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August 18, 2006

The Moment of Truth Series #3: The Truth Will Set You Free!

Hello everyone!

It took me well over 20 hours to put this one together. There is much to read, review and watch as usual, but I assure you this is one of the most important ones I've networked. There are 2 massively significant phenomena going on right now in the US. The opposition to the criminally insane Iraq war highlighted by the Lt. Ehren Watada speech last Saturday and the ever growing 9-11 truth movement that is making great headways right now. Both these trends could soon converge and combine to derail the nefarious plans of the dark cabal and contribute to put an end to their heinous reign.

As the titles of this series and compilation indicate, we are definitely at a historical crossroad and much hangs in the balance right now. The question is "Will you stand idle and not honor the vows you made before your birth or will you, like Ehren Watada , take a leap of faith and accomplish through loving compassion what you came here to do and to BE?"

I don't want to sound pushy, but NOW would be like a good time to get involved in co-creating the New Earth if you have not yet done so ;-)

Jean Hudon

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"Today, I speak with you about a radical idea. It is one born from the very concept of the American soldier (or service member). It became instrumental in ending the Vietnam War - but it has been long since forgotten. The idea is this: that to stop an illegal and unjust war, the soldiers can choose to stop fighting it.Now it is not an easy task for the soldier. For he or she must be aware that they are being used for ill-gain. They must hold themselves responsible for individual action. They must remember duty to the Constitution and the people supersedes the ideologies of their leadership. The soldier must be willing to face ostracism by their peers, worry over the survival of their families, and of course the loss of personal freedom. They must know that resisting an authoritarian government at home is equally important to fighting a foreign aggressor on the battlefield. Finally, those wearing the uniform must know beyond any shadow of a doubt that by refusing immoral and illegal orders they will be supported by the people not with mere words but by action.The American soldier must rise above the socialization that tells them authority should always be obeyed without question. Rank should be respected but never blindly followed. Awareness of the history of atrocities and destruction committed in the name of America - either through direct military intervention or by proxy war - is crucial. They must realize that this is a war not out of self-defense but by choice, for profit and imperialistic domination. WMD, ties to Al Qaeda, and ties to 9/11 never existed and never will. The soldier must know that our narrowly and questionably elected officials intentionally manipulated the evidence presented to Congress, the public, and the world to make the case for war. They must know that neither Congress nor this administration has the authority to violate the prohibition against pre-emptive war - an American law that still stands today. This same administration uses us for rampant violations of time-tested laws banning torture and degradation of prisoners of war. Though the American soldier wants to do right, the illegitimacy of the occupation itself, the policies of this administration, and rules of engagement of desperate field commanders will ultimately force them to be party to war crimes. They must know some of these facts, if not all, in order to act."

- Lt. Ehren Watada -- Taken from his speech "Soldiers Can Choose to Stop Fighting" at the Veterans for Peace Convention - August 12, 2006 -- NOTE FROM JEAN: This courageous young man stands as a stellar example of a great soul willing to put his freedom on the line in defense of his moral and spiritual principles. To me, he embodies the true face of what all Americans and, for that matter, all human beings on the face of the Earth should aspire to become. He is a living legend and an extremely eloquent orator. I urge you all to take the necessary time to watch him speak or read the entire transcript of his history-making speech through -- Here is what ERN subscriber Michael Wong> wrote about this: "If you haven't seen this, it was a great event! I am very proud to say I was there. It was a dramatic moment when the Iraq vets took the stage behind Ehren. It was a moment not just for Ehren, but for the Iraq vets to finally come into their own, to make their own statement about their war by standing behind Ehren, and to say to my (Vietnam) generation of peace vets, "We are here." Thank god. I am deeply, deeply sorry that my generation failed to finish the job we started - to end war in our time - but I am very proud, humbled, and relieved to see a very brave new generation rise to pick up the torch. May they succeed where we failed, and may their brains, courage, and spirit mark a new and better page in history."
Check also Iraq War Vets' Support for Lt. Watada Growing (August 16) and ...
Ehren Watada: "Soldiers Can Choose to Stop Fighting" - Dahr Jamail recites and comments on the powerful speech Lt. Ehren Watada presented to the Veterans for Peace National Convention on Saturday: "The only thing Watada said that I would disagree with is that he claimed that he is not a hero. He is a leader, yet again, by taking this stance. Today, it is up to the anti-war movement to make sure his leadership touches as many soldiers' lives in Iraq as possible. As he [Watada] said, if more American soldiers in Iraq know that they, along with their families, will be supported if they stand up against this illegal occupation, countless more will follow, and this repulsive war will end."

"The state of our world now might be summed up in a classic biological story about the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly. Inside the cocoon, new cells -- called, appropriately “imaginal cells” -- begin to pop up. Initially, these cells are recognized as “not the caterpillar” and are attacked. At some point, there are enough imaginal cells that they begin to communicate with each other and cluster together in communities. Although the caterpillar organism is still attacking these cells, they become stronger and eventually and inevitably, the imaginal cells become the new butterfly. From the outside and from the “news reports” right now, it’s all caterpillar out there. The good news is, the “butterfly” field is growing in awareness, connectedness and intention. This book is an important part of focusing this field, and in fact noted futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard calls our project “the prow of the ship” that will usher in the new paradigm. What makes us think we humans will take this unprecedented leap into conscious evolution? Well, necessity is the mother of invention and more and more, reality is becoming quite a “mother!” We are now at the point where the current dominant paradigm, Materialism, has put us so out of touch with natural law that we are literally destroying the environment we need to live. The good news is we are poised on the threshold of a new integrative world view that weaves together ancient wisdom and modern science, and where humanity itself becomes a conscious, coherent “organism.” The even better news is that this isn’t just wishful conjecture but based on the latest discoveries in quantum physics and cellular biology. And -- no surprise here -- these discoveries resonate with what spiritual teachers have been saying for millennia, that everything is connected. To quote the Swami, “Einstein and Jesus both can’t be wrong, can they?”

- Swami Beyondananda> in an August 15 email in which he describes his collaborative project with cellular biologist Bruce Lipton to co-author a book to be entitled "The American Evolution: A New Story for a New World".

"The message is working its way out to the public and all the exposure we get now will help immensely. We're forming alliances and working towards environmental awareness and complete peace one step at a time. There are still many people who don't believe that such is possible. They think that it is a wonderful idea but fear that the big businesses will always be on top, no matter what we do. Education is our only real hope of changing the tides. When our children grow up they will be what they learn. Children learn what they live. Our legacy will carry through them. May our combined efforts be the tide that changes. I know how hard it is to keep abreast of all the information that is out there. I would like to invite you to the Indigo Action chat group The members are beginning to introduce themselves and discuss new government and institutional paradigms. This group is moderated so that we make sure everyone stays on topic but anyone can join and anyone can review the message board. We would love your input there."

- Lyra Jubb> (Taken from an August 17 email to me. This Indigo Action site is worth a look!)

Worthy of Your Attention

Make sure to check this new and AMAZING celestial glyph

THIS IS YOUR M0MENT by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
We have all been preparing for this opportunity for a very, very long time. For literally aeons, we have been training for the Cosmic Moment when we would be called to be Instruments of God in the physical plane of Earth. We have always known, within the deepest recesses of our hearts, that one day the time would come when this planet would reclaim her Divine Destiny and reactivate the encoded patterns of Heaven on Earth that have been dormant since Humanity’s fall from Grace. This is that moment! CLIP

3-D Luminarium
Festival goers relax inside a 3-D Luminarium inflatable installation by British designer Alain Parkinson during a Music festival in Budapest

Amazing Dust Art


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See also:

Judge Rules Bush's Surveillance Program Unconstitutional
Detroit - A federal judge ruled Thursday that the government's warrantless wiretapping program is unconstitutional and ordered an immediate halt to it. U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit became the first judge to strike down the National Security Agency's program, which she says violates the rights to free speech and privacy as well as the separation of powers enshrined in the Constitution.

The Conyers Report: An Interview
In an interview conducted by William Rivers Pitt, Congressman John Conyers reports, "We have found that there is substantial evidence the President, the Vice-President and other high ranking members of the Bush administration misled Congress and the American people regarding the decision to go to war in Iraq; misstated and manipulated intelligence information regarding the justification for such war; countenanced torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment in Iraq; permitted inappropriate retaliation against critics of their administration; and approved domestic surveillance that is both illegal and unconstitutional. We also have found there has been no independent review of the circumstances surrounding the Bush administration's domestic spying scandals."

"The UK Terror plot: what's really going on?" by Craig Murray, former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan
(...) We then have the extraordinary question of Bush and Blair discussing the possible arrests over the weekend. Why? I think the answer to that is plain. Both in desperate domestic political trouble, they longed for "Another 9/11". The intelligence from Pakistan, however dodgy, gave them a new 9/11 they could sell to the media. The media has bought, wholesale, all the rubbish they have been shovelled. (...) In all of this, the one thing of which I am certain is that the timing is deeply political. This is more propaganda than plot. Of the over one thousand British Muslims arrested under anti-terrorist legislation, only twelve per cent are ever charged with anything. That is simply harassment of Muslims on an appalling scale. Of those charged, 80% are acquitted. Most of the very few - just over two per cent of arrests - who are convicted, are not convicted of anything to do terrorism, but of some minor offence the Police happened upon while trawling through the wreck of the lives they had shattered. Be sceptical. Be very, very sceptical.

What Does A Terrorist Preparing To Bomb 10 Airliners Do Beforehand? Buys Cakes (August 16, 2006)
Behavior of liquid bomb suspects mirrors 7/7 patsies - no evidence of terror planning -

'People are definitely sceptical' (August 16, 2006),,1851078,00.html
When the government announced last Thursday that it had foiled a massive terror plot, broadcasters and newspapers were barraged with a wave of sceptical views from listeners and readers. Nearly a week on, are people still so distrustful?

North America is NOT under attack by terrorists ... there is no WAR on terror! - By Greg Palast (August 15, 2006)
(...) I'm going to tell you something which is straight-up heresy: America is not under attack by terrorists. There is no WAR on terror because, except for one day five years ago, al Qaeda has pretty much left us alone. (...) Am I saying there's no danger, no threat? Sure there is: 46 million Americans don't have health insurance. IBM is legally stealing from its employees' pension plan and United Airlines has dumped its pensions altogether. Four-million three-hundred thousand Americans were injured, made sick or killed by their jobs last year. TXU Corporation is right now building four monster-sized power plants in Texas that will burn skuzzy gunk called "lignite." The filth it will pour into the sky will snuff a heck of a lot more Americans than some goofy group of fanatics with bottles of hydrogen peroxide.But Americans don't ask for real protection from what's killing us. The War on Terror is the Weapon of Mass Distraction. Instead of demanding health insurance, we have 59 million of our fellow citizens pooping in their pants with fear of Al Qaeda, waddling to the polls, crying, "Georgie save us!" (...) Fear sells better than sex. Fear is the sales pitch for many lucrative products: from billion-dollar sailor injectors to one very lucrative war in Mesopotamia (a third of a trillion dollars doled out, no audits, no questions asked).Better than toothpaste that makes our teeth whiter than white, this stuff will make us safer than safe. It's political junk food, the cheap filling in the flashy tube. What we don't get is safety from the real dangers: a life-threatening health-care system, lung-murdering pollution production and a trade deficit with China that's reducing mid-America to coolie status. Protecting us from these true threats would take a slice of the profits of the Lockheeds, the Exxons and the rest of the owning class. War on Terror is class war by other means ... to keep you from asking for real protection from true menace, the landlords of our nation give you fake protection from manufactured dangers. And they remind you to be afraid every time you fly to see Aunt Millie and have to give up your hemorrhoid ointment to the underpaid guy in the bell-hop suit with a security badge. CLIP

Plane diversion reveals raw nerves (August 16)
It sounds like a stand-up comedian's joke: A nervous flier boards a plane with hand cream and a box of matches... But the diversion of United 923 from London to Washington - and the arrest of a passenger for interfering with the flight - was no laughing matter. Fighter jets scrambled to escort the plane into Boston, and the media scrambled to keep up with events. Television news showed luggage laid out neatly on the tarmac, sniffer dogs searching them for anything suspicious. (...) So if any lessons are to be drawn from the drama of United 923, one must be that the airlines and security agencies have plans in place to handle even the merest hint of a threat. But the mere fact that those plans exist - and that they were put into operation to deal with a 59-year-old woman with a tube of hand cream - must make one wonder if the current generation will ever again be able to regard air travel as simply a quick and easy means of getting from one place to another.

George Bush and the Politics of Terror (August 16, 2006)
As George Bush said, "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me --- you can't get fooled again." Or, how about the old saying, "if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it's a duck." Why the snark? Just watch the Keith Olbermann's brilliant presentation - which shows conclusive, indisputable evidence that George Bush and his minions have used bogus terrorist threats to distract public attention from embarrassing political news - and you too will become a member of the reality-based community (thanks to John Amato at Crooks and Liars for posting this up). Ten. Count em. Ten separate incidents where the Bush administration issued public warnings of imminent attacks that subsequently turned out to be non-existent or misleading. George Bush is the boy who cried Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf ... and no end is in sight.Olbermann deserves an Emmy and a Pulitzer for this report. He's done a public service. He has blazed a trail the rest of the media, print and electronic, ought to follow. Just as Edward R. Murrow confronted the red-baiter Senator McCarthy, Olbermann has performed a similar service to America by standing up to the fearmongering of Bush. Please ensure your friends and relatives see this piece.

Screening at airports. Police with sub-machine guns, bulletproof vests and riot gear patrolling public transportation junctions. How long before they are at every public transit facility and outside of corporate buildings along with private security and secret service? What was it they called them in Nazi Germany? Oh yeah, the S.S (secret service). And what was it they did? Oh yeah, "May I see your papers". If the timing of these bogus, thwarted, terrorist attacks doesn't already have you questioning the validity of their intentions just think about what the result suggests. The result being the erosion of, no, the dismantling of civil rights in the name of protecting them. CLIP

9-11 Investigative Journalist Harassed And Beaten By Undercover Cops - By Christopher Bollyn (August 17)
After calling 911 to report a suspicious vehicle with three armed men in my neighborhood, I was harassed, beaten and shocked with a Taser gun in my front yard in Hoffman Estates, Ill., in front of my wife and child. I was subsequently charged with resisting arrest and aggravated assault. I was then subjected to six hours of abuse at the hands of the local police. I suspect that this operation was not accidental and was not an initiative of the local police. The questions remains whether I have been targeted as part of an ADL-FBI operation because of my journalistic investigations. Over the years, I have investigated the many unanswered questions surrounding 9-11. Having received several threats in my career with AFP and the now defunct Spotlight newspaper, this is the first time I have been beaten and abused by authorities. (...) “There are really two key scenarios at play here,” remarked Petherick. “At a minimum, this was a brutal demonstration of the violent militarization of U.S. law enforcement. But at its worst, this was a deliberate attempt to intimidate and harass an American reporter, who has been writing about some of the most controversial issues, today.” CLIP - NO WONDER WHY THEY TERRORIZED THIS JOURNALIST. SEE BELOW WHAT HE WROTE A COUPLE WEEKS AGO...

War Is Terrorism With a Bigger Budget - By Christopher Bollyn (July 29, 2006)
The Israeli aggression against Lebanon is a monstrous war crime in which the Zionist state has been aided and abetted by the U.S. government. The vicious Israeli assault on Lebanon has been accompanied by a host of lies that have been dutifully parroted by the Bush administration and the Zionist-controlled mass media. (...) In the controlled press, Hezbollah, branded as a “terrorist” group by the United States and Israel, is blamed for having sparked the crisis by having “kidnapped” two Israeli soldiers from Israeli territory on July 12. Iran and Syria are usually blamed for being the powers behind Hezbollah.The initial news reports, however, indicate that the two Israeli soldiers were not kidnapped at all. They were reported to have been captured—inside Lebanon—after having crossed the border and entered the Lebanese village of Aitaa al-Chaab. The capture of the Israeli soldiers inside Lebanon was reported by a number of leading international press services, including the German news agency (DPA), AP, AFP from France, and UPI Arabia. “The Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah movement announced Wednesday that its guerrillas have captured two Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon,” the DPA reported from Beirut on July 12. (...) As Israel is wont to do, a number of Red Cross ambulances were targeted. “Israeli missiles had clearly pierced the very center of the red cross on the roof of each ambulance,” Robert Fisk of The Independent (UK) wrote on July 26.Meanwhile, U.S. war planes arrived at Israeli airbases carrying weaponry and military equipment. The American planes came from Gulf States including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, according to the Al Manar newspaper. The newspaper reported that five U.S. planes had landed in three Israeli airbases, bringing more weapons and “vacuum bombs of many sizes.”“We are aiding and abetting war crimes,” Francis A. Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois, said about the U.S. weapon shipments to Israel. “This has been planned for quite some time,” Boyle added. CLIP

The Demonic Cabal
From all available evidence referenced in the "recommended sources" section below,* it's clear that the most compelling hypothesis explaining the interconnected crimes, lies, and human slaughter occurring in our modern world is that a demonic cabal took control of the United States in the early part of the twentieth century and is now methodically destroying American and world institutions and values. The main goal of the cabal has been to consolidate political, economic, and social power in its hands while obliterating the minds of the masses to establish a militaristic, imperialistic dictatorship. By designating this cabal as "demonic," I do not imply that there is need for hatred, anxiety, or hopelessness. It is simply the situation that this cabal has seized control and we need to face it and get on with the business of bringing about fundamental change in our society. On the other hand we should not simply sit about idly theorizing or smiling at the devastation of human beings in our society. Something must be done! The purpose of this essay is to help American and world citizens see who and what is controlling events from behind the scenes, to assist in making clear just what kind of demonic forces are bringing about the destruction of American and world values and institutions. It's clear that many people are so possessed by the current reactionary brainwashing that they will be unable to consider any of these ideas. But people throughout the world are waking up to what is going on and they need to see behind the curtains to the real, criminal powers that manipulate human minds and destroy human liberties. We need to see the real face of our enemies. (...) Having illegally seized the presidency--with the criminal assistance of Jeb Bush and the U.S. Supreme Court in 2000 and stealing the 2002 and 2004 elections, gaining the majority in both houses of Congress--the puppet Bush II regime is privatizing public resources, crippling local, state, and federal governments by spending only for militarism (domestic and foreign), creating a huge federal debt that later generations will have to repay, and creating tax cuts and subsidies for the rich. Criminal, self-serving corruption runs rampant throughout the Bush II administration, as it did in his father's Iran-Contra and Savings-and-Loan crime sprees. The legal and moral degeneracy of the Bush junta is clearly seen in Karl Rove's outing of a CIA agent as political payback--and Rove experiencing no negative repercussions. The horrible tyranny that is being created by the Bush junta is a threat to the entire world. For the first time in its history, Western Civilization as a whole is in danger of being destroyed by an international, demonic cabal centered around the Rockefeller interests, which include elements from the Morgan, Brown, Rothschild, Du Pont, Harriman, Kuhn-Loeb, and other groupings as well. This junta took control of the political, financial, and cultural life of America in the first two decades of the twentieth century. The Bush family, beginning with Prescott Bush, have served as satraps of the Rockefeller, Brown, and Harriman interests. President Bush is simply a puppet of this powerful cabal, and their schemes will be carried out by whatever next president comes to power unless we the people deflect them from this insane, murderous plot for global dominance. CLIP - Recommended by Rudolf Schneider>

North American Union - Don't Tell The People Or ... my little 'chat' with the Premier of British Columbia ... (28 July 2006)
[excerpt] I arrived in Canada at the invitation of an independent television company (and was stopped and questioned at the border as usual) and found that the TV station had booked me into a hotel where, coincidentally, there is a meeting of all the premiers of Canada. The place is crawling with politicians and media and yesterday I found myself in the elevator/lift with British Columbia Premier, Gordon Campbell, and minders. I took the chance to ask him if they were discussing the North American Union - the plan to merge Canada, the United States and Mexico and replace their currencies with one called the 'Amero' - a mirror of the Euro in Europe and long predicted in my books. 'Not much', replied Campbell. 'Do the Canadian people know about the North American Union?', I asked. 'No'. 'Well, don't you think it is about time they did?' No reply. 'Are you talking about the Amero?' 'I would tell you if I knew what it was', came Campbell's staggering response. 'It's the currency to replace the Canadian dollar, the American dollar and the peso', I said. No reply. At this point the door opened at a floor and a very large man, Campbell's apparent minder, stepped forward, grabbed my arm and told me I was leaving at this floor. I told him, shall we say in no uncertain terms, that he should take his hands off me immediately because I was getting out at my floor and not when he dictated. He backed off at once, apparently shocked that I was unimpressed either by him or his body size. When I reached my floor he stepped forward again to stand between me and Campbell. I said that he shouldn't worry because it was not me who was violent, it was governments, and he really would be better employed protecting me from them. What I experienced from this little cameo is that Campbell certainly knew what I was talking about - the idea he has never heard of the Amero is ludicrous - and that the 'leading' politicians of Canada know full well that the North American Union is fast approaching to bring an end to Canadian sovereignty, but they would rather the people don't know until it's a done deal.

Hezbollah promises to rebuild in Lebanon (Aug 16)
BEIRUT, Lebanon - Hundreds of people went from room to room at a makeshift registration center at a high school here Wednesday to report damage to their homes from Israel's bombing attacks. Hezbollah agents with pen and notebooks promised to help them rebuild. Tens of thousands of people have returned to their villages in eastern and southern Lebanon and to Dahiyeh, Beirut's southern suburbs. They have arrived to find their homes either damaged or destroyed from the month-long war. The cost of rebuilding homes is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars and Hezbollah — whose social support network is a main reason for the loyalty it commands — was quick to offer help. Hours after a cease-fire went into effect Monday, the leader of the Shiite Muslim group, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, appeared on television and promised to help Lebanese rebuild, pledging money for civilians to pay rent and buy furniture. Nasrallah did not say where the money would come from, but the source was widely believed to be Iran, the group's primary donor of money and weapons. Hezbollah has used Iranian money to fund charity work and social welfare programs that have won it wide support in Lebanon's Shiite community. Nasrallah said 15,000 housing units were hit during the war. His group's bid to play a central role in reconstruction could further boost its standing after it declared victory over Israel. CLIP

Reconstruction alone estimated at $7bn in Lebanon (August 16, 2006),,1851197,00.html
With the tenuous ceasefire still holding, Lebanese government ministers met yesterday to begin the laborious process of estimating civilian damage caused by a month of Israeli bombing.

John Dean Book Review: The Fast Lane to Fascism
"'How does the Bush administration get away with it?' And: 'How come, no matter what scandal or embarrassment or disaster Bush&Co. get enmeshed in, one third of the population still supports them?' ... With the publication of former White House counsel John W. Dean's compelling new book, 'Conservatives Without Conscience,' we now have more of a framework for understanding what drives the Busheviks, and why so many continue to stand behind them," writes Bernard Weiner.

Dark New Day (July 31, 2006)
If you are a person who is willing to entertain new ideas, such as a total collapse of our US way of life, total collapse of the usual forms of US wealth, and total collapse of your beloved retirement plans, read on. I'm going to write about a Dark New Day for the US.

Over 3,400 Iraqis Killed in July; US Deaths Reach 2,600 (FALSE FIGURE - SEE NEXT EXCERPT)
July appears to have been the deadliest month of the war for Iraqi civilians, according to figures from the Health Ministry and the Baghdad morgue, reinforcing criticism that the Baghdad security plan that was started in June by the new Iraqi government has failed. An average of more than 110 Iraqis were killed each day in July, according to the figures. The total number of civilian deaths that month, 3,438, is a 9 percent increase over the tally in June and nearly double the toll in January.

Harring Report: The National Young Men’s Meat Grinder
There is excellent reason to believe that the Department of Defense is deliberately not reporting a significant number of the dead in Iraq. We have received copies of manifests from the MATS that show far more bodies shipped into Dover AFP than are reported officially. The actual death toll is in excess of 10,000. (See the official records at the end of this piece.) Given the officially acknowledged number of over 15,000 seriously wounded (and a published total of 25,000 wounded overall,), this elevated death toll is far more realistic than the current 2,000+ now being officially published. When our research is complete, and watertight, we will publish the results along with the sources In addition to the evident falsification of the death rolls, at least 5,500 American military personnel have deserted, most in Ireland but more have escaped to Canada and other European countries, none of whom are inclined to cooperate with vengeful American authorities. (See TBR News of 18 February for full coverage on the mass desertions) This means that of the 158,000 U.S. military shipped to Iraq, 26,000 deserted, were killed or seriously wounded. The DoD lists currently being very quietly circulated indicate over 12,000 dead, over 25,000 seriously wounded and a large number of suicides, forced hospitalization for ongoing drug usage and sales, murder of Iraqi civilians and fellow soldiers, rapes, courts martial and so on -The government gets away with these huge lies because they claim, falsely, that only soldiers actually killed on the ground in Iraq are reported. The dying and critically wounded are listed as en route to military hospitals outside of the country and not reported on the daily postings. Anyone who dies just as the transport takes off from the Baghdad airport is not listed and neither are those who die in the US military hospitals. CLIP

Afghan Opium Cultivation Hits a Record
Opium cultivation in Afghanistan has hit record levels - up by more than 40 percent from 2005 - despite hundreds of millions in counter-narcotics money. The increase could have serious repercussions for an already grave security situation, with drug lords joining the Taliban-led fight against Afghan and international forces.

Air strike on Sri Lankan orphanage kills 61 schoolgirls (August 16)
Children were the latest victims as the crisis deepened in Sri Lanka. The United Nations children's organisation, Unicef, said a number of children were killed in a government air strike on territory held by the Tamil Tiger rebels. The Tigers claimed that the air strike hit an orphanage in the north-eastern Mullaitivu district and that 61 schoolgirls were killed, and 155 injured. Unicef could not confirm the Tigers' figures, but had been able to establish that "children were injured and killed", said Junko Mitani, a spokeswoman for Unicef's Sri Lanka office. (...) Fighting continued in the north around the Jaffna peninsula. At least 100,000 people have fled their homes to escape the fighting around Jaffna and Trincomalee in the east, according to aid agencies. Jaffna, home to Sri Lanka's largest Tamil community, was under curfew for most of the day. Artillery fire continued over the Elephant Pass, the causeway linking the peninsula to rest of Sri Lanka, and on Kayts, a small island off the Jaffna coast.Since last December, the government has been facing regular attacks on its military, which diplomats agree were blatant Tiger attempts to drag it into a war. But under international pressure, the government reacted with restraint. But it was while the world's attention was on Lebanon that the government launched the first ground offensive since a 2002 ceasefire, citing the Tigers' closure of a water supply near Trincomalee. That offensive now looks to have been a mistake, after it enabled the Tigers to expand the fighting to Jaffna. Norwegian mediators are still trying to get both sides to respect the ceasefire, but, after the Tigers refused peace talks over the weekend, the ceasefire appears to be little more than paper.

Sri Lankan army warns children can be targets (16 August 2006)
The Sri Lankan government has defied growing condemnation and declared that it considered children and young people killed in an air strike to be combatants and legitimate targets."If the children are terrorists, what can we do?" said a military spokesman, Brigadier Athula Jayawardana.The government claimed that children killed and injured in the bombing on Monday were child soldiers conscripted by the Tamil Tiger rebels.The United Nations children's organisation, Unicef, condemned the air strike as "shocking" in a statement issued in Geneva and New York. Unicef's head, Ann Veneman, said: "These children are innocent victims of violence." The Tamil Tigers are known to use conscripted child soldiers. But Unicef said its information indicated that those killed in the air strike were schoolchildren attending a first aid course. And there was international concern yesterday at the government's statement that it was prepared to target and kill child soldiers. (...) Unicef estimates that the Tigers currently have 1,300 child soldiers in their ranks, with an average age of 16 a practice Unicef has been working to make the Tigers end. "For us it's not a question of intention," says Dr Haque of Unicef. "What matters is that children are being affected. A child soldier can be any child with a military, whether he or she is peeling potatoes for the soldiers to eat or carrying arms. The responsibility is with both sides to take measures to ensure children are not affected."Schools were ordered to be closed in government-controlled areas for two weeks for fear of retaliatory attacks on children after a known Tiger front group threatened to target civilians in revenge for the air strike. Fighting continued around the Jaffna peninsula in the north yesterday. CLIP

FULL COVERAGE on the conflict in Sri Lanka

Plame Lawyer Plans to Force Cheney, Rove Testimony
A lawyer plans to use a legal precedent that allowed President Bill Clinton to be sued while in office to force Vice President Dick Cheney and presidential adviser Karl Rove to testify in a lawsuit brought by former CIA operative Valerie Plame and her husband. California attorney Joseph Cotchett said he will ask a federal court to order Cheney, his ex-chief of staff Lewis "Scooter" Libby and Rove to testify in depositions about their role in disclosing her classified status.

War Crimes Act Changes Would Reduce Threat Of Prosecution (August 9, 2006)
The Bush administration has drafted amendments to a war crimes law that would eliminate the risk of prosecution for political appointees, CIA officers and former military personnel for humiliating or degrading war prisoners, according to U.S. officials and a copy of the amendments. Officials say the amendments would alter a U.S. law passed in the mid-1990s that criminalized violations of the Geneva Conventions, a set of international treaties governing military conduct in wartime. The conventions generally bar the cruel, humiliating and degrading treatment of wartime prisoners without spelling out what all those terms mean. CLIP - Bush Trying to Avoid War Crimes Prosecution!!

Bush Grants Self Permission to Grant More Power to Self (August 1, 2006)
WASHINGTON, DC-In a decisive 1-0 decision Monday, President Bush voted to grant the president the constitutional power to grant himself additional powers.President Bush announces announcement of the new power-granting announcement."As president, I strongly believe that my first duty as president is to support and serve the president," Bush said during a televised address from the East Room of the White House shortly after signing his executive order. "I promise the American people that I will not abuse this new power, unless it becomes necessary to grant myself the power to do so at a later time." The Presidential Empowerment Act, which the president hand-drafted on his own Oval Office stationery and promptly signed into law, provides Bush with full authority to permit himself to authorize increased jurisdiction over the three branches of the federal government, provided that the president considers it in his best interest to do so."In a time of war, the president must have the power he needs to make the tough decisions, including, if need be, the decision to grant himself even more power," Bush said. "To do otherwise would be playing into the hands of our enemies." Added Bush: "And it's all under due process of the law as I see it." "The president can grant himself the power to interpret new laws however he sees fit, then use that power to interpret a law in such a manner that in turn grants him increased power." Attorney General Alberto GonzalezIn addition, the president reserves the right to overturn any decision to allow himself to increase his power by using a line-item veto, which in turn may only be overruled by the president. Senior administration officials lauded Bush's decision, saying that current presidential powers over presidential power were "far too limited." CLIP

NOTE: With the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto, here is an IMPORTANT document to consider... with hard to verify claims, but nevertheless...
History & Flowchart On Development of AIDS --- HORRIFICALLY REVEALING!!
(...)• In 1945, we witnessed the greatest influx of foreign scientists in history into the U.S. biological program. Operation Paperclip will live in infamy as one of the darkest programs of a twisted parallel government fixated on genocide. • In 1946, the United States Navy hired Dr. Earl Traub, a notorious racist biologist. A May appropriations hearing confirms the existence of a “secret” biological weapon. • In 1948, we know that the United States confirmed the endorsement of “devising a scheme” in which to address the issue of overpopulation in certain racial groups. State Department’s George McKennan’s memo will forever illuminate the eugenics mendacity necessary for genocide of millions of innocent people. (...) • In 1967, the National Academy of Sciences launched a full scale assault on Africa. The CIA (Technical Services Division) acknowledged its secret inoculator program. • In 1969, Fort Detrick told world scientists and the Pentagon asked for more money, they knew they could make AIDS. Nixon’s July 18 secret memo to Congress on “Overpopulation” serves as the start of the paper trail of the AIDS Holocaust. • In 1970, President Nixon signed PL91-213 and John D. Rockefeller, III became the “Population Czar.” Nixon’s August 10 National Security Memo leaves no doubt as to the genocidal nature of depopulation. • In 1971, Progress Report #8 is issued. The flowchart (pg. 61) will forever resolve the true laboratory birth origin of AIDS. Eventually the Special Virus program will issue 15 reports and over 20,000 scientific papers. The flowchart links every scientific paper, medical experiment and U.S. contract. The flowchart would remain “missing” until 1999. World scientists were stunned. The flowchart will gain in significance throughout the 21st Century. (...) • In 1974, Furher Henry Kissinger releases his NSSM-200 (U.S. Plan to Address Overpopulation). It is the only issue of discussion at the World Population Conference in Bucharest, Romania. The men in the shadows had won, the whole world agrees to secretly cull Africa’s population. Today it is Africa and other undesirables. Tomorrow it may be you. • In 1975, President Gerald Ford signs National Security Defense Memorandum #314. The United States implements the Kissinger NSSM-200. • In 1976, the United States issues Progress Report #13 of the Special Virus program. The report proves the United States had various international agreements with the Russians, Germans, British, French, Canadians and Japanese. The plot to kill Black people has wide international support. In March, the Special Virus began production of the AIDS virus, by June 1977, the program will have produced 15,000 gallons of AIDS. President Jimmy Carter allows for the continuation of the secret plan to cull the Black Population. • In 1977, Dr. Robert Gallo and the top Soviet Scientists meet to discuss the proliferation of the 15,000 gallons of AIDS. They attach AIDS as complement to the Small pox vaccine for Africa, and the “experimental” hepatitis B vaccine for Manhattan. According to authors June Goodfield and Alan Cantwell, it is Batch #751 that was administered in New York to thousands of innocent people CLIP

Children Slip Through Cracks of AIDS Efforts
Efforts to greatly expand antiretroviral treatment for AIDS in poor countries are not reaching a vast majority of children who need it, a World Health Organization official said. An estimated 2.3 million children 15 and under around the world are infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and 800,000 of them need antiretroviral drugs to stay alive.

Lebanon Shocking Documentary "Fog of War"

Zionist War Crimes in Palestine (66 minutes video) Gruesome pictures

Destruction, Death, and Drastic Measures
Dahr Jamail reports from Lebanon: "Red Cross ambulances, governmental emergency centers, UN peacekeeping forces and observers, media outlets, and mobile phone towers have all been bombed, each a violation of international law. Mosques and churches have been hit; illegal weapons such as cluster bombs and white phosphorous used; and, as far as can be told at this early point, over 90% of the victims killed have been civilians."

Billions Face Water Shortages
A third of the world is facing water shortages because of poor management of water resources and soaring water usage, driven mainly by agriculture. Globally, water usage has increased by six times in the past 100 years and is set to double again by 2050, according to the International Water Management Institute.

China Denies Plundering World's Rain Forests
Environmental groups say that China is at the heart of a global trade for lumber which it sells to markets in the United States and Europe, and that much of its plywood exports come from illegal logging.

Plan would add planets to solar system (August 16)
(...) Besides reaffirming the status of puny Pluto — whose detractors insist it shouldn't be a planet at all — the new lineup would include 2003 UB313, the farthest-known object in the solar system and nicknamed Xena; Pluto's largest moon, Charon; and the asteroid Ceres, which was a planet in the 1800s before it got demoted.The panel also proposed a new category of planets called "plutons," referring to Pluto-like objects that reside in the Kuiper Belt, a mysterious, disc-shaped zone beyond Neptune containing thousands of comets and planetary objects. Pluto itself and two of the potential newcomers — Charon and 2003 UB313 — would be plutons. Astronomers also were being asked to get rid of the term "minor planets," which long has been used to collectively describe asteroids, comets and other non-planetary objects. Instead, those would become collectively known as "small solar system bodies."If the resolution is approved, the 12 planets in our solar system listed in order of their proximity to the sun would be Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Charon, and the provisionally named 2003 UB313. CLIP

Summary: The Shift is Happening
My research about 2012 and The Shift indicates that the fields of science and spirituality are merging. Some of the greatest spiritual advances seem to be coming from people who once were “hard-core” scientists. Many of them are validating the prophesies spiritual traditions of indigenous people and simultaneously invalidating outdated scientific paradigms such as Darwin’s theory of evolution. Even quantum theory is now being replaced with plasma theory, which says that the world is electrical. Prophesy is slowly becoming fact and science is supporting it. (...) Once we understand that we are connected to everything in the universe, we can become conscious, active participants in it.This means that this Shift is not happening TO us, we are helping to create it and our future . . . Not only in our galaxy but perhaps in the whole universe. And many us are experiencing symptoms of The Shift that indicate their body is being transformed, such as headaches, fatigue, electrical sensations in limbs & spine, flu-like symptoms, increased sensitivity & intuition, intense dreams. Our DNA is being reprogrammed to trigger our metamorphosis and activate our light body. Time is speeding up because of Earth’s changing electromagnetic forces. Some believe that our 24 hour day has been condensed into a16 hour day.It has become very clear about Earth’s place in our solar system and how we are a part of Her. When she is affected by increases in energy coming from Galactic Center, so are we. She is a living being undergoing her own process of growth and transformation. Our development mirrors hers. We and Earth are raising our vibrational frequencies, which is slowly birthing us both into a dimension or reality.


From: "Alex Kochkin - FFGA">
Date: 14 August 2006
Subject: Gore - shining? No!

Dear Jean,

Sigh, yes we are all looking for clean and high-intentioned leadership, and being so desperately in need of this, it is all too easy for well-intentioned spiritual-progressives to be fooled:

In your latest compilation, there is a comment that reads in part: “On another note: Al Gore is shining in his new role as the Nation's secret leader, in brilliant speeches and due to the successful book and movie 'An Inconvenient Truth'. He did mention that he would not likely be a candidate for the 2008 Presidency. I would add, he does not need to. He IS president, and is showing true leadership and inspiring vision for all to see. A new reality right before y-our eyes!”

I must respond with a resounding “NOT SO!” 

The comments from Peter Schwietzer (Hoover Inst) also fail to hit true. He uses typical superficial indicators like stock and property ownership. Hey, when you are an establishment VIP, chances are you own a lot of property and have stock investments that are less than clean/green -- frankly it is nearly impossible to find truly clean green investments these days that are not of very high risk. This is totally NOT the point. All Gore needs to do is to come clean. Decades ago, Maj Gen Smedly Butler did something like this when he admitted he was a hired gunman/gangster for Wall Street and proceeded to detail all the terrible things he knew. Anyone who hails from Al Gore’s background needs to do the same otherwise he cannot be trusted.

Examining the available information surrounding the 2000 election indicates that Al Gore’s team was either the most colossally incompetent group, or they deliberately did a half-witted attempt to show they were objecting to a few superficial vote count issues – I suspect the latter is true. All done for the circus of public consumption. They have been and remain to be steadfast loyalists to those seeking global domination. Gore’s recent movie does not name names, does not show who or what is truly responsible for the rape of Earth. They cannot do that for they are merely the “happy face” of the same coin that features the cabal that put Bush in office. They had to know. Gore had a role to play. He is still playing it. Now we can all unite over either fear of manufactured terrorism or unite over the fear over climate change. Either way the true agents of the dark forces remain hidden. Since the Gore team dragged out such a pathetically weak counter to the 2000 election fraud, the 2004 Kerry group didn’t even need to bother as much!

If Gore really is a “shining” leader (for the Light), then he must “come clean” of his own role in helping the manipulate the 2000 election as well other deeds that objectively benefited the dark forces. Until someone of his stature does that publicly, he is simply another clever tool of the dark.

Time to wake up!

Without a genuine spiritual-progressive people’s movement, well meaning people will continue to latch on to whomever looks “hopeful”. 

We are now living in an intensely polarized period in which the forces of the dark are losing ground everywhere. However, they still control the dominant institutions of the paradigm they created. They will not give up Earth easily and their matrix. Their ultimate policy is one of “scorched Earth” – in other words, their attitude is “if we can’t have control over Earth and humanity, we will see to it that no one else (the Light) will prevail”.

The sooner these hidden dark forces are removed and/or exposed and their terrible agents in position of power and influence are denied further power and influence, the faster the forces of Light can establish solid footholds for a global awakening. Meanwhile, we all must do all we can to continuously align with the highest levels of Light and to take action wherever possible that will lead to the manifesting of footholds for the Light. Such actions may either be very personal or local, or global when possible. For now, the most influence and stability can be achieved at a local community level.

The forces of Light that embodied and embedded in this matrix we call Earth 3-d reality need to be coordinated in action with the forces of Light that are outside of this matrix as they are breaking through. Will they make it in time to prevent the TPTB scorched earth policy remains to be seen.



SOMEONE ASKED ME WHAT COULD BE DONE TO HELP THE 9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT. HERE IS AN EXCELLENT EXAMPLE... I also replied to that ERN subscriber: "Of course, there could be plenty more one could do to get "properly and actively" involved. Some indications were given in that same compilation. For instance Matthew recommended to hold the Light, envision positive changes and not go into fear. Alex Jones asked people to call the various radio show with call-in listeners and relentlessly plug the 9-11 story and related sites without letting the first responder screener know about your intents. But basically I feel it is for each one of us to go within and seek inspired advice from our higher self as to what can be/must be done as our unique contribution to propelling this planet and all of humanity towards the ascended bright future now in progress."

Forwarded by "Fred Burks"> who wrote: " I wholeheartedly endorse the excellent article by Steve Bhaerman at the link below and suggest we each do our best to get it into the media as suggested." Steve Bhaerman's excellent article is reproduced below for your convenience. If you'd like to know more about him visit is website at

From:>Swami Beyondananda>
Sent: August 14, 2006
Subject: David Ray Griffin Article for 9/11 Publication

Dear Friends,

I want to let you know about a great step forward in 9/11 truth and enlist your help in spreading the word even further. I just found out that the article I wrote for the Bohemian up here in Santa Rosa about David Ray Griffin, Unquestioned Answers: A Non-Conspiracy Theorist Takes Aim at the Official 9/11 Story will be run as a cover story in both Metro Santa Cruz and Metro Silicon Valley the week of September 11th! This is huge. Now what we need are alternative weeklies everywhere to pick up the story and do the same. This particular story received over 100 letters -- four times as many as the Bohemian has ever gotten about anything -- and they were ALL positive. Readers praised the courage of the Bohemian editors and were heartened and relieved that someone was printing the truth. Griffin's latest book, Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action was published by Westminster John Knox Press -- the official Presbyterian Church publisher. You can only imagine what a buzz this has caused. So let's take advantage of it.

Please share this email -- along with the link to the Bohemian article -- with your networks, and ask folks everywhere to approach their local weeklies. If we want to get this in the 9/11 issues, now is the time to contact the publications. The Bohemian has given me permission to handle republication, so have the publications contact me.

Steve Bhaerman
(707) 525-0711



Unquestioned Answers

Nonconspiracy theorist David Ray Griffin takes aim at the official 9-11 story

By Steve Bhaerman

About 10 years ago, I was asked to perform comedy at a conference I quickly dubbed "the Paranoids Conference." Each presenter had a dark tale to tell of abductions, drug running, assassinations and other nefarious horrors too terrible to mention. There were whispers of government agents in our midst, so when it was my turn to perform, I said I was with the CIA. I paused while the audience gasped. "That's the Comedians Institute of America." It got a laugh, but no amount of laughter could counterbalance the toxicity of the atmosphere. I couldn't wait to leave.

Fast forward to a sunny Sunday afternoon early last year when I found myself in Santa Rosa's Church of the Rose to hear Dr. David Ray Griffin, author of a book on the 9-11 attacks called The New Pearl Harbor, as well as The 9-11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions. Griffin, a soft-spoken retired professor of theology with sandy, graying hair, proceeded to calmly and quietly dismantle the official 9-11 story. The room was filled to standing with people of all ages, many of whom attended the church. As Griffin made his case for how the official story could never have happened the way they said it did, I looked around me. Everyone was riveted, and yet I could detect no fear, no paranoia in the room.
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People were hearing his message--the essentials of which are that our government likely knew about or had something to do with the 9-11 attacks--and yet there was something about his delivery that was reassuring. I've heard David Ray Griffin twice since then, once at a small gathering of world government advocates, the other time at the prestigious Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. Each event had a similar ambiance: a calm, thoughtful, scholarly presentation without the least hint of sensationalism or personal glory.

Whatever one's assumption of what a "conspiracy theorist" is like, David Ray Griffin doesn't fit the mold, perhaps because he's really a nonconspiracy theorist. While he methodically deconstructs the official story, he doesn't spin his own alternative yarn to fill the vacuum. Instead, he allows audience members to draw their own conclusions. As for conspiracy theories, he explains, "the official story is itself a conspiracy theory. As the accepted 'conspiracy theory' goes, a cadre of al Qaida operatives conspired to hijack four jetliners, did so undetected and were able to complete their mission with no interception or even interference from the best-prepared air force on the face of the earth."

Even more unusual, Griffin says, "the crime was solved immediately, and the official story was in place before the day of the attack was over. Within 48 hours, our president stood at the National Cathedral surrounded by Billy Graham, a cardinal, a rabbi and an imam, and used this religious setting to declare a holy war on terror."

If we were to contrast the smoothness of the post-9-11 operation with the aftermath of Katrina, we are left with the question: How can a president so inept in one setting have been so "ept" in another?

False Flags

While Griffin professes no formulated alternative theory of what did happen, he offers a clue in the title of his first book. A New Pearl Harbor refers to a passage in a document called Project for the New American Century--the neocons' blueprint for what they call "pax Americana"--which says that for the American people to accept the overt military mission of creating security through world domination, a "new Pearl Harbor" would be needed. Griffin believes that the 9-11 attacks were just that.

This is a pretty serious--and horrific--assertion to make: that the leaders of our country would see fit to sacrifice some 3,000 civilians so that we could launch a preemptive attack on a perceived enemy. And yet, Griffin is quick to point out, our history is rife with just such incidents, from the "remember the Maine" boosterism preceding the Spanish-American war to the Gulf of Tonkin lie that launched U.S. involvement in Vietnam to the Pearl Harbor attacks themselves. Indeed, recent scholarship on Pearl Harbor suggests that President Roosevelt knew of the attack plan in advance and even purposely provoked the Japanese, because he knew it was the only way we could join the war against Germany. This in itself offers a dicey moral dilemma: Is it justified to sacrifice thousands of lives to save millions of lives?

During the Cold War, two more chilling examples of so-called false flag operations have come to light. (False flag operations are covert situations conducted by governments or other organizations that are designed to appear as if they are being carried out by other entities.) In his recent book, NATO's Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe, Dr. Daniele Ganser, a senior researcher at the Center for Security Studies, Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, reports that NATO, guided by the CIA, supported terrorist attacks on civilians in various European countries to discredit the left and create fear on the part of the populace.

In Italy, right-wing terrorists, supplied by a secret army (named "Gladio," Latin for "sword"), carried out bomb attacks in public places, blamed them on the Italian left and were thereafter protected from prosecution by the military secret service. As right-wing terrorist Vincenzo Vinciguerra explains in Ganser's book, "The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security."

In our own country during the early '60s, the Joint Chiefs of Staff under the command of Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer came up with a similar plan to provoke an attack on Cuba. According to NSA myth-buster James Bamford in his 2001 Random House publication Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency, the Joint Chiefs called for undercover operation of terror within the United States that included plans for "innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. Using phony evidence, all of it would be blamed on Castro, thus giving Lemnitzer and his cabal the excuse, as well as the public and international backing, they needed to launch their war."

President John F. Kennedy nixed the plan immediately, and it was never put into action. But it did have the approval of top military brass, and with the right president--or the wrong one--it could very well have come about.

In the aftermath of 9-11, Griffin initially dismissed any speculation that the attacks could have been an inside job. "I subscribed to the 'blow-back' theory," Griffin says. "After generations of exploitation and interference by Western powers, these people had such fury that they had to lash out any way they could."

At the time, Griffin, who was close to retirement from his position at Claremont School of Theology, was working on a book on global democracy. In the wake of 9-11, he decided that he needed a special chapter on U.S. imperialism. He worked on that chapter for over a year before he came to the view that 9-11 was an inside job. "As much as I knew about prior false flag operations, as much as I knew or thought I knew about the nefariousness of the current regime, my first take was not even the Bush administration could or would do such a thing."

Three Different Stories

It wasn't until a colleague sent Griffin an e-mail with Paul Thompson's timeline--an exact, minute-by-minute accounting of the events of Sept. 11 based entirely on mainstream media accounts--that he changed his mind. "The most glaring anomaly," Griffin now says, "was that none of the hijacked planes were intercepted, even though all of them would have been, had standard procedure been followed."

According to Gen. Ralph Eberhart, head of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), from the time the FAA senses something is wrong, it takes about a minute to contact NORAD, after which NORAD, Eberhart says, can scramble fighter jets "within a matter of minutes to anywhere in the United States." So what happened on that morning?

The government has given three conflicting answers to this question.

Since a full 32 minutes elapsed between the time the first hijacked airliner was detected and the time it crashed into the World Trade Center, it initially appeared that "stand down" orders must have been issued to suspend standard procedures. Indeed, the first reports from both NORAD and Gen. Richard Myers, the acting chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, indicated that no jets were scrambled until after the Pentagon was hit at 9:38am.

By Sept. 13, however, the original story had morphed into an explanation that "the planes were scrambled but arrived too late." The delays were blamed on the FAA, said to have been slow in notifying NORAD. If that were the case, Griffin points out, it was strange indeed that no FAA personnel were fired or even cited for the breakdown in procedures and the resulting disaster. (Griffin notes, moreover, that the FAA flawlessly handled--on the same day--the unprecedented task of grounding thousands of domestic flights.)

Meanwhile, Griffin reports, transportation secretary Norman Mineta testified that at 9:20am--about 18 minutes before the Pentagon was hit, allegedly by Flight 77--he went down to the shelter conference room under the White House. According to Mineta, a young man walked in and said to the vice president, "The plane is 50 miles out," and later, "The plane is 30 miles out." When the young man reported, "The plane is 10 miles out," he also asked the vice president, "Do the orders still stand?"

"Of course the orders still stand," Cheney is alleged to have replied. "Have you heard anything to the contrary?"

When Mineta was asked by the 9-11 Commission how long after he arrived the conversation occurred, Mineta said, "Probably about five or six minutes," which would have placed it around 9:25 or 9:26am. However, in the final version of the story, The 9/11 Commission Report maintained that no one in our government knew about the approaching aircraft until 9:36am, too late to shoot it down. How did the Commission deal with this apparent contradiction? Like just about every other piece of testimony that conflicted with the official story, Griffin avers, they ignored it.

"With regard to the question 'Do the orders still stand?'" Griffin says, "Mineta seemed to assume those orders were to shoot the plane down. But really, the young man's question makes sense only if the orders were to do something unexpected--that is, not to shoot the plane down."

So what did happen? Whodunnit?

Again, Griffin prefers to focus on the circumstantial framework for examining the evidence. "You have a suspect who changes his story three times. Does this make him more or less suspicious?"

Collective Evil

Of course, the top echelon of leaders in this country aren't exactly your usual run-of-the-lineup perps--which, according to Griffin, is why those who've pointed fingers at the emperor's bare buttocks in this case have been marginalized like a bunch of tinfoil-headed kooks. No argument about this. I've asked a number of savvy authors and commentators why they haven't taken on the unanswered questions and unquestioned answers around 9-11. Their answers have been pretty much the same: It's just too big a stretch for most Americans to believe their own government could have had anything to do with it. However, in an exceedingly underreported Zogby poll done just last month, 42 percent of adults polled believe the U. S. government and the 9-11 Commission "concealed or refused to investigate critical evidence" that contradicts the official explanation of the attacks.

Perhaps what these reluctant commentators really meant is that they would be committing career suicide by questioning the official story. So why and how is David Ray Griffin different? And why is he spending his retirement traveling around the country writing and talking about something that conventional wisdom insists people don't want to hear?

Perhaps it has something to do with Griffin's background in "process theology." Process theology is specifically designed to answer such post-Holocaust questions as, how could a loving God have allowed such a thing to happen? Griffin has written or co-authored a dozen books and articles on the subject, and roughly the answer is this: We, as creations of the Creator, have free will to choose how and what we create in this life. This very often results in what we call "evil." On the other hand, our greatest power as human beings is to bring that loving God to earth by creating good instead.

To those who assert "God is dead," process theology says no, Griffin reasons. The loving God is alive in our thoughts and words and deeds. God doesn't intervene to set things right unilaterally. Rather, that spirit--through us--embodies divine love. In other words, the world changes--if we change it. Divine power, he says, is "persuasive, not controlling."

While Griffin's faith may be deep, it certainly isn't narrow. He recently edited a book called Deep Religious Pluralism.

"I've written two books on the problem of evil, so I've been dealing with the topic for a long time," Griffin says. "Frankly, as soon as I saw the evidence that 9-11 was an inside job, I wasn't surprised. I had studied the rise of Nazism and the Holocaust, the Japanese butchery of the Chinese in Manchuria, our use of nuclear weapons in Japan in spite of their imminent surrender. I've seen the depth of evil in collective situations. It's an old, old story, and this is just the latest chapter. Once the nation-state announces it is threatened, everything else gets pushed to the back burner. That's what we're seeing now."

Griffin's intention just over three years ago was to write an article for Harper's on what he then believed to be "foreknowledge and thwarted intelligence." But the more evidence he saw that the attacks were likely orchestrated by our own government, the more he felt a book was needed. Since none of the American investigators had been able to get a book published at that time, Griffin figured that as a published author he had a better chance.

But it was far from automatic. Richard Falk, a Princeton professor of international law and practice, had personally recommended Griffin's book to several publishers. Every one of them turned it down. "Not for us," said one rejection tersely. At dinner one night, Falk suggested Interlink Books, a tiny publisher that had published a recent book of his. Interlink took the book, but only because of a quirky coincidence. The editor was dubious. But knowing Griffin was a theologian, she asked her father, a minister, if he'd ever heard of the guy. "David Ray Griffin?" said her father. "I have all of his books!"

And so, in 2004, the book got published. But you'd never learn this from mainstream magazines and newspapers, which have yet to publish a review of The New Pearl Harbor, which has sold over 100,000 copies. Nor will you see him on mainstream TV, which has yet to invite him to appear.

Griffin seems unperturbed by this, and points out that each week and each month the alternative account of 9-11 gains wider credence. Is he afraid? Does he feel in danger? "Well," he jokes, "there are two possibilities. Either they leave me alone, or they take me out. If they leave me alone, I get to enjoy my old age and write my systematic theology. If they take me out, my 9-11 books go right to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. So it's a win-win situation."

More seriously, he points to his Christian faith (Disciples of Christ is his own background), and says that Christian history is full of examples of the faithful who stuck their necks out for the truth. "If we who believe in everlasting life fear death," he says, "what does that say about our faith?"


Other than standing for his faith, what does Griffin hope to accomplish by exposing the 9-11 story as a lie? As an advocate for a worldwide democratic order, he sees this story as an example of "governmental lawlessness" so egregious that its exposure could call into question the continuation of the present system with its "anarchical competition between nation states." First, however, people must be willing to think the unthinkable, and to be willing to look at the evidence that it is our own nation that has become the evil empire.

This is a formidable barrier to cross. Ever since the notion of the "Big Lie" was first put forth to describe the tactics of the Third Reich, it has become a cliché that the bigger the lie, the harder it is for people to see the truth. This is especially so when the official version takes on the status of what theologian Griffin calls "sacred myth."

"The 'truth' of the official 9-11 story," explains Griffin, "must be taken on faith. It is not a matter of debate or even discussion. Anyone who brings up anything that contradicts the official story is either ignored or denounced as a conspiracy nut.

"However," he continues, "when the official account of 9-11 is stripped of its halo and treated simply as a theory rather than an unquestionable dogma, it cannot be defended as the best theory to account for the relevant facts. When challenges to it are not treated as blasphemy, it can easily be seen to not correspond with reality."

And so David Ray Griffin continues to make presentations, do interviews and get his version of the truth to "break the soundless barrier." With Falk, John B. Cobb Jr. and Catherine Keller, Griffin co-authored the just-published anthology The American Empire and the Commonwealth of God: A Political, Economic, Religious Statement. His own contribution portrays the 9-11 attacks as orchestrated to promote the American empire. Publishing in July is his newest book, Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action.

His hope? That enough Americans wake up and call for a re-investigation, and that those who know more will feel safe enough to come forward. But first, he says, we Americans must muster the will and courage to face the situation squarely in the face.

As a postscript to my interview with David Ray Griffin, I am reminded of a March 30 article by journalist Doug Thompson published on In it, Thompson recalls a 1981 encounter with the late John Connally, the former governor of Texas who was wounded in the Kennedy assassination. In an unguarded moment, Thompson asked Connally, "Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald fired the gun that killed Kennedy?"

"Absolutely not," Connally said. "I do not, for one second, believe the conclusions of the Warren Commission."

"So why not speak out?" Thompson asked.

"I will never speak out publicly about what I believe," Connally replied, "because I love this country and we needed closure at the time."

Now here we are more than 40 years after that devastating perpetration and we have to wonder, how well did "closure" serve us? As we see daily the fruits of self-serving secrecy and unchecked power, it might be time for some disclosure instead.

Send a letter to the editor about this story:


NOTE from Jean: I've networked this article above to various media and part of my intro letter was this:

"Right now I feel compelled to write to you to bring to your attention an important article about 9-11. I'm sure you are up to your ears in work and probably have read plenty about 9-11. But this one deserves attention, if only because in less than a month media everywhere will revisit this terrible tragedy on the eve of its fifth anniversary. This article will provide you with a much needed perspective that may be instrumental in fostering greater light on the still unacknowledged true story of this sad day.

One last note: please bear in mind that the current US administration is keenly aware that its dismal record and deeply unpopular war in Iraq will be very detrimental to most elected Republicans in the coming November elections. Should the restraining power of mainstream media coverage of the truth about this administration in relation to 9-11 not be exercised as it should be, what is to prevent them (the neo-con operatives enmeshed within this administration) from attempting to perpetrate something even worse than 9-11 to prop up their faltering poll ratings and undertake their next planned carnage in Iran, with far-reaching and utterly disastrous consequences worldwide?"


See also:

CIA Instructions to Media Assets
This document caused quite a stir when it was discovered in 1977. Dated 4/1/67, and marked "DESTROY WHEN NO LONGER NEEDED", this document is a stunning testimony to how concerned the CIA was over investigations into the Kennedy assassination.

David Ray Griffin on 911 Commission's "Bald-faced Lie"
Theologian David Ray Griffin carefully examines the facts and official fictions about flights 11, 175, 77, and 93 that expose the 911 Commission's explanation for the failure of our military to intercept the flights on 9/11 as a "bald-faced lie". 1 hour audio

"Towers of Deception", by Barrie Zwicker/
Book Exposes Media Coverup of 911

911 Truth Congressional Candidates
Carol Brouillet for Congress: To champion Impeachment, Truth, Peace, Justice, Ecological Wisdom, Impeachment Resolution

911 - The Fairy Tale From Hell (8-14-6)

Excellent Video of Loose Change Producer
He describes his experience in Iraq, including being part of the troops who shot at the wedding party, and how he is upholding his oath to defend his country by fighting every day for 911 Truth. Powerful. recommended by "Kathleen Roberts">

Kids Being Taught 911 Lies in School
An activity book for children about the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks being distributed to schools...contains pages of "trivia questions" and math problems about the attack.

Check also the 911 Comic Book:

"Self Defense" : Are Bush, Israel Involved in 9-11?
Governments have always invented threats in order to pursue aggression and make their people sacrifice their lives, wealth and freedom. If you believe Israel and the West are under attack by Islamic extremism, you are being fooled. There is growing evidence that Israel was involved in the 9-11 attack and is plotting new terror scares to keep the GOP in power. A Report of the German Intelligence Service (BND) says Israel's Mossad helped the "Arab terrorists." Germany has not denied that this report is authentic and no one has refuted it. "These investigations disclosed in late May of 2001 that an attack was to be made against certain specified targets in the American cities of Washington and New York. But it was apparent that the Mossad was not only fully aware of these attacks well in advance but actually, though their own agents inside these Arab groups, assisted in the planning and the eventual execution of the attacks. That the Israeli government was fully aware of these attack is absolutely certain and proven. Diplomatic traffic between the Israeli Embassy in the Federal Republic and the Israeli Foreign Office made it very clear that Minister President Sharon was fully aware of this pending attack and urgently wished that no attempt was made to prevent the attacks." On August 6,2001, the German ambassador Ischinger informed George W. Bush of the exact time and place of the attack. Bush thanked the ambassador and said he was aware of it. Later the US Government demanded that Germany keep this warning secret. This report has been around since 2002 but I was just made aware of it. CLIP

Spinning Old Threats Into New Fears
"Investigators have known for a decade about terrorist plots to bring down passenger jets with liquid explosives. So why, all of a sudden," Robert Scheer asks, "did Bush ban most liquids on flights? Government-induced hysteria thrives on public ignorance, which is why President Bush is so confident of turning the British bomb plot to his partisan purposes.

Former Generals and Officials: Iran Is "Not a Crisis"
Seeking to counter the White House's depiction of its Middle East policies as crucial to the prevention of terrorist attacks at home, 21 former generals, diplomats and national security officials will release an open letter tomorrow arguing that the administration's "hard line" has actually undermined US security.


From: "Jack Allis">
Subject: 911 Truth Rocks The Mainstream
Date: 17 Aug 2006


C-SPAN Sets the Pace with Landmark Coverage of Alex Jones's Panel Discussion with Scholars For 911 Truth

The fact that the mainstream version of the horrific events of 9/11 is an outrageous lie can no longer be ignored by the mainstream media. Let's begin with the fact that there was never a true forensic investigation of the physical evidence. Everything that was done, including the President's 9/11 Commission, smacks of whitewash, cover-up and deception. So, independent investigators and 9/11 truths seekers on the Internet have done the job, and come up with the obvious conclusion that what we were told happened could not possibly have happened. As Americans in droves wake up to the fact that they are being deceived and manipulated, the truth about this seminal event in recent history has the potential to be a springboard for massive change, and create the kind of world empowered people are capable of.

C-SPAN's coverage on July 29 of 9/11 & The Neo-Con Agenda, a symposium hosted by Alex Jones, radio talk show host and prominent voice in the 9/11 truth movement, with a panel of distinguished individuals from the organization Scholars For 9/11 Truth, was a landmark in this area. Scholars For 9/11 Truth is a non-partisan organization of professionals, academics and retired military personnel, who are devoted to an honest investigation of the facts, determining the truth about what happened on that terrible day, and what it all means for America and the world. Chills of excitement went down my spine as I watched this cogent analysis on a big-time, mainstream TV channel, which reached the inescapable conclusion that the American people are being hoodwinked into giving up their freedom in return for the bogus promise of protecting their security.

Click the link below to watch C-SPAN's coverage of 9/11 & The Neo-Con Agenda Scroll down to: American Perspectives: September 11,APS&ArchiveDays=100

And please visit the Scholars For 9/11 Truth website to learn more.



See also:


The Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Center; 9/11/2001, and "National Security Breach" A material, 'legal deposition' by Tom-Scott Gordon (July, 5, 2006)
"The destruction of the World Trade Center, as witnessed on September 11th, 2001, was the result of an elaborately planned, Controlled Demolition." This is the conclusion of thousands of witnesses and hundreds of forensics experts. Given due consideration, these findings imply, that *US MILITARY* personnel are responsible for crimes that led to the murder of an estimated 3,000 innocent Americans. As a living witness to these actions, as I have described herein, I do hereby officially charge those responsible, both for the execution, and for the '9/11 cover-up,' with the crimes of: Conspiracy, Treason, Genocide and Murder. Additional criminal charges also apply. My sole objective in composing this document is to publicize the *initial phase* of this covert operation at the World Trade Center, dating back to 1989. While I was employed by the WTC Architects of Record; Emery Roth and Associates, AIA, New York City, where I discovered both physical samples and written documentation concerning potential hazards with the physical integrity of the Twin Towers. After witnessing these events, I publicly expressed my concern for a thorough public safety-inspection of the Twin Trade Towers, to other architects and contractors.

Why The World Trade Towers-"Must come down!"
The structural integrity of the massive World Trade Center Towers was contingent upon the combined value of *both* the internal, perimeter STEEL columns and the adjoining ALUMINIUM Fascia panels. Over the years, the process known as 'galvanic corrosion' had structurally degraded these buildings beyond repair. Supporting statements to this effect had been compiled, and were presented by the engineers to the building owners during the time-frame that I have described. Subsequently, both Mayor Giuiliani's Office, and the New York Port Authority, had allegedly received an order for the buildings to be completely dismantled, by 2007. "Through the continual effects of wind-sheer and [flex-fatigue] this process had eroded the bolt-holds at roughly floors #7 through #25, that fulcrum-point where the lateral pressures were inherently sustained. Photographs, taken after the disaster, reveal that it was only those lowest exterior column sectional groupings which do not appear to have shown severe de-coupling of the joinery, therein. This is evidenced by the bright 'shiny,' cage-like forms that served to contain the bulk of the physical contents among a burning rubble. Physical evidence verifies that incendiary 'explosive' material(s), such as 'thermate,' had come into contact with numerous STEEL structural members throughout the entire structures. This has now been verified by independent research scientists from actual samples that had been collected from the site. Witnessed by their locations within the burning pyre, these supporting columns had fallen from the upper-most portions of the two building core-sections. (...) The building was bid at $750,M, and cost$1.2B to build. It was worth about $4. to $5.B at its peak, but would have cost nearly $15.B to un-build it in 2010 dollars, or as it neared its 1/2 'safe' life. Obviously, it was imploded, because there was never going to be a 'break-even' point for either the current or future owners. CLIP BOTH DOCUMENTS ABOVE RECOMMENDED BY "Mark Graffis"> WHO WROTE: "This is a mind blowing article and a MUST READ!!!! MANY MORE CRITICALLY IMPORTANT 9-11 RELATED MATERIAL IN ITEM #2 BELOW.




Swami Beyondananda's 2006 State of the Universe Address

Swami Calls for an Up-Wising
Wise Up, Everybody ...
The Evolution Has Begun!

By Swami Beyondananda

For years now, we've been hearing "shift happens," and wondering when, where and how. Now finally, it looks as if the shift is about to hit the fan. This is good news for all those shift fans who've been wondering if the new age will arrive before old age does. Of course, if you're looking for signs in the news, you won't find them. At least, not yet. The news might as well be called the "olds," because the world still seems stuck in greedlock, ruled by fossilized fools fueled by fossil fuels. But I have been receiving encouraging intelligence reports that say indeed, humans are becoming more intelligent. Yes, people everywhere are wising up. And that's great, because we could sure use an up-wising!

The evolution has begun. But before we see changes in the old needy-greedy, we humans must change our consciousness -- and the first step is becoming conscious of how unconscious we've been. As the saying goes, the truth shall upset you free, and last year saw lots of disillusionment. But what better to free us from the far more dangerous condition of illusionment? If we want to stop the abuse of power, the first step is to disabuse ourselves. So, here's some good news: Despite a massive media impropaganda machine that feeds the public "babblum" (strained bullshit made digestible for a simple child's mind), more and more Americans are reading between the lyins' and peering behind the Irony Curtain.

In 2005, Americans had to face the sad realization that the Bush Administration's "pro-life" stance appears to be limited to the unborn and the brain-dead. Despite being panned by critics everywhere, the Iraqi Horror Picture Show continued its run, as thousands and thousands of born fetuses - ours and theirs -- lost their right to life. While we may or may not have saved face by staying there, we have most definitely lost ass. And we've been assured we'll be stuck in that morass until -- well, until there's no more ass to lose. Meanwhile, more and more Americans reached another sad conclusion: We're not in Iraq to keep the peace, we're there to keep the pieces.

The signs of up-wising are everywhere. Even the most unpleasant stories are beginning to break through the soundless barrier and defy the President's "don't ask, don't tell" policy: "You promise not to ask us what we're doing, and we promise not to tell you." Although we've been inundated with "fear-gnomes" and ominously warned we have to protect ourselves in this dogma-eat-dogma world, a majority of Americans are no longer comfortable with the notion that the only way to defeat the "evil-doers" in the world is to out evil-do them. Although our President has assured us that "we don't torture," it is now common knowledge that we simply send detainees to countries that do torture when we want them to "testify under oaf."

As for those progressives who've been whining that the President "never listens" to them, well it turns out he's been listening all along. And thanks to the so-called Patriot Act (which, I understand, is about to be renamed the Eternal Insecurity Act), it looks like he'll be able to listen in even more -- all in the name of making us safe. But now even some Republicans are beginning to see that there's a difference between protection and the "protection racket." And with the recent revelations about Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff and other gold collar criminals, some of the more devout conservatives have come to realize that the "family values" they voted for bear an uncanny resemblance to Soprano Family values.

If there was any warm feeling in 2005, chalk it up to climate change. Katrina hit, and in the government's response we saw a future when at last all Americans will be equal -- where everyone regardless of race or creed will be treated like Black folks.

Alarming Policies Have Awakened Millions!

Fortunately this is the State of the Universe Address, and from a universal perspective, things are humming along quite nicely. It turns out that the Earth is the talk of the Universe these days. In fact, the odds-makers at the Intergalactic Enquirer say the odds are actually in our favor: "We're betting on the human race to reach critical mass before they get to critical massacre." And we could beat the odds, if we finally gave up our addiction to getting even and got odd instead. It stands to reason. If each of us used our unique oddness to improve the odds for everyone, there would be no need for getting even.

Yes, the up-wising has begun, and intergalactic observers are saying that we have none other than George W. Bush to thank. How is that, you may ask? Well, I am reminded of a story my guru Harry Cohen Baba used to tell. A well-known minister died and arrived at the Pearly Gates at the same time as a cab-driver from New York. The cabbie was ushered in, but the clergyman was left waiting outside. After waiting and waiting and waiting, he finally called over the attending angel. "Excuse me, but I'm a renowned minister. How come you let that cab-driver in, and I'm left waiting out here?" "Well," the angel said, "when you preached, everyone slept. But when he drove, everyone prayed."

For millennia, spiritual teachers have been calling on us to go for the highest common denominator, but we've always seemed to end up with the lowest common dominator instead. And now, George W. Bush has done what preachers, teachers and other far-sighted visionaries have failed to do up until now: His policies have been so alarming, that he has awakened a slumbering body politic that slept through all previous alarms. Where others have failed, he has people all across the world praying, "God help us!" And instead of waiting for an intervention from above -- after all, we cannot expect to be fed intervenously forever -- people are beginning to help themselves, and even more importantly, help each other.

Sure, there are still plenty of Not-Sees out there who insist on not seeing that we humans are all in the same boat. The good news is, more and more Americans are getting that sinking feeling that there's only one Earthship, and ignoring a leak because it's "on the other side of the boat," is a mistake of titanic proportions.

We Are the Leaders We've Been Waiting For

America, the world's only super-power, doesn't need a revolution. We've already had one, thank you. What is needed now -- and what has already begun -- is the American Evolution where enough of us wake up and see that those two political parties have been partying on our dime, and we the people haven't been invited. Time to go beyond choosing the lesser of two weasels. If we want to evolve the dream of our Founding Fathers -- instead of devolve into the nightmare of Big Brother -- we must become the leaders we've been waiting for. I've said it before. The only force more powerful than a super-power is a Super-Duper Power -- the power of the people plus the power of love. And anyone who doesn't believe we are a Super-Duper Power, well they have been super-duped!

It's true, many people still feel that the affairs of the world should be left to the bolder and badder among us. But look what that leaves us with: Are you satisfied choosing between Saddam Hussein and George Who's-Not-Sane? Now I know those "God, guns and guts" Old Testament Christians might have forgotten, but Jesus did say that the meek shall inherit the earth. In all undue immodesty, maybe it's time for us meek folks to boldly step forth and accept our inheritance.

For just as 2000 years ago Jesus stood up to a class that placed the rule of gold above the Golden Rule, today we face the modern version of the Pharisees -- the Phallusees, I think they are called. They cynically cloak themselves in religious robes, but the only power they trust is the power of the stick. Well, there's another old saying: It doesn't matter how big your stick is, if you stick your stick where it doesn't belong, you're stuck.

Another sign of the up-wising and coming evolution is that people are growing dissatisfied with the positionality of "my side vs. your side," and are seeing the whole issue of sides from a new angle: Maybe we're all on the same side. For example, this argument between creationism and evolution is just another way for dueling dualities to steal our energy. I believe in both. I believe the Creator created us to evolve, otherwise Jesus would have said, "Now don't do a thing till I return." I have it on good authority that the Creator is pulling for us: "Come on, you children of God. Time to grow up and become adults of God instead."

Time to Overgrow the System From the Grassroots Up

The time for revolution and overthrowing has past. Now we need an evolution where we "overgrow" the current dysfunctional system from the grassroots up. You are probably familiar with the story of the Native American grandfather who tells his grandson that there are two wolves fighting inside all of us: The wolf of fear and anger, and the wolf of love and peace.

"Which wolf will win?" asks the young boy.
"Whichever one we feed," replies the grandfather.

And so when people ask me to predict what will happen, I tell them the only thing I can predict with certainty is the uncertainty of any prediction. The future's just too unpredictable these days. This is a Universe of infinite possibilities, so it all depends on which futures we invest in.

There is something far more empowerful than predictions, and that is Tell-A-Vision. If you're fed up with the current programming, my advice is turn off your TV and tell a vision instead. That way, we will have healing and functional visions to step into -- and that beats what we've been stepping into. So I will tell my vision for 2006: This is the year of the American Evolution, where all those who prefer the Golden Rule to the rule of gold get past left and right, and come front and center.

I see Americans of all political stripes, plaids and polka dots (not to mention solids), choosing to face the music and dance together. Sure, we'll have to learn some new steps, but it's time for a new dance - A-Bun-Dance. That is where we get up off our assets, move our buns, and dance together in rhythm and flow. And what better way to turn the funk into function, and leave the junk at the junction?

I see us in a new reality show -- Extreme Planetary Makeover -- where everyone can play and everyone can win. Just think. Something more compelling than reality TV ... it's called reality!

I know, I know. Only a crazy person would dare to propose anything that sane. But maybe it's time to declare the current institutionalized insanity illegally insane, and set about building a sane asylum big enough for all six and a half billion of us. As my guru Harry Cohen Baba has said, "Life is like a good deli. Even if something isn't on the menu, if enough people order it they have to make it." So what kind of new world order are we ordering up? Do we feed the wolf of fear and buy into the "it's every man for himself" story? Or do we nourish the wolf of love and evolve into the "we're all in it together" story?

If we're going to be a Super-Duper Power, we have to be super-duper powerful in activating the power of love, and cultivating the power of joy. So laugh more. Why not? We all know there's something funny going on. The wall of lies cannot withstand the vibration of laughter. All seriousness aside, only a farce field that combines truth and laughter can bring down the Irony Curtain once and for all.

Release the old story -- been there, done that -- and speak the new story into the world. Dare to imagine what we could be doing if we weren't spending so much of our livelihood on weapons of deadlihood. Think about it ... think tanks where they think about something other than tanks. Young people living for their country instead of dying for it. Health and education fully funded, and the Air Force having to run a bake sale so they can buy a new bomber.

Can we change the course of history? Can we shift our karma into surpassing gear? I cannot say for sure, but if we choose to give up that old Dodge and trade it in for an Evolvo, that's a good first step. So ... let the Evolution begin. We don't have to wait until the first Big Shot is fired. If we create a powerful enough field, the Big Shots will end up firing themselves.

May the FARCE -- as always -- be with us.




Gullible Americans

By Paul Craig Roberts


I was in China when a July Harris Poll reported that 50 percent of Americans still believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when Bush invaded that country, and that 64 percent of Americans still believe that Saddam Hussein had strong links with Al Qaeda. 

The Chinese leaders and intellectuals with whom I was meeting were incredulous. How could a majority of the population in an allegedly free country with an allegedly free press be so totally misinformed?

The only answer I could give the Chinese is that Americans would have been the perfect population for Mao and the Gang of Four, because Americans believe anything their government tells them.

Americans never check any facts. Who do you know, for example, who has even read the Report of the 9/11 Commission, much less checked the alleged facts reported in that document. I can answer for you. You don't know anyone who has read the report or checked the facts.  

The two co-chairmen of the 9/11 Commission Report, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, have just released a new book, "Without Precedent: The Inside Story of the 9/11 Commission." Kean and Hamilton reveal that the commission suppressed the fact that Muslim ire toward the US is due to US support for Israel's persecution and dispossession of the Palestinians, not to our "freedom and democracy" as Bush propagandistically claims. Kean and Hamilton also reveal that the US military committed perjury and lied about its failure to intercept the hijacked airliners. The commission even debated referring the military's lies to the Justice Department for criminal investigation. Why should we assume that these admissions are the only coverups and lies in the 9/11 Commission Report?

How do you know that 9/11 was a Muslim terrorist plot? How do you know that three World Trade Center buildings collapsed because two were hit by airliners? You only "know" because the government gave you the explanation of what you saw on TV. (Did you even know that three WTC buildings collapsed?)

I still remember the enlightenment I experienced as a student in Russian Studies when I learned that the Czarist secret police would set off bombs and then blame those whom they wanted to arrest.. 

When Hitler seized dictatorial power in 1933, he told the Germans that his new powers were made necessary by a communist terrorist attack on the Reichstag. When Hitler started World War II by invading Poland, he told the Germans that Poland had crossed the frontier and attacked Germany.

Governments lie all the time--especially governments staffed by neoconservatives whose intellectual godfather, Leo Strauss, taught them that it is permissible to deceive the public in order to achieve their agenda.

Some readers will write to me to say that they saw a TV documentary or read a magazine article verifying the government's explanation of 9/11. But, of course, these Americans did not check the facts either--and neither did the people who made the documentary and wrote the magazine article.  

Scientists and engineers, such as Clemson University Professor of Engineering Dr. Judy Woods and BYU Professor of Physics Dr. Steven Jones, have raised compelling questions about the official account of the collapse of the three WTC buildings. The basic problem for the government's account is that the buildings are known to have fallen at free fall speed, a fact that is inconsistent with the government's "pancaking" theory in which debris from above collapsed the floors below. If the buildings actually "pancaked," then each floor below would have offered resistance to the floors above, and the elapsed time would have been much longer. These experts have also calculated that the buildings did not have sufficient gravitational energy to accommodate the government's theory of the collapse. It is certainly a known and non-controversial fact among physicists and engineers that the only way  buildings can collapse at free fall speed into their own footprints is by engineered demolition. Explosives are used to remove the support of floors below before the debris from above arrives. Otherwise, resistance is encountered and the time required for fall increases. Engineered demolition also explains the symmetrical collapse of the buildings into their own foot prints. As it is otherwise improbable for every point in floors below to weaken uniformly, "pancaking" would result in asymmetrical collapse as some elements of the floor would give sooner than others.

Scientific evidence is a tough thing for the American public to handle, and the government knows it. The government can rely on people dismissing things that they cannot understand as "conspiracy theory." But if you are inclined to try to make up your own mind, you can find Dr. Jones' and Dr. Woods‚ papers, which have been formally presented to their peers at scientific meetings, on line at

Experts have also pointed out that the buildings' massive steel skeletons comprised a massive heat sink that wicked away the heat from the limited, short-lived fires, thus preventing a heat buildup. Experts also point out that the short-lived, scattered, low-intensity fires could barely reach half the melting point of steel even if they burned all day instead of merely an hour. 

Don't ask me to tell you what happened on 9/11. All I know is that the official account of the buildings' collapse is improbable.

Now we are being told another improbable tale. Muslim terrorists in London and Pakistan were caught plotting to commit mass murder by smuggling bottles of explosive liquids on board airliners in hand luggage. Baby formula, shampoo and water bottles allegedly contained the tools of suicide bombers.  

How do we know about this plot? Well, the police learned it from an "Islamic militant arrested near the Afghan-Pakistan border several weeks ago." And how did someone so far away know what British-born people in London were plotting?

Do you really believe that Western and Israeli intelligence services, which were too incompetent to prevent the 9/11 attack, can uncover a London plot by capturing a person on the Afghan border in Pakistan? Why would "an Islamic militant" rat on such a plot even if he knew of it?

More probable explanations of the "plot" are readily available. According to the August 11 Wayne Madsen Report, informed sources in the UK report that "the Tony Blair government, under siege by a Labor Party revolt, cleverly cooked up a new 'terror' scare to avert the public's eyes away from Blair's increasing political woes. British law enforcement, neocon and intelligence operatives in the US, Israel, and Britain, and Rupert Murdoch's global media empire cooked up the terrorist plot, liberally borrowing from the failed 1995 'Oplan Bjinka‚ plot by Pakistan- and Philippines-based terrorist Ramzi Ahmad Yousef to crash 11 trans-Pacific airliners bound from Asia to the US."

There are other plausible explanations. For example, our puppet in Pakistan decided to arrest some people who were a threat to him. With Bush's commitment to "building democracy in the Middle East," our puppet can't arrest his political enemies without cause, so he lays the blame on a plot.

Any testimony against Muslim plotters by "an Islamic militant" is certain to have been bought and paid for.

Or consider this explanation. Under the Nuremberg standard, Bush and Blair are war criminals. Bush is so worried that he will be held accountable that he has sent his attorney general to consult with the Republican Congress to work out legislation to protect Bush retroactively from his violations of the Geneva Conventions.

Tony Blair is in more danger of finding himself in the dock. Britain is signatory to a treaty that, if justice is done, will place Blair before the International Criminal Court in the Hague. 

What better justification for the two war criminals‚ illegal actions than the need to foil dastardly plots by Muslims recruited in sting operations by Western intelligence services? The more Bush and Blair can convince their publics that terrorist danger abounds, the less likely Bush and Blair are ever to be held accountable for their crimes.  

But surely, some readers might object, our great moral leaders wouldn't do something political like that!  

They most certainly would. As Joshua Micah Marshall wrote in the July 7 issue of Time magazine, the suspicion is "quite reasonable" that "the Bush Administration orchestrates its terror alerts and arrests to goose the GOP's poll numbers." 

Joshua Micah Marshall proves his conclusion by examining the barrage of color-coded terror alerts, none of which were real, and, yes, it all fits with political needs.

And don't forget the plot unearthed in Miami to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago. Described by Vice President Cheney as a "very real threat," the plot turned out to be nothing more than a few harmless whackos recruited by an FBI agent sent out to organize a sting.  

There was also the "foiled plot" to blow up the Holland Tunnel and flood downtown New York City with sea water. Thinking New Orleans, the FBI invented this plot without realizing that New York City is above sea level. Of course, most Americans didn't realize it either.

For six years the Bush regime has been able to count on the ignorant and naive American public to believe whatever tale that is told them. American gullibility has yet to fail the Bush regime.

The government has an endless number of conspiracy theories, but only people who question the government's conspiracies are derided for "having a conspiracy theory."

The implication is even worse if we assume that the explosive bottle plot is genuine. It means that America and Britain by their own aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, and by enabling Israel's war crimes in Palestine and Lebanon, have created such hatred that Muslims, who identify with Bush's, Blair's, and Israel's victims, are plotting retaliation.  

But Bush is prepared. He has taught his untutored public that "they hate us for our freedom and democracy."

Gentle reader, wise up. The entire world is laughing at you.



August 14th, 2006

Seymour Hersh: U.S. Helped Plan Israeli Attack, Cheney "Convinced" Assault on Lebanon Could Serve as Prelude to Preemptive Attack on Iran

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reports in this week's issue of the New Yorker that Israeli officials visited the White House earlier this summer to get a "green light" for an attack on Lebanon. The Bush administration approved, Hersh says, in part to remove Hezbollah as a deterrent to a potential US bombing of Iran. [includes rush transcript]
Israel and Lebanon saw continued violence on the last day before a UN ceasefire. South Lebanon continued to come under intense Israeli bombardment Sunday. In the most lethal attack, fifteen Lebanese were reported killed after Israel bombed the village of Rachat. Meanwhile, Hezbollah launched more than 250 rockets into Northern Israel. It was the highest number of rockets Hezbollah has fired into Israel since fighting began. At least one Israeli was killed.

The past month's violence broke out after Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers and killed eight others. Israel rejected Hezbollah's demand for a prisoner exchange, and launched a full-on attack targeting Lebanon's vital infrastructure, including a power station, the main airport and scores of roads and bridges. An estimated 1,000 Lebanese have been killed and more than one million displaced. At least forty Israeli civilians have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced under a daily barrage of Hezbollah rockets.

The Bush administration has openly backed Israel's campaign. The administration resisted international efforts for a ceasefire and rushed arms to the Israeli military.

A major new article says U.S. support for the invasion of Lebanon has gone even further than we already know. That in fact, White House support for the massive bombing of Lebanon even predates the day those two Israeli soldiers were seized.

In this week's issue of the New Yorker, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reports Israeli officials visited the White House earlier this summer to get a "green light" for an attack on Lebanon. The Bush administration approved, Hersh says, in part to remove Hezbollah as a deterrent to a potential US bombing of Iran. A government consultant said the Bush administration also saw the attack on Lebanon as a "demo" for what it could expect to face in Iran.

• Seymour Hersh, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist for The New Yorker. His latest article is "Watching Lebanon - Washington's Interests in Israel's War", in this week's issue of the New Yorker.


AMY GOODMAN: Seymour Hersh is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. He joins us in Washington, D.C. His latest piece is called “Watching Lebanon: Washington's Interests in Israel's War.” We welcome you to Democracy Now!, Seymour Hersh.


AMY GOODMAN: Hi. Can you just start off by telling us what you know at this point of what Washington's interests in Israel's war are?

SEYMOUR HERSH: Well, when you say Washington, you have to talk about Dick Cheney. I can tell you pretty firmly that it's his office. I guess you could say it's sort of the home of the neoconservative thinking in Washington -- some of his aides and the people close to him in the White House: Elliott Abrams, David Wurmser, others.

What I understand is this: our military, our Air Force has been trying for a year to get plans for a major massive bombing assault on Iran pushed through the Pentagon, pushed through the process. And there's been sort of an internecine fight inside the Pentagon over just basically the idea of strategic war against Iran. They're very dug in Iran. The Persians have been digging in for -- what? -- centuries and centuries. And the Marines and the Navy and the Army have said, No way we're going to start bombing, because it will end up with troops on the ground. So there's been a stalemate. I've written a lot about it.

And in this spring, as part of the stalemate, the American Air Force approached the Israeli Air Force, which as you know is headed by General Dan Halutz, who is an Air Force -- I think the first IDF commander, the commander of the Israeli Defense Forces, to be an Air Force guy, and another believer of strategic war, and the two had a lot of interests. And so, out of these meetings in the spring became an agreement, you know, sort of we'll help you, you help us, and it got to Cheney's attention, this idea of Israel planning a major, major strategic bombing campaign against Hezbollah. And for -- I can't tell you where Bush is, but you have to assume he’s right with him. Obviously everything he's done makes that clear.

Cheney's idea was this, that we sort of -- it's like a three-for. We get three for one with this. One, here we're having this war about the value of strategic bombing, and the Israeli Air Force, whose pilots are superb, can go in and -- if they could go in and blast Hezbollah out of their foxholes or whatever they are, their underground facilities, and roll over them, as everybody in the White House and I'm sure everybody in the Israeli Air Force thought they could do, that would be a big plus for the ambitions that I think the President and Cheney have for Iran. I don't think this president, our president, is going to leave office with Iran being, as he sees it, a nuclear threat.

The second great argument you have, of course, is if you are going to do Iran, you're going to need -- you can't attack Iran without taking care of the Hezbollah missiles or rockets. They're really rockets. They're not independently guided. Even their long-range rockets that go a few hundred kilometers, you cannot attack Iran without taking them out, because obviously that's the deterrent. You hit Iran, Hezbollah then bombs Tel Aviv and Haifa. So that's something you have to clean out first.

And thirdly, of course, is if you get rid of Hezbollah and Nasrallah, why, you get rid of a terror -- a man who’s considered to be, as somebody famously said, Richard Armitage, the “A-Team of terrorism.”

So on that basis, there was a tremendous interest in Israel going ahead. There were meetings. There were an enormous amount of contacts. I should add, Amy, that of course -- and this is reflected in the story -- Israel doesn't need the United States to know they have a problem with Hezbollah. And so, they were going to do something anyway. But it's a question of timing, and that's one of the big issues.

This summer, earlier this summer, there was -- and late, I guess after the Israelis began their reoccupation -- occupation of Gaza, after the first Israeli soldier was captured, a soldier named Shalit, I think, June 28th, after he was captured, the traffic, the signals traffic that the Israeli signals community gets showed an enormous amount of talk about doing something on the northern border. That is, on the border between Syria -- I mean between Lebanon and Israel.

And so, on that basis, it was clear this summer, the next time Hezbollah made a move, and there's been a cat-and-mouse game between Israel and Hezbollah for about six years, since the Israelis were kicked out or driven out by Nasrallah in 2000. It’s been cat-and-mouse. Both sides have been going against each other, nickel-dime stuff. And the next time Hezbollah made a move, the Israeli Air Force was going to bomb, the plan was going to go in effect. The move came very quick. It came about ten days after or twelve days after the first Israeli soldier was captured.

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High Military Expenditure in Some Places

U.S. Military Spending

The United States, being the most formidable military power, it is worth looking at their spending.

The U.S. military budget request by the Bush Administration for Fiscal Year 2007 is $462.7 billion. (This includes the Defense Department budget, funding for the Department of Energy (which includes nuclear weapons) and “other” which the source does not define. It does not include other items such as money for the Afghan and Iraq wars—$50 billion for Fiscal Year 2007 and an extra $70 billion for FY 2006, on top of the $50 billion approved by Congress.)
• For Fiscal Year 2006 it was $441.6 billion
• For Fiscal Year 2005 it was $420.7 billion
• For Fiscal Year 2004 it was $399.1 billion .
• For Fiscal Year 2003 it was $396.1 billion.
• For Fiscal Year 2002 it was $343.2 billion.
• For Fiscal Year 2001 it was $305 billion. And Congress had increased that budget request to $310 billion.
• This was up from approximately $288.8 billion, in 2000.

These figures typically do not include combat figures, so 2001 onwards, the Afghan war, and 2003 onwards, the Iraq war costs are not in this budget. As of early 2006, Congress had already approved an additional funding total of $300 billion for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As Chris Hellman, researcher of many of these statistics, also notes, when adjusted for inflation the request for 2007 together with that needed for nuclear weapons the 2007 spending request exceeds the average amount spent by the Pentagon during the Cold War, for a military that is one-third smaller than it was just over a decade ago.

Compared to the rest of the world, these numbers are indeed staggering.

In Context: U.S. Military Spending Versus Rest of the World

Consider the following:

The above sources compare the given fiscal year budget request with the latest figures for other countries, which are sometimes two years old. Still using those statistics for other countries, however, a comparison can be made here of the US Fiscal Year 2005 spending against other equivalent data:
• The US military spending was almost two-fifths of the total.
• The US military spending was almost 7 times larger than the Chinese budget, the second largest spender.
• The US military budget was almost 29 times as large as the combined spending of the six “rogue” states (Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria) who spent $14.65 billion.
• It was more than the combined spending of the next 14 nations.
• The United States and its close allies accounted for some two thirds to three-quarters of all military spending, depending on who you count as close allies (typically NATO countries, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan and South Korea)
• The six potential “enemies,” Russia, and China together spent $139 billion, 30% of the U.S. military budget.

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See also:

United Nations Financial Crisis
The United Nations and all its agencies and funds spend about $20 billion each year, or about $3 for each of the world's inhabitants. This is a very small sum compared to most government budgets and it is just a tiny fraction of the world's military spending. Yet for nearly two decades, the UN has faced a debilitating financial crisis and it has been forced to cut back on important programs in all areas. Many member states have not paid their full dues and have cut their donations to the UN's voluntary funds. As of May 31, 2006, members' arrears to the Regular Budget topped $1,206 million, of which the United States alone owed $675 million (56% of the regular budget arrears).



From: "DOUG">
Subject: New Book on Critical Issues
Date: 16 Aug 2006


Written by Todd  - August 16, 2006

American Book Published has set the release date for the book "LOOKING FOR SQUARE TWO - Moving from War and Violence to Global Community" for August 15, 2006.

The author is Douglas Mattern, President of the Association of World Citizens; a San Francisco based international peace organization with United Nations NGO status.

On the front cover of this book Sir Arthur C. Clarke writes: "Just as guns are the crutches of impotent men, nuclear weapons are the crutches of impotent nations. In Looking for Square Two, Douglas Mattern shows us one way to end the long childhood of our species. Would enough of us listen to him?"

Jane Goodall writes on the back cover: "Looking for Square Two explains in frightening clarity why nuclear disarmament is so desperately important for the future of our children and our planet. It is something none of us can afford to ignore: read this book, talk about the issues, send copies to friends, neighbors, and politicians."

Tadatoshi Akiba, the Mayor of Hiroshima and the President of Mayors for Peace representing over 1,000 cities around the world writes: " survive this century, we must somehow graduate from a culture of war to a culture of peace. Mr. Mattern's book, Looking for Square Two, is an important contribution to this task... This book should be required reading for all world leaders."

Noted author and futurist, Hazel Henderson says about this book: "Important global strategies for peace by a preeminent global citizen."

Looking for Square Two examines a myriad of issues that are critical to our future, and the book has many interesting anecdotes about peace activities, citizen diplomacy, many travels, and the difficultly of working full-time as head a an international peace organization and, at the same time, working full-time for wages as a senior engineer/manager in the world of high tech corporations.

Looking for Square Two is an "intellectual study that covers the social, political, and economic ramifications of nuclear disarmament(and the war business itself), and offers some achievable solutions to many frightening real conundrums. Mattern offers a point of view that is refreshingly straightforward and human--a realistic answer to today's convoluted political atmosphere."

Chapters cover the Nuclear Weapons problem, the war system as "There's no Business Like War Business," Citizens Diplomacy, the Corporate World and Globalization, the United Nations, and the last chapter on Choosing Wisdom over Fools and Folly. and some thoughts on our place in the universe.

LOOKING FOR SQUARE TWO CAN BE purchased or ordered in bookstores after August 15 or ordered online now at or or or

For addition information contact:
Douglas Mattern
415 541 9610 or 650 326 1409


Also from:

Forecast Puts Earth's Future Under a Cloud

By Alok Jha

15 August 2006

3C increase would bring fires, floods and famine. Climate prediction most comprehensive so far.

More than half of the world's major forests will be lost if global temperatures rise by an average of 3C or more by the end of the century, it was claimed yesterday. The prediction comes from the most comprehensive analysis yet of the potential effects of human-made global warming.

Extreme floods, forest fires and droughts will also become more common over the next 200 years as global temperatures rise owing to climate change, according to Marko Scholze of Bristol University. Dr Scholze took 52 simulations of the world's climate over the next century, based on 16 different climate models, grouping the results according to varying amounts of global warming they predicted by 2100: less than 2C on average, 2C-3C and more than 3C. He then used the simulations to work out how the world's plants would be affected over the next few hundred years. The results were published yesterday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Alan O'Neill, science director for the National Centre for Earth Observation, said: "Some work in this area has been done before looking at the meteorological forecasts for climate change and feeding those into vegetation models ... this is a much more comprehensive study."

He added that Dr Scholze's results would give climate scientists the most accurate scientific projection yet of the future effects of global warming.

Dr Scholze said the effects of a 2C category were inevitable. This is the temperature rise that will happen, on average, even if the world immediately stopped emitting greenhouse gases. This scenario predicts that Europe, Asia, Canada, central America and Amazonia could lose up to 30% of its forests.

A rise of 2C-3C will mean less fresh water available in parts of west Africa, central America, southern Europe and the eastern US, raising the probability of drought in these areas. In contrast, the tropical parts of Africa and South America will be at greater risk of flooding as trees are lost. Dr Scholze says a global temperature rise of more than 3C will mean even less fresh water. Loss of forest in Amazonia and Europe, Asia, Canada and central America could reach 60%.

A 3C warming could also present a yet more dangerous scenario where the temperatures induce plants to become net producers of carbon dioxide. "As temperatures go up, plants like it better and they start to grow more vigorously and start to take up more carbon dioxide from the air," Dr O'Neill said. "But there comes a point where the take-up is saturated for a given vegetation cover, then the ecosystem starts to respire more than it's taking up."

Dr Scholze's work shows that this so-called "tipping point" could arrive by the middle of this century. His scenarios echo research from the UK's Hadley Centre, a world leader in climate change modelling. In a report published last year called Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change, scientists at the centre predicted that a 3C rise in average temperatures would cause a worldwide drop in cereal crops of between 20m and 400m tonnes, put 400 million more people at risk of hunger, and put up to 3 billion people at risk of flooding and without access to fresh water supplies.

In May, David King, the government's chief scientific adviser, warned that the world's temperature would rise by 3C, causing catastrophic damage around the world, unless governments took urgent action to reduce carbon emissions.

Dr Scholze said his work could help to define the concept of dangerous climate change for policymakers. "Dangerous is very objective. We tried to define a dangerous level and see what the risks are," he said. In his definition, climate change becomes dangerous when an event - such as extreme flooding or heatwaves - that only happened once every 100 years becomes one that happens every 10 years.

He added that a rise of 3C was not inevitable. "We can't just do what we do at the moment, what we call business as usual. We have a few decades - we have to do something before 2040."

Burning Issue

At the rate we are burning fossil fuels, global temperatures could easily increase by more than the 3C rise that Marko Scholze's research warns could increase flooding, forest fires and droughts. A 2001 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said an increase of between 1.4 and 5.8C by 2100 would be caused if current carbon emissions continue.

Global sea levels would rise by between 0.09 and 0.88 metres as a result. Scientists at the UK Climate Impacts Programme predict that a 3C rise or above would reduce rain on the south coast to half of current levels, by more than 40% across the rest of England and 30% in Scotland.

Sea levels could be 70cm higher in the south and there would be a 17-fold increase in flooding on the east coast. London could face a £25bn clean-up bill after a storm surge that would overwhelm the Thames barrier.


See also:

Interactive guides: Global warming,,1267004,00.html

The slowdown of the Gulf Stream,5860,1656541,00.html

"More Disasters" For Warmer World (14 August 2006)
Rising temperatures will increase the risk of forest fires, droughts and flooding over the next two centuries, UK climate scientists have warned.

Thousands of Katrina Evacuees Seen as Climate Refugees
Some 250,000 evacuees from last year's Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast may never return permanently and should be considered "climate refugees," whose ranks around the world could grow until global warming is mitigated, an environmental expert said.


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


Global warming behind disastrous typhoon season in China

August 13

Global warming is contributing to an unusually harsh typhoon season in China that started around a month early and has left thousands dead or missing, government officials and experts say.

"The natural disasters caused by typhoons in our country have been many this year," the head of the China Meteorological Administration, Qin Dahe, said in recent comments on his organization's website.

"Against the backdrop of global warming, more and more strong and unusual climatic and atmospheric events are taking place.

"The strength of typhoons are increasing, the destructiveness of typhoons that have made landfall is greater and the scope in which they are travelling is farther than normal."

The vice minister of the Ministry of Water Resources, E Jingping, also spoke last week about the unusual ferocity, frequency and early arrival of typhoons in China this year.

E said the typhoon season in China normally starts around July 27, but this year the first typhoon hit the southern province of Guangdong on May 18.

"This is the earliest typhoon to hit Guangdong since 1949," he said in a speech.

"The typhoons have come earlier this year, they are strong, the area that they hit is wide and the length of time they last is long."

Natural disasters in China this year have killed 1,699 people and left another 415 missing, the nation's Red Cross Society said last week.

More than 1,300 of those died in weather-related incidents from May to the end of July, the government reported earlier.

Those reports came before the arrival on Thursday last week of Saomai, the eighth typhoon of the season and the strongest to hit China in 50 years.

Saomai killed at least 134 people and left another 164 missing, according to official figures, while local residents have told AFP they fear the death toll could be far higher.

The president of the Washington-based Earth Policy Institute, Lester Brown, told AFP that the weather in China over the past few months is reflective of the worldwide extent of the problem of global warming.

"The emerging consensus in the scientific community is that higher temperatures bring more frequent and more destructive storms," Brown said.

"Our seasons seem to be beginning earlier and ending later."

According to NASAs Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the earths average temperature has risen by 0.8 degrees Celsius (1.4 degrees Fahrenheit) since 1970, he said.

But this is only the beginning of what the UN's International Panel on Climate Change believes will be a rise in temperature for this century of 1.4 degrees to 5.8 degrees Celsius.

"Just imagine what typhoons and hurricanes might be like in the future," Brown said.

Simply put, the storms are caused when warmer oceanic and atmospheric currents interact with cooler currents in tropic and sub-tropical regions, experts say.

Many of the cooler oceanic currents stem from the melting of the polar ice caps that is occurring due to rising global temperatures, said Edwin Lau, who monitors global warming at Friends of the Earth in Hong Kong.

"The hurricanes and typhoons are due to hot air rising... and the hotter the air, the spinning of the hurricanes is faster, picking up more water," Lau told AFP.

Meanwhile, as some areas of China are hit by more typhoons and the resulting floods, other parts of the country are suffering from intense drought, which experts say is another by-product of global warming.

In a landmark report in the mid-1990s, the UN panel predicted that global warming would leave southern China drenched with more rains, while north and western China would suffer worsening droughts.

In Sichuan province, directly to the west of where much of the devastation from the typhoons has occurred, nearly seven million people are currently in urgent need of drinking water due to a severe drought, state press said Friday.

In the southwestern municipality of Chongqing next to Sichuan, the drought is threatening the water supply for 17 million people, according to another state press report on the weekend.



Atmos 15-August 2006

Dear ones, you have an expression about everything being in the melting pot, and this describes exactly where you are just at the moment. It is because so much is happening and changing so quickly, that we are reluctant to give too many indications as to the outcome. However some things are certain such as the end result. It is just a matter of exactly how events manifest themselves as to which one will be the deciding factor.

There are now options open to you that will ensure the last cabal are soon removed. We encourage all approaches as the pressure is already making itself felt. This leads to the frantic actions by the dark, that are taking place to produce levels of fear that will feed their ambitions. The difference now is that many people no longer fall for their tactics, and are wise enough to question what they are told. They also see beyond the false incidents that are perpetrated as part of their plan.

The truth is that the dark already sense defeat, but will press on with their agenda as directed by the Illuminati. There is clearly a lot at stake for them as once they lose their hold upon you there will be no way back. What is also clear, is that many servants of the dark are having second thoughts about the work they are being asked to carry out. Once there is a reluctance to obey orders, it will only be a short time before a complete break up takes place.

There is a simple message to you all, and that is to stay on course and do not be put off by anything else that happens. The consciousness of the people is growing rapidly and this energy cannot just be swept away. It is waking up those who were oblivious to what was happening in front of their very eyes. Now that only a short time remains before the November elections, you must be prepared for many attempts to take your attention away from the real issues. The question arises as to whether you can prevent the present administration from terrorizing people into supporting them.

You know from experience that voting can be corrupted, but can you exercise the type of control that would avoid a third consecutive election decided by false counts. There are many challenging aspects about the coming period, and we are heartened by the courageous efforts of those who are brave enough to stand up and tell how it is. Needless to say these people will have our full support and protection. Reflect on the fact that when you will not bend to fear laden tactics, you can achieve a great deal of success.

Humanity is seeing very clearly what happens when the dark are allowed to run riot. It is a lesson to everyone that shows the degree to which you have as a whole fallen from grace. Never mind about recriminations, these are unnecessary as you came into this dimension to experience duality. It has many times scaled the depths, but the Light has always remained. It cannot in fact be removed or destroyed and will always rise up again.

You are to be the victors and although you cannot yet see how this comes about, keep it in mind and know that what you experience now is short-lived. Look for the changes and concentrate on them, and do not live in fear as a result of the actions of the dark. Rather than succumb to their heinous actions, be determined to confront them in a way that removes their power to adversely affect you. Each of you can do your bit, and the most useful way is through the dissemination of the truth about what has been taking place. To know what has really been going on is to lessen its power to have any hold on you. Many still do not question what they see happening, and would be horrified to learn the truth. Minds need opening to other possibilities so that the shocking truth does not cause a negative reaction.

Discuss matters amongst yourselves, and plant an idea that may grow and reveal the truth to others. The actions of the dark are meant to destroy and destabilize society and make it easier to control. Even at this late hour you can oppose such actions, and “the truth will set you free” to quote your much used expression. Remember that we are together in this experience, and although you often feel ill equipped to deal with the power of the dark, we are much more formidable. We do however as you might say, play by the rules and as representatives of the Lighted forces would not misuse our power.

We do not threaten or harm people, and our way is through projecting the Light onto any situation that is outside of it. Many times we have approached your various leaders and offered peaceful solutions to your problems. Each time we have been turned down, because world peace would have meant relinquishing their personal power. As you still see happening around you, each country desires to be more powerful than their neighbors. Peace cannot evolve in conditions that generate fear, but it is a weapon often used.

I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation, and I can say that peace on Earth is not far away. You are demanding such a change and your prayers will not remain unanswered for much longer. It must come as the final clearing of Karma reaches its conclusion, which is necessary to allow the plan for Ascension to proceed to the next stage. Given the opportunity, humans are at heart most loving and kind, and soon you will be able to fully show this aspect of yourselves. Released from the dark energies, you will become your Godselves once more. Your real selves have been suppressed for so long, that you have denied your own divinity.

You are worthy of all the attention you are getting, and have earnt the right to be here at such a wonderful time. In such a short space of time you have dramatically lifted up your vibrations, and are beginning to realize your true potential. The dark have nothing to match the power of the Light, so go forward with complete confidence and with no fear of them. We salute you and embrace you with our love and admiration for your fortitude. We often remind you of our presence by allowing sightings of our crafts. It is our assurance that we are there for your love and protection.

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey


Forwarded by Nattanya Andersen>

Message from Quado

August 16, 2006

Recognize and banish fear and doubt

Today, let us find fear where he is hiding and drag him out into the light of love. Today, let us pull doubt from the shadows and let him melt in the strong light of grace. Today, let us recognize fear and doubt for what they are: insubstantial illusions of our own making, which can exist only when we give them permission, phantoms of our minds, bullies that will back down when they are exposed to the light.

Fear has so many disguises that you must spend some effort to recognize him for what he is. He disguises himself as specific worry, general anxiety, anger and frustration, apathy and indifference.

Most people recognize the symptoms of a major jolt of fear, the rapid heartbeat and clutch in the stomach. But your body has many ways that it signals fear in subtler ways, perhaps nervousness in your legs, as you lie in bed unable to sleep. Or perhaps it is a sour feeling in your stomach or a slightly irregular heartbeat when you confront a difficult person or situation. And often it is seen as depression, when you have deeply absorbed the fear and doubt and turned it against yourself.

You must learn to recognize and banish both fear and doubt from your mind and body. Fear does not tell the truth and it does not give good advice. Ask for fear to leave. Tell doubt to be quiet. Then allow the light of love to flood you and fill you. Become a column of light and love. And here, within this light and love, so bright that fear could not possibly exist, here, you may make your choices, based on the calm and centered feeling in your center. Here, full of love and clear of doubt, you will know the right choice to make in this moment, right now, not based on what fear says might happen, not based on the dire warnings of doubt, and not based on some fantasy of what you would like to have happen, but instead, based on what is right now and what is likely to happen in the next moment, all of which is fully known to you, when you clear away fear and doubt and fill yourself with love.

Your inner truth asks much of you. When you go deeply into the truth within the moment, when you allow yourself to receive direction from this inner rightness, you will be asked to overcome fear and move forth with action, cloaked only in courage. You will often be asked to do things unfamiliar, to deal with new people, to take on tasks that may seem overwhelming, to make your choices in the direction of change. There are times when the truth will tell you to simply wait, when you had wanted to act rashly. There are times when it will tell you to act, when you are feeling timid and unsure. There are times when it will tell you to act boldly in a direction you never would have chosen without this guidance, so unfamiliar and frightening it is.

And it is at these times, that fear and doubt will try to make themselves heard. And your mind will set out to justify what fear and doubt are saying. There are endless reasons and excuses that will come forward for why you should not follow the guidance of your inner truth. And most of your friends and family will echo this as well, for they are also closely bound to fear and doubt and want only that you should be safe.

But there is no safety. There is only life, unfolding each day with new opportunities, with ways to move forward in a deep involvement with this experience. Life is not safe. Life is vibrant and challenging, glorious and awesome, a continual rainbow of possibilities.

Know who you are. You are not fear and you are not doubt. You are the centered core that you feel within you, peaceful and loving, open and blossoming. Let this person shine forth, in courage and certainty, in confidence and openness, ready to meet the challenges, full of energy and a joyous acceptance of life as it is, even as it changes moment by moment.

You are up to that challenge. You are strong and courageous and surrounded by help. You are all that you need to be, right now. Shine forth in your glory. Let us see who you are.

Here is a little prayer for today:

I stand in the light and open myself to the endless stream of love that is there for me. I feel love and light pouring into my body. I feel love and light surrounding me like a warm blanket, comforting me, making me know that I am deeply loved and cared for at all times.

I shine out with love. I go deeply within my center and feel the truth there, glowing brightly. I know this center. I know the feel of my own truth, calm and peaceful, glowing within me. I trust this center and what it contains. All things are known to me when I come here and allow myself to connect completely with the truth that lies within.

I am this truth. I shine out with it. I take this truth and cloak myself in courage, courage formed of the love that is in me, that surrounds me and is me at all times. I shine forth with truth and courage and know, absolutely, that I am ready for the challenges and wonders of life.

I open myself to life as it comes to me, sparkling with newness and possibility. I am truth. I am peace and joy. I am love and light. I am.


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