August 14, 2006

The Moment of Truth Series #2: Daring to Be Optimistic

Hello everyone!

As usual, one thing leading to another, preparing this compilation has taken me into all kinds of directions, twists and turns, the final addition being Matthew's latest message which brings us many confirmations to various other elements included below, except with regard to Alex Jones' recent strident warning about what he sees as a high likeliness that the Cabal will try to pull another big False Flag 9/11 style operation before the end of October. On that one, I prefer to side with Matthew's view that they will be prevented from achieving any such plan. Yet what I also see is an increasing momentum in the 9/11 truth movement in the U.S., which if properly - and actively - supported, can be instrumental in precipitating the downfall of the rotten ones from their increasingly precarious hold onto power.

With the ever more blatant deception used by the Bush team of criminal impostors and usurpers, and their ever lowering approval ratings, it would seem farfetched to imagine that they could credibly trick the voters again into believing they have a legitimate claim to a win in the November US elections. Yet again, as Matthew points out, there is no clean alternative as the politicians on the other side of the aisles are nearly just as corrupted and controlled by the same Illuminati people. So where does this leaves us in term of effecting a clean slate change of political operators? To me the key is with what we, as citizens of this planet, really aspire for and thus deserve. If we set our eyes on true, global change and find a right balance within us between inner spiritual work and outer political/social/environmental/peace activism, I'm confident seemingly miraculous outcomes can be achieved.

But as with the wonderfully inspiring ho'oponopono story featured in the previous compilation, it all begins within us. When we truly heal ourselves and grow into the mighty Being of absolute, unconditional Love that we are by the very nature of Who We Are, and when we reach out from within to all those of us - all the soul kins forming our vast collective Being as one indivisible whole, we then set in motion the true juggernaut of blissful perfection that this living planet is ascending into at this very moment Now.

And on that note, I wish you all a very enlightening and positively empowering week ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Dear Jean, I have been regularly reading your compilations for about three years now. I have gleaned so many beautiful nuggets from them, such as the ho' article today, that I must say thank you from the bottom of my heart for this service you provide for everyone."

— Ginny> (2006-08-08)
Taken from the ERN guestbook at

"It is becoming clear that there is a new superpower growing around the world, and that superpower is the people's movement, people liking hands across the entire world to save this planet and to save humanity. (...) We need to wrestle the Earth from these fools that are driving us down the roads of nuclear weaponry and global warming. The risks are too great at this time not to act. If you can, get involved with any grass root organization, fighting for the future, and we can take the planet back."

- Excerpted from the credits of the movie "Return of the Whale Dreamers"

"There is a sense of universal responsibility that touches every aspect of modern life. Nowadays, important events which take place in one part of the world end up having consequences all around the planet. For this reason, we have to consider that every major local problem is of global concern as soon as it appears. It is no longer possible to invoke the national, racial or ideological barriers which separate us, without destructive repercussions. In this context of our new interdependence, taking care of the interests of others is the best form of selfishness..."

- H.H. the Dalai Lama

"I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love."

- Mahatma Gandhi's Prayer for Peace


Lawrence Schumacher> wrote on August 8: "Hi Jean, Just so you know... in your latest newsletter (The Moment of Truth Series #1: Final Assessment of our Choices) you have a link to supposed flag pictures done by a Norwegian diplomat... NOT SO... there is no diplomat by that name. The flags were done by a Brazilian artist: Icaro Dora

Worthy of Your Attention

RED ALERT - Video - Alex Jones Warns of Major Terrorist Attack
Alex Jones is the man who predicted the events of 9/11 in July 2001.
He is now predicting another 9/11 style false flag attack in the U.S. before the end of October. Listen to it at
Here is his July 2001 prediction of 9/11:
Recommended by "Kathleen Roberts">

A Call To Action
Alex Jones Warns of a New False Flag Attack. Get involved at
Read the numerous comments through this URL above, such as... "I listened to Alex's show yesterday. Any doubts about him being a bloviated ass should be dispelled after listening to him yesterday. The guy practically broke down crying when discussing how disgusted he is about what is happening to our country. He cares, You care. I care. And I do believe that Alex's prediction is correct about a major "terrorist attack" occurring in the U.S. before the end of October." AND "I was listening to the Dianne Rhem (sp?) show on NPR this morning before work, and what do you know, the first caller they take plugs Loose Change and starts talking about how 9/11 was an inside job and the latest terror alert was probably fake too. The panel members tried to say that such beliefs are the result of distrust of the government or some crap like that, and I'm sitting there thinking "no, such beliefs are based on the mountain of irrefutable evidence that it was an inside job."Anyways, the point is, someone took Alex's warning to heart, and I think more of us need to do the same. Think, instead of just one, if half the callers today had said something about 9/11 being an inside job, they would have to pay attention. The key is not letting the screeners know exactly what you are going to say, though." AND "Let's do it guys and gals, we could save lives. Hit up all radio talk shows, tell everyone you now, and GET THE WORD OUT. WE are the reason Showbixz Tonight aired 4 days of 9/11, WE are the reason C-SPAN played the symposium 4 times. WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! NOW GO OUT THERE AND SAVE SOME LIVES!"

Lou Dobbs from CNN Wakes Up to 9/11 Lie (AMAZING TO WATCH!)

Go read what is at
Quite interesting speculations...

Amazing ad from a bank you'll never use

"The Gathering - Return of the Whale Dreamers"
Ten years in the making, this full-length feature documentary is an experiential film for our times. It is a story of Dreaming and interwoven Dreams taking us on a deep global journey into a forgotten magic that connects us all. The wisdom of Indigenous Elders from around the world permeate the film, offering up the all too familiar warnings of where humanity seems to be going but it also reflects back to us that we collectively can also come back from the edge of extinction it is not too late. People around the world are waking up. For the first time on film Aboriginal Whale Calling ceremonies are being shared. The Gathering is an invitation for us all to come back to the Fire... the Dreaming... and the Natural World. Recommended by "Adi Gaia"> MAKE SURE TO WATCH THE "OPENING INTRODUCTION" VIDEO CLIP AND THE 3 OTHER PREVIEW CLIPS...


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2. Red Alert For Staged Government Terror Attack
3. U.K. Airline Terror Plot Poll
4. The Mad Emperor disease
5. War intensifies, protest widens
6. Open Letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
7. Gore isn't quite as green as he's led the world to believe
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See also:

Israel and Hezbollah Approve Middle East Cease-Fire
Israel's Cabinet approved the UN cease-fire plan Sunday, clearing a key hurdle to ending the month long Middle East war. The 24-0 vote, with one abstention, came a day after the Lebanese government approved the agreement. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah gave his grudging consent but warned "the war has not ended.

Israeli Leaders Fault Bush on War
Robert Parry reports that amid the political and diplomatic fallout from Israel's faltering invasion of Lebanon, some Israeli officials are privately blaming President George W. Bush for egging Prime Minister Ehud Olmert into the ill-conceived military adventure against the Hezbollah militia in south Lebanon. Bush conveyed his strong personal support for the military offensive during a White House meeting with Olmert on May 23, according to sources familiar with the thinking of senior Israeli leaders.

Seymour M. Hersh: Watching Lebanon (BRIEF EXCERPTS ONLY - SEYMOUR REVEALS A LOT!)
(...) According to Seymour Hersh, President Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney were convinced, current and former intelligence and diplomatic officials told me, that a successful Israeli Air Force bombing campaign against Hezbollah's heavily fortified underground-missile and command-and-control complexes in Lebanon could ease Israel's security concerns and also serve as a prelude to a potential American pre-emptive attack to destroy Iran's nuclear installations, some of which are also buried deep underground. (...) The White House was more focused on stripping Hezbollah of its missiles, because, if there was to be a military option against Iran's nuclear facilities, it had to get rid of the weapons that Hezbollah could use in a potential retaliation at Israel. Bush wanted both. Bush was going after Iran, as part of the Axis of Evil, and its nuclear sites, and he was interested in going after Hezbollah as part of his interest in democratization, with Lebanon as one of the crown jewels of Middle East democracy." (...) The United States and Israel have shared intelligence and enjoyed close military cooperation for decades, but early this spring, according to a former senior intelligence official, high-level planners from the U.S. Air Force - under pressure from the White House to develop a war plan for a decisive strike against Iran's nuclear facilities - began consulting with their counterparts in the Israeli Air Force. "The big question for our Air Force was how to hit a series of hard targets in Iran successfully," the former senior intelligence official said. "Who is the closest ally of the U.S. Air Force in its planning? It's not Congo - it's Israel. Everybody knows that Iranian engineers have been advising Hezbollah on tunnels and underground gun emplacements. And so the Air Force went to the Israelis with some new tactics and said to them, 'Let's concentrate on the bombing and share what we have on Iran and what you have on Lebanon.' " The discussions reached the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, he said. "The Israelis told us it would be a cheap war with many benefits," a U.S. government consultant with close ties to Israel said. "Why oppose it? We'll be able to hunt down and bomb missiles, tunnels, and bunkers from the air. It would be a demo for Iran." A Pentagon consultant said that the Bush White House "has been agitating for some time to find a reason for a preemptive blow against Hezbollah." He added, "It was our intent to have Hezbollah diminished, and now we have someone else doing it." (...) Earlier this summer, before the Hezbollah kidnappings, the U.S. government consultant said, several Israeli officials visited Washington, separately, "to get a green light for the bombing operation and to find out how much the United States would bear." The consultant added, "Israel began with Cheney. It wanted to be sure that it had his support and the support of his office and the Middle East desk of the National Security Council." After that, "persuading Bush was never a problem, and Condi Rice was on board," the consultant said. The initial plan, as outlined by the Israelis, called for a major bombing campaign in response to the next Hezbollah provocation, according to the Middle East expert with knowledge of U.S. and Israeli thinking. Israel believed that, by targeting Lebanon's infrastructure, including highways, fuel depots, and even the civilian runways at the main Beirut airport, it could persuade Lebanon's large Christian and Sunni populations to turn against Hezbollah, according to the former senior intelligence official. The airport, highways, and bridges, among other things, have been hit in the bombing campaign. The Israeli Air Force had flown almost nine thousand missions as of last week. (David Siegel, the Israeli spokesman, said that Israel had targeted only sites connected to Hezbollah; the bombing of bridges and roads was meant to prevent the transport of weapons.) The Israeli plan, according to the former senior intelligence official, was "the mirror image of what the United States has been planning for Iran." (The initial U.S. Air Force proposals for an air attack to destroy Iran's nuclear capacity, which included the option of intense bombing of civilian infrastructure targets inside Iran, have been resisted by the top leadership of the Army, the Navy, and the Marine Corps, according to current and former officials. They argue that the Air Force plan will not work and will inevitably lead, as in the Israeli war with Hezbollah, to the insertion of troops on the ground.) (...) The surprising strength of Hezbollah's resistance, and its continuing ability to fire rockets into northern Israel in the face of the constant Israeli bombing, the Middle East expert told me, "is a massive setback for those in the White House who want to use force in Iran. And those who argue that the bombing will create internal dissent and revolt in Iran are also set back." Nonetheless, some officers serving with the Joint Chiefs of Staff remain deeply concerned that the Administration will have a far more positive assessment of the air campaign than they should, the former senior intelligence official said. "There is no way that Rumsfeld and Cheney will draw the right conclusion about this," he said. "When the smoke clears, they'll say it was a success, and they'll draw reinforcement for their plan to attack Iran." (...) The crisis will really start at the end of August, the diplomat added, "when the Iranians" - under a United Nations deadline to stop uranium enrichment - "will say no." CLIP

Israel Loses 19 Soldiers, Helicopter Crew
Nineteen Israeli soldiers were killed Saturday during an expanded offensive in Lebanon, the army said, making it the highest one-day toll for the Jewish state since the war against Hezbollah erupted. The deaths, which occurred in several battles in Lebanon throughout the day, brought to more than 100 the number of Israeli troops killed so far.

Subject: CNN: Washington Post Pentagon Reporter Says Israel Purposely Leaving Hezbollah with Rocket Caches (9 August 2006) !!!!!
CNN: Washington Post Pentagon Reporter Says Israel Purposely Leaving Hezbollah with Rocket CachesKURTZ (CNN): Tom Ricks, you've covered a number of military conflicts, including Iraq, as I just mentioned. Is civilian casualties increasingly going to be a major media issue? In conflicts where you don't have two standing armies shooting at each other? THOMAS RICKS, REPORTER, "THE WASHINGTON POST": I think it will be. But I think civilian casualties are also part of the battlefield play for both sides here. One of the things that is going on, according to some U.S. military analysts, is that Israel purposely has left pockets of Hezbollah rockets in Lebanon, because as long as they're being rocketed, they can continue to have a sort of moral equivalency in their operations in Lebanon. KURTZ: Hold on, you're suggesting that Israel has deliberately allowed Hezbollah to retain some of it's fire power, essentially for PR purposes, because having Israeli civilians killed helps them in the public relations war here? RICKS: Yes, that's what military analysts have told me. KURTZ: That's an extraordinary testament to the notion that having people on your own side killed actually works to your benefit in that nobody wants to see your own citizens killed but it works to your benefit in terms of the battle of perceptions here. RICKS: Exactly. It helps you with the moral high ground problem, because you know your operations in Lebanon are going to be killing civilians as well.

UN Lebanon Force Could Start Deploying in 7-10 Days
The United Nations expects Israel's ground offensive to wind down within 48 hours and an expanded international force to begin deploying in southern Lebanon in a week to 10 days, the UN's envoy said on Saturday.

IDF Causes Serious Head Injury to Israeli Lawyer (12 August 2006)
Press Release: International Solidarity Movement Israeli Army Cause Serious Head Injury to Israeli Lawyer at DemonstrationEarlier today, August 11, the Israeli Army and Border Police shot an Israeli demonstrator with rubber bullets from close range in the head and neck, causing serious injuries. The man, who is a lawyer, was taken by the army to Tel Hasomer hospital from where he is reported to have suffered brain damage.In total 9 people were shot with rubber bullets in a non-violent demonstration in Bil'in. Those shot included 2 villagers of Bil'in as well as citizens of Denmark, France, USA, Japan and Israel. Other people from United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark were beaten, struck with rifle butt or injured by sound grenade fragments. About 200 demonstrators joined the peaceful march from the Bil'in mosque to the Apartheid Wall about 1 km away. The purpose of the march was to demonstrate against the 'New Style of Killing' where even children are targeted by Israeli military forces. The marchers carried 5 mock bodies symbolising an entire family killed by Israeli military action. Before the marchers were able to leave the village soldiers blocked their route, announced the demonstration illegal and then immediately fired sound grenades and rubber bullets from close range. The solders' commander claimed the demonstration was illegal although an Israeli court has previously confirmed the right of Bil'in villagers to hold demonstrations. - The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is a Palestinian-led non-violent resistance movement committed to ending Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian land. We call for full compliance with all relevant UN resolutions and international law.

Sixty percent of Americans now oppose Iraq war (August 10, 2006)
Sixty percent of Americans oppose the U.S. war in Iraq and a majority would support a partial withdrawal of troops by year's end, a CNN poll said on Wednesday.It was the CNN poll's highest number opposing the war since fighting began in March 2003, a figure that has risen steadily since then, according to the Opinion Research Corp. survey conducted last week on behalf of the cable network.

Baghdad Morgue Tallies 1,815 Bodies in July
Figures compiled by the city morgue indicated Wednesday that the number of killings in the Iraqi capital reached a new high last month, and the US military said a new effort to bring security to Baghdad will succeed only if Iraqis "want it to work." The Baghdad morgue took in 1,815 bodies during July, according to the facility's assistant manager, Abdul Razzaq al-Obeidi. The previous month's tally was 1,595. Obeidi estimated that as many as 90 percent of the total died violent deaths.

Life in Hell: A Baghdad Diary
In the Red Zone (the name given to the rest of Baghdad by Green Zoners too nervous to venture outside the walls), the sporadic spurts of violence between Shi'ites and Sunnis have given way to a steady stream of blood. Partisans on both sides are arming themselves for battle, and ordinary folks are looking for ways to defend themselves.

Sickened Iraq Vets Cite Depleted Uranium
There is something massively wrong with Herbert Reed, though no one is sure what it is. He believes he knows the cause, but he cannot convince anyone caring for him that the military's new favorite weapon has made him terrifyingly sick. Reed believes depleted uranium has contaminated him and his life. He now walks point in a vitriolic war over the Pentagon's arsenal of it - thousands of shells and hundreds of tanks coated with the metal that is radioactive, chemically toxic, and nearly twice as dense as lead. A shell coated with depleted uranium pierces a tank like a hot knife through butter, exploding on impact into a charring inferno. As tank armor, it repels artillery assaults. It also leaves behind a fine radioactive dust with a half-life of 4.5 billion years. Depleted uranium is the garbage left from producing enriched uranium for nuclear weapons and energy plants. It is 60 percent as radioactive as natural uranium. The U.S. has an estimated 1.5 billion pounds of it, sitting in hazardous waste storage sites across the country. Meaning it is plentiful and cheap as well as highly effective. (...) "The Department of Defense takes the position that you can eat it for breakfast and it poses no threat at all," said Steve Robinson of the National Gulf War Resource Center, which helps veterans with various problems, including navigating the labyrinth of VA health care. "Then you have far-left groups that ... declare it a crime against humanity." Several countries use it as weaponry, including Britain, which fired it during the 2003 Iraq invasion. An estimated 286 tons of DU munitions were fired by the U.S. in Iraq and Kuwait in 1991. An estimated 130 tons were shot toppling Saddam Hussein. Depleted uranium can enter the human body by inhalation, the most dangerous method; by ingesting contaminated food or eating with contaminated hands; by getting dust or debris in an open wound, or by being struck by shrapnel, which often is not removed because doing so would be more dangerous than leaving it. Inhaled, it can lodge in the lungs. As with imbedded shrapnel, this is doubly dangerous - not only are the particles themselves physically destructive, they emit radiation. A moderate voice on the divisive DU spectrum belongs to Dan Fahey, a doctoral student at the University of California at Berkeley, who has studied the issue for years and also served in the Gulf War before leaving the military as a conscientious objector. "I've been working on this since '93 and I've just given up hope," he said. "I've spoken to successive federal committees and elected officials ... who then side with the Pentagon. Nothing changes." CLIP

How to Detox Your Body of Depleted Uranium Residues, the Effects of Radiation, and Radioactive Contamination (THIS MAY BE GOOD TO KNOW...)
According to what "Irene Haughey"> forwarded to me, the "Background Radiation" levels are going UP. "Since 1991, the U.S. has released the radioactive atomicity equivalent of at least 400,000 Nagasaki bombs into the global atmosphere. That is 10 times the amount released during atmospheric testing which was the equivalent of 40,000 Hiroshima bombs." - Leuren Moret, depleted uranium expert... There has been continuing DU bombing in Iraq and now massive DU bombing in Lebanon by Israel. This DU contamination is blowing around the entire planet. I have been Monitoring the "Background Radiation" Level (average level over time - counts per minute). It has about DOUBLED (here), in the last 4 weeks."

Cindy Sheehan Hospitalized in Crawford
Peace activist Cindy Sheehan has been taken to a hospital in Waco Texas. Sheehan who has been on a liquids-only fast for 37 days was suffering from dehydration and exhaustion. Sheehan is in Crawford, again pressuring George W. Bush to meet with her regarding the death of her son Casey Sheehan, a US soldier KIA in Iraq.

Fascists of All Varieties
Marc Ash writes: "Since, Mr. Bush, you have chosen to put the issue of fascism before the public, it begs a broader dialog on fascism's role in our lives today. I accept the challenge to enter that dialog. Frankly Mr. Bush, many Americans refer to you as a fascist."

Israel Asks US to Ship Rockets With Wide Blast
Israel has been using illegal cluster munitions in populated areas of Lebanon. Human Rights Watch researchers working on the ground confirmed that an attack with cluster weapons was carried out on the village of Blida on July 19, killing one and wounding at least 12 civilians, including seven children.

101 Uses of Chaos
Mark LeVine writes, "With George Bush still insisting on the need to fight 'Islamic fascism' to the bitter end, Labor Party Defense Minister Amir Peretz imploring Israeli soldiers to turn southern Lebanon 'to dust,' and Iran's Mahmud Ahmedinejad declaring the need to wipe Israel off the map, the hubris, arrogance, and utter disdain for human life that has brought the Middle East to its latest precipice continues to harden the hearts of leaders and peoples alike. And all will be the losers because of it."

Mercenary Jackpot
"While the Bush administration calls for the immediate disbanding of what it has labeled 'private' and 'illegal' militias in Lebanon and Iraq, it is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into its own global private mercenary army tasked with protecting US officials and institutions overseas. The secretive program, which spans at least twenty-seven countries, has been an incredible jackpot for one heavily Republican-connected firm in particular: Blackwater USA," writes Jeremy Scahill.

White House proposes retroactive war crimes protection (August 10, 2006)
The Bush administration drafted amendments to the War Crimes Act that would retroactively protect policy makers from possible criminal charges for authorizing any humiliating and degrading treatment of detainees, according to lawyers who have seen the proposal. At issue are interrogations carried out by the CIA and the degree to which harsh tactics such as water-boarding were authorized by administration officials. When interrogators engage in waterboarding, prisoners are strapped to a plank and dunked in water until nearly drowning. One section of the draft would outlaw torture and inhuman or cruel treatment, but it does not contain prohibitions from Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions against "outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment." Another section would apply the legislation retroactively. The initiative is "not just protection of political appointees, but also CIA personnel who led interrogations." Interrogation practices "follow from policies that were formed at the highest levels of the administration."

Ashcroft Profiting as National Security Lobbyist
Former US attorney general John D. Ashcroft has emerged as the highest-ranking former Bush administration official to lobby for and invest in companies involved in homeland security. Privacy experts and civil libertarians warn that these types of businesses are fast becoming a de facto branch of the government, beyond traditional oversight.

Declassified papers show U.S. atrocities went far beyond My Lai (August 6, 2006, 2006),0,92368.story
Kill anything that moves. Moments later, the 19 villagers lay dead or dying. Back home in California, Henry published an account of the slaughter. Yet he and other Vietnam veterans who spoke out about war crimes were branded traitors and fabricators. No one was ever prosecuted. Now, nearly 40 years later, declassified Army files show that Henry was telling the truth. The files are part of a once-secret archive...that shows that confirmed atrocities by U.S. forces in Vietnam were more extensive than was previously known. The Times...obtained copies of about 3,000 pages -about a third of the total- before government officials removed them from the public shelves, saying they contained personal information that was exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. The documents detail 320 alleged incidents that were substantiated by Army investigators. Many war crimes did not make it into the archive. The archive...includes investigative files, sworn statements by witnesses and status reports for top military brass. The records describe recurrent attacks on ordinary Vietnamese. Hundreds of soldiers...described a violent minority who murdered, raped and tortured with impunity. Abuses...were uncovered in every Army division that operated in Vietnam. Ultimately, 57 [soldiers] were court-martialed and just...fourteen received prison sentences ranging from six months to 20 years, but most won significant reductions on appeal. The stiffest sentence went to a military intelligence interrogator. He served seven months of a 20-year term. Many substantiated cases were closed with a letter of reprimand, a fine or, in more than half the cases, no action at all.

FBI says, “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”
(...) On June 5, 2006, the Muckraker Report contacted the FBI Headquarters, (202) 324-3000, to learn why Bin Laden’s Most Wanted poster did not indicate that Usama was also wanted in connection with 9/11. The Muckraker Report spoke with Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI. When asked why there is no mention of 9/11 on Bin Laden’s Most Wanted web page, Tomb said, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.” (...) It shouldn’t take long before the full meaning of these FBI statements start to prick your brain and raise your blood pressure. If you think the way I think, in quick order you will be wrestling with a barrage of very powerful questions that must be answered. First and foremost, if the U.S. government does not have enough hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11, how is it possible that it had enough evidence to invade Afghanistan to “smoke him out of his cave?” The federal government claims to have invaded Afghanistan to “root out” Bin Laden and the Taliban. Through the talking heads in the mainstream media, the Bush Administration told the American people that Usama Bin Laden was Public Enemy Number One and responsible for the deaths of nearly 3000 people on September 11, 2001. Yet nearly five years later, the FBI says that it has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11. CLIP

New Zogby Poll Reveals Critical Mass Call for Truth
On May 22nd, a new Zogby Poll release shows that 42% of adults believe that the US government and its 9/11 Commission concealed or refused to investigate critical evidence that contradicts their official explanation of the September 11th attacks, saying there has been a cover-up. This amounts to 70 million people!Additionally, 45% believe Congress or an International Tribunal should re-investigate the attacks, including whether any US government officials consciously allowed or helped facilitate their success.

Was 9/11 an 'inside job'? (August 3, 2006)
More than a third of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East, according to a new Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll. Suspicions that the 9/11 attacks were "an inside job"...quickly have become nearly as popular as decades-old conspiracy theories that the federal government was responsible for President John F. Kennedy's assassination and that it has covered up proof of space aliens. Thirty-six percent of respondents overall said it is "very likely" or "somewhat likely" that federal officials either participated in the attacks...or took no action to stop them. "One out of three sounds high, but that may very well be right," said Lee Hamilton, former vice chairman of...the 9/11 Commission. "A lot of people I've encountered believe the U.S. government was involved," Hamilton said. "Many say the government planned the whole thing," he said. The poll also found that 16 percent of Americans speculate that secretly planted explosives, not burning passenger jets, were the real reason the massive twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed. Twelve percent suspect the Pentagon was struck by a military cruise missile in 2001 rather than by an airliner captured by terrorists. "We know that there are a lot of people now asking questions," said Janice Matthews, executive director of, one of the most sophisticated Internet sites raising doubts about official explanations of the attacks. "We didn't have the Internet after Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin or the Kennedy assassination. But we live in different times now."

Albany Times Union -'Loose Change' showing set on 9/11 - 8/2/06

Albany Times Union - Web movie takes flight - 8/6/06 (Loose Change showing packed with aisles overflowing)

NPR - Sept. 11 Conspiracy Belief Draws Attention to Teacher - 8/2/08 (Audio)

To vote in recent 9/11 polls, click on the links: AOL News, CNN News

9/ 11 Conspiracy Theorists Thriving (August 6, 2006)
Kevin Barrett believes the U.S. government might have destroyed the World Trade Center. Steven Jones is researching what he calls evidence that the twin towers were brought down by explosives detonated inside them, not by hijacked airliners. These men aren't uneducated junk scientists: Barrett will teach a class on Islam at the University of Wisconsin this fall. Jones is a tenured physicist at Brigham Young University. The movement claims to be drawing fresh energy and credibility from a recently formed group called Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Publicity over Barrett's case has helped boost membership to about 75 academics. Some are well educated, with degrees from elite universities such as Princeton and Stanford and jobs at schools including Rice, Indiana and the University of Texas. Members of the group don't consider themselves extremists! . They simply believe the government's investigation was inadequate, and maintain that questioning widely held assumptions has been part of the job of scholars for centuries. Daniel Orr, a Princeton Ph.D. and widely published retired economics chair at the University of Illinois, said he knew instantly from watching the towers fall that they had been blown apart by explosives. David Gabbard, an East Carolina education professor, acknowledges this isn't his field, but says "I'm smart enough to know ... that fire from airplanes can't melt steel." Judy Wood, until recently an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Clemson University, has been cited by conspiracy theorists for her arguments the buildings could not have collapsed as quickly as they did unless explosives were used.

Note from Fred Burks> (who networked several of the 9-11 related items above: This article was published on the website of more than 140 media outlets. People are waking up all over!

Make sure to review also what is at

Recap: The Modern History Of Staged Terror In The United Kingdom
Excellent audio clip on the current air terror alerts in UK - Recommended by "Stephanie">

Speakers at the 9/11 Citizens Court Dr. Brian O'Leary Author, Scientist, Former Astronaut, International Speaker to speak at the 9/11 Citizens Court ---
September 11, 2006 Washington DC Restore the Republic

How To Pre-empt a "November Surprise" (07.17.06)
If the GOP should lose the House and/or the Senate on Election Day, they will pick out a handful of the "closest" races--as many as they need to hang on to majority control--and start to scream like hell about ELECTION FRAUD. That's right: the major perpetrators of such fraud will cast themselves as victims of the very crime that put them where they are, and charge the Democrats with having used the very tactics that the Bush Republicans have now perfected: legal/bureaucratic disenfranchisement, e-voting manipulation, hostile challenges to would-be voters, covert efforts at disinformation, countless ballots thrown away, and so on.This is what we'll hear non-stop from Rush, O'Reilly, Hannity and Coulter; Hastert, Boehner, Sensenbrenner, Graham and Coburn; even Bush and Cheney and Karl Rove himself. This, of course, is how the Busheviks routinely operate; and yet I'm basing this prediction not just on their history as war-propagandists, but on the blunt admission of a certain high-placed GOP insider, who recently told Thom Hartmann that this is the party's plan, if they should lose control of either side of Congress. (...) In other words, the Bush Republicans will certainly succeed--unless the Democrats, and others to their left, start working to pre-empt that strategy right now. The only way to foil that plan is to define the conflict truthfully and clearly, and to begin to do it now. However low the Bush regime may sink in the opinion polls, the Democrats, and all the rest of us, are simply cooked, if they do not stand up like vertebrates, and speak as patriots, and tell the nation the unpleasant truth: that these Bush-Republicans are where they are today because they have committed vast election fraud, in 2000, and in 2002, and in 2004; and that they lately have committed it again in San Diego, and have more planned in Texas, Florida, Ohio, Pennsyvania, California and Virginia, and wherever else they have the system rigged, whether at the state or county level. In short, it's time to cut the crap, stop worrying about the epithet "sore losers" (the Republicans would never let that stop them), and trot out all the evidence that the Establishment has thus far largely waved away.

Spain warns of new jellyfish invasion (Aug 8)
MADRID, Spain - Spanish authorities Tuesday warned of a massive invasion of jellyfish along the country's eastern coast over the coming days and advised bathers on the best ways to treat stings.ADVERTISEMENTOver the past month, swarms of jellyfish have plagued many coastal areas stretching from the northeastern region of Catalonia and down to Murcia and Andalucia in the south, leading to temporary bans on bathing on many beaches. The latest alert, posted on the Interior Ministry's Web site, was issued after coastal guards said they spotted new banks of jelly fish several miles off different areas along the coast in recent days.Environment Minister Cristina Narbona said Tuesday the increase was due to rise in water temperatures and pollution of the sea. Ecologists blame the increase on a decline in natural predators such as tuna fish and turtles in the affected areas as well as an increase in plankton owing to the sweltering summer temperatures.The Spanish Red Cross has reported treating some 12,500 people for stings in Catalonia alone so far this summer. Along with the usual green, yellow and red flags advising on how safe it is to swim at beaches, Red Cross posts have also begun flying white flags with jellyfish drawings on them to warn bathers. The Civil Protection alert on Tuesday urged people to treat stings only with salty water and not to rub the affected area of the body so as to prevent a spreading of the poison.

Is the BP Prudhoe Bay Shutdown More Serious Than It Appears?
(...) G sent in a short email telling me to start Googling Prudhoe Bay whistleblowers, and that BP is running the operation there into the ground (no pun intended!) because the fields are running dry. Why sink more money into a drying up hole? (...) Production at the 24-year-old Prudhoe -- North America's largest oil field -- peaked 13 years ago. (...) BP has approached the Japanese firm JFE Steel Corp. and other steel producers about buying 18-inch pipe to replace the corroded sections at Prudhoe Bay, said David Belvin, senior technology manager of sales and service at JFE's Houston office. The new pipeline diameter will be nearly half the size of the original. Previous analysis confirmed. CLIP

Documents Show BP Ignored Pipeline Woes for Years
"Hundreds of pages of documents highlighting BP's nearly decade-long neglect of its Prudhoe Bay pipelines, its internal safety regulations, and the company's alleged cover-up of past oil spills that resulted from severely corroded pipelines are archived on a little known web site maintained by a former oil industry analyst who also acts as a spokesman for BP whistleblowers," writes Jason Leopold, "The documents showcase the genesis of a corporate scandal that parallels the financial machinations that brought down Enron Corp."

Pacific "Dead Zone" Worse Than Thought
The oxygen-starved "dead zone" along the Pacific Coast that is causing massive crab and fish die-offs is worse than initially thought. Weather, not pollution, appears to be the culprit, scientists said, and no relief is in sight. Strong upwelling winds have pushed a low-oxygen pool of deep water toward shore, suffocating marine life.

Greenland ice cap may be melting at triple speed (10 August 2006)
The world's second largest ice cap may be melting three times faster than indicated by previous measurements, according to newly released gravity data collected by satellites.The Greenland Ice Sheet shrank at a rate of about 239 cubic kilometres per year from April 2002 to November 2005, a team from the University of Texas at Austin, US, found. In the last 18 months of the measurements, ice melting has appeared to accelerate, particularly in southeastern Greenland. "This is a good study which confirms that indeed the Greenland ice sheet is losing a large amount of mass and that the mass loss is increasing with time," says Eric Rignot, from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, US, who led a separate study that reached a similar conclusion earlier in 2006 (See Greenland's glaciers are speeding to the ocean). His team used satellites to measure the velocity of glacier movement and calculate net ice loss.Yet another technique, which uses a laser to measure the altitude of the surface, determined that the ice sheet was losing about 80 cubic kilometres of ice annually between 1997 and 2003. The newer measurements suggest the ice loss is three times that."Acceleration of ice mass loss over Greenland, if confirmed, would be consistent with proposed increased global warming in recent years, and would indicate additional polar ice sheet contributions to global sea level rise," write the University of Texas researchers in the journal Science. CLIP

Cities, States Act Alone to Thwart Global Warming
With Washington lawmakers deadlocked on how best to curb global warming, state and local officials across the country are adopting ambitious policies and forming international alliances aimed at reducing greenhouse gases. The initiatives, which include demands that utilities generate some of their energy using renewable sources and mandates for a reduction in emissions from motor vehicles, have emboldened clean-air advocates who hope they will form the basis for broader national action.

America's Drought Predicament
More than 60 percent of the United States suffers abnormally dry or drought conditions this summer. I’ve traveled through 35 states thus far this summer. I’ve seen burned up corn and pigmy crops from the lack of water. This drought stretches from Georgia to Arizona and from Montana to Wisconsin.....

Super Computer Predicts Rising Temperatures as Escaping Gas Bubbles Up Through the Sea (August 4, 2006)
(...) The leading climate scientists now generally agree that earth in the coming decades will warm another 2 degrees Fahrenheit no matter what we do -- partly because carbon dioxide, the major manmade greenhouse gas, stays in the atmosphere about a hundred years. That's in addition to the average of 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit the Earth has already warmed from manmade causes -- which though it doesn't sound like much (remember, it's a single-number average for the entire planet) has already, say most scientists, given us disappearing glaciers worldwide, drought and famine, increasingly frequent and more intense heat waves and millions of species in ecosystems everywhere scrambling for cooler ground but often running into uncrossable highways and ever-expanding human development. Even scarier is the other sight, about 20 meters down off the coast of Santa Barbara, Calif.: bubbles, millions of bubbles of methane -- 20 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. The methane is bubbling up naturally from some of the enormous natural undersea reservoirs of the gas mostly locked into the frozen mud under the sea floor. Scientists have just released video showing how, for the first time, they have been able to measure these natural up-wellings to tell whether, if large amounts of this methane ever thawed out from its deep sea beds, it would reach the atmosphere, rather than being absorbed in the water, and thus make the earth even hotter. The findings of oceanographer Ira Leifer et al, published in a strictly peer-reviewed scientific journal, are that it would do just that. In other words, all that undersea methane is a potential "positive feedback" of catastrophic proportions. If warming currents, such as those already detected by scientists at depth, begin to thaw these methane beds, it will make the atmosphere, and consequently the sea currents, even warmer, and melt out more methane. A number of scientists tell me that would take the Earth up into temperatures humankind has never experienced -- and probably could not survive. They believe it's happened for natural reasons before -- before, for example, the Jurassic age, when dinosaurs, but no humans, roamed the earth. That's why they insist we must stop the unnatural burning of fossil fuels -- oil, coal and gas -- which risks giving such a methane mega-burp an artificial kick that could -- hard as this is to take in -- end civilization. CLIP

Aspartame - The World’s Best Ant Poison
We live in the woods and carpenter ants are a huge problem. We have spent thousands of dollars with Orkin and on ant poisons trying to keep them under control but nothing has helped. So when I read somewhere that aspartame (Nutrasweet) was actually developed as an ant poison and only changed to being considered non-poisonous after it was realized that a lot more money could be made on it as a sweetener than as an ant poison, I decided to give it a try. I opened two packets of aspartame sweetener, and dumped one in a corner of each of our bathrooms. That was about 2 years ago and I have not seen any carpenter ants for about 9 to 12 months. It works better than the most deadly poisons I have tried. Any time they show up again, I simply dump another package of Nutrasweet in a corner, and they will be gone for a year or so again. Since posting this information I have had many people tell me of their success solving ant problems with this substance, when nothing else worked. (...) As with any poison I recommend wearing gloves and washing any skin areas that come in contact with this poison, and avoid getting it in your mouth, despite anything the labeling may indicate. CLIP

Omega-News Collection 12. August 2006



August 13, 2006

S: Hi, Sweetheart! OK, the list is finally ready and so am I. 

MATTHEW: More greetings to you, dear soul, this time for recording. What I shall do, if I may, is answer many of the questions on the list without interruption, and I will start with the one uppermost in the minds of the world—the “terror” involving the airplanes. It is another Illuminati-CIA “black ops” terrorist failure being publicized as an “intelligence success,” just a different mode of transportation from the “intelligence coup” that kept the trains in England from being bombed, which I spoke about in a prior message.

It is as I said at that time, either way that scenario goes, the fictitious war on global terror is kept alive and kicking to justify everything President Bush does on orders from more powerful Illuminati members. And whichever way that is, it is one side of their win-win situation, with the companion side that fear gets back on center stage for a large segment of the populace. Even among you who sense that these incidents are what they are, there is a slender streamer of anxiety as mainline media repeats and repeats “fear,” “threat,” “terror,” “fright.” When there are more of these pronouncements, please don’t give them the energy of even your ponderings, much less your concern that a subsequent attempt at bombings or any other kind of major terrorist plot could succeed.

There are some twists to this current situation. The plot itself is not new—it’s another one out of their old book of tricks, so to say, but the effort was so clumsily implemented that the decision was made to abandon it, greatly exaggerate the extent of the plan and announce that the “terrorist perpetrators” were foiled in their attempts. Rather suspiciously—actually, it is blatantly transparent that it involved flights between the countries ruled by Bush and Blair, the only national leader who unfailingly endorses Bush’s policies and very likely the only one who would agree to squash all authentic investigations, just as he did with the train bombing charade. Another twist is the timing—again transparent—with political campaigning in full force for the upcoming elections in the United States and poll results favoring Democrat candidates, the Republican party pulled out its major platform plank: The war on terror! 

Small acts of terrorism will be successful, as I have said before. The fanatics who are retaliating for generations of oppression often succeed in their intentions, but between the intelligence of off- and on-planet light beings and the advanced technology of our space family, no black ops activity will meet success. Dozens of attempts like this one to explode airliners and far more destructive plots wherein many, many thousands of lives would have been the toll, have been prevented.

Since that is the case, it is logical to ask why the attempts are still being made—why don’t they simply make claims of the plots and forego the effort to carry them out? The ones who order these strikes are too desperate to think logically; moreover, they are convinced that they will triumph “the next time,” just as they cannot concede that their era of power is over. It isn’t going out with a whimper, but with a call for more violence and death, but it IS ending. Please do not ask when. As I have explained, we know the outcome because that is in the continuum, but Earth’s field of potential is teeming with activity and it is not possible to determine a specific date when all the energy streamers’ momentum will run its zigzag course. 

I continue by addressing other situations preoccupying people’s thoughts, such as the questions on the list that basically are: Will the situation in Lebanon lead to nuclear war, WWIII? In numerous messages I have said there will be NO nuclear war—NOTHING can change this decree from Creator! One writer stated that “WWIII is on,” citing the global war on terror, which has taken many lives of troops and many, many more of civilians, and the hundreds of thousands who will die from injuries, radioactive poisoning, fatal birth defects due to that, and post-trauma suicide. In that respect, yes, it can be said that “WWIII is on.” In the respect that in many cases soul contracts have been and are being amended to permit all “innocents” to move forward in evolution without experiencing all of the difficult lessons they chose, it can be categorized as divine grace. Nevertheless, the souls who reneged on their agreement to join the light when their “heavy” roles for planetary karmic balancing had been achieved have caused unnecessary widespread tragedies and suffering, and we weep with all who are grieving.

The persistent belligerence of the Zionists…. I must interrupt myself to state emphatically that the Zionists do NOT represent the majority of Israelis or Jews living anywhere—by no means are Zionists only in Israel—and they are but one faction of the Illuminati carrying out that cabal’s ages-old plan to dominate your world. To continue, their attitude is as we anticipated, and so is the war insofar as duration, but the extent of the destruction and the unconscionable disregard for human life exceeded anticipations. Perhaps we should have foreseen this, not from Earth’s field of potential, where it cannot be registered in advance, but from knowing what we do about the zealotry and brutality of the Illuminati throughout their entire history.

Please take comfort in knowing that justice will be done both in heaven and on Earth to all souls who are suffering and all those who are causing it. Just as it is sad for us to see the terrible suffering and grieving, it is sad to see those dark souls dooming themselves to their next experiencing as little more than primitive matter, the point at which they must start their inexorably slow return to any degree of reasoning ability so that no trace of inhumane proclivity is carried forward. We are inseparable souls in the Oneness of all, and even though we will rejoice when their reign of terror is over, there can be no joy in knowing how justice will serve them, however rightfully and solely by the energy of their lifetime choices.

In addressing the list questions that are examples of the widespread concerns about the economy, where the Illuminati’s tenacity is especially evident: Will Bush deflate the dollar 50% to cause the collapse of his country’s economy as an excuse to invoke martial law? We do not see martial law having any headway in the field of potential, and since Bush’s country is bankrupt, the economy can only improve with the collapse of the current system, wherein the Federal Reserve—an Illuminati private banking consortium—along with individuals in this dark cabal in other nations, are the “owners” of the country.

It appears more likely that a global economic recession rather than a depression will occur in domino fashion, but even if that develops more harshly, it will not be long-lasting and the principals who will lose the most are those with the most to lose. Most of Earth’s peoples are in such dire straits now—the millions who are struggling to make ends meet and the billions who are deprived of life’s most basic needs—that the changes they will notice will be greeted joyously and thankfully. And please remember what I have said in other messages: The universal law of attraction never ceases, so concentrate on having NOW what you want and it shall be yours—and vice versa.

Will there be chaos when reallocation of the world’s resources starts?
Please take heart in what I have said before, that the transition team of economic experts will proceed so that confusion will be minimal and comparatively short-lived. Chaos ensues when a system collapses and no one is prepared to institute a better system. 

The name Leo Wanta was mentioned in several emails, sometimes in conjunction with NESARA, and other writers are asking when NESARA will be announced. Mother, to reduce your time in answering emails about this, you made a computer document of Hatonn’s and my explanations of NESARA. That material is too lengthy to include here, so to alleviate readers’ concerns about which of the conflicting information is correct regarding this global reformation and spiritual renewal program, as a unique posting on the site with my messages, please put that document there. Thank you.

Now then, I know of Leo Wanta through monitors in Nirvana, who know him to be of integrity and acting in honor in his long-time dedication to humanitarian causes through economic means. He is trying to get into circulation trillions of dollars cached in Illuminati banks—those last two words usually are synonymous—dollars they amassed by lending money they don’t have, but making loans anyway at usurious interest rates. Also, the Federal Reserve buys for pennies each printed bill and lends the money to the U. S. Treasury at the currency’s face value, thus continually increasing the “national debt.” This untenable situation, like the no-foundation lending, has been a mainstay in the Illuminati’s strategy to economically control the populace, and it will be remedied in part by the liberation of illegally amassed funds. I am not an economist and don’t know all of the Illuminati’s machinations in buying and selling many countries’ currency, which has added to their caches, but I am aware that the profits from this and from controlling all stock market activity are hidden in foundations or other protected areas, and releasing their hold on these is part of reallocating all resources worldwide.

Moving on to questions about melting icecaps, record-breaking temperatures, increasing severity of storms, prevalence of geophysical events: As mentioned in previous messages, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and storms are Earth’s natural means of releasing negativity that is stored as kinetic energy. The other changes are a return to her original temperate climate globally; some low-lying areas will be affected, but there will be equalizing effects and no need for mass population relocation, much less evacuation by circling spacecraft as some channeled messages state is a possibility. Please do not go into fear when you read analyses with grave projections!

Several questions pertain to new or planned regulations or bills or policies in the United States, such as Internet providers’ legal responsibility to share with the government all communications they handle; pharmaceutical companies’ safety from liability for their products’ harmful or deadly effects; vitamins and other natural nutritional supplements coming under FDA authority; micro-chipping passports, drivers’ licenses, etc.; criminalizing truth-tellers who inform the media of their knowledge; presidential powers sidestepping court orders and the Constitution; national ID cards; lists of individuals who may or may not travel by air; and now more “safety” restrictions on people who do. ALL unjust and illegal laws and policies worldwide will be repealed as oppressive rulers are replaced by the highly evolved beings who are ready to step into leadership roles.

Now then, Mother, one last thing before we go on to other questions on your list. I know it was irritating to you and no doubt to others as well that often I mentioned “I have said before” or the like, and I did not do that as often as I could have. It has a twofold purpose. Even though many of those questions were answered in previous messages, some repeatedly, the issues remain of sufficient concern to the message readers who still need reassurance. Time is fleeting for your soul-searching to go within instead of relying on external sources for enlightenment and guidance. Indeed without meaning to stifle your growth, I think I have been contributing to that by supplying answers that would far better come from within you. My intention is to inspire you to do this and instead I am not motivating you to practice what I am preaching.
It is also to relieve the pressure of my mother’s formidable email workload—this is necessary if she is to continue giving attention to them—that I give you these requests:

Before sending a question, please go to “Matthew’s Messages” on the site [] to see if it has been answered. A number of topics have been addressed in more than one message—scanning the key points in all messages will show which ones have related information. Please do not send links to Web sites with spiritual or current events material and ask my opinion of that volume of information, which I can know about only if my mother reads it; please state the issue simply and ask your question about it.

Please do not ask questions about your beloved people in spirit—I don’t know them, and my service is many energy layers from Nirvana. My best suggestion is that you read Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven and envision your dear soul in that wondrous world of activity and diversity. Please do not ask about your life’s mission or “What can I do to help Earth?” Along with following your soul’s guidance that is specifically for you, the most basic and immensely valuable help that all can give is sending light to Earth and all her life forms and staying out of fear.

And coming full cycle, I request that you not ask which sources of information in the media, books, or channeled messages you can trust. Not only I, but other high light sources have repeatedly urged you to be discerning about all information by asking your godself, wherein the purest truth lies. We have urged you to trust the answers that come as intuition, instinct, conscience, inspiration, aspiration. Opening the communication line between your soul and your consciousness is an essential part of soul evolution, your journey of self-discovery. 

Now, on behalf of my mother and myself, I express gratitude to the many readers who have graciously written their appreciation for the messages and the books—these kind, thoughtful acknowledgements are very meaningful to us. 

Now, Mother, we can move on to your list.

S: Matthew, your requests certainly will help me! Since Betsy left two weeks ago, I’ve been really conscientious about trying to catch up, but except for answering a few later emails, I’ve just reached July 1. And we’ll be away for five days next week.

I’ve combined and paraphrased a few questions and omitted the personal ones: Do accurately interpreted astrological timeframes have specific and direct bearing on the outcome of the many wars in progress, the truth about 9/11 being widely known, the removal of Bush and his cabinet from office, and mass landings of friendly ET forces; if so, to what extent can we count on these events happening within the given timeframes that major changes will occur? 

MATTHEW: It is true that juxtaposition of celestial bodies in their continuous movement have an impact on other bodies, especially those nearby, but in these situations questioned, that influence is far secondary to Earth’s self-generated activity and also the measure of individuals’ beliefs about astrological effects, because those thoughts shoot up into the mass consciousness. Although energetic assets and opportunities are more numerous or more pronounced during some periods than others, in most situations there is no compelling force that could guarantee a certain outcome, especially at a specific time, because of the many variables in operation that must be considered.

S: Is that a “No”? 

MATTHEW: I think so!

S: OK! Are the Israeli forces using new chemical or biological weapons?

MATTHEW: Yes, and the airborne effects are being ameliorated to the extent possible by our space family. Their technology is far more effective used closely and directly, as it will be on your planet in conjunction with your scientists to eliminate radioactive and other types of pollution; but in combat zones there is no safety for these lighted souls and from the distance they must keep, the impact of their beams is lessened by the levels of energy through which they pass.

S: When is free, non-polluting energy technology coming as promised by some ETs? The writer wants to disseminate this “through this media” before commercialization.

MATTHEW: Like you, Mother, I can only assume the “media” is the Internet, but in addition to that uncertainty, I have no more information about a date than your sources whose technology will be shared, and they tell you it will be when it is safe for all, and that time is not at hand.

S: That’s exactly what they’re still saying. A man who has decided on cremation still would like to know if that or burial is the better way to dispose of a body.

MATTHEW: Either is fine—it doesn’t matter to the soul, who no longer needs the body’s service for experiencing. But to extend this subject, the manner in which a body is treated, whether with respect or disregard or even desecration, is important to the culture of the person, to the entire civilization, as an indication of the sanctity they hold for life itself. I’m not speaking of a grand show—a pine box or simple little case are as respectful as an elaborate casket or an ornate urn—I’m speaking of honoring or dishonoring the beliefs of the person and the family. Irrespective of karmic implications, there is sadness for us in mass burials to cover up massacres, huge pyres to stop the spread of disease, corpse-littered battlefields and sea bottoms, intentional dispositions of bodies so they never will be found. The departed souls grieve not for the bodies they left, but for their beloved people who were denied tender goodbyes. 

S: Mash, thank you, dear. Someone who read about scientific experiments that produce “creatures” wants to know if it’s a universal law that a physical body must have a soul to function.

MATTHEW: No. Bodies have their own life force simply by virtue of being energy, but depending on the genetic combinations, the functioning could be as grotesque as the creature.   

S: What must good people do to insure that this midterm election [in the United States] will be conducted with honesty and integrity?

MATTHEW: At this point, you can only focus your thoughts on the character of government you want, feel thankful for this collection of fair, wise and just leaders as if they already ARE the government, and send light to all of Earth. Even if the electronic voting machines were not specifically designed for tampering—they are, of course—the people who count the votes are Illuminati-controlled. They release whatever figures they want, thereby determining the winners, so this upcoming election will be devoid of honesty and integrity. But the farce of two major parties to choose from—most members of both are either Illuminati themselves or under that dark control—will end along with everything else that has dark underpinnings, so please do not be discouraged. Cast your vote with the vision of all countries governed by people who represent the highest in human nature.

S: Matthew, I’ve heard from so many women about their mysterious feelings that range from weird physical conditions to sensing they’re not with the right partner or working with the right people, that I’m wondering the same thing as the woman who asked if women more so than men are experiencing the effects of the higher frequencies. I receive a ton of emails from men too, and usually their interests are a lot different from women’s. Will you please comment on this.

MATTHEW: Remembering if you will that masculine energy, which is lower in vibration than feminine, has been dominant in your world for millennia; and considering that your society has established a domineering personality as your stereotypical male that boys emulate and thus the cycle is perpetuated; you can understand that the recent in-pouring of feminine energy is being welcomed—however subconsciously, because most of the population don’t know about these energies’ effects—by women more so than by men. These new frequencies are magnifying personal characteristics and sensations, and as women are feeling more uneasy about unsatisfying aspects of their life—that something “out there” is better—their male partners and co-workers are exhibiting an increase in their usual traits and behavior, which is adding to the new level of dissatisfaction in women. Their ability to change their circumstances directly affects the extent of physical anomalies. If they have the means to effect changes they feel they need to, there is less stress than if they do not, and the higher the stress level, the more pronounced the physical reactions.

However, this is true of any situation’s effects on any body, with energy blockages developing in the body’s most vulnerable parts, so along with new sensations of dis-ease, long-term conditions can be exacerbated. Because there are many origins of stress and variations of its effects, it would be foolhardy to hold the higher frequencies solely responsible for a new or worsening illness, so please discuss these kinds of situations with your trusted health care provider. I offer this recommendation: Use natural remedies and treatments whenever possible rather than prescription drugs and established medicine’s therapies, which often are harmful or fatal instead of beneficial.

Now then, the feminine, or goddess vibrations that are stirring up things to a fare-thee-well are balancing, not replacing the long reign of lopsided energetic influence on your planet, so the current unsettling effects will level out in a far more favorable environment for all. Balance is the goal of all experiencing of all souls.

S: Thank you. I know you’ve mentioned this before, but please comment on the health of people who make Earth’s full journey with her.

MATTHEW: I’ll happily do this. The root of all disease—more correctly, dis-ease, because that covers the full spectrum of distressing conditions—is in dark intentions that originated in antiquity, and through multiple experiencing to achieve balance, through myriad generations the susceptibility to adverse physical, mental and emotional conditions continued. All souls who accompany Earth to her destination will have completed third density karma, and like all other situations rooted in darkness, dis-ease no longer will be part of life—no viruses, harmful bacteria, parasites, toxins or deficiencies of any nature exist in those higher vibrations. I cannot give a timetable as each body is unique, but the healing of chronic illnesses will come, missing or defective limbs and organs will regenerate, third density sensory loss will be restored, minds will be free of former encumbrances, heartaches will cease.

S: What about age reversal? There are questions about this too.

MATTHEW: This is an option. In the greater purity of fifth density, bodies can become younger to the same prime age as the etheric bodies of souls in spirit, the 30-35 years you consider the prime of life, and live for many thousands of years in that same energy environment. However, depending on a soul’s other lifetimes, moving into another civilization that offers greatly varied experiencing, and perhaps in a male instead of a female body or vice versa or a body considerably different from the human form you’re accustomed to, is often a soul’s choice.

S: Mash dear, we’re out of space. Do you want to say something else, short, or only “goodbye”?

MATTHEW: A short goodbye, with the assurance that our constant love and the bountiful blessings of the universe are with you.



Suzanne Ward

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Red Alert For Staged Government Terror Attack

Terror alert a trial balloon for invasion of Iran, World War III

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | August 10 2006

Today's red level terror alert in symbiosis with escalation of conflict in the Middle East is the trial balloon for a massive staged false flag terror attack, blamed on Hezbollah or Al-Qaeda, that will light the blue touch paper for World War Three.

Radio host Alex Jones, who predicted a staged attack on the World Trade Center involving the use of Osama bin Laden as a fall guy in July 2001, has now gone on record with a second prediction that a staged government terror attack will occur before the end of October unless a gargantuan effort to prevent it is launched.

Only through a massively increased counter-propaganda effort on behalf of all truth activists can prevent an imminent cataclysmic horror show that will make 9/11 look like a walk in the park.

We have exhaustively documented that criminal elements in control of major western governments have carried out terror attacks and deliberately manufactured fake alerts for political purposes.

In 2002, then White House press secretary Ari Fleischer told the Washington Times that terror alerts were issued "as a result of all the controversy that took place last week," referring to political heat bestowed on President Bush when 9/11 prior knowledge evidence first surfaced.

From this point onwards smoking guns of government complicity in 9/11 became intrinsically linked with fake terror alerts.

In January of 2003 FBI and CIA whistleblowers told Capitol Hill Blue that the White House was scripting phony terror alerts to maintain hysteria, upkeep President Bush’s approval ratings and milk extra defense funding. The report that five Pakistani men had entered the States via Canada and were planning on carrying out a dirty bomb or biological attack was completely conjured up by the Bush administration’s black propaganda office. New York Harbor was shut down to visibly pump up the fear. One of the named suspects, Mohammed Asghar (pictured left), was tracked down to Pakistan by the Associated Press. He was a fat guy running a jewellers shop and had never even been to America.

World Net Daily commented,

“Other sources within the bureau and the Central Intelligence Agency said the administration is pressuring intelligence agencies to develop "something, anything" to support an array of non-specific terrorism alerts issued by the White House and the Department of Homeland Security…CHB reported that FBI and CIA sources said a recent White House memo listing the war on terrorism as a definitive political advantage and fund-raising tool is just one of many documents discussing how to best utilize the terrorist threat.”

Since those early admissions, every single major terror alert that the US, UK or Canadian government has issued has proven to be completely fraudulent and scripted.

Two months ago this website, in an article entitled 'Nexus Points Emerge For Potential Summer Attack,' predicted that, "Numerous nexus points have emerged that suggest major western governments are preparing for a summer terror attack that will come close to but not match 9/11 in scale and will provide the justification needed for an air strike on Iran before the midterm elections in early November."

Government mouthpieces in the US, UK and Israel are all hyping the inevitability of a Hezbollah nuke attack on a major western or Israeli city, which will provide the perfect justification for Neo-Fascist bloodsuckers to expand the war from Lebanon into Syria and Iran.

Developments today indicate that the governments of the US and the UK are engaging in a process of announcing the prevention of numerous terror plots, in order to prepare the groundwork for a real attack, under protest that they did all they could to defend the people, but that one attack slipped through.

Arrests in the US, the UK and Canada of supposed terror cells that in each case turn out to be low grade morons, victims of government entrapment, or outright fabricated evidence, are part of this conditioning process.

We have provided links to all our investigations of these staged terror alerts and more at the end of this article.

Watershed leaps in the public profile of the 9/11 truth movement directly correlate to the staging of scripted terror alerts. Each time a new national poll is released showing more people questioning the official story of 9/11, a terror alert or a high profile terror arrest is announced. Last time around it was the arrest of Al-Zarqawi - now it's a re-hash of Operation Bojinka - a plot masterminded by admitted US government agent Ramzi Youssef.

The ramifications for the freedoms of all westerners and the very lives of thousands of Iranians and Syrians, as well as US troops, are too grave to even contemplate.

We must be more vigilant that ever before in an more vocal in our efforts to educate the world about who benefits from terror and where the weight of evidence points towards.


Please go at to review the links below:

Seven Morons In A Warehouse

Sears Tower: US Government Creates Another Al-Qaeda Cell

Cooked Canary Wharf Terror Plot Recycled

Canadian 'Terror Plot' Begins To Unravel

Hyped Terror Raid Proves To Be Paper Tiger

Toledo Terrorists and Government Entrapment

Twenty-Three Intel Experts Say LA Terror Plot a Sham

Bush Plays Terror Card With Bogus LA Attack Plot

NYC Subway "Plot": Just Another Fake Terror Alert



Forwarded by: "Mark Graffis">

U.K. Airline Terror Plot Poll
by adering

August 10, 2006

OK, this is how suspicious I've become. With tin-foil hat firmly in the desk drawer, the first thought I had upon reading about a terror plot to blow up 10 or so in-flight planes was: Is this a genuine plot, or is it the Bush admin dictating yet another "Oh wow, this is serious. Honest. No, really, this time, we mean it. Swear to God."

Vote here

Who is Michael Chertoff ? This is what you will find at about him.

"Chertoff was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, the son of Rabbi Gershon Baruch Chertoff, the former leader of the B'nai Israel Congregation in Elizabeth, and El Al Israel Airlines first flight attendant Livia Chertoff, nee Eisen. His paternal grandfather, Rabbi Paul Chertoff, emigrated from Russia. His grandfather was a noted Talmudic scholar. Michael Chertoff is a citizen of the United States. Israeli law considers him a citizen of Israel as well, because his mother held that status."



From: freed schmitter>
Subject: The Mad Emperor disease
Date: 9 August 2006

Dear Jean,

Many times i wanted to respond to your as ever excellent service, to inspire, to share, to co-create. It mostly ended by sending energy, and working in a similar way like in the Hawaiian story: internalize all information. Seeing everything as aspects of the one planetary being Gaia, and progressively uniting all parts in y-ourselves.

In my present understanding, sending light to the dark corners of the universe / y-ourselves would be the secure way. Not by sending love, which the dark (parts) may mis-interpret as support for their machinations and manipulations. To pose an example: Resident Bush, who thinks himself as specially God-send (most probably manipulated by henchmen around him, helped by his former and seemingly present addictions) would interpret love as support for his ill-conceived politics.

Love has therefore to be internalized only, and sending light to the dark would be a safer way?

Just today, i was directed to a well-analyzed series of articles on 'our collective madness'. The author is Paul Levy, who wrote the book 'The Madness of George W. Bush - A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis'

Here is an excerpt of his article 'Middle East Madness' found on his website

(...) The “inner name” of ME disease is “Mad Emperor” disease, as it is what happens when an individual such as Bush, or a nation such as Israel, is in a position of power and abuses its power over others simply because it can. Those who have fallen prey to ME disease identify with an illusory “separate self” (be it on the personal, or national scale) which is fear-ridden, while simultaneously generating fear in others by traumatizing anyone within its dominion. Instead of being in relationship to others and the environment, people (or nations) taken over by ME disease want to dictate, subjugate, dominate, and have power over others. They are tantrum-throwing bullies, who live by the rule of “might makes right.” I immediately associate to the archetypal and mythic figure of the negative father (Cronos/Saturn), who abuses his power over others simply because he can, a morally indefensible act.

ME disease is a psycho-spiritual disease of the soul that non-locally pervades and is holographically enfolded throughout the entire field of consciousness. This is to say that ME disease exists, in unmanifest potential, deep within the collective unconscious of all humanity. ME disease in-forms and gives shape to the greater body politic of the world, and it is noteworthy that the Middle East is currently having an acute outbreak of ME disease. ME disease could just as easily stand for “Middle East disease,” as this is where the disease is currently having a localized inflammation and is thereby, in fully condensed and essentialized form, where this deeper, underlying non-local field disease is becoming visible in 3-D space and time for all who have eyes to see. This is to say that ME disease, an illness that exists deep within the entire unified field, is embodying, incarnating and revealing itself in, through and as events in the Middle East. We are simply asked to recognize what is being revealed to us.

The ME epidemic that is playing out in the Middle East is a reflection of a deeper process going on within the collective unconscious of humanity, and is hence revealing something to us very important about ourselves. In the crisis in the Middle East there is an extremely valuable lesson for all of humanity hidden (veiled), while simultaneously being revealed for all who have eyes to see. Israel and its enemies are engaged in a ritualized dance of mutual shadow projection in which they are both doing the exact thing they are accusing the other of doing. Terrorized by the other, each side terrorizes in return. They are both looking in a mirror (whose inner meaning, etymologically speaking, is “holder of the shadow”), and trying to destroy their own shadow, which is not only a battle that can never be won, but is a form of insanity. Seen as a dreaming process, we have dreamed them up to objectify and show us these mad parts of ourselves. Israel and its adversaries are embodied reflections of the part of ourselves that unconsciously enacts this same insane behavior, both within ourselves and outside in the world.

Just like George Bush and the terrorists, Israel and its adversaries are acting out a form of collective madness in full-bodied form on the world stage. This is to say that a madness that exists deep inside the psyche of all humanity is being symbolically re-presented and played out in the Middle East. Something is being revealed to us about ourselves through this outer display of collective madness in the Middle East.

The only genuine and lasting solution which will create true peace is for enough of us to realize what is being revealed by what I am calling ME disease as it unconsciously is being endlessly re-enacted in the Middle East. Acting out the unconscious on the world stage, we are a species possessed by a more powerful energy. Like Israel, we are a species in trauma, enacting our trauma as we traumatize others while simultaneously re-traumatizing ourselves in a diabolical self-reinforcing feedback loop with no exit strategy. We are a species gone mad, and yet, in unconsciously acting out our madness, something very important is being revealed to us. Events in the Middle East are both the literal as well as symbolic crystallization of this process. A deeper, mythic process that is taking place in the soul of humanity is playing itself out, both literally and symbolically, in extreme and exaggerated form in the Middle East. Encoded in these events are the key to its resolution.


To add another thought:

Maybe we could expand non-violence to exclude oppressive material manifestations.
Let me explain what i recently heard.

The Palestinians and the Lebanese have so little to throw at Goliath that they as well might use that little fire power to attack the Separation Wall (Apartheid Wall) that is in process of being built by Israel to separate themselves from Palestine. It is scheduled to become a prison for some 1.9 million Palestinians.

By shooting at this symbol of oppression, declared illegal by the International Criminal Court in the Hague, they could get rid of deep-seated frustration, cheered by the whole Islamic world. Israel and America would have no plausible moral reason to blame them anymore. Of course, the arrival of this new tactic has to be spread by blogs, websites, independent TV and news services, peace initiatives, etc. as the powers that be do not like to admit their defeat in their controlled mass media...

Looking back what 9-11 brought is nothing short of amazing. Never before were so many people, especially in the U.S., aware of the manipulations in politics and the press. It is of course poorly visible in the controlled mass media yet, although they slowly have to wake up to a new reality where 'we the people' again demand a say in our desired future.

From at least 9-11 to 9-21 UN Day of Peace, people of goodwill are called to occupy the vicinity of the White House. Similar to the Latin American democratic and Orange movements in other parts of the world.

Reliable sources reveal that a substantial part of Americans (and more than half of the New Yorkers) do now believe that 9-11 was an inside job of the present government. They increasingly demand accountability.

On another note: Al Gore is shining in his new role as the Nation's secret leader, in brilliant speeches and due to the successful book and movie 'An Inconvenient Truth'. He did mention that he would not likely be a candidate for the 2008 Presidency. I would add, he does not need to. He IS president, and is showing true leadership and inspiring vision for all to see. A new reality right before y-our eyes!




Note from Jean: According to polls taken in 2004...

Released: August 30, 2004
Half of New Yorkers Believe US Leaders Had Foreknowledge of Impending 9-11 Attacks and “Consciously Failed” To Act; 66% Call For New Probe of Unanswered Questions by Congress or New York’s Attorney General, New Zogby International Poll Reveals
On the eve of a Republican National Convention invoking 9/11 symbols, sound bytes and imagery, half (49.3%) of New York City residents and 41% of New York citizens overall say that some of our leaders "knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act," according to the poll conducted by Zogby International. The poll of New York residents was conducted from Tuesday August 24 through Thursday August 26, 2004. Overall results have a margin of sampling error of +/-3.5. The poll is the first of its kind conducted in America that surveys attitudes regarding US government complicity in the 9/11 tragedy. Despite the acute legal and political implications of this accusation, nearly 30% of registered Republicans and over 38% of those who described themselves as "very conservative" supported the claim. CLIP


Poll: 33% See U.S. Hand In 9/11 (August 08, 2006)
More than a third of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East, according to a new Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll.

SO... NOT MUCH CHANGE IN THE LAST 2 YEARS!... And yet the 9/11 truth movement grows...

9/11 Truth Advocates Launch Nationwide Congressional Candidate Poll; "Politics 911" Seeks Candidates Responsive to 70+ Million Voters Demanding New 9/11 Investigation (July 23)
Nation's largest 9/11 truth network marks second anniversary of the 9/11 Commission Report with campaign to survey all mainstream and third party congressional candidates re their awareness of the case for US government complicity in 9/11 and the high levels of public support for a full reinvestigation, as well as their personal willingness to back such an inquiry if they are elected in the fall. (...) executive director Janice Matthews also takes heart from the rapidly increasing quantity and quality of grassroots truth advocates. "We're witnessing a major sea change in 9/11 activism and the nation as a whole that no one could have predicted a year or two ago," she said."Reaching out to over 1200 congressional candidates would have seemed unthinkable then, but suddenly we have nearly 15,000 people on our mailing lists and local 9/11 groups springing up in 35 states. We are of course deeply grateful for recent help from eminent figures like Daniel Ellsberg, Paul Craig Roberts, 9/11 family leader Bill Doyle, Charlie Sheen and other gutsy celebrities, but what really gives us hope are the often lonely battles of ordinary citizens who put so much of their lives on the line to wake their communities up. It's their help we're ultimately counting on, not just for this campaign, but to help us remember how democracy works and how far we still have to go."Since so many of the harms of 9/11 have reverberated and even intensified over the last five years, we cordially invite the collaboration, endorsement and/or cosponsorship of other groups and individuals working against war, torture, surveillance, social service decimation or any other downstream consequences of the 9/11 attacks. To help with this campaign or just obtain more info on how it works, see the "Politics 911" introductory page at All the necessary campaign forums, resources and databases should be up and running by August 1.

Controversial Instructor Speaks About His 9/11 Views, UW Course

Colonel says Military Coup is Coming (This could merely a red herring and would it be a good thing anyway?...);article=103490;title=APFN
Retired Colonel Donn de Grand-Pre told Alex Jones in an interview last year about a 72 hour symposium that he conducted in Washington D.C. in September 2001, where he assembled a group of military, commercial, and civilian pilots to discuss 911 for 3 days. They came up with a 24 page report, which the colonel submitted to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on January 23, 2002. The colonel said the chairman made 500 copies and sent them out to various places including the white house. The report concluded that the flight crews of the 4 planes on 911 had no control over their aircrafts. Colonel de Grand-Pre said that what happened on 911 was an administrative coup. The culprits, he said, are part of a neocon group, now in power in the Pentagon, that planned it for years. He said there is a rift between the Pentagon and the military, and that, if it wasn’t for the fact that the government and civilian hierarchy have control over retirements, there would have been a rebellion by now. The colonel told Alex Jones that the only way to stop these people is with a counter-coup, where the military steps in and disengages the civilian hierarchy and takes over and re-runs or reorganizes the government. The colonel said that the neocons only understand one ingredient and that is force, and that is why the counter-coup has to emanate from the military. He said military tribunals will take over. Colonel de Grand-pre said that a cruise missile hit the pentagon, and flight 93 was taken out by the North Dakota Air Guard, which was stationed in Langley, Virginia. He personally knows the pilot, who fired two sidewinder missiles at the plane, after getting the command from the Adj. General of the State of North Dakota. The colonel said flight 93 had totally unconscious people on board. -- Originally from



Avnery: Defeat can be a blessing (August 13, 2006)
In this war series, Uri Avnery exposes the malfunctioning of the Israeli army... His email was prefaced with the following: "During the "grey days" of the weekend between the UN Ceasefire Resolution and the Israeli cabinet's ratification, Prime Minister Olmert decided to continue and increase the war. Also this decision was taken under enormous pressure from the army command and it is again costing a lot of lives - Lebanese lives and Israeli lives. On Saturday alone, 24 Israeli soldiers got killed. Right now we hear that the hospital at Tyre is threatened to go up in flames with the fire brigade unable to reach it because of unceasing Israeli bombing."

From: "Gush Shalom">
Date: 10 Aug 2006
Subject: War intensifies, protest widens

International update

While the government gave the green light to intensifying and prolonging the war for weeks or months, today at 6pm a Stop the War demo was called opposite the Defence Ministry in Tel-Aviv. It was initiated by selective refusers (Ometz Lesarev) as an effort to unite those who opposed the war from the start with those who feel that now is the time to stop it. We will be there.

Gush Shalom's daily anti-war paid ads can be read also on NB: Thanks to those of you who understood that we need your donations now more than ever.

Also on the site: Uri Avnery's extra frequent war commentaries. The latest follows in which Avnery is longing back for ... guess whom.

See also:

Twelve arrested during protest against war crimes at Air Force base,7340,L-3288146,00.html

Decision to expand ground war shatters political consensus

Uri Avnery

Who? Me?!

TODAY, THE war entered its fifth week. Hard to believe: our mighty army has now been fighting for 29 days against a "gang" and "terrorist organization", as the military commanders like to describe them, and the battle has still not been decided.

Yesterday, military sources in Israel announced that 400 of the 1200 Hizbullah "terrorists" have been killed. That's to say, a mere 1200 fighters have been standing against the tens of thousands of our soldiers, who are equipped with the most advanced weapons on earth, and hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens are still under rocket fire while our soldiers continue to be killed.

WHO? ME? Now everybody already admits that something basic has gone wrong in this war. The proof: the War of the Generals, that previously started only after the conclusion of a war, has now become public while the war is still going on.

The Chief-of-Staff, Dan Halutz, has found the culprit: Udi Adam, the chief of the Northern Command. He has practically dismissed him in the middle of the battle. That is the old ploy of the thief shouting "Stop thief!" After all, it is obvious that the person mainly to blame for the failures of the war is Halutz himself, with his foolish belief that Hisbullah could be defeated by aerial bombardment alone.

But it is not only at the top of the army that mutual accusations are flying around. The army command accuses the government, which is retaliating in kind.

On the eve of his downgrading, Udi Adam publicly accused the government of tying his hands. Meaning: the government is guilty. Ehud Olmert did not remain silent and declared that the army had not submitted any plans for widening the campaign. That's to say: if you are incompetent, don't blame me!

To justify himself, Olmert added a significant sentence: "From the first day of the war, the government has not refused the army a single request!" In other words, it is the Chief-of-Staff who makes policy and conducts the war, while the political leadership just rubber stamps everything that the army "requests".

But this is a sterile debate, because it ignores the main fact, which is becoming clearer from day to day: it is altogether impossible to win this war. That's why nothing is working as planned.

PLAN? WHAT PLAN? Years ago the military commentator of Haolam Hazeh, the magazine I was editing at the time, got fed up with the boast the our army excels in improvisation. "The ability to improvise," he wrote, "Is just another name for our inability to plan."

According to the reports, the Israeli army has been preparing for this war for more than three years. The last exercise took place a month before the war started and included the invasion of Lebanon by land forces. It is clear that the command did not anticipate a campaign that would last for four weeks and more. What the hell! After all, it was against a small gang of terrorists. This just confirms the dictum that even the best war plan does not survive the first day of war.

THE WAR OF THE POOR. It is quite clear that the army command's wonderful plan did not include the defense of the rear within rocket range. There was no plan for the solution of the hundred and one problems emanating from the attack on Hizbullah: from the protection of the civilian population from thousands of missiles to the necessary economic arrangements when a third of the country's population is living under bombardment and is paralysed.

Now the public is crying out, and soon the ministers and generals will have to try to find somebody to blame for that, too.

For this war is being fought on the backs of the weak, who cannot afford to "evacuate themselves" from the rockets' area. The rich and well-to-do have got out long ago - in Israel as well as in Lebanon. The poor, the old, the sick and the handicapped remain in the shelters. They are the main sufferers. But that does not cause them to oppose the war. On the contrary, they are the most vociferous group in Israel demanding "to go to the end", "to smash them", "to wipe them out".

That is not new, either: the weakest in society always want to feel that they belong to the strongest nation. Those who have nothing become the biggest patriots. And they are also the main victims.

Those who initiated and planned the war cynically flatter the inhabitants of the North, who are stuck there, calling them "heroes" and lauding their "wonderful steadfastness".

UNITED CYNICS. Now the end of the killing depends on the UN.

David Ben-Gurion called it contemptuously "UNO-SHMUNO" (UM-SHMUM in Hebrew). In the 1948 war, he violated its cease-fire resolutions whenever it suited him (as a soldier I took part in some of these actions). He and all his successors over the years have violated almost all the UN decisions concerning us, arguing (not without justification) that the organization was dominated by an automatic anti-Israeli majority, consisting of the Soviet bloc and Third World countries.

Since then, the situation has changed. The Soviet bloc has collapsed and the UN has become an arm of the US State department. Kofi Annan has become a janitor and the real boss is the US delegate, John Bolton, a raving neo-con and therefore a great friend of Israel. He wants the war to go on.

The name of the American game is: to give the Israeli army more days, and perhaps more weeks, to go on with the war, to pursue the mirage of victory, while pretending to make great efforts to stop the war. It seems that Olmert has promised Bush to win after all, if given time.

The new proposals of the Beirut government have lit red lights in Jerusalem. The Lebanese government proposes to deploy 15 thousand Lebanese troops along the border, declare a cease-fire and get the Israeli troops out of Lebanon. That is exactly what the Israeli government demanded at the start of the war. But now it looks like a danger. It could stop the war without an Israeli victory.

Thus a paradoxical situation has arisen: the Israeli government is rejecting a proposal that reflects its original war aims, and instead demands the deployment of an international force, which it objected to strenuously at the start of the war. That's what happens when you start a war without clear and achievable aims. Everything gets mixed up.

GENERALS AND COMMENTATORS. I have a proposal to solve all the problems caused by this war: to switch the generals and the commentators.

The generals have not excelled in conducting the war. But they and their comrades, the ex-generals, have proved themselves excellent commentators. They have crowded everyone else out of the studios, created a national consensus and silenced all real criticism. (Except one sort of criticism: Why do we not advance deeper into Lebanon? Why haven't we reached the Litani? Why don't we go beyond the Litani? Why don't we eradicate the Lebanese villages from the face of the earth?)

On the other side, the broadcasts prove that the military commentators know exactly how to wage the war. They have forceful opinions and plenty of expert advice. They know when to advance and where, which troops to deploy and what weapons to use.

So why not let them conduct the war?

MACHOSTAN. The battery of generals that appears every evening on all TV channels in order to give a "briefing" (a.k.a. propaganda) to the nation, are all male. They bring with them a token woman, a real beauty who bears the title of "army spokesperson" and serves mostly for diversification. The commentators on TV are, of course, tough guys, and so are almost all the other speakers.

The rule of males is underlined by the fact that the Foreign Ministry is headed by a woman. Since the foundation of Israel, the Ministry of Defense has been the realm of he-men, who look with disdain upon the Foreign Office, which is always considered feeble and effete. Now, too, the Foreign Office is a sickly limb of the "defense establishment". Tsipi Livni, who once aroused hopes, is a parrot of the army - as Condoleezza Rice is the parrot of Bush.

War is, of course, a matter for men. That's how it was from the beginning of the human race, and perhaps even before. A tribe of baboons, for example, when faced with danger, automatically adopts a defensive formation: old males, women and children in the center, young males in a circle around them. There is only one difference between them und us: their leader is always the wisest and most experienced of the tribe.

The love of the human male for war - a phenomenon we have had the opportunity to observe from close up these last few days - is connected not only with this biological heritage. War assures the total dominance of the males over society. It also assures the total dominance of the generals over the state.

If we believed that that would change with a government headed by civilians, we were obviously wrong. The opposite is true: the civilians who pose as war-leaders are no better then the generals. A veteran general might even have learned something from his experience.

I am going now to say something I did not think I would ever utter: It is quite possible that we would not have slid into this foolish war if Ariel Sharon were in charge. Fact: he did not attack Hizbullah after the withdrawal in 2000. One attempt was enough for him. Which proves again that there is nothing so bad that something worse cannot be found.

The lust for war also explains the talking choir of the hundreds of ex-generals, who think and talk in unison in favor of the war. A cynic would say: what's the big deal, after all it's the army that gave them their standing in society. They are important only as long as the conflict between Israel and the Arab world continues. The conflict guarantees their status. They have no interest whatsoever in its resolution.

But the phenomenon is more profound. The army is the crucible for senior officers. It shapes their world outlook, their attitude and style. Apart from the settlers, the senior officers' corps - in and out of uniform - is today the only ideological party in Israel and therefore has a huge influence. It can easily gobble up a thousand little functionaries like Amir Peretz before breakfast.

This is why there is no real self-criticism. At the beginning of the fifth week, the slogans are again: Forwards! To the Litani! Further! Stronger! Deeper!

GUSH SHALOM p.o.b. 3322 Tel Aviv 61033
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Forwarded by Nattanya Andersen> on August 10

From: Radical Press

To: ;
Sent: July 21, 2006

Open Letter to Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper

Dear Sir:

I must congratulate you on your recent stance with respect to Israel's ongoing war against the people of Palestine and Lebanon.

By your actions you have now shown the people of Canada that your primary purpose in becoming the head of a minority government in this country was to join the ranks of those other nations who likewise have pledged their allegiance to the Zionist 'state' of Israel.

Now you can rest assured that your name will go down in the history books as one of the primary war criminals to have appeared upon the world stage in the early beginnings of the 21st Century.

As a professed Christian you will undoubtedly find deep spiritual solace knowing that you have bequeathed unto Canadians and your own family a legacy in keeping with all the other puppet dictators like President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair who also have succumbed to the relentless and deadly influence of the pernicious Prince of Darkness disguised to the world as the downtrodden and beleaguered 'state' of Zionist Israel.

Words of admonishment sent to your deaf ears are but a poor substitute to replace the grief, suffering, death and destruction that Zionist Israel has inflicting upon the Arab populations of Palestine and Lebanon since its imperialist inception via the United Nations in 1948.

No nation, I believe, was ever conceived upon God's fair earth with such evil intent as that of Israel. It's primary purpose, diligently crafted throughout its nascent beginning, was to facilitate the destruction of every democratically elected nation in the world via embedded subterfuge and deception in order that it eventually would become the central and controlling organ of a world dominating organization euphemistically christened as the New World Order.

To that end the Zionists throughout the U.S.S.R. (where they first originated and gained force within the Bolshevik party), Europe and North America have tirelessly laboured for close to a century to bring this nefarious project to a successful completion.

Those pundits and intellectuals throughout the western world who, for innumerable reasons had not the courage and discipline to dig deep enough into their own particular nation's political substrata, have remained either puzzled and confused, disillusioned, or worse yet, convinced that paying intellectual and spiritual homage and giving unquestioned financial alms to Zionist Israel (as in the case of the USA) is somehow a noble and a just cause.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What you are doing Stephen Harper, by pledging Canada's people to Zionist Israel and its Satanic agenda for global dominion over all the other nations of the world, is personally heaping a measure of karmic ignominy upon a country that for decades has been graced (relatively speaking) with a reputation as a fair and just nation and one that doesn't easily go out of its way to interfere in the affairs of others outside its borders.

Due in great part to the fact that the Zionists of Israel and their pro-Zionist supporters around the world, be they Jewish or Christian, now control and manipulate all of the major sources of media throughout the western world, they are in a highly critical position when it comes to the average citizen's ability to gain a balanced perspective on world events.

When our media (and this includes the CBC and CTV as well as the Zionist controlled Asper publications and TV networks) is manipulated such that it only reports one side of a ever-growing crisis (such as we're witnessing today in Palestine and Lebanon) then it becomes virtually impossible for the average working Canadian to come to terms with the content of public coverage of events and thus creates the very same division and dissent which the Zionist controlled media intended from its beginning.

The only hope at this time Mr. Harper for any semblance of truth, honesty and justice to prevail is that found on the internet where, thank God, there still remains a free and open discussion of causes and effects surrounding every action affecting our lives both in a local and a global sense of the word. It has become the last frontier and bastion of freedom for those who cherish true freedom of expression and the natural right to know and decide upon both sides of any story affecting their lives.

If the growing power of free information that is contained in this medium is effective, then by the time of your next campaign for re-election, the people of Canada will have come to recognize the imminent danger of you and your political party to the vital interests of Canada and the world as our global home and we the people will take away your license to kill the innocent children of the world and end your evil association with other pro-fascist, Zionist nations.

In Peace & Love for all humanity I remain,


Arthur Topham
The Radical Press



Gore isn't quite as green as he's led the world to believe

By Peter Schweizer

August 10

Al Gore has spoken: The world must embrace a "carbon-neutral lifestyle." To do otherwise, he says, will result in a cataclysmic catastrophe. "Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb," warns the website for his film, An Inconvenient Truth. "We have just 10 years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tailspin."

Graciously, Gore tells consumers how to change their lives to curb their carbon-gobbling ways: Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs, use a clothesline, drive a hybrid, use renewable energy, dramatically cut back on consumption. Better still, responsible global citizens can follow Gore's example, because, as he readily points out in his speeches, he lives a "carbon-neutral lifestyle." But if Al Gore is the world's role model for ecology, the planet is doomed.

For someone who says the sky is falling, he does very little. He says he recycles and drives a hybrid. And he claims he uses renewable energy credits to offset the pollution he produces when using a private jet to promote his film. (In reality, Paramount Classics, the film's distributor, pays this.)

Public records reveal that as Gore lectures Americans on excessive consumption, he and his wife Tipper live in two properties: a 10,000-square-foot, 20-room, eight-bathroom home in Nashville, and a 4,000-square-foot home in Arlington, Va. (He also has a third home in Carthage, Tenn.) For someone rallying the planet to pursue a path of extreme personal sacrifice, Gore requires little from himself.

Then there is the troubling matter of his energy use. In the Washington, D.C., area, utility companies offer wind energy as an alternative to traditional energy. In Nashville, similar programs exist. Utility customers must simply pay a few extra pennies per kilowatt hour, and they can continue living their carbon-neutral lifestyles knowing that they are supporting wind energy. Plenty of businesses and institutions have signed up. Even the Bush administration is using green energy for some federal office buildings, as are thousands of area residents.

But according to public records, there is no evidence that Gore has signed up to use green energy in either of his large residences. When contacted Wednesday, Gore's office confirmed as much but said the Gores were looking into making the switch at both homes. Talk about inconvenient truths.

Gore is not alone. Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean has said, "Global warming is happening, and it threatens our very existence." The DNC website applauds the fact that Gore has "tried to move people to act." Yet, astoundingly, Gore's persuasive powers have failed to convince his own party: The DNC has not signed up to pay an additional two pennies a kilowatt hour to go green. For that matter, neither has the Republican National Committee.

Maybe our very existence isn't threatened.

Gore has held these apocalyptic views about the environment for some time. So why, then, didn't Gore dump his family's large stock holdings in Occidental (Oxy) Petroleum? As executor of his family's trust, over the years Gore has controlled hundreds of thousands of dollars in Oxy stock. Oxy has been mired in controversy over oil drilling in ecologically sensitive areas.

Living carbon-neutral apparently doesn't mean living oil-stock free. Nor does it necessarily mean giving up a mining royalty either.

Humanity might be "sitting on a ticking time bomb," but Gore's home in Carthage is sitting on a zinc mine. Gore receives $20,000 a year in royalties from Pasminco Zinc, which operates a zinc concession on his property. Tennessee has cited the company for adding large quantities of barium, iron and zinc to the nearby Caney Fork River.

The issue here is not simply Gore's hypocrisy; it's a question of credibility. If he genuinely believes the apocalyptic vision he has put forth and calls for radical changes in the way other people live, why hasn't he made any radical change in his life? Giving up the zinc mine or one of his homes is not asking much, given that he wants the rest of us to radically change our lives.

Peter Schweizer is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and author of Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy.


Forwarded by "Ricardo"> on August 12


Message from Ker-On


You wonder how long it will be before a sudden move comes up, that will take you towards recognisable changes that signal the commencement of a major event. Yet many movements are taking place, the net result of which are leading you towards that opening that will clearly indicate that the end times are truly under way. Beyond that we will not detail any particular event that is shaping up, except to say that the removal of the last cabal is still the top of our list.

Our wish to be more open than we are at present cannot be fulfilled until the principal opposition to us is removed. We desire to elevate our allies into positions where they have authority and acceptance, for the many events that we want to get quickly underway. The approval of your people has to be a main factor in our coming, and we do not see that as presenting any problems. Already there are great numbers who believe in our existence and our craft, and it is a relatively small step to show them that we come with your best interests at heart.

Only the most avid followers of our contact with you are conversant with the intended programme of changes that we are to introduce. Many more would see the necessity of what we bring particularly in view of your present energy crisis. The knowledge already exists for more than enough devices that will give you free energy and remove your dependence upon oil. With it comes many benefits, not least of all pollution free methods. For too long you have been denied your natural evolution away from fossil fuels. Those who have previously prevented the introduction of new innovations, will be unable to stop us from revealing the truth of their existence.

As many will be aware, it is not just energy for transport purposes that is a priority, but it powers many industrial applications that leave polluting residues and these must be changed. Clean energy is waiting to be introduced, and power stations such as you are familiar with will no longer be desirable or necessary. The technology that we shall introduce you to will be largely of an individual nature, and make you more self-supporting and independent. It will also easily be introduced into Third World area, that generally lack the basic structure for conventional energy sources.

Almost at a stroke we will lift the quality of life for so many people. What we will bring you is not distributed according to ability to pay, it is for everyone regardless of their financial status. We will not allow our technology to be manipulated and used for vast profit making, otherwise it would defeat the object of the proposed changes and restrict its availability to everyone.

With the fair distribution of the monetary funds that will be set up, the division between the rich and poor will be removed. The wealth held by a small number of people is beyond our understanding, except we do realise that greed is rampant upon Earth, and some levels can only be described as obscene. This disproportionate distribution will be remedied, although some people have simply been successful in using your monetary system quite legally to amass their wealth.

You all have essential needs that can easily be covered by the new financial system that we are setting up. When fairness and equality are seen to work, the degree of unrest and other unsociable activities will cease. Take away your worries and you become different people, with more time to express your true selves. Happiness and contentment will return, with a general coming together of all nations. Even politics will have to change, and a central method of world control will ensure that everything takes place in an evenhanded way.

We come not to dominate you or force our ways upon you. You will be very much involved in all activities, and see for yourself that the changes are for the betterment of your lives and Mother Earth. For too long little consideration has been given to the damage you are causing the planet, and it does not have unlimited resources as you are finding out. It is a living entity that responds to your activities, and has reached a point where if matters do not change they will be forced upon you. Mother Earth will literally take matters into her own hands, and shake off the pollution and cleanse the lands in her own particular way. This development has been curtailed by us but as you see already the cleansing is far reaching, and in your perception is very damaging but unfortunately that is largely unavoidable.

You only have to look around you to see that Man's ways are destroying the very fabric of your planet. Without a major change of direction you would simply be unable to reverse the damage, and life would become intolerable. With the continuing pollution of your atmosphere, including the deliberate placement of Chemtrails in your skies you are courting all kinds of disease and illness. This will also be quickly remedied once we can openly proceed with our plan. We have in fact over many years lessened the effect, and have done so from the time you first introduced nuclear technology. There would have been much more sickness and death amongst you but for our cleansing of your atmosphere.

Understand that you have been given freewill to experiment with the different ways of expressing your ideas of how to co-exist, and also how to relate to your environment and all other life forms. You have learnt much from your mistakes, and each cycle has allowed you another opportunity to express yourselves a different way. Sometimes the lessons to be learnt are presented to you again, and your progress is continually monitored. Not only do the Hierarchy of the higher realms wisely make the plans on behalf of Humanity as a whole, they also determine the potential for every nation.

Nations, families and individuals all experience within a framework of opportunities that challenge you every step of the way. Failure is a word that does not really apply, as the purpose is to bring away with you the result of trying to understand Spirit in matter. All experiences will serve you well, and you will take these with you into the next phase of your journey. Life is never still, and your Universe is forever embroiled in the effects of duality. However, as you lift up into the higher dimensions so the negative energies cease to have such an impact upon your life.

I am Ker-On from Venus, and look upon Earth as a beautiful planet, and with the great resources that are held by The Galactic Federation we shall restore it to its original pristine condition. We shall also be with you offering guidance so that you are fully prepared for Ascension. It is a time when much love is expressed towards you in recognition of the great Beings that you are, and your remarkable tenacity and resolve to bring success out of difficult circumstances.

It is your determination to succeed that will help remove the dark from their positions of power. You desire change, and we are there with you boosting and guiding your energies to bring the end into sight. The Light is an immovable force that you have helped anchor upon Earth, and it will manifest your new Earth through the Laws of Attraction. It is all part of the Creator's Plan to move this sector of the Universe permanently into the Light. All of these actions are carried out with great love and care by multitudes of higher Beings.

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey


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More channeled messages received by Mink Quinsey


Forwarded by Da Vid>


St. Germain 11-August-06

As you realize the focus on Earth is in the West and their involvement in the Middle East. What happens very much dictates the way in which the future arrives, and whether there is a general awakening of humankind. Wherever people are in the world, they cannot fail to be affected by the events that dominate the news. The war can be stopped with goodwill on both sides, but on a broader front it still leaves the unresolved problem of how to ensure that more terrorists are not born of hate or despair.

If you cannot attend to the underlying reasons that bring groups together that indulge in terrorism, it will continue to exist. There are always more people coming up that seek vengeance, and are prepared to risk or give up their life for a cause. What you see now are opportunities to address the real problem, but it requires leaders who are first and foremost concerned for peace.

You may ask wherein lies the answer, since it is clear you have few if any of your Western leaders who talk of peace as their priority. Indeed, there seems to be an emphasis on the war against terrorism, but without a solution as to how you prevent it rising up again. Trust is a scarce commodity and it is vital in any negotiations that may bring an end to war. Sadly, the West is lead by the policies that are directed by the Illuminati and until there hold is broken, there cannot be a major change in the world.

Many ask what can we do as individuals, when our representatives do not listen to our pleas or lack the will to take positive action. Politically you can petition those concerned so that they know your feelings and desire for change. Otherwise if you are a Lightworker or one who is earnest in their prayers, you can help in your own way by sending out love and Light. It may seem ineffectual against the physical might of those determined to participate in war, but know that it draws its strength from the higher dimensions. You are aware of the Law of Attraction, so use it to bring more Light to Earth.

The Light is subtle yet all-powerful and you invoke its power to bring about changes upon Earth. They may not come quick enough for your liking, but be assured that when they do they will overcome any resistance. The Higher Spiritual Councils could make an edict that would lift up everything on Earth and remove all negativity, but as much as so many of you desire such action, it is not yet possible to take such a step. For a long time you have been gradually lead away from the negativity, and onto the path of Light. With it has come many harsh lessons that must first be learnt, otherwise you will not understand how your past actions have brought you to the present period.

It is in some ways you may see it as ironic that having raised your consciousness and taken a path that is leading to Ascension, you are accompanied by the last attempts of the dark to prevent it taking place. However, as you have grown in strength you have been able to take on the karma that you have carried with you for millennia of time. It is a burden that you have all elected to carry, but with it you have the subconsciousness knowing that it can be cleared by you. In the midst of all the chaotic happenings it is perhaps hard to see how the end is brought about, but you are presently successful in curtailing the extent to which it can affect you.

The game of duality is a most serious one, and not to be spoken of lightly yet as you respond in a positive way you are proving your ability to handle it. Whatever action the dark take, it is essential that you maintain your pose and keep your eye on the goal to bring an end to their reign. It will come about and it is just a matter of timing, and be assured that once the Light forces take charge there will a great release of energy that will subdue the dark. Already the positive energy levels are increasing and will continue to do so.

You have yet to understand how much is carried out on your behalf by the forces of Light. They have ensured that whatever level of difficulty you have encountered, that the negative energies are held in check and balance maintained. The Brotherhood of Light comprises of mighty Beings that wield power beyond your present concepts, and they carry out the Creator’s plan for Man. If only you could see the glorious Light being beamed to Earth and realized how it is strengthening your hand, you would not worry about anything else. Of course there is suffering when the dark Ones are let loose, but that is in the nature of their ways. Together we can keep it under control and so far have been successful in doing so.

Start each day with the expectations of great happenings that will lift everything further into the Light. In your thoughts and prayers remember to express in your own words the plea of “let thy will be done”. In so doing you are not just acknowledging the higher powers, but also invoking them to come into your life. Need I also remind you that you are not your body, and you live in Man’s reality which is why we refer to it as an illusion. It is so because it is far removed from the truth of who you really are as your Higher Self.

I am St. Germain and I am with total compassion and love for you all, and I do see the fight that tears at your hearts. Know that there is nothing greater than your ability to overcome the strongest challenge, and you have done it before and will do it again. This is your purpose in coming to Earth, and you achieve so much more by meeting the dark on their level. You are not destined to stay in it for much longer, and you are soon to reap the rewards of eons of hard work and dedication to the Light. You have traveled a long way and are much greater for it, and you shall go forward to even greater heights as you move into the higher dimensions.

You all stand at the door of opportunity, that is opening up the most wonderful paths for your future exploration. The adventure of life is never ending, and you will choose where your next ventures take you. This time it will not be in duality, as that lesson will have been learnt. You will dwell in dimensions of pure Light, and move in the energies of the Creator’s Love for evermore.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.


The following message was left in the ERN guestbook by Lyra Jubb> last 2006-10-06 :

I have worked for the Earth all of my life. When I was a high school student I worked at our recycling center. This recycling center was owned by the high school and all monies attained from recycled sales were spent on environmental education for children in the entire school district. I have yet to see any program as comprehensive as this and desire to network with others to promote this type of recycling program through out the country and, eventually, the world. Children learn with open minds and it is through them that parents will listen to reason.

After graduating, I went on to college to learn about environmental architecture. Specifically earth dwellings. PRATT does not offer such information and I became disenchanted with school learning. I moved to Hawaii and opened an organic bakery with my husband. After a year and a half, I was run into by a pick up on my delivery run and that was it.

Much has happened to bring me here and I hope to share the knowledge and passion for the environment that I have gained with others. Ever since I was a young girl I have had this vision to offer an education center for peaceful stewardship.

We co-create a beautiful world through our peaceful stewardship of Earth and all of her resources. Earth College is a vision for a collaborative effort of networking and support for individuals and organizations from around the planet. Our mission is to offer education, participation and promotion of a lifestyle in harmony with a sustainable future through the peaceful stewardship of the Earth and all of her resources. Both material and spiritual expressions are encouraged and enhanced by the Earth College's focus of United Diversity. Visit Earth College at


The following message was left in the ERN guestbook by Suzanna Sjogren> last 2006-08-06

Dear Jean,

I was going through my journal this morning and I came across a particularly beautiful entry from August of 1998. It was given to me by Angelic Spirits just after a very difficult divorce. In reflection, I think it would be of benefit to others even though it is a bit long and so thought I would share the words that I wrote from the Angelic voices that sang to my heart that day.

"A beautiful day full of beautiful promise, it is the seed for tomorrow and the richness of lifes humus ground upon which we tread softly with peace or forceful with anger. How much easier tomorrow's seed can be planted on the earth that was softly, peacefully trodden.

Let the richness of all that you are nourish your growth today and let it break the vision for tomorrow as the sun magnificently rises in God's fiery glory.

Let the light cleanse you, let it breathe the freshness of it upon the dawn, let its warm red orb draw from you all that you need not carry for the day, and let the warmth enter in there after and warm your soul and light your eyes to see you through to its setting.

Let the rhythm of the earth in its seasons and days reflect in your being bringing God's time to your days and then praise Him above all things and let His joy bring balance to your life forever more and always. His light will guide your way, the path you are to walk, it is Holy ground as you follow His lead.

Let the circle of love He places around you bring you comfort in all ways and let His light shine forth into the world and beyond. Let it divinely connect all things of His making and let the healing rays of His love channel through you to all ends, all peoples, all creatures and all that has the gift of life here and here after.

Let the energy of love flow through you and awaken the call within your heart. Let God's love lift you wherever you are, its healing is known to you.

Let the sacred gifts bestowed upon you be the resources of your work, your calling, they have been brought to you from age to age and the wisdom of the bearers is gifted to you. Carry them close to you at all times and draw from within each to give to all as they come to you in their needs, for they will come to be with you. Your spirit calls them and brings them comfort and God's Spirit is within you to draw them near without fear.

Let the tears you will carry for others be shed daily and not weigh you down. They will all be carried to God's Heavenly Throne and added to the tears from the beginning of time as they issue forth from God's Throne.

Be still often and send your love to the world. Be in prayer and meditation daily and as many times as you can.

Working with the things of nature is healing for you and will bring God's peace to you. Do not seek to draw yourself away from these things.

Do not let the cares and worries of money gauge your moves.

Feel in your heart the rightness of what we speak. Keep a balance in all things, but do not feel pressed by man's ways and needs from man's point of view.

Dedicate yourself to honoring your Father with what you have and He will honor you with your needs met in all things and in all ways.

Do not fear in anything. Let love flow through you, let its cleansing power run in your veins, let your eyes see inward and upward, but do not cast their vision upon the tasteless things of man.

Hear with your inner hearing and your intuition. We gently speak to your heart many, many times throughout each day. Listen to us as we speak to your inner being; it is this you must hear above all things of man's hearing and sounds. The more you listen to the inner man and your inner voice, the more attuned you will be to people's needs.

This is part of your commission, it is the path you must walk to be on the healing path, to be a healer. You will bring healing peace and joy to many through God's loving gifts to you.

Cherish all of this and guard it closely to your heart..."

There was more to this invocation, but the words were more personal to my situation and would not add to what others could share in the wisdom displayed here. I truly hope that these words, which are not mine, but were given to me, will be of help to others as we stand at such crossroads that we do on this Earth.

Blessings to all,



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