May 16, 2007

The Big Scoop Series #17: Do you see in B&W, C, HD or FSV?

Hello everysoul!

You must surely be wondering what this compilation's title stands for... Do you see in B&W, C, HD or FSV?

Well it stands for "Do you see in black & white, color, high definition or full spectral vision?"

This came to me as a way to illustrate the various ways we, humans, have to look at the world around us based on how far ahead we each are in the awakening process we all go through, sooner or later. Someone with little information, perspective and background on world events pretty much sees everything as either good or bad (in "black & white"), while someone with higher than average access to mainstream media information and a continued interest and enough time to read and watch news from various sources will have a deeper understanding of what happens and why it happens, and thus these people's view on things will be more nuanced (in "color"). Yet people—like those on this list—with an even keener interest in understanding the underlying causes of world events and the often cunning manipulations deftly executed by operatives for the furtherance of stealthy goals benefiting a tiny elite can develop, over time, a much deeper understanding of things and stop merely observing passively what happens to take on an active role in helping to correct the wrongs they can now see with much crisper details (in "high definition"). But there is yet another higher level of understanding that may be reached by the few who dare integrate a keen interest in world events, knowledge of underlying causes, and motivation to act positively for the highest good of all, with a profound spiritual awakening process that gradually transforms them from an individually focused human being into a willing, self-aware tool of the Universal One in all of us. Those with access to the infinite inner Knowledge through their vibrant connection with the Source of All That Is benefit from such a vast perspective and so many levels of understanding that their "full spectral vision" on things may at times go beyond anything anyone could possibly imagine.

Depending on your state of mind, spiritual connectedness and willingness to enable your Higher Self greater control over your thinking process, we may each develop the ability to see things in ways that could allow us the kind of perceptions and sense of imperturbability that will put all fears to rest and make every single moment a most enjoyable, fulfilling experience.

This being stated, now let's turn our attention to that wide variety of news and information I've gathered for your consideration over the past 12 days (which is, of course, just a partial sampling of all that came in my Inbox) amidst the gardening work I've undertaken again here for the 26th year in a row and lots of other springtime chores as the last patches of snow finally melted. I'm sure you will find lots on stimulating material on which to train your expanding perceptive abilities so as to better decipher what is actually happening, make sense of it all and act upon the heightened awareness that will ensue.

Enjoy and share ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Hi Jean, I know you are so very swamped with all you do for us out here and planting season upon us. I just feel compelled to reach out and connect. I haven't said it in a while but I want to let you know how very much you are appreciated . You are such an anchor for so much light - it is amazing how many people you have brought together over the years - the seeds you have planted for good cannot be measured. It has got to be disheartening to read all the incoming information that you process, but through it all, it is always clear the positive outlook you hold for our future. Just going inside tells us we are very close and while the details of how we arrive are not set in stone, I'm finally feeling the light on the other side of this ride we are on and thrilled that it is clear that the ride is coming to an end. Lots of love and light for the very important part you have played in orchestrating this wondrous crossing."

— Eve Howard (

"Jean, you have created a marvelous network, are awakening many giants, and contributing much to the Light in this world. I undertook, as part of my contract, to remind myself and anyone whom I come into contact with, that we are, first and foremost “spiritual beings having a physical experience” as so aptly expressed by Teilhard de Chardin. The darkness likes to distract us with fear e.g. terrorism, financial breakdown, global warming, etc., all the while trying to make us forget our Divine self. We give our power to the banks, the government, homeland security and whatever else is brought as the cause for our insecurity. What we focus on and push against, we give power to. It’s now time, more than ever, to go within, and realize that there is no shortage of energy. We have access to unlimited personal guidance, that cannot be interfered with or blocked, regardless of conditions around us. Our inner guidance is precisely attuned to our every thought and energy desire. The biggest success in magic tricks is to redirect attention to the unimportant details. That is the principal purpose of the medias."

— Pierre Dumas (

"The Secret tells us in no uncertain terms that we create our own reality. We can have whatever we want. In fact, it is made clear that we do get EXACTLY what we focus upon. It invites us to cut out pictures of what we’d like to manifest, concentrate on that with joy (being careful not to allow any contrary thoughts into the mix), and, wah-lah, we shall have it not many days hence. Such a boon for humanity! We can all live in expensive homes, drive luxury automobiles, and have bank accounts that only increase—just by thinking positive thoughts with the proper intensity of feeling and action. Now, while ACIM does not make such extravagant materialistic claims, both sources make the same point that we create our reality, because, after all, that is the foundation of metaphysical, esoteric, New Thought, New Age, and some would add, Quantum Physics belief…and it may shock some of you to know that I agree with it. We do create our own reality! However, our experience is mostly birthed, not from our conscious, ego minds; rather, it is spontaneously conjured up from that deep part of us Carl Jung called the Unconscious (and I call the Soul Level). That part of us, joined with that same part in everyone else that makes up the human family—the collective unconscious, has indeed created the world we inhabit."


"When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow."

— Old Native American Prophecy -- Taken from


1. A Statement From The Loose Change Crew
2. Psychiatrists and Psychologists: Government's 9/11 Story is Crazy
3. Why the resistance to 9-11 truth?
4. Latest Message from Matthew
5. The Crop Circle Phenomenon
6. Consumers Stop Big Pharma Supplements Takeover - For Now
7. International delegates reach climate change deal, urge action
8. Chemtrails... what is in that spray?
9. Study suggests cancer risk from depleted uranium
10. Heroes Rally for Impeachment- VETO Bush/Cheney
11. The Self-Impeaching President Now Needs Help From We the People
12. Global rush to energy crops threatens to bring food shortages and increase poverty, says UN
13. Cancer victims ask: "Is it the phone mast's fault?"
14. Video shows executions, life inside North Korea
15. The Hippies Were Right!
16. Circle of Light Community Network
17. Sheldon wild horses to be rounded up - AGAIN


World Statistics updated in real time - VERY COOL!
World Population - Government & Economics - Education - Environment - Food - Water - Energy - Health
Did you know, for instance that our planet is being struck by lightning over a 100 times/sec?... Or that the
topsoil erosion from farmlands this year totals over 8.6 billion metric tons so far? All these mind-boggling stats are truly astounding...

And Now, For something Completely Different (May 7, 2007)
An estimated 18,000 to 20,000 people lined up naked in Mexico City's Zocalo Square in response to a call from U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick. In a time such as this and in a world such as ours, amid all the insanity, the madness, the violence and greed, the struggles and wars for domination and control of wealth and resources there appeared yesterday a brief shining moment of sanity and humor, of trust and beauty and just possibly an enormous expression of plain, simple, human love and freedom. La Ciudad de Mexico may have proven herself to be the most civilized place on this free falling old blob as 18000 of her people exposed themselves to the world as the most beautiful, urbane, orderly, and for awhile at least, the most scantily clad group of folks ever assembled anywhere. CLIP More on this through

See all of Spencer Tunick previous events
Check his 2 galleries of amazing pictures!

Strange Craft - STUNNING PICTURES!...

ALIEN SPACESHIP ON THE MOON flyover before landing APOLLO 20 (May 04, 2007) THIS ONE IS FOR REAL!
Feed from the lunar module LM-15 during the last revolution before descent. LM passes over Tsiolkovski, Fermi, Delporte and Lukte before passing on the Izsak Y crater. The spaceship is filmed with close telephoto lens, revealing more details. CDR communicates the South -East coordinates of the major parts of the spaceship, approximately 4 kilometers long. CLIP The stunning evidence appears around 4 min into this video. - there is a still picture of this mile-long space craft at

Scientific Proof of Aliens here on Earth! (5 min 18 sec)
Material removed from patients looks unlike anything on Earth and after careful analysis it is made of substances not known to this planet.

Various pictures from the Body Worlds exhibition

Nutrasweet, Equal, Aspartame: Scary Video (10 min)
Recommended by Kathleen Roberts ( who wrote: "This should scare anyone off these artificial sweeteners... Great investigative journalism!"

Seeker of truth, follow no path - All paths lead where truth is here
Many more through

Huge Power Elite Scheme shows Racketeering of Government and Corporate Executives Gaming the System. Do you approve of paying $4.00 per gallon of gas? Did you know that the CEO of ExxonMobil received a retirement check for $400 Million in 2006? Did you know that the CEO of Occidental Petroleum received a paycheck for $400 Million last month? Did you know that this is part of a huge oil racketeering scheme originating right out of the White House? Recommended by Jan (

Iraqi Parliament Won't Accept US-Written Oil Law

Bill Maher on elites at the Pat Robertson University - Real eye opener

Bush Making Satanic Sign While Posing With Queen?? (May 15, 2007)

Americans have no idea! How the Israeli War Party lobby controls US foreign policy
Twenty-two years in Congress: How the game is played behind closed doors - This is not the most professional-looking film ever made, nor is it the most visually compelling, but the information it contains is nothing short of electrifying. Why does US foreign policy consistently support Israeli military aggression in Lebanon and elsewhere? Why do we turn a blind eye to Israel's brutal and inhuman treatment of the Palestinians? Why are we in fighting in Iraq?The answers are laid out in calm, clear language by twenty-two year veteran member of Congress Paul Findley. He calls the control of US foreign policy by the Israeli War Party lobby "the most significant crisis we've faced in this country since the Civil War." Recommended by Phyllis Montague (

72 hours to join Desmond Tutu against poverty
This Friday, the finance ministers from the world's eight richest countries will meet to plan the G8 summit. That morning, we will send them an urgent letter on global poverty, signed by key global figures: Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson--and, we hope, you. Our message: keep your promise to provide 0.7% of national income in effective aid to relieve extreme poverty. Millions of lives are at stake. The more people sign the letter, the more powerful our demand becomes. The statistics of global poverty are shocking. Each day, 20,000 children die preventable deaths in poor countries. That's why the broken promises of rich countries are so infuriating. The world's rich countries have pledged 0.7% of their national income to development aid. But these promises have not been kept. In fact, outrageously, the G8 countries gave less in 2006 than in 2005. At the same time, the last few years have seen an unprecedented groundswell against global poverty--which has led to new promises and, in some countries, real change. These fights can be won. That's why we are working with our friends at the Global Call to Action Against Poverty to assemble citizens and celebrities behind a single call--for world leaders to keep their word on global poverty.

Neo-Con Threats Force Virgin To Pull Loose Change (May 4, 2007)
Virgin Airlines have pulled Loose Change from their in-flight movie roster after a cadre of Neo-Con slugs, bullies and enemies of free speech sent threatening complaints to the company, smearing the documentary and comparing it with Nazi propaganda films. (...) E-mail flood! Tell Virgin how you feel about this decision. Email them here. Call them at the numbers listed here.

Proof Bush Knew of WTC Attacks Before Leaving Hotel

9/11 Mysteries (1 h 30 mn 41 s - 2 378 141 views!)
Conservative Republican's 9/11 Movie Best Yet... Recommended by Kathleen Roberts ( who wrote: "This may be the best ever 9/11 film, made by a conservative Republican. Its simple, obvious logic should make anyone who fell for the official story squirm with embarrassment."

9/11 Truthers Should Thank Fox News (May 10, 2007)
Laughable weekly attempts at debunking only give the movement more credibility

Rosie O'Donnell opens the 911 throttle on The View

9/11 Truthers Will Not Cave! (See Teaser from Loose Change Final Cut)

Excellent Song: "10 Second Freefall" by Green Shoes Posse.
Click green (PLAY">) circle at top, then scroll down and click song #8, "10 Second Freefall". Recommended by Kathleen Roberts (

White House Insider Fred Burks Talks of Global Transformation (1 h 40 mn)
Former White House interpreter Fred Burks talks of major cover-ups and the global transformation movements sweeping the planet. For more on the cover-ups, visit For transformation, see

Poised for Major Expansion
Founded over four years ago, the website is now poised to move into a major expansion phase. Throughout these years, we have accumulated a vast amount of reliable, verifiable information on a wide variety of major cover-ups of which few people are aware — all with minimal volunteer staff and on a shoestring budget. (...) You can play a key role in helping us to reach our vision. We invite you to consider the value of what we are doing and ask yourself if you would like to contribute to this crucial work. Your contribution will help us to spread the word far and wide and to awaken an ever increasing number of citizens on the need to return to the basic principles of democracy, so that government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the Earth. We are making a big difference, and with your support we can take it to the next level.

Vanishing Bees - Voice of America (April 12, 2007)
Farmers in the United States say they are growing increasingly concerned about a mysterious shortage of honeybees. The U.S. government says it is investigating a dramatic decline in the bee population over recent months, and Congress has held a hearing on the issue.

Taiwan bees vanish and Hawaii bees dying

No ORGANIC Bee losses (2007 05 06)
(...) I'm on an organic beekeeping list of about 1,000 people, mostly Americans, and no one in the organic beekeeping world, including commercial beekeepers, is reporting colony collapse on this list. The problem with the big commercial guys is that they put pesticides in their hives to fumigate for varroa mites, and they feed antibiotics to the bees. They also haul the hives by truck all over the place to make more money with pollination services, which stresses the colonies. CLIP

GM crop taints honey two miles away, test reveals (September 15, 2002)
EVIDENCE that genetically modified (GM) crops can contaminate food supplies for miles around has been revealed in independent tests commissioned by The Sunday Times. The tests found alien GM material in honey from beehives two miles from a site where GM crops were being grown under government supervision. It is believed to have been carried there by bees gathering pollen in the GM test sites. The disclosure, showing that GM organisms can enter the food chain without consumers — or even farmers — knowing they are present, will undermine assurances by Tony Blair and ministers that such crops can be tested in Britain without contaminating the food chain. CLIP

GM genes 'jump species barrier' (May 28, 2000),6903,319418,00.html
A leading zoologist has found evidence that genes used to modify crops can jump the species barrier and cause bacteria to mutate, prompting fears that GM technology could pose serious health risks. A four-year study by Professor Hans-Hinrich Kaatz, a respected German zoologist, found that the alien gene used to modify oilseed rape had transferred to bacteria living inside the guts of honey bees. The research - which has yet to be published and has not been reviewed by fellow scientists - is highly significant because it suggests that all types of bacteria could become contaminated by genes used in genetically modified technology, including those that live inside the human digestive system. If this happened, it could have an impact on the bacteria's vital role in helping the human body fight disease, aid digestion and facilitate blood clotting. (...) We are playing about with genetic structures that existed for millions of years and the experiment is running out of control.'One of the biggest concerns is if the anti-biotic resistant gene used in some GM crops crossed over to bacteria. 'If this happened it would leave us unable to treat major illnesses like meningitis and E coli .' CLIP

GM Food: A Guide for the Confused
(...) Q: What will the impact of GM crops be on the environment?
A: The biggest percentage of GM crops grown are genetically engineered to be herbicide resistant. A field can now be sprayed with chemicals and everything will die except for the resistant crop. The sales of the herbicides in question are boosted as a result.Graham Wynne, Chief Executive of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, says: "The ability to clear fields of all weeds using powerful herbicides which can be sprayed onto GM herbicide-resistant crops will result in farmlands devoid of wildlife and will spell disaster for millions of already declining birds and plants." There are also GM virus-resistant crops. Prof Joe Cummins says: "Probably the greatest threat from genetically altered crops is the insertion of modified virus and insect virus genes into crops - genetic recombination will create virulent new viruses from such constructions. The widely used cauliflower mosaic virus (present in the GM soy and maize currently on supermarket shelves in the UK) is a potentially dangerous gene. It is very similar to the Hepatitis B virus and related to HIV. Modified viruses could cause famine by destroying crops or cause human and animal diseases of tremendous power."
Q: What is genetic pollution?
A: Genes engineered into plants and animals can be transferred to other species. For example, genes from GM oilseed rape, salmon or micro-organisms may move into the gene pools of wild relatives. The introduction of GM organisms into complex ecosystems may bring knock-on effects that we are unable to control.
Q: Which foods are not GM?
A: Presently certified organic foods are the best bet for the anti-GM consumer. However, even with the best intentions, companies attempting to exclude GM ingredients from their products have found contamination from GM crops. De Rit had to recall a batch of organic tortilla chips after tests showed that they contained GM maize. The company believes that cross-pollination of crops was to blame. Other companies have experienced similar problems. CLIP

It is a fact widely accepted by biologists but little known by the population at large. By the end of the century, half of all species on Earth may be extinct. Who will survive the world's dwindling biodiversity, and why? (...) Throughout the 20th century the causes of extinction—habitat degradation, overexploitation, agricultural monocultures, human-borne invasive species, human-induced climate change—amplified exponentially, until now in the 21st century the rate is nothing short of explosive. The World Conservation Union's Red List—a database measuring the global status of Earth's 1.5 million scientifically named species—tells a haunting tale of unchecked, unaddressed, and accelerating biocide. (...) A poll by the American Museum of Natural History finds that 7 in 10 biologists believe that mass extinction poses a colossal threat to human existence, a more serious environmental problem than even its contributor, global warming, and that the dangers of mass extinction are woefully underestimated by most everyone outside of science. (...)_ All these disappearing species are part of a fragile membrane of organisms wrapped around Earth so thin, writes E.O. Wilson, that it "cannot be seen edgewise from a space shuttle, yet so internally complex that most species composing it remain undiscovered." We owe everything to this membrane of life. Literally everything. The air we breathe. The food we eat. The materials of our homes, clothes, books, computers, medicines. Goods and services that we can't even imagine we'll someday need will come from species we have yet to identify. The proverbial cure for cancer. The genetic fountain of youth. Immortality. Mortality. The living membrane we so recklessly destroy is existence itself. CLIP

The Sniper of Baghdad
This is the proof that America is "winning the War on Terror" according to Mr. GW Bush. Because the American administration continues to deny the deaths of their own soldiers, the freedom fighters of Iraq thought it necessary to video their activities as proof of the numbers that are falling. Somehow I don't think that the Fox channel is going to show this, do you? For those that don't read Arabic, here are the numbers that fell in a two week period as shown in the footage: 156 killed and the rest were injured seriously. Recommended by Kathleen Roberts" (

New Tape Suggests Kennedy Assassination Inside Job (May 1, 2007)
(...) The "wet op" that was pulled off in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 may not have been orchestrated by the CIA proper but rather was put together by several CIA veterans and contract players-for-fire in a "non-sanctioned" hit originally "suggested" by then Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson. One of the many purposes of this tape, according to E. Howard Hunt, was to make clear of LBJ's involvement in the assassination. CLIP

"Dear Clifford, I have been curious as to whether or not the chemtrails have increased the death rate. I found it very difficult to get official figures to compare different years so I decided to do an informal check using the death notice archives from my local newspaper. I was shocked at what I found. These figures are truly alarming. I compared the number of death notices for the same two months (Jan and Feb) going back for ten years (to compare pre chemtrails years with chemtrails years). [ed. Chemspraying started in approx. 1998. The following figures suggest a huge rise in deaths during the "chemtrail" years..Also noteworthy re these figures is the comment by Ken Welch ( 1/5/06). Mr Welch states that in 1999, "in the midst of ongoing chemical operations against its own population, Uncle began to experiment with bio delivery systems as well." Note that it was in the years after '99 that the death rate exploded.]
Death Notice Totals for Jan-Feb:
JAN-FEB 1995.........(prechemtrail).........191
JAN-FEB 1996.........(prechemtrail).........134
JAN FEB 1997..........(prechemtrail).........105
JAN-FEB 1998....(chemspraying starts)....98
JAN FEB 1999.... (bioexperiments start)..144
JAN-FEB 2000......(spraying+ bio)......196
JAN-FEB 2001......(spraying + bio)....1680
JAN-FEB 2002......(spraying + bio)....1734
JAN-FEB 2003......(spraying + bio)....1728
JAN FEB 2004.......(spraying + bio)....2000
As you can see the totals for Jan-Feb 2004 are over a TEN TIMES HIGHER than the totals for Jan-Feb 1995. This seems way out of line and very alarming even taking into consideration an aging population. Perhaps there is another reason for these figures but I suspect it is because of the chemtrails and that what we are seeing is the result of a deliberate depopulation campaign. These figures are from the San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate death notice archives. "I have to admit we were very slow to grasp just how large the chemtrail program was, and still is today. It is the largest air operation in history. Every man, woman, and child in the United States has been dosed with chemical poison between three and four times a week, for the last seven years. The very size of the operation, and the fact that it is being done in broad daylight makes it very difficult for most people to even grasp the concept." (CHECK also Fungi from the Crypt below)

Arab-American Psychiatrist Wafa Sultan: There is No Clash of Civilizations but a Clash between the Mentality of the Middle Ages and That of the 21st Century
(...) The Jews have come from the tragedy (of the Holocaust), and forced the world to respect them, with their knowledge, not with their terror, with their work, not their crying and yelling. Humanity owes most of the discoveries and science of the 19th and 20th centuries to Jewish scientists. 15 million people, scattered throughout the world, united and won their rights through work and knowledge. We have not seen a single Jew blow himself up in a German restaurant. We have not seen a single Jew destroy a church. We have not seen a single Jew protest by killing people. The Muslims have turned three Buddha statues into rubble. We have not seen a single Buddhist burn down a Mosque, kill a Muslim, or burn down an embassy. Only the Muslims defend their beliefs by burning down churches, killing people, and destroying embassies. This path will not yield any results. The Muslims must ask themselves what they can do for humankind, before they demand that humankind respect them. -- To view the whole interview go at and click on the clip #1050 at the top

The National Initiative for Democracy - A MOST ORIGINAL IDEA SUPPORTED BY RALPH NADER
A POPULIST CONCEPT OF DEMOCRACY “Let the People Decide” - The central power of government in a democracy is lawmaking –– not voting. Those who make the laws determine how, when, and if voters can vote. Florida and Ohio are but recent examples. Governments throughout history have been tools of oppression; they need not be. American citizens can gain control of their government by becoming lawmakers and turning its purpose to public benefit, and stemming government growth––the people are more conservative than their elected officials regardless of political party.Are the people qualified enough to make laws directly to govern their lives? They’re qualified enough on Election Day to give their power away to political candidates who manipulate the electoral process to get elected. In fact, it’s easier to decide one’s self-interest directly than it is to guess the mind of a representative who will naturally put his or her self-interest first. More than 70% of the voters already make laws by initiative in twenty-four states and in numerous local communities, and when voting on bond issues referred to them for decision by their representatives––serious lawmaking. American voters have made laws for the last 100 years and their record is as good as their elected legislators––with respect to fiscal matters, the people’s record is far superior. How do Americans become lawmakers? CLIP Check also Mike Gravel's presidential bid platform at - that's quite an eye-opener in many respects...

Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel: Relative Unknown to Web Sensation
A little less than two weeks ago, hardly anyone knew that Mike Gravel was running for president. Now, after his performance at the first Democratic debates, former Senator Gravel has picked up great momentum online. CBS news said, "On the internet, Gravel is a sensation - a refreshing ace amid a sea of cookie-cutter candidates seen as typical politicians."

Ultimate Experiment

Amazing David Copperfield Laser Illusion

David Copperfield Death Saw
Many more Copperfield magic through the links provided at this URL above.

High Power Job


On Iraq, Kucinich wants the truth out - by John Warner (May 12. 2007)
As recently reported by June Caldwell in the American Chronicle, presidential candidate and Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich revealed that the Democrats in Congress made secret concessions to the Republicans in the just vetoed Iraq war funding bill, as well as in a version currently being negotiated. These include:
- Privatization of Iraq's Oil This was in the original bill, but not shared with the public was the existence of a rule that said this clause could not be removed during debate on House floor. Privatization was posed as a benchmark that must be met or the United States would withdraw troops and refuse to offer peacekeeping troops to help rebuild the country. Privatization means international oil companies get 80 percent of the profits from exploitation of Iraq oil.
- Bush could invade Iran without approval A clause that would have required him to first get approval from Congress first was removed.
- Any timetables for troop withdrawal were to be removed in the post-veto version.
It is clear that beyond the lies about WMDs , the high-sounding rhetoric about terrorism and democracy in the Middle East is still a smokescreen to hide the real reason for the Iraq War: oil profits.It is also clear that the Democrats are now complicit in the lies of this administration and its attempts to hide the facts from us. When Kucinich requested on the floor that the oil profits clause be removed from the bill, he was assured it would be. Finding that it was not, and after again demanding that it be removed, he was accused of "not being a loyal Democrat."Thank you, Congressman Kucinich, for being willing to give the truth to the American people!

Bush, The Limp Dick (May 02, 2007)
A Limp Dick is an expression that I learned while serving in the Army cavalry back in the 1980s, it is generally applied to someone that is seen as “impotent,” in daily life, a non force, or someone that isn’t taken seriously by others, thus the application to our squirrelly President. Many Americans are beginning to realize the obvious, President Bush has completely wasted any capital that he may have once had. Foreign leaders are already aware of this, nobody takes the fool seriously, he is seen for what he is, a weak, inept marionette. Late last year we saw the new Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki literally stand Bush up at an important meeting in Jordan - he literally left Bush standing alone waiting on his own subordinate, at least from Bush’s perspective. The Associated Press did their best to mitigate what happened and to spin the implications, but it did a poor job at best. According to the AP the meeting that Bush and al-Maliki were scheduled to meet at was scrubbed, not because al-Maliki “punked” Bush by not showing up, but for some other reason, but not before Bush was expecting al-Maliki as evidenced by the fact that when the meeting was scrubbed, he was already inside Raghadan Palace and had posed for photographs alone with the king. White House counselor Dan Bartlett denied that the delay was a snub by al-Maliki directed at Bush or was related to the leak of a memo written by White House National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley questioning the prime minister's capacity for controlling violence in Iraq.” Yeah, whatever, the AP can write whatever they like, but the truth is al-Maliki “punked,” Bush, which is modern vernacular meaning that Bush was intentionally disrespected publicly. To my knowledge nothing like this has ever happened before - as a rule Presidential advisors do everything they can to ensure that the President of the United States never gets embarrassed in such a manner. In any case, al-Maliki’s absence spelled out something quite clearly - Bush has no influence in the Mid east any longer - zero. To further support this fact and to support something else the mainstream media would prefer that you don’t know, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad admonished George Bush publicly too, he stated the obvious in response to a comment Bush made about him, when Dubya said that Ahmadinejad was out of step with the rest of the world. Iran’s President replied by saying that perhaps Georgie needs to step out of [his] glass palace and go to [his] people to see how isolated [he is], not only across the world but also in your own country." Ahmadinejad continued by saying "Mr. Bush can travel to one of the American states, inviting the people to a stadium to see how the people would treat him… I am sure that the American people would treat Mr. Bush as the Indonesian people treated him," he said, referring to protests that greeted Bush on a visit to Indonesia last year. Yeah, fat chance that’ll ever happen.

Republicans Unnerved by Paralyzed Presidency
Private conversations with Republicans throughout America reveal doom and gloom about a politically paralyzed presidency and party. The on-the-record observations are almost as bleak. "The country doesn't believe George W. Bush, it doesn't trust him, and with 19 months to go, it's only going to get worse," predicts Ed Rollins, a Republican strategist who ran Ronald Reagan's 1984 presidential campaign.

Is Bush Getting Ready to Play Bioterror Card? (12 May 2007)
DoD to 'augment civilian law' during pandemic or bioterror attack -- Bush is getting ready to play the Bioterror Card? The GOP cannot steal an inevitable Democratic landslide in November 2008. Will the Bush regime continue its illegitimate rule and empire by implementing a full-blown police state, in the aftermath of an avian flu pandemic or (Bush-engendered) bioterror attack? From the 'people' who brought you the response to Hurricane Katrina (blown levees): US military begins planning for avian flu pandemic (10 May 2007) The US military has begun to plan for a possible avian flu pandemic that could kill as many as three million people in the United States in as little as six weeks, a Pentagon planning document said. The Defense Department's "Implementation Plan for Pandemic Influenza," which was posted Wednesday on a Pentagon website, lays out guidelines and planning assumptions for US military services and combatant commands. Possible scenarios include US troops being called in to put down riots, guard pharmaceutical plants and shipments, and help restrict the movement of people inside the country and across its borders. "When directed by the president, DoD will provide support to civil authorities in the event of a civil disturbance," the document said. "DoD will augment civilian law enforcement efforts to restore and maintain order in accordance with existing statutes." The military also may assist civil authorities in "isolating and/or quarantining groups of people in order to minimize [foment] the spread of disease during an influenza pandemic," it said. [Bye bye, Posse Comitatus! And suddenly, the US is going to control its borders? Gag me with a chainsaw! This newfound 'border control' ability is to keep people from *leaving* the US. KBR's $385M detention center contract will be expanded and renewed.]]

War and the Police State: Complicity of the American People (2007-04-21)
The scourge of apathy in American society today. A fear-struck population is easily led. - In this era of perpetual warfare, escalating domestic tyranny, government-sanctioned torture, and a Nazi-like pursuit of Middle-East domination, one would expect, at the very least, an audible outcry from the People who proclaim resolute devotion to the ideals of liberty and justice for all. Yet for the most part, Mainstream America continues to assume a posture of apathy, bitterness, or eery silence.When confronted with hard facts and scientific evidence linking key government officials to the attacks of 9/11, ostensibly intelligent, levelheaded people angrily and defiantly reject said information without a moment's deliberation. Sincerely compassionate and peace-loving individuals support the criminal invasion of Iraq and close their eyes to the U.S. slaughter of 600,000 Iraqi civilians, choosing instead to believe in the myth of American supremacy, at the heart of which lies the notion that foreigners alone are capable of such atrocities. And now, in the aftermath of 9/11 and the subsequent establishment of Homeland Security, previously rigid supporters of civil rights quietly tolerate the piecemeal deconstruction of the U.S. Constitution under the pretext of protection, and to their own peril, disregard increasingly strident warnings and signs of a growing and imminent police state. CLIP

A Nation in Silent Anger
Can you feel the betrayal of millions who for decades have been made to believe in the American myth of a nation benign and altruistic, only to become aware that only wickedness, greed and criminality define the Empire, that beyond the smoke and mirrors America's government is ruthless, corporatist and concerned only for the interests of the elite? 

Clear Media Conspiracy Against Ron Paul (5-8-7)
(The) conspiracy to ignore and marginalize presidential candidate Ron Paul is not a theory. In this case, a jury would have to conclude a conspiracy against Dr. Paul by the corporation-controlled media exists. First, MSNBC reported that Ron Paul scored the highest positive votes in both Republican debates he attended. That means he beat out Romney, McCain and Giuliani. There was no mention of these poll results in the major media. CLIP Many more related news through and scroll down to "RON PAUL/THE DEBATES"

Cindy Sheehan and 32 Antiwar Protesters Arrested
After rallying in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House, more than 250 antiwar advocates marched through Washington, DC to Capitol Hill. As the demonstrators marched up Independence Avenue, they chanted, "Stop the Funding, Stop the War ˆ Mothers Say, Not One More." At the Department of Justice, the crowd stopped, with Cindy Sheehan making an impromptu speech pointing out the crimes of the Bush administration. As 33 were arrested, the crowd chanted, "Arrest George Bush" and "Stop the Funding, Stop the Killing."

Disappeared without a trace: more than 10,000 Iraqis:
There's no accurate count of the missing since the war began. Iraqi human rights groups put the figure at 15,000 or more, while government officials say 40 to 60 people disappeared each day throughout the country for much of last year, a rate equal to at least 14,600 in one year.

Iraq bans footage, photos of bombings :
Iraqi police prevented news photographers and camera operators from filming the scene of a bombing Tuesday under a new policy limiting coverage of the devastating explosions that have become a hallmark of the violence in the country.

The Nearly Two Million Dollar Gap - What Price Slaughter? (May 13, 2007)
In New York and Jalalabad, Human Life Is Valued Differently -- by the U.S. Government - (...) Last Tuesday, after much protest in Afghanistan, according to David S. Cloud of the New York Times, Col. John Nicholson, a brigade commander, met with the families of the (now) 19 Afghans who had been killed and the 50 who had been wounded by the Marines. He offered this official apology: "I stand before you today, deeply, deeply ashamed and terribly sorry that Americans have killed and wounded innocent Afghan people." And then he paid approximately $2,000 per death to family members. The military calls these "condolence payments" and makes similar ones, for deaths judged wrongful, in Iraq.Recently, through a Freedom of Information Act request, the ACLU pried loose some of the requests for compensation payments submitted by Iraqis and Afghans (and the military's decisions on them, including denials of payment). They make grim reading. Greg Mitchell of Editor & Publisher offered this description: "What price (when we do pay) do we place on the life of a 9-year-old boy, shot by one of our soldiers who mistook his book bag for a bomb satchel? Would you believe $500? And when we shoot an Iraqi journalist on a bridge we shell out $2,500 to his widow -- but why not the measly $5,000 she had requested?" CLIP

Governors Say War Has Gutted Guard
As wildfires, floods and tornadoes batter the nation, the readiness of the National Guard to deal with those disasters, as well as potential terrorist assaults, is so depleted by deployments to foreign wars and equipment shortfalls that Congress is considering moves to curtail the president's powers over the Guard and require the Defense Department to analyze how prepared the country is for domestic emergencies.

America’s Child Soldier Problem (May 15, 2007)
Congratulations: You have lived long enough to cringe at the bad decisions you were seduced, dared, bullied, inspired or stoned enough to make as a teenager.Thousands of America’s children, however, are not so lucky. Almost 600,000 of America’s 1 million active and reserve soldiers enlisted as teens. The military lures these physiologically immature kids with a PR machine that would make Joe Camel proud. While the age of legal and cultural adulthood can vary, science is now able to determine the physiological markers of maturity. A recent study headed by Jay Giedd of the National Institutes of Health using MRI scans shows that the brain of an 18-year-old is not fully developed, with the limbic cortex-brain structures, the cerebellum and prefrontal cortex still undergoing substantial changes. As of March 31, the U.S. military included 81,000 teenagers. Its 7,350 17-year-olds needed parental consent to enlist, and only this April were all barred from battle zones.But the military aims even lower, marketing itself to children as young as 13 with multimedia videos, school visits and cold calls to teens’ homes and cell phones. In Junior ROTC, kids get uniforms, win medals, fire real guns and play soldier, while adults trained in psychological manipulation steer them toward the army. The Army’s JROTC website lists such motivating activities as “eating at concession stands.”A mature prefrontal cortex, “the area of sober second thought,” is vital not only to deciding whether to enlist, but also to choices made under the stress of deployment and the terrors of combat. But the prefrontal cortex, “important for controlling impulses, is among the last brain regions to mature,” according to Giedd, and doesn’t reach “adult dimensions until the early 20s.” Teenagers’ brains simply lack the impulse control that can prevent a lifetime of regret, psychological and physical disability, and preventable deaths—their own, their fellow soldiers’ and those of civilians.The child soldier problem is global and so is America’s role in it. More than 300,000 children around the world, some as young as seven, serve as soldiers, or, in the case of girls, as military sex slaves. The State Department reports that 10 countries are violating international treaties against child soldiers. Washington provides military assistance to nine of these outlaw nations: Afghanistan, Burundi, Chad, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Uganda.The reason the United States and other militaries target children is their need for cannon fodder, coupled with the vulnerability of youth. In 2002, almost half of Marine recruits were 17 or 18. A Pentagon survey found that “for both males and females, propensity [to enlist] is highest among 16- and 17-year-olds.” That “propensity” quickly declines with age.A 2004 Pentagon database listed the number of 16- and 17-year-olds who applied for active service enlistment at 69,000 and 18-year-olds at 73,000. By 19, the count had dropped to 49,000 and by age 24 had plummeted to 9,700.The Department of Defense (DoD) spends more than $4 billion a year on recruiting, with $1.5 billion for advertising and maintaining the recruiting stations staffed by more than 22,000 recruiters. Much of that money goes to convincing children to become soldiers. A recruiters’ handbook discusses creepy seduction techniques with all the subtlety of predatory stalking. CLIP

Military Bans My Space, YouTube from Troops

Bruce Willis Says JFK Killers Still In Power (May 7, 2007)
Actor tells Vanity Fair he's skeptical of lone shooter theory - In a new magazine interview, Bruce Willis spills the beans on his skepticism that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of JFK, and suggests that the some of the same criminals who killed Kennedy are still in power today."They still haven't caught the guy that killed [President] Kennedy," Willis told Vanity Fair's June issue, according to the New York Post. "I'll get killed for saying this, but I'm pretty sure those guys are still in power, in some form. The entire government of the United States was co-opted," adds the Die Hard star.So from where did Willis, a former die-hard champion of Neo-Con policy, receive his sudden wake-up call? As we reported last year, Hollywood director Richard Linklater said he had handed out 9/11 truth DVDs on the set of Fast Food Nation , including Alex Jones' Terror Storm and Martial Law documentaries, and that they completely changed Willis' political paradigm."He said it put him in such a head space that he will be quiet on issues of national policy," Linklater told the Alex Jones Show. Is Willis' comment that the people who killed Kennedy are still in power a reference to the fact that George H.W. Bush was photographed at the scene in Dealy Plaza?Either way, it's refreshing to see that Willis, who was vehemently pro-war and pro-Bush in the months after 9/11, has seen the light and realized that patriotism is about love of one's country, not worship of government.

World Bank Report: Wolfowitz Broke Rules

World Bank Board Majority Want Wolfowitz to Resign
A majority of countries on the World Bank board believe Paul Wolfowitz should resign as president of the World Bank, bank board sources from both rich and developing nations said on Friday.

11 GOP Congressmen to Bush: "You've Lost Credibility"
11 Congressional Republicans told President Bush that he has no credibility left over the war in Iraq. "Countdown" host Keith Olbermann talks with Dana Milbank of The Washington Post.

The Millions Left Out
"The United States may be the richest country in the world, but there are many millions - tens of millions - who are not sharing in that prosperity," says Bob Herbert. "According to the most recent government figures, 37 million Americans are living below the official poverty threshold, which is $19,971 a year for a family of four. That's one out of every eight Americans, and many of them are children."

The Madness of the War Profiteering in Iraq
Robert Greenwald testified to the House Appropriations Committee and Sub-Committee on Defense about war profiteering in Iraq, sharing what he learned while making the documentary film "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers."

The Flight From Iraq
At a meeting in mid-April in Geneva, convened by the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, the numbers presented confirmed what had long been suspected: the collapse of Iraq had created a refugee crisis, and that crisis was threatening to precipitate the collapse of the region. The numbers dwarfed anything that the Middle East had seen since the dislocations brought on by the establishment of Israel in 1948. Most of this movement has occurred in the last two years.

Civilian Deaths Undermine War on Taliban
Scores of civilian deaths over the past months from heavy American and allied reliance on airstrikes to battle Taliban insurgents are threatening popular support for the Afghan government and creating severe strains within the NATO alliance.

27 Killed, Dozens Wounded as Pakistan's Crisis Erupts
At least 27 people were killed and dozens more wounded in the city of Karachi yesterday as Pakistan's political crisis escalated into fierce gun battles. The crisis, sparked by President Pervez Musharraf's March 9 suspension of the country's chief justice, Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry, exploded into lethal clashes on the streets when Chaudhry tried to visit the city for a political rally of his supporters.

Resolving The Worsening Crisis At The FDA (5-11-7)
The FDA has been taken over by the very industries that it was meant to regulate. This is outrageous; this is tragic; at times, this is even criminal. The unholy alliance between corporation and state have bled out even the pretense that the FDA is working for the benefit and safety of the American people. The FDA is a failed bureaucracy under corporate control. This sad litany affects every single American, and is compellingly detailed in this article by Stephen Fox. CLIP

Maggots used to counter MRSA superbug (May 3)
Maggots have been successfully used to treat patients with the superbug MRSA, according to scientists.In a preliminary trial, 12 of 13 patients with wounds infected with the potentially deadly bug were cured using larvae of the greenbottle fly Lucilia Sericata. Because maggots eat dead and decaying flesh while leaving healthy tissue intact, "larval therapy" has been used by doctors since at least as early as the Napoleonic Wars, and the technique is still taught to US Army Special Forces medics.The patients in the study, aged between 18 and 80, were cleared of the infection in an average of three weeks, compared to the 28 weeks needed for conventional treatment with anti-MRSA lotions.Researchers used maggots to treat diabetic patients who had contracted MRSA in foot ulcers, but they said the findings were likely to apply to all patients who contracted the superbug in wounds. CLIP

C4 accused of falsifying data in documentary on climate change (8 May 2007)
The makers of a Channel 4 documentary which claimed that global warming is a swindle have been accused of fabricating data by one of the scientists who participated in the film. The Great Global Warming Swindle was broadcast on 8 March and has been criticised by leading scientists for errors, distortions and misrepresentations. The film has also been referred to the regulatory watchdog Ofcom which is considering a complaint from 37 senior scientists that the programme breached the broadcasting code on the misrepresentation of views and facts. Now even a climate sceptic whose dissenting views were used by the film-makers to bolster their claims about the "lies" and "swindles" of global warming has accused the documentary of promulgating falsehoods. Eigil Friis-Christensen, director of the Danish National Space Centre, has issued a statement accusing the film-makers of fabricating data based on his work looking at the links between solar activity and global temperatures. Dr Friiss-Christensen said that a graph he had produced some years ago showing the link between fluctuations in global temperatures and changes in solar activity - sunspot cycles - over the past 400 years had been doctored. The documentary used the graph to pour scorn on the idea that the global warming in recent decades is the result of man-made emissions of carbon dioxide. Solar activity, the programme stated, is the cause of global warming in the late 20th century. CLIP

US Aims to Weaken G-8 Climate Change Statement
Negotiators from the United States are trying to weaken the language of a climate change declaration set to be unveiled at next month's G-8 summit of the world's leading industrial powers, according to documents obtained yesterday by The Washington Post.

Ten-year Warming Window Closing (12 May 2007)
Climate change may have passed a key tipping point that could mean temperatures rising more quickly than predicted and it being harder to tackle global warming, research suggests. Scientists at Bristol University say a previously unexplained surge of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere in recent years is due to more greenhouse gas escaping from trees, plants and soils. Global warming was making vegetation less able to absorb the carbon pollution pumped out by human activity. Such a shift would worsen the gloomy predictions of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which warned last week that there is less than a decade to tackle rising emissions to avoid the worst effects of global warming. The prediction came as an equally stark warning was issued that global warming was contributing to increased conflict over dwindling resources. At the moment about half of human carbon emissions are re-absorbed into the environment, but the fear among scientists is that increased temperatures will reduce this effect. CLIP

UN scientists warn time is running out to tackle global warming (May 5, 2007),,2073006,00.html
Governments are running out of time to address climate change and to avoid the worst effects of rising temperatures, an influential UN panel warned yesterday.Greater energy efficiency, renewable electricity sources and new technology to dump carbon dioxide underground can all help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the experts said. But there could be as little as eight years left to avoid a dangerous global average rise of 2C or more.The warning came in a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published yesterday in Bangkok. It says most of the technology needed to stop climate change in its tracks already exists, but that governments must act quickly to force through changes across all sectors of society. Delays will make the problem more difficult, and more expensive. (...) The report said global emissions must peak by 2015 for the world to have any chance of limiting the expected temperature rise to 2C, which would still leave billions of people short of water by 2050.Michael Roberts, of the Confederation of British Industry, said: "The report signals that there are barriers to realising the range of opportunities identified and that we all - consumers, businesses and governments - have a role to play in overcoming these obstacles. The debate now needs to be focused on action."Hans Verolme, director of the WWF climate change programme, said: "The IPCC has delivered a road map for keeping the planet safe. Now it's the turn of politicians to do more than pay just lip service."

Cities Key to Tackling Poverty, Climate Change (04.05.2007)
In 2008, half of the Earth’s population will live in urban areas, marking the first time in history that humans are an urban species.If global development priorities are not reassessed to account for massive urban poverty, well over half of the 1.1 billion people projected to join the world’s population between now and 2030 may live in under-serviced slums, according to State of the World 2007: Our Urban Future, released today by the Worldwatch Institute. Additionally, while cities cover only 0.4 percent of the Earth’s surface, they generate the bulk of the world’s carbon emissions, making cities key to alleviating the climate crisis, notes the report. As recently as a century ago, the vast majority of the world’s people lived in rural areas, but by sometime next year more than half of all people will live in urban areas. Over 60 million people—roughly the population of France—are now added to the planet’s burgeoning cities and suburbs each year, mostly in low-income urban settlements in developing countries. Unplanned and chaotic urbanization is taking a huge toll on human health and the quality of the environment, contributing to social, ecological, and economic instability in many countries. Of the 3 billion urban dwellers today, 1 billion live in “slums,” defined as areas where people cannot secure key necessities such as clean water, a nearby toilet, or durable housing. An estimated 1.6 million urban residents die each year due to lack of clean water and sanitation as a result. “For a child living in a slum, disease and violence are daily threats, while education and health care are often a distant hope,” said Molly O’Meara Sheehan, State of the World 2007 project director. “Policymakers need to address the ‘urbanization of poverty’ by stepping up investments in education, healthcare, and infrastructure.” From 1970 to 2000, urban aid worldwide was estimated at $60 billion—just 4 percent of the $1.5 trillion in total development assistance. CLIP

Climate change could lead to global conflict (May 11, 2007),,2077219,00.html
Climate change could spawn a new era of conflicts around the world over water and other scarce resources unless more is done to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the foreign secretary, Margaret Beckett, warned yesterday.She said climate-driven conflicts were already under way in Africa. Underlying the Darfur crisis, she said, was a "struggle between nomadic and pastoral communities for resources made more scarce through a changing climate". Speaking at the Royal United Services Institute in London, Mrs Beckett quoted evidence that a similar conflict was brewing in Ghana where Fulani cattle herdsmen are reportedly arming themselves to take on local farmers in a confrontation over water and land as climate change expands the Sahara desert. The foreign secretary said the Middle East - with 5% of the world's population but only 1% of its water - would be particularly badly affected, with Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq particularly hard hit by a drop in rainfall. CLIP

California-Sized Area of Ice Melts in Antarctica (May 15, 2007)
Warm temperatures melted an area of western Antarctica that adds up to the size of California in January 2005, scientists report.Satellite data collected by the scientists between July 1999 and July 2005 showed clear signs that melting had occurred in multiple distinct regions, including far inland and at high latitudes and elevations, where melt had been considered unlikely."Antarctica has shown little to no warming in the recent past with the exception of the Antarctic Peninsula," said Konrad Steffen of the University of Colorado, Boulder. "But now large regions are showing the first signs of the impacts of warming as interpreted by this satellite analysis."Changes in the ice mass of Antarctica, Earth's largest freshwater reservoir, are important to understanding global sea level rise. Large amounts of Antarctic freshwater flowing into the ocean also could affect ocean salinity, currents and global climate. CLIP

Deforestation: The Hidden Cause of Global Warming
"The accelerating destruction of the rainforests that form a precious cooling band around the Earth's equator is now being recognized as one of the main causes of climate change," says Daniel Howden. "Carbon emissions from deforestation far outstrip damage caused by planes and automobiles and factories.

Foreign Government Claims U.S. Oil Giant Misrepresented Test Results In Rainforest Clean-Up
Washington, D.C. – Ecuador took the unusual step today of formally requesting the Justice Department investigate Chevron over a possible fraud to cover up what experts could be the largest oil-related contamination in the world – one 30 times larger than the Exxon Valdez disaster.Chevron is currently a defendant in a class action civil lawsuit in Ecuador over the contamination, which includes the abandonment of roughly 1,000 open-air toxic waste pits in the rainforest and the dumping of 18 billion gallons of toxic waste water in an area the size of Rhode Island. The plaintiffs estimate clean-up to cost at least $6 billion, with the total liability significantly higher if one includes health and economic damages to an estimated 30,000 affected people.Texaco (now Chevron) is accused of causing the damage as the exclusive operator of an oil concession in Ecuador’s Amazon from 1964 to 1990. The concession included roughly 350 wells and was built on the ancestral land of five indigenous groups, two of which are on the verge of extinction because of lost territory and fouled soil and rivers. Various academic studies show significantly elevated rates of leukemia in the region compared to other parts of the country. CLIP

If Gull Island Didn't Blow Your Mind—This Will!
Gull Island just proved what the oil companies have believed for some time. It authenticated the seismographic findings. Seismographic testing has indicated that there is as much crude oil on the North Slope of Alaska as in Saudi Arabia. Since the Gull Island find proved to be seismographically correct, then the other testings are correct also. There are many hundreds of square miles of oil under the North Slope of Alaska. (...) Where is the energy crisis? It surely is not on the North Slope of Alaska, so it must be only in Washington, D.C.!Now—just in case Gull Island didn't blow your mind, try this on for size! Only recently, just west of Gull Island, the Kuparuk oil field has been drilled.Again, this is a totally separate pool of oil from either the Prudhoe Bay field or the Gull Island field. The chemical make up of the field and the pressure of the field is different from the others, proving it to be a totally separate pool of oil.In an entirely different area of the North Slope than the 100-square-mile area of the Prudhoe Bay field, the Kuparuk field is approximately 60 miles long by 30 miles wide and contains approximately the same amount of oil as the Prudhoe Bay field.(...) The sulphur content of the Prudhoe Bay Alaskan oil is low in comparison to oil from other sources in the U.S., as well as many foreign oils.The Alaskan Prudhoe Bay oil can be refined by any major refinery in America without damage to the ecology.This means, then, that the widely publicized excuse of too high a sulphur content is simply not true. Therefore, it is just one more link in the long chain of falsehoods that we are asked to believe as Americans.An energy crisis??????More Recent Facts—A Comparison The following is a comparison between the three oil fields on the North Slope of Alaska which have been drilled into with numerous wells, tested, and proven. Prudhoe Bay can produce two (2) million barrels of oil every 24 hours for 20 to 40 years at artesian pressure. Imagine what the production of the Kuparuk and Gull Island fields could be. CLIP - Recommended by Bill Derau (

The Battle to Ban Toxic Toys
"Phthalates" (pronounced THA-lates) are found in everything from cosmetics to IV bags to children's toys. Environmentalists and environmentally minded legislators are beginning to worry about long-term exposure to the chemical compounds. Specifically, they are worried about the plastics commonly used in soft vinyl products made for babies, such as bath books, rubber ducks and teething rings, as well as bisphenol A (BPA), a building block for polycarbonate plastic used in shatter-resistant baby bottles.

UK UFO Files Declassified (April 30, 2007)
I do not over-inflate things when I say that this breaking story from researcher Dave Clarke in England is one of the most significant breakthroughs in British UFO research. Here's the story from Dave himself:"I'm pleased to announce that the British MoD have decided to release their archive of 7,000 UFO reports made to the Defence Intelligence Staff covering a period of 30 years. "The decision - announced in a letter I received last month - is a direct result of my attempts, working with colleagues, to persuade the MoD to follow the recent French example and open their entire historical and recent archive to public scrutiny. (...) "The decision to release these files to the public is a major breakthrough and a landmark both for British Ufology and in the wider campaign for Freedom of Information in the UK. CLIP

Food Additives Tied To Child Behavior Problems (May 9th, 2007)
Parents have been warned to avoid artificial additives used in drinks, sweets and processed foods amid a link to behaviour problems in children. A study funded by the government's Food Standards Agency(FSA) is understood to have drawn a link with temper tantrums and poor concentration. There are also concerns about allergic reactions such as asthma and rashes. The findings are potentially explosive for the entire food industry, which faces the need to reformulate a vast array of children's products. (...) The research, carried out by a team from Southampton University, appears to confirm earlier studies suggesting additives can cause reactions, either individually or as a cocktail. The colours, tested on groups of three-year-olds and eight-to-nine year olds, were tartrazine (E102), ponceau 4R (E124), sunset yellow (E110), carmoisine (E122), quinoline yellow (E104) and allura red AC (E129). The team also looked at the effect of the preservative sodium benzoate (E211), which is commonly used in soft drinks. Precise details of the research findings are being kept secret until they can be peer reviewed and published in a scientific journal. However, a source at Southampton University told the food industry's magazine, The Grocer, that their results are in line with earlier findings, published in 2004. (...) "The reaction in children can be horrendous in terms of mood swings with crying, screaming, inability to sleep. There can also be physical reactions such as difficulty in breathing on skin rashes. "For a young person there is also a risk of quite angry mood swings." The founder of the organic brand Organix, Lizzie Vann, has been campaigning for a ban on all artificial additives from children's food. "The use of artificial additives in children’s foods means we are conducting a long-term experiment on our children’s health," she said. CLIP - Recommended by Phyllis Montague (

M&S joins race to ban artificial additives from their food (15th May 2007) GOOD NEWS FOR KIDS IN THE UK!
Marks & Spenscer has become the latest store chain to announce it will remove artificial colours and flavours from 99 per cent of its food products by the end of the year.Asda revealed it was doing the same with 9,000 own-brand items earlier this week. The decision follows a study commissioned by the Food Standards Agency which drew a link between additives and poor behaviour and concentration in children. The bans announced by M&S and Asda extend to the controversial sweetener aspartame. David Gregory, director of technology at M&S, said: "By September, 95 per cent of our foods will be free from artificial colourings and flavourings - this covers all our chilled foods, cakes and bakery. "The remaining 4 per cent of products are in biscuits and groceries and will be converted by the end of the year." Only the store's cola drinks would continue to contain an artificial colour, he added. It was hoped an alternative would be found soon.
CHECK ALSO: "Life After Aspartame": -- ITC Investigation (Splenda - sucralose) -- Meanwhile in China sucralose is being sold as an insecticide... - and see also Does Aspartame multiply female MS? - New Study Report at Neurology Conference...

The Pet-food Protein-gate
In the last Daily Dose, I exposed the scandalous and all-but-certain truth that somewhere along the line in the manufacturing of many brands and kinds of pet foods, poisonous melamine was being added to these victuals. The purpose: To sell more pet food by deceiving pet owners into believing the dry vegetable junk food they’re feeding their cats and dogs is protein-rich and good for them (it’s actually horrible for them, melamine-laced or not). As this crisis has unfolded, more information about how this toxic stuff may have gotten into the foods has surfaced… And it doesn’t look good on the pet-food industry, or on big-box pet supply retailers.As it turns out, like everything else in this country nowadays, the raw ingredients for ALL of the banned varieties of pet foods came not from hard-working American grain farmers - whose products (though still bad for us and our pets) and harvesting practices are strictly regulated by the USDA, FDA, and other agencies…But from communist CHINA, where pollution and environmental waste is rampant, regulation scare, and where the jack-booted government values nothing (not even life) so much as the influx of American dollars. And that river of money is enhanced if Chinese raw grains are thought to be richer in protein than grains from other places - even the U.S. of A. According to FDA sources (like their Chief Veterinarian, for one), raw melamine has been found - not just in the U.S, but in other nations, too - in rice protein concentrate, wheat gluten, and corn gluten supplies earmarked specifically for pet foods. All of these tainted stockpiles were imported from China. CLIP - Read also The Pet-food Protein-gate, part two at - Recommended by Jebbie Browne (

EMF-Omega-News 5. May 2007

EMF-Omega-News 12. May 2007

Omega-News Collection 5. May 2007

Omega-News Collection 12. May 2007


From: Mark Graffis (
Subject: A Statement From The Loose Change Crew
Date: 10 May 2007



A Statement From Louder Than Words and MercuryMedia.

We write to you as individuals listed by ‘Patriots Question 9/11’ and the producers of Loose Change 2 and Loose Change Final Cut with a message to fellow ‘truthers’ and interested media entities, that we will never submit to the demonic forces that seek to silence us.

Over the last few weeks a number of ‘newsworthy’ individuals and organizations connected with Loose Change and the 9/11 truth movement have been subjected to a campaign of vicious intimidation. The intimidators include presenters on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox, ‘Fair and Balanced’ News, disgraced former US House Majority leader Tom ‘Hot Tub’ Delay, Michele ‘put every Muslim in a concentration camp’ Malkin and Nick ‘Virgin, I promise you PR poison’ Rizutto.

Their targets: Mark Cuban’s 29/29 entertainment group and his NBA team the Dallas Mavericks; Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic; actor Charlie Sheen; and talk-show host Rosie O’Donnell. Their alleged crime is associating themselves or their companies with Loose Change and suggesting that people should be free to decide for themselves about 9/11 truth.

We wholeheartedly condemn the actions of the disgraceful rabble that are attacking our supporters, and put them on notice of our continued resolve to expose the biggest hoax in history.

Furthermore, we believe that in attracting the vilification of those who clearly don’t respect the 1st amendment of the US constitution means we have reached a point in our campaign from which there is no turning back. 400 leading professors, pilots, physicists, politicians, law enforcement officials, 9/11 victim’s families are all fighting for 9/11 truth. Crucially according to respected pollsters, ‘Zogby’ over 42% of the American population, now believe that there has been a cover up over 9/11. This is translating into practical problems for the US administration, which is now finding it difficult to recruit potential jurors in trials of terrorist suspects because so many ordinary people now no longer believe the official story.

We will release our new film Loose Change Final Cut on the weekend preceding September 11th 2007, with screenings planned in key cities in the United States. Where we can’t release theatrically we will release online through pay-per-view. Already distributors in the UK, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, France, Finland, Italy, and Japan are clamouring for rights to show the film in movie theatres and television stations are making bids to show the film soon after theatrical release.

To whet your appetites check out the one-minute teaser from the new film Loose Change Final Cut. The evidence we have collated for the movie has been fact-checked for accuracy by Dr. David Ray Griffin, and our message, that the official story of 9/11 cannot be true, will resonate around the world.

The attacks on our supporters in the entertainment business have only emboldened us. We know we are right, not just because of our evidence but because so much effort is going into frightening and silencing those that like us, dare to ask questions and demand answers about what really happened on that fateful day. Like Rosa Parks, Simon Wiesenthal, Winston Churchill, and Nelson Mandela, we will not veer from our course and we will not shut up. We will confront our enemies with the truth that they fear and counter the evil that they spout. This truth will shatter the illusion of the war on terror, and will expose the deceit of the incumbent American administration.

Be strong fellow ‘truthers’, the battles we have fought are just a foretaste of what is to come. We have not reached the end, not even the beginning of the end but perhaps the end of the beginning – the tipping point from which the momentum for 9/11 truth is gaining pace, sure in the knowledge that we have morality on our side. They can attack some of us, but they can’t attack all of us. They can smear us, they can intimidate us, but for each person they strike, one hundred more are there to take their place.

None of us chose 9/11 as our cause; it chose us. We didn’t want to believe the hoax of 9/11 but our heads and our hearts told us; that the official story just didn’t add up; that the laws of physics can’t lie; that 300 degree celsius fires can’t melt steel; that Building Seven, that 47 story steel and concrete edifice couldn’t just implode suddenly at 5.20PM on the afternoon of 11th September; and the BBC couldn’t have predicted and announced its implosion 20 minutes before it happened, unless forewarned.

Our movement has representatives from every country, every religion, every political strand, every income group, millions of us, all united in our conviction that the official story of 9/11 cannot be true. Our number is growing exponentially each day, as the clarity of our message gradually shines through - the fog of war promising to lift, with the dawn of the truth and a new day. We will expose the crime that was 9/11. We will prevail.

Tim Sparke, Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, Jason Bermas

MercuryMedia Enquiries: 44 20 7221 7221
Louder Than Words Enquiries: 1-607-267-4456


Also forwarded by Mark Graffis (


May 03, 2007

Psychiatrists and Psychologists: Government's 9/11 Story is Crazy

Should people who question the government's version of the events of 9/11 have their heads examined?

Well, the following psychiatrists and psychologists have concluded that the official version of 9/11 is false. Moreover, many of these mental health experts have concluded that the government's account is so obviously false that people who believe the government's version are in psychological denial:

Psychiatrist Carol S. Wolman, MD -

Psychiatrist E. Martin Schotz -

Professor of Psychology at University of New Hampshire William Woodward

Professor of Psychology at University of Essex Philip Cozzolino -

Professor of Psychology at Goddard College Catherine Lowther

Professor Emeritus of Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies Ralph Metzner -

Professor of Psychology at Rhodes University Mike Earl-Taylor

Retired Professor of Psychology at Oxford University Graham Harris

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nebraska and licensed Psychologist Ronald Feintech

Ph.D. Clinical Neuropsychologist Richard Welser

Clinical psychologist, Ed.D., Harvard University Gwendolyn Atwood,

Psychology researcher, M.A., Psychology Victoria Ashley

Psychotherapist, M.S. Clinical Psychology, Greg Henricks

M.S. in educational psychology, Roy Holcombe

M.A. in Counseling Psychology Tova Gabrielle -

There are literally thousands of other mental health professionals who have reached the same conclusions. So who is out of touch with reality: those who question 9/11 or those who believe the government's version without question?

MUCH more at


Related article:

Silverstein Family Were All "Running Late" on 9/11 (May 15, 2007)
Amazing coincidences spared all three Silversteins from harm - Following our article yesterday in which we revealed New York 9/11 truth activist Luke Rudkowski's claims that Silverstein's security had personally told him that Silverstein and his daughter got a warning on the morning of 9/11 not to come to work that day, we have been inundated with emails asking us to highlight the fact that there were in fact THREE Silversteins working in the towers who were all "running late" on that day."We talked to their private security staff, we talked to people who were there with Larry on 9/11 - they said he got a phone call telling him not to show up to work and he called his daughter up and his daughter also never showed up to work," Rudkowski told a radio show this past weekend. CLIP



Why the resistance to 9-11 truth?

by Carol Wolman

February 17, 2007

Anyone who has studied 9-11 at all knows it was an inside job.

Bush was not surprised. His brother Marvin's security company closed down one tower the week before and brought in lots of cables and other equipment. The towers, including building 7, were dropped by controlled demolition. The planes provided a dramatic cover story- great pix.

Rumsfeld had control of scrambling planes transferred to himself, exclusively, a few months before, and then disappeared that morning, so no planes intercepted the four hijacked airliners. Instead, there was a "stand-down" of NORAD. By some strange coincidence, a military exercise was being run that am which simulated planes crashing into buildings, so that the air traffic controllers were confused about whether the "attack" was real or part of a drill.

The buildings were pulverized, but the passports of the hijackers were miraculously thrown clear and quickly "discovered". There was no investigation, only a coverup that blamed the CIA and recommended police state measures to prevent future "attacks".

Then there's the lack of plane parts and small hole at the Pentagon. The flying out of the Bin Laden family the next day. The millions made on selling airline stocks short by those in the know. The confusion about passenger lists. The rejection of FBI reports about possible terrorists at US flying schools. And on and on.

There are so many videos that its hard to choose, but my favorites is 9-11 Mysteries at If you are not certain that 9-11 was an inside job, please watch this video. It's 1 1/2 hours of factual material that will convince you. You owe it to yourself and all the rest of us to learn the truth about 9-11.

Most Americans, even those who are working for peace and impeachment, are reluctant to believe that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest actually planned and implemented 9-11, even though their long range plan (PNAC) clearly states that they need "a new Pearl Harbor". The Reichstag fire is a better parallel, since it was also an inside job.

Polls show widespread skepticism of the cover story, and suspicion that Bush allowed 9-11 to happen, ignoring warnings from abroad and from his own intelligence service. But to think that he actually helped plan it, that demolition charges were set in the Towers by his brother's company- that is a depth of evil that most of us can't even begin to contemplate.

Why is this? Why, when we all know so well what liars and connivers the Bush people are, how little they care for human life, or truth, or honor, how greedy they are for power and how ruthless they are in pursuing it, why is it so hard to believe that they planned and carried out 9-11?

The degree of denial is astounding.

The cover story is paper thin. Osama was blamed within 24 hours, with no investigation. It's obvious that the 9-11 Commission asked the wrong question,- not whodunit, but why were the signals missed? It's obvious that Osama, no matter how bright and charismatic, could not have orchestrated such a massive attack from caves in Afghanistan. It's obvious that the Saudi hijackers, if that's who they were, were allowed into this country with no screening, allowed to take flight lessons, allowed to get on airplanes with box cutters- but how could all this be known, when the twin towers were pulverized? Etc. etc.

When denial is so strong, it's because people don't want to know the truth. The implications are too overwhelming, too frightening. Facing the truth about 9-11, that it was an inside job, planned and carried out with the help of the Bush family and administration, means facing the fact that we are saddled with a monster, a satanic creature, that will stop at nothing to gain total power.

It means facing what fools we are, what cowards we are, not to call a spade a spade.

It means seeing through the pious cloak of false Christianity and false patriotism that Bush has assumed.

It means facing the terrible danger we are in, of losing every ounce of precious freedom our forefathers fought so hard to obtain, and that we so take for granted.

It means looking frankly at our helplessness, our gullibility, our willingness to accept any form of hypocrisy, as long as we are allowed to go on shopping.

It means realizing that Bush controls vast portions of our society - that many people must know that 9-11 was an inside job, and won't step forward and say so, out of bribery, intimidation or both. A few brave souls have spoken up about the "power down" at the towers the week before, the evacuation of building 7 several hours before it, too, was brought down by preplanted demolition charges, the confusion at air traffic control when NORAD failed to intercept the planes that were so far off course - but not many dare to speak out. Why not?

It means realizing that the situation is so dire that we need help from a higher power, and should start praying, as sailors do when the ship is sinking.

Six years after 9-11, We the People are starting to recognize that we, too, have power. Some of us have been praying steadily, and the fruits are starting to show.

We've seen through the lies that took us into Iraq, and understand more about Bush's hypocrisy, and willingness to "fix the facts around the policy" as the Downing Street memo puts it. Osama is another convenient "fact", like WMD's in Iraq.

We've seen that we have been blessed with the internet, with which to hunt for the truth, disseminate it, work with one another to reach new depths of understanding of our situation.

We've come to understand that under our precious Constitution, We the People are sovereign, and don't have to tolerate another King George.

We've won an election, despite all the dirty tricks and voting machine fraud. We've even pushed the incoming Congress to censure Bush.

Our higher power has helped us all along to value truth above convenience, to fight with words rather than guns, to operate out of love for each other and future generations.

Perhaps now we are ready to face the truth about 9-11. The whole "war on terror" is based on 9-11, and is seen for the sham it is, once we realize it was an inside job. Once we do, our outrage will be so great that we will force Congress to impeach Bush and Cheney, the real hijackers.

In the name of the Prince of Peace,

Carol Wolman

Take action - contact your local newspaper or congress people:
Help impeach Bush and Cheney through

Carol S. Wolman, MD is a psychiatrist in Northern California. A lifelong peace activist, she has written extensively on the psychology of our times. She is actively working to impeach Bush and Cheney, and suggests you join or form a local group at - She ran for Congress as a nonpartisan write-in candidate in CA district 1, and is a coordinator of The Longhouse Coalition.


From: Suzanne Ward (
Subject: Message from Matthew
Date: 4 May 2007


Virgina Tech shooting; how souls help each other; effects of energy magnifying characteristics, feelings; everyone’s contribution to the light valuable; importance of balance; honeybees' disappearance, Devic kingdom assistance; status of war, troop withdrawal, future of Iraq; FDA control of nutritional supplements; effects of fear; Global Love Day

May 3, 2007

(NOTE: Robert Schwartz, author of Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges before Birth? ( will be guest on "Matthew and Friends" May 16th Internet Radio show ( May 17, Robert Chapman, global economist, will be guest on "We the People" teleconference; June 7, Stanton Friedman, writer and speaker about UFOs, will be guest; more information about our guests, time and telephone number is on


S: Matthew dear, the questions are ready. You know that many have written about the disappearance of the honey bees and the shooting at Virginia Tech—which would you like to talk about first?

MATTHEW: Dear soul, let us speak about Virginia Tech. Because that is my sister's alma mater, to you this personal connection with our family made the senseless killing seem even more a tragic event. Your first thought at seeing the TV newscast was that the shooter was acting out of mind-controlled programming, and I shall tell readers what I told you: No, he was not—he is a dramatic example of what I have explained about the higher energies on Earth magnifying all human characteristics and feelings. He was a desperately tormented young man who felt that no one cared about him and he harbored tendencies toward violence. As his feelings and those tendencies kept intensifying along with the energy magnification, he reached the point where he lost all sense of reason and value of any life, especially his own, and that is when he planned the massacre at the school. This is part of the background in that happening.

Another part is my reply when you asked me at that time: Why did all those promising young lives have to end? and I told you it was in accordance with their soul contracts. Just as I left at a young age because my Earth lifetime missions had been completed, so had theirs. At soul level they knew that their physical deaths, like many other young lives seemingly cut short, will reverberate with lasting and profound goodness that collectively will evoke in humankind greater sensitivity and caring. The same is true about the professors who died—they, too, had completed their chosen missions, and their inspiring influence on many people did not end with their physical lifetimes.

I have told you that pre-birth agreements are designed for the spiritual growth of all involved, and it is no different in this violent ending of all those lives, including Cho's. He agreed to fill the role that would assist the others to leave when they had fulfilled their chosen experiencing, and of all the souls who moved forward that day, his entire Earth lifetime was the most difficult to endure. This is a related aspect of that happening, why Cho was so psychologically unstable: He also agreed to take on part of the psychic traumas that several weaker personages in the cumulative soul chose to experience but were not sufficiently inured to the hardships of third density to complete them in one physical lifetime. By sharing their chosen lessons, Cho helped those personages attain the degree of experiencing their cumulative soul needed for overall balance. This allowance is a form of divine grace that you could think of as similar to your "buddy system" in diving, and it is offered to souls in this unprecedented era of opportunity for rapid completion of third density experiencing. It is the same in soul clusters, where the stronger, more experienced souls share the hardest physical or emotional lessons that the weaker, less experienced souls need for balance and choose to learn. Please do not think this arrangement is unfair to the strong souls or that the ones who receive help with their lessons did not actually learn them—there is an energetic leveling that provides spiritual growth for all in these shared experiences. None of the people involved are consciously aware of the cooperative effort, but when they return to spirit life where all is known, they feel elation for successfully winding up third density karmic lessons and gratitude to all the souls who assisted them attain their goal.

S: Matthew, there's so much I don't understand about all the personages living simultaneously in the continuum and how they cooperate to benefit the cumulative souls and the soul clusters.       

MATTHEW: We know, Mother, and you are not alone in this. There is no way to understand something that you cannot consciously relate to, but the understanding will come when Earth reaches the vibrations where there is no barrier between consciousness and soul, where the Oneness of All is known; and if contracts call for souls to enter their next spirit lifetime prior to Earth reaching her destination, they will understand even sooner.  

S: Either way is fine with me—I just want to understand! Matthew, how much of the violence in our world is a result of the higher energies?

MATTHEW: I cannot give you a percentage of the violence or numbers of deaths due specifically to this, but I can tell you that the opposite effect—the light generated by increasingly positive characteristics and loving feelings—far exceeds negative results. What happened at Virginia Tech is a much more dramatic example of how the energies are working than say, situations between mates or working colleagues, a teacher and a student, friends. Yet all in these relationships are affected by the energies that, depending upon each individual's reaction, are either strengthening or diminishing the value of the associations.

Furthermore, this magnification of energy forces is "separating the wheat from the chaff" insofar as people's intentions—it is forcing them to choose between the light and the dark. Everything in your world is in accelerated motion during this unique time in your planet's long history, and what I explained about balance's need for "heavy" roles notwithstanding, there can be no more fence-straddling. The infusion of light is fortifying conscience and heightening sensitivities, and those who resist and stubbornly cling to attitudes and actions that cause suffering for others are thereby choosing not to accompany Earth into fifth density. Their bodies will die because their lifetime energy registration—the composite of every thought, feeling, motive and action—is not compatible with the higher vibrations of Earth's ascension pathway.

How can you know who doesn't go along with her because of that universal law about energy and who is leaving in accordance with soul contracts? How they ultimately are remembered. It doesn't matter if persons are international figures or are known only within their circle of family and friends, whether their lives affected world events or only the people close to them, they are remembered in accordance with how they treated others. The lives touched by the light-filled souls are enriched and there will be widespread relief when tyrants die and no longer oppress nations. I emphasized "ultimately" remembered because you must realize that everything in your world that is considered unconscionable and divisive has been necessary for balanced experiencing. For millennia all of you have played "good guy" and "bad guy" multiple times to achieve balance yourselves and help other souls do the same. You don't consciously know if "that bad guy" is helping one or many "good guys" achieve balance—this is why we have urged you not to judge anyone! Now, in this extraordinary era of winding up third density karmic lessons, the extremes between "good" and "bad" no longer are needed and the intensifying light is reconciling those opposites into itself—remember, in light there is balance. And when you and Earth are in the vibrations where consciousness and soul merge, the full panorama of what now is known only at soul level will unfold.

S: There's a question that I think is appropriate here: By bringing light to smaller situations, like families and communities, wouldn't that expand and transform the darkness everywhere, like running clean water through a clogged pipe—eventually the water coming out is clean? 

MATTHEW: That excellent analogy would be even better if it stated that transformation begins within each individual and flows out purely, cleanly, into families, communities and onward. Many souls are feeling that they should be doing something meaningful on a grander scale, but because they don't know their pre-birth missions and feel no strong direction to follow, they feel disquieted and helpless to make a difference. Each of you is a brilliant spark of god/goddess-ness, a powerhouse of energy with unlimited potential, but it is not necessary for all to perform profound acts! Only a comparative few of Earth's population need to be national leaders or hold other influential positions; to assist the light, the vast majority need only to kindly and generously share their knowledge, talents, time and resources with those who are in need. Helping others brings balance to you and to them, and the light this generates flows outward to benefit all. Please let this knowledge end your "stewing" about what more you can do and replace that unsettling feeling with the contentment that your balanced BEing is an invaluable contribution to spreading love, peace and harmony throughout your world.

Mother, recently you responded to a reader who was asking about balance, and later she wrote that you answered all her questions. I think your succinct, yet deeper explanation than what I just said can be helpful to others too, so please insert her note and your reply.


Matthew has stated that the elite were given the enormous power they possess via an agreement in order to create balance. Is it possible to get a more detailed explanation of the concept of "balance", in both general and planetary terms? Also, has that balance been attained yet?

What you wrote—"the elite were given the enormous power they possess via an agreement in order to create balance" and "the concept of balance"—is a misinterpretation of what Matthew has said. First, balance isn't a concept—it's the universe in constant motion. In balance there is light, which is the same energy as love, simply expressed differently; this light/love energy is the total essence of Creator, and the goal of all souls is to return to their origin in Creator. (Because I don't know if you're familiar with all of Matthew's messages or the books, I'll attach material in Revelations for a New Era that explains the difference between Creator and God.)

The aim of souls' multiple lifetimes is to fill gaps in experiencing or to master "godly" characteristics so that overall, balance can be attained.

Karma, unlike what some think of as "reward or punishment," is the opportunity to practice those characteristics or to experience the opposite of the previous lifetime(s). In the latter case, for instance, someone who killed needs to know what it feels like to be killed; someone who was wealthy needs to live in impoverished circumstances; someone who was a tyrannical leader needs to experience what it's like to be oppressed. The result of balanced experiencing is spiritual growth, or soul evolution, the incremental steps in remembering our origins in Creator and returning to that perfection.

Prior to birth, a soul reviews its cumulative lifetimes and chooses specific genetic and environmental circumstances that will provide the opportunity to achieve balance, to grow spiritually. The pre-birth agreements made by each soul and all principals who are affected by that soul's life are designed for the spiritual growth of all, and what is chosen by each is that individual soul's contract. The souls who choose the "harsh" experiencing of deprivation and hardships need other souls to provide those kinds of situations, and the latter souls also benefit, balance-wise, from playing out their "heavy" roles. However, many millennia ago in our linear time concept (and linear time is only a concept) this "win-win" arrangement got out of hand because after birth, we don't consciously know what our souls chose and we make free will choices that aren't in our contracts, so we need more and more lifetimes to balance the previous ones. Life on Earth became like a merry-go-round that kept spiraling downward until it reached the lowest part of third density.

Earth is a highly evolved soul with a planetary body, and her karma is the collective karma of all her human residents. Throughout the millennia that they kept treating each other and the animal and plant kingdoms brutally, thus continually incurring the need for more opportunities to overcome their imbalance, Earth's body became correspondingly imbalanced. Her soul always was in the higher vibrations as her body descended deeply into third density where negativity—"darkness"—thrives. She gave her light to sustain all of her life forms until her body was nearly depleted and so out of balance that her orbit became dangerously unstable; she had to decide whether to let her body die or ask for help. She asked for help, and God authorized spiritually, intellectually and technologically advanced civilizations to respond to her request.    

That brings us up to what's been happening for the past 60-some years—those civilizations' infusion of "light" saved Earth's planetary life and now is exposing and transmuting the negativity—"darkness"—that so long had prevailed. Individuals who absorbed the light started generating their own, thus the light on the planet has been intensifying for over six decades. In this unique time on Earth—in the universe!—some souls agreed to fill the "dark" roles that would conclude all third density karmic experiencing. They also agreed that at a certain point, they would join the light (remember, in light there is balance, the "win-win"); however, some of them became so entrenched in their power and greed, that they knowingly and willingly reneged on their agreement to join the light.

These "dark" ones are being exposed and their power is increasingly diminishing, but balance—the reconciliation of the dark and the light, or, the positive and negative extremes of polarity—hasn't yet been achieved as evident by the deception and corruption still "coming to light" and the continued wars and other violence as well as the unconscionable disparity between the "haves" and "have nots." But this reconciliation—balance—is happening as Earth is ascending into the higher densities where the light is so intense that darkness cannot co-exist.         


MATTHEW: Thank you, Mother. Now let us talk about the honey bees.

S: Fine! Most people just asked why so many have disappeared, but some are wondering if this is linked to cell phone usage or chemtrails, and a few want to know what will happen to food production without the bees.

MATTHEW: Like all other life forms in your world, bees have been adversely affected by the various sources of pollution, but the "last straw" is the proliferation of electromagnetic waves from the increased numbers and usage of wireless communication instruments. Bees are strong in will and dedicated to their pollinating mission as they understand their important role in food production. They resisted leaving as long as they could, but ultimately their bodies became too fragile to continue viability against the onslaught of currents that are in conflict with their own energy systems. 

The bees still flourishing where there are no, or many fewer, overhead electrical wires or cell phone towers eventually will instinctively populate in great numbers and many will migrate to other fertile areas when all pollutants on the planet have been eradicated. In the meantime, the Devic kingdom is helping to fill the cross-pollination gap by stepping up their interaction with the plant and animal kingdoms. Although fairies and leprechauns are the most popularly known, albeit mainly in fantasy stories, the beloved Devic kingdom is teeming with various-sized unseen life forms that fill myriad essential roles that help Mother Nature thrive. Some of them are so tiny that they wouldn't be noticed, but others are the size of domestic cats or even larger, and their high vibrational levels afford the security they need in a world where far too often animal and plant souls still are treated as if they are merely things without intelligent consciousness and a spectrum of feelings. Although on occasion some Devas may be seen by especially energy-sensitive folks, at this juncture, their safety lies in their invisibility to most eyes.

S: The symbiotic aspects of all life forms on Earth are really amazing! So the Devas filling in for the bees means that there won't be the dire food shortages that some are expecting?

MATTHEW: Not from lack of pollination, Mother, but until all the greed and wasteful and hoarding inclinations in humankind no longer are part of the make-up, millions will continue to die from starvation and disease due to malnutrition. But that is coming to an end too, along with all the other grievous circumstance still affecting and ending so many, many lives.   

S: This reassurance is important, Mash. I'm hearing from many light workers who are being besieged with serious health, financial and relationship situations that make it more difficult to see the terrible things continuing. Do you know what's going to happen in Iraq since Bush vetoed the budget because of the timeline for US troop withdrawal?

MATTHEW: No, not in the immediate days or weeks. Even though the Congress was expecting that development, there are no viable contingency plans that will satisfy the majority of citizens‚ desire to end the war and also produce a bill that the president will sign. Please remember that although he does agree with the veto, taking that nationally, even internationally, unpopular stance was not his decision—he is following orders dictated by the peak Illuminati members of the faction that he and his family are part of. They will not voluntarily relinquish occupation of a land that long ago was planned as a major step in their intent to control the entire Mideast. The US embassy compound that blatantly exceeds all embassy requirements is being constructed according to Illuminati plans as it is to be their Mideast headquarters. It is also imperative to them that Bush retain his "wartime presidency" status, which entitles him to sign whatever executive orders he wishes and institute repressive policies without congressional approval—financially and politically enslaving US citizens also is part of their long-range plans. It is as I have stated before, these dark ones have lost all connection with reality—they still believe that with time and violent perseverance, their multistage plan to control the world will succeed. Even as members are defecting along with people formerly influenced heavily by the Illuminati, the most powerful in this disparate group cannot accept that already they have failed.

At this point we see the end of the war as a "fizzling out" rather than some formal declaration of peace. This isn't a case of two countries at war with each other, so there can no peace accord, only the withdrawal of foreign troops from a country whose people want to govern themselves. What once was an even war vs. peace energetic situation in Earth's field of potential has become so lopsided in favor of peace that the momentum for ending the war is steamrolling the wisps of opposing energy. Some of this is due to unpublicized pressure on the Bush administration by strong countries, some is the growing outrage of US citizens toward their government that is ignoring their desire for peace and the great need for improved national situations, and some is the few members of Congress whose indefatigable efforts to end the war are gathering support of colleagues. Yes, some of these new supporters are acting on self-interest—being reelected next year—but by election time, those who are self-serving will be publicly known, and regardless of their motives, their support to withdraw the troops is part of the anti-war energy surge.

What we see coming in the months ahead is the departure of mercenaries in the CIA's "black-ops" activities and other civilians employed in various roles to keep the warfront fueled because of increased danger of injury or death, and in some instances, nonpayment for services. More top military will speak out in opposition to continuing a futile war; not only casualties, but fatigue and discouragement about prolonged duty tours are weakening the fighting force, and field commanders will press for the troops‚ return home. Now that the shameful neglect of seriously wounded and traumatized military men and women is out in the open, they will receive the proper care and financial assistance that has been largely denied them.

As for Iraq, the stabilization that Bush must keep insisting requires our troops‚ presence will not begin until all foreign troops have left. There will be a period of chaos and secular killings before the light is intense enough to uplift the masses living with grief and fear, and to end the physical life of the radicals whose hearts could not be softened. Those who have fled will return and there will be unity of spirit and respect of different views as the Iraqis join together harmoniously to rebuild their ravaged country, an incremental process over the next few years.

S: Thank you, dear—many prayers are going out to those people who are living with grief and fear and hatred. A different source of fear is that the FDA is going to take control of nutritional supplements that are helping many people to stay healthy. A lot of writers hope you can say something encouraging about this.    

MATTHEW: I wish I could say that all who benefit from the many natural products will continue to have unlimited access to them, but at this point I can't. There is encouragement, however. If those products do come under FDA control, it would be for the short term as all darkly devised strategies and laws that harm or hinder your well being will be ending. Also reason for feeling encouraged is that the energy of the light grid is reducing and will eliminate the dark use of electromagnetic waves, thus ending the distressing physical and emotional anomalies due to that cause; and bodies that absorb the light will have increased self-healing ability without supplemental means.

And please do not forget that what you believe about your health condition is paramount! I am not overlooking soul contracts that include physical sickness, pain and debilitation to balance other lifetimes; in those cases, the souls chose to rise above self-pity, attempt to overcome disablement, and see the blessings in their lives; and at the same time their caretakers are balancing their previous experiencing. But far more of you chose physically sound bodies, and in health matters as in all other facets of life, fear is your worst enemy! It causes illness, and because fear energy forms a formidable barrier in your system, your bodies‚ self-healing mechanisms cannot operate effectively. Fear clouds your thoughts with negativity and causes preoccupation with "what if's" that not only permeate your outlook on life, but also affect those dear to you.

Mother, rather than my "preaching," I ask that you to insert my recent short message to Jean Hudon about fear and also what he received that prompted his request—just the first few lines of the note from someone who was referring to what an acquaintance had seen in remote viewing, please.


Yes, Jean, I think it's time to let a Doomsday focus for all that [sic] coming in. There's a reason for it. Personally I feel it coming too and the different insights that are coming in are very helpful for all of us to decide what is the right course of action to take during this year.

Jean, my respected and beloved friend, I am not here to tell you that what this remote viewer has seen in her endeavors is not accurate, but rather I come with the reminder that with one exception, nothing of potential dire nature is cast in marble. What IS cast in marble is that, by Creator's decree and by means of the advanced technology of our space family, there will be NO nuclear war; other than that, what individuals will experience will be the result of their beliefs and focus. The more fearful the elements interjected into the consciousness mainstream, the more fearful the happenings the individuals' collective energy will manifest. Our intent in continuously beaming massive light to Earth is to reduce and preferably eliminate the fear energy that is keeping many souls from awakening into their god/goddess selves and being spiritually prepared to successfully navigate the transitional bumps in the road as Earth continues on her ascension pathway to the Golden Age. We see that some souls will not choose to make that full journey and we honor that, but the pathway will be smoother for those who do choose to physically accompany Earth if the fewest possible "doomsday" or Armageddon thoughts go shooting out into the universe where they will attract "like" thought forms and bring those types of experiences back to your planet.

MATTHEW: Thank you, Mother. I believe that is enough, so please type the next question.

S: Sweetheart, do you know that May 1 was Global Love Day?

MATTHEW: Yes indeed, I know!     

S: Good, then I don't have to explain that. The question is: Did "Love Day" make any difference in the world or only to the people who know about it?

MATTHEW: Mother, dear soul, Global Love Day is self-descriptive! We rejoiced in seeing the profusion of golden-white light streaming around your world as people in many countries celebrated love in their respective ways, and what could be better than LOVE to honor with its special day! It makes no difference that many on Earth do not know about this day. The magic of love is, it's not confined to the heart—it flows outward and touches every life near the loving person, and from those people to all lives they touch, and so on throughout the world. I have told you that the ripple effect of a smile is incalculable—can you imagine the magnificence of LOVE streamers circling and circling Earth!

I am grateful for the Love Day question—it reminds me that I omitted an essential aspect of the souls who help other souls in pre-birth agreements, within the cumulative soul and in soul clusters: ALL of this cooperation—that which seems antagonistic or impeding or even is lethal, is based in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! At soul level this is known. It is understood by all that the "heavy roles" are accepted because of those souls' love for the ones they are agreeing to cause pain, and it is equally understood and immensely appreciated by those whose spiritual growth is enhanced by the ones who inflict the pain.

Giving and receiving love is the ultimate expression of souls one to another. And FEELING love is so simple! I know your thought, Mother, that space limitations have been reached, so I won't ask you to insert "What Is Love?" here, but if you will please, reference the message that includes it. [This is in the November 9, 2006 message—the chapter "Light and Love in Action" from Illuminations for a New Era, and the part Matthew is referring to begins "So, then, what is love?"]

Thank you, Mother, and now in my farewell to you and all readers, I say that each of you is unconditionally loved by souls throughout this universe.


Suzanne Ward

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The Crop Circle Phenomenon

Andy Thomas

Huge, complex and beautiful patterns are being found swirled into crop fields around the world every year. Their origin and purpose remains a complete mystery.

Despite attempts to dismiss them as the work of human artists, some believe the evidence points to a much stranger explanation.

Wherever they come from, these spectacular designs often display very clear symbolism, scientific, esoteric and astronomical, and demonstrate some extraordinary unexplained effects.

How many appear?
Around 250 crop designs around the world appear each year on average. Several thousand have been documented since records began.

Where do they appear?
Crop circles are a global phenomenon, but predominantly appear in the Northern Hemisphere with Southern England as the main centre of activity, particularly Wiltshire.

When do they arrive?
Off-season formations have occurred, but most appear during the three main summer months of any given country.

What crops do they appear in?
Any crop can be a potential target for the phenomenon: wheat, barley and oilseed rape (canola), as the main crops grown, are the most common in England, at least, but they have also been reported in rye, oats, flax, peas, potatoes, sweetcorn maize and many other mediums, including rice paddy fields in Japan. Formations have also been found in wild grass and undergrowth.

A Brief History of Crop Circles

When two retired English pranksters, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, claimed in 1991 to have invented the crop circle phenomenon as a joke a decade or so earlier, they couldn't have been aware that almost 300 documented formations predated their alleged exploits. Reports go back centuries and a seventeenth century illustration even shows the figure of the Devil creating what certainly looks like the type of marking in fields which began to attract serious attention from the 1980's onwards.

Swirled into growing crops, these circular indentations of carefully flattened stems looked at first like the result of freak whirlwinds. Some were a few feet across, but others were the size of tennis courts. It wasn't long before the appearance of symmetrical patterns and other unusual variations began to throw the weather theories into doubt.

By the late 80's, rapidly increasing numbers and seemingly evolving designs, still based largely on circles, had begun to capture the public imagination. Tantalised by reports of glowing lights and other bizarre phenomena associated with the circles, everyone from UFO buffs to eminent scientists was trying to unravel the mystery.

In 1990, the arrival of 'pictograms', long symbolic chains of circles, rectangles and rings gave the crop circles their place in history. Newspapers and television channels eagerly reported these astonishing patterns. But the claims of Doug and Dave and other supposed hoaxers soon left the media disillusioned.

Despite this, crop formations continue to be discovered in designs of growing sophistication and size which leave many convinced that there is an unexplained force at work.

Theories and Evidence

There has been intense debate over the circles' origins. Some believe they are communications from Extra-Terrestrials, pointing to the many sightings and videos of aerial phenomena seen in connection with formations. Others feel the lights may be the properties of an unknown natural energy which produces complex ground patterns. Others still have cited everything from Mother Earth to nature spirits being responsible. Experiments with the power of the mind have suggested it is possible to influence the creation of certain shapes, leading some to believe psychic forces are involved.

Beyond this, most other popular explanations for the crop circles have revolved around human activity, either involving satellite technology or, more usually, the simple actions of pranksters and landscape artists. However, in demonstrations, human teams have struggled to reproduce designs as geometrically complex as many seen in the fields or have taken many hours to produce anything approaching them. Certain formations have been shown to have appeared within very short periods of time and the geometrical calculation and construction required for some simply could not be carried out in one night.

Some of the patterns have shown breathtaking symbolic qualities. In 1994, several galaxy-shaped glyphs displayed a conjunction of planets over the star constellation Cetus as it will be in April 2000, and in 1995 an accurate diagram of the Earth's inner solar system was discovered. Other shapes have been more obscure, but may yet be interpreted.

Work by laboratories on circle-affected crop has shown biological changes taking place at a cellular level, suggesting the involvement of microwave energy. Other physical tests have shown anomalies not yet replicated by man-made experiments. These, together with the lights, eye-witness accounts, reports of malfunctioning electronic equipment and health effects on people visiting circles, suggest the phenomenon should be looked at more closely.

Whether the crop formations are warnings, messages of greeting or abstract doodles remains to be seen. As they amaze and frustrate in equal measure with their stunning beauty, no doubt they will continue to create further controversy.

Circular Stories, Facts and Figures

Eye-witnesses: There are around two dozen eye-witness accounts of crop circles forming. All describe similar events; an invisible force coming out of nowhere in otherwise calm conditions and spinning the crops down within seconds, usually with surprising violence - yet little damage is found in the laid crop. Tornado-like funnels, light phenomena and high-pitched whistling sounds have also been reported.

Quick on the draw: In July 1996, a 915' spiral of 151 circles appeared in full view of the busy A303 road, opposite England's ancient monument Stonehenge, Wiltshire, within a 45 minute period one Sunday afternoon. A pilot, gamekeeper and security guard confirmed it had not been there before 5.30pm - yet shortly after 6.00pm, the massive formation was spotted. Much smaller man-made designs have taken several hours to complete.

Longest crop formation: This occurred at Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, in 1996 - a chain of circles and pathways approximately 4100' long crossed from one end of a field to another.

Most circles in one formation: The record is currently held by a motif at Windmill Hill, Wiltshire, in 1999 - 288 small circles made up a cross design held within a standing square.

Largest expanse of laid crop in one design: The seven-petalled mandala which appeared at Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, in 1998 contained an unbroken flattened area 300' across.

Most geometrically perfect formation: Most would agree that the formation at Windmill Hill, Wiltshire, in 1996 takes this award - an endless procession of perfect equilateral triangles, from large to small, could be drawn by overlaying geometrical shapes onto a 1000' triple-armed spiral of 194 circles. If just one of the main circles or arms had been even slightly misplaced, this geometry would not have worked.

Most visited formation: Stonehenge, 1996 - it is estimated around 10,000 people entered this pattern, very visible next to such a major landmark.

Most publicised formation: Alton Barnes, 1990 - many global newspapers and TV stations reported the appearance of this, the first of the large pictograms.

Scientific tests: Work by Dr W C Levengood, a respected Michigan-based biophysicist, has shown notable biological changes taking place inside circle-laid stalks, which could be attributable to some kind of microwave energy. No man-made test formation has ever produced these results, yet 90% of the hundreds of crop circles sampled have proved positive in this regard. Dr Levengood's papers have been published in scientific journals. In 1995, tests on crop formation soil samples were conducted by ADAS, a division of the English Ministry of Agriculture. Although preliminary, they showed distinct anomalies in the nitrogen/nitrate ratios which could not be explained. There have been other scientific tests carried out by different bodies over the years which have produced peculiar unexplained qualities.

Strange effects: There have been many reported effects on people's health, sometimes of cures, sometimes of ailments, which have come on while within crop circles. Electronic and mechanical equipment, videos cameras and even combine harvesters have also been known to malfunction in very odd ways, far above the average one would expect from chance.


What would happen if respectable science were to show once and for all that crop circles were being made by methods beyond the means of hoaxers? Would this ever be fanfared by the establishment or would such an announcement simply be ignored? Alternatively, how would authorities react if enough people were to very publicly witness the creation of a formation appearing seemingly from nowhere - and have evidence for it?

To accept that the crop circles were coming from beyond human realms would mean reassessing many things traditionally accepted as 'normality'. It would mean taking seriously the big question of what or who is making the patterns. Some believe we already have enough evidence to have reached that point, but the general public seems happier to treat the phenomenon as harmless art. Those who make our rules for us also seem to prefer it that way! Many others feel, however, that the circles are heralds of some major changes for our planet and civilisation, marking either a tumultuous era of upheaval or some kind of spiritual renaissance. Whatever the truth, there is no doubt they have left an indelible mark upon our culture.

By Andy Thomas


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...and regularly check the newest celestial glyphs throughout this summer.




Consumers Stop Big Pharma Supplements Takeover - For Now

Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director - Natural Solutions Foundation


Good News Travels Fast!

Your activism just saved supplements from being turned into "untested drugs"! 

Big Pharma will be back, but today, we can do a victory dance!

Thank you 435,005 times. That's the number of people who used our site to submit their comments to the FDA on their dangerous CAM Guidance through our site. 182,484 succeeded but, since our site was interfered with several times, 252,521 people did not. We were working feverishly to submit those comments manually.

Ready for Some Great News?

Although the FDA denied our request to extend the comment, failed to update its site or its comment tally, extended the comment period and then resinded the extension (!), our collective voice won us a huge victory in Congress today. Because we rallied behind our health freedom and access to natural health products, every member of the Senate voting today heard us loud and clear and acted -- without a single dissenting voice -- to protect our health freedom!

Read what "the Vitamin Lawyer ", Ralph Fucetola, has to say about the impact of our activism in an email on the topic today:

"And some very good news: Congress has accepted the following amendment to S.1082 - Enhancing Drug Safety and Innovation Act of 2007 - from Sen. Durbin. It appears that Congress heard our concerns! Hundreds of thousands of messages to FDA no doubt reverberated through the halls of Congress. The amendment was adopted by the Senate 94 to zero.

Sec. X08. Rule of Construction
Nothing in this title (or an amendment made by this title) shall be construed to affect--
(1) The regulation of dietary supplements under the Dietary Supplement
Health and Education Act; or
(2) The adverse event reporting system for dietary supplements created
under the Dietary Supplement and Nonprescription Drug Consumer Protection Act.

Like many victories in Congress, you hardly ever get everything you want. Leading supplement industry lawyer, J. Emord, originally proposed exempting all "foods" from the new law (Counsel stated: "It is a fundamental tenet of food and drug law that foods and food ingredients are presumed to be safe and have to be established to be adulterated only if they present a significant or unreasonable risk of illness or injury." This approach would have offered even greater protection for natural products, but we are grateful that enough members of Congress heard the loud shout from the public and responded so quickly to at least protect DSHEA products -- the power of Internet politics at its best."

Internet Politics at its best: That's YOU!

And Now the Same Process is

Taking Place in Codex!

The same thing is happening on the International level, in Codex Alimentarius. There is a roaring tide of empowered voices saying "We decide how we want our freedom served, thank you!"

When the US once again tried to kill further consideration of mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods and ingredients (GMOs) at the Codex Committee on Food Labeling (CCFL) here in Ottawa, Canada, they got a rude surprise. Instead of letting the US/Canada/Australia/New Zealand/Argentina/Mexico/Brazil bloc of GMO grain exporters have their way and kill any international requirement for such labeling, which would be consistent with the US refusal to allow suceh labeling in the US, and very, very good for its friend, the Biotech industry, the story played out rather differently.

False and Misleading Truth

Continuing to work on the premise that the truth about GMO food would be false and misleading, the US has been trying to extend its own domestic policy of prohibiting GMO labeling to the rest of the world.

The issue of labeling has been on CCFL's docket for 14 years. For that entire time, the hugely powerful US has prevented any forward progress toward required mandatory labeling of GMO foods in international trade.

Mad as Hell and Not Taking It Anymore!

Last year, at the CCFL, the US proposed discontinuing any effort to reach an agreement on the labeling of GMO foods since no consensus had been reached (thanks in large part, of course, to the US). That would have meant that there were no international standards to which any biotech-importing country's products could be held and developing countries, without laboratory capacity to check food, would have no way of knowing what their people were getting.

Norway, which has a strict non GMO policy, was not happy with that idea and proposed a Working Group to meet in Oslo early in 2007. The Natural Solutions Foundation attended that meeting (so did a representative of Monsanto and the Biotech industry group -- AS A MEMBER OF THE US DELEGATION) at which the desire of many countries not to allow the flawed US policy to determine its food safety in this area crystallized.

In the US, as you know, GMO foods undergo NO mandatory government (or 3rd party) safety testing -- NONE -- and are permitted -- unlabeled and therefore untraceable -- in the food supply by the FDA and USDA. Their industry-friendly rationale was explained at that meeting. GMO foods are presumed to be safe according to FDA's Dr. Barbara Schneeman although their safety has not been tested. FDA and independent research, she said, consistently shows that consumers would not buy GMO foods if they knew they were genetically altered. Therefore, she explained, to keep consumers from making the "wrong decision" and rejecting GMO food, the FDA prevents labeling GMO foods to protect the consumer from "false and misleading information". This US policy was accurateley characterized by the EU delegate as "weird"

(I kid you not! The Supreme Court of the United States, by the way, has ruled that the FDA cannot do that when it was considering a similar case. Undeterred, it does so anyway.)

A Different Menu At

Chez Codex This Year!

This year, however, possibly because of the Working Group's strong report, things did not turn out the way the US was expecting. Instead of dropping the whole issue, the developing countries used their massive collective strength just the way we did in controlling the FDA's attack on our health freedom.

Since they rightly regard knowing whether their food is genetically modified or not, the developing countries rose up en mass to protect their rights and health. Barbados, Benin, Gabon, C'ote D'Ivoire, Mali, Switzerland, Sweden, Vanuatu, Sudan, Nepal, India, Guyana, Ghana, Thailand, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, the European Union as a whole, on and on and on went to roll call of developing countries that said they wanted an international policy on this issue to protect their people. The consumer rights group (like Consumers International) supported the right to know and, over the objections -- the strenuous objections -- of the US and its GMO buddies, the collective voices of the developing world and (its allies on this issue at least) prevailed.

There WILL be a working group on this issue next January in Ghana. The Natural Solutions Foundation WILL be there! And, in the meantime, we will be providing scientific and legal input to the health friendly nations to assist them in their public policy development and their laboratory capacity (a critical issue).

My Food Is Killing Me!

Our food is globalizing so the higher the standards for that globalized food supply, the safer every forkful of food becomes. And the cleaner and more nutritious that food supply is the more people are spared the human tragedy of preventable non communicable diseases of under nutrition here and abroad. What you eat helps determine if you will suffer and die of cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, etc., according to the World Health Organization. What's killing most of us in the developed world? Once you take out properly used prescription drugs (the leading killer of people in the developed world*), food related diseases are killing us. Add to that the diseases of immune suppression which develop when nutritional levels are inadequate and you have a perfect recipe for global disaster. Codex has, in our opinion, been cooking up exactly just such a disaster since its inception in 1952 by the former head of the German industrial war machine, IG Farben and its first committee meetings in 1963.

The recipe for disaster is definitely being spoiled by the health friendly chefs who raised their voices collectively at Codex in precisely the same thrust that voters did in the US over this last month.

My Compliments To The Freedom Chef!

Next the Natural Solutions Foundation is off to the Open International University of Complimentary Medicine in Santa Fe to share the good word: we, collectively, ARE powerful and our voices DO make a difference! Thanks for your freedom shouts!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation



International delegates reach climate change deal, urge action

May 4, 2007

BANGKOK, Thailand: Delegates from 120 countries endorsed a report outlining urgent steps needed to avert some of the most catastrophic results of climate change, but the United States warned that strict emission caps could cause a global recession.

The report, a summary of a study by a U.N. network of 2,000 scientists, said the world has to make significant cuts in greenhouse gasses through increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and vehicles, shifting from fossil fuels to renewable fuels, and reforming both the forestry and farming sectors.

It said the world has both the money and the technology to carry out changes to prevent the sharp rise in temperatures that scientists say would wipe out species, raise ocean levels, wreak economic havoc and trigger droughts and flooding.

"If we continue doing what we are doing now, we are in deep trouble," cautioned Ogunlade Davidson, the co-chair of the group responsible for finalizing the third report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change this week in Bangkok, Thailand.

Delegates hailed the policy statement as a key advance toward battling global warming and setting the stage for an even stronger international agreement to replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on emissions when it expires in 2012.
Today in Asia - Pacific
A trail of poisoned medicine leads back to China
His parents deported to India by U.S., angry boy becomes spelling whiz
An Indian town's 21st-century ambitions exceed its power supply

The next U.N. climate conference is in Bali, Indonesia, in December.

The report said the world must stabilize the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by 2015 at 445 parts per million to keep global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) over preindustrial levels.

For many delegates, the strongest message that emerged was that reaching the lowest targets could be done for less than 3 percent of global gross national product in 2030.

In comparison, the damage from unabated climate change could cost the global economy between 5 and 20 percent of GDP every year, according to a British government report last year.

"I would say it (the GDP estimate) looks like a reasonable risk to take compared to the impact of projected climate change," said Jayant Sathaye, a scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California.

But some countries, notably the United States and China, complained such caps would wreak economic havoc.

The U.S. warned of a global recession, while China tried unsuccessfully to strike the 445 ppm figure from the document and persuade delegates to place a greater responsibility for emission cuts on developed countries.

Davidson insisted the report allowed countries to balance economic development with sustainability. It also encouraged industrialized countries to provide their poorer neighbors with financial and technical assistance to shift away from dirty fossil fuels, he said.

"This report does not say countries have to sacrifice their development," he said. "This says they can maintain their development goals while emitting less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere."

Even the most stringent efforts outlined in the report, however, would not save the globe from suffering. An increase in temperatures of 2 degrees C could still subject up to 2 billion people to water shortages by 2050 and threaten extinction for between 20 percent and 30 percent of the world's species, the IPCC said.

Environmental groups said the report demonstrates the world can afford to battle global warming and must do so immediately.


On the Net:

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

IPCC Working Group III Report:


Related articles:

We have the technology to tackle global warming, scientists say (May 4, 2007)
Tackling global warming need not cost the Earth, a panel of UN scientists said today.In the third in a series of reports, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said that keeping the rise in temperatures to within 2C would cost only 0.12 per cent of annual gross domestic product if governments exploited new technologies to cut greenhouse gas emissions."It's a low premium to pay to reduce the risk of major climate damage," Bill Hare, a Greenpeace adviser who co-authored the report, told Reuters news agency after the culmination of marathon negotiations which ran over their four-day schedule."If we continue to do what we are doing now, we are in deep trouble," added Ogunlade Davidson, co-chair of the IPCC, which includes experts from some 120 nations.Related LinksTrap gases and save the planet, says new reportA Climate of IntoleranceMore hunger and hurricanes on the way"This report is all about solutions to climate change."To keep within the 2C threshold that scientists say is needed to stave off disastrous changes to the world's climate, emissions of carbon dioxide need to drop between 50 and 85 per cent by 2050, the report said.However, technological advances - particularly in producing and using energy more efficiently - meant such targets were within reach. The reprot highlighted the use of nuclear, solar and wind power, more energy-efficient buildings and lighting, as well as capturing and storing carbon dioxide spewed from coal-fired power stations and oil and gas rigs.The panel also said for the first time that lifestyle changes could help fight global warming. It gave no examples, but the IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri said his personal suggestions included turning down the thermostat and eating less red meat, which could reduce animal methane emissions. "These are lifestyle measures but you are not going to give up anything and you might gain," he said.The IPCC report presented a best-case scenario of limiting global warming to 2.0-2.4C (3.6-4.3F), generally recognised as the threshold when the most extreme ravages of climate change will begin.Ramping up use of new technologies that do not emit greenhouse gases, increasing energy efficiency and other methods to achieve this target would shave less than 0.12 per cent off world economic growth each year. To keep global warming in the best-case range, nations have to make sure that greenhouse gases - blamed for most of the world's rising temperature - must start declining by 2015.The report said that greenhouse emissions would have to be cut to between 50 and 85 per cent of year 2000 levels by 2050, and urged the greater use of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro-power.But throughout the week, delegates taking part in the closed-door talks said, there was strong opposition to emissions caps led by China, which fears a slowdown in its surging economic growth.Despite the haggling, however, negotiators and environmental groups insisted that the final report had not been watered down for political reasons. "It came out much better than we thought," said Stephan Singer, a climate and energy specialist from WWF. "This is a victory of science over the fossil fuel industry (and) economic sceptics." CLIP

U.N. climate plan called unrealistic (May 5, 2007),1,3089769.story
A strategy to cap greenhouse gas emissions could cost 3% of the world's GDP. - A United Nations panel on Friday released its most comprehensive strategy to avoid the catastrophic effects of global warming, but experts said political and economic realities likely doom it to failure. Although more than 100 countries backed the report, experts said its call for a global, multi-trillion-dollar effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is unrealistic. The United States and China - which account for more than 40% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions - approved the report but have given no indication that they would reverse their long-held opposition to mandatory reductions in emissions. "It's not realistic from a political standpoint, and it's not realistic because those targets are incredibly expensive," said Robert Mendelsohn, an economist at Yale University. Even supporters of the plan were daunted by the speed and scale of action required by the report to stabilize carbon concentrations at slightly above current levels."It's hard to imagine," said Jae Edmonds, an economist at the Joint Global Change Research Institute at the University of Maryland. "So many things have to happen so fast, and they are so big." The report, by the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, was released in Bangkok after a week of contentious debate.Its primary instrument for reducing greenhouse gas concentrations is a system in which governments would place a cap on emissions and charge polluters for every ton of carbon dioxide beyond that point. That would force companies to cut emissions and invest in energy efficiency and alternative fuels. The price per ton would reach up to $100 by 2030. By then, the system could cost up to 3% of the world's gross domestic product, the report said. The Bush administration quickly denounced the restrictions as too expensive. "It would cause a global recession," said James Connaughton, chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality."Our goal is reducing emissions and growing the economy," he said during a news conference in Bangkok.But Robert Socolow, a carbon mitigation expert at Princeton University, said that taking a cheaper and slower path could still be costly. A study by the British government last year found that damage from global warming - flooding, starvation, drought and other calamities - would easily top 5% of global GDP annually. The U.N. report looked at a variety of scenarios, but only the most expensive would avoid the worst perils of rising temperatures. That course requires annual emissions to peak by 2015 and fall to 50% to 85% of 2000 levels by mid-century. It would limit the temperature increase to 3 degrees Fahrenheit. The concentration of greenhouse gases would be stabilized between 445 and 490 parts per million carbon dioxide equivalents - a measure that factors in the warming effects of all greenhouse gases. The current concentration is about 425 parts per million. The United States has opposed calls for mandatory emissions cuts and carbon taxes, instead placing its hopes on voluntary reductions and future technologies that would be cleaner and cheaper. China also has opposed mandatory reductions, saying they would derail its economic growth. The country unsuccessfully fought to delete the most stringent emissions scenario from the report, participants in the conference said. India, the world's fifth biggest polluter, joined the effort. The most prominent supporters of the plan were European nations. (...) The Bush administration has refused to join the Kyoto pact on the grounds that it does not restrict emissions in the developing world.China, which opens a new coal-fired power plant every week, is on track to surpass the United States as the biggest polluter as soon as this year.At that pace, its yearly emissions will double those of the United States in less than a decade, said Gregg Marland, a fossil fuel pollution expert at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. The U.N. report concludes that the greatest potential for curbing future emissions lies in the developing world, since those countries tend to be the least energy efficient. But Mendelsohn, the Yale economist, said calls for immediate, aggressive cuts could alienate developing countries. CLIP

IPCC Reports Quick Action Can Avert Worst Climate Impacts
BANGKOK, Thailand, May 4, 2007 (ENS) - Catastropic global warming can be avoided without excessive economic cost but the world must begin to act at once, a UN climate change panel representing 2,500 international scientists said today. The world community could slow and then reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases over the next several decades by utilizing cost-effective policies and current and emerging technologies, says the new assessment by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC. (...) "The report makes it clear that voluntary measures have had no effect - these cannot be take 'em or leave 'em approaches. The world's best scientists are telling us that it will take serious changes backed by the force of law if we want to minimize the risk to people and wildlife," Flicker said."Every poll confirms that the American public is clamoring for solutions to this grave threat," he said. "The clock is ticking and the White House has failed to lead the way. Now it's up to Congress to set the course that science prescribes to lead us away from the threats of global warming and toward a brighter energy future." The report addresses ways of reducing emissions from key sectors such as the energy supply sector, buildings, transport, and land use. The IPCC concludes that no single economically and technologically feasible solution would on its own be enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector. Instead, governments would need to promote a range of options. CLIP

Top carbon dioxide emitters in 2004 in millions of tons


World*: 26,583

U.S.: 5,800

China: 4,732

Russia: 1,529

Japan: 1,215

India: 1,103

Germany: 849

Canada: 551

Italy: 462

S. Korea: 462

France: 387

* Includes emissions from international aviation and marine bunkers


THE GLOBAL THREAT THAT WON'T GO AWAY. Check also what Matthew said about the Chemtrails through

From: Phyllis">
Date: 7 May 2007
Subject: Chemtrails... what is in that spray?

Barium Salts in Chemtrails carry an electromagnetic pulse. . . hmmmm . . . bumble bees are becoming disoriented from a suspected EMF signal. . plus-- it is believed that their bellies contain the same fungi as Morgellon's Disease---could there be a link here!!!

Chemtrails -- What's In That Spray?

The Chemtrail Nano-Chemical Poisoning Of Human Kind

ChemTrails - 80% population reduction of earth !!!




Fungi from the Crypt

Award-winning Canadian journalist Will Thomas has reported that lab analysis showed spray samples contained over 360 different varieties of mold and fungi in addition to gene-splicing markers and extremely thin, red human blood cells.(6) The chemtrail samples also contained a new breed of designer chemicals about which little is known in the public domain but which appear to be very dangerous, plus aluminum particulates approximately 1 micron in diameter.

Chemtrail particles are carried by air currents, spreading a fine dust of pathogenic materials throughout the environment. The dust is nearly impossible to avoid since people can ingest it simply by breathing, eating and drinking. It is logical to assume that those who have initiated this spraying program are well aware of its inescapable properties. What is more disturbing is the ease with which a more deadly substance could be substituted for the current chemtrail mix. Should this happen, it seems likely that the chemtrail program could exterminate all above-ground human populations in North America in approximately one week.

Medical doctors often misdiagnose fungal conditions because they are taught that fungi cannot live in the blood stream (become systemic), nor can the resolution of the microscopes (1,000 x magnification) commonly used by doctors reveal the presence of fungi in blood samples. However, there is a microscope (8,000 to 15,000 x magnification) that can, and does, reveal fungus in the blood. This microscope has a camera that can record the enlarged images on video, providing irrefutable documentation.

The inventor of this microscope, Dr. Robert Bradford of American Biologics, was actually run out of the United States for his efforts to help mankind and now has an office in Tijuana, Mexico. Doctors possessing these super-microscopes are intensely "regulated" by the federal government, which closely monitors their research. Under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules, patients cannot be shown images or test results from the microscope. Research is also subject to inspection at any time of the day or night, and the FDA charges the targeted researchers $250 each time they show up.

Designer Fungus and Cancer

Dr. Marijah McCain, founder of the Herbal Healer Naturopathic Academy in Mountain View, Arkansas, (, has conducted extensive studies with her $40,000 super-microscope. In one study she discovered and documented a contagious leukemia virus. In another study, testing thirty patients, Dr. McCain found that eighty-three percent had systemic fungus in the blood. Her research also shows a direct link between the presence of fungus in the blood and the spread of cancer.(7) Dr. McCain said, "Every single patient that I have seen that is terminal with cancer has the most incredible fungus overgrowth in the blood stream. Cancer is a slow-moving growth of mutating cells. The (allopathic) doctors will tell you it's fast moving and it's going to kill you very quickly. What can kill you is the fungus because the fungus moves very quickly and it's caused directly by the use of the chemotherapy. I have documented this in every instance."

What Dr. McCain is saying is that fungus/yeast is a plant and the growth of plants is accelerated by some chemicals and by radiation. She has also discovered that many cases of arthritis are not arthritis, but systemic fungus/yeast in the blood that clogs the arteries, causing them to swell. Dr. McCain has been relentlessly hounded by the FDA. There is evidence that FDA activities are covertly directed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) using executives from top-secret contractors like Monsanto Corporation who are appointed to high FDA policy-making positions despite obvious conflict of interest.(8) Dr. McCain has also had numerous attempts on her life. In one case, a high-powered rifle fired through the walls of her home. In another case, an unmarked helicopter sprayed her with poison. (In 1997, an unmarked, white helicopter sprayed me with an unknown substance while hovering about sixty feet above my home in Los Angeles for approximately five minutes.)

Barium Found in Chemtrails

A Mr. Clifford Carnicom has cultured chemtrail spray samples in New Mexico and proven that barium is present.(10) His test procedures and results are posted at Barium suppresses human T-cell production, making the human body very susceptible to infectious agents. Barium also has electromagnetic properties and may be both amplifying and more evenly dispersing pulsed-energy waves first uncovered by a deceased University of Chapel Hill professor, Dr. David Fraser, in 1975. These waves are now most likely blanketing all cities and towns in North America for the purpose of mood and mind control. Carnicom has also confirmed the existence of the pulsed energy in every location he has tested and has created a method by which it can be measured and recorded that is posted on his website,

Pulsed-energy mind-control technology for mass populations was first tested on Medford, Oregon, making it the suicide capital of the nation overnight in the mid-seventies. See my article, "The Secret War Against Medford, Oregon," posted at, under "Other Writings."

The Spider's Web

Carnicom also received two similar spray samples picked up by separate eye witnesses wanting to know what the strange weblike material was. One of the samples was fifty feet long by a half-inch wide. A small portion was sent to a laboratory for detailed analysis, whereupon two PhD's steadfastly maintained that the material was either silk or wool fibers. However, these men abruptly broke off all communication once their conclusion was challenged by simple, ordinary facts.

Human hair ranges from 60 to 100 microns thick. Wool fibers are 15 to 25 microns thick. Asbestos fibers are 2 to 3 microns thick. But the extremely adhesive, weblike fibers were essentially invisible to the human eye, measuring 0.2 to 0.3 microns in diameter. Under microscopic analysis they appeared wavy and of a synthetic nature. "Sufficiently unique to warrant further investigation," said Carnicom.

EPA Says "Drop Dead."

A sample was then sent to Carol M. Browner at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by certified mail.(3) The EPA has since refused to acknowledge possession of the sample and has issued a statement saying they are "unaware" of any program to distribute materials over the population of the United States through the use of aircraft.

Doctors Become Alarmed

Eight doctors have come together to start the Morgellons Research Foundation, a grassroots organization, dedicated to finding the cause of an increasingly prevalent skin disease of unknown origin. Their website,, is a treasure-trove of medical documentation that includes photographs of the microfibers. The disease consists of skin lesions that contain "fiber-like objects as well as clear filament-like objects of unknown origin." "We are attempting to isolate this organism and determine how it is able to cause the intense itching, stinging and disfiguring skin lesions which are the main symptoms of this disease."

At the moment, the doctors say most reports are coming from California, Texas and Florida. "The working hypothesis of this foundation is that an infection with Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) (the bacteria that causes Lyme disease), may alter the individual's immune system and allow this unknown organism to become an opportunistic co-infection."11 So far, ninety-five percent of those afflicted with this skin disease who were tested for Bb have tested positive. The fibers have been analyzed by FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) and are composed of cellulose. A mystery fungus is also thought to play a role in the disease.

Because the symptoms and physical findings are so unusual, most physicians just assume the patient is misinterpreting their condition. Many adults complaining of a hardening or thickening of the skin, hair loss, lymphedema, skin lesions, profound fatigue and joint pain, are receiving a diagnosis of Delusional Parasitosis. The Morgellons doctors added that, "Objects described as granules are often found associated with (the) skin lesions as well. Several people have had lymph nodes surgically removed due to obstruction." You can contact the doctors at or fax them at (760) 457-3441.

The Coming Global Desert?

If in an environment of 30% humidity you have what appears to be a cloud forming, it is logical to allow for the possibility of a foreign material or aerosol that is gathering what little moisture is available into that cloud formation. In this regard, Carnicom has developed a hypothesis that correlates well with the known facts. Since it is impossible for clouds to form under relative humidity conditions below 70% without the introduction of an aerosol of fine particles, then such particles must be present. Logically, these particles should contain nuclei with a water-loving nature, such as salt. Carnicom concludes that barium salts are the answer. When barium carbonate is burned it forms barium oxide. Among other properties it possesses, barium oxide absorbs moisture, absorbs CO2 and induces respiratory distress.

It appears that the chemtrail aerosol is designed to function like a net, capturing moisture in the atmosphere on a planetary level, and then redirecting that moisture into space. Says Carnicom, "There is a case developing that moisture is actually being drawn out of the sky by this material and that the rainfall patterns are being altered."

It seems to work like this: Chemtrail clouds draw moisture and carbon dioxide out of the surrounding air and the atmosphere gets dryer and thinner. As long as the present, they reflect the sun's heat back into space, making the reduction of sun-shielding atmosphere less noticeable. But as soon as the spraying stops over a given region for a number of days, the land and air become extremely dry and overheated. This occurred over Montana, Washington and British Columbia during the summer of 2003, causing massive forest fires. In British Columbia, the Nelson Daily News reported the driest conditions in fifty years. Anyone paying attention to the sky saw heavy spraying throughout the year over these forested regions, but by the end of July all spraying stopped.

The same series of events triggered record temperatures and forest fires in Europe. "We've not seen such an extended period of dry weather and sunny days since records began (in about 1870)," said Michael Knobelsdorf, a meteorologist with the German weather service, referring to Europe as a whole.(13)

This book, "Chemtrails of the World," documents heavy spraying over Europe with numerous color photographs taken during the preceding winter and spring that led up to the scorching summer of 2003.(14) In addition, a severe drought was also experienced in South Central India where I had earlier photographed chemtrail spraying.

If the chemtrails are being sprayed to protect mankind from a thinning atmosphere and the resulting rise in solar heat, why did they stop spraying in some areas during the hottest months of the summer in 2003? And more importantly, why didn't they resume the spraying to help control the widespread forest fires that began the following week in Europe and in North America?

In 1991, a patent for stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming was filed by the Hughes aircraft company. Approximately one year later - just in time for my drive through the desert -- materials were apparently fabricated and a delivery system created with which tests could begin over Utah. The desert environment provided optimal conditions for measuring the capabilities of an atmospheric water-capturing mechanism to induce global climate change. Besides reflecting incoming sunlight, Welsbach materials convert heat trapped by greenhouse gasses near the surface of the earth into far-infrared wavelengths that radiate out into space. Can these far-infrared wavelengths transport moisture into space?

NASA scientists say that even a small change in the earth's delicate cloud balance can either eliminate global warming, or greatly enhance it. Ken Caldera, a physicist with Edward Teller's climate modeling group at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, warned a conference of geophysicists that spraying chemicals to form a solar sunscreen could have the reverse effect and destroy the ozone layer, as well as trigger other devastating consequences.

Referring to Dr. Teller's study and its recommendations for the release of particulates, Carnicom said, "They suggest three locations. First is the stratosphere. The stratosphere is roughly 40 miles above us. The troposphere is the lower level. Planes fly roughly seven miles high. The second (location) is 8,000 miles away from the Earth. And the third location is 400,000 miles away from Earth. Never does he say that it is desirable to introduce these materials into the lower atmosphere. And there is a very sensible, physical reason why you would never do such a thing. And that is that these particulates absorb heat. It is exactly the opposite of what is being claimed by those that use this as an argument, that it is somehow benevolent, that it is somehow helping us. Usually, if something is benevolent for you, you tell people about it. You don't hide it. And therefore the actual physical effect of these particulates is exactly as hundreds of thousands of people are observing, and that is: It's getting hotter."

Today, hundreds of millions of people are suffering from the increasing heat and many are dying. Whether we understand it or not, the facts indicate that the human race. and our entire planet are under attack. Fifteen thousand dead in France, and the assault is just beginning.

Mark Metcalf

See the new wall calendar/picture book, Chemtrails of the World, at


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11. "Lyme disease cases jumped 34% in Wisconsin last year, a near- record level that outpaced the nationwide incidence, which increased 24%. Wisconsin has the seventh highest incidence of the disease. In 1998, the incidence was nearly 13 per 100,000 residents, which still pales alongside the 70 per 100,000 rate in ConnecticutS" - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 13, 1999
12. I asked my attorney, Jonathan Emord - the number one regulatory law specialist in the United States - if I might incur any legal problems with my assertion about the FDA. He responded, "Not at all.We can easily prove that in court."
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16. Clifford Carnicom radio interview, Live on Coast to Coast, May
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Study suggests cancer risk from depleted uranium

James Randerson

May 8, 2007 - The Guardian

Depleted uranium, which is used in armour-piercing ammunition, causes widespread damage to DNA which could lead to lung cancer, according to a study of the metal's effects on human lung cells. The study adds to growing evidence that DU causes health problems on battlefields long after hostilities have ceased.

DU is a byproduct of uranium refinement for nuclear power. It is much less radioactive than other uranium isotopes, and its high density - twice that of lead - makes it useful for armour and armour piercing shells. It has been used in conflicts including Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq and there have been increasing concerns about the health effects of DU dust left on the battlefield. In November, the Ministry of Defence was forced to counteract claims that apparent increases in cancers and birth defects among Iraqis in southern Iraq were due to DU in weapons.

Now researchers at the University of Southern Maine have shown that DU damages DNA in human lung cells. The team, led by John Pierce Wise, exposed cultures of the cells to uranium compounds at different concentrations.

The compounds caused breaks in the chromosomes within cells and stopped them from growing and dividing healthily. "These data suggest that exposure to particulate DU may pose a significant [DNA damage] risk and could possibly result in lung cancer," the team wrote in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology.

Previous studies have shown that uranium miners are at higher risk of lung cancer, but this has often been put down to the fact that miners are also exposed to radon, another cancer-causing chemical.

Prof Wise said it is too early to say whether DU causes lung cancer in people exposed on the battlefield because the disease takes several decades to develop. "Our data suggest that it should be monitored as the potential risk is there," he said. Prof Wise and his team believe that microscopic particles of dust created during the explosion of a DU weapon stay on the battlefield and can be breathed in by soldiers and people returning after the conflict.

Once they are lodged in the lung even low levels of radioactivity would damage DNA in cells close by. "The real question is whether the level of exposure is sufficient to cause health effects. The answer to that question is still unclear," he said, adding that there has as yet been little research on the effects of DU on civilians in combat zones. "Funding for DU studies is very sparse and so defining the disadvantages is hard," he added.


Date: 03 May 2007
From: Carol Brouillet">
Subject: Heroes Rally for Impeachment- VETO Bush/Cheney

Press Release - May 3, 2007
Media Contact- Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance,
Carol Brouillet-650-857-0927,

Heroes Rally and March for Impeachment, for Peace in Palo Alto

VETO Bush and Cheney

Superman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman will rally at 1:00 p.m. at Lytton Plaza in Palo Alto on Wednesday, May 9, 2007 with other heroic citizens to demand the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. During the rally, musician August Bullock will sing "Heroes of America," (, which inspired the theme for this month‚s rally. The march will begin at 2:00 p.m. as the heroes courageously call for impeachment through downtown Palo Alto on their way to Congresswoman Anna Eshoo‚s office at 698 Emerson Street.

The heroes in Palo Alto are not the only ones calling for impeachment. Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced articles of impeachment against Vice President Cheney last week.

Congressman John Murtha mentioned impeachment as an option on CBS's Face the Nation:

"We need to make this president understand, Mr. President, the public has spoken. There's three ways or four ways to influence a president. One is popular opinion, the election, third is impeachment and fourth is the purse." When Bob Schieffer pressed him on whether impeachment was a serious option on the table, Murtha responded, "I'm just saying that's one way to influence a president."

Last Saturday, "the national day of impeachment," in over 125 locations across the country, citizens spelled out "IMPEACH" to get their message across to the public, the press and the Congress. Over 1500 people gathered on Ocean Beach in San Francisco, laying their bodies on the line to spell out "IMPEACH NOW!" and then "PEACE NOW!" This demonstration, which was dramatically visible from the air, was followed by a long parade to Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco mansion where an Impeachment rally was held. Jacob Park, who maintains a website for the impeachment actions at and acted as a national coordinator, was overwhelmed by photos, videos, and reports of actions from around the U.S. as well as other countries, including Italy and Egypt.

Jacob Park and Amilie Coster, who organized the Coney Island "Impeach Beach" event both spoke about their experiences before and after April 28th on Palo Alto organizer Carol Brouillet's internet radio "Impeachment shows." The "We The People Radio Network" (http:// in Austin, Texas hosts Brouillet's weekly program "Questioning War- Organizing Impeachment"(

During the April 30th show, Elizabeth de la Vega, a former federal prosecutor who developed a strong case for impeachment in her book United States v. George W. Bush et al., said that the articles of impeachment against Cheney clearly echoed the case that she laid out in her book, a case of deliberate "fraud" to mislead the nation into war. Anthony St. Martin, who launched the "Pledge to Impeach" campaign in 2006 (, also on the show, described the overwhelming support for impeachment that he found at the grassroots level of the Democratic Party and the resistance he encountered from "the leadership." The "Impeachment Resolution" that was passed at last weekend's Democratic Convention came from the grassroots, according to St. Martin, who plans to continue his organizing efforts to call for a general strike should Congress fail to support Impeachment. St. Martin had his doubts that Congress would heed their constituents about impeachment until they were forced to.

Congresswoman Eshoo has repeatedly rejected calls for impeachment, claiming that removing the President would tear the country apart. Brouillet and other activists intend to remind her that her oath of office requires her to defend the Constitution against all enemies, even when those who threaten the Constitution include the President and Vice President.


Vote in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll

Powell's Chief of Staff Proposes Impeachment


Date: 9 May 2007
From: Steve Bhaerman">

The Self-Impeaching President Now Needs Help From We the People

May 9, 2007

by Steve Bhaerman

It's time to put the Decider through the decider mill.
-- Swami Beyondananda

At the beginning of the year, I wrote an article on the "self-impeaching President" suggesting that George Bush seemed incapable of any flexibility and would inevitably isolate himself beyond right field, deep in foul territory. I also suggested that impeachment was rightly "off the table" as part of a partisan movement, but would be "on the table" when a critical mass of people understood how intractably criminal this Administration was and is.

The formerly uncritical masses are about to reach critical mass as the realization sinks in just how different this regime is from anything America has experienced up until now. In any democratic government anywhere in the world, Gonzales would be "gone." He would have tendered his resignation for the good of the country, the party and the President. But not here, and not now. This Administration plans to barricade itself behind the stonewall. They are challenging the people to bring down the wall, and now it's time to face that challenge.

If we are successful in "overgrowing" this regime through a nonviolent evolution restoring we the people to power, we will stand as an inspiration to the entire world. Indeed, the world will never be the same because we will have the genuine moral authority that comes from leading by example. We might actually be able to coax democracy around the world from the grassroots up instead of trying to enforce mockracy from the top down.

And if we fail to accept this challenge? Well, we might be witness to a miracle in reverse as those four stone statues up on Mt. Rushmore start weeping.

I just received a communiqué from that they are now considering a move for impeachment -- possibly because it's on the table for Democrats. In any case, now is the time to let them know that it's time to cast out the whole cast of rotten apples and put the "Decider" through the decider mill. And remind the Administration, Congress and the lobbyists who think they own our government that according the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, we the people are the "deciders."

Here is the link to MoveOn's online poll. Please respond to the poll, and pass it on far and wide. Here's what I wrote in the little box reserved for comments:

Both Bush and Cheney should be impeached for putting themselves above the law in every case and in every situation. While they have tried to spin their misdoings as "politics as usual," no administration in history has flouted the law as they have. Mr. Bush makes Mr. Nixon look like Mr. Rogers. Impeachment is extreme. And yet it is the only way to deal with an extremist -- and dare we say fascist -- regime. It's important strategically and for the benefit of this country to make sure this is a "transpartisan" movement. Consequently, I have two suggestions. First is to distinguish between Republicans (who still would like their party to survive this egregious administration) and Neocons, the faction who have turned the rule of law into the rule of the lawless. Secondly and equally important, seek out those on the right -- from Bob Barr to Aaron Russo (movie From Freedom to Fascism) to Paul Craig Roberts -- who understand the fascist threat and would be open to this. If we the people move to create a vote of "no confidence" from the grassroots up, we can save the republic. If not, there are no other issues that can.

You can join an entire host of luminaries calling on MoveOn to poll its members on impeachment by clicking here. This is a very important step in helping MoveOn move on toward restoring legitimate government in this country.

Speaking of other voices for impeachment, please familiarize yourselves with those on the right who have spoken out against the abuses of this regime. In addition to those mentioned above they also include Jerry Falwell's associate Rev. Chuck Baldwin. If you care to write these individuals letters of support, it might help to create the "field" necessary for left and right to come front and center to defend the Constitution.

In the light of their incompetence in so many areas, the one place where the current administration has been super-competent is in political strategizing. Meanwhile, progressive groups like MoveOn seem to be in the habit of tactically responding to political assaults, but have shown very little strategic proactivity. Now is the time for that to change. With the President's unpopularity rating now at 72%, and with daily revelations of one politically self-serving outrage after another, one little nudge might spur the tsunami of awakening that could wash away the wall of lies.

There is another reason why now is a good time to gather momentum towards bringing this Administration to justice. As underlings in the Justice Department and elsewhere are getting set to testify -- and some of whom are being given full or partial immunity -- a signal that impeachment is not only on the table, but a growing movement, might be enough to tip the balance.

Two Articles That Move the Upwising Forward

Meanwhile, two articles appeared last week that are worth passing along. The first actually appeared locally in the Bay Area in the Chronicle, and it was a rare contextualization of why we're in Iraq and not likely to leave any time soon. The article was written by Voice of the Environment President Lewis Seller and former California Congressman Dan Hamburg and it's called Why There Was No Exit Plan.

The other article by Naomi Wolf appeared in the U.K.'s Guardian, and it's called Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps. Don't be misled by the title. The article is hardly glib. She makes a factual case for helping us see what is all too painful -- yet necessary -- to see. Apparently, she has a new book coming out this fall called The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot to be published by Chelsea Green.

Please pass these articles along. Every American needs to understand the largely unwritten and unspoken reasons we are in Iraq, and also needs to face how far over the line this Administration has taken us down the road to totalitarianism. The first step to healing any condition is to admit it exists!

For those who wonder whether an awakened citizenry can have any impact, I offer this follow up to an email I sent out last month regarding the FDA regulating supplements and alternative medical treatments. According to a May 3rd email from the Natural Solutions Foundation some 435,000 people signed their petition to the FDA. While the FDA didn't respond directly, Congress did. The Senate passed an amendment 94-0 to clarify that Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) would not be subject to the same regulation as drugs, allaying huge concerns about our rights to alternative treatments and supplements.

The next question is, can we mobilize 435,000 people -- or better yet 20 million -- to safeguard our political health? Please go to these sites, add your signature and then pass it on (along with the two above-mentioned articles) far and wide.

Vote to Impeach Bush

Vote to Impeach Cheney

A final word on impeachment. This action has nothing to do with punishment and vindictiveness, and everything to do with truth, responsibility and healing. It is the first step to "recovery" of our democracy and in honoring the legacy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. For those who feel this regime is hopelessly entrenched and there is nothing we can do about it, I refer you to the documentary made about Enron, The Smartest Guys in the Room. As you watch that film, you will see that the two main criminal perps, Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling keep their "legitimate" act going until the moment the handcuffs are slapped on them. Bush and Cheney will be the same, pretending to be legitimate patriots until the end. It is here that we the people need to hone our discernment and political maturity. There will be a day -- before January, 2009 -- when this Administration will be brought to justice, and be forced to vacate office. On that day, there will be celebration world wide and literally dancing in the streets of America.

On that day, the real work will begin to empower a world that reflects our true human potential.


From :,,2075291,00.html

Global rush to energy crops threatens to bring food shortages and increase poverty, says UN

John Vidal, environment editor

May 9, 2007 - The Guardian

The global rush to switch from oil to energy derived from plants will drive deforestation, push small farmers off the land and lead to serious food shortages and increased poverty unless carefully managed, says the most comprehensive survey yet completed of energy crops.

The United Nations report, compiled by all 30 of the world organisation's agencies, points to crops like palm oil, maize, sugar cane, soya and jatropha. Rich countries want to see these extensively grown for fuel as a way to reduce their own climate changing emissions. Their production could help stabilise the price of oil, open up new markets and lead to higher commodity prices for the poor.

But the UN urges governments to beware their human and environmental impacts, some of which could have irreversible consequences.

The report, which predicts winners and losers, will be studied carefully by the emerging multi-billion dollar a year biofuel industry which wants to provide as much as 25% of the world's energy within 20 years.

Global production of energy crops is doubling every few years, and 17 countries have so far committed themselves to growing the crops on a large scale.

Last year more than a third of the entire US maize crop went to ethanol for fuel, a 48% increase on 2005, and Brazil and China grew the crops on nearly 50m acres of land. The EU has said that 10% of all fuel must come from biofuels by 2020. Biofuels can be used in place of petrol and diesel and can play a part in reducing emissions from transport.

On the positive side, the UN says that the crops have the potential to reduce and stabilise the price of oil, which could be very beneficial to poor countries. But it acknowledges that forests are already being felled to provide the land to grow vast plantations of palm oil trees. Environment groups argue strongly that this is catastrophic for the climate, and potentially devastating for forest animals like orangutans in Indonesia.

The UN warns: "Where crops are grown for energy purposes the use of large scale cropping could lead to significant biodiversity loss, soil erosion, and nutrient leaching. Even varied crops could have negative impacts if they replace wild forests or grasslands."

But the survey's findings are mixed on whether the crops will benefit or penalise poor countries, where most of the crops are expected to be grown in future. One school of thought argues that they will take the best land, which will increase global food prices. This could benefit some farmers but penalise others and also increase the cost of emergency food aid.

"Expanded production [of biofuel crops] adds uncertainty. It could also increase the volatility of food prices with negative food security implications", says the report which was complied by UN-Energy.

"The benefits to farmers are not assured, and may come with increased costs. [Growing biofuel crops] can be especially harmful to farmers who do not own their own land, and to the rural and urban poor who are net buyers of food, as they could suffer from even greater pressure on already limited financial resources.

"At their worst, biofuel programmes can also result in a concentration of ownership that could drive the world's poorest farmers off their land and into deeper poverty," it says.

According to the report, the crops could transform the rural economy of rich and poor countries, attracting major new players and capital, but potentially leading to problems. "Large investments are already signalling the emergence of a new bio-economy, pointing to the possibility that still larger companies will enter the rural economy, putting the squeeze on farmers by controlling the price paid to producers and owning the rest of the value train," it says.

The report also says the crops are not guaranteed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Producing and using biofuels results in some reductions in emissions compared to petroleum fuels, it says, but this is provided there is no clearing of forest or peat that store centuries of carbon.

"More and more people are realising that there are serious environmental and food security issues involved in biofuels. Climate change is the most serious issue, but you cannot fight climate change by large scale deforestation," said Jan van Aken, of Greenpeace International in Amsterdam.

"Bioenergy provides us with an extraordinary opportunity to address climate change, energy security and rural development. [But] investments need to be planned carefully to avoid generating new environmental and social problems," said Achim Steiner, executive director of UN Environment programme yesterday.

Plant power

Biomass energy can be obtained from just about any plant or tree but is most commonly obtained from maize, soya beans, oil palms, sugar cane, sunflower and trees. The carbohydrates in the biomass, which are comprised of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, can be broken down into a variety of chemicals, some of which are useful fuels. At its simplest, plant matter is simply burned but much of the energy is wasted and it can cause pollution. So, the plant is either heated and refined to break down into gases, fermented and turned into grain alcohol or ethanol, or chemically converted to make into biodiesel.



Cancer victims ask: "Is it the phone mast's fault?"

Daniel Foggo and Maurice Chittenden

Margaret Hines-Randle is fighting cancer, but she is not alone in her struggle. In fact most of the people in her road are battling alongside her, since they have the illness too. At the most recent count, 30 of her immediate neighbours were either suffering with cancer or had already died from it.

“We are all in a line, it is quite extraordinary,” said the 64-year-old, who was first diagnosed with breast cancer eight years ago. “It is a very dramatic cluster of cancer. The people in the house behind us and the one at the side have it. Both the people in the first and second bungalows in the road had cancer and died. Now the person who moved in to one of them has breast cancer too.”

Just down the road at St Edward’s Roman Catholic primary school, Pat Ward’s pockets are full of paper tissues, but he doesn’t have a cold. The deputy headmaster uses them to mop up the nosebleeds of his pupils: he finds that their noses haemorrhage with such frequency that a ready supply of tissues is a necessity.

Next door at the Woodlands special school, no fewer than seven of the 30-strong staff have developed tumours in the last few years, including Ward’s 46-year-old wife Sally who teaches there. Two have died. A nearby caretaker has been diagnosed with a prostate tumour at the age of 37. Even the lollipop lady who helped the children to cross the road has died of cancer.

The cause of all this illness in Coleshill is not clear. But many of those living in the affluent Warwickshire town believe much of it can be attributed to a mobile phone mast which looms large over its southern half. The schools, which are adjacent to the 27m-high structure, have stood in its shadow for nearly 15 years.

More worrying perhaps is that although the Coleshill cluster is extraordinary, it is not unique. Tight bunches of cancers and other illnesses have been recorded around masts in other parts of the country, and fears about phone masts generally are widespread.

It is already acknowledged that there is a link between electromagnetic radiation from overhead power cables and childhood leukaemia - something that was also disputed for many years. Campaigners estimate that at any one time in Britain today there are about a thousand active disputes going on over phone masts.

There are already 47,000 masts in position, but the phone companies are putting more up every day and fears over their safety are growing fast.

Eileen O’Connor, a campaigner against mast proliferation and member of the Health Protection Agency’s Electromagnetic Fields Discussion Group, said: “There is simply not enough care being taken with this technology. I have no doubt that we are looking at a major public health problem.”

So are the masts safe? Are the levels of allowed radiation correct, and should ministers and regulators be doing more to protect people?

Last week a reporter from The Sunday Times posing as a homeowner approached the five main mobile phone network providers - O2, 3, T-Mobile and Vodafone - to inquire about the possibility of having a mast installed on his house.

All but Vodafone jumped at the opportunity and said they would pay between £1,000 and £2,500 a year for the privilege. They would even disguise the mast, so as not to annoy the neighbours.

Kevin Hull, a network consultant at O2, said: “We pay higher rents in city centres, lower rents in the countryside based on expected revenue.

“We do follow a code of best practice, which involves community consultation, but we can use a range of solutions to disguise the masts.

“The standard masts tend to blend in with street lighting columns. We also use replica telegraph poles made of glass-fibre and mock cypress trees with leaves.”

Mike Yates, acquisitions manager at Orange, said his company could also help. “It will probably need planning permission, depending on what it is, and the neighbours would know. We have had them on houses as drainpipes but there is a cost element if we have to put stealth covers on them.”

It is this combination of financial reward and stealth that has enabled Britain’s phone companies to put up so many masts so quickly. It also explains why so many local communities are only now waking up to the potential health threat.

There is no doubt among scientists that electromagnetic radiation of the type emitted by phone masts can cause cancer and genetic damage at high intensities. However, the scientific community is divided over what emission levels are safe.

The industry in Britain is subject to guideline limits for emissions, which all its masts fall well within. But some scientists believe the limits have been set far too high. They point to other European cities, notably Salzburg in Austria, which has - on scientific advice - imposed radiation limits that are a fraction of the levels allowed in Britain.

Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection Agency, authored a report in 2000 which said that there was no conclusive evidence of health implications for adults, a view echoed by the World Health Organisation. However, in 2005 he issued a further report, Mobiles Phones and Health, in which he said young children should probably not be exposed to mobile phones. He has also said care should be taken that masts do not direct their strongest beams at schools.

“I can’t believe that for three-to eight-year-olds they can be readily justified,” he said. On phones in general, he added: “Just because there are 50m of them out there, doesn’t mean they are absolutely safe.”

Despite these worries, a BBC survey three years ago found that one in 10 schools were overlooked by a phone mast. According to another survey in London almost every school has a nearby mast.

In the case of both St Edward’s, one of the top primaries in the country, and Woodlands, children and teachers have spent their daily lives being subjected to the output of a suspect mast sited just 40m away.

Two years ago - prompted by reports of people developing cancer - the parents of children attending St Edward’s, together with the school authorities and a group of residents, began pushing for the mast to be removed. They organised surveys of health problems among the schoolchildren, teachers and nearby residents.

“There was a lot of foot-slogging and door-knocking and speaking to people at the school gates, but what we found was shocking,” said Jacqui Slater, one of the organisers.

The results were indeed startling. In addition to the plethora of cancers, over half the children surveyed at St Edward’s suffered headaches and more than a quarter reported regular nosebleeds and nausea. Among the staff at both schools almost all those asked felt fatigued and had sleep problems, with nearly half suffering dizzy spells and humming in their ears.

A survey of 1,300 nearby residents threw up a further surprise. In a single street, Castle Drive, and part of adjacent roads, 31 cases of cancer were found, a total of around one in every second person in the immediate area.

“When I saw the results I felt sick myself,” said Pat Jones, another campaigning resident. “There is big money in mobile phones and yet the operators don’t seem to want to know what is happening to people.”

The raw data was passed to Dr John Walker, a physicist and member of the Electromagnetic Radiation Research Trust who has studied several similar instances of cancer clusters around other mobile phone masts elsewhere in the UK.

“The masts typically throw out microwaves in three directions, and where the beams hit the ground is where you will usually find the cluster of cancers or disease,” he said.

“Coleshill has the largest single cluster I have yet seen, and this may be explained by the fact that Castle Drive is sited at the point where the beams from two masts converge, one of them at the school and another on the other side of the town.

“Residents and teachers are more likely to have health problems because they tend to be exposed to the microwaves for more years than pupils, who eventually leave the school.”

For a while, tensions ran very high among the community. Parent protests were organised, with one day “strikes” in which they kept their children away from school.

For 12 months the campaign intensified. Letters declaring an intent to sue O2 if the medical evidence became stronger in the future were sent to the company, while the diocese sent protest letters too.

Mike O’Brien, the area’s MP, was then asked by the campaigners to help. He approached the operators but deliberately fought shy of leading off with the residents’ health concerns.

“I said to O2 that I wasn’t going to put the case on medical grounds, which they don’t accept are an issue, but on the fact that the school wanted the land on which the mast stands and the fact that it is an old mast and rather ugly and due for replacement,” he said.

His approach, backed up by the strident voices of the campaigners and their extraordinary research, has now resulted in O2 agreeing to tear down their mast. Alternative sites have been found far away from the two schools.

But conflicts over existing and planned masts look set to increase as the rolling out of third-generation (3G) technology, which allows mobile phones internet access, necessitates further antennae across the country.

However, some feel that mutually satisfactory agreements between mobile phone companies and angry residents can be made if they follow the model of Coleshill. O’Brien said: “There is perhaps a precedent here. A lot of the problem stems from residents feeling that something is being done to them that they are unaware of and have no say in.”

However, for Hines-Randle and her neighbours who have already developed tumours, the fight goes on. “I don’t know whether my cancer was caused by the masts,” she said last week. “But it is worth someone looking further into it.”

The march of the mobile masts

- About 60m mobile phones are used in the UK, supported by approximately 47,000 masts, also known as base stations. It is estimated that protests by residents unhappy over their proximity to masts number up to 1,000 at any one time

- Since mobile phones were launched in the 1980s, the market has mushroomed. The licences to operate the latest generation of phones, known as third generation or 3G, were sold by the government for £22.5 billion seven years ago

- The British government has adopted guidelines issued by the International Commission on NonIonizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) which state that base stations should not emit more than 10 watts per square metre of electromagnetic energy, depending on the frequency used. In reality most give out only a minute fraction of this amount

- Some scientists have suggested, however, that ICNIRP’s guidelines should be reduced more than a thousandfold as evidence of links to cancer exist well below its threshold

- Sir William Stewart, chairman of the UK’s Health Protection Agency, has called for more discussion on the issue and urged a “precautionary approach” to the technology. But he does not accept that there are any proven links with ill-health

- The existence of phone masts at and near schools has become particularly controversial. The Mobile Operators Association says that fewer than 2% of masts are sited at schools, but many are positioned nearby instead. One recent survey claimed that every school in London was within a short distance of a mast


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Oprah and Dr. Carlo: Cell Phones and Your Health (May 10, 2007 )
Most of us probably use a cell phone at least once a day, but have you ever stopped to wonder how your phone affects your health? As the number of cell phone users continues to rise, some scientists are examining the effects of the phones on our health and environment. Dr. Oz talks with Dr. George Carlo of the Science and Public Policy Institute about some health problems cell phones may cause. While there are differing opinions about the harmful effects of cell phones, Dr. Carlo says he feels quite strongly that the information-carrying radio waves that cell phones use are causing serious health problems. He says that the waves from cell phones are different from the other waves we encounter in the electromagnetic spectrum because they don't exist anywhere in nature. These waves are interpreted as foreign invaders by our biological tissues, causing the cell membranes to work to protect the cells. When intercellular communication is interrupted, Dr. Carlo says, it can lead to many problems, from learning disabilities to Alzheimer's disease to tumor development. Because there are literally billions of cell phone users today, Dr. Carlo says there is an unprecedented increase in potentially dangerous exposure to information-carrying radio waves. Five years ago, he says he was concerned with the phone itself for its concentration of radio waves, but today, especially in large cities, the background level of those waves is the same concentration that once showed up around the phones. So how can you protect yourself? Dr. Carlo offers the following advice: * Use a headset or speakerphone whenever possible to keep the phone out of direct contact with your body. * Check to see if your phone has any type of noise-field technology, and if so, use it. * Keep your phone usage to a minimum, and turn your phone off when not in use.

Are mobile phone masts killing bees? (7/ 5/2007)
AN investigation has been launched by Bolton Council to discover whether radiation from mobile phone masts is killing the town's honey bees.Some scientists blame them for dwindling bee populations believing that it interferes with their ability to find their way back to their hives. (...) Academics at Landau University in Germany recently discovered that 70 per cent of bees exposed to radiation failed to find their way back to their hive after searching for nectar and pollen.Last week, research carried out at the University of Vienna in Austria also discovered that two-thirds of the bee-keepers surveyed who had a mobile phone mast within 300 metres had experienced "unexplained colony collapse." CLIP

To Bee or not to Bee
Colony Collapse Syndrome (CCS) poses a serious risk to bees as well as to global agriculture. What was not explored in your article [ ] is the fact that CCS is being caused by the globalization of microwave radiation that is utilized by telecommunications. Bees orient themselves to the earth’s electromagnetic fields. This is a reliable, simple and dependable means of orientation and navigation that is not dependent on the variables of light or weather. The ability to navigate tells someone where they are in time and space. This forms the basis for laying down memory tracts and organizing information, the very basis for learning. Bees like humans share a similar mechanism for orientating themselves and remembering. A similar evolutionary mechanism is shared by other life forms. In bees, the compass that they use is called the mushroom gland. It responds to frequencies that are similar to those emitted by cell phones. In essence artificial microwave frequencies jam this mechanism and the bees become disoriented. They cannot figure out where they are. Illness and pesticides would cause a gradual die off and dying bees would be found in the hives. With CCS no bees are found in the hives. Microwave interference is the only plausible means of explaining why this phenomenon is being observed at this time. It also explains why it is occurring simultaneously and on a global basis. As with bees, so the same effect is being observed in humans, note the rise in autism, memory disturbances and related disorders. The global alteration of our environment without regard to the limitations of our biology will have profound effects for all life on this planet. This is a timely and urgent matter that involves everyone.

Bees immune systems damaged (7 May 2007)
Here are another three interesting stories about honey bees dying or vanishing. In the Australian story researchers have dissected bees that have died and they have found that their immune systems have "totally gone to pieces". "It like they just lost their immune system and anything will kill them". For anyone who has looked at the evidence of human cancer cases (and pets) around cell phone antenna and strong sources of electromagnetic radiation, this will not be a surprise. There is evidence of DNA damage, cell damage and changes in blood composition etc. from EMR. I have strong reasons to believe that it was exposure to high levels of EMR that compromised my own immune system, made me ill and caused me to develop prostate cancer. Damage to the human and animal immune systems, by EMR, has been shown by much research. I have little doubt that the immune systems of bees can be damaged by EMR. It is interesting that honey bees in Australia are not being harmed as they are in California. I would place a bet that the environment in California has far higher levels of electro magnetic radiation than found in most of Australia. The second article is about - "Taiwan, the latest country stung by vanishing honey bees". This is interesting because several months ago there was a news story from Taiwan which stated a large number of citizens were suffering from the effects of electro magnetic radiation and many antenna masts were being removed. There has been widespread debate in Taiwan about EMR, and the removal of base stations. The third story is about GM modified foods and their possible influence on bees.

Australian bees in high demand ( 7 May , 2007)
Australian bee exporters are finding they can't send enough Aussie bees to the United States, where local bees are mysteriously disappearing by the hundreds of thousands.Research in the US has found that something is attacking the local bees' immune system, rendering the bees vulnerable to any contagion. Australian bees have been coming to the rescue, trying to make up the numbers to pollinate many of America's crops.But now the new arrivals are also dying, as North America Correspondent Kim Landers reports. CLIP

Give Bees a Chance (May 1, 200)
The disappearance of bee colonies around the world could ravage agriculture -- and it's all our fault.Rumor has it Albert Einstein once declared humanity could only outlive the bee by about four years. His reasoning was simple: "no more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man."Nothing like entomological doomsday scenarios from a classical physicist, right?Nonetheless, it looks like we're poised to find out if the godfather of relativity is right. Bees are disappearing at an alarming rate, particularly in the United States and Germany. CLIP



Video shows executions, life inside North Korea

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Images from video smuggled from North Korea show a public execution and what appears to be a concentration camp housing political prisoners, according to a CNN documentary set to air Sunday night.

In one clip, the residents of a village gather on a hillside to watch the firing-squad execution of a man accused of helping a defector cross into China.

North Korean dissidents shot the video, which they smuggled out of the country through a network of contacts into their communist neighbor to the north.

The North Korean government did not immediately respond to CNN's request for comment on the documentary's allegations.

Human Rights Watch has estimated there are 200,000 political prisoners inside North Korea; Pyongyang denies any camps exist.

North Korea is the last Stalinist regime, a closed one-party state founded on a personality cult, a rogue regime known for repression of its people and a menacing nuclear arms program, a nearly bankrupt nation, where, in the 1990s, the U.S. government says more than 2 million people starved to death during a famine. Kim Jong Il denied the famine even existed.

Sarah McDonald, who produced and directed the documentary, "Undercover in the Secret State," said her crew interviewed a man who had been in a camp shown in the movie.

"What he described, we didn't put it in the film," she said Friday from London, England. "It is so appalling, you just can't imagine. He said that 95 percent of people who go into that prison die in the prison. Their whole motivation is to kill these people, but they won't let them die easily.

"They -- they torture them to death over a very long period of time."

Dissidents used new technology like small digital cameras and cell phones to get the images and to set up their escapes to China and safe house in Bangkok, Thailand, the documentary shows.

In another scene, a man defaces a poster of Kim Jong Il then flees the country with the image. He tells Korean journalist Jung-Eun Kim he wants the world to know of the growing opposition movement within North Korea.

Other images from the film include emaciated children begging and stealing on streets littered with dead bodies and a nearby market selling bags of rice that had been provided by the United Nations for famine relief.

"Some of [the dissidents] are motivated because their families actually starved to death in front of them, and they realized that they just had to go out and seek a way of ensuring that their lives were changing in the future," McDonald said. "Others have actually had a sense of the outside by going into China and realizing that life on the outside is not what it appears."


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Facts on North Korea
One of the world's most secretive nations (...) The Korean People's Army encompasses the army, navy and air force and has 1.08 million active personnel and 4.7 million in reserves.Military expenditures account for 31.3 percent of GDP expenditures, making North Korea --- dollar for dollar --- the world's most militaristic state.Nearly one out of every four citizens serves in some military capacity. North Korea is said to have an extensive chemical weapons program. A report by the Federation of American Scientists says that North Korea has chemical stockpiles of at least 180-250 tons of reserve-weaponized agents.North Korea also reportedly has a biological weapons program based at the National Defense Research Institute and Medical Academy. This program is not as extensive as the chemical weapons program.

Undercover footage reveals child starvation in North Korea (April 6, 2007)
According to "Children of the Secret State," a documentary that focuses specifically on children in North Korea, the reality of life under the regime of Kim Jong Il is vastly different than what the government would have visitors believe. Students had the opportunity to learn more about these discrepancies at a screening of the documentary on Tuesday. Hosted by Awareness of Relations in East Asia (AREA), the event also included an open discussion and brief statements by former Professor of East Asian Studies Yoshiko Samuel and Visiting Assistant Professor of Government Jun Saito.The documentary, by Joe Layburn and the Hardcash team, starts off with video footage made by a North Korean man under the pseudonym Ahn Chol. Chol used a secret camera to record starving, abandoned children in the streets. Delirious and weak with hunger, they do not respond to Chol's questions of "Where are your parents?" and "Where do you live?" If they respond at all, the answer is usually that they have no parents and no home. Chol works under a pseudonym because if the government knew what he was doing, he could become one of North Korea's 200,000 political prisoners and face torture or execution. Both of Chol's parents died of starvation.What follows are images that, according to the documentary, the North Korean government wants the outside world to believe. Layburn and his camerawoman pose as tourists, since foreign journalists are not allowed into the country. As part of their tour, they are treated to large meals, and they view elaborate performances by children that Kim Jong Il "has decided to favor." These skilled, well-fed children contrast starkly with the images of the weak and helpless street kids who are continually shown. The film follows Layburn and his crew as they travel around North Korea. They do not stay in one place too long for fear of revealing their identity as journalists, and they eventually go to China and South Korea to interview refugees. The interviews yield harrowing tales of a totalitarian regime under economic stress. Some speak about children being forced into hostels and given mere spoonfuls of food, dying if they stay and dying if they attempt to escape. Some of the film's most powerful footage concerns one guard relating tales from a prison camp, describing how prisoners would be forced to stone one another. The guard also spoke about how entire families would be sent to camps for crimes they did not know of. One particularly harrowing story described the time he stumbled upon the body of a pregnant woman with maggots crawling out of her stomach and a shovel thrust up her vulva.Another interviewee recounts tales of human flesh for sale, sometimes marketed as pork. This is not the first time Layburn had heard about cannibalism."Again and again refugees speak to me of this," he said in the film.One farmer expresses guilt about being forced by the government to grow opium when he could be growing food."U.S. military officials have estimated North Korea's revenue from illegal drugs is between 500 million and a billion dollars a year," Layburn said.Layburn also explains several of the roadblocks to solutions, such as the fact that refugees found in China are deported back to North Korea. Sending aid to North Korea has its problems too. According to the documentary, North Korea already receives more food than almost any other country. However, some believe that the government is diverting the food aid to other sources such as its military. This has led several organizations backing out of sending food aid. As of the documentary's release, the U.S. had cut fuel aid but continues to give food. CLIP




May 2, 2007 by The San Francisco Chronicle

The Hippies Were Right!

Green homes? Organic food? Nature is good? Time To Give The Ol’ Tie-Dyers Some Respect

by Mark Morford

Go ahead, name your movement. Name something good and positive and pro-environment and eco-friendly that’s happening right now in the newly “greening” America and don’t say more guns in Texas or fewer reproductive choices for women or endless vile unwinnable BushCo wars in the Middle East lasting until roughly 2075 because that would defeat the whole point of this perky little column and destroy its naive tone of happy rose-colored sardonic optimism. OK?

I’m talking about, say, energy-efficient light bulbs. I’m looking at organic foods going mainstream. I mean chemical-free cleaning products widely available at Target and I’m talking saving the whales and protecting the dolphins and I mean yoga studios flourishing in every small town, giant boxes of organic cereal at Costco and non-phthalates dildos at Good Vibes and the Toyota Prius becoming the nation’s oddest status symbol. You know, good things.

Look around: we have entire industries devoted to recycled paper, a new generation of cheap solar-power technology and an Oscar for “An Inconvenient Truth” and even the soulless corporate monsters over at famously heartless joints like Wal-Mart are now claiming that they really, really care about saving the environment because, well, “it’s the right thing to do” (read: It’s purely economic and all about their bottom line because if they don’t start caring they’ll soon be totally screwed on manufacturing and shipping costs at/from all their brutal Chinese sweatshops).

There is but one conclusion you can draw from the astonishing (albeit fitful, bittersweet) pro-environment sea change now happening in the culture and (reluctantly, nervously) in the halls of power in D.C., one thing we must all acknowledge in our wary, jaded, globally warmed universe: The hippies had it right all along. Oh yes they did.

You know it’s true. All this hot enthusiasm for healing the planet and eating whole foods and avoiding chemicals and working with nature and developing the self? Came from the hippies. Alternative health? Hippies. Green cotton? Hippies. Reclaimed wood? Recycling? Humane treatment of animals? Medical pot? Alternative energy? Natural childbirth? Non-GMA seeds? It came from the granola types (who, of course, absorbed much of it from ancient cultures), from the alternative worldviews, from the underground and the sidelines and from far off the goddamn grid and it’s about time the media, the politicians, the culture as a whole sent out a big, wet, hemp-covered apology.

Here’s a suggestion, from one of my more astute ex-hippie readers: Instead of issuing carbon credits so industrial polluters can clear their collective corporate conscience, maybe, to help offset all the savage damage they’ve done to the soul of the planet all these years, these commercial cretins should instead buy some karma credits from the former hippies themselves. You know, from those who’ve been working for the health of the planet, quite thanklessly, for the past 50 years and who have, as a result, built up quite a storehouse of good karma. You think?

Of course, you can easily argue that much of the “authentic” hippie ethos — the anti-corporate ideology, the sexual liberation, the anarchy, the push for civil rights, the experimentation — has been totally leeched out of all these new movements, that corporations have forcibly co-opted and diluted every single technology and humble pro-environment idea and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cone and Odwalla smoothie to make them both palatable and profitable. But does this somehow make the organic oils in that body lotion any more harmful? Verily, it does not.

You might also just as easily claim that much of the nation’s reluctant turn toward environmental health has little to do with the hippies per se, that it’s taking the threat of global meltdown combined with the notion of really, really expensive ski tickets to slap the nation’s incredibly obese ass into gear and force consumers to begin to wake up to the savage gluttony and wastefulness of American culture as everyone starts wondering, oh my God, what’s going to happen to swimming pools and NASCAR and free shipping from Amazon? Of course, without the ’60s groundwork, without all the radical ideas and seeds of change planted nearly five decades ago, what we’d be turning to in our time of need would be a great deal more hopeless indeed.

But if you’re really bitter and shortsighted, you could say the entire hippie movement overall was just incredibly overrated, gets far too much cultural credit for far too little actual impact, was pretty much a giant excuse to slack off and enjoy dirty lazy responsibility-free sex romps and do a ton of drugs and avoid Vietnam and not bathe for a month and name your child Sunflower or Shiva Moon or Chakra Lennon Sapphire Bumblebee. This is what’s called the reactionary simpleton’s view. It blithely ignores history, perspective, the evolution of culture as a whole. You know, just like America.

But, you know, whatever. The proofs are easy enough to trace. The core values and environmental groundwork laid by the ’60s counterculture are still so intact and potent even the stiffest neocon Republican has to acknowledge their extant power. It’s all right there: is the new ’60s underground hippy zine. Ecstasy is the new LSD. Visible tattoos are the new longhairs. And bands as diverse as Pearl Jam to Bright Eyes to NIN to the Dixie Chicks are writing savage anti-Bush, anti-war songs for a new, ultra-jaded generation.

And oh yes, speaking of good ol’ MDMA (Ecstasy), even drug culture is getting some new respect. Staid old Time mag just ran a rather snide little story about the new studies being conducted by Harvard and the National Institute of Mental Health into the astonishing psychospiritual benefits of goodly entheogens such as LSD, psilocybin and MDMA. Unfortunately, the piece basically backhands Timothy Leary and the entire “excessive,” “naive” drug culture of yore in favor of much more “sane” and “careful” scientific analysis happening now, as if the only valid methods for attaining knowledge and an understanding of spirit were through control groups and clinical, mysticism-free examination. Please.

Still, the fact that serious scientific research into entheogens is being conducted even in the face of the most anti-science, pro-pharmaceutical, ultra-conservative presidential regime in recent history is proof enough that all the hoary old hippie mantras about expanding the mind and touching God through drugs were onto something after all (yes, duh). Tim Leary is probably smiling wildly right now — though that might be due to all the mushrooms he’s been sharing with Kerouac and Einstein and Mary Magdalene. Mmm, heaven.

Of course, true hippie values mean you’re not really supposed to care about or attach to any of this, you don’t give a damn for the hollow ego stroke of being right all along, for slapping the culture upside the head and saying, See? Do you see? It was never about the long hair and the folk music and Woodstock and taking so much acid you see Jesus and Shiva and Buddha tongue kissing in a hammock on the Dog Star, nimrods.

It was, always and forever, about connectedness. It was about how we are all in this together. It was about resisting the status quo and fighting tyrannical corporate/political power and it was about opening your consciousness and seeing new possibilities of how we can all live with something resembling actual respect for the planet, for alternative cultures, for each other. You know, all that typical hippie crap no one believes in anymore. Right?




Circle of Light Community Network
"Live your heartsong people"

The Rainbow Family of Living Light, sometimes known as the "Rainbow Tribe", is an international loose affiliation of individuals who have a common goal of trying to achieve peace and love on Earth. Those who participate in, or sympathize with, the activities of this group sometimes refer to their group simply as the "Family". The words: Rainbow Family in the longer title are a reference to the group's inclusiveness of all colors or races. The use of the phrase: Living Light in the longer title is a reference to "living lightly", or living with little mass or impact on the environment. Rainbow family participants make the claim that their group is the "largest non-organization of non-members in the world". In addition to referring to itself as a non-organization, the group's "non-members" also even playfully call the group a "disorganization". There are no official leaders, no structure, no official spokespersons, and no membership. Instead, the Rainbow Family forms community through shared "traditions" of love for the Earth, and gatherings to pray for peace. It is maintained by councils consisting of any "non-member" who wishes to be part of the council.

The rainbow family of living light is said to be made up of tribes and families and people from all walks coming home together as one human family gathering together on the land. A rainbow gathering is different for every one. You may find people actively creating positive community with one another, learning and teaching ways we can live in harmony with nature, our mother earth, and each other. And celebrating life together. There is no formal organization or leadership. It is felt by many to be contrary to the spirit of the gatherings. It is said that any one with a belly button may consider themselves part of the rainbow family, and that even a belly button is not really needed. We are welcome home as one family.

There have been gatherings called Rainbow Gatherings since at least 1972, and there has been at least one large gathering of the tribes every year in the US on public land around the 4th of July since then. Many gather then to pray for peace and healing in the world. There are also gatherings in many parts of the world, in different countries and continents, and even world gatherings. There are many local and regional gatherings throughout the year. Some are timed with solstice or equinox or other special times and seasons. It may be that there have been gatherings before or since the "first" rainbow gathering in 1972 that may not have called themselves rainbow gatherings but were of the same spirit.

The gatherings are called rainbow because they are for all the peoples of the earth, from many families, tribes, and nations. Some say that the Hopi people native to North America tell a vision of a time when mother earth, the land, air, waters, and creatures of all kinds were sick with poisons and ill treatment by people, the children of the white races, or more specifically the people who lived the cultures of those who displaced the native peoples of the Americas - not just Caucasians) would grow their hair long, wear beads, and come together with the children of all the nations to heal the earth.

Intentional community, respect for indigenous peoples and culture, ecology, and spirituality are common themes with peoples of the rainbow.

Rainbow Gatherings have always celebrated freedom of choice, encourage diversity and have helped inform generations of people about various cultural ideologies and Spiritual beliefs. Over the years these inclusive and freeform gatherings have spawned several and various same type gatherings to include what might be termed "Alternative Rainbow Gatherings". While many of these newer Rainbow Gatherings are still in their infancy, they do share much of the same Spirit, energy and sense of communal reverence. Alternative Rainbow Gatherings may have had their start early on, subsequent gatherings beyond the original invitation in 1972 might well be viewed as alternatives manifested to recreate the love shared at the first gathering, certainly there where many people who wanted the gatherings to continue. While all Rainbow Gatherings share some traditions, it is only proper that different "tribes" celebrate these blessings in different manners. Not all Rainbow Gatherings have the same focuses nor do all gatherings enjoy the same focalizers. It is in this celebration of diversity that in 2003 the "A Gathering of the Tribes" was consent to on the land by individuals who wanted to preserve and continue certain aspects and traditions of the rainbow.

Much more through

Check also


Forwarded by Lucia Gillot (

From: American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (
Subject: Sheldon wild horses to be rounded up - AGAIN
Date: 03 May 2007

Many of you still remember last year's disastrous round-up from the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada, during which foals were trampled or left behind to die. Determined to make good on its plan to eradicate wild horses from the Refuge, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) is planning yet another round-up this year.

The stated reason for the removal is to enhance the populations of pronghorn antelope and sage grouse, two species that bring in revenue from hunting permits. FWS? long-term plan is to leave as few as 75 horses (down from 1,500) on the Refuge's half a million acres, or less than one horse per 6,500 acres! This target number is based on 30-year old data gathered at a time when livestock grazing was prevalent on the Refuge, and despite a 1980 Environmental Impact Statement that had determined that forage allocations could easily support a herd of 400-600 wild horses and 60-100 burros with no threat to wildlife.

Last year, FWS only allowed ?mass adoptions? of the captured horses, paying three adopting agents $300 per horse (our tax-dollars!) to take them by the truckload. Just this past winter, several Sheldon horses had to be seized from their adopters by the Canadian police due to neglect. As Canada is a horse-slaughter hub, the mere fact that these horses were allowed to be sent across the border in the first place is cause for grave concern.

Please write the Fish & Wildlife Service to protest this plan and such a gross misuse of our tax-dollars. If you live locally, please also attend the meeting to be held this Saturday, May 5, at 7:00 pm in the Daly Middle School Auditorium, 220 South H Street, Lakeview, Oregon 97630. A strong show of public support is critical.

Specifically, the following issues should be raised:

- These horses have historical and cultural significance to the American public and should be preserved in genetically viable herds.

- The argument that the horses are non-native is not only inaccurate, but also disingenuous, given that FWS manages for pheasants and chukers, two truly non-native species.

- If any capture is to take place, it should be done on horseback. Limits need to be set on distances over which horses may be chased. To avoid a repeat of last year?s carnage, no capture should take place at any time during foaling season.

- Accountability and penalties must be established for round-up contractors and adoption agents who violate humane handling procedures and slaughter sales.

Please send your comments before May 17 to, or write U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, P.O. Box 111, Lakeview, OR 97630. Make sure you reference the "Environmental Assessment for Horse and Burro Management at Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge", and include your name and address.

Please also write your Members of Congress to denounce the Fish & Wildlife Service plan for wild horses on the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge. Visit and enter your zip code to locate your US Representative and two US Senators.

A copy of the draft Environmental Assessment can be found here:

For a report on last year's disastrous round-up, visit (Caution: graphic content) Please note that, despite overwhelming evidence, including incriminating veterinary reports and eye-witnesses, Sheldon officials have repeatedly attempted to discredit this report, systematically misinforming the very public they are supposed to serve.

On behalf of the horses, thank you for your support.

The AWHPC Team
American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign


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