March 10, 2005

The Perfect Storm Series #5: Bush & Co Wrecking the World

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I have what will probably amount to 2 good news for most of you: This compilation is "only" about 50 page long, and you will get a 2 week compilation break since I'll be away till the beginning of April.

But before I leave, I'll still make time to prepare a new Meditation Focus tomorrow.

There would be much to comment on this one, but most of what's below will speak for itself.


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"We are not victims of the world we see; we are victims of the way we see the world."

— Dennis Kucinich, US Congressperson (Ohio), Democratic Presidential Candidate,2003 recipient of the Gandhi Peace Award

"If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us."

— George HW Bush

"What ever happens do not be afraid. When the earth shakes it is but birth pains of the new age. And when the Earth bares a new age it comes in trembling. A new age is being born, an age of peace, an age of serenity and beauty. The birth is painful and the birth pains may be violent, but it is such a chosen child of God, this new age — this age of peace, this age of no fear, of no more turmoil, of no more war, this age of love in man, for man, through man, of love of God, of love of all his creatures, and above all of his love for his fellow man. For that is the secret. Man's love for his fellow man is the measuring stick of his love of God. That is the secret."

— Sent by Flora Ruth who wrote: "This was spoken through Peter Ballbusch, a trance channel, on 4-14-63 (not a typo error) and recorded by me."

Worthy of Your Attention

War No More – 3rd Anniversary of the US Invasion of Iraq - Saturday, March 18, 2006
International mobilization against the war and invasion of Iraq (Over 208 demos to take place worldwide!) Check the Reasons to demonstrate at

World Peace Experiment
World peace begins with inner peace. What is reflected on the outer is merely a mirror of what is on the inner. Trying to change the world without working to change consciousness is like trying to change the image in a mirror without changing the object that is being reflected. The physical environment and circumstances we experience, are merely a reflection of our consciousness. Our consciousness is created by our thoughts -- the true creative force. To change our consciousness we must transform all our limiting thoughts. This can be done effectively by using the Free Yourself process. — Carol Hansen Grey, 1999

Great Movie Trailer!
AARON RUSSO DOCUMENTARY TAKING HOLLYWOOD BY STORM -- America, From Freedom to Fascism attracted almost 1500 people to its Beverly Hills sneak preview last week. A second screening was arranged that night for the 425 seat theater and still people were turned away. Five additional sneak previews are scheduled for the coming week; one in Chicago, one in Atlanta and three in the Pacific Northwest. -- Mike Ruppert will be appearing with Mr. Russo at the Ashland screening on Saturday March 11th. Recommended by "Kathleen Roberts" - More reviews at

A REAL News Report
Also recommended by Kathleen Roberts who wrote: "What the news looks like when it tells the truth: INN World Report. Second half is an interview with the director of "Loose Change", including clips.

Must-See Additional 30 Minutes of "Loose Change 2nd Edition"

All The Good 9/11 Videos available to download here On Line for "FREE"!

Scholars for 9/11 Truth - Must See!

EXPERTS CALL FOR RELEASE OF 9/11 EVIDENCE Support our Petition to Congress
Recommended by Lise Jacques

International People's Initiative for Departments of Peace

Way to go .... Ben 'n' Jerry's powerful short video! Making your voice count! - Then watch this one...

Did you ever wonder what 2000 looks like?
Heart wrenching 5 minute long video. Now let's hope they'll produce another one with the pictures of the 150,000 + Iraqis killed by George Bush/Richard Cheney/Dart Rumsfeld

The Living Garden


1. International Women's Day Antiwar Actions
2. Iran War About Ethnic Cleansing, Not Oil Bourse
3. A deaf man spouting
4. Bush declares war on freedom of the press
5. The Most Powerful Weapon In The World
6. Pay too much and you could raise the alarm
7. Treasury Dept. Moves to Avoid Debt Limit
8. The Planet Can't Wait
9. China issues human rights record of US
10. Wonder Drug Inspires Deep, Unwavering Love Of Pharmaceutical Companies
11. Women are smarter than men & Story from an engaged man...

See also:

Rice and Rumsfeld Press for $65 Billion for War
Top members of the Bush administration urged Congress Thursday to quickly pass a $91 billion spending bill that includes money to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Warmongers Admit They Were Wrong
It has taken more than three years, tens of thousands of Iraqi and American lives, and $200 billion - all to achieve a chaos verging on open civil war. But, finally, the neo-conservatives who sold the United States on this disastrous war are starting to utter three small words: we were wrong.

Carter Calls for End to Occupation
Former President Jimmy Carter criticized the war in Iraq on Wednesday, urging a troop drawdown as the United States enters its fourth year of conflict in Iraq. "It was a completely unnecessary war. It was an unjust war," said Carter, the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

24 Bodies Found in Baghdad as Political Stalemate Persists
At least 24 bodies, most of them strangled, were found in Baghdad during a 15-hour period, one of the highest single-day tallies of execution-style victims since the American invasion, the Iraqi police and American military said today.

Abu Ghraib to Close in Shame
Abu Ghraib, the prison that will be forever linked with images of Iraqi detainees stripped naked and humiliated by their American jailors, is to be closed. Its 4,500 inmates will be transferred to other jails in Iraq.

CIA Leak Path: Cheney, Libby, Woodward
In mid-June 2003, when former Ambassador Joseph Wilson's criticism against the White House's use of pre-war Iraq intelligence started to make national headlines, Vice President Dick Cheney told his former chief of staff and close confidant I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby to leak classified intelligence data on Iraq's nuclear ambitions to a legendary Washington journalist in order to undercut the charges made against the Bush administration by the former ambassador.

Bush's Loss on Ports Deal Dents Image, Exposes Rifts
The collapse of a plan to let a Dubai company manage US ports marks another setback for President George W. Bush, exposing deteriorating relations with fellow Republicans and underscoring a perception of incompetence.

The Silence is Poisonous! Bioweapons - The US government’s Nuremburg Crime (1 March, 06)
Book Reveals US Government's Bioweapons Crimes - A criminal biological weapons programme that is a threat to the entire planet!(...) The scale of the US bioweapons programme is staggering with $5.6 billion being spent on “Project Bioshield”, over the next ten years, and this just one facet of US bioweapons development. Overall, the amount being spent on bioweapons development is at least $22 billion! Boyle reveals one particularly and very relevant aspect of its bioweapons development programme; the use of countries such as Iraq to “weaponize” these novel biological agents; in other words, get Iraq to test the damn things out on Iranian troops! (...) Boyle makes the criminality of the US actions abundantly clear - “As always, the first illegal misstep compelled the second, which was criminal. Accordingly, what were then only experimental medical vaccines were injected into 500,000 U.S. armed forces deployed for Gulf War I by the Bush Sr. administration, as well as into the British troops similarly designated, turning the entire project into a massive live experiment, the results of which-due to its irregularity and indeed illegality-neither the scientific research community nor the Pentagon were able to counteract, since records of the effects of the vaccines were systematically NOT kept… As of today, more than 11,000 U.S. troops have died-but not from combat-and most of the rest suffer from the Gulf War Syndrome (GWS).” The scale of this crime against humanity surpasses that of the Nazi medical experiments conducted on the unfortunate occupants of the concentration camps. We are talking here about almost 600,000 human beings experimented on by the US government, without their knowledge or consent. And we are not even considering the crime of the effects of depleted uranium on both ‘coalition’ forces and the Iraqi population. CLIP Recommended by "Kathleen Roberts"

Palestinians urge Roger Waters to boycott Israel (Mar 9, 2006)
Roger Waters, a founder member of the rock group Pink Floyd, is under pressure to cancel a planned concert in Tel Aviv in June as a protest against Israeli policy towards the Palestinians. A group of Palestinian political activists, cultural organisations and their supporters have backed a letter to Mr Waters, who has expressed strong opposition to the 450-mile separation barrier being built by Israel. They urge him to remove the city from his summer tour this year. The letter, which is supported, among others, by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, urges Waters not to perform in Israel "until the time comes when it ends its illegal occupation of Palestinian territory". Waters showed no sign last night that he would bow to the pressure. He said: "I am happy to play to anybody who believes in peace. I don't discriminate between any of my fans, wherever they live. Being an Israeli does not disbar from being a human being." CLIP

Bilderberg/NWO/Clash of Civilizations connect to 'Danish Cartoons'
(...) My questions then; Was this whole anti-Islamic cartoon exercise actually nothing more than an innocent attempt at promoting the much cherished cause of freedom of expression on sensitive topics---anti-Semitism being disallowed, by word or action, by law in most of the western world? Or, given the ominous times we are in, the Muslims are deliberately being provoked, exploiting their emotionality, into presenting one seething, throbbing mass of foaming-at-the-mouths herd of rabid cavemen image for their eventual annihilation? No one, after all, cries over the mushroom clouds blotting the horizons over beastlands. Or is the scribe being overly alarmist? You decide.

Poll: Negative views of Islam grow in US (March 9)
WASHINGTON -- As the war in Iraq grinds into its fourth year, a growing proportion of Americans are expressing unfavorable views of Islam, and a majority say Muslims are disproportionately prone to violence, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll. The poll found that nearly half of Americans -- 46 percent -- have a negative view of Islam, seven percentage points higher than in the tense months following the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. The survey comes at a time of increasing tension, as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq show little sign of ending and as members of Congress seek to block the Bush administration's attempt to hire an Arab company to manage some operations at six of the nation's ports.Also, Americans are reading news of deadly protests in the Arab world over a Danish cartoon depiction of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. According to the poll, the proportion of Americans who believe that Islam helps to stoke violence against non-Muslims has more than doubled since the attacks, from 14 percent in January 2002 to 33 percent today. CLIP

The Secret War
John Pilger: In East Timor, I found a country littered with graves. Not even Pol Pot had succeeded in despatching, proportionally, as many people as the Indonesian tyrant Suharto had done in collusion with the "international community." In 2000 the United Nations set up a truth commission; on 24 January, its 2,500 pages were published. It describes the "primary roles" of the United States, Britain and Australia in this carnage. America's "political and military support were fundamental" in these horrendous crimes. If you want to see through the smokescreen currently around Iraq, and understand true terrorism, read this document.

Bush signs Patriot Act renewal (Mar 9, 2006)
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush signed a renewal of the USA Patriot Act on Thursday, hailing it as vital to the war on terrorism, but a key congressional critic said it lacked adequate safeguards for civil liberties. Passage had been blocked for months by a battle with Congress over how to balance Americans' right to privacy with a need to foil security threats in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks that gave rise to the original Patriot Act. The White House won approval from lawmakers after agreeing to revisions along with a companion bill that sponsors said would better protect civil liberties under the act. The fight came down to the wire, with the bill reaching Bush's desk as 16 major provisions of the old law were due to expire on Friday. The White House signing ceremony came against the backdrop of a move to end a political firestorm over Bush's support for a state-owned Arab company taking over U.S. port operations. Dubai Ports World pledged on Thursday to transfer operation of six U.S. port terminals to a U.S. entity, a move the White House said should settle the controversy surrounding the deal. (...) Bush's signature made 14 of the Patriot Act's provisions permanent and extended two others by four years. CLIP

GOP Plan Allows Spying Without Warrants
The Republican proposal would give Congressional approval to the eavesdropping program much as it was secretly authorized by Mr. Bush after the 2001 terrorist attacks, with limited notification to a handful of Congressional leaders. The NSA. would be permitted to intercept the international phone calls and e-mail messages of people in the United States if there was "probable cause to believe that one party to the communication is a member, affiliate, or working in support of a terrorist group or organization," The finding of probable cause would not be reviewed by any court.

China to issue 1.3 billion RFID identification cards (9 March 2006)
China's Ministry of Public Security (MPS), which oversees the country's police force, plans to issue more than 1.3 billion second-generation resident identification cards based on RFID (radio frequency identification) chips, according to an industry analyst at In-Stat China. Based on the number of new cards to be issued, the rollout represents one of the largest RFID projects in the world, according to Anty Zheng, research director at In-Stat China.RFID tags can send and receive data over short distances. As a result, the new ID cards can be read by a reader that is within 20 centimeters to 30 centimeters of the card, Zheng said, noting that the cards are used to store basic personal information, such as name and birth date. CLIP

San Francisco Supervisors Ask Lawmakers to Impeach Bush (March 1, 2006)
San Francisco's supervisors jumped into national politics Tuesday, passing a resolution asking the city's Democratic congressional delegation to seek the impeachment of President Bush for failing to perform his duties by leading the country into war in Iraq, eroding civil liberties and engaging in other activities the board sees as transgressions.The supervisors, in voting 7-3 for the resolution, made it likely that San Francisco again will become grist for radio and TV talk shows. The city has appeared in the national media spotlight recently for voters' passage in November of a nonbinding measure banning military recru! iters from public high schools and for Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval's recent comment on a Fox News show that the United States doesn't need a military. Supervisor Chris Daly, one of the most progressive members of the board, sponsored the resolution, which also calls for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney. Daly said the measure is justified in light of the administration's case for and handling of the war in Iraq, the federal government's inadequate response to Hurricane Katrina and recent revelations about a domestic wiretapping program. "I think the case is clear, and I think it's appropriate for us to weigh in," Daly said. CLIP -- Help the New Ad Campaign for Impeachment Movement - go at

Five Vermont Towns Endorse Move to Impeach
In Newfane, Vermont, in a white-clapboard town hall circa 1832, voters gathered Tuesday to conduct their community's annual business and to call for the impeachment of President Bush. "In the US presently there are only a few places where citizens can act in this fashion and have a say in our nation," said select board member Dan DeWalt, who drafted the impeachment article that was placed on the warning - or official agenda - for this year's town meeting.

The I-word goes public (March 3, 2006)
At a forum in New York, pundits and politicians called for the impeachment of George W. Bush. -- Late last year, the idea of impeaching President Bush, once taboo even among most liberals, started gaining real currency. Following revelations of Bush's domestic spying program -- and the president's unrepentant insistence on continuing it -- former Nixon White House counsel John Dean called Bush "the first president to admit to an impeachable offense." Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., the highest-ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, called for the creation of a select committee to investigate "those offenses which appear to rise to the level of impeachment." Twenty-six House Democrats have joined him. At the end of January, former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman, a member of the House Judiciary Committee during Nixon's impeachment, penned an appeal for Bush's removal in the Nation, citing his illegal wiretaps, his deliberate deceptions over Iraq, his incompetent prosecution of the war, and his authorizing systemic torture and abuse. "Impeachment is a tortuous process, but now that President Bush has thrown down the gauntlet and virtually dared Congress to stop him from violating the law, nothing less is necessary to protect our constitutional system and preserve our democracy," she wrote. In March, former Harper's magazine editor Lewis Lapham wrote a cover story in that magazine titled "The Case for Impeachment." The Center for Constitutional Rights -- the legal group representing many of the victims of Bush's torture policies -- has just published a book called "Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush," and at least one other book in a similar vein is forthcoming, David Lindorff's "The Case for Impeachment."With so much ferment on the left, last night's public forum, "Is There a Case for Impeachment?" had the buzzy feel of an important cultural event. The gathering, presented by Harper's and moderated by Air America's Sam Seder, brought together Lapham, Conyers, Holtzman, Dean and Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights. It was held in midtown's Town Hall theater, an elegant space with balcony seating, crystal chandeliers and gold detailing. Around 1,500 people -- mostly a mix of tweedy seniors and clean-cut young activists -- paid $10 for their seats. Built as a meeting place for suffragists, Town Hall has a storied radical history -- in 1921, Margaret Sanger was arrested on its stage for talking about birth control. It was a fitting setting for a discussion of what Rep. Conyers, a veteran of the civil rights movement, presented as the next great David vs. Goliath American struggle. (...) For almost everyone present, the answer to "Is there a case for impeachment?" was a passionate, insistent yes. Indeed, most insisted that the future of the republic depends on it. But the operative question is not whether Bush should be impeached, but whether Bush could be impeached, and that's something most of the panel barely grappled with. CLIP

Rice, Rumsfeld Discount Iraqi Civil War (9 Mar 2006);_ylt=AuwwD1GOQnQWWYCrlIVqfr.s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA2Z2szazkxBHNlYwN0bQ--
WASHINGTON - Top members of the Bush administration urged Congress Thursday to quickly pass a $91 billion spending bill that includes money to continue the wars. CLIP - Please contact your representatives in the U.S. Congress to say NO to passing the $91 billion which goes to contractors such as Halliburton. This is gluttony at its worst.

Annan Says Coalition May Be Violating Law
US-led coalition forces and Iraq's authorities may be violating international law by arbitrarily detaining thousands of people, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said in a report published Tuesday.

Women Denied Representation, Making War on Poverty Hard to Win
Millions of women around the world are being denied effective representation because of the low numbers of female politicians, judges and employers, the United Nations has warned. To mark International Women's Day, the UN has published a report that says rates of female participation in governments across the developed and developing world are still appallingly low.

This Is Your Life (If You Are a Woman)
The Independent has compiled a collection of statistics that illustrate the status of women. For instance: 12 is the number of world leaders who are women (out of 191 members of the United Nations).

NOW: Women Celebrate International Women's Day by Rallying for Peace
Today, on International Women's Day, women and men across the globe are celebrating women's social, political and economic achievements and honoring the gains women have fought for as activists. But unfortunately, women in the United States and around the world have more to lament than to celebrate this year.

House votes to dump state food safety laws (March 9, 2006)
Washington -- The House approved a bill Wednesday night that would wipe out state laws on safety labeling of food, overriding tough rules passed by California voters two decades ago that require food producers to warn consumers about cancer-causing ingredients. The vote was a victory for the food industry, which has lobbied for years for national standards for food labeling and contributed millions of dollars to lawmakers' campaigns. But consumer groups and state regulators warned that the bill would undo more than 200 state laws, including California's landmark Proposition 65, that protect public health. "The purpose of this legislation is to keep the public from knowing about the harm they may be exposed to in food," said Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Los Angeles, a chief critic of the measure. Several critics argued that the bill was rushed through the House without complete hearings as a favor to a specific industry -- at the same time that members are talking about the evils of lobbying and proposing stricter ethical rules. Under the bill, any state that wanted to keep its own tougher standards for food labeling would have to ask for approval from the Food and Drug Administration, which has been criticized by food safety groups as slow to issue consumer warnings. CLIP

Big Food's Bad Idea
The idea of food as a local resource is now under assault from a congressional measure that would sharply restrict the ability of states and cities to establish their own food safety standards. If the proposal becomes law, nearly all of the decisions about the quality of our food will be made in Washington.

Prudhoe Bay Restart on Hold for Oil Spill Cleanup (March 09, 2006)
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A return to full production at the biggest U.S. oil field after a major spill will take a back seat to Alaska's cleanup and emergency response efforts, state environmental officials said.A large crude oil spill forced the shutdown of about 100,000 barrels of daily production at the Prudhoe Bay field last Thursday when oil leaked out of a transit pipeline.(...) Environmentalists pointed to the spill as evidence that oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would threaten the environment there."No matter how hard they oil industry tries with new technology and good intentions, mistakes happen," said Eleanor Huffines, director of The Wilderness Society's Alaska office.

Alaska Oil Spill Exposes 'Gentle Drilling' Problems
A disastrous crude-oil spill at a caribou crossing on Alaska's North Slope has environmental groups renewing calls to stop the expansion of oil exploitation in the state. Defenders of Wildlife said the spill illustrates that improved technologies for drilling do nothing to prevent pipeline ruptures down the line.

Firm to debut hybrid engine (March 07, 2006)
(...) The Scuderi engine differs greatly from the electric hybrid, which needs separate electrical and gasoline drive systems. The Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine uses a tube of compressed air to connect the two parts of the split-cycle engine."We can store energy in the form of compressed air," Scuderi said. The engine being developed by the Scuderi Group will be less costly to manufacture than electric hybrid engines, he said.In addition, engine manufacturers can produce these engines with their current equipment. "They could do it with the tooling they have now," Scuderi said. Nick Scuderi, vice president of marketing and sales, said his company believes the engine will have an immediate effect on the market."The proliferation of the technology will be very quick because we're going to be licensing the technology," he said. "We don't want to produce the engines."In addition to achieving 60 percent fuel efficiency, which outstrips the current 33 percent, the Scuderi engine also will reduce toxic emissions by 80 percent, Scuderi said.

How to Fight Back Oil Addiction

WOOLSEYS IN SHEEPS CLOTHING How Dumb Can the Left Get? (March 7, 2006)
ASHLAND - Recently, former CIA Director James Woolsey spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of tree huggers, liberals, lefties and Peak Oilists in Eugene, Oregon. According to the following story, they loved him, but there is real danger here. I know a lot about Jim Woolsey. I have interviewed him in person. He is no friend to liberals, progressives, lefties, tree huggers or Peak Oilists. He is no friend of conservatives or libertarians who are aware of Peak Oil and resource depletion either. He is no friend of sustainability or of the earth. In fact, James Woolsey is a friend of corporations and major banks. Aside from the unworkable solutions listed in the following story from Eugene’s Register Guard, (“biofuels, such as soy-based diesel or ethanol made from agricultural products like prairie grass”) Woolsey’s biofuels solutions are of direct and immediate benefit to agribiz giants like Archer Daniels Midland and Monsanto, not to mention major banking institutions. You can bet your bottom dollar (maybe one of your last) that behind these comfy-cozy, liberal-lefty, feel good, green solutions are going to come huge corporate windfalls for major corporations. What’s worse, and what must be grasped by so-called green activists and Peak Oilists, is that even non-edible plant waste must be returned to the soil and mulched. That is the only way carbon and other nutrients get returned to the soil. As FTW noted in the most frightening article we have ever published, Eating Fossil Fuels, America’s topsoil has become little more than a worn-out sponge onto which we pour chemicals to grow food. A recent study from the University of California observed, “Even if net fossil energy ratio were 1.2 for the corn ethanol cycle, the entire U.S. corn crop would replace only 4% of our motor gasoline use. Something else must be proposed.”[i] Woolsey doesn’t talk about net energy, which is the key to understanding sustainability. And for our era (and for the generations following old guys like me), sustainability is the only issue of major importance.As the LA Times reported last month “There's growing concern in the Midwest that the 95 ethanol plants are increasingly poaching corn meant for the dinner table or livestock feed.”[ii] This “poaching” is occurring even before all the new ethanol production that’s being proposed begins, and while the American and global populations are still growing. You do the math. CLIP

Hidden Ties: Big Environmental Changes Backed by Big Industry
"Astro-turf" groups are leading the assault on the Endangered Species Act and promoting legislation to open forests to more logging. Unlike traditional grassroots groups that may consist of local activists meeting in someone's living room, these new operations are backed by corporate money and run like professional political campaigns.

Power from the people (9 March 2006)
The energy minister is doing it. David Cameron's doing it. People are blogging it. Is DIY power generation going to be the next big thing? Solar panels and miniature wind turbines could soon become an officially-promoted part of the urban landscape. Soaring energy bills, fears about insecure fuel supplies and concerns about climate change have already encouraged a growth in green energy schemes. This week MPs will vote on proposals which would make it significantly easier for householders across the UK to generate their own power. Tory moderniser, David Cameron, already has plans for a wind turbine on his London home while Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks also wants to install his own mini-windmill. And the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill, which is facing its final parliamentary hurdles when it comes before the Commons on Friday, has got all-party support to promote "micro-generation", such as solar and wind power. The bill would introduce official targets for the growth of micro-generation - and there would be a "buy-back" regulation in which householders who produce a surplus of power would be paid a fair price by energy suppliers. (...) Research investment is seven times greater in nuclear power - and he says that Germany, with similar sunlight levels, already has 30 times more solar panels on its roofs.If the Germans continue to expand solar power at the same rate, in another six years they will be getting more electricity from solar power than the UK gets from its nuclear power stations, says Professor Barnham. Increased investment in solar power would make the technology more efficient and cheaper, he says, in the way that mobile phone and computer technology has accelerated. CLIP

From frigid Canada to tropical Asian islands, some lands face greater risks (March 6, 2006)
WASHINGTON - From frigid northern Canada and Alaska to tropical Asian islands, lands where wildlife seems safe today may pose some of the greatest extinction dangers in the future. In particular peril are animals with a relatively small geographic range and those that have a large body mass and reproduce slowly. Researchers identified regions where they felt there was a high "latent extinction risk" for nonmarine mammals, often areas that have had little human impact so far. Latent risk is low in parts of the world already heavily populated by people, where species likely to succumb to the pressure have already done so. The findings are reported in Monday's online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. "Latent risk can be thought of as a measure of the potential for a species to decline rapidly toward extinction given exposure to levels of human impact" that have been felt elsewhere, said the team led by Marcel Cardillo of Imperial College in London. The area with the most potentially endangered species, 284, is Sumatra and peninsular Malaysia, the report said. Next, with 224 species, is Borneo, followed by New Guinea, 205 species, western Java, 131 species and Sulawesi, 130 species.Other areas of high threat are Maluku, Indonesia, 99 species; Northern Canada and Alaska, 96 species; Melanesian Islands, 96 species; Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, 86 species; East Indian highlands, 70 species;Also Eastern Canadian forests, 57 species; Tasmania and Bass Strait, 49 species; Siberian tundra, 35 species; Patagonian Coast of South America, 26 species; Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 20 species; Plus the Lesser Antilles, 16 species; Indian Ocean islands, 10 species; Greenland, 9 species; Bahamas, 8 species and Southern Polynesia, 3 species.

(...) Easily transportable and needing no skills or specialist tools to erect, the Pod was an ideal form of shelter for the victims of the recent south Asian earthquake. In the aftermath, many survivors were left in need of shelter as the freezing winter set in. Funded by the organisation, Medecines Sans Frontieres, or Doctors without Borders, Icosa Village sent 50 Pods to some of the worst affected and most remote areas of Pakistan. Now being used as hospitals and housing for medical staff, the pods are well suited to the rugged landscape, as the flat-pack design made it easy for large numbers to be transported to inaccessible regions. Markus Robinson, one of the Icosa Village team visited the Kashmir region Pakistan."To say that the technology is a sensation, particularly among Pakistanis is an understatement," he said while teaching the locals how to erect the structures and documenting the use of the Pods. CLIP - MORE ON THIS AT

Omega-News Collection 4. March 2006



Date: 3 Mar 2006
Subject: International Women's Day Antiwar Actions

International Women's Day 8th March

Worldwide and Local (Cairo) Womens Events Protesting the War on Iraq

On the occasion of International Women's Day, women around the world are across borders of country, race and religion in protest of the US led war on Iraq. The organisers, Codepink, are hoping to collect 100,000 signatures of women worldwide, which will be presented by a joint delegation of Iraqi and American women in Washington DC and to US embassies worldwide. It will be a day of action, with major antiwar protests and events being organised by women in the USA an other countries around the globe.

In Cairo, women will be delivering locally collected signatures along with the global list to the US, British and Canadian embassies, on March 8th together with a statement which includes a list of proposals on the steps which could bring an end to the illegal occupation of Iraq, starting with the immediate withdrawal of all US and "coalition" troops from Iraq.

Iraqi mothers who have lost over 100,000 of their children and husbands, and mothers of American and foreign troops whose sons and husbands who were killed due to being misled into fighting a war based on lies and falsehood want to know why their loved ones have died. Women worldwide will no longer silently accept the illegal war, the horrific acts of torture and humiliation, the deaths, maimings and shattered lives resulting from the inferno that is now Iraq. This is not the world we want for our children.

Codepink is a social justice and peace movement initiated by women in the USA, with chapters across the globe. For full information on Codepink and Womens day activities can be found at

We invite you to cover the events. Local contact:

Lesley Whiting
02 3805998 (mornings)


Forwarded by "Kathleen Roberts"


Iran War About Ethnic Cleansing, Not Oil Bourse

A red herring to distract from real long term agenda of full spectrum dominance

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | March 9 2006

Noted author F William Engdahl is keen to warn that Iran's plans institute a Tehran oil bourse is a red herring that diverts attention from the real long-term geopolitical agenda to remove another Middle East pawn in the quest for Neo-Con world domination.

Arguments put forth by the oil bourse theorists state that the US is worried that if Iran shifts to selling its oil in Euros then the dollar will collapse as the world reserve currency and other nations will quickly follow suit and dump their dollar holdings, causing an economic meltdown in America to rival 1929.

In an piece for the Asia Times, Engdahl points out that the intended invasion of Iran was by no means a recent blueprint, but a decades old dream carefully laid out in strategy documents.

"In 1996, Richard Perle and Douglas Feith, two neo-conservatives later to play an important role in formulation of Bush administration's Pentagon policy in the Middle East, authored a paper for then newly elected Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That advisory paper, "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm", called on Netanyahu to make a "clean break from the peace process". Perle and Feith also called on Netanyahu to strengthen Israel's defenses against Syria and Iraq, and to go after Iran as the prop of Syria.

More than a year before President George W Bush declared his "shock and awe" operation against Iraq, he made his now-infamous January 2002 State of the Union address to Congress in which he labeled Iran, along with Iraq and North Korea, as a member of the "axis of evil" trio. This was well before anyone in Tehran was even considering establishing an oil bourse to trade oil in various currencies."

Engdahl expands his article to underline the history of the dollar's relation to the oil market and why the bourse theory and its alleged economic ramifications is a red herring.

An economic collapse doesn't worry the families that own the Federal Reserve and America because they will be the only ones to benefit from it.

The ten major shareholders of the Federal Reserve are as follows.

Rothschild: London and Berlin; Lazard Bros: Paris; Israel Seiff: Italy; Kuhn- Loeb Company: Germany; Warburg: Hamburg and Amsterdam; Lehman Bros; New York; Goldman and Sachs: New York; Rockefeller: New York.

These families and others sell stocks at high prices during relative economic boom right before artificially instituting a crash, as in 1929, and then buy the same stocks back for pennies on the dollar.

Curtis Dall, son-in-law of FDR and a syndicate manager for Lehman Brothers, an investment firm, was on the N.Y. Stock Exchange floor the day of the crash. In "FDR: My Exploited Father-In-Law," he states: " was the calculated 'shearing' of the public by the World-Money powers triggered by the planned sudden shortage of call money in the New York Market."

Any financial panic brought on by Iran trading oil in Euros would have been adequately prepared for by the Globalists, if not engineered directly by them.

The agenda behind the Iran war is as simple as it is chilling and money-making, control of oil and no-bid reconstruction contracts are teardrops in the ocean compared to the depth and horror of the ultimate objective.

The megalomaniacs that control Israel wish to live in a world largely devoid of Muslims or Persians and they have embarked on a hundred year plus mission of ethnic cleansing to wipe them from the globe. This is why race-specific bio-weapons have already been developed for this purpose. They have made a pact to carry out this agenda in league with the Neo-Cons, and above them the Globalists, whose desire is also world population reduction and complete full spectrum domination and control over all countries and near-Earth space itself.

All these facets are openly discussed by the elite in their own public documents.

To fully realize this dark vision, the Globalists need to eradicate any rogue state that may become a focal point of organized opposition to the creation of a one world government. There will be no room for sovereign nations in the New World Order.


See also:

Why Iran's oil bourse can't break the buck (Mar 10, 2006)
A number of writings have recently appeared with the thesis that the announced plans of the Iranian government to institute a Tehran oil bourse, perhaps as early as this month, is the real hidden reason behind the evident march to war on Iran by the Anglo-American powers. The thesis is simply wrong for many reasons, not least that war on Iran has been in planning since the 1990s as an integral part of the United States' Greater Middle East strategy. More significant, the oil-bourse argument is a red herring that diverts attention from the real geopolitical grounds behind the march toward war that have been detailed on this website, including in my piece, A high-risk game of nuclear chicken, which appeared in Asia Times Online on January 31. CLIP

Israel's Ethnic Weapon? (1998-11-16),1283,16272,00.html
Israel is reportedly developing a biological weapon that would harm Arabs while leaving Jews unaffected, according to a report in London's Sunday Times. The report, citing Israeli military and western intelligence sources, says that scientists are trying to identify distinctive genes carried by Arabs to create a genetically modified bacterium or virus. The "ethno-bomb" is reportedly Israel's response to the threat that Iraq may be just weeks away from completing its own biological weapons. The "ethno-bomb" program is based at Israel's Nes Tziyona research facility. Scientists are trying to use viruses and bacteria to alter DNA inside living cells and attack only those cells bearing Arabic genes. The task is very complex because both Arabs and Jews are Semitic peoples. But according to the report, the Israelis have succeeded in isolating particular characteristics of certain Arabs, "particularly the Iraqi people." Dedi Zucker, a member of the Israeli parliament, denounced the research in the Sunday Times. "Morally, based on our history, and our tradition and our experience, such a weapon is monstrous and should be denied." Last month, Foreign Report claimed that Israel was following in the ignominious footsteps of apartheid-era research, in their supposed efforts to develop an "ethnic bullet."


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis"


A deaf man spouting

A videotape of Bush's briefing before Hurricane Katrina exposes him as out of touch with reality

Sidney Blumenthal

March 9, 2006

On the eve of George Bush's presidential campaign in 2000, the neoconservative Kenneth Adelman cast him as Prince Hal, who "puts the indiscretions of his youth behind him" and "redeems his father's reign". After September 11, Bush was wreathed with regal laurels as Henry V by a clerisy of pundits. From Ground Zero to the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln ("Mission Accomplished") the president struck bold poses, but his choreographed gestures have especially illuminated his hollow crown in the darkened breach of New Orleans.

For the first time, last week, the public has seen the spontaneous Bush behind closed doors, in a leaked videotape that recorded his briefing the day before Hurricane Katrina struck. Teleconferenced in from his Crawford ranch, Texas, Bush listens to disaster officials inform him that the storm will be unprecedented in its severity and consequences. "This is, to put it mildly, the big one," says Michael Brown, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Max Mayfield, director of the National Hurricane Centre, warns: "This hurricane is much larger than Hurricane Andrew ever was." Bush asks not a single question, says, "We are fully prepared", and departs.

The Katrina videotape is defining for Bush's presidency. It exposes a deaf man spouting talking points. After the hurricane hit, he stayed on vacation, went to a birthday party, strummed a guitar with a country and western singer, and on September 1 said: "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees." On his flight back to Washington, four days after landfall, his aides gave him a DVD of television news reports of the hurricane's impact about which he had done nothing to learn on his own.

As the catastrophe of the foreshadowed aftermath unfolded, he clapped Brown on the back: "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job." But soon the administration settled on Brownie as the scapegoat, prevented him from defending himself and forced him to resign. He was expected to fall on his sword.

Suddenly, last week, the sacrificial Brown stormed back, the betrayed turning on his betrayers. He proclaimed on every media outlet that he would no longer play the fall guy, detailed the warnings he had given, and named malefactors running up the chain of command.

In New Orleans, a sad Mardi Gras has come and gone, while crews from the morgue continue searching for bodies - still finding them. The city has lost more than half its population, most of the refugees are African-Americans, and their neighbourhoods remain scenes of devastation. Having rejected a plan for rebuilding, Bush travelled to New Orleans for another photo-opportunity this week to announce a programme that would supposedly give money to the homeless but absurdly will not permit destroyed housing to be replaced by new. Not one penny so far has been spent on new homes. Six months after the tempest, New Orleans, one of the glories of American life and culture, lies in ruins, and Bush visits to pose as visionary.

In a recently published hagiography on the theme of Bush-as-Prince-Hal, Rebel-in-Chief, written by the rightwing pundit Fred Barnes, Bush explained to him that his job is to "stay out of minutiae, keep the big picture in mind". To illustrate his self-conception, he "called my attention to the rug" in the Oval Office. Bush said that he wanted the rug to express that an "optimistic person comes here". He delegated the task to his wife, Laura, who designed a rug featuring bright yellow rays of the sun. In his Oval Office, Prince Hal imagines himself grown into a Sun King.

· Sidney Blumenthal, a former senior adviser to President Clinton, is the author of The Clinton Wars -


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis"


Bush declares war on freedom of the press


March 6, 2006

Using many of the questionable surveillance and monitoring techniques that brought both questions and criticism to his administration, President George W. Bush has launched a war against reporters who write stories unfavorable to his actions and is planning to prosecute journalists to make examples of them in his "war on terrorism."

Bush recently directed Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to use "whatever means at your disposal" to wiretap, follow, harass and investigate journalists who have published stories about the administration's illegal use of warrantless wiretaps, use of faulty intelligence and anything else he deems "detrimental to the war on terror."

Reporters for The New York Times, which along with Capitol Hill Blue revealed use of the National Security Agency to monitor phone calls and emails of Americans, say FBI agents have interviewed them and criminal prosecutors at the Justice Department admit they are laying "the groundwork for a grand jury that could lead to criminal charges,"

CIA Director Porter Goss told Congress recently that "it is my aim and it is my hope that we will witness a grand jury investigation with reporters present being asked to reveal who is leaking this information. I believe the safety of this nation and the people of this country deserve nothing less."

As part of the investigation, the Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency are wiretapping reporters' phones, following journalists on a daily basis, searching their homes and offices under a USA Patriot Act provision that allows "secret and undisclosed searches" and pouring over financial and travel records of hundreds of Washington-based reporters.

Spokesmen for the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security admit there are "ongoing investigations" regarding publication of stories "involving threats to national security" but will not reveal what those investigations include.

In addition to using the USA Patriot Act to pry into the lives of journalists, the Justice Department has also dusted off a pre-World War I law to prosecute people who receive classified information, although the law was aimed at military personnel not civilians.

"This is the first administration that I can remember, including Nixon's, that said we need to think about a law that would put journalists who print national security things up in front of grand juries and put them in jail if they don't reveal their sources," says David Gergen, who served as President Regan's director of communication and also worked in the Nixon and Ford White Houses.

Political scientist George Harleigh, who worked in the Nixon administration, says such use of federal law enforcement authority was illegal when Nixon tried it and still so today.

"We're talking about a basic violation of the Constitutional guarantee of a free press as well as a violation of the rights of privacy of American citizens," Harleigh says. "I had hoped we would have learned our lessons from the Nixon era. Sadly, it appears we have not."

In recent weeks, the FBI has issued hundreds of "National Security Letters," directing employers, banks, credit card companies, libraries and other entities to turn over records on reporters. Under the USA Patriot Act, those who must turn over the records are also prohibited from revealing they have done so to the subject of the federal probes.

"The significance of this cannot be overstated," says prominent New York litigator Glenn Greenwald. "In essence, while the President sits in the White House undisturbed after proudly announcing that he has been breaking the law and will continue to do so, his slavish political appointees at the Justice Department are using the mammoth law enforcement powers of the federal government to find and criminally prosecute those who brought this illegal conduct to light.

"This flamboyant use of the forces of criminal prosecution to threaten whistle-blowers and intimidate journalists are nothing more than the naked tactics of street thugs and authoritarian juntas."

Just how widespread, and uncontrolled, this latest government assault has become hit close to home last week when one of the FBI's National Security Letters arrived at the company that hosts the servers for this web site, Capitol Hill Blue.

The letter demanded traffic data, payment records and other information about the web site along with information on me, the publisher.

Now that's a problem. I own the company that hosts Capitol Hill Blue. So, in effect, the feds want me to turn over information on myself and not tell myself that I'm doing it. You'd think they'd know better.

I turned the letter over to my lawyer and told him to send the following message to the feds:

Fuck you. Strong letter to follow.


Doug, I am surprised! Don't you realize that if your reporting on the unconstitutional goings on with this administration lead to impeachment, that would be a national security problem? They are so smart that only they can run this country, thus the threat being somebody "less capable" is a national security threat.

With this current group in D.C. (both Reps and Dems) their opinion is: Anything or anybody that threatens their power is a threat thus they must be at least throttled if not eliminated. Does anybody honestly believe that the Homeland Security Dept or the Patriot act are there to protect ordinary citizens? They are their to protect the powers that are running this country into the ground! Why is the Army setting up Prison Labor Camps?

Do people honestly believe a few "terrorist" in the mountains of Pakistan pose a serious threat to America-such a threat that the Constitution must be shredded? Wake up people we are watching a police state being formed and implemented before our eyes! The amazing thing is people are supporting these in the name of security. Who is going to protect us from our protectors?

Posted by Martin at March 6, 2006


I can't imagine why people are shocked or awed by this attack on civil rights by one who is in the White House courtesy of a coup d'etat in 2000 and through a fix of voting machines in 2004.

Did you think GWB just liked the view of the rose garden? Are you seeing the possibility that PNAC rigged this whole thing years before it happened? Do you not see a connection between this and 9/11 where the towers fell after underground explosions and building 5 that triggered them then also imploded? Did you not wonder when evidence showed that the Pentagon was hit not by a suicide plane but by a missile? Did you not wonder when all the debris of 9/11 was illegally (according to US law) carted overseas so it could not be examined for evidence?

GWB has no mind for such engineering feats, but he has the arrogance to allow himself to be crowned king while the king-makers work behind the scenes to plot the demolition not only of the World Trade Center but of this experiment in democracy that seems to be about to collapse as well.

We are witness to a planetary takeover by a corporate entity determined to rule the world.

Posted by genevieve at March 7, 2006


See also:

White House Trains Efforts on Media Leaks Sources, Reporters Could Be Prosecuted (March 5, 2006)

Concentration Camps For American Citizens (March 9 2006)
In this special free 30 minute video report, Alex Jones documents the movement from quasi-secret preparation for mass internment of American citizens, to the now public declarations that such facilities are being readied an will be used to imprison political subversives and dissidents after the next staged terror attack.


From: "Kathleen Roberts"
Subject: The Most Powerful Weapon In The World
Date: 8 Mar 2006


The Most Powerful Weapon In The World

Strategic Communication Laboratories and the war for your mind

Steve Watson / Infowars | March 8 2006

In a world where the perception is the reality, all countries need to have the capability to manage their own perceptual alignment — otherwise someone else will. We live in a global village, which is reliant on communication and perception. Every country needs the tools to be part of that game.

A direct quote from the website of Strategic Communication Laboratories, a London based company that offers "the most powerful weapon in the world", the ability to manage every aspect of a conflict from one operation centre.

Take a look around their website and witness sickening quote after quote explaining how their vision is to allow the total control of citizens by their government or their military, to keep it that way, and to facilitate conflicts with and the takeover of other countries and the execution of total control over their citizens.

The idea put across by SCL is that if you can control the perceptions people have of reality, then you can control reality itself.

As the world moves further away from the 20th century concept of the Cold War, it becomes increasingly clear that the very nature of warfare itself has changed. The old style conflicts were about overpowering the enemy and winning ground. The new wars are about ideas, belief systems and ideologies. The battle is no longer about winning territory; it is about winning minds.

George Orwell was right on the money when he envisaged the coming 21st century as a battle based on the PERCEPTION of reality. in 1984, his classic warning to the world, Orwell told us that we would have to face this threat:

“The Party said that Oceania had never been in alliance with Eurasia. He, Winston Smith, knew that Oceania had been in alliance with Eurasia as short a time as four years ago. But where did that knowledge exist? Only in his own consciousness, which in any case must soon be annihilated. And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed -if all records told the same tale -- then the lie passed into history and became truth. 'Who controls the past,' ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.' And yet the past, though of its nature alterable, never had been altered. Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to everlasting. It was quite simple. All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory. 'Reality control', they called it: in Newspeak, 'doublethink'.”

- George Orwell, 1984, Chapter 3 (1948)

SCL's vision is no different from the constructed artificial reality designed to house the minds of the human race portrayed in the feature film The Matrix. If you present all the people with a fabricated collective illusion of reality, and enough meaningless distractions, they may stop questioning that reality when things don't seem to add up.

Formed in 1993, SCL's customers include NGOs, police departments, military forces, municipal authorities, and the UN. According to the website, funding for SCL has been provided by a number of "private high net worth individuals" all based in the UK.

The company has invested nearly $20 million into research at what they call the Behavioural Dynamics Institute (BDi), the world‚s leading authority on persuasion, communication psychology and public diplomacy. Given that they are the "World's leaders" it is strange that they do not have a website.

SCL is about selling to the military and Governments, or those that wish to control the military and the Government, the tools that they need to fight and the win the information war for people's minds.

Within its OpCentres are all the tools needed to initiate an elite full spectrum police state takeover - reality control. The SCL website makes the following chilling statement:

The last 5 years have seen a flurry of Homeland Security scenarios enacted and re-enacted on the streets of our cities. What if there is a biological attack, or the detonation of multiple explosive devices?

However, a major flaw has emerged in many of the scenarios - the unmanageability of civilians. They do not behave as they are supposed to. When a virus hits a city, civilians do not line up for vaccination: they run for the hills. When terrorists are looking for a target, it is the predictability of civilian behaviour that makes the terrorists' job easier. What if there was a way to control civilian behaviour when it counts? Imagine the benefits of having civilians as cooperating partners.

Strategic Communication makes the people part of the solution, not part of the problem.

But how do the so-called OpCentres provide the ability to do this? Well according to SCL:

An Opcentre puts influence, control and power back into the hands of the government and military, giving them greater power to influence the enemy in time of conflict and enhanced access to their citizens during a crisis. For instance, an Opcentre can be designed to override all national radio and TV broadcasts, allowing the government and military to communicate with the public as the need arises.

The OpCentres allow for powerful PSYOP campaigns to be conducted, which can engender support within the national community for proposed military action or more bone chillingly, "develop national resilience and behavioural compliance for homeland security issues".

They also allow for the takeover and control of Financial markets, health ministries, and foreign affairs.

Modules within the Opcentres can range from "Word-of Mouth Units" to "Cultural Alignment Units" and previous projects SCL have undertaken for clients include to "Design and develop a permanent military strategic communication
facility capable of delivering strategic and operational psyop campaigns for a South Asian country." and to "Design, build and install a Homeland Security Centre for an Asian country. The Opcentre can override all national radio and TV broadcasts in time of crisis."

Internal security issues are covered too, with the ability within the OpCentre to quell public unrest, manage large crowds or riot situations, prevent insurgency and other such public affairs crises under the umbrella of a "counter-terrorism programme."

Almost every country suffers from some problematic faction within its citizens. These disaffected groups may be driven by religious fervour, self-importance or just greed. In all cases, their ability to operate and recruit new members depends on the perceptual environment and the levels of tolerance of the state and its citizens. SCL specialises in producing solutions for governments so that they can significantly increase their control and management of disaffected groups as part of a wider counter-terrorism programme.

According to SCL, although it offers solutions for all departments of government, it "makes sense" to give total control of of their installations to the Head of State because other ministers of government may be "over zealous" or may not share the same vision.

Perhaps there may be some ministers who are not hell bent on destroying the freedoms of everyone and perpetuating endless psy-war on people and nations all over the planet? hmmm? Perhaps?

This is the future of the globalist police state takeover, they have the infrastructure in place, they have the ability to initiate the takeover NOW. However, they recognise that perception is everything and we are engaged within an INFOWAR.

They could not takeover tomorrow because not enough people would believe the perception of reality that they are transmitting. Currently we are in the majority, they still have a long way to go before their PSYOPS campaigns and "word of mouth units" can do an effective enough job.

Of course the main task currently assigned to the "Cultural Alignment Unit" is to create the perception that we are the minority, and that anyone who is not with the Government is with the "disaffected groups" more widely referred to as "the terrorists"

We are holding them off by spreading the truth and defending our freedoms in our own peaceful revolution of information. It is our reality that is at stake, they want to control our reality with conflict and disharmony and therefore they must continue to create the perception that that is the way the world is.

As SCL puts it on their own website:

We live in a world of communication, where perception is very often the reality. Those individuals that control the perceptions are the ones that control virtually everything. Most modern conflicts are based on misaligned perceptions, ideologies, opinions about religion, etc. If a government does not have the tools to manage the perceptions which effect security, defence, finance, tourism, health and foreign relations, then it may well find itself at the mercy of those that do.

We respond with the words of Orwell in 1984:

Being a minority, even a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad. The obvious, the silly, and the true had to be defended. Truisms are true, hold on to that! The solid world exists, its laws do not change. Stones are hard, water is wet, objects unsupported fall towards the earth's centre. With the feeling that he was speaking directly to O'Brien, and also that he was setting forth an important axiom, Winston wrote:

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.



See also:

10 Disturbing Trends in Subliminal Advertising
Subliminal advertising has gone mainstream - fake news, mind control scripts, propaganda and stealth voicemail are in wide use by corporations, government bodies and industry groups. - Some of the biggest advertisers are taking their advertising away from full page ads and television spots and spending up on hidden persuasion. You won't find these secret messages in ice-cubes or flickering film footage like they were in the sixties. Subliminal advertising has gone mainstream - fake news, mind control scripts, propaganda and stealth voicemail are in wide use by corporations, government bodies, and industry groups. Have you spotted any of these? (...)
9. Planted News Stories - Industry front groups, public relations firms and government departments are planting news stories on TV, radio, newspapers and the web. Those 'miracle drug' stories or research reports are often Video News Release (VNRs). TV newsrooms love these prepackaged news items that are distributed across the networks. It saves them time and money but it is killing community news and genuine investigative reporting. Real news items are being replaced by slick corporate promotions and political messages. According to one Nielsen Media Research Survey, about 80 percent of U.S. news directors air VNRs several times a month, and all American television newsrooms now use VNRs in their newscasts.
10. Government Propaganda - When it's time to launch a war or promote an unpopular policy, the government needs special help to sell the idea through the media. Opinion engineers are paid to "manage" public perception of inconvenient facts, and turn them around for better. Using the universal tools fear, patriotism, and phrase repetition, these high flying spin doctors can easily sway the population. The most successful public relations campaigns aim to change public perception without our awareness of the campaign. They are typically launched by governments, institutions and countries who need to change their public image, restore their reputation or manipulate public opinion. There are PR firms today who advise dictatorships, dishonest politicians and corrupt industries to cover up environmental catastrophes and human rights violations.
Recommended by Nattanya Andersen


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis"


Pay too much and you could raise the alarm

By BOB KERR The Providence Journal


PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Walter Soehnge is a retired Texas schoolteacher who traveled north with his wife, Deana, saw summer change to fall in Rhode Island and decided this was a place to stay for a while.

So the Soehnges live in Scituate now and Walter sometimes has breakfast at the Gentleman Farmer in Scituate Village, where he has passed the test and become a regular despite an accent that is definitely not local.

And it was there, at his usual table last week, that he told me that he was "madder than a panther with kerosene on his tail."

He says things like that. Texas does leave its mark on a man.

What got him so upset might seem trivial to some people who have learned to accept small infringements on their freedom as just part of the way things are in this age of terror-fed paranoia. It's that "everything changed after 9/11" thing.

But not Walter.

"We're a product of the '60s," he said. "We believe government should be way away from us in that regard."

He was referring to the recent decision by him and his wife to be responsible, to do the kind of thing that just about anyone would say makes good, solid financial sense.

They paid down some debt. The balance on their JCPenney Platinum MasterCard had gotten to an unhealthy level. So they sent in a large payment, a check for $6,522.

And an alarm went off. A red flag went up. The Soehnges' behavior was found questionable.

And all they did was pay down their debt. They didn't call a suspected terrorist on their cell phone. They didn't try to sneak a machine gun through customs.

They just paid a hefty chunk of their credit card balance. And they learned how frighteningly wide the net of suspicion has been cast.

After sending in the check, they checked online to see if their account had been duly credited. They learned that the check had arrived, but the amount available for credit on their account hadn't changed.

So Deana Soehnge called the credit-card company. Then Walter called.

"When you mess with my money, I want to know why," he said.

They both learned the same astounding piece of information about the little things that can set the threat sensors to beeping and blinking.

They were told, as they moved up the managerial ladder at the call center, that the amount they had sent in was much larger than their normal monthly payment. And if the increase hits a certain percentage higher than that normal payment, Homeland Security has to be notified. And the money doesn't move until the threat alert is lifted.

Walter called television stations, the American Civil Liberties Union and me. And he went on the Internet to see what he could learn. He learned about changes in something called the Bank Privacy Act.

"The more I'm on, the scarier it gets," he said. "It's scary how easily someone in Homeland Security can get permission to spy."

Eventually, his and his wife's money was freed up. The Soehnges were apparently found not to be promoting global terrorism under the guise of paying a credit-card bill. They never did learn how a large credit card payment can pose a security threat.

But the experience has been a reminder that a small piece of privacy has been surrendered. Walter Soehnge, who says he holds solid, middle-of-the-road American beliefs, worries about rights being lost.

"If it can happen to me, it can happen to others," he said.


See also:

Are You Under Investigation?
In 2004, there were 35,000 people on Homeland Security's 'no fly' list. As of December, 2005, the number has jumped to 80,000. Not all are terror suspects. Some are simply political opponents of the administration, such as Wayne Slater, the co-author of Bush's Brain, a negative book about Presidential Adviser Karl Rove. Polls reveal that almost a third of Americans fear that they may be, or have been, under government investigation. And now it's easy to invoke your Freedom of Information Act rights and find out. An organization called makes it easy for you to apply for information about yourself, and find out if you've ever been investigated. Submit your request here:


Frowarded by "Mark Graffis"


Treasury Dept. Moves to Avoid Debt Limit


The Associated Press

March 6, 2006

WASHINGTON -- Treasury Secretary John Snow notified Congress on Monday that the administration has now taken "all prudent and legal actions," including tapping certain government retirement funds, to keep from hitting the $8.2 trillion national debt limit.

In a letter to Congress, Snow urged lawmakers to pass a new debt ceiling immediately to avoid the nation's first-ever default on its obligations.

"I know that you share the president's and my commitment to maintaining the full faith and credit of the U.S. government," Snow said in his letter to leaders in the House and Senate.

Treasury officials, briefing congressional aides last week, said that the government will run out of maneuvering room to keep from exceeding the current limit sometime during the week of March 20.

Snow in his letter notified lawmakers that Treasury would begin tapping the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund, which Treasury officials said would provide a "few billion" dollars in extra borrowing ability.

Treasury officials also announced that on Friday they had used the $15 billion in the Exchange Stabilization Fund, a reserve that the Treasury secretary has that is normally used to smooth out volatile movements in the value of the dollar in currency markets.

Treasury has also been taking investments out of a $65.3 billion government pension fund known as the G-fund.

Officials have said that once the debt limit is raised, the investments taken out of the pension funds would be replaced and any lost interest payments would be made up. The formal title for the G-fund is the Government Securities Investment Fund of the Federal Employees Retirement System.

Democrats hope to use the upcoming congressional debate over raising the debt limit to highlight what they see as the failings of the administration's economic program with its emphasis on sweeping tax cuts.

An actual default on the debt, a situation when the government misses making payments to current bondholders, is a doomsday scenario considered highly unlikely given what it would do to the government's credit rating.

It is expected that after intense debate, Congress will approve an increase in the current $8.18 trillion debt limit by perhaps $781 billion.

The administration has sent Congress a budget that on paper would cut the deficit in half by 2009, the year President Bush leaves office.

But Democrats contend the administration met its deficit-reduction goal only by leaving out major spending items such as the full costs of the Iraq war. They say the deficit will not improve unless Bush abandons his effort to make his first-term tax cuts permanent.

Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., said last week that under President Bush the total of the deficits has increased by $3 trillion, a 40 percent increase from where the national debt - the total of previous deficits - stood when Bush took office in January 2001.


See also:

The numbers behind the lies
Economist John Williams says ‘real’ unemployment and inflation numbers -- figured the old-fashioned way -- may be two or three times what the government admits. Here’s why, and what it means for Social Security. - Fun with numbers. Corporate America likes to play that game, the better to boost stock prices. Folks might be surprised to learn that "Governmental" America also plays the game in its compilation of macroeconomic data. Beneath the surface are undesirable, sobering consequences for us all. (...) Once you read it, think about it and understand it, you will see why so many thoughtful people -- like Jim Grant, Warren Buffett, Marc Faber, Bill Gross, Fred Hickey and Paul Volcker -- have grave concerns about the future of the dollar (due to the macro imbalances that exist today). In fact, reading this article, you will conclude that there's no way out, short of running the printing presses. The problem with that end game: At some point, foreigners will revolt. One can only hope that, somehow, there will be a way out. But without an understanding of the issues, folks will have no way to react as events unfold, and adjust their assets as we get more clues as to how all this will play out. (...) Williams starts by discussing the headline economic data: "Real unemployment right now -- figured the way that the average person thinks of unemployment, meaning figured the way it was estimated back during the Great Depression -- is running about 12%. Real CPI right now is running at about 8%. And the real GDP probably is in contraction." (By "real," he means calculating the data the way they used to be calculated, not as inflation-adjusted.) (...) In fact, if that were done and the government used GAAP accounting, the deficits for 2003, 2004, and 2005 would each have been around $3.5 trillion. That's a trillion, not billion. In 2004 alone, the deficit on an accrual basis would have been $11.1 trillion, due to a huge one-time spike for setting up the Medicare drug benefits. In essence, as he points out, we're piling up additional liabilities in an amount roughly equivalent to our total GDP every three years.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions of Dollars
Economic Hit Men (EHMs) are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, U.S. Agency for International Development, and other foreign “aid” organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet's natural resources. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization. CLIP



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The Planet Can't Wait

By David Ignatius - The Washington Post

08 March 2006

Climate change is real and must be addressed now.

The warnings are coming from frogs and beetles, from melting ice and changing ocean currents, and from scientists and responsible politicians around the world. And yet what is the US government doing about global warming? Nothing. That should shock the conscience of Americans.

Actually, the Bush administration's policy is worse than doing nothing. It has resisted efforts by other nations to discuss new actions that could reduce emissions of carbon dioxide before the global climate reaches a disastrous tipping point. And it muzzles administration scientists to keep them from warning about the seriousness of the issue. The administration's position is that more research is needed - and then, as evidence grows that humans are adding to global warming, it calls for still more research.

Congress is no better. Most members apparently are waiting for permission from lobbyists and campaign contributors before getting serious about climate change. The McCain-Lieberman bill to cap emissions languishes in the Senate; Pete Domenici, the powerful chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, has issued a white paper calling for ideas for legislation, but there's no word when a bill might emerge from his committee. Meanwhile, the Senate environment committee is also claiming jurisdiction. So what we have in the Senate is a turf fight. And don't even talk about the House. Maybe members would get interested if they thought Dubai was behind global warming.

Giant corporations such as General Electric and Citigroup have concluded that global warming is real, and they are beginning to mobilize their resources to do something about it. This business activism may offer the best hope of moving government off its duff. I asked Tom Donohue, the head of the US Chamber of Commerce and one of Washington's savviest political operators, when he might commit his organization's considerable clout to taking action on this issue. He's still in the "needs more study" mode, but he added, "When the time is right, we'll be as helpful as we can." Hey, Tom, the time is right.

Every week brings new evidence that global climate change is real and that it's advancing more rapidly than scientists had expected. This past week brought a report in Science that the Antarctic is losing as much as 36 cubic miles of ice a year. Last month researchers reported that glaciers in Greenland are melting twice as fast as previously estimated. One normally cautious scientist, Richard Alley, told The Post's Juliet Eilperin he was concerned about the Antarctic findings, since just five years ago scientists had been expecting more ice. "That's a wake-up call," he said. "We better figure out what's going on."

Animals don't have the luxury of ordering up more studies of global warming. Andrew Revkin of the New York Times reported in January that colorful harlequin frogs found in Latin America are dying at alarming rates because of a fungus that seems to be linked to global warming. Doug Struck explained last week in The Post that climate change is helping the ravenous mountain pine beetle devour forests in British Columbia, killing more trees than wildfires or logging. Similar findings are stacked in a depressing pile in my study that keeps getting taller.

And now we come to the Bush administration - the folks who once warned that it would be folly to wait so long for evidence that the "smoking gun" might be a mushroom cloud. Their spirit of vigilance was applied to Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, which turned out not to exist - but not to climate change, which does. In a meeting in Montreal last December, the chief American delegate, Harlan L. Watson, got so peeved about a proposal for new global "mechanisms" to carry out the 1992 Kyoto Protocol that he walked out. The American side relented after the wording was softened to "opportunities," and there's now at least a hope for future talks about talks about global warming.

But woe unto any administration official who becomes so concerned about global warming that he actually tries to sound the alarm. James E. Hansen, the top climate scientist at NASA, found that political minders at NASA headquarters had ordered a review of his lectures, papers, interviews and Internet postings after he called for quick reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to ease global warming. A 24-year-old former Bush campaign worker who allegedly had been involved in efforts to muzzle Hansen later resigned - after reports surfaced that he had fudged his résumé.

Usually, America's political antics are forgivable, but not on this issue. As evidence grows that human activity is accelerating dangerous changes in the world's climate, the Bush administration's excuses for inaction are running out. History will not forgive political leaders who failed to act on this issue, and neither should voters.



China issues human rights record of US

Full Text at

BEIJING, March 9 (Xinhuanet)-- China issued Thursday the Human Rights Record of the United States in 2005 in response to the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2005 issued by the U.S. State Department on Wednesday.

Released by the Information Office of China's State Council, the Chinese report listed a multitude of cases to show the serious violations of human rights both in and outside the United States.

"As in previous years, the U.S. State Department pointed the finger at human rights situations in more than 190 countries and regions (including China) but kept silent on the violations of human rights in the United States," says the document.

To help people realize the true features of this self-styled "guardian of human rights," it is necessary to probe into the human rights abuses in the United States in 2005, it says.

This is the seventh consecutive year that China has issued human rights record of the United States to answer the U.S. State Department annual report.

The report contains more than 14,500 Chinese characters and is divided into seven parts: on life and security of person, on infringements upon human rights by law enforcement and judicial organs, on political rights and freedom, on economic, social and cultural rights, on racial discrimination, on rights of women and children and on the United States' violation of human rights in other countries.

"For a long time, the life and security of the people of the United States has not been under efficient protection, and American society is characterized with rampant violent crimes," says the document.

The U.S. Justice Department reported on Sept. 25, 2005 that there were 5,182,670 violent crimes in the United States in 2004.

And there were 21.4 victims for every 1,000 people aged 12 and older, which amounts to about one violent crime victim for every 47 U.S. residents.

"There exist serious infringements upon personal rights and freedoms by law enforcement and judicial organs in the United States," says the record.

Secret snooping is prevalent and illegal detention occurs from time to time. The recently disclosed Snoopgate scandal has aroused keen attention of the public in the United States, according to the record.

After the Sept. 11 Attacks, the U.S. President has for dozens of times authorized the National Security Agency and other departments to wiretap some domestic phone calls.

With this authorization, the National Security Agency may conduct surveillance over phone calls and e-mails of 500 U.S. citizens at a time.

The document quotes media reports as saying that from 2002 through 2004, there were at least 287 cases in which the FBI agents were suspected of illegally conducting electronic surveillance.

On Jan. 9, 2006, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection announced that in the "anti-terrorism" fight, the U.S. customs has the right to open and inspect incoming private letters, which again sparked protests, according to the record.

"Police abuse is also very common in the United States," the report notes.

It quotes a report of the Los Angeles Times on July 14, 2005 as saying that Los Angeles police shot dead the 19-month-old daughter of a suspect when trying to arrest the suspect, which triggered public outcry.

And according to an AP story, on Oct. 9, five New Orleans police officers battered a 64-year-old retired teacher on the street while trying to arrest him, and he suffered injuries.

As the prisons in the U.S. were packed, the situation of prisoners worsened, according to the record.

During Hurricane Katrina, between Aug. 29 and Sept. 1, 2005, correctional officers from the New Orleans Sheriff's Department abandoned 600 inmates in a prison, as many were immersed in chest and neck level water and left without food, water, electricity, fresh air, or functioning facilities for four days and nights.

"The United States has always boasted itself as the 'model of democracy' and hawked its mode of democracy to the rest of the world. In fact, American 'democracy' is always one for the wealthy and a 'game for the rich'," says the report.

During the mayoral election of New York City in November 2005, billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent 77.89 million U.S. dollars of his fortune for re-election. That came to more than 100U.S. dollars per vote.

The election was termed by the Associated Press as the most expensive mayoral re-election in history.

The United States is the world's richest country, however, it maintains the highest poverty rate among developed countries.

A study of eight advanced countries by the London School of Economics in 2005 found that the United States had the worst social inequality.

The poverty rate of the United States is the highest in the developed world and more than twice as high as in most other industrialized countries, the record quotes a report of Newsweek magazine as saying.

The United States is a multi-ethnic nation of immigrants, with minority ethnic groups accounting for more than one-fourth of its population. But racial discrimination has long been a chronic malady of American society, says the record.

According to The State of Black America 2005, the income level of African American families is only one-tenth of that of white families, and the welfare enjoyed by black Americans is only three-fourth of their white counterparts.

The United States does not have a good record in safeguarding rights of women and children, says the document.

A survey by the U.S. Census Bureau said the median earnings of women and men in 2004 were 31,223 and 40,798 U.S. dollars, respectively. The female-to-male earnings ratio was 77 percent.

In terms of the child poverty index, the United States ranked next to the last among 22 developed nations in the world.

"Pursuing unilateralism on the international arena, the U.S. government grossly violates the sovereignty and human rights of other countries in contempt of universally-recognized international norms," the report notes.

The U.S. government frequently commits wanton slaughters of innocents in its war efforts and military operations in other countries, it says.

The USA Today newspaper on Dec. 13, 2005 quoted a 2004 study published in the medical journal The Lancet as saying that it was estimated that about 100,000 Iraqis, mostly women and children, had died in the Iraqi war launched by the U.S. government in 2003.

In 2005, news of prisoner abuse by the U.S. forces again hit headlines, following their 2004 prisoner abuse scandal that stunned the world.

The record quotes media reports as saying that to extract information, the U.S. forces in Iraq employed various kinds of torture in their interrogations.

They abused the Iraqi detainees systematically, including sleep deprivation, tying them to the wall, hitting them with baseball bats, denying their access to water and food, forcing them to listen to extremely loud music in completely dark places for days running, unleashing dogs to bite them for amusement and even scaring them by putting them in the same cage with lions.

"For years, the U.S. government has ignored and concealed deliberately serious violations of human rights in its own country for fear of criticism, "says the report.

Yet it has issued annual reports making unwarranted charges on human rights practices of other countries, an act that fully exposes its hypocrisy and double standard on human rights issues, which has naturally met with strong resistance and opposition from other countries, the record notes.

"We urge the U.S. government to look squarely at its own human rights problems, reflect what it has done in the human rights field and take concrete measures to improve its own human rights status," it says.

"The U.S. government should stop provoking international confrontation on the issue of human rights, and make a fresh start to contribute more to international human rights cooperation and to the healthy development of international human rights cause," the report concludes.


Date: 10 Mar 2006
From: Antares
Subject: Finally... Some Relief From Intense Hatred Of Large Drug Companies!

From: ">">

Wonder Drug Inspires Deep, Unwavering Love Of Pharmaceutical Companies

March 6, 2006

NEW YORK—The Food and Drug Administration today approved the sale of the drug PharmAmorin, a prescription tablet developed by Pfizer to treat chronic distrust of large prescription-drug manufacturers.

Pfizer executives characterized the FDA's approval as a "godsend" for sufferers of independent-thinking-related mental-health disorders.

"Many individuals today lack the deep, abiding affection for drug makers that is found in healthy people, such as myself," Pfizer CEO Hank McKinnell said. "These tragic disorders are reaching epidemic levels, and as a company dedicated to promoting ! the health, well-being, and long life of our company's public image, it was imperative that we did something to combat them."

Although many psychotropic drugs impart a generalized feeling of well-being, PharmAmorin is the first to induce and focus intense feelings of affection externally, toward for-profit drug makers. Pfizer representatives say that, if taken regularly, PharmAmorin can increase affection for and trust in its developers by as much as 96.5 percent.

"Out of a test group of 180, 172 study participants reported a dramatic rise in their passion for pharmaceutical companies," said Pfizer director of clinical research Suzanne Frost. "And 167 asked their doctors about a variety of prescription medications they had seen on TV."

Frost said a small percentage of test subjects showed an interest in becoming lobbyists for one of the top five pharmaceutical companies, and several ! browsed eBay for drug-company apparel.

PharmAmorin, available in 100-, 200-, and 400-mg tablets, is classified as a critical-thinking inhibitor, a family of drugs that holds great promise for the estimated 20 million Americans who suffer from Free-Thinking Disorder.

Pfizer will also promote PharmAmorin in an aggressive, $34.6 million print and televised ad campaign.

One TV ad, set to debut during next Sunday's 60 Minutes telecast, shows a woman relaxing in her living room and reading a newspaper headlined "Newest Drug Company Scandal Undermines Public Trust." The camera zooms into the tangled neural matter of her brain, revealing a sticky black substance and a purplish gas.

The narrator says, "She may show no symptoms, but in her brain, irrational fear and dislike of global pharmaceutical manufacturers is overwhelming her very peace of mind."

After a brief summary of PharmAmorin's benefits, the commercial concludes with the woman flying a kite across a sunny green meadow, the Pfizer headquarters gleaming in the background.

PharmAmorin is the first drug of its kind, but Pfizer will soon face competition from rival pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb. The company is developing its own pro-pharmaceutical-company medication, Brismysquibicin, which will induce warm feelings not just for drug corporations in general, but solely for Bristol-Myers Squibb.

"A PharmAmorin user could find himself gravitating toward the products of a GlaxoSmithKline or Eli Lilly," BMS spokesman Andrew Fike said. "This could seriously impede the patient's prescription-drug-market acceptance, or worse, Pfizer's profits in the long run."

"Brismysquibicin will be cheaper to produce and therefore far more affordable to those on fixed incomes," Fike added.

The news of an affordable skepticism-inhibitor was welcomed by New York physician Christine Blake-Mann, who runs a free clinic in Spanish Harlem.

"A lot of my patients are very leery of the medical establishment," Blake-Mann said. "This will help them feel better about it, and save money at the same time."

PharmAmorin's side effects include nausea, upset stomach, and ignoring the side effects of prescription drug medication.


From: "Mark Graffis"
Subject: Women are smarter than men
Date: 5 Mar 2006

When he found out he was going to inherit a fortune when his sickly father died, Charles decided he needed a woman to enjoy it with. So one evening he went to a singles bar where he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her natural beauty took his breath away.

"I may look like just an ordinary man," he said as he walked up to her "but in just a week or two, my father will die, and I'll inherit 20 million dollars." The woman went home with Charles that evening, and three days later, she became his stepmother.

Women are so much smarter. When will men ever learn?


Also from: "Mark Graffis"

Story from an engaged man...

I was a very happy person. My wonderful girlfriend and I had been dating for over a year, and so we decided to get married.

There was only one little thing bothering me ... it was her beautiful younger sister.

My prospective sister-in-law was twenty-two, wore very tight miniskirts, and generally was braless. She would regularly bend down when she was near me, and I always got more than a pleasant view. It had to be deliberate. She never did it when she was near anyone else.

One day "little" sister called and asked me to come over to check the wedding invitations. She was alone when I arrived, and she whispered to me that she had feelings and desires for me that she couldn't overcome.

She told me that she wanted to make love to me just once before I got married and committed my life to her sister. Well, I was in total shock, and couldn't say a word. She said, "I'm going upstairs to my bedroom, and if you want one last wild fling, just come up and get me."

I was stunned and frozen in shock as I watched her go up the stairs. When she reached the top she pulled off her panties and threw them down the stairs at me. I stood there for a moment, then turned and made a beeline straight to the front door. I opened the door, and headed straight towards my car.

Lo and behold, my entire future family was standing outside, all clapping! With tears in his eyes, my father-in-law hugged me and said, "We are very happy that you have passed our little test..... we couldn't ask for better man for our daughter. Welcome to our family!!!"

And the moral of this story is: Always keep your condoms in your car.


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