September 3, 2007

The Writing on the Wall Series #53: On The Brink of Hell - "We're going to hit Iran, big time..."

Hello everysoul!

All the evidence is in and it does not look pretty. The Bush Cabal is on the verge of committing the worst atrocity and crime against humanity ever committed and it is not hyperbole to say that if there is not quickly a vast uprising to dethrone those who came to power through electoral trickery and who used power only to further enrich themselves and their friends, while laying waste to much that we hold for sacred, then Hitler, Staline and Pol Pot will soon look like the kindergarten variety of despicable despots.

I know it is not spiritually correct to utter such dire warnings but, believe me, we are well past the time of tiptoing-around-the-truth niceties. We can get and we do get considerable assistance from beyond and above, but this can only go so far unless it cancels and detracts from our own freewill. We bear a direct responsibility towards countless future generations and zillions of souls throughout the universe who are watching what goes on here, wondering if we will pass the test this time—or fail again—to uphold the LIGHT and help MAKE the Light prevail, through peaceful, Love-driven means. The Mahatma Gandhi has shown us that it is possible to free a nation from the yoke of an oppressor without resorting to the same violent means used by the oppressor in the first place.

We can rise as millions of Gandhis and contribute to set this world on track to a brighter future for all.

The question is: "Are we going to hear the Call from Within?"...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Former prominent Republican U.S. Congressman and CIA official Bob Barr stated that the U.S. is close to becoming a totalitarian society and that the current administration is using fear to try to ensure that this happens. Current Republican U.S. Congressman Ron Paul stated that the government "is determined to have martial law." He also said a contrived "Gulf of Tonkin-type incident may occur to gain popular support for an attack on Iran." Former National Security Adviser Brzezinski told the Senate that a terrorist act might be carried out in the U.S. and falsely blamed on Iran to justify war against that nation. (...) General Tommy Franks stated that if another terrorist attack occurs in the United States "the Constitution will likely be discarded in favor of a military form of government." Daniel Ellsberg, the famous Pentagon Papers whistleblower, said "if there is another terror attack, I believe the president will get what he wants. And what he wants is a new Patriot Act, one that will make the current Patriot Act look like the Bill of Rights." Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter stated before the Iraq war started that there were no weapons of mass destruction. He is now saying that he would not rule out staged government terror by the U.S. government. And British Parliament Member George Galloway stated that "there is a very real danger" that the American government will stage a false flag terror attack in order to justify war against Iran and to gain complete control domestically. The abundance of reliable information in this essay suggests that not only has the U.S. in the past conducted false flag operations, but there is a possibility that 9/11 involved some element of this deceipt, and a future false flag operation cannot be ruled out. Let us spread this news to all who care so that we might build the critical mass necessary to stop these secret operations and work together for a more caring civil society."

— Taken from False Flag Operations: A Clear and Present Danger

"I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent."

Mahatma Gandhi -- Indian political and spiritual leader (1869 - 1948) - More quotes from Gandhi through


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How we got George Bush (11 minutes - MUST SEE!)
It's no secret - the election was a fraud - George Bush has shredded the Constitution; bankrupted the country; blackened our reputation as a people; and lied us into an illegal, immoral, self-destructive military operation in Iraq. And he was never elected president. Not in 2000. Not in 2004. And the news media, Congress, and the Democratic Party have never even attempted to do anything about it. If you're living in America, that's the kind of country you're living in now. It's not a question of when or if we'll lose our democracy, it's been gone a long time. The only question is what we're going to do to get it back. [Here's a computer programmer - under oath before a Florida legislature hearing - recounting how he was asked to create a computer system to create fraudulent election results by a Florida Republican party leader before the 2000 election.]

Greece in Flames,29307,1656780_1436159,00.html

Cappuccino Coast: The day the Pacific was whipped up into an ocean of froth (August 28, 2007) !!!
It was as if someone had poured tons of coffee and milk into the ocean, then switched on a giant blender. Suddenly the shoreline north of Sydney were transformed into the Cappuccino Coast.Foam swallowed an entire beach and half the nearby buildings, including the local lifeguards' centre, in a freak display of nature at Yamba in New South Wales.One minute a group of teenage surfers were waiting to catch a wave, the next they were swallowed up in a giant bubble bath. The foam was so light that they could puff it out of their hands and watch it float away. It stretched for 30 miles out into the Pacific in a phenomenon not seen at the beach for more than three decades. CLIP

Crop Circle Alphabet

The World's Wackiest Holidays,29307,1646854_1416425,00.html


Cancer in Iraq Vets Points to Toxic Exposure
The Arizona Daily Star is reporting there are many soldiers returning from Iraq with cancer. Carla McClain writes: "The prime suspect in all this, in the minds of many victims - and some scientists - is what's known as depleted uranium - the radioactive chemical prized by the military for its ability to penetrate armored vehicles. When munitions explode, the substance hits the air as fine dust, easily inhaled."

Civilian Death Toll in Iraq Climbs
Reuters reports that "civilian deaths from violence in Iraq rose in August, with 1,773 people killed, government data showed on Saturday, just days before the US Congress gets a slew of reports on President George W. Bush's war strategy. The civilian death toll was up seven percent from 1,653 people killed in July, according to figures from various ministries."

USA equipping a private army in preparation for an invasion of Venezuela (August 29, 2007)
(...) For months, military supply chiefs in Iraq have been screaming for replacement parts, weapons, ammo and vehicles with little being received. We are told it went to South America.Someone is building and equipping a private Army in South America and we get to pay for it. Congress knows nothing about this.It looks like preparation for an invasion of Venezuela, if we had to take a guess. There are close to 100 criminal investigations going on involving the purchase and delivery of billions of dollars of weapons, supplies and other material to Iraqi and US Forces in Iraq. This is the largest ring of fraud and kickbacks uncovered yet.$40 billion in supplies have gone missing. Our top military brass is a disgrace.

Civilian Prisons Coming Soon to U.S. Army Base Near You !
The U.S. Army is authorized to create civilian prison labor camps on military installations, according to a little-noticed regulation. The camps are allowed if the request comes from the Federal Bureau of Prisons or state corrections facilities under leasing requirements defined by federal law. WND's discovery of the regulation comes shortly after Bush administration directives expanding presidential powers during an emergency. The Army prison camp policy is defined in Army Regulation 210-35, entitled "Installations: Civilian Inmate Labor Camps," signed Feb. 14, 2005, by Sandra R. Riley, then-administrative assistant to the secretary of the Army. The regulation revises an earlier civilian inmate labor camp regulation signed Dec. 9, 1997, under the Clinton administration. Ned Christensen, spokesman for the U.S. Army Installation Management Command, confirmed to WND the 2005 version of Army Regulation 210-35 is currently valid and fully operative... Nothing GLP'ers didn't know, but very interesting to see on a more-or-less MSM site.

US Most Armed Country With 90 Guns Per 100 People
Laura MacInnis reports for Reuters: "The United States has 90 guns for every 100 citizens, making it the most heavily armed society in the world, a report released on Tuesday said. US citizens own 270 million of the world's 875 million known firearms, according to the Small Arms Survey 2007 by the Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International Studies."

More Evidence HIV Was Made At Ft. Detrick (6-2-7)
(...) Although the focus of my report was why the Bio-Warfare Labs should be closed, the issue of the HIV virus developed by the Ft. Detrick lab formed about 18 pages of my report. At the time I wrote that report, the vaccine for HIV that had been developed in 6 months of work, had already been used by the Cabal since 1983. It was a crime against humanity that the virus was unleashed on the world, and it continues to be a crime that the vaccine has been kept secret and for private use only. Meanwhile, the outer research to get to a vaccine is an exercise in how not to arrive at a solution before millions more die. The initial "hopes" for HIV per its designers was to be able to walk into Africa and take the resources from a ghost continent. They had hyped it as killing everyone there within a year, in their pre-release reports. The research at the Labs addressed the fastest way to make vaccines to Bio-warfare agents, both in labs, at a front, and impromptu on a battlefield. That was a pressing concern and one that was researched using millions and millions of dollars. CLIP

What is the Mayors for Peace?
In August 1945, atomic bombs instantaneously reduced the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to rubble, taking hundreds of thousands of precious lives. Today, more than fifty years after the war, thousands of citizens still suffer the devastating aftereffects of radiation and unfathomable emotional pain. To prevent any repetition of the A-bomb tragedy, the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have continually sought to tell the world about the inhumane cruelty of nuclear weapons and have consistently urged that nuclear weapons be abolished. On June 24, 1982, at the 2nd UN Special Session on Disarmament held at UN Headquarters in New York, then Mayor Takeshi Araki of Hiroshima proposed a new Program to Promote the Solidarity of Cities toward the Total Abolition of Nuclear Weapons. This proposal offered cities a way to transcend national borders and work together to press for nuclear abolition. Subsequently, the mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki called on mayors around the world to support this program.The Mayors for Peace is composed of cities around the world that have formally expressed support for the program Mayor Araki announced in 1982. As of August 30, 2007, membership stood at 1,732 cities in 122 countries and regions. In March 1990, the Mayors Conference was officially registered as a UN NGO related to the Department of Public Information. In May 1991, it became a Category II NGO(currently called a NGO in "Special Consultative Status") registered with the Economic and Social Council.

Two Catholic Priests Arrested Protesting Torture Training at Ft. Huachuca, AZ
Jesuit Fr. Steve Kelly and Franciscan Fr. Louis Vitale were arrested as they approached the Fort Huachuca gatehouse on November 19, 2006, as they sought entry to speak with enlisted personnel and deliver a letter denouncing torture (see letter here) and the Military Commissions Act of 2006 to Major General Barbara Fast, commander at the post and a key figure in the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq. When they were not allowed to pass, they knelt in prayer, and were soon arrested. They both received a federal citation for trespass and were released a couple of hours later.More than 120 people, from Arizona, New Mexico, California and Mexico, gathered that day outside Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona to protest military intelligence training there that fosters torture.The demonstration took place in conjunction with the annual vigil at Fort Benning, Georgia (see coverage here), calling for closing the infamous School of the Americas (now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation). Dozens of Latin American military leaders who trained at the "School of Assassins" have since been convicted of torture, murder, and other heinous crimes in their own countries. CLIP

Leading lender likens US credit crisis to Great Depression
The US financial industry displayed fresh signs of distress from the credit crunch afflicting global money markets yesterday, with one mortgage provider describing lending conditions as the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Did the White House Rig the Stock Market?
"All of a sudden, around 2:00 or 3:00 some buyers stepped in and started buying up everything in sight. Before long it was 4:00 and the Dow was in positive territory. Who was the mysterious buyer? Perhaps it was the Plunge Protection Team averting a financial disaster.

In case you missed it: Plunge Protection Team
The chairman of the New York Stock Exchange has called the White House chief of staff and asked permission to close the world's most important stock market. By law, only the president can authorize a shutdown of U.S. financial markets.

ENERGY: Billions Up in Flames as Oil Firms Burn Gas
WASHINGTON, Aug 31 (IPS) - Energy producers waste about 40 billion dollars every year by burning off gas released at oil fields, says a new study commissioned by the World Bank.The practice, known as flaring, also hastens climate change by spewing some 400 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, says the study, billed as the first global survey supported by photos taken from satellites in space. Scientists say carbon dioxide and other so-called greenhouse gases are mainly responsible for changes in global climate that are resulting in increasingly frequent and intense natural disasters and the spread to temperate regions of diseases once found only in the tropics. The report, commissioned by the World Bank and conducted by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, estimates that last year, 5.5 percent of global gas production, or 27 percent of U.S. consumption, was lost to flaring. "If the gas had been sold in the United States instead of being flared, the total U.S. market value would have been about 40 billion dollars," according to the study. Bent Svensson, manager of the World Bank's gas flaring reduction partnership with energy producing countries and companies, decried the waste. "Gas flaring not only harms the environment by contributing to global warming but is a huge waste of a cleaner source of energy that could be used to generate much needed electricity in poor countries around the world," said Svensson. "In Africa alone about 40 billion cubic metres of gas are burned every year, which if put to use could generate half of the electricity needed in that continent," Svensson added. CLIP

US Appeals Court Overturns Whale-Protecting Ban on Sonar
According to Agence France-Presse, "An appeals court overturned Friday a ban on the US navy's use of sonar in upcoming training exercises off California that was aimed at protecting whales disturbed by the subsea emissions."

DNA is influenced by words and frequencies (2007-08-23)
The human DNA is a biological Internet and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. The latest Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light, auras around people, namely spiritual masters, the minds influence on weather patterns and much more. In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes. Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered "junk DNA. The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore those 90% of "junk DNA". Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary! According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication. CLIP

Omega-News Collection 25. August 2007

Omega-News Collection 1. September 2007


Forwarded by Mark Graffis (


"We Are Going To Hit Iran. Big time"

by Maccabee

September 01, 2007

I have a friend who is an LSO on a carrier attack group that is planning and staging a strike group deployment into the Gulf of Hormuz. (LSO: Landing Signal Officer- she directs carrier aircraft while landing) She told me we are going to attack Iran. She said that all the Air Operation Planning and Asset Tasking are finished. That means that all the targets have been chosen, prioritized, and tasked to specific aircraft, bases, carriers, missile cruisers and so forth.

I asked her why she is telling me this.

Her answer was really amazing.

Maccabee's diary

She started in the Marines and after 8 years her term was up. She had served on a smaller Marine carrier, and found out through a friend knew there was an opening for a junior grade LSO in a training position on a supercarrier. She used the reference and the information and applied for a transfer to the United States Navy. Since she had experience landing F-18Cs and Cobra Gunships, and an unblemished combat record, she was ratcheted into the job, successfully changing from the Marines to the Navy. Her role is still aligned with the Marines since she generally is assigned to liaison with the Marine units deploying off her carrier group.

Like most Marines and former Marines, she is largely apolitical. The fact is, most Marines are trigger pullers and most trigger pullers could care less who the President is. They simply want to be the tip of the sword when it comes to defending the country. She voted once in her life and otherwise was always in some forward post on the water during election season.

Something is wrong with the Navy and the Marines in her view. Always ready to go in harms way, Marines rarely ever question unless it’s a matter of tactics or honor. But something seems awry. Junior and senior officers are starting to grumble, roll their eyes in the hallways. The strain of deployments is beginning to hit every jot and tittle of the Marines and it’s beginning to seep into the daily conversation of Marines and Naval officers in command decision.

"I know this will sound crazy coming from a Naval officer", she said. "But we’re all just waiting for this administration to end. Things that happen at the senior officer level seem more and more to happen outside of the purview of XOs and other officers who typically have a say-so in daily combat and flight operations. Today, orders just come down from the mountaintop and there’s no questioning. In fact, there is no discussing it.  I have seen more than one senior commander disappear and then three weeks later we find out that he has been replaced. That’s really weird. It’s also really weird because everyone who has disappeared has questioned whether or not we should be staging a massive attack on Iran."

"We’re not stupid. Most of the members of the fleet read well enough to know what is going on world-wise. We also realize that anyone who has any doubts is in danger of having a long military career yanked out from under them. Keep in mind that most of the people I serve with are happy to be a part of the global war on terror. It’s just that the touch points are what we see since we are the ones out here who are supposedly implementing this grand strategy. But when you liaison with administration officials who don’t know that Iranians don’t speak Arabic and have no idea what Iranians live like, then you start having second thoughts about whether these Administration officials are even competent."

I asked her about the attack, how limited and so forth.

"I don’t think it’s limited at all. We are shipping in and assigning every damn Tomahawk we have in inventory. I think this is going to be massive and sudden, like thousands of targets. I believe that no American will know when it happens until after it happens. And whatever the consequences, whatever the consequences, they will have to be lived with. I am sure if my father knew I was telling someone in a news organization that we were about to launch a supposedly secret attack that it would be treason. But something inside me tells me to tell it anyway."

I asked her why she was suddenly so cynical.

"I have become cynical only recently. I also don’t believe anyone will be able to stop this. Bush has become something of an Emperor.  He will give the command, and cruise missiles will fly and aircraft will fly and people will die, and yet few of us here are really able to cobble together a great explanation of why this is a good idea. Of course many of us can give you the 4H Club lecture on democracy in the Mid East. But if you asked any of the flight officers whether they have a clear idea of what the goal of this strike is, your answer would sound like something out of a think tank policy paper. But it’s not like Kosovo or when we relieved the tsunami victims. There everyone could tell you in a sentence what we were here doing."

"That’s what’s missing. A real sense of purpose. What’s missing is the answer to what the hell are we doing out here threatening this country with all this power? Last night in the galley, an ensign asked what right do we have to tell a sovereign nation that they can’t build a nuke. I mean the table got EF Hutton quiet. Not so much because the man was asking a question that was off culture. But that he was asking a good question. In fact, the discussion actually followed afterwards topside where someone in our group had to smoke a cigarette. The discussion was intelligent but also in lowered voices. It’s like we aren’t allowed to ask the questions that we always ask before combat. It’s almost as if the average seaman or soldier is doing all the policy work."

She had to hang up. She left by telling me that she believes the attack is a done deal. "It’s only a matter of time before their orders come and they will be sent to station and told to go to Red Alert. She said they were already practicing traps, FARP and FAST." (Trapping is the act of catching the tension wires when landing on the carrier, FARP is Fleet Air Combat Maneuvering Readiness Program- practice dogfighting- and FAST is Fleet Air Superiority Training).

She seemed lost. The first time in my life I have ever heard her sound off rhythm, or unsure of why she is doing something. She knows that there is something rotten in the Naval Command and she, like many of her associates are just hoping that the election brings in someone new, some new situation, or something.

"Yes. We're gong to hit Iran, big time. Whatever political discussion that are going in is window dressing and perhaps even a red herring. I see what's going on below deck here in the hangars and weapons bays. And I have a sick feeling about how it's all going to turn out."


Forwarded by BILL DERAU ( on 26 Aug 2007

**** !!! URGENT !!! ****


Ivory Power "Blog Archive"-- Federal Reserve to meet @ COG facility


(The Federal Reserve is a private corporation, so what is a private corporation doing hiding in government hidey holes???) Why would the Fed Board of Governors decide to meet in such a place unless they KNOW something terribly huge is going to happen to the United States next month? This information on top of the stories below are unmistakable signals to us that something terrible is going to happen and the big shots already know it. . . . . .

Please spread the information on this web page along to every American so as many as possible know in advance that any "disaster" or "terrorist attack" or "economic collapse" was no surprise to our government. They clearly know something is going to happen and they are apparently going to let it happen. The only reason they would head into the COG is to hide from angry Americans.

Published 24 Aug 2007:



There are 65,000 contracts @ $750.00 for the SPX 700 calls for open interest. That controls 6.5 million shares at $750 = $4.5 Billion. Not a single trade. But quite a bit of $$ on a contract that is 700 points away from current value. No one would buy that deep "in the money" calls. No reason to. So if they were sold looks like someone betting on massive dislocation. Lots of very strange option activity that I haven't seen before.

The entity or individual offering these sales can only make money if the market drops 30%-50% within the next four weeks. If the market does NOT drop, the entity or individual involved stands to lose over $1 billion just for engaging in these contracts! Clearly, someone knows something big is going to happen BEFORE the options expire on Sept. 21.

THEORIES: The following theories are being discussed widely within the stock and options markets today regarding the enormous and very unusual activity reported above and two stories below. Those theories are:

1) A massive terrorist attack is going to take place before Sept. 21 to tank the markets, OR;
2) China, reeling over losing $10 Billion in bad loans to the sub-prime mortgage collapse presently taking place, is going to dump US currency and tank all of Capitalism with a Communist financial revolution.

Either scenario is bad and the clock is ticking. The drop-dead date of these contracts is September 21. Whatever is going to happen MUST take place between now and then or the folks involved in these contracts will lose over $1 billion for having engaged in this activity.


Forwarded by Kathleen Roberts (


Ann Wright and C. McKinney et al issue dire warning of false flag and/or attack on Iran

August 29, 2007

I'm assuming I won't get banned for this since I'm providing such a credible source; (especially since Paul Craig Roberts also issued a similar warning recently).

A group of former government officials along with current Congressional candidates, authors and activists has issued an urgent warning that a faction of the US government allied with Dick Cheney is planning to stage a terror event or provocation as a pretext for launching military attacks against Iran and implementing emergency powers in America.

Former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, along with former US Diplomat and Colonel in the US Army reserve Ann Wright have put their names to an open letter warning that massive evidence points to an upcoming event.

Current Congressional candidates Cindy Sheehan and Craig Hill are also among the signatories to the letter.

Here is the letter in full:

To hell with George W Bush's diary

To the American people, and to peace loving individuals everywhere:

"Massive evidence has come to our attention which shows that the backers, controllers, and allies of Vice President Dick Cheney are determined to orchestrate and manufacture a new 9/11 terror incident, and/or a new Gulf of Tonkin war provocation over the coming weeks and months. Such events would be used by the Bush administration as a pretext for launching an aggressive war against Iran, quite possibly with nuclear weapons, and for imposing a regime of martial law here in the United States. We call on the House of Representatives to proceed immediately to the impeachment of Cheney, as an urgent measure for avoiding a wider and more catastrophic war. Once impeachment has begun, it will be easier for loyal and patriotic military officers to refuse illegal orders coming from the Cheney faction. We solemnly warn the people of the world that any terrorist attack with weapons of mass destruction taking place inside the United States or elsewhere in the immediate future must be considered the prima facie responsibility of the Cheney faction. We urge responsible political leaders everywhere to begin at once to inoculate the public opinion of their countries against such a threatened false flag terror operation."-

(Signed) A Group of US Opposition Political Leaders Gathered in Protest at the Bush Compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, August 24-25, 2007

The letter was signed by the group at an anti war protest this weekend which saw four thousand march near the Bush family residence on Walker's Point in Kennebunkport.

The warning comes on the heels of a spate of recent news stories and reports indicating that "chatter" about a terror event is at an all time high.

Further evidence that some form of event is imminent has emerged with strange stock market activity occurring just as did in the weeks and days preceding 9/11.

A mystery trader risks losing around $1 billion dollars after placing 245,000 put options on the Dow Jones Eurostoxx 50 index, leading many analysts to speculate that a stock market crash preceded by a new 9/11 style catastrophe could take place within the next month.

The Kennebunkport group have demanded the immediate impeachment of Dick Cheney in order to prevent any such activities coming to fruition.


Related articles:

Do We Have the Courage to Stop War With Iran?
Ray McGovern, writing for Truthout, says that Americans must begin organizing against a war with Iran that Bush and Cheney are already planning: "It is going to happen, folks, unless we put our lawn chairs away on Tuesday, take part in some serious grass-roots organizing, and take action to prevent a wider war - while we still can."

Cheney & Iran: Here We Go Again? (August 30, 2007)
Barnett Rubin relays a message from a well-connected friend in Washington on the Cheney Administration's plans to roll out a military confrontation with Iran in September. He writes at the Global Affairs blog:" My friend had spoken to someone in one of the leading neo-conservative institutions. He summarized what he was told this way: They [the source's institution] have "instructions" (yes, that was the word used) from the Office of the Vice-President to roll out a campaign for war with Iran in the week after Labor Day; it will be coordinated with the American Enterprise Institute, the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, Commentary, Fox, and the usual suspects. It will be heavy sustained assault on the airwaves, designed to knock public sentiment into a position from which a war can be maintained. Evidently they don't think they'll ever get majority support for this--they want something like 35-40 percent support, which in their book is "plenty." Of course I cannot verify this report. But besides all the other pieces of information about this circulating, I heard last week from a former U.S. government contractor. According to this friend, someone in the Department of Defense called, asking for cost estimates for a model for reconstruction in Asia. The former contractor finally concluded that the model was intended for Iran."

Cheney urging strikes on Iran (August 9, 2007)
WASHINGTON — President Bush charged Thursday that Iran continues to arm and train insurgents who are killing U.S. soldiers in Iraq, and he threatened action if that continues. At a news conference Thursday, Bush said Iran had been warned of unspecified consequences if it continued its alleged support for anti-American forces in Iraq. U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker had conveyed the warning in meetings with his Iranian counterpart in Baghdad, the president said.Bush wasn't specific, and a State Department official refused to elaborate on the warning. Behind the scenes, however, the president's top aides have been engaged in an intensive internal debate over how to respond to Iran's support for Shiite Muslim groups in Iraq and its nuclear program. Vice President Dick Cheney several weeks ago proposed launching airstrikes at suspected training camps in Iran run by the Quds force, a special unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to two U.S. officials who are involved in Iran policy. The debate has been accompanied by a growing drumbeat of allegations about Iranian meddling in Iraq from U.S. military officers, administration officials and administration allies outside government and in the news media. It isn't clear whether the media campaign is intended to build support for limited military action against Iran, to pressure the Iranians to curb their support for Shiite groups in Iraq or both. Nor is it clear from the evidence the administration has presented whether Iran, which has long-standing ties to several Iraqi Shiite groups, including the Mahdi Army of radical cleric Muqtada al Sadr and the Badr Organization, which is allied with the U.S.-backed government of Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki, is a major cause of the anti-American and sectarian violence in Iraq or merely one of many. At other times, administration officials have blamed the Sunni Muslim group al Qaida in Iraq for much of the violence. For now, however, the president appears to have settled on a policy of stepped-up military operations in Iraq aimed at the suspected Iranian networks there, combined with direct American-Iranian talks in Baghdad to try to persuade Tehran to halt its alleged meddling. The U.S. military launched one such raid Wednesday in Baghdad's predominantly Shiite Sadr City district. But so far that course has failed to halt what American military officials say is a flow of sophisticated roadside bombs, known as explosively formed penetrators, into Iraq. Last month they accounted for a third of the combat deaths among U.S.-led forces, according to the military. Cheney, who's long been skeptical of diplomacy with Iran, argued for military action if hard new evidence emerges of Iran's complicity in supporting anti-American forces in Iraq; for example, catching a truckload of fighters or weapons crossing into Iraq from Iran, one official said.The two officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to talk publicly about internal government deliberations. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice opposes this idea, the officials said. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has stated publicly that "we think we can handle this inside the borders of Iraq." Lea Anne McBride, a Cheney spokeswoman, said only that "the vice president is right where the president is" on Iran policy. Bush left no doubt at his news conference that he intended to get tough with Iran. CLIP

This Woman Is Crazy! Hillary Clinton Is Willing to Nuke Iran (MUST SEE!)
1959- The US gives Iran a 5-megawatt nuclear reactor which became operational in 1967Iran signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in 1968 and ratified it in 1970.The Islamic Revolution in 1979 saw the overthrow of a CIA back Dictatorship-The ShahIsrael, a nuclear state, has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. By NOT declaring nuclear capabilities, Israel doesn't have to let inspectors in!The Iranians took their own country back, to escape Britain and US control of their oil. And to rid themselves of a brutal dictatorship!Iran isn't a threat to the US, nor is Iran a threat to Israel!It's the US and Israel that has been threatening Iran!Hillary Clinton is Pro-Nuclear-War!She must be STOPPED!!!

Are We 'Good Germans'?
Bush wants our always-accommodating Congress, Democrats and Republicans, to declare a part of Iran's military as "terrorists." This will enable him to attack Iran without Congressional authorization.

U.S. Obsessed With Using Force By Reason
SINCE the United States assumed global leadership from Britain at the end of the Second World War; when it emerged as the biggest beneficiary of the war, a development that saw it declare the era of "the American century", Washington has been obsessed with using force to thwart small countries.



Study: US preparing 'massive' military attack against Iran

Larisa Alexandrovna and Muriel Kane

August 28, 2007

The United States has the capacity for and may be prepared to launch without warning a massive assault on Iranian uranium enrichment facilities, as well as government buildings and infrastructure, using long-range bombers and missiles, according to a new analysis.

The paper, "Considering a war with Iran: A discussion paper on WMD in the Middle East" – written by well-respected British scholar and arms expert Dr. Dan Plesch, Director of the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London, and Martin Butcher, a former Director of the British American Security Information Council (BASIC) and former adviser to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament – was exclusively provided to RAW STORY late Friday under embargo.

"We wrote the report partly as we were surprised that this sort of quite elementary analysis had not been produced by the many well resourced Institutes in the United States," wrote Plesch in an email to Raw Story on Tuesday.

Plesch and Butcher examine "what the military option might involve if it were picked up off the table and put into action" and conclude that based on open source analysis and their own assessments, the US has prepared its military for a "massive" attack against Iran, requiring little contingency planning and without a ground invasion.

The study concludes that the US has made military preparations to destroy Iran’s WMD, nuclear energy, regime, armed forces, state apparatus and economic infrastructure within days if not hours of President George W. Bush giving the order. The US is not publicising the scale of these preparations to deter Iran, tending to make confrontation more likely. The US retains the option of avoiding war, but using its forces as part of an overall strategy of shaping Iran’s actions.

- Any attack is likely to be on a massive multi-front scale but avoiding a ground invasion. Attacks focused on WMD facilities would leave Iran too many retaliatory options, leave President Bush open to the charge of using too little force and leave the regime intact.

- US bombers and long range missiles are ready today to destroy 10,000 targets in Iran in a few hours.

- US ground, air and marine forces already in the Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan can devastate Iranian forces, the regime and the state at short notice.

- Some form of low level US and possibly UK military action as well as armed popular resistance appear underway inside the Iranian provinces or ethnic areas of the Azeri, Balujistan, Kurdistan and Khuzestan. Iran was unable to prevent sabotage of its offshore-to-shore crude oil pipelines in 2005.

- Nuclear weapons are ready, but most unlikely, to be used by the US, the UK and Israel. The human, political and environmental effects would be devastating, while their military value is limited.

- Israel is determined to prevent Iran acquiring nuclear weapons yet has the conventional military capability only to wound Iran’s WMD programmes.

- The attitude of the UK is uncertain, with the Brown government and public opinion opposed psychologically to more war, yet, were Brown to support an attack he would probably carry a vote in Parliament. The UK is adamant that Iran must not acquire the bomb.

When asked why the paper seems to indicate a certainty of Iranian WMD, Plesch made clear that "our paper is not, repeat not, about what Iran actually has or not." Yet, he added that "Iran certainly has missiles and probably some chemical capability."

Most significantly, Plesch and Butcher dispute conventional wisdom that any US attack on Iran would be confined to its nuclear sites. Instead, they foresee a "full-spectrum approach," designed to either instigate an overthrow of the government or reduce Iran to the status of "a weak or failed state." Although they acknowledge potential risks and impediments that might deter the Bush administration from carrying out such a massive attack, they also emphasize that the administration's National Security Strategy includes as a major goal the elimination of Iran as a regional power. They suggest, therefore, that:

This wider form of air attack would be the most likely to delay the Iranian nuclear program for a sufficiently long period of time to meet the administration’s current counter-proliferation goals. It would also be consistent with the possible goal of employing military action is to overthrow the current Iranian government, since it would severely degrade the capability of the Iranian military (in particular revolutionary guards units and other ultra-loyalists) to keep armed opposition and separatist movements under control. It would also achieve the US objective of neutralizing Iran as a power in the region for many years to come.

However, it is the option that contains the greatest risk of increased global tension and hatred of the United States. The US would have few, if any allies for such a mission beyond Israel (and possibly the UK). Once undertaken, the imperatives for success would be enormous.

Butcher says he does not believe the US would use nuclear weapons, with some exceptions.

"My opinion is that [nuclear weapons] wouldn't be used unless there was definite evidence that Iran has them too or is about to acquire them in a matter of days/weeks," notes Butcher. "However, the Natanz facility has been so hardened that to destroy it MAY require nuclear weapons, and once an attack had started it may simply be a matter of following military logic and doctrine to full extent, which would call for the use of nukes if all other means failed."

Military Strategy

The bulk of the paper is devoted to a detailed analysis of specific military strategies for such an attack, of ongoing attempts to destabilize Iran by inciting its ethnic minorities, and of the considerations surrounding the possible employment of nuclear weapons.

In particular, Plesch and Butcher examine what is known as Global Strike – the capability to project military power from the United States to anywhere in the world, which was announced by STRATCOM as having initial operational capability in December 2005. It is that capacity that could provide strategic bombers and missiles to devastate Iran on just a few hours notice.

Iran has a weak air force and anti aircraft capability, almost all of it is 20-30 years old and it lacks modern integrated communications. Not only will these forces be rapidly destroyed by US air power, but Iranian ground and air forces will have to fight without protection from air attack.

British military sources stated on condition of anonymity, that "the US military switched its whole focus to Iran" from March 2003. It continued this focus even though it had infantry bogged down in fighting the insurgency in Iraq.

Global Strike could be combined with already-existing "regional operational plans for limited war with Iran, such as Oplan 1002-04, for an attack on the western province of Kuzhestan, or Oplan 1019 which deals with preventing Iran from closing the Straits of Hormuz, and therefore keeping open oil lanes vital to the US economy."

The Marines are not all tied down fighting in Iraq. Several Marine forces are assembling in the Gulf, each with its own aircraft carrier. These carrier forces can each conduct a version of the D-Day landings. They come with landing craft, tanks, jump-jets, thousands of troops and hundreds more cruise missiles. Their task is to destroy Iranian forces able to attack oil tankers and to secure oilfields and installations. They have trained for this mission since the Iranian revolution of 1979 as is indicated in this battle map of Hormuz illustrating an advert for combat training software.

Special Forces units – which are believed to already be operating within Iran – would be available to carry out search-and-destroy missions and incite internal uprisings, while US Army units in both Iraq and Afghanistan could mount air and missile attacks on Iranian forces, which are heavily concentrated along the Iran-Iraq border, as well as protecting their own supply lines within Iraq:

A key assessment in any war with Iran concerns Basra province and the Kuwait border. It is likely that Iran and its sympathizers could take control of population centres and interrupt oil supplies, if it was in their interest to do so. However it is unlikely that they could make any sustained effort against Kuwait or interrupt supply lines north from Kuwait to central Iraq. US firepower is simply too great for any Iranian conventional force.

Experts question the report's conclusions

Former CIA analyst and Deputy Director for Transportation Security, Antiterrorism Assistance Training, and Special Operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism, Larry Johnson, does not agree with the report’s findings.

"The report seems to accept without question that US air force and navy bombers could effectively destroy Iran and they seem to ignore the fact that US use of air power in Iraq has failed to destroy all major military, political, economic and transport capabilities," said Johnson late Monday after the embargo on the study had been lifted.

"But at least in their conclusions they still acknowledge that Iran, if attacked, would be able to retaliate. Yet they are vague in terms of detailing the extent of the damage that the Iran is capable of inflicting on the US and fairly assessing what those risks are."

There is also the situation of US soldiers in Iraq and the supply routes that would have to be protected to ensure that US forces had what they needed. Plesch explains that “"firepower is an effective means of securing supply routes during conventional war and in conventional war a higher loss rate is expected."

"However as we say do not assume that the Iraqi Shiia will rally to Tehran – the quietist Shiia tradition favoured by Sistani may regard itself as justified if imploding Iranian power can be argued to reduce US problems in Iraq, not increase them."

John Pike, Director of Global Security, a Washington-based military, intelligence, and security clearinghouse, says that the question of Iraq is the one issue at the center of any questions regarding Iran.

"The situation in Iraq is a wild card, though it may be presumed that Iran would mount attacks on the US at some remove, rather than upsetting the apple-cart in its own front yard," wrote Pike in an email.

Political Considerations

Plesch and Butcher write with concern about the political context within the United States:

This debate is bleeding over into the 2008 Presidential election, with evidence mounting that despite the public unpopularity of the war in Iraq, Iran is emerging as an issue over which Presidential candidates in both major American parties can show their strong national security bona fides. ...

The debate on how to deal with Iran is thus occurring in a political context in the US that is hard for those in Europe or the Middle East to understand. A context that may seem to some to be divorced from reality, but with the US ability to project military power across the globe, the reality of Washington DC is one that matters perhaps above all else. ...

We should not underestimate the Bush administration's ability to convince itself that an "Iran of the regions" will emerge from a post-rubble Iran. So, do not be in the least surprised if the United States attacks Iran. Timing is an open question, but it is hard to find convincing arguments that war will be avoided, or at least ones that are convincing in Washington.

Plesch and Butcher are also interested in the attitudes of the current UK government, which has carefully avoided revealing what its position might be in the case of an attack. They point out, however, "One key caution is that regardless of the realities of Iran’s programme, the British public and elite may simply refuse to participate – almost out of bloody minded revenge for the Iraq deceit."

And they conclude that even "if the attack is 'successful' and the US reasserts its global military dominance and reduces Iran to the status of an oil-rich failed state, then the risks to humanity in general and to the states of the Middle East are grave indeed."

Larisa Alexandrovna is managing editor of investigative news for Raw Story and regularly reports on intelligence and national security stories. Contact:

Muriel Kane is research director for Raw Story.



Pentagon ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran

Sarah Baxter, Washington -- September 2, 2007

THE Pentagon has drawn up plans for massive airstrikes against 1,200 targets in Iran, designed to annihilate the Iranians’ military capability in three days, according to a national security expert.

Alexis Debat, director of terrorism and national security at the Nixon Center, said last week that US military planners were not preparing for “pinprick strikes” against Iran’s nuclear facilities. “They’re about taking out the entire Iranian military,” he said.

Debat was speaking at a meeting organised by The National Interest, a conservative foreign policy journal. He told The Sunday Times that the US military had concluded: “Whether you go for pinprick strikes or all-out military action, the reaction from the Iranians will be the same.” It was, he added, a “very legitimate strategic calculus”.

President George Bush intensified the rhetoric against Iran last week, accusing Tehran of putting the Middle East “under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust”. He warned that the US and its allies would confront Iran “before it is too late”.

One Washington source said the “temperature was rising” inside the administration. Bush was “sending a message to a number of audiences”, he said to the Iranians and to members of the United Nations security council who are trying to weaken a tough third resolution on sanctions against Iran for flouting a UN ban on uranium enrichment.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) last week reported “significant” cooperation with Iran over its nuclear programme and said that uranium enrichment had slowed. Tehran has promised to answer most questions from the agency by November, but Washington fears it is stalling to prevent further sanctions. Iran continues to maintain it is merely developing civilian nuclear power.

Bush is committed for now to the diplomatic route but thinks Iran is moving towards acquiring a nuclear weapon. According to one well placed source, Washington believes it would be prudent to use rapid, overwhelming force, should military action become necessary.

Israel, which has warned it will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, has made its own preparations for airstrikes and is said to be ready to attack if the Americans back down.

Alireza Jafarzadeh, a spokesman for the National Council of Resistance of Iran, which uncovered the existence of Iran’s uranium enrichment plant at Natanz, said the IAEA was being strung along. “A number of nuclear sites have not even been visited by the IAEA,” he said. “They’re giving a clean bill of health to a regime that is known to have practised deception.”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, irritated the Bush administration last week by vowing to fill a “power vacuum” in Iraq. But Washington believes Iran is already fighting a proxy war with the Americans in Iraq.

The Institute for the Study of War last week released a report by Kimberly Kagan that explicitly uses the term “proxy war” and claims that with the Sunni insurgency and Al-Qaeda in Iraq “increasingly under control”, Iranian intervention is the “next major problem the coalition must tackle”.

Bush noted that the number of attacks on US bases and troops by Iranian-supplied munitions had increased in recent months “despite pledges by Iran to help stabilise the security situation in Iraq”.

It explains, in part, his lack of faith in diplomacy with the Iranians. But Debat believes the Pentagon’s plans for military action involve the use of so much force that they are unlikely to be used and would seriously stretch resources in Afghanistan and Iraq.


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Post Labor Day Product Rollout: War with Iran

August 29, 2007

On September 7, 2002, The New York Times White House correspondent Elizabeth Bushmiller treated readers to an explanation of how the Bush administration planned to sell the invasion of Iraq:

White House officials said today that the administration was following a meticulously planned strategy to persuade the public, the Congress and the allies of the need to confront the threat from Saddam Hussein.

The rollout of the strategy this week, they said, was planned long before President Bush's vacation in Texas last month. It was not hastily concocted, they insisted, after some prominent Republicans began to raise doubts about moving against Mr. Hussein and administration officials made contradictory statements about the need for weapons inspectors in Iraq.

The White House decided, they said, that even with the appearance of disarray it was still more advantageous to wait until after Labor Day to kick off their plan.

''From a marketing point of view,'' said Andrew H. Card Jr., the White House chief of staff who is coordinating the effort, ''you don't introduce new products in August.''

A centerpiece of the strategy, White House officials said, is to use Mr. Bush's speech on Sept. 11 to help move Americans toward support of action against Iraq, which could come early next year.

This September 11, we will have the reports from General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker, filtered through a White House drafted report.

I watched Vice-President Cheney's speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars on August 26, 2002, in the residence where I was staying in Kabul, Afghanistan. I heard Cheney deliver his famous falsehood:

The Iraqi regime has in fact been very busy enhancing its capabilities in the field of chemical and biological agents. And they continue to pursue the nuclear program they began so many years ago. These are not weapons for the purpose of defending Iraq; these are offensive weapons for the purpose of inflicting death on a massive scale, developed so that Saddam can hold the threat over the head of anyone he chooses, in his own region or beyond.

We know the results.

This year, on August 28, President Bush spoke to another veterans' group, the American Legion. He called Iran "the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism," whose "active pursuit of technology that could lead to nuclear weapons threatens to put a region already known for instability and violence under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust." He concluded:

Iran's actions threaten the security of nations everywhere. And that is why the United States is rallying friends and allies around the world to isolate the regime, to impose economic sanctions. We will confront this danger before it is too late.

But this apparently is just test marketing, like Cheney's 2002 speech. After all "from a marketing point of view, you don't introduce new products in August." Today I received a message from a friend who has excellent connections in Washington and whose information has often been prescient. According to this report, as in 2002, the rollout will start after Labor Day, with a big kickoff on September 11. My friend had spoken to someone in one of the leading neo-conservative institutions. He summarized what he was told this way:

They [the source's institution] have "instructions" (yes, that was the word used) from the Office of the Vice-President to roll out a campaign for war with Iran in the week after Labor Day; it will be coordinated with the American Enterprise Institute, the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, Commentary, Fox, and the usual suspects. It will be heavy sustained assault on the airwaves, designed to knock public sentiment into a position from which a war can be maintained. Evidently they don't think they'll ever get majority support for this--they want something like 35-40 percent support, which in their book is "plenty."

Of course I cannot verify this report. But besides all the other pieces of information about this circulating, I heard last week from a former U.S. government contractor. According to this friend, someone in the Department of Defense called, asking for cost estimates for a model for reconstruction in Asia. The former contractor finally concluded that the model was intended for Iran. This anecdote is also inconclusive, but it is consistent with the depth of planning that went into the reconstruction effort in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I hesitated before posting this. I don't want to spread alarmist rumors. I don't want to lessen the pressure on the Ahmadinejad government in Tehran. But there are too many signs of another irresponsible military adventure from the Cheney-Bush administration for me just to dismiss these reports. I am putting them into the public sphere in the hope of helping to mobilize opposition to a policy that would further doom the efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq and burden our country and the people of the Middle East with yet another unstoppable fountain of bloodshed.



The War Criminal in the Living Room

By Paul Craig Roberts

08/31/07 "ICH" -- -- The media is silent, Congress is absent, and Americans are distracted as George W. Bush openly prepares aggression against Iran.

US Navy aircraft carrier strike forces are deployed off Iran.

US Air Force jets and missile systems are deployed in bases in countries bordering or near to Iran.

US B-2 stealth bombers have been refitted to carry 30,000 pound “bunker buster” bombs.

The US government is financing terrorist and separatist groups within Iran.

US Special Forces teams are conducting terrorist operations inside Iran.

US war doctrine has been altered to permit first strike nuclear attack on Iran and other non-nuclear countries.

Bush’s war threats against Iran have intensified during the course of this year. The American people are being fed a repeat of the lies used to justify naked aggression against Iraq.

Bush is too self-righteous to see the dark humor in his denunciations of Iran for threatening “the security of nations everywhere” and of the Iraqi resistance for “a vision that rejects tolerance, crushes all dissent, and justifies the murder of innocent men, women, and children in the pursuit of political power.” Those are precisely the words that most of the world applies to Bush and his Brownshirt administration. The Pew Foundation’s world polls show that despite all the American and Israeli propaganda against Iran, the US and Israel are regarded as no less threats to world stability than demonized Iran.

Bush has discarded habeas corpus and the Geneva Conventions, justified torture and secret trials, damned critics as anti-American, and is responsible, according to Information Clearing House, for over one million deaths of Iraqi civilians, which puts Bush high on the list of mass murderers of all time. The vast majority of “kills” by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan are civilians.

Now Bush wants to murder more. We have to kill Iranians “over there,” Bush says, “before they come over here.” There is no possibility that Iranians or any Muslims who have no air force, no navy, no modern military technology are going to “come over here,” and no indication that they plan to do so. The Muslims are disunited and have been for centuries. That is what makes them vulnerable to colonial rule. If Muslims were united, the US would already have lost its army in Iraq. Indeed, it would not have been able to put an army in Iraq.

Meanwhile the US media focuses on whether Republican Senator Larry Craig is a homosexual or has offended gays by denying to be one of them. The run-up for the public’s attention is why a South Carolina beauty queen cannot answer a simple question about why her generation is unable to find the United States on a map.

The war criminal is in the living room, and no official notice is taken of the fact.

Lacking US troops with which to invade Iran, the Bush administration has decided to bomb Iran “back into the stone age.” Punishing air and missile attacks have been designed not merely to destroy Iran’s nuclear energy projects, but also to destroy the public infrastructure, the economy, and the ability of the government to function.

Encouraged by the indifference of both the American media and Christian churches to the massive casualties inflicted on Iraqi civilians, the Bush administration will not be deterred by the prospect of its air attacks inflicting massive casualties on Iranian civilians. Last summer the Bush administration demonstrated to the entire world its total disdain for Muslim life when Bush supported Israel’s month-long air attack on Lebanese civilian infrastructure and civilian residences. President Bush blocked the attempt by the rest of the world to halt the gratuitous murder of Lebanese civilians and infrastructure destruction. Clearly, turning the Muslim Middle East into a wasteland is the Bush policy. For Bush, civilian casualties are a non-issue. Hegemony uber alles.

The Bush administration has made its war plans for attacking Iraq and positioned its forces without any prior approval from Congress. The “unitary executive” obviously doesn’t believe that an attack on Iran requires the approval of Congress. By its absence and quietude, Congress seems to agree that it has no role in the decision.

In the improbable event that Congress were to make any fuss about Bush’s decision to attack yet another country, the State Department has devised legalistic cover: simply declare Iran’s military to be a “terrorist organization” and go to war under the cover of the existing resolution.

The “Iran issue” has been created by the Bush administration, not by Iran. Iran, like many other countries, has a nuclear energy program to which it is entitled as a signatory to the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty. Inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency have found no evidence of a nuclear weapons program in Iran.

The Bush administration has brushed away this fact, which should be determining, just as the Bush administration brushed away the fact that weapons inspectors reported, prior to Bush’s invasion of Iraq, that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

The Bush administration managed to disrupt the work of the pesky IAEA weapons inspectors in Iran. Iran has been working successfully with the IAEA and has achieved what a senior IAEA official recently described as a milestone agreement. The Bush administration instantly went to work to discredit the agreement and unleashed its new lapdog, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, to threaten “the bombing of Iran.”

The Bush administration’s position is legally untenable and is really nothing but a contrived excuse to start another war. Bush claims that Iran, alone among all the signatories of the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty, must be denied its right under the pact to develop nuclear energy, because Iran, along among all the other signatories, will be the only country able to deceive the IAEA inspectors and develop nuclear weapons. Therefore, Iran must be denied its rights under the agreement.

Bush’s position on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is as legally untenable as his position on every other issue--the Geneva Conventions, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, habeas corpus, the constitutional separation of powers, and presidential signing statements that he cavalierly attaches to new laws in order to override the legislative power of Congress. Bush’s position is that the meaning of laws and treaties varies with his needs of the moment.

Bush has declared himself to be the “decider.” The “decider” decides whether Americans have any rights under the Constitution and whether Iran has any rights under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. As the “decider” has decided that Iran has no such rights, the “decider” decides whether to attack Iran. No one else has any say about it. The people’s representatives are just so much chaff in the wind.

Whatever form of government Bush is operating under, it is far outside an accountable constitutional democratic government. Bush has transitioned America to caesarism, and even if Bush leaves office in January 2009, the powers he has accumulated in the executive will remain. Unless Bush and Cheney are impeached and convicted, there is no prospect of the US Congress and federal judiciary ever again being co-equal branches of government.


Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.


NOTE from Jean: Someone sent me this below with the following intro note: "I stumbled across this piece a few days ago and I offer it to you for your contemplation. Its value is in its portrayal of the Big Picture, ie the powers that control us, how they have acquired control over us, how they actually control us, a projection of where their agenda of control is leading, the methods by which they will tighten their control over us in the future, and finally how we can prevent ourselves from becoming victims of planetary elite control."

It is worthy your attention....


Also from:

Blueprint for a Prison Planet

(The Plan to Microchip Humanity...and why you won't believe it)

Published by Nick Sandberg
PO Box 32880, London, N1 9TH.

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Part One - The World Outside

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"Meanwhile we shall express our darker purpose" - King Lear, Act 1:Sc1.

The purpose of this piece is to introduce the reader to the possibility that much of what we typically believe about our world, notably its history and its political structure, may be some distance from the truth. In writing it is not my intention to reveal some vast, secret government or destiny, but simply to allow interested readers to indulge themselves in the exercise of re-evaluating just what is going on around us. Whether or not anyone chooses to believe the scenario portrayed is entirely up to him or her. I make no categorical statements about "how the world is" because our interpretation of our world and the events of our lives is ultimately an entirely subjective experience.

In presenting this alternative interpretation of our world, I have simply gone straight into the "conspiracy theory" version of history with scant regard for quite viable alternative explanations for much of what has happened in recent years. Put simply, I have for the purpose of this exercise quite deliberately selected the most negative explanation or outcome for any series of events portrayed. If the reader finds following this piece stressful, then I advise him or her to always keep in mind that there are many other ways of looking at our world and, even if the "worst-case scenario" were true, then simply recognizing the problem would quickly bring about its reversal.

Nick Sandberg, Feb 2001


This piece is split into four sections. The first section consists of a basic overview of our recent history and possible destiny from the perspective of an increasingly popular "conspiracy theory." The second looks at the means by which such a plan might be being kept from our awareness. The third examines some basic concepts that can be put to use in the manipulation of large population groups. And the fourth looks at what believers or concerned citizens might do to hijack this process.

People from a wide variety of backgrounds are increasingly willing to take seriously the notion that much of what we are taught of our history is some distance from the truth. In accordance with classic "conspiracy theory" beliefs, they believe that the degree of randomness ascribed to much of what has happened in the last few centuries is excessive, and that, behind the scenes, a coherent negative force is manipulating the events of our lives for its own ends.

It is believed that there exists an "elite cabal" at the apex of banking and industry, operating through government and the media, and controlling our political, social and personal lives to ever-increasing degrees. This elite group has been pursuing its ambitions for centuries and is operating to an agenda entirely not in our interest. It has ruthlessly manipulated the political landscape via the strategic destabilization and reorganization of nation states; and its ultimate objective is to take the incredibly diverse range of human cultures once existing on Earth and slowly mould them into a single, homogenized trading and consuming block under their centralized control.

The principal means by which it is believed this group is seeking to do this is via the expansion of their own developmental prototype for world culture - America; a set of cultural values that is systematically being expanded across the world, progressively eliminating a wealth of ancient peoples and beliefs, and leaving in their place a standardized, consumerist stereotype.

The ultimate goal of this proposed elite group is to bring about a single global marketplace, controlled by a world government, policed by a world army, financially regulated by a world bank via a single global currency, and populated by a microchipped population connected to a global computer, a computer that both monitors and updates our personal location and financial status, and regulates our emotional state via transmitted electrical signals - technology that already exists.

This ambition of thus rendering the Earth a "prison planet" - a self-contained, interactive social structure under total centralized control - is chiefly being pursued via activities in two areas - commerce and culture. In "commerce," the elite group have created the corporations, the vehicles for the planet's enslavement, and in "culture," the elite group have created both the drivers and passengers of those vehicles - us.

The historical roots of this "elite group" stretch back into the mists of time. But the development of the modern banking system in Middle Ages Europe provides a useful starting point for a look at their activities. The reader should note that, in describing the activities of this proposed elite cabal, I have had to give them a name, that name usually being simply "the elite."

Part One - The World Outside

A Brief History of Banking

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws" - Amshall Rothschild

In the recent era, the story of "the elite" commences with the development of the modern banking system in Middle Ages Europe. At that time, disposable wealth was usually held in the form of gold or silver bullion. For safety, such assets were kept in the safe of the local goldsmith, he usually being the only individual who had a vault on his premises. The goldsmith would issue a receipt for the deposit and, to undertake financial transactions, the buyer would withdraw his gold and give it to the seller, who would then deposit it again, frequently with the same goldsmith. As this was a time-consuming process, it became common practice for people to simply exchange smiths' receipts when conducting financial transactions. As time passed, the goldsmiths began to issue receipts for specific values of gold, making buying and selling easier still. The smiths' receipts thus became the first banknotes.

The goldsmiths, now fledgling bankers, noticed that at any one time only a small proportion of the gold held with them was being withdrawn. So they hit upon the idea of issuing more of the receipt notes themselves, notes that did not refer to any actual deposited wealth. By giving these receipts to people seeking capital, in the form of loans, the goldsmiths could use the money deposited with them by others to make money for themselves. It was found that, for every unit of gold held by the goldsmith, ten times the sum could be safely issued as notes without anyone usually becoming any the wiser. If a goldsmith held, say, 100 pounds of other people's gold in his vaults, he could issue banknotes to the value of 1000 pounds. As long as no more than 10 percent of the holders of those notes wanted their gold at any one time, no one would realize the fraud being perpetrated. This practice, known as "fractional reserve lending," continues to this day and is actually the backbone of the modern banking industry. Banks typically loan ten times their actual financial holdings, meaning 90% of the money they lend does not now, never has, and never will exist.

Loans issued by the goldsmiths had to be paid back to them with interest, meaning non-existent money slowly became converted to tangible assets in the form of goods and labour. Should the loan be defaulted upon, the banker had the right to seize the defaulter's property. As time passed, therefore, the goldsmiths became wealthier and wealthier. They had devised a scheme to create money out of thin air and then convert this money into real goods, labour, or property. A loan of money at 12% interest recouped not merely 12% for the banker, but 112%, as it does to this day.

As the industrial era began, so the potential for furthering this scheme increased exponentially. The goldsmiths were now fully-fledged bankers, and their ability to create money out of thin air and then convert it into tangible assets enabled them to begin to control whole industries to the point where the worlds of banking and industry became, to all intents and purposes, seamless entities. Extended family banking structures, such as the Rothschilds, acquired so much power in this manner that the various monarchies and fledgling governments of the time soon began to seem quite feeble by comparison.

To increase their power and influence still further, these elite banking families would subtly buy influence within governments or monarchies and utilise this influence to strategically stir up unrest between nations. When the inevitable disputes broke out, they would then lend vast sums of money, usually to both sides, so that war could be waged. Any armaments purchased would be those manufactured by the industrial wing of the banking-industrial cartel, and by regulating the loan of money and the timing of the delivery of weapons, the outcome of any conflict could effectively be controlled. If deemed necessary, monarchies and governments could further be destabilized by generating poverty through regulating the money supply, and by using agent-provocateur tactics to fuel any latent desire for revolution. With such power it was easy to control the fledgling governments of Europe and ensure that only those politicians who would do the will of the banking families came to power.

As the twentieth century dawned, the banking families hit upon a new means to consolidate and increase their gains. They discovered that by periodically restricting the money supply crashes within the emergent stock exchanges of the world could easily be engineered. The most notable example of this was the famous Wall Street Crash of 1929. What the history books usually fail to record is that, in a crash, wealth is not actually destroyed, but merely transferred. The "Crash of '29" allowed the most powerful of the banking and industrial families to absorb the weaker elements, generating even greater levels of centralized control.

As the technological revolution progressed, so the buying up of TV stations and newspapers allowed the creation and control of the mass media. This served to ensure that only a portrayal of events that suited the interests of the elite banking families would get to public attention - invariably one that all but denied their very existence.

A Closer Look at Government

The vision we're usually given of how political power is manifest in our society typically runs something like this: government at the top, banking, industry, media and military, beneath, and the people beneath this. However, an independent examination of the development of modern political power is more likely to reveal the following arrangement: extended family banking groups at the top, government beneath, facilitating the wishes of this hierarchy, and the media beneath portraying the work of the government to the people as "democracy in action."

It can thus be seen that, in truth, most governments are little more than front organizations for the elite banking cartels. They interface with the public via the media, acting to facilitate social change in a manner that maintains relative social stability, while ensuring that our culture stays in line with any course the elite wish it to pursue. Western governments do not usually allow the public to actually pick who becomes their political representative, merely to choose between individuals selected by the party hierarchy. Neither do the public get to pick the policies the representative will pursue, this is also under the control of the party. To say that this system is open to abuse is a considerable understatement.


The creation of the United States of America represents the pinnacle of the elite's ambitions for world domination. America is, in essence, a prototype for world consumer culture. By encouraging a broad base of racial groups to settle and develop under their constant control, the banking families have been able to slowly direct the natural evolution of a form of social order that humans from any background can adapt to, without a significant number of them becoming sufficiently dissociated to actually take up arms and overthrow the system. This is aided by a highly repressive justice system and backed by the largest prison population on the planet. Now that the technological revolution has facilitated the expression of American cultural values across the world, America is, in effect, expanding until the 50 states actually encompass the whole globe in all but name. Our planet is slowly becoming America.

America is the ultimate control fantasy - consensual incarceration - whole groups of people slowly driven to believe that there exists no way of securely living together other than by the giving up of personal freedom bit by bit.

World War II

The Second World War, a conflict which cost the lives of tens of millions of people, was entirely manipulated into being by the elite banking and industrial cartels.

Hitler rose to power in a country so economically crippled by the reparations imposed after the previous war that going into another should have been inconceivable. But the banking elite agreed to the loan of billions of dollars, and furthermore set up a vast industrial complex within Germany, (much of it the Standard Oil subsidiary, I.G. Farben), to manufacture the tanks, planes, arms and munitions necessary to wage another European war. Oil pipelines and factories were built, lines of credit extended and the war machine spent nearly a whole decade churning out weaponry while the rest of the country remained in abject poverty thus fuelling the desire for war. The whole thing was a set up from start to finish, as even a cursory independent examination will confirm. The millions of deaths that resulted were looked upon by the banking families as being simply a sacrifice necessary to achieve greater levels of European homogeny and control.

The Third World

"Conquered states.... can be held by the conqueror in three different ways. The first is to ruin them, the second for the conqueror to go and reside there in person and the third is to allow them to continue to live under their own laws, subject to a regular tribute, and to create in them a government of the few who will keep the country friendly to the conqueror."

- Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince

I will now look at the banking families' ambitions in the Southern Hemisphere, or so-called "Third World." All across Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America, the elite banking families have again pursued unrelentingly the ambition of destabilizing a multitude of traditional cultures and creating in their place a series of homogenized trading blocks. In recent years this task has been undertaken chiefly by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). But the story commences many years before.

Colonization by the European empire builders from the sixteenth century onwards and the later granting of "independence" to conquered territories led slowly to the forging of individual nation states with monarchies and governments. To ensure that these institutions remained subservient to the elite, agent provocateurs and dubious Western government agencies worked behind the scenes to displace any leaders who showed democratic tendencies and replace them with elite puppets from local communities and their extended families. To maintain these hated and corrupt regimes in power, the Western banking institutions lent vast sums of money to these "governments" and monarchies to enable them to form armies, frequently with foreign troops, and thus prevent the people of the country from wresting power. Loans were further granted for the purchase of weapons, to wage various regional conflicts stirred up by elite agent provocateurs, and to build palatial homes in which the puppet monarchs and their officials might reside.

In the early 1970s, the elite-manipulated Yom Kippur war resulted in a massive rise in oil prices. The whole world found itself paying vastly increased rates for petroleum, and the massive profits made by the oil-producing nations were invested back with the elite-controlled Western banks. Relying on the ever-popular tactic of loaning at least ten times their reserves, the banks now had insane sums of money to lend. With the "Third World" countries compelled to pay vastly increased sums for their oil, as well as service the debts already incurred by their puppet leaders, further massive loans were advanced to them in a banking strategy that came to be known as "petrodollar recycling." The Western banks would send youthful reps across the world offering gigantic loans to anyone in power who wanted them. These loans were, of course, created out of thin air and tied to the recipient buying weapons, machinery or goods from the industrial or military clients of the banking cartel offering the money. In the 1980s, the bubbles began to burst, with the Mexican debt crisis becoming the first of many "days of reckoning." The World Bank and the IMF, elite-manufactured organizations created in the 1940s to "stimulate the conditions of world trade," stepped in. They offered "adjustments" - strategies for repayment that involved the countries concerned adopting economic "austerity" programmes and commencing industrial production of Western goods and consumer products.

To commence industrial production, the countries had to take out further loans and buy plant from - the industrial clients of the banking cartels. To generate sufficient power for the new industries, they had to hire companies to build hydroelectric power plants or nuclear reactors - companies that were again the heavy industry clients of the banking cartels.

The IMF debt-rescheduling practices enforced on the countries experiencing major problems paying back their loans (problems entirely generated by the elite via their control of world interest rates and oil prices) compelled the "Third World" nations, one after another, to commence manufacturing goods, not for themselves but for sale on the world markets. Here, in the emergent global marketplace, they had to compete with each other in a highly competitive market over which they had no control. The only factor in the IMF equation that the Southern Hemisphere countries could control was the cost of labour. The result was cheaper goods for Western consumers and greater poverty for workers in the "Third World."

All across the Southern Hemisphere, small farmers were driven away from planting crops for themselves and compelled to plant crops for export, hoping they'd get paid enough to survive. In the 1980s, runaway inflation stimulated by Reaganomics in America (the arrangement of vast loans for US government spending on military and space projects that sent world interest rates skyrocketing) began to force many local people out of the countryside altogether. They were driven into the newly created cities where they vied with each other for work in the newly built factories. This led to the destruction of traditional ways of life for millions upon millions. Emergent drug cartels, invariably under the direction of government agencies such as the CIA, began to flood the cities and industrial areas with cheap drugs, hooking those with jobs deeper into a life of wage slavery, and those without into lifelong street-level delinquency. In addition, grain crops, previously used for bread, were diverted into producing of alcohol for the relocated populations. Problems unheard of a generation before - alcoholism, drug addiction, crime, unemployment, poverty and malnutrition - became epidemic in proportion all across Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. In Brazil, one of the biggest food exporters in the world, approaching half a million children die annually from malnutrition or hunger-related diseases.

In the early 1990s, the spectre of capitalist greed proved increasingly disturbing for the people buying the goods created in this manner. So the elite came up with "green-washing" - the media-driven means by which images of change within the Southern Hemisphere are bombarded upon the Western viewer, convincing them that "the system" is adapting to moral pressure from Western citizens. News broadcasts accepted that previous practices had been exploitative but that, post Live Aid and similar, things were changing and any residual problems were entirely the fault of the poorer nations themselves or the weather. The previous "evil capitalists," the Reagans and Thatchers, were removed from power and replaced by consumer-friendly mouthpieces of the elite - the Clintons and the Blairs. On UK TV at the time of writing (originally Spring 2000), one BBC programme features former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell, entering the world's shanty towns and meeting crowds of poor but happy-looking children jumping up and down, thus generally promoting the image of gradual change and improvement. What the programme neglected to reveal is that, in many of the "Third World's" shantytowns, children now have less than a 50% chance of making it to their first birthday. Infant mortality rates are rising steadily throughout the Southern Hemisphere, despite the efforts of the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organization (WHO) to massage the figures. For those lucky enough to reach the grand old age of five, the only prospect to look forward to is a life of begging, street crime or child prostitution. The population of the world is currently estimated at six billion. Three billion of these are existing in poverty, one third of them at near-starvation level. For the majority of the world's citizens, life is now demonstrably worse than at any time in recorded history.

CLIP - Read the rest from


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Reader's review: "This book is a revealing guide into the realms of the Global Elite, and how we are (unknowingly) controlled by them in all areas of our Life. If you think you are living in a free Country, think again.What is particularly good about this work, is that it gives you the KEYS to STEP OUTSIDE Global conditioning. It stresses also not to be caught up in the paranoia state of believing THEY are out to get me! Instead coming from a balanced and grounded Center, you are able to TRANSFORM with Love and Understanding. I personally feel this book should be a MUST READ for all people interested in re-awakening their own true Divinity. You will be shocked by the secrets contained in this book, but ultimately you will be SHIFTED into a new realm of Consciousness, one that is beyond the control of the Elite."

The Trilateral Commission: Usurping Sovereignty
According to each issue of the official Trilateral Commission quarterly magazine Trialogue: The Trilateral Commission was formed in 1973 by private citizens of Western Europe, Japan and North America to foster closer cooperation among these three regions on common problems. It seeks to improve public understanding of such problems, to support proposals for handling them jointly, and to nurture habits and practices of working together among these regions.”2Further, Trialogue and other official writings made clear their stated goal of creating a “New International Economic Order.” President George H.W. Bush later talked openly about creating a “New World Order”, which has since become a synonymous phrase. This paper attempts to tell the rest of the story, according to official and unofficial Commission sources and other available documents. (...) “The Trilateral Commission is international and is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power – political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical.” CLIP

The Global Elite: Who are they?
(...) Every bit of thirty-five years of research indicates that there is a relatively small yet diverse group of global players who have been the planners and instigators behind globalization for many decades. The primary driving force that moves this "clique" is greed; the secondary force is the lust for power. In the case of the academics who are key to globalism, a third force is professional recognition and acceptance (a subtle form of egoism and power.) It is also important to understand that core globalists have full understanding of their goals, plans and actions. They are not dimwitted, ignorant, missinformed or naive. CLIP

Toward a North American Union
The global elite, through the direct operations of President George Bush and his Administration, are creating a North American Union that will combine Canada, Mexico and the U.S. into a superstate called the North American Union (NAU). The NAU is roughly patterned after the European Union (EU). There is no political or economic mandate for creating the NAU, and unofficial polls of a cross-section of Americans indicate that they are overwhelmingly against this end-run around national sovereignty. To answer Lou Dobbs, "No, the political elites have not gone mad", they just want you to think that they have.The reality over appearance is easily cleared up with a proper historical perspective of the last 35 years of political and economic manipulation by the same elite who now bring us the NAU. This paper will explore this history in order to give the reader a complete picture of the NAU, how it is made possible, who are the instigators of it, and where it is headed. CLIP



Google Censors Another 9/11 Documentary

A spate of viewings prompts shut down of classic Alex Jones film

August 29 , 2007

Steve Watson

Google Video is once again censoring one of Alex Jones' documentary films after it received a huge jump in viewings last week and briefly entered the top ten on the back of heightened warnings of an impending terror attack.

Viewing figures for the 2004 Feature film Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State suddenly sky rocketed to a total of 850,000 after we featured articles on Clergy Response Teams being trained by the federal government to "quell dissent" in the event of a declaration of martial law.

The viewing jump also coincided with the History Channel's 9/11 hit piece and continued warnings of an upcoming terror attack on U.S. soil.

As the film began to go viral it was suddenly disabled and at time of writing no longer plays at google video. Check the link for yourself here.

This is not the first time Google has censored such material. In October of last year we revealed how Google Video re-imposed a crass censorship policy to intentionally stifle the growth of Alex Jones' Terror Storm documentary in an attempt to prevent it from reaching tens of millions of people.

Google covertly edited viewer statistics and blocked the film from entering its popular categories.

It is only when a film enters these prominent categories that it really begins to spread like wildfire and enter a cycle of exponential multiplication.

Figures that were heading towards 500,000 views for different uploads of Terrorstorm on its release were suddenly switched back to the low hundreds and tens of thousands. The number of viewer submitted comments remained the same but the viewership numbers were clearly and unfairly doctored.

After being bombarded with complaints Google admitted it had altered the figures but claimed it was a systemwide error, despite the fact that other films seemed not to have been affected. Astonishingly after promising it would not happen again the same thing happened the following week as Terrorstorm's viewing figures were again reset.

Google's censorship policies in China and even those directed against US websites that are mildly critical of China prove that the company that was founded on the principle "don't be evil," is slowly beginning to resemble the very controlling Big Brother image it claimed to despise.

The Google help page used to state that it did not censor search results. This policy has now changed and Google now carried that proviso that, "in response to local laws, regulations, or policies," it may censor certain content.

Google's reputation was also somewhat tainted late last year with exclusive revelations that it was seeded with intelligence funding and works in total cooperation with the CIA according to former agent Robert David Steele.

Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State was filmed primarily during the Republican Party's 2004 national convention in New York City.

The film focuses on the growing police state in the aftermath of 9/11, constant surveillance, a defined military presence, a militarized civilian police force, mass roundups and arrests of protesters. It also looks at some of the inconsistencies and questions surrounding the official version of events on 9/11.

The film is copyrighted, but Alex Jones has permitted and encouraged the distribution of his films for non-profit, educational purposes.

We urge our readers to contact Google Video, ask them to reinstate the film and demand that they stop their policy of selective censorship.

"TerrorStorm is something that should be seen by everyone, no matter what their stance/affiliation/political bent. " - Rich Rosell, Digitally Obsessed UK

Get TerrorStorm on DVD today



National Academy of Sciences Member Calls for New 9/11 Investigation - Official Explanation a “Fraud”

August 27, 2007 – World renowned scientist, Lynn Margulis, Ph.D., today severely criticized the official account of 9/11 and called for a new investigation, “I suggest that those of us aware and concerned demand that the glaringly erroneous official account of 9/11 be dismissed as a fraud and a new, thorough, and impartial investigation be undertaken.”

One of America’s most prominent scientists, Dr. Margulis is Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts - Amherst . She was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1983 and served as Chairman of the Academy’s Space Science Board Committee on Planetary Biology and Chemical Evolution. In 1999, President Bill Clinton presented Dr. Margulis with the National Medal of Science, America's highest honor for scientific achievement, "for her outstanding contributions to understanding of the development, structure, and evolution of living things, for inspiring new research in the biological, climatological, geological and planetary sciences, and for her extraordinary abilities as a teacher and communicator of science to the public."

In her statement on, Dr. Margulis referred to 9/11 as “this new false-flag operation, which has been used to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as unprecedented assaults on research, education, and civil liberties”. She compared 9/11 to several self-inflicted attacks that had been used in the past to arouse people’s fear and hatred and justify war, including the sinking of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor , the Reichstag Fire, and Operation Himmler, which Germany used to justify the invasion of Poland , the trigger for World War II.

Dr. Margulis credited “the research and clear writing by David Ray Griffin in his fabulous books about 9/11” for providing much of the information that formed her opinion about 9/11. She specifically lauded The New Pearl Harbor and The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, “which provides overwhelming evidence that the official story is contradictory, incomplete, and unbelievable.”

Internationally acclaimed for her ground-breaking scientific work, Dr. Margulis is an elected member of The World Academy of Art and Science, an organization of 500 of the world’s leading thinkers, chosen for eminence in art, the natural and social sciences, and the humanities. And in 2006, she was selected as one of “The 20th Century's 100 Most Important Inspirational Leaders” by the editors of Resurgence magazine.

Dr. Margulis’ full statement can be read at More information about Dr. Margulis’ career can be found at


From: Larry Stell (
Subject: Updating Your Dossier On The Economic Crash Coming This Fall (October?)
Date: 26 Aug 2007

From: Jimmy Walter

Please read the attached and one other email I am sending you on the US Financial Crisis. I know it is a great deal of information, but it might save you and your friends or allow you to make money on the fall if you are so inclined as to short the market.

Ground Zero of the Real Estate Bust,9171,1653635,00.html

Bad Credit Threatening US;_ylt=Ak2SmL7SyIxh.rBogS1cXpME1vAI

Dollars for Sale

Morgan Stanley cuts Outlook;_ylt=AuCqIL5LO9rQDmyGP4ulX8IE1vAI

Hurricanes undermine Market

Merrill faces Subprime Writeoff;_ylt=AuHkRKcGtCoDcOlUQVEI2mYE1vAI

Asian Banks Subprime Woes

Also, "Someone or some organization just took up US$4.5 billion option that the market will indeed crash in
late September. This is in addition to the earlier US$1.78 option. This US$4.5 billion option is on the SPY.X and the earlier US$1.78
billion option is on the SPY.Y. These sickos even referred them as 'Bin Ladin Trades'." from a usually reliable source

This is from a friend of mine in Malaysia. Please read and consider what he says. It makes great sense.
Fed's New Inter-Bank Money Market policy is shocking!!!



This is historic. It means that major banks of the USA are out of funds and are illiquid (insolvent) to the extent that even the normal over-night borrowings would not be able to meet withdrawals. Hence, the need to extend a credit term of 30 days AND RENEWABLE AS WELL. This is a SIGNAL TO THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND THE SITUATION, THAT THE BANKS ARE IN DEEP DO-DO!


But there was a PR spin as to why they went to the FED for the loans. This was the statement issued by the BIG BOYS:

“Each have substantial liquidity and the capacity to borrow money elsewhere on more favourable terms … but wanted to demonstrate the potential value of the Fed’s primary credit facility to encourage its use by other financial institutions… the money are borrowed on a term basis.”

This is bull.

As I have stated in my previous article, the discount rate is the interest rate which the Fed (Central Bank) charges banks for borrowing monies overnight to meet reserve shortfalls.

If the banks were so liquid there was no need for the historic discount rate at 5.75 to be offered for 30 days renewable as per the Fed’s Press Release on the 17th August 2007.

When any bank goes to the Fed for this kind of funding there is always a stigma because it also reveals in a glaring way that the relevant bank is unable for one reason or another to borrow from another bank in the Inter-Bank Money Market – i.e. other banks don’t trust this bank’s credibility. Period!

Additionally, in the past only Treasury Securities are accepted for such overnight loans. Now the Fed says that even toxic waste which these banks can no longer con investors to buy can be pledged to the Fed for such loans.


JP Morgan Chase

Bank of America

Wachovia Corp


And this is no coincidence, as these 4 banks are the biggest gamblers and the top four banks in the Global Derivatives Market and Toxic Waste Fraud in the Credit Market

What these banks did to cover up the stigma is to borrow initially US$500 million each.

This was their effort to test the market reaction and to avoid a massive run on their banks. It is very likely that if a bank goes to the Fed to borrow massively, it would trigger a run on the bank, especially in the present climate of fear and panic that has gripped global financial markets.
US$500 million is nickel and dimes when exposures are in the trillions! Let me assure that they will come back to borrow more in staggered sums. They were caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. They had to borrow, but cannot borrow too much at this stage as otherwise it would trigger a run.

Had they went for the full liquidity bailout, they would have to pledge all the toxic waste in their portfolios, which would enable investors and global banks to know the extent of the shit they are in. As of today, there have been securities valued at just twenty (20) cents to the dollar.

Why have the other smaller banks not come forward?? They are already dead or dying and have no viable means whatsoever to even to continue the pretense that they are solvent.


They will spread rumours and false theories to mislead people to re-enter the market for slaughter again. Gamblers need sacrificial lambs to make money

Foresee their arguments – “Don’t be silly, how can these renowned international banks be lying as to their intentions?”

They are the ones who created all these financial toxic waste and now being exposed for what they are – international fraudsters.

Read their statement again: “… borrowed money on a term basis.” It was really careless of them to state this. This is the give away. Attorneys will tell you that when cross-examining witnesses, they are always on a look out for such slips, and it is quite often that such evidence can turn a case in their advantage.

If the banks are that liquid and their actions so noble - to demonstrate the altruistic intentions of the Fed, why borrow a mere US$500 million each for 30 days as oppose to overnight when the exposures are in trillions">

This is the trillion dollar question.

Even this miserable amount, these banks want to repay on a term basis, i.e. 30 days!
Please pause and think.

[ Way back in 2005, these four banks liabilities exceeded their assets. What more today!

Rally in Markets Based on M&A Activities

Are All Hype – No Basis
After all down turns, there will be short rallies. This is because die hard gamblers and fraudsters want you to get back into the market for another killing. The Plunge Protection Team in Malaysia is pumping Billions of ringgit into the KL Stock Market [as the central banks in Europe and NY].

The latest spin is that because of the discount window has been opened by the Fed (i.e. reduction of the discount rate) liquidity is back in the market to fund the long queue of mergers and acquisitions which was temporarily held back by the recent plunge. [please see article by Krugman sent previously]

This is all bull!!!!

David Callaway of Market Watch just confirmed: “The M & A market as we’ve known it over the past three years is dead as of this summer. With US$300 billion in outstanding deals still hanging in the balance, there is going to be almost no appetite among corporations to do a deal right now.”

Implications? Shrinking M&A profits (or no profits) at the investment banks plus huge loses at their trading divisions and mortgage business divisions will have CEOs, CFOs etc resigning or being sacked. Barclay's’s top dog in Europe just disappeared recently. These rascals that have brought millions of homemakers, school teachers, self-employed into debt and are now being foreclosed and evicted from their homes. [The Fed wants to bail the crooks out, not the people they suckered in.]

This will dampen the market further, which means more spin and lies coming from the vested interests - financial news letters. These analysts need to spin “good news” to lure investors or else they too will lose their cushy jobs. Trust these liars and you deserve to be whacked.

Now we are witnessing a climate of fear. Given a few more scandals, bankruptcies of major financial institutions and the failure of the Fed’s Discount Window to calm the market, the fear factor will soon turn to full panic.

Blue chip Fitch Ratings (Remember, I am not saying this, they are) reported that “Banks world wide have US$981 billion at risk because of credit agreements on asset backed commercial paper programs.”

And Peter Gross of PIMCO (and if you still don’t know who is Peter Gross and PIMCO, if you have no business to be gambling in this market - google it) warned:

“Parts of the commercial paper market which has been among the hardest hit during the current credit crunch, may never recover even when things improve.”

Commercial papers are short term loans given to top corporations secured by assets of these corporations. When there are no takers of these commercial papers in this segment of the credit market, Corporate America is in deep shits.




David Korten’s classic bestseller, When Corporations Rule the World, was one of the first books to articulate the destructive and oppressive nature of the global corporate economy. Now, ten years later, Korten shows that the problem runs deeper than corporate domination—with far greater consequences.

In The Great Turning, Korten argues that corporate consolidation of power is merely a contemporary manifestation of what he calls “Empire”: the organization of society by hierarchies of domination grounded in violent chauvinisms of race, gender, religion, nationality, language, and class. The result has been the same for 5,000 years, fortune for the few and misery for the many. Increasingly destructive of children, family, community, and nature, the way of Empire is leading to environmental and social collapse.

The Great Turning makes the case that we humans are a choicemaking species that at this defining moment faces both the opportunity and the imperative to choose our future as a conscious collective act. We can no longer deny the need nor delay our response. A mounting perfect economic storm is fast approaching. A convergence of climate change, peak oil, and the financial instability inherent in an unbalanced global trading system will bring an unraveling of the corporate-led global economy and a dramatic restructuring of every aspect of modern life.

We cannot avoid the unraveling. We can, however, turn a potentially terminal crisis into an epic opportunity to bring forth a new era of Earth Community grounded in the life-affirming cultural values shared by most all the world’s people and eloquently articulated in the Earth Charter.

The Great Turning is an essential resource for those who understand this need and are prepared to engage what Thomas Berry calls the Great Work. It cuts through the complexity of our time to illuminate a simple, but elegant truth. We humans live by stories. We are held captive to the ways of Empire by a cultural trance of our own creation maintained by stories that deny the higher possibilities of our human nature—including our capacities for compassion, cooperation, responsible self-direction, and self-organizing partnership.

Changing our future begins with changing our stories. A work already underway, it ultimately calls out for the participation of every person on the planet. The Great Turning points the way to the inspiring outcome within our reach.

Table of Contents (some chapters are excerpted here)

Chapter Summaries

Prologue: In Search of the Possible

Part I: Choosing Our Future

1. The Choice

2. The Possibility

3. The Imperative

4. The Opportunity

Part II: Sorrows of Empire

5. When God Was a Woman

6. Ancient Empire

7. Modern Empire

8. Athenian Experiment

Part III: America, The Unfinished Project

9. Inauspicious Beginning

10. People Power Rebellion

11. Empire’s Victory

12. Struggle for Justice

13. Wake Up Call

14. Prisons of the Mind

Part IV: The Great Turning

15. Beyond Strict Father Vs Aging Clock

16. Creation’s Epic Journey

17. Joys of Earth Community

18. Stories for a New Era

Part V: Birthing Earth Community

19. Leading from Below (excerpt)

20. Building A Political Majority (excerpt)

21. Liberating Creative Potential

22. Change the Story, Change the Future

Earth Community Dialogues


Business as usual is over. The era of cheap oil is ending, climate change is real and deadly, and the U.S. economy rests on an unsustainable foundation of financial and environmental debt. For most people, the debate on each of these issues is now over. Yet there is little prospect of constructive political leadership coming from Washington, DC. The initiative in embracing the moral imperative to fashion a constructive response to a growing planetary emergency must flow from the community level upward through an inclusive process that engages the interests and participation of everyone. Earth Community Dialogues are a response to this imperative.


Earth Community is a term from the Earth Charter, a declaration of universal responsibility to and for one another and the Living Earth crafted through consultations involving thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations from all regions of the world. The Charter sets forth four overarching principles: (1) respect and care for the community of life; (2) ecological integrity; (3) social and economic justice; and (4) democracy, nonviolence, and peace. These principles define universal values affirmed by all the world's major faith traditions and embraced by a substantial majority of the world's people. They are the foundation values of Earth Community and provide the guiding framework for Earth Community Dialogues.


Negotiating a transition from the dominator relations of Empire to the partnership relations of Earth Community necessarily centers on nurturing the practice of partnership at all levels of society from local to national to global. Partnership relations are a product of trust building and the discovery of mutual interests. By their nature, partnership relations involve a leadership of the whole and represent the highest expression of the democratic ideal. Using instruments of domination as means to achieve the end of partnership assures failure. Partnership relations must emerge from the bottom up through processes of mutual empowerment as people discover and cultivate relationships of trust and otherwise dormant leadership potentials within themselves. Think of it as a process of community building. Earth Community Dialogues, which bring together diverse elements of a community around a commitment to creating a partnership world that works for the whole of life, are an essential part of this community building process.


An Earth Community Dialogue is best understood not as a single event, but rather as an intentional, broadly inclusive, ongoing conversation centered in a community of place the embraces a commitment to:

• The defining principles of the Earth Charter

• The moral imperative to create a world that works for all

• Racial, religious, cultural, political, and class diversity

• Mutual respect, deep listening, heartfelt communication

• Values based learning and problem solving

• The work of gaining currency for stories of Earth Community.

The individual dialogues take many forms and go by many names, but share an underlying commitment to turning the current planetary emergency into an opportunity to create a world aligned with the deeper values most humans share. A small group or even a single individual might initiate an Earth Community Dialogue in a given locality, perhaps from within a local church, mosque, synagogue, interfaith alliance, local government, college, socially responsible business, or local nonprofit organization. It might build on and support existing initiatives intended to advance local agriculture, energy self-reliance, green building, or support for local businesses. It might begin with a series of discussions on The Great Turning, a YES! Circle, Conversation Café, or other regular discussion group. As these dialogues take root in a growing number of localities, they create a growing potential to merge into ever-larger dialogues of the whole.


We humans are captive to self-limiting stories that deny the possibility of any alternative to humanity's current suicidal path. To change course, we must step forward to break the silence that prevails when truth remains unspoken, end the isolation that undermines community, change the stories that define the prevailing culture, and thereby turn the human species to a future that works for all. Our collective behavior will change as our collective stories change. No matter how small the individual voice, it can contribute to changing the national conversation, and thus our politics and the course of the human future.


Possibilities for a rapid expansion of the processes of positive bottom up leadership in the United States are far greater than our nation's bitter political divisions might suggest. Eighty-three percent of Americans believe that we are as a country focused on the wrong priorities. Substantial majorities of both conservatives and liberals want to see greater priority given to children, family, community, and a healthy environment. In short, a substantial majority of Americans feel out of step with the way things are going and embrace the foundational values of Earth Community. The result is a historic moment of opportunity to make a conscious choice to turn from away the sorrows of 5,000 years of Empire and embrace the joys of Earth Community.

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Former U.S. military commander says elites hide from humanity knowledge and contact with many Extraterrestrials civilizations

by Paul Chen - 26 August 2007

Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean worked at NATO’s Supreme Headquarters from 1963-1967, and during this time was stationed in the Operations Center with a Cosmic Top Secret clearance. "He claims to have viewed a secret NATO study that was commissioned to analyze the threat posed by UFOs to NATO operations in Eastern Europe", reports Dr. Michael Salla, who is a scholarly researcher on Extraterrestrial life and Earthbound human political implications, in the article entitled "Extraterrestrials among Us", Exopolitics Journal, Vol 1:4 (October 2006): 284-300.

The classified report was titled: “An Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Military threat to Allied Forces in Europe.” It focused on the dangers of UFOs being mistakenly identified as an incoming ballistic missile attack from the Soviet Union. Dean claimed that the NATO study identified four different extraterrestrial civilizations visiting the Earth.

Dr. Salla elaborates that former U.S. Military commander Dean said that "what really worried the NATO top brass was that some of the visitors looked so much like us that they were virtually indistinguishable. Dean says that NATO generals were paranoid over the possibility that some of the extraterrestrial visitors could be walking in the corridors of NATO or the Pentagon, or even the White House itself."

Dr. Michael Salla further reports in an interview documented by Bob Hieronimus, “Transcript of Interview with Bob Dean, March 24, 1996 that Major Dean said:

"There was a human group that looked so much like us that that really drove the admirals and the generals crazy because they determined that these people, and they had seen them repeatedly, they had had contact with them…. These people looked so much like us they could sit next to you on a plane or in a restaurant and you'd never know the difference. And being military and being primarily paranoid, that bothered the generals and the admirals a little bit. That the fact that these intelligent entities could be involved with us, walking up and down the corridors of SHAPE [Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe], walking down the corridors of the Pentagon. My God, it even dawned on a couple of them that these guys could even be in the White House! Of course, as I said, being paranoid in those years it really shook things up a little bit."

"Dean’s testimony is a vital key in unlocking the truth of extraterrestrials living among the human population. His testimony conclusively demonstrates that official military and government agencies are aware of this possibility, and in fact would undoubtedly have been developing strategies for such a contingency", says Dr. Salla.

"While NATO viewed extraterrestrials living among us in the context of a classified Study assessing UFOs as a potential security threat, based on contactee testimonies, it appears that the extraterrestrial visitors are blending in to learn about the human population," elaborates Dr. Salla.

Dean also reported that government insiders feel that we are dealing with hundreds of ET civilizations, some intergalactic, some interdimensional. He noted that over 10 years ago, NASA set up a scientific committee, which came to the conclusion that there are an estimated 10 billion planets with intelligent life.

"Sgt.-Major Dean has assembled 20 astronauts, former intelligence officers, servicemen who participated in crashed UFO retrieval operations, generals, admirals, and even cosmonauts, who are willing to testify to a Congressional Committee about what they know about UFOs, provided that they are released from their National Security oaths. The videotaped depositions of sworn key witnesses have been taken by a prestigious Washington, D.C. law firm, and stored in its safe, awaiting public hearings," documents Dr. Richard J. Boylan in "UFO Reality is Breaking Through".

Former U.S. Military Commander Dean had began working with CSETI's [Committee for the Study of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence], Dr. Steven Greer, in concert with former astronaut Gordon Cooper, other astronauts, another high-ranking military officer, and a General, to plan the release of UFO information to which they are privy.

"Dr. Greer and Sgt. Major Dean are part of a Coalition of Starlight and Stargate Projects, which have been putting together the best evidence of UFO/ET reality. The evidence includes not only military and intelligence officers who participated in UFO crash retrievals and autopsies on ET corpses, but also fighter pilots, generals, astronauts and cosmonauts who have witnessed UFOs close-up, as well as UFO and ET tissue samples," further documents Dr. Boylan.

"The Coalition's plan is to take their Briefing Document and evidence to world leaders, the U.N., scientific academies, and religious leaders for a pre-briefing. Then the Coalition will make a Public Disclosure before mid-1997. Dr. Greer reports that the White House, the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, and the United Nations are being enlisted to assist, and no one has said that this cannot come out."

On August 17, 1995, Sgt.-Major Robert Dean had announced the beginning of a citizen campaign to compel Congress to grant Congressional immunity to astronauts and military and intelligence witnesses, who are ready to testify at Congressional UFO Hearings. "Washington Post journalist Ruth Montgomery related how she had received multiple reports about UFO reality from various military officers with whom she had spoken", further documents Dr. Boylan.

The producer of Mexico's "Sixty Minutes" television documentary program, Jaime Maussan, showed extensive videotapes of UFOs over Mexican population centers. These videotapes show structured craft, flotillas of UFOs, and a vertical column of UFOs inside a translucent plasma field. The most arresting footage is a night-time shot of a UFO hovering near the ground, and later, a "Praying Mantis"-type extraterrestrial, illuminated, is seen turning towards the camera from perhaps one block away.

Extraterrestrials also appear to be doing their share to disclose their presence to Earthbound humans by employing various apparent strategies to reveal their presence, suggests Dr. Boylan:

1. To increase the pace, boldness and openness of UFO sightings. Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center (206-722-3000), stated that the center has been swamped by UFO reports since the first week in July [1995] and escalating. Not only are the reports plentiful, but reports are now common of numerous and multiple kinds of UFO craft during a single sighting, and there are many reports of UFOs landing.

2. The coming forward of an increasing number of close encounter experiencers to acknowledge their contacts to psychotherapists, investigators and the public. Many professional researchers and therapists have recently reported increasing numbers of such accounts of extraterrestrial encounters.

3. The strong sense of mission felt by numerous UFO experiencers and researchers to work to bring the extraterrestrial presence to public awareness. Reports from around the country verify that many people are feeling such a sense of mission.

4. The attitude change in many governmental and other influential leaders to allow release or leaks of UFO information. Numerous instances of the results of such greater openness are evident in the revelations cited earlier in this report.

"On July 9 near Versailles, MO, two Air Force officers and a dozen other witnesses saw five very large UFOs (a triangular craft and four discs, each as long as a football field) hovering over an empty field. On the ground were 20-25 extraterrestrials moving about. Three different races were present: some short, with purplish skin and large ears, another type described as luminous energy beings, and a third group of humanoid ETs in jump suits," further documents Dr. Boylan.


Mr. Dean's spent twenty-seven years of active duty in the U.S. Army where he retired as Command Sergeant Major after serving as a highly decorated infantry combat veteran. His reportedly received a Cosmic Top Secret clearance. Mr. Dean also spent fourteen years as an emergency services manager with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for the Arizona Pima County Sheriff's Department. He is the former Arizona Assistant Director and Pima County Director for the Mutual UFO Network and is a former member for the UFO studies (CUFOS) and the Ancient Astronauts Society. He also served twelve years as a member of the board of Directors for the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization (APRO).


Related article:

Jimmy Carter's UFO experience suggests SPP has possible Extraterrestrial association
President Jimmy Carter has often been referred-to as the "UFO President" due to the fact that he publicly claimed to have had a UFO sighting prior to becoming president. Moreover, he was the only president on record to actually file a UFO sighting report related to his sighting. Thirdly, on at least one occasion while campaigning for president, Mr. Carter declared that, if elected, he would "make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and scientists." Mr. Carter apparently sought to reveal such information to the American public, having been inspired by certain American ideals of democracy. However after Mr. Carter became U.S. President, he was reportedly denied access to critical information on UFO and Extraterrestrials by George Bush Sr. and other associates, for not having a "sufficiently high security clearance". What is troubling is, that it is alleged leadership of the apparent very clique that denied Mr. Carter access to the UFO and Extraterrestrial related information (that he sought to reveal to Americans and other peoples internationally), which currently drives the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) agenda.Secrecy on UFO and Extraterrestrials serves those elites that seek to use denial of access to such information, to advance their ego driven agendas. (...) The mentality of this clique is revealed in the creation of the SPP as a corresponding , and potentially related secretive agenda, by the architects of UFO and Extraterrestrial cover-up. The SPP, seeks to replace a democratic model of government in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, with a totalitarian model of government inspired by "corporatism". Mussolini's Italy and Hitler's Nazi Germany were both constructed around "corporatism". Adolf Hitler was also "inspired" to create Nazi Germany, as a result of having had contact with an allegedly racist and oppressive group of Manipulative Extraterrestrials, which had inspired his "Aryan" expansionist agenda. Extraterrestrial researchers in the field of "Exopolitics" like Dr. Michael Salla, have suggested that human minions are being influenced by Manipulative Extraterrestrials that seek to control Earth for its resources.It is therefore plausible, that Earth is now being subjugated by such an Extraterrestrial group that is seeking to operate with maximized secrecy away from the probing enquires of humans like Mr. Carter, and with humans that are under the tutelage and "spell" of such Manipulative Extraterrestrials. The secretive fora in which the SPP is being executed, would provide a positive environment for further alleged collaborations between an Earthbound elites (that prevail over a political-military-industrial complex) and the constituency of Manipulative Extraterrestrials (ETs) identified by Dr. Michael Salla. CLIP



ENVIRONMENT: Dirt Isn't So Cheap After All

By Stephen Leahy

BROOKLIN, Canada, Aug 30 (IPS) - Soil erosion is the "silent global crisis" that is undermining food production and water availability, as well as being responsible for 30 percent of the greenhouse gases driving climate change.

"We are overlooking soil as the foundation of all life on Earth," said Andres Arnalds, assistant director of the Icelandic Soil Conservation Service.

"Soil and vegetation is being lost at an alarming rate around the globe, which in turn has devastating effects on food production and accelerates climate change," Arnalds told IPS from Selfoss, Iceland, host city of the International Forum on Soils, Society and Climate Change which starts Friday.

Along with many other international partner institutions, Iceland is marking the centenary of its Soil Conservation Service by convening this forum of experts.

Every year, some 100,000 square kilometres of land loses its vegetation and becomes degraded or turns into desert.

"Land degradation and desertification may be regarded as the silent crisis of the world, a genuine threat to the future of humankind," Arnalds said.

Food production has kept pace with population growth by increasing 50 percent between 1980 and 2000. But it is an open question whether there will be enough food in 2050 with an estimated three billion more mouths to feed.

That means more food has to be produced within the next 50 years than during the last 10,000 years combined he noted.

"Global food production per hectare is already declining," said Zafar Adeel, director of the United Nations University's Canadian-based International Network on Water, Environment and Health.

There are a number of reasons for this decline, including the fact that soil degradation is producing growing shortages of water. Soil and vegetation act as a sponge that holds and gradually releases water, Adeel explained.

The newest challenge to food production and conserving land and water resources is the boom in vegetable-based biofuels, says Andrew Campbell, Australia's first National Landcare Facilitator.

"Soils are under greater pressure than ever before," Campbell said in an interview. "Governments around the world are subsidising crops to produce biofuels."

Hundreds of millions of square kilometers of farmland will soon be used to meet a small part of the world's rapidly growing thirst for fuel. And even if rainforests aren't being cleared to grow biofuel crops, as is the case in parts of Asia and South America, they offer little if any net environmental benefits, Campbell argues.

Another reason to rethink the stampede to biofuel: These crops use a lot of water. In future, there will simply not be enough water to grow the food we need, he says.

By most analyses, biofuels do little to help out the problem of climate change, but preventing deforestation and soil loss the quickest and easiest way to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

Paradoxically, the environmental problem of climate change may finally move the world to act on another long-term fundamental environmental issue -- the protection of soils.

Land degradation and desertification may account for as much as about 30 percent of the world's greenhouse gas releases, according to researcher Rattan Lal of Ohio State University. These changes to the land also alter the water, temperature and energy balance of the planet.

And climate change makes land degradation much worse and more extensive, mainly through changes in precipitation and increased evaporation that trigger more extreme weather.

Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas and "keeping carbon molecules in the soil and in forests and grasslands is the quickest and best bang for the buck in addressing climate change," Adeel said.

There is money to be made in the new carbon markets by sequestering or storing carbon in the soil and vegetation. As much as 20 percent of anticipated net fossil fuel emissions between now and 2050 could be stored in this way, said Maryam Niamir-Fuller of the U.N. Development Programme.

However, the so-called Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) rules under the Kyoto Protocol treaty on climate change need to be changed to ensure the triple benefits from climate mitigation, climate adaptation and sustainable development for the poor are achieved, said Niamir-Fuller in a statement.

A number of other fundamental policy changes are also needed if conservation of soil and vegetation and restoration of degraded land to ensure humanity's future survival, experts say.

Ending the estimated 30 billion dollars in food subsidies in the north that contribute directly to land degradation in Africa and elsewhere, and which force poor farmers to intensify their production in order to compete, would be a good start, Adeel said.

For Andrews, a sweeping change in how land use decisions are made at all levels of government is needed. Soil, water, energy, climate, biodiversity, food production are all interconnected, which demands integrated policy-making. Decisions and policies are currently set by different governmental departments and agencies with little regard for the impacts on other sectors, he said.

Energy ministries will happily spend billions on biofuels without worrying about where the water will come from, or how they will impact soils, biodiversity and food prices, he warned.

There is also no formal agreement on protecting the world's soils. Delegates at the weekend forum in Iceland will consider propositions for an International Year of Land Care to focus attention on soil stewardship, which affects food and water security worldwide.

"We have battled very severe land degradation in Iceland that has taken us 100 years to tackle," Arnalds said.

That degradation means one-third of Iceland's 103,000 sq km area is still desert.

Iceland has should serve as both a warning to other countries and hope that it is possible to restore degraded lands with enough resources, he says.

"It is far better to preserve than restore," the scientist noted.



Rich Countries Deadlocked Over 2020 Climate Goals

30 August 2007

Vienna - Industrial nations were deadlocked on Thursday about whether to set stringent 2020 goals for cutting greenhouse gases at a first U.N. session about long-term climate targets, delegates said.

A draft text at the Vienna meeting said rich countries should recognize a need for cuts of between 25 and 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2020 to avert the worst effects of climate change.

Russia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and Switzerland objected that such goals would be too demanding after a first period of the U.N. Kyoto Protocol, the main plan for fighting global warming, ends in 2012, delegates said.

The European Union was among those in favor of the non-binding range to guide future work by governments as part of a drive to shift from use of fossil fuels.

"I hope we will be able to agree on an indicative range," Leon Charles of Grenada, the chair of the meeting who drafted the proposed text, told Reuters.

Delegates from 158 countries are meeting in Vienna from August 27 to 31 to try to agree ways to extend a fight against global warming after a first period of Kyoto ending in 2012.

Environmentalists urged all rich nations to take the lead and agree deep cuts to avert mounting effects likely to include more powerful storms, more floods, droughts and rising seas.

"Only if industrialized countries agree to cut their emissions by at least 25-40 percent by 2020 does the world have a chance of avoiding the worst excesses of climate change," said Stephanie Tunmore of Greenpeace.

Kyoto binds 35 countries to cut emissions, mainly from burning fossil fuels, by 5 percent below 1990 levels by 2008-12.

Thursday's talks were the first chance for Kyoto backers to see if they could agree a range of cuts to guide talks on a new climate pact by the end of 2009. The United States is not part of Kyoto and not involved in the discussions.

Charles's draft aims to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions at a level that would limit global warming to between 2.0 and 2.4 Celsius (3.6 and 4.3 Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels.

The EU, which has said it will unilaterally cut emissions by 20 percent by 2020 and by 30 percent if other countries follow suit, says that any gain in temperatures above two degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) will bring "dangerous" climate changes.




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The Great Leap Backward?

By Elizabeth C. Economy

Foreign Affairs

September/October 2007 Issue

Summary: China's environmental woes are mounting, and the country is fast becoming one of the leading polluters in the world. The situation continues to deteriorate because even when Beijing sets ambitious targets to protect the environment, local officials generally ignore them, preferring to concentrate on further advancing economic growth. Really improving the environment in China will require revolutionary bottom-up political and economic reforms.

China's environmental problems are mounting. Water pollution and water scarcity are burdening the economy, rising levels of air pollution are endangering the health of millions of Chinese, and much of the country's land is rapidly turning into desert. China has become a world leader in air and water pollution and land degradation and a top contributor to some of the world's most vexing global environmental problems, such as the illegal timber trade, marine pollution, and climate change. As China's pollution woes increase, so, too, do the risks to its economy, public health, social stability, and international reputation. As Pan Yue, a vice minister of China's State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA), warned in 2005, "The [economic] miracle will end soon because the environment can no longer keep pace."

With the 2008 Olympics around the corner, China's leaders have ratcheted up their rhetoric, setting ambitious environmental targets, announcing greater levels of environmental investment, and exhorting business leaders and local officials to clean up their backyards. The rest of the world seems to accept that Beijing has charted a new course: as China declares itself open for environmentally friendly business, officials in the United States, the European Union, and Japan are asking not whether to invest but how much.

Unfortunately, much of this enthusiasm stems from the widespread but misguided belief that what Beijing says goes. The central government sets the country's agenda, but it does not control all aspects of its implementation. In fact, local officials rarely heed Beijing's environmental mandates, preferring to concentrate their energies and resources on further advancing economic growth. The truth is that turning the environmental situation in China around will require something far more difficult than setting targets and spending money; it will require revolutionary bottom-up political and economic reforms.

For one thing, China's leaders need to make it easy for local officials and factory owners to do the right thing when it comes to the environment by giving them the right incentives. At the same time, they must loosen the political restrictions they have placed on the courts, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and the media in order to enable these groups to become independent enforcers of environmental protection. The international community, for its part, must focus more on assisting reform and less on transferring cutting-edge technologies and developing demonstration projects. Doing so will mean diving into the trenches to work with local Chinese officials, factory owners, and environmental NGOs; enlisting international NGOs to help with education and enforcement policies; and persuading multinational corporations (MNCs) to use their economic leverage to ensure that their Chinese partners adopt the best environmental practices.

Without such a clear-eyed understanding not only of what China wants but also of what it needs, China will continue to have one of the world's worst environmental records, and the Chinese people and the rest of the world will pay the price.

Sins of Emission

China's rapid development, often touted as an economic miracle, has become an environmental disaster. Record growth necessarily requires the gargantuan consumption of resources, but in China energy use has been especially unclean and inefficient, with dire consequences for the country's air, land, and water.

The coal that has powered China's economic growth, for example, is also choking its people. Coal provides about 70 percent of China's energy needs: the country consumed some 2.4 billion tons in 2006 - more than the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom combined. In 2000, China anticipated doubling its coal consumption by 2020; it is now expected to have done so by the end of this year. Consumption in China is huge partly because it is inefficient: as one Chinese official told Der Spiegel in early 2006, "To produce goods worth $10,000 we need seven times the resources used by Japan, almost six times the resources used by the U.S. and - a particular source of embarrassment - almost three times the resources used by India."

Meanwhile, this reliance on coal is devastating China's environment. The country is home to 16 of the world's 20 most polluted cities, and four of the worst off among them are in the coal-rich province of Shanxi, in northeastern China. As much as 90 percent of China's sulfur dioxide emissions and 50 percent of its particulate emissions are the result of coal use. Particulates are responsible for respiratory problems among the population, and acid rain, which is caused by sulfur dioxide emissions, falls on one-quarter of China's territory and on one-third of its agricultural land, diminishing agricultural output and eroding buildings.

Yet coal use may soon be the least of China's air-quality problems. The transportation boom poses a growing challenge to China's air quality. Chinese developers are laying more than 52,700 miles of new highways throughout the country. Some 14,000 new cars hit China's roads each day. By 2020, China is expected to have 130 million cars, and by 2050 - or perhaps as early as 2040 - it is expected to have even more cars than the United States. Beijing already pays a high price for this boom. In a 2006 survey, Chinese respondents rated Beijing the 15th most livable city in China, down from the 4th in 2005, with the drop due largely to increased traffic and pollution. Levels of airborne particulates are now six times higher in Beijing than in New York City.

China's grand-scale urbanization plans will aggravate matters. China's leaders plan to relocate 400 million people - equivalent to well over the entire population of the United States - to newly developed urban centers between 2000 and 2030. In the process, they will erect half of all the buildings expected to be constructed in the world during that period. This is a troubling prospect considering that Chinese buildings are not energy efficient - in fact, they are roughly two and a half times less so than those in Germany. Furthermore, newly urbanized Chinese, who use air conditioners, televisions, and refrigerators, consume about three and a half times more energy than do their rural counterparts. And although China is one of the world's largest producer of solar cells, compact fluorescent lights, and energy-efficient windows, these are produced mostly for export. Unless more of these energy-saving goods stay at home, the building boom will result in skyrocketing energy consumption and pollution.

China's land has also suffered from unfettered development and environmental neglect. Centuries of deforestation, along with the overgrazing of grasslands and overcultivation of cropland, have left much of China's north and northwest seriously degraded. In the past half century, moreover, forests and farmland have had to make way for industry and sprawling cities, resulting in diminishing crop yields, a loss in biodiversity, and local climatic change. The Gobi Desert, which now engulfs much of western and northern China, is spreading by about 1,900 square miles annually; some reports say that despite Beijing's aggressive reforestation efforts, one-quarter of the entire country is now desert. China's State Forestry Administration estimates that desertification has hurt some 400 million Chinese, turning tens of millions of them into environmental refugees, in search of new homes and jobs. Meanwhile, much of China's arable soil is contaminated, raising concerns about food safety. As much as ten percent of China's farmland is believed to be polluted, and every year 12 million tons of grain are contaminated with heavy metals absorbed from the soil.

Water Hazard

And then there is the problem of access to clean water. Although China holds the fourth-largest freshwater resources in the world (after Brazil, Russia, and Canada), skyrocketing demand, overuse, inefficiencies, pollution, and unequal distribution have produced a situation in which two-thirds of China's approximately 660 cities have less water than they need and 110 of them suffer severe shortages. According to Ma Jun, a leading Chinese water expert, several cities near Beijing and Tianjin, in the northeastern region of the country, could run out of water in five to seven years.

Growing demand is part of the problem, of course, but so is enormous waste. The agricultural sector lays claim to 66 percent of the water China consumes, mostly for irrigation, and manages to waste more than half of that. Chinese industries are highly inefficient: they generally use 10-20 percent more water than do their counterparts in developed countries. Urban China is an especially huge squanderer: it loses up to 20 percent of the water it consumes through leaky pipes - a problem that China's Ministry of Construction has pledged to address in the next two to three years. As urbanization proceeds and incomes rise, the Chinese, much like people in Europe and the United States, have become larger consumers of water: they take lengthy showers, use washing machines and dishwashers, and purchase second homes with lawns that need to be watered. Water consumption in Chinese cities jumped by 6.6 percent during 2004-5. China's plundering of its ground-water reserves, which has created massive underground tunnels, is causing a corollary problem: some of China's wealthiest cities are sinking - in the case of Shanghai and Tianjin, by more than six feet during the past decade and a half. In Beijing, subsidence has destroyed factories, buildings, and underground pipelines and is threatening the city's main international airport.

Pollution is also endangering China's water supplies. China's ground water, which provides 70 percent of the country's total drinking water, is under threat from a variety of sources, such as polluted surface water, hazardous waste sites, and pesticides and fertilizers. According to one report by the government-run Xinhua News Agency, the aquifers in 90 percent of Chinese cities are polluted. More than 75 percent of the river water flowing through China's urban areas is considered unsuitable for drinking or fishing, and the Chinese government deems about 30 percent of the river water throughout the country to be unfit for use in agriculture or industry. As a result, nearly 700 million people drink water contaminated with animal and human waste. The World Bank has found that the failure to provide fully two-thirds of the rural population with piped water is a leading cause of death among children under the age of five and is responsible for as much as 11 percent of the cases of gastrointestinal cancer in China.

One of the problems is that although China has plenty of laws and regulations designed to ensure clean water, factory owners and local officials do not enforce them. A 2005 survey of 509 cities revealed that only 23 percent of factories properly treated sewage before disposing of it. According to another report, today one-third of all industrial wastewater in China and two-thirds of household sewage are released untreated. Recent Chinese studies of two of the country's most important sources of water - the Yangtze and Yellow rivers - illustrate the growing challenge. The Yangtze River, which stretches all the way from the Tibetan Plateau to Shanghai, receives 40 percent of the country's sewage, 80 percent of it untreated. In 2007, the Chinese government announced that it was delaying, in part because of pollution, the development of a $60 billion plan to divert the river in order to supply the water-starved cities of Beijing and Tianjin. The Yellow River supplies water to more than 150 million people and 15 percent of China's agricultural land, but two-thirds of its water is considered unsafe to drink and 10 percent of its water is classified as sewage. In early 2007, Chinese officials announced that over one-third of the fish species native to the Yellow River had become extinct due to damming or pollution.

China's leaders are also increasingly concerned about how climate change may exacerbate their domestic environmental situation. In the spring of 2007, Beijing released its first national assessment report on climate change, predicting a 30 percent drop in precipitation in three of China's seven major river regions - around the Huai, Liao, and Hai rivers - and a 37 percent decline in the country's wheat, rice, and corn yields in the second half of the century. It also predicted that the Yangtze and Yellow rivers, which derive much of their water from glaciers in Tibet, would overflow as the glaciers melted and then dry up. And both Chinese and international scientists now warn that due to rising sea levels, Shanghai could be submerged by 2050.

Collateral Damage

China's environmental problems are already affecting the rest of the world. Japan and South Korea have long suffered from the acid rain produced by China's coal-fired power plants and from the eastbound dust storms that sweep across the Gobi Desert in the spring and dump toxic yellow dust on their land. Researchers in the United States are tracking dust, sulfur, soot, and trace metals as these travel across the Pacific from China. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that on some days, 25 percent of the particulates in the atmosphere in Los Angeles originated in China. Scientists have also traced rising levels of mercury deposits on U.S. soil back to coal-fired power plants and cement factories in China. (When ingested in significant quantities, mercury can cause birth defects and developmental problems.) Reportedly, 25-40 percent of all mercury emissions in the world come from China.

What China dumps into its waters is also polluting the rest of the world. According to the international NGO the World Wildlife Fund, China is now the largest polluter of the Pacific Ocean. As Liu Quangfeng, an adviser to the National People's Congress, put it, "Almost no river that flows into the Bo Hai [a sea along China's northern coast] is clean." China releases about 2.8 billion tons of contaminated water into the Bo Hai annually, and the content of heavy metal in the mud at the bottom of it is now 2,000 times as high as China's own official safety standard. The prawn catch has dropped by 90 percent over the past 15 years. In 2006, in the heavily industrialized southeastern provinces of Guangdong and Fujian, almost 8.3 billion tons of sewage were discharged into the ocean without treatment, a 60 percent increase from 2001. More than 80 percent of the East China Sea, one of the world's largest fisheries, is now rated unsuitable for fishing, up from 53 percent in 2000.

Furthermore, China is already attracting international attention for its rapidly growing contribution to climate change. According to a 2007 report from the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, it has already surpassed the United States as the world's largest contributor of carbon dioxide, a leading greenhouse gas, to the atmosphere. Unless China rethinks its use of various sources of energy and adopts cutting-edge environmentally friendly technologies, warned Fatih Birol, the chief economist of the International Energy Agency, last April, in 25 years China will emit twice as much carbon dioxide as all the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development combined.

China's close economic partners in the developing world face additional environmental burdens from China's economic activities. Chinese multinationals, which are exploiting natural resources in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia in order to fuel China's continued economic rise, are devastating these regions' habitats in the process. China's hunger for timber has exploded over the past decade and a half, and particularly since 1998, when devastating floods led Beijing to crack down on domestic logging. China's timber imports more than tripled between 1993 and 2005. According to the World Wildlife Fund, China's demand for timber, paper, and pulp will likely increase by 33 percent between 2005 and 2010.

China is already the largest importer of illegally logged timber in the world: an estimated 50 percent of its timber imports are reportedly illegal. Illegal logging is especially damaging to the environment because it often targets rare old-growth forests, endangers biodiversity, and ignores sustainable forestry practices. In 2006, the government of Cambodia, for example, ignored its own laws and awarded China's Wuzhishan LS Group a 99-year concession that was 20 times as large as the size permitted by Cambodian law. The company's practices, including the spraying of large amounts of herbicides, have prompted repeated protests by local Cambodians. According to the international NGO Global Witness, Chinese companies have destroyed large parts of the forests along the Chinese-Myanmar border and are now moving deeper into Myanmar's forests in their search for timber. In many instances, illicit logging activity takes place with the active support of corrupt local officials. Central government officials in Myanmar and Indonesia, countries where China's loggers are active, have protested such arrangements to Beijing, but relief has been limited. These activities, along with those of Chinese mining and energy companies, raise serious environmental concerns for many local populations in the developing world.

Spoiling the Party

In the view of China's leaders, however, damage to the environment itself is a secondary problem. Of greater concern to them are its indirect effects: the threat it poses to the continuation of the Chinese economic miracle and to public health, social stability, and the country's international reputation. Taken together, these challenges could undermine the authority of the Communist Party.

China's leaders are worried about the environment's impact on the economy. Several studies conducted both inside and outside China estimate that environmental degradation and pollution cost the Chinese economy between 8 percent and 12 percent of GDP annually. The Chinese media frequently publish the results of studies on the impact of pollution on agriculture, industrial output, or public health: water pollution costs of $35.8 billion one year, air pollution costs of $27.5 billion another, and on and on with weather disasters ($26.5 billion), acid rain ($13.3 billion), desertification ($6 billion), or crop damage from soil pollution ($2.5 billion). The city of Chongqing, which sits on the banks of the Yangtze River, estimates that dealing with the effects of water pollution on its agriculture and public health costs as much as 4.3 percent of the city's annual gross product. Shanxi Province has watched its coal resources fuel the rest of the country while it pays the price in withered trees, contaminated air and water, and land subsidence. Local authorities there estimate the costs of environmental degradation and pollution at 10.9 percent of the province's annual gross product and have called on Beijing to compensate the province for its "contribution and sacrifice."

China's Ministry of Public Health is also sounding the alarm with increasing urgency. In a survey of 30 cities and 78 counties released in the spring, the ministry blamed worsening air and water pollution for dramatic increases in the incidence of cancer throughout the country: a 19 percent rise in urban areas and a 23 percent rise in rural areas since 2005. One research institute affiliated with SEPA has put the total number of premature deaths in China caused by respiratory diseases related to air pollution at 400,000 a year. But this may be a conservative estimate: according to a joint research project by the World Bank and the Chinese government released this year, the total number of such deaths is 750,000 a year. (Beijing is said not to have wanted to release the latter figure for fear of inciting social unrest.) Less well documented but potentially even more devastating is the health impact of China's polluted water. Today, fully 190 million Chinese are sick from drinking contaminated water. All along China's major rivers, villages report skyrocketing rates of diarrheal diseases, cancer, tumors, leukemia, and stunted growth.

Social unrest over these issues is rising. In the spring of 2006, China's top environmental official, Zhou Shengxian, announced that there had been 51,000 pollution-related protests in 2005, which amounts to almost 1,000 protests each week. Citizen complaints about the environment, expressed on official hotlines and in letters to local officials, are increasing at a rate of 30 percent a year; they will likely top 450,000 in 2007. But few of them are resolved satisfactorily, and so people throughout the country are increasingly taking to the streets. For several months in 2006, for example, the residents of six neighboring villages in Gansu Province held repeated protests against zinc and iron smelters that they believed were poisoning them. Fully half of the 4,000-5,000 villagers exhibited lead-related illnesses, ranging from vitamin D deficiency to neurological problems.

Many pollution-related marches are relatively small and peaceful. But when such demonstrations fail, the protesters sometimes resort to violence. After trying for two years to get redress by petitioning local, provincial, and even central government officials for spoiled crops and poisoned air, in the spring of 2005, 30,000-40,000 villagers from Zhejiang Province swarmed 13 chemical plants, broke windows and overturned buses, attacked government officials, and torched police cars. The government sent in 10,000 members of the People's Armed Police in response. The plants were ordered to close down, and several environmental activists who attempted to monitor the plants' compliance with these orders were later arrested. China's leaders have generally managed to prevent - if sometimes violently - discontent over environmental issues from spreading across provincial boundaries or morphing into calls for broader political reform.



Date: 25 Aug 2007
From: Craig (
Subject: R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

I am setting a powerful intention that all humanity wake up, stand together, start a revolution:


R - Revolution...stand up and be heard!
E - Expect change...demand it!
S - Serve one another in Love
P - Peace... create peace in your life Now!
E - Envision a better world... a better way!
C - Compassion... hear your brothers cry for love...respond!
T - Truth... The whole Truth & nothing but the Truth! It will set us all free!

I invite you and all your friends to join with me in setting this powerful intention, to spread the word - R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

Peace and love Craig

PS All this has just come to me now while I am doing a 12 hour night shift...awesome!


I have such a strong feeling about this - to spread the word - R.E.S.P.E.C.T and hopefully mobilise a worldwide R.E.S.P.E.C.T campaign first by internet and then hopefully it will get bigger and bigger! RESPECT is a word that will be understood worldwide and perhaps people who speak other languages can translate and spread the word in other languages. I feel a grass roots, worldwide movement that sets an intention such as this and then demands and expects change, standing up together to be heard, rooting out what is not based on truth and integrity, changes to unscrupulous and unfair laws in all areas - taxes, banking, federal reserve and other devious money systems, arms dealers, war mongerers, etc Most of us are peace loving and peace wanting, but we really need to actually stand together worldwide and actually mobilise into action together to make these changes happen. We can get people like Michael Moore, Aaron Russo, etc to get the word out in their movies and documentaries etc. The Time has come to stand up to all this nonsense that is being perpetrated by a greedy, power hungry, deceitful few. Enough is enough.


Anastasia's Story

"Imagine a human growing up and never losing his or her sense of Creator's presence and unconditional love. Imagine your parents dying before you could even walk or talk. Imagine having an eccentric grandfather and great-grandfather who allowed Nature to raise you with little interference and no indoctrination from them or anyone else. Imagine being able to communicate with Nature, understanding plants and animals, learning first-hand that everything around you was there to serve you, to nurture you, and to bring you joy. Imagine the power you would experience without even thinking it was power, only that it was Life itself as it was meant to be. You simply knew that God had given you dominion over everything around you, and that you were always safe no matter what the circumstances. Stop imagining. Such a human really exists... a woman. She lives in Russia, and her name is Anastasia. Vladimir Megre first presented her story to the world in 1996 in a book bearing her name as the title. That book has since been translated into 20 languages and has sold well over ten million copies in Russia alone, without advertising—simply by word of mouth. The first English translation was released in February 2005. Eight subsequent books followed from this author, all telling the story of this amazing Russian lady who embodies the "greater things than these shall you do" that Jesus Christ promised would follow in the Golden Age of Awakening—our age today. Anastasia's is a simple, true story for a complex world that desperately needs greater love and understanding to heal us all—and the planet we call Mother Earth. It comes to us from Russia with love through the pen of Vladimir Megre and a host of translators, printers, distributors and other visionaries. It comes to us from the heart of God."

— Ron Van Dyke ( -- Taken from FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE: ANASTASIA'S STORY Ron also wrote: "My reading and rereading of the six volumes currently translated and distributed in English have had a most remarkable impact on my life, powerfully reminding me who I am and how many latent gifts have lain hidden and dormant in my soul. I sincerely believe she is the most powerful human on this planet today. I cannot recommend these books more highly than I do... to you, to everyone. I want to encourage you to draw attention to them in some of your future postings."


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