January 19, 2006

The Writing on the Wall Series #47: The Orwellian Imperial Empire

Hello everyone!

There is soooo much material to read in this compilation (78 pages) and so much difficult information to mentally/psychologically/emotionally process, that I though it would be in order this time to begin with a very funny joke I just received...

An elderly woman walked into the Bank of Canada one morning with a purse full of money. She wanted to open a savings account and insisted on talking to the president of the Bank because, she said, she had a lot of money.

After many lengthy discussions (after all, the client is always right) an employee took the elderly woman to the president's office.

The president of the Bank asked her how much she wanted to deposit. She placed her purse on his desk and replied, "$165,000". The president was curious and asked her how she had been able to save so much money. The elderly woman replied that she made bets.

The president was surprised and asked, "What kind of bets?"

The elderly woman replied, "Well, I bet you $25,000 that your testicles are square."

The president started to laugh and told the woman that it was impossible to win a bet like that.

The woman never batted an eye. She just looked at the president and said, "Would you like to take my bet?"

"Certainly", replied the president. "I bet you $25,000 that my testicles are not square."

"Done", the elderly woman answered. "But given the amount of money involved, if you don't mind I would like to come back at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning with my lawyer as a witness."

"No problem", said the president of the Bank confidently.

That night, the president became very nervous about the bet and spent a long time in front of the mirror examining his testicles, turning them this way and that, checking them over again and again until he was positive that no one could consider his testicles as square and reassuring himself that there was no way he could lose the bet.

The next morning at exactly 10 o'clock the elderly woman arrived at the president's office with her lawyer and acknowledged the $25,000 bet made the day before that the president's testicles were square.

The president confirmed that the bet was the same as the one made the day before. Then the elderly woman asked him to drop his pants etc. so that she and her lawyer could see clearly.

The president was happy to oblige.

The elderly woman came closer so she could see better and asked the president if she could touch them. "Of course", said the president. "Given the amount of money involved, you should be 100% sure."

The elderly woman did so with a little smile. Suddenly the president noticed that the lawyer was banging his head against the wall. He asked the elderly woman why he was doing that and she replied, "Oh, it's probably because I bet him $100,000 that around 10 o'clock in the morning I would be holding the balls of the President of the Bank of Canada!"

Gigglingly yours ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Question: Is the sudden reappearance of an alleged Bin Laden tape in world news a sign that some kind of ploy to fake a new attack is in the offing? Read this Bin Laden transcript: 'Attacks under preparation' to make your own view on this...

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Statement of Conscience Against War And Repression

As George W. Bush bullies his way through his second term, let it not be said that people in the United States silently acquiesced in the face of this shameful coronation of war, greed, and intolerance. He does not speak for us. He does not represent us. He does not act in our name.

No election, whether fair or fraudulent, can legitimize criminal wars on foreign countries, torture, the wholesale violation of human rights, and the end of science and reason.

In our name, the Bush government justifies the invasion and occupation of Iraq on false pretenses, raining down destruction, horror, and misery, bringing death to more than 100,000 Iraqis. It sends our youth to destroy entire cities for the sake of so-called democratic elections, while intimidating and disenfranchising thousands of African American and other voters at home.

In our name, the Bush government holds in contempt international law and world opinion. It carries out torture and detentions without trial around the world and proposes new assaults on our rights of privacy, speech and assembly at home. It strips the rights of Arabs, Muslims and South Asians in the U.S., denies them legal counsel, stigmatizes and holds them without cause. Thousands have been deported.

As new trial balloons are floated about invasions of Syria, or Iran, or North Korea, about leaving the United Nations, about new “lifetime detention” policies, we say not in our name will we allow further crimes to be committed against nations or individuals deemed to stand in the way of the goal of unquestioned world supremacy.

Could we have imagined a few years ago that core principles such as the separation of church and state, due process, presumption of innocence, freedom of speech, and habeas corpus would be discarded so easily? Now, anyone can be declared an "enemy combatant" without meaningful redress or independent review by a President who is concentrating power in the executive branch. His choice for Attorney General is the legal architect of the torture that has been carried out in Guantánamo, Afghanistan, and Abu Ghraib.

The Bush government seeks to impose a narrow, intolerant, and political form of Christian fundamentalism as government policy. No longer on the margins of power, this extremist movement aims to strip women of their reproductive rights, to stoke hatred of gays and lesbians, and to drive a wedge between spiritual experience and scientific truth. We will not surrender to extremists our right to think. AIDS is not a punishment from God. Global warming is a real danger. Evolution happened. All people must be free to find meaning and sustenance in whatever form of religious or spiritual belief they choose. But religion can never be compulsory. These extremists may claim to make their own reality, but we will not allow them to make ours.

Millions of us worked, talked, marched, poll watched, contributed, voted, and did everything we could to defeat the Bush regime in the last election. This unprecedented effort brought forth new energy, organization, and commitment to struggle for justice. It would be a terrible mistake to let our failure to stop Bush in these ways lead to despair and inaction. On the contrary, this broad mobilization of people committed to a fairer, freer, more peaceful world must move forward. We cannot, we will not, wait until 2008. The fight against the second Bush regime has to start now.

The movement against the war in Vietnam never won a presidential election. But it blocked troop trains, closed induction centers, marched, spoke to people door to door -- and it helped to stop a war. The Civil Rights Movement never tied its star to a presidential candidate; it sat in, freedom rode, fought legal battles, filled jailhouses -- and changed the face of a nation.

We must change the political reality of this country by mobilizing the tens of millions who know in their heads and hearts that the Bush regime’s “reality” is nothing but a nightmare for humanity. This will require creativity, mass actions and individual moments of courage. We must come together whenever we can, and we must act alone whenever we have to.

We draw inspiration from the soldiers who have refused to fight in this immoral war. We applaud the librarians who have refused to turn over lists of our reading, the high school students who have demanded to be taught evolution, those who brought to light torture by the U.S. military, and the massive protests that voiced international opposition to the war on Iraq. We affirm ordinary people undertaking extraordinary acts. We pledge to create community to back courageous acts of resistance. We stand with the people throughout the world who fight every day for the right to create their own future.

It is our responsibility to stop the Bush regime from carrying out this disastrous course. We believe history will judge us sharply should we fail to act decisively.

Sign this Statement at

Taken from

You can also read this Statement in Spanish or French

Read the original Not In Our Name Statement of Conscience [2002]

Do not worry if our harp breaks, thousands more will appear.
We have fallen in the arms of love where all is music.
If all the harps in the world were burned down,
still inside the heart there will be hidden music playing.

Do not worry if all the candles in the world flicker and die
we have the spark that starts the fire.
The songs we sing are like foam on the surface of the sea of being
while the precious gems lie deep beneath.
But the tenderness in our songs
is a reflection of what is hidden in the depths.

Stop the flow of your words,
open the window of your heart and
let the spirit speak.

— Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi
Sent by Marianna Hartsong> —

President George W. Bush was scheduled to visit the Methodist church outside Washington, DC as part of his campaign. Bush's campaign manager made a visit to the Bishop, and said to him, "We've been getting a lot of bad publicity among Methodists because of Bush's position on stem cell research and the like. We'd gladly make a contribution to the church of $100,000 if during your sermon you'd say the President is a saint." The Bishop thinks it over for a few moments and finally says, "The Church is in desperate need of funds and I will agree to do it." Bush pompously shows up looking especially smug today and as the sermon progresses the Bishop begins his homily: "George Bush is petty, a self-absorbed hypocrite and a nitwit. He is a liar, a cheat, a bully, and a low-intelligence weasel. He was a drunken cokehead for most of his adult life, and he had Rove scrub his cocaine arrest story by setting up and destroying the journalist who reported it, the late Jim Hatfield. He has lied about his military record and had the gall to dress up in a flight suit landing on a carrier posing before a banner stating 'Mission Accomplished.' Worst of all, he let his cabinet neocons and covert operators murder almost 3,000 Americans on 9/11 so he could invade two countries for oil and money, and he’s been lying about it ever since. He is the worst example of a Methodist I've ever personally known. But compared to Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle, Doug Feith, Scooter Libby, and the other neocons, George Bush is a saint."

Sent by "Kathleen Roberts">

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides, but when he can harness the power of love, then for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire."

— Teihard de Chardin - Taken from where you'll find an amazing story "The Osprey and the Eagle" written by Christopher Rudy> who recommended it.

"Q: Some people say that if you are aware of the situation on the planet - the state of the world - you must be depressed. What do you say to that?
R: So much despair -- so many want to see the change but cannot quite see they are the change. The change is irrelevant .. the change for everyone else is irrelevant - one has first to change oneself. One first has to send compassion to those that you see as the enemy. And those are the ones that you see creating destruction - not the sufferers of it - of course such compassion reaches those already but everyone reaps what they sew - reaps the order of what one sets in motion and sometimes in the old days, that used to be what was called a caning at the school ... one stepped so far out of line, one was punished. Not so much in a way that was destructive, but to draw the line - to bring that one back into the fold. In the end, each one has to learn self-discipline - one has to discipline one's own emotions just as one has to discipline one's own thoughts. There is no time for such despair - there is so much to do - so much to think and I want to say 'thinking' because that is stirring the ripples in consciousness. When one sits to meditate and to open one to the higher thoughts, is it to ask - "What is to be done?" or is it to ask :" How can I be uplifted - how can I gain the benefits of my spirituality? "Not - "What do I have to do?" .... or - "How can I roll up my sleeves and do something? - What is my next move in the world?" Because such questions stir up the ripples throughout consciousness not limited to your own place - then others, sometimes with more resources suddenly pick up a floating idea that inspires them with its beauty. Then when one joins together for such meditations - When one offers questions for everyone to contemplate, then the ripple that sets out is magnified - has many overtones and harmonics - such things are beautiful to hear - beautiful in their structure - and offer so much for anyone waiting to hear. That occurs much more than you think. Then your thoughts of destruction - inspire and stimulate those who would want to dominate - the fear supports those who can suppress - it feeds that. Then one learns to discipline one's mind and emotions and to come together as groups - as community - offering oneself in service and some of you already know that and do that and it already has had it's effect. Already inspires across the globe and many, many things are changing. Does that answer the question? Does that give you much to think about.? Of course! And this is important -- you are not alone. When one asks for help in disciplining, then you will of course feel the love of the many that walk alongside on the inner worlds - such support is offered continually - you are not alone - you are never separate. The only separateness and isolation that you think is in your own mind. So much love because you are made of it -- you are built in it! Then open that -- open to it!"

— Mercredan Channelling - Final Draft Jan 14: 06 - Waiheke Island: New Zealand
Recommended by "Grant Bridger"> who can email you the whole channeling upon request.

Worthy of Your Attention

Vote for the Green Party in the coming Canadian elections -
Their Platform 2006 is exceptionally good and worth your reading time. Over 600,000 Canadians voted for them in 2004. The more people vote for them, the more financing the Greens will receive from the federal government to further promote their most excellent ideas.

ACLU Calls For Special Counsel: Add Your Voice - When President Bush secretly authorized the National Security Agency to spy on Americans, he violated the law, the Constitution and his oath of office. No American is beneath the law's protection. And no one -- not even a U.S. president -- is above the law's limits. Our system of checks and balances must be maintained if American democracy is to be preserved. Send a letter to your senators!
Fascism: A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls,suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism. -
Recommended by Dan Stafford>

Restore the Rule of Law
President Bush admitted to personally authorizing thousands of allegedly illegal wiretaps, and he doesn't plan to stop. In response to this historic abuse of power, which threatens the very core of our Constitution, we've mounted a petition to "Restore the Rule of Law." (SIGN THIS PETITION AT THE URL ABOVE) - Recommended by Lise Jacques>

Ironic Times
Bush Invites Responsible Criticism Of His Policies in Iraq - Like calls for more troops, harsher interrogation of detainees.
Army Continues to Relax Recruiting Standards to Meet Need - Now accepting former enemy combatants.
WORLD NEWS: British PM Blair Admits He Spanked His Children - But only after U.S. asked him to.
Bush Touts Progress of Iraqi Economy - Unemployment rate of 40% likely over-stated since so many are employed in the insurgency.

Loose Change - Clearance Sale! $2 and $3 a DVD!
"Loose Change 2nd Edition" is the follow-up to the most provocative 9-11 documentary on the market today. This film shows direct connection between the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the United States government. Evidence is derived from news footage, scientific fact, and most important, Americans who suffered through that tragic day. IT IS THE DUTY OF EVERY AMERICAN TO VIEW THIS FILM!

Phantom Flight 93: The Shanksville-Flight 93 (Video)
Hoax puts forth an extremely convincing argument that Flight 93 did not meet its demise in Shanksville, Pa. on the morning of September 11, 2001, but was instead shot down by U.S. military forces and subsequently crash landed in the rural hamlet of New Baltimore, Pa., 6-8 miles away from where the government alleges this event took place. Furthermore, to create a massive diversionary site to draw attention away from the actual wreckage in New Baltimore, a missile was fired into an abandoned strip mine in Shanksville, Pa. – the result of this ordnance blast being a 200-foot mushroom cloud and an 8-10 foot deep crater, but absolutely no airplane wreckage whatsoever. In other words, while the media’s attention was focused on Shanksville, the actual debris from Flight 93 was clandestinely being scuttled away from New Baltimore, Pa., which had been immediately cordoned-off by the FBI and local State Police. Recommended by "Kathleen Roberts">

Move Your mouse around & watch dubya follow the $

Gifted Chinese Children Teleport Objects without Damage
Reported in several articles are experiments involving the videotaping and high-speed photography of the transfer of test specimens (nuts, bundles of matches, pills, nails, thread, photosensitive paper, chemically treated paper, sponges dipped in FeCl3 [iron chloride], etc.) through the walls of sealed paper envelopes, double layered KCNS type paper bags, sealed glass bottles and tubes with sealed caps, and sealed plastic film canisters without the walls of any of these containers being breached. All of the Chinese experiments reported using gifted children and young adults, who possessed well-known extraordinary PK [psycho-kinetic] ability, to cause the teleportation of the various test specimens. In all the experimental cases that were reported, the test specimens that were teleported were completely unaltered or unchanged from their initial state, even the insects were unaffected by being teleported. The experiments were well controlled, scientifically recorded, and the experimental results were always repeatable. (...) The experimental radio micro-transmitter and high-speed photography/videotaping data offer an important clue on what the teleportation mechanism is, and this will be discussed further in Section 5.1.1. The Chinese were unable to offer any significant physics hypothesis that could explain their results. Some researchers stated that it is necessary to invoke a new physics, which somehow unifies the human consciousness (i.e., physics of consciousness) with quantum and spacetime physics, in order to understand p-Teleportation and related PK phenomena. The researchers were amazed by their repeated results, and were barely able to fathom the altered “state of being” that test specimens underwent during teleportation. Recommended by "Kathleen Roberts">


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16. Ways to wage peace in 2006
17. One day theoretical science will no longer have doubts about water's memory while high tech specialists will be making ''water'' computers controlled by telepathy
18. What is the True Nature of Reality?
19. The Healing Power of LOVE

See also:

52% of Americans: Impeach Bush on wiretaps Zogby poll: Most want action if U.S. citizens monitored without judge's (January 16 2006)
A new Zogby poll indicates a majority of Americans want Congress to consider impeaching President Bush if he wiretapped American citizens without a judge's approval.Respondents were asked if they agreed or disagreed with the following statement: "If President Bush wiretapped American citizens without the approval of a judge, do you agree or disagree that Congress should consider holding him accountable through impeachment."The poll found that 52 percent agreed, 43 percent disagreed and 6 percent said they didn't know or declined to answer."The American people are not buying Bush's outrageous claim that he has the power to wiretap American citizens without a warrant," said Bob Fertik, co-founder of the left-leaning group which commissioned the survey. "Americans believe terrorism can be fought without turning our own government into Big Brother." The poll interviewed 1,216 adults in the U.S. from Jan 9-12, and has a 2.9 percent margin of error. As one might expect, the respondents' political affiliation played a role in their answer, as 66 percent of Democrats favored impeachment, as did 59 percent of Independents, but only 23 percent of Republicans.One month ago, one-third of Americans polled by Rasmuseen Reports said they believe Bush should be impeached.

The Impeachment of George W. Bush (Jan 12)
Finally, it has started. People have begun to speak of impeaching President George W. Bush - not in hushed whispers but openly, in newspapers, on the Internet, in ordinary conversations and even in Congress. As a former member of Congress who sat on the House Judiciary Committee during the impeachment proceedings against President Richard Nixon, I believe they are right to do so. (...) On December 17 President Bush acknowledged that he repeatedly authorized wiretaps, without obtaining a warrant, of American citizens engaged in international calls. On the face of it, these warrantless wiretaps violate FISA, which requires court approval for national security wiretaps and sets up a special procedure for obtaining it. Violation of the law is a felony. While many facts about these wiretaps are unknown, it now appears that thousands of calls were monitored and that the information obtained may have been widely circulated among federal agencies. It also appears that a number of government officials considered the warrantless wiretaps of dubious legality. Reportedly, several people in the National Security Agency refused to participate in them, and a deputy attorney general even declined to sign off on some aspects of these wiretaps. The special FISA court has raised concerns as well, and a judge on that court has resigned, apparently in protest. CLIP

Al Gore: 'America's Constitution is in Grave Danger'
Former Vice President Albert Gore Jr. delivered a major policy speech today that assailed the President for abusing executive power. Gore argued that "whenever power is unchecked and unaccountable it almost inevitably leads to mistakes and abuses. In the absence of rigorous accountability, incompetence flourishes. Dishonesty is encouraged and rewarded." The former Vice President went on to say, "Republican as well as Democratic members of Congress should support the bipartisan call of the Liberty Coalition for the appointment of a special counsel to pursue the criminal issues raised by warrantless wiretapping of Americans by the President.

Video Highlights Of Powerful Gore Speech About Bush Administration

A Power Outage on Capitol Hill
Jonathan Alter asks, What if we faced a constitutional crisis and hardly anyone noticed? We are in danger of scrapping our checks and balances-not just for a few years (as was done during the Civil War), but for good, says Alter.

The New Fascism
William Rivers Pitt writes: Say "fascism" to anyone you meet, and you will be greeted with the boilerplate response of the blithely overconfident: such a thing cannot happen here. This is the United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave. Ours is a nation of laws, of checks and balances, of righteousness and decency. Our laws and traditions stand as a bulwark against the rise of totalitarian madness. It cannot happen here. Thus we are indoctrinated into the school of our own assumed greatness.

White House Refuses to Reveal Details of Abramoff Meetings
Abramoff had "a few staff-level meetings" at the Bush White House, presidential spokesman Scott McClellan said Tuesday. But he would not say with whom Abramoff met, which interests he was representing, or how he got access to the White House.

International War Crimes Trial Statement: Is the U. S. guilty of Crimes against Peace?
To many Americans, the idea that U. S. leaders could be prosecuted for war crimes comes right out of left field."What do you mean war crimes? Our leaders are only protecting our nation! No foreign court should be allowed to bring politically motivated charges against our leaders! It's a new world order! In the age of terrorism the old rules of war no longer apply!" When you see a peace protestor shouting that Bush is a war criminal, you're hearing more than partisan hyperbole. When you hear someone refer to the war in Iraq as an illegal war, such an accusation is not made lightly. As Americans we are all party to having allowed this war to take place.In the following articles we will look at American objections to being held accountable to the rest of the world. We'll look at the issues of World Court jurisdiction and International Law,the so-called Pre-emptive Doctrine, the so-called "Enemy Combatant" exemption, and the U. S. attempt to redefine "torture". CLIP Recommended by Sheila Davis> who wrote: "Be sure to read pages 11-17. Oh, my goodness!"

Bush Torture Policy Undermines Human Rights
New evidence demonstrated in 2005 that torture and mistreatment have been a deliberate part of the Bush administration's counterterrorism strategy, undermining the global defense of human rights, Human Rights Watch said today in releasing its World Report 2006.

Iraq War's Stunning Price Tag
Like the iceberg that hit the Titanic, the full costs of the war are still largely hidden below the surface. Our calculations include not just the money for combat operations, but also the costs the government will have to pay for years to come.

No Remorse
The air strike in Pakistan reaffirms how our behavior is plummeting in the direction of the evil we proclaim to fight, writes Derrick Z. Jackson. At home, we are appalled by drive-by shootings that take out innocent children. Abroad, the fly-by air strike is the source of no remorse, with dead children and mothers taken very lightly.

The Crime of Giving the Orders
President Bush doesn't pull triggers. He commands. Like the official lying that preceded the Iraq war and sustains it, the killing is nonstop, writes Norman Solomon. And a constant media barrage conveys the deceptive assumption that legitimate authority is giving the orders.

Women's Anti-War Petition Circles the Globe
Eminent female writers, artists, lawmakers and social activists in the United States are reaching out to women leaders across the world in an attempt to forge a global alliance against the US-led war in Iraq. They have launched a global campaign to gather 100,000 signatures by March 8, International Women's Day.

Army Does Not Criminally Charge Abusers for Torture
The Army closed a criminal investigation of abuse allegations by an Iraqi detainee last year, finding no reason to believe his claims, even though no Americans involved in the case were questioned.

Jailed for 30 years for criticising 'free' Iraq (January 11, 2006)
Kamal Sayid Qadir wrote an article criticising the US backed government in Iraqi Kurdistan and now he has been jailed for 30 years - If a writer was jailed for 30 years for exposing government corruption in Iran or Syria, there would be outrage in the US and Britain and demands for military strikes. But when that happens in Iraq there is silence. George Bush and Tony Blair constantly boast that they have brought freedom and democracy to Iraq.Yet Kamal Sayid Qadir, a leading Kurdish academic, has been jailed for 30 years after he publicly criticised Massoud Barzani, head of the US backed Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP). The KDP is one of two parties that rule Iraqi Kurdistan.The self rule areas have been held up as a model of post-Saddam Iraq.Qadir was kidnapped in October 2005 by members of Parastin, the security forces belonging to the KDP. Qadir, 48, an Iraqi Kurd who lives in Vienna, was on a visit to Kurdistan when he was seized. Qadir is a leading critic of the corruption and nepotism that has become a feature of daily life in Iraqi Kurdistan. Late last year he wrote, "Kurdish parties have transformed Iraqi Kurdistan into a fortress for oppression, theft of public funds and serious abuses of human rights like murder, torture, amputation of ears and noses, and rape."Kurdish authorities reacted to the article by luring Qadir to a meeting with officials then arresting him. CLIP

Feds begin "behavior monitoring" of air travelers this year
AIRPORT SCREENING TO BECOME MORE INTRUSIVE, BUT NOT MORE EFFECTIVE - This year the U.S. Transportation Security Agency will begin behavior monitoring of airplane passengers at 40 major American airport, reports Ivan Eland, director of the Independent Institute's Center on Peace & Liberty. "The screeners," writes Eland in his latest op-ed, "will look for 'suspicious' signs that might indicate a passenger could be a terrorist: having dry lips or a throbbing carotid artery (I'm not kidding), failure to make eye contact with or say hello to the screener, or evasive or slow answers to casual questions asked by the screener." Eland notes several flaws with this approach: It hasn't been field-tested for real-world effectiveness. It could easily transform into racial profiling. It fails to reduce the underlying causes of anti-U.S. terrorism. Terrorists who have practiced looking innocent could circumvent it easily. What, then, is the program good for? "Since the behavior detection program is unlikely to catch many professional terrorists, perhaps its real goal is to improve the morale of the unloved screeners by giving the public some incentive to be nice to them," writes Eland. "So next time you travel by air, don't forget your fake smile and ChapStick." Will it last? Independent Institute Senior Fellow Robert Higgs suggests that the public probably will tolerate greater intrusions by TSA airport screeners. "Strange as it might seem, most people get used to being treated as criminals or inmates in a concentration camp," Higgs wrote last month. "Americans are no exception. Keep beating them down, and eventually you will produce a thoroughly cowed and compliant herd, a mass of pliant raw material in the hands of their political masters, perfectly willing to sacrifice their dignity rather than irritate an airport-security thug and be made to miss a flight. And heaven forbid that they write their congressional representative to complain. Such impudence might get them placed on some black list at the TSA or even at the FBI. Best to keep quiet, stay in line, act as they are ordered to act."

Facts from IBM (January 11th, 2006)
In a quirk of fate, I met someone from IBM who was directly involved in implementing the wiretapping system that is all over the news. It is much worse than the news would suggest. As some have reported, this is definitely not just NSA. The bidding for the technology to do this project was conducted by members of the FBI and the CIA. During the proposal process, IBM was told explicitly that they were to answer questions, not ask them. One of the most noteworthy comments was that the Government had specified 60 Terabytes of monthly storage for digital versions of conversations. MONTHLY!At about 11k per call, that is about 6 million conversations per month. (correct my math if you are better at computers!). This is enormous.People in the press are concerned that they are tapping the phones of people without just cause. What they are really doing is much, much worse.In reality, they are tapping hundreds of thousands of lines all the time. This is KGB stuff.Every call is stored digitally and indexed accurately, creating an archive that can be used for political purposes in the future. This is not reels of tape that would require massive effort to file through and might become useless quickly. It is highly indexed information that is being kept in storage. Two years from now, they could look into particular phone numbers to check in on cell and land lines. They are running filters on every conversation for Farsi and other languages in real time. This is domestic spying on a massive scale, not just a few wiretaps without a judge. This should be cause for impeachment. CLIP

Electric Hurricane (01.09.2006)
Three of the most powerful hurricanes of 2005 were filled with mysterious lightning. - The boom of thunder and crackle of lightning generally mean one thing: a storm is coming. Curiously, though, the biggest storms of all, hurricanes, are notoriously lacking in lightning. Hurricanes blow, they rain, they flood, but seldom do they crackle. Surprise: During the record-setting hurricane season of 2005 three of the most powerful storms--Rita, Katrina, and Emily--did have lightning, lots of it. And researchers would like to know why.Richard Blakeslee of the Global Hydrology and Climate Center (GHCC) in Huntsville, Alabama, was one of a team of scientists who explored Hurricane Emily using NASA's ER-2 aircraft, a research version of the famous U-2 spy plane. Flying high above the storm, they noted frequent lightning in the cylindrical wall of clouds surrounding the hurricane's eye. Both cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning were present, "a few flashes per minute," says Blakeslee. "Generally there's not a lot of lightning in the eye-wall region," he says. "So when people see lightning there, they perk up -- they say, okay, something's happening." Indeed, the electric fields above Emily were among the strongest ever measured by the aircraft’s sensors over any storm. "We observed steady fields in excess of 8 kilovolts per meter," says Blakeslee. "That is huge--comparable to the strongest fields we would expect to find over a large land-based 'mesoscale' thunderstorm."(...) "Hurricanes are most likely to produce lightning when they're making landfall," says Blakeslee. But there were no mountains beneath the "electric hurricanes" of 2005—only flat water. It's tempting to think that, because Emily, Rita and Katrina were all exceptionally powerful, their sheer violence somehow explains their lightning. But Blakeslee says that this explanation is too simple. "Other storms have been equally intense and did not produce much lightning," he says. "There must be something else at work." CLIP Recommended by "Kathleen Roberts"> who wrote: "Could HAARP be that answer?"

Avian Flu Not Spread by Bird Migration
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Bird flu appears more likely to wing its away around the globe by plane than by migrating birds. Scientists have been unable to link the spread of the virus to migratory patterns, suggesting that the thousands of wild birds that have died, primarily waterfowl and shore birds, are not primary transmitters of bird flu.If that holds true, it would suggest that shipments of domestic chickens, ducks and other poultry represents a far greater threat than does the movement of wild birds on the wing.It also would underscore the need to pursue the virus in poultry farms and markets rather than in wild populations of birds if a possible pandemic is to be checked, U.S. and European experts said. The H5N1 strain has infected millions of poultry throughout Asia and parts of Europe since 2003. The virus also has killed at least 71 people, many of whom had close contact with poultry.To date, the virus hasn't been shown to spread from person to person, but many fear that it could mutate into a strain that could, potentially killing millions in a global pandemic.While the prospect that migrating birds could carry the virus worldwide still worries health authorities, that sort of scenario doesn't appear to be playing out. CLIP

Whaling Protest: Greenpeacer Knocked Overboard, Sea Shepherd out of Fuel
A Greenpeace activist was dragged into the sea by a Japanese whaler's harpoon line late Saturday, the group says. The Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise, has been chasing the Japanese whaling fleet in tandem with the Sea Shepherd vessel Farley Mowat, to prevent the Japanese whalers from killing whales in the Antarctic Sanctuary.

Diplomatic protest issued against Japanese whaling (17 January, 2006)
LONDON - Australia, Britain, Brazil, France and Germany were among 17 countries which this week called on Japan to halt to its Antarctic whaling program. "The fact that 17 countries supported this representation, shows how important this issue is, and the depth of feeling around the world," British fisheries minister Ben Bradshaw said in a statement. A written statement calling on Japan to "cease all its lethal scientific research on whales" was delivered to Japan's foreign ministry on Mon! day and farm ministry on Tuesday. Japan abandoned commercial whaling in 1986, in line with an international moratorium, but began catching whales again the following year for what it calls scientific research. Critics say the whale meat goes to up-market Japanese restaurants. CLIP

Been There, Bumped That (Grist summary)
Whaling and protest ships collide in Antarctic waters
Japanese officials are claiming that a Greenpeace ship intentionally hit a whaling ship in the Southern Ocean last week. But crewmembers of the protest vessel say the whaler rammed their smaller ship, and they've posted video of the incident on the Greenpeace blog. The collision left a big dent in the activist ship's hull, damaged a mast, and scared the bejeezus out of the Greenpeacers, who say they practice only nonviolent protest. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, meanwhile, has taken full and unapologetic credit for intentionally sideswiping a whaling supply ship last week. Vessels from the two activist groups have been harassing Japanese whaling ships as they hunt for 850 minke and 10 fin whales in the Southern Ocean this season. Japan claims it's legally hunting the cetaceans for scientific research, but the eco-groups -- as well as some countries that are members of the International Whaling Commission -- counter it's really an illegal commercial hunt for whale meat. Details at

Africa Grapples with Multiple Food Crises
East Africa is gripped in drought while the south is blessed with rain. But as aid agencies scramble to feed millions across the world's poorest continent it is by no means clear what the 2006 harvests will bring, even in areas that have been wet.

Failure of Kenya's Rains Puts 2.5 Million at Risk of Famine
Nomadic farmers in the arid wastelands of northern Kenya are dying with their cattle, as charities warn a drought-caused famine on the scale of Niger is threatening the region. Kenyan Nobel Prize winner, Wangari Maathai, said that deforestation is a major factor in the drought.

'Doomsday' seed bank to be built (12 January 2006)
Rice is one of the world's most important crops - Norway is planning to build a "doomsday vault" inside a mountain on an Arctic island to hold a seed bank of all known varieties of the world's crops. The Norwegian government will hollow out a cave on the ice-bound island of Spitsbergen to hold the seed bank. It will be designed to withstand global catastrophes like nuclear war or natural disasters that would destroy the planet's sources of food. Seed collection is being organised by the Global Crop Diversity Trust. "What will go into the cave is a copy of all the material that is currently in collections [spread] all around the world," Geoff Hawtin of the Trust told the BBC's Today programme. Mr Hawtin said there were currently about 1,400 seed banks around the world, but a large number of these were located in countries that were either politically unstable or that faced threats from the natural environment. "What we're trying to do is build a back-up to these, so that a sample of all the material in these gene banks can be kept in the gene bank in Spitsbergen," Mr Hawtin added. The Norwegian government is due to start work on the seed vault next year, when it will drill into a sandstone mountain on Spitsbergen, part of the Svalbard archipelago, about 966km (600 miles) from the North Pole. Permafrost will keep the vault below freezing point and the seeds will further be protected by metre-thick walls of reinforced concrete, two airlocks and high security blast-proof doors. The number of seeds and types of plants in the bank would be determined by the countries wishing to use it.

Global Warming to Speed Up as Carbon Levels Show Sharp Rise
Global warming is set to accelerate alarmingly because of a sharp jump in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Preliminary figures, exclusively obtained by The Independent on Sunday, show that levels of the gas - the main cause of climate change - have risen abruptly in the past four years. Scientists fear that warming is entering a new phase, and may accelerate further. But a summit of the most polluting countries, convened by the Bush administration, last week refused to set targets for reducing their carbon dioxide emissions. Set up in competition to the Kyoto Protocol, the summit, held in Sydney and attended by Australia, China, India, Japan and South Korea as well as the United States, instead pledged to develop cleaner technologies - which some experts believe will not arrive in time. The climb in carbon dioxide content showed up in readings from the US government's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, taken at the summit of Mauna Loa, Hawaii. The measurements have been taken regularly since 1958 in the 11,400ft peak's pristine conditions, 2,000 miles from the nearest landmass and protected by unusual climatic conditions from the pollution of Hawaii, two miles below Through most of the past half-century, levels of the gas rose by an average of 1.3 parts per million a year; in the late 1990s, this figure rose to 1.6 ppm, and again to 2ppm in 2002 and 2003. But unpublished figures for the first 10 months of this year show a rise of 2.2ppm. Scientists believe this may be the first evidence that climate change is starting to produce itself, as rising temperatures so alter natural systems that the Earth itself releases more gas, driving the thermometer ever higher.

Doin' What Comes Dastardly (Grist summary)
Not-Kyoto climate pact meeting ends with much hot air
The U.S. and Australia last week marked the end of the Asia-Pacific climate summit in Sydney by pledging $127 million to support technology projects that would lower greenhouse-gas emissions. Climate activists derided the commitment from the two big polluters as laughably small; the Kyoto Protocol, which both the U.S. and Australia have spurned, is expected to result in up to $12 billion being spent on clean-technology projects in developing countries by 2012. Enviros also say much of the newly announced funding will go to propping up dirty energy industries rather than promoting clean power sources like solar. The U.S. and Australia, for their part, contend the world should trust big business to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions without any strong government regulations. Said U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman, "The people who run the private sector ... also have children and grandchildren, and they too live and breathe in the world and would like [climate change] dealt with effectively." Despite all evidence to the contrary. Details at

Ex-EPA Chiefs Blame Bush in Global Warming
Six former heads of the Environmental Protection Agency - five Republicans and one Democrat - accused the Bush administration Wednesday of neglecting global warming and other environmental problems.

The Chemtrail Smoking Gun: Proof of global atmospheric geoengineering - MUST READ!
[This colossal study recalls the scope, expense and secrecy of the Manhattan Project, yet the goals and eventual impacts of it are far greater.] Five years ago I founded the Chemtrails Hall of Shame web site to document and investigate the elusive Chemtrail spraying operations in the skies above my home in the Pacific NW. The site can be found at: - During this time I have had the opportunity to work with and befriend several of the luminaries within this field of investigation: Diane Harvey, Brian Holmes and a very special investigator who chooses to remain anonymous in this article. Each of these individuals has contributed greatly to the subject, keeping this topic alive within the alternative media . These chemtrail spraying programs, which are apparently being conducted on a worldwide basis, are evident to anyone who has the desire to look up and perceive the evidence. Yet, definitive proof has remained elusive.Total denial by governmental authorities, the shunning of this topic by mainstream media, the systematic discreditation of researchers, ongoing coverups by the scientific establishment, and a coordinated systematic policy of disinformation has relegated this topic to the realm of fantasy and paranoid delusion. Regardless, it continues to go on above our heads, and has now grown to become the largest coordinated global engineering project in the history of our species. How can I make such a preposterous claim? CLIP

OK, We'll Just Drill Over Here Instead (Grist summary)
Bush administration opens up Alaska wildlife habitat to drilling
The Bush administration's lust for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge having gone unrequited, it's going to stick its derricks in some sloppy seconds: The Department of Interior is opening up hundreds of thousands of acres of other Alaskan wildlife habitat to drilling. The land around Teshekpuk Lake, about 200 miles west of the refuge, is part of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska; it may contain up to 2 billion barrels of "economically recoverable" oil and 3.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The area is so rich in migratory waterfowl and caribou that even the Reagan administration protected it, as did the Bush the Elder and Clinton administrations. Staff at the Bureau of Land Management say the decision to clear the way for drilling was made at the behest of Vice President Dick Cheney's super-secretive energy task force, which never met an ecosystem it wouldn't treat like a two-bit hooker. Details at

GM: New Study Shows Unborn Babies Could Be Harmed (Jan 8)
Mortality rate for new-born rats six times higher when mother was fed on a diet of modified soya. Women who eat GM foods while pregnant risk endangering their unborn babies, startling new research suggests. The World Trade Organization is expected next month to support a bid by the Bush administration to force European countries to accept GM foods. The study - carried out by a leading scientist at the Russian Academy of Sciences - found that more than half of the offspring of rats fed on modified soya died in the first three weeks of life, six times as many as those born to mothers with normal diets. Six times as many were also severely underweight.The research - which is being prepared for publication - is just one of a clutch of recent studies that are reviving fears that GM food damages human health. Italian research has found that modified soya affected the liver and pancreas of mice. Australia had to abandon a decade-long attempt to develop modified peas when an official study found they caused lung damage. And last May this newspaper revealed a secret report by the biotech giant Monsanto, which showed that rats fed a diet rich in GM corn had smaller kidneys and higher blood cell counts, suggesting possible damage to their immune systems, than those that ate a similar conventional one.The United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization held a workshop on the safety of genetically modified foods at its Rome headquarters late last year. The workshop was addressed by scientists whose research had raised concerns about health dangers. But the World Trade Organization is expected next month to support a bid by the Bush administration to force European countries to accept GM foods. The Russian research threatens to have an explosive effect on already hostile public opinion. Carried out by Dr Irina Ermakova at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, it is believed to be the first to look at the effects of GM food on the unborn. CLIP

The Global Spread of GMO Crops - Inherit the Wind (January 8, 2006)
Felix Ballarin spent 15 years of his life developing a special organically-grown variety of red corn. It would bring a high price on the market because local chicken farmers said the red color lent a rosy hue to the meat and eggs from their corn-fed chickens. But when the corn emerged from the ground last year, yellow kernels were mixed with the red. Government officials later confirmed with DNA tests that Mr. Ballarin's crop had become contaminated with a genetically modified (GMO) strain of corn. Because Mr. Ballarin's crop was genetically contaminated, it no longer qualified as "organically grown," so it no longer brought a premium price. Mr. Ballarin's 15-year investment was destroyed overnight by what is now commonly known as "genetic contamination." This is a new phenomenon, less then 10 years old -- but destined to be a permanent part of the brave new world that is being cobbled together as we speak by a handful of corporations whose goal is global domination of food.Mr. Ballarin lives in Spain, but the story is the same all over the world: genetically modified crops are invading fields close by (and some that are not so close by), contaminating both the organic food industry and the "conventional" (non-GMO and non-organic) food industry.As a result of genetically contamination of non-GMO crops in Europe, the U.S., Mexico, Australia and South America, the biotech food industry had an upbeat year in 2005 and things are definitely looking good for the future. As genetically modified pollen from their crops blows around, contaminating nearby fields, objections to genetically modified crops diminish because non-GMO alternatives become harder and harder to find. A few more years of this and there may not be many (if any) truly non-GMO crops left anywhere. At that point there won't be any debate about whether to allow GMO-crops to be grown here or there -- no one will have any choice. All the crops in the world will be genetically modified (except perhaps for a few grown in greenhouses on a tiny scale). At that point, GMO will have contaminated essentially the entire planet, and the companies that own the patents on the GMO seeds will be sitting in the catbird seat. (...) Yes, it has been a good year for the GMO industry. None of the stated benefits of their products have materialized -- and the U.S. government regulatory system has been revealed as a sham -- but enormous benefits to the few GMO corporations are right on track to begin blossoming. For Monsanto, Dow and Novartis, a decent shot at gaining control over much of the world's food supply is now blowing on the wind and there's no turning back. As the Vice-President of plant genetics for Dow Agrosciences said recently, "There will be come continuing bumps in the road, but we are starting to see a balance of very good news and growth. The genie is way out of the bottle."

Genetically modified (GM) peas under development created immune responses in mice, suggesting that they may also create serious allergic reactions in people. The peas had been inserted with a gene from kidney beans, which creates a protein that acts as a pesticide. When this protein is produced naturally in beans, it does not elicit a response from mice. When produced in the GM peas, however, it did cause a reaction. Using sensitive testing methods, scientists discovered subtle differences between the bean and the GM proteins—the added sugar chains were slightly different. They speculate that this difference caused the immune reactions. Based on the results of the study, the Australian developers abandoned their 10-year, $2 million project. This study reveals serious and potentially deadly flaws in the regulations and assessments used to approve GM foods. GM crops on the market, like corn and soybeans, were never tested for immune responses using animals and never subjected to a similar analysis of their proteins. Thus, the transgenic proteins in GM foods may have subtle undetected differences that are causing health problems. It is sobering to note that if the GM peas were tested with only the methods used on soy and corn, it likely would have been approved as well. CLIP

Suisse: Cannabis lobby rises from the ashes
Suisse: Cannabis lobby rises from the ashes A group of politicians and drugs experts is making a new attempt at decriminalising cannabis in Switzerland Eighteen months after parliament threw out a similar plan the committee has collected enough signatures to force a nationwide vote on the issue. "Our aim is to decriminalise cannabis consumption under strict rules, and encourage parliament to draft its own compromise solution," parliamentarian Ursula Wyss told swissinfo. She says it makes no sense to treat the estimated 500,000 regular or occasional pot smokers - from all walks of life - like criminals. The proposal foresees setting age limits for cannabis consumers or a licensing system for shops selling psychoactive hemp. The people’s initiative with more than 105,000 signatures was handed in to the federal authorities in Bern on Friday. Wyss said it was not calling for the outright legalisation of the cannabis trade, which is prohibited under an international agreement. Effective checks and controls of the trade were an essential element to be able to crack down on illegal dealers, Wyss added. (...) It is likely to take more than two years before the initiative will come to a nationwide ballot. If it were to win voters’ acceptance Switzerland would become the first country in the world to decriminalise the purchase, possession and consumption of cannabis. Proponents hope that Switzerland, which is not a member of the European Union, would act as a model for other countries. CLIP
Recommended by "Laurent Pirard">

Omega-News Collection 14. January 2005


NOTE from Jean: I found the following message in the ERN guestbook

Date: 2006-01-15 21:37:31 (GMT+0) - IP:
Suzanna Sjogren ( wrote: 

Todays meditation was so fast and concise for me and a bit different in what I usually experience. I feel compelled to share what happened. I always go to the same place for meditation and I immediately felt the energy of this meditation as I entered the room. The weight of the world was so heavy...I saw a pyramid that took shape encasing the earth and the all seeing eye from the U.S. dollar bill was stationed on top of the pyramid. This was not exactly comfortable for me, but I stayed with it and the whole pyramid and earth was getting heavier by the second. Suddenly, there was a light from above that pierced through the eye and pyramid shattering both and then the light encompassed the entire earth. The weight of the earth became very light...all heaviness was gone. I was left with a beautiful gift of light and lightness. Anyone else have something similar?



Dear Suzanna

Thank you VERY MUCH for sharing this experience with everyone through the ERN guestbook.

I've just transferred your message to the public segment of the ERN guestbook and will include it in my next compilation for all to see.

For me each of those global meditations is a unique and most potent experience and each vision people receive in those moments of communion with All That Is is an integral part of the overall field of realities and possibilities we can each tap and receive from. Thus each vision is a reflection of What Is as seen from the unique perspective and through the individual perceptive abilities of each participant, and is just as valid for oneself as any other. Whether anyone else received similar perceptions - based on similar imprinted paradigmatic archetypes one may hold as a vital component of the fabric of one's own filtering/meaning-making subconscious mental structure - or receive entirely different images and psychic sensations, all aspects of the One Reality are just as worthy of consideration as any other. But in the end, it is what we each make of those inner visions and to which extent we allow them to tinge our everyday thoughts, words and deeds that determines how valuable they are for us as our own formative/interpretative truth.

Much Love and Light to you


P.S. Feel free to share with me directly any other such future sharing of perceptual experiences as this is always very useful to help cross-pollinate each other as we come to an ever deeper and finer Innerstanding of What Is and Who We Are.


From: "Danilie D. Howe">
Subject: RE: Meditation Focus #145: Making Sure Peace Prevail In Iran
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006

In the tradition of the Essene Community of Peace of which Jesus was a member
and using the Essene Lost Mode of Prayer..........Prayer of Gratitude without asking..............

"Thank you God for resolving the War in Iraq, the nuclear situation in Iraq, et al.................."

"Thank you God for showing us the way to BE in the Flow of Your God Consciousness, wherein lies all Abundance of Health, Wealth, Love, Relationship... and the manifestation of All that already is.....and wherein lies God's Will"

There is no need to ask in prayer, for that would mean that we are outside the Flow of Your God Consciousness. You God are Love and the Flow of Your Consciouness is Love. SEE ERIC BUTTERWORTH'S SPIRITUAL ECONOMIC and GREG BRADEN'S THE ISAIAH EFFECT(DEAD SEA SCROLLS)

All outside of Your Consciousness is not Love, anti-love................All that is not Love is a vibration of stress in one form or another.....fear, shame, anger,pride, desire guilt.............................80%-98% of all dis-ease is caused by Stress (medical school research) SEE THE HEALING CODES and DR. DAVID HAWKIN'S POWER VS FORCE (page 68, The Map of Consciousness, vibration 20 shame to vibration 700-1000 Enlightenment!!!!) Stress turns off our immune system by fight, flight, freeze faint...causing almost all disease revealed by medical research. God has created our immune system to heal all disease and return us to wholeness, perfection....

"Thank you God for turning on my immune system, by removing all stress, balancing my energy, and *******transmuting the cellular memory of all stored negative energy.(karma, subconscious, psychology....) ""Thank you God for manifesting PEACE on planet Earth and manifesting Earth as FREEDOM STAR!!!!!!)

"Thank you God for working Your Works through so many Light Bearers on Planet Earth."

It is done, it is finished , it is sealed. For ther Mouth of the Lord has spoken it. I AM THAT I AM, AMEN.

We are surrounded in the Peace of the Presence of Almighty God Always



Date: 14 Jan 2006
From: Mike Nickerson>
Subject: A Message for Canadians

A Message for Canadians

We are faced today with an enormous challenge. Human beings fill the Earth, yet, our tradition is to grow more. We must change direction and pursue a new goal, a steady-state relationship with our planet. The future depends on our choices today.

Since long ago, the more people there were and the more powerful our technologies, the better off we were. This age old pattern changed in the last century when we started to confront the limits of our planet. Today, the greatest problems facing the human family result from the enormous impacts we are having on the Earth.

Continuing to grow is making matters worse, yet, since expansion was so positive for so long, growth has become the underlying goal of our culture and institutions. The Green Party has emerged to give citizens an opportunity to vote for a new goal.

As a species, we are at the awkward adolescent stage where we have reached a mature size and strength, yet we hesitate to accept the accompanying responsibilities. Hope can be found in that, as individuals, our rapid growth came to an end and the vast majority of us accepted responsibility for our strength. At the same time, even as our material growth subsided, vast opportunities opened up in how effectively we could use the minds and bodies we had grown. Similarly a sustainable society will enjoy boundless frontiers of culture and ingenuity while living within the Earth's carrying capacity.

Today we face the greatest challenge a civilization can face. We have to look at our underlying goals and choose between continuing to grow, as we always have, and redirecting our economy toward a steady, mature state. It is a question of direction. If we choose the new goal, there will be work for all, much excitement and renewed hope.

This is a call to adventure, challenge, creativity and historic achievement. If future generations have the leisure to look back over human history, they will recognize those alive today as the ones who guided the human family to maturity.

A vote for the Green Party is a vote for sustainability. Sincerely,

Mike Nickerson 
Coordinator, Question of Direction program   

For more information see: The Challenge and the Goal

"The goals we pursue are the seeds from which our future grows."

If you support this goal, please seed it to your contacts.

Authorized by the Official Agent for the Green Party of Canada


Green Vision; short version

The issue in this election, of the greatest long-term consequence to Canadians, is that human activity is pressing planetary limits. Canada needs to adopt policies that respect those limits.

Statistics Canada has revealed that the rate at which we produce garbage keeps pace with the growth of GDP (the measure of economic activity). With all the traditional parties dedicated to expanding GDP, the unpopular mega-dumps, needed to accommodate
such growth, are an expanding problem. 

The solution is to enjoy living, focus on good health and education, and to use clean, renewable energy to produce durable goods designed for easy repair and efficient recycling.

We are all challenged to find a balance with the planet on which we live. Growing until we drop is a childish idea.  

See "The Challenge and the Goal" at

"Goals are the seeds from which our future grows."


Forwarded by "Stephanie Sutton">

From: Cathy Garger>
Date: January 15, 2006
Subject: Warning to SE Asian countries about Iran war and monsoon rains depositing radiation in environment

To All Those Who Possess a Heart and a Conscience, 

This most disconcerting news is of utmost urgency, importance, and concern. I suspect strongly that there are few of us who doubt any longer our controlling powers' desire to wage more wars against innocent people of more nations who have done us no harm. Someone, anyone, please write and tell me what we are going to do to stop this - our nation - from striking and ruining forever yet one more area of the world in the next couple of months? Since ultra-tiny particles of radiation travel through the atmosphere in the winds and the clouds, the use of any type of radioactive uranium does eventually hit "home" to roost upon us here, in the United States, right in our own kids' and grand kids' backyards. Although we may take comfort by telling ourselves that these wars are taking place "over there" someplace, across some distant sea... the fact of the matter is, the radioactivity we use "over there"... eventually comes back to harm us all, right here in the US. Right where our kids play. Right where they try to breathe. 

Friends, these wars are Personal. Extremely Personal, in fact. We may not realize it, but eventually the poison our military uses affects each and every one of us. As they say, what goes around comes around. And what comes around to haunt us from these wars is, quite literally, a toxic, radioactive mess that gets into the air that we breathe, the soils that support our animal and plant life we use for food, and the water that we drink. What can each one of us do to stop this War-Making Madness before our rulers in power strike out at the Asian world, and eventually ourselves, yet again? Please, for the sake of our kids - for the sake of all of us - please pass the article below around. Thank you very much in advance. 

Warm regards, 

Cathy Garger Maryland

For Immediate Release Contact: Bob Nichols Or, Leuren Moret


This is a deadly message to Southeastern Asian Countries about the upcoming IRAN War and the monsoon rains depositing deadly radiation in the environment.

The message is from Leuren Moret, a world famous geoscientist and radiation expert and myself, Bob Nichols, newspaper correspondent and writer.

I request that you send this to everyone in your address book and that you "Be the Media". Help us stop the Fifth US Nuclear War in 15 years from even starting.

Thank you,

Bob Nichols Project Censored Award Winner Correspondent, San Francisco Bay View newspaper


To: All People concerned about American Wars Worldwide
From: Leuren Moret>
Subject: Warning to SE Asian countries about Iran war and monsoon rains depositing radiation in environment

Dear Editor and Staff,

The United states has now caused depleted uranium illnesses in more than 50% of our soldiers who have served on the depleted uranium battlefields in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. "Depleted Uranium: Dirty Bombs, Dirty Missiles, Dirty Bullets"

People at the top of the US govt and Military know this: "Terrell E. Arnold, who has been responsible for training our most senior and most promising military officers as chairman of the Department of International Studies at the U.S. National War College in Washington, reports that Coalition dead and wounded may actually be twice what the US government admits and that, including the effects of our use of depleted uranium and other toxic weapons, "a long-term casualty rate for American forces of 40-50 percent appears realistic.""

The US and Israel are threatening nuclear war on Iran.

The Chinese intelligence have already warned countries that will be contaminated with radiation from monsoon rainout of nuclear materials:
Page Down the page for the article on Chinese Intelligence.

"Southeast Asian intelligence sources report that Burma's (Myanmar's) recent abrupt decision to move its capital from Rangoon (Yangon) to remote Pyinmana, 200 miles to the north, is a result of Chinese intelligence warnings to its Burmese allies about the effects of radiation resulting from a U.S. conventional or tactical nuclear attack on Iranian nuclear facilities."

"There is concern that a series of attacks on Iranian nuclear installations will create a Chernobyl-like radioactive cloud that would be caught up in monsoon weather in the Indian Ocean."

"Reports from Yemen indicate that western oil companies are concerned about U.S. intentions in Iran since the southern Arabian country catches the edge of the monsoon rains that could contain radioactive fallout from an attack, endangering their workers in the country."

"Low-lying Rangoon lies in the path of monsoon rains that would continue to carry radioactive fallout from Iran over South and Southeast Asia between May and October."

"Coastal Indian Ocean cities like Rangoon, Dhaka, Calcutta, Mumbai, Chennai, and Colombo would be affected by the radioactive fallout more than higher elevation cities since humidity intensifies the effects of the fallout. Thousands of government workers were given only two days' notice to pack up and leave Rangoon for the higher (and dryer) mountainous Pyinmana."

Moret continues: I have been on SAHAR TV - Teheran Office - warning about this radiation and discussing other issues. Please contact Afsaneh Ostovar, the Producer of the programs if you would like more information. You should do a big story on this coming nightmare from the "Infidels". I have lived in Iran briefly. I love Iran and the people. This cannot be allowed to happen to Iran by the people of the world. It will make the country radioactive forever. Please do what you can to help.

Here is an article I wrote for the World Affairs Journal. Look at the map and see where Iran is in this nuclear war: "Depleted Uranium: The Trojan Horse of Nuclear War"


Here is a Letter to the Editor for you to post everywhere:

BATTLE CREEK ENQUIRER - Letter to Editor/Opinion, August 9, 2005

Depleted uranium is WMD by Leuren Moret


Thank you,

Leuren Moret


See also:

DEPLETED URANIUM - A Hidden Looming Worldwide Calamity - A MUST READ!
Forget about Avian (bird) flu. The threat of it becoming a pandemic is more a political scare tactic and potential bonanza for drug company profits and its major shareholders' net worth (including Gilead Sciences, the developer of the Tamiflu drug and its former Chairman and major shareholder Donald Rumsfeld) than a likely public health crisis - unless you live around infected chickens or take an unproven safe immunization shot. There are much more other likely killer bacterial and viral threats than Avian that get little attention. Don't worry about possible or unlikely threats. Worry about real ones. Bacteria and viruses untreatable by anti-biotics are good examples. So is global warming and many others. But, there's possibly one threat that tops all others both in gravity and because it's been deliberately concealed from the public - never discussed, explained or had any action taken to remediate it. It's the global threat from the toxic effects of depleted uranium (DU), and like global warming, DU has the potential to destroy all planetary life. How can something so potentially destructive be hidden and ignored and why? (...) Leuren's work has revealed some shocking facts. Since the U.S. military first used DU weapons in the 1991 Gulf War, it has released the radioactive atomicity equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki nuclear bombs into the global atmosphere (that's no misprint) causing permanent contamination with a half-life of 4.5 billion years. Furthermore, that DU radiation is 10 times the amount released by all atmospheric testing which in total equaled 40,000 Hiroshima bombs (again, no misprint). The 2 atom bombs used against the Japanese killed a likely 300,000 or more people from the initial blasts and subsequent radiation and chemical poisoning deaths. To this day, there are still reported deaths attributed to the bombings. Now imagine the potential threat to all planetary life from all the DU weapons used since 1991 and their continued use in Iraq and Afghanistan - the equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki bombings and increasing daily as U.S. forces now are conducting 4 to 6 daily bombings of target sites in Iraq alone using DU bombs.
Leuren calls DU "The Trojan Horse of nuclear war - it keeps giving and keeps killing. There's no way to clean it up, and no way to turn it off because it continues to decay into other radioactive isotopes..." (...) From its use already in 4 wars, the use of DU weapons is an act of insanity as well as possibly the greatest ever crime against humanity (and all other living species) and a war crime. CLIP

CNN banned in Iran for translation gaffe (Jan 16, 2006)
ET TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran on Monday banned CNN journalists from working there after the broadcaster misquoted President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as saying Iran wanted nuclear weapons, the ISNA students news agency said.CNN's simultaneous translation of Ahmadinejad's lengthy news conference on Saturday included the phrase "the use of nuclear weapons is Iran's right". In fact, what the Iranian president said was that "Iran has the right to nuclear energy," the official IRNA news agency reported. CNN later clarified in an apology on Sunday night. Iran denies any intention of seeking nuclear weapons, saying it wants atomic technology merely for the generation of electricity. ISNA said Iran's Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry deemed the error a "violation of professional ethics" and suspended CNN journalists from working in Iran until further notice. CNN does not have a permanent bureau in Iran but a local journalist is a contributor to the network and visiting correspondents are occasionally given permission to enter the country on short assignments.


Date: 16 Jan 2006

Surviving The New World Order - Memo To Myself

By Henry Makow, PhD 1-8-5

This isn't about storing silver coins or canned food or getting an AK-47.

It's about saving your soul not your skin. It's about the tendency to obsess on the New World Order, get depressed and become unbearable.

The situation is depressing. A satanic cult controls the credit of the world and rules through myriad proxies. It is determined to destroy civilization and institute an Orwellian police state.

You spend hours every day addictively watching for new developments. Your face is pressed up against the store window of the world.

You are "externalized." You can't go into the kitchen without switching on the radio.

You try to squeeze your sustenance from the world. But much of what you imbibe is poisonous: depravity, corruption, duplicity and tragedy. (Is that the point of the mass media? To demoralize and brutalize?)

Mankind is in the grip of a diabolical force that constantly strives to legitimize itself through deception. You can't overcome this demon. But you still control your personal life. Ultimately, the battle is for the soul of humanity. Why not begin by defending your soul?

This means erecting a wall between the soul, and the world, and establishing a balance between the sacred and the profane. You need to shut out the world (the profane) for set periods of time and focus on what inspires you. That means turning off the TV, Internet and media in general.

Just as you nourish your body with food, you feed your soul with thoughts, sights and sounds. Your soul reaches out for beauty, grace, harmony, truth and goodness. You need to discover what lifts your spirit.

It might be a long walk, nature, music, sports, or music. It might be time with your family or friends. It might be the Bible, religious writing or meditation.

"Do what you love," Henry David Thoreau said. "Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw at it still."

You agree with the mystics who say happiness is within. It involves the possession of your soul, and not wanting anything else. By looking outside your self, you displace your soul and become the thing you want. This is the source of addictive behavior and unhappiness.

The occult elite uses sex and money to control us. The courtship stage is a period when sexual feelings are strong so two people will bond and start a family. Sex/romance was not meant to become a permanent preoccupation and panacea. The cult uses it to distract and degrade us while it creates a police state (using the "War on Terror" as a ruse.)

The same is true of money. The stock market is a giant casino addicting millions. The central banking cult has unlimited funds. When it wants to make us feel good, (while it trashes civil rights, or wages senseless war) it makes the market go up. When it wants to fleece us, it crashes the market. Don't be a puppet.

The diabolical powers have been with us for a long time. You have discovered their existence only because they signaled the beginning of their endgame on Sept. 11.

Don't let them stunt or degrade you by obsessing on their iniquity. Restore balance by attuning yourself to the things you love. Be an outpost of happiness.


Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the game Scruples and author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.


See also:

Microchip Mind Control, Implants And Cybernetics
(...) Thirty years ago brain implants showed up in xrays the size of one centimeter. Subsequent implants shrunk to the size of a grain of rice. They were made of silicon, later still of gallium arsenide. Today they are small enough to be inserted into the neck or back, and also intravenously in different parts of the body during surgical operations, with or without the consent of the subject. It is now almost impossible to detect or remove them. It is technically possible for every newborn to be injected with a micro-chip, which could then function to identify the person for the rest of his or her life. Such plans are secretly being discussed in the U.S. without any public airing of the privacy issues involved. CLIP



The Latest Bush Mega-Catastrophe Is Now Pharmaceuticals

By Harvey Wasserman

The Free Press

16 January 2006

No matter what you think of George W. Bush, he is staking out his claim as a bona fide Horseman of the Apocalypse.

With his Hand of Hell in Iraq already yielding countless dead, $200 billion wasted and a global war again Islam well on its way to Armageddon, Bush has definitively established his ability to wreck unparalleled disaster on a global scale with zero positive outcome.

By drowning New Orleans and turning its alleged rebuilding plan into a sinkhole of corruption and disarray, he has shown he can lay waste to an entire American city.

And now he is visiting disease and death on tens of millions of our elderly and ill with a botched Medicare/Medicaid drug plan that has plunged the nation's pharmacies into total chaos while driving the states even closer to bankruptcy. As you read this, millions of Americans are without medications that may be life-sustaining because of what Bush has done to "improve" their pharmaceutical plan.

One can only shudder at what might come next.

There have, of course, been lesser catastrophes, or ones whose long-term devastation is primarily political.

Bush's No Child Left Behind program has utterly poisoned our national educational system and gutted state budgets.

Bush's economic programs have taken a national surplus and turned it into a gargantuan debt, almost incalculable in its devastating implications for our future.

Bush's "War on Terror" has in fact been a war on civil rights and liberties, stripping the US of its basic democracy while leaving us more vulnerable than ever to terror attacks on nuclear plants, chemical facilities, our ports and air lanes.

Bush's "Homeland Security" agency is by all accounts a fetid swamp of corruption, mismanagement and ineptitude.

Bush's Patriot Acts I & II have shredded our most sacred document, the Bill of Rights, and opened the door to full-scale dictatorship while defiling everything the men and women who founded this country stood for.

Bush's embrace of torture has cast the US in the role of a sordid, sadistic demon wallowing in the very "cruel and unusual punishment" forbidden by its own Constitution.

Bush's universal spy program has turned a nation founded on reverence for privacy, free speech and due process into a cynical Big Brother with utter contempt for individual rights or liberties.

Bush's theft of two consecutive presidential elections has turned the right to vote into a tragic joke. Team Bush-Rove has gutted the ideal of free and fair elections while giving the GOP a death grip on the nation's electronic voting machines, creating a permanent one-party franchise.

There is, of course, much much more.

This new pharmaceutical crisis has yet again an administration that is amazingly incompetent by any and all non-partisan measures of basic management skills.

One can have an opinion about the war in Iraq. But no one on any side of the issue can argue that the effort has been run with anything but complete arrogance, idiocy and incompetence.

One can have an opinion about New Orleans. But even an administration overtly intent on killing the city could hardly have done a more thorough job.

And now we watch Bush lay utter waste to a Medicaid/Medicare program defined by red tape and inequity, but which has at least delivered pharmaceuticals to people who rely on them.

Bush's "reform" is a gratuitous, greed-based scheme to pour still more billions into drug company coffers. And now millions of poor, sick Americans are being turned away from pharmacies because Bush's plan is incomprehensible, unworkable, and has left them unable to pay for the medicines that are keeping them alive.

To their credit, many states are trying to pick up the slack. But some are not, or cannot.

One could say that this relentless injection of chaos and confusion into the body politic fits a conspiratorial pattern for utterly demoralizing the nation. One could argue that it's a conscious shot at total social deconstruction, provoking the End Times so fervently embraced by the fundamentalist fringe of Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson, the most unChristian men in America.

But at this point, even conservative Republicans are scrambling to distance themselves from the utter, astonishing incompetence of a national leader so obviously unfit to handle the job on the most basic administrative levels.

Nothing could be more indicative of the utter contempt Team Bush harbors for average Americans than the concept, design and execution of this latest catastrophe.

Except for the one that will come next….





The New Fascism

By William Rivers Pitt - t r u t h o u t | Perspective

17 January 2006

“The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.”

- Abraham Lincoln

Say "fascism" to anyone you meet, and you will conjure images of coal-scuttle helmets, of Nazi boot-heels clicking in terrible unison down Berlin streets during dark days that only a few remaining among the living remember. Each day, members of the generation that heard those heels for themselves go into the ground, taking with them whispered words of warning. I saw it for myself, they whisper before they pass. See this tattooed number? See this scar? It happened. It was real.

Say "fascism" to anyone you meet, and you will be greeted with the boilerplate response of the blithely overconfident: such a thing cannot happen here. This is the United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave. Ours is a nation of laws, of checks and balances, of righteousness and decency. Our laws and traditions stand as a bulwark against the rise of totalitarian madness. It cannot happen here. Thus we are indoctrinated into the school of our own assumed greatness.

"We must disenthrall ourselves," said Abraham Lincoln, and so we must, because it can happen here. It is already happening. All the parroted recitations of grade school civics cannot erase the fact that a new order is rising. Call it "secret fascism" or "smiley-faced fascism." Call it a quiet dictatorship. Call it what you like, but it is here with us in America today, and it is growing.

To be sure, there are no coal-scuttle helmets lined in ranks down our broad avenues, no Tonton Macoute savaging dissidents, no Khmer Rouge slaughtering intellectuals and herding citizens from cities to die by the millions on roads littered with skulls. The core strength of our new fascism is that it speaks softly. It does not present itself in such an obvious way that those who subsist on the dogmas of our greatness can point and say there, there it is, I see it.

This new fascism is not fed only by lies, though to be sure the lies are there in preposterous abundance. This new fascism is fed by myths, our myths, the myths by which we rock ourselves to sleep. This new fascism is in truth an elemental fascism, reborn today by a confluence of events; the diligent work of the few, in combination with the passivity of the many, have brought forth this new order.

CLIP -Read the rest at


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


Bush could seize absolute control of U.S. government

By DOUG THOMPSON - Publisher, Capitol Hill Blue

Jan 13, 2006

President George W. Bush has signed executive orders giving him sole authority to impose martial law, suspend habeas corpus and ignore the Posse Comitatus Act that prohibits deployment of U.S. troops on American streets. This would give him absolute dictatorial power over the government with no checks and balances.

Bush discussed imposing martial law on American streets in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks by activating "national security initiatives" put in place by Ronald Reagan during the 1980s.

These "national security initiatives," hatched in 1982 by controversial Marine Colonel Oliver North, later one of the key players in the Iran-Contra Scandal, charged the Federal Emergency Management Agency with administering executive orders that allowed suspension of the Constitution, implementation of martial law, establishment of internment camps, and the turning the government over to the President.

John Brinkerhoff, deputy director of FEMA, developed the martial law implementation plan, following a template originally developed by former FEMA director Louis Guiffrida to battle a "national uprising of black militants." Gifuffrida's implementation of martial law called for jailing at least 21 million African Americans in "relocation camps." Brinkerhoff later admitted in an interview with the Miami Herald that President Reagan signed off on the initiatives and they remained in place, dormant, until George W. Bush took office.

Brinkerhoff moved on the Anser Institute for Homeland Security and, following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, provided the Bush White House and the Pentagon with talking points supporting revised "national security initiatives" that would could allow imposition of martial law and suspension of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1978, the law that is supposed to forbid use of troops for domestic law enforcement.

Brinkerhoff wrote that intentions of Posse Comitatus are "misunderstood and misapplied" and that the U.S. has in times of national emergency the "full and absolute authority" to send troops into American streets to "enforce order and maintain the peace."

Bush used parts of the plan to send troops into the streets of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. In addition, FEMA hired former special forces personnel from the mercenary firm Blackwater USA to "enforce security."

Blackwater USA, in its promotional materials, describes itself as "the most comprehensive professional military, law enforcement, security, peacekeeping, and stability operations company in the world," adding that "we have established a global presence and provide training and operational solutions for the 21st century in support of security and peace, and freedom and democracy everywhere."

Blackwater is also a major U.S. contractor in Iraq and has a contract with the Bush White House to provide additional security work "on an as-needed basis."

The Department of Homeland Security established the "Northern Command for National Defense," a wide-ranging program that includes FEMA, the Pentagon, the FBI and the National Security Agency. Executive orders already signed by Bush allow the Northern Command to send troops into American streets, seize control of radio and television stations and networks and impose martial law "in times of national emergency."

The authority to declare what is or is not a national emergency rests entirely with Bush who does not have to either consult or seek the approval of Congress for permission to assume absolute control over the government of the United States.

The White House press office would neither confirm nor deny existence of Bush's executive orders or the existence of the Northern Command for National Defense. Neither would the Department of Homeland Security.

But my sources within the White House and DHS tell me the plans are in place, ready for implementation when the command comes from the man who keeps telling the American public that he is a "war time president" who will "do anything in my power" to impose his will on the people of the United States.

And he has made sure that power will be absolute when he chooses to use it.

See also:

NYT Warns of Unrestrained Bush Powers
The New York Times flashes red lights on President Bush's unprecedented powers and the theory behind "signing statements," by which he hopes to trump the intent of legislation written by Congress.


Forwarded by "John T. Linnell">


Dusting off the Brown-shirts and Jackboots

By Mike Whitney

01/16/06 -- The spiking gold market is a sure sign that the dollar is headed for the dumpster. Large institutional investors are hastily moving boatloads of cash into precious metals that promise to retain their value while the hemorrhaging dollar goes the way of Icarus.

We’re finally beginning to see the effects of Bush’s profligate spending, “unsustainable” trade deficits, and the economic master-plan to reorder American society. And, don’t think that that the poker-faced Sam Alito doesn’t factor heavily in this new paradigm of class-division and elite rule. He’s the last vital part of the neocon strategy for tossing America’s struggling middle class overboard and paddling pell-mell towards the shore of the new world order.

Gold had already doubled in less than a year when (two weeks ago) the bad news started to dribble in. Since then the news of America’s burgeoning trade deficit with China, China’s plan to move away from the weakening dollar, and finally, the saber-rattling over Iran, have the big-time investors scampering for the exits and gold prices headed through the ceiling.

Gold is the canary in the coalmine; it tells us when major investors see structural vulnerabilities in the system and begin to bail out.
All I can say is, it took them long enough to figure it out.

The Bush team has been spending $400 billion more than it takes in in tax revenues for 4 years, a practice it now wants to enshrine as “permanent tax cuts”.


Question: How can anyone argue that the plundering of America is not intentional when deficits are defended as a “permanent” function of government?

Deficits are theft; and it is future generations that will have to pay for the criminal largesse of the Bush administration.

Secretary of the Treasury John Snow announced just last week that the national debt would have to be raised to $9 trillion by February to keep the government operating. That means that Bush has generated a whopping $3 trillion dollars of debt in just 5 years.


This is a strategy that is clearly designed to undermine the dollar and shift middle class wealth to the lucky 1% that Bush serves. It conflates perfectly Greenspan’s plan to sluice zillions into the economy through low interest rates and flawed lending practices ($0 down payments on homes; interest-only loans; ARMs) which create massive bubbles designed to purge the middle class of their hard-earned savings.

The stock market bubble alone moved $7 trillion from (mainly) middle class investors in retirement funds and IRAs into the pockets of the cigar-chomping plutocrats in Bush’s inner circle. With housing prices on a downward trajectory, energy going up, and the dollar destined for life-support; we can expect to see a growing line at the food-banks and homeless shelters.

No kidding. America is marching in lockstep towards a depression that was planned at the highest levels of government.

Deregulation has produced a trade deficit that requires an infusion of $2 billion dollars (or 6.8% GDP) every day just to keep the good-ship Bush afloat. When the flow of borrowed money slows, the dollar will crash to earth like Humpty-Dumpty leaving wreckage strew throughout the American heartland.

Why else would Bush claim the extraordinary powers of a dictator?

In just months Bush has claimed that he has the right to incarcerate citizens without charging them with a crime, torture prisoners, unilaterally declare war, and spy on Americans.


Is Bin Laden somehow weakened by the steady erosion of civil liberties? Or, is the White House cabal anticipating massive civil disorder from their planned economic meltdown?

Even Greenspan has warned that the present path is “unsustainable”, and darker days are just ahead. Regrettably, the administration has seized all the levers of power and is prepared for the worst.

Alito is the final piece in the neocon puzzle; the cornerstone for an American police-state. If he is approved by the Senate, Bush will have his Federalist “rubber-stamp” on the high court and the Congress will be rendered powerless. No law will be able to check or balance the “unitary” authority of the executive.

It may be time to dust off the brown-shirts and jackboots; looks like they may be back in style.


See also:

Will the US Need an IMF Bail Out? (January 10, 2006)
President George W. Bush has destroyed America's economy along with America's reputation as a truthful, compassionate, peace-loving nation that values civil liberties and human rights.Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard University budget expert Linda Bilmes have calculated the cost to Americans of Bush's Iraq war to be between one and two trillion dollars. This figure is 5 to 10 times higher than the $200 billion that Bush's economic adviser, Larry Lindsey, estimated. Lindsey was fired by Bush, because Lindsey's estimate was three times higher than the $70 billion figure that the Bush administration used to mislead Congress and the American voters about the burden of the war. You can't work in the Bush administration unless you are willing to lie for dub-ya. Americans need to ask themselves if the White House is in competent hands when a $70 billion war becomes a $2 trillion war. Bush sold his war by understating its cost by a factor of 28.57. Any financial officer any where in the world whose project was 2,857 percent over budget would instantly be fired for utter incompetence. Bush's war cost almost 30 times more than he said it would because the moronic neoconservatives that he stupidly appointed to policy positions told him the invasion would be a cakewalk. Neocons promised minimal US casualties. Iraq already has cost 2,200 dead Americans and 16,000 seriously wounded--and Bush's war is not over yet. The cost of lifetime care and disability payments for the thousands of US troops who have suffered brain and spinal damage was not part of the unrealistic rosy picture that Bush painted. Dr. Stiglitz's $2 trillion estimate is OK as far as it goes. But it doesn't go far enough. My own estimate is a multiple of Stiglitz's. CLIP


Date: 18 Jan 2006
From: "John T. Linnell">
Subject: Re: Hey Mainstream Media!

In comment to your article...

Hey Mainstream Media! Why Doesn’t Presidential Dismantling of the Constitution Warrant the Same Intense Scrutiny as Presidential Adultery? (January 17, 2006)
Eight years ago, a president entering his sixth year in office came under suspicion: had he conducted an adulterous affair with a young intern? For months thereafter, the media could talk of little else. It was the national topic of conversation for most of that year. The House eventually impeached the president, and the Senate tried him. Now again, a president entering his sixth year in office has come under suspicion: has he deliberately and unjustifiably violated both the Constitution and federal statutes by conducting searches without a warrant? But this suspicion is not getting anything like the kind of media attention of the Monica Lewinsky story. Why is that? CLIP

It would appear that Dr Schmookler has overlooked a significant point.

Even if there still are any good investigative journalists left in the US, they can not over ride the Publishers who prevent their stories ever reaching publication due to their ownership by the Jewish/Zionist influence. If they tried they would be fired and black balled in the industry.

Lets face it, all the media are now basically Jew/Zionist owned/controlled from the movies through radio/TV to publications.

Not too long ago Sharon was heard to claim that "The United States will do what we tell it to do" and, with a high proportion of the entire Congress under obligations to the Zionist movement to even get elected, as evidenced by the ever widening corruption that even the media seem unable to put much of a lid on, is it really any wonder that this is all hushed up? It is certainly not in Israel's interest to stop the antics of the Moron of Pennsylvania Ave and Crawford Texas whose increasingly insane behaviour is causing the deaths of thousands. The United States under Bush is now the world's largest terrorist.

Bush has to be stopped one way or another. It is said that a President elected in a zero year never lives out his second term but no one seems to know about a president who steals the election, twice.

If by chance God in His infinite wisdom, who Bush claims to talk to, were to recall him as soon as possible, it would be far more effective than a bunch of multi millionaires with little connection to reality beating their gums and wasting taxpayer money on fatuous, and likely corrupted as usual, investigations.

We used to laugh not long after World War 2 about the corrupt Italian governments. The US is far more corrupt and its propensity for murdering innocent people is far from laughable. It is plain criminal and it's administration must be brought to justice before the world.

John T.Linnell
Toronto, Canada



Iraq's Oil Shock

By Robert Bryce -

17 January 2006

As the country's energy nightmare continues, US troops are using nearly 40 times more fuel per day than the average, increasingly angry Iraqi.

We know that the Bush administration was flat wrong about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And now, nearly three years after the beginning of the war, it's also clear that top Bush officials were just as delusional about Iraq's energy business and how critical the energy sector would be to achieving security and stability in Iraq. Continuing failure with this vital part of the reconstruction is costing the United States - and the Iraqi people - very dearly.

During the run-up to the war, the Bush administration denied that oil was a factor in its desire to oust Saddam Hussein from power: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, during a November 2002 interview with CBS News' Steve Kroft, declared that the approaching U.S. invasion had "nothing to do with oil, literally nothing to do with oil." But four months later, as U.S. troops seized Iraq's oil infrastructure and closed in on Baghdad, then-Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz (now the president of the World Bank) made it clear that Iraq's oil was going to save American taxpayers a lot of money. Wolfowitz told Congress on March 27, 2003, that the U.S. was "dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction, and relatively soon." He added that Iraq's oil revenues could "bring between $50 billion and $100 billion over the course of the next two or three years."

Instead of the energy riches predicted by Wolfowitz, millions of Iraqis are now living in dire energy poverty. In Baghdad, there is little or no electricity, little or no motor fuel, and little or no kerosene for home heating. Moreover, according to energy expert Jim Placke, who has been following Iraq's oil business since 1959 when he worked for the State Department in Baghdad, the situation appears to be getting worse. The insurgents are targeting the energy infrastructure with increasing success, says Placke, who is a senior associate at Cambridge Energy Research Associates. "By doing so, they embarrass the coalition forces and the Iraqi government that they can't keep gas stations supplied with motor fuel. It's very disruptive and it makes the average Iraqi's life that much more difficult."

From the outset, America's game plan in Iraq has depended on the ability to control the flow of energy. Whether for the gargantuan amounts of fuel needed by U.S. troops on the ground, the export of Iraqi crude, or the production of motor fuel at the refineries in Baghdad and Baiji, the U.S., as Wolfowitz suggested, was depending on Iraq's vast oil reserves to keep the Iraqi economy afloat and to sustain the rebuilding process in the post-Saddam era. But despite the $30 billion that U.S. taxpayers have spent to rebuild Iraq and its energy infrastructure, Bush policies have resulted in scant progress. A Government Accountability Office report released last October summarized the situation, saying that yet more reconstruction money will be needed "due to the severely degraded infrastructure, post conflict looting and sabotage, and additional security costs." That same report says that soaring security costs are soaking up much of the money that was originally earmarked for energy infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the insurgents are targeting every part of the energy infrastructure - crude oil, electricity, refined products - and the American military has been able to do little to stop the destruction. And it's killing the Iraqi economy.

On Jan. 4, an Iraqi writer who uses the pseudonym Riverbend and posts on the Baghdad Burning blog, wrote about the plight that she and other Baghdad residents are facing: "How about 6 hours of no electricity for every one hour of electricity? Or ... 6 hours of waiting in line for gasoline that is three times as expensive as it was in 2005?" On Jan. 2, Najma, a 17-year-old student living in the northern city of Mosul who blogs on A Star From Mosul, wrote a post for the New York Times, in which she discussed the frequent electricity outages. As for motor fuel, she wrote that "prices in the black markets dropped to only 12 times the legal price. If someone chooses the hard way, he can wait in the line for up to a day - a line that is not less than three kilometers." In late December, Najma wrote that because of surging gasoline prices, her father was "now paying more than half of his salary on fueling the cars. Students at the universities are on strike now because they can not afford paying for the gasoline."

The surge in fuel prices is due, in part, to the Iraqi government's decision to reduce its fuel subsidies. Last year, Iraqis were paying about 5 cents for a gallon of gasoline. The International Monetary Fund agreed to forgive much of Iraq's debt if the country cut its fuel subsidies. In December, the Iraqi government agreed and raised prices. But the resulting surge in prices has led to widespread anger among Iraqis who are now paying up to 65 cents per gallon. That may sound cheap by U.S. standards, but even the best-paid workers in Iraq make only about $130 a month, and a quarter of the population lives on just $1 per day.

While fuel prices are surging, a key concern is supply, which is being hampered by both corruption and insurgent attacks. There are conflicting accounts of a Jan. 4 attack on a fuel tanker convoy that was to replenish service stations in Baghdad. Reuters reported that 20 of the 60 trucks in the convoy were destroyed. Other reports said fewer trucks were destroyed, but whatever the actual number, tanker trucks are now a prime target of the insurgents, who have been attacking them for months. The U.S. military provides armed escorts to the tanker trucks that are importing its fuel from Jordan and Kuwait. Many of the convoys are also escorted by a helicopter gunship. But it is not clear if the U.S. military has diverted any of its resources toward protecting tanker trucks that are delivering fuel for Iraqi civilians.

The U.S. military's energy consumption in Iraq is soaring. According to recent data from the Defense Department, the U.S. military is now using about 3 million gallons of fuel per day in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Thus, keeping each of the 153,000 American soldiers on the ground in Iraq requires the consumption of about 19.6 gallons of fuel per soldier per day. That's double the amount in January 2005, when each soldier in Iraq was consuming on average about 10 gallons of fuel per day.

Meanwhile, according to a recent New York Times report, the city of Baghdad is now using about 2.4 million gallons of motor fuel per day, so the average Iraqi among the 5.9 million residents of the war-torn capital is using less than a half-gallon of fuel per day. That means that the average American soldier in Iraq is using nearly 40 times more fuel per day than the average Iraqi. That disparity will only compound resentment of the U.S. presence, says retired Army Lt. Gen. Jerry Granrud, who served during both the Vietnam War and the first Gulf War. If Iraqis are waiting for hours in line to get fuel while the Americans are driving around in their Humvees and other vehicles, Granrud says, "They'll get madder than hell at their government and at U.S. forces."

Iraq's crude oil pipelines are in tatters. The Institute for the Analysis of Global Security reports that Iraq's pipelines have been attacked nearly 300 times since mid-2003. Repeated insurgent attacks are preventing Iraq's oil ministry from exporting any oil from its northern oil fields through the Turkish port of Ceyhan. Instead, all of the country's oil must be exported through two oil terminals (both built by Halliburton in the 1970s) on the Persian Gulf.

The pipeline attacks are preventing Iraq's refineries in Baghdad and Baiji from running at full capacity. According to an Energy Information Administration report written last month, "Iraqi refineries currently are operating at only 50 percent to 75 percent of capacity, forcing the country to import around 200,000 bbl/d [barrels per day] of refined products, at a cost of $200-$250 million per month."

Because of pervasive corruption within the energy sector, much of that refined product is not getting to Iraqi consumers, further exacerbating prices. "The black market is flourishing," a former Iraqi oil ministry official told Salon. The official, who now works for an international oil company and was granted anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press, said that much of the fuel that is either produced by Iraqi refineries or bought from foreign suppliers "is being re-exported," to neighboring countries. Some of the stolen fuel is also being sold on the domestic black market.

While fuel prices are soaring, Iraq's oil exports are falling. In December, exports were just 1.1 million barrels per day. That's less than half of the 2.8 million barrels per day Iraq was exporting back in 1990, and a far cry from the goal of 6 million barrels per day that Iraqi planners made at the end of the Iran-Iraq war. (According to the former Iraqi oil ministry official, the Iraqis believed that reaching 6 million barrels per day would require investing at least $37 billion. Today, given the sharp increases in the cost of oil-field supplies and equipment, that figure would likely be several times higher.)

According to Placke, Iraq's oil fields need at least $10 billion in immediate investment just to stabilize production from the existing fields, many of which have been damaged by poor maintenance and over-production. But getting that investment is impossible given the ongoing security problems in Iraq. And therein, says Placke, lies the conundrum of Iraq's tremendous oil wealth: "Until there's security they can't develop the oil resources they need to fund their security. And I don't know how that endless cycle stops."

As that quagmire deepens, Iran is exerting more influence on Iraq's energy affairs. Two decades ago, during the bloody Iran-Iraq war, the Iraqis bombed one of Iran's main oil export terminals, Kharg Island. But last July, the two countries agreed to a deal that will allow the Iraqis to export crude oil from Kharg Island. The swap agreement allows the Iraqis to ship crude from their oil fields near Basra to Iran's Abadan refinery. In exchange, the Iranians will ship a similar amount of their crude from Kharg.

It's not yet clear how this new Iraq-Iran energy deal will affect the global flow of oil out of the Persian Gulf, but the alliance appears to be deepening. On Jan. 9, Iran's MEHR news agency reported that Iran is building new power transmission lines into Iraq. Although the initial lines will carry only 230 kilowatts of power, the agency predicts that Iran could eventually export 1,000 megawatts of power to Iraq.

Right now Iraq needs the Iranian power, because its own electrical system is a disaster. In this area, the U.S. has mismanaged and squandered much of a $4 billion project to restore Iraqi electricity, according to a recent report in the Los Angeles Times. The October GAO report pointed out that by July 2005, about 30 percent of the money that was budgeted for electricity projects a year earlier had instead been diverted into security spending. Inefficiency and waste have been pervasive in other ways: "Due to limited access to natural gas, some Iraqi power plants are using low-grade oil to fuel their natural gas combustion engines," the report said. "The use of oil-based fuels, without adequate equipment modification and fuel treatment, decreases the power output of the turbines by up to 50 percent, requires three times more maintenance, and could result in equipment failure and damage that significantly reduces the life of the equipment."

America and Iraq are "coming to a crucial point" with Iraq's energy situation, according to Phebe Marr, a senior fellow at the U.S. Institute of Peace and a leading historian on modern Iraq. "When the new government gets established, it must decide what it will do with its oil resources: Who will control it? Will it be centrally controlled? I predict it's going to be very difficult." Marr says she is "not totally pessimistic" about the situation in Iraq today. But right now the country "is failing," she says, "and it could keep going down."


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Oil Surpasses $65, Reaching Three-Month High, on Nigeria, Iran (Jan. 17 )
(Bloomberg) -- Crude oil rose to its highest in more than three months, topping $65 a barrel in New York, on concern unrest in Nigeria and possible United Nations sanctions against Iran will disrupt supplies from the two countries, which together account for 7.5 percent of global production. Nigerian militants threatened to attack oil companies in coming days, Sky News reported, after sabotage cut the country's output 4 percent since last week. The U.S. and U.K. yesterday called for the UN Security Council to act after Iran resumed its nuclear-research program. Threats to supply are leading investors to reverse bets for falling prices, said Tobias Merath, an oil analyst at Credit Suisse in Zurich. "It's a change of perception in light of the developments in Nigeria and Iran and a constant stream of news adding to supply concerns,'' Merath said. He forecasts oil will rise above $70 "in the summer, during the U.S. driving season. Political tension in the Middle East could bring us there a little earlier,'' he said. CLIP



Remember Afghanistan? Insurgents Bring Suicide Terror to Country

By Kim Sengupta - The Independent UK

17 January 2006

A suicide bomber yesterday rode into town, killing at least 20 in the deadliest insurgent attack since the US invasion. More than 1,600 were killed in 2005, and the murder rate is rising. The rule of law has collapsed. The government is trapped in its own fortified compound in the capital. Soon, Britain will commit another 3,500 troops to a dangerous mission with no clear goals or exit strategy ...

At least 20 people died in a suicide attack in Afghanistan when a motorcyclist detonated his explosives-packed vest. In a separate strike, five Afghan soldiers were killed when a 15-year-old suicide bomber threw himself in front of their convoy. On Sunday, a Canadian diplomat was among three victims of a similar blast.

It was the bloodiest 48 hours in what is turning into the most violent month in Afghanistan since the country was "liberated" during the US-led invasion in October 2001. And it is into this increasingly savage insurgency that up to 3,500 more British troops will be sent from March.

The most lethal attack was on the town of Spin Boldak near the border with Pakistan, the birthplace of the Taliban. The relentless rise in violence has been described as the "re-Talibanisation" of Afghanistan.

The new Taliban are deploying tactics that have torn Iraq to shreds, and Afghanistan is seeing a surge in the previously unknown practice of suicide bombings - 25 in four months. This is seen as the reintroduction of al-Qa'ida into Afghanistan - a devastating example of how over-extending the "war on terror" into Iraq is rebounding on the West with vengeance. Tony Blair declared after the overthrow of the Taliban and the retreat of Osama bin Laden and al-Qa'ida that "this time we will not walk away," a reference to how Afghanistan was allowed to sink into its cycle of destruction after the West had used and then abandoned the country in the Cold War against the Soviets.

President George Bush, supported by Mr. Blair, the critics say, has subsequently neglected Afghanistan, toppled Saddam, and spawned " al-Qa'ida in Iraq" led by the Jordanian-born militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. This is the reality on the ground awaiting thousands of British troops being sent in the next few months into Afghanistan - a redeployment which in itself is part of the disengagement plan for Iraq.

The British force will be supported by planned contributions from the Netherlands of 1,400 to add to forces already there from the US, Canada, Germany, Italy and Spain. The bulk of the American combat troops are going to withdraw to be replaced by British forces in the province of Helmand and the most dangerous of the frontier areas.

There is, however, rising apprehension that Britain will be forced to take up the vast bulk of the fighting burden. The NATO "commitment" is, however, a matter of intense debate within member countries. The Dutch deployment has been agreed by the government, but not ratified by parliament. Countries such as Italy have refused to send more troops. Francesc Vandrell, the EU's special representative to Afghanistan, warned that it would be "a heavy blow" to Europe's commitment, and Afghanistan's future, if the Dutch failed to agree their deployment.

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan's President, said the attacks were designed to "frighten" off NATO members planning to send extra troops, as well as donor countries who are due to meet in London at the end of the month to draw up a deployment plan.

President Karzai, speaking from his heavily fortified palace at Kandahar, said the attacks showed "desperation". He also warned that the country may once again become a breeding ground for devastating assaults, such as the World Trade Centre attacks in New York, unless steps were taken now to combat resurgent Islamist militancy.

He said: "We are in a joint struggle against terrorism, for us and for the international community. If you don't defend yourself here, you will have to defend yourself back home, in European capitals and America's capitals."

Despite elections last year, presented as concrete steps towards stability, President Karzai's Afghan forces, trained by NATO, are no match for al-Qa'ida and its supporting phalanx of former Taliban. The real fight will have to be continued by Western troops. Heroin cultivation has rocketed in the atmosphere of lawlessness, with 90 per cent of the supplies in Europe now coming from the country.

CLIP - Read the rest at



The State of the Empire, 2006


January 14 / 15, 2006

In 2005 the US economy defied all the known tenets of economic theory: In the face of record high trade deficits, monstrous budget deficits, a failed war and major political scandals involving presidential aides, the dollar strengthened against the Euro and the Yen, the economy grew at 3.4% and all the major investment houses had record profits. It seems the US economy defied the laws of gravity, floating above the political turmoil and structural vulnerabilities. But the point of 'prophesy' is not to specify the day and hour of sharp decline and recession but to identify the deep structural vulnerabilities and the possible trigger events, which could detonate a crises.

The US economy will continue to diverge in a double sense. The financial sector will expand overseas, especially the major investment houses like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Citibank while the manufacturing sector led by the 'Big Three' automobile sector will decline even further, with a good chance that General Motors will go into bankruptcy. The US multi-nationals will expand on a world scale, buying into major banks and industries, especially in China, extending the economic reach of the empire, while the domestic economy will suffer as the housing and real estate speculative bubble collapses, high energy prices undermine export competitiveness, resulting in sharp decline in consumer spending. The US empire will increasingly become identified with its economic giants as its failed wars will lead to a withdrawal of combat troops and a reliance on airpower, local military forces, economic sanctions and accommodating to social liberal regimes.

The domestic social crisis will deepen as overseas profit opportunities expand. In 2006, over 90% of US workers will be paying for their costly individual health and pension plans or, if they cannot pay, they will lose coverage. Precarious work contracts are the norm for all but a small sector of public employees. Real inflation (including increased health, education, energy and pension costs) will rise to about two times the consumer price index and contribute to the further decline in actual living standards. A rapid deflation of the housing bubble would reduce the "paper value" of homeowners by half and force many who are heavily indebted into bankruptcy. Nevertheless, as happened in recent decades (after the Savings and Loan, Dotcom, Enron and other speculative failures), while millions of small speculators and investors in real estate will lose billions of dollars, their discontent will not find any political expression. The greater the inequalities in income, property and wealth between the financial and imperial economic elites, on the one hand, and the domestic wage and salaried classes, on the other, the lower the level of organized political and social opposition.

In 2006 the US will become the developed country with the greatest inequalities, with the most sustained decline in living standards and the nation least able to organize a defense of social rights - let alone an alternative - against the empire-centered model of capitalist accumulation. In a word, the domestic crisis of living standards will finance further economic empire building rather than challenge it.

US global expansion is sustainable because of fundamental changes taking place in India, China, Indo-China and the oil kingdoms of the Middle East. These countries have lowered many barriers to foreign investment, joint ventures and even majority ownership of high growth industries, banks and energy sources. US , European and Japanese MNCs and banks will accelerate their entry beyond initial beachheads and move across all sectors of the economy, with greater depth: 2006 will mark China's transition from "national capitalist" to a model of imperial and national led capitalist growth.

The US will continue to substitute an air war for a ground war in Iraq: For every 10,000 troops withdrawn, there will be hundreds of added air attacks. The US policy toward Iraq is a classic case of "rule or ruin" of Biblical proportions. Since the US or its puppet regimes cannot rule, Washington's policy is to regress the country into an "Afghanistan" of warring clerical and ethnic warlords and tribal chieftains based on min-fiefdoms. The debate over a new war against Iran is still not resolved because of the deep divisions in Washington, Israeli military threats and the spy trial of two leaders of the major pro-Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee). Washington can be expected to push for Security Council economic sanctions, which will likely fail because of a China/Russia veto.

Subsequently it is possible, especially if Netanyahu is elected Prime Minister, that Israel will attack Iranian experimental nuclear energy sites, with the complicity of their partners in the White House and Congress. Israeli aggression will likely unleash a series of proxy wars in Lebanon, Iraq (including "Kurdish" Iraq) and beyond, leading to an escalation of US casualties and weakening Washington's client regimes (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt etc)

In Washington, Congress and both political parties will be further discredited as Jack Abramoff, the self-confessed lobbyist-swindler will implicate dozens of Congress members, party leaders and government officials in an enormous bribery scandal. The trial and prosecution of Congressional leaders, especially Republican heads of Congress, may prevent any new regressive and repressive legislation from being enacted, but may spur the President to engage in an overseas military adventure(bombing Iran) to paper over the crisis.

On the other hand, another failed military intervention by the White House in the context of a discredited Congress led by felonious party leaders could ignite a grass roots movement for impeachment.

A weakened US military, the decline of orthodox neo-liberal clients, and failed diplomatic initiatives in regional forums, is forcing the US toward "accommodating" center-left politicians in Latin America. Washington's greater flexibility will find expression in the continuing good working relations with the Presidents of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and probably Bolivia. The State Department's hostility toward Venezuela's President Chavez will be tempered by its loss of internal levers of power, and the close working relations between the US and Venezuelan oil companies. The US will likely not intervene in the elections in Colombia, Chile, Mexico or Brazil, because each of the major candidates are well within the US neo-liberal orbit.

The improbable outcome in Peru, where a 'nationalist' former military officer close to Chavez is a major contender, will likely result in heavy backing for the conservative candidate. Washington will probably engage in some rear-guard 'dirty tricks' in the Venezuelan Presidential elections, knowing in advance that Chavez is likely to win by a substantial majority.

In other words, Washington will lose its automatic voting majority in Latin America and be forced to shelve some of its most blatant attempts to impose economic dominion,. Nevertheless none of its strategic military bases, extensive financial and resource holdings and lucrative debt payments will be threatened by the election of 'center-left' Presidents. The major caveat to this potential 'co-habitation' outcome is a successful popular uprising if the center-left fails: In that case Washington will likely intervene with local proxies, detonating regional opposition.

In summary, 2006 will certainly be an extremely volatile and uncertain year for the Empire. The military defeats, internal crises , a big decline in the dollar and a general weakening of domestic economic fundamentals are juxtaposed to growing overseas economic expansion, high rates of financial profits, extremely weak internal opposition and accommodating elites in Asia and South America. The greatest threat to empire building is not domestic nor in the competitive marketplace but in a possible war against Iran - either a US or Israeli attack could set in motion a series of severe economic political and military shocks which would radically change all previous predictions and outcomes regarding the state of the Empire for 2006.

The second big shock in the making is the growing popular revolt against the monstrous inequalities and terrible working conditions imposed by the Chinese ruling class in alliance with foreign capital. A further shock could emerge beyond 2006 if and when the current commodity boom collapses and undermines the export strategy of the center-left regimes in Latin and Central America.In that context it is likely that there will be a new wave of extra-parliamentary, anti-imperialist movements that could send tremors throughout the Empire.


James Petras, a former Professor of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York, owns a 50 year membership in the class struggle, is an adviser to the landless and jobless in Brazil and Argentina and is co-author of Globalization Unmasked (Zed). His new book with Henry Veltmeyer, Social Movements and the State: Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina, will be published in October 2005. He can be reached at:




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Green Campaigners Support Lovelock for Sparking Fresh Debate on Global Warming

By Michael McCarthy

The Independent UK

17 January 2006

Leading British greens have taken a divided view of the prediction by the environmental scientist James Lovelock, featured in The Independent yesterday, that the Earth has passed the point of no return for global warming.

Some fully shared his concern for the speed at which global warming appears to be proceeding, and gave credit to his scientific expertise, while finding themselves unable - or unwilling - to agree with the awesome proposition that it may already be too late to stop it.

"If any of us back up behind that idea we might just as well slit our wrists," said Aubrey Meyer, the director of the Global Commons Institute, which campaigns hard for an approach to limiting greenhouse gas emissions known as Contraction and Convergence, based on moving to equal emissions entitlements per person everywhere around the globe.

"But what [Professor] Lovelock is predicting will come true if we carry on as we are. To stabilise the rising concentrations, emissions must contract to nearly zero within ... 50 years."

Tony Juniper, the executive director of Friends of the Earth, said Professor Lovelock was right to sound the alarm. "But he's premature in writing humanity's obituary," he said. "There's still a narrow window of opportunity, and the priority must be to campaign for changes to make the most of that, not to assume that all is lost. "Assuming there's nothing to be gained means we're very likely to fail."

Professor Lovelock bases his predictions of disaster on the hypothesis that the Earth has for billions of years had a planetary-scale control system which keeps it fit for life - three decades ago he christened it Gaia.

The Gaia system, founded on the interaction of life-forms with their environment, is made up of feedback mechanisms that have previously acted in a benign way for humans. But because of the way the environment has been damaged by us, Professor Lovelock says, it may start to act in a way harmful to humanity and amplify global warming to such an extent that it is impossible to control.

Britain's most famous environmentalist last night declined to dismiss the too-late warning out of hand.

"If there was one scientist you would listen to on a proposition of that kind, it would be Jim Lovelock," said Jonathon Porritt, now head of the Government's Sustainable Development Commission. " Is he right? I simply don't know. I'm not enough of a scientist to make a judgment. With many people you would be tempted to dismiss the idea, but Jim is different."

Stephen Tindale, Greenpeace's executive director, also thought the man who conceived of Gaia might not be wrong. "The Earth may be doomed," he said. "Certainly the news from the natural world over the last year has been unremittingly bad: the oceans acidifying and less able to absorb carbon; the permafrost melting and giving up its methane ... All these things suggest that the positive feedbacks may have kicked in; we may have crossed the threshold. But we can't be certain, and so we can't give up the fight. While there is hope that catastrophe can be averted, we have a moral duty to keep trying."

"I believe that if governments take emergency action, climate change can still be controlled. So let's get on with it - and pray that we aren't too late."

Peter Melchett, the policy director of the Soil Association, shared a key concern of Professor Lovelock. "Right from the beginning there's a been a real worry that we would hit some point where the feedback mechanisms would all work against us," he said.

"But as to climate change being already unstoppable, I don't know, and I don't think Jim Lovelock knows either. There are still uncertainties about it all, and personally and instinctively I remain optimistic about the human race's ability to change direction ... It's our political and, shall we say, our psychological ability that's in doubt."

Mark Lynas, the author of High Tide - News from a Warming World, a travelogue showing places where global warming is already in evidence, said civilisational collapse was no longer just a scary possibility. "It's the most likely outcome if coal, oil and gas use continue to rise," he said. "Either we implement a radical programme to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, or we need to start taking measures to prepare for post-collapse survival in the few areas which will remain habitable by the end of this century. The choice is ours."

"Lovelock telling us it's already too late should not be seen as an excuse for fatalism ... But his statements should be a reality check."


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A deluge of weird weather in '05 (Dec 31, 2005)
Floods and drought. Extreme heat and cold. Arlene and Zeta. Worst, Katrina. As records fell, the U.S. saw them all. - WASHINGTON - It's not just your imagination. America's weather went wild this year. It began with a record downpour in the Nevada desert and record warmth in Alaska, and it's ending with a record 27th named tropical storm forming a month after hurricane season technically ended, as well as with floods in California and wildfires in Texas and Oklahoma that have killed four people and consumed 38,000 acres. Tropical Storm Zeta's freak formation yesterday tied a record from 1954 for the latest storm ever to appear in the Atlantic basin. Zeta was considered a threat only to shipping. It brought a fitting end to a wild and crazy weather year. Along the way, at least 215 climate records were smashed or tied, thanks to a slew of hurricanes, 21 straight days of 100-degree-plus temperatures in Fresno, Calif., and wildfires that have burned 8.64 million acres, nearly a quarter-million more than the record set in 2000. Extremes were everywhere. Above-normal heat covered twice as much land as usual. Excessive rain or snow, or both, blanketed three times as much land as normal. Average daily low temperatures were higher than normal across four times as much U.S. territory as in average years. It was the third-worst year for U.S. extreme-weather events in history, according to the National Climatic Data Center. For 2005's first 11 months, the nation had an extreme-climate index figure of 35, behind only 1998's 42 and 1934's 37. The average annual score is 20. CLIP

The environmental crisis: past the point of no return (October 29, 1994!!!)
A recent report of the CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research that global environmental degradation has now passed the point of no return -- that is, the point beyond which at least some permanent damage to the earth’s atmosphere caused by human activity can now no longer be avoided -- signals a new phase in the world’s environmental crisis. It confirms warnings by environmentalists and researchers that the environmental effects of human activity are not any longer merely local phenomena, but have assumed global dimensions and have global -- and permanent -- consequences. This situation qualitatively transforms the task of searching for solutions to the environmental crisis and poses difficult political and social questions. And we can say without fear of exaggeration that mankind’s future existence depends on the answers we find to these questions. The CSIRO report confirms earlier reports of the 300-member Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The news therefore is bad but not unexpected, and reveals the global environmental crisis as the greatest single danger confronting human society today. CLIP

Ocean's temperature off Santa Barbara now highest in 1,400 years (Jan 7, 2006)
(...) One likely cause of the extra temperature rise is the production of greenhouse gases, which are linked to global warming, Field said.Bill Peterson, a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, agreed with Field's conclusions of a long-term warming trend.Peterson also said the Pacific Decadal Oscillation may be speeding up for unknown reasons from its 20-year cycles to three- or four-year cycles."It's not behaving like it used to behave," Peterson said.

Is It Warm in Here?
Washington Post columnist David Ignatius wonders how it can be that the news media is ignoring the biggest story in history - climate change. And, he says: "The failure of the United States to get serious about climate change is unforgivable, a human folly beyond imagining."

Landslides Could Worsen with Global Warming
Landslides kill 800-1,000 people a year, from hillside slums in Latin America to Egypt's Valley of the Kings, and climate change may be adding to the risks, UN experts said.




Overpopulation 'is main threat to planet'

January 7, 2006

Steve Connor

Climate change and global pollution cannot be adequately tackled without addressing the neglected issue of the world's booming population, according to two leading scientists.

Professor Chris Rapley, director of the British Antarctic Survey, and Professor John Guillebaud, vented their frustration yesterday at the fact that overpopulation had fallen off the agenda of the many organisations dedicated to saving the planet.

The scientists said dealing with the burgeoning human population of the planet was vital if real progress was to be made on the other enormous problems facing the world.

"It is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about" Professor Guillebaud said. "Unless we reduce the human population humanely through family planning, nature will do it for us through violence, epidemics or starvation."

Professor Guillebaud said he decided to study the field of human reproduction more than 40 years ago specifically because of the problems he envisaged through overpopulation.

His concerns were echoed by Professor Rapley, an expert on the effects of climate change on the Antarctic, who pointed out that this year an extra 76 million people would be added to the 6.5 billion already living on Earth, which is twice as many as in 1960.

By the middle of the century, the United Nations estimates that the world population is likely to increase to more than nine billion, which is equivalent to an extra 200,000 people each day. Professor Rapley said the extra resources needed to sustain this growth in population would put immense strains on the planet's life-support system even if pollution emissions per head could be dramatically reduced.

"Although reducing human emissions to the atmosphere is undoubtedly of critical importance, as are any and all measures to reduce the human environmental 'footprint', the truth is that the contribution of each individual cannot be reduced to zero. Only the lack of the individual can bring it down to nothing," Professor Rapley says in an article for the BBC website.

"So if we believe that the size of the human 'footprint' is a serious problem - and there is much evidence for this - then a rational view would be that along with a raft of measures to reduce the footprint per person, the issue of population management must be addressed."

Professor Rapley says the explosive growth in the human population and the concomitant effects on the environment have been largely ignored by many of those concerned with climate change. "It is a bombshell of a topic, with profound and emotive issues of ethics, morality, equity and practicability," he says.

"So controversial is the subject that it has become the Cinderella of the great sustainability debate - rarely visible in public, or even in private. "In interdisciplinary meetings addressing how the planet functions as an integrated whole, demographers and population specialists are usually notable by their absence.''

Professor Guillebaud, who co-chairs the Optimum Population Trust, said it became politically incorrect about 25 years ago to bring up family planning in discussing the environmental problems of the developing world. The world population needed to be reduced by nearly two-thirds if climate change was to be prevented and everyone on the planet was to enjoy a lifestyle similar to that of Europeans, Professor Guillebaud said.

An environmental assessment by the conservation charity WWF and the Worldwatch Institute in Washington found that humans were now exploiting about 20 per cent more renewable resources than can be replaced each year.

Professor Guillebaud said this meant it would require the natural resources equivalent to four more Planet Earths to sustain the projected 2050 population of nine billion people.

"The figures demonstrate the folly of concentrating exclusively on lifestyles and technology and ignoring human numbers in our attempts to combat global warming," he said. "We need to think about climate changers - human beings and their numbers - as well as climate change."

Some environmentalists have argued that is not human numbers that are important, but the relative use of natural resources and production of waste such as carbon dioxide emissions. They have suggested that the planet can sustain a population of nine billion people or even more provided that everyone adopts a less energy-intensive lifestyle based on renewable sources of energy rather than fossil fuels.

But Professor Guillebaud said: "We urgently need to stabilise and reduce human numbers. There is no way that a population of nine billion - the UN's medium forecast for 2050 - can meet its energy needs without unacceptable damage to the planet and a great deal of human misery."

Crowded Earth

* The human population stands at 6.5 billion and is projected to rise to more than 9 billion by 2050.

* In less than 50 years the human population has more than doubled from its 1960 level of 3 billion.

* China is the most populous country with more than 1.3 billion people. India is second with more than 1.1 billion.

* By about 2030 India is expected to exceed China with nearly 1.5 billion people.

* About one in every three people alive today is under the age of 20, which means that the population will continue to grow as more children reach sexual maturity.

* Britain's population of 60 million is forecast to grow by 7 million over the next 25 years and by at least 10 million over the next 60 years, mainly through immigration.

* This is equivalent to an extra 57 towns the size of Luton (pop 184,000)

* By the time you have finished reading this column, an estimated 100 babies have been born in the world.


Date: 14 Jan 2006
From: "John T. Linnell">
Subject: The Poisonous Splenda


Guess Who's Joined in the Splenda Fight?

American sugar cane and beet farmers have developed a new Web site devoted to spreading the "Truth About Splenda."

The site will post comments from Americans who feel misled by Splenda advertisements and will provide a forum for people to share their experiences with the chlorinated artificial sweetener.

The Web site,, was launched in 2005 in response to Splenda's marketing campaign that incorrectly touted Splenda as natural.

Thousands Have Already Posted Comments

Since its launch, thousands of people have submitted comments to the site. Some have spoken of Splenda's marketing campaign as being misleading and immoral, while others commented on health consequences of eating the artificial sweetener, how it reacts in baked goods and how it tastes.

The Web site's goal is to help better educate Americans about Splenda, so that the public becomes aware that it is, in fact, a chlorinated artificial sweetener. The site welcomes all comments and hopes to become a useful educational resource for all.

U.S. Newswire December 15, 2005

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Though I am not a fan of sugar (whether from beets, sugar cane or otherwise), if I had to choose between sugar or Splenda (or any other artificial sweetener, for that matter), sugar would win, hands down.

That's why I must applaud the American sugar cane and beet farmers who have aligned their views with my own -- at least when it comes to getting the word out about the potential dangers and misleading advertising of Splenda.

Of course, the sugar farmers surely have their own agenda for spreading this message, but I have none -- other than protecting you and your family from this artificial sweetener that bears more chemical similarity to DDT than it does to sugar.

Splenda's manufacturers have gone to great lengths to suggest that Splenda is natural and safe by using the slogan, "made from sugar so it tastes like sugar." But after the sugar has been treated with chemicals like trityl chloride, acetic anhydride, and thionyl chloride in the presence of dimethylformamide, 4-methylmorpholine, and methyl isobutyl ketone, it is anything but a sugar molecule.

By the end of the chemical processing Splenda goes through, it resembles nothing found in nature. This product is not natural, nor is it a real sugar. It isn't even close.

And, if you haven't yet heard, the long-term safety of Splenda has never been established. In fact:

There have only been six human trials to date

The longest trial lasted three months

At LEAST 15 percent of Splenda is not excreted from your body in a timely manner

In the meantime, since there is a complete absence of any useful long-term human studies, I've been researching effects of Splenda based upon information collected from various individual case studies. The following symptoms have been noticed within a 24-hour period following consumption of Splenda products:

Skin -- Redness, itching, swelling, blistering, weeping, crusting, rash, eruptions, or hives (itchy bumps or welts). This is the most common allergic symptom that people have.
Lungs -- Wheezing, tightness, cough, or shortness of breath.
Head -- Swelling of the face, eyelids, lips, tongue, or throat; headaches and migraines (severe headaches).
Nose -- Stuffy nose, runny nose (clear, thin discharge), sneezing.
Eyes -- Red (bloodshot), itchy, swollen, or watery.
Stomach -- Bloating, gas, pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or bloody diarrhea.
Heart -- Palpitations or fluttering.
Joints -- Joint pains or aches.
Neurological -- Anxiety, dizziness, spaced-out sensation, depression.

In a nutshell, Splenda is simply not as perfectly safe as the manufacturers would have you believe.

If you are still using Splenda, I urge you to take a look through the Web site above, and then check out the /2000/dec/3/sucralose_testimonials.htm>pages of testimonials from our own readers who feel they have been harmed by Splenda -- then decide if using this largely experimental product is really worth the risk.

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Ways to wage peace in 2006

Jonathan Power - International Herald Tribune

DECEMBER 29, 2005

War doesn't work

Critics may like to make out that America is a warrior nation with an urge to dominate the world. But although from time to time martial figures do push themselves through to the seats of power, they seem unable to carry the American public with them for long.

It took the best part of a decade for public opinion to swing firmly against the Vietnam War. This time, with the war in Iraq, it has taken barely three years.

It seems likely that in the next general election Americans will vote for a candidate who stands against overseas adventurism. Those who are trying to erect a case for defanging a putative nuclear Iran by force will not succeed. Nor will those who want to up the ante with China.

Nothing is simple, of course, when it comes to matters of war and peace. The historian Edward Luttwak argued in Foreign Affairs a few years ago that, "An unpleasant truth often overlooked is that although war is a great evil, it does have the great virtue that it can resolve political conflicts and lead to peace."

World War II is Everyman's exemplar of this. But World War I, the more important geopolitically of the two great wars, was the reverse. Without the tragic mistakes of statecraft that preceded it, allowing Europe to drift into massive carnage, there would have been no great depression, no rise of Hitler, no consolidation of the autocracy of Stalin, no World War II, no unilateral development of the nuclear bomb and its use on Japan, and no Cold War.

The tragedy of war or violence is not that sometimes it does not have positive outcomes. It is that the same goals could have been met without war if the protagonists had been more farsighted and more prepared to be patient and creative in their diplomacy.

The war in Iraq has become a living example of how not to use the blunt instrument of armed might. At the same time, its fire and smoke is obscuring many positive trends all over the world. For the 10th successive year, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute has reported that the number of wars has fallen over the last 12 months. The New York-based group Freedom House reported this month that the spread of democracy and the respect for human rights continues on its upward trajectory. This year was the most successful year for freedom since 1972.

A portion of the political class too often tries to pull the wool over our eyes by constantly impressing upon us the need for combat if our precious freedoms are not to be undermined. Islamic terrorism is the present case in point.

When the leaders of Egypt's Gamaa, one of the parent groups of Al Qaeda, renounced violence three years ago from their jail cells, their declaration was only barely reported and commented on. But it demonstrated how terrorism can be defeated by solid police work.

And every time there is a bombing or racial disturbance in Europe, we are fired up against the danger of militant Islam within. After the Madrid bombing, however, senior European counterterrorism officials were reported in this newspaper as saying that "the movement of young men from Europe to Iraq has not come close to the levels seen in the 1980s, when at least 10,000 men travelled to Afghanistan to fight against the Soviet occupation."

Pull the wool aside and what can we see? In the journal of London's International Institute for Strategic Studies, the analyst Michael Mandelbaum notes, "the practice of war, once the prerogative of the strong, instead is increasingly the tactic of the weak." Most wars these days are conducted by and within the poorest of the world's nations.

If only we could recognize this, we could start to become more creative in our tactics. The Financial Times reported this year that exiled Iranian activists are studying the techniques of nonviolent conflict. They are learning from the same group that contributed to the success of movements for change in Serbia, Georgia and Ukraine. This is how the work of building a more peaceful world should continue.



One day theoretical science will no longer have doubts about water's memory while high tech specialists will be making ''water'' computers controlled by telepathy

Vladimir Borovoy, Pravda.Ru

Jan. 15, 2006

There seemed nothing to be as simple and as well studied in the world of science as water, until recently. The proverbial chemical description, temperature metamorphoses from ice into steam, solvent properties - that is about all. Deeper studies into the Nanoworld are ready to shake faith even in the water's simplicity. Just for one fact that it turns out water has memory and understands human emotions and words.

According to physics that we study at school water does not form any long-lived structures (if there is no other substance taking part in the process). Of course, there is so called hydrogen bond, due to which molecules are joined in chains, but such formations exist a tiny moment of time. Theoretically it means that water is hard to structure: at least all the stories about magnetized water or water that "remembers" substance once dissolved in it have been labeled as asientific for a long time. Nevertheless, it has been several years already since quite serious-minded scientists with the help of ultraprecision instruments began to study the ability of water to form those long-lived structures.

Russian scientists are among the leaders. In 2003 at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Russian scientist Stanislav Zenin upheld a thesis on water's memory. The thesis'' author owns a laboratory and studied clathrates, stable compounds (that can live up to several hours!) consisting of 912 water molecules of half-micron or micron in size. You can even see them through the phase-contrast microscope. Clathrates are almost electrically neutral in distilled water. However, Zenin found out that their electroconductivity could be changed. Bonds between the clathrates'' elements can be broken with the magnetic stirrer and then water becomes dead and unordered mixture. If a tiny amount (even one molecule) of any other substance is added into water clathrates start "adopting" its electromagnetic properties. In the end Zenin engaged psychics and healers - people who do not enjoy respect in the world of science - in his work on thesis. He found out that some representatives of this dubious occupation can change water's electroconductivity drastically with the power of their thought. Zenin defined water as substance in phase-informative state with a structure suitable for data storage. He called it a biological information tank. He distinguished water's primary and long-term memory. Primary memory becomes apparent after a single impact. It is a reversible change in water's structure and a reflection of the new electromagnetic picture on clathrates'' surface. As for the long-term memory, it is a complete transformation of the matrix clathrates'' structural elements as a result of long information influence. This means that you do not have to be a psychic to form a certain structure of water. It is enough to pass a certain emotion to water for some period of time.

The same conclusion was made by Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto. He discovered that water can really form ordered structures that turned out to be crystals. Each of them is unique and reflects the electromagnetic properties of water. Microcrystals are studied with the help of photographs. First of all, water drops placed into Petri dishes are quenched for two hours. Then they are placed into special apparatus that is a sort of refrigerator combined with microscope and camera. Here the newly-formed crystals are examined at temperature of 5C below zero. The most characteristic ones are photographed.

Dr. Emoto and his team study water from different sources of the world and also water that was effected by music, image, television, thoughts of a single person and a group of people, prayers, words typed or pronounced in different languages etc. Emoto discovered that there was a significant difference between crystals that listened to Beethoven and heavy-metal. Words "angel" and "devil" form structures that are similar and completely opposite at the same time.

Of course, Dr. Emoto can be also called a person with vivid imagination who uses equipment for purposes that have nothing to do with science. The Japanese scientist thinks that everything in this world possesses common vibration frequency, resonance wave (hado) that is able to transfer human emotions onto all surrounding objects. That is why one has to thank food that he/she eats, avoid negative emotions and pray more often. Such conclusions make scientific community laugh. But that is not always the case. Many researchers show interest in the findings of Dr. Emoto. Some are looking for the ways to transform processes that occur in water under the influence of electromagnetic radiation of the human brain into signals that are comprehensible for computer. In other words, they want to invent a computer that would be operated by thoughts. Others want to teach water storing the binary code. There are also those who try to find out if it is possible to change physical and chemical properties of water for special purposes (for instance, making it viscous in order to cool nuclear reactors with less energy consumption).

Such tendencies can one day result in the situation when theoretical science will no longer have doubts about water's memory while high tech specialists will be making "water" computers controlled by telepathy.



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What is the True Nature of Reality?

The Basics of Quantum Healing

by Deepak Chopra, M.D.

What I hope to do this morning is to give you a brief glimpse into the quantum mechanical body-mind, to at least attempt to understand the exact nature of what the human body is like and also the exact nature of what the Cosmic Body is like.

We use terms like mind and body and universe, but what really is the exact nature of these things? What is the mind, what is the body, what's the exact nature of physical reality? As children, we always had questions like, "Where was I before I was born? What am I doing here? What happens after death? Am I confined to my physical body? Am I just a skin encapsulated ego in a bag of flesh and bones? What really happens to me? Do I have a local address? Where do I live in this universe?"

And it's interesting that science today is beginning to ask the same questions. After all science is the quest for the truth and if you're a real scientist, these are the questions that are most critical to us.

One of the interesting things that science has found, this should have been obvious all along, is that what we call perception, what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell, is really the least reliable test of what reality really is. We cannot trust our senses at all!

After all, the senses tell us that the earth is flat and we don't believe that anymore. The senses tell us that the ground that we stand on is stationary and we know it's spinning at dizzying speeds and hurtling through outer space at thousands of miles an hour. The senses tell us things have a certain taste, smell, size, texture. Maybe that's not the way they really are.

There was an experiment done at Harvard Medical School about 20 years ago. A group of scientists took some kittens and brought them up in a room that had only horizontal stripes. All the visual stimuli in the room were horizontal. Another group of kittens was brought up in a room that had only vertical stripes. And when these kittens grew up to be wise old cats, it turns out that one group of cats could see only a horizontal world. The other group of cats could see only a vertical world. And this had nothing to do with the belief system of these cats.

It's a phenomenon that psychologists call Premature Cognitive Commitment. Premature, because we make it at a very early stage of our development. Cognitive, because that's how they cognize or see the world. And commitment, because it fixes us to a particular reality, it imprisons us in a fixed mode of perception.

There are many variations of these experiments. In India, when they train elephants, they take the baby elephant and tie it with an iron chain to a huge tree. Then they start cutting the size of the chain and the tree. Ultimately you can tie the elephant which a big animal now, with a flimsy rope to a green plant but the elephant is unable to escape. It's made a commitment in its body-mind that it's in a prison!

Or you can do another simple experiment. Take some flies and put them in a jar. After a while remove the lid from the jar and you'll find that most of the flies, except for a couple of pioneers, will not be able to escape. They make a commitment in their body-mind that they're in a prison.

People will tell you who work in aquariums that you can separate fish from each other. They're in big glass tanks and the separations are transparent glass partitions. You can remove the glass partition after a while. The fish will swim to the edge of where the partition was and return . They made a commitment that that's as far as they can go.

All these experiments, and there are many variations of these, are pointing to a very crucial fact as far as the mechanics of perception is concerned. And that is that our initial sensory experiences and how we interpret them or how they are interpreted for us actually structure the very anatomy and physiology of our nervous system in such a way that ultimately the nervous system serves only one function: to keep reinforcing the initial interpretation. Anything that doesn't reinforce the initial interpretation doesn't even get into the nervous system. So if you don't have a concept or a notion or an idea that something exists, then your nervous system won't even take it in.

That's a very peculiar fact because it tells us that with bits of sensory experience, we'll never be able to comprehend the whole. We never will be! After all the human eye can see only between 380 and 500 billionths of a meter. There's nothing sacred between 360 and 370. It doesn't exist for us.

And so too for the other senses. This is true not only of the human species but of all species. A honeybee, for example, doesn't have the apparatus to see the usual wavelengths that you and I perceive. It senses ultra-violet. When a honeybee looks at a flower at a distance it doesn't see a flower. It sees honey from a distance but it misses the flower altogether. A snake would experience the same thing as infrared radiation which means nothing to you and me. A bat would experience that as the echo of ultra-sound which also means nothing to you and me. And a chameleon's eyeballs swivel on two different axis. You can't even remotely imagine what this would look like to a chameleon.

So what's the real nature of the world? What's it really like? We can't trust the senses. They give us a very distorted view. They break up that wholeness into a small fragment and we call it reality. We happen to agree about it. We even call it "objective reality" and we have a whole methodology that we call "science" to explore that . If you really understand what science is, then science at least until now has not been a method for exploring the truth. Science has been a method for exploring our current map of what we think the truth is. And the map is not the territory. The territory that we explore is really an extension of the map we have. If we don't have the complete map then we will not explore the territory that is not within the framework of that map.

Sir John Eckles who won the Nobel prize in physiology and medicine several years ago made the statement, "I want you to understand that there are no colors in the real world. That there are no textures in the real world. There are no fragrances in the real world. There is no beauty, there is no ugliness. Nothing of the sort. Out there is a chaos of energy soup and energy fields. Literally. We take that and somewhere inside ourselves we create a world. Somewhere inside ourselves it all happens."

It's not out there at all! Go to a physicist and ask him what's this made up of? And he'll tell you there are just four basic forces: gravity, strong interaction, weak interaction and electromagnetism that make up everything that exists. Gravity is that which holds us to the ground, makes the planets move and holds them together. The strong interaction holds the nucleus of an atom together. If you disrupt it you get a nuclear explosion. The weak interaction is a force that is responsible for transmutation of elements and radioactive decay. And electromagnetism is that which we experience as light, heat and electricity.

Ask a scientist, "Is there anything else?" and they'll say, "No, there isn't anything else. Everything that exists out there is made up of these forces." And ultimately even these forces come from one unified force which scientists today call the Unified Field. And everything that is there, all stars, all galaxies, all flowers, all human beings, everything that exists is just these forces of nature.

So what is the material world then? The material world is a cord that comes out of these forces and the cords of intelligence that structure particulate matter in fact exist inside us. We are the creators of this world. Literally.

There was an interesting conversation I once heard between a spiritual master and his student in India. At one point the student looked at this master and he said, "I don't know about you. You must live in a different world." And the master said, "No. We live in exactly the same world. The only difference is you see yourself in the world, and I see the whole world in myself. It's a minor perceptual shift that you need to make."

So let's talk about this minor perceptual shift. CLIP - Read the rest at


From: "Adi Gaia">
Date: 19 Jan 2006
Subject: The Healing Power of LOVE

The Healing Power of LOVE

Catherine Ponder

"Love has been described as the 'physician of the universe', because it has the power to heal all ills, when invoked... Emmet Fox has described the healing power of love in his book, Power Through Constructive Thinking:

'There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer. There is no disease that enough love will not heal...It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble. It makes no difference how hopeless may be the outlook...A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.'

Dr. Fox states that many people have found very remarkable things happening in their lives after only a few days special work done on love. All sorts of personal difficulties simply vanished away. As the months passed, their faces sometimes altered in a remarkable waya since the body is usually the first thing to respond to freedom from fear and resentment.

Thoughts of love cause a beneficial chemical change to take place in the body. Thoughts of love bring forth life, renew health, and even change thoughts of death to thoughts of life. Just as the heart equalizes the life flow in the body, so love harmonizes the thoughts of the mind, bringing peace to both mind and body.

Many adults, as a result of being forced, possessed, smothered in childhood, have hard unyielding places in the subconscious mind that do not yield easily to the spoken word of truth. Persistent affirmations of Divine Love break up these hard places in the subconscious and the diseased thought patterns gathered there.

Love does not possess or dominate, and is not willful. Love is a harmonizing, balancing, freeing quality of mind and body.

In his book, Psychology, Religion and Healing, Dr. Leslie Weatherhead points out that the deprivation of love is the main factor behind many physical illnesses. However, as one begins developing and radiating the mind power of love from within outward, it opens the way for love's emotional and physical fulfillment to manifest in the body.

Psychologists have long recognized the deprivation of love as a causative of illness...It is realize that when there is such a need, you can begin supplying it from within yourself. As you radiate the love thought from within out, it is released into your mind, body, affairs and relationships; whatever outer forms of love are needed in your life [including material abundance] are then attracted.

You can begin immediately 'turning on love' in your life, thereby using it as a prescription for healing your ills. Make it a practice to meditate daily on the thought: Divine Love, manifest thyself in me.

Indeed, it is the mission of love, both personally and impersonally, to produce wholeness in your life. Your job is not to wonder how love works. but to dare to release it from within yourself. As you do, you will witness interesting, satisfying, healing results.

Catherine Ponder
The Healing Secret of the Ages and The Dynamic Laws of Healing


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