February 21, 2006

The Writing on the Wall Series #48: Vital Knowledge - LOTS of it!

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Once again, after many long hours of reading recent emails and various web-posted material, I've compiled for you a review of what seems to me both essential to know and important to network.

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"The weekend before the 9/11 WTC demolition, all power was shut down to install "computer cables." No one was allowed inside and all security cameras and alarms had no power for 30 hours. Computer cables don't connect with building electricity, so the need to turn off and close both towers to do so is indicative of another motive, like planting charges without alarms and video surveillance. Marvin Bush, brother to President George and Jeb, was a principal in Securacom, which was in charge of security for the World Trade Center. Didn't hear that on the TV news, did you?"
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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"The caribou love it. They rub against it and they have babies. There are more caribou in Alaska than you can shake a stick at."

— George Bush, on the Alaska pipeline

Worthy of Your Attention

The Journey of Genuine Love

Action Page

Pentagon Strike Flash Animation

Ironic Times

All sorts of recent and diverse spiritual channelings (mostly!)

Women say No to War!
This is your opportunity to unite with international women everywhere and contribute towards the end of the illegal war in Iraq. Go to to sign the call now! Our call will be delivered to the White House on March 8, 2006. Please celebrate International Women's Day on this date by joining us and visiting the following page for action/event ideas: - Recommended by "Maggie Erotokritou"

Oil Palm Threatens Indonesia's Rainforests and Orangutans
Chinese funded development a ploy to access rainforest timbers, will devastate Borneo's biodiversity and largest remaining wild orangutan population --  
Indonesia plans to cut a 2,000 kilometer long, five kilometer wide swathe through one of the world's largest remaining areas of pristine rainforest to create a massive oil palm plantation. The project would destroy two million hectares of ancient rainforest in Kalimantan, traversing almost the entire border with Malaysia, and slicing through three national parks. These remote rainforests on the island of Borneo are home to countless species of rare birds, plants and mammals including the largest remaining wild orangutan population. This Chinese-funded "agricultural development" is almost certainly a thinly veiled ruse to access timber. Indonesia has huge land areas of abandoned, unproductive palm oil plantations and degraded forest areas that would be suitable for oil palm development. Palm oil plantations - which completely clear the rainforests and are biologically depauperate - are the number one enemy of orangutans. Orangutans need vast areas of interconnected forest to survive, and this ill-conceived project would speed up their extinction. Let the Indonesian President know he must cancel the Kalimantan project, and that new oil palm plantations should be built only in previously cleared and unused areas. Note your protest emails are going to nine addresses, please inform us if some start to bounce. Please take action now at
More details at
Recommended by "Mark Graffis"

Life as Awakening
In this essay we'll examine how the ordinary mental state of most humans is literally a form of dreaming while asleep. We'll discover precisely what this involves, how humans arrive at this state, and--most important--how we can escape from this delusory dream state and ascend to a higher mode of consciousness. By "ordinary consciousness," we mean the usual state of awareness, including the associated mental and emotional elements. If we ask the average person why he believes his ordinary consciousness is veridical, he'll say that it puts him in touch with reality in a way that "works" for him. "My usual way of thinking enables me to deal with objects, persons, and events in a manner that leads to successful outcomes. Since it 'works' for me why would I even consider the silly idea that I'm living in an illusory world or a dream state? I'm free from any such absurd restriction." The difficulty is that the ordinary person isn't able--or willing--to acknowledge when his habitual consciousness (the dream state) leads him astray; when his view of the world causes him to mistake a dictatorial police state for a democracy, a mindless tyrant for a "fearless leader," and a pre-emptive, unjustified war for a struggle against terrorism and the spreading of democracy. CLIP - Amazing essay and pictures! Recommended by Arthur Bond

Help protect Wyoming's Red Desert wildlands
The Bush administration wants to turn the expansive ranges and prime wildlife habitats on the eastern edge of Wyoming's Red Desert into a dense industrial web of oil and gas wells. Go to the URL above and tell the Bush administration to protect the extraordinary natural, recreational and cultural values of the Red Desert's Atlantic Rim region from massive oil and gas development. The Atlantic Rim provides crucial winter range for elk and mule deer, as well as irreplaceable nesting grounds for sage grouse, hawks and eagles. Yet the administration's preferred development plan -- which calls for constructing 2,000 wells at double the usual density and 1,000 miles of new roads -- would despoil the critical wildlife habitats and pollute the clear streams of this storied landscape. Little of the native wildlife in this quarter-million-acre stretch of the Red Desert would be able to survive over the long term.


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Who Will Blow the Whistle Before We Attack Iran?
With no perceptible demurral from inside the government, George W. Bush launched a war of aggression, defined by the Nuremberg Tribunal as "the supreme international crime." If this doesn't qualify for whistle blowing, what does? Let us hope that administration officials, or analysts — or both — will find the courage to speak out loudly, and early enough to prevent the "disconnected-from-reality" cabal in the Bush administration from getting us into an unnecessary war with Iran, writes Ray McGovern.

WWIII or Bust: Implications of a US Attack on Iran
Witnessing the Bush administration's drive for an attack on Iran is like being a passenger in a car with a raving drunk at the wheel, according to Heather Wokusch.

Silence the War Drums (Feb 16, 2006)
Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong opposition to this very dangerous legislation. My colleagues would do well to understand that this legislation is leading us toward war against Iran. Those reading this bill may find themselves feeling a sense of déjà vu. In many cases one can just substitute "Iraq" for "Iran" in this bill and we could be back in the pre-2003 run up to war with Iraq. And the logic of this current push for war is much the same as was the logic used in the argument for war on Iraq. As earlier with Iraq, this resolution demands that Iran perform the impossible task of proving a negative – in this case that Iran does not have plans to build a nuclear weapon. (...) Resolved clause four of this legislation is the most inflammatory and objectionable part of the legislation. It lowers the bar to initiating war on Iran. This clause anticipates that the US may not be successful in getting the Security Council to pass a Resolution because of the potential of a Russian or Chinese veto, so it "calls upon" Russia and China to "take action" in response to "any report" of "Iran's noncompliance. That is right: any report. Mr. Speaker, this resolution is a drumbeat for war with Iran. Its logic is faulty, its premises are flawed, and its conclusions are dangerous. I urge my colleagues to stop for a moment and ponder the wisdom of starting yet another war in the Middle East.

Bush Plans Huge Propaganda Campaign in Iran
The Bush administration made an emergency request to Congress yesterday for a seven-fold increase in funding to mount the biggest-ever propaganda campaign against the Tehran government, in a further sign of the worsening crisis between Iran and the West.

US and Israelis Are Said to Talk of Hamas Ouster
The United States and Israel are discussing ways to destabilize the Palestinian government so that newly elected Hamas officials will fail and elections will be called again, according to Israeli officials and Western diplomats.

Israeli Cabinet OKs Economic Sanctions
The Israeli Cabinet on Sunday approved a halt in monthly transfers of tens of millions of dollars to the Palestinians, in the first response to Hamas taking control of the Palestinian parliament.

Don't Punish the Palestinians
Jimmy Carter: "It would not violate any political principles to at least give the Palestinians their own money; let humanitarian assistance continue through UN and private agencies; encourage Russia, Egypt and other nations to exert maximum influence on Hamas to moderate its negative policies; and support President Abbas in his efforts to ease tension, avoid violence and explore steps toward a lasting peace."

U.S. and Israelis Are Said to Talk of Hamas Ouster (Feb 13)
JERUSALEM - The United States and Israel are discussing ways to destabilize the Palestinian government so that newly elected Hamas officials will fail and elections will be called again, according to Israeli officials and Western diplomats. The intention is to starve the Palestinian Authority of money and international connections to the point where, some months from now, its president, Mahmoud Abbas, is compelled to call a new election. The hope is that Palestinians will be so unhappy with life under Hamas that they will return to office a reformed and chastened Fatah movement. The officials also argue that a close look at the election results shows that Hamas won a smaller mandate than previously understood. The officials and diplomats, who said this approach was being discussed at the highest levels of the State Department and the Israeli government, spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak publicly on the issue. They say Hamas will be given a choice: recognize Israel's right to exist, forswear violence and accept previous Palestinian-Israeli agreements — as called for by the United Nations and the West — or face isolation and collapse. CLIP

The Hamas Victory: Another Side to the Story
Lost amidst the predictably negative reaction to the victory by Hamas in the Palestinian parliamentary elections is the crucial role that the U.S. government had in bringing the radical Islamist group to power. Both Congress and the Bush administration are on record insisting that Hamas' virulent anti-Israel stance and the history of terrorist activities by its armed wing, the Al Qassam Brigades, gives Israel the right to refuse to engage or negotiate with the Palestinians. However, Israel had already suspended peace talks nearly five years ago without apparent objections from U.S. officials. A majority of Israelis, according to public opinion polls, had supported a resumption of negotiations with the Palestinian Authority under its outgoing secular government, but the administration and Congress continued to back the right-wing Israeli government's refusal to talk with its Palestinian counterparts on the implementation of the Road Map, a formula backed by the "Quartet" consisting of the United States, Russia, the European Union, and the United Nations. Following the 2004 decision of the Bush administration and a huge bipartisan congressional majority to throw its weight behind Prime Minister Sharon's unilateral disengagement strategy in lieu of a negotiated withdrawal, many Palestinians saw the departure of Israeli colonists from the Gaza Strip as a result of Hamas' armed resistance, thereby giving them even less faith in a U.S.-led peace process. CLIP

Where's the Oversight?
The untold tale of the latest Pentagon budget is the wastage and overpricing that continue to lard it up to the tune of perhaps $100 billion — with Congress scarcely paying attention remarks Michael Hirsh. CLIP

Iraq and the Problem of Terrorism
Last year, 5,736 Iraqis died and 845 U.S. soldiers died in the Iraq War, many at the hands of the estimated 2,000 foreign terrorist fighters based in the U.S.-occupied country. If this conflict is part of a larger war on terrorism as President George W. Bush claims, it's clear the U.S. is losing the so-called "global war on terror." Prior to the March 2003 invasion by the United States, Iraq was not a hotbed of terrorism. It's true that Saddam Hussein was connected to terrorism by his payments to families of Palestinian suicide bombers. But this act of bravado was meant to boost his image in the Arab world. As horrific as that support was, the continued attacks in the years since Saddam was toppled illustrate that payment to families was not the main fuel for continued attacks on Israel. It merely fed an image that helped to distract from Saddam's misdeeds. Today Iraq is entirely transformed. The country lacks both safety and security and suffers from daily kidnappings, frequent car bombings, and other violent attacks. And with porous borders and poor intelligence gathering U.S. efforts to truly secure Iraq have fairly come in to question. In 2005 there were 841 car bombs and an average of 70 attacks per day on U.S. forces. CLIP

UK radiation jump blamed on Iraq shells (February 19, 2006),,2087-2047373,00.html
RADIATION detectors in Britain recorded a fourfold increase in uranium levels in the atmosphere after the “shock and awe” bombing campaign against Iraq, according to a report. Environmental scientists who uncovered the figures through freedom of information laws say it is evidence that depleted uranium from the shells was carried by wind currents to Britain.(...) The “shock and awe” campaign was one of the most devastating assaults in modern warfare. In the first 24-hour period more than 1,500 bombs and missiles were dropped on Baghdad. During the conflict A10 “tankbuster” planes — which use munitions containing depleted uranium — fired 300,000 rounds. The substance — dubbed a “silver bullet” because of its ability to pierce heavy tank armour — is controversial because of its potential effect on human health. Critics say it is chemically toxic and can cause cancer, and Iraqi doctors reported a marked rise in cancer cases after it was used in the first Gulf conflict. (...) Busby’s report shows that within nine days of the start of the Iraq war on March 19, 2003, higher levels of uranium were picked up on five sites in Berkshire. On two occasions, levels exceeded the threshold at which the Environment Agency must be informed, though within safety limits. The report says weather conditions over the war period showed a consistent flow of air from Iraq northwards. CLIP

The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse (Jan 15, 2006)
Abstract: the proposed Iranian Oil Bourse will accelerate the fall of the American Empire. (...) The Iranian government has finally developed the ultimate "nuclear" weapon that can swiftly destroy the financial system underpinning the American Empire. That weapon is the Iranian Oil Bourse slated to open in March 2006. It will be based on a euro-oil-trading mechanism that naturally implies payment for oil in Euro. In economic terms, this represents a much greater threat to the hegemony of the dollar than Saddam's, because it will allow anyone willing either to buy or to sell oil for Euro to transact on the exchange, thus circumventing the U.S. dollar altogether. If so, then it is likely that almost everyone will eagerly adopt this euro oil system: The Europeans will not have to buy and hold dollars in order to secure their payment for oil, but would instead pay with their own currencies. The adoption of the euro for oil transactions will provide the European currency with a reserve status that will benefit the European at the expense of the Americans. * The Chinese and the Japanese will be especially eager to adopt the new exchange, because it will allow them to drastically lower their enormous dollar reserves and diversify with Euros, thus protecting themselves against the depreciation of the dollar. One portion of their dollars they will still want to hold onto; a second portion of their dollar holdings they may decide to dump outright; a third portion of their dollars they will decide to use up for future payments without replenishing those dollar holdings, but building up instead their euro reserves. * The Russians have inherent economic interest in adopting the Euro - the bulk of their trade is with European countries, with oil-exporting countries, with China, and with Japan. Adoption of the Euro will immediately take care of the first two blocs, and will over time facilitate trade with China and Japan. Also, the Russians seemingly detest holding depreciating dollars, for they have recently found a new religion with gold. Russians have also revived their nationalism, and if embracing the Euro will stab the Americans, they will gladly do it and smugly watch the Americans bleed. * The Arab oil-exporting countries will eagerly adopt the Euro as a means of diversifying against rising mountains of depreciating dollars. Just like the Russians, their trade is mostly with European countries, and therefore will prefer the European currency both for its stability and for avoiding currency risk, not to mention their jihad against the Infidel Enemy. CLIP

Syria switches to euro amid confrontation with US (Feb 13)
DAMASCUS (Reuters) - Syria has switched all of the state's foreign currency transactions to euros from dollars amid a political confrontation with the United States, the head of state-owned Commercial Bank of Syria said on Monday. "This is a precaution. We are talking about billions of dollars," Duraid Durgham told Reuters. The bank, which still dominates the Syrian market although private banks have been allowed to set up in the last few years, has also stopped dealing with dollars in the international foreign exchange flows of private clients. The United States has been at the forefront of international pressure on Syria for its alleged role in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri a year ago. Damascus denies involvement in the killing. "It looks like a kind of pre-emptive action aimed at making their foreign assets safer, preventing them from getting frozen in case of any conflict," said a Middle East economist who requested anonymity.

THE END OF DOLLAR HEGEMONY By Ron Paul (15 February 2006)
A hundred years ago it was called "dollar diplomacy." After World War II, and especially after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, that policy evolved into "dollar hegemony." But after all these many years of great success, our dollar dominance is coming to an end. The artificial demand for our dollar, along with our military might, places us in the unique position to "rule" the world without productive work or savings, and without limits on consumer spending or deficits. The problem is, it can't last. (...) Price inflation is raising its ugly head, and the NASDAQ bubble-- generated by easy money-- has burst. The housing bubble likewise created is deflating. Gold prices have doubled, and federal spending is out of sight with zero political will to rein it in. The trade deficit last year was over $728 billion. A $2 trillion war is raging, and plans are being laid to expand the war into Iran and possibly Syria. The only restraining force will be the world's rejection of the dollar. It's bound to come and create conditions worse than 1979-1980, which required 21% interest rates to correct. But everything possible will be done to protect the dollar in the meantime. We have a shared interest with those who hold our dollars to keep the whole charade going.Greenspan, in his first speech after leaving the Fed, said that gold prices were up because of concern about terrorism, and not because of monetary concerns or because he created too many dollars during his tenure. Gold has to be discredited and the dollar propped up. Even when the dollar comes under serious attack by market forces, the central banks and the IMF surely will do everything conceivable to soak up the dollars in hope of restoring stability. Eventually they will fail. Most importantly, the dollar/oil relationship has to be maintained to keep the dollar as a preeminent currency. Any attack on this relationship will be forcefully challenged-as it already has been. (...) Once again Congress has bought into the war propaganda against Iran, just as it did against Iraq. Arguments are now made for attacking Iran economically, and militarily if necessary. These arguments are all based on the same false reasons given for the ill-fated and costly occupation of Iraq.Our whole economic system depends on continuing the current monetary arrangement, which means recycling the dollar is crucial. Currently, we borrow over $700 billion every year from our gracious benefactors, who work hard and take our paper for their goods. Then we borrow all the money we need to secure the empire (DOD budget $450 billion) plus more. The military might we enjoy becomes the "backing" of our currency. There are no other countries that can challenge our military superiority, and therefore they have little choice but to accept the dollars we declare are today's "gold." This is why countries that challenge the system-- like Iraq, Iran and Venezuela-- become targets of our plans for regime change. CLIP

Searching for a New Direction (January 18, 2006)
(...) During this administration the dollar has suffered severely as a consequence of the policy of inflating the currency to pay our bills. The dollar price of gold has more than doubled ($252 to $560 per ounce, a 122 % increase). This means the dollar has depreciated in terms of gold, the time-honored and reliable measurement of a nation’s currency, by an astounding 55%. The long-term economic health of the nation is measured by the soundness of its currency. Once Rome converted from a republic to an empire, she depreciated her currency to pay the bills. This eventually led to Rome’s downfall. That is exactly what America is facing unless we change our ways. (...) A free nation, as it moves toward authoritarianism, tolerates and hides a lot of abuse in the system. The human impulse for wealth creation is hard to destroy. But in the end it will happen here, if true reform of our economic, monetary, and political system is not accomplished. Whether government programs are promoted for “good” causes (helping the poor), or bad causes (permitting a military-industrial complex to capitalize on war profits), the principles of the market are undermined. Eventually nearly everyone becomes dependent on the system of deficits, borrowing, printing press money, and the special interest budget process that distributes loot by majority vote. Today, most business interests and the poor are dependent on government handouts. Education and medical care is almost completely controlled and regulated by an overpowering central government. We have come to accept our role as world policemen and nation builder with little question, despite the bad results and an inability to pay the bills. The question is, what will it take to bring about the changes in policy needed to reverse this dangerous trend? The answer is: quite a lot. And unfortunately it’s not on the horizon. It probably won’t come until there is a rejection of the dollar as the safest and strongest world currency, and a return to commodity money like gold and silver to restore confidence. CLIP - Recommended by Phyllis Montague

Chavez Threatens to Cut Off Oil to US If It Goes Too Far (February 18, 2006)
Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has warned he was taking potential steps to cut off oil shipments to the United States, in the event Washington goes too far campaigning against his elected leftist rule. "The US government must know that if it crosses the line, it won't be getting Venezuelan oil," the leftist leader cautioned late Friday, repeating threats he has made in his long, simmering dispute with the United States. Chavez, who did not clarify how Washington might incur such a sanction, apparently was reacting to Thursday's call by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for an international "united front" against Venezuela. (...) The only OPEC member in Latin America, Venezuela currently produces some 3.2 million barrels of oil per day and the United States is its top buyer.US-Venezuelan relations have gone downhill since Chavez was elected seven years ago. He frequently accuses Washington of plotting against him, and has charged it backed an aborted coup in 2002.Relations hit a new low earlier this month when Caracas expelled a US naval attache on espionage charges, prompting Washington to retaliate by kicking a Venezuelan diplomat out of the United States.While Washington often derides Chavez for excessive and provocative rhetoric, the Americans have kept up their end of the war of words. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld earlier this month likened Chavez's rise to power to that of Germany's Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Despite the war of words, Venezuela remains the fourth-largest supplier of crude oil to its northern neighbor, selling it about 1.5 million barrels daily and, through Citgo, has three refineries and close to 14,000 gas (petrol) stations in the United States.

While the mainstream media sleeps: Iran/Venezuela declares economic war on the U.S. (February 15, 2006)
During a recent visit to Caracas, Venezuela, Iranian parliamentary speaker Gholam Ali Hadad Adel said U.S. opposition to Iran's nuclear program was "only a pretext." "They are worried that we want to be independent," Hadad Adel said through an interpreter.[1] Adel was kind to use the word “pretext”. A more direct statement by Adel would have been to say that U.S. opposition to Iran’s nuclear program is more of the same hardliner propaganda coming out of the Bush Administration, meant to drum up public support for additional Bush Administration sponsored, pre-emptive strikes against nations that dare to abandon the U.S. dollar in favor of the euro or any other foreign currency. Why else would Adel say that the U.S. opposition to Iran’s nuclear program was “only a pretext” if he didn’t possess full knowledge of what he believed to be the real reason why the Bush Administration and its supporters in the U.S. Congress have suddenly gotten themselves all hot and bothered over a nuclear program that has been in play for decades and is by many accounts, at least ten more years away from being able to produce even a single nuclear weapon? What did Adel mean when he said that “they are worried that we want to be independent” when Iran is already an independent country? No foreign army is presently occupying Iran. It holds elections. In 2000, the U.S. applauded when the Iranian people elected reformists to the Iranian Parliament. In 2004, the Bush Administration, the spread democracy by spraying bullets administration, frowned when those same Iranian voters elected the resurgent conservatives into power once again. The point here is that Iran is already independent by all accounts, so what did Adel mean when he said that the Bush Administration and its NEO-CON supporters are worried that Iran wants to be independent? When mining alternative media sources (the mainstream media in the United States is not and will not report this information) to catch a glimpse of what Iran is attempting to become independent of, the only plausible explanation to be uncovered suggests that Iran wants to become independent of the U.S. dollar. It is of great importance to understand that only those countries that are adversarial to the U.S. dollar have earned the scorn of Bush’s Global, Big Brother Machine. CLIP

Here's how the Neocons hoodwinked and swindled the world
"Oil can be bought from OPEC only if you have dollars. Non-oil producing countries, such as most underdeveloped countries and Japan, first have to sell their goods to earn dollars with which they can purchase oil. If they cannot earn enough dollars, then they have to borrow dollars from the WB/IMF, which have to be paid back, with interest, in dollars. This creates a great demand for dollars outside the U.S. In contrast, the U.S. only has to print dollar bills in exchange for goods. Even for its own oil imports, the U.S. can print dollar bills without exporting or selling its goods. For instance, in 2003 the current U.S. account deficit and external debt has been running at more than $500 billion. Put in simple terms, the U.S. will receive $500 billion more in goods and services from other countries than it will provide them. The imported goods are paid by printing dollar bills, i.e., "fiat" dollars."Here's the Neocons worst nightmare: China has more than $800 billion reserved in a giant stack of basically green, ink-smeared paper. When Iran starts selling its oil in euros, why wouldn't China just go ahead and convert that stack of paper to euros and use real money to buy oil instead? In January 2002, Canada unloaded nearly 20% of its gold stocks in exchange for euros, thereby bringing its euro holdings to the equivalent of about US$14 billion. That's about 42 percent of the total US$33 billion in foreign deposits and securities held by the government. Just 2 years previous, euros accounted for the equivalent of about US$7 billion of Canada's reserves, only 23 percent of the total. The gold sale reduced Canada's U.S. dollar share to 55 percent from 75 percent. Under Hugo Chavez, Venezuela is brokering barter deals for trading oil with 12 Latin American countries thereby cutting out the USA cut. At the OPEC summit in September 2000, Chavez delivered the report of the "International Seminar on the Future of Energy." One of its key recommendations was that "OPEC take advantage of high-tech electronic barter and bi-lateral exchanges of its oil with its developing country customers." That would be the end of dollar hegemony over OPEC oil transactions. The War Resisters League calculates that the cost of the US military runs about $643 billion annually. This obscene military expenditure, which supercedes the total of all other combined global military expenditures, is responsible for 80% of the American debt. When the world stops propping up the debt-ridden USA dollar, that will end the Neocon global domination project and the world's worst terrorist menace. (...) In this horrific context, it's not too difficult to understand why the Bush Neocon cabal is preparing to risk all to go on a global oil- stealing spree, and to attack Iran, perhaps even with nukes. It's also easy to understand the cringing wimp-ass non-response of the Democrats. There's no way America can win, and America's got everything to lose. As Gavin R. Putland puts it, "If this oil-currency-war theory is a delusion, the U.S. administration can easily discredit it -- by declaring that the USA has no objection if oil exports to the Euro Zone are denominated in euros." The crash of the USA economy will wreak global economic catastrophe. Paradoxically, that crash is this world's only hope for evading global ecological catastrophe. We should support Iran's oil bourse. Bring it on!

On Thursday, The People's Republic of China fired off the first volley in what could turn out to be economic Armageddon. China announced that it would begin to diversify its foreign-exchange reserves away from US dollar. Gulp! The only thing keeping the dollar atop its fragile perch is the fact that other countries have been willing to lap up the $600 billion of American red ink every year via the trade deficit. That amounts to roughly $2 billion per day or nearly 7% GDP. CLIP

Amid China Threat, US to Hold Mammoth Naval Operations in Pacific
Amid persistent warnings about China's growing military clout, the US military said Tuesday it would hold one of its biggest naval exercises in the Asia Pacific this summer. The large-scale operations will involve several carrier strike groups, each of which includes at least three warships, an attack submarine and a support ship.

WASHINGTON - Treasury Secretary John Snow has warned that unless Congress raises the national debt limit, the US government will run out of cash to finance its daily work in two months. In a letter to Senate leaders Thursday, Snow said the statutory debt limit imposed by Congress of 8.184 trillion dollars would be reached in mid-February and the government would then lose its borrowing power." At that time, unless the debt limit is raised or the Treasury Department takes authorized extraordinary actions, we will be unable to continue to finance government operations," said the letter, seen by AFP. Snow warned that even if the Treasury took "all available prudent and legal actions" to avoid breaching the ceiling, "we anticipate that we can finance government operations no longer than mid-March". CLIP

37 Million Poor Hidden in the Land of Plenty
Americans have always believed that hard work will bring rewards, but vast numbers now can not meet their bills even with two or three jobs. More than one in ten citizens live below the poverty line, and the gap between the haves and have-nots is widening.

Bush Job Approval Ratings For All 50 State
Bush's Approval Rating Is Above 50% In Only 6 States.

Senate overwhelmingly backs Patriot Act (Feb. 16, 2006)
96-3 vote rejects Feingold's bid to block renewal of anti-terrorism law - WASHINGTON - The Senate overwhelmingly rejected an effort Thursday to block renewing the Patriot Act, the 2001 law passed weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks to help the government hunt down terrorists. The 96-3 vote was no suprise to Sen. Russell Feingold, the Wisconsin Democrat who was the lone senator to oppose the law four and a half years ago and is the chief obstacle to extending 16 provisions now due to expire March 10. CLIP

Red State, Meet Police State (Feb 15)
A federal employee gets hassled by Homeland Security for antiwar stickers on his car. Is it a mistake, a new rule, or the part of a trend of the First Amendment being bullied out of existence? Read the transcript, read the rules and decide for yourself.

V For Vendetta -- New movie out March 17
Set against the futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain, V For Vendetta tells the story of a young working-class woman named Evey who is rescued from a life-and-death situation by a masked man known only as "V."Profoundly complex, V is at once literary, flamboyant, tender and intellectual, a man dedicated to freeing his fellow citizens from those who have terrorized them into compliance. He is also bitter, revenge-seeking, lonely and violent, driven by a personal vendetta. In his quest to free the people of England from the corruption and cruelty that have poisoned their government, V condemns the tyrannical nature of their appointed leaders and invites his fellow citizens to join him in the shadows of Parliament on November the 5th – Guy Fawkes Day.On that day in 1605, Guy Fawkes was discovered in a tunnel beneath Parliament with 36 barrels of gunpowder. He and his co-conspirators had engineered the treasonous "Gunpowder Plot" in response to the tyranny of their government under James I. Fawkes and his fellow saboteurs were hanged, drawn and quartered, and their plan to take down their government never came to pass.In the spirit of that rebellion, in remembrance of that day, V vows to carry out the plot that Fawkes was executed for attempting on November 5th in 1605: he will blow up Parliament.As Evey uncovers the truth about V’s mysterious past, she also discovers the truth about herself – and emerges as his unlikely ally in the culmination of his plan to ignite a revolution, bringing freedom and justice back to a society fraught with cruelty and corruption.

The photos America doesn't want seen (February 15, 2006)
MORE photographs have been leaked of Iraqi citizens tortured by US soldiers at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison on the outskirts of Baghdad.Tonight the SBS Dateline program plans to broadcast about 60 previously unpublished photographs that the US Government has been fighting to keep secret in a court case with the American Civil Liberties Union. Although a US judge last year granted the union access to the photographs following a freedom-of-information request, the US Administration has appealed against the decision on the grounds their release would fuel anti-American sentiment. Some of the photos are similar to those published in 2004, others are different. They include photographs of six corpses, although the circumstances of their deaths are not clear. There arealso pictures of what appear to be burns and wounds from shotgun pellets. CLIP

Torture and Abuse of Iraqis
In an effort to keep the videos and footage of abuse and torture of Iraqis by American and British forces in Iraq available despite US government and Pentagon censorship efforts, Dahr Jamail has posted them all.

9 Ways to Take Action on the 3rd Anniversary of the War (February 17th, 2006)
Have you made plans yet to mark the third anniversary of the Iraq War? From time to time, our movement gathers in mass mobilizations (as we will on April 29 in New York City). As dramatic and inspiring as those events are, the heart and soul of the peace movement is community-based, local work, which is why United for Peace and Justice has called for nationally coordinated local actions on the third anniversary of the Iraq War.On the first anniversary of the Iraq war, events were held in at least 319 communities nationwide. Last year, for the second anniversary, that number more than doubled, with at least 765 communities throughout the United States hosting peace events. This year, the third anniversary of the Iraq War, is a crucial opportunity to deepen and broaden that grassroots work still further … and make this the last anniversary of this war that never should have happened. It's not too late to organize something -- or to expand your existing plans. Below is a list of ideas for activities you can undertake locally to mark the third anniversary of the war from March 15-22. CLIP

Global Days Of Action March 18-20, 2006
3rd Anniversary Of The "Shock And Awe" Invasion Of Iraq

Billions Wasted in Iraq
Billions of dollars are unaccounted for, and there are widespread allegations of waste, fraud and war profiteering. So far only one case, the subject of a civil lawsuit that goes to trial this week, has been unsealed. It involves a company called Custer Battles, and as 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft reports, the lawsuit provides a window into the chaos of those early days in Iraq.

| Can Hear You Say "Permanent Bases"?
A near year to come of withdrawal buzz, speculation, and even a media blitz of withdrawal announcements, the question is: How can anybody tell if the Bush administration is actually withdrawing from Iraq or not? Tom Engelhardt suggests keeping your eyes directed at our "super-bases." There are at least four such "super-bases" in Iraq, none of which have anything to do with "withdrawal" from that country. These bases practically scream "permanency."

UN Report Calls for End to Guantanamo Detentions
United Nations human rights investigators called on the United States today to shut down the Guantanamo Bay camp and give detainees quick trials or release them, but the White House promptly dismissed the report.

UN Calls Guantanamo a US Torture Camp
The United States must close its detention facility at Guantanamo Bay because it is effectively a torture camp where prisoners have no access to justice, a UN report released Thursday concluded.

European Diplomats Call for Guantanamo Closure

'The Americans are Breaking International Law... It is a Society Heading Towards Animal Farm'- Archbishop Sentamu on Guantanamo (February 18, 2006)
The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, has launched a passionate attack on President George Bush, saying his administration's refusal to close the notorious Guantanamo Bay camp reflected "a society that is heading towards George Orwell's Animal Farm". Dr Sentamu, the Church of England's second in command, urged the UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) to take legal action against the US - through the US courts or the International Court of Justice at The Hague - should it fail to respond to a report, by five UN inspectors, advising that Camp Delta at Guantanamo Bay should be shut immediately because prisoners there are being tortured. The report was published on Thursday, as a senior High Court judge, Mr Justice Collins, stated that American actions over Guantanamo's Camp Delta do not "appear to coincide with that of most civilised nations". CLIP

US Church Alliance Denounces Iraq War
A coalition of American churches sharply denounced the US-led war in Iraq on Saturday, accusing Washington of "raining down terror" and apologizing to other nations for "the violence, degradation and poverty our nation has sown."

US Force-Feeding Prisoners in Torture Camp
Last week, the United Nations Human Rights Commission reported that the violent force-feeding of detainees by the US military at its Guantanamo prison camp amounts to torture. More than a third of the prisoners held there have refused food to protest being held incommunicado for years with no hope of release. They have concluded that death could not be worse than the living hell they are enduring.

Senior Lawyer at Pentagon Broke Ranks on Torture
One of the Pentagon's top civilian lawyers repeatedly challenged the Bush administration's policy on the coercive interrogation of terror suspects, arguing that such practices violated the law, verged on torture and could ultimately expose senior officials to prosecution, a newly disclosed document shows. The lawyer, Alberto J. Mora, a Republican appointee who retired last month after more than four years as general counsel of the Navy, was one of many dissenters inside the Pentagon.

Bush Royalty Plan Biggest Oil and Gas Giveaway in History
The federal government is on the verge of one of the biggest giveaways of oil and gas in American history, worth an estimated $7 billion over five years. New projections, buried in the Interior Department's just-published budget plan, anticipate that the government will let companies pump about $65 billion worth of oil and natural gas from federal territory over the next five years without paying any royalties to the government.

Nigeria militants threaten to target international oil tankers (February 19, 2006)
WARRI, Nigeria (AP) _ Militants responsible for a string of attacks and kidnappings that have cut Nigerian oil exports by 20 percent threatened for the first time Sunday to target international oil tankers coming into this West African nation's waters to load crude oil. The country is already reeling from violence a day earlier that saw nine foreigners abducted and oil installations destroyed across the volatile southern delta region. A self-declared commander of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta told The Associated Press by telephone his group was poised to escalate the violence by firing rockets at crude oil tankers offshore. "We'll use our rockets on the ships to stop them from taking our oil,'' said the man, who gave his name as Efie Alari. His identity could not be independently verified, but the call came from a number used by the group before. The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, which claims to be fighting for a greater local share of Nigeria's oil wealth, said Saturday's attacks were in retaliation for assaults this week by military helicopters. The militants threatened more violence on "a grander scale.''

Nigeria oil 'total war' warning> Despite the money generated from oil, many people still live in poverty A Nigerian militant commander in the oil-rich southern Niger Delta has told the BBC his group is declaring "total war" on all foreign oil interests. The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta has given oil companies and their employees until midnight on Friday night to leave the region. It recently blew up two oil pipelines, held four foreign oil workers hostage and sabotaged two major oilfields. The group wants greater control of the oil wealth produced on their land. CLIP

Nuking the Economy
Forget Iran, Americans Should be Hysterical About This. - Last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics re-benchmarked the payroll jobs data back to 2000. Thanks to Charles McMillion of MBG Information Services, I have the adjusted data from January 2001 through January 2006. If you are worried about terrorists, you don't know what worry is.Job growth over the last five years is the weakest on record. The US economy came up more than 7 million jobs short of keeping up with population growth.That's one good reason for controlling immigration. An economy that cannot keep up with population growth should not be boosting population with heavy rates of legal and illegal immigration. Over the past five years the US economy experienced a net job loss in goods producing activities. The entire job growth was in service-providing activities--primarily credit intermediation, health care and social assistance,waiters, waitresses and bartenders, and state and local government.US manufacturing lost 2.9 million jobs, almost 17% of the manufacturing work force. The wipe out is across the board. Not a single manufacturing payroll classification created a single new job. CLIP

Killer Drought Threatens East Africa
In cracked riverbeds once flowing with water, dozens of hippos lie decomposing in the stifling heat. The thin, delicate frames of rare Grevy's zebras lie on parched grass, felled by anthrax. The wildlife in East Africa is dying of thirst and starvation, the people are suffering - and now the lack of rain threatens even the Serengeti migrations.

Zimbabwe's shortages, inflation blamed for rise in illegal abortions
HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) -- The corpses of at least 20 newborn babies and fetuses are found each week in the sewers of Zimbabwe's capital, some having been flushed down toilets, Harare city authorities said, according to state media Friday. Town Clerk Nomutsa Chideya said the babies' remains were found among a wide variety of waste and garbage cleared by city council workers unblocking sewers and drains in Harare. "Apart from upsetting the normal flow of waste, it is not right from a moral standpoint. Some of the things that are happening now are shocking," the state Herald, a government mouthpiece, reported Chideya as saying. Acute shortages of revenue and gasoline in the nation's worst economic crisis since independence in 1980 have crippled public utilities and garbage collection services across Zimbabwe. Hospital fees and charges for scarce medicines have soared. Church and charity groups blame economic hardships for an increase in illegal back-street abortions. Chideya said workers removed at least 20 tons of sand from sewers every day. Inflation is running at 613 percent and many impoverished Zimbabweans, unable to afford cleaning materials or detergents, use sand to scour cooking pots and household dishes. Salt is also used as a substitute for toothpaste.

Haitians Dance for Joy as Preval Is Declared Winner
The protests that paralyzed cities across the country turned into celebrations on Thursday as news spread that Rene Preval, a former president with overwhelming support among this country's poor, had been declared the next president.

Zimbabwean Women Protesters Held
About 200 women are in police custody in the Zimbabwe capital, Harare, after a protest on Tuesday over food prices and human rights violations.

WHEN Dr. Morando Soffritti, a cancer researcher in Bologna, Italy, saw the results of his team's seven-year study on aspartame, he knew he was about to be injected into a bitter controversy over this sweetener, one of the most contentiously debated substances ever added to foods and beverages. A study conducted at an Italian cancer research center, above, has rekindled the debate on aspartame. Aspartame is sold under the brand names Nutra-Sweet and Equal and is found in such popular products as Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Diet Snapple and Sugar Free Kool-Aid. Hundreds of millions of people consume it worldwide. And Dr. Soffritti's study concluded that aspartame may cause the dreaded "c" word: cancer.The research found that the sweetener was associated with unusually high rates of lymphomas, leukemias and other cancers in rats that had been given doses of it starting at what would be equivalent to four to five 20-ounce bottles of diet soda a day for a 150-pound person. The study, which involved 1,900 laboratory rats and cost $1 million, was conducted at the European Ramazzini Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences, a nonprofit organization that studies cancer-causing substances; Dr. Soffritti is its scientific director. (...) No regulatory agency has yet acted on Dr. Soffritti's findings, although Roger Williams, a member of Parliament, called for a ban on aspartame in Britain last December. Last month, the European Food Safety Authority, an advisory body for the European Commission, began to review 900 pages of data from Dr. Soffritti; the goal is to finish by May. A commission spokesman, Philip Tod, said it was too early to know what the next steps would be if the scientists reviewing the data concurred with Dr. Soffritti's findings. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration says it has also taken note of the study, which is available online ( and is scheduled to be published next month in a medical journal financed by the National Institutes of Health. F.D.A. officials say that they, too, intend to conduct a thorough review.But both the F.D.A. and the European Commission have cautioned that there is no need for people to avoid aspartame. "We don't see any concerns at this stage," said George H. Pauli, associate director for science policy in the F.D.A.'s Office of Food Additive Safety. "We've gone through a humongous amount of data on aspartame over the years."Putting restrictions on aspartame would come at a significant cost. Food companies and consumers around the world bought about $570 million worth of it last year. New regulatory action on aspartame would also jeopardize the billions of dollars worth of products sold with it. Already, in the United States, many companies are opting to use sucralose, or Splenda, in their new low-calorie products, in part because it is less controversial. Lance Collins, chief executive of Fuze Beverage in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., said that safety concerns about aspartame were a "major contributing factor" in his decision to use sucralose in his tea and juice drinks. Sucralose, however, is made by under a patent by just one company, Tate & Lyle of London, and is in desperately short supply. Dr. Soffritti, who has spent 28 years doing research on potential carcinogens, said he was trying to steer clear of the growing political maelstrom. But he added that he was concerned about the large numbers of people who use aspartame, particularly children and pregnant women. "If something is a carcinogen in animals," he said, "then it should not be added to food, especially if there are so many people that are going to be consuming it." (...) Michael F. Jacobson, executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a nutrition advocacy group, said he did not think that Dr. Soffritti's study could be considered definitive, but that it should prompt an "urgent re-examination. "For a chemical that is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world, it should be absolutely safe," Mr. Jacobson said. "There shouldn't be a cloud of doubt." Recommended by "Betty Martini"

Heroic NM Senator Fights Aspartame Machine (2-19-06)
(...) As an artificial sweetener, one now being added to some 6,000 products, it is difficult for most Americans to not consume aspartame daily. Its safety (and clearing up any doubts about that safety) would seem to be of critical importance to millions of us. But any discussion of this topic has been postponed in New Mexico indefinitely-through influence exerted by representatives hired by the Japanese manufacturer of aspartame, the Ajinomoto Corporation. Those well-connected hired hands managed, in December, to frighten the State Environmental Improvement Board (EIB) into backing off of the public hearings into aspartame's safety that they had originally agreed to conduct this coming summer. They managed this delay by challenging the authority of the State of New Mexico to review anything already approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and by threatening to sue the state if we tried to do so. Then those same hired hands resurfaced (augmented by the addition to their team roster of Butch Maki, a close confidant of Gov. Bill Richardson) in time to quash all attempts to discuss the matter during the just-concluded State Legislature. There was one hearing on the subject and it drew significant numbers of the industry lobbyists, all of whom asserted the same party line: The substance is perfectly safe; the Federal Government has looked at it carefully and who the heck is New Mexico, anyway, to raise any questions about it? The committee succumbed, and turned down the measure to ban aspartame 7-2. That half-hour hearing was the total discussion of the matter this year in the public arena in New Mexico, unless the EIB board changes its mind and decides to call Ajinomoto's bluff by going ahead and holding a hearing. CLIP

Smallpox vaccine 'triggered Aids virus'
The Aids epidemic may have been triggered by the mass vaccination campaign which eradicated smallpox. The World Health Organization, which masterminded the 13-year campaign, is studying new scientific evidence suggesting that immunization with the smallpox vaccine Vaccinia awakened the unsuspected, dormant human immuno defence virus infection (HIV). Some experts fear that in obliterating one disease, another disease was transformed from a minor endemic illness of the Third World into the current pandemic. While doctors now accept that Vaccinia can activate other viruses, they are divided about whether it was the main catalyst to the Aids epidemic. CLIP

Call for Openness at NASA Adds to Reports of Pressure (February 16, 2006)
Top political appointees in the NASA press office exerted strong pressure during the 2004 presidential campaign to cut the flow of news releases on glaciers, climate, pollution and other earth sciences, public affairs officers at the agency say. The disclosure comes nearly two weeks after the NASA administrator, Michael D. Griffin, called for "scientific openness" at the agency. In response to that, researchers and public affairs workers at the agency have described in fresh detail how political appointees altered or limited news releases on scientific findings that could have conflicted with administration policies. CLIP

Bush's Chat with Novelist Alarms Environmentalists
Bush invited fiction writer Michael Crichton to the White House last year to chat about his book "State of Fear," which dismisses global warming as a conspiracy by environmentalists. Bush read the book "avidly" according to a reporter, and agreed with everything in it.

Hooked on fishing, and we're heading for the bottom, says scientist
The world has passed "peak fish" and fishermen's nets will be hauling in ever diminishing loads unless there's political action to stem the global tide of over fishing, says a fisheries expert based at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Daniel Pauly says the crisis in the world's fisheries is less about scientific proof than about attitude and political will. And, he says, the world's fish need a dynamic, high-profile political champion like a Bono or Mandela to give finned creatures the public profile of cute and furry ones. (...) Among its most notable findings, the research has revealed that the world passed "peak fish" – a peak in the biomass, or weight, of fish caught from the world's oceans – in the late 1980s. Since then, while there have been regional variations, the global fish haul has gradually sunk. "There's no doubt about this," says Dr. Pauly whose findings have been published in the world's leading peer-reviewed journals, including Science and Nature. "We're in a phase where increasing fishing effort produces less catch." (...) While the situation is dire, Dr. Pauly believes this situation can be turned around. He believes that a reduction of excess fishing capacity, the creation of "no-take zones" covering about 20 per cent of habitats, and political enforcement of sustainable fishing levels will result not just in pulling back from the brink, but more fish for our tables. "The irony is that reducing fishing actually increases the catch in the long term," says Dr. Pauly. "Public policy must be downsizing the industry to a level that allows for sustained catch and stocks to rebound." CLIP

Reproducing the Amazon's black soil could bolster fertility and remove carbon from atmosphere, says Cornell biogeochemist
ST. LOUIS -- The search for El Dorado in the Amazonian rainforest might not have yielded pots of gold, but it has led to unearthing a different type of gold mine: some of the globe's richest soil that can transform poor soil into highly fertile ground.That's not all. Scientists have a method to reproduce this soil -- known as terra preta, or Amazonian dark earths -- and say it can pull substantial amounts of carbon out of the increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere, helping to prevent global warming. That's because terra preta is loaded with so-called bio-char -- similar to charcoal."The knowledge that we can gain from studying the Amazonian dark earths, found throughout the Amazon River region, not only teaches us how to restore degraded soils, triple crop yields and support a wide array of crops in regions with agriculturally poor soils, but also can lead to technologies to sequester carbon in soil and prevent critical changes in world climate CLIP

My Actual Position on the Star Visitors (Feb 16, 2006)
(...) Why do the Star Visitors intervene? Because they see that Earth is on an extremely dangerous course, facing collapse of ecosystems, nuclear war, biological warfare, continued concentration of power for total domination of fellow humans by the geo plutocratic cartel known as the Cabal, and potentially fatal failure to reach our potential as a mature species, constructing and living in a society of high social, moral and spiritual development. Their response is akin to that of fireman paramedics responding to a 911 call about persons unconscious on the floor of a burning house. If the Star Nations act with a sense of urgency, and don't wait for cowardly governments to eventually get around to informing their citizens about official contact, their sense of urgency seems eminently appropriate, moral and compassionate. CLIP

Omega-News Collection 18. February 2006


From: "Suzanne Ward"
Date: 19 février 2006
Subject: Message from Matthew

February 18, 2006

S: Hi, Matthew dear. I have the information you asked me to get and I’m ready to take your message.

MATTHEW: Thank you, Mother. You will see why it is necessary for this “special edition” message. You and people you have spoken with during the past few days have experienced unique intrusions by ones with dark agendas—this is happening all over Earth, and it is the reason I am departing from our usual format and timing. The importance of this message stands alone, and more so, it is within my priority that always has been to provide information to help you prepare spiritually for the changes at hand and those to come. 

You cannot know the thunderous goings-on that aren’t apparent, and what is apparent may seem as dark as ever. A projection emerging even among some light workers is that it could be years before the status quo, or worse, in your world can be fixed; and in the opinion of the most pessimistic pragmatists, it’s too late to fix anything. Everything is being fixed, of course, and this will become evident more profoundly than you can imagine. 

It could be said that that is both the “good news” and the “bad news,” because the dark forces know their time is irrevocably up and ended in failure. They couldn’t keep Earth and all of her peoples bound in third density negativity as they intended and they know that any more attempts at massive terrorism to create worldwide chaos will continue to be foiled by ET technology. The ages-long battle between the light forces and the dark forces is for souls. Consequently, the energy streamers of the darkness are lashing out in peak frenzy and intensity to infiltrate as many Earth souls as possible while there’s still a window of opportunity to entice some out of the light and prevent others from ever seeing the light.  

You may think that the greatest challenge you will encounter in the months ahead is the current and potentially even more oppressive measures taken by governments. No—those situations, along with the national leaders who hold onto power by various forms of intimidation, are being handled by the universal laws in motion. Your greatest challenge will be the people who will rebel against the truth that will be revealed about the origin and purpose of religions. Religion forms the belief system that extends to all facets of billions of lives, and the initial reaction for the majority of adherents will be total rejection of the revelations, which if accepted, would shatter the very foundation of their lives. 

Consider how you would feel if suddenly information disclosed worldwide were akin to this: An eternity in heaven or hell follows death; the only close connections between you and anyone else are family ties and friendships; the only civilization in the universe is on Earth; when you talk to God, if you hear an answer, it’s from Satan; and if you believe differently from this, your whole life is based on lies. You KNOW this is not your truth, and your entire being would reject it. Those billions whose beliefs also are their very being don’t know that they are living in the veil devised by dark deceivers, and they will react the same as you would. If they are to make the journey with Earth into the higher densities, their reeducation into the cosmic and universal truths will be essential. And painful. For many, it will be too painful to keep on living in a world where the “anti-Christ” for the Christians, and by whatever other terms equally apply to those firmly in the grasp of other religions, has taken over the planet.

The intent of all souls in high light stations who speak to you through their receivers is to offer guidance to prepare you spiritually for this era of unprecedented changes on Earth. Some receivers have been deceived themselves; they believe that their sources are who they claim to be, but actually those sources are base entities DISinforming with the intent to create fear and confusion. This, too, will come to light, but in the meantime, disinformation sent out by well-meaning receivers generates energy streamers of fear and confusion that reach the masses who don’t even see those messages or any of the messages from the highly evolved souls, either.   

Many, many people on Earth are foundering in the effects of that negative energy conflicting with the positive energy of the higher frequencies coming in. Quite aside from their fear that world conditions will worsen, they don’t understand what is happening to them personally. They are puzzled and frightened by the first glimmers of telepathic connections, physical anomalies, severe mood swings, and for some, a new restlessness about life and maybe even a mystifying sensation that they belong someplace other than Earth. Many have turned to drugs, prescription and “illegal,” to escape their feelings, and they don’t know that the drugs are exacerbating the feelings. Souls in high stations constantly are sending forth light to all even as we must accept that some will refuse its self-empowerment and spiritual upliftment, and thus fall prey to the determined dark predators that are making their last stand with all the power they can muster. 

I’m not speaking of bodies dying en masse, but of the en masse minds that don’t know they have the innate ability to resist the invasion of dark tentacles. Nor am I speaking of the recalcitrant souls who knowingly have chosen to remain in the dark camp, but rather I refer to the people who are most vulnerable to the stepped-up assaults by the darkness in its madness—madness in both rage and loss of sane reasoning. These people are the ones foundering in confusion, ignorance, fear and drugged escape—the newly awakening and the still unenlightened. Because of these “weighted odds,” so to speak, I have been given leave to help make the playing field more level by requesting highly evolved souls on the planet to explain how you can identify both the dark souls and the unaware people through whom the dark entities are operating.

These unaware ones are NOT dark souls, but rather, due to the reasons I stated, are the most susceptible to dark influence. Among them are your family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, medical care tenders, school teachers, service people—the spectrum of global society. Yes, you can help those whose lives you touch by letting your love and compassion flow out to them, but do not let your emotions be negatively affected by the characteristics and behavior of the lower energies that are operating through them. The darkness desperately wants you to fall into that trap, and they are ever on the lookout for lighted souls who become thus affected. Beings of light are the major targets on the dark agenda and pulling them out of the light is their greatest triumph.

Please understand that, no more now than before are we judging ANY souls, nor should you! They may be in the last phase of karmic completion that includes mastering the dark inclinations you see, and their next soul-level choice is embracing the light either in this embodiment or “graduating” into Nirvana. Or that may not be the case, but regardless, judgment of any other affects only the judge, and adversely. Further, the degree of darkness in an individual is not an issue; it isn’t necessary to try to “rate” any. This is solely a matter of your being able to recognize dark souls and the people through whom dark entities are working; the guidance is for your edification and protection. Darkness is contagious and your immunity to it comes from knowing how it is operating and recognizing its targets.  

The people you know and love may respond to the light emanating from you and from the ever-greater intensity beaming to Earth from myriad off-planet sources. But accepting the light is the choice of each individual—you can set the course only of your pathway, not any others’. You must be prepared to stay steadfast in the light even as you see people dear to you choose to leave the planet, either by soul contract completion or by refusing to accept the forthcoming revelations as the truth. You know that if it is the latter, they will enter a realm that offers them another chance to grow into the light that is continuously available.

The other option for people who cannot re-form the foundations of their life is to fight for their beliefs to prevail, and many will choose to do that. You must know that I tell you this to reinforce your spiritual resolve, NOT to inject a note of fear! At soul level you know that you chose this lifetime because you are experienced in dealing with rebellious populations, just as you are in reeducating ones who are willing to listen, and this experience will rise to your consciousness when it is needed. 

So that you can distinguish between the dark souls and those through whom dark entities are working and thereby deal most effectively with all, I asked my mother to gather information that will assist in your identification and protection processes. And now, Mother, please add that and also the guidance for connecting telepathically with light beings and assuring that sources you reach are who they claim to be. Some readers may know this innately or may have learned it, those to whom this is new can benefit a great deal from it, and all who wish can make this guidance available to receptive people.

S: Matthew, I’m just going to write my notes and not take time to put them in literary fashion because I know you want this to go out. 

The eyes are a direct reflection of the soul’s frequency. To distinguish between light-filled souls and dark, look into the eyes. The eyes of a lighted soul shine with aliveness; dark souls’ eyes are dull-dead, devoid of warmth or light. A person with a lighted soul can hold a steady gaze when talking with you; a person with an “ordinary” dark soul or is heavily influenced by darkness keeps glancing around, unable to meet the light in your eyes.  

Strategic touching. Dark entities know that the nape of the neck and lower back are especially vulnerable to their entry into a body’s energy system. Someone who grasps you in either or both places probably is NOT being playful or affectionate—the darkness in them is trying to infiltrate you. This doesn’t come from that person’s intellect or conscious awareness; it’s an automatic response to their influencing dark entity’s attempt to interrupt your energy flow so its streamer tentacles can enter.

Tone of voice, choice of words, topics of conversations. Indications of dark entities working through a person are gossip; sarcastic, hurtful or boastful remarks; unjustified criticism or blame; monopolizing a conversation; in a large group, insensitivity to others’ conversations by speaking out loudly; obsession with talking about fearful subjects. When you’re listening to someone and can’t tell whether the person is speaking from ego or soul, mentally ask your soul and pay attention to your immediate reaction—it is instinct, one way the soul communicates with the consciousness. ALWAYS listen to your soul voice—it never lies. Soul knows when lies come from other sources and alerts you via your instinct, intuitive thoughts and sensations—trust them.

Characteristics; change of behavior. Controlling or intentionally harming others, torturing animals, uncontrollable anger, greed, dishonesty, insistence that only their beliefs are right, and egotism are obvious reflections of dark souls and dark entities operating through unaware people. Infiltration by those entities is evident in people who formerly did not exhibit those traits or condone the actions and suddenly their behavior includes one or more; a slight tendency toward the traits or actions and/or cracks in the psyche “invite” this.  

The aura, like eyes, is a dead giveaway. Ask your soul to let you see the person’s aura (energy emanating from the body) and look two inches above the head. You may see only a fleeting glimpse of color, a form or geometric symbol; depending on what you see, you know whether light or dark energy is flowing from the body. A cross or some other symbol you feel is sacred will identify a lighted soul; if you are light energy-sensitive, you may see gold, white, blue or rainbow prisms around the person. The auras of dark souls are dark, corresponding in degree to their energy emanations, and any symbols you see will be the opposite of what you think of as good, or light—e.g., a small viper, a tail (may be lashing out), an inverted cross or a broken star. Look down, about two inches in front of the person’s feet, for the same kinds of symbols that are in the aura.

Radiated energy. Energy-sensitive people can feel warmth radiating from lighted souls and cold from dark ones. With the pretense of seeing something on the floor, feel the energy by the feet; dark energy at that point is icy cold. Icy cold hands (unless holding an iced drink) or clammy hands always is a tip-off to dark souls; if you mention their hands, they may say they’re nervous, not feeling well, etc.

Other physical reactions. The negativity of dark energy streamers is very heavy and creates a heaviness in your sensations when you’re in the presence of dark souls or people under the influence of dark entities. Also a lighted soul usually starts to feel repulsed, and some will begin to feel their skin itching. Dark energy is parasitic; it drains your energy and uses it to refuel itself. After such an encounter, your body may need lots of water, sea salt or even sugar to spontaneously regenerate itself. You may feel a sudden stiffness as the chakras work to protect themselves against dark energy streamers or feel throbbing in your temple or third eye area. Chakras always instinctively act and react to protect the root system and alert you to the dark energy through physical sensations.

Levels of darkness. Dark forces attack their equal in the strength of light-filled beings. Lesser-strength entities will move away from bright light; they can’t bear to look into it or stay near its energy.  The more light in a person, the stronger the entity sent to invade it; “tests” for light beings become correspondingly harder because new, stronger entities come. Dark souls and people through whom the stronger entities work have NO power over souls who stay steadfast in the light and know its greater power; your “safety net” is WITHIN, not in any external source. ALL levels of darkness can be defeated by knowledgeable action on your part.

The innocence of young children and animals gives them heightened sensitivity to energy. Pay attention to the reactions and body language of children who seem suspicious or express fear for themselves or others and animals that keep a wary eye on their animal and/or human family—they try to avoid people whose energy is dark and feel a need to protect others from dark energy around them.

Protection. You must be aggressive against the dark forces. Write out and memorize the following words, which were given by God; these exact words are essential because the vibration they carry is your protection. After you have memorized this command and practiced enough so that the exact words easily come to mind, the command will come immediately and automatically as a sensation and verbalizing no longer is necessary. Practice quieting your mind, then saying aloud or mentally: “In the name of Jesus The Christ, I now command that if you are not of the highest, most evolved form of Jesus The Christ Consciousness, that you are to here and now disappear immediately and NEVER return.” Dark souls CANNOT disobey this command due to its vibrations.

The darkest souls are the most cunning, most determined; they seek a lighted person on one-to-one basis and engage in direct and steady eye contact, like a cobra, to mesmerize the person. To break the effects of their powerful gaze, think the word LIGHT with forcefulness. This command is essential in that situation; the dark soul can’t disobey its vibration, which is the light intensity equivalent of that soul's darkness. This command isn’t a substitute for the other one that's required for protection in other situations. 

Checking Sources and Aligning Energy

Dictated by God and Sananda
Written by Celest and David

We have awaited the time when we would be permitted to address people who have not only a need to know about the importance of these issues, but especially when the times of massive energetic attacks by dark forces in the guise of the Light forces, would launch a tremendous onslaught against the innocent. The time is Now! We are writing this for those who are the initiates as well as for those who are already following the inner Knowing, yet can benefit by some other Spiritual knowledge they may not have. We firmly believe that there is never enough Universal Wisdom to know about and to put into practical everyday practice.

Most people have a major problem determining if their intellect is speaking to them or if it is Soul Voice. It is a “human condition,” one that is quite simple to rectify. Until a person becomes adept at discerning these important differences, they can easily misjudge the voices. Once that barrier is broken, it then can become a natural, non-stressful means of true communication.

One way that we know of that everyone can use is the “Soul Intellect Test.” We want you to bear in mind that this method cannot be controlled by your body or your mind. Here is the technique for finding the correct answer. Stand in an upright position, unless your circumstances are such that you need to be sitting instead, be barefoot, have your feet placed a bit of a distance from one another and close your eyes. Be RELAXED. While in this position raise both your arms so that each arm is extended straight in front of you, at chest height with the palms open and facing downwards. The arms need to be at a comfortable balanced level.

Think of an issue, or an answer that someone has given you, or perhaps an answer you yourself have arrived at, anything that you are seeking validation about; seeking to know the truthfulness of. Now if it is an issue, turn the issue into a question with an answer you think may be correct. Example: the issue is, “moving to a different state.” You as the potential “mover” want to know if in fact this is the right move for you. Turn it into a question. Be specific but don’t over-dramatize it. Remembering to keep your eyes closed, proceed to ask the question either verbally or non-verbally. Wait a few seconds after you have finished asking the question. Then keeping your body in the position we spoke of, just open your eyes and look at your hands and arms. One of 3 things will have happened. Either your right hand, right arm will be higher than the left or the left arm, left hand will be higher than the right or the arms will appear to be stuck in the same position.

Right arm=right hemisphere of the brain. Soul Voice.
Left arm=left hemisphere of the brain. Intellect.

“Both hands/arms are in the original position means”= insecurity about receiving the correct answers, a person who has problems relaxing and allowing the truth process to reveal itself. No, it does not matter if a person is right handed, left handed or ambidextrous. The “voices” cannot be manipulated. This is very important. Until people can come to terms with telling the difference between intellect and Soul, their personal evolution can be severely hindered. In time, simple visualization can work so that you can perform this even in a crowded public place. Those who have problems with this technique will need to relax and keep repeating this until it works. Those who have the problems are generally those who have been listening to their intellect too long.         
Bridging the Gap

This technique merely requires concentration and focus; it functions as a wondrous way to alleviate and dissipate any and all interferences and interruptions in any “channeling” and interfacing with Higher Dimension entities and energy forms. It also means that those who are in contact with any of the Star Keeper Forces, (known on earth as extraterrestrials) can receive and transmit all pertinent information with great clarity and understanding. This eliminates a problem so many are encountering both here and in the Higher Dimensions, which is attempting to communicate through the density and the combustive energy of the third-dimension. It also eliminates the problem of not hearing all the words that are being sent to you.

Simply take 3 small breaths and release them through your nose; close your eyes and be sure you are completely barefoot before you begin Creating this Bridge. Using simple visualization, picture a pillar, one that is like the ancient roman pillars, in this manner it is huge and round, not any other shape. The pillar is transparent; its size is at least twice the size that you are. Place yourself within the middle of the pillar and be sure that it extends way past your feet, into the earth. The top should be many miles above your head, reaching into the “heavens.” When you can see and feel this, call a golden-white light into the pillar, remember as you do so, the light permeates you as well.

When the light is in place, call upon "the gold dust of God" to interact and intermingle with the light in the pillar. You will be able to see or sense the dust filtering up and down your chamber; now simply ask the pillar (chamber) to begin the spiral and circular dance of connection. You should be able to see and/or feel the topmost energy reaching and expanding upward and outward as it searches for the coordinates to establish the golden bridge. Now if you are already in contact with specific beings, simply call their names. You will find that as you do so, they will immediately be able to communicate with you on a much deeper and easy to hear level.

If you are just beginning to connect with these beings, if this is still new to you, I encourage you as well as those who have more experience, to always, ALWAYS check your sources. [See “Checking Your Sources” below.] Be sure you really are connecting with who you think you are. When you have finished with the communication, simply state to yourself and those speaking with you, “I am signing off now.” At that point the pillar will disappear until you require it again.

The more you use this method the faster the pillar will integrate with you. For some people the total integration may take place after the first use. Those of you who are used to “hearing” the “INCOMING” clues can immediately put up the pillar. Do not forget, this is important for the beings attempting to reach you as well.

Checking your Sources

Here are the methods for checking Sources and receiving a true determination of the essence of the Source. Please note, these are Sananda’s words. If you have been receiving messages from one that alleges to be an evolved Soul or if you believe that someone is receiving these messages, then each must determine whether or not the information they are receiving is from the “Most Highly Evolved Sources.” Even the best-intentioned people can run amok and distribute mis-information if they do not know any better. In a very real sense, “The Source” is everything. All hinges upon the validity of truth; otherwise the information received is simply a replicated form of illusions. These are “strategically planned and executed illusions” that are dangerous and deadly, not only to those who believe them but also to the receiver of the information as well. Although we find it strange that so many accept at face value outpourings of demonic rhetoric, we do understand “the why.”

You need to understand that under the auspices of Universal Law the dark forces cannot cross a barrier that the Creator has made. What this means is that when it comes to untruths and lies spoken by the dark forces to their unwitting contacts on Earth, that there is a simple and truthful method of validating the origin of the entities that are imparting or giving the information. Many entities deliberately disguise themselves as being of The Light and unless you investigate it carefully, you can be deceived. Because the time of the False Prophets is here, it is now their desperate attempt to destroy the slowly built, unified field of consciousness that is spreading across this planet. Under this Universal Law you can not only determine the origin, you can also destroy the False Prophet, meaning the entity that is controlling the person, not the person themself.

When you are receiving information check the source of the information by demanding: “I now demand in the name of Jesus the Christ to know if you are a being of the Jesus The Christ Consciousness; if you are a being of the true God of the God Light Consciousness of The Creator, answer me yes or no.”

At this point three things can happen, they will answer Yes, they will answer No or there will be silence. This law dictates that these beings can lie about anything, but they cannot lie about this. When you receive silence or a No, immediately go into the words: "I here and now command in the name of Jesus The Christ that if there is any entity that is not of the most evolved form of the Jesus The Christ Consciousness, that is not of the most evolved form of God I Am, then you are to here and now disappear and cease to exist. This I command in the name of Jesus The Christ."

The words of Sananda are very clear. You do need to be aware of the importance of accuracy in the words themselves. They must be repeated as He has spoken them, they cannot be altered. It is very important for people to know how this force tries to interfere with the verbalization and even the remembrance of these words. So write them down and read them just as they are now written or you WILL make mistakes. We know, we have taught this and watched it happen almost immediately. This is not a mantra, it is not an invocation, these are The Words of Sananda and therefore they are the words of God as well. There are Universal Laws designed by The Creator and The Creation that uphold truth, that can and do destroy deceit when deemed appropriate.


Matthew’s Guidance for Novices in Telepathic Communication      
The capacity for telepathic communion is your birthright, a province of your soul, so welcome it and use it wisely. Ask for protection of the Christed light prior to recording a transmission or receiving information away from a computer. Do not receive when you are ill or fatigued physically, emotionally or mentally or when you are feeling stressed or fearful or angry—your energy level is low in those conditions, making it easy for low level entities to enter your energy stream. Become self-confident but be humble about your new communication ability. Do not become egotistical or focus on fame and fortune; the energy attachments of those thoughts and feelings are certain to connect you with dark sources. Please share with other soul searchers the light-filled information you receive. If they are experiencing the beginnings of their own connections, advise them about these precautions.

Suzanne Ward 

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From: "Benton Productions"
Subject: RE: The Perfect Storm Series #4 : Converging Juggernauts
Date: 21 Feb 2006

Dear Jean,

Thank you again for your amazing newsletter, which I read avidly.

I’m an environmental; scientist who has been interested in the potential of the West Antarctic ice to collapse and the possible rise in sea level. Even as I write sea level is almost imperceptivity rising world wide. The question is how fast the changed are likely to happen, because we humans like to set events in human time frames? Nature unfortunately does comply so conveniently. We do know there are some natural cycles which effect global warming and take the world in and out of Ice Ages. These are normally referred to as the Milankovitch cycles.

With regard to your enquiry from Chris Becker, it might clarify the rise in sea level issue for Chris to think about the volume of water held in the ice caps this way. It is not just the water locked as snow in the icecaps that may be released by global warming, but also the ice lakes that are held inland by the West Antarctic ice shelf and other ice bodies. The continent of Antarctica is actually more like a series of islands, two main ones, not just one solid continent of rock and soil. The collapse of an ice shelf in the West Antarctic has the potential to trigger other ice bodies to collapse, releasing the huge volume of water and liberating the lakes. The ice in Antarctica is also not just a thin skin. Much of it goes down for kilometers. The core at the Vostock Station in the Russian zone was drilled in 1980 to 2.2 km and reached ice that had been laid down the ice age before last, some 160,000 years ago.

The other calculation in the rise of sea levels is that as water warms it expands, and this also leads to increased water volume. Additionally, one metre of beach is lost for each cm rise in sea level, this means that land is eroded by the action of waves upon it. The system is so complex that it is really difficult to say how fast things will happen. All the feedback loops that we know about may be backed by other feedback loops we don’t know about. It is therefore imperative that we buy time, try to slow the process down by limiting the effect that human activity has on this planet: our life support system. There are other equations too, like snow only being laid down as specific temperatures, and therefore the possible increase in major rain events. Other strange sidelines like the increase in swamp microbes accelerating the amount of methane in the atmosphere due to global warming. We live in a delicate balance and we need to be more mindful about how we challenge that balance, if we are to survive.

Hope this helps.


Viv Benton



Recommended by David Harris



by Scott Mowry


The year 2005 was a historical one of epic proportions for the grand future that lays ahead for the people of the united States of America and the world. So much SIGNIFICANT progress has been made in terms of gaining ground on the New World Order's evil agenda, that there is much to look forward to now than ever before. 2006 is promised to be, without question, even more momentous, if not revolutionary!

We have already come out of the gates in the first part of this year with guns a blazin! The indictment of Washington, DC lobbyist Jack Abramoff is an extraordinary development. Besides bribing numerous members of Congress, Abramoff has been identified the main moneyman for the crooked 2000 election and equally duplicitous 9/11.

According to the Lyndon Larouche camp, Dick Cheney may be very close to facing an impeachment trial due to his strong ties to both the recently deposed Tom Delay and Abramoff.

After yet another Bush administration scandal, this one known as "Spy-Gate," the hue and cry for George W. Bush's impeachment is growing louder and louder and should reach a fever pitch very soon. For the first time, in the history of the united States, a President has actually ADMITTED to an impeachable offense.

Along with that, there is a rising disgust and abhorrence for the Iraq War that is growing ever stronger by the week. People around the country and across the planet are waking up to the lies, deceit and corruption that surround them. The voices of dissent are going to grow only more and more vociferous.

Finally, it seems as if Albert Gore, Jr., after his speech on Monday, January 16, 2006 before an audience at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC, has decided to stand up and draw line in the sand as if to say to Bush and his fascist cronies, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! With a new year underway, it is worth reviewing the major gains that have been realized over the past year:

-- The alternative internet media has made monumental progress in getting the truth to people that the mainstream, monopoly press ignores and attempts to cover up. This shift of vital information sources has turned the tide significantly against the fascist power elite who are scrambling like mad to continue to hide the truth from the people. However, they are failing at nearly every turn.

-- 80% of the U.S. intelligence communities are now opposed to the Bush/Clinton crime families and have actively joined the fight against them. Combined with intelligence services from the country of France, they have formed what is known as the "American/French Alliance" to provide a powerful and pro-active resistance to the Bush, Mossad, British and New World Order gang of thugs and conspirators.

-- According to federal whistle blowers Tom Heneghan & Stew Webb, the American/French Alliance foiled four separate terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in 2005. One was underneath the Chicago courthouse that was intended for the Patrick Fitzgerald grand jury, another was in the New York subway system and yet another was on the Canadian border. Ghost Troop Captain Eric May also reported that another terrorist attack was aborted in Texas City, TX in the oil refineries. It is remarkable to realize that no significant terrorist act has occurred in this country since 9/11.

-- It took only approximately 5% of the population to begin the push for America's first independence in the 1700's. We are fast approaching that critical mass point yet again. Legal scholar Richard Cornforth has reported that the figure that may be needed this time around, will be as little as 3% of the U.S. population.

-- Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is investigating the crimes of the Bush administration relentlessly. He has already secured the indictment of prominent White House staffer I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby. According to Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb and Sherman Skolnick, another 23 sealed indictments have been prepared that name Bush and Cheney and numerous other members of his cabinet. Fitzgerald is going all the way back to the JFK assassination in his pursuit of evidence. Grand juries have now convened around the country to investigate the Sibel Edmonds evidence, the JFK, Jr. assassination, as well as, the recent response by FEMA to Hurricane Katrina, among many other crimes.

-- According to Tom Heneghan, without much fanfare, the American/French Alliance snuck in the back door and gained majority control of the Department of Justice, despite heavy resistance from Bush and his stooge Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Patrick Fitzgerald has been instrumental in leading the charge and the fruits of his labors should soon be presented before the American people in a historic fashion.

-- Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who is linked to the bribery of as many as 100 members of Congress, as well as being fingered as the moneyman for both the fraudulent 2000 Presidential election and 9/11, has plea-bargained and is now co-operating with the Patrick Fitzgerald investigations. His testimony is going to implicate a whole host of corrupt characters from the Congress and the Bush administration, the Departments of State and Defense, as well as corporations and other key players, perhaps even Bush himself. Abramoff's criminal activities go all the way back to Iran/Contra.

-- House Majority Leader Tom Delay (R-Texas) has been convicted for illegal campaign contributions by a Texas grand jury. He has lost his position of influence in Congress and has relinquished his seat as Majority Leader. It cannot be overemphasized enough, how closely tied Delay is to both Dick Cheney and to Jack Abramoff. And the fact that both Delay and Abramoff have been indicted gives a very ominous outlook for Cheney's political future.

-- Tom Heneghan has also reported that former CIA Director George Tenet has turned states evidence and has provided testimony to the Fitzgerald grand jury that Valerie Plame's CIA team, heroically prevented weapons of mass destruction from being planted into Iraq as a justification for the war in 2002. This revelation has now established the real reason why she was outed by members of the Bush inner circle. Heneghan also reported that Karl Rove and NSA head Stephen Hadley have also co-operated with the Fiitzgerald grand jury.

-- Sherman Skolnick has reported that Barbara Olson, wife of former Solicitor General Ted Olson, who supposedly perished on the plane that slammed into the Pentagon during the 9/11 terrorist event, was captured by intelligence sources last year, carrying a Vatican passport and wearing a disguise. Olson's arrest, that now proves she is very much alive and well, blows the whole 9/11 scenario as portrayed by the Bush administration and the equally corrupt 9/11 Commission to pieces.

-- Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb openly discussed the notion of "Constitutional re-implementation" during several of their radio programs this past year. Webb was particularly insistent that a "new government" for the U.S. is on the horizon, which will include a revamped and just court system and a fair and reputable economic system.

-- Activist Cindy Sheehan raised more awareness of the failed and woefully corrupt Iraq war than any other person was able to do in all of 2005 or before, for that matter. The momentum she has generated will not cease. This woman is not going to go away quietly and expect to hear much more from her in 2006.

-- Richard Cornforth has reported that we are very close to seeing the fraudulent and illicit Federal Judiciary system being pulled down entirely. Legislation is before Congress right now to just that.

-- Also according to Richard Cornforth, significant steps have been taken to put the debt-collection industry completely out of business, once and for all, within the next year. Mr. Cornforth also predicts that the corrupt credit card industry will be brought down within the next five years or less.

-- And here is what Richard Cornforth had to say on the future outlook for America: "We have a wonderful future. We have an opportunity to actually have that (American) Revolution completed. This will be the greatest thing that will happen to the people in the history of the world."

-- Finally, former Vice-President Albert Gore, our last duly elected President, gave a rousing and brilliant speech on Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 16th. In that speech, which was a call to arms for the people of the united States he said, as I stand here today, I am filled with optimism that America is on the eve of a golden age in which the vitality of our democracy will be re-established by the people and will flourish more vibrantly than ever. Stew Webb called this speech, "the greatest political speech he has ever heard in his life.

The Second Great American Revolution marches on to its inevitable victory! The time has come for all of you to join in!

For further information check out this link:


See also:

NSC, Cheney Aides Conspired to Out CIA Operative
The investigation into the leak of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson is heating up. Evidence is mounting that senior officials in the office of Vice President Dick Cheney and the National Security Council conspired to unmask Plame Wilson's identity to reporters in an effort to stop her husband from publicly criticizing the administration's pre-war Iraq intelligence, according to sources close to the two-year-old probe.



Complete text of Al Gore's speech at Constitution Hall

by PageOneQ

Former Vice President Al Gore delivered the following address today at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. This is the text distributed immediately before the speech and is materially the same as Vice President Gore's remarks.

In spite of our differences over ideology and politics, we are in strong agreement that the American values we hold most dear have been placed at serious risk by the unprecedented claims of the Administration to a truly breathtaking expansion of executive power.

As we begin this new year, the Executive Branch of our government has been caught eavesdropping on huge numbers of American citizens and has brazenly declared that it has the unilateral right to continue without regard to the established law enacted by Congress to prevent such abuses.

It is imperative that respect for the rule of law be restored.

So, many of us have come here to Constitution Hall to sound an alarm and call upon our fellow citizens to put aside partisan differences and join with us in demanding that our Constitution be defended and preserved.

It is appropriate that we make this appeal on the day our nation has set aside to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who challenged America to breathe new life into our oldest values by extending its promise to all our people.

On this particular Martin Luther King Day, it is especially important to recall that for the last several years of his life, Dr. King was illegally wiretapped-one of hundreds of thousands of Americans whose private communications were intercepted by the U.S. government during this period.

The FBI privately called King the "most dangerous and effective negro leader in the country" and vowed to "take him off his pedestal." The government even attempted to destroy his marriage and blackmail him into committing suicide.

This campaign continued until Dr. King's murder. The discovery that the FBI conducted a long-running and extensive campaign of secret electronic surveillance designed to infiltrate the inner workings of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and to learn the most intimate details of Dr. King's life, helped to convince Congress to enact restrictions on wiretapping.

The result was the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act (FISA), which was enacted expressly to ensure that foreign intelligence surveillance would be presented to an impartial judge to verify that there is a sufficient cause for the surveillance. I voted for that law during my first term in Congress and for almost thirty years the system has proven a workable and valued means of according a level of protection for private citizens, while permitting foreign surveillance to continue.

Yet, just one month ago, Americans awoke to the shocking news that in spite of this long settled law, the Executive Branch has been secretly spying on large numbers of Americans for the last four years and eavesdropping on "large volumes of telephone calls, e-mail messages, and other Internet traffic inside the United States." The New York Times reported that the President decided to launch this massive eavesdropping program "without search warrants or any new laws that would permit such domestic intelligence collection."

During the period when this eavesdropping was still secret, the President went out of his way to reassure the American people on more than one occasion that, of course, judicial permission is required for any government spying on American citizens and that, of course, these constitutional safeguards were still in place.

But surprisingly, the President's soothing statements turned out to be false. Moreover, as soon as this massive domestic spying program was uncovered by the press, the President not only confirmed that the story was true, but also declared that he has no intention of bringing these wholesale invasions of privacy to an end.

At present, we still have much to learn about the NSA's domestic surveillance. What we do know about this pervasive wiretapping virtually compels the conclusion that the President of the United States has been breaking the law repeatedly and persistently.

A president who breaks the law is a threat to the very structure of our government. Our Founding Fathers were adamant that they had established a government of laws and not men. Indeed, they recognized that the structure of government they had enshrined in our Constitution - our system of checks and balances - was designed with a central purpose of ensuring that it would govern through the rule of law. As John Adams said: "The executive shall never exercise the legislative and judicial powers, or either of them, to the end that it may be a government of laws and not of men."

An executive who arrogates to himself the power to ignore the legitimate legislative directives of the Congress or to act free of the check of the judiciary becomes the central threat that the Founders sought to nullify in the Constitution - an all-powerful executive too reminiscent of the King from whom they had broken free. In the words of James Madison, "the accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny."

CLIP - Read the (long) missing part at

We have a duty as Americans to defend our citizens' right not only to life but also to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is therefore vital in our current circumstances that immediate steps be taken to safeguard our Constitution against the present danger posed by the intrusive overreaching on the part of the Executive Branch and the President's apparent belief that he need not live under the rule of law.

I endorse the words of Bob Barr, when he said, "The President has dared the American people to do something about it. For the sake of the Constitution, I hope they will."

A special counsel should immediately be appointed by the Attorney General to remedy the obvious conflict of interest that prevents him from investigating what many believe are serious violations of law by the President. We have had a fresh demonstration of how an independent investigation by a special counsel with integrity can rebuild confidence in our system of justice. Patrick Fitzgerald has, by all accounts, shown neither fear nor favor in pursuing allegations that the Executive Branch has violated other laws.

Republican as well as Democratic members of Congress should support the bipartisan call of the Liberty Coalition for the appointment of a special counsel to pursue the criminal issues raised by warrantless wiretapping of Americans by the President.

Second, new whistleblower protections should immediately be established for members of the Executive Branch who report evidence of wrongdoing -- especially where it involves the abuse of Executive Branch authority in the sensitive areas of national security.

Third, both Houses of Congress should hold comprehensive-and not just superficial-hearings into these serious allegations of criminal behavior on the part of the President. And, they should follow the evidence wherever it leads.

Fourth, the extensive new powers requested by the Executive Branch in its proposal to extend and enlarge the Patriot Act should, under no circumstances be granted, unless and until there are adequate and enforceable safeguards to protect the Constitution and the rights of the American people against the kinds of abuses that have so recently been revealed.

Fifth, any telecommunications company that has provided the government with access to private information concerning the communications of Americans without a proper warrant should immediately cease and desist their complicity in this apparently illegal invasion of the privacy of American citizens.

Freedom of communication is an essential prerequisite for the restoration of the health of our democracy.

It is particularly important that the freedom of the Internet be protected against either the encroachment of government or the efforts at control by large media conglomerates. The future of our democracy depends on it.

I mentioned that along with cause for concern, there is reason for hope. As I stand here today, I am filled with optimism that America is on the eve of a golden age in which the vitality of our democracy will be re-established and will flourish more vibrantly than ever. Indeed I can feel it in this hall.

As Dr. King once said, "Perhaps a new spirit is rising among us. If it is, let us trace its movements and pray that our own inner being may be sensitive to its guidance, for we are deeply in need of a new way beyond the darkness that seems so close around us."


See also:

White House Working to Avoid Wiretap Probe
At two key moments in recent days, White House officials contacted congressional leaders just ahead of intelligence committee meetings that could have stirred demands for a deeper review of the administration's warrantless-surveillance program, according to House and Senate sources. In both cases, the administration was spared the outcome it most feared. The actions have angered some lawmakers who think the administration's purported concessions mean little.

Congressional Probe of NSA Spying in Doubt
Congress appeared ready to launch an investigation into the Bush administration's warrantless domestic surveillance program last week, but an all-out White House lobbying campaign has dramatically slowed the effort and may kill it, key Republican and Democratic sources said yesterday.

White House Civil Liberties Board Has Never Met
For Americans troubled by the prospect of federal agents eavesdropping on their phone conversations or combing through their Internet records, there is good news: A little-known board exists in the White House whose purpose is to ensure that privacy and civil liberties are protected in the fight against terrorism. Someday, it might actually meet.

Whistleblower Alleges Second Wiretap Program
A former NSA employee said Tuesday there is another ongoing top-secret surveillance program that might have violated millions of Americans' Constitutional rights. Russell D. Tice told the House Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats and International Relations he has concerns about a "special access" electronic surveillance program that he characterized as far more wide-ranging than the warrantless wiretapping.

National Security Whistleblowers
William Fisher writes: "Find illegal activity in the US national security agency you work for. Report it to your superiors. Get rewarded by being demoted or having your security clearance revoked - tantamount to losing your career - while those whose conduct you've reported get promoted. This was the picture painted to a House of Representatives committee last week."

Names on US Terror List Quadruple
Officials refused to say how many names on the list were linked to the NSA's controversial domestic eavesdropping effort. Under the program, the NSA has conducted wiretaps on an unknown number of US citizens without warrants.




Al Gore, the impassioned voice of reason

If words fall in a media void, do they make an impact? Let's hope so.


January 21, 2006

What a speech. I'm talking about former Vice President Al Gore's speech in Washington last Monday. On a day when the airwaves were full of the near-hypnotic cadences of a master orator, Martin Luther King Jr., Gore demonstrated his own growing mastery of the art of political rhetoric as he argued that the Bush administration has put the Constitution in "grave danger" and it's time to put a stop to it.

But unless you're a C-Span junkie, you probably missed it. Ditto for newspaper readers. The New York Times made brief note of Gore's Constitution Hall appearance on Tuesday but did not cover it; in the Austin American-Statesman and many other major dailies, there was no mention at all.

That's a pity. Speaking before a backdrop of American flags, sponsored in part by the bipartisan Liberty Coalition, Gore laid out his case with clarity, intelligence and passion. Whether you agree with him or not, these are worthy qualities, made notable by their absence, in what passes for public discourse today.

Also notable — poignant, even — was the spectacle of a politician making arguments that he crafted himself (Gore is famous for writing his own speeches). For all Bill Clinton's communication skills, he was no great shakes as an orator; despite George W. Bush's resolute delivery, his speeches — like those of many presidents — often seem as if he's mouthing somebody else's words.

Beginning in September 2002, when he became the first in his party to question the looming war against Iraq, Gore has been speaking for himself and for countless citizens who felt increasing alarm at the direction the country has taken since then. Citing the administration's "massive domestic spying program" and a host of other actions, Gore charged that President Bush has broken the law "repeatedly and insistently," has secretly assumed powers that are "foreign to the Constitution" and has done so with impunity, because neither Congress nor the people it represents have mustered the will to stop him.

Coming from the man who won the popular vote for the presidency in 2000, those are shocking charges. But he didn't stop there. Point by point, invoking the words of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, Gore explained why all this matters, in language a 10th-grader could understand.

"A president who breaks the law is a threat to the very structure of our government" because we are "a government of laws and not of men," Gore said. What does that even mean? Well, a ruler who stands above the law is generally called a king or a tyrant. The whole idea of the American Revolution was to establish a government with checks and balances — the rock-paper-scissors of Congress, the president and the courts — that would prevent such an all-powerful chief executive.

Again, Gore kept connecting the dots. Disrespect for the law leads to more lawlessness, weakening the system of checks and balances that holds leaders accountable for their actions. It breeds secrecy, making it harder to know what they're up to. "In the absence of rigorous accountability, incompetence flourishes. Dishonesty is encouraged and rewarded," Gore said.

In Gore's telling, we now find ourselves in a kind of perfect constitutional storm that threatens democracy itself: a "gross and excessive power grab" by the chief executive, whose party controls a weakened Congress and whose judicial appointments "are clearly designed to ensure that the courts will not serve as an effective check" on that power. While such crises have occurred before in our history, they were short-lived. What makes this different, Gore said, is that the administration justifies its unilateral actions by a "war on terror" that is without end in our lifetime.

Republican reaction to the speech was immediate and largely ad hominem. "Al Gore's incessant need to insert himself in the headline of the day is almost as glaring as his lack of understanding of the threats facing America," said Tracey Schmitt, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee.

As "incessant" urges go, it's a restrained one. Case in point: When Hurricane Katrina and government ineptitude stranded tens of thousands of desperate people in New Orleans last September, Gore quietly arranged — and paid for — the airlift of 270 evacuees, many of them medical patients, to hospitals and shelters in Tennessee. It was an ideal opportunity to make headlines. But Gore refused requests to talk about it, according to The Associated Press.

What an attention hog, especially compared with a shrinking violet like Newt Gingrich, the disgraced former speaker of the House whose opinions are issued continuously, and whose name (until this week) returned twice as many Google hits as Gore's.

Much is being written about the fact that in his self-made role as elder statesman, Gore acts like a new man, now that (as the punditry says) he has "nothing to lose." But the media's general disregard for Gore — a disregard shared by many liberals in his own party — remains as much a part of his personal story as the ambitious grooming of the boy Gore by his father, the late Sen. Albert Gore Sr. And his image as a self-righteous political changeling has been difficult to shake.

So it's no wonder that his speech on Martin Luther King Jr. Day received, in many news quarters, the equivalent of the brushoff. It fell to the old men in the national press corps to understand the import of Gore's indictment.

David Broder: "Even after discounting for political motivations, it seems to me that Gore has done a service by laying out the case as clearly and copiously as he has done."

Jules Witcover: "In all, the Gore speech was the most forceful and comprehensive criticism yet mounted by a prominent member of a Democratic Party that finds itself essentially without an effective voice approaching next November's congressional elections and a presidential election two years later."

No matter what Gore's ambitions are now, one thing is clear: He's moved on. And as his every public utterance shows, he wants us to move on, too.


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Paramount unit to tell Gore's 'Truth'
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Paramount's new specialty division has acquired worldwide rights to Participant Prods.' global-warming documentary "An Inconvenient Truth," featuring Al Gore. Helmed by Davis Guggenheim ("Deadwood," "The First Year"), the film, which had its world premiere at last month's Sundance Film Festival, weaves the science behind the issue of global warming with the former vice president's personal history and longtime commitment to communicating the pressing need to reverse the effects of global climate change. Paramount specialty division president John Lesher called the film "a visually mesmerizing and shocking look at the serious and dire state of our planet." He added, "We are very proud to help Al Gore expose the urgency of global warming to the widest possible audience." "John Lesher and his team expressed such incredible passion for the subject and the particular importance of getting it out in a timely manner so that it may have an opportunity to make a difference in the world," Participant president Ricky Strauss said.To coincide with the release of the film -- scheduled for May 26 -- Rodale Books will publish "An Inconvenient Truth," Gore's follow-up to his best-seller "Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit," which was published by Plume Books in 1992.



7862 Iraqi Prisoners Murdered In U.S. Custody

February 18, 2006

Two days ago, online magazine announced that they had obtained files and other electronic documents from an internal Army investigation into the Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuse scandal.

The files, from the Army's Criminal Investigation Command contained a total of 1,325 new images of suspected detainee abuse, 93 video files of suspected detainee abuse, 660 images of adult pornography, 546 images of suspected dead Iraqi detainees, 29 images of soldiers in simulated sexual acts, 20 images of a soldier with a Swastika drawn between his eyes, 37 images of Military Working dogs being used in abuse of detainees and 125 images of questionable acts. Based on time signatures of the digital cameras used, all the photographs and videos were taken between Oct. 18, 2003, and Dec. 30, 2003. Some of the images can be seen at

Over a period of about 10 weeks in 2003 then, the US military and members of the CIA, acting on the orders of the Pentagon and undoubtedly with the knowledge of members of the US government, tortured 546 Iraqi prisoners to death in Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad.

That 'higher ups' were well aware of, and indeed were deliberately orchestrating these acts is evidenced by the many testimonies by 'lowly' U.S. soldiers who were forced to carry the can for the depravity of their superiors. One notable example is that of Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Chip Frederick who was interviewed by 60 Minutes in April 2004:

“We had no support, no training whatsoever. And I kept asking my chain of command for certain rules and regulations,” says Frederick. “And it just wasn't happening."

Six months before he faced a court martial, Frederick sent home a video diary of his trip across the country. Frederick, a reservist, said he was proud to serve in Iraq. He seemed particularly well-suited for the job at Abu Ghraib. He’s a corrections officer at a Virginia prison, whose warden described Frederick to us as “one of the best.”

Frederick says Americans came into the prison: "We had military intelligence, we had all kinds of other government agencies, FBI, CIA ... All those that I didn't even know or recognize."

Frederick's letters and email messages home also offer clues to problems at the prison. He wrote that he was helping the interrogators:

"Military intelligence has encouraged and told us 'Great job.'"

"They usually don't allow others to watch them interrogate. But since they like the way I run the prison, they have made an exception."

"We help getting them to talk with the way we handle them. ... We've had a very high rate with our style of getting them to break. They usually end up breaking within hours."

No doubt, how long would it take you to "break" if you were being sodomised with a florescent light tube?

Attorney Gary Myers and a judge advocate in Iraq are defending Frederick. They say he should never have been charged, because of the failure of his commanders to provide proper training and standards.

"The elixir of power, the elixir of believing that you're helping the CIA, for God's sake, when you're from a small town in Virginia, that's intoxicating,” says Myers. “And so, good guys sometimes do things believing that they are being of assistance and helping a just cause. ... And helping people they view as important."

Unfortunately, and contrary to government spin that "torture in U.S. prisons is not widespread", there is no reason to believe that Oct. 18th 2003 was the beginning of these acts of torture and murder, nor can we have any hope that they ended on Dec. 30, 2003. If we take the figure of 546 murdered Iraqi detainees during this 10 week period as an average, we are left with a figure of approximately 7,500 Iraqi detainees that have probably been murdered by US military personnel and members of the CIA (and Mossad) since the beginning of the Iraq invasion. Of course, this figure is likely to be on the low side since there is little doubt that the full extent of these atrocities have been revealed, or will ever be revealed, to the general public.

Given the indiscriminate way in which the US military's goes about arresting Iraqi insurgent suspects, it is very likely that many of the murdered Iraqis were in no way connected with armed resistance to the US military presence in Iraq. The International Red Cross has stated that between 75 and 90% of Iraqis arrested are in fact innocent of any crime. Not that being a member of the Iraqi resistance or defending one's life and family against a ruthless invader can ever be construed as a crime, at least not under any just interpretation of man-made law.

In the face of this evidence, and the observable facts from the past five years, who can disagree that the US government is a brutal regime bent on the destruction of the Middle East and its inhabitants? Who can disagree that the American NeoCons are doing the bidding of the Israeli government and their Zionists taskmasters? The day after the September 11th attacks, former (and soon to be again) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote an article for the New York Post entitled: "Today We are All Americans", where he stated:

"What is at stake today is nothing less than the survival of civilization... I have absolute confidence that if we, the citizens of the free world, led by President Bush, will marshal the enormous reserves of power at our disposal, harness the steely resolve of a free people and mobilize our collective will to eradicate this evil from the face of the earth.... The international terrorist network is thus based on regimes - Iran, Iraq, Syria, Taleban Afghanistan, Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority and several other Arab regimes such as the Sudan. For the bin Ladens of the world, Israel is merely a sideshow. America is the target"

Does anyone think it is mere coincidence that Netanyahu was able to name the very same countries that have been, or are soon to be, attacked by the US military since that day? The day after the 9/11 attacks, we were told that no one even knew who had carried out the attacks, much less the countries that supported the attackers.

But Netanyahu knew.

Are we to assume that he possesses powers of divination? Or is it that the entire concept of "world-wide Islamic terrorism", the 9/11 attacks and the resulting invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq and now Iran and Syria, are all a part of one giant conspiracy to reshape the world in the likeness of the Pathocrat?

The facts speak for themselves.


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Professor Alfred McCoy Exposes (Video) The History Of CIA Interrogation, From The Cold War To The War On Terror

Leaked Abu Ghraib Report Reveals Full Extent of Abuse
1,325 photographs and 93 video clips of suspected abuse of detainees, 546 photographs of suspected dead Iraqi detainees, as well as 660 images of adult pornography, and 29 pictures of US troops engaged in simulated sex acts. Based on date stamps, all were recorded between October 18 and December 30, 2003, the same timeframe as the original scandal.


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Congresswoman Says America Run By Criminal Syndicate

McKinney: American citizens could be put in forced labor camps

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | February 14 2006

Cynthia McKinney, the only House Representative to stand up to the Bush White House crime syndicate, has gone further than ever before in her efforts to warn people about what the Neo-Cons' ultimate goals actually entail for freedom in America.

During a recent radio interview on the Alex Jones Show, McKinney illustrated the nature of a corrupt occupational government, stating that the administration was "stolen in 2000 and stolen again in 2004." McKinney said that it was doing the government a favor to describe them as a "criminal syndicate."

"It appears to me that our country is literally being hollowed out....our economy is being hollowed out," said McKinney.

McKinney shared Alex Jones' fears and those previously voiced by Republican Congressman Ron Paul, that Americans may be arrested and taken to forced labor camps in light of recent developments confirming Kellogg Brown and Root have secured a government contract to build the camps.

Regarding 9/11, McKinney lent credibility to the 9/11 truth scholars who recently came forth with empirical evidence proving that the official story is a fallacy.

"It's clear that something was terribly amiss on that day with our people who were in charge....they didn't even follow standard operating procedure," said McKinney and the Congresswoman agreed that US authorities stood down on 9/11.

Covering the subject of worldwide human trafficking and sex slavery, a practice embraced by Dyncorp and lobbied for by Halliburton subsidiary representatives, McKinney responded by saying, "they steal elections with the same ease that they steal women and little girls."

McKinney made headlines two years ago when she directly confronted Donald Rumsfeld about the US government's collaboration with companies that engage in human trafficking and the four wargames held on September 11.

McKinney highlighted the MK Ultra program as a past example of where the US government had experimented with turning US soldiers into killing machines and expressed her sadness that some troops were apparently under a similar influence in light of the alarming incidents at Fort Bragg.

McKinney is spearheading a movement to have all records pertaining to the death of Martin Luther King released. McKinney said that King was clearly murdered.

"A jury said in 1999 that it was a US government conspiracy, including the highest individuals at the highest levels of the United States government. I have no reason to disbelieve them."

"If they would do that then to Martin Luther King Jnr. at a stage now where we have a law that defines enemy combatants, we all could be enemy combatants just by dissenting from what this administration does and they could do the same thing to us."

McKinney scorned the federal government for their actions following Hurricane Katrina.

"The American people were once again abandoned, they were abandoned by their own government and Secretary Michael Chertoff has gotten off scott free on this."

"They needed food and water and instead they were sent men with guns and Blackwater mercenaries were hired to patrol the streets of New Orleans. This is criminal! How can we have mercenaries patrolling the streets of America?"

"You had an administration that was AWOL and they had the nerve to bring other folks up on criminal charges for even being conscientious objectors."


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President Jonah (redux) (02/07/06)
While contemplating the ill-starred presidency of G.W. Bush, I looked about for some sort of divine analogy. As usual, when in need of enlightenment, I fell upon the Holy Bible, authorized King James version of 1611; turning by chance to the Book of Jonah, I read that Jonah, who, like Bush, chats with God, had suffered a falling out with the Almighty and thus became a jinx dogged by luck so bad that a cruise liner, thanks to his presence aboard, was about to sink in a storm at sea. Once the crew had determined that Jonah, a passenger, was the jinx, they threw him overboard and—Lo!—the storm abated. The three days and nights he subsequently spent in the belly of a nauseous whale must have seemed like a serious jinx to the digestion-challenged whale who extruded him much as the decent opinion of mankind has done to Bush.Originally, God wanted Jonah to give hell to Nineveh, whose people, God noted disdainfully, “cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand,” so like the people of Baghdad who cannot fathom what democracy has to do with their destruction by the Cheney-Bush cabal. But the analogy becomes eerily precise when it comes to the hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico at a time when a president is not only incompetent but plainly jinxed by whatever faith he cringes before. Witness the ongoing screw-up of prescription drugs. Who knows what other disasters are in store for us thanks to the curse he is under? As the sailors fed the original Jonah to a whale, thus lifting the storm that was about to drown them, perhaps we the people can persuade President Jonah to retire to his other Eden in Crawford, Texas, taking his jinx with him. We deserve a rest. Plainly, so does he. Look at Nixon’s radiant features after his resignation! One can see former President Jonah in his sumptuous presidential library happily catering to faith-based fans with animated scriptures rooted in “The Simpsons.”Not since the glory days of Watergate and Nixon’s Luciferian fall has there been so much written about the dogged deceits and creative criminalities of our rulers. We have also come to a point in this dark age where there is not only no hero in view but no alternative road unblocked. CLIP

Who believe in the official cockamamie story that 19 Islamic fundamentalists, led by Osama Bin Laden, holed up in some cave in Afghanistan, figured out how out-smart the most sophisticated intelligence organizations (NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.) on the face of the planet. Remember the official story, by definition, is nothing more than a conspiracy theory, which is severely lacking in corroborating physical evidence. CLIP


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Purposeful genocide deserves impeachment

by Cathy Garger

Even if there were no phony, illegal, staged wars going on,

Even if the president had never authorized deadly weaponized uranium to be used in our guns and tanks,

Even if there was no Patriot Act denying Americans their freedom,

Even if there was nothing that would lead us to believe that 9/11 was the inside job many scholars now believe it was,

Even if the president was not cutting education and other vital services citizens require,

Even if the U.S. was not outsourcing our jobs,

Even if the administration was not cutting the taxes of the ultra-wealthy,

Even if the Oval Office did not condone unthinkably cruel and inhumane torture,

Even if the president did not order illegal surveillance of its citizens,

Even if the White House did not lie about having ever met a certain notorious criminal lobbyist,

Even if the administration had no knowledge whatsoever of the Plame scandal,

Even if the president was not pushing for judges who want to return the U.S. to the time of the Dark Ages,

Even if the administration was doing an otherwise wonderful job,

On the basis of Katrina alone, this administration needs to be removed promptly.

They DID THIS to New Orleans. They can – and very well might – do this to other cities, too.

Every single American who knows what happened in New Orleans should be concerned about our families’ own personal wellbeing. For what happened was not mere negligence nor incompetence, but rather purposeful genocide among predominantly lower income Black Americans.

When are human lives seen as expendable? This is an outrage unto itself and a cause for serious concern, despite all other heinous crimes committed in the past five years by this administration. And this expendability of our citizens should be of paramount concern, because it has implications for the wellbeing of every single one of us.

This administration has declared war on America. It therefore needs to be removed using every means available – and as quickly as possible. Asking our members of Congress to “please” do this is not enough. Waiting for elections to change the tide is not enough.

We must reach not only the disenfranchised, the poor, the persons of color, but also every person of conscience in order to gather together to organize and throw this criminal regime in prison – with the keys thrown away.

We must vocalize our sheer outrage at what has happened with Katrina to hundreds of thousands of citizens who have lost everything due to the purposeful actions of those in the highest positions of power in our nation.

We must begin to make a big noise such as has not been heard previously in this nation’s history. We must each take personal responsibility to do all we can to awaken our neighbors, our families, our friends to these crimes that have been committed against the most vulnerable members of our society, quite on purpose.

We’ve got tremendous power on our side by virtue of sheer numbers, so we certainly can do this. But we must work hard in order to exercise our power and our strength. The only way this can happen is if each and every single citizen does his/ her part.

The criminals in the highest positions of government will continue to go on and on from one year to the next … until we, the citizens, stop them. And unfortunately not even one of us has the luxury of thinking that it is someone else’s place to worry about and deal with this. We can no longer pass the buck. Each and every single one of us has the duty, the responsibility to act.

In years past, we may have been able to let ourselves off the hook by thinking that if wrongdoing had been committed, then Congress will certainly take care of it. But we have seen, however, with both what happened with their crimes of 9/ 11 and with the phony justifications of military invasions into Afghanistan and Iraq, that Congress is not taking action against the administration – nor against its own complicity in these events.

All other actions aside, this administration fully and knowingly caused thousands of people to die with Katrina, and hundreds of thousands more lives were devastated.

There is no one else who can take these necessary actions against this administration for its crimes.

There is only you and me.

We must each take personal responsibility and take the necessary steps to remove this criminal regime from power. And if we do not decide to act? Then the neighborhood that is next to go on Uncle Sam’s demolition list could very well be our own.

Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s recent remarks on Katrina clearly indicate that our removal of this administration is precisely on the mark. But she cannot possibly do this all on her own. We must all become involved and help to make this happen.

As Rep. McKinney stated last week in her hometown of Atlanta:

“Setting the stage with its failure to protect the American people on Sept. 11, and then with its rush to war in Iraq with forged documents, no matter what the facts were, the Bush administration has shown for the third time, with Hurricane Katrina, that when it really matters and U.S. lives are on the line, it is at best confused and negligent.”

Now if only we could believe for a moment that the “at best” scenario of this administration being merely “confused and negligent” was precisely on the mark.

Anyone who’s paying attention knows that this is, more than likely, Congresswoman McKinney’s rather gracious way of stating, in true Southern hospitable style, that this administration is as guilty as sin for the murders erroneously attributed to ”an act of nature” called Katrina.

According to Wikipedia: “In the criminal law, murder is the crime where one human being causes the death of another human being, without lawful excuse, and with intent to kill or with an intent to cause grievous bodily harm.”

So in reviewing the facts concerning the administration’s pre-knowledge about Katrina and the breach, or shall we say demolition, of its levees and the mass devastation and demise that this would inevitably cause, there are no two ways about it. Any way you look at it, this administration fully knew – and intended – that many deaths would occur. And for this reason, our administration’s got blood stains on its hands.

There is no time to waste. These criminals must be removed from power immediately and be brought to justice before they can do any more harm to any more people. This can be accomplished via both the routes of impeachment and criminal prosecution trials as well.

It is imperative that we use all available legal remedies at our disposal in order to remove the perpetrators of these crimes and keep the still-living American citizens safe from further harm at the hands of their very own so-called “leaders.”

To read Rep. McKinney’s recent speech on Katrina, visit
Cathy Garger is a freelance writer, anti-war activist and an associate member of Scholars for 9/11


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The Enemy
We hear a great deal about enemies these days, writes William Rivers Pitt, both real and contrived. It is difficult to imagine, however, a more perilous enemy than the one operating out of Washington today. The difference between the enemies we hear about and the one in Washington is simple and deadly: only the enemy in Washington can annihilate the constitutional government we have enjoyed for more than two centuries.

Audits Show Millions in Katrina Aid Wasted
The government squandered millions of dollars in Katrina disaster aid, including handing $2,000 debit cards to people who gave phony Social Security numbers and used the money for such items as a $450 tattoo, auditors said Monday.

Homeland Security To Build Detention Camps In The United States (Jan. 24, 2006)
Contract awarded to Halliburton subsidiary KBR.ARLINGTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)––KBR announced today that the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) component has awarded KBR an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contingency contract to support ICE facilities in the event of an emergency. KBR is the engineering and construction subsidiary of Halliburton (NYSE:HAL).With a maximum total value of $385 million over a five-year term, consisting of a one-year based period and four one-year options, the competitively awarded contract will be executed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District. KBR held the previous ICE contract from 2000 through 2005.“We are especially gratified to be awarded this contract because it builds on our extremely strong track record in the arena of emergency operations support,” said Bruce Stanski, executive vice president, KBR Government and Infrastructure. “We look forward to continuing the good work we have been doing to support our customer whenever and wherever we are needed.”The contract, which is effective immediately, provides for establishing temporary detention and processing capabilities to augment existing ICE Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) Program facilities in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs. The contingency support contract provides for planning and, if required, initiation of specific engineering, construction and logistics support tasks to establish, operate and maintain one or more expansion facilities. CLIP



Big Brother not only watches us, it toys with our children



One of our grandkids is a genius with Legos, the small plastic bricks that form the building blocks of virtually everything or anything kids can imagine, from small farmyards to futuristic spaceships and motorcycles. I swear, when he was younger, our grandson had every Lego set ever produced, and could build the most sophisticated item in the company's vast inventory with his eyes closed. For kids of my generation — or at least for this grandfather of my generation — for whom constructing a square home of Lincoln Logs or a ladder from Tinker Toys was a major achievement, watching both my sons and my grandkids build and use sophisticated playthings that would have been far beyond my meager resources to handle truly is a wonder to behold.

I have, however, noted a distressing trend in some manufacturers of modern toys, including Lego and another popular line of plastic figures for smaller children — Playmobil. These manufacturers of what used to be nonpolitical plastic figures and construction blocks are subtly moving into the arena of toys with a social message — one that supports and fosters the climate of fear and submission to government power that has unfortunately become the hallmark of American society since Sept. 11, 2001.

Lego, for example, in 2003 began marketing a plastic construction set depicting a police 18-wheeler housing a surveillance unit, complete with monitoring devices and control panels to track movements of little Lego citizens. The official Lego description of the "play set" enticed children and their parents by noting that when the "surveillance truck is on the scene, you know the police are on the job!" Further encouragement to hone one's surveillance skills was to be found in the "technology to monitor" included in the toy.

While the Lego surveillance play set is — according to the company — oriented toward 8-year-olds, a rival company, Playmobil, which produces plastic figures for younger darlings, apparently has determined there is a market for toys teaching 4-year-olds the benefit of submitting oneself to intrusive police searches. It markets a "play set" consisting of two uniformed police figures with side arms and metal detectors, ensuring that a unisex figure in bright, colorful clothes submits to a wanding as his or her suitcase goes through an X-ray machine. Interesting that all the Playmobil figures are smiling as they either submit to being searched or are searching through the other's personal belongings. Being searched at gunpoint and having the government rummage through your most personal belongings are such happy events!

Of course, with some schools moving to require youngsters to wear badges with radio frequency identification chips embedded therein, and others forcing parents to submit to a retinal scan simply to visit their youngsters at school, I suppose it should not surprise us that toy manufacturers are becoming part of the acculturation process whereby the coming generation views pervasive surveillance and government power as not only a fact of life but highly desirable.

Yet, even as we enlist toy manufacturers to assist Western society in accelerating the move toward the Brave New World of a universally submissive society, the government continues to make it more difficult to watch all this with warm and fuzzy feelings.

In Fairfax County, Va., just outside our nation's capital, a police tactical squad recently accidentally shot and killed an optometrist as they were about to arrest him for gambling. Despite the fact the police had no evidence the suspect was armed (he was not), and even though there was nothing to suggest violent behavior on the part of the optometrist, what should have been at worst a routine arrest of a suspect for a nonviolent offense involved a unit of heavily armed officers with guns drawn. While the local police chief expressed regret for the accidental fatal shooting, the official condolences were tempered by a spokesman explaining that "such things do occur."

The accidental shooting in suburban Washington followed by only weeks the fatal shooting of an airline passenger in Miami by air marshals, following aberrant behavior by the deplaning passenger. Turns out he, too, was unarmed. That tragedy was touted by officials in Washington as proof that the air marshal program had "worked beyond [their] expectations." While I support the armed air marshal program, I fail to see how shooting an unarmed passenger as the plane was already at the terminal proves the program works.

Stories of similar shootings, including of students, pepper the local and national news regularly. Such incidents make the job of transforming our society into one peopled by fearful citizens eager to be surveilled and pacified — a task to which at least some toy manufacturers apparently are committed — slightly more difficult. However, the government apparently doesn't have too much to worry about. A poll conducted shortly after the shooting of the unarmed passenger at Miami International Airport indicated the incident made air travelers feel safer.

• Former congressman and U.S. Attorney Bob Barr practices law in Atlanta. Web site:



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SA solar research eclipses rest of the world
Willem Steenkamp

February 11 2006

In a scientific breakthrough that has stunned the world, a team of South African scientists has developed a revolutionary new, highly efficient solar power technology that will enable homes to obtain all their electricity from the sun.

This means high electricity bills and frequent power failures could soon be a thing of the past.

The unique South African-developed solar panels will make it possible for houses to become completely self-sufficient for energy supplies.

The panels are able to generate enough energy to run stoves, geysers, lights, TVs, fridges, computers - in short all the mod-cons of the modern house.

Nothing else comes close to the effectiveness of the SA invention

The new technology should be available in South Africa within a year and through a special converter, energy can be fed directly into the wiring of existing houses. New powerful storage units will allow energy storage to meet demands even in winter. The panels are so efficient they can operate through a Cape Town winter. while direct sunlight is ideal for high-energy generation, other daytime light also generates energy via the panels.

A team of scientists led by University of Johannesburg (formerly Rand Afrikaans University) scientist Professor Vivian Alberts achieved the breakthrough after 10 years of research. The South African technology has now been patented across the world.

One of the world leaders in solar energy, German company IFE Solar Systems, has invested more than R500-million in the South African invention and is set to manufacture 500 000 of the panels before the end of the year at a new plant in Germany.

Production will start next month and the factory will run 24 hours a day, producing more than 1 000 panels a day to meet expected demand.

Another large German solar company is negotiating with the South African inventors for rights to the technology, while a South African consortium of businesses are keen to build local factories.

The new, highly efficient and cheap alloy solar panel is much more efficient than the costly old silicone solar panels.

International experts have admitted that nothing else comes close to the effectiveness of the South African invention.

The South African solar panels consist of a thin layer of a unique metal alloy that converts light into energy. The photo-responsive alloy can operate on virtually all flexible surfaces, which means it could in future find a host of other applications.

Alberts said the new panels are approximately five microns thick (a human hair is 20 microns thick) while the older silicon panels are 350 microns thick. the cost of the South African technology is a fraction of the less effective silicone solar panels.

Alberts said in Switzerland it was already compulsory for all new houses to include solar technology to lessen energy demands on national grids.

"And that was the older, less effective technology. With our hours of sunlight, we will on average generate twice as much energy than, for instance, European countries."

While South African scientists developed and patented the new, super-effective alloy solar panels, other companies have developed new, super-efficient storage batteries and special converters to change the energy into the power source of a particular country (220 volts in South Africa).

* Eskom spokesperson Carin de Villiers said any new power supply that lessened the load on Eskom was to be welcomed.

She said Eskom was also doing its own research on solar energy.

"In fact, we are currently investigating building what will probably be the largest solar power plant, in the Northern Cape - a 100-megawatt facility."

She added that Eskom was also researching wind and fuel-cell technology as alternative energy sources.

* This article was originally published on page 1 of Saturday Argus on February 11, 2006


Forwarded by "Mark R. Elsis |"


Global Warming: Passing The 'Tipping Point'

Our Special Investigation Reveals That Critical Rise In World Temperatures Is Now Unavoidable

by Michael McCarthy

A crucial global warming "tipping point" for the Earth, highlighted only last week by the British Government, has already been passed, with devastating consequences.

Research commissioned by The Independent reveals that the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has now crossed a threshold, set down by scientists from around the world at a conference in Britain last year, beyond which really dangerous climate change is likely to be unstoppable.

The implication is that some of global warming's worst predicted effects, from destruction of ecosystems to increased hunger and water shortages for billions of people, cannot now be avoided, whatever we do. It gives considerable force to the contention by the green guru Professor James Lovelock, put forward last month in The Independent, that climate change is now past the point of no return.

The danger point we are now firmly on course for is a rise in global mean temperatures to 2 degrees above the level before the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century.

At the moment, global mean temperatures have risen to about 0.6 degrees above the pre-industrial era - and worrying signs of climate change, such as the rapid melting of the Arctic ice in summer, are already increasingly evident. But a rise to 2 degrees would be far more serious.

By that point it is likely that the Greenland ice sheet will already have begun irreversible melting, threatening the world with a sea-level rise of several meters. Agricultural yields will have started to fall, not only in Africa but also in Europe, the US and Russia, putting up to 200 million more people at risk from hunger, and up to 2.8 billion additional people at risk of water shortages for both drinking and irrigation. The Government's conference on Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change, held at the UK Met Office in Exeter a year ago, highlighted a clear threshold in the accumulation of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, which should not be surpassed if the 2 degree point was to be avoided with "relatively high certainty".

This was for the concentration of CO2 and other gases such as methane and nitrous oxide, taken together in their global warming effect, to stay below 400ppm (parts per million) in CO2 terms - or in the jargon, the "equivalent concentration" of CO2 should remain below that level.

The warning was highlighted in the official report of the Exeter conference, published last week. However, an investigation by The Independent has established that the CO2 equivalent concentration, largely unnoticed by the scientific and political communities, has now risen beyond this threshold.

This number is not a familiar one even among climate researchers, and is not readily available. For example, when we put the question to a very senior climate scientist, he said: "I would think it's definitely over 400 - probably about 420." So we asked one of the world's leading experts on the effects of greenhouse gases on climate, Professor Keith Shine, head of the meteorology department at the University of Reading, to calculate it precisely. Using the latest available figures (for 2004), his calculations show the equivalent concentration of C02, taking in the effects of methane and nitrous oxide at 2004 levels, is now 425ppm. This is made up of CO2 itself, at 379ppm; the global warming effect of the methane in the atmosphere, equivalent to another 40ppm of CO2; and the effect of nitrous oxide, equivalent to another 6ppm of CO2.

The tipping point warned about last week by the Government is already behind us.

"The passing of this threshold is of the most enormous significance," said Tom Burke, a former government adviser on the green issues, now visiting professor at Imperial College London. "It means we have actually entered a new era - the era of dangerous climate change. We have passed the point where we can be confident of staying below the 2 degree rise set as the threshold for danger. What this tells us is that we have already reached the point where our children can no longer count on a safe climate."

The scientist who chaired the Exeter conference, Dennis Tirpak, head of the climate change unit of the OECD in Paris, was even more direct. He said: "This means we will hit 2 degrees [as a global mean temperature rise]."

Professor Burke added: "We have very little time to act now. Governments must stop talking and start spending. We already have the technology to allow us to meet our growing need for energy while keeping a stable climate. We must deploy it now. Doing so will cost less than the Iraq war so we know we can afford it."

The 400ppm threshold is based on a paper given at Exeter by Malte Meinhausen of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Dr Meinhausen reviewed a dozen studies of the probability of exceeding the 2 degrees threshold at different CO2 equivalent levels. Taken together they show that only by remaining above 400 is there a very high chance of not doing so.

Some scientists have been reluctant to talk about the overall global warming effect of all the greenhouses gases taken together, because there is another consideration - the fact that the "aerosol", or band of dust in the atmosphere from industrial pollution, actually reduces the warming.

As Professor Shine stresses, there is enormous uncertainty about the degree to which this is happening, so making calculation of the overall warming effect problematic. However, as James Lovelock points out - and Professor Shine and other scientists accept - in the event of an industrial downturn, the aerosol could fall out of the atmosphere in a matter of weeks, and then the effect of all the greenhouse gases taken together would suddenly be fully felt.


See also:

Runaway Global Warming Began In 2002

Ice Dumped by Greenland's Glaciers Triples in 10 Years (February 17, 2006),0,7466790.story?coll=la-headlines-world
Scientists say 'wake-up call' study indicates that sea level could climb even more quickly than current projections. - Greenland's vast glaciers are dumping ice into the ocean three times faster than they did 10 years ago because of increasing temperatures, suggesting that sea level could rise even more quickly than current projections.The study, published today in the journal Science, found that the glaciers contributed 53 cubic miles of water to the Atlantic Ocean in 2005, resulting in about a 0.02-inch rise in sea level."The models we had were not terribly alarming about Greenland," said Richard Alley, a glaciologist at Penn State University who was not involved in the research. "This paper is a real wake-up call." Previous estimates of Greenland's contribution to sea level rise were based on tracking the thickness of the glaciers to calculate the amount of ice that had melted and flowed into the ocean.Researchers estimated that in 1996 total ice lost through melting was about 8.3 cubic miles. Just one-quarter cubic mile of ice would supply the water Los Angeles consumes in a year.Researchers led by Eric Rignot, a glaciologist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge, used satellite imagery to measure another source of water: ice cracking off the ends of glaciers to form icebergs. The imagery showed that Greenland's southern glaciers are rapidly accelerating their downhill, seaward creep.Take the Kangerdlugssuaq glacier in the southeast. After creeping along at just more than 3 miles per year, it now moves about 8.7 miles per year. The increased speed of glacier flow meant that far more water was reaching the ocean. Greenland's ice cap is larger than Texas and nearly 2 miles thick in places. The researchers calculated that its glaciers deposited 40 cubic miles of ice into the Atlantic Ocean in 2005, about triple the 13 cubic miles dumped in 1996. CLIP

Arctic Climate Study Produces Startling Findings
An extensive international study on the effects of climate change in the Arctic has reached some startling conclusions, on issues ranging from how fast polar ice is melting to the impact on Inuit communities.


Recommended by "Stephanie Sutton" who wrote: "I watched this Aerosol Crimes Documentary about Chemtrails this week - I urge people to get hold of a copy and show it to as many as they can." Details at


Global Dimming - Hidden Chemtrail Connection?

By Ted Twietmeyer|


For many years scientists have noticed that the intensity of sunlight around the globe has been decreasing. Studies have quietly proved this is happening to our beautiful blue marble. To date, not one study has been publicized which connects the dimming problem with high altitude chemtrail spraying. Such a study is not likely, since no researcher will bite the hand that feeds them. Yet, many researchers must already be aware of the connection if they performed good science, and looked at causes for the problem. But we'll take another look at this issue and include other factors.


Scientists wanted a stationary satellite to monitor the dimming problem in order to obtain accurate data. Collected data from space will be free from numerous errors and problems inherent in ground-based observations. Such a satellite was planned for launch in 2001, but along came that terrible day in September which caused a postponement. The new bird would be called the Deep Space Climate Observatory, and it was first proposed back in the 1990s by Al Gore. It was planned to be a geostationary satellite which would monitor the entire side of the earth illuminated by the sun. [1]

When Columbia was destroyed, it further delayed the program.

The observatory project was finally finished off with a stroke of a pen when NASA cancelled the satellite project in early 2006 "for priorities and budget reasons". The pen is mightier than the sword, and it apparently carries more power than common sense.

The dimming of sunlight will create food chain problems, crop failures and water supply and weather problems as less water is evaporated from the oceans. But apparently to NASA this issue isn't important.


One would also think that NOAA would sit up and take notice. NOAA stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. If any branch of the government should be speaking out, it should be them. Yet all we hear from them is silence.

As of this writing, on we see "NOAA REPORTS RECORD WARM JANUARY ACROSS THE U.S. WARMER TEMPERATURES RESULT IN LOWER RESIDENTIAL ENERGY DEMAND" as their big headline. One doesn't need to be a scientist to make that discovery. In the north-central and north-east United States, people are now burdened by whopping utility bills that have increased their price per cubic ft. of natural gas about 40% - even though many of these utilities take gas straight out of the ground and were never affected by Katrina.

Someone must ask the question - "How do utilities get away with this?" What are the complex implications of global dimming?

According to one Chinese study, 3.7 watts of energy were lost per square yard in China in the past 50 years. Five hundred ground based instruments across that country were used to collect data for the long term study. This is probably happening globally as well.


The infamous Teller paper in 1997 titled "Global Warming and the Ice Ages: Prospects for Physics-Based Modulation of Global Change" was also published in the Wall Street Journal as the article "The Planet Needs a Sunscreen." [2] It theorized that scattering high altitude metallic particles such as aluminum oxide or barium oxide would help reflect sunlight back into space to slow global warming. (More details about heavy metals can be found at [3].)

Is it merely a coincidence that heavy metals are found in chemtrails today? Internet photos and data about chemtrails date back more than 10 years. Clifford Carnicom has gathered more data on this subject, than perhaps any other researcher.

Would the Chinese be thrilled to find out that American-made chemtrails are accelerating their dimming problem? And if the Chinese are having this problem, it follows that the remainder of the world to a greater or lesser degree. Could it be possible that the satellite program was cancelled because it would expose the impact of chemtrail spraying on the entire planet?

Can it all just be a coincidence - or are there forces at work to keep a lid on chemtrail creation for weather control purposes? If military-owned weather control technology is supposedly for the global good - then why are government agencies so tight-lipped about this illegitimate program?


A frequent contributor, Ted Twietmeyer is an inventor, patent holder and engineer who has worked in defense and NASA projects for more than 20 years. He also has written a startling new book about Mars which can be found at




See also:

It can be demonstrated that the introduction of essentially any metallic or metallic salt aerosol into the lower atmosphere will have the effect of heating up that lower atmosphere. The impact is both significant and measurable. Those that seek and express concern on the so called global warming problem might wish to begin their search with an inquiry into the thermodynamics of artificially introduced metallic aerosols into the lower atmosphere. The direct injection of massive amounts of particulate matter by aircraft into the atmosphere for more than five years establishes the foundation for this inquiry. An examination of the specific heat characteristics of an altered atmosphere will provide the path for the realistic conclusions that can be made. Any claim that the aerosol operations represent a mitigating influence on the global warming problem appears to be a complete facade that is in direct contradiction to the fundamental principles of physics and thermodynamics. The lack of candor and honesty by government, media and environmental protection agencies in response to public inquiry is further evidence of the fictitious fronts that have been proposed. It is past time to recognize that one of the primary effects of the dense aerosols that now permanently mar the lifeblood of this planet is the heating up of the very atmosphere that we breathe. CLIP


Forwarded by "Kathleen Roberts"


Cheney Says Shooting Based on Faulty Intelligence

Believed Shooting Victim Was Zawahiri, Veep Says

Vice President Dick Cheney revealed today that he shot a fellow hunter while on a quail hunting trip over the weekend because he believed the man was the fugitive terror mastermind Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Mr. Cheney acknowledged that the man he sprayed with pellets on Saturday was not al-Zawahiri but rather Harry Whittington, a 78-year-old millionaire lawyer from Austin, blaming the mix-up on "faulty intelligence."

"I believed I had credible intelligence that al-Zawahiri had infiltrated my hunting party in disguise with the intent of spraying me with pellets," Mr. Cheney told reporters. "Only after I shot Harry in the face and he shouted 'Cheney, you bastard' did I realize that this intelligence was faulty."

Moments after Mr. Cheney's assault on Mr. Whittington, Mr. al-Zawahiri appeared in a new videotape broadcast on al-Jazeera to announce that he was uninjured in the vice president's attack because, in his words, "I was in Pakistan."

An aide to the vice president said he believed that the American people would believe Mr. Cheney's version of events, but added, "If he was going to shoot any of his cronies right now it's a shame it wasn't Jack Abramoff."

At the White House, President George W. Bush defended his vice president's shooting of a fellow hunter, saying that the attack sent "a strong message to terrorists everywhere."

"The message is, if Dick Cheney is willing to shoot an innocent American citizen at point-blank range, imagine what he'll do to you," Mr. Bush said.

Elsewhere, aviator Steve Fossett completed his three-day journey around the globe, setting a world record for wasting both time and money.


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Videos: Great Comic Coverage of Cheney

Was vice president sending 'Godfather'-style message? (February 14, 2006)
Columnist Barry Saunders A North Carolina columnist claimed today Dick Cheney's shooting of friend Harry Whittington was not an accident, but was meant to be a message to his former chief of staff, Scooter Libby, not to testify against the vice president in the Valerie Plame leak investigation. "Accident my eye. Or rather, Harry Whittington's eye," writes Barry Saunders in the Raleigh, N.C., News & Observer. "If you believe it was just an accident that Vice President Dick Cheney shot his hunting companion last weekend, you obviously have never seen 'The Godfather' movies." Continued Saunders in his column: "Just as surely as a fish wrapped in a bulletproof vest means 'Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes,' that shotgun blast to Whittington's face was meant to convey that I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby had better bite his tongue and forget about testifying against Cheney, his former boss, in the Valerie Plame spy case." Libby has been indicted on federal charges he lied to investigators probing the leak of Plame's identity to the media. Last week, prosecutors reported he told a grand jury that superiors authorized him to disclose classified information to reporters because they were angered about Plame's husband's opposition to the Iraq war. Vice President Dick Cheney "A vice president who'll shoot an ally to get across his message of omerta - that's mobspeak for 'hush up' - may be considered a national disgrace by some," writes Saunders. "Not by me. I embrace the prospect of a lead-slingin' veep. Think of the impact Cheney's shot heard 'round the world will have on America's diplomatic efforts. When obstinate countries declare their unwillingness to negotiate with Secretary of State Condi Rice, all we have to do is roll out Deadeye Dick." CLIP

Accidental Shootings: He loves the smell of gunpowder (February 15, 2006),0,1216758.story?track=hpmostemailedlink
VICE PRESIDENT Dick Cheney accidentally shot documentary filmmaker Michael Moore yesterday as Moore was walking out of a Manhattan Denny's. A spokesperson for the vice president said that it was a "complete accident" and that Cheney felt "horrible." The White House released a statement saying that the shooting was "just bad timing. Vice President Cheney, who is well-versed in firearms safety, was merely sitting in a shrub, wearing camouflage, outside of a Denny's frequented by Mr. Moore." The statement went on to say that Cheney had been in the shrub for "several days." Moore is said to have suffered only minor injuries and was released from the hospital. IN ANOTHER BIZARRE accident, Cheney mistakenly shot every Democratic member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. A White House spokesman said that the vice president feels "bad, but not that bad." An aide to Cheney said that the vice president "happened to be in the committee chambers, under a chair, when he stood up to put on a pair of chaps, accidentally shooting the committee members, stopping to reload three times." Remarkably, the committee members were largely unhurt and are expected to make complete recoveries. THE WHITE HOUSE was put on the defensive again today when Air Force Two was forced to make an emergency landing 25 miles west of New York City after a loss of cabin pressure because of the accidental shooting of former FEMA Director Michael D. Brown and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. Both men have recently come under criticism for their handling of the federal response to Hurricane Katrina. Cheney was said to be "laughing, but also deeply concerned" when he was awoken from a nap after accidentally shooting the men at close range. Typically, shotguns are not allowed on either Air Force One or Two, but Cheney is, the statement said, "a seasoned hunter and also planned to accidentally shoot both men." Both Brown and Chertoff are expected to make complete recoveries, although it remains unclear as to why Brown was duct-taped to the wing of the plane. A White House spokesman later added that the vice president had been on his way to New York City to accidentally shoot New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. SEN. HILLARY Rodham Clinton miraculously escaped injury today after Cheney accidentally ran up to her motorcade and accidentally shot at her car. The White House said the vice president "tripped." "These things happen," a White House spokesman said. "Guns, while completely safe, are also dangerous." A member of the vice president's staff said Cheney apologized to the former first lady and potential presidential candidate in a handwritten note. "I'm sorry I almost shot you. But know that I will try again and will also be sorry then too. I like the sound a gun makes and the smell of the gunpowder. 'Flint' is a neat word. "

Cheney's Chappaquiddick II: The Real Story Emerges (Feb 15)
The real story is already emerging, if you're willing to do a little digging. Cheney and Whittington went hunting with two women (not their wives), there was some drinking, and Whittington wound up shot. Armstrong didn't see the incident but claimed she had, Cheney refused to be questioned by the Sheriff until the next morning, and a born-again evangelical physician has been downplaying Whittington's injuries since they occurrred.Neither the press nor law enforcement seems inclined to investigate. Before the right-wing commenters howl - there's documentation for all of these statements. Let's take them one by one: In addition to Cheney and Whittington, the hunting party included Katherine Armstrong (who was in the car at the time of the shooting: more on that later). After lots of evasive comments that only referred to a "third hunter," we now know her identity: Pamela Willeford, the US Ambassador to Switzerland. Then there was this Armstrong quote on MSNBC and picked up by Firedoglake (later dutifully scrubbed, but preserved on Google cache): "There may be a beer or two in there," (Armstrong) said, 'but remember not everyone in the party was shooting.'" CLIP

Many more related articles through

Dick Cheney's apology (February 15)
The Vice President has sent a $7 check to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which is the cost of an upland game bird stamp." - - From a written statement issued Monday by the White House. Dear Texas Parks and Wildlife Department: Enclosed please find a personal check from me, Vice President Dick Cheney, in the amount of $7, the cost of the bird stamp I should have purchased before I accidentally shot that guy.I'm sorry that my office did not secure the proper permit for hunting quail in Texas, and I am also sorry that I shot that guy.I'm sorry that the phrase, "Did you hear that Vice President Dick Cheney shot a guy?" was last weekend's most-frequently-uttered comment into a cell phone, edging out "Hi, I'm in line at Starbucks. What's up?" CLIP

Cheney's Dodge: Taking Responsibility
When Dick Cheney surfaced on Wednesday long enough for an interview with Fox News eminence Brit Hume - an event that CNN's Jack Cafferty promptly likened to "Bonnie interviewing Clyde" - the vice presidential spin emerged from a time-worn bag of political tricks, writes Norman Solomon. Cheney took responsibility. Whatever that means.

Sing Along! "Cheney's Got a Gun"

Elmer Fudd (Mighty Hunter) Back in Fashion
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Harry Whittington Shooting Ballistics Tested, Cheney shot at Whittington
from 15 feet not 90 as claimed

More Pot-shots at Cheney - Sent by "Kathleen Roberts" who also forwarded most of the above Cheney related material
Jay Leno said there was so much snow in Washington that Cheney shot a fat man thinking it was a polar bear. Even the newspapers found it hard to play it straight. The New York Daily News headline was "Duck! It's Dick", while the more Administration-friendly New York Post said simply: "Big Shot." Ronald Reagan's former press secretary, Jim Brady, who has become a leading gun-control advocate since being shot in a presidential assassination attempt, said: "Now I understand why Dick Cheney keeps asking me to go hunting with him. I had a friend once who accidentally shot pellets into his dog - I thought he was an idiot." Bloggers were ahead of the pack. "Guns don't shoot people. The Vice-President shoots people," was common, mocking the National Rifle Association's excuse for everything.

War of the Quailhawks
Tom Engelhardt writes that the thought that the Bush administration (like the vice president in Texas) shot first and looked only later came quite naturally to mind; but there are other ways in which Dick Cheney's strange encounter of a quail kind on the 50,000 acre Armstrong Ranch in Texas might help put the invasion of Iraq in a new light.


Forwarded by Wanda


Swami Calls for an Up-Wising - The Evolution Has Begun!

By Swami Beyondananda

For years now, we've been hearing "shift happens," and wondering when, where and how. Now finally, it looks as if the shift is about to hit the fan. This is good news for all those shift fans who've been wondering if the new age will arrive before old age does. Of course, if you're looking for signs in the news, you won't find them. At least, not yet. The news might as well be called the "olds," because the world still seems stuck in greedlock, ruled by fossilized fools fueled by fossil fuels. But I have been receiving encouraging intelligence reports that say indeed, humans are becoming more intelligent. Yes, people everywhere are wising up. And that's great, because we could sure use an up-wising!

The evolution has begun. But before we see changes in the old needy-greedy, we humans must change our consciousness -- and the first step is becoming conscious of how unconscious we've been. As the saying goes, the truth shall upset you free, and last year saw lots of disillusionment. But what better to free us from the far more dangerous condition of illusionment? If we want to stop the abuse of power, the first step is to disabuse ourselves. So, here's some good news: Despite a massive media impropaganda machine that feeds the public "babblum" (strained bullshit made digestible for a simple child's mind), more and more Americans are reading between the lyins' and peering behind the Irony Curtain.

In 2005, Americans had to face the sad realization that the Bush Administration's "pro-life" stance appears to be limited to the unborn and the brain-dead. Despite being panned by critics everywhere, the Iraqi Horror Picture Show continued its run, as thousands and thousands of born fetuses - ours and theirs -- lost their right to life. While we may or may not have saved face by staying there, we have most definitely lost ass. And we've been assured we'll be stuck in that morass until -- well, until there's no more ass to lose. Meanwhile, more and more Americans reached another sad conclusion: We're not in Iraq to keep the peace, we're there to keep the pieces.

The signs of up-wising are everywhere. Even the most unpleasant stories are beginning to break through the soundless barrier and defy the President's "don't ask, don't tell" policy: "You promise not to ask us what we're doing, and we promise not to tell you." Although we've been inundated with "fear-gnomes" and ominously warned we have to protect ourselves in this dogma-eat-dogma world, a majority of Americans are no longer comfortable with the notion that the only way to defeat the "evil-doers" in the world is to out evil-do them. Although our President has assured us that "we don't torture," it is now common knowledge that we simply send detainees to countries that do torture when we want them to "testify under oaf."

As for those progressives who've been whining that the President "never listens" to them, well it turns out he's been listening all along. And thanks to the so-called Patriot Act (which, I understand, is about to be renamed the Eternal Insecurity Act), it looks like he'll be able to listen in even more -- all in the name of making us safe. But now even some Republicans are beginning to see that there's a difference between protection and the "protection racket." And with the recent revelations about Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff and other gold collar criminals, some of the more devout conservatives have come to realize that the "family values" they voted for bear an uncanny resemblance to Soprano Family values.

If there was any warm feeling in 2005, chalk it up to climate change. Katrina hit, and in the government's response we saw a future when at last all Americans will be equal -- where everyone regardless of race or creed will be treated like Black folks.

Alarming Policies Have Awakened Millions!

Fortunately this is the State of the Universe Address, and from a universal perspective, things are humming along quite nicely. It turns out that the Earth is the talk of the Universe these days. In fact, the odds-makers at the Intergalactic Enquirer say the odds are actually in our favor: "We're betting on the human race to reach critical mass before they get to critical massacre." And we could beat the odds, if we finally gave up our addiction to getting even and got odd instead. It stands to reason. If each of us used our unique oddness to improve the odds for everyone, there would be no need for getting even.

Yes, the up-wising has begun, and intergalactic observers are saying that we have none other than George W. Bush to thank. How is that, you may ask? Well, I am reminded of a story my guru Harry Cohen Baba used to tell. A well-known minister died and arrived at the Pearly Gates at the same time as a cab-driver from New York. The cabbie was ushered in, but the clergyman was left waiting outside. After waiting and waiting and waiting, he finally called over the attending angel. "Excuse me, but I'm a renowned minister. How come you let that cab-driver in, and I'm left waiting out here?" "Well," the angel said, "when you preached, everyone slept. But when he drove, everyone prayed."

For millennia, spiritual teachers have been calling on us to go for the highest common denominator, but we've always seemed to end up with the lowest common dominator instead. And now, George W. Bush has done what preachers, teachers and other far-sighted visionaries have failed to do up until now: His policies have been so alarming, that he has awakened a slumbering body politic that slept through all previous alarms. Where others have failed, he has people all across the world praying, "God help us!" And instead of waiting for an intervention from above -- after all, we cannot expect to be fed intervenously forever -- people are beginning to help themselves, and even more importantly, help each other.

Sure, there are still plenty of Not-Sees out there who insist on not seeing that we humans are all in the same boat. The good news is, more and more Americans are getting that sinking feeling that there's only one Earthship, and ignoring a leak because it's "on the other side of the boat," is a mistake of titanic proportions.

We Are the Leaders We've Been Waiting For

America, the world's only super-power, doesn't need a revolution. We've already had one, thank you. What is needed now -- and what has already begun -- is the American Evolution where enough of us wake up and see that those two political parties have been partying on our dime, and we the people haven't been invited. Time to go beyond choosing the lesser of two weasels. If we want to evolve the dream of our Founding Fathers -- instead of devolve into the nightmare of Big Brother -- we must become the leaders we've been waiting for. I've said it before. The only force more powerful than a super-power is a Super-Duper Power -- the power of the people plus the power of love. And anyone who doesn't believe we are a Super-Duper Power, well they have been super-duped!

It's true, many people still feel that the affairs of the world should be left to the bolder and badder among us. But look what that leaves us with: Are you satisfied choosing between Saddam Hussein and George Who's-Not-Sane? Now I know those "God, guns and guts" Old Testament Christians might have forgotten, but Jesus did say that the meek shall inherit the earth. In all undue immodesty, maybe it's time for us meek folks to boldly step forth and accept our inheritance.

For just as 2000 years ago Jesus stood up to a class that placed the rule of gold above the Golden Rule, today we face the modern version of the Pharisees -- the Phallusees, I think they are called. They cynically cloak themselves in religious robes, but the only power they trust is the power of the stick. Well, there's another old saying: It doesn't matter how big your stick is, if you stick your stick where it doesn't belong, you're stuck.

Another sign of the up-wising and coming evolution is that people are growing dissatisfied with the positionality of "my side vs. your side," and are seeing the whole issue of sides from a new angle: Maybe we're all on the same side. For example, this argument between creationism and evolution is just another way for dueling dualities to steal our energy. I believe in both. I believe the Creator created us to evolve, otherwise Jesus would have said, "Now don't do a thing till I return." I have it on good authority that the Creator is pulling for us: "Come on, you children of God. Time to grow up and become adults of God instead."

Time to Overgrow the System From the Grassroots Up

The time for revolution and overthrowing has past. Now we need an evolution where we "overgrow" the current dysfunctional system from the grassroots up. You are probably familiar with the story of the Native American grandfather who tells his grandson that there are two wolves fighting inside all of us: The wolf of fear and anger, and the wolf of love and peace. "Which wolf will win?" asks the young boy. "Whichever one we feed," replies the grandfather.

And so when people ask me to predict what will happen, I tell them the only thing I can predict with certainty is the uncertainty of any prediction. The future's just too unpredictable these days. This is a Universe of infinite possibilities, so it all depends on which futures we invest in.

There is something far more empowerful than predictions, and that is Tell-A-Vision. If you're fed up with the current programming, my advice is turn off your TV and tell a vision instead. That way, we will have healing and functional visions to step into -- and that beats what we've been stepping into. So I will tell my vision for 2006: This is the year of the American Evolution, where all those who prefer the Golden Rule to the rule of gold get past left and right, and come front and center.

I see Americans of all political stripes, plaids and polka dots (not to mention solids), choosing to face the music and dance together. Sure, we'll have to learn some new steps, but it's time for a new dance - A-Bun-Dance. That is where we get up off our assets, move our buns, and dance together in rhythm and flow. And what better way to turn the funk into function, and leave the junk at the junction?

I see us in a new reality show -- Extreme Planetary Makeover -- where everyone can play and everyone can win. Just think. Something more compelling than reality TV ... it's called reality!

I know, I know. Only a crazy person would dare to propose anything that sane. But maybe it's time to declare the current institutionalized insanity illegally insane, and set about building a sane asylum big enough for all six and a half billion of us. As my guru Harry Cohen Baba has said, "Life is like a good deli. Even if something isn't on the menu, if enough people order it they have to make it." So what kind of new world order are we ordering up? Do we feed the wolf of fear and buy into the "it's every man for himself" story? Or do we nourish the wolf of love and evolve into the "we're all in it together" story?

If we're going to be a Super-Duper Power, we have to be super-duper powerful in activating the power of love, and cultivating the power of joy. So laugh more. Why not? We all know there's something funny going on. The wall of lies cannot withstand the vibration of laughter. All seriousness aside, only a farce field that combines truth and laughter can bring down the Irony Curtain once and for all.

Release the old story -- been there, done that -- and speak the new story into the world. Dare to imagine what we could be doing if we weren't spending so much of our livelihood on weapons of deadlihood. Think about it ... think tanks where they think about something other than tanks. Young people living for their country instead of dying for it. Health and education fully funded, and the Air Force having to run a bake sale so they can buy a new bomber.

Can we change the course of history? Can we shift our karma into surpassing gear? I cannot say for sure, but if we choose to give up that old Dodge and trade it in for an Evolvo, that's a good first step. So ... let the Evolution begin. We don't have to wait until the first Big Shot is fired. If we create a powerful enough field, the Big Shots will end up firing themselves.

May the FARCE -- as always -- be with us.

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Forwarded by "Nadia McLaren"

Men jokes

A man was walking down the street when he was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby looking homeless man who asked him for a couple of dollars for dinner.

The man took out his wallet, extracted ten dollars and asked, "If I give you this money, will you buy some beer with it instead of dinner?"

"No, I had to stop drinking years ago," the homeless man replied.

"Will you use it to go fishing instead of buying food?" the man asked.

"No, I don't waste time fishing," the homeless man said. "I need to spend all my time trying to stay alive."

"Will you spend this! on greens fees at a golf course instead of food?" the man asked.

"Are you NUTS!" replied the homeless man. "I haven't played golf in 20 years!"

"Will you spend the money on a woman in the red light district instead of food?" the man asked.

"What disease would I get for ten lousy bucks?" exclaimed the homeless man.

"Well," said the man, "I'm not going to give you the money. Instead, I'm going to take you home for a terrific dinner cooked by my wife."

The homeless man was astounded. "Won't your wife be furious with you for doing that? I know I'm dirty, and I probably smell pretty disgusting."

The man replied, "That's okay. It's important for her to see what a man looks like after he has given up beer, fishing, golf, and sex."


A man wanted to get married. He was having trouble choosing among three likely candidates. He gives each woman a present of $5,000 and watches to see what they do with the money.

The first does a total make over. She goes to a fancy beauty salon gets her hair done, new make up and buys several new outfits and dresses up very nicely for the man. She tells him that she has done this to be more attractive for him because she loves him so much.

The man was impressed.

The second goes shopping to buy the man gifts. She gets him a new set of golf clubs, some new gizmos for his computer, and some expensive clothes. As she presents these gifts, she tells him that she has spent all the money on him because she loves him so much.

Again, the man is impressed.

The third invests the money in the stock market. She earns several times the $5,000. She gives him back his $5000 and reinvests the remainder in a joint account. She tells him that she wants to save for their future because she loves him so much.

Obviously, the man was impressed.

The man thought for a long time about what each woman had done with the money he'd given her.

Then, he married the one with the biggest boobs.

Men are like that, you know.

Addendum: There is more money being spent on breast implants and Viagra today than on Alzheimer's research. This means that by 2040, there should be a large elderly population with perky boobs and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them.


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