March 10, 2007

The Perfect Storm Series #10: All Heaven Breaking Loose!

Hello everyone!

As usual there are tons of really interesting information you don't want to miss in this compilation, but there is a 10 min 22 sec, video I just watched which I think everyone ought to absolutely see. This is by all counts the most explosive 9-11 video I've ever seen. A real smoking gun that puts to rest any notion that the demolition of the towers was planned and executed by You Know Who...

The Ultimate Con 9/11 Documentary Trailer Added March 08, 2007

NOTE: It has been pulled by YouTube on March 12 but not before 12,000 could see it. It is also available (since March 9) at
This movie is supposed to come out in April. Let's hope it does!

I wonder why it took so many years for this astounding footage to come out. This is a totally gripping experience. Be prepared for an earth-shaking re-energizing of the worldwide drive to get rid of the fiendish despots behind 9-11 and the premeditated invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq... before they do any more "mischiefs"...

And as usual you would do us all a great favor by networking the following 3 lines widely

You must see this...

The Perfect Storm Series #10: All Heaven Breaking Loose!


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"ALL of us know that light-filled souls want the darkness and suffering to end, and that end is happening! It is a process, not a single moment, and if all of you who long for a world where everyone lives in harmony with each other and all of Nature will visualize that kind of world, it will help you and your homeland planet speed through linear time into the Golden Age. Then you will see the heaven on Earth that you are helping to create now, but in the timelessness of the continuum, your creation already IS, and it is wondrous even beyond your imagining!"

— Matthew -- Taken from his latest message below

"It has been decreed that Earth will not be destroyed, that humanity will not face virtual annihilation. However, the timetable and severity of the changes still depends a great deal on our response in opening our hearts to love. Compassion is the key to lessening the angst of the shift in reality. It will unlock the door to untold blessings; but the way is not by avoidance and denial of what we don’t want. Please understand that. What you focus on and uplift is transformed and transmuted. What you avoid expands and keeps on expanding until you can embrace it with all the love and truth you can muster."

— Ron Van Dyke ( - Taken from "NOW AND THEN THERE’S A FOOL SUCH AS I AM" below.

America, how long do we have? About the time our original thirteen states adopted their new constitution in 1787, Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years earlier: "A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, those nations always progressed through the following sequence: 1. From bondage to spiritual faith; 2. From spiritual faith to great courage; 3. From courage to liberty; 4. From liberty to abundance; 5. From abundance to complacency; 6. From complacency to apathy; 7. From apathy to dependence; 8. From dependence back into bondage. It seems as though we are indeed on the verge of rediscovering bondage. Therefore the question looms: Are you making the necessary arrangements to protect your freedom? Act today. Tomorrow may be too late."

— Sent by Phyllis Montague (


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9/11 Cartoon REMIX (starring Aaron Russo) part 1 and part 2 - MUST SEE! (Added March 8)

Petition the BBC
If you want to help get to the bottom of the 9/11 cover-up, I urge you visit this site and add your name to the petition.

The following comments were sent in response to World Peace Sign Movement organized everywhere except in the US for next March 17!!!...

Aaron Freimark ( wrote: "Thanks for sending this out. I agree that this is an excellent initiative. In fact, in New York City a small group of us have done quite a bit of work organizing a peace sign for several hundred people, with permit applications, web site, postcards, and even a DVD. You should visit for a taste. But this is also a new type of event for us, and we could use assistance from more experienced groups. I also know of several related, smaller, peace signs being organized around the U.S. I would be happy to connect your contacts to the people responsible. Please call me to discuss, if you would like. My cell is 917-459-2626.

Carol Brouillet ( wrote: "Jean, We are planning peace rallies for March 17th and 18th, but here we have been mobilizing bodies to spell out IMPEACH! which is our hope to restrain the criminal, violent regime whose hijacked our country and threatens all of us."

Michael Wong ( wrote: "Huge peace demonstrations are being planned in major cities across the US for March 17. See the website of the International A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition: I am involved as a member of Veterans for Peace in participating in the San Francisco event (which in our city will be the following day due to a schedule conflict with another local event). The biggest demo will in Washington, DC, where people will march on the Pentagon in an historic reference to history (the first March on the Pentagon during the Vietnam war). If folks feel that having a human peace sign action is important, they should contact the organizers of ANSWER and see if this can be arranged.

Roger Drowne ( recommended and and

Peace Sign - Budapest, 2006 (Video 9 min 27 sec)

Video: March on the Pentagon, March 17th
200 transportation centers for the March!

March 17th - march to impeach Bush at the Pentagon

To Love and Regenerate the Earth: Further Perspectives on the Survival of Civilization by Don Weaver

Wonderful paintings

Many more such artists through the AQUARIUS COVER ARTISTS list

Amazing Child Drummers!

Urban Farming - Turning Our Cities Into Organic Farms

Ray Bethell - Multiple Kite World Champion

Global Village News and Resources Issue 120 - March, 2007
There is much more positive news in the world than negative news but it is the negative that is consistently more widely reported by the mainstream media.

Aaron Russo : Here is a video of our Anti REAL ID rally, Spring 200

New Hampshire REAL ID Protest (Video: 7 min 53 sec)
New Hampshire will forever be remembered as the first state to draw large-scale citizen opposition to REAL ID, thanks in large part to the efforts of CASPIAN's New Hampshire chapter. NH CASPIAN, led by state coordinator Joel Winters, worked tirelessly last year to try to get the state out of the REAL ID program, bringing together over a dozen organizations to rally for freedom. Check out this MUST-SEE video of our anti-REAL-ID rally at the Concord state house last April -- the event which helped sparked the revolt.Speakers include Joel Winters, Katherine Albrecht, Rep. Elbert Bicknell, Carol Shea-Porter, Don Gorman, and Rep. Neal Kurk. Recommended by Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Founder and Director, CASPIAN Consumer Privacy
(877) 287-5854, - Co-author of "SPYCHIPS: How Major Corporations and Government
Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID": //
Bio online at: - More on this topic at and and and -- Forwarded by Kathleen Roberts (

Straight from New Mexico State Senate... Demand for Impeachment, Feb 16, 2007
Did you see this in your media news?

New Mexico Press reports the passing of 1st Hearing to Impeach President

Text of New Mexico Senate Joint Resolution 5
MANY more states should urgently pass similar resolutions!

New Mexico Senate Rules Committee Passes Bush-Cheney Impeachment Resolution
(...) That there is compelling evidence of crimes having been committed is unquestionable. The evidence that Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney lied about the existence of weapons of mass destruction as an excuse to take our nation to war is overwhelming. What greater crime could there be than initiating an unjustified, unnecessary war?  AND, there is compelling evidence of still other serious crimes. CLIP

Senate Joint Resolution 5 update (20 February 2007)
The 5 related items above were forwarded by Larry Morningstar (
More on what is happening in New Mexico through

Israeli Spying and 9/11 - Israel and 9/11: The disappearing story that's too hot to handle
5 videos!

Northwest pilot from rural Glyndon alleges 9/11 cover-up
Field McConnell is convinced the 9/11 terrorist attacks are being covered up.

Iraq: The hidden story (48 mn 40 s)
"The pictures are too graphic for us to broadcast" A war journalist reports on what the mainstream media edits out, and why. A 50 minute video from UK Channel4.

Demand The Restoration of habeas corpus

National Shopping boycott to end the war and Impeach Bush and Cheney

Talk is rising of a ‘clash of civilizations’. But the problem isn’t culture, it’s politics – from 9/11 to Guantanamo, Iraq to Iran. This clash is not inevitable, and we don't want it.So where to start? The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the key symbol of the rift between Islam & the West. It's time to step up and take the initiative.Add your voice below and when leaders meet in late March, our message will be delivered in a way they can’t ignore. Petition to Israeli, Palestinian & international leaders: The Palestinian-Israeli conflict lies at the heart of a global clash threatening to divide us all. People from every corner of the world want a just and lasting peace in the Middle East - and the international community can and must help bring all sides to the table. Start Real Middle East Talks Now, and stay at the negotiating table until we have peace.

Revealing News: Failed Energy Standards, Record Poverty Numbers, CIA Recruited War Criminals

David Suzuki's "If you were Prime Minister" Tour
Want to make sure the environment is on the ballot during the next federal election? Then vote for it! Send a message to politicians of all stripes that you want real action, now, on these important issues. By voting for the environment, we can ensure concrete steps are taken after the election and beyond. Use the form below to send a message to the leaders of the parties in the House of Commons. We’ll make sure your voice is heard in Ottawa.


Americans Have Lost Their Country
The Bush-Cheney regime is America's first neoconservative regime. In a few short years, the regime has destroyed the Bill of Rights, the separation of powers, the Geneva Conventions, and the remains of America's moral reputation along with the infrastructures of two Muslim countries and countless thousands of Islamic civilians. Plans have been prepared, and forces moved into place, for an attack on a third Islamic country, Iran, and perhaps Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon as well.

Pentagon Whistle-Blower on the Coming War With Iran (Feb 27, 2007)
Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski (ret.), a veteran of the Pentagon with firsthand experience of the administration’s cherry-picking of intelligence, reveals why Bush thinks he can win a war with Iran, why few politicians are serious about withdrawal and why “when they call Iraq a success, they mean it.”

Attack on Iran would backfire, warns report,,2026524,00.html
Any military action against Iran's atomic programme is likely to backfire and accelerate Tehran's development of a nuclear bomb, a report today by a British former nuclear weapons scientist warns.

US and Iran talk during conference
The US ambassador to Iraq, Zalmy Khalilzad, said he exchanged views with Iranian delegation "directly and in the presence of others" at the one-day meeting of Iraq's neighbours and others including the five permanent members of the UN Security Council

Independent Reporting Drew Army Coverup, Secrecy, Delays
Officials in the US military from the Pentagon on down tried to thwart reporters for the LA Times who uncovered deaths and possible torture of detainees in Afghanistan.

Liar in the White House
In a massive new blow to the credibility of the White House, Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff Lewis Libby has been convicted of obstruction of justice, perjury and lying to the FBI during the investigation into the leaking of the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame.

Congress Says Prepared to Act in Plame Affair
Aides to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Congressman John Conyers, D-Mich., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said they were engaged in discussions Tuesday about the possibility of holding immediate hearings and subpoenaing Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to provide details of his nearly four-year-old investigation, and the evidence he obtained regarding the role Vice President Dick Cheney and other White House officials played in the leak of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson.

Waxman Asks Fitzgerald to Testify Before Congress
Congressman Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said Thursday he wants Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to testify before his committee about his investigation into the leak of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame-Wilson's identity. Plame-Wilson, Waxman's office said, has agreed to testify before Congress on March 16.

Keith Olbermann | Joseph Wilson: Time for Bush/Cheney to Come Clean
In his first live interview since the guilty verdicts in the trial of Lewis "Scooter" Libby, former ambassador Joseph Wilson told Keith Olbermann it's now time for President Bush and Vice President Cheney to be honest with the American public about their roles in the outing of his wife, CIA Operative Valerie Plame.

Questions About Cheney Remain
With Tuesday's verdict on Mr. Libby - guilty on four of five counts, including perjury and obstruction of justice - the vice president has been diminished. "The trial has been death by 1,000 cuts for Cheney," said Scott Reed, a Republican strategist. "It's hurt him inside the administration. It's hurt him with the Congress, and it's hurt his stature around the world because it has shown a lot of the inner workings of the White House. It peeled the bark right off the way they operate."

Cheney's Fall From Grace (March 8),8599,1597226,00.html
(...) Cheney has become the Administration's enemy within, the man whose single-minded pursuit of ideological goals, creaking political instincts and love of secrecy produced an independent operation inside the White House that has done more harm than good.On an imaginary political balance sheet, Cheney is the Democrats' most valuable asset. And reversing that situation is getting close to impossible. Cheney recently made his weekly pilgrimage to the Senate, where he had lunch on March 6 with Republicans. He took his usual seat on one side of the stately Mike Mansfield Room and watched the proceedings quietly. Various Senators came by to ask him about his health after a blood-clot scare the day before. Others quietly lent support in the wake of that morning's four-count guilty verdict of Cheney's top aide, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby. But for all the personal shows of support, more Republicans with each passing week have acknowledged privately what is felt across Washington when it comes to the Vice President: his time has passed. CLIP

Vermont Votes to Impeach Bush/Cheney

Vermont: Land of Hope
Cindy Sheehan writes: "It is urgent and necessary that we impeach the criminals who inhabit the highest offices of the world to ensure the future peace of the world. Impeachment is absolutely mandatory, so that the crooks will be held accountable for their crimes, and so America can be the shining city on the hill that the rest of the world can look towards with hope and confidence in her wisdom. Impeachment is a constitutional requirement that must not be expediently avoided and must be set back on the table as the first course."

U.S. Heading For Financial Trouble? (March 4, 2007)
(CBS) When the stock market plunges like it did this week, everyone pays attention. The man you're about to meet says hardly anyone is paying attention to what really threatens our financial future. Like an Old Testament prophet, David Walker has been traveling the country, urging people to "wake up before it's too late." But David Walker is no wild-eyed zealot. As Steve Kroft reports, David Walker is an accountant, the nation’s top accountant to be exact, the comptroller general of the United States. He has totaled up our government's income, liabilities, and future obligations and concluded the numbers simply don’t add up. And he’s not alone. Its been called the "dirty little secret everyone in Washington knows" – a set of financial truths so inconvenient that most elected officials don’t even want to talk about them, which is exactly why David Walker does. "I would argue that the most serious threat to the United States is not someone hiding in a cave in Afghanistan or Pakistan but our own fiscal irresponsibility," Walker tells Kroft. David Walker is a prudent man and a highly respected public official. As comptroller general of the United States he runs he Government Accountability Office, the GAO, which audits the government's books and serves as the investigative arm of the U.S. Congress. He has more than 3,000 employees, a budget of a half a billion dollars, and a message he considers urgent. "I'm going to show you some numbers…they’re all big and they’re all bad," he says. So bad, that Walker has given up on elected officials and taken his message directly to taxpayers and opinion makers, hoping to shape the debate in the next presidential election. (...) "What’s going on right now is we’re spending more money than we make…we’re charging it to credit card…and expecting our grandchildren to pay for it. And that’s absolutely outrageous," he told the editorial board of the Seattle Post Intelligencer. CLIP

The Wider Shame of Walter Reed
The editors of the New York Times write: "It is impossible not to feel fury at the shameful neglect of wounded soldiers at Walter Reed's outpatient facilities, just a few miles from an oblivious and neglectful White House. There is plenty of blame to go around. But the fundamental responsibility rests with the president and his former defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, who stubbornly insisted on going to war without sufficient resources — and then sought to hide the costs of their disastrous mistakes from the American public."

Lift the Curtain
Bob Herbert asks: "Why in the world is anyone surprised that the Bush administration has not been taking good care of wounded and disabled American troops? Real-life human needs have never been a priority of this administration. The evidence is everywhere: from the mind-bending encounter with the apocalypse in Baghdad, to the ruined residential neighborhoods in New Orleans, to the anxious families in homes across America who are offering tearful goodbyes to loved ones heading off to yet another pointless tour in Iraq."

Why I fled George Bush's war
What happened to make a patriotic, gung-ho soldier desert the U.S. army, and turn against the war in Iraq.

Iraq: the hidden cost of the war (12 March 2007)
America won't simply be paying with its dead. The Pentagon is trying to silence economists who predict that several decades of care for the wounded will amount to an unbelievable $2.5 trillion. (...) Estimating long-term costs using even the second, moderate scenario, Bilmes tells me: "I think we are now approaching a figure of $2.5 trillion." This, she says, "includes three kinds of costs. It includes the cash costs of running the combat operations, the long-term costs of replenishing military equipment and taking care of the veterans, and [increased costs] at the Pentagon. And then it includes the economic cost, which is the differential between reservists' pay in their civilian jobs and what they're paid in the military - and the macroeconomic costs, such as the percentage of the oil-price increase." (...) At the beginning of this year, the Pentagon was putting out a figure of roughly 23,000 wounded, but the VA was quietly saying that more than 50,000 had, in fact, been wounded. To draw attention to her academic findings, Bilmes wrote a piece for the Los Angeles Times of 5 January 2007 in which she quoted the figure of "more than 50,000 wounded Iraq war soldiers". The reaction from the Pentagon was fury. An assistant secretary there named Dr William Winkenwerder phoned her personally to complain. Bilmes recalls: "He said, 'Where did you get those numbers from?'" She explained to Winkenwerder that the 50,000 figure came from the VA, and faxed him copies of official US government documents that proved her point. Winkenwerder backed down. (...) for every soldier dying in Iraq or Afghanistan today, 16 are being wounded. The Pentagon insists the figure is nearer nine - but, either way, the economic implications for the future are phenomenal.So far, more than 200,000 veterans from the current Iraq or Afghanistan wars have been treated at VA centres. Twenty per cent of those brought home are suffering from serious brain or spinal injuries, or the severing of more than one limb, and a further 20 per cent from amputations, blindness or deafness, severe burns, or other dire conditions. "Every person injured on active duty is going to be a long-term cost of the war," says Bilmes. If we compare the financial ramifications of the first Gulf war to the present one, the implications become even more stark. Despite its brevity, even the 1991 Gulf war exacted a heavy toll: 48.4 per cent of veterans sought medical care, and 44 per cent filed disability claims. Eighty-eight per cent of these claims were granted, meaning that 611,729 veterans from the first Gulf war are now receiving disability benefits; a large proportion are suffering from psychiatric illnesses, including post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. More than a third of those returning from the current wars, too, have already been diagnosed as suffering from similar conditions. But although the VA has 207 walk-in "vet centres" and other clinics and offices throughout the US, it is a bureaucracy under siege. It has a well-deserved reputation for providing excellent healthcare for America's 24 million veterans, but is quite unable to cope with a workload that the Bush administration did not foresee. There is now a backlog of 400,000 claims from veterans and waiting lists of months, some of which "render . . . care virtually inaccessible", in the words of Frances Murphy, the VA's own deputy under-secretary for health. Claims are expected to hit 874,000 this year, 930,000 in 2008. Casualties returning from Iraq meanwhile outnumber other patients at Walter Reed 17 to one, and many have to be put up at nearby hotels and motels rather than in the hospital beds they desperately need. Suicide attempts are frequent; often the less wounded end up having to care for the more seriously wounded. CLIP

Poison DUst - A Must Watch Video
Poison DUst tells the story of young soldiers who thought they came home safely from the war, but didn't. Of a veteran's young daughter whose birth defect is strikingly similar to birth defects suffered by many Iraqi children. - Every American who cares about our troops should watch this film. Everyone who cares about the innocent civilians who live in the countries where these weapons are used should watch this film.

Occupied Iraq: 4.5 million children undernourished
Apart from dodging bombs and bullets in their schools and neighbourhoods, children in Iraq are suffering from worryingly high levels of malnourishment, according to specialists.

Struggles with Influx of Iraqi Refugees
Few European countries are offering much refuge, with one exception: Sweden.

Iran says has received US 'proposals' for Iraq talks
"The Americans have recently contacted Iran through different channels requesting talks about Iraqi issues and in particular that country's security," Mohammad Ali Hosseini told state television.

Accept the Saudi initiative (Mar. 5, 2007)
Four years after it was first presented, the Arab peace initiative is finally coming to center stage. Rumors of behind the scenes meetings and negotiations on the initiative between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Saudi national security advisor Prince Bandar bin Sultan have been strengthened by reports that the Saudi prince is trying to modify the initiative so that it will be more acceptable to Israel. (...) It was once again unanimously ratified at the meeting of the League of Arab States in Khartoum in May 2006. The initiative calls for the recognition of the State of Israel, full peace and normalized relations between all of the members states of the Arab League and Israel.There is huge significance to the reference to normalized relations. It should be understood that the notion of normalization of relations with Israel has been a steadfast taboo in Arab political culture since 1948. For the Arab League to call for normalized relations is no less than apolitical revolution.The initiative also calls for "achievement of a just solution to the Palestinian refugee problem to be agreed upon in accordance with UN General Assembly Resolution 194." This is the first time that an Arab document uses the word "agreed" in this context. That would mean that this issue could be negotiated between the parties. CLIP

Ghawar Is Dead! The Wide-Spread Use of Advanced Extraction Techniques are Killing the Mother of All Oil Fields (03/09/07)
(...) Ghawar is by far the largest conventional oil field ever discovered. Since first tapped in 1948, Ghawar has produced some 60 billion barrels of oil and accounted for 60-65% of Saudi production from 1948-2005. While actual field by field production numbers remain a Saudi State secret, Ghawar is estimated to produce more than five million barrels per day or 6.5% of the planet’s daily production total of 84 million barrels. Ghawar’s obituary has already been written, but the Saudis have thus far prevented the appropriate authorities from entering the house to inspect the body. We have only second hand reports of her demise. Of these accounts, the most notable is investment banker Matthew Simmons’ book Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy. Simmons assembles a picture of declining Saudi production from publicly available technical reports written by Saudi-Aramco’s own reservoir engineers in recent decades. His portrayal of the situation is dire indeed. He claims that “When Saudi Arabia peaks (enters the unavoidable state of permanent production decline) the world, categorically, has peaked.” It looks like the 2006 numbers confirm Simmons’ 2005 prophecy. The writers at the Oil Drum, a data driven oil analysis website, after assessing the production data from several independent reporting agencies, claim that Saudi production is down a whopping 8% in 2006 from 2005 numbers. The decline would have been closer to 14% without the addition of the Haradh III mega-project. They assert that Saudi Arabia has now officially peaked and that the pace of production decline there is likely to accelerate. Remember, Ghawar accounts for 60% of Saudi production. (...) The obituaries just keep rolling in. “Kuwaiti oil production from the world's second-largest field (Burgan) is ‘exhausted’ and falling after almost six decades of pumping” according to the chairman of the Kuwaiti state oil company. The L.A. times tells us that “Production at Cantarell, the world's second-largest oil complex, which provides about 60% of Mexico's crude, averaged 1.78 million barrels a day in 2006. That's a 13% drop from 2005.” The famous North Sea basin and it gigantic Forties Field, the oil find that made Britain a petroleum exporter for the past 20 years, is about to experience a precipitous production decline. Back in 2000 we learned that China’s only super-giant field, Da Qing was also at death’s door. These fields and others like them provided the mother’s milk, in the form of light sweet crude, which nourished the global capitalist system now enshrined and deified in American mass-culture. CLIP

Oil, War and Geopolitics: The Global Struggle Over Disappearing Petroleum (1 hr 27 min)
Lecture By Michael Klare, Five Colleges professor of peace and world security studies Feb 22, 2007 at Dickinson College, The Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues

Beyond Quagmire
The war in Iraq isn't over yet, but -- surge or no surge -- the United States has already lost. That's the grim consensus of a panel of experts assembled by Rolling Stone to assess the future of Iraq. "Even if we had a million men to go in, it's too late now," says retired four-star Gen. Tony McPeak, who served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Gulf War. "Humpty Dumpty can't be put back together again."

Another Grim Week in Iraq
"Anyone who wanted to believe that all Mr. Bush was seeking was a short-term security push - as part of a larger strategy to extricate American troops from this unwinnable war - now needs to face up to a far less palatable reality. What is under way is a significant and long-term escalation," says the New York Times.

Iranian influence soaring in Iraq
Shiites, Sunnis say Tehran is winner of U.S. invasion

FBI Abuses May Lead to Patriot Act Limits
Angry lawmakers on Friday threatened to amend the USA Patriot Act and limit the FBI's powers in the wake of a disclosure that agents had improperly obtained confidential records of people in the United States. A scathing report issued Friday by the inspector general of the Justice Department found widespread problems in how the FBI has used a form of administrative subpoena - known as a national security letter - to gather phone, bank and credit information on thousands of citizens without court oversight.

Total Information Awareness is Back - Resurgence of the mother of all surveillance programs (March 8, 2007)
The Pentagon's super snoop "Total Information Awareness" program is back in business, just as we predicted it would be.Congress attempted to kill the ill-conceived DARPA program in 2003. But instead, the program, designed to somehow find terrorists from documenting everyone's credit card bills, car rental receipts and travel records, went underground and has now returned, bigger and stronger and worse than ever.The Washington Times is reporting:Homeland Security officials are testing a supersnoop computer system that sifts through personal information on U.S. citizens to detect possible terrorist attacks, prompting concerns from lawmakers who have called for investigations.The system uses the same data-mining process that was developed by the Pentagon's Total Information Awareness (TIA) project that was banned by Congress in 2003 because of vast privacy violations. (...) In 2006 the National Journal revealed that the NSA’s Advanced Research and Development Activity took over TIA and carried on the experimental network in late 2003. ARDA continued vetting new tools and even kept the aggressive experiment schedule. The National Journal reported that the program is now accessed by, among others: the NSA, the CIA, DIA, CENTCOM, the National Counterterorrism Center, the Guantanamo prison, and Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Big Brother is most definitely still watching. Enjoy watching your tax dollars at work watching you

Homeland Security revives supersnoop
Homeland Security officials are testing a supersnoop computer system that sifts through personal information on U.S. citizens to detect possible terrorist attacks, prompting concerns from lawmakers who have called for investigations

Whistle-blower Had to Fight NSA, LA Times to Tell Story (March 06, 2007)
Whistle-blower AT&T technician Mark Klein says his effort to reveal alleged government surveillance of domestic Internet traffic was blocked not only by U.S. intelligence officials but also by the top editors of the Los Angeles Times. In his first broadcast interview, which can be seen tonight on World News and Nightline, Klein describes how he stumbled across "secret NSA rooms" being installed at an AT&T switching center in San Francisco and later heard of similar rooms in at least six other cities, including Atlanta, San Diego, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, San Jose and Seattle. CLIP

The Cold War was not a struggle between the United States and the Soviet Union (5 March 2007)
It was a struggle between the United States and the Third World. What there was, was people all over the Third World fighting for economic and political changes against US-supported repressive regimes, or setting up their own progressive governments. These acts of self-determination didn't coincide with the needs of the American power elite, and so the United States moved to crush those governments and movements even though the Soviet Union was playing virtually no role at all in these scenarios.

Saturday evening I was able to sit back and watch the Discovery channel chemtrail coverage originally presented on Thursday evening. With previous news of the upcoming broadcast I pondered what slant would be used to obscure the public’s understanding to what these really are. Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed.Immediately the deception began by directing the emphasis of the presentation to a faulty concept of an aluminum component present in commercial jet fuel. This ‘scientific investigation’ appeared very impressive on the surface. It seemed as if they were actually determined to go all-out to solve this chemtrail ‘mystery.’ Armed with $1M in research equipment to ‘sniff’ out the chemical culprits thought to be secretly hidden in commercial jet fuel; predictably, they found nothing. I suspect even the researchers knew they wouldn’t find anything in the commercial jet fuel because even I knew they wouldn’t. However, I did find it interesting that the military refused to provide a sample of their jet fuel for testing. Suggestive that something is obviously going on.The material for this ‘investigation’ presented by the ‘Not to Discover’ channel was just as you would expect from a controlled media production. They presented carefully selected material arranged into a purposely crafted design. They started with an easily dismantled, implausible and ridiculous hypothesis from a collection of amateur opinions on chemtrails. The investigation then set the stage for discarding the validity of chemtrails from this bogus hypothesis. This is the kind of bad ‘science’ commonly implemented to dismantle any information that gets too close to the truth. It’s called discrediting. CLIP

Australia: The New 51st State - By John Pilger
John Howard's servility to the US is even greater than Tony Blair's and has earned him the nickname Bush's deputy sheriff. The conspiracy between Washington, the media and politicians is eroding the country's freedoms.

BBC Article: "The 9/11 Conspiracy Movement"
Accusations that the American Government was complicit in the 9/11 attacks are becoming increasingly bitter and widespread. 9/11 was the first global event in the age of the internet. And now the world wide web is being used as a platform for a wide range of conspiracy theories - more than 50 at the last count - which allege that the US government was somehow involved in the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. CLIP

Experts Warn New US Weapon Could Jumpstart Nuclear Arms Race
Last Friday, the Department of Energy announced it was seeking to develop a new hydrogen bomb that would replace the existing W76 warhead now deployed on submarine-launched ballistic missiles. Analysts say the Bush administration's plan would undermine international efforts to control the spread of nuclear arms and would provide justification to those countries currently suspected of trying to build such weapons.

Pilot's Lawsuit Alleges Airliners Rigged With Explosives (March 7, 2007)
Boeing VP admitted fact in speech, remote control connection to 9/11 tantalizing - Field McConnell, a pilot for Northwest Airlines, has filed a lawsuit charging that many commercial airliners are rigged with explosives that can be remotely detonated. He refuses to fly until such devices are removed. McConnell's claim is seemingly given credence by none other than Boeing's vice-president, who tacitly admitted the fact in a speech last year. (...) Was such a device or one of its offshoots used for the "military application" of executing the 9/11 attacks? The connection is tantalizing and one that deserves further study in order to ascertain the danger of rogue elements of the military industrial complex utilizing this technology to carry out another terrorist black-op.

The Moral Bankruptcy of Israel's Founding Idea The Coming Collapse of Zionism By KATHLEEN CHRISTISON
Is it only observers outside the conventional mainstream who have noticed that by its murderous assault on Lebanon and simultaneously on Gaza, Israel finally exposed, for even the most deluded to see, the total bankruptcy of its very founding idea? Can it be that the deluded are still deluded? Can it truly still be that Israel's bankruptcy is evident only to those who already knew it, those who already recognized Zionism as illegitimate for the racist principle that underlies it? Can it be therefore that only the already converted can see coming the ultimate collapse of Zionism and, with it, of Israel itself as the exclusivist state of Jews? (...) This increasingly appears to be the shape of the future: either Israel and its neocon supporters in the United States can dismantle Zionism's most egregious aspects by agreeing to establish a unitary state in Palestine inhabited by the Palestinians and Jews whose land this is, or the world will face a conflagration of a scale not fully imaginable now. Just as Hizbullah is an integral part of Lebanon, not to be destroyed by the bombing of bridges and power plants, the Palestinians before their expulsion in 1948 were Palestine and still are Palestine. By hitting the Palestinians where they lived, in the literal and the colloquial sense, Israel left them with only a goal and a vision. That vision is justice and redress in some form, whether redress means ultimately defeating Zionism and taking back Palestine, or reconciling with Israel on the condition that it act like a decent neighbor and not a conqueror, or finally joining with Israeli Jews to form a single state in which no people has superior rights . In Lebanon, Israel again seemed bent on imposing its will, its dominion, its culture and ethnicity on another Arab country. It never worked in Palestine, it has not worked in Lebanon, and it will not work anywhere in the Arab world. We have reached a moral crossroads. In the 'new Middle East' defined by Israel, Bush, and the neocons, only Israel and the U.S. may dominate, only they may be strong, only they may be secure. But in the just world that lies on the other side of that crossroads, this is unacceptable. Justice can ultimately prevail. - Kathleen Christison is a former CIA political analyst and has worked on Middle East issues for 30 years. She is the author of Perceptions of Palestine and The Wound of Dispossession.

Jimmy Carter: Palestinians 'Victims of Oppression':
Despite the storm it ignited, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter held fast Thursday to his accusation that Israel oppresses the Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza and seeks to colonize the land.

Canada Scraps Anti-Terror Measures

The O’Hare UFO (Feb 27)
On Nov. 7, during the late-afternoon rush at Chicago’s bustling O’Hare International Airport, something truly astonishing happened. Pilots, managers and mechanics looked up from their ground positions at the United Airlines terminal and saw an odd, disc-shaped object hovering silently overhead, just below the overcast. Some minutes later, with many eyes now fixated on it, the wingless vehicle shot straight up at an incredible speed and was gone, leaving a crisp hole through the clouds with blue sky visible at the top.It was definitely not an airplane, or any known craft, witnesses said, many of them shaken by what they saw. (...) How could our government not be interested in an unknown, highly technological object hovering over a major airport, as reported by competent airline personnel? What about passenger safety? Or national security? Or just plain scientific curiosity? Unless the FAA and other federal agencies shift gears, this mind-boggling incident at O’Hare will be left to haunt us — until the next time, when something even more alarming could happen.

Boston Legal and the O'Hare UFO Incident (It's already part of a TV drama!)

FDA Rules Override Warnings About Drug
The government is on track to approve a new antibiotic to treat a pneumonia-like disease in cattle, despite warnings from health groups and a majority of the agency's own expert advisers that the decision will be dangerous for people.

FDA Set to Approve Cattle Antibiotic Despite Warnings

Sick people used like laboratory rats in GM trials (4 March 2007)
Genetically modified potatoes developed by Monsanto, the multinational biotech company, have been fed to sick patients in an experiment. Rats that ate similar potatoes in the research suffered reductions in the weight of their hearts and prostate glands.Dr Michael Antoniou, reader in molecular genetics at Guy's, King's and St Thomas' School of Medicine, said use of humans was "irresponsible and totally unethical, especially when already ill subjects were enrolled. These people truly were guinea pigs." Other scientists said the trials were too short, on too few people, to give meaningful results of long-term effects.Monsanto said the vegetables were safe, and the researchers conducting the experiment said effects on the rats were within "permissible" limits.

The Carbon Folly: Policymakers' Favorite Global Warming Fix Isn't Working
Emissions trading, also called carbon trading, is being expanded in the European Union and Japan. The notion that emissions trading is going to make a significant dent in global warming is deeply flawed, say experts. Current emissions-trading schemes have proved to be little more than a shell game, allowing polluters in the developed world to shift the burden of making cuts onto factories in the developing world.

EU leaders agree to cut greenhouse gases
EU leaders agreed Friday on a bold set of measures to fight global warming, pledging that a fifth of the bloc's energy will come from green power sources such as wind turbines and solar panels by 2020 and 10 percent of European cars will run on biofuels.

Group Says Ocean Harm Should Force US Carbon Regulation
A wildlife conservation group said it is trying to pressure US states to regulate carbon dioxide emissions under federal clean water laws because of harm the gas does to the cycle of life in the ocean. Unlike most other developed countries, the United States, the world's top greenhouse gas emitter, does not regulate carbon dioxide and other gases that scientists link to global warming.

RFK Jr. Rips President Bush for Environmental Policy
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of a 1960s Democratic icon, made it clear on Monday that he wasn't critical of Bush because of his political affiliation. He was critical of him, he said, because Bush has implemented policies and circumvented the law in order to enrich his donors at the expense of thousands of lives and America's environmental future.

Climate Change Impact More Extensive Than Thought
Global climate change is happening faster than previously believed and its impact is worse than expected, information from an as-yet unpublished draft of the long-awaited second part of a United Nations report. No region of the planet will be spared and some will be hit especially hard.

Dominic Lawson: Here is another inconvenient truth (but this one will infuriate the Green lobby) (2 March 2007)
(...) At this point you will probably want to know: if these people claim that man isn't responsible for such global warming as has undoubtedly occurred in the past 30 years, then who or what is? The brief answer is: the Sun. Durkin gives most airtime to the theory recently advanced by Doctors Friis-Christensen and Svensmark of the Danish Meteorological Institute. It goes (I think) like this: C02 is a very small element among greenhouse gases; far and away the most significant element is water vapour - which forms clouds. When the sun is very active it emits more intense bursts of cosmic rays which, inter alia, have the effect of dissipating clouds on Earth, and therefore increasing temperatures. On its own, this is just a theory - and not an entirely new one, but Friis-Christensen and Svensmark have accompanied it with a very detailed multi-era superimposition of global temperatures against solar activity (measured by sunspots). The correlation turns out to be striking, to put it mildly. CLIP NOTE from Jean: The cherished global warming explanation of the diehard deniers is even supported by alleged scientific findings from a pro-business think tank at -- Or could it be related to what Matthew said was he was referring to global warming?... "Now then, the other issue at the forefront of concern is “global warming” and what it portends. It is true that great changes in climate are coming due to the evidence and reasons given by knowledgeable, honest scientists. However, they do not know the ultimate reason or purpose, that your planet is emerging from the polarity that was necessary for karmic balancing, and part of this is the return to moderate differences in temperatures and climates. During Earth’s restoration to her original paradise self, glaciers will melt, the sweeping deserts will become arable, rain forests will flourish, variations in temperatures will markedly decrease, and every part of your world will become comfortably habitable."

Giant Bleep for Mankind - Bush, Brazil sign controversial biofuels pact
Faced with protests and anger at home? Why not escape to a place where you can take solace in ... protests and anger. President Bush is making few friends in Brazil, on the first stop of a Latin American tour that will see him visit four other countries. But he does have a big ol' friend in Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva: the two announced today that their countries have signed a pact that aims to boost ethanol production throughout the region. "It makes sense for us to collaborate for the sake of mankind," said Bush. Meanwhile, mankind was getting tear-gassed in the streets as thousands protested the visit and the deal. "Bush and his pals are trying to control the production of ethanol in Brazil, and that has to be stopped," said a rep from Brazil's Landless Workers Movement. Also on the anti-Bush beat: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who will address an "anti-imperialist" rally in Argentina tomorrow. Said Chavez as he began his own journey, "We don't need tips from the empire." CHECK also Samba Lessons: What Brazil can teach the U.S. about energy and ethanol at

Clashes Mar Bush's Latin America Tour
Police fired tear gas and clubbed demonstrators in Brazil's largest city Sao Paulo on Thursday, as thousands protested a visit by President Bush aimed at winning friends in Latin America. Protesters called Bush, who arrived late on Thursday on the first leg of a five-nation regional tour, a warmonger and planet polluter.

As Biofuels Boom, Will More Go Hungry?
Using plants to feed our fuel needs may be a great idea, and the biofuels gold rush could be a money-spinner for several poor countries, but some experts warn people may go hungry as food prices rise.

Priests to Purify Site After Bush Visit (March 9, 2007)
GUATEMALA CITY - Mayan priests will purify a sacred archaeological site to eliminate "bad spirits" after President Bush visits next week,an official with close ties to the group said Thursday."That a person like (Bush), with the persecution of our migrant brothers in the United States, with the wars he has provoked, is going to walk in our sacred lands, is an offense for the Mayan people and their culture," Juan Tiney, the director of a Mayan nongovernmental organization with close ties to Mayan religious and political leaders, said Thursday. Bush's seven-day tour of Latin America includes a stopover beginning late Sunday in Guatemala. On Monday morning he is scheduled to visit the archaeological site Iximche on the high western plateau in a region of the Central American country populated mostly by Mayans. Tiney said the "spirit guides of the Mayan community" decided it would be necessary to cleanse the sacred site of "bad spirits" after Bush's visit so that their ancestors could rest in peace. He also said the rites - which entail chanting and burning incense, herbs and candles - would prepare the site for the third summit of Latin American Indians March 26-30. CLIP

The extreme danger that the world's population faces from electromagnetic radiation
(...) The worst situation involving EMFs Electrical Fields and EMR exposure is that the people who should be warning us, the WHO and our Governments are not doing their job. From your message, I do not think that you realize the extreme danger that the world's population faces from electromagnetic radiation. If you did, I am sure that you would also be trying your best to raise the alarm. There are masses of very strong evidence of health harm being caused by EMR, yet it is virtually ignored by the WHO and Health Canada. I believe that in time, Rapacholi may be found to have indirectly hurt and killed a massive number of people by his failure to warn and to protect innocent citizens of the world. Because of your studies, you must ask yourself, how many people have "poor wiring" in their homes and are becoming sick every day because the government has never bothered to advise Canadians about the danger you identified years ago? I know for a fact that inspectors from the Electrical Safety Association do not carry gauss meters and other meters to detect EMFs and high frequencies on home wiring systems. I also still see big housing developments being built on either side of large electrical distribution lines, even today. I wish that your colleagues would conduct meaningful research on the amount of harm that is occurring to people who live near to powerful antennas and other strong sources of electromagnetic radiation in Canada. I cannot understand why the academics of Canada are not reading the strong and extensive research and evidence of health harm from EMR, and why they are not giving very strong warnings of the danger to the public. Universities of Canada (with the exception of Lakehead) are failing to notice what is probably the most dangerous environmental problem that we have ever faced, overexposure to electromagnetic radiation. Your colleagues are failing to see the 'big picture' while they are engrossed in their 'own worlds'. In closing I wish to thank you for the important studies that you did on powerlines, showing the dangers of EMFs and also for supporting the precautionary principal. I believe that if you did the same research today you would find considerably worse dangers because powerlines and house wiring appear to be acting as giant antennas and delivering strong amounts of broadcasted radiofrequency and microwave energy.

Health Effects of Electrical Pollution
"I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time that the greatest polluting element in the earth's environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale than warming..."

Cell-tower radiation can kill (December 4 2006),48646.html
HUNDREDS of persons, from the very young to the elderly, living in and around cell-towers are unknowingly living with death as both local and international medical research indicate radiation from these towers may cause major diseases, sometimes with fatal consequences.This was the view expressed by several professors, researchers and public health scientists during a health symposium yesterday at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Faculty of Medical Sciences, Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) in Mt Hope. (...) Members of the panel found that brain tumours, memory loss, a reduced sperm count and leukaemia were some of the effects caused by constant exposure to cell-tower radiation. (...) Cell-towers are erected in or around densely populated areas to ensure the viability of radio frequencies on which cellular phones operate. It was added that the towers should not be placed closer than 300 metres to where people live. (...) Professor Stephan Gift, of UWI’s Faculty of Engineering, told the sparse audience that his findings showed radiation caused alteration in brain waves, a two-fold increase in child leukaemia and changes in the human immune system. He also sourced information from a “Reflex Study” done by 12 groups in seven European countries. Findings showed that radiation caused DNA breaks in exposed cells of the human body. Gift said it was also found that in Germany, this year, there was a seven fold increase in breast cancer in an area with cell towers. He also said that 900 cell towers were demolished in Taiwan in 2005 after these health concerns were raised. CLIP

Health fears lead schools to dismantle wireless networks (November 20, 2006)
Radiation levels blamed for illnesses. Teacher became too sick to work - Parents and teachers are forcing some schools to dismantle wireless computer networks amid fears that they could damage children’s health. More schools are putting transmitters in classrooms to give pupils wireless access from laptops to the school computer network and the internet. But many parents and some scientists fear that low levels of microwave radiation emitted by the transmitters could be harmful, causing loss of concentration, headaches, fatigue, memory and behavioural problems and possibly cancer in the long term. Scientific evidence is inconclusive, but some researchers think that children are vulnerable because of their thinner skulls and developing nervous systems.

WiFi Emits Microwave Radiation (September 2, 2006)
“The most basic fact about cell phones and cell towers is that they emit microwave radiation; so do Wi-Fi (wireless Internet) antennas, wireless computers, cordless (portable) phones and their base units, and all other wireless devices. If it’s a communication device and it’s not attached to the wall by a wire, it’s emitting radiation. Most Wi-Fi systems and some cordless phones operate at the exact same frequency as a microwave oven, while other devices use a different frequency. Wi-Fi is always on and always radiating. The base units of most cordless phones are always radiating, even when no one is using the phone. A cell phone that is on but not in use is also radiating. And, needless to say, cell towers are always radiating. (...) “An astronomer once quipped that if Neil Armstrong had taken a cell phone to the Moon in 1969, it would have appeared to be the third most powerful source of microwave radiation in the universe, next only to the Sun and the Milky Way. He was right. Life evolved with negligible levels of microwave radiation. An increasing number of scientists speculate that our own cells, in fact, use the microwave spectrum to communicate with one another, like children whispering in the dark, and that cell phones, like jackhammers, interfere with their signaling. In any case, it is a fact that we are all being bombarded, day in and day out, whether we use a cell phone or not, by an amount of microwave radiation that is some ten million times as strong as the average natural background. And it is also a fact that most of this radiation is due to technology that has been developed since the 1970s.” CLIP TO FIND OUT MUCH MORE ON THIS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT ISSUE GO AT AND

Omega-News Collection 3. March 2007

Omega-News Collection 10. March 2007


Date: 2 Mar 2007
Subject: Feedback Re: Veracity Series #17: Taking it all in... Quietly
From: Stephen Calkins">

Hi Jean,

I want to warn you about Gordon Novel. He makes it sound like the CIA is America's best buddy, and that they have never done any worth mentioning that might have been bad. To the contrary, they run drugs, launder money, do mind control, assassinations, (yes JFK), covert operations, (like 911, think #3 man at the CIA, Buzzy Kronkard and insider trading on 911, etc). Novel has a stack of unanswered questions about the JFK assassination, that he has not answered, and likely never will. (Like why did he leave the country when Garrison called him as a witness, and why did he tell Garrison he was CIA, and then later sue Garrison and lose saying he was not CIA? Why did the governor of Ohio, refuse to allow Garrison to extradite Novel, once he returned to the states? Why all the cat and mouse games. Personally I do not trust that he is trying to assist the production of free energy, but rather propagandize the CIA's image, as well as entrap other free energy inventors, to side track their projects, and keep them from producing anything. Alex Jones did a very good video on the JFK assassination and it is very detailed, and highly implicated Bush Sr, and the CIA. watch the Excellent JFK video, and then rethink about what Novel said out the CIA and JFK's death, and then reconsider whether Novel is worth believing on anything else.



Bush Link to Kennedy Assassination Alex Jones 911 Conspiracy (Very insightful!)

Note from Jean: I found another very interesting and plausible explanation as to why Kennedy was assassinated - you'll find it below under "Project Camelot Interviews " as part of the material I collected there.

According to Richard Boylan "Gordon Novel is an extremely dangerous man, and a megalomaniacal psychopath. He is a Cabal operative. His credibility is minus zero." As received through Kathleen Roberts (


From: David Nicol (
Date: 8 Mar 2007
Subject: GaiaField Meditation and Prayer Vigil March 28, 2007

You are invited to participate in a unique global ritual for peace on March 28, 2007.

From 10-11am PST, groups will gather at the University for Peace (Costa Rica) , the Findhorn Community (Scotland), and the California Institute of Integral Studies (USA) for a sacred ceremony that will be linked via state-of-the art video and audio communication technologies. The ceremony will also be broadcast live over the internet to a global audience who will be able to participate from their own homes.

The Gaiafield Meditation and Prayer Vigil 2007 is a pilot project to test the effectiveness of internet communication technologies to link groups around the world for global meditation events. The GaiaField Project aims to support greater networking between the many existing groups that share the vision of bringing together millions of people for global meditation and prayer events.

Participate Live

California Institute of Integral Studies
Namaste Hall
1453 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA USA
10-11am local time

The Findhorn Community
6-7pm local time

University for Peace
11am-12 noon local time

Participate Online
The free live audio and flash file broadcast will be available at our website at the above times. If you are unable to attend a live event, please to determine when the broadcast will be in your time zone.


Forwarded by Antares">


Indigo Youngsters Hugely Embarrass the French Government

1 March 2007

Indigo and crystalline youngsters hugely embarrass French Government in big protest and action over homeless.

An extraordinary grass-roots uprising has started as from 16th December 2006 on the banks of the Canal St Martin – a very ‘posh’ (expensive / up market) and popular tourist area in Paris. It is being driven by the expanded consciousness of young people in France who have created a community action phenomenon which has also greatly embarrassed the French Government.

Over recent years, France has faced a big problem of the growing number of homeless on the streets of its cities. From the standpoint of the French public, it has certainly appeared that their government was doing little, and perhaps cared even less. Until an initiative by a single, inspired individual (whose name I do not know as yet).

He made an approach to Medecins sans Frontiers, the very pro-active, French-based international aid group. Between them they hatched a very high profile plan. Medecins sans Frontiers made available large numbers of bright red tents, and these were pitched, side by side along the canal, and shortly after, along both banks of the River Seine in the very centre of Paris. Homeless from miles away started to come, and on arrival were each given blankets, and a package of basic necessities.

On the opening day of the project, ordinary householders were invited to spend a winter night in one of these tents, and fully connect with the experience. A number accepted and came. They lived with the homeless for long enough to fully re-connect their compassion for the situation, and to want to support the action.

Of course, right in the centre of the tourist areas of Paris, and bright red to boot, this great encampment gave the most public exposure imaginable to the problem. One can imagine the embarrassment of government and politicians (if the latter can, indeed, still be embarrassed!)

Then, a very interesting phenomenon occurred. Many other similar encampments started to spring up on river banks passing through the centres of many of the larger French cities. Young people, many of whom were only in their early teens (or even younger), had taken the initiative. Rather than the young people's protest rioting of a year ago (which had little benefit as a protest, apart form burning off some frustration), THIS protest is being highly effective. The problem is now exposed for all to see, right across the country. Many homeless have been given better shelter than they have seen for a very long time.

The youngsters have called themselves The Children of Don Quixote (Les Enfants de Don Quichotte) – I guess upsetting the established social order to create such action in a positive way is rather like the good Don tilting at his windmills!

In another somewhat radical move, it is being reported that the same young people are now helping homeless individuals to fill in all those forms which allow them to apply for state housing, and start the road back to becoming ‘real people’ in the eyes of society once more. They have formed a supporters organisation – in just ten weeks many thousands have already joined it and are supporting the youngsters in taking positive action. The supporters have appealed for jobs, since homelessness and unemployment are closely linked. Their web site shows some of the many letters that have flooded in offering all kinds of employment, usually accompanied by offers of accommodation, meals and payment.

Actually, of course, the homeless are some of the most real people you will find. They have opted out of the false reality that most of us are hopelessly submerged in. Of course, some of them have what we might perceive to be personal challenges, be they social, legal, medical or financial. Many, though, are there by choice – and they all constitute some of the bravest people you can meet. After all, would you know how to cope, out on the street? Would you choose it? Would you even spend one night in a tent, in the middle of a city, in mid winter?

In one of the videos in the links below, a very earnest young man of eleven years is interviewed. He speaks of 'not liking to see people with no shelter on a winter night' and 'the unfairness of the system that causes this'. He is one of the instigators! INCREDIBLE!

This extraordinary social caring phenomenon which has swept the whole of France is a coming-together-in-action of the Indigo and Crystal children. Perhaps they are making their first really large scale public demonstration. In it, they have taken responsibility for an important issue that the old paradigm world has no solution for, and feels totally helpless about. This is a powerful catalytic action for positive change - let us trust that this protest, and the positive action that goes with it, will spread to many other countries, as the real compassion of community consciousness, as demonstrated by the fearless young people who have supported the action, spreads around the world.

Score one big one for the New Reality! And for the new change team in the form of these highly connected youngsters!

Let us look for more such action to bring back and enhance the values and ability to care of a more enlightened society. It moves us sharply away from the dumb down, no values or standards, drone society the New World Order would have us living in.

Go well,


You can see great pictures of the Paris encampments on:


This one shows a map of France illustrating all the other cities where the red tents have now appeared: together with the membership of the supporters organisation.


Also related

The Children of Now
The Children of Now is a groundbreaking work that shows that a large number of kids come into the world bearing inherent gifts that are beyond strange--they are telepathic, understand subtle energies, and/or have amazing psychic abilities. Many of them remember where they were before they came to Earth and often can describe past lives.Many doctors mislabel them as autistic, ADD, ADHD, or suggest other behavioral difficulties. More than half the time, these doctors are wrong. The Children of Now are not defective--they are differently functional. We are doing ourselves and the world a great disservice by not acknowledging these amazing children and their special gifts. A surprising percentage of these children carry within themselves wisdom far beyond most adults. The phenomenon is very real, and more and more of these highly evolved children enter our world every day. The Children of Now offers not only genuine stories of many children who have brought amazing talents into our world, but also practical, easy solutions to assist society in supporting and nurturing these gifted--not defective--children and their families, rather than labeling, segregating, and condemning them. CLIP

Sensational Meditation for Children - Child-friendly meditation techniques based on the five senses

The Seven Principles



Date: 08 Mar 2007
From: " - Ricken Patel"">
Subject: Petition for binding emissions targets to stop catastrophic climate change

Dear friend,

On Thursday March 15th, the environment ministers from the G8, the world's biggest contributors to climate change, will be meeting in Germany. The outcome of this meeting will play a critical role in determining the world's response to global warming--and the fate of the planet.

AVAAZ has been invited to attend this meeting to present our climate change petition. Help seize this opportunity to shape the G8's agenda by signing the petition here:

The G8 is a summit of world leaders from the "Group of 8" largest economies. Together, these countries account for 50% of global greenhouse gas emissions--the gasses that cause climate change. The full G8 summit is coming in June, but the agenda and outcome of this type of high-profile event is usually set far in advance--at meetings like this one of the Environment Ministers.

This year, the president of the G8 is German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Her environment minister, Sigmar Gabriel, is in charge of the ministers meetings from March 15th-17th. And at 4 pm on Thursday the 15th, we have a personal meeting with Mr. Gabriel to present our petition for binding emissions targets to stop catastrophic climate change.

Mrs. Merkel has indicated an interest in making climate change a top priority. With a significant global petition, we can make the case that the world is ready for aggressive leadership on climate change--and pave the way for truly historic commitments at the G8 summit this June.

It's a rare opportunity to have a global impact. Add your voice to the petition now:

50,000 people from 131 countries have already demanded action. Our goal is to reach 100,000. Please sign the petition, forward this email to friends and family, and post the link on your blog--we only have a few days to make this statement count.

If we add our voices together, now, 2007 can become the year we took the first step to save the world.

With hope,

Ricken, David, Iain, Lee-Sean, Galit, Graziela, and the whole AVAAZ team



The Kucinich Conundrum

March 2, 2007

Remember that kid in high school who ran for class president, the one who wasn't popular, who didn't have money or dress well or even make a decent hallway poster? Now imagine if he sticks to it so long he starts to win. And by the time he's 23, he's a city councilman in Cleveland. At 31, he's the country's youngest big city mayor. All this success, you figure, would make his skin glow a little, his suits a bit spiffier, his speeches a little punchier. But what if he was so damn earnest that it didn't? What if at 60 he still looked and sounded like Dennis Kucinich?

You would make fun of him. And you did.

But Kucinich--a six-term Congressman who is running for President despite consistently coming in last in the 2004 primaries and first in talk-show monologues--doesn't care. Because he's so sure that what he's been saying for four years is right--he's for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, ratifying Kyoto, universal health care--he's convinced there's a moment coming, some event or speech or interview, when voters will suddenly realize he's not a joke: "When people see what I have to say, they go, 'Hey, wait. He's right about the war. Ha-ha. He's right about health care. Ha-ha.'" Kucinich believes deeply in the coming of this grand American epiphany even if no one outside his tiny camp does. "How can you take someone seriously that led us to war and not take someone seriously who stood for peace? It's a commentary on where we are as a society," he says. "Do we value celebrity over truth?"

That, of course, is a decision that society made when Star magazine launched. And Kucinich isn't a celebrity; he's an aging, 5-ft. 7-in. vegan. Last Saturday, as he spoke at a lectern on the corner of Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles, accepting a Champion for Peace Award from the members of Military Families Speak Out at an Oscars for Peace event, none of the hundreds of people who walked right in front of him stopped, despite the fact that he was standing next to an 8-ft.-tall Oscar clad in camouflage and missing a leg.

Unlike most fringe presidential candidates, Kucinich has years of experience in elective office. But even mainstream liberals won't support a candidate who wants to end the war on drugs and create a Department of Peace. Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman passed over him for chairman of the National Security and Foreign Affairs Subcommittee, which he was in line to take over. Even Shirley MacLaine, who has been friends with Kucinich since the '70s, sees how his party won't embrace him. "Maybe it's because he doesn't speak doublespeak and we're so used to seeing that as leadership," she says. "Or maybe it's because he's so short."

And yet the universe has been going his way lately. Even his old kooky ideas are looking pretty good these days. His decision to allow Cleveland to default instead of selling its electric-utility company cost him re-election and landed him in a book about the worst mayors in American history, but he was later honored by the city council for refusing to sell, a move that saved customers nearly $200 million over 10 years. More inconceivable, less than two years ago, his office was visited by a stunning 6-ft.-tall Julianne Moore look-alike 31 years his junior, a Brit who was working for the American Monetary Institute. After some smooth wooing on his part ("I gave her a copy of my Department of Peace legislation and my e-mail address") and one date (at MacLaine's house), she agreed to marry him. If that happened to you, you'd think you could be President too.

Kucinich said he knew after that first meeting that Elizabeth would be his third wife: "I went up to Stephanie Tubbs Jones [Ohio Democratic Congresswoman], and I said, 'I met her.' And Stephanie said, 'Shut up!'" Now with his new bride constantly at his side, Kucinich has picked up his campaigning a little. Speaking to the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, he broke into Sixteen Tons (standing ovation from Jesse Jackson; four stars on YouTube). At an event in Nevada, Kucinich ended his speech with his new move: after listing his goals, he asks, "Why is it I'm able to do this?" Then he puts his arms out and spins, waiting for someone to yell, "No strings!" Once someone does, he twirls more and then yells, "A President with no strings!" (five stars on YouTube).

Kucinich will run all the way, waiting for that moment when he transforms from punch line to President. And he insists that he isn't frustrated that it hasn't happened yet. "Not at all," he says. "The real test of power is whether you can endure the setbacks and still meet each day with integrity and courage." That, though, is the test of moral fiber, not the test of power. The test of power is whether you can persuade others to do your will. And it may be that an earnest man with progressive ideas who still can't make a decent campaign poster will always fail that test.



The Words None Dare Say: Nuclear War

"The elimination of Natanz would be a major setback for Iran's nuclear ambitions, but the conventional weapons in the American arsenal could not insure the destruction of facilities under seventy-five feet of earth and rock, especially if they are reinforced with concrete."

--Seymour Hersh, The New Yorker, April 17, 2006

"The second concern is that if an underground laboratory is deeply buried, that can also confound conventional weapons. But the depth of the Natanz facility - reports place the ceiling roughly 30 feet underground - is not prohibitive. The American GBU-28 weapon - the so-called bunker buster - can pierce about 23 feet of concrete and 100 feet of soil. Unless the cover over the Natanz lab is almost entirely rock, bunker busters should be able to reach it. That said, some chance remains that a single strike would fail."

--Michael Levi, New York Times, April 18, 2006

A familiar means of denying a reality is to refuse to use the words that describe that reality. A common form of propaganda is to keep reality from being described.

In such circumstances, silence and euphemism are forms of complicity both in propaganda and in the denial of reality. And the media, as well as the major presidential candidates, are now complicit.

The stories in the major media suggest that an attack against Iran is a real possibility and that the Natanz nuclear development site is the number one target. As the above quotes from two of our best sources note, military experts say that conventional "bunker-busters" like the GBU-28 might be able to destroy the Natanz facility, especially with repeated bombings. But on the other hand, they also say such iterated use of conventional weapons might not work, e.g., if the rock and earth above the facility becomes liquefied. On that supposition, a "low yield" "tactical" nuclear weapon, say, the B61-11, might be needed.

If the Bush administration, for example, were to insist on a sure "success," then the "attack" would constitute nuclear war. The words in boldface are nuclear war, that's right, nuclear war -- a first strike nuclear war.

We don't know what exactly is being planned -- conventional GBU-28's or nuclear B61-11's. And that is the point. Discussion needs to be open. Nuclear war is not a minor matter.

The Euphemism

As early as August 13, 2005, Bush, in Jerusalem, was asked what would happen if diplomacy failed to persuade Iran to halt its nuclear program. Bush replied, "All options are on the table." On April 18, the day after the appearance of Seymour Hersh's New Yorker report on the administration's preparations for a nuclear war against Iran, President Bush held a news conference. He was asked,
"Sir, when you talk about Iran, and you talk about how you have diplomatic efforts, you also say all options are on the table. Does that include the possibility of a nuclear strike? Is that something that your administration will plan for?" He replied, "All options are on the table."

The President never actually said the forbidden words "nuclear war," but he appeared to tacitly acknowledge the preparations -- without further discussion.

Vice-President Dick Cheney, speaking in Australia last week, backed up the President.
"We worked with the European community and the United Nations to put together a set of policies to persuade the Iranians to give up their aspirations and resolve the matter peacefully, and that is still our preference. But I've also made the point, and the president has made the point, that all options are on the table."

Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain, on FOX News August 14, 2005, said the same.
"For us to say that the Iranians can do whatever they want to do and we won't under any circumstances exercise a military option would be for them to have a license to do whatever they want to do ... So I think the president's comment that we won't take anything off the table was entirely appropriate."
But it's not just Republicans. Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards, in a speech in Herzliyah, Israel, echoed Bush.

"To ensure that Iran never gets nuclear weapons, we need to keep ALL options on the table. Let me reiterate - ALL options must remain on the table."

Although, Edwards has said, when asked about this statement, that he prefers peaceful solutions and direct negotiations with Iran, he has nonetheless repeated the "all options on the table" position -- making clear that he would consider starting a preventive nuclear war, but without using the fateful words.

Hillary Clinton, at an AIPAC dinner in NY, said,

"We cannot, we should not, we must not, permit Iran to build or acquire nuclear weapons, and in dealing with this threat, as I have said for a very long time, no option can be taken off the table."

Translation: Nuclear weapons can be used to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.

Barack Obama, asked on 60 Minutes about using military force to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, began a discussion of his preference for diplomacy by responding, "I think we should keep all options on the table."

Bush, Cheney, McCain, Edwards, Clinton, and Obama all say indirectly that they seriously consider starting a preventive nuclear war, but will not engage in a public discussion of what that would mean. That contributes to a general denial, and the press is going along with it by a corresponding refusal to use the words.

If the consequences of nuclear war are not discussed openly, the war may happen without an appreciation of the consequences and without the public having a chance to stop it. Our job is to open that discussion.
Of course, there is a rationale for the euphemism: To scare our adversaries by making them think that we are crazy enough to do what we hint at, while not raising a public outcry. That is what happened in the lead up to the Iraq War, and the disaster of that war tells us why we must have such a discussion about Iran.

Presidential candidates go along, not wanting to be thought of as interfering in on-going indirect diplomacy. That may be the conventional wisdom for candidates, but an informed, concerned public must say what candidates are advised not to say.

More Euphemisms

The euphemisms used include "tactical," "small," "mini-," and "low yield" nuclear weapons. "Tactical" contrasts with "strategic"; it refers to tactics, relatively low-level choices made in carrying out an overall strategy, but which don't affect the grand strategy. But the use of any nuclear weapons at all would be anything but "tactical." It would be a major world event - in Vladimir Putin's words, "lowering the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons," making the use of more powerful nuclear weapons more likely and setting off a new arms race. The use of the word "tactical" operates to lessen their importance, to distract from the fact that their very use would constitute a nuclear war.

What is "low yield"? Perhaps the "smallest" tactical nuclear weapon we have is the B61-11, which has a dial-a-yield feature: it can yield "only" 0.3 kilotons, but can be set to yield up to 170 kilotons. The power of the Hiroshima bomb was 15 kilotons. That is, a "small" bomb can yield more than 10 times the explosive power of the Hiroshima bomb. The B61-11 dropped from 40,000 feet would dig a hole 20 feet deep and then explode, send shock waves downward, leave a huge crater, and spread radiation widely. The idea that it would explode underground and be harmless to those above ground is false -- and, anyway, an underground release of radiation would threaten ground water and aquifers for a long time and over wide distance.

To use words like "low yield" or "small" or "mini-" nuclear weapon is like speaking of being a little bit pregnant. Nuclear war is nuclear war! It crosses the moral line.

Any discussion of roadside canister bombs made in Iran justifying an attack on Iran should be put in perspective: Little canister bombs (EFP's -- explosively formed projectiles) that shoot a small hot metal ball at a humvee or tank versus nuclear war.

Incidentally, the administration may be focusing on the canister bombs because it seeks to claim that the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 permits the use of military force against Iran based on its interference in Iraq. In that case, no further authorization by Congress would be needed for an attack on Iran.

The journalistic point is clear. Journalists and political leaders should not talk about an "attack." They should use the words that describe what is really at stake: nuclear war -- in boldface.

Then, there is the scale of the proposed attack. Military reports leaking out suggest a huge (mostly or entirely non-nuclear) airstrike on as many as 10,000 targets -- a "shock and awe" attack that would destroy Iran's infrastructure the way the US bombing destroyed Iraq's. The targets would not just be "military targets." As Dan Plesch reports in the New Statesman, February 19, 2007, such an attack would wipe out Iran's military, business, and political infrastructure. Not just nuclear installations, missile launching sites, tanks, and ammunition dumps, but also airports, rail lines, highways, bridges, ports, communications centers, power grids, industrial centers, hospitals, public buildings, and even the homes of political leaders. That is what was attacked in Iraq: the "critical infrastructure." It is not just military in the traditional sense. It leaves a nation in rubble, and leads to death, maiming, disease, joblessness, impoverishment, starvation, mass refugees, lawlessness, rape, and incalculable pain and suffering. That is what the options appear to be "on the table." Is nation destruction what the American people have in mind when they acquiesce without discussion to an "attack"? Is nuclear war what the American people have in mind? An informed public must ask and the media must ask. The words must be used.

Even if the attack were limited to nuclear installations, starting a nuclear war with Iran would have terrible consequences -- and not just for Iranians. First, it would strengthen the hand of the Islamic fundamentalists -- exactly the opposite of the effect US planners would want. It would be viewed as yet another major attack on Islam. Fundamentalist Islam is a revenge culture. If you want to recruit fundamentalist Islamists all over the world to become violent jihadists, this is the best way to do it. America would become a world pariah. Any idea of the US as a peaceful nation would be destroyed. Moreover, you don't work against the spread of nuclear weapons by using those weapons. That will just make countries all over the world want nuclear weaponry all the more. Trying to stop nuclear proliferation through nuclear war is self-defeating.
As Einstein said, "You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war."

Why would the Bush administration do it? Here is what conservative strategist William Kristol wrote last summer during Israel's war with Hezbollah.

"For while Syria and Iran are enemies of Israel, they are also enemies of the United States. We have done a poor job of standing up to them and weakening them. They are now testing us more boldly than one would have thought possible a few years ago. Weakness is provocative. We have been too weak, and have allowed ourselves to be perceived as weak.

The right response is renewed strength--in supporting the governments of Iraq and Afghanistan, in standing with Israel, and in pursuing regime change in Syria and Iran. For that matter, we might consider countering this act of Iranian aggression with a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities. Why wait? Does anyone think a nuclear Iran can be contained? That the current regime will negotiate in good faith? It would be easier to act sooner rather than later. Yes, there would be repercussions--and they would be healthy ones, showing a strong America that has rejected further appeasement."

--Willam Kristol, Weekly Standard 7/24/06

"Renewed strength" is just the Bush strategy in Iraq. At a time when the Iraqi people want us to leave, when our national elections show that most Americans want our troops out, when 60% of Iraqis think it all right to kill Americans, Bush wants to escalate. Why? Because he is weak in America. Because he needs to show more "strength." Because, if he knocks out the Iranian nuclear facilities, he can claim at least one "victory."

Starting a nuclear war with Iran would really put us in a world-wide war with fundamentalist Islam. It would make real the terrorist threat he has been claiming since 9/11. It would create more fear -- real fear -- in America. And he believes, with much reason, that fear tends to make Americans vote for saber-rattling conservatives.

Kristol's neoconservative view that "weakness is provocative" is echoed in Iran, but by the other side. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was quoted in the New York Times of February 24, 2007 as having "vowed anew to continue enriching uranium, saying, 'If we show weakness in front of the enemies, they will increase their expectations.'" If both sides refuse to back off for fear of showing weakness, then prospects for conflict are real, despite the repeated analyses, like that of The Economist that the use of nuclear weapons against Iran would be politically and morally impossible. As one unnamed administration official has said (New York Times, February 24, 2007), "No one has defined where the red line is that we cannot let the Iranians step over."

What we are seeing now is the conservative message machine preparing the country to accept the ideas of a nuclear war and nation destruction against Iran. The technique used is the "slippery slope." It is done by degrees. Like the proverbial frog in the pot of water - if the heat is turned up slowly the frog gets used to the heat and eventually boils to death - the American public is getting gradually acclimated to the idea of war with Iran.

• First, describe Iran as evil - part of the axis of evil. An inherently evil person will inevitably do evil things and can't be negotiated with. An entire evil nation is a threat to other nations.

• Second, describe Iran's leader as a "Hitler" who is inherently "evil" and cannot be reasoned with. Refuse to negotiate with him.

• Then repeat the lie that Iran is on the verge of having nuclear weapons --weapons of mass destruction. IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei says they are at best many years away.

• Call nuclear development "an existential threat" - a threat to our very existence.

• Then suggest a single "surgical" "attack" on Natanz and make it seem acceptable.

• Then find a reason to call the attack "self-defense" -- or better protection for our troops from the EFP's, or single-shot canister bombs.

• Claim, without proof and without anyone even taking responsibility for the claim, that the Iranian government at its highest level is supplying deadly weapons to Shiite militias attacking our troops, while not mentioning the fact that Saudi Arabia is helping Sunni insurgents attacking our troops.

• Give "protecting our troops" as a reason for attacking Iran without getting new authorization from Congress. Claim that the old authorization for attacking Iraq implied doing "whatever is necessary to protect our troops" from Iranian intervention in Iraq.

• Argue that de-escalation in Iraq would "bleed" our troops, "weaken" America, and lead to defeat. This sets up escalation as a winning policy, if not in Iraq then in Iran.

• Get the press to go along with each step.

• Never mention the words "preventive nuclear war" or "national destruction." When asked, say "All options are on the table." Keep the issue of nuclear war and its consequences from being seriously discussed by the national media.

• Intimidate Democratic presidential candidates into agreeing, without using the words, that nuclear war should be "on the table." This makes nuclear war and nation destruction bipartisan and even more acceptable.

Progressives managed to blunt the "surge" idea by telling the truth about "escalation." Nuclear war against Iran and nation destruction constitute the ultimate escalation.

The time has come to stop the attempt to make a nuclear war against Iran palatable to the American public. We do not believe that most Americans want to start a nuclear war or to impose nation destruction on the people of Iran. They might, though, be willing to support a tit-for-tat "surgical" "attack" on Natanz in retaliation for small canister bombs and to end Iran's early nuclear capacity.

It is time for America's journalists and political leaders to put two and two together, and ask the fateful question: Is the Bush administration seriously preparing for nuclear war and nation destruction? If the conventional GBU-28's will do the job, then why not take nuclear war off the table in the name of controlling the spread of nuclear weapons? If GBU-28's won't do the job, then it is all the more important to have that discussion.

This should not be a distraction from Iraq. The general issue is escalation as a policy, both in Iraq and in Iran. They are linked issues, not separate issues. We have learned from Iraq what lack of public scrutiny does.


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The Bio DaVersity Code

This is a neglected issue that may be crucial to the future of human existence on this planet.

This is well worth a few minutes of your time..........

Over the next few days The Bio DaVersity Code, an animated parody of the The Da Vinci Code, will be e-mailed to over a million people.

This on-line campaign is about helping catalyze awareness that we must sustain all life in order to sustain human life.

If current trends continue, half of all species of plants and animals living today may be extinct in less than 100 years. Unless halted, this catastrophic loss of biodiversity will radically alter our children's prospects for health and safety.

By all measures, its an issue which has already reached crisis proportions but has yet to reach a tipping point of public concern like global warming.

Here's the Learn More link from the Free Range piece:

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OUTSTANDING MESSAGE WITH LOTS OF IMPORTANT PERSPECTIVES -- Note to all Portuguese-speaking subscribers: Aviso aos visitantes de lingua Portuguesa -


March 4, 2007

Observations about “the Oscars”; collective consciousness; “Believe in yourselves!”; unconditional love; US presidential candidates; more evidence of crumbling Bush administration; soulmates, twin flames; causes of dying animal species; parallel and probable lives; records disproving the biblical story of Jesus

(NOTE from Suzy: For readers’ convenience in locating specific topics in the messages, a search feature exclusively for “Matthew’s Messages” has been added to for information about the number to call, the time and our guest. I will be hosting my third Internet radio show March 21. At, click on BBS Radio DAILY and scroll to “Matthew and Friends” in the menu on the right; previous shows are in Archives. I hope you will call in and tune in! PS. I’ve reached November 27 in most replies to emails.)

S: Sweetheart, hello! I know you want to get started, so here I am.

MATTHEW: It seems a good time, dear soul, because you’re feeling much better and your energy is high again, and I thank you for interrupting your other activity to begin my message. 

Since you weren’t interested in watching most of the movie awards television program, you were surprised when I told you that I wanted to speak about it in my message. Mother, I think you and the readers would be shocked to know how much energy was directed at “the Oscars” before, during and after the event, and our observations about this may surprise you. I don’t mean what was apparent, that a vast audience was riveted to television sets, but for you to see those rapt viewers and “the Oscars” from a perspective that was not obvious. Please understand that in no way am I criticizing anyone’s enjoyment of that glamour-and-glitter extravaganza! My point is to show the focus of attention of people who are living in comparative comfort and convenience, and that event is a prime example of diversion from what they do not want to think about or do not think to question. In this way, most among that viewing population are unwittingly aiding the ones who wish to control their lives through far harsher measures than entertainment.

The event’s emphasis on excellence in many areas of the film industry would be more admirable if the selections were actually based in the high purpose and absolute secrecy that is claimed. But here, as in all other situations, what you call “human nature” permeates the outcome of the awards, and some of it is not admirable: egotism, jealousy, envy, retaliation—and “suspicious” ballot counting. This is NOT to deny the talented nominees, much less the winners in the various categories, their well-deserved honors. It is to let you know that the film industry, which “the Oscars” raise to adulation status, is no more upstanding than any other body that strives to influence your thoughts and actions—actually, it is an insidious form of mind control. 

Although the industry is emerging from the heavy hand of the Illuminati, it is not free of their dark influence. This isn’t evident to most of the public, who don’t suspect that violence-filled movies are made to inure the populace to violence or that films glorifying war are produced to keep “patriotism” at full throttle. It is even less a consideration that films are major vehicles for distorting truth—witness the movies about extraterrestrials, usually hideous monsters bent upon invading Earth and who must be conquered before that can happen. What seeds do those movies plant in unquestioning minds—a preemptive war in space is good; a preemptive invasion of Iraq is good? A singular distortion of truth this year is the poignant portrayal of Queen Elizabeth, who is one of the peak Illuminati and now can be seen sympathetically because of the stoicism she must maintain as the world’s foremost royal figure.

These observations do not diminish that long program’s bright moments such as the heartfelt, stirring speech by the man who won the best actor award, the grace and genuineness of the women named best actress and best supporting actress, the surprise and pleasure of the actor voted best in a supporting role, the genuine show of affection and approval for the man who was honored as best director. But please think of these as the “silver lining” of the dark cloud that to a large extent still is the fundamental purpose of what is called “Hollywood.” Because it was that totally public event that evoked my commenting, I won’t delve into an aspect of the industry that never would have been acknowledged that evening, the lucrative pornography and the filming of satanic rituals, except to say that those could not exist without the cooperation of and benefits to some principals who attended or viewed the proceedings.

Mother, that was rather a big sigh, as if you’re very glad that I am through with that topic.

S: Well, yes, but I’m thinking that what you said doesn’t stop with movies—the diversion and influence and distortion extend to TV and radio and all the computer games, don’t they?

MATTHEW: Oh yes, they’re all part of what shoots up into the collective consciousness. 

S: So the collective consciousness is pretty much the interests and mindset of people who either are “diversioned” or they’re too tyrannized, sick or starving to have any margin for deeper thinking. Matthew, that seems to be most of the world—relatively speaking, it doesn’t leave very many spiritually enlightened folks, does it?    

MATTHEW: No, Mother, it doesn’t, and now you can see why we have been urging you who do know that an unprecedented global reformation and spiritual renewal are underway to send light to all of Earth! Why we urge you to stay steadfast in the light yourselves, to fear nothing, to be discerning and trust your intuition, to judge no one. These simple guidelines that need no embellishment are your passage to the higher vibrations of Earth’s destination! I have talked about this so often, I have to wonder if you are weary of repeatedly hearing these most vital things you need to do for yourselves and for Earth, and so you tune out. And when I address what we observe as the paramount question in minds around the world—Will there ever be peace?—sometimes I wonder if you doubt what I say, “The light has won and Earth is rapidly moving into the Golden Age!” and you ask for incontrovertible evidence of this truth.

I know that my mother answers many questions directed to me without “calling me in.” She replies to the people who hear about flood or quake or global warming predictions and ask if they or their families are in danger; people who want me to tell them which information sources are truthful or what their unusual physical sensations mean or what will happen in 2012 or what does the future hold for their children or why aren’t ETs doing more to help Earth. She can reply to these information requests and others as well because I have answered the same questions in more than one message. I am not discounting that some who question are new to this material, but people who are familiar with the information that I and other light beings are sending to our respective receivers are time and again seeking reassurance that what we say is so. Convictions about the power of the light waver with a dire-sounding report, and you look anew to external sources for confirmation that the predicted whatever will not happen. Yet, often we have told you that everything you need to know, the purest truth, is within, and trust your souls’ messages that come as intuition. You are powerful, magnificent beings with such high level capabilities that when you asked to participate in this unprecedented marvel that is Earth’s ascension, you were chosen when others were not! You have amazing strength that will weather the bumps in the road as the last vestiges of negativity are transmuted into light! Believe in yourselves!     

S: Mash dear, excuse me—you sound discouraged. What’s going on?

MATTHEW: Not as much as we wish, Mother, and that’s it—think what we just spoke about, the collective consciousness! But first, I hasten to say that Earth herself is in spectacular ascension position and unflinching light workers and light weavers are shining radiantly. Your space family are ever vigilant in their assistance on and off-planet, and this year at hand will be one of the most volatile for the darkness and most triumphant for the light in the eons of Earth’s history. Because so many areas of falsehood and oppression are surfacing, we feel concern for the many millions of souls whose hearts and minds remain closed to our light beaming. Again, people who live in comparative comfort and convenience do not want anything to upset that ease, and the mysterious sensations they are experiencing in the higher frequencies are upsetting. Instead of allowing the strong messages from their souls to register clearly in their consciousness, they are trying to escape them by taking medications or turning ever more to their religions. When the truth about all religions comes out, those devout souls will be traumatized, and rather than accept what will be revealed, many will hold firm to what they have been wrongly taught. Add to those the fence-sitters who are running out of time to accept the light and those who knowingly and adamantly are refusing it, and the total is a staggering number. Please, you beloved souls who receive our messages, firmly and joyfully stay the course and help us help you and your world by unwaveringly radiating your light!

In the Oneness of All, each soul is as loved by us as any other. You may think that our families and dearest friends on Earth are more loved, more important to us, but that thinking is confined to the people you know we were close to in that lifetime because it is the only one you consciously associate with us. But we—and you!—have thousands and more beloved family and friends throughout the universe with whom we simultaneously are sharing a lifetime. However, our loving isn’t limited to all of them, either—yes, some are more intimately connected with us than others, but our love is for ALL souls and it is limitless for ALL. You could say it simply is loving God, if that is the name you call the Supreme Being of our universe. Thus we would rejoice if all people on the planet whose soul contracts have the years allotted to ascend with Earth will do that, and we know that many, many millions whose contracts do entitle them to make that journey, will choose not to. Yet, it is as I have told you, they will have other opportunities to see the light of truth and embrace it. That is of comfort to us even as it is sad that they are choosing to experience more violence, deception, corruption and suffering instead of evolving out of that darkness by listening to their souls, wherein lies the confirmation about the truths that will be revealed.

S: Matthew, since the light keeps intensifying and you say that more minds and hearts are opening all the time, I don’t see how you can be certain that so many people won’t accept the truth about religions or won’t change a dark pathway to one in the light.

MATTHEW: I wish I were not certain, Mother, but from this vantage point, we see those souls in their immutable stance not only in this moment, but in their “future.” 

Let us leave this and move on to something we discussed that many are asking you, my opinion of the individuals who have announced their candidacy for US president. I say here the same as I told you, Mother: Between this moment and the time for elections, a great deal of deception and corruption will be exposed that is relevant to the candidates, and we are beaming light to all.  

S: You wouldn’t tell me who will win so I’m not asking for that, but if the “future” of those souls you just mentioned is known, the next US president is known too, right?

MATTHEW: Mother, I don’t think I said, “I won’t tell you who will win,” I think I said “I can’t tell you”—and that’s because I don’t know. But I do know the kind of individual who will be the next US president. Predictions or prophecies are extrapolations or reasonable projections of what can be observed at any one stage of happenings in the continuum. Relatively speaking, there are periods of more stability, when Earth’s energy field of potential is “calm,” and now is not one of those—the field is ablaze with activity as the Illuminati is in the last phase of losing its struggle to retain control. Therefore, if there were a clear front-runner in the presidential race in this moment of linear time, a calendar year from now, that candidate may not even be in the running. With Earth rapidly moving into higher frequencies where increasingly intense light would leave no place for ones with dark intentions to hide, it is safe to say that by election time, today’s presidential candidates will either have the spiritual and moral integrity to wisely and honorably lead or it will be widely known that they are not that kind of individuals and they no longer will be in the race. This is true of all nations, not only the United States.

S: OK, dear, thank you. I have another question. Is ousting the Secretary of the Army just “for show” or is it another indication that a monumental shake-up is going on in the Bush administration? And what Bob Woodruff said about the seriousness of brain injuries that aren’t being properly treated—if you know about this, do you know if it will have lasting impact or get buried by a “spin doctor”?

MATTHEW: Both of those situations are only the most recent and most publicly visible signs that an insensitive and corrupt, deceptive administration is crumbling. The conditions at the army medical center and the lack of proper care for brain-injured and psychologically traumatized troops are not new situations—they just finally surfaced. Along with the previously publicized unsafe vehicles and inadequate equipment for the troops and the extra assignments of troops to combat zones, the administration’s total disregard for both those who are fighting and those who return seriously wounded cannot and will not be “spun” away. These may be very upsetting revelations to the public, but the affected military families are very well aware of these outrages, and their pleas for help went nowhere until now. It was no accident that the well-known TV journalist received that injury.

S: Do you mean that his head injury is part of his soul contract?

MATTHEW: Contracts have flexibility in details, so it wasn’t necessary for his to specify the exact kind of injury or how or where it would occur. But yes, he chose to experience a debilitating injury under circumstances that would bring wide attention to a medical situation that greatly needed to be disclosed, and the disclosure would have long-lasting beneficial impact.

S: I see. As long as we’re on the topic of troops, I’ll go to questions on the list that you haven’t covered. Why hasn’t the new Congress done anything to resolve one way or the other President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq?

MATTHEW: Even though historically the wheels of Congress move slowly, the Illuminati influence in both the Democratic and Republican parties is deliberately keeping a variety of proposals on a slow merry-go-round. It is essential to their long-time plan for the Middle East—which they haven’t forsaken even with abject failure illuminated by a million strobe lights—that the fighting and occupation continue, and they know it cannot without more troops. They also must deal with the announcements by presidential candidates in the glare of increasingly hostile reception to the idea of escalating the war. So zigzagging on tiptoes toward the inferno of virtually worldwide opposition is the only thing Congress can do. In the meantime, the CIA faction controlled by the Illuminati has its “black-ops” fomenting unrest in Iraq to show that more US troops and funding are required. 

S: Well, it’s frustrating, at the very least, that efforts by caring, honorable people in our government are being blocked. In looking back at lists that we never finished, I found many questions about soulmates and twin flames. I think if you explain what they are, that also could answer the questions from people who want to know how they can tell if the person they’re with is their soulmate.

MATTHEW: I don’t know if I can do that to anyone’s satisfaction insofar as their possible soulmate, but I will happily speak about these special soul combinations from the perspective at this station, and perhaps that will help them decide. First I say, soulmates are not what they often are considered to be by those who have heard the term; that is, they are not two individuals out of the countless souls in the universe who can be only with each other and no other in order to feel divinely happy. Souls share many lifetimes with the same group, or soul cluster, and in these lifetimes they experience as male and female; heterosexual and homosexual; mother, husband, son, friend, adversary, teacher, student—in short, every possible role and relationship that is needed to help balance their overall lifetimes. Those lifetimes are happening simultaneously with many other mates for each of the two souls, but they are not consciously aware of this when they meet on Earth. At soul level they do know this and recognize each other, and they consciously feel a bonding that comes quickly and is more significant to both than their feelings for most others. This can be two people in any relationship that is especially meaningful, and when the two souls are romantically attracted to each other as a lifetime pair, they may be called soulmates. I don’t know if the concept of soulmates is exclusive to Earth, like linear time is, or if it also exists in other third density worlds. But it does not exist in more advanced civilizations where it is known that spiritual evolvement unites all souls in unconditional love, which is enormously different from the romantic love associated with soulmates.

Twin flames are the first two souls expressed, or co-created, by a root soul, which is a soul that originated in deepest antiquity and has progeny souls throughout all time. Both of these soul expressions have the same essence as their ancestor and as each other, thus “twin,” and their feelings for each other are the most intense that any soul can feel for another. Because the feelings run the gamut of human emotions, the relationship of twin souls is not necessarily blissful—more often it is the peaks and valleys of elation and despair—and in the eyes of others, these individuals may appear as two completely unlikely persons trying and failing to be compatible mates. The commonality of twin flames is their irresistible attraction to each other that cannot correctly be called lust, although the sexual aspect is tremendously powerful, and their need to be together exceeds every other consideration even though they may not—in fact, usually do not—pair for a lifetime.

Mother, you’re remembering your great difficulty years ago trying to understand my explanations about the various “levels” and designations of souls, and it is the same with these two categories. But hardly anyone on Earth can comprehend something that they cannot relate to, and I don’t have the capability to describe the simplicity of SOUL. I can only assure you that one day, all of you will know this yourselves.

S: I’m content to leave it at that, dear! Do you want to define “unconditional” love, or do you know from your vantage point that this is pretty well understood?

MATTHEW: A definition is sorely needed by the vast majority of Earth’s residents, but they will not be reading this. And since love of limitless, infinite and unqualified nature affects almost every aspect of your lives, I think that reading the book chapter about love’s expression that was part of a prior message will be helpful [November 9, 2006].

S: I don’t know if this is big enough in the collective consciousness for you to be aware of it, but someone who sent a short notice that there will be a tsunami from outer space during the first week of March wants you to comment on that.

MATTHEW: Oh my! Without knowing more, I can only assume that the tsunami is to be massively destructive, and if that is the case, I borrow Hatonn’s word for something that is an obvious—and if I may, a ludicrous— effort to instill fear: hogwash. However, if that notice means there will be an outer-space tsunami of LOVE sweeping over Earth—which I doubt that it does—I say, this has been happening “forever”!

S: I like that interpretation! Readers have asked about the birds and the bees—literally!—that are mysteriously dying in droves. Do you know anything about this?

MATTHEW: I don’t know the exact cause of those cases, but I know that pollution, which includes chemicals in fertilizers and pestilence extermination as well as those in manmade weather control measures, is destroying animal life on land and in the seas, and the most devastated species will not recover survival numbers. Also, temperature changes as Earth is moving out of polarity on her way to a temperate climate globally will claim some species who live in frigid areas, and other species will follow their instincts to move and will adapt to a warmer environment. While it is sad indeed that mankind’s abuse and neglect is killing entire species, please know that every life form evolves, from insects through human and other species of civilizations, and the innocence of Earth’s animals guarantees that their souls move upward in the evolutionary chain. I have told you previously that in Earth’s Golden Age, wild and domesticated animals will live peaceably together and with all peoples, so you have that heartwarming connection to anticipate.

S: That is beautiful to think about! Someone who read the chapter, “Parallel Lives, Probable Lives” in one of the books asked if Earth also has these “other existences.” 

MATTHEW: No, she doesn’t need them. Her planetary body became enmeshed in third density negativity due to humankind’s brutality to each other and to her other life forms, but her consciousness always has been in the higher vibrations of her origin. When you are living in fifth density vibrations, you no longer will have parallel and probable lives either—you will be fully integrated consciously with all aspects of your selves.

S: That’s interesting! We’re almost out of space, but enough for an answer to the question that came in this morning, if you know anything about it: Will the movie about the bones of Jesus and his family being found affect Christians’ beliefs?

MATTHEW: I don’t know anything about that beyond the hazy thought in your mind, Mother. I can only conjecture that such a film may cause some nonreligious people to see that as a possibility, but I cannot imagine that it would convince anyone with deep-seated faith to change their beliefs.

However, ancient records long hidden in the depths of the Vatican eventually will come to light, and those will prove that much of the biblical Jesus story, including his birth in a manger, crucifixion and resurrection, was conceived by early church leaders. They had to retain some of the records, some of his teachings that would appeal to the populace, but they expunged Jesus’ explanation of how others could develop the same powers that he had, which the record-changers, not Jesus, described as miracles that he alone, as the only son of God, could perform. Later groups of self-serving leaders destroyed all passages in the early Bible editions that mentioned multiple lifetimes and reincarnation, and still later editions added passages to portray God as a fearful being, Jesus as his only son, the Immaculate Conception and the virgin birth.

S: Do you know when those records will be disclosed publicly?

MATTHEW: No, I don’t. The truth about political leaders’ deception and corruption and who controls the global economy will emerge prior to the truth about religions. “Why”, Mother? Because peoples’ psyches can better deal with evidence that their political leaders and the banking systems have betrayed them than they can handle proof that their faith is founded on falsehoods.

S: One split second of thinking would have kept “why?” from popping into my head. Mash, I just want ALL the truth to come out NOW, and I’m not alone in this!

MATTHEW: Mother, dearest soul to me, I know, I know. ALL of us know that light-filled souls want the darkness and suffering to end, and that end is happening! It is a process, not a single moment, and if all of you who long for a world where everyone lives in harmony with each other and all of Nature will visualize that kind of world, it will help you and your homeland planet speed through linear time into the Golden Age. Then you will see the heaven on Earth that you are helping to create now, but in the timelessness of the continuum, your creation already IS, and it is wondrous even beyond your imagining! 

With the love and blessings of our Oneness, I say “Thank you” for welcoming me into your hearts and minds.   
S: Thank YOU, Matthew!


The following is the Preface from the book Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth? by Robert Schwartz. More details at

In May of 2003, I was leading an unfulfilling life as a self-employed marketing and communications consultant. Although I enjoyed some of my work, I did not derive deep satisfaction from any of it. I often felt that if I were to fall off the face of the Earth, my clients would hardly notice; they would simply plug someone else into my role. More important, my life was not a unique expression of my soul. A spiritual but not a religious person, I longed to make a contribution to the world that would be “uniquely me,” but I had no idea what that might be.

I had exhausted the usual routes one explores to find meaning and purpose. I was lost and floundering. Then, an inspiration came to me: why not consult a medium? Although I had a strong belief in God, I had never (as far as I knew) directly experienced the metaphysical. I felt I had nothing to lose. I researched mediums and selected someone with whom I felt comfortable.

My session with the medium took place on May 7, 2003. I remember the exact date because on that day my life changed. I told the medium very little about myself, describing my circumstances only in the most general terms. She explained that each of us has spirit guides, nonphysical beings with whom we plan our lives prior to incarnation.

Through her I was able to speak with mine. They knew everything about me — not only what I had done but also what I had thought and felt. For example, they referred to a specific prayer I had said to God some five years earlier. At a particularly difficult time I had prayed, “God, I can’t do this alone. Please send help.” My guides told me that additional nonphysical assistance had been provided. “Your prayer was answered,” they said. I was astounded.

Eager to understand the suffering I had experienced, I asked my guides about the major challenges I had faced. They explained that I had planned these challenges before birth — not for the purpose of suffering, but for the growth that would result. I was shaken by this information. My conscious mind knew nothing of pre-birth planning, yet intuitively I sensed truth in their words.

Although I did not realize it at the time, my session with the medium triggered a profound spiritual awakening
for me. I would later understand that this awakening was really a remembering — a remembering of who I am as an eternal soul and, more specifically, what I had planned to do on Earth.

For the next few weeks I continued with life as usual, although the information from my guides was constantly on my mind. I did not know what to do with it. One afternoon I took a break from work and went for a walk — and had an experience even more profound than my session with the medium. I suddenly felt overwhelming, unconditional love for every person I saw! No words can adequately convey the power of this love. It was of an intensity and depth I had never experienced and did not know was possible. For each person — the mother pushing her baby in a stroller, the cab driver waiting for a fare, the child playing at the corner, the barber cutting hair behind the window of his barbershop — I felt pure, limitless love.

Though I had never before heard of such an experience, I knew intuitively what was happening: I was in enhanced, immediate communion with my soul. In effect my soul was saying to me, “This love is who you are.” I now believe my soul gifted me with this experience to facilitate the work I would soon begin.
I became obsessed with reading about spirituality and metaphysics. As I read I thought often about pre-birth planning.

All my life I had viewed my challenges as nothing more than meaningless suffering and their occurrences as random and arbitrary. Had I known that I’d planned my challenges, I would have seen them rich with purpose. That knowledge alone would have greatly eased my suffering. Had I also known why I’d planned them, I could have consciously learned the lessons they offered. Feelings of fear, anger, resentment, blame, and self-pity would have been replaced by a focus on growth. Perhaps I might even have been grateful for the challenges.

During this period of intense study and inner exploration, I met a woman who is able to channel her soul and who agreed to let me speak with her soul about pre-birth planning. I had no knowledge of channeling and was taken aback when she went into a trance and another consciousness, one clearly distinct from hers, began to speak through her. I spoke with her soul for fifteen hours over the course of five meetings.

These conversations were thrilling. They verified and complemented my reading and study. Her soul told me in detail about her own pre-birth planning: the various challenges that had been discussed and the reasons some were selected. Here I had direct, specific confirmation of a phenomenon of which very few people were aware. Because the pain in my life had made me extremely sensitive to — and intensely motivated to relieve — the suffering of others, I was excited by the potential healing an awareness of pre-birth planning could bring to people. I knew that the information I had discovered could lighten their suffering and imbue their challenges with new meaning and purpose. As a result I resolved to write a book about the subject and to share its significance with others.

My enthusiasm for my new path was, however, tempered by the uncertainty of letting go of the old. Though unfulfilling, it was at least comfortable and familiar. Nevertheless, I was sustained — indeed, compelled to go forward — by the importance of the work, the opportunity finally to express myself in unique ways that would be of service to the world, and the certainty of knowing that came from directly experiencing
my soul.

At first I thought the idea for the book had originated in this lifetime. In truth, however, I had simply remembered my own pre-birth planning. By working with several gifted mediums and channels, I discovered I had planned not only to write a book on this subject but also to interview at least one of the people whose stories appear on these pages. In all I had dozens of sessions with mediums and channels, during which I spoke with many wise beings in spirit about my challenges and about pre-birth planning in general. In this book I offer to you what they have taught me.

I now understand why I had planned certain challenges for myself: I wanted to take the journey those who read this book may also take. I, too, at times felt victimized by the universe and blamed others for the “bad” things that happened to me. I saw my challenges as pointless, empty suffering and doubted my worth when I did not rise to them in the way I would have liked. But with my knowledge of pre-birth planning, I now realize that an entirely different perspective on life challenges is possible. In writing Courageous Souls, I set out to teach what I had most needed to learn.

It takes a great deal of courage to live the plans you made before you were born. My desire, my most fervent wish, is that you recognize the tremendous courage you show in every moment of every day when, with each breath, you reaffirm your decision to embrace and learn from your own challenges. Within that recognition, you will find your soul.

You may download a larger sample from this book at



Forwarded by "Mark Graffis"">


How Barack Obama learned to love Israel

Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada, 4 March 2007

I first met Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama almost ten years ago when, as my representative in the Illinois state senate, he came to speak at the University of Chicago. He impressed me as progressive, intelligent and charismatic. I distinctly remember thinking 'if only a man of this calibre could become president one day.'

On Friday Obama gave a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Chicago. It had been much anticipated in American Jewish political circles which buzzed about his intensive efforts to woo wealthy pro-Israel campaign donors who up to now have generally leaned towards his main rival Senator Hillary Clinton.

Reviewing the speech, Ha'aretz Washington correspondent Shmuel Rosner concluded that Obama "sounded as strong as Clinton, as supportive as Bush, as friendly as Giuliani. At least rhetorically, Obama passed any test anyone might have wanted him to pass. So, he is pro-Israel. Period."

Israel is "our strongest ally in the region and its only established democracy," Obama said, assuring his audience that "we must preserve our total commitment to our unique defense relationship with Israel by fully funding military assistance and continuing work on the Arrow and related missile defense programs." Such advanced multi-billion dollar systems he asserted, would help Israel "deter missile attacks from as far as Tehran and as close as Gaza." As if the starved, besieged and traumatized population of Gaza are about to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Obama offered not a single word of criticism of Israel, of its relentless settlement and wall construction, of the closures that make life unlivable for millions of Palestinians.

There was no comfort for the hundreds of thousands of people in Gaza who live in the dark, or the patients who cannot get dialysis, because of what Israeli human rights group B'Tselem termed "one cold, calculated decision, made by Israel's prime minister, defense minister, and IDF chief of staff" last summer to bomb the only power plant in Gaza," a decision that "had nothing to do with the attempts to achieve [the] release [of a captured soldier] nor any other military need." It was a gratuitous war crime, one of many condemned by human rights organizations, against an occupied civilian population who under the Fourth Geneva Convention Israel is obligated to protect.

While constantly emphasizing his concern about the threat Israelis face from Palestinians, Obama said nothing about the exponentially more lethal threat Israelis present to Palestinians. In 2006, according to B'Tselem, Israeli occupation forces killed 660 Palestinians of whom 141 were children -- triple the death toll for 2005. In the same period, 23 Israelis were killed by Palestinians, half the number of 2005 (by contrast, 500 Israelis die each year in road accidents).

But Obama was not entirely insensitive to ordinary lives. He recalled a January 2006 visit to the Israeli town of Kiryat Shmona that resembled an ordinary American suburb where he could imagine the sounds of Israeli children at "joyful play just like my own daughters." He saw a home the Israelis told him was damaged by a Hizbullah rocket (no one had been hurt in the incident).

Six months later, Obama said, "Hizbullah launched four thousand rocket attacks just like the one that destroyed the home in Kiryat Shmona, and kidnapped Israeli service members."

Obama's phrasing suggests that Hizbullah launched thousands of rockets in an unprovoked attack, but it's a complete distortion. Throughout his speech he showed a worrying propensity to present discredited propaganda as fact. As anyone who checks the chronology of last summer's Lebanon war will easily discover, Hizbullah only launched lethal barrages of rockets against Israeli towns and cities after Israel had heavily bombed civilian neighborhoods in Lebanon killing hundreds of civilians, many fleeing the Israeli onslaught.

Obama excoriated Hizbullah for using "innocent people as shields." Indeed, after dozens of civilians were massacred in an Israeli air attack on Qana on July 30, Israel "initially claimed that the military targeted the house because Hezbollah fighters had fired rockets from the area," according to an August 2 statement from Human Rights Watch.

The statement added: "Human Rights Watch researchers who visited Qana on July 31, the day after the attack, did not find any destroyed military equipment in or near the home. Similarly, none of the dozens of international journalists, rescue workers and international observers who visited Qana on July 30 and 31 reported seeing any evidence of Hezbollah military presence in or around the home. Rescue workers recovered no bodies of apparent Hezbollah fighters from inside or near the building." The Israelis subsequently changed their story, and neither in Qana, nor anywhere else did Israel ever present, or international investigators ever find evidence to support the claim Hizbullah had a policy of using civilians as human shields.

In total, forty-three Israeli civilians were killed by Hizbullah rockets during the thirty-four day war. For every Israeli civilian who died, over twenty-five Lebanese civilians were killed by indiscriminate Israeli bombing -- over one thousand in total, a third of them children. Even the Bush administration recently criticized Israel's use of cluster bombs against Lebanese civilians. But Obama defended Israel's assault on Lebanon as an exercise of its "legitimate right to defend itself."

There was absolutely nothing in Obama's speech that deviated from the hardline consensus underpinning US policy in the region. Echoing the sort of exaggeration and alarmism that got the United States into the Iraq war, he called Iran "one of the greatest threats to the United States, to Israel, and world peace." While advocating "tough" diplomacy with Iran he confirmed that "we should take no option, including military action, off the table." He opposed a Palestinian unity government between Hamas and Fatah and insisted "we must maintain the isolation of Hamas" until it meets the Quartet's one-sided conditions. He said Hizbullah, which represents millions of Lebanon's disenfranchised and excluded, "threatened the fledgling movement for democracy" and blamed it for "engulf[ing] that entire nation in violence and conflict."

Over the years since I first saw Obama speak I met him about half a dozen times, often at Palestinian and Arab-American community events in Chicago including a May 1998 community fundraiser at which Edward Said was the keynote speaker. In 2000, when Obama unsuccessfully ran for Congress I heard him speak at a campaign fundraiser hosted by a University of Chicago professor. On that occasion and others Obama was forthright in his criticism of US policy and his call for an even-handed approach to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The last time I spoke to Obama was in the winter of 2004 at a gathering in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood. He was in the midst of a primary campaign to secure the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate seat he now occupies. But at that time polls showed him trailing.

As he came in from the cold and took off his coat, I went up to greet him. He responded warmly, and volunteered, "Hey, I'm sorry I haven't said more about Palestine right now, but we are in a tough primary race. I'm hoping when things calm down I can be more up front." He referred to my activism, including columns I was contributing to the The Chicago Tribune critical of Israeli and US policy, "Keep up the good work!"

But Obama's gradual shift into the AIPAC camp had begun as early as 2002 as he planned his move from small time Illinois politics to the national scene. In 2003, Forward reported on how he had "been courting the pro-Israel constituency." He co-sponsored an amendment to the Illinois Pension Code allowing the state of Illinois to lend money to the Israeli government. Among his early backers was Penny Pritzker -- now his national campaign finance chair -- scion of the liberal but staunchly Zionist family that owns the Hyatt hotel chain. (The Hyatt Regency hotel on Mount Scopus was built on land forcibly expropriated from Palestinian owners after Israel occupied East Jerusalem in 1967). He has also appointed several prominent pro-Israel advisors.

Obama has also been close to some prominent Arab Americans, and has received their best advice. His decisive trajectory reinforces a lesson that politically weak constituencies have learned many times: access to people with power alone does not translate into influence over policy. Money and votes, but especially money, channelled through sophisticated and coordinated networks that can "bundle" small donations into million dollar chunks are what buy influence on policy. Currently, advocates of Palestinian rights are very far from having such networks at their disposal. Unless they go out and do the hard work to build them, or to support meaningful campaign finance reform, whispering in the ears of politicians will have little impact. (For what it's worth, I did my part. I recently met with Obama's legislative aide, and wrote to Obama urging a more balanced policy towards Palestine.)

If disappointing, given his historically close relations to Palestinian-Americans, Obama's about-face is not surprising. He is merely doing what he thinks is necessary to get elected and he will continue doing it as long as it keeps him in power. Palestinian-Americans are in the same position as civil libertarians who watched with dismay as Obama voted to reauthorize the USA Patriot Act, or immigrant rights advocates who were horrified as he voted in favor of a Republican bill to authorize the construction of a 700-mile fence on the border with Mexico.

Only if enough people know what Obama and his competitors stand for, and organize to compel them to pay attention to their concerns can there be any hope of altering the disastrous course of US policy in the Middle East. It is at best a very long-term project that cannot substitute for support for the growing campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions needed to hold Israel accountable for its escalating violence and solidifying apartheid.

Ali Abunimah is the co-founder of The Electronic Intifada and author of One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse


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Extremist rabbis call for return of animal sacrifice (February 28, 2007)
Rabbis spark protest with calls to resume animal sacrifice at holy site - Group plans to buy animals to find one that is ritually right for sacrifice - Ritual animal sacrifice has been banned at Jerusalem site since A.D. 70.



Date: 07 Mar 2007
From: Ron Van Dyke">
Subject: Article from the Paradoxman

Hi Jean,

I haven't sent you anything for a while. Most of my writing has been of a more personal nature that many may not relate to as this one I am sending your way.

As always, I appreciate all you do in uplifting consciousness and bringing about necessary changes to our planet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Here's the link to the article:


By Ron Van Dyke, March 7, 2007

Have you ever meditated while watching a fire burning in a fireplace? Last night, as I gazed at the fire burning in mine, many messages floated through my mind, including the title I had presumptuously suggested to Rosalie—for The Gathering’s Sunday Night Alive program on April Fool’s Day—shortly before I lit the fire and began the meditation. Yes, it’s one of the songs Elvis made famous in my generation. Songs from the past seem to have a way, at times, of seeping into consciousness and playing over and over again. Well, maybe that doesn’t happen with you, but it does with me. Not only the song, but also bits and pieces of my life drifted across the screen of my consciousness as messages from Spirit lifted my soul. Yes, I listen to Spirit, more now than ever; however, I’m not the only fool who is learning to trust the Unseen Realm more often and in more aspects of my day-to-day living. Many others are as well. I take comfort in that, for it brings joy to my heart.

A lot is happening with me, as I’m sure it is with most, if not all, of you who may read my ramblings. Folks, the veil that separates the visible from the invisible is getting mighty thin! I sense the presence of otherworldly beings and disincarnate entities almost all the time now. Every pause between thoughts, every conscious breath is filled with increased awareness of change, sweeping changes in everything we have learned to think of as our reality….

Which brings me back to thoughts from Sunday and Monday regarding The Secret movie that is so often being discussed in metaphysical circles these days. It’s a good movie, certainly thought provoking. I have watched it at least three times now. Still, something that is important to me is woefully lacking in the doctrine pertaining to the Law of Attraction. Yes, I have written about it before; and I must do so again.

Perhaps I am a fool, but my heart hears the cry of the downtrodden masses, the seemingly unconscious folks who play victim roles…often without even realizing it, which is why they are unconscious. It’s one thing to play a victim role consciously, for then we can laugh at ourselves and heal; yet, most still do not get it. The sad thing, to me anyway, is that so many who think and say they do get it, still seem to operate on disconnect. What do I mean?

If there is any singular message that comes through to me more loudly than others, it is the message of unity, of oneness, of my interconnectedness with ALL THAT IS. As Sue was speaking at church on Sunday, she referred to a teaching of some metaphysical guru expounding on the Law of Attraction and saying that we would get to a point where we would be so focused on the good things in our lives that we would be completely unaware of any other reality, and certainly the reality we label: “negative” that encompasses so many in our world. Maybe I did not hear or understand correctly, but if I did hear it, it sounded an awful lot like separation, lack of compassion, and even ignorance.

I know how difficult it is for humans, myself included (always), to choose to look at the dark side, our own shadow. Notice I said, “choose” to look. We all see that side, whether we want to or not, and feel the “bad” emotions connected to it. How many of us realize that we co-created those very conditions we so despise? How did we do that? It's the separation game we invented; and we play it by denial and transference. We fail to take ownership of our own negative creations and feelings; and folks, those are energetic realities in our world that cry out. (Yes, even the energy of illusion is real, albeit temporal!) Those energies manifest in the continuing victimizer/victim roles permeating human society; and that cry is heard in the heavenlies and throughout the cosmos.

Hello God (yes, that's a link), the song by Dolly Parton I wrote about a short time ago, expresses that cry. Of course it is not the cry of consciousness. On the contrary, it is the cry from the unconscious disconnect within humanity. God hears it! That is why so many helpers are in, on, and around the Earth at this time. God is crying, too! Why? Because so many who claim enlightenment lack the compassion and will necessary to transmute the negative energies…too busy focusing on what is wanted and desired in the physical reality to pay attention to the challenging task before us to heal ourselves and the planet.

Now and then there’s a fool such as I am over underdogs. I know what lack feels like. I know how unfulfilled dreams can gnaw at the soul, almost to the point of hopelessness. I have experienced guilt, and doubt, and worry, and fear. Therefore, I cannot easily turn my back on those who cannot yet see the way out! My job, foolish though it may be, is to uplift doubt and fear, to transform my own negativity through the ONLY method God has provided in Her nurturing Grace. You each know that method intuitively. It is LOVE! There is no other way than the way of the heart. That is Christ consciousness.

We talk a lot about the ego. How does the ego deal with negativity, if not by avoidance? But, someone says, what you focus on expands. Is that a lie of the ego? Is the result denial? Is the result more separation? Is the result spiritual pride?

We see Mother Theresa as a saint, and rightly so. Why? It’s not because of her doctrinal purity as a champion of Catholicism. On the contrary, even those of other, non-Christian religions see her as a saint. Mother Theresa identified with the poor, the lost, the sick, the helpless; and she was not afraid to touch their lives with her grace and caring. Not only was she not afraid of expanding those conditions by focusing on them, she did what she could to alleviate them. She was a woman of the heart, a true lady of compassion. She did not turn her back on the neediness of others, seeing them, instead, as family. That, my friends, is universal godliness.

So much that we call religion, and even spirituality, is nothing more than greed and selfishness!

I have long cried out to God to spare the world from long-prophesied cataclysms. I have pleaded that we might avoid Armageddon. Let the Apocalypse simply be the revelation, the unveiling. Yet, I understand why worldwide disasters may be necessary for the awakening. People don’t wake up until their world is shaken! It’s not because we cannot; it’s because we are too comfortable to make the extra effort. We have forgotten Christ’s rule of greatness: Learn to be the servant of all! Perhaps he was just another fool like me?

It’s so easy to get caught up, entangled in the cares of life: relationships, earning a living, keeping house, feeding ourselves, pursuing diversions to escape our problems and more. I realize that many of us have bought into the world’s definition of success that is measured by money and material possessions. Folks, all of that can be stripped away in a virtual instant! That’s the truth; and there are numerous means to accomplish it, manmade and natural. True wealth is of the Spirit; and it is measured by service, by compassion, by loving that which holds no apparent value or offers no monetary reward.

They are here. Every day you encounter their influence. They speak. They touch us. They want to help and serve us. Call them angels, extraterrestrials, or whatever, heaven has heard our cries and sent help. It has been decreed that Earth will not be destroyed, that humanity will not face virtual annihilation. However, the timetable and severity of the changes still depends a great deal on our response in opening our hearts to love. Compassion is the key to lessening the angst of the shift in reality. It will unlock the door to untold blessings; but the way is not by avoidance and denial of what we don’t want. Please understand that. What you focus on and uplift is transformed and transmuted. What you avoid expands and keeps on expanding until you can embrace it with all the love and truth you can muster.

The match has been lit, and the fire started. How raging the conflagration becomes depends to a large extent on collective values. If they are ONLY temporal, they are subject to transformation by annihilation—burned to ashes, up in smoke. If they are eternal, the fire purifies and transforms by alchemy—base elements made into gold, silver, and precious stones. It does not require total change in everyone’s collective values, only for those of us who claim to be spiritual to get our priorities straight. If we truly seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, things will be added to our lives; but if we seek things, we may well loose all that we have in the fires that will surely reveal the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Please don’t buy into New Age lies designed to create more hypocrisy: fake it till you make it. If you get nothing else out of what I have shared here, please chew on this: Ego separates and excludes; Love is ALL inclusive. “Where are you?” is the question arising in your heart from your God Self. No one can answer that for you. It’s up to you.




Project Camelot Interviews

ET Interpreter: Sgt. Clifford Stone
A video interview with Clifford Stone (52 min)
Roswell, New Mexico, November 2006

Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan

Clifford Stone

We met Clifford Stone at the Roswell Museum in New Mexico where he was kind enough to grant us several hours of his time. After listening to him for only a short while, it became clear we were in the presence of a very extraordinary man.

This soft-spoken gentleman has an astounding tale to tell about his alien friend, Korona; how he went on crash recovery missions in Vietnam during the 60s; how he helped an ET to escape from military custody.

He's got a massive heart and a broad perspective that manages to capture the whole world in its sights. He talks of the rights of the visitors to our planet in the face of captivity; he talks of their sense of sacrifice for the well being of humanity. He speaks of the need for us to care what happens to the 'other guy', and how real feeling for each other is what's going to make the difference as we move forward to join the galactic community.


Ultimate Warrior: Robert Duncan O'Finioan
A video interview with Duncan O'Finioan (I hr 13 min)
Kentucky, November 2006

Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan

Duncan O'Finioan

Duncan O'Finioan was the Ultimate Warrior... brainwashed, conditioned and controlled as part of a highly classified MKULTRA program called PROJECT TALENT. From a thousand others trained as child warriors in 1966, he is now, he believes, only one of 20 left alive to tell the story.

In his powerful and compelling testimony for the camera - one of the most extraordinary we have ever heard - Duncan describes:

- His mission to "terminate" the very drunk, future President of the United States... George W Bush;
- His dizzying enhanced physical and psychic abilities... including the abilities to hurl someone across the room with his mind, and walk through a solid wall;
- How he and 11 other children were flown to Cambodia to deliver a targeted death blow to all the surrounding Khmer Rouge troops... using only the combined power of their minds;
- How his right arm is "hardwired" and is capable of astonishing speed and strength;
- His struggle to regain his memory, aided by a car accident which led to the discovery of a cranial implant uncovered by an MRI machine... deactivating the implant and causing the MRI machine to catch fire;
- His role as a programmed assassin, targeting Americans under the command of an undisclosed agency;
- The selection, torture, and brutal training process that he endured... and which children are undergoing to this day;
- And more…

Twenty years later, Duncan (who is of mixed Cherokee and Irish blood) comes forward to tell the truth about the Ultimate Warrior project: how he was chosen, groomed and tortured into becoming the perfect fighting machine, combining physical superiority with the extraordinary mental abilities of a psychic spy.Fearless, principled, and determined to regain control over his life, Duncan O'Finioan tells his story in detail. Do not miss this interview.


Zen of Stars: Michael St Clair, Futurist and Visionary
A video interview with Michael St Clair (44 min)
Montreux, Switzerland, September 2006

Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan

Michael St Clair

Project Camelot had the great pleasure of interviewing Michael St Clair, a reknowned futurist and visionary, at the magical Chateau de Chillon in Montreux. St Clair has written a book called Zen of Stars that addresses the transformations and earth changes which are coming in the next few years.

As he says: "We are psychic beings inhabiting a physical reality." St Clair is a synthesist who covers areas as diverse as astrology, astronomy, cosmology and the evolution of the human soul. Inspired by the work of Krishnamurti, he talks about the future of the planet Earth and our growing awareness that is launching us into an enlightened view of the merging of realities.

His work centers around the notion of the growth of small communities and safe places - where those who wish to ride out the coming years can live true to their ideals while maintaining the calm necessary to be ports of shelter to those around us.


'Henry Deacon', a Livermore Physicist

We met with and interviewed this man in early September, but he declined to appear on video or to have his name made public... for entirely understandable reasons. (Henry Deacon is a pseudonym, prompted by his similarity to the likeable and creative polymath on the Eureka TV show.) We have recently finished transcribing the interview and can now publish the transcript here in text form.

In this extraordinary, wide-ranging on-record testimony, he describes his work and experiences, and reveals some astounding information about the coming planned war with China; one way in which drugs are smuggled by the military from Southeast Asia; stargates and instantaneous communication over vast distance; the inhabited planets of Alpha Centauri; chemtrails; rips in spacetime caused by atomic testing, and the damage and danger they have caused; the use of viruses to reduce the world's population; the shooting down of an alien craft by a unit in which he served; and much more - including, possibly very importantly, a confirmation of Dan Burisch's testimony.

We believe that the far-reaching information disclosed by this man is highly significant. We salute his courage in coming forward to ensure these truths are known, and encourage and support all others to follow his example.

Click here for the interview transcript.

We've had ongoing continued communication from 'Henry Deacon' (see above). For Henry's background and for a transcript of our first interview, please click here. It should ideally be read first before studying his update.

The information we present here was not recorded in any interview. This is our own compilation of what we consider important from a number of conversations and written exchanges since our first meeting.

We know Henry very well now. He's a values-driven man of high intelligence, acutely aware of the import of the information he shares at considerable risk to himself. He's softly-spoken, kind, and has a delightful sense of humor. He does not seek any limelight. He is extremely concerned about the state of the world... and the direction in which it seems to be heading.

Because of the professional posts he's held, he's in a privileged position to be able to see everything that's happening - which he describes as a bewildering complexity, all the details of which are known or understood by very few people - from an overview vantagepoint. The picture he presents is complex, challenging, and significant.

Click here for the update.

Many more such interview summaries at


Also from:

John F. Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy may have had more than the usual knowledge about UFOs, according to several credible sources. Further support for Kennedy's high-level knowledge regarding UFOs came from a former steward aboard Air Force One who told of a cryptic remark by President Kennedy.

Bill Holden, who also served as loadmaster for Air Force One, traveled with Kennedy to Europe in the summer of 1963. He said a UFO conference in Bonn, Germany, prompted a discussion of the subject aboard the President's plane one morning.
Holden said he turned to Kennedy and asked, "What do you think about UFOs, Mr. President?" He said Kennedy became quite serious and thought for a moment before replying, "I'd like to tell the public about the alien situation, but my hands are tied."

A controversial MJ-12 document titled "Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Summary" noted Kennedy's insider knowledge. This document, apparently written soon after the crashes in New Mexico during July 1947, states, "It has become known to CIC [Counter Intelligence Corps] that some of the recovery operation was shared with Representative John F. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat elected to Congress in '46, Son of Joseph P. Kennedy, Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government. [Jack] Kennedy had limited duty as naval officer assigned to Naval Intelligence during the war. It is believed that information [concerning the Roswell crashes] was obtained from [a] source in Congress who is close to [the] Secretary for Air Force." Kennedy was the only Congressmen named who was aware of the truth of the Roswell incidents at the time.

Yet another document appears to be a memorandum written from President Kennedy to the director of the CIA regarding "Classification review of all UFO intelligence files affecting National Security." In this memo, Kennedy stated, "... I have initiated [blacked out] and have instructed [then NASA Administrator] James Webb to develop a program with the Soviet Union in joint space and lunar exploration. It would be very helpful if you would have the high threat cases reviewed with the purpose of identification of bona fide as opposed to classified CIA and USAF sources. It is important that we make a clear distinction between the knowns and unknowns in the event the Soviets try to mistake our extended cooperation as a cover for intelligence gathering of their defense and space programs." Kennedy then asked for all files on "Unknowns" to be turned over the NASA authorities and an interim report be forwarded to the White House no later than Feb.1, 1964.

This document which clearly showed a president about to make UFO secrets available to wider circles in government and, hence, probably available to the public was dated Nov. 12, 1963, just ten days before his Nov. 22 assassination in Dallas.

Desperately clinging to their UFO-free mindset, debunkers question this document's authenticity while an unquestionably authentic document has been found in the John F. Kennedy Library.

National Security Action Memorandum No. 271 is titled "Cooperation with the USSR in Outer Space Matters" and is addressed to the Administrator of NASA, at that time James Webb. This signed memo does not mention UFOs specifically, nevertheless, Kennedy instructs Webb to "assume personally the initiative and central responsibility within the Government for the development of a program of substantive cooperation with the Soviet Union in the field of outer space, including the development of specific technical proposals." Kennedy added that this plan was a direct result of "my September 20 proposal for broader cooperation between the United States and the USSR in outer space, including cooperation in lunar landing programs." This incredible document was also dated Nov. 12, 1963, but who in 1963 would have believed that the United States and the Soviet Union would have been engaging in cooperative joint space operations? The White House log of that day showed that beginning at 2 p.m. Kennedy had lunch and then "no official appointments" but "conferred with various staff members during the afternoon." Obviously on this day, Kennedy had more than enough time to deal with space matters.

Also obvious is the fact that this apparent attempt to cooperate with the USSR ended with Kennedy's death in Dallas. On through the administration of Ronald Reagan, we were still warned against the "evil empire" and the costly Cold War continued. Opponents to JFK became frantic over his attempts to alter the course of previous U.S. policies. According to one knowledgeable source, Kennedy played a dangerous game, "... after making it clearly evident that he was not prepared to support action against the communists in the normal sense - plans to withdraw troops from South Vietnam - plans to fracture or abolish portions of the CIA; plans for expansion to the Justice System; failure to support the Bay of Pigs [invasion]; and a desire to share some of our most sensitive secrets with the Russians and Chinese - space borne platforms, etc... All during a time when his popularity was growing in leaps and bounds with the American public - a President who did not enjoy majority support at his election. A very dangerous situation, leaving few methods for control beyond assassination."

This same source went on to say, "I believe John F. Kennedy was appraised of, and had access to, sufficient classified information, to have personally come to the conclusion that UFOs and therefore possible alien life-forms were possibly extant within our solar system... I think Kennedy certainly came to this conclusion... and was looking to demonstrate not only mankind's ability to come together for a common goal, but to formally demonstrate we could enter and conquer space as a species. Back then, some would have seen this as either crazy (if they had no access to the material) or (if they had access) very premature and possibly dangerous."

A whole JFK issue evolved around his planned speech at the Dallas Trade Mart, the destination of his ill-fated motorcade on Nov. 22, 1963. Several researchers and some tabloids have claimed that he planned to change his scheduled talk and referred to handwritten notes, which may have included comments regarding UFOs. These notes have never been made public and so continue to be fodder for theorists.

Spurred on by such tantalizing bits of evidence, some researchers even claimed that Kennedy's assassination was to prevent him from revealing the news of extraterrestrial visitation to the public.

While this theory is certainly unproved and probably untrue, his willingness to end the Cold War and share our knowledge of outer space with our perceived enemies may have been the straw that broke the back of those within the Military-Industrial (and Intelligence) Complex. This group already thought the young president was "soft on communism" and a danger to their command and control structure.

With all the evidence now at hand, there can be little doubt that President Kennedy may have known more about UFOs than is generally believed.

Jim Marrs, author of Alien Agenda


James V. Forrestal

James V. Forrestal was America's first Secretary of Defense, and chief architect of the modern US Department of Defense; reliable sources state that Forrestal was one of the initial members of the newly-formed MJ-12, his position on the committee being replaced subsequent to his death by General Walter Smith. Forrestal was an idealistic and religious man who believed that the public should be told the truth about the UFO problem. When he began to talk to leaders of the opposition party and leaders of the Congress about the alien problem, he was asked to resign by President Truman.

He expressed his fears to a number of people, and believed that he was being watched. This was interpreted by those who were ignorant of the facts as paranoia. Forrestal later was said to have suffered a mental breakdown and was committed, apparently against his will, to Bethesda Naval Hospital suffering from "exhaustion", where he was held under a round the clock Marine guard. Many investigators believe that it was feared that Forrestal would begin to talk again, and he had to be isolated and discredited.

At around 1:45 am on May 22, some seven weeks after his admission to the hospital, Forrestal plunged from a 16th floor window of the hospital to his death. A belt or cord, said to be from his dressing gown, was tied tightly around his neck. It was also reported that his body was found wrapped in a bedsheet. Allegations have been made that agents tied a sheet around his neck, fastened the other end to a fixture in his room, and threw Forrestal out the window; the sheet tore, and he plummeted to his death.

The Navy's five-month investigation concluded that Forrestal had taken his own life. The investigation report was then classified and remains so to this day. Many investigators consider Forrestal to have been one of the earliest victims of the Great UFO Cover-up which started in earnest after the Roswell crash of 1947.


Dr. William Koch

William F Koch was born in 1885 in Detroit, Michigan. A medical doctor and professor of chemistry, histology and physiology, Dr. Koch researched, invented and patented a system of treatments with reagents that used chemicals to restore the body's oxidation mechanism, thus allowing the body to heal itself.

Chief among these was "Glyoxylide", the formula for which has now been lost. He and others, using his treatment, were able to cure numerous cases of cancer, tuberculosis and many other diseases. During 1919 the Head of the American Medical Association, Morris Fishbein, made an effort to acquire and control the method developed by Dr. Koch. When Fishbein was unsuccessful, he brought the full force of various United Stated Government agencies to force Dr. Koch out of business. He was sued by the FDA, but was acquitted after 600 doctors testified in his favour. Dr. Koch died of poisoning on December 9, 1967, the same year and month as Homozon™ developer Dr. Eugene Blass.


Stanley Meyer

Stanley Meyer was a maverick inventor who designed an auto engine that ran solely on water, demonstrating his discovery with a dune buggy with a water-powered engine. His revolutionary car was recorded many times on film and TV.

The operating principle is that the atomic composition of water makes it a perfect fuel source. The water molecule is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, and when the water molecule is separated into its component elements (H and O) and oxidized as fuel, the resulting energy is two and a half times more powerful than gasoline. The by-product of the combustion is water vapor - nothing more.

In previous research, the problem had always been how to deconstitute water economically. Traditional methods of separating the bond of the water molecule had resulted in failure. To power a car by these methods would not propel a car very far; the car's electrical system could not recharge from the process quickly enough, the result being a quickly drained battery. After thirty years of research, Meyer discovered a workable method of on-board hydrogen electrolysis, creating an engine that performed at an efficiency of 100 miles per gallon... of water.

Meyer had been told that the military planned to use this technology in their tanks and jeeps. He had patents on his invention, and was ready for production. He reported that he had been offered a billion dollars from an Arab to shelf his idea, but he declined the offer.

Meyer died abruptly on March 27, 1998, aged 57, during an evening meal out. Meyer ran out of the restaurant exclaiming that he had been poisoned, and died shortly after.


Dr. Eugene Blass

Dr. F. M. Eugene Blass is considered to be one of the fathers of oxygen therapy. Dr. Blass believed that a patient's bowel must be cleansed and free of any old impacted fecal matter (hardened mucus toxins) that might impair health, and realized that cancer and other pathogens did not live well in a well-oxygenated environment.

In 1929, while looking for a cure for cancer, and according to some sources working with the great inventor Nikola Tesla in a Paris hotel, Dr. Blass developed a powdered form of stabilized oxygen which was bound to pharmaceutical quality magnesium; this was an improvement on the earlier product Haemozon which was developed in 1898 by two German Doctors, Thauerkauf and Luth. The product, the forerunner of the modern Homozon™, was designed to be a strong source of both magnesium and oxygen which would effectively promote intestinal cleansing to eliminate accumulated hardened mucus waste.

Dr. Blass was murdered outside his house in December 1967 - the same same year and month in which another famous oxygen therapy pioneer, Dr. William Koch, died of poisoning.


Dr. Eugene Mallove

Dr. Eugene Mallove died on May 14, 2004, aged 56. He was found at the end of his driveway, beaten to death ruring an alleged robbery, having received several blunt-force injuries to his head and neck. An autopsy ruled his death as murder.

Mallove was an alternative energy expert who was working on viable energy alternative programs. Well respected for his knowledge of cold fusion, he had just published an "open letter" outlining the results of and reasons for his last 15 years in the field of "new energy research." At the time of his death Dr. Mallove was convinced it was only a matter of months before the world would actually see a free energy device.


Many more through


Forwarded by Michael Dean">

Freedom Writers

We have so much grim news to contend with these days that a ray of sunshine, however small, is doubly welcome. I thought you might like to see this inspiring article by David Cohen in the London Evening Standard, dated 5 March 2007. . .

How real heroes tamed the teenage gangsters

In the wake of three gang murders in south London, a new film tells of a Los Angeles teacher who transformed the lives of 150 young rejects, by introducing them to Holocaust survivors.

On her first day of teaching, Erin Gruwell arrived fresh-faced and idealistic, in pearls and a business suit, to greet her new English class in Room 203. They sauntered in - a racially diverse, tattooed group of reject teenagers from juvenile detention centres and drug rehab units who had been written off as 'unteachable'.

Within minutes, rival gangs in the classroom were squaring up to each other, and Erin, who was half the size of most of them, found herself in the thick of it. "The hatred was palpable," she recalls. "Almost all thee pupils 'packed heat' - slang for carrying guns or switchblades. It was apparent that the only thing these students despised more than each other was me - a middle-class, whitey do-gooder - and they began laying bets I wouldn't last the week."

Erin, just 23, was out of her depth and went home devastated and in tears. But a few days later something happened that would transform all their lives. She intercepted a note racially caricaturing one of the black pupils, Sharaud Moore, as having fat lips, and angrily compared it to Nazi propaganda about Jews in the Holocaust. But her analogy drew blank stares. Erin realised, with a jolt, that most of her students had never even heard of the Holocaust.

"You think you know about gangs?!" she exploded. "Your gangs, your enemies' gangs - all amateurs. Your gangs take over neighbourhoods, but this gang, they took over countries, they killed millions. And it all started," - she held up the caricature, having captured their attention for the first time - "with a despicable drawing like this one."

The extraordinary story of how Erin Gruwell prompted 150 teenagers at Woodrow Wilson High School in Los Angeles to transform their lives by likening their plight as victims of racially-motivated gang violence to that of Jews in the Holocaust is the subject of a powerful film that opened in London at the weekend.

Freedom Writers, starring Hilary Swank as Erin and Imelda Staunton as her cynical department head, is a profoundly moving account of how one inspired teacher made a difference. Her method seemed simple enough: one day she left a pile of diaries at the front of the class and invited the teenagers to begin a chronicle of their lives, just like the 13-year-old Anne Frank had done during the Second World War. And as they started to do so, they also began, without prompting, to throw away their guns.

The film's illuminating message of hope, coming in the wake of three gang-related murders of teenagers in south London and widespread concern that we're creating a new generation of 'urban child soldiers', could not be more timely.

Speaking from her home in Los Angeles, Erin, now 37, says the key to reaching alienated teenage gang members, be they in London or LA, is to recognise "the universality of their pain".

"I will never forget the moment when Renee Firestone, an Auschwitz survivor in her eighties who'd lost her family and whose sister was experimented on by Dr Mengele, came to speak to my students," she says. "They sat and listened to her story, rapt, and when she was finished, there was total silence. Then, one by one, these 6-foot students, their trousers sagging halfway down their backsides, shuffled up and started hugging her - and crying. One student said: 'I never cry. But I'm not yet 16, and already I've been to more funerals than birthday parties.'

"There was this electric moment when I realised what was happening: the students were crying for all the people they'd lost, all the family and friends who'd died in an endless cycle of gang-related revenge killings that had been going on since before they were born. Renee's story had given them permission to do so."

Erin, who visited London and Manchester with some of her students last year, believes that government policy both in the UK and US is failing disaffected teenagers because it's reactive rather than proactive. "Tony Blair's idea of putting more police on the streets and making membership of a gang an aggravating factor in prosecutions is not the solution," she said. "In America it costs $40,000 a year to incarcerate someone and just $8,000 a year to educate them, and the relative costs are similar in the UK. It's a shame, because after they are incarcerated, they become hardened criminals."

What Erin proposes, instead, is something that has never been tried in this country: "We have to stop expecting disaffected teenagers to fit into the traditional education system, and instead tailor the system so they can connect to it. We need to show how every great piece of literature - essentially about the triumph of the human spirit over adversity - is their story, every journey their journey.

"And we have to free them as writers - letting them tell their story without worrying about spelling, grammar or it being graded. Writing validates what they've been through - just like it did for Anne Frank - and can help pull kids out of a spiral of violence."

The proof of her methods is that every one of her 150 students went on to graduate from high school, and then to university, and that every one of them has put their life as a gang member behind them.

Erin's incredible journey started in 1994, the year following the Rodney King riots, amidst an epidemic of 126 murders in the school's Long Beach neighbourhood of Los Angeles. Her father, a scout for professional baseball teams, was devastated when he heard his daughter was taking a job that paid only $27,000 a year [£14,000]. "You've got the brains to become a doctor or a lawyer," he told her. "But if you're going to become a teacher, can't you at least teach somewhere safe?"

But Erin was as resolute as she was naïve. On the first day, when she tried to teach Shakespeare, the students mocked her. "Why should we read books written by dead white guys in tights?" they asked.

Her frosty head of department told her that her own aim was "to warehouse, not educate, the unteachables" and refused to allocate money to provide them with books on the grounds that they'd only destroy them. Erin's response was to work after hours as a concierge at the local Marriott hotel at weekends, in order to pay for books and trips for her students.

Then her husband, Kevin, a computer technician, divorced her after four years of marriage, telling her he was not prepared to be her "wife". But Erin had seen the light bulb go on in each student, and had the bit between her teeth, taking them to visit the Holocaust Museum, and later to Europe, where they visited Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam, and concentration camps in Poland.

One of the most moving moments in the film is a scene in which Erin flies out Miep Gies, who had helped hide Anne Frank, from Amsterdam, to speak to her students in LA. After Gies had finished, one of the Latino students told this 87-year-old white European woman: "I've never had a hero before. But you are my hero." To which Gies replied: "No, we are all ordinary people. But even an ordinary person can turn on a small light in a dark room. You are the heroes. You are heroes every day."

Erin's father, meanwhile, had undergone a change of heart and had begun to join her on class excursions. "They called my dad 'Papa G', and I think for many of them, whose dads were not in their lives, he filled a gap and became something of a father figure."

As for Erin, she changed too. "When I arrived I thought I was a good teacher. But I soon learned I was still a student. I took their stories seriously and gave them respect, and we learned from each other. The day my freedom writers graduated from high school, I felt like a mother with 150 children. For many of them, it was the first time anyone in their family had finished high school. I was so proud."

The following year, 1999, Erin left Woodrow Wilson to set up a foundation. She also published the student diaries in a book, The Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World Around Them, which went to number one on the US bestseller list. She and the students were lauded, appearing on Oprah Winfrey and Good Morning, America, and she even addressed Congress.

Today, as president of the non-profit-making Freedom Writers Foundation, Erin tours America, making speeches and teaching thousands of teachers her unique method. "My dream is to replicate the Freedom Writers brand globally," she says, her voice bubbling over with enthusiasm. "And I'd be keen to start that push in London."

Judging from the film, it would bee a gift if she did. Watching black and Latino gangsta-rapping teenagers from LA connect to elderly white Holocaust survivors and a Jewish Dutch girl who lived more than 60 years ago makes for an extraordinarily moving spectacle. But it's the melting - and melding - of individual students that gives it an extra kick. Towards the end, one of the pupils who had hated school reads haltingly from his diary: "I walk into Room 203 and all my life problems are not so important any more. I am, " - he pauses, looks up - "I am home."

It blew me away.

Freedom Writers is at selected cinemas.

See the movie trailer and much more at

The Freedom Writers Foundation


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