php?article201310&theme=69&sous_theme=69
PARIS, 21 oct 2008 (AFP) - L’effet des ondes émises par les téléphones portables, qui selon certaines études seraient dommageables en cas de forte exposition, est fortement accru quand on téléphone en voiture, d’après une enquête publiée mardi par l’hebdomadaire Auto Plus. CLIP Voir aussi http://terresacree.org !!!

EMF-Omega-News 25. October 2008


More shit is about to hit the proverbial fan...

Forwarded by "Rob McGowan" (rmcgowan1@btinternet.com) from Scotland who wrote: " In the current well-informed article below by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the scene laid out is advance warning of a 'second epicenter' in the storm and that Europe is next."


From: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/ambroseevans_pritchard/3260052/Europe-on-the-brink-of-currency-crisis-meltdown.html

Europe on the brink of currency crisis meltdown

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

26 Oct 2008

The financial crisis spreading like wildfire across the former Soviet bloc threatens to set off a second and more dangerous banking crisis in Western Europe, tipping the whole Continent into a fully-fledged economic slump.

Currency pegs are being tested to destruction on the fringes of Europe's monetary union in a traumatic upheaval that recalls the collapse of the Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1992. "This is the biggest currency crisis the world has ever seen," said Neil Mellor, a strategist at Bank of New York Mellon.

Experts fear the mayhem may soon trigger a chain reaction within the eurozone itself. The risk is a surge in capital flight from Austria—the country, as it happens, that set off the global banking collapse of May 1931 when Credit-Anstalt went down—and from a string of Club Med countries that rely on foreign funding to cover huge current account deficits.

The latest data from the Bank for International Settlements shows that Western European banks hold almost all the exposure to the emerging market bubble, now busting with spectacular effect.

They account for three-quarters of the total $4.7 trillion £2.96 trillion) in cross-border bank loans to Eastern Europe, Latin America and emerging Asia extended during the global credit boom—a sum that vastly exceeds the scale of both the US sub-prime and Alt-A debacles. Europe has already had its first foretaste of what this may mean. Iceland's demise has left them nursing likely losses of $74bn (£47bn). The Germans have lost $22bn.

Stephen Jen, currency chief at Morgan Stanley, says the emerging market crash is a vastly underestimated risk. It threatens to become "the second epicentre of the global financial crisis", this time unfolding in Europe rather than America. Austria's bank exposure to emerging markets is equal to 85pc of GDP—with a heavy concentration in Hungary, Ukraine, and Serbia—all now queuing up (with Belarus) for rescue packages from the International Monetary Fund.

Exposure is 50pc of GDP for Switzerland, 25pc for Sweden, 24pc for the UK, and 23pc for Spain. The US figure is just 4pc. America is the staid old lady in this drama.

Amazingly, Spanish banks alone have lent $316bn to Latin America, almost twice the lending by all US banks combined ($172bn) to what was once the US backyard. Hence the growing doubts about the health of Spain's financial system—already under stress from its own property crash—as Argentina spirals towards another default, and Brazil's currency, bonds and stocks all go into freefall.

Broadly speaking, the US and Japan sat out the emerging market credit boom. The lending spree has been a European play—often using dollar balance sheets, adding another ugly twist as global "deleveraging" causes the dollar to rocket. Nowhere has this been more extreme than in the ex-Soviet bloc.

The region has borrowed $1.6 trillion in dollars, euros, and Swiss francs. A few dare-devil homeowners in Hungary and Latvia took out mortgages in Japanese yen. They have just suffered a 40pc rise in their debt since July. Nobody warned them what happens when the Japanese carry trade goes into brutal reverse, as it does when the cycle turns.

The IMF's experts drafted a report two years ago—Asia 1996 and Eastern Europe 2006—Déjà vu all over again?—warning that the region exhibited the most dangerous excesses in the world. Inexplicably, the text was never published, though underground copies circulated. Little was done to cool credit growth, or to halt the fatal reliance on foreign capital. Last week, the silent authors had their moment of vindication as Eastern Europe went haywire.

Hungary stunned the markets by raising rates 3pc to 11.5pc in a last-ditch attempt to defend the forint's currency peg in the ERM.

It is just blood in the water for hedge funds sharks, eyeing a long line of currency kills. "The economy is not strong enough to take it, so you know it is unsustainable," said Simon Derrick, currency strategist at the Bank of New York Mellon.

Romania raised its overnight lending to 900pc to stem capital flight, recalling the near-crazed gestures by Scandinavia's central banks in the final days of the 1992 ERM crisis—political moves that turned the Nordic banking crisis into a disaster.

Russia too is in the eye of the storm, despite its energy wealth—or because of it. The cost of insuring Russian sovereign debt through credit default swaps (CDS) surged to 1,200 basis points last week, higher than Iceland's debt before Götterdammerung struck Reykjavik.

The markets no longer believe that the spending structure of the Russian state is viable as oil threatens to plunge below $60 a barrel. The foreign debt of the oligarchs ($530bn) has surpassed the country's foreign reserves. Some $47bn has to be repaid over the next two months.

Traders are paying close attention as contagion moves from the periphery of the eurozone into the core. They are tracking the yield spreads between Italian and German 10-year bonds, the stress barometer of monetary union. The spreads reached a post-EMU high of 93 last week.

Nobody knows where the snapping point is, but anything above 100 would be viewed as a red alarm. The market took careful note on Friday that Portugal's biggest banks, Millenium, BPI, and Banco Espirito Santo are preparing to take up the state's emergency credit guarantees.

Hans Redeker, currency chief at BNP Paribas, says there is an imminent danger that East Europe's currency pegs will be smashed unless the EU authorities wake up to the full gravity of the threat, and that in turn will trigger a dangerous crisis for EMU itself.

"The system is paralysed, and it is starting to look like Black Wednesday in 1992. I'm afraid this is going to have a very deflationary effect on the economy of Western Europe. It is almost guaranteed that euroland money supply is about to implode," he said.

A grain of comfort for British readers: UK banks have almost no exposure to the ex-Communist bloc, except in Poland—one of the less vulnerable states.

The threat to Britain lies in emerging Asia, where banks have lent $329bn, almost as much as the Americans and Japanese combined. Whether you realise it or not, your pension fund is sunk in Vietnamese bonds and loans to Indian steel magnates. Didn't they tell you?"


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Treasury Blacks Out Key Parts of Private Bailout Contracts
Remember how Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson promised full transparency in spending the $700 billion bailout money? And remember how bailout opponents predicted that the failure to mandate such transparency would allow all sorts of Halliburton-style shenanigans? From the looks of the first private contracts issued by the Treasury Department, it looks like the bailout opponents were correct.As flagged by BailoutSleuth.com, Paulson is blacking out the sections of government contracts that spell out how much private firms will be paid for their services in administering taxpayer money. Here's a page from the compensation part of a contract with Bank of New York, which has been hired to do some of the bookkeeping (because, of course, the Bush administration is happy to privatize that function): CLIP

The Bailout Lie Exposed: Financial "Big Boys" Never Intended To Lend Out Their Windfall (October 28, 2008)
In a nationally televised speech on September 24, George W. Bush said in support of the proposed bailout plan that it was meant to "help American consumers and businessmen get credit to meet their daily needs and to create jobs." The Bailout Lie Exposed -- Bush's story was subsequently peddled by the Ministry of Information: the more than 700 billion handed over by the Treasury and the Fed to the financial oligarchy will be used to enable banks to resume lending to strapped households and businesses, thereby enabling the economy to regain healthy rates of growth and households and businesses to elude the prospect of extended debt peonage. But astute observers knew full well that there can be no "regaining" of robust growth rates that had already disappeared with the onset of Reagan/Thatcher neoliberalism. And reflating the housing bubble by encouraging already maxed-out working people and small businesses to dig themselves into a deeper debt grave seems like a recipe for heightening economic catastrophe. But not to worry: the bad guys were not chimps after all. They had no intention of using the proceeds of the giveaway to lend to anyone. We can thank the New York Times's surprisingly intrepid economics reporter Joe Nocera for this revelation. In an unexpected adventure in extra-curricular empiricism, Nocera reported in Saturday's NYT that he was able to gain access to a recording of an employee-only October 17 conference call by a top (unnamed) executive of JPMorgan Chase, the beneficiary of $25 billion of federal largesse. At one point in the conference one participant asked whether the $25 billion will "change our strategic lending policy." The executive then proceeded to spill the beans: "What we do think, it will help us to be a little bit more active on the acquisition side or opportunistic side for some banks who are still struggling." Translation: "Say what? Lend to folks up to their ears in debt already?! Do we look like morons?? You know as well as I that breakneck financial consolidation has been the name of the game since the early nineties. So have leveraged buyouts. Only the latter are normally accomplished with private money. Now we get to leverage bank acquisitions with public money! Is this a deal or is this a deal?" CLIP

The “dirty little secret” of the US bank bailout (27 October 2008)
In an unusually frank article published in Saturday's New York Times, the newspaper's economic columnist, Joe Nocera, reveals what he calls "the dirty little secret of the banking industry"--namely, that "it has no intention of using the [government bailout] money to make new loans." As Nocera explains, the plan announced October 13 by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to hand over $250 billion in taxpayer money to the biggest banks, in exchange for non-voting stock, was never really intended to get them to resume lending to businesses and consumers--the ostensible purpose of the bailout. Its essential aim was to engineer a rapid consolidation of the American banking system by subsidizing a wave of takeovers of smaller financial firms by the most powerful banks. (...) The American ruling elite, utilizing its domination of the state and the two-party political system, is exploiting a crisis of its own making to carry through an economic agenda, long in preparation, that could not be imposed under normal conditions. The result will be greater economic hardship for ordinary Americans. The big banks will have even greater market power to set interest rates and control access to credit for workers, students and small businesses.While no serious measures are being proposed, either by the Bush administration, the Republican presidential candidate or his Democratic opponent, to prevent a social catastrophe from overtaking working people, the government is organizing a restructuring of the financial system that will enable a handful of mega-banks to increase their power over society.

Death of the American Empire (Oct 23)
America is self-destructing & bringing the rest of the world down with it - "Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies" (Thomas Jefferson)

Warnings of deep recession as US layoffs spread coast-to-coast (October 29, 2008)
Dozens of mass layoffs have been announced by American employers, both private and public, in recent days. The impact of the downturn has begun to spread well beyond the imploding financial sector and such depressed industries as automobiles, to the economy as a whole.The United States has now entered what analysts widely anticipate will be the worst recession in more than a quarter of a century. JPMorgan Chase economists estimated Friday that gross domestic product fell an annual rate of 0.5 percent in the third quarter this year, and forecasted a decline of 4 percent in the three months up to December. This would mark the steepest decline since the 1981-82 recession.Unemployment is set to rapidly increase. "My view is that it will be near 8 or 8.5 percent by the end of next year," Nigel Gault, chief domestic economist at Global Insight, told the New York Times. CLIP

When Greed is Rewarded: Government of Thieves By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS (Oct 17, 2008) /
Just as the Bush regime's wars have been used to pour billions of dollars into the pockets of its military-security donor base, the Paulson bailout looks like a Bush regime scheme to incur $700 billion in new public debt in order to transfer the money into the coffers of its financial donor base. The US taxpayers will be left with the interest payments in perpetuity (or inflation if the Fed monetizes the debt), and the number of Wall Street billionaires will grow. As for the US and European governments' purchases of bank shares, that is just a cover for funneling public money into private hands. The explanations that have been given for the crisis and its bailout are opaque. The US Treasury estimates that as few as 7% of the mortgages are bad. Why then do the US, UK, Germany, and France need to pour more than $2.1 trillion of public money into private financial institutions? If, as the government tells us, the crisis stems from subprime mortgage defaults reducing the interest payments to the holders of mortgage backed securities, thus driving down their values and threatening the solvency of the institutions that hold them, why isn't the bailout money used to address the problem at its source? (....) The bailout package is a result of panic and threats, not of analysis and understanding. Neither Congress nor the public knows the full story. If the problem is the mortgages, why does the bailout leave the mortgages unaddressed and focus instead on pouring vast amount of public money into private financial institutions? The purpose of regulation is to restrain greed and to prevent leveraged speculation from threatening the wider society. Congress needs to restore financial regulation, not reward those who caused the crisis.

The 700 Billion Dollar Blank Check
John Dunbar, The Associated Press: "First, the $700 billion rescue for the economy was about buying devalued mortgage-backed securities from tottering banks to unclog frozen credit markets. Then it was about using $250 billion of it to buy stakes in banks. The idea was that banks would use the money to start making loans again. But reports surfaced that bankers might instead use the money to buy other banks, pay dividends, give employees a raise and executives a bonus, or just sit on it."

A financial new world order? (Oct 20, 2008)
Bush says reforms must improve, not fetter, the free market; Europeans hint at more robust intervention. -- WASHINGTON - When President Bush hosts a world financial summit in the coming weeks, one of the least multilateral American presidents in decades will set in motion what could result in a full reordering of the global financial system.The series of summits that Mr. Bush announced over the weekend at Camp David with European leaders at his side suggests a broad understanding among them: that the current crisis requires the kind of global regulatory reforms that have eluded major powers in the past.Europeans especially are speaking of a "Bretton Woods II" that could do for financial markets what the 1944 summit at a resort in New Hampshire did for monetary policy.But the call for a summit also underscores the degree to which a once go-it-alone presidency has shifted to embrace not only the necessity of international cooperation, but also a role of global leadership. CLIP

Stocks Decline as Earnings Reveal Fallout From Credit Crisis
Michael M. Grynbaum, The New York Times: "The malaise on Wall Street simply will not lift. Despite cheaper oil and looser credit, stock investors on Wednesday could not shake their fears about the consequences of an economy that many believe is already in a recession. Worries about the corporate sector sent the Dow Jones industrials down more than 500 points for the day."

IMF may need to "print money" as crisis spreads (Oct 28, 2008)
The International Monetary Fund may soon lack the money to bail out an ever growing list of countries crumbling across Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, and parts of Asia, raising concerns that it will have to tap taxpayers in Western countries for a capital infusion or resort to the nuclear option of printing its own money.

Pakistan forced to seek IMF bailout package (27 October 2008)
After failing to obtain financial assistance from allies including the US and China, Pakistan's government has turned to the International Monetary Fund for the emergency loans it needs to stave off state bankruptcy. Pakistan's central bank governor and top finance ministry officials began discussions with IMF officials in Dubai last Tuesday, and which will continue until the middle of this week. The IMF is reported to have agreed in principle to provide Pakistan with $9.6 billion over three years, including immediate assistance of $4 to $5 billion, but only if Islamabad agrees to certain stringent conditions. These are said to include IMF oversight of the Finance Ministry, massive cuts in government expenditures, and a new wave of privatizations and public sector downsizing that will result in job cuts and the gutting of working conditions. CLIP

U.S. pulls the plug on the world
The U.S. administration has prompted a huge surge in the U.S. dollar, which may help refinance its financial sector. The cost is a currency whirlwind that threatens the collapse not just of banks and companies but entire countries.


From: http://www.WantToKnow.info/008/081021_banking_bailout_secrets

The Banking Bailout: Why Did Politicians and the Media Ignore the Public Will?

"The Federal Reserve is neither truly federal, nor a full reserve. It is not owned or directly controlled by the United States government. The fact that the words 'United States Federal Reserve System' are printed on every U.S. bank note thus raises serious questions."

Many are asking what is going on with the major banking bailouts in the U.S. and around the world. According to a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll, only 31% of Americans supported the bailout. Why did politicians around the world ignore the will of the majority of citizens who were against what they felt was a form of corporate welfare? Why are the major media selling this bailout as good and necessary medicine for all of us? Why are so few questioning a bailout which costs $2,500 for every man, woman, and child in the U.S. (assuming that the costs don't eventually far exceed the $700 billion already authorized)? To answer these questions, it is best first to be informed about some very basic, yet little known knowledge regarding money and how banking works.

How much do you know about the banking system and who prints the money you carry in your pocket? Considering the vital role money plays both in our individual lives and in the world, our educational system teaches us amazingly little about how money is created, how banks operate, and what causes the huge banking scandals and bankruptcies that have occurred. After reading the information below, you will understand why this information is kept quiet and why we feel it is important to reveal these major banking cover-ups. The world's wealthiest bankers guard their secrets very closely.

WantToKnow.info specializes in using only the most reliable information available to reveal what is going on behind the scenes in a number of key areas. Because of the lack of quality information, we have previously published very little on banking and financial cover-ups. However, as this key topic is essential to understanding the big picture, we present here the best information we have found on the secrets of the banking world. The sources are not up to our normal high standards, yet we believe you will find the information highly useful. By using the links provided for verification, you can find strong evidence in support of all that is presented here.

First, we recommend these revealing free documentaries on the banking cover-up:

http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=%22monopoly+men%22 - Monopoly Men (47 minutes)

http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=moneymasters - Money Masters (209 minutes)

For another version of the first documentary, click here. Both of these fact-filled documentaries have been given a very rare rating of five out of five stars by Google Video viewers. These films, though they have some weaknesses, do an excellent job of introducing and educating viewers to key, little-known facts which impact our global economy and politics. We encourage you to have a healthy skepticism of what is presented, yet also to have an open mind to the possibility that much of what is presented is based on verifiable evidence.

The Federal Reserve: Neither Truly Federal Nor a Full Reserve

Do you know who prints the money in your wallet or purse? Take a look at the top of any U.S. bills and you will find "Federal Reserve Note" printed along the top. In a small black circle on the left side of these notes, you will read "United States Federal Reserve System." It is the Federal Reserve which prints all bank notes in the United States. Yet who owns the Federal Reserve?

Though the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve is categorized as an independent government agency, "The Fed" is not owned by the government. In Lewis v. United States, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit stated that "the Reserve Banks are not federal instrumentalities for purposes of the FTCA [the Federal Tort Claims Act], but are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations." To verify this fact, please see the Ninth Circuit's decision 680 F.2d 1239 at the end of paragraph five. The same decision in paragraph 13 states, "Reserve Banks, as privately owned entities, receive no appropriated funds from Congress."

It's quite revealing that though the official website of the Federal Reserve contains a detailed description of the Federal Reserve that is over 20 pages in length, ownership of the Federal Reserve Banks is never even mentioned. Could it be that this information is conveniently withheld to keep the public from understanding who owns the banks which issue all U.S. dollars?

Though Federal Reserve Board members are appointed by the U.S. President and confirmed by the Senate, the Federal Reserve is a privately owned institution controlled mainly by large private banks. Once board members are appointed, the U.S. government has no control over their decisions other than the president's ability to remove a board member. Yet a study of the history and functions of the Federal Reserve reveals that powerful bankers such as J.P. Morgan have had inordinate power and control over the formation and management of the monetary policy of the United States through their power over the Fed. Congress has virtually no influence over this incredibly powerful institution.

Neither does the Fed have reserves to back all of the credit it issues. None of the money in circulation is backed by anything of real value such as gold or silver. The backing of U.S. currency by a gold standard was removed under President Nixon in 1971. In fact, the Fed, like all banks, at any one time has only 3 to 10% of all credit issued held in reserve as bank notes. So the Federal Reserve is neither truly federal, nor a full reserve. It is not owned or directly controlled by the United States government. The fact that the words "United States Federal Reserve System" are printed on every U.S. bank note thus raises serious questions.

The foundation for the Federal Reserve system was crafted in the utmost secrecy in 1910 at the Jekyll Island resort by several powerful men with very close ties to the Rockefellers, the J.P. Morgan family, and the Rothschilds — the richest and most powerful families in the world at that time. A version of the legislation crafted eventually passed in 1913 over the objections of many who feared that turning over control of the nation's money supply to a consortium of private bankers would inevitably only produce more riches for the ultra rich at the expense of the general public.

Virtually everyone agrees that the Fed is highly secretive. Wikipedia lists other criticisms of the Federal Reserve in the below two paragraphs:

"A large and varied group of criticisms have been directed against the Federal Reserve System. One group of criticisms, typified by the Austrian School, criticize the Federal Reserve as unnecessary and counterproductive interference in the economy. Other arguments include arguments in favor of the gold standard and criticisms of an alleged lack of accountability or culture of secrecy within the Reserve. Finally, a group of conspiracy theories make various charges against the Federal Reserve, generally claiming the Federal Reserve System is actually a scheme to enrich a few wealthy bankers at the expense of the public."

"Economists of the Austrian School such as Ludwig von Mises contend that the Federal Reserve's artificial manipulation of the money supply leads to the boom/bust business cycle that has occurred over the last century. Many economic libertarians ... believe that the Federal Reserve's manipulation of the money supply to stop "gold flight" from England caused, or was instrumental in causing, the Great Depression.

"Nobel Economist Milton Friedman said he 'prefer[s] to abolish the federal reserve system altogether.' [13]. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve, stated: 'I would like to say to Milton [Friedman] and Anna [J. Schwartz]: Regarding the Great Depression. You're right, we did it. We're very sorry. But thanks to you, we won't do it again.' [22] [23]"

The Fractional Reserve System: Creating Money Out of Thin Air

Another aspect of banking about which most people know little to nothing is the fractional reserve system. Fractional-reserve banking refers to the common banking practice of issuing more money than the bank holds as reserves. Banks in modern economies typically loan their customers many times the sum of the cash reserves that they hold." Did you know that for every dollar in your checking or savings account, the bank can legally loan out $10 or more?

Here's a description of the origins of fraction reserve banking from a standard university macroeconomics text [">1]:

"When the ancients began to use gold in making transactions, it became apparent that it was both unsafe and inconvenient for consumers and merchants to carry gold and have it weighed and assessed for purity every time a transaction was negotiated. It therefore became commonplace to deposit one's gold with goldsmiths whose vaults or strong rooms could be used for a fee. Upon receiving a gold deposit, the goldsmith issued a receipt to the depositor. Soon goods were traded for the goldsmiths' receipts and the receipts became the first kind of paper money.

"At this point the goldsmiths – embryonic bankers – used a 100% reserve system; their circulating paper money receipts were fully backed by gold. But, given the public's acceptance of the goldsmiths' receipts as paper money, the goldsmiths became aware that the gold they stored was rarely redeemed. Then some adroit banker hit on the idea that paper money could be issued in excess of the amount of gold held. Goldsmiths [then began to issue] additional 'receipts' ... into circulation by making interest-earning loans in the form of gold receipts. This was the beginning of the fractional reserve system of banking."

The college text from which the above quote is taken does not question the propriety of goldsmiths creating these new "receipts" or money without any gold backing, without any authority, and indeed without any real reason to do so other than to enrich themselves. In fact, the text even praises the questionable behavior of the one who began this hidden form of corruption as "adroit."

The unsuspecting public had no idea that goldsmiths were issuing paper receipts accepted as money which were backed by no gold deposits at all for ten times or more the amount of gold that had been entrusted to them. The goldsmiths were secretly creating money out of thin air. They thus made themselves fantastically wealthy without anyone noticing what was going on. In order to better hide this deceit and divert people's attention, the goldsmiths stopped their old practice of charging for storing gold and instead began to pay customers a small interest on their gold deposits to keep them happy. Thus it was that modern day bankers were born.

Amazingly, the system has changed little today. Macroeconomics professors, college texts, and all involved with banking almost never question the ethics or morality of this fractional reserve system. No one even questions in any meaningful way the ethics and corruption involved in creating money out of thin air. In fact, the fractional reserve system was formalized into law centuries ago and continues to be both legal and the accepted common practice around the world today.

Have you ever wondered how banks can afford to own those massive buildings downtown if they are only charging 15% or so on loans and paying 5% in interest on deposits? If bankers were not allowed to create money out of thin air, they would be making only 10% or so a year on every loan they issued, far from enough to build the towering skyscrapers owned by banks in practically every major city. But by creating credit (money) using the fractional reserve system, bankers can legally claim credit to 10 times or more the amount of any loan. Now you can understand the foundation upon which global banking empires are built.

As this system has been used for centuries by every country in the world, it clearly works to maintain a relatively stable economic order. We are not advocating a dramatic change of this system. We do, however, feel that suppressing and otherwise hiding this key information is a massive deception which does not serve the public and only serves to allow the bankers to easily become excessively powerful and corrupt. You can help to inform others of what is going on by educating yourself with the above videos and spreading the word on the banking and financial cover-up. Thanks for caring.

Important Related Topic: For a highly decorated U.S. General's essay revealing huge manipulations and profiteering by major banks in wartime, click here. For a more thorough history of the development of banking and more, click here. For a top professor's 10-page summary of the powerful role of bankers throughout history, click here. For excellent further information on this vital issue with realistic proposals for empowering change, see the American Monetary Institute's website at http://www.monetary.org.

[1] McConnell, Campbell R. & Brue, Stanley L., Macroeconomics: Principles, Problems, and Policies, Thirteen Edition, McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1996, p. 277

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From: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/26/opinion/26kristof.html

The Endorsement From Hell

By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF -- October 25, 2008

John McCain isn’t boasting about a new endorsement, one of the very, very few he has received.

“Al Qaeda will have to support McCain in the coming election,” read a commentary on a password-protected Islamist Web site that is closely linked to Al Qaeda and often disseminates the group’s propaganda.

The endorsement left the McCain campaign sputtering, and noting helplessly that Hamas appears to prefer Barack Obama. Al Qaeda’s apparent enthusiasm for Mr. McCain is manifestly not reciprocated.

“The transcendent challenge of our time [is] the threat of radical Islamic terrorism,” Senator McCain said in a major foreign policy speech this year, adding, “Any president who does not regard this threat as transcending all others does not deserve to sit in the White House.”

That’s a widespread conservative belief. Mitt Romney compared the threat of militant Islam to that from Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. Some conservative groups even marked “Islamofascism Awareness Week” earlier this month.

Yet the endorsement of Mr. McCain by a Qaeda-affiliated Web site isn’t a surprise to security specialists. Richard Clarke, the former White House counterterrorism director, and Joseph Nye, the former chairman of the National Intelligence Council, have both suggested that Al Qaeda prefers Mr. McCain and might even try to use terror attacks in the coming days to tip the election to him.

“From their perspective, a continuation of Bush policies is best for recruiting,” said Professor Nye, adding that Mr. McCain is far more likely to continue those policies.

An American president who keeps troops in Iraq indefinitely, fulminates about Islamic terrorism, inclines toward military solutions and antagonizes other nations is an excellent recruiting tool. In contrast, an African-American president with a Muslim grandfather and a penchant for building bridges rather than blowing them up would give Al Qaeda recruiters fits.

During the cold war, the American ideological fear of communism led us to mistake every muddle-headed leftist for a Soviet pawn. Our myopia helped lead to catastrophe in Vietnam.

In the same way today, an exaggerated fear of “Islamofascism” elides a complex reality and leads us to overreact and damage our own interests. Perhaps the best example is one of the least-known failures in Bush administration foreign policy: Somalia.

Today, Somalia is the world’s greatest humanitarian disaster, worse even than Darfur or Congo. The crisis has complex roots, and Somali warlords bear primary blame. But Bush administration paranoia about Islamic radicals contributed to the disaster.

Somalia has been in chaos for many years, but in 2006 an umbrella movement called the Islamic Courts Union seemed close to uniting the country. The movement included both moderates and extremists, but it constituted the best hope for putting Somalia together again. Somalis were ecstatic at the prospect of having a functional government again.

Bush administration officials, however, were aghast at the rise of an Islamist movement that they feared would be uncooperative in the war on terror. So they gave Ethiopia, a longtime rival in the region, the green light to invade, and Somalia’s best hope for peace collapsed.

“A movement that looked as if it might end this long national nightmare was derailed, in part because of American and Ethiopian actions,” said Ken Menkhaus, a Somalia expert at Davidson College. As a result, Islamic militancy and anti-Americanism have surged, partly because Somalis blame Washington for the brutality of the Ethiopian occupiers.

“There’s a level of anti-Americanism in Somalia today like nothing I’ve seen over the last 20 years,” Professor Menkhaus said. “Somalis are furious with us for backing the Ethiopian intervention and occupation, provoking this huge humanitarian crisis.”

Patrick Duplat, an expert on Somalia at Refugees International, the Washington-based advocacy group, says that during his last visit to Somalia, earlier this year, a local mosque was calling for jihad against America — something he had never heard when he lived peacefully in Somalia during the rise of the Islamic Courts Union.

“The situation has dramatically taken a turn for the worse,” he said. “The U.S. chose a very confrontational route early on. Who knows what would have happened if the U.S. had reached out to moderates? But that might have averted the disaster we’re in today.”

The greatest catastrophe is the one endured by ordinary Somalis who now must watch their children starve. But America’s own strategic interests have also been gravely damaged.

The only winner has been Islamic militancy. That’s probably the core reason why Al Qaeda militants prefer a McCain presidency: four more years of blindness to nuance in the Muslim world would be a tragedy for Americans and virtually everyone else, but a boon for radical groups trying to recruit suicide bombers.


From: http://projectcamelot.org/bob_dean.html

Bob Dean : The Coming of Nibiru

Phoenix, Arizona, September 2008

When we met with Bob Dean in May 2007 [see below], he stated that ours would be his last interview. After its publication, we received more mail - all of it generous and appreciative, without exception - than for any other interview we have ever done. We were therefore quite delighted when he agreed to talk with us on record once again.

When we asked Bob what he wanted to discuss, he told us that he had important news, from his own inside sources, about Nibiru: the highly controversial Planet X. This video contains extremely important information for all students of Planet X to consider.

True to form, Bob recounts other intriguing stories, including the NRO's classified discovery of "a goddamn boat" high on Mount Ararat, and confirmation of Henry Deacon's report that the Anunnaki are active on present-day Mars. His humanity, his dignity, his integrity and his humor all shine once again in this new video, and we are very confident that everyone who so enjoyed Bob's 2007 interview with us will find this just as entertaining, interesting, and valuable.

Watch this video through http://projectcamelot.org/bob_dean_nibiru.mov
(This is a QuickTime version - there are other versions at http://projectcamelot.org/bob_dean.html)


Related transcripts:

Bob Dean : An Officer and a Gentlemen - Part 1 -- A video interview with Retired Command Sergeant Major Robert DeanPhoenix, Arizona, May 2007
Bob Dean: It is the most important issue in my view in human history. It's not merely that we're not alone but we have never been alone....It's lucky like I said that I didn't end up in jail because I drove my friends up the wall. I pushed my security clearance to the limit. I use to get into classified file cabinets, sort through material and look for photographs and reproduced things that should not have been reproduced....If there had been a threat from these guys (pointing upwards) whoever they were, it would have been over a long time ago. As one of our old Generals use to say, "they could have cleaned our clock from the beginning"....Because when we started shooting at them they had a unique way of eliminating all of the electrical systems in our aircraft....But these guys could be walking up and down the corridors of SHAPE headquarters or the Pentagon or the White House. Kerry Cassidy: Were they?Bob Dean: I have always suspected that yes, they have been....How do you tell Christian Fundamentalists that that lovely man from Galilee two thousand years ago was a part of that program?...He tapped me and he went over to the vault and pulled this thing out and he threw it on my desk and he says, "Hey, this will wake you up. Read this." It was "The Assessment". He said when the old man read that story, or that report, The Assessment, he said it hit him like a truck, hit him like a ton of bricks. He told me the General threw his hat across the desk and he says, "Do you know what the hell this means? Everything we've got, everything we've done, everything we've had... doesn't mean a damn thing."...Monumental aggravation and frustration that the government had continued over all these years to lie to the people. CLIP

Bob Dean : An Officer and a Gentlemen - Part 2 http://projectcamelot.org/bob_dean_interview_transcript_2.html
The sheer anger that I felt over what the government was doing to people to keep the lid on this - it violated every concept of my whole idea of life and honor and democracy and fairness and decency. And then I began to realize that the government we think we've got is not the government we have.And I said this publicly to people in conferences. I said, "You people out there blithely think you live in a democratic republic... well, you don't." And then what's all come out over the years - the shadow government - we don't know who they are. We have no idea. We have an inkling of who they might be. But these guys are unelected. They are not... they are not responsible, they don't have any responsibility to congress, to the people, to the country... to anything. And they're running the damn program. And that drives me up the wall! I could almost kill... my sense of anger is so deep over that... that these self-appointed so-called experts that are running this program and keeping this... the greatest story in human history from people. The people have a right to know. And let me tell you why I say that. I shared this with Bill: I have always believed that if this were to come out - totally - as big as it is, as dynamite as it is, that it would bring about an expansion of consciousness in people. That we would stop thinking of ourselves as Muslim, Christian, Jew, whatever... we would think of ourselves as human beings from one little, tiny planet on the edge of a middle-class, mid-sized galaxy. And that knowledge in itself would bring us together as a species and as a race. And I thought, "That is our survival." If we can bring ourselves together and think of ourselves as 'one race, one people,' this knowledge that we're not alone and we've never been alone I think would do that. (sighs) Kerry Cassidy: So...Bob Dean: But the story is so big, honey. Let me tell you something else. Over the years I've learned... what I learned in 1967 was nothing compared to what I've learned since. Over the years, digging in, talking to people... talking to people in high positions... people who would - you know - sit at a conference and say, "Hey, let's sit down and talk. Let me tell you what I just learned... " I've almost come to the conclusion that the story is so damned big that the government may be right: that the mass of people can't deal with it.How do you tell people that this species, this race that we're all a part of... is a hybrid race? That we were genetically created by an extraterrestrial intelligence... how do you tell them that? Ha... carefully! (...) I've seen things in this life, that have affected me... affected me a lot. But you see, I know... and don't tell me, and don't ask me to explain exactly how I know and how much I know... Because, I have never shared this before, but I have been contacted. (deep breath) It's very difficult to talk about. I've been abducted. I don't look upon it as an abduction... I look upon it as an invitation, and... I've been aboard some of those ships several times. I've had even friends come up to me and say, "Oh my God... " CLIP

To view all the video interviews with Bob Dean, go at http://projectcamelot.org/bob_dean.html

Also of interest:

Miriam Blue StarSedona, Arizona, September 2008
Miriam Delicado was contacted at an early age by benevolent, tall blond extraterrestrials, apparently singled out specifically for a very special role. She was advised by them to keep a low profile for many years, and finally last year, 2007, she was told by them that it was time for her to write her book: Alien Blue Star.With that, Miriam became a minor sensation as thousands of people sensed that her book seemed to have been written for each of them personally. And now Miriam is a woman on a mission: driven, articulate, passionate, and powerful, she tells a riveting story of her very real and physical contact with a highly advanced, Guardian race, and the information she was asked to pass on. Miriam is aware that there are others of her kind. The message is aimed at all people and holds special significance for what George Green labeled the Ground Crew*: that we are nearly in what the Hopi - with whom Miriam has established a special affinity and allegiance - called the End Times; that our planet and our civilization are in great danger; and that (so far, at the time of writing) timelines do not appear to have changed... although it is always within our gift to create whatever future we collectively wish. We feel similarly driven, and it's our great privilege to assist her in her purpose by presenting this video. This may be one of the the most powerful and important interviews we have done.
* George's term, not Miriam's. George and Miriam have never met. But it is clear to us that it's the same group of people that each addresses with the same urgency, and with almost the same message. Click here for Miriam Delicado's website

The Nibiruans/Anunnaki



From: http://www.matthewbooks.com/mm/anmviewer.asp?a=93&z=2

Message from Matthew

October 22, 2008

October 14 lightship - reason, reactions for non-appearance; other civilizations' previous contact with Earth; global economy removal from Illuminati control, weathering economic turmoil; some souls' life purpose; universal law of attraction; US presidential election; proposed new Ecuadorian constitution; what to expect of Golden Age, transitional stage; succinct guideline for spiritual journey.

This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this station. Although the economy globally and the presidential election in the United States are of greater interest worldwide, I begin by addressing an issue that has aroused feelings that include disappointment, disillusionment and anger among those who expected to see a large lightship October 14 and "I knew it was a hoax" from other quarters. The announcement was not a hoax, and we honor the radiant soul who received the message about the ship's appearance and courageously disseminated it.

The crew and passengers who intended to be evident in your skies on that day were much more disappointed than you—they have long been in a state of eagerness and readiness. You awaited their scheduled appearance for only a few weeks; they have awaited for several years the abatement of belligerence and violence on the planet so safety could be assured to all who would hail the unveiling of their presence. However, they feel no anger toward the ones in government who pooh-pooh their very existence and at the same time are developing weaponry to annihilate the spacecrafts. Nor do the ship's occupants feel disillusioned because some who were longing to see the ship now regard its occupants as promise-breakers or too weak to deal with all potentials in the air and on the ground or exceedingly foolish for having announced the date when they would show themselves.

It is so that lighted sources of telepathic information refrain from giving specific times for any event because of the many variables that can and often do alter a situation—only if you had the benefit of our vantage point could you understand as we can the effects of constant energetic fluctuations. If you were given precise dates, your hopes and optimism would rise, and if those times could not be met for a cogent reason, it is natural that you could feel They let us down. But it also is true that you are weary of hearing "soon" and want concrete evidence that it is not a fantasy that your space brotherhood are helping you end third density's violence and corruption. Absolutely they are, but since their help isn't in a form you can see, like an electrician replacing bad wiring, doubts about any extraterrestrial help were setting in along with fear that the planet's many precarious situations are beyond salvaging. Those kinds of feelings add more negativity to disperse, so it was agreed by all involved in the appearance plan that in this rare exception to generalities insofar as a timeline, the date when the ship would uncloak itself would be given. Regarding the opinions that announcing that date was foolish because it gave the dark ones time to prepare something sinister, I shall tell you that for quite some time they have been well prepared in every minute, or so they think, to prevent the world from knowing the truth that our space family is ever-present.

I believe it is called "Monday morning quarterbacking" when criticism is leveled at the players because their game plan went splendidly until the last moments, when it went awry—but why it did can be explained only after the fact. In this case, the appearance of a large ship for a period of days to show everyone "We come in peace, not conquest" was the game plan, and it went awry shortly before the uncloaking was scheduled, when ground intelligence notified the ship commander that the safety net on the planet appeared to have been compromised. The conclusion was that a delay with all its repercussions was far better than risking the possibility of jeopardy to those who would joyously rally to see undeniable proof, They ARE here! Your space brotherhood understood that their decision would incur strong reactions, even their loss of credibility with some souls, but safety for all on the planet was and will continue to be the decisive factor determining their activities. While the dark ones' efforts to destroy the ship would be futile—large ships have more powerful protective mechanisms than small reconnaissance craft—the attempts could have injurious fallout for the populace. If you are among those who publicized the event to family and friends who now are laughing, don't be dismayed—very likely they will join in the rejoicing when the ship does appear.

Please do not think there was only negative response to the delay! Mother, please copy the email I asked you to save because it is a lovely example of the grace with which many people reacted.

"Boy, judging by the reaction of some folks to the no-show, I wouldn't come either if I was an ET. Actually, judging from my own reaction to the entire event, and listening to my inner guides, I'd have to say that the event, such as it was, was actually a success, as it got a whole bunch of people thinking about what WOULD happen if they DID show up. It's sort of like a dry run to get everybody thinking and juiced up. Otherwise they probably WOULD have BLOWN people's MINDS (literally!). What's a few more weeks or months after all these years anyway. They'll show up at the right time."

Thank you, Mother. Many others also accepted the non-appearance with equanimity, patience and no loss of conviction that the ship will come, and this is most gratifying to lighted souls in body or spirit everywhere. Let me correct myself— "come" is not the right word because it signifies that the ship has left your vicinity, and it has not. It is so close to you that a few especially attuned souls sense its presence "under wraps," which can be removed in an instant—their cloaking/uncloaking technology is quite astonishing. That said, I shall stick out my neck and add that you will see this ship "soon"!

This is a good time to mention something I have been thinking about. Readers who are familiar with my messages and the books know that I don't ever use the term "First Contact," and since it is in popular usage, you may have wondered why I don't. It's because it implies that there has been no contact between Earth humankind and other civilizations, and the truth is, only when no life at all existed on the planet have souls from other civilizations not been there. When the planet was populated in ancient times, the peoples recognized those in their midst who were from other worlds, just as all who were knew their origins and heritage. In more recent times, most of Earth's peoples had lost the awareness that always some souls from higher civilizations were in the planetary population, and today only a comparative few know that a number of highly evolved souls have come from outer space to live and work alongside you.

For eons spaceships have traveled to your homeland planet, and for well over sixty years, thousands have been nearby, including mother ships whose occupants have been assisting Earth— without their help, her planetary body would have died and none of you would be there today. Although not reported in US media, elsewhere reported sightings of small craft have become almost ho-hum; and those kinds of crafts have long been landing in isolated areas where safety is certain, most often in the Far East and Latin America. Frequently the crews mingle with the residents, who intuitively know they are from distant homelands and welcome them. However, the visitors who met with your government leaders fifty or so years ago were not received in the peaceful spirit in which they came. Those who weren't killed were soundly rebuffed when they offered to share their technology in exchange for those heads of state halting all warfare and destroying instead of increasing their arsenals.

There are civilizations living within the hollow Earth and occasional meetings of one or more of them and surface folks—Admiral Byrd's diary describes his group's friendly reception and the beauty of the people and their environment. And telepathic communication between some souls on Earth and those in other civilizations has been going on "close to forever."

So I don't know how the term "First Contact" was coined, and I must confess that I don't know exactly what it means to those who use it. However, I surmise that it refers to the day when greetings with handshakes and hugs can occur around the world and the long "cover-up" ends with thunderous shouts of Hooray! And that will indeed be momentous contact—it will be the first in most Earth humans' conscious memory.

Now then, the economy. None of the measures being taken to shore up the stability of banks and other financial institutions will work as intended, which is to keep control of the titanic wealth in the hands of the powerful few. That is the good news. The bad news is well known: More jobs and businesses and homes are being lost even as the ones responsible for those losses are being "rescued" to continue their malicious manipulation of the global economy. While the Illuminati diehards are refusing to accept that their long reign of massive corruption is over, some among the ranks are seeing the utter futility of those measures and jumping ship, so to say; and any ideas about replacing the dollar with AMERO currency are as unworkable as any concerns about that change are needless.

However, please do not expect an abrupt change for the better when the new US presidential administration takes over—they will inherit a horrendous mess that will take time to correct. Correction must start in that country, where the Federal Reserve vulture holds sway, and correct it the new leaders will, but there is such commotion in Earth's energy field of potential at this moment that it's not possible to discern how long global reformation will take.

We have been asked how people around the world will weather the effects of what finally is called what it is, an international economic crisis, and we can only say that this is like in any other situation on the planet: The universal law of attraction, or "like attracts like," which is totally neutral and constantly in operation, will serve each individual in accordance with his or her perception of and reaction to personal situations. The energy sent forth by those who see themselves as tragic victims will zoom out and draw to itself the energy of thought forms in the "universal soup" that match the individual's thoughts and feelings, and the energy combination will manifest "tragic victim" circumstances for the person to deal with. Those who feel genuine gratitude for what they have will be provided with more to be grateful for, and the energy of sharing with an open heart has the same positive result.

But always the foundation of weathering any distressing situation is staying out of fear about it! The magnified energy of fear assures that the law of attraction will bring fear-filled circumstances to the fearful person. Knowing that out of the current turmoil will come abundance for all will keep your spirits high and your resolve strong if your outlook remains positive and you don't allow the negativity of fear to intrude. Not only does fear beget more of itself, but it is contagious—we urge you not to let that negativity enter your energy stream and radiate out to afflict those who are nearest and dearest to you!

Every one of Earth's humankind has had a lifetime, more likely many lifetimes, of struggling to get food enough to keep from starving to death. Within that cellular memory is the instinct that gives strength of spirit and determination to survive; in this case, it is making it through the temporary economic tumult and thriving in the abundance at the end of the tunnel. It is true, though, that millions in impoverished countries will not survive until tyranny and greed end and abundance arrives. As sensitive, caring and compassionate beings, you abhor the conditions that cause suffering and so many deaths, and your efforts to end that kind of tragic existence is godliness in action.

It is sad for us to see that kind of suffering too, even though we understand what most peoples do not: Those souls in abject misery did not embody to have a long, happy and healthy life—they came to complete the karma they need to move out of third density, and by so doing, they are successfully accomplishing their life's purpose. We understand as well that this is known to them only at soul level, and that is why we weep with them about their living and dying circumstances. Even for ones who know about multiple lifetimes, who know that those lived in health and splendor are balanced by others in terror, disease and dire deprivation, it is difficult to comprehend that such a cruel "fate" must befall anyone. At soul level it is known that lifetimes are experienced simultaneously in the continuum, where there is no linear time; but only in higher states of consciousness is it possible to comprehend that in the very same moment the soul who is suffering in one lifetime is exalting in the beauty and joyousness of another.

Let me return to the law of attraction for a moment to mention another of its dimensions. If a spiritually evolved individual feels uncomfortable or even repulsed when meeting a stranger, it is because their energy fields are so incompatible—there is no "like" to attract "like." When that same individual feels strongly attracted to a stranger, it is "like attracting like"; without consciously knowing that the stranger has qualities of compassion, honor, helpfulness, honesty and a sense of justness, the individual experiences soul-to-soul recognition of those components in that person's energy make-up.

It may seem to be a giant leap from that statement to the presidential election in the United States, but it is not such an illogical transition when you think of the lighted soul who left his homeland planet to be the next leader of that country. Because nothing has changed in that respect since our last report, there is little else to say except that almost everyone is feeling relieved that the day of voting is imminent. Ah yes, let me reply here to readers' questions. Regarding the suspicions raised about Barack Obama's citizenship, when God authorizes a willing soul to accept a position of critical importance, nothing so minor as a technical interpretation—or a "smear campaign"—can interfere. As for Obama's supporting the "economic bailout," it is incumbent upon him to maintain the appearance of being in agreement with the Illuminati faction members who thrust him from relative obscurity into the presidential candidacy; once in office, his actions will show where his heart and soul truly are, and that is not with perpetuating the corruption and deception that some feel he is aligned with. To those who cannot see the light in Obama, we say, "Be patient; you will."

Have no worries about another stolen election. Quite aside from what can be thought of as a "universal choice," the unstoppable momentum we reported a few months ago is becoming so evident that rigging votes to favor McCain would cause such national outrage that the Illuminati group backing him would not risk a demand for a "transparent" investigation. There is another consideration here, too. I am not saying that the election is not still of interest to the pro-McCain group, but if ever anything could be a "common cause" for the Illuminati's two factions and the groups within each, it is preservation of their vast fortunes, and their increasingly feeble hold on the global economy has become an overwhelming concern to all of them.

I believe all the other questions can be answered thusly: The combination of Obama's innate wisdom and leadership experience from lifetimes in spiritually and intellectually evolved civilizations and the light that increasingly is raising consciousness of Earth humankind will heal the divisiveness evident in the current ferocity of political haranguing; the new administration will welcome the assistance of your space brothers and sisters when they can offer it overtly, and it will be in whatever form is needed, from new technologies to educational aids for students and mass media to new construction methods and materials. I hasten to add that the same extraterrestrial assistance will be offered worldwide.

It is a joy for us that Ecuadorian citizens will be voting on a new constitution that includes national recognition of the rights of Nature. This noteworthy inclusion is an example of how the light is literally illuminating individuals' pathways around your world, and how we wish you could see this from our vantage point—bleak outlooks as to what Earth will be like for future generations would vanish in an instant!

Along this line, while it is definitely so that the current use of fossil fuels is not healthy for your environment and their extraction is not healthy for Earth's planetary body, the scientific controversy about global warming is a waste of energy. Melting glaciers and icebergs and weather anomalies are paving the way to a favorable climate globally, to the restoration of barren lands so they can become arable again and the end of both the hottest and the polar regions. Yes, this means that some animal species will become extinct, those that cannot adapt to the serious changes in their habitats; but others will be able to adjust to the changes and flourish. Gradually all animals will become herbivores and the outcry to kill numbers of "predators" will cease. In the meantime, please continue your efforts to protect all animal life, to stop the terrible abuse and end the slaughtering on land and in the seas. Humans' inhumane treatment of animals has caused a staggering amount of negativity for Earth to deal with.

Now I shall lump together the assortment of questions about what can be anticipated on the "first day of the Golden Age," to quote one writer. But first I say, your world could be transformed into the Golden Age in the twinkling of an eye IF that belief and vision were in the collective consciousness, but it is not and so all the changes will be a process. Also please remember that the glories of the Golden Age will be available only to the souls who absorb the light that will enable physical survival along Earth's ascension journey into the high frequencies of fifth density. When the bodies of those who refuse the light no longer can sustain viability, the souls will go to worlds where the energy matches their lifetime energy and where they will have other opportunities to raise their consciousness and evolve spiritually.

So then, there will be no clear demarcation between third density ending and the Golden Age beginning, and there cannot be a "coordinated end" of all activities based in darkness. Ridding Earth of toxicity will be given high priority as advancement in other ways will require a healthy environment, so all pollutants, including radiation from depleting uranium, will be dematerialized or neutralized quite rapidly with your space family's technology. Other situations that have been a plague on the planet—wars, murders, rape and other violence; man-made diseases and weather; governments' surveillance of citizens; police brutality, unjust laws, false accusations and imprisonment; sales of weaponry and other war equipment; sex slavery, child molestation, pornography—ALL issues derived from the influence of the darkness—will diminish until they cease entirely because of peoples' heightened consciousness and spiritual clarity.

Likewise there will be no abrupt shift from one extreme to the other in what I shall call "daily living." Diseases and debilitating conditions will be treated increasingly with natural remedies and energy movement until all people are healthy in body, mind and emotions; this includes those whom you call "special needs" persons and ones missing limbs or vision or hearing. Adaptations will be phased into electrical, electronic and mechanical areas as photons become as numerous as electrons and then dominate Earth's energy field. Your customary modes of transportation and the energy that powers them will gradually give way to new vehicle designs, and energy sources that even now are being developed will come into common usage; with continued advancement in intellect and spirituality, eventually you will be able to teleport around the planet and astrally travel to other worlds. Wireless communication instruments that are damaging to health will be modified to eliminate their hazardous features; utility poles and wires will go underground or be eliminated; there will be no need for surveillance mechanisms, including in your televisions, so they will disappear; and yes, everyone will have the ability to communicate telepathically.

I believe that covers all the questions, but there is much more to look forward to during the period of transition from now through 2012 and henceforth, as I described in a previous message [December 31, 2007].

Souls at this station learned that in lower densities we kept introducing complexities into our lives and as we progressed in our evolvement, life became simpler and its purpose clearer. Creator and God intended souls' lives to be loving, joyous and fulfilling in the ONENESS of ALL. Relating that and other universal truths always has been the primary objective of the four books and seventy-some messages since their publication. If I were tasked with summarizing all that information into a few succinct guidelines to help you along your spiritual journey, they would be these: Know that you are a part of God, inseparable from Him and all other souls in this universe. Love and forgive self and others. Be fearless, compassionate, kind and honorable. See blessings and feel gratitude for them. Be discerning as you keep your mind open to learning. Trust and follow your intuition. If I had to be even briefer: Love is the key to everything.

And now, on behalf of all souls at this station, I bid you loving farewell in word only as we are with you every step along your pathway.

For more messages and books from Matthew, go at http://www.matthewbooks.com


Taken from the FEBRUARY - MARCH 1997 issue of the Nexus magazine http://www.nexusmagazine.com

From: http://www.nexusmagazine.com/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=31&Itemid=71


An Interplanetary Adventure An Interplanetary Adventure In 1989, Alec Newald's lifepath took an unexpected turn when he was abducted by a group of benevolent aliens for ten days and transported to their home world. His amazing experiences have great significance for the future of humanity and our galactic cousins. by Alec Newald ©1996-97

Extracted from Chapters 4, 5, 6 of his book - CoEvolution - Published by NEXUS Publications, Mapleton, Qld, Australia, 1997

Alec Newald first contacted us in 1995 about publishing his book, CoEvolution, describing his ten-day round trip to his abductors' homeworld, Haven, and the Earth-based controversy it created. Here we publish some intriguing excerpts from his soon-to-be-released book. Ed.


"There is every chance that the Earth is about to change in the not-too-distant future," was her revised answer.

"Change its conformation?" I enquired, startled.

"It shall mutate to a different density level, as you would understand it. It's no big deal. It's happening all over, all the time," she replied.

I think she might now have been trying to downplay it all after she noted how panicked I must have appeared.

"It'll what?" I queried, looking at her in amazement.

"Well, that is another of those long stories I promised to tell you about. It is best we get comfortable first and you get some fluid intake."


"Now, how shall I start?" Zeena asked. "Perhaps with the Elders." "Elders?" I chipped in. "Like the Guardian you have met. They are each many hundreds of Earth years old and have a very ancient lineage. Their ancestors, who are my ancestors, are also very distant ancestors of yours; at least in part they are. Now do not interrupt!" Zeena headed me off at the pass, even before I could get the thought out of my head.

"This is going to be difficult enough to explain without interruption. I will make room for questions a little later," she added. "These distant common ancestors of ours came to Earth many times, but more important to you was the visit of two million years ago, your time-scale. They were not the first [aliens] to visit. In fact, they and others have lived in and explored what you call your solar system for hundreds of millions of years.

"These travellers tidied up some earlier attempts to manufacture a race of humanoids on Earth, the end result being Homo sapiens. I will not go so far as to say these ancient ancestors of mine were solely responsible for your race, for that was indeed a joint effort of many ETs, all of which at some time have laid claim to manufacturing your race.

This is not a deliberate lie on their behalf-just a slight exaggeration of the facts. Do not interrupt yet, please. I shall explain all in due course.

"In many ways you have manufactured or at least fine-tuned your own race, and it continues even at this very moment. This is mistakenly called 'evolution'. 'Natural progression of the species' is a fine turn of phrase uttered by one of your kind's more enquiring minds some years ago. It was thought by many to explain the path of evolution, and there is an end to it. But this thinking leaves more questions unanswered than answered, for how and when did a butterfly obtain its wings? I shall not pursue this subject for there are more important things to discuss, but no doubt you see my point. Perhaps there will be a time at a later date.

"I will, however, tell you more of your own race's personal history, for it is important that you should know your own past, and that evolution as you understand it is a myth. The changes are never slow but they are always planned. Later I shall show you that nothing in this Universe-past, present or future in your time-scale-is left to chance. Forgive me, for I diverge from our chosen path.

"Some of my ancient Elders stayed with your developing race. Others moved on. From time to time there were conflicts with other ET races as to what was best for one or the other, just as there are conflicts on your planet now, among your own kind. You must understand that Earth is a very special place. It is very beautiful and there are many who have desired to own it. I would not go so far as to say this is no longer the case, but you should always have your wits about you! Even we, although we do not wish to own it, would like to live there. But we cannot -indeed, we must not-interfere with the processes that are happening on your planet right now. That is not to say there are no other ET races that will not interfere, and that is why you must have your wits about you.

"Some of those processes which are occurring, or are about to occur, are the direct result of that seeding by our ancient Elders. Even the pyramids are ancient legacies left behind by our Elders to help you awaken when the time is right. They are very important to you, and it is from this front that progress of a most unexpected kind will manifest itself to your race in the not-too-distant future.

"All knowledge will be made available to your race in good time and in accordance with the laws of evolution. There has yet to be a force artificially manufactured in any universe that my people know of that is more powerful or wiser than this natural law. Trust me when I say this, for my race knows well the cost of interfering with the laws of evolution. We would warn your own people, if only those in control would listen. Alas, that approach appears to have fallen on deaf ears, so we shall now attempt to pass on the message in a different way.

"There was indeed a time upon your planet, not so long ago in the context of this history lesson, when a 'force' came down upon it and did in fact claim it [the Earth] and all upon it as its own. That force-and I know you will find this difficult to accept, Alec [Zeena used my name for the first time]-that force is still among you. It is indeed now a part of all of you, so I suppose you could say it still does own the planet in some way.

"After this force won your planet, it realised it would have a continuous fight on its hands, for you were not as you are now. You were well on your way to enlightenment, with a very strong spiritual base. You were actually almost as strong as this force itself. It had to trick you in order to master you, and while you were down it altered your make-up, your very structure; your DNA, in fact. It crippled you and stunted you, and set you back many thousands of years. It made you into what you are today, which is only a portion of the greatness you can be, for you have not yet even fully recovered. And if that force has its way, you never will!

"That force is known to most as the 'force of darkness', for it is indeed the enemy of enlightenment. You will please understand that this is a very simplistic description of a most complex entity. Even we do not understand it in its entirety. It is in the air that you breathe and everywhere about you. It has aligned itself to the planet and you. It beats to the pulse of your very planet, for you and the Earth are one and the same. This is one thing your peoples do not seem to comprehend, but you can use this union of the whole to do wondrous things, just as we have.

"Unfortunately, most of your kind fight the natural forces of your wondrous planet. By this I mean you bend them, even break them, to fit your needs. It need not be this way. If your people will just open their minds and hearts to your planet, as many of your ancient races have done in the past, it will show you the way. All is not lost; it just needs to be recalled. Until this is done, we have much need for concern. It is not just Earth planet you are violating as you bend and break Nature in your whims of fancy, for all of all is connected. This is really very basic knowledge. It has been ignored because it suits those who would play with power to ignore it. We and others are indeed benevolent to your race, as we all are connected, but soon something must be done before your play does meaningful harm to us all!

"We find that there is a need to teach you more about the dark forces that permeate you. You would do well by your people if you take great heed of this lesson and pass on your findings to those of your kind who would listen. The dark force vibrates at a level that is compatible with your brainwave patterns. This much you should already know, but others of your kind have kept it from you.

"In spite of this, some, like you, Alec, are building a resistance to this alien intruder. This is one of the reasons why you find yourself thinking differently from the majority around you. It has enabled you to see more clearly the error of your ways and what must be done. You shall continue along this path a while longer yet, and even doubt your own kind from time to time. Be patient. This is all I can suggest, as inadequate as it may sound. We have been working on these things with you for many a year now. All of your people will find their way with the passing of time.

"As you find with all afflictions, they are easier to contend with if you understand them. I am doing my best to explain all this to you in terms you will understand. Please interject from here on if you do not understand some point, for we do consider the following to be most important.

"Some on your planet have aligned themselves with this 'force'. Note I have said 'aligned' and not 'allied', for there is a difference. Do you understand this? [I nodded.] They have gained much power from the force, and some are even foolish enough to think they have it under control. This is naïve, of course, as the force or alien entity is feeding off these people or, rather, feeding off the conflicts these people create in their bid for wealth and power. As long as this suits the dark force, it shall continue; for the 'fear' emotion is what it lives off.

"The easiest way to defeat this force is to remove fear from your societies. This will, in effect, starve it out. It will then go elsewhere, looking for easier prey. You see, your human race is one of the very few that lives with this most unusual thing called 'emotion', which is why the force came here in the first place. We, too, had emotions once, so I am told, and some are saying we can now experience them again, thanks to the new breeding program we are experimenting with. Forgive me, I digress again.

"You will find some of your kind are trying very hard to harness this most dangerous force. Unfortunately, they do not fully understand that it is an entity in its own right and that this is a very dangerous mistake to be making. They think they are playing a game and that they are winning this game. We have tried to warn your people more than once in the past, but no heed has been taken. As your people say, 'it is your life'.

"The worry we have is that your planet breathes with you, in harmony even with your thoughts. To attack the people by using the force in this way is to attack the planet. Be it on your own heads if you invoke the wrath of your planet. There would be little or nothing we could do for your people should that happen. Perhaps you can help us with this message. We have an idea to put to you, but that shall keep until another time, for there is still much to be related on other subjects.

"Your societies, right from the very beginning, have engineered fear into your lives. Most of it is an artificial fear of society itself; in other words, you fear your very own laws. Your high priests from long ago shouted down to the common masses, describing what wraths would be set upon them if they did so much as dare to cross the all-mighty gods of their time.

Forgive me if I make what you call a 'joke' of this, for these allmighty gods they describe were people like me or the Guardian, whom you have met. Do you fear me, Alec, from where you stand?" Zeena asked.

"I feel no fear," was my answer.

"So you see how your masses were manipulated in our absence by those who would gain from it?" she asked again.

"I can see how a lie could fool the uneducated," was my reply.

"And you think your people are better educated on this subject today?" she asked once more.

"If you ask what we know of God, then perhaps not," I replied.

"Exactly my point," Zeena stated.

"And so the intimidation goes on, only you have a hundredfold the number of laws today. These are not the laws of Nature, however; just of your manipulators who in turn have been manipulated by the force.

"The laws of Nature you break every day as you drive to work in your disgusting machines. It is even more curious to us that you all know these things but you continue to allow them just the same. Why is there not a law against it in your society? Does pollution not kill? Are your people so blind they could not see what would happen with the proliferation of these strange machines? You need not answer, for we know the reasons. This is just, as you might say, an example.

"You will perhaps tolerate our confusion, though, when we fail to understand what we have observed in your so-called Western societies in which thousands of your money are spent to save but one life, while millions of your kind die in other far areas for the sake of small amounts of this money. Are you not all one people of the same flesh and blood? For this question, we ourselves do not have such an answer. Could you perhaps help us in the reasoning of this?" Zeena asked, looking at me in a most perplexed way.

"My own people sometimes embarrass and confuse me. No, I have no answer to that question," I replied.

"Very well. Why do your people take such time and interest in a single tree, should it be cut down in your cities, while they allow large areas of many-years-old trees to be removed from the "Zeena" forests which are out of their sight? Please take this question home with you to put to others, for we also find this most confusing."

I have since duly completed that request. Zeena did have some encouraging news. She suggested that the force would soon feel the weight of an invasion from above, and there would be battles fought at sea and underwater, and also in the skies high above. Most would know little about these events, except those caught within the by-product of the battles.

By this she meant that the Earth would experience storms of gathering intensity, and where these storms would once have been confined to the vortex points of our globe (the western Atlantic-Bermuda area and the western Pacific, south-east of Japan) they would now appear randomly all over our planet.

She did not say who or what might be behind these battles or be the cause of them. However, when the way is clear and some portion of the fear has been removed, we may indeed see other races of the Cosmos openly visiting and interacting with us here on Earth!

"In the due course of time you will awaken from this 'sleep' that the force has had you in, with a little help from your friends," she added. "Being a sailor," she said, suggesting I watched the weather, "you will know what to look for. Trust in your instincts."

This is all she was prepared to say on the subject.

"Your race is nearly strong enough to fight back and win its rightful place in this galaxy of ours. We will help you and your planet to do great things again, for we love all life. Even the dark force is a form of life and we must and do respect it. Do you understand, Alec? This is very important."

Zeena at last let me have a say.

"Yes, I do. But how do we fight this force if we cannot see it or know where it is?" I asked.

"It is within your very soul. You fight it with knowledge and understanding. But only each and every one of your kind can help yourselves. Nevertheless, to know that it exists is half the battle, and you can pass on this knowledge to all who should care to listen. Your race is about to change, become more aware-well, most of you are. It is an unfortunate fact that the ones upon your planet who truly understand what a great hold this force known to you as fear has over your people, are the very ones who are using it against you-and always have. They only understand its power, not its reason for being. That is why we have chosen this time to explain to you, and others of your kind, what we are here for. We have come to help enlighten you and, in so doing, perhaps free you from this force. We also understand that there will be some among you who will resent this knowledge being made available and will do their best to belittle and downplay its importance to your race.

"We may also need things from you and your planet. Call it a trade if you like, but I would prefer to use the word 'coevolution'. We both can grow. We both need to change. You will become more like us, while we need to become more like you. We can truly become great friends once you learn to break free. We have been waiting a long time for this to happen, and you,

Alec, are part of this very special event that will happen, as are many others. You will find them and they will find you. Just let it be known that you are a child of the light, whenever you feel the time is right. You will be amazed at what will happen from then on."

As Zeena finished this part of the lesson, I really did not know what to say. How could I reply to what she'd just said? Her narration had brought up more questions than answers, and quite frankly I did not know where to begin. Even though most of what she'd just said was totally amazing, it was as if I had always known it was so! For that reason you may think my next question out of place.

"The thing that worries me the most," I replied, "was your earlier comment before this lesson began about the Earth 'mutating' into something. Where will that leave us, the people?"

"You have no fears there. It will be you, the people, who help the Earth to transform. You will already have passed over to the next level of density, or be in the act of doing so, which in actual fact is evolution-true evolution, as it just so happens; not the form of change that you may have associated with that word in the past. I am sorry, here, because there has not yet been time to ground you in that knowledge. The Earth, too, will evolve along these same lines, and that is what I meant by 'mutate'. I am sorry for the use of that word if it has caused you concern," Zeena quickly replied.

"I have more questions," I said, looking at Zeena and hoping I could continue to ask them. Her indication was that I could.

"What happened to those early ancestors-the ones who stayed on Earth, the ones who helped us in the past?"

"Some of them eventually interbred with your kind, although there was resistance to this initially. The offspring of these unions became our common ancestors. All who were pure of our blood eventually died of an unknown illness or left the planet. Their life-span should have been many hundreds, perhaps even thousands of your years. Some say they simply died of premature ageing. There are many possible reasons why this may have occurred, but it is not necessary for us to discuss that now. The few who escaped this fate and left Earth are now lost to us; where they may have gone, my people do not know, for that was indeed a long time ago. But while we are on the subject of interbreeding, there are a few questions I would ask of you, if I may," Zeena requested.

I nodded my approval, knowing I would get more chances to ask the hundred-and-one questions I was waiting to ask.

Her first question took me a little by surprise.

"Have you bred on your home planet?"

"That's an interesting question," was my startled reply. "By 'breed', I suppose you mean have I any children of my own?"

I couldn't believe she didn't already know the answer to this question. Perhaps she was just being polite.

"Yes," she said.

"Well, I have a son who is fourteen years old and is fit and healthy. He doesn't appear to have too many problems, except that he could be without a proper father from now on."

"What do you mean by that?" she asked.

"I was in the process of leaving my family unit permanently when you guys zapped me up here!" I replied. "Don't ask why. It's very complicated, and I'm not sure I know the answer anyway."

"This breeding process, in the form you Homo sapiens use, I have studied as much as I can from our records, but there is still much I wish to know. I have been selected for a modified reproductive process when I return to my home planet. We as a people are running out of time to develop offspring which could survive on any other planet apart from our own without life-support systems. By this I mean we have not yet found another world that is compatible with our specific and rather unique needs. I may be able to elaborate on this point a little later. For now, it is enough to say we have few options, and may have to adjust to new environments such as planet Earth-which we still like to call our second home, even though we are far removed from being able to live there full time," Zeena finished, sounding rather distressed.

"Our planet is rather full already," I commented, not really wishing to add to her burden.

In spite of what I had already witnessed and been party to, I was in no way prepared for her reply to my statement.

"Oh, we have already had communication with Earth governors on that subject; since the 1950s, in fact. They know of our desire and need. We have even made a trade, as you might call it. I cannot elaborate on it at this time. But not everyone has lived up to their agreements since then."

"Why does nobody know of this on Earth?" I asked, my eyes wide open.

"Your various governors, in their wisdom, decided that the Earth's general population was not then ready for the message and knowledge we had planned to give your people. If you think back to the subjects we have recently discussed, it is hardly surprising, is it? They feel you are still not ready, and we will not tell your people a half-truth to suit others. So we have this situation-what do you say?-a stalemate," Zeena concluded.

"What did the governors say when you said you would like to return to Earth at some time in the future?" I asked.

"All they wanted were the 'lollies'," she commented, without expanding on that subject.

"There are not that many of us," Zeena continued. Fifteen million is but a small total, is it not, among your billions? And our technology trade-off would make life so much easier for your population. If I dare be so brave as to say history could repeat itself, you may find we interbreed to become one race again, as happened so long ago in your past histories.

"At this point in time there are still some important things that we must physically do here on Earth: some repair work, as it were; a legacy from the past which I am not permitted to discuss at this time. We must correct that which is in a state of disrepair. Just by way of coincidence, that work is now almost completed. This is no small thing, for repairs have been going on for many of your years. Time is now short, for next will come the changes-your awakening."

She answered my question before I could ask it. There was not much I could do but sit in silent amazement.

"You must realise," she continued, as I couldn't think of any worthwhile thing to say, "that we are quite a primitive race compared to other extraterrestrials that may communicate with Earth people from time to time. That is one of the reasons we are so attracted to Earth and to you as a race. We feel a real kindred or bonding for your people. We also think Earth is a most beautiful place."

"Where would you like to live on Earth if you had a choice?" I asked.

"We have an area that we call our own." Zeena explained to me that they were already using an underwater base in the general area of this land that had been set aside for them, although she would go no further in describing where that might be. She was then called away, promising to return as soon as possible to continue our conversation.

CLIP - To read the missing part, go at http://www.nexusmagazine.com/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=31&Itemid=71

"You are close to a major dimension-leap, the like of which you have never before experienced; a leap that will bring you closer to my people. This is what we have all been waiting for!"

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(...) Thousands of ranchers, all across the country, have learned the harsh lesson about mystery mutilations. A ranch in northeastern Utah lost 14 expensive animals in less than two years, carved up with surgical precision. Another ranch in northern Nevada has been hit seven times in the last eight years. Dr. Colm Kelleher says many of the cases have no apparent explanation. Some coincide with the appearance of UFO's. Others, though, appear to be the work of unknown humans who operate in silence and darkness. "There's no chance a predator could have done this, unless coyotes packed scalpels and had surgical training," he said.Kelleher and others suspect there is a secret monitoring program underway -- tracking the spread of something through the food chain, at least through the meat supply. "We had some where it looked like maybe a caesarian was done on the cow and the calf was removed," said former Montana Sheriff's Deputy Keith Wolverton.Wolverton investigated dozens of mutilation cases. At one scene, he found a needle under a dead steer, "buried in the ground like it had been dropped." A 1994 mutilation at a ranch in the Las Vegas valley indicated something like a laser was used to cut the steer. "This stuff was all cooked -- had a cooked appearance to it," said Las Vegas veterinarian Dr. Garth Lamb.In Alabama in the early 90's, Officer Ted Oliphant documented a correlation between cut-up cows and mystery helicopters seen by ranchers. He also found a white powder on one animal that, on analysis, appeared to be a coagulant.In Utah, Dr. Kelleher's team found a blue gel substance on a dead cow. The gel included a chemical sedative and something like formaldehyde, substances which degrade quickly. "95-percent of the cases are never reported. And the 5-percent that are investigated, if you get there 48 hours after the death, you're wasting your time," he said. CLIP

Pennsylvania High Strangeness - Hunters Encountered Strange Lights and Lime Green, Glowing Humanoid on Oct. 4
October 10, 2008 - Elk County, Pennsylvania - Western Pennsylvania has long been haunted by the mysterious phenomena of Bigfoot, large, black panthers, unidentified aerial craft in the skies and non-human beings on the ground - including most recently a lime green, glowing humanoid. Early Saturday morning October 4, 2008, two hunters were in the Clarion River Lake forest region of Elk County, Pennsylvania, about 60 miles northwest of State College. The sun was not up. One hunter had on a hat light and the other hunter had on a Mini-Mag light. Out of the darkness ahead appeared two greenish-blue lights. Over the next five minutes, the hunters were stunned by what happened. (...) Stan says there has been an increase in UFO and other Pennsylvania high strangeness reports in 2008, and this most recent October 4th encounter by the two hunters is one of the most dramatic. Interview: (...) What was described to me was that the humanoid-shaped being looked like the silhouette of a person, but was glowing a light, lime green color. The witness said to me that the best way to describe the entity was if you got glow-in-the-dark paint and put it all over your body. He said that's what the thing looked like. He said it was about three feet tall. The arms were hanging down to the sides and appeared to be longer than arms of a human being. The legs were not very clear. The hunter said the glowing around this entity was kind of blocking out the shape, so it was hard to see the figure. The color, he said, was a light green lime color. He said he and his other hunter friend were walking through the woods at a pretty fast pace, and yet the way the entity was moving about twice as fast as they were and it gave the impression that it was actually gliding, rather than walking - gliding above the grassy field and there was no sound they could hear. At that point, they were both pretty shook up and one eyewitness was becoming nervous, not sure what was going on, and began to whistle out loud. When he whistled, he said, the glowing figure moving steadily across the grassy field suddenly stopped abruptly, 'like stopping on a dime.' The hunter said the green, glowing entity remained motionless for about 30 seconds. Then it began moving again about 20 feet deeper into the field and then suddenly vanished from sight. It disappeared and they never did see it again. Interestingly, he said about two minutes later after the entity in the field vanished, all the coyotes stopped howling. The coyotes had been howling the entire time. CLIP - MUCH more to explore through http://www.earthfiles.com/

Mother and Son Watched Cow Rise In Golden-Orange Beam to Disc - by Linda Moulton Howe (October 3, 2008)
"Paul Bennewitz wondered if the underground military governmental complex was hiding information in league with the bad E. T.s who mutilated animals and abducted the mother and son in the beam of light." - Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., Prof. Emeritus, Psychology -- Laramie, Wyoming - My investigations of the worldwide bloodless animal deaths - that law enforcement has long called "mutilations" - began in September 1979, almost thirty years ago. I was Director of Special Projects in the Denver, Colorado, CBS affiliate, that was then KMGH-TV. For nine months, eighteen hours a day without stop, I tried to get to the bottom of what was causing the animal mutilation mystery. My greatest surprises were the law enforcement who told me they knew we were dealing with "creatures from outer space," as they put it, because of the aerial discs, beams of light and even non-human creatures encountered by eyewitnesses in pastures where mutilated animals were found. Three such dramatic cases of eyewitnesses seeing discs and beams of light - and even animals rising in beams of light - came to me from Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., then Professor of Psychology and Director of Counseling and Testing at the University of Wyoming in Laramie.[ Editor's Note: Pat McGuire cattle mutilations and disc encounters in Bosler, Wyoming; Judy Doraty and her teenage daughter, Cindy, watched calf rise in beam of light outside Houston, Texas, and then was surgically cut inside disc; mother and young son watched cow rise in orange light beam and encountered variety of non-human entities in underground cavern. (...) Somehow she and her son were transported, perhaps by the orange beam as the cow was. From the air, the mother recognized a mesa she associated with the Roswell, New Mexico, area. Near there, she and her son were taken into an underground cavern. Her 6-year-old son was taken from her and she was frantic to be with him, but non-humans surrounded her on a table. She fought, called them obscenities, screamed for her son and described the beings around her as "their eyes fill more than one-half of their face, like empty holes."Finally, a different being showed up and restored order. The mother said, "Here's one dressed in white. Very brisk! Long fingers, real long fingers. By God! He is kind of greenish colored, too. The one in white is very brisk, calm. Seems to be the only one who knows what the hell is going on. He said, 'Take her back now! You shouldn't have done that' - addressing the smaller beings with huge, black eyes.The original 32-page typed hypnosis transcript is in my first book, An Alien Harvest. [ See: Earthfiles Shop.] The transcript includes the mother's recollection of various types of beings in the underground cavern and one particular pool of water that seemed to contain blood and organs. In that pool, she could see a humanoid-shape floating, but did not understand if it were an experiment or nutrition or what.This year of 2008 has had an upsurge in small and large animal mutilation reports all over the world. Recently, I called Dr. Sprinkle, now 78, to talk with him about his current view of the non-human phenomenon and what it was like for him in May 1980, to have a 6-year-old boy with his mother describing such dramatic events. CLIP

The Dragon Snake: A Soloman Islands UFO Mystery (17.04.2008)
The Solomon Islanders have a long history of encounters with strange aerial craft and alien beings, and recent experiences sparked this former RAAF engineer to search for UFO bases. (...) SUBTERRANEAN UFO BASES ON MALAITA I would like to share some significant further research from my expeditions to Malaita in 1996, 1997 and 2002. Contrary to popular belief, NASA-or whoever that mob was-first made contact with the occupants of the subterranean UFO base in central east Malaita in 1961. This is how they began to gain what partial technology they have today. It was through blackmail. This happened because when the great geologist Mr Gropher was doing his few expeditions in the area between 1958 and 1960, he saw these UFOs and then reported back to the UK (the ruling colonial power at the time) about them. Apparently, in 1961, a white man who claimed to be from NASA came to that part of the island and asked for assistance from my wife's relatives to take him to the UFO subterranean base entrances, which they did. I am the only white man ever to have married a In the Kwaio and Kwara're areas, there are three entrances in their jungle mountains that I know of where these "ball of light"-type UFO vehicles can be seen entering and exiting. It is my belief that these entrances are not individual bases but are all connected, making up one big UFO base under the island. (...) The waterfall lake UFO base of Small Malaita (south Malaita), where I have also witnessed their activities, is easy to find. Just ask the locals, but, heading north up the passage with Small Malaita on your right, about three kilometres from Affiou, the main town, and about a kilometre up the jungle mountain is their base entrance, where they can be seen entering and exiting nearly every night and also brazenly and casually flying along the passage. Many Solomon Islanders have told me of flat stingray-type UFOs with big round lights underneath them that hum as they go along. They sometimes see them flying low over the jungle and surfacing out of the sea near where they are fishing. The UFOs have landed near villages, and the (white or black) people who get out of them have strange grey uniforms, not seen anywhere else in the world. You can make your own deductions there. CLIP
More on this in Underwater UFO bases in The Solomon Islands http://chazzsongsufos.blogspot.com/2006/05/underwater-ufo-bases-in-solomon.html

Circles of Power Behind UFO Secrecy - by Steven Greer (April 17, 2008) http://www.nexusmagazine.com/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=31&dir=DESC&order=date&limit=10&limitstart=20
An extract from the new book by UFO disclosure advocate Dr Steven Greer, in which he recounts his brushes with the inner circles of a shadowy transnational cabal.

The Quest For The Metal Library (April 18, 2008)
A system of tunnels and caves beneath Ecuador and Peru is reputed to hold an ancient treasure-house of artefacts including two libraries, one containing inscribed metal books and the other storing tablets of crystal. (...)

Project Condign
Loads of UFO evidence from the British government

"Some people may be wary about welcoming ET’s, fearing that they have an ulterior motive, that of taking over the Earth and imprisoning or making slaves of the population. That fear can surely easily be dispelled, by pointing out that we have been more vulnerable to such an occurrence in the past, yet even with our present advanced weapons, we could not prevent a successful take-over from advanced Space Beings. To them, our technology is like child’s toys. The fact is that we are protected from such an invasion by Galactic Forces, who will not allow outside interference to our freewill. The Greys were allowed in because they did not at the time, pose a world threat, and were after all invited to stay here by covert forces. There has never been a hostile action against the Earth, but ET’s do reserve the right to defend themselves if they come under attack, or there is a threat of nuclear devices being taken into space. They have had to exercise this option on several occasions, but even so there is every endeavour taken to ensure that there is no loss of life. This has been achieved by ‘beaming’ people out of their craft before it disintegrates. There have been cases of people having been saved by ET’s and this includes astronauts that would otherwise have been lost in space. We are also told that but for the help already given to us by ET’s, we would have been in a far worse state. They have been monitoring radiation levels and fall-outs from nuclear explosions in our atmosphere, ever since we carried out our first tests, and have kept them within acceptable levels. This has also happened on land and in the sea, where they have cleared up the more serious affects of pollution for us. These actions are hardly those of Beings that we need to fear, far from it."

- Mike Quinsey -- Taken from A View of First Contact


Plan B Is for Butterfly

This is an attempt to make the book Plan B 3.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization more accessible.

Hank Stone

This booklet attempts to get 2008 into perspective, by looking backward from the future.

Ideas from the book: Plan B 3.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization By Lester R. Brown

View from the Future

Back in 2008, Lester B. Brown published his book Plan B 3.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization. Plan B was his get-well plan for our country and the world, essentially a package of remedies for the multiple ills caused by "business as usual," which he called "Plan A."

Society was in darkness, with life as we knew it being destroyed. We did not know it, but we were a caterpillar in a chrysalis, being dismantled to create the butterfly.

We had overpopulation, oil shortages, climate change, fresh water shortages, poverty, failed states, and extinctions. Lester Brown's Plan B was not so much about countering these threats. It was a roadmap to a new world that works for all of humankind, for the indefinite future.

A successful, sustainable future was the great purpose deserving our great mobilization, worthy of our patriotism, energy and hope. Plan B was the way we rebuilt our society to be natural, sustainable and beautiful-as a butterfly.

Back in 2008.

Back in 2008, there was a lot of distress over the war in Iraq, financial crisis, climate change, and high oil prices. People wanted "change," and elected President Obama. They didn't realize what a change they would get, or how fast it would happen!

Remember the way people thought back then. We Americans had grown up prosperous, believing that our scientific prowess, our productivity, our form of government, and capitalism, all worked together in our favor.

Our religious stories said we were singled out by God for special favor. We were ignorant of psychology, ignorant of the way societies worked, and arrogant.

Rich Americans especially had a good thing going. They controlled multinational corporations that influenced government to keep their taxes low, and to avoid environmental regulations.

Corporations owned TV stations, radio, and newspapers, which distracted us from the big questions while encouraging us to consume.

There was war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jobs were being outsourced.

Wall Street trembled when the real estate bubble burst.

Gasoline prices rose to over $4 per gallon. This affected millions of Americans, who could once afford to drive automobiles with arbitrarily poor gas mileage. Expensive gasoline further depressed the economy, as people drove less and bought less.

We believed new sources of oil would be found. We would look into "clean coal," but continued to generate 50% of the nation's electricity using coal.

There had been voices of warning. The Internet and cell phones had made people inter-connected, testified that we human beings needed to make a go of it here. But the cultural stories we believed, and taught our children, were about the triumph of the Western lifestyle. We thought business as usual had to be adjusted, but could continue.

Lester Brown's Plan B sparked a revolution because he saw that the things going wrong resulted from our way of life, so no amount of tinkering could fix the problems. We couldn't "fix" the caterpillar, so it had to be transformed!

Don't have A COWE, man!

Brown saw that the problems affecting America were too big to be handled by small, independent actions. But taking the large scale actions needed would have reduced corporate profits and forced government to oppose powerful lobbies. The corporate-owned media and the corporate-supported government agreed: "The American way of life is not negotiable."

But our "American way of life" was exactly Lester Brown's "Plan A," which had brought us a tangle of serious problems. What problems? "Don't have A COWE, man!" reminds us that Plan A leads to Climate change, Oil scarcity, Water scarcity, and Extinctions:

Plan A beliefs, institutions and actions have led to unsustainable population growth, supported by the exploitation of the natural world.

Our cultural beliefs allow and encourage the accumulation of individual wealth in the midst of poverty. These beliefs have led to four key problems:

- Climate change: rising global temperatures are melting polar ice, raising sea levels, threatening crop yields, and causing more destructive storms, floods and droughts. The threat of runaway global warming is real.

- Declining world Oil supplies, combined with new demand from China and India, will raise fuel prices. Rising fuel prices will cause rising food prices. Food insecurity will lead to international threats, especially from "failed states."

- Fresh Water shortages caused by over-pumping ground water and rivers running dry also threaten farmers, food, and peace.

- The Great Extinction: natural systems under stress are causing a "great extinction." Plants and animals are disappearing because of shrinking forests, over-fishing, acidification of the ocean, loss of topsoil, and advancing deserts.

These were not the only problems, but Brown realized two things. First, solutions on a large enough scale to solve these problems were both necessary and possible. That was Plan B.

Second, Brown realized that the national conversation necessary to solve these problems would bring in other ideas, information, inspiration and energy. Successes would build on successes. The trick was to start thinking like a butterfly!

What was Plan B?

Plan B succeeded in reordering society in a way that eliminated the above problems, and many others. It was a crash program: what specifically to do, how much it would cost, and where the money would come from.

In Brown's book Plan B 3.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization, Plan B was explained in 157 pages of programs and ideas, plus 45 pages of endnotes: it's extensive.

The Plan B budget:

For Social goals, including universal primary education, adult literacy, school lunches in poorest countries, reproductive health care and family planning, universal basic health care: $77 billion per year worldwide.

To Restore the earth, including planting trees for carbon capture and to reduce flooding, to protect soils, restore rangeland and fisheries, to protect biodiversity and stabilize water tables: $113 billion per year worldwide.

The point is, Brown had a specific plan for an additional ($77 + $113) $190 billion per year to be spent globally, to set humankind on a path to a successful future.

Plan B was specific and integrated, so it made world-class problems solvable.

Here follow key ideas from Plan B.

80% by 2020

Plan B called for a crash problem to reduce net CO2 emissions by 80% by 2020. We phased out all coal-fired power plants, and greatly improved automobile mileage, saving oil. We built all-electric railroads. We ate less meat. Worldwide we halted deforestation, planted new forests, raised energy efficiency standards, and harnessed the earth's renewable energy sources.

Change on this scale took more than the efforts of individuals to change their lifestyles. There had to be major changes by individuals and neighborhoods and cities, yes, but what made these changes possible were changes in public policy: leadership, and research and development programs around the world.

"The Plan B goals for developing renewable sources of energy by 2020 are based not on what is believed to be politically feasible, but on what we think is needed to prevent irreversible climate change. This is not Plan A, business as usual. This is Plan B-a wartime mobilization, an all-out response proportionate to the threat that global warming presents to our future." (Page 238)

When the United States entered World War II, it began an all-out transformation of its industry to build tanks, planes and ships for the war effort. It stopped building passenger cars. Brown argued in 2008 that we had to find the political will to reduce worldwide CO2 emissions by 80 percent-and we did.

When the continuing livability of the Earth was not "politically feasible," we were forced to revise our politics. How did we transform society so quickly? For one thing, through the power of honest markets.

Honest Markets

"Each year the world's taxpayers provide an estimated $700 billion in subsidies for environmentally destructive activities, such as fossil fuel burning, over-pumping aquifers, clear-cutting forests, and over-fishing." (P.271)

These subsidies were "perverse incentives" that made environmentally harmful activities economically attractive. When the market price excluded indirect costs that had to be born by society, the market "failed to tell the ecological truth," and sent the wrong signals to purchasers.

Brown pointed to a study entitled The Real Price of Gasoline (Page 268).

This report calculated that the indirect costs of burning gasoline (climate change, military protection of oil supplies, oil industry subsidies, and treatment of auto exhaust-related respiratory illnesses) came to $12 per gallon. If these indirect costs had been added to the $4 per gallon price, gasoline would have cost a staggering $16 per gallon!

Plan B phased in a gasoline tax of $0.40 per gallon per year over 12 years, and offset that with a reduction in income taxes. This was "tax shifting," which had been practiced successfully in Europe.

Shifting taxes from what society wanted (like income) to what it didn't want (like CO2 in the atmosphere) helped make markets honest.

Once markets told the environmental truth as well as the economic truth, consumers found it natural to make decisions that protected our future.

Plug-in Hybrids and Wind Power

Hybrid cars use a combination of battery power and gasoline. When extra battery capacity is added to a hybrid, the car can be plugged in to recharge its batteries, so it can be driven for some distance on electricity alone. If driven further, the gasoline engine starts and either recharges the battery or drives the wheels.

When the Chevrolet Volt came on the market in 2010, it had a 40 mile range on electricity only, and got the equivalent of 150 miles per gallon.

Recharging batteries with off-peak wind-generated electricity cost the equivalent of less than $1 per gallon of gasoline.

Since the U.S. had enough potential hydro, wind, solar, and geothermal power to meet 100% of its electrical needs, the honest market drove corporations to explosively expand renewable energy.

Wind- and solar-generated electricity can be intermittent. But once large numbers of plug-in hybrid cars were in use, they helped stabilize the electrical supply by selling electricity back to the grid.

Brown's Plan B offered a way to substitute a massive amount of electrical energy for oil energy, using existing technology.

We have millions employed at green-collar jobs, and enjoy energy security, since the earth's wind and solar resources cannot be depleted.

But our butterfly society is not just doing differently what caterpillar society did. There are fewer of us, and we use much less energy. But we use it effectively to give us better lives.

Population / Resource Balance

Brown realized that the Climate - Oil - Water - Extinction (COWE) problems were all related to population. When he wrote Plan B, the earth's population was 6.7 billion, and of course it grew from there, until the era of cheap oil came to an end and we were forced into balance with the earth's sustainable carrying capacity. We planned for fewer children, to better take care of those already born.

Back in 2008, few people understood the connection between our own quality of life and the standard of living of people on the other side of the world.

"As land and water become scarce, competition for these vital resources intensifies within societies, particularly between the wealthy and those who are poor and dispossessed. The shrinkage of life-supporting resources per person that comes with population growth is threatening to drop the living standards of millions of people below the survival level, leading to potentially unmanageable social tensions." (Page 117)

We now know that Brown's "unmanageable social tensions" can include wars, terrorism, "failed states," and genocide.

"Countries everywhere have little choice but to strive for an average of two children per couple. There is no feasible alternative. Any population that increases or decreases continually over the long term is not sustainable." (Page 133)

Education, and especially the education of girls, led to sustainable levels of fertility around the world. In 2008, population was a taboo subject. But the change to sustainability wasn't hard. We just had to stop thinking like caterpillars.

U.S. Department of Global Security

When Brown found Plan B would cost the world an additional $190 billion per year, the U.S. was spending some $600 billion per year on military security, not counting the ongoing wars. But the COWE problems, and others, were already the greatest security threat to our country.

"[The Iraq war] will cost in the end some $2 trillion. Yet the Iraq war may prove to be one of history's most costly mistakes not so much because of fiscal outlay but because it has diverted the world's attention from climate change and other threats to civilization itself."

(Page 283)

We saw that supporting Plan B would help us avoid those "unmanageable social tensions" resulting in terrorism, failed states, resource wars, and collapse of trade. Advanced weapons systems, including new nuclear weapons and weapons in space, were useless in dealing with these problems. So we accepted Plan B:

"The new Department of Global Security (DGS) would be funded by shifting fiscal resources from the Department of Defence. In effect, the DGS sources of state failure by helping to stabilize population, restore environmental support systems, eradicate poverty, provide universal primary school education, and strengthen the rule of law through bolstering police forces and court systems." (Page 277)

How America Changed

In 2008, there were still politicians and even some scientists who simply didn't believe that human-caused greenhouse gases could cause runaway global warming. People were experiencing floods, droughts, unusual weather, tight credit, high inflation, unemployment, and expensive gasoline. A lot of us were worried. But we Americans had grown up believing in progress as our birthright. Progress itself had become problematic.

We needed to transition from using ever more resources, to growing our quality of life. But we had no cultural stories for sustainability.

We felt isolated and powerless, and were encouraged to take small, personal, actions to solve the new problems. Drive less, turn down the thermostat in winter, and recycle. This was Plan A.

But the problems were too big and systemic to be handled by small independent actions. When our personal efforts were not equal to the need, many became apathetic. Why be concerned about something we couldn't fix?

Public ignorance, apathy and denial allowed business as usual to continue. Citizens consumed, industry used coal and oil, and lobbied Congress for more of the same. All this was Plan A.

But Plan B 3.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization did three things: 1) It provided authoritative information, 2) It provided a specific plan on the right scale, and 3) It called for citizens to sound the alarm and demand large-scale action from government.

If a building is on fire, we get out, but first we pull the fire alarm. The fire alarm doesn't put out the fire, but it alerts others in the building to the danger and calls the fire department. Sounding the alarm isn't hard. But it's a critical first step leading to action on the scale of the problem.

Plan B urged people to get the word out. People talked to their friends and families, went to the Internet to learn more, got the book and read it, and passed it on. We started a national conversation that led to leadership equal to the need.

People realized that massive change was already underway. The only question was whether we would be masters of that change, and build a world we wanted for our children and grandchildren, or its victims.

Plan B gave people "permission" to think at the scale of the actual problems, so that large-scale solutions to the set of problems could be considered. Determining the best solutions was then straightforward, and proceeded relatively easily.

Al Gore took on the coal industry: "I challenge our nation to commit to producing 100% of our electricity from renewable energy and truly clean carbon-free sources within 10 years."

Oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens proposed a 10-year plan to redirect natural gas used for 22% of U.S. electrical generation to automobile fuel. The Pickens Plan would replace that electricity using new wind-power (that he would help supply).

Bill McKibben started 350.org, to urge the world toward policies that would reduce CO2 in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million (down from 385 ppm in 2008). 350 PPM CO2 was the number scientists thought could protect the planet from runaway global warming. "350 is the most important number in the world."

Barack Obama ran for president on a platform of energy independence, and offered a relatively modest energy plan. But once elected, he heard the clamor for a truly sustainable economy, and moved quickly to bring together scientists, experts and businessmen who together would transform America.

Corporations lobbied and protested. Were we against "progress?" No. But neither would we destroy our future for a Plan A dream. Corporations adopted green practices to keep their customers.

Government made policies to advance renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gases, and build a sustainable society. And provide good jobs.

Our personal efforts toward sustainability became effective once we took them as a whole country, together, in partnership with government. "We the people" had to demand the changes, so that government could create the framework, so that our collective actions could give the results we needed.

Mobilizing to save civilization meant restructuring the economy to tell the ecological truth, restoring nature, stabilizing climate, and getting to a world population in balance with sustainable resources. We became America at her best. Our transformed society was again resolute, purposeful, admired, making money, and -having fun!

We put our strength to great purpose, and emerged... the butterfly!


Lester R. Brown is a researcher who has written over 50 books on environmental issues.

His Plan B 3.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization gives us an action plan to solve the problems: Plan B. Plan B 3.0 is the third edition of his get-well plan, including new ideas and details.

Plan B 3.0, copyright 2008 by Earth Policy Institute, can be downloaded for free from http://www.earthpolicy.org . The (soft cover) book can be bought on the website for $17. Or, buy 5 copies for $12 each and give them to your friends. This booklet was written by Hank Stone (hstone@rochester.rr.com) http://www.c-u-e.org to help publicize Plan B 3.0. It is not copyrighted and may be distributed freely.


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Supporting Data for Lester R. Brown-- Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization 2008 (February 20, 2008)
Need data? Sometimes numbers can tell a story. Here are some of the figures from the behind-the-scenes research for the latest book from Earth Policy Institute, Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization, by Lester R. Brown. Complete data sets and charts are now available. Did you know?... The eight warmest years on record have all occurred in the last decade.For seven of the last eight years, the world has consumed more grain than it produced; grain stocks are now at a historic low. One fifth of the U.S. grain harvest is now being turned into fuel ethanol. One third of reptile, amphibian, and fish species examined by the World Conservation Union are considered to be threatened with extinction. Grain yields increased half as fast in the 1990s as they did in the 1960s. Life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa today is lower than it was in the late 1980s. Today’s economically recoverable reserves of lead, tin, and copper could be depleted within the next 25 years if their extraction expands at current rates. Nearly half of the annual global military budget of $1.2 trillion is spent by one country—the United States. But not all the news is bad:South Korea leads the world in paper recycling, recovering an estimated 77 percent of its paper products.Conservation agriculture is practiced on more than 100 million hectares around the world. Four years after London introduced a fee on motor vehicles entering the city center, average car traffic had fallen by 36 percent while bicycle trips had increased by 49 percent. The world produces 110 million bicycles a year, more than twice the annual production of 49 million cars. Fish farming, largely of herbivorous species, is the fastest growing source of animal protein worldwide, increasing by an average of 7 percent each year since 1995. World soybean production has quadrupled since 1977. Coal use in Germany has dropped 37 percent since 1990; in the United Kingdom it has fallen by 43 percent.Solar cell production is doubling every two years, making it the world’s fastest growing energy source. Electricity used for lighting around the world can be cut by 65 percent through efficiency improvements like switching from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents. Find out more in Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization, at http://www.earth-policy.org/Books/PB3/index.htm, and explore the complete datasets at http://www.earthpolicy.org/Books/PB3/data.htm


From: http://www.c-u-e.org/EarthPlan111303.htm

Earth Plan by Hank Stone -- November 13, 2003

Humankind faces serious problems. Yet there is a shortage of serious solutions from governments and corporations. The time is right for discussion among citizens of what a successful human future would look like, and how to bring it about. We need a plan to solve the earth's problems. The ideas offered here are not "the final answer" to giving the human family a successful future. But they offer a perspective for thinking about global issues. Our society is used to believing that only “experts” can think about big problems. This is nonsense. Ready or not, we citizens are involved in the world, and in our own future. It’s up to us to get the direction right, and we can do it. Let experts fill in the details. Difficulty and frustration will result if we consider only small solutions, when our problems are big ones.So get ready to think big. Let us consider the past, the present, the future we want, then devise a prescription for how to achieve it: our Earth Plan.

(...) - To read the missing part, please go at http://www.c-u-e.org/EarthPlan111303.htm


We are creatures of habit. Our societies have the bad habits of large families, rampant consumption, waging war, and short-term thinking. We must learn new ways, and teach them to our children. Historically social change takes a long time. It took about 75 years for human slavery to be outlawed in the United States. The Nazi Holocaust convinced many that there should be steps taken to end genocide once and for all. Nevertheless, Stalin’s starvation of millions of Russians followed. The killing of millions in China and Cambodia followed. Over time, societies will band together to outlaw genocide, and take effective steps to prevent it. But the world is slow to make up its mind.

Edwin Cornish, president of the World Future Society, says people overestimate how much effect their actions will have in the short term, and underestimate their effect in the long term. He says people get a vision of how things should work, promote it widely, and give up on it when "nothing happens. " But ideas are not lost. They circulate in society until circumstances are right, and then emerge, perhaps in modified form, to be implemented with surprising speed. The collapse of the Berlin Wall happened very quickly when the time was right. President Kennedy’s program to land a man on the moon took just ten years. In 20 years, says Cornish, "almost anything" can be done. We face the Utopia problem. "Everyone knows" that you can’t solve all the world’s problems. Even thinking about that is "utopian", meaning impractical, impossible, unrealistic. It would be un-Christian, unpatriotic, but also quixotic--tilting at windmills like a crazy person-- to try to make human civilization work. For wealthy and powerful individuals and institutions, it is a far more effective strategy to ridicule new ideas than to debate them.

How should you and I, ordinary citizens, proceed? Link up, bone up, and speak up. Linking up with like-minded people to solve real problems can be uplifting and joyful, as well as important. We all know people who are apathetic, in denial about problems, or afraid to look at them. Indeed, avoidance is a reasonable response if one believes a problem can’t be solved. But facing problems in community is encouraging because we have people to talk to, and the ideas and energy of the whole group. Different organizations do different work. Find people trying to do what you want to see done. The makers of this video offer suggestions for action. Email is a powerful way to get connected with others.

“Boning up” suggests the leverage that information can give you. The Internet, email, and web surfing give extraordinary access to information. This is a time to be informed and rational, not fanatic. Speaking up can be as simple as discussing concerns you may have with friends, family and co-workers. A lot of people are concerned by global problems, but since very little about it appears in the commercial media, they feel isolated. You can empower the people around you! In our society, we enjoy the freedom to be heard, without fear of retaliation. We can communicate widely and inexpensively through letters to newspapers. We can communicate by email, and have our own websites.

We can influence politics with letters and phone calls to the president, our senators, and our representatives. Because so few people take the time to communicate their views, each letter is thought by legislators to represent the views of 1000 of their constituents. Reelection takes money, but it also takes votes from people like us. We do not need to "save the world" on our own. We stand together with people everywhere who want a future that works for their children, sustainably, with justice, peace and prosperity. But we must take a share. Everyone knows the world has to be run the way it is, the same way they knew human beings could never fly, and could never walk on the moon. Everyone knew they were safe from military attack in castles, until gunpowder and cannons came along. Everyone knows there will always be war, and they will continue to know it until war is abolished.


Now human beings have evolved, and have taken over the planet. We have developed social institutions based on the notion that our species is more important than the other animals, so we may destroy their habitat. Our country is more important than other countries, so we may wage war. Our race is more important. Our religion is more important. Our family is more important. And so our one planet is divided against itself. The global problems cannot be solved by one country. Science, technology, medicine, and industry have given us mastery of the wilderness, and have allowed our societies to grow in numbers and influence. But our very progress threatens our future.

We must end war, and free the world of nuclear weapons. We must urgently address population growth, because every child born needs and deserves food, clothing, shelter, education, and a job; and the resources of our finite planet are being depleted. In every region, we must provide birth control materials and information, in a culturally sensitive way. We must remove societal incentives to procreate. We must create new institutions geared to sustainable prosperity, rather than to continuing growth, poverty and ignorance. We must create a democratic federal world government. Global problems require global solutions. We need not abandon our countries, our languages, or our ways of life. We dare not abandon the protections of representative democracy, with checks and balances, to prevent government abuses. But we must have global protections. To protect the planet we must become citizens of the world, not just of our countries. We cannot get there alone, but we can get there together. So we must join groups to debate and create a vision of the future we want. We must think globally and act locally. But through communications we must also act globally. That’s the plan.


The earth has circled the sun for billions of years, and will probably do so for billions more. Its orbit will be unaffected by the presence or absence of the biosphere, that thin film at its surface in which we humans and other animals and plants now live. Dinosaurs evolved, prospered for millions of years, and went extinct. And the earth still circles the sun. Human life is a million-year long chain. We are born, grow up, fall in love, marry, have children, grow old, and die. We live only a short time--just long enough to add our progeny to the chain, and ideally to catch a glimpse of the grandeur of the Creation. But the chain goes on. The poetry and symmetry and beauty of the human chain is that it extends as endlessly into the future as into the past. We will not live to see it, but we hope our children, and their children, and a succession of generations will witness the glory we have witnessed, and experience love, and through love give life to the next generation in turn.

Past generations have been able to assume that the human chain will go on, unbroken. It was not something they had to plan for. It was in God’s hands, not their own. It was part of the Way of Things, theirs to describe by myth, and theirs to participate in, but beyond their power to influence. Now, individually, we are still innocent of responsibility for the future of the human chain. But collectively we are not. We have been fruitful and multiplied, when that was what the future required. We have subdued the earth. These actions worked in historical times, but now endanger the human future. We are at a fork in the road. What happens next will depend in some measure on how those of us alive today want the future to unfold. Unless we know what we want to happen, we will not know what we need to do. For the first time, humanity needs to decide on its plan for planet earth. The future of our children requires it.


From: http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1839995,00.html

Meat: Making Global Warming Worse

By BRYAN WALSH Sep. 10, 2008

Need another reason to feel guilty about feeding your children that Happy Meal — aside from the fat, the calories and that voice in your head asking why you can't be bothered to actually cook a well-balanced meal now and then? Rajendra Pachauri would like to offer you one. The head of the U.N.'s Nobel Prize–winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Pachauri on Monday urged people around the world to cut back on meat in order to combat climate change. "Give up meat for one day [per week] at least initially, and decrease it from there," Pachauri told Britain's Observer newspaper. "In terms of immediacy of action and the feasibility of bringing about reductions in a short period of time, it clearly is the most attractive opportunity." So, that addiction to pork and beef isn't just clogging your arteries; it's flame-broiling the earth, too.

By the numbers, Pachauri is absolutely right. In a 2006 report, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) concluded that worldwide livestock farming generates 18% of the planet's greenhouse gas emissions — by comparison, all the world's cars, trains, planes and boats account for a combined 13% of greenhouse gas emissions. Much of livestock's contribution to global warming come from deforestation, as the growing demand for meat results in trees being cut down to make space for pasture or farmland to grow animal feed. Livestock takes up a lot of space — nearly one-third of the earth's entire landmass. In Latin America, the FAO estimates that some 70% of former forest cover has been converted for grazing. Lost forest cover heats the planet, because trees absorb CO2 while they're alive — and when they're burned or cut down, the greenhouse gas is released back into the atmosphere.

Then there's manure — all that animal waste generates nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas that has 296 times the warming effect of CO2. And of course, there is cow flatulence: as cattle digest grass or grain, they produce methane gas, of which they expel up to 200 L a day. Given that there are 100 million cattle in the U.S. alone, and that methane has 23 times the warming impact of CO2, the gas adds up.

The worrisome news is that as the world economy grows, so does global meat consumption. The average person in the industrialized world eats more than 176 lb. of meat annually, compared with around 66 lb. consumed by the average resident of the developing world. As developing nations get richer, one of the first things citizens spend their extra income on is a more meat-rich diet. Whereas pork would once have been a rare luxury in China, today even the relatively poor in the country's cities can afford a little meat at almost every meal — so much so that pork imports to China rose more than 900% through the first four months of the year. In 2008, global meat production is expected to top 280 million tons, and that figure could nearly double by 2050.

Producing all that meat will do more than just warm the world; it will also raise pressure on land resources. The FAO estimates that about 20% of the planet's pastureland has been degraded by grazing animals, and increased demand for meat means increased demand for animal feed — much of the world's grain production is fed to animals rather than to humans. (The global spike in grain prices over the past year is in large part due to the impact on grain supplies of the growing demand for meat.) The expanded production of meat has been facilitated by industrial feedlots, which bleed antibiotics and other noxious chemicals. And of course, the human health impact of too much meat can be seen in everything from bloated waistlines in America to rising rates of cardiovascular disease in developing nations, where heart attacks were once as rare as a T-bone steak.

So is Pachauri right that going vegetarian can save the planet? (At least the 68-year-old Indian economist practices what he preaches.) It's true that giving up that average 176 lb. of meat a year is one of the greenest lifestyle changes you can make as an individual. You can drive a more fuel-efficient car, or install compact fluorescent lightbulbs, or improve your insulation, but unless you intend to hunt wild buffalo and boar, there's really no green way to get meat — although organic, locally farmed beef or chicken is better than its factory-raised equivalents. The geophysicists Gidon Eschel and Pamela Martin have estimated that if every American reduced meat consumption by just 20%, the greenhouse gas savings would be the same as if we all switched from a normal sedan to a hybrid Prius.

Still, Pachauri is just slightly off. It's a tactical mistake, first of all, to focus global warming action on personal restrictions. The developed world could cut back hugely on its meat consumption, but those gains would be largely swallowed up — sorry — by the developing world, which isn't likely to give up its newly acquired taste for cheeseburgers and pork. The same goes for energy use, or travel. It's great for magazines to come up with 51 ways you can save the environment, but relying on individuals to voluntarily change their behavior is nowhere near as effective as political change aimed at speeding the transition to an economy far less carbon-intensive than our current one. So, by all means cut back on the burgers — I recommend a nice deep-fried scorpion — but remember that your choices from the takeout menu will matter less than the choices made by those who inherit the White House next January.

See photos of the effects of climate change here.

Click HERE to review many other environment-related articles by Bryan Walsh


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Greens, greens, they're good for your heart: study (October 21. 2008)
WASHINGTON (AFP) — Diets worldwide that are rich in fried and salty foods increase heart attack risk, while eating lots of fruit, leafy greens and other vegetables reduces that risk, a groundbreaking study showed.The study, called INTERHEART, looked at 16,000 heart attack patients and controls between 1999 and 2003 in countries on every continent, marking a shift from previous studies which have focussed on the developed world.The patients and controls filled in a "dietary risk score" questionnaire based on 19 food groups, which contained healthy and unhealthy items and were tweaked to include dietary preferences of each country taking part in the study.The researchers found that people who eat a diet high in fried foods, salty snacks, eggs and meat -- the "Western Diet" -- had a 35 percent greater risk of having a heart attack than people who consumed little or no fried foods or meat, regardless of where they live.People who ate a "Prudent Diet" -- high in leafy green vegetables, other raw and cooked vegetables, and fruits -- had a 30 percent lower risk of heart attack than those who ate little or no fruit and veg, the study showed.The third dietary pattern, called the "Oriental Diet" because it contained foods such as tofu and soy sauce which are typically consumed in Asian societies, was found to have little impact on heart attack risk.Although some items in the Oriental diet might have protective properties such as vitamins and anti-oxidants, others such as soy sauce have a high salt content which would negate the benefits, the study said. CLIP

How Climate Change Will Impact Animals (Oct. 13, 2008)
The threats to wildlife on the African island of Madagascar are manifold: rampant deforestation that has stripped most of the island of its original forest cover, leaving a wasteland; a human population that is growing at 3% a year, straining natural resources and hunting animals for food, especially Madagascar's emblematic lemurs; extractive industry, including a nickel mine not far from a national park that could become the world's biggest. There's another danger that's invisible, but may be more dangerous than the others put together: climate change. Global warming will do to wildlife what it may do to humans. As the climate changes, animals may be forced to move out of the habitats they're accustomed to — like human refugees. "Global warming is something that all conservationists are worried about," says Russell Mittermeier, the president of Conservation International. "It has the possibility to undo a lot of the work we've done." (Hear Mittermeier discuss the impact that climate change on conservation, and the situation in Madagascar, on this week's Greencast.)While the impact of climate change on human populations is likely to be dire, we're pretty good at adapting to change overall. Animals, however, are not. When their habitats change irrevocably — when the rain forest dries up or cool mountains in tropical zones heat up — animals may simply go extinct. A recent study in Science demonstrates how that can happen. Robert Colwell, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Connecticut, analyzed data from nearly 2,000 species of plants, insects and fungi in the tropics, where organisms often lack the ability to escape warming temperatures by going north or south; instead, they have to go up in elevation to find cooler temperatures. Colwell found that as populations in lowland areas move up, they tend not to be replaced. That means that we may see a reduction in overall biodiversity and what scientists call "species richness." Meanwhile, species that already live at the highest elevations have no place to go, except perhaps to extinction. Case in point: the Golden Toad, which lived in the high-altitude cloud forests of Costa Rica and suddenly went extinct. Its disappearance may be due in part to warming, which made its habitat unlivable.The toad may be the first animal whose extinction scientists will link to global warming, but it certainly won't be the last. Last year, the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimated that if global temperatures increase more than two to three degrees F above current levels — which seems quite possible, given current trends in carbon emissions — up to one-third of the species on Earth could be at risk for extinction. "We're already seeing nature react badly to climate change," says Larry Schweiger, the president of the National Wildlife Federation. "We're changing the rules of the game." CLIP

Crunch may spur rethink of nature as 'free' (21 October 2008) http://www.wbcsd.org/plugins/DocSearch/details.asp?type=DocDet&ObjectId=MzIwNDg
Reuters - The worst financial crisis since the 1930s may be a chance to put price tags on nature in a radical economic rethink to protect everything from coral reefs to rainforests, environmental experts say.Farmers know the value of land from the amount of crops they can produce but large parts of the natural world -- such as wetlands that purify water, oceans that produce fish or trees that soak up greenhouse gases -- are usually viewed as "free". "Most of our valuable assets are not on the books," said Robert Costanza, professor of ecological economics at the University of Vermont. "We need to reinvent economics. The financial crisis is an opportunity." Advocates of "eco-nomics" say that valuing "natural capital" could help protect nature from rising human populations, pollution and climate change that do not figure in conventional measures of wealth such as gross domestic product (GDP) or gross national product (GNP)."I believe the 21st century will be dominated by the concept of natural capital, just as the 20th was dominated by financial capital," Achim Steiner, head of the U.N. Environment Programme, told Reuters at the International Union for Conservation of Nature congress in Barcelona earlier this month."We are reaching a point...at which the very system that supports us is threatened," he said. CLIP

Climate change is 'faster and more extreme' than feared (Oct 20, 2008)
Climate change is happening much faster than the world's best scientists predicted and will wreak havoc unless action is taken on a global scale, a new report warns. -- 'Extreme weather events' such as the hot summer of 2003, which caused an extra 35,000 deaths across southern Europe from heat stress and poor air quality, will happen more frequently. Britain and the North Sea area will be hit more often by violent cyclones and the predicted rise in sea level will double to more than a metre, putting vast coastal areas at risk from flooding. The bleak report from WWF - formerly the World Wildlife Fund - also predicts crops failures and the collapse of eco systems on both land and sea. And it calls on the EU to set an example to the rest of the world by agreeing a package of challenging targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions to tackle the consequences of climate change and to keep any increase in global temperatures below 2C. The agency says that the 2007 report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - a study of global warming by 4,000 scientists from more than 150 countries which alerted the world to the possible consequences of global warming - is now out of date.WWF's report, Climate Change: Faster, stronger, sooner, has updated all the scientific data and concluded that global warming is accelerating far beyond the IPCC's forecasts. As an example it says the first 'tipping point' may have already been reached in the Arctic, where sea ice is disappearing up to 30 years ahead of IPCC predictions and may be gone completely within five years - something that hasn't occurred for a million years. It could result in rapid and abrupt climate change rather than the gradual changes forecast by the IPCC. CLIP


From: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/3222476/Suns-protective-bubble-is-shrinking.html

Sun's protective 'bubble' is shrinking

The protective bubble around the sun that helps to shield the Earth from harmful interstellar radiation is shrinking and getting weaker, Nasa scientists have warned.

By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent - 19 Oct 2008

New data has revealed that the heliosphere, the protective shield of energy that surrounds our solar system, has weakened by 25 per cent over the past decade and is now at it lowest level since the space race began 50 years ago.

Scientists are baffled at what could be causing the barrier to shrink in this way and are to launch mission to study the heliosphere.

The Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, will be launched from an aircraft on Sunday on a Pegasus rocket into an orbit 150,000 miles above the Earth where it will "listen" for the shock wave that forms as our solar system meets the interstellar radiation.

Dr Nathan Schwadron, co-investigator on the IBEX mission at Boston University, said: "The interstellar medium, which is part of the galaxy as a whole, is actually quite a harsh environment. There is a very high energy galactic radiation that is dangerous to living things.

"Around 90 per cent of the galactic cosmic radiation is deflected by our heliosphere, so the boundary protects us from this harsh galactic environment."

The heliosphere is created by the solar wind, a combination of electrically charged particles and magnetic fields that emanate a more than a million miles an hour from the sun, meet the intergalactic gas that fills the gaps in space between solar systems.

At the boundary where they meet a shock wave is formed that deflects interstellar radiation around the solar system as it travels through the galaxy.

The scientists hope the IBEX mission will allow them to gain a better understanding of what happens at this boundary and help them predict what protection it will offer in the future.

Without the heliosphere the harmful intergalactic cosmic radiation would make life on Earth almost impossible by destroying DNA and making the climate uninhabitable.

Measurements made by the Ulysses deep space probe, which was launched in 1990 to orbit the sun, have shown that the pressure created inside the heliosphere by the solar wind has been decreasing.

Dr David McComas, principal investigator on the IBEX mission, said: "It is a fascinating interaction that our sun has with the galaxy surrounding us. This million mile an hour wind inflates this protective bubble that keeps us safe from intergalactic cosmic rays.

"With less pressure on the inside, the interaction at the boundaries becomes weaker and the heliosphere as a whole gets smaller."

If the heliosphere continues to weaken, scientists fear that the amount of cosmic radiation reaching the inner parts of our solar system, including Earth, will increase.

This could result in growing levels of disruption to electrical equipment, damage satellites and potentially even harm life on Earth.

But Dr McComas added that it was still unclear exactly what would happen if the heliosphere continued to weaken or what even what the timescale for changes in the heliosphere are.

He said: "There is no imminent danger, but it is hard to know what the future holds. Certainly if the solar wind pressure was to continue to go down and the heliosphere were to almost evaporate then we would be in this sea of galactic cosmic rays. That could have some large effects.

"It is likely that there are natural variations in solar wind pressure and over time it will either stabilise or start going back up."


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Voyager pictures reveal Solar System is egg-shaped (02/07/2008)
The Solar System is not round, but an egg shape with its bottom edge squashed inward, according to data beamed back from a three decade old space probe. -- The outer limits of the system of planets around our own Sun, where the influence of our local star ends, are being probed by the Voyager spacecraft, which were launched in 1977 on a five year mission to study Jupiter and Saturn. Artist's rendering of Voyager 2 at the heliosphere's limitsThe two nuclear powered probes continued to speed onwards to the outer Solar System, each flying in slightly different directions, with Voyager 1 becoming the most distant man-made object in space in the 1990s. Today, in Nature, an analysis of recent data streamed back from the Voyager 2 spacecraft helps build up a picture of how the Sun interacts with the rest of the galaxy. The current mission of both spacecraft is to reach and study the outer limits of the heliosphere - a magnetic 'bubble' around the Solar System created when the particles that stream out from the Sun crash into and hold back the soup of particles in the rest of interstellar space. CLIP

Is Solar System's Heliosphere Shrinking? (October 20, 2008)
NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer spacecraft, called IBEX, is about the size of a bus tire and was launched Sunday, Oct. 19, 2008, into high orbit at 130 miles above Earth. For the next two years, IBEX will investigate what's happening to the heliosphere, a protective bubble around our solar system "blown" into the interstellar medium by the solar wind. The heliopause is the boundary where the solar wind meets cold, interstellar gases. Scientists recently discovered that the solar wind pressure is the weakest it's been in fifty years, raising the question: is the heliosphere shrinking and what would the consequences be for Earth and the other planets? IBEX will also help scientists understand how life on Earth and astronauts in space can be more protected from galactic cosmic rays.

Our Sun More Active (October 5, 2008)
On September 29, 2008, the STEREO spacecraft captured in extreme ultraviolet light a solar prominence unfurling into space over several hours. "Suspended in twisted magnetic fields, the hot plasma structure is many times the size of Earth."

Ozone Hole Over Antarctica Biggest On Record (September 19, 2008)
"What is interesting about this ozone hole is that it developed very quickly." -- The September 16, 2008, ozone hole shown above covers 27 million square kilometers, compared with 25 million kilometers in 2007 - bigger than North America. When ozone levels drop, harmful UV radiation gets to the Earth's surface and can cause skin cancer, eye damage and harm to the immune system. New Zealanders and residents at the tip of South America will need more sun protection. Ozone hole graphic by NASA at http://ozonewatch.gsfc.nasa.gov/


Note from Jean: The following is from Triaka Smith, 82 year young, a long-time ERN subscriber whose MOST excellent visionary work I finally took time to discover in more details. His contributions to these compilations have appeared 41 times so far, but because of too many things claiming for my attention, I had never searched the web to find out more about his absolutely unique work. The following will shed much needed light on ideas that I feel are soon to become essential guideposts to establish globally the inalienable rights of every sovereign soul as we prepare to co-create what could be called - to use the old metaphor - Heaven on Earth. (Yes... I know! What took me so long?)

From: http://www.creativemediahosting.com/swn/trilogy_for_freedom.html

TRILOGY FOR FREEDOM - Personal & Planetary

~ I ~


"...no Soul is free as long as it is governed by others against its free-choice" (Cosmic Law of Soul Rights).

Let the Record show...

1. While in the Spirit Realm of Oneness, my Soul exercised its Free Choice in an agreement with my planned Parents to provide a physical body and guide me through the formative years on Earth.

2. Upon physical birth, I began losing my Soul power of Free Choice to human government as it imposed external jurisdiction/control over me by the fact of my physical location within its territorial boundaries.

3. At age five, my Soul's Free Choice was curtailed by human government requiring me - under penalty to my Parents - to enter a 12 year mental-conditioning "education" program of its own choosing.

4. At 18, my Soul's Free Choice was denied by human government requiring me, under penalty of law, to register for its own military-political purposes.

5. As an adult earning income to survive, my Soul's Free Choice was denied by human government requiring me, under penalty of law, to pay direct and indirect taxes to support various Principles, Policies, Programs and Practices which I disapproved in accordance with Cosmic Laws, such as war-making, lying, disinformation, secret operations and political corruption.

6. As an adult participating in public affairs, my Soul's Free Choice was further denied by human government by not allowing me to vote "directly" on all of its Principles, Policies, Programs and Practices affecting my life.

7. In my ongoing experience as a Soul occupying a physical body, my Free Choice is continuously encountering threats of jail - coercion - if I withhold allegiance to this oppressive immoral human government.

Let the Record show, therefore, that it is my Soul's intention to work in harmony with Cosmic Laws for "Individual Rights and Collective Benefits" through voluntary (moral) means envisioned in the Global Oneness of a CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY


~ II ~


In our Godselves, we are all magnificent, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional reflections of the Source-Of-All-That-Is, who have been preparing for eons to accomplish what we have volunteered to help manifest in this incarnation - a New Heaven and a New Earth (Rev 21:1).

We remember our God-powers; that whatever we conceive and believe, we achieve through our thoughts, words, actions and feelings. The illusion of limitation is gone.

We recognize our Godselves in the form of immortal Souls in human embodiment, whole and complete, in love and at peace with all creation. We have no fears, no dependencies.

Our Godselves (1) access all knowledge in the universe, (2) converse with all life everywhere, (3) move our consciousness in and out of our physical bodies at will, and (4) maintain our bodies in a state of perfect health.

In essence, we are IN the world but not OF it, and our experience is Heaven on Earth.

Finally, our Godselves create a world of "United Diversity", harmonious, peaceful and free, with war, hunger and illness no longer a reality.

~ III ~


(1) All earthly power is inherent in individual humans since we are born with free-choice.
Collective institutions are a creation of individuals acting collectively and may be abolished or changed at their collective will.

(2) Individuals who exercise their free-choice may or may not lend support to collective systems, and may reject demands for allegiance to government, regardless of ones physical location at birth.

(3) Whenever free-choice is denied without Just Cause, choices are denied, and when choices are denied, disharmony ensues followed by disorder.

(4) The world in 2004 AD is an array of governments that initiate physical force by various means and in varying degrees to limit free-choice without Cause, and especially chances for institutional change.

(5) Since the whole of humanity is comprised of distinctly individualized personalities, free-choice is naturally diverse.

(6) A government dictatorship is outright rejection of human free-choice and natural diversity, while a "representative" form of government produces winners and losers, with individual free-choice submerged in both majority and minority groupings.

(7) So-called "representative democracies" consist of opposing groups in continuous confrontation over who will impose their collective will by force of law, backed by weapons and jails.

(8) Forcing diverse individuals into act-alike government molds, standardized and dogmatized, including socialism, communism, fascism and capitalism, is rejection of free-choice and natural diversity.

(9) Whenever individual "thought-prints" are denied in making free-choices in collective lawmaking, dissension, confrontation and struggle for expression is likely.

(10) For any social system to be harmonious and peaceful, it must accommodate individual free-choice and natural diversity - even the right to be a non-participant - and laws of "reactive protection" replace initiatory physical force, leaving those participating collectively undisturbed.

(11) Control of government power is most often sought by those who have much to gain materially by its initiatory force, with money interests the primary source of its corruption.

(12) Evolution suggests material emergence, self-expression and manifest power for individuals, with the right to do "to" and "for" oneself as one chooses, as long as it does not infringe on the equal rights of others.


(Join the work in progress)


Note: The following envisions a world of non-subjugating, non-politically-possessing and non-military "services" that will replace all coercive nation-states with a Constitutional provision for "adjudication of differences" among them.


A. What are they? They are administrative divisions of territory created by a process of "Citizens Initiative Petitions", local to global.

B. What do they serve? They provide human needs ranging from energy and local water and waste to global agriculture, adjudication of differences, law enforcement, environmental and other cooperative and coordination needs, serving at the pleasure of the People within each district.

C. How are they authorized? By authority of The People to establish an authentic global CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY by "direct popular vote", over-riding existing boundaries and authorizing withdrawal of tax support from non-conforming institutions.

(Co-operative system to be outlined here)

Join the work in progress


From: http://www.newciv.org/nl/newslog.php/_v397/__show_article/_a000397-000093.htm


"The World Cooperative"


The CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY is a voluntary Agreement of, by, and for Individuals everywhere which, by popular acceptance and in harmony with the Natural Laws of the Universe, is hereby declared Superior to all other Governmental Constructs.


(A) To Constitutionally Protect each Individual and Culture in their natural evolutionary processes. (B) To Constitutionally liberate ourselves from all forms of involuntary slavery and support of unwanted governmental conditions. (C) To Constitutionally enumerate Individual and Collective Rights for balanced order. (D) To Constitutionally protect a healthy environment.


We Individuals of Earth do voluntarily proclaim and establish The CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY to Formalize and Protect our Inherent, Innate, Ingrained, Instinctive, Intuitive and Unalienable Rights throughout the world in support of Peace and Harmony.


Section 1 - The Individual shall be protected from the Initiation of Physical Force, Coercion and Fraud.
Section 2 - The Individual Right to Self-governance shall be Protected.
Section 3 - The Individual Right to defend against Physical Harm shall be Protected.
Section 4 - The Individual Right to own Justly-acquired Personal Property shall be Protected.
Section 5 - The Individual Right to freely Travel, Trade and Associate with others shall be Protected.
Section 6 - The Individual Right to freely Express Oneself on Public Issues shall be Protected.
Section 7 - The Individual Right to participate Equally and Vote Directly on Public Issues shall be Protected.
Section 8 - The Individual Right to disassociate from any Principle, Policy, Program, Practice or Person shall be Protected.
Section 9 - The Individual Right to be free of human-contaminated Air, Water, Soil or Food shall be Protected.
Section 10 - The Individual Right to have Equal Access to Public Places and Public Information shall be Protected.


Voluntary establishment and operation of Organizations, Activities, Facilities and Enterprises for Peaceful and Life-enhancing purposes shall be Protected.


A Global Cooperative for Coordination shall work without bias for conversion of Governmental Entities into Organizations, Activities, Facilities and Enterprises that serve all Rights herein.


A Global Cooperative for Protection and Adjudication of Differences shall uphold this CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY by application of Reactive/Defensive Neutralizing Physical Force to Protect all Rights herein.


The CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY Superposes all other Local, Regional, National and International Governmental Constructs, and is Operative by Individual Endorsement or Acquiescence.

The CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY "The World Cooperative" [link]

(Cooperative information coming soon here)

About Triaka

Triaka (pronounced tree-AH-ka), meaning triune "spirit" or "essence" in Hawaiian, was the name received by the author in a vision in 1989 and later became his legal name under Hawai'i law.

Born in Chicago as Donald G. Smith in 1926, Triaka was schooled in Washington State and California before enlisting in the U.S. Navy where he became a communications specialist and saw combat in World War II.

Following military service, Triaka attended broadcast school and became a professional radio and television newscaster, newswriter, political commentator and/or talk show host on major stations including in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and Honolulu. He also was a political activist and occasional candidate for office.

A series of "spiritual" experiences beginning in 1983 led him to establish the non-profit, non-denominational Spiritual World Network to "gather and disseminate all spiritual information" via mass media, resulting in hundreds of TV and radio programs produced and broadcast by volunteers.

As a result of his spiritual and political knowledge, Triaka authored two booklets - "Cosmic Laws & An Authentic Constitution", and "Failures of the U.S. Constitution".

He is available as a presenter/speaker, talk show host or interviewee. Contact Email: Triaka@webtv.net

Much more from Triaka in his blog at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/uniteddiversity/

Here is a sample:

"U.S. President Bush, French President Sarkozy and European Commission President Barroso met at Camp David this weekend to plan a larger gathering of global money and political interests to organize a "new global financial order". The forthcoming expanded meeting, which will likely include representatives of whoever wins the U.S. Presidential election November 4th, is for the purpose of tightening control and coordination of the world's financial markets under the banner of "Democratic Capitalism". Tightening control and coordination of the world's financial markets is a slick way of saying the Controllers and Manipulators of banking and politics in the world will be further centralizing their power.In sharp contrast to this privately-controlled world of oligarchs is a cooperatively-balanced world based on the Natural Rights of Sovereign Freewill and protected by the CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY."

- Triaka Smith (October 19, 2008) -- Taken from http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UnitedDiversity/message/516


From: http://www.globalvisions.org/cl/swn/cosmiclaws/index.html

The Cosmic Laws

By Triaka

Cosmic Laws are powerful energies of unknown quantity perceived by humans through direct observation, meditation/contemplation, or revelation. While the Law of Gravity is dense, measurable, and readily understood, by contrast the great Law of Love is subtle and in a broad sense surpasses all understanding. In any case, the Laws of the cosmos provide a guidance system for an optimum human experience.

There are several things to be aware of about the cosmos and its Laws:

1 - Energy is the basis of all existence and is knowing of all things in the universe.

2 - Energy includes portions that are experiencing different levels or dimensions of consciousness.

3 - All portions of consciousness are in continuous interaction in the oneness of energy.

4 - The "soul" is a portion that chooses to experience the density of human embodiment.

5 - Soul consciousness often encounters difficulty in shifting the human intellect from its primary focus on the five survival senses of physical life in order to integrate its wisdom.

6 - Once integrated by the soul, human consciousness recognizes how energy in the form of Cosmic Laws works to create "Heaven on Earth".

Awakened humans understand their energy connectedness with all things, material and non-material, animate and inanimate, and the desirability of being in harmony with all life. It's the wisdom of their soul.

The bottom line is, human institutions, as well as individuals, will be truly effective in a positive way only when they are in harmony with the Cosmic Laws. It is for this reason an AUTHENTIC CONSTITUTION is being brought forward for awakened government.

To read the Cosmic Laws, click on links below:

Cause and Effect
Living Truth
Mind Over Matter
Soul Mind
Soul Rights
Unity and Diversity


Here is a sample:

From: http://www.globalvisions.org/cl/swn/cosmiclaws/attraction.html

Cosmic Law - Attraction

This Law is a primary tool for the Soul to master physical life on the Earth plane. It ensures that all conditions and situations that the Soul desires for eventually mastering material reality are drawn to the attention of the human intellect by virtue of the oneness of universe energy.

The Law of Attraction is not understood by a five-sensory intellect unintegrated by the wisdom of the Soul, and this has been reflected in shortcomings in the principles, policies and practices of human institutions such as government, slowing the evolution of human consciousness and achievement.

Experiences perceived as "bad" by the survival-focused intellect are viewed by the multi-dimensional Soul Mind as "lessons to be learned". While the unintegrated intellect believes humans are "victims" of negative situations in the material world, the Soul knows that humans are co-creators of material reality and negative situations fuel positive solutions.

Human government attempts to "rescue" those who, at the Soul level of awareness, understand the negative-positive lessons of worldly existence under Cosmic Laws and would choose not to be interfered with. A stubborn intellect may require exceptionally negative and repeated lessons to break onto positive levels to overcome self-defeat. This has been witnessed particularly in "miraculous" recoveries from some physical disorders.

It's a major lesson to understand that putting a negative, rather than a positive interpretation on any situation, causes disorders in the physical body. Just as a blood clot can block the flow of the vital fluid and cause a heart attack, so can a blockage of negative thought cause disorder in muscles, tissues, and cells. Energy needs to flow freely. Whether a situation is personal, local, regional, national, worldwide or extraterrestrial, negative interpretation can cause a physical disruption of energy in some way.

Such is the Law of Attraction to the power of mind energy. A decision to let go of negativity and "let God" is a handy release valve until one accepts personal responsibility for the co-creating of conditions, and knows that in the long term, "every experience is positive".

What is true of the microcosm, is true of the macrocosm. Negative interpretation of any event can cause physical disorders from personal to planetary, and beyond. Potency of the Law of Attraction throughout the universe energy is such that all life is affected.

An unintegrated intellect will attract repeated lessons until it understands that the material brain is to integrate the universal mind of the Soul for an optimum human experience. It's the Law.

Mastering the power of co-creating material reality for positive ends means consciously utilizing the Soul Mind to influence matter, and the Law produces sometimes harsh lessons needed to accomplish the feat. Souls that experience impairment or loss of the human body, for example, have attracted to the human intellect the lesson of overcoming such conditions with what is simply termed "mind over matter". It may require more than one lifetime, but the power to influence all material things, even Earth changes and weather conditions, has always been available.

By the Law of Attraction, the human intellect eventually listens to the wisdom of the Soul and, hence, everything from physical wellness and abundance, to planetary harmony and Heaven on Earth is mastered.

The bottom line is, Cosmic Law is the supreme law of the universe, and a government absent of this Soul wisdom attracts lessons as evidenced here by the advancement of an AUTHENTIC CONSTITUTION in harmony with the natural Cosmic Laws of the universe, and producing High Moral Values and Democratic Ideals.


Also related:

56 Grievances by Triaka
1. Imbalance - 2. Secret Government - 3. Domination - 4. Espionage - 5. Aggression - 6. Imperialism - 7. Lawlessness - 8. Militarism - 9. Warmanship - 10. Warmaking - 11. Illegal Power - 12. Subversion - 13. Misrule - 14. Subjugation - 15. Deception - 16. Defeasances - 17. Torture - 18. Concealment - 19. Extortion - 20. Lying - 21. Brain Control - 22. Brainwashing - 23. Propaganda - 24. Cover-Up - 25. Dictatorship - 26. Disempowerment - 27. Abuse - 28. Harassment - 29. Spying - 30. Land Confiscation - 31. Intrusion - 32. Collusion - 33. Unequal Treatment - 34. Killing - 35. Health Threats - 36. Vote Fraud - 37. Controlling - 38. Oppression - 39. Criminalizing - 40. Intimidation - 41. Tampering - 42. Injustice - 43. Indebtedness - 44. Manipulation - 45. Debasing Money - 46. Power Peddling - 47. Corruption - 48. Forfeiture - 49. Unresponsiveness - 50. Diminishing Truth - 51. Bureaucracy - 52. Mismanagement - 53. Welfarism - 54. Competence - 55. Immorality - 56. Disarming

Please go at the URL above to access to links to each of these "grievances"

Here is a sample:

From: http://www.globalvisions.org/cl/swn/grievances/01-imbalance.html

Grievance 1 - Imbalance

The U.S. Constitution established a form of government that gave direct governing power to a small minority over the American people at-large. Power was structured from top-down, as opposed to the taxpayers who financed it from the bottom-up, an oligarchical system that favored influential money interests and leaned toward elitism.

This, despite the words of one of the nation's most quoted founders, Thomas Jefferson;

"I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society but the people themselves."

And further...

"...if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise control with a wholesome direction, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion."

But the power to enact or repeal the laws of American society was not vested in the people. Rather, it was constitutionally reserved to power-holders, and secrecy in government became commonplace for lack of specific constraint.

The general population was disempowered from directly initiating and voting for change in the Constitution by Article V, which placed the determination of Amendments in the hands of federal and state politicians only;

"The Congress, whenever two-thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two-thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments." Neither could Americans at-large initiate a direct popular vote on proposed laws. By contrast, Californians could directly initiate general voting on statutes as well as their State Constitution; Section 8. (b)

"An initiative may be proposed to the Secretary of State that sets forth the text of the proposed statute or amendment to the Constitution and is certified to have been signed by electors..."

Americans were further disempowered by having no provision in the U.S. Constitution that provided for Congress to submit proposed statutes to a vote of the people at-large as by referendums.

The imbalance of national power resulted in an imbalance in U.S. principles, policies and programs, domestic and international. Rather than reflecting the majority of Americans at-large, they most frequently carried out the desires of minority money interests, which often were not the popular will, as these Grievances show to a candid world;

"The chance of baking a good cake in a faulty oven is slim."

Dollars & cents held greater power than common sense. Americans at-large had no direct voice in the U.S. liberal-conservative insiders alignment referred to in Bill Kauffman's book "America First" (1995);

"Henceforth, the armed forces...are to plant, with trowel and bayonet, the seeds of capitalist democracy in all the countries of the world, even those whose native customs are inimical to Western Democracy."

Nor did Americans at-large have a balance of power regarding such huge expenditures of their tax dollars as $4.5 billion for a single nuclear-powered Navy aircraft carrier, that common sense said had more to do with profiting defense industries than in defending the nation.

By the end of the 20th century, lawmaking for 260 million Americans, and influence over much of the world, was in the hands of 535 politicians in Congress, and defacto lawmaking, with powers of life and death over much of the world, was in the hands of a single politician, the President. All were easy centralized targets for controllers and manipulators of government power through elections and lobbying.

Due to constitutional vagueness and ambiguity, the power of the President slowly grew to the point where social commentator Dr. Laura Schlessinger, reacting to sexual improprieties of Bill Clinton, called for a role model in the office;

"How naive not to imagine or realize that the quality of a persons character is, in addition to his intellect and experience, necessary for the proper fulfillment for those tasks."

A federal judge found Clinton "in contempt of court for intentionally false" testimony, but there was no constitutional means for the people at-large to directly remove him short of a four-year term. There was no constitutional provision for a "recall" election.

By extension of unbalanced power, the U.S. government was instrumental in creating such powerful unelected bodies as the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization, non of which offered even a pretense of democratic processes in decision-making.

Centralization of power in the U.S. government represented the opposite philosophy of Individuality;

"The truly civilized government is that which is balanced by individual franchise."

George Mason University Professor and newspaper columnist Walter E. Williams noted a practical consideration;

"The bulk of knowledge and information to conduct our lives is held locally among millions of individuals, not centrally among bureaucrats."

Top-down governing power by a relatively small number of politicians and money interests was tantamount to bondage for everybody else, and the Constitution locked out Americans at-large from correcting the injustice directly.

With an AUTHENTIC CONSTITUTION in harmony with the natural Cosmic Laws of the universe, and producing High Moral Values and Democratic Ideals, equal opportunity of all individuals to vote directly on U.S. government principles, policies and programs is guaranteed for a balance of power.

For More Info contact Triaka at CosmicLaws@webtv.net


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