October 19, 2007

Turning Tide of History #23: My MOST Important Compilation EVER!

Hello everysoul

OK now I'm going to do something which I haven't done often. I'm going to recommend to you to absolutely make time to watch entirely the following YouTube video (see below). And I'm going to add that even if there are many, many other elements in this compilation that are very important to review at this point in time, many of which are related to what Naomi Wolf describes in her October 11 conference (including American Tears also by Naomi Wolf, all the material I've gathered about Taser Torture, as well as the excellent piece by Steve Bhaerman FROM FASCISM TO FREEDOM: Stirring the Winds of Political Climate Change below) you ought to start first with Naomi's eloquent, outstandingly courageous and incontrovertibly factual warning about the imminent demise of freedom in America, unless there is VERY SOON a concerted citizens' uprising to push back fascism, restore democracy and put behind bars, as she says, the criminal cabal that now runs the US government. As she also states, the window of opportunity to do so is fast closing and the criminal elements in the US government - because not all apples in it are rotten as you'll see when reading Many in the US Military Think Bush and Cheney Are Out of Control - will certainly rachet up the repressive measures they have already implemented to achieve their goals of total dictatorship and absolute dominance over this planet.

I know this is a lot to take in emotionally and I'm also asking you to connect with your highest spiritual power within and simply trust that, collectively and with the help of God, we shall succeed in co-creating a new era of unconditional love for all, universal peace for all and complete harmony for all sentient life forms on Earth... and beyond... for if you consciousness-shift to the higher level and feel all the threads that are connected in this sphere of existence to what's happening RIGHT NOW on Earth, you will sense that, future-wise in the all-is-now moment, there is an awesomely large number of things at stake and much, MUCH hinges on whether we will rise to the occasion and successfully face the challenge at hand...

I know we will succeed. We do the very second we have complete faith in our divine Selves.

Finally, if you are into contributing to global change through collective meditations, the upcoming Meditation Focus #177: Achieving Critical Mass For Change (to go out late Saturday night) will definitely provide an avenue for doing just what its title says...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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ACTION YOU MAY WANT TO TAKE TO "PUT BOOTS ON THE GROUND": Michael Wong ( from Veterans for Peace sent this: "Here's the ANSWER alert on the Big October 27 national mobilization to End the War Now. It is awesome how many cities they are marching in. And these are just half of the total marches, only the ANSWER organized ones! For the other half, see the United for Peace & Justice website: No matter how dark the times may seem, we have to keep a perspective: During the Viet Nam war, the Soviet Union and the United States had thousands of nuclear warheads on hair-trigger alert ready to destroy the entire world in less than an hour, but the peace movement ended the Viet Nam war. It is possible. We have to believe we can. And then we have to make it happen. WE ARE the people we have been waiting for! " Go at and to get all the details!

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Talk by Naomi Wolf - The End of America (47 min 46 sec)
Talk by Naomi Wolf author of "The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot" given October 11, 2007 at Kane Hall on the University of Washington campus. Recommended by who wrote: "IT IS IMPERATIVE - ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE TO LISTEN TO EVERY WORD. YOU MAY NOT THINK THAT IT APPLIES TO YOU PERSONALLY - BUT IT DOES!!! YOU DON'T HAVE THE TIME NOT TO HEAR IT. PLEASE LISTEN WITH AN OPEN HEART AND MIND, AND SHARE IT WITH ALL THOSE YOU LOVE. This is the gameplan of our current government, clear and simple."

If your Internet connection is too slow to allow you to watch this video above, you may still get review her main ten points in an article by Naomi Wolf published a few days ago in The Guardian in London...

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps,,2064157,00.html
From Hitler to Pinochet and beyond, history shows there are certain steps that any would-be dictator must take to destroy constitutional freedoms. And, argues Naomi Wolf, George Bush and his administration seem to be taking them all.

Check also...

The Colbert Report – 10 Easy Steps to Fascism (September 20th, 2007) Video with Colbert's satirically sick comments...
Naomi Wolf, author of The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, joined Stephen Colbert last night to explain why our slide into fascism isn’t such a good thing. (...) 1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy 2. Create a gulag 3. Develop a thug caste 4. Set up an internal surveillance system 5. Harass citizens’ groups 6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release 7. Target key individuals 8. Control the press 9. Dissent equals treason 10. Suspend the rule of law -- An explanation of how each step relates to America can be found here

And there's this long critical review of Naomi Wolf's article and views

The Police State Is Right Here, Right Now By Carolyn Baker (September 20, 2007)

And I also urge all of you to read the following also from Naomi which I introduced this way when I first read it...


Forwarded Karen Kirschbaum (


American Tears

Naomi Wolf -- BIO

October 11, 2007

I wish people would stop breaking into tears when they talk to me these days.

I am traveling across the country at the moment -- Colorado to California -- speaking to groups of Americans from all walks of life about the assault on liberty and the 10 steps now underway in America to a violently closed society.

The good news is that Americans are already awake: I thought there would be resistance to or disbelief at this message of gathering darkness -- but I am finding crowds of people who don't need me to tell them to worry; they are already scared, already alert to the danger and entirely prepared to hear what the big picture might look like. To my great relief, Americans are smart and brave and they are unflinching in their readiness to hear the worst and take action. And they love their country.

But I can't stand the stories I am hearing. I can't stand to open my email these days. And wherever I go, it seems, at least once a day, someone very strong starts to cry while they are speaking.

In Boulder, two days ago, a rosy-cheeked thirtysomething mother of two small children, in soft yoga velours, started to tear up when she said to me: "I want to take action but I am so scared. I look at my kids and I am scared. How do you deal with fear? Is it safer for them if I act or stay quiet? I don't want to get on a list." In D.C., before that, a beefy, handsome civil servant, a government department head -- probably a Republican -- confides in a lowered voice that he is scared to sign the new ID requirement for all government employees, that exposes all his most personal information to the State -- but he is scared not to sign it: "If I don't, I lose my job, my house. It's like the German National ID card," he said quietly. This morning in Denver I talked for almost an hour to a brave, much-decorated high-level military man who is not only on the watch list for his criticism of the administration -- his family is now on the list. His elderly mother is on the list. His teenage son is on the list. He has flown many dangerous combat missions over the course of his military career, but his voice cracks when he talks about the possibility that he is exposing his children to harassment.

Jim Spencer, a former columnist for the Denver Post who has been critical of the Bush administration, told me today that I could use his name: he is on the watch list. An attorney contacts me to say that she told her colleagues at the Justice Department not to torture a detainee; she says she then faced a criminal investigation, a professional referral, saw her emails deleted -- and now she is on the watch list. I was told last night that a leader of Code Pink, the anti-war women's action group, was refused entry to Canada. I hear from a tech guy who works for the airlines -- again, probably a Republican -- that once you are on the list you never get off. Someone else says that his friend opened his luggage to find a letter from the TSA saying that they did not appreciate his reading material. Before I go into the security lines, I find myself editing my possessions. In New York's LaGuardia, I reluctantly found myself putting a hardcover copy of Tara McKelvey's excellent Monstering, an expose of CIA interrogation practices, in a garbage can before I get in the security line; it is based on classified information. This morning at my hotel, before going to the airport, I threw away a very nice black T-shirt that said "We Will Not be Silenced" -- with an Arabic translation -- that someone had given me, along with a copy of poems written by detainees at Guantanamo.

In my America we are not scared to get in line at the airport. In my America, we will not be silenced.

More times than I can count, courageous and confident men who are telling me about speaking up, but who are risking what they see as the possible loss of job, home or the ability to pay for grown kids' schooling, start to choke up. Yesterday a woman in one gathering started to cry simply while talking about the degradation of her beloved country.

And always the questions: what do we do?

It is clear from this inundation of personal stories of abuse and retribution against ordinary Americans that a network of criminal behavior and intention is catching up more and more mainstream citizens in its grasp. It is clear that this is not democracy as usual -- or even the corruption of democracy as usual. It is clear that we will need more drastic action than emails to Congress.

The people I am hearing from are conservatives and independents as well as progressives. The cardinal rule of a closing or closed society is that your alignment with the regime offers no protection; in a true police state no one is safe.

I read the news in a state of something like walking shock: seven soldiers wrote op-eds critical of the war -- in The New York Times; three are dead, one shot in the head. A female soldier who was about to become a whistleblower, possibly about abuses involving taxpayers' money: shot in the head. Pat Tillman, who was contemplating coming forward in a critique of the war: shot in the head. Donald Vance, a contractor himself, who blew the whistle on irregularities involving arms sales in Iraq -- taken hostage FROM the U.S. Embassy BY U.S. soldiers and kept without recourse to a lawyer in a U.S. held-prison, abused and terrified for weeks -- and scared to talk once he got home. Another whistleblower in Iraq, as reported in Vanity Fair: held in a trailer all night by armed contractors before being ejected from the country.

Last week contractors, immune from the rule of law, butchered 17 Iraqi civilians in cold blood. Congress mildly objected -- and contractors today butcher two more innocent civilian Iraqi ladies -- in cold blood.

It is clear yet that violent retribution, torture or maybe worse, seems to go right up this chain of command? Is it clear yet that these people are capable of anything? Is it obvious yet that criminals are at the helm of the nation and need to be not only ousted but held accountable for their crimes?

Is it treason yet?

This is an open invitation to honorable patriots on the Right and in the center to join this movement to restore the rule of law and confront this horror: this is not conservatism, it is a series of crimes against the nation and against the very essence of America. Join us, we need you.

This movement must transcend partisan lines. The power of individual conscience is profound when people start to wake up.

Former Deputy Attorney General James Comey said No: he told colleague that they would be ashamed when the world learned about the Administration's warrantless wiretapping. A judge today ruled that the U.S. can't just ship prisoners out of Guantanamo to be tortured at will -- she said No. The Center for Constitutional Rights is about to file a civil lawsuit -- against Blackwater: they are saying No.

In Germany, according to historian Richard Evans, in 1931-1932, if enough Germans of conscience had begun to say No -- history would have had an entirely different outcome.

If we go any further down this road the tears will be those of conservatives as well as progressives. They will be American tears.

The time for weeping has to stop; the time for confronting must begin.


Recommended material by Naomi

The American Freedom Campaign (Naomi Wolf mentions this network of organizations with a total of 20 million members in her conference)

Read the Introduction to End of America (September 10, 2007)

Read Part Two of the Introduction to End of America (September 12, 2007)

A Shocking Moment for Society: Tasering at University of Florida
(...) We have to understand what time it is. When the state starts to hurt people for asking questions, we can no longer operate on the leisurely time of a strong democracy -- the 'Oh gosh how awful!' kind of time. It is time to take to the streets. It is time to confront those committing crimes against the Constitution. The window has now dropped several precipitous inches and once it is closed there is no opening it without great and sorrowful upheaval.We also need to understand from history that the temptation at a moment like this to grow more quiet -- to stay out of the line of fire -- is the wrong choice by far. History shows categorically that if citizens do not stand up now to confront and imprison the abusers, things do not get safer -- they get much more dangerous for ordinary people, activist or not.I was scared when I wrote The End of America -- personally scared because the blueprint I was tracing in the summer of 2006 showed clearly that protesters and critics would start to be hurt within the year. When I told a dear friend that I was scared, he gently reminded me of the history I was reading. He asked, will things be scarier for you and the ones you love if you speak up now -- or if you are silent? We don't just need to speak up now. We need to act. It is time to rebel in the name of the flag and the founders.

Find out more on Naomi through


Gore-Kucinich for President!
Sign the Petition at ! There is still a Possibility of saving this Country !

In a new audio Kucinich says Yes to Forcing the Impeachment on the House Floor (THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!!!)
This bombshell just dropped by Rep. Dennis Kucinich on the Ed Schultz show. Kucinich is considering forcing an impeachment vote on a "privileged resolution" on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives."We're preparing for another war, and they're going to destroy America," Rep. Dennis Kucinich said Thursday. "We have a government in place right now that has to be challenged. I'm seriously thinking about calling a privileged resolution on impeachment of the vice president and forcing a vote on the floor of the House."Time to call your representative and let him/her know that you will not support any candidate who doesn't support accountability and the rule of law. You can reach the Capitol switchboard toll-free at 1-800-426-8073. CLIP


"If we were all pessimists we would just curl up and bemoan our situation. But we are not pessimists, we are world changers and we are the leaders of the future. We are going to change the world for ourselves - because it is the right thing to do - and for our children and for the children of those who know not what they do or the power they have to change things, to make a better world. We have the warnings. We have the information. We have the networks. We have the people. We have the tools. We have the will. And we have the spirit. So all we need to do is to make the change happen."

Glenn ( -- Taken from his letter below.

"There is a poignant passage in Kurt Vonnegut's book Slaughterhouse Five where he imagines a devastating bombing scene as a movie being run backward on a projector. The fires on the ground disappear as the bombs are sucked up into the bombers, which fly backward and land on a military base. There, the bombs are removed from the planes and taken to a factory, where they are dismantled. Perhaps this wishful fantasy was inspired by Vonnegut's own experience watching the fire bombing of Dresden. If and when our bombs begin falling on Iran, given our current limitations in navigating space and time, we will not be able to run the movie backward. The dead will still be dead, the destroyed will still be destroyed, and among the casualties will be our own open society. The damage will be irreversible, and in fact will have reversed 230 years of forward progress towards a just society, and a sane world. But there is something we can and must "run backward" at this time. We must stand together to face the dark forces that have taken us from freedom to fascism, and reverse the momentum back to sanity and freedom.

- Steve Bhaerman -- Taken from FROM FASCISM TO FREEDOM: Stirring the Winds of Political Climate Change below

"While fear itself is not always the product of irrationality, once experienced it tends to lead away from reason, especially if the experience is extreme in duration or intensity. When people are fearful they tend to be willing to irrationally surrender their rights. Thus, fear is a threat to rational liberty. The psychology of fear is an essential component of those who would have us believe we must increasingly rely on the elite who manage the apparatus of the central government. The statement "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety" has been attributed to Benjamin Franklin. It is clear, people seek out safety and security when they are in a state of fear, and it is the result of this psychological state that often leads to the surrender of liberty. (...) Americans must reflect on their irrational fears if we are to turn the tide against the steady erosion of our freedoms. Fear is the enemy. The logically confusing admonition to "fear only fear" does not help, instead we must battle against irrational fear and the fear-mongers who promote it. It is incumbent on a great nation to remain confident, if it wishes to remain free. We need not be ignorant to real threats to our safety, against which we must remain vigilant. We need only to banish to the ash heap of history the notion that we ought to be ruled by our fears and those who use them to enhance their own power."

- Ron Paul -- Taken from The Fear Factor (July 30, 2007)

"America must soon face its radiation cataclysm. The EMR Network says that millions of workers occupy worksites on a daily basis where operating antenna arrays are camouflaged and where no RF safety program is carried out. Thanks to shameless predatory advertising techniques, American youth are now literally addicted to "texting," watching TV and accessing the Internet on tiny wireless screens. These are the toys that keep cell towers and WiFi hot spots buzzing. A nation that requires compulsory mass irradiation to fuel its trivial entertainment needs is surely destined to have a sickly and short-lived population. Right now, 11.7 million Americans have been diagnosed with cancer. Because humans can harbor cancer conditions for years before detection, additional millions of cancer victims are yet undiagnosed. The Journal of Oncology Practice predicts that, by 2020, there will be so many cancer cases in the U.S. that doctors may not be able to cope with their caseloads. The report concludes the nation could soon face a shortage of up to 4,000 cancer specialists.  A recent CBS news series on the raging American cancer epidemic left viewers with the mindset that trainloads of federal cash must flow if we are to find the cancer answer. But the cancer cause now inundates our cities, roadways, schools, offices and homes. Any environmental stressor that jackhammers human cells at millions to billions of cycles per second is a cancer factor. Any wave-pollution that breaks the DNA and causes pre-cancerous micronuclei in human blood is a cancer factor. Logic tells us that there will be no "answer to cancer" until we eliminate the cancer factors. Wireless communications radiation is to America today what DDT, thalidomide, dioxin, benzene, Agent Orange and asbestos were yesterday. Historically, the truth about the public health menace of extreme toxins is never told until thousands sicken and die."

- Amy Worthington -- Taken from The radiation poisoning of America

"The world car industry, with a fast increasing Chinese segment, will produce about 65 million new cars in 2007, small private business jet plane sales increased about 25% in 2006-07 and will increase about 30% in 2007-08, world container shipping movements will grow at least 10% - 11% in 2007. Strong demand itself drives us closer and faster to Peak Oil because the supply side can’t keep up."

- Andrew McKillop -- Taken from Peak Oil and Price Trends


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Israel's influence of US policy & the Israeli lobby (November 08, 2006)
Scott Ritter describes Israel's role in shaping U.S. Foreign policy

UN Inspector Scott Ritter: Fools would Bomb Iran (June 26, 2007)

(Classified) Bill Will Defend Against Flesh-Eating (Classified)
Someone wrote: "You gotta see this!! This Senator is trying to get a 'classified' bill through congress. Only half the things he wants to say are 'classified'... but what he does reveal is chilling to say the least!! Is Congress getting prepared for a flesh-eating ALIEN INVASION?? Sounds like it! P.S. From Jean: This is obviously an prank! Check also Al Qaeda Also Fed Up With Ground Zero Construction Delays or Study: Multiple Stab Wounds May Be Harmful To Monkeys and many more through these URLs above.

Base Jumpers Show Us What We Left Behind

The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World - Really disgusting!
Humans are like goats. We'll eat any damned thing. Just ask the people who make PowerBars.In fact, you'll find foods in this world that don't even seem possible. Not just that they could exist, but that people would actually stick this stuff in their mouths without a gun to their head. We've found six dishes that seemed to have sprung from Satan's own cookbook.

UFO caught on Live TV News! Turkey! (Oct 7, 2007)
Recommended by Dr Richard Boylan who wrote: "Three slim discoid starcraft flew extremely low over a Turkish city, skimming barely above office building roofs. Their V-formation overflight was captured live on television news, which was conducting an on-the-street interview when the craft interrupted the broadcast with a better story. Crowds are shown rushing to sidewalk rails to get a better view."

Have You Had a Mystical/Spiritual Experience?
Did it happen when you were a child or teenager? Now is your chance to help make a difference! Tell your story and contribute to this very important research. Your assistance, by taking part in this research, will help families, teachers, psychologists and clergy better understand children and teenagers who experience mystical events. What did you experience? Are you willing to fill in a questionnaire and tell your story? You will remain anonymous; your identity will not be revealed. (...) A whole body of knowledge is lacking that would better assist families, clergy, and helping professionals work with children as well as adults who have had these types of experiences. Dr. Blinston is conducting a study of the qualities, impacts and lifelong effects of mystical experiences in childhood and teen years. Your voluntary participation is being sought. To qualify for this study you must be 18 years old or older, and have had one or more mystical experiences before the age of 20 years. CLIP

We request a UNITED NATIONS DECADE OF CONTACT: DISCLOSURE about Extraterrestrial Civilizations (ETs); DECADE OF CONTACT - Public funding of education research about ETs; DISARMAMENT - Ban space-based weapons and warfare in space; DIPLOMACY with ethical ETs now visiting Earth. (...) On September 25, 2005, at the Toronto Exopolitics Symposium held at Convocation Hall, University of Toronto, former Minister of National Defence Hellyer stated: "UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head," and "I'm so concerned about what the consequences might be of starting an intergalactic war, that I just think I had to say something." Mr. Hellyer stated the people of Earth may be threatened with the consequences of war in outer space: "The United States military are preparing weapons which could be used against the aliens, and they could get us into an intergalactic war without us ever having any warning." Former Minister of Defence Hellyer went on to state: "The time has come to lift the veil of secrecy, and let the truth emerge, so there can be a real and informed debate, about one of the most important problems facing our planet today." Hon. Paul Hellyer stated at University of Toronto: "To turn us in the direction of re-unification with the rest of creation Alfred Lambremont Webre is proposing a 'Decade of Contact' - an 'era of openess, public hearings, public funded research, and education about extraterrestrial reality.' That could just be the antidotge the world needs to end its greed-driven, power-centered madness." CLIP

Some noteworthy video clips from The Hour

The Kielburgers
Craig and Marc Kielburger have made headlines around the world. Craig organized students from his grade 7 class to start an awareness campaign about child labour. 'Free the Children' was born. Now just a year before, Craig's older brother Marc spent a year in Thailand at an AIDS hospital. Since then, 'Free the Children' has gone from being a home-run organization to one that works around the world. They've received countless awards.. Had appearances - yes plural - on Oprah. And have an on-going partnership with her Angel Network. Conversed with Mother Theresa and the Pope. Done speaking tours with the Dali Lama, Bill Clinton and Desmond Tutu. This week they're gathering thousands of students in Toronto for the first National 'Me to We Day'. A philosophy coined through their book: 'Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World.'

Stephen Lewis
Stephen Lewis is the UN's special envoy on HIV/AIDS in Africa. 38 million people are living with the disease around the world. 24 million in Africa. It's a disaster. Lewis has spent the past five years trying to get governments to do something about it. And at the end of this year, Stephen Lewis retires from his UN post. We'll talk to him in a moment. But first, the CBC's "The Nature of Things" has a new documentary on Stephen Lewis. It's called "The Man Who Couldn't Sleep." Here's a clip.

World War 3
A survey rocket, a drunken leader, and a whole lot of nuclear warheads. These were just a few factors that almost lead to World War 3. We were just a few minutes away from complete obliteration.

Kenyan Bribes
Imagine if you had to budget for bribes, 30 per cent or more. Cause you knew to pay your speeding ticket and be done with it, you need to add a little extra. Want to get your kid into the doctor's office? Budget for a bribe.

Give Meaning is an online fundraising site emphasizing creative fundraising ideas and other unique forms of charity donation. Our community is open to all who care to participate.What people are saying:"We were able to gain the support of hundreds of people who otherwise would not have known about us." Check also the interview at The Hour with Tom Williams, the founder of Give Meaning


Nobel Peace Prize ups pressure for climate action (October 12, 2007)
OSLO (Reuters) - Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to former Vice President Al Gore and the U.N. climate panel widens a definition of peacemaking and will raise pressure for the world to agree a new deal to combat global warming."I hope this will enhance further a sense of urgency," said Yvo de Boer, the head of the U.N. Climate Change Secretariat who wants governments to set an end-2009 deadline to work out a new long-term plan to fight global warming. The secretive Nobel committee, making a first award clearly linking climate change to peace since the prize was set up in 1901, said on Friday: "Action is necessary now, before climate change moves beyond man's control."The prize to Gore and the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which has issued reports this year outlining risks of global warming, partly targets the world's environment ministers who will meet in Bali from December 3-14. The United Nations and the Group of Eight industrialized countries want them to agree a 2-year negotiating mandate to broaden the U.N.'s Kyoto Protocol, the main plan for curbing warming, to outsiders such as the United States and China.By coincidence, the Nobel Prize will be handed out in a ceremony in Oslo on December 10 -- and so gives both Gore and Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC, a new stage to urge action. Both Pachauri and Gore were already due to visit Bali. (...) Broadening a definition of peace, the Nobel Committee said "there may be increased danger of violent conflicts and wars," because of tensions over ever scarcer resources caused by more floods, droughts, desertification and rising seas."We face a true planetary emergency," Gore said on Friday. Such theories are not universally accepted, especially in the United States.Stein Toennesson, head of the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo said that climate change might lead to conflicts but "it could just as well lead to more cooperation."Many experts say that creeping desertification, linked to climate change, is an underlying spur to the conflict in Darfur, Sudan, where 200,000 people have died."The Nobel Peace Prize Committee has today made it clear that combating climate change is a central peace and security policy for the 21st century," said Achim Steiner, head of the U.N. Environment Program. CLIP
Check also: Who is Al Gore?

Gore Derangement Syndrome (October 15, 2007)
On the day after Al Gore shared the Nobel Peace Prize, The Wall Street Journal’s editors couldn’t even bring themselves to mention Mr. Gore’s name. Instead, they devoted their editorial to a long list of people they thought deserved the prize more. Murray suggested that the prize should have been shared with “that well-known peace campaigner Osama bin Laden, who implicitly endorsed Gore’s stance.” You see, bin Laden once said something about climate change — therefore, anyone who talks about climate change is a friend of the terrorists.What is it about Mr. Gore that drives right-wingers insane? Partly it’s a reaction to what happened in 2000, when the American people chose Mr. Gore but his opponent somehow ended up in the White House. Both the personality cult the right tried to build around President Bush and the often hysterical denigration of Mr. Gore were, I believe, largely motivated by the desire to expunge the stain of illegitimacy from the Bush administration. And now that Mr. Bush has proved himself utterly the wrong man for the job — to be, in fact, the best president Al Qaeda’s recruiters could have hoped for — the symptoms of Gore derangement syndrome have grown even more extreme.The worst thing about Mr. Gore, from the conservative point of view, is that he keeps being right. In 1992, George H. W. Bush mocked him as the “ozone man,” but three years later the scientists who discovered the threat to the ozone layer won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. In 2002 he warned that if we invaded Iraq, “the resulting chaos could easily pose a far greater danger to the United States than we presently face from Saddam.” And so it has proved. But Gore hatred is more than personal. When National Review decided to name its anti-environmental blog Planet Gore, it was trying to discredit the message as well as the messenger. For the truth Mr. Gore has been telling about how human activities are changing the climate isn’t just inconvenient. For conservatives, it’s deeply threatening. Consider the policy implications of taking climate change seriously. CLIP

Climate Change-US: Delay Now, Pay Dearly Later (October 16, 2007)
Brooklin, Canada - The United States is facing hundreds of billions of dollars in weather-related damages in coming years if it does not act urgently on climate change, the first-ever comprehensive economic assessment of the problem has found. The costs of inaction on climate change on U.S. infrastructure, and its agricultural, manufacturing and public service sectors, will far outweigh the costs involved in making the needed reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, according to the report, "The U.S. Economic Impacts of Climate Change and the Costs of Inaction", released Tuesday. "We're making billions of dollars of infrastructure investments every year and often without taking impacts of climate change into account," said report co-author Matthias Ruth, director of the University of Maryland's Centre for Integrative Environmental Research. "Climate change will affect every American economically in significant, dramatic ways, and the longer it takes to respond, the greater the damage and the higher the costs," Ruth told IPS. "The true economic impact of climate change is fraught with 'hidden' costs," the report concludes. It adds that these costs will vary regionally and will put a strain on public sector budgets. For example, the combined impacts of storms on the U.S. since 1980 have surpassed 560 billion dollars. Hurricane Katrina alone accounted for nearly 200 billion dollars in economic losses. More frequent and intense storms - a virtual certainty, many climate scientists warn - will raise the price-tag even higher. Storm damage is just one factor in what is fast becoming a cascade of costs amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars, the report documents. CLIP

Ex-Commander Says Iraq Effort Is "a Nightmare"
David S. Cloud reports in Saturday's edition of The New York Times that a former top commander of American forces in Iraq: "In a sweeping indictment of the four-year effort there called the Bush administration's handling of the war 'incompetent' and said the result was 'a nightmare with no end in sight.'"

Meeting Resistance (7 Minute Video)
This video clip from the upcoming, award winning film from Steve Connors and Molly Bingham, Meeting Resistance, portrays a side of the Iraqi insurgency President Bush doesn't want the world to see. In “Meeting Resistance” we hear the voices and stories of individuals usually simply referred to – depending on your perspective -- as resistance fighters, insurgents, or terrorists.

Slaughter of the Innocents: Something is Rotten in Iraq and the Pentagon (October 15, 2007_
Isn't it odd that in the air attack that the US military claims killed 19 high-ranking leaders of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia and 15 civilians, all the slain Al Qaeda members were men and all the men were Al Qaeda, while all the civilians were women (6) and children (9)? (...) It's clear to me that what we're getting is a big lie. Just as in Vietnam the troops would just count the bodies and turn in a report saying that was how many VC were killed, in Iraq (and Afghanistan), they count the men and call them the enemy. (...) The truth: we are conducting a slaughter of innocents in Iraq that is as bad as anything the Nazis did in their Eastern Front campaign.

Biden's Immoral Blueprint for Iraq
On, Joshua Holland and Raed Jarrar write: "Two weeks ago, the US Senate passed a nonbinding resolution supporting 'regional federalism' in Iraq. The measure is a disaster waiting to happen, and should be called what it is: a blueprint for ethnic cleansing and potentially a full-blown civil war."

Iraqi POW bodies 'eye-gauged, mutilated',23599,22608773-401,00.html
THE British military is facing allegations that the bodies of Iraqi prisoners showed evidence of eye-gauging, genital mutilation and hanging. Hospital workers allegedly reported the signs of torture and murder on the bodies Iraqi insurgents left dead after a gun battle with British troops and Iraqi insurgents three year ago, according to reports from UK newspaper The Guardian. It was also reported int The Guardian that a prisoner taken by troops had made a statement which claimed he was “continuously punched and kicked” and saw blood coming from nearby toilets. CLIP

Iraq's Brutally Wounded (Photo Essay)
As Americans scramble for funding to try to help the many wounded veterans returning from war, many more thousands in Iraq have suffered equally horrific injuries, yet have virtually no way of receiving care. (Pictures of some Iraqis civilians mutilated by this never-ending slaughter...)

Slouching toward Armageddon - From Foreign Policy in Focus (Oct 15)
Last week marked the fifth anniversary of the congressional vote that granted President Bush the authority to invade Iraq. FPIF's Middle East editor Stephen Zunes evaluates congressional responsibility for the Iraq War and ultimately dismisses the chief rationale, that Iraq posed a threat to the United States. "This shows a frighteningly low threshold for effectively declaring war, especially given that in most cases these members of Congress had been informed by knowledgeable sources of the widespread human and material costs which would result from a U.S. invasion," Zunes writes in Five Years Later, We Can't Forgive or Forget. "It also indicates that they would likely be just as willing to send American forces off to another disastrous war again, also under false pretenses. Desperate to extract itself from a mess for which it must share responsibility, the U.S. Senate recently passed a resolution that supports the partition of Iraq along ethnic and religious lines. Partition, Zunes writes, would not solve anything, and indeed, might makes matters worse. "If this Senate plan is adopted," he writes in Support for Iraq Partition: Cynical and Dangerous, "there would likely be an outbreak of civil war within the separate Sunni and Shi'ite areas. Already, in the southern part of the country, there has been heavy fighting between nationalist and separatist Shi'ite militias. In the central part of the country, Sunni tribal leaders and other nationalists have been fighting al-Qaeda in Iraq and other Sunni separatists. This would only worsen in the event of a formal partition."

Putin Suggests U.S. Wants Iraq's Oil (10/18/07)
President Vladimir Putin, in his latest jab at Washington, suggested Thursday that the U.S. military campaign in Iraq was a "pointless" battle against the Iraqi people, aimed in part at seizing the country's oil reserves. (...) In recent months, Mr. Putin has increasingly confronted U.S. foreign policy, deepening the chill between Washington and Moscow. Among other things, he has questioned the U.S. push for sanctions against Iran for its nuclear programs, and this week he became the first Russian leader to visit Iran since World War II.Threats against Iran, he said during the television interview, are "harmful for international relations because dialogue with states ... is always more promising."Mr. Putin also again warned against U.S. efforts to put elements of a missile defense system in Eastern Europe, one of the touchiest points of dispute for the U.S. and Russia. He said U.S. officials were genuinely considering Russian proposals to resolve the dispute but that "if a decision is made without taking Russia's opinion into account, then we will certainly take steps in response, to ensure the security of Russian citizens." The Russian leader opened the session with a deft display of arcane statistics, reeling off a string of numbers to show the improvement in Russia's economy during his seven years in office. Much of the economic growth has been due to high world oil prices. He also said the country's birth rate was the highest it has been in 16 years and that the death rate was the lowest since 1999. CLIP

Russia steps up military expansion (August 22, 2007),,2153669,00.html
Vladimir Putin announced ambitious plans to revive Russia's military power and restore its role as the world's leading producer of military aircraft yesterday.Speaking at the opening of the largest airshow in Russia's post-Soviet history, the president said he was determined to make aircraft manufacture a national priority after decades of lagging behind the west. The remarks follow his decision last week to resume long-range missions by strategic bomber aircraft capable of hitting the US with nuclear weapons. Patrols over the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic began last week for the first time since 1992. Presidential aides hinted yesterday that Russia could shortly resume the production of Tu-160 and Tu-95 strategic nuclear bombers, now that the aircraft are again flying "combat missions". The bombers would be used as a "means of strategic deterrence", a presidential aide, Alexander Burutin, told Interfax. CLIP

We will dump nuclear treaty, Putin warns (October 13, 2007),,2190321,00.html
Vladimir Putin warned yesterday that Russia was considering withdrawing from a major cold war arms treaty banning intermediate nuclear missiles unless it was expanded to include other states.President Putin said that Moscow was planning to dump the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty (INF) - signed in a landmark deal between the US and Soviet Union in 1987 - unless countries such as China were included in its provisions.His comments came during talks in Moscow yesterday involving the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, and defence secretary, Robert Gates, and Russia's foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, and defence minister, Anatoly Serdyukov. Mr Putin repeated his opposition to US plans to site elements of a missile defence shield in central Europe. The project threatened the US and Russia's strategic relationship, he said. "We need other international participants to assume the same obligations which have been assumed by the Russian Federation and the US," he said. "If we are unable to attain such a goal ... it will be difficult for us to keep within the framework of the treaty in a situation where other countries do develop such weapons systems, and among those are countries in our near vicinity."He appeared to refer to the INF treaty - between Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan - under which both sides agreed to scrap their arsenals of intermediate range nuclear and conventional ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles. Russian defence experts said yesterday that the Kremlin was unhappy with the treaty because of concerns over the growing mid-range nuclear arsenals of countries such as China, Pakistan and India. Iran is also developing a medium-range missile programme. "We are speaking about the plans of a number of neighbouring countries developing short- and mid-range missile systems. While our two countries are bound by the provisions of the INF treaty there will be a certain imbalance in the region," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the Guardian. (...) The intermediate range nuclear forces treaty (INF) was one of the most important arms-reduction agreements of the cold war era. The US and USSR agreed to scrap all intermediate and conventional ground-launched missiles, both ballistic and cruise. Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and US president Ronald Reagan signed the deal in 1987. By 1991 the USSR had scrapped 1,846 missiles and the US 846. Russia now believes the arsenals of neighbouring countries mean the treaty should be rethought.

The Sino-Russian embrace leaves the US out in the cold (October 12, 2007),,2189482,00.html
(...) It has become a commonplace of international diplomacy that Russia and China often work together on key issues. They have frustrated western hopes for sanctions or other tough action on disputes ranging from Burma and Darfur to Iran. They are blocking a solution on Kosovo. What few in the west have spotted is that Sino-Russian rapprochement has reached such a point that the two huge countries' relations with each other are far warmer than either US-Russian or US-Chinese relations. In other words, the famous US-Russia-China triangle Nixon and Kissinger created by their path-breaking overtures to Beijing in the early 1970s is completely reversed.(...) Russia's friendship with China is not just a ploy by their elites. It has grassroots resonance. As Oxana Antonenko, a senior fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies points out, many Russians now see China as their country's closest partner. The number of Russians who feel China is a friend, according to a recent poll, is more than double the number who feel that about the US. Some 24% of Russians fear clashes with America in the near future. Only 4% see a chance of that with China. (...) Putin's surprise decision last week to put himself at the head of the electoral list of the ruling party, United Russia, has lifted it to 54% in the polls. The Communists, on 6%, might not even break the 7% barrier required to get into the Duma. No doubt Putin's people will rectify that, since they want at least one quasi-opponent around, in addition to the phoney pro-Kremlin parties they have created. The two other ways that Russians could express opposition have been abolished. The right to vote "against all" is dropped. Low turnout will no longer invalidate an election. Hinting he may become prime minister, Putin has found the best way to get round the bar on a third consecutive term as president. The constitution describes the president as commander-in-chief, but it does not say he controls the foreign ministry and security structures. A presidential decree does that. In the remaining months of his term, Putin could sign a new decree giving control over them to the prime minister. It would be a masterstroke. CLIP

Putin tells U.S. not to strike Iran (Oct 16, 2007)
TEHRAN (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin made clear to Washington on Tuesday that Russia would not accept military action against Iran and he invited Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Moscow for talks. (...) In a final declaration, the Caspian nations backed Putin's call, saying "under no circumstances will they allow (the use of their) territories by third countries to launch aggression or other military action against any of the member states." The countries also backed the rights of signatories to the Non-Proliferation Treaty -- which includes Iran -- to develop peaceful nuclear energy.

Bush intensifies anti-Iran rhetoric
"So I've told people that, if you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon."

Iran denounces Bush "World War III" warning
Hosseini said that the current atmosphere of election campaign in the United States and the failure of U.S. performance in Iraq and Afghanistan have led the war-mongering approach of neo-conservatives to a dead-end, so their survival at the top of Washington's policy making hierarchy has become ambiguous.

Israel, Hezbollah and Gulf Monarchies Preparing for the Possibility of Strikes in Iran (17 October 2007)
No one knows whether George W. Bush will attack Iran, but in the prognostication game, the scenario of targeted attacks is buttressed by several "indicators." In the absence of specific information supplied by Tel-Aviv and Damascus, the mysterious Israeli raid against a Syrian installation September 6 continues to feed speculation. (...) "The Americans seem to have decided to strike Iran," a high official in one Gulf petro-monarchy declared to Le Figaro. "We are organizing backstage meetings between officials of the two sides, but, each time, the Americans change representatives; they are not serious about wanting to go forward down the diplomatic route," this leader rues. The Bush administration remains divided between the "hawks" behind Vice President Dick Cheney and the pragmatists, led by both Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the Pentagon's Robert Gates, who are opposed to strikes. It seems that President George Bush has not yet chosen between the two sides. "Israel could tip the balance, but the Israelis themselves are divided," adds the French expert. CLIP

Ron Paul Wins Debate In Another Landslide (Oct 11, 2007)
Congressman comes out on top despite being given least time, least questions and despite CNBC pulling its poll half way through -- Ron Paul won another debate by a landslide this week despite efforts on the part of the mainstream media to limit the Congressman's exposure and to force Rudy Giuliani down the necks of viewers. According to an MSNBC online poll participated by over 22,000 people, Texas Congressman Ron Paul won the Tuesday night GOP Michigan debate in a landslide.As shown in the screenshot, when asked who they thought was standing out from the pack, Paul received 86% of the online vote. (...) Ron Paul wowed viewers once again both during the debate and afterwards as he slammed the candidates who willingly accepted the idea of striking Iran from the air without the authorization of Congress:"Why don't we just open up the Constitution and read it? You're not allowed to go to war without a declaration of war. Now, as far as fleeting enemies goes, yes-- if there's an imminent attack on us. We've never had that happen to us in 220 years. The idea that Iran could pose an imminent attack on the United States is preposterous. There's no way.""This is just war propaganda preparing this nation to go to war and spread this war not only into Iraq but into Iran unconstitutionally. It is a road to disaster for us as a nation. It is the road to our financial disaster if we don't read the Constitution once in a while."Afterwards the Congressman hit out at the current Administration, describing them as "all big government people" and calling for massive cuts in spending. Watch the highlights of the debate: CLIP

The Israeli Military Aircraft Company Tied To 9-11 - By Christopher Bollyn (10- 15 -7) A MUST READ!
A little-known and privately-held aircraft leasing company created by the Israeli military intelligence is connected to the Mossad-run airport security and passenger screening company at the center of the "false flag" terror network of 9-11. (...) 9-11 was a very sophisticated operation, as Werthebach said, which required the "fixed frame" of a state intelligence organization. It was carefully planned years in advance and carried out for one strategic purpose: to kick-start the Zionist-planned "war on terror."The rabid Neo-Con Zionists who have dominated the Bush administrations pushed the "war on terror" with its criminal wars of aggression, occupation, and Balkanization in the Middle East as the strategic response to 9-11. The Zionist media moguls, who dominate the U.S. mass media, have in turn pushed the "war on terror" into the public mind as the suitable and proper response to 9-11. An Israeli official named Oded Yinon revealed the Zionist strategy to Balkanize the entire Middle East into ethnic mini-states in the early 1980s. The plan for a global "war on terror" to accomplish this goal has been articulated since the mid-1980s ad nauseam by Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Israeli prime minister of the extreme right-wing Likud party. The Israeli military's plans to realize these strategic goals have obviously been in the works for at least three decades. 9-11 is, in fact, a gigantic hoax on the world. Only by exposing the terrorist masterminds behind 9-11 will we reveal the criminals behind the fraudulent "war on terror" and epidemic of "false flag" terrorism that plagues the world.False flag terrorism is a crime of terrorism designed by the architects to be blamed on their enemy. The media outlets, which the criminals control, facilitate the blame game by repeating the chorus from the script and stifling any independent investigation or analysis of the crime.9-11, after all, remains an unsolved crime. It is, however, quite obvious who is responsible for blocking discovery and obstructing justice for the victims and their relatives. At every critical point where the events and circumstances of 9-11 should have been investigated and discussed, there has been a Zionist, a dedicated devotee of the State of Israel, occupying the key position and acting as the controller and censor of evidence – the gatekeeper of information. CLIP

Tales of Angst, Alienation and Martial law Roasting Marshmallows on the American Reichstag Fire to Come (July 30, 2007)
In this summer of angst and grim foreboding about what further assaults against common sense and common decency the Bush administration might inflict upon the people of the world, how many times during the day do those of us -- still possessed of mind, heart and conscience -- take pause, hoping we've seen the worst of it, then, fearing we haven't yet, attempt to push down the dread rising within us, so that we might simply make it through the day and be able to rest at night?Accordingly, those who have been paying attention are aware that the outward mechanisms of martial law are in place. We shudder knowing that Bush has issued an executive decree that grants him dictatorial power in the event of some nebulously defined national emergency. In addition, the knowledge nettles us that a vast network of internment camps bristle across the length of the U.S., standing at wait for those who might raise objections to the fascistic fury unloosed by the American empire's version of the Reichstag fire. CLIP

China: New report shows human rights abuses blighting countdown to Olympics (07 August 2007)
Amnesty International has today (7 August) warned that human rights abuses in China are blighting the countdown to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, as it published a new China report on the eve of the 'one year to go' mark.With international interest in China growing in the run-up to the games, which begin in the Chinese capital on 8 August 2008, the human rights organisation has also launched a new ''Human Rights for China' campaign to press for reform ahead of the event.Amnesty International has been closely monitoring China's human rights performance after the country's Olympics bid committee promised improvements in the run-up to the event. The organisation is asking members of the public to participate in its 'Human Rights for China' campaign, including by going online and taking action on behalf of Chinese individuals at risk. (...) 'This report is a disturbing reminder of how far China still has to go to make good its promise to use the Olympics as a spur to improving human rights.'With journalists, lawyers and activists being imprisoned, with the internet heavily controlled and censored, and with even housing rights campaigners being locked up for complaining about people evicted from their homes to make way for the games, the situation is extremely serious. 'To put it mildly, China would win no medals for human rights today.' We're urging the Chinese government to ensure that Beijing '08 will deliver a marvellous Olympic games but also deliver genuine improvements in human rights for China.' CLIP

Chinese Money Inundates Africa
Alain Faujas, writing for Le Monde, and Mario Roy in Canada's La Presse deplore the international contributions to chaos and poverty in Africa: greed-propelled showers of uncontrolled money and guns.

In Southern Darfur, Signs of Another Massacre
Jeffrey Gettleman, reporting for The New York Times, writes, "African Union and United Nations officials are looking into reports of a new massacre in Darfur, in which witnesses said Sudanese government troops and their allied militias had killed more than 30 civilians, slitting the throats of several men praying at a mosque and shooting a 5-year-old boy in the back as he tried to run away."

Outsourcing Torture
Chris Hedges, writing for, says: "The Bush administration has called for the respect of human rights in Burma, a pretty safe piece of posturing, but it remains silent as Egypt's dictator, Gen. Hosni Mubarak, unleashes the largest crackdown on public opposition in over a decade. Our moral indignation over the shooting of monks masks the incestuous and growing alliance we have built in the so-called war on terror with some of the world's most venal dictatorships."

ACLU: Pentagon Sought Citizens' Bank Records
The Associated Press reports: "The American Civil Liberties Union said Sunday that newly uncovered documents show that the Pentagon secretly sent hundreds of letters seeking the financial records of private citizens without court approval."

Senate Deal on Immunity for Phone Companies
Eric Lichtblau, reporting for The New York Times, writes, "Leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee reached a tentative agreement on Wednesday with the Bush administration that would give telephone carriers legal immunity for any role they played in the National Security Agency‚s domestic eavesdropping program approved by President Bush after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, a Congressional official said Wednesday."

Spies, Lies and FISA
The lead editorial in Sunday's New York Times takes George W. Bush to task over the recent debate surrounding the issue of domestic surveillance, accusing the White House of "pumping out the same fog of fear and disinformation it used to push the [eavesdropping] bill through Congress this summer."

UN: Private Military Recruiting Booming
The Associated Press reports, "The use of private security guards like those involved in the shooting deaths of Iraqi civilians is part of a growing new form of mercenary activity -- the recruitment of people around the globe to perform military jobs in other nations, a UN report says."

Bill Moyers Journal | Examining Blackwater
Blackwater's top gun Erik Prince has been spinning the security firm's story this week in a PR offensive. Bill Moyers asks why the press is buying it and interviews journalist and author Jeremy Scahill, who helps separate the spin from the reality.

America's Other Army (Oct. 18, 2007),8599,1672792,00.html
A furor over the killing of 17 Iraqis by Blackwater contractors puts the spotlight on the little-examined world of private security companies. Who are these guns for hire, and who pays when they mess up? (...) Blackwater has more than 1,000 men under arms in Iraq, but it is just one of dozens of security companies there. Across the country, there are now anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 armed contractors, many of them performing duties that in previous conflicts were the domain of uniformed soldiers. Contractors are often the first line of defense on roads and at checkpoints to government compounds. They guard food and fuel convoys that supply the troops and protect embassies, aid workers and foreign businesses.

After the Riots, Burma Returns to an Unspoken Terror,,2190324,00.html
With the killing of an unknowable number of peaceful protesters and the imprisonment of thousands more during the pro-democracy demonstrations last month, many people fear reprisals by the military. At the Shwedagon pagoda, the nucleus of the protests, the military is still in force. Wearing steel helmets, flak jackets and carrying extra ammunition, the number of troops far exceeds the few old monks who potter among the golden spires of what is the spiritual centre of Burmese life. At the pagoda's eastern gate, from which the monks began their days of peaceful marches around Rangoon, six fire trucks - the type used to water cannon crowds, not put out blazes - are stationed. Dozens of monastic houses lining the route to the gate remain locked and empty, despite reports in Burma's state-controlled media that most of the monks have been released from jail. (...) The demonstrations had little chance of toppling the military but he believed the latest show of defiance gave the generals the jitters. A story that was repeated by several sources claimed that the wives and children of the junta had left the country for Dubai, some said Laos, in the early days of the demonstrations, while their husbands hunkered down in the country's new jungle capital, Naypyidaw, to coordinate the military's response. "They transferred their money to Singapore, many millions of dollars," claimed the businessman as he chatted calmly but wearily about the contempt felt by the people toward the military. Midway through he stopped abruptly, his face drained and he moved in his chair, twisting his body away from two men sitting silently at a nearby table. "They are listening. They are special police," he said, politely ending the conversation and leaving. In this city that quietly seethes with anti-government resentment, the people are terrified of the spies of the intelligence services. CLIP

The Human-Rights Vacuum (Oct. 11, 2007),9171,1670504,00.html
Rebel troops stampeded an african Union base in Darfur, Sudan, last month, murdering 10 African peacekeepers. That same week in Burma, the military regime killed a Japanese photographer and turned its machine guns on unarmed, barefoot monks. The violence in Darfur and Burma met with widespread international condemnation but scant concrete action. The perpetrators will almost certainly get away with murder. (.,..) When the Burmese regime cracked down on protesters, it was Bush who used his appearance before the U.N. General Assembly to announce that the U.S. would freeze the assets of Burma's repressive leaders and deny them visas. Yet when he urged "every civilized nation" to use its diplomatic and economic leverage to "stand up" to the regime, his appeal was largely ignored. Many countries acted as if they agreed with Burma's self-serving claim that the crackdown was simply an "internal matter." Notwithstanding the U.S.'s $500 billion military budget and $13 trillion GDP, its summoning power has dwindled.The inaction is partly backlash against the discredited American messenger. Torture, "black sites," extraordinary rendition and the bungled, bloody invasion and occupation of Iraq have all made U.S. human-rights appeals ring hollow. But many countries that point to America's abuses are doing so to cover their self-interested, economic reasons for overlooking atrocities in Darfur and Burma. CLIP

UN Envoy Says Burma Must Halt Arrests
Seth Mydans, reporting for The New York Times, writes, "A United Nations envoy said here today that arrests in Myanmar 'must stop at once' and that the international community must do more to curb repression by the ruling junta."

Burma's Junta Refusing to Back Down
Agence France-Presse reports, "Myanmar's military junta Tuesday shrugged off international steps to punish the regime for its bloody crackdown on protests, even as Japan cut aid and European nations widened sanctions." The Associated Press reports that the junta "acknowledged Wednesday that it detained nearly 3,000 people during a crackdown on recent pro-democracy protests, with hundreds still remaining in custody."

Possible police role in 2002 Bali attack (October 12, 2005)
Indonesian police or military officers may have played a role in the 2002 Bali bombing, the country's former president, Abdurrahman Wahid says.In an interview with SBS's Dateline program, on the third anniversary of the bombing that killed 202 people, Mr Wahid says he has grave concerns about links between Indonesian authorities and terrorist groups.While he believed terrorists were involved in planting one of the Kuta night club bombs, the second, which destroyed Bali's Sari Club, had been organised by authorities. Asked who he thought planted the second bomb, Mr Wahid said: "Maybe the police ... or the armed forces." "The orders to do this or that came from within our armed forces not from the fundamentalist people," he says. The program also claims a key figure behind the formation of terror group Jemaah Islamiah was an Indonesian spy. Former terrorist Umar Abduh, who is now a researcher and writer, told Dateline Indonesian authorities had a hand in many terror groups. "There is not a single Islamic group either in the movement or the political groups that is not controlled by (Indonesian) intelligence," he said. (...) Another terrorism expert, George Aditjondro, said a bombing in May this year that killed 23 people in the Christian village of Tentena, in central Sulawesi, had been organised by senior military and police officers. "This is a strategy of depopulating an area and when an area has been depopulated - both becoming refugees or becoming paramilitary fighters - then that is the time when they can invest their money in major resource exploitation there," he said.

Damning video evidence of Rudy's failure on 9/11. Help start an investigation.
We have been deep in research, interviews and editing (23 versions!) about Rudy's failure to fix the radios the firemen used to communicate on 9/11. It is as deeply troubling a story as we have seen. Rudy is running for office on how he handled 9/11 and here we have proof positive that firemen were killed because his administration did not fix the long-standing (since 1993!) problems with the radios.

Turkish Parliament Votes to Allow Iraq Incursion
Sebnem Arsu and Sabrina Tavernise, reporting for The New York Times, write, "Turkey's Parliament voted today to give the government authority to send troops into northern Iraq, moving this NATO country one step closer to a military confrontation with Iraq."

The Iraqi Genocide By Paul Craig Roberts
Why has not the Turkish parliament given tit for tat and passed a resolution condemning the Iraqi Genocide?

Naomi or Noam am I (October 12, 2007)
I went to see Naomi Klein a few nights ago here in Victoria BC Canada. She was finishing up a book tour for her recently released "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" before heading abroad for the next stage of her promotional tour. In this excellent book Klein exposes how catastrophic events become extremely profitable for corporations while enabling governments to further an agenda of "disaster capitalism". (...) Hal Sisson's question was, "In view of your remarks relating to events which create economic emergencies and subsequent capitalistic opportunities and predations - disaster capitalism - do you have any comment or opinion in regard to the fact that many of them may well be covert false-flag operations by rogue elements of western government or intelligence agencies - events such as 9/11, the Gulf of Tonkin or the Madrid and British bombings?" This was exactly what I kept thinking about all evening while she described events like Katrina, the tsunami that devastated the coasts of Southeast Asia, or the fires in Greece. (...) Her answer started out all right - she said, "First of all, I'm not so sure I would put anything past these people. It's just that with these conspiracy theories I feel that we're taking away all this energy that could be going toward other issues that are so important right now". Alarm bells started ringing in my head, I immediately thought to myself "female Chomsky". (...) You should have heard the crowd at that precise moment. As soon as she said "conspiracy theories" there was a murmur of disapproval toward the questioner, it was like a bunch of trained monkeys who stand up all at once when the buzzer goes off - and when she wrapped all of us independently thinking individuals into a neat ball and drop-kicked us in the gonads with the following summation, "It's just that with these conspiracy theories I feel that we're taking away all this energy that could be going toward other issues that are so important right now" - the audience burst into applause. The mood was something like, "There, that should put to rest you 9/11 truth idiots, way to go Naomi - we are cognitively dissonant en masse" . I was crestfallen at that moment when I saw first hand the results of some studies that show greater than 80% of the public are too apathetic and will just as soon swallow up the government's propaganda as think for themselves. Sure, we've got our Naomi Kleins and Noam Chomskys to stand just a little on one side of the gate while many followers believe they lead the vanguard against the controllers - but no way will they go that extra step and take a peek over that wall. I'm not saying she is employed by them or even necessarily conscious of it - perhaps within her own paradigm she resembles many who just can't imagine our leaders murdering some of us on purpose to further their agenda, and yet that's what war is all about. That's the part that is puzzling - she has no trouble expounding on the methodologies of torture and crisis manipulation by these people, but her natural curiosity and professional assiduousness stop short at the root causes of 9/11. Maybe she feels that if she touches that truth her days flying about doing book tours are over. CLIP Check also: Naomi Klein

Zero emissions needed to avert 'dangerous' warming (11 October 2007)
Only the total elimination of industrial emissions will succeed in limiting climate change to a 2°C rise in temperatures, according to computer analysis of climate change. Anything above this target has been identified as "dangerous" by some scientists, and the limit has been adopted by many policymakers. The researchers say their study highlights the shortcomings of governmental plans to limit climate change. A warming of 2°C above pre-industrial temperatures is frequently cited as the limit beyond which the world will face "dangerous" climate change. Beyond this level, analysis suggests the continents will cease to absorb more carbon dioxide than they produce. As the tundra and other regions of permafrost thaw, they will spew more gas into the atmosphere, adding to the warming effect of human emissions. The end result will be dramatic ecological changes, including widespread coastal flooding, reduced food production, and widespread species extinction.

Toward a Brighter Future: New Energy Sources and Inventions
In the late 1880s, trade journals in the electrical sciences were predicting "free electricity" in the near future. Incredible discoveries about the nature of electricity were becoming commonplace. Within 20 years, there would be automobiles, airplanes, movies, recorded music, telephones, radio, and practical cameras. For the first time in history, common people were encouraged to envision a utopian future filled with abundant modern transportation and communication, as well as jobs, housing and food for everyone. So what happened? Where did the new energy breakthroughs go? Was this excitement about free electricity all just wishful thinking that science eventually disproved? Current State of Technology. The answer is NO. Spectacular new energy technologies were developed right along with other breakthroughs. Since then, multiple methods for producing vast amounts of energy at extremely low cost have been developed. None of these technologies have made it to the open consumer market, however. Why this is true will be discussed shortly. First, here is a short list of new energy technologies. The common feature connecting all of these discoveries is that they use a small amount of one form of energy to control or release a large amount of a different kind of energy. CLIP

Top 100 new technologies
Recommended by Kelley Elkins ( who wrote: "This is a remarkable list...particularly the "joe cell"... Worth looking over.. many I've heard of in the recent past and wondered whether I would ever see or hear of them again...This is really cool and promising..."

Water for Energy (So many solutions exist!)

'We have broken speed of light' (16/08/2007)
A pair of German physicists claim to have broken the speed of light - an achievement that would undermine our entire understanding of space and time. According to Einstein's special theory of relativity, it would require an infinite amount of energy to propel an object at more than 186,000 miles per second. However, Dr Gunter Nimtz and Dr Alfons Stahlhofen, of the University of Koblenz, say they may have breached a key tenet of that theory.The pair say they have conducted an experiment in which microwave photons - energetic packets of light - travelled "instantaneously" between a pair of prisms that had been moved up to 3ft apart.Being able to travel faster than the speed of light would lead to a wide variety of bizarre consequences. For instance, an astronaut moving faster than it would theoretically arrive at a destination before leaving.The scientists were investigating a phenomenon called quantum tunnelling, which allows sub-atomic particles to break apparently unbreakable laws. Dr Nimtz told New Scientist magazine: "For the time being, this is the only violation of special relativity that I know of." CLIP You may read a critical comment on this at

Sweep starts for alien signals (Oct 11, 2007)
The largest ever survey for extra-terrestrial life has started after dozens of radio telescopes monitoring outer space were activated in the United States.Forty-two radio dishes forming the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) in Hat Creek, about 430km north of San Francisco, started collecting scientific data on Thursday. The dishes are being deployed to help advance radio astronomy, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Seti) Institute and the University of California, Berkeley said in a statement. "The ATA's technical capabilities exponentially increase our ability to search for intelligent signals, and may lead to the discovery of thinking beings elsewhere in the universe," said Seth Shostak, an astronomer at the Seti Institute in Mountain View, California. "It is the first major telescope in the world built specifically for undertaking a search for extraterrestrial intelligence," he said. Larger survey The newly-launched array is part of a larger group of telescopes which will eventually reach 350 in number. Shostak has compared the project to the 1997 US film Contact, in which Jodie Foster plays a scientist who monitors signals from a distant civilisation. "The Allen Telescope Array will be like 200 million Jodie Fosters sitting out there listening," Shostak said. The project is named after Paul G. Allen, Microsoft's co-founder, who donated funding in 2001. Allen joined scientists from Seti and Berkeley on Thursday to launch the telescopes, which are able to monitor radio waves emitted by objects in space. The readings from the telescopes will allow scientists to compose an impression of astronomical bodies at distances not possible by more conventional telescopes. "They're like souped-up, old-style TV dishes that, gathered together using state-of-the-art electronics and computing, create a very powerful and flexible radio telescope," Allen told the Seattle Post Intelligencer. "Seti is the long-shot of long shots, but we can also use this for regular radio astronomy."

New Study Shows Genetically Engineered Corn Could Pollute Aquatic Ecosystems (October 8, 2007)
(...) Bt corn is engineered to include a gene from the micro-organism Bacillus thuringiensis, which produces a toxin that protects the crop from pests, in particular the European corn borer. It was licensed for use in 1996 and quickly gained popularity. In 2006, around 35 percent of corn acreage planted in the U.S. was genetically modified, the study says, citing U.S. Department of Agriculture data. Before licensing Bt corn, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency conducted trials to test its impact on water biota. But it used Daphnia, a crustacean commonly used for toxicity tests, and not insects that are more closely related to the target pests, Royer said. CLIP

Omega-News Collection 13. October 2007

EMF-Omega-News 13. October 2007


Inspiring message left in the ERN guestbook on 2007-10-11 by Suzanna Sjogren ( from the United States

Greetings to a new guestbook!

Thank you Jean for your continuing efforts to bring together information that enlightens your readers in many ways and gives opportunity for everyone to digest the many viewpoints that are scattered to the wind otherwise. Through the doom and gloom atmosphere that seems so prevalent today in the world front, individuals must step back and gain a perspective that goes much deeper than first glance. When bringing more of ourselves into viewing the world picture through various methods, i.e. interaction with others, broad media exposure, meditation and other spiritually directed activities etc. we can gain insights that a first glance cannot give us.

The first glance is often frightening at least in this realm, but when one looks beyond the surface and trusts with ones heart that this cannot be all that there is to future outlooks or life in general, then a ray of hope begins to form. From that ray of hope one can see many rays of hope blossoming over the background of a hopeless black situation. Once that is experienced, then gratitude comes in and further lifts the doom and gloom from our eyes. We can focus on the beauty of this Earth and the Creative Force behind it all and we can see that there is much more to the story than what is printed or spoken that seems to want to defeat us.

There are so many souls that are together in seeing the Light in these times and there is so much good in that and it's growing. We must focus on that Light that each of us carry because it will starkly bring the darkness into clear view. That is really what is happening now, the dark is showing up so clearly.

As we focus on the Light together, we become a formidable force that can only bring strength to our planet and all of its plights. It is a privilege to be a part of these doings on Earth. Those of us who are looking from the Light perspective really need to bring those who are suffering through horrendous experiences into the Light with us daily... it is their only protection and we have that responsibility to provide that to our fellow humans, animals, plant world and all creation. This is a healing time and we are the healers.

God bless!


NOTE from Jean: I could not more emphatically recommend that you read this wonderful letter below from Glenn in South Africa than say this is a MUST read. He pinpoints essential perspectives on what we can achieve all together if we just allow ourselves to accept our inner promptings, whenever we feel them, and be/do all that we can be/do for the highest good of all. One things that has always puzzled me is how slowly this network is growing. The fact that most subscribers manage to hang around and remain on the list despite the fairly huge amount of stuff I send out is in itself a good sign and you all deserve my enduring appreciation for this. I often told myself that if this service was not serving some useful purpose, most people would not stick for the ride, and so despite the lackluster response the often hard-to-ignore Life-threatening news and facts I network elicit, I kept telling me all those years that it is worth continuing. Yet!...

I mean, there are tons of others blogs and places on the WEB where lots of people send in their comments in response to critical situations described in various articles, and yet on this list 99% of what I network is met with utter silence, and, believe me, as you can see whenever I receive a comment of some substance, I'm most happy to include it in my next compilation to provide an opportunity for your views to reach out to the larger community of like-minded and like-hearted people we form...

Perhaps most people prefer not to burden me with emails so as to alleviate my load of work to process all that I receive, and this is a comforting thought indeed. However, you may all post directly on the ERN guestbook which many people visit from time to time and from which I often quote posts for these compilations. You could try to invite others to join the automated ERN listserver as indicated in every compilation and as suggested by Glenn below, so as to help this service reach out to ever more people and thus help it better fulfill its purpose. Well I guess you get the general sense of this rant. The Earth Rainbow Network should have 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000 subscribers and more, ensuring that the eye-opening and soul-awakening information networked creates a much wider impact in this beleaguered world. And yet, its number of subscribers ticks up by a mere 10 to 20 new subscribers per month...

It is NOT that I crave for more recognition or for any kind of personal rewards in doing this. It is freely offered to anyone and my only drive in doing this is to accomplish what I came here to do, as is the case for everyone of us. There is no desire on my part to make anyone feel bad because of what I just described. Yet Glenn brought alive in my heart with his letter the hope that one day our ERN community of Love and Light-driven souls will exponentially expand and contribute ever more to assist in "the task of rebuilding this world anew" as is indicated on the ERN website... As is also indicated in the quote from Pathways to Unity..."Not a single human can achieve alone what 2 human beings can do when attuned to the same vibration. Two candles are brighter than one. Imagine what a thousand candles can do... a million candles... 6 billion candles! We are all the living prophecy, awakening to our Unity, One with Life, One with the Universe."

Just imagine that for a moment...

Date: 12 Oct 2007
From: ekogaia (
Subject: Greetings from Noordhoek, South Africa

Hi again Dear brother/ comrade/ fellow traveler Jean,

I have not written in a while but just wanted to say to you again thanks for the impeccable work you are doing - if only more people could/ would read what you put out, month after month, year after year. Your work is so critically important.

During Apartheid in South Africa, where i lived and have returned to and continue to live, most whites claim to have not known what was going on. This blinkered view of the world is a reflection of how the majority of people on earth insulate and inure themselves to the realities that we and future generations face in light of the present challenges we have before us.

During Apartheid, all any South African had to do to find out what was going on was speak to a person who was black. This was impossible to not do - the realities of living in South Africa made it impossible to not have any contact with people who were black or any hue besides white. But there were those who chose to ignore what was going on because it suited them and because it allowed them to sleep better at night. Then there were those, of all races, who fought the system, directly, indirectly, on real levels or on spiritual levels and who managed to turn around one of the most obscene and foul social systems that have ever existed on earth. However Apartheid lives on in so many places and even though South Africa has made a miraculous transition we stand to loose everything if we do not clean up our act and share our wealth so that everyone can gain from the miracle of democracy in South Africa.

So too with the world. We need to challenge those who usurp the power of the people through the gun and through illegal use of power as is happening now, led by those that have stolen the power base of the USA and who have long sought to control international power through organisations like the World Bank, the WTO, the IMF, NATO, the G8, the OECD, the UN permanent membership of the UN security council and of course those connected to the various national reserve banks around the world for oh so long.

If everybody read your information that you compile so carefully and well and gave up their diet of TV and mass media disinformation and distraction, we could indeed change the world. The birth of the internet has opened up wonderful opportunities for building a better world and for hope for manifesting a global miracle that can mirror the miracle that we had in South Africa almost 15 years ago. But let us never believe that it will be easy, for it will not.

We must act in concrete ways but we must also act in higher, spiritual ways. We cannot continue to turn the other cheek forever, we must become involved. Therefore I urge the many people that receive the information that Jean shares with us so regularly to share it with your friends who may not have had the opportunities of receiving such information. In Africa the electronic age is but a vague promise to the majority of people but we must share its bounty as widely as we can. So too, even in the USA, ignorance is rife, not through lack of access to resources but through the state corporate nexus's control of the media and of peoples minds. It's not between the democrats and republicans, between conservatives and liberals as most US citizens appear to believe. We have to change the entire system from the ground up. It appears that there are those who see this and are prepared to do so, even coming from within the system itself. We must share news about them, with them and amongst them and increase this awareness so that we can indeed usher in a new age of hope and enlightenment.

If we were all pessimists we would just curl up and bemoan our situation. But we are not pessimists, we are world changers and we are the leaders of the future. We are going to change the world for ourselves - because it is the right thing to do - and for our children and for the children of those who know not what they do or the power they have to change things, to make a better world.

We have the warnings. We have the information. We have the networks. We have the people. We have the tools. We have the will. And we have the spirit.

So all we need to do is to make the change happen. Share what our brother Jean shares with us with all of your friends. We can create the network that makes the change. We must do so. We certainly cannot do worse than we are doing at the moment, so let's go out there and do better. A lot better. Let's make the change happen, through work, love, compassion, spirit, resistance and forging of realities of change.

So thanks again Jean. You continue to inspire and you do great work. Please keep it up, no matter how dire things get, we are still heading for the light.

And lastly my dear friend and light worker Rosemary Southwell, of the Rainbow Centre - who conducted the marriage ceremony for my wife and I a decade ago - and whom you know from long before this network became as big as it is now, and who put me in touch with you initially - sends her continued strength to you. Even as she grows old in body, her spirit remains strong and pure.

Our strength and love to you

Glenn and your friends in Cape Town and South Africa.

P.S. I suggest what may be useful to suggest to readers of your newsletters is that they each forward each newsletter to just five people to whom they feel that that particular newsletter would resonate with the most. If even one of each of those people subscribes, that has the potential of doubling the size of the list each posting. And then if each new reader passes it on, so the whole chain grows exponentially!

NOTE from Jean: Being naturally curious I checked Glenn's website above and found something so good I could not resist featuring it here...

Making a Better World for People and Environment is about our ecology (eco) and our planet (gaia).

We can all see how the ecosystems of our planet are being rapidly destroyed and eroded by greed and over exploitation. Global warming, pollution, resource depletion, genetic engineering of living organisms, depletion of fish stocks and forests, industrial agriculture and many other challenges to our biosphere fundamentally degrade the integrity of our planet and its ability to function and sustain life.

Whilst humans are only one species amongst millions we are collectively responsible for the imbalances that are upsetting the balance of nature that sustains life on earth. As we destroy the web of life we endanger our very survival. Life on earth will certainly continue after humans become extinct but the damage we have caused to the biosphere effectively ensures that we have irreversibly damaged the natural balance and self-maintaining systems that sustain life on earth. Due to human interference, life will never be the same again. We are responsible for the sixth great extinction. Are we going to be active or sit on the fence and watch the whole system unravel?

Ekogaia is about restoring the balance on our tiny blue planet earth. Ekogaia is about being proactive by being informed. We all are faced with huge challenges in dealing with our collective future and this website aims to place as much power as possible in your hands, so that we can collectively address the dangers and challenges we face.

We need to work on four levels – personally, locally, nationally and globally. This site aims to point you in the right direction by sharing some common insights, both mine and those of other people who have inspired me, taught me and guided me in this life quest.

We can never survive this life alone; we are all part of a tribe whose inter-connectedness is facilitated through the internet as well as through personal action and networking. We can connect on local, national and international levels but most importantly we must share common understandings, visions and outcomes. If we can do this then we can make the world a better place.

This is one location where ways are set out to change the disastrous course we are on by adopting practical and realistic steps that will move us towards sustainability, hope and a better world. This website provides ways to assist us in finding our way to taking those steps.

* Ekogaia has its roots in two words - eco as in ecology and Gaia as in the Greek earth goddess, and more recently as espoused by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis in their Gaian Hypothesis.

It is also a word that has an African ring to it and was the name I chose for the corner of the world in Cape Town that I call home.



From: Oliver Tiessen (
Subject: Compilation - Technical Suggestion
Date: 11 Oct 2007

Hi Jean!

I appreciate your compilations really very much - but may it be possible to place anchors in the text, that you link to the "Contents" and back?

It is so much material, that i cannot read it quickly enough and sometimes even miss interesting articles because i'm lost while scrolling down. (The same problem i see in your mail and on the website.)
With such links between the headline and the article, it would be possible to get much quicker to the - for each individual - most interesting stuff. Would also help to overview, if you later try to retrieve articles.

I know that it is a lot of work, even to do what you are doing now. But as i send things along to my friends, i see that not everybody seems to be reading enough, to be alerted and subscribe to your letter.

Maybe its a good change to make things more "convenient" to selective readers. (Sounds a little sarcastic, but is not meant that way.)

Any way: I am looking forward for more of your great work, which i believe is a perfect example of the really life-changing aspects of the www!

Greetings from Germany from
Oliver Tiessen


Dear Oliver

Thanks for your kind words of appreciation.

I think your suggestion with regards to adding a direct link for each article featured in the CONTENTS is a great idea, and I'll implement it in my next compilation (when feasible), but the link will go directly at the Web source where I found each article, not in the archived copy of the compilation itself. This is easy for me to do and if it helps to simplify the arduous task of wading through the tons of info I network, then wonderful!

I'm glad also that you can appreciate the value of my work in terms of tapping the amazing wealth of resources the World Wide Web provides and arranging the information in a manner that helps the larger picture to emerge, through connecting the dots I happen to notice - sometimes through near magical synchronicities - in the smorgasborg of material available through the ever growing Internet... all this from a spiritual/humanitarian/ecological perspective which is my natural bias.

In addition, what adds even more value in my view to all this is the co-creative, collective aspect of it all as the ease with which I can access relevant material is greatly facilitated by the ongoing dispatch of noteworthy material from a number of regular contributors emailing me what caught their attention and what reflects their own passion. I would not be able to pull it all without this invaluable assistance from so many subscribers also keenly interested in nurturing our Earth Rainbow Network of co-creators of a New Earth.

Isn't Life wonderful! Isn't the Creative Genius behind/within Creation itself astoundingly, awesomely/ecstatically A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!

All for One... One for all!




From: Ilona Ireland (
Subject: Feedback Re: The Perfect Storm Series #13: Cruising Through Dangerous Waters
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007

Dear Jean,

I am deeply grateful for the tremendous effort you put into your various compilations and the links to so many wonderful sites and commentaries. Having a source of information about what is really happening on our planet is so important. I must also tell you that the information is so terribly disturbing that I can only skim the surface to see "what else" the darkness is inflicting on humanity at this time. I also recognize that that darkness is inherent in each of us to some extent and we must choose moment by moment where we focus our attention.

Is there some way that you could remind people, in big letters up front, that it is still truly up to us and what we choose to hold in consciousness will make the difference for the future of this beautiful planet? When I wake each morning, I affirm that "I am a being of light and love and that I have the power to/and allow the creation of peace and prosperity for all sentient beings on Mother Earth". If it is true, as spoken about by so many spiritual teachers and channelers, we still have the power as God Created Beings to co-create the planet that we desire. Your weekly meditation focus is lovely and it feels critical that we must all spend some time every day focusing on the good, the light, and the love that is also present.

I honor your work and bid you peace.
Ilona Ireland, MA
Sound Advice
"Reconnection Healer"


Also from:

'Many in the US Military Think Bush and Cheney Are Out of Control'

15 October 2007

In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, the Amsterdam-based military historian Gabriel Kolko talks about the prospect of war with Iran and argues that many in the US military now view the White House as being 'out of control.'

Spiegel Online: Mr. Kolko, editorials in US papers like the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard and the National Review are pushing for military action against Iran. How does the leadership in the US military view such a conflict?

Gabriel Kolko: The American military is stretched to the limit. They are losing both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Everything is being sacrificed for these wars: money, equipment in Asia, American military power globally, etc. Where and how can they fight yet another? The Pentagon is short of money for procurement, and that is what so many people in the military bureaucracy live for. The situation will be far worse in the event of a war with Iran.

Many in the American military have learned the fundamental dilemma of modern warfare: More money and better weapons don't mean that you win. IEDs, which cost so little to make, are defeating a military which spends billions of dollars per month. IEDS are so adaptable that each new strategy developed by the United States to counter them is answered by the Iraqi insurgents. The Israelis were also never quite able to counter IEDs. One report quotes an Israeli military engineer who said the Israeli answer to IEDs was frequently the use of armored bulldozers to effectively rip away the top 18 inches of pavement and earth where explosive devices might be hidden. This is fantastic, as the cost of winning means destroying roads, which form the basis of a modern economy.

Spiegel Online: Are people in the Pentagon getting nervous about how influential voices in the White House continue to push for conflict with Iran?

Kolko: Many in the US military think Bush and Cheney are out of control. They are rebelling against Bush and Cheney. Washington Post reporter Dana Priest recently said in an interview that she believed the US military would revolt and refuse to fly missions against Iran if the White House issued such orders.

CENTCOM [US Central Command, the military grouping whose responsibilities include the Middle East] commander Admiral William Fallon reportedly thwarted Cheney's wish to sent a third additional aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf. One paper wrote that he "vowed privately there would be no war against Iran as long as he was chief of CENTCOM."

Lt. Gen. Bruce Wright, in charge of US forces in Japan, told the Associated Press last week that the Iraq war had weakened American forces in the face of any potential conflict with China. He was quoted as saying, "Are we in trouble? It depends on the scenario. But you have to be concerned about the small number of our forces and the age of our forces."

Spiegel Online: Do you think that conflict with Iran is likely?

Kolko: All the significant economic journals (Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.) recognize that the American and European economies are now in a crisis, and it may be protracted. The dollar is falling; Gulf States and others may abandon it (as an investment currency). A war with Iran would produce economic chaos because oil would be scarce. There are states which the United States wishes to isolate, like Russia and Venezuela, who can develop great influence through their ability to sell oil in such a crisis. The balance of world economic power is involved, and that is a great issue.

Spiegel Online: But aren't the Gulf States interested in seeing Iran weakened through a conflict with the United States?

Kolko: The Gulf States do not like Shia Iran, but they export oil, which makes them rich. They are dependent on peace, not war.

Spiegel Online: How would Iran react to a provocation by the United States, say, on the border? Could the Iranian military in any way be a match for the United States?

Kolko: Iran fought Iraq for about a decade and lost hundreds of thousands of men. Perhaps they will roll over, but it is not likely. There are a number of tiny islands in the gulf they have had years to fortify. Can 90 percent of their weapons be knocked out? Even if this United States could achieve this, the remainder would be sufficient to sink many boats and tankers. The amount of oil exported through the gulf would thereby be reduced, perhaps cease altogether. This would only strengthen American rivals like Russia and Venezuela.

Spiegel Online: But what about the bunker-buster bombs? Wouldn't that be a technology which Iran could not match?

Kolko: Bunker busters are only able to knock out so many bunkers, but alas, not all. If bunker-buster bombs are nuclear they are very useful, but they are also radioactive. In addition to killing Iranians, they may also kill friends and nearby US soldiers.

Spiegel Online: What about the so-called 'Cheney plan' to let Israel attack Iran? What role would Israel play in a conflict with Iran? Isn't Israel also interested in seeing that the United States weakens its greatest threat in the region?

Kolko: Israel may be a factor. They must cross Syrian and Jordanian airspace, and the Iranians will be prepared if they are not shot down over Syria. Their countermeasures may be effective, but perhaps not ... War with Iran will lead to a rain of rockets and Israel would be left with an inability to deal with local priorities. Iran is likely to get nuclear bombs sooner or later. So will other nations. Israel has hundreds already. Israeli strategists believe deterrence will then exist. Why risk war?

Israel dislikes Iran and the prospect of Iranian nuclear weapons, but they believe they can handle it with a deterrent relationship. Israel needs its army, which is not large enough for potential nearby problems - for Palestinians and its Arab neighbors, who it rightfully fears and hates. That means Israel can be belligerent, but it is not capable of playing the US role, except of course with nuclear weapons.

So I regard the Israelis as opponents of a war with Iran which would involve them. They certainly noticed how during the war with Lebanon the Palestinians in Gaza used the opportunity to increase pressure on Israel from the south. Israelis opposed the Iraq war because it would lead to Iranian domination of the region, which it has.

Hence, the report that Cheney is trying to use Israel, if it is true, shows that he's confused and quite mad - but also unusually isolated.

Spiegel Online: But what about the Democratic Party? Isn't it in the interest of the Democratic Party to do everything they can to end the war?

Kolko: All three leading Democratic Party presidential hopefuls - Clinton, Obama and Edwards - refused at a debate recently in New Hampshire to promise to pull the US military out of Iraq by the beginning of 2013. The American public is a small factor, as elections have repeatedly shown, but may play some role also. As the last election proved, anyone who thinks Democrats will stop wars is fooling him- or herself. But war with Iran would require new authorizations. Then the Congress would, potentially, be very important.


Related article:

Ordered Assassinations, Sectarian Bomb Attacks Targeting Iraqi Civilian (12 May 2007)
An Iraqi who asked not to be identified had disclosed some of the US activities such as assassinations and bombings in markets that aim at sparking sectarian fighting among Iraqis so as to facilitate the partition of the country. (...) "Our task was to carry out assassinations of individuals. The US occupation army would supply us with their names, pictures,and maps of their daily movements to and from their place of residence and we were supposed to kill the Shi'i, for example,in the al-A'zamiyah, and kill the Sunni in the of 'Madinatas-SadrÔ, and so on.""Anyone in the unit who made a mistake was killed. Three members of my team were killed by US occupation forces after they failed to assassinate Sunni political figures in Baghdad. A US force that had been so-ordered eliminated them. That took place two years ago," the former collaborator recalled.The former collaborator said that the Americans have a unit for"dirty jobs." That unit is a mix of Iraqis, Americans, and foreigners and of the security detachments that are deployed in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities. This unit doesn't only carry out assassinations, but some of them specialize in planting bombs and car bombs in neighborhoods and markets.This unit carries out operations in which wanted people whom the American army does not want killed are arrested.The former collaborator said that "operations of planting car bombs and blowing up explosives in markets are carried out in various ways, the best-known and most famous among the US troops is placing a bomb inside cars as they are being searched at checkpoints. Another way is to put bombs in the cars during interrogations.After the desired person is summoned to one of the US bases, a bomb is place in his car and he is asked to drive to a police station or a marked for some purpose and there his car blows up."The testimony of the former collaborator is consistent with some western reports that have disclosed the involvement of US military personnel in bombings that target Iraqi civilians. The British reporter Robert Fisk, AMSI noted, had recently met with Iraqis in Syria concerning such "black operations" carried out by the Americans.The Egyptian writer and former editor of al-Ahram, Muhammad Hasanayn Haykal, also noted in an interview with al-Jazeera satellite TV that there are mercenaries who practically makeup an army second only to the regular US army in Iraq in terms of their numbers and equipment. This force is now called the"Knights of Malta" Haykal said, and they are the cause of many of the attacks that target Iraqi civilians. Haykal noted that there are Iraqis and Lebanese working in the ranks of that force.

A Must read! Many excellent suggestions for action.



FROM FASCISM TO FREEDOM: Stirring the Winds of Political Climate Change

October 4, 2007

by Steve Bhaerman (

There is a poignant passage in Kurt Vonnegut's book Slaughterhouse Five where he imagines a devastating bombing scene as a movie being run backward on a projector. The fires on the ground disappear as the bombs are sucked up into the bombers, which fly backward and land on a military base. There, the bombs are removed from the planes and taken to a factory, where they are dismantled. Perhaps this wishful fantasy was inspired by Vonnegut's own experience watching the fire bombing of Dresden.

If and when our bombs begin falling on Iran, given our current limitations in navigating space and time, we will not be able to run the movie backward. The dead will still be dead, the destroyed will still be destroyed, and among the casualties will be our own open society. The damage will be irreversible, and in fact will have reversed 230 years of forward progress towards a just society, and a sane world.

But there is something we can and must "run backward" at this time. We must stand together to face the dark forces that have taken us from freedom to fascism, and reverse the momentum back to sanity and freedom.

There are two common impulses at a crisis time like this. The first is, "Don't just stand there. Do something!" The other is, "Don't do something. Just stand there." So instead of futilely flailing about or hopelessly resigning, it makes sense to take a deep breath and fully assess the situation. The first piece of good news is, there are at least 50 million of us in accord that the reins of power have gotten out of our hands, and this illegitimate power must be reined in.

Three situations that have been in the news in recent weeks -- the tasering of the student by police in Florida and the "tasering" of MoveOn by the U.S. Senate; the momentum toward attacking Iran that the Democratic misleadership seems to have fallen in line with; the further exposure of Blackwater as "contractors" in the Mafia sense of "contract" -- have focused a sense of urgency. That's a good thing.

Perhaps finally those hundred thousand organizations Paul Hawken talks about as working for a healthier world can stop what they are doing and address the huge elephant in the living room -- the American empire that promotes torture and assassination abroad and fascism at home. We must face the obstacle right in front of us that stands in the way of all of the good things that are possible in this world. In other words, there will be no action on climate change until there is political climate change, and to have political climate change requires focus. As the Swami says, "If we want the political winds to change, we must all blow in the same direction at the same time."

Whoa Cowboy -- A Two-Step Plan to Rein in Illegitimate Power

We don't want to be wasting precious energy blowing against the wind or rowing against the flow, so it makes sense to look for the open channels that can flow us toward a concerted and effective movement. So first of all, let's establish two short-term intentions. If we accomplish these, we will be able to demonstrate to our "leaders," to ourselves and to the world that we are on our way to restoring legitimate rule to America. These are:

1. Preempt and prevent an attack on Iran.

2. Reverse the trend of fascism at home.

There are specific implications of these, including coming up with a workable Middle East strategy for peace, restoring habeas corpus and repealing the so-called Patriot Act, disempowering private fascist armies such as Blackwater, and launching a people's impeachment and truth and reconciliation movement. (I'd personally like to call the organization Citizens for Impeaching the Administration, CIA for short, but that's a conversation for later. We will earn that next level by mastering this one first.)

So let's look at our leverage points right now and see how we can begin applying that leverage. What do we have going for us?

1. The Ongoing Up-Wising. There is a growing awareness on the part of progressive left and libertarian right -- not to mention millions of other Americans -- that neither the neoconservatives nor the neoliberals have the interests of we the people at heart. As Ron Paul continues to gather support on the Republican side from disenfranchised conservative voters, more and more people on all sides are waking up to the sad truth that politics as usual means the usual lies. There is a great deal of emotional energy that is being aroused here, and so our task is to find a highly-effective way to focus it.

2. "Generally" Speaking, There is Unprecedented Opposition to War Policies. Those who are bearing the more immediate cost of empire, members of our military, are waking up as well. A recent article indicates that twenty recently-retired generals are speaking out against the Iraq War and the proposed attack on Iran. This includes the former U.S. Commander in Iraq, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez. The implications of this are huge. According to the aforementioned article ten days ago in the San Diego Union-Tribune (in the heart of military country), "What might be called The Revolt of the Generals has rarely happened in the nation's history. In op-ed pieces, interviews and TV ads, more than 20 retired U.S. generals have broken ranks with the culture of salute and keep it in the family. Instead, they are criticizing the commander in chief and other top civilian leaders who led the nation into what the generals believe is a misbegotten and tragic war."

Along those same lines comes the speculation that the recent transport of nuclear weapons from Minot Air Force Base -- and the leaking of that information -- could have been an attempt on the part of a faction in the military to thwart a nuclear attack on Iran.

Pay No Attention to the (Wo)Man IN FRONT of the Curtain.

In spite of the fact that both the progressive left and the non-neocon right are waking up to this lowjacking of America, there has been virtually no transpartisan concerted action. From a contextual standpoint, our mission now is to remove our focus from the political puppet show of candidates telling the usual lies. (Swami's new slogan is "Pay no attention to the (wo)man IN FRONT OF the curtain".) Instead, we need to focus our attention and financial resources on the three truth-telling candidates: Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel and Ron Paul. What's important is that these three represent the functional wings of both left and right that need to come front and center for us to win. Show them you support truth and send them money. Send the "front-running" candidates empty envelopes with photo copies of your checks to the other three candidates to indicate you are no longer willing to fund lies. Seriously. This is an important discipline right now, particularly for those who identify as Democrats.

Think of the Democrats as the flawed lover who tells us they are going to leave their "spouse" (i.e., the powers of the American empire) but never do. When they need something from us, they tell us how much they love us -- but they always go home to the Empire. So ... now we have to be strong. We have to tell them we are no longer willing to get into bed with them without a commitment. It's either the empire or us! In other words, will they respect us the day after Election Day? The best way to make sure is to make them respect us now.

Speaking of Dempublicrats, the reason why they've painted themselves into such a pathetic corner is because they have failed to contextualize the war in Iraq for what it is -- a war for empire. What Chalmers Johnson said in his recent book, Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic is something wise patriots on both the left and the right have understood: Empire abroad is incompatible with freedom at home. Just as surely as the American Revolutionaries were up against the British Empire 230 years ago, American Evolutionaries today must understand today's challenge is the American Empire, a leviathan bigger than either King George.

So ... coming from that context, and recognizing the American people have to recapture the political conversation before we recapture our government, what do we do? The answer is ... I don't have the answer. But working together on the twofold intention of preventing the next war (and in the process, ending the current one) and restoring freedom in this country, I have complete confidence that we WILL prevail. What we have been lacking until now has been a unifying, drop-everything-else mission that proactively takes us forward. If fifty million of us blow in the same direction at once, there is no doubt we can bring down the wall of lies just as surely as the Berlin Wall came down.

Where There's a Willingness, There's a Way

The way has not showed up as yet because there hasn't been the collective, focused will. First the will, then the way. The will requires a willingness to stand and keep standing, understanding that standing is easier when we are standing together. Next comes the intention, the prize we have our eyes on. What does it look like and feel like to no longer have to be afraid of your own government, and know the world is in less danger because of it? What will we see in the world that will tell us we have momentum towards peace? That we've won back precious freedoms at home? That we are on our way to working together instead of being manipulated into fighting one another?

Once we have that focused intention -- and know it is shared by tens of millions of Americans, with more awakening every day -- and are strengthened in our willingness, the ways will be obvious and many. The nature of leadership in this context is that it will come from everywhere, and above all the shared intention and the willingness to persevere. As for what kinds of structures and campaigns will be needed, here are some ideas:

1. A High Profile Front and Center Movement. It's inevitable, and will hopefully happen sooner and not later. We need a high-profile, celebrity-laden, transpartisan council of well-known, well-respected, influential individuals and organizations to finally draw the line and JUST SAY NO to fascism at home and preemptive, undeclared warfare abroad. That means repeal of the Patriot Act, restoration of habeas corpus, repudiation of police state tactics and the end of the dictatorship by unitary executive.

Tactically, we are seeking to recapture the media, and at the same time -- just to make sure --put the media in its place. This means we need to launch a massive non-media campaign. We need to communicate outside the mainstream media, and preempt the media by speaking to people in the community directly -- by the each or by the bunch. Each of us holding this holistic context is an educator.

We use car banners, truck banners and if we can afford it, billboards. We wear arm bands. In so doing, we constantly remind ourselves of how many of us there are out there. Above all, we must go way beyond the obsolete distinctions of "Democrat" and "Republican." Clear-thinking and goodhearted people on both sides have been hoodwinked into gravitating to the neoliberal and neoconservative camps -- two-sides of the same worthless coin. The greatest political awakening of this new century will be this: Supporters of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich have more in common with each other than with the leaders of their respective political parties. The heart and soul of these campaigns are in the same place, even if the details and approaches (more government vs. less government) are different. As we allow ourselves to be politically educated -- i.e., as the patriot left and the patriot right compare notes -- those with their hearts in the right place will work together to develop creative policies that are impossible under the thumb of empire.

2. Massive Snail Mail Campaigns to March for Us, Even When We Stay Home. Meanwhile, we strategically use snail mail in great numbers focused on specific entities, to make it clear to politicians, media moguls, and newspeople that we're hip to the scam, and we're not buying it anymore. There's a lot of power in handwritten snail mail. First of all, the powers that be in power respect the numbers. Each piece of mail they receive represents thousands of e-mails, they figure. Secondly, it's an opportunity to "get personal," not in an insulting way but in a poignant way.

What could happen if those in power were repeatedly exposed to heartfelt messages from clear and courageous Americans, not angry but firm? With photos. That would mean a website where people could post their letters before sending, so even if Senators and media moguls didn't read them, everyone else would. It's easy to imagine people getting together with their twenty best friends and having an evening gathering to write letters together -- using art to appropriately focus emotion. It might even become habit-forming.

Meanwhile, the letters to news media can be focused and staggered -- one week for Fox, one for CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC and MSNBC. Some should specifically cultivate and support allies like Keith Olbermann and Bill Moyers, offering story ideas. The letters should focus on the media failing America and how to make up for it by balancing the coverage and putting those dissenting generals on the news shows. If not, then not putting them on becomes the issue, and the pressure intensifies. Various members of our board of notables begin making phone calls to the CEOs of these companies, and if nothing else, that gets in the papers.

3. A General Strike, or Something Even Better. There is even the suggestion in Harpers Magazine of using election day this year to declare a General Strike. This is an intriguing idea, but the Swami says, "Let's throw them a curve, and have a general ball instead!" In other words, instead of acting like we are a protesting minority, understand that we are in the majority, and use the day to celebrate awakened citizens from across the political spectrum coming together to proclaim government of, by and for the people where the government does our bidding, not the bidding of the highest bidder. We need to gather at every city hall and local public meeting place on this day and declare together that we the people are no longer willing to be divided and conquered by our misleaders

Is this possible? Can we do it? We humans are usually pretty good responding to an emergency once we realize there is one. We've been shamelessly and shamefully manipulated into responding to the wrong emergency, and now we must "emerge 'n see" the truth that united we stand, and divided we fall. This means Americans with different opinions coming together to declare their support for rule by law, peace when possible, and freedom at home. These are the core values 75% to 90% of us stand for, and if we can't stand together and hold our own government to that -- well, maybe we humans deserve to flunk third dimension.

To reiterate what I think is the most important point, intention strengthens will, and will finds a way. If we can stop "politics as usual" long enough to gather "under one big intent" the organizations and structures needed will make themselves known. Believe me, this is in the works. Meanwhile, begin to hold the dual intentions of freedom at home and peace abroad, and add your energy and momentum to anything that moves that agenda along. For example, there is now a petition circulating -- inspired by a similar letter by retired air force Captain Robert Bowman. now has a letter signed by various luminaries from Thom Hartmann to Willie Nelson "instructing" our troops not to participate in an attack against Iran. At the very, very least we can get behind this move and make sure it hits the major news outlets.

So ... your feedback and ideas are welcome. If there is a way you would like to participate, if there is an organization you have that would get behind this, please let me know. This is not a time to hang back and hope that a political savior will save us next November. We have met the savior, and it is us. The best way to insure retaking the country is to do it before the 2008 election. Right now, the powers that be in power have control over the two lame choices we get. It's up to us to let them know we're not buying those choices, and we have a different agenda, one that represents the true and awakening heart and soul of America.

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Taser Torture: Abuse, Murder and Denial Of Basic Human Rights

Most of you have heard of the UF student who asked John Kerry some questions the other day. Andrew Meyer was publicly tortured by tasers in front of his class by police. CNN and FOX tried to whitewash the event, but on close examination of the audio and video, you can see that the student did not resist, but begged the officers to not taze him. Then in response a sadistic officer spitefully said, “Taze him!” and so the police attacked. Josh Goldman, a close friend of the torture victim has gone public on radio here and defended his free speech.

“I couldn’t believe the injustice that was happening to him,” said Clarissa Jessup, one of the people who recorded the public torture and uploaded it to YouTube.

But a more well-known incident happened in a UCLA library, where a student was constantly tasered for several minutes, even in spite of cries of a woman begging the police to stop the shocking torture on the innocent victim.

What has society come to? Must police use electrical weapons to limit free speech and force people to submit to their every whim? Decades back, mental patients were abused by “shock therapy,” one of the techniques practiced in programs run by the CIA and used in various institutions. Today, the death penalty sometimes means death by electrocution. But the reality today is police are now becoming judge, jury and executioner with these electric weapons that can cause injury and death.

But the UF torture incident is just the tip of the iceberg. The taser was designed primarily for torture. “Taser devices are frequently used to torture and interrogate people such as political prisoners and that tasers are used by police in the U.S. particularly for torture to gain compliance.” As a test of the device, the US Air Force tasered fully conscious animals. Even traffic cops use tasers to torture women for speeding.

How about 56-year-old Emily Delafield who was murdered by police using tasers?

“Family attorney Rick Alexander said Delafield’s death could have been prevented and that there are four things that jump out at him about the case.”

“One, she’s in a wheelchair. Two, she’s schizophrenic. Three, they’re using a Taser on a person that’s in a wheelchair, and then four is that they tasered her 10 times for a period of like two minutes,” Alexander said.

Police are arbitratily redefining free speech and engaging in rampant criminality worldwide, asserting their powers with tasers. Robert Guerrero died by police taser because he wouldn’t come out of a closet.

Apprehensively I discovered that even the United States Forest Service is stocking up on tasers. Their recent purchase of 700 tasers for the purpose of “law enforcement” shows just how sold out America is already on torture. We see it all the time on the tube: Cop dramas and terrorism-themed made-for-tv movies endorsing even the torture of children for the sake of justice.

It gets worse. In Los Angeles, police were exposed in this video repeatedly tasering a defenseless senior citizen. A woman in Halifax, Canada, was tortured in a cell by two officers with tasers. The Canadian Criminal Code clearly defines torture as “intentionally inflicting suffering on another person in order to coerce or intimidate them.” Another woman was hogtied and tortured with tasers in Butterfield. Even sexual torture with taser devices has been reported. There is no doubt that police are using the taser as a torture device on a widespread basis.

New technology will surpass tasers in the ability to torture and quell free speech. Lynntech of College Station, Texas, is developing a projectile that can be fired from a shotgun or 40-millimetre grenade launcher. Grenade launchers are already used by riot police to fire tear gas and baton rounds. On impact, the device sticks to the target and delivers an 80,000-volt shock for 7 seconds, using a pulsed delivery similar to that used by tasers. Further shocks can be triggered via remote control.

Most cops these days have no qualms about tasing children either. Scum who do this are no morally better than perverted senators. Like in this video:

Need more proof? Just do a quick video search.

Too many cops think that brutality is the quickest way to justice. Unfortunately, torture never begets anything good, nothing except sudden death, false confessions and tyranny.


Related articles and videos:

Man's death sparks taser backlash (October 15, 2007)
VANCOUVER — Another taser-related death in Canada has set off a call for national standards on when and how the weapons are used. Emile Therien, past president of the Canada Safety Council, says no one knows how many times a day officers in Canada use the conducted energy weapons. Mr. Therien, who took part in a RCMP-National Research Council review of tasers, says police now simply accept the manufacturer's recommendations but there are no Canadian standards. He says every time an officer brings out a gun it must be reported, but there's no such requirement for tasers. (...) Mr. Therien says as many as 16 people have died in the last four and a half years after they were tasered by police officers. CLIP

Taser death spurs debate (Oct 15)
The death of a man subdued by RCMP officers using a Taser gun at Vancouver International Airport early Sunday has renewed debate over the use the non-lethal weapon.According to Amnesty International, which is asking for a moratorium on Tasers, the death is the 16th in Canada since the RCMP began carrying the non-lethal weapon made by the US company, Taser International, in mid 2000.The hand-held guns, which are illegal for private ownership in Canada, are used by police departments to control resisting suspects by shooting up to 50,000 volts of low-wattage electricity through their bodies. The current can temporarily paralyze even the most belligerent of suspects. (...) Amnesty International wants to shelve Taser guns in Canada until more research is done on the safety of the weapons.“We’ve asked for a full independent review, because the only reviews that have been done so far have been done by Taser International.” CLIP

REUTERS - Researchers tracked police Taser use on 962 people in six jurisdictions around the country from July 2005 to June of this year. The study was funded by the U.S. Justice Department. Three of these people sustained moderate or severe nonfatal injuries requiring hospital admission, the study found. Two of them had head injuries suffered when they fell to the ground after being stunned. One had a type of muscle breakdown condition also seen in people whose body temperature gets too high, the researchers said. Of the rest, 216 people sustained mild injuries like abrasions, contusions and minor cuts requiring outpatient medical treatment, and 743 suffered no injury, the study found. Two who were shocked with the weapon died, but the researchers said investigations and autopsies determined the deaths to have been unrelated to the Taser. . . Jared Feuer, who heads the U.S. southern regional office of Amnesty International, said the group has documented that 277 people in the United States have died after being shocked by a Taser since June 2001. "We do believe that there is a risk to the public safety, and we still call for there to be a moratorium on the use of Tasers" by police, Feuer said in an telephone interview."Our concern is that Tasers interfere with a basic equation, which is that force must always be proportional to the threat," Feuer said, noting that about 80 percent of the people on whom a Taser is used by U.S. police are unarmed.

Sudden Taser Death Syndrome (11.26.04)
Taser International, whose electrical guns are used by thousands of police departments nationwide, says that a federal study endorses the safety of its guns, but the laboratory that conducted the research disagrees. …But the Air Force laboratory that conducted the study now says that it actually found that the guns could be dangerous and that more data was needed to evaluate their risks. The guns “may cause several unintended effects, (...) Taser has performed only minimal research on the health effects of its weapons. Its primary safety studies on the M26, its most powerful gun, consist of tests on a single pig in 1996 and on five dogs in 1999. The company has resisted calls for more tests, saying that it is comfortable with the research it has conducted. …(...) The M26 is classified as a high power taser (14-26 Watt). A Watt is one Joule per second. We electrically cardiovert around 100 Joules (4 seconds of an M26) and defibrillate anywhere from 100-360 Joules (4-14 seconds of an M26).Perhaps these devices are not truly “non-lethal,” but have a potential lethality that was never sufficiently studied or considered. I suspect as the cases mount these devices are going to be pulled in mass—the potential litigation nightmares for local governments is only starting to ramp up. CLIP

US: Torture by Taser (June 24th, 2005)
(...) The Fort Worth cases are part of a tide of Taser-related deaths that is rising with the weapon’s popularity — more than 5,000 police agencies across the country have purchased them since 2000. In a massive report released late last year, Amnesty International documented hundreds of cases in the last three years in which Taser-happy police used the weapon on everyone from disturbed children to old men and women who didn’t follow orders fast enough to a Florida man — strapped down on a hospital bed — who wouldn’t provide a urine sample. Fort Worth officers, who all receive at least a two-second jolt as part of their training with the Taser, are supposed to refrain from using the weapon until they face “active resistance” from a suspect — which could include fighting, fleeing, or showing a weapon. They are also supposed to limit the blasts to five seconds. Genualdo, who faced no such resistance from Guerrero, was suspended for 16 days without pay, both for using the Taser at all in that situation and for delivering a 10-second jolt. The second officer present received a three-day suspension. Such punishments are rare. (...) You might think Tasers would fit somewhere near the “lethal force” end of that list, right before a gun. Instead, however, many police agencies place Tasers immediately after the “issuing commands” force level — which suggests to officers that using a Taser is less serious even than a push or pepper spray. Which also means that if an officer asks you to produce your driver’s license and you ask “Why?” rather than immediately complying with the order, there’s a chance, in some jurisdictions, that you could, within their rules, be hit with a Taser for refusing the command. That’s in part how Tasers have begun to be used, not as serious, life-threatening weapons, but as a bully’s tool of compliance, something to get people in line — with sometimes egregious consequences. (...) More than 25 of those who died after being attacked with Tasers had a history of mental illness; several others were “ill through drug intoxication,” and at least two more had been shocked immediately following epileptic seizures. “Many of these individuals were not involved in criminal behavior at the time they were taken into custody. Amnesty International believes that the appropriate response in such cases should have been to seek medical attention or ... mental health crisis intervention rather than a law enforcement response,” the report said. CLIP

USA: Amnesty International concerned by launch of Taser Stun Gun for US public (9 January 2007)
Amnesty International has expressed concern at the recent decision by Taser International to launch a new electro-shock weapon for the US general public and has renewed its calls for an independent and comprehensive study into its use. The unveiling of this new weapon for civilians comes just days after two men have reportedly died after being shot by Taser stun devices in separate incidents in the USA.Amnesty International UK Campaigns Director, Tim Hancock said: 'The move to sell Taser electro-shock weapons to the general public is extremely reckless and highly irresponsible on the part of the manufacturers, particularly when there is still no consensus on the safety of these weapons. CLIP

Ohio Woman Taser Several Times By Cop (Sept 21)

Woman Violently Tasered By Police - Police Brutality (July 13, 2007)

WOMAN GETS TASERED (October 07, 2006)

How One Tasing Unfolded in Boynton Beach
The Aug. 6, 2004 incident began as a normal traffic stop but took an ominous turn when the driver refused to get out of her SUV. It ended with a Boynton Beach Police officer hitting the 22-year-old woman twice with his Taser during her arrest.



Priests Protesting Torture Jailed

by Bill Quigley / October 18th, 2007

Louis Vitale, 75, a Franciscan priest, and Steve Kelly, 58, a Jesuit priest, were each sentenced to five months in federal prison for attempting to deliver a letter opposing the teaching of torture at Fort Huachuca in Arizona. Both priests were taken directly into jail from the courtroom after sentencing.

Fort Huachuca is the headquarters of military intelligence in the U.S. and the place where military and civilian interrogators are taught how to extract information from prisoners. The priests attempted to deliver their letter to Major General Barbara Fast, commander of Fort Huachuca. Fast was previously the head of all military intelligence in Iraq during the atrocities of Abu Ghraib.

The priests were arrested while kneeling in prayer halfway up the driveway to Fort Huachuca in November 2006. Both priests were charged with trespass on a military base and resisting orders of an officer to stop.

In a pre-trial heating, the priests attempted to introduce evidence of torture, murder, and gross violations of human rights in Afghanistan, Abu Ghraib in Iraq, and at Guantanamo. The priests offered investigative reports from the FBI, the US Army, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Physicians for Social Responsibility documenting hundreds of incidents of human rights violations. Despite increasing evidence of the use of torture by U.S. forces sanctioned by President Bush and others, the federal court in Tucson refused to allow any evidence of torture, the legality of the invasion of Iraq, or international law to be a part of the trial.

Outside the courthouse, before the judge ordered them to prison, the priests explained their actions: “The real crime here has always been the teaching of torture at Fort Huachuca and the practice of torture around the world. We tried to deliver a letter asking that the teaching of torture be stopped and were arrested. We tried to put the evidence of torture on full and honest display in the courthouse and were denied. We were prepared to put on evidence about the widespread use of torture and human rights abuses committed during interrogations at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo in Iraq and Afhganistan. This evidence was gathered by the military itself and by governmental and human rights investigations.”

Fr. Vitale, a longtime justice and peace activist in San Francisco and Nevada, said: “Because the court will not allow the truth of torture to be a part of our trial, we plead no contest. We are uninterested in a court hearing limited to who was walking where and how many steps it was to the gate. History will judge whether silencing the facts of torture is just or not. Far too many people have died because of our national silence about torture. Far too many of our young people in the military have been permanently damaged after following orders to torture and violate the human rights of other humans.”

Fr. Kelly, who walked to the gates of Guantanamo with the Catholic Worker group in December of 2005, concluded: “We will keep trying to stop the teaching and practice of torture whether we are sent to jail or out. We have done our part for now. Now it is up to every woman and man of conscience to do their part to stop the injustice of torture.”

The priests were prompted to protest by continuing revelations about the practice of torture by U.S. military and intelligence officers. The priests were also deeply concerned after learning of the suicide in Iraq of a young, devout female military interrogator in Iraq, Alyssa Peterson of Arizona, shortly after arriving in Iraq. Peterson was reported to be horrified by the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners.

Investigation also revealed that Fort Huachuca was the source of infamous “torture manuals” distributed to hundreds of Latin American graduates of the U.S. Army School of Americas at Fort Benning, GA. Demonstrations against the teaching of torture at Fort Huachuca have been occurring for the past several years each November and are scheduled again for November 16 and 17 this year.


Bill Quigley is a human rights lawyer and professor at Loyola University New Orleans. Bill can be reached at


Forwarded by Irene Haughey (


A Doctor Speaks Out About Chemtrails

Victoria Hardy

March 3, 2007

The last couple days in North Carolina have been beautiful, warm enough to sit in the sun with only a t-shirt and watch the birds prepare for spring. I love nature, there is nothing like the smell of dirt as the ground begins thawing after a long winter or the excitement of seeing seedlings poke their heads out of the ground for the first time; I guess part of me is still the kid that likes to dig in the dirt. I also believe that spending time in nature is a great way to connect with God and the flow of life and creativity that exists on the earth. Although my joy this year has been hampered by the sight of the planes overhead littering the skies with ropey trails and the accompanying sense of confusion and dismay that other people don’t see them, don’t care or don’t know.

Yes I’m talking about chemtrails, I've written a few other articles about them, which have received minimal attention, but still I persist. (1) (2) (3) Since I haven’t come to any conclusions in my own mind and thoughts of chemtrails send me into metaphysical theory, I’ve reached out to others in the very small field of study. Dr. Stephen D. McKay recently sent me an email and shared the news that he has been contacted by the BBC and Channel 4 in the U.K. to work on two documentaries about weather modification and geo-engineering projects, including the chemtrail issue. And yesterday I received his findings after six years of research into the subject.

Dr. McKay (photos)believes there are four ongoing projects in our atmosphere, “The first project is an effort to block the rays of the sun from hitting the earth including the ultra violet radiation that will come through without an adequate layer of ozone in the upper regions above the earth. This, it is hoped, will lower temperature on the surface of the earth and block ultra violet radiation from causing skin cancer in humans. The aerosol is probably aluminum oxide or a compound that would have similar properties.”

“The second and most secretive project is the United States Navy's, RFMP, Radio Frequency Mission Planner, military program. The RFMP is the system name given to a group of computer programs and one of the supporting, subprograms within the RFMP system is called the VTRPE computer program. VTRPE is an acronym that stands for Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation, It is a computer Radio Frequency propagation program that deals with radio waves and enables the RFMP system to visually see the battlefield terrain in 3 dimensions (3-D) on a television screen. The RFMP system also depends on satellites to feed their images of the battlefield into the RFMP system to be combined with the battlefield picture painted from the ground thus producing 3-D images.”

”By providing an extremely interactive and visual (television type radar screens) environment, the Radio Frequency Mission Planner, RFMP system allows the computer operator to develop familiarity with the "Radio Frequency" environment before a battlefield war mission occurs by playing a variety of "what-if" virtual warfare scenarios on his computer screen. Since all major modes of Radio Frequency propagation are modeled in his computer, (RFMP system), special, sometimes counter- intuitive, cases can be examined in detail and exploited during a warfare battle mission.”

”The VTRPE computer program only worked accurately over water and along coastal areas but not over land masses because the system's radar waves required an atmospheric condition known as "ducting", over land, to operate accurately.”

”The government and military solved the "ducting" problem by releasing an aerosol, a mixture of barium salts into the atmosphere over America. They made an atmospheric RF duct with a base of barium aerosol from aircraft. The chemical and electrical characteristics of the mixture will cause water moisture to stay in clouds. Again, the aerosol sets up an electrical and chemical environment that supports RF ducting for the RFMP / VTRPE warfare system. Fibers with barium may support ducting. The mixture of barium salt aerosol when sprayed in a straight line will also provide a ducting path from point A to point B and will enable high frequency communications along that path, even over the curvature of the earth, in both directions. Enemy high frequency communications can be monitored easier with the straight line A to B ducting medium.”

”The third project also utilizes the mixture of barium salts in the atmosphere. Weather control is a project of the U.S. Air Force and utilizes Nikola Tesla concepts of radio frequency radiation (HAARP) against the ionosphere above the earth. Fragile life support systems in our environment are being manipulated, tested and altered by government for military advantage. Air Force documents implied, "the risks are high but the rewards are worth it." The mixture of barium salts, supporting moisture, is encouraged along the weather fronts and manipulated in a control fashion. It is believed microwave energy is also utilized in the weather control program. Weather data is also a required input to the VTRPE program of the RFMP system. Perfected weather control technology will enable a military to withhold rain, cause floods, cause drought, cause storms, withhold sunshine, damage food crops, and bring any country to its knees without firing a shot.”

”The fourth project in the atmosphere is the DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, biological detection and decontamination programs. The program also utilizes the mixture of barium salts as the base vehicle in aerosol along with special polymer fibers in the atmosphere. They have released biological into the atmosphere in trials, testing the detection and decontamination systems.”

”It is believed that barium salt, polymer fibers and other chemicals, in the atmosphere are the physical irritants that are either directly or indirectly responsible, for the recent epidemic increase in cases of nose bleed, asthma, allergies, pneumonia, upper respiratory symptoms and a noticeable increase in arthritis symptoms, recently reported nationwide. Chemicals illegally sprayed into the atmosphere are producing atmospheric and ground conditions detrimental to human and animal health but favorable to the growth of harmful molds and fungus. These conditions are not conducive to good health. The soluble salts of barium, an earth metal, are toxic in mammalian systems. They are absorbed rapidly from the gastrointestinal tract and are deposited in the muscles, lungs, and bone. No case data is available from the medical community on the long term effects of barium in the human body.”

”The programs are secret because the Federal EPA and State Environmental Quality Agencies need to "not know" about what the by-products of the metabolites of biological, illegal and harmful agents are. It's for that reason the project has been declared secret from the citizens of the countries.”

So, now we know and it is as much as we suspected, so I guess the question becomes, what next? As I enjoyed the fine southern weather the last couple days and watched planes, sometimes five at a time, leave their trails across the sky, I heard we were expecting a terribly violent storm and I wondered, why doesn’t everyone see the pattern?

And again the door to my philosophical brain springs open with a thousand questions and few answers, I’ve heard many express that seeing the chemtrails was life-changing, most remember the date as one would a traumatic experience, but I know that life-changing experiences only make us stronger. I’ve heard others express the idea that becoming aware of the activity overhead felt like they had been called, or chosen, for a greater purpose, similar to the characters in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. But most just speak of fear, death and disease raining from the clouds and I am suggesting that if this a nefarious plot by the global elitist to harm humanity, then fear is exactly how they would expect us to feel and it is our duty to rise above that emotion.

Much thanks to Dr. McKay for sharing his time and his findings.


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The Internet is Alive with Chemtrails by Victoria Hardy (January 16, 2007)
Of all the conspiracy ideas circulating the Internet the one that intrigues me the most and turns my eyes to the heavens, is the mystery of chemtrails. Simply the number of websites is enough to lure interest and investigation, but as usual with all great mysteries once inside the possibilities seem almost innumerable. Chemtrails are said to be the stripes, crosshatch designs and X’s we are seeing in the skies above us these days. This writing over our heads soon spreads out to become soft, feathery clouds that dim the sky. (...) abeled as a conspiracy theory, chemtrails receive little legitimate discussion, only increasing the speculation and fear, but in a bill introduced by Dennis Kucinich in October of 2001 ( it clearly states the term chemtrails. The bill, H.R. 2977, is also known as the Space Preservation Act and in it is a list of things we should not do in the skies over our heads and distributing chemtrails is listed as one of those things. The bill was later rewritten, as bills often are, but when rewritten all mentions of chemtrails were omitted. CLIP

Chemtrails and Spirituality by Victoria Hardy (February 6, 2007)
I’ve continued pondering chemtrails and the biggest problem I have found is how my mind keeps turning to the philosophical aspect of the mystery. (...) Many insist that the chemical contrails are just a business decision, evidence that our government has become a corporate entity, more illnesses mean more doctor visits and prescription drugs. More storms mean more construction and more land to be developed, the insurance companies were not the friend of many of those washed out by Hurricane Katrina. More earthquakes, tidal waves and international tragedies mean more people donate money that is funneled off, we know the corruption of the Katrina donations alone was huge. Better communication, means increased sales of cell phones and various technologies. The more the average citizen suffers exhaustion and apathy, the easier to pass money-based corporate agendas and the weaker and sicker the society, the easier to manipulate through war, fear and terror. Others believe that the chemtrails are about mind controlling the people and unfortunately there is evidence to back up those claims. The goal being to dumb us down, overwhelm us with media images and produce passive, non-complaining consumers and constituents. Others say that the mind control technology is being used to prevent the ascension to a higher and more compassionate way of being. That a force greater than us, God or the Universe, is calling us to fulfill our ultimate destiny, a good versus evil scenario beyond our human understanding and the chemtrails are designed to prevent us from receiving those messages from the divine. CLIP

Got Strange Clouds? (January 16, 2007)

HAARP - The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

Many more resources on this issue:

Aerosol Attack

Stop Spraying Us

Chemtrail Activist

And if you really want to dig deeper, explore the 152 related entries in the ERN archives on Chemtrails




World Bank fund to pay for protecting forests

October 12, 2007

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A new fund being developed by the World Bank would pay developing countries hundreds of millions of dollars for protecting and replanting tropical forests, which store huge amounts of carbon that causes climate change.

The Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), announced by the World Bank on Thursday, will be part of U.N. climate change negotiations in Bali in December to shape a global agreement for when the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012.

"A lot will depend on what the global agreement will be, but we think potentially this could yield a lot of money," Joelle Chassard, manager of the World Bank's carbon finance unit, told Reuters in an interview.

Chassard said the new facility would provide financial incentives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation.

Unlike the Kyoto Protocol, which offers economic credits for replanting destroyed forests but excludes intact standing tropical forests, the World Bank facility could cover all tropical forests.

The facility has already attracted interest from more than a dozen developing countries including Indonesia, Brazil and several in Africa's Congo River basin. The bank expects to first test the mechanism in three to five countries.

Deforestation contributes 20 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions, more than all the world's cars, trucks, trains and airplanes combined. Environmental groups say that protecting tropical forests from cutting and burning is the most direct and fastest way to mitigate some of the impact of climate change.

By creating economic value for tropical forests, the facility can help developing countries such as Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guyana, Suriname and others generate new revenue for poverty alleviation while maintaining the natural benefits such as fresh water, food and medicines that the forests provide local populations.

Chassard described the new facility as a research and development tool to determine practical responses to the problem of deforestation. She said the facility would test mechanisms that could encourage governments to reduce deforestation.

Part of the testing involves providing participating countries with the means to prove they are reducing rates of deforestation.

"It will involve a lot of work on the ground with countries to establish both a physical and institutional infrastructure to demonstrate that they actually avoid deforestation," she said. "Countries will have to demonstrate that physically they have reduced the rate of deforestation."

Such a task will not be easy, Chassard acknowledged. It will require countries to determine the present state of their forests in order to measure future deforestation rates, she said. In addition, they have to establish the carbon content in forests where not all trees are equal storehouses, she added.

"Countries will need to have the means to ensure they are managing the rate of deforestation throughout the country. You don't want to preserve forests in one part of the country when another region is being cut significantly," she added.

The fund initially will have $300 million to finance emission reductions and help prepare countries with the necessary tools to monitor the forests.

The global carbon market grew to an estimated $30 billion last year, three times more than in 2005. Carbon funds were created under the Kyoto Protocol as a way to reduce carbon emissions by encouraging governments and the private sector to offset their climate footprint by purchasing carbon credits.


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Study Suggests Carbon Market Encourages Chopping Forests (August 14, 2007)
WASHINGTON -- The current carbon market actually encourages cutting down some of the world's biggest forests, which would unleash tons of climate-warming carbon into the atmosphere, a new study reported Monday. CLIP

Indonesia seeks payout to save forests (October 8, 2007)
JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia wants to be paid $5-$20 per hectare not to destroy its remaining forests, the environment minister said on Monday, for the first time giving an actual figure that he wants the world's rich countries to pay. Participants from 189 countries are expected to gather in Bali for global climate talks at a U.N.-led summit in December.They will hear a report on Reduced Emissions from Deforestation (RED) -- a new scheme that aims to make emission cuts from forest areas eligible for global carbon trading. But apart from carbon trading, Indonesia also wants big emitters such as the United States and the European Union to pay the country to preserve its pristine rainforests. "We will ask for a compensation of $5-20 per hectare. It's not fixed; it is open to negotiation," Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar told reporters after a cabinet meeting at the presidential palace on Monday. With a total forest area of 91 million ha (225 million acres), Indonesia could receive as much as $1.8 billion for preserving its forests under the proposal.Indonesia will also negotiate a fixed price for other forms of biodiversity, including coral reefs, Witoelar added.He later told Reuters that the figure matches the amount needed for preservation efforts and to create alternative employment for the local communities. However, some critics say it is not clear how the funds would be supervised to ensure they are used properly. CLIP

New Money Is Last Hope in Battle to Save Rainforests
Nick Mathiason, The Observer UK, says: "Industrial clearance of rainforests accounts for 20 percent of greenhouse gases. Every second of each day a portion of jungle the size of a football pitch is destroyed. As timber is carted off for export, giant agribusinesses often move in. And so spins the nightmare cycle: a growing release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which in turn alters weather patterns and destroys delicate ecosystems."


Forwarded by Mark Graffis" (


Experts Worry That World Oil Production May Soon Peak

By Greg Flakus - Houston
17 October 2007
Flakus report - Download (mp3) 610k

Energy experts from around the world have gathered in Houston for a three-day conference on the issue of peak oil, which involves predictions that world oil production will soon reach its peak and then go into decline. This could cause a global economic crisis since demand for energy is not expected to slow, but, in fact, is expanding rapidly. VOA's Greg Flakus has more from Houston.

The proponents of the peak oil theory rely on data from existing oil fields around the world that show weakening production in many of the richest fields and increasing difficulty in extracting oil from newer fields. Oil companies, both national and private, tend to dismiss such concerns by citing the size of their reserves and the new technology that allows them to produce oil from areas that would have been bypassed a few decades ago.

But the peak oil theory believers include some of the world's most respected engineers and economists, many of whom have years of experience working in the oil and gas industry. Some of them go so far as to say the world may have already peaked in its oil production and that production will soon go into a steep decline.

What makes this especially worrisome is that demand is going in the other direction. Matt Simmons, an oil industry analyst based here in Houston, is one of the best known advocates of the peak oil idea. He notes that demand for oil on a worldwide basis has grown from ten million barrels a day in 1950 to an estimated 88 million barrels a day projected for next year. He says demand will grow even more in the decades ahead.

"Almost all the long-term forecasts look out to 2020 and then 2030 and see a world that is going to need 115 to 120 million barrels a day of oil by 2020 and 120 to 130 by 2030," said Matt Simmons.

But Simmons says even those predictions may not fully capture the danger ahead. He notes that the fast-growing economies of India and China have reached only one third of Mexico's per-capita consumption of oil. If they were to reach Mexico's level of use, the world would require an additional 45 million barrels a day in output.

"I happen to think that this issue will soon overwhelm global warming as the single biggest threat to sustaining the 21st century," he said. "But I am amazed that it still lurks in the shadows and amazed at the debate as to whether it is even a real issue."

Simmons says steps should be taken now to reduce demand and to develop alternative fuels.

Among other participants in this week's conference here in Houston are famed Texas oil man T. Boone Pickens, Chris Skrebowski of the Energy Institute in London, David Hughes of the Geological Survey of Canada and a number of academics and independent energy analysts. The conference will conclude with panel discussions on Saturday.


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Peak Oil and Price Trends
As already noted, many times, the media finds it is not ‘politically correct’ to explain high prices as due to oil – very simply – depleting and running out. So they prefer to cite storms, technical problems, refinery accidents, rebellion and wars in Nigeria, Chad and Sudan, the Iraq war, al Qaida, Vladimir Putin and the ‘anti western Kremlin’ now menacing pipeline routes in Georgia, the Kazakhs or Venezuelans applying ‘resource nationalism’ to their oil reserves and demanding higher taxes and shares of profits, the greedy and wasteful Chinese importing too much oil, the Indians doing the same, very hot weather (or very cold weather), and why not earthquakes ? – anything will do as long as NO mention of Peak Oil is made. It is however politically OK to cite declining or shrinking inventories as an explanation of why oil prices are high.Why are inventories declining? One reason is Peak Oil, driving up prices and making stock controllers and managers run the smallest-possible or ‘just in time’ stocks. They can and do hope that prices will fall before they have to re-order, but all too often they bet wrong. Oil refiners, too, have to regularly buy crude oil – at whatever the day’s price is, and then cover this against vagaries of refined product market prices through buying and selling ‘crack spread’ contracts. This again is a market mechanism that – finally – transmits any crude oil price rises or falls to downstream consumers. Another and the biggest reason is strong demand – the world car industry, with a fast increasing Chinese segment, will produce about 65 million new cars in 2007, small private business jet plane sales increased about 25% in 2006-07 and will increase about 30% in 2007-08, world container shipping movements will grow at least 10% - 11% in 2007. Strong demand itself drives us closer and faster to Peak Oil because the supply side can’t keep up. CLIP

Oil prices pass record 90 dollars amid supply, geopolitical fears (Oct 18)
New York crude oil prices surpassed a record 90 dollars a barrel in after-hours trading Thursday as Iraq urged Turkey not to take military action against Kurdish rebels located in northern Iraq.Traders said oil prices were also stoked higher by a weakening US dollar and global supply jitters."The issue seems no longer to be whether oil will reach 100 dollars per barrel, but when," said Barclays Capital analyst Kevin Norrish.



Some interesting thoughts on the 2012 threshold point

From: Richard Boylan PhD

(...) As for 2012, my intuition about this signal date in the Mayan Calendar is this. (And correct me, Councillors Asheoma and For the Watchers if I have it fuzzy.)

Millennia ago, Star Visitors came among the Mayans' ancestors and showed them astronomy and astro-based calendrical calculating (among other things.) The SiVs also showed the shamans among the proto-Mayans some views of a probable future, including that the Star Visitors' best estimate, way back then, of when Humans would reach the teeter-totter point of whether they were going to make it from Fourth World to Fifth World society, or not, was around Winter Equinox time of 2012. That date was only a Best Estimate, and neither sacred nor "carved in stone".

(Although the Mayan Calendar was carved in stone, eventually.) :-)

The reason the Star Visitors way back millennia ago did not advise the Mayan time-keepers to extend their calendar time-keeping forward past 2012 was because the future choices of Human were indeterminable with precision millennia ago, what with Free Will and all.

If Humans stepped back from the brink of what is now (in 2007) our current madness, then Humans would make it as a race with a long future, and a cosmic one. Humans' future would be so different from the past that it would be inappropriate to use the old calendar to record the New Era.

If Humans did not step back from the brink, but plunged over, then of course there would be no need for further calendar-keeping.

So, if I have stated this adequately, that is my take on the much-ballyhooed "magic" date of 2012, and what it really represents.

- Councillor of/for Earth/Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


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