July 22, 2006

The Empire of Darkness Series #34: The Sheer Madness of War!

Hello everyone!

A quick overview of the numerous developments of this past week, mostly related to the war madness in the Middle East. It is not too late to stop it all and go back to, first, a cease-fire and then to peace negotiations and then to a complete peace settlement, and then to a peaceful and secure life for all human beings in the Middle East (and everywhere else of course), and then to complete reconciliation and forgiveness, and ultimately to love, universal brotherhood and a Lighted era of Global Harmony. This is the vision we are being called to hold in these tumultuous times.

Nothing less than complete Utopia will suffice and then the past era of warmongering in which people agreed to go kill each other over any kind of disagreement will look like absolute utopia and sheer madness...

As usual we are all invited to join as One in a global meditation focus tomorrow...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Mr. Speaker, we make war with such certainty, yet we are befuddled how to create peace. This paradox requires reflection, if we are to survive. Making and endorsing war demands a secret love of death, a fearful desire to embrace annihilation. Creating peace requires the mirror of compassion -- putting ourselves in the other person’s place, in all their suffering, with all their hopes -- acting from our heart’s capacity for love, not fear. The fight against terrorism in the 21st century is beginning to have the feel of the fight against communism in the 20th century: Conjuring of enemies, scapegoating and wanton destruction. Our war on terror has become a war of errors as we blindly exercise our capacity for war making. We have not yet begun to explore our capacity for peacemaking, so we are reduced to a predatory voyeurism: creating war, watching war, being aghast at war, impotent to stop ourselves. We are the most powerful nation, but even we do not have the power to reserve for ourselves, or to grant to our allies, an exemption from the laws of cause and effect. The fate of the world lies in the balance at this time. Until we consciously choose peace over war, life over death, love over hate -- the balance is tipping toward mutually assured destruction. Please... let us reconsider our actions."

- US Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio)
Speech to the House of Representatives, July 18, 2006
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No Bravery - A nation blind to their disgrace - A 4 Minute Video
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You Are The World: Krishnamutri Video

A dowsing approach of the year 2006 (English version now online!)
Read first... I mentioned this puzzling discovery in a recent compilation. Sun and Earth's vibratory rates are set to peak massively in September according to dowsing advance scans from Dennis Cottard. What could cause this? Earth's ascension?

How to Stay Positive in a Seemingly Darkening World?


2. Humanitarian toll hits southern Lebanon as violence continues
3. Israel pounds Lebanon
4. What If Israel Had Never Been Created?
5. Lebanon left for dead
6. A farewell to Beirut
7. Voice of the White House
8. Daniel Ellsberg Says Government May Have Carried Out 9/11
9. Middle East Madness
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11. Our world as I see it
12. Quotes about the Current Chaos

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Gaza groups agree to stop firing at Israel (JULY 22) IF THEY CAN DO IT, SO CAN HIZBOLLAH AND ISRAEL!!!;_ylt=AlovUcdSi_0lIslijvtcKues0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3b3JuZGZhBHNlYwM3MjE-
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Militant groups in the Gaza Strip have agreed to stop firing missiles at Israel at midnight Saturday, senior Palestinian officials said. The unilateral cease-fire is aimed at ending an Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip that began June 28, three days after militants raided an Israeli army post, killing two soldiers and capturing a third, 19-year-old Cpl. Gilad Shalit, the officials said on condition of anonymity because the agreement was reached at a closed meeting.More than 100 Palestinians have been killed since then in daily attacks by Israeli warplanes, tanks and artillery, and the militants have fired hundreds of homemade rockets at southern Israel. The agreement was reached in Gaza City following meetings sponsored by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh aimed at finding a way out of the crisis in Gaza, the officials said. Several Palestinian militant groups attended, including Haniyeh's Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which have been blamed for many of the rocket attacks on southern Israel, the officials said.The Israeli Defense Forces said it had no immediate comment about the militants' cease-fire.In fighting in Gaza on Friday, four people — a Hamas activist and three relatives — were killed in an explosion at a home in Gaza City, hospital officials said. Palestinians said the house was hit by an Israeli tank shell. The Israeli military denied using artillery or tanks.On Thursday, Israeli aircraft carried out a series of strikes against Palestinian militants in the Mughazi refugee camp in central Gaza, the army said. Two militants were killed and at least 15 people, many of them civilians, were wounded, Palestinian medical officials said. Israeli forces pulled out of the camp Friday.

Israel lets aid in as Lebanese flee north (July 22);_ylt=AnpqvzI_S00wifq2mnML5bas0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3b3JuZGZhBHNlYwM3MjE-
BEIRUT, Lebanon - With fears of a humanitarian crisis growing, Israel opened up its blockade of Lebanon's ports to allow the first shiploads of aid to arrive, and tens of thousands of Lebanese fled north to escape Israeli army incursions. In Beirut, a steady stream of foreign nationals lined up Saturday to board ships and planes that would take them away from the violence.Some 35,000 Lebanese filled the southern port town of Sidon as they searched for a place to stay or a way to get farther north. With the town of 100,000 unable to absorb more refugees, many families were joining Palestinians in a refugee camp.Israel lifted its sea blockade Friday after Israel's U.N. Ambassador Dan Gillerman said his country would open a humanitarian corridor for food, medicine and other supplies.A Greek warship carrying 22 tons of humanitarian supplies arrived Friday in Beirut, followed Saturday by another with 14 tons of supplies, the Greek Foreign Ministry said. An Italian navy ship was expected Sunday.It was unclear how the supplies would get to isolated towns and villages in the south — the center of the war zone — where main routes and many side roads through the mountains have been cut off by Israeli airstrikes. Missiles and artillery continue to fall in the area, making the roads still dangerous.Sidon, 20 miles south of Beirut, has swelled with 35,000 refugees from the south, Mayor Abdul-Rahman al-Bizri said.A constant stream of cars flowed down the main street. Vegetable markets were open only for several hours before their day's supplies ran out amid the rush to stock up."I'm afraid a disaster is going to happen with all these refugees. There's no aid, not from other nations, not from Lebanon," said al-Bizri, who has been sleeping in his office for days. CLIP

Protests in UK at Israeli action (July 22)
Thousands of people across the UK have joined demonstrations against Israeli attacks on Lebanon.Eleven rallies were organised by groups such as Stop The War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Britain.They were held in towns and cities including Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Exeter and York.The rallies came as the last of the British evacuations from Lebanon took place, making a total of about 4,000 people leaving the country for Cyprus. CLIP

See all the protests around the world against Israel

Israeli Troops Massing on Lebanese Border
Israel massed tanks and troops on the border, called up reserves and warned civilians to flee Hezbollah-controlled southern Lebanon as it prepared Friday for a likely ground invasion to set up a deep buffer zone.

Israel Hints at Full-Scale Invasion
Israeli troops met fierce resistance from Hezbollah guerrillas Thursday as they crossed into Lebanon to seek tunnels and weapons for a second straight day, and Israel hinted at a full-scale invasion.

Bush Admin. Rushing More Bombs to Israel
The Bush administration is rushing precision-guided bombs to Israel. The request for expedited delivery of the satellite and laser-guided bombs was described as an indication that Israel still had a long list of targets in Lebanon to strike. An arms-sale package approved last year allows Israel to purchase from the United States as many as 100 "bunker buster" weapons, GBU-28s developed for penetrating hardened command centers located deep underground.

Cheerleading the Apocalypse
"The fighting between Israel and Lebanon over the course of the last few days presents perhaps the most dangerous moment since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The leadership of Israel and Hezbollah spend the blood of innocents to prove how very tough they are, and the lords of unreason hold sway over all. Syria trembles on the edge of significant involvement, with Iran waiting in the wings," writes William Rivers Pitt.

"Open War" in the Middle East
"There is a frightening undercurrent of rage among the people in the Middle East toward their governments: The Arab world is on fire over the injustice meted out against the Palestinian people, as well as to the Lebanese. The Israeli people are deeply angered at their government for failing to provide security (of course our corporate media would never report on the fact that hundreds of thousands of Israelis oppose their government's actions in Gaza and beyond) - instead, preferring peaceful resolutions rather than brutal, unjust, failed occupation and ongoing acts of aggression," writes Dahr Jamail.

UN Chief Calls for Cease-Fire
Secretary General Kofi Annan called today for an immediate end to hostilities between Israel and Lebanon, saying it was necessary to prevent further deaths of civilians, enable aid to reach the injured and work to begin on longer term peace.

Bush at Odds With Europe on Middle East Conflict
The United States faces growing tensions with allies over its support of Israel's military campaign to cripple Hezbollah, amid calls for a cease-fire to help with the mounting humanitarian crisis. The fragile Lebanese government has pleaded for a cease-fire, and France has urged the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution calling for an end to hostilities.

While Beirut Burns
William Fisher writes, "As rockets rain down on Lebanon and Israel, and the world stares into the abyss of a catastrophic Middle East conflagration, it was comforting to note last week that members of Congress refused to get depressed about the scary state of world affairs. Instead, they busied themselves by concentrating their attention on some of the really crucial domestic issues facing our nation. Like a Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage."

Bush and Blair Defy Demand for Immediate Cease-Fire Now
Two countries, the US and Britain, defiantly refused to back the international clamor for an immediate cease-fire between Israel and Hizbollah guerrillas. Their ambivalence about civilian deaths in Lebanon has given Israel a powerful signal that it can continue its attacks with impunity.

Chasing Peace by Waging War. Again
It was not supposed to be this way. Just when Israelis had turned their backs on years of military occupation of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, to international acclaim, they are again fighting in both places with no clear exit strategy. The sense of shock is not limited to Israel. Lebanon, which last year took on a heroic hue in the West as its "Cedar Revolution" pushed Syrian troops out, thought it was on the verge of moving beyond civil war and offering a model of Middle Eastern democracy.

Bush Gave Israel "Green Light" for Limited Attack
The US is giving Israel a window of a week to inflict maximum damage on Hezbollah before weighing in behind international calls for a ceasefire in Lebanon, according to British, European and Israeli sources.

The Most Dangerous Alliance in the World
"Embarrassing. Shameful. A travesty. Those kinds of words begin to describe the alliance between the United States and Israel," writes Norman Solomon. "Here are a few more: Government criminality. High-tech terror. Mass murder from the skies. The kind of premeditated action that the US representative in Nuremberg at the International Conference on Military Trials - Supreme Court Justice Robert L. Jackson - was talking about on August 12, 1945, when he declared that 'no grievances or policies will justify resort to aggressive war. It is utterly renounced and condemned as an instrument of policy.'"

Anti-War Movement Voices Alarm at Escalating Crisis in Middle East
As the crisis in the Middle East escalates, United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ), the largest anti-war coalition in the United States, urgently calls on the Bush administration and Congress to pressure Israel to immediately halt its assaults in both Lebanon and the Gaza Strip; work with international partners to broker an immediate and unconditional cease-fire in Lebanon, Palestine, and Israel; and commence negotiations to peacefully resolve the crisis.

The Drums of War Sound for Iran
"The week-old Israeli-Hezbollah conflict is likely to boost the chances of US military action against Iran, according to a number of regional experts who see a broad consensus among the US political elite that the ongoing hostilities are part of a broader offensive being waged by Tehran against Washington across the region," writes Jim Lobe.

In Iraq, Civil War All but Declared
Retaliatory massacres by gunmen and bombers linked to rival Muslim sects have left more than 130 people dead across Iraq over the last two days, the latest casualties of what some politicians now are calling an undeclared civil war.

Humanitarian Crisis Looms for Lebanon's Displaced
Nonstop battles between Israel and Hezbollah have wreaked a massive humanitarian crisis in Lebanon, driving as many as 500,000 people from their homes, according to United Nations estimates.

End the Suffering in the Middle East
"The people of the Middle East are suffering again as militarists on all sides, and cheerleading journalists, send forth missiles, bombs and endless words of self-justification for yet another pointless round of violence between Israel and her neighbors," writes Rabbi Michael Lerner. This most recent episode of irrationality "evokes tears of sadness, incredulity at the lack of empathy on all sides, anger at how little anyone seems to have learned from the past, and moments of despair as we once again see the religious and democratic ideals subordinated to the cynical realism of militarism."

The Real Agenda
According to the New York Times it is only now, nearly five years after Sept. 11, that the full picture of the Bush administration's response to the terror attacks is becoming clear. Much of it, we can see now, had far less to do with fighting Osama bin Laden than with expanding presidential power. Over and over again, the same pattern emerges: Given a choice between following the rules or carving out some unprecedented executive power, the White House always shrugged off the legal constraints.

Larry Johnson | Israel Takes a Stupid Pill
Larry Johnson writes: "the events unfolding in Iraq and Lebanon are going Tehran's way. The United States is being portrayed in the world media as someone who tolerates and excuses attacks on civilian populations. The perception becomes the reality and the ability of the United States to rally support among the Russians, the Chinese, and even the French becomes more impaired. We need the international community to deal effectively with nuclear proliferation in North Korea and Iran. Now, we will be bogged down trying to defend Israel from an angry international community."

UN Nuclear Sanctions May Lead to a Second Korean War, Warns Defiant North
North Korea has angrily rejected a UN Security Council resolution imposing trade sanctions and condemning it for its recent batch of ballistic missile tests, saying it constituted "a prelude to the provocation of the second Korean War."

Democracy in Crisis
In an interview with Brad Friedman (of BradBlog), Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains that "the Republican Party, the Republican National Committee, has been using old-fashioned, Jim Crow, apartheid-type maneuvers to steal the last two national elections."

The Ugly Truth: Our President is an Imbecile (July 18, 2006)
(...) If someone is this ignorant, they're usually embarrassed and try not to talkmuch. But this guy is so dumb he has no idea how dumb he is. This soundslike a conversation you might have with a child, a mentally challengedchild. Johnny, do you know how big Russia is? How about China?This would all be unfortunate if George was your dentist, or worse yet, youraccountant. But he is the leader of the free world. This man makes life ordeath decisions every day. If you say you're not scared about that, you'relying.Would you let him do the books for your business? Would you trust yourcompany in his hands for eight years? (No matter how Republican you are, youknow you just said no to that question.) Would you trust him to be yourkids' guidance counselor and take his advice seriously? If your kids were inthe Army and he was their field commander, would you feel good about puttingtheir lives in his hands?Come on, no one is crazy enough to say yes to that. Yet, he has all of ourlives in his hands. The emperor has no clothes. The emperor has no clothes.It's about time someone in the mainstream media said it. CLIP

Video: Bush Gropes Germany's Merkel
President Bush took time out from the G-8 Summit to grope German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It boggles the mind. John has the video up. Iraq and the Middle East are in flames and we have no credibility around the world, but our Groper in Chief decides to give the little
lady some attention. After all, it's what women really want, now isn't it. But what can we expect with a "fratboy," prepubescent president in charge? It is an outrage. However, the wingnut brigade thinks it's all in a day's work for George W. CLIP

Lopez Obrador Urges Civil Resistance in Mexico
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the runner-up in Mexico's presidential election, called on a massive crowd Sunday to commit acts of "peaceful civil resistance" to force a vote-by-vote recount. Hundreds of thousands of supporters poured into the Zocalo, chanting: "You are not alone." Some walked for six days or took long bus rides to attend the rally after López Obrador called for a nationwide march on the capital. Mexico City police estimated the crowd at 1.1 million.

New Warnings of Darfur Genocide
"If we lose the last internationals who are following the situation - in the camps, around the camps, who are giving at least a minimum protection to these refugees ..." Pekka Haavisto told the BBC, "then we are very close to the possible scenarios of genocide, or Rwanda scenarios, if you don't have any organized international force on the ground."

France's Chirac Warns Mankind Faces Climate Volcano
French President Jacques Chirac warned on Sunday that mankind faced an inferno unless the world tackles climate change seriously, in a rebuke to fellow Group of Eight leaders.

Eating the Amazon: The Fight to Curb Corporate Destruction
On the ground, what was once a thriving ecosystem supporting at least 300 tree species for every hectare, is now a wasteland. Three hours' drive outside the city of Santarem in Para state, along dirt trails struck by illegal loggers, you arrive in a vast monoculture inside the Tapajos National Park. Soya fields laden with dry brown seed pods stretch in every direction.

What do chemtrails, water pollution, and toothpaste all have in common. You guessed it. In fact, the exposure to the metal is reaching epidemic proportions. So what's the big deal you might ask. Well, new studies have suggested that aluminum may be the most toxic substance known to man, even more deadly than mercury or plutonium. In addition, aluminum and heavy metals in your brain may also be acting as an antennae to receive mind control suggestions from the government. CLIP LOTS of important chemtrail related material on this site recommended by "Irene Haughey">



Date: 22 Jul 2006
From: Maireid Sullivan>
Subject: Urgent! One day to go!


I've just now received the link to the following information, from Daithi in NY. This is the list of organized public demonstrations to support the innocent people - and the children of Lebanon who are being murdered, killed, maimed, their homes and cities destroyed, in support of a insane agenda beyond comprehension, even as the people there are begging for a cease fire. Have you seen those photos going around the net of children in Israel writing love notes on bombs that were made in America and delivered to Israel along with around $15 million per day so that they can destroy the people around them!

Please try to make your presence known as a person who supports PEACE without compromise!

Please make the effort to GO OUT TO THE STREETS!

As good parents would do, you must personally intervene to stop the fighting!
Please pass this on urgently.


Saturday July 22th 2006- INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION AGAINST ISRAELI AGGRESSION (You too can say something against what is happening to Lebanon)

In London: Whitehall Place, SW1, (12 Noon), Contact: ; Tel 020 7278 6694, go to:
In France, Dijon - Place Darcy (13h30)
In Australia, Adelaide - (12PM) at Parliament house in Adelaide
In Australia, Melbourne - (1PM) at the state Library in the city on Swanston Street
In Australia, Canberra - (12:30PM) at the Garema Place
In Canada, Ottawa - (11AM) in front of the parliament in Ottawa
In Canada / London - (12noon) in front of the John Labbatt Centre on King Street
In France, Dijon - (13:30) Place Darcy
In Germany, Munich - (3:30 PM) Kalsplatz
In Germany / Munich - (15:30-17:30) rally from Stachus to Rindermarkt
In Germany, Frankfurt - (2 PM) - Homburger Landstrasse/Ecke Friedberger Warte (contact: Tel.: 0172 519 84 13 , 0152 051 251 25, 0162 932 83 04 )
In Hong Kong - (11:00 AM) in central station Hong Kong
In Palo Alto - Vigil, 7pm, University Avenue Square
In USA Columbus, Ohio - (6-8PM) 15th and High Street
Across the UK
In Birmingham: 1-3pm, outside Waterstones at the entrance to the Bullring.
In Exeter 11am-1pm at Bedford Square on Exeter High Street
In Edinburgh: Assemble 2pm: The Mound precinct, Princes Street.
In Glasgow: Assemble 12 noon: George Square
In Kirkcaldy: Assemble 12 Noon outside Kirkcaldy Town House
In Manchester: Assemble 1.00pm: Outside the BBC. Oxford Road.
Contact:> Tel: 07760 224 580
In Newcastle: Assemble Grey's Monument 1pm Nearest Metro: In Monument, Contact 07914 606 452
In Norwich: From 1pm. The Haymarket, Norwich city centre.
In Sheffield: Noon. Town Hall.
In York: 1.00pm. St Sampsons Square


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


Humanitarian toll hits southern Lebanon as violence continues

By Liz Sly - Tribune foreign correspondent

July 20, 2006

BEIRUT -- Fears mounted Thursday that a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in southern Lebanon as Israel sustained its intense bombardment of the area and U.S. Marines landed on the beaches near Beirut to help speed the evacuation of Americans from the war-zone.

Thousands of Lebanese were trying to flee the south after Israeli warplanes dropped leaflets warning people to leave, stirring fears that an Israeli ground invasion was imminent. But hundreds of thousands more remain stranded in villages and towns across the south, unable to leave their homes because of the intensity of the sustained Israeli bombing campaign.

United Nations and Lebanese officials warned of an impending humanitarian disaster unless food and medical supplies are allowed to reach the stricken area and called on Israel to establish a "humanitarian corridor" to allow aid to get through.

More than 300 people now have been killed and more than 1,000 wounded, most of them in the south, since Israel began its assault in response to the abduction of two Israeli soldiers abducted by Hezbollah guerrillas.

In Israel, 29 people have been killed, 12 of them soldiers, in Hezbollah rocket attacks on northern Israel and in fighting between Hezbollah guerrillas and the Israeli army in the border region.

Hospitals in the south are overflowing with injured people, and ambulances are unable to reach victims in remote villages, leaving many to die unattended, said Lebanon's social affairs minister, Nayla Muawad.

"We are living a humanitarian disaster. People are in a desperate situation. They have no milk and medicines," she said. "Supplies are unable to reach the people."

Israel continued to pound southern Lebanon with artillery and air strikes and there were reports of fierce fighting late Thursday inside Lebanon between Hezbollah guerrillas and Israeli soldiers. Israel reported two soldiers were killed in the fighting.

Also, two of Israel's Apache attack helicopters crashed in northern Israel near the border with Lebanon, injuring four soldiers, the Israeli military told The Associated Press.

In the once teeming southern Beirut neighborhood of Haret Hreik, where Hezbollah had headquarters and where Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah lived, the massive scale of Israel's nine-day-old bombing campaign was chillingly evident.

Entire apartment buildings have been crushed, their contents spilled onto cratered, debris-strewn streets. The blackened stump of one pulverized building—struck the night before—still smouldered. The stench of cordite, an explosive, hung over the eerily empty remains of what was once a bustling, densely populated community.

In front of the wreckage of Nasrallah's apartment building, stray sheets of Hezbollah notepaper were entangled in the detritus of ordinary people's lives — torn photographs of family holidays, somebody's shattered CD collection, scraps of clothing and, incongruously, half a sofa.

Leading journalists on a tour of the destruction, Hezbollah spokesman Hussein Nabulsi pointed at the apartments as evidence that Israel's campaign is targeting civilians, not military infrastructure.

"It's just apartments belonging to civilians," he said. "This is where we live. It's just ordinary people living here."

Hezbollah does not deny that its offices were scattered among the apartments in the neighborhood, which was well known to journalists. The apartment building housing Hezbollah's press office, where officials received journalists, was among those demolished by the air strikes.

But Hezbollah remained defiant in the face of the Israeli onslaught. Nasrallah gave an interview to Al Jazeera television Thursday to challenge Israeli claims that 23 tons of explosives dropped on a site in the southern Beirut suburb of Borj al-Barajneh had destroyed a Hezbollah bunker in which he had been hiding.

"I can confirm without exaggerating or using psychological warfare, that we have not been harmed," he said. Hezbollah's Al Manar television had said the strike demolished a half-finished mosque.

Israel's claims to have demolished half of Hezbollah's arsenal of rockets were "baseless," he said. "Hezbollah has so far stood fast, absorbed the strike and has retaken the initiative and made the surprises that it had promised," he said. "And there are more surprises."

Nasrallah has gone into hiding since the attack, making sporadic media appearances to prove he is still alive.

Most of Haret Hreik's residents, aware that the presence of Hezbollah's offices made the neighborhood a target, also fled to safer parts of the city as soon as the first Israeli warplanes flew overhead more than a week ago.

But those living in southern Lebanon could not get out so easily because the main roads, bridges and highways linking the south to the north were an immediate target of the Israeli warplanes.

The U.S.-based aid agency Catholic Relief Services said it had received numerous reports of civilian vehicles being targeted as they attempted to flee the south.

"People are trying to get out of all of the south because the attacks are increasing, but if you leave your house you may be attacked," Ali al-Benni, CRS's representative in the southern town of Sidon, said in a telephone interview. "The situation is really, really bad the deeper into the south you go."

At least 100,000 people have sought refuge in centers established for displaced people, the Lebanese government said, and altogether, 500,000 Lebanese - an eighth of the population - have been forced to flee their homes, according to the UN.

"Israel's disproportionate use of force and collective punishment must stop," said the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in New York.

With no sign that either party to the conflict is preparing to back down, the exodus of foreign nationals from Lebanon accelerated. Another 1,200 Americans were ferried to safety in Cyprus, escorted by U.S. Marines who landed on a Beirut beach to help with the two-day-old effort to evacuate Americans stranded in Lebanon.

Thursday's evacuations brought to more than 2,500 the number of Americans taken out of the country since the fighting erupted. Thousands of other foreign nationals also are being evacuated by their governments.


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


Israel pounds Lebanon

Israeli girls write messages in Hebrew on shells ready to be fired toward Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon. (see astounding photo at theb URL above)

July 18, 2006

Israeli warplanes battered Lebanon today, killing at least 32 people, and more Hezbollah rockets hit the Israeli city of Haifa, with no sign that diplomacy would halt the week-old conflict any time soon.

Nine family members, including children, were killed and four wounded in an air strike on their house in the village of Aitaroun. Four people were killed in other strikes in the south.

A truck carrying medical supplies donated by the United Arab Emirates was hit and its driver killed on the Beirut-Damascus highway, the Health Ministry said.

An air raid on a Lebanese army barracks in the Jamhour area east of Beirut killed 11 Lebanese soldiers, including four officers, and wounded 30.

Hezbollah, a Shiite Muslim group backed by Syria and Iran, said one of its fighters had been killed, but gave no details.

Up to six rockets slammed into Haifa, Israel's third-largest city and now a favoured target for Hezbollah. No casualties were reported. A rocket salvo killed eight people in Haifa on Sunday.

Israel's army refused to rule out a ground invasion only six years after it ended a 22-year occupation of south Lebanon.

"At this stage we do not think we have to activate massive ground forces into Lebanon but if we have to do this, we will," Moshe Kaplinsky, Israel's deputy army chief, told Israel Radio.

He said the offensive, launched after Hezbollah fighters seized two Israeli soldiers and killed eight in a cross-border raid on July 12, would end within weeks. Israel needed more time to complete "very clear goals", Kaplinsky added.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan called for a bigger, better armed and more robust international force to stabilise southern Lebanon and buy time for the Lebanese Government to disarm Hezbollah guerillas.

Shrugging off US and Israeli reluctance, Annan said he expected European troops to join the proposed force in a bid to end the fighting and prevent a wider Middle East conflagration.

Annan and British Prime Minister Tony Blair have urged the UN Security Council to deploy a security force in Lebanon but Israel says it is too early to discuss it and Washington has questioned how it could stop Hezbollah from attacking Israel.

"It is urgent that the international community acts to make a difference on the ground," Annan said in Brussels, suggesting a force that would operate differently from toothless UN peacekeepers who have patrolled south Lebanon since 1978.

"The force will be larger, the way I see it, much larger than the 2000-man force we have there," Annan said.

He was speaking after talks with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, who said some European Union member states were willing to contribute troops.

A poll in the mass-circulation Yedioth Ahronoth daily showed a vast majority of Israelis backed the Lebanon offensive. Many favoured assassinating Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

It showed 86 per cent of Israelis believed the army's attacks on Lebanon were justified.

Thousands of foreigners fled Lebanon, some by road to Syria, others seeking places on US and European ships after Beirut's international airport was closed by Israeli bombardment. About 100,000 Lebanese have fled their homes to escape the violence.

Israel's campaign has killed 230 people, all but 26 of them civilians, and inflicted the heaviest damage on Lebanon since the 1982 Israeli invasion to expel Palestinian guerillas.

Hezbollah has responded by attacking an Israeli naval vessel off Beirut, killing four sailors, and firing hundreds of rockets across the border, killing 12 Israelis.

Israel is also pursuing an offensive in the Gaza Strip after Palestinian militants captured another soldier on June 25.

Lebanon has repeatedly called for an immediate ceasefire, but world powers said any solution to the crisis must include the release of the two soldiers. Israel also wants Hezbollah to disarm in line with UN Security Council resolutions.

The Beirut Government is too weak and divided to force Hezbollah to yield to such demands.

The Shiite group wants to swap the soldiers for Lebanese and Arab prisoners in Israeli jails. Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said Hezbollah must free its two captives unconditionally.

She was speaking just hours after Public Security Minister Avi Dichter said Israel might at some stage have to negotiate over Lebanese prisoners held in Israel to end the crisis.

Israel pounded: Peres

Hezbollah has fired 1500 missiles and rockets into Israel from southern Lebanon since it triggered the conflict last week, Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres said on British television on Tuesday.

"We should stop the shooting of missiles over our heads, over our villages and towns. They fired until now 1500 missiles and rockets," he told Sky News.

"We are trying to control the roads ... of Lebanon because all the 12,000 missiles and rockets that they have collected came from Iran and Syria," he said.

The veteran politician also said that Israel did not intend to send ground troops into Lebanon, as it has done several times in the last three decades.

He insisted that the Iranian- and Syrian-backed Hezbollah is an enemy of the Lebanese people acting independently from their national interests, and that Israel, by contrast, wanted good relations with the Lebanese.

"The only enemy they have is an army within an army called Hezbollah. Lebanon is not our enemy. We have nothing to ask from Lebanon, we have much to hope from Lebanon. We hope to live as good neighbours," he said.

"We didn't attack Lebanon, and we are not going to organise Lebanon, we are not going to play a role in their politics," he said.

Quoting Israeli intelligence sources, the London specialist magazine Jane's Defence Weekly said Hezbollah probably had a total of 10,000 to 15,000 rockets provided by Syria and Iran.

The estimates square with claims made by the militia's leader, Hassan Nasrallah on May 23, when he said Hezbollah held 12,000 rockets.

War just begun: Iran

Elsewhere, the Iranian Parliament Speaker said on Tuesday the war against Israel had only just begun and there was nowhere in Israel safe from Hezbollah attacks.

"The day has come when everybody returns home, the day when Palestinians return home, return to the land of their origins and its is also the day when the Israelis have to return to the countries where they originally came from," Gholam-Ali Hadad-Adel said at a anti-Israeli gathering in the Palestine Square in central Tehran.

Hadad-Adel, who is head of the Abadgaran (Development) party which currently dominates parliament and of which President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a leading member, once again declared Iran's full solidarity with Lebanon and Hezbollah.

"There will be no help which we would not render to Lebanon and the resistance [Hezbollah]," the speaker said.

He compared Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah with the late leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and said that "the Ayatollah's blood was running in Nasrallah's veins."


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July 11, 2006

What If Israel Had Never Been Created?

William Hughes

William Hughes is a Baltimore author, attorney, educator and professional actor. He has been writing political commentaries for over 40 years. His latest book, "Saying 'No' to the War Party," is a collection of his essays and photographs that targeted the "Special Interests," like the Neocons, Big Oil and the Military-Industrial Complex, that dragged the U.S. into the Iraqi war. The book was the author's way of challenging the outrageous conduct of the Bush-Cheney Gang.

author's web site

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“Imagine there’s no countries...Nothing to live or die for...Imagine all the people living life in peace.”

- John Lennon

Thanks mostly to U.S. President Harry S. Truman and his “susceptibility to Zionist influence,” Israel came into existence in 1948. (1) Humanity, and in particular, the Palestinians, have paid dearly for his decision. The land on which the Palestinians had been living for centuries, in peace, with a minority Jewish population, has been gradually transformed into an Apartheid state by the machinations of the Zionist Movement. That Apartheid state, in turn, is today dominated by Israel’s Death-Mayhem-and- Occupation Machine. (2)

One wonders: What would the world look like today, if the state of Israel had not been created in 1948? Its improvident formation seems to have set in motion a chain of events, mostly negative, in the affairs of Mankind. In the movie, “Click,” the lead character finds a “universal remote” that allows him to rewind to different parts of his life and to change what had happened. If I possessed such a “universal remote” and could stop President Truman from aiding and abetting the establishment of an Israeli state, then, it is my speculation, (a theory), that the following 25 propositions would probably be our present day reality. They are:

1. The U.S. would not have any enemies in the Islamic World.

2. There would be no Al-Qaeda Terrorist Network.

3. Gasoline would be selling for less than $1 a gallon.

4. There would have been no 9/11.

5. There would be no USA Patriot Law.

6. There would be no Homeland Security Agency.

7. The Israeli Lobby’s “unmatched power” over the U.S.’ foreign policy, for over four decades, would not had existed. (Its support for the Iraqi War was deemed by the experts to be “critical.”) (3)

8. There would also not have been any Neocon ideologues; like Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol, Richard Perle, et al, to help, (along with other “Special Interests”), to push the U.S. into an illegal war with Iraq. (4)

9. Iran would not be the next target for U.S. aggression. (No Israel. No “A Clean Break” document. No Israeli Lobby. No Neocons. No need for the U.S. to attack Iran.) (5)

10. The Zionist fink, Jonathan Pollard, wouldn’t be in prison for stealing U.S. military secrets and hawking them to Israel.

11. The three million-plus Palestinians, who were forcefully dispersed from their homeland, since 1948, by the Israeli Occupation Forces, (IOF), would, instead, be living happily there today, in a free and independent state of Palestine. There would be no Apartheid Wall, or as a corollary, a Hamas organization. (6)

12. Jerusalem would have a vibrant Christian population. (7)

13. Rachel Corrie of Olympia, WA, would be alive and well. (8)

14. The 2,544 Americans who have died in Iraq would be alive; and the 18,777, who have been seriously wounded there, would be fully participating in our Republic. U.S. taxpayers would have an additional $295 billion, (the cost of the war), in the treasury to use to serve the social needs of the people. Universal Health Care would be a real possibility and Social Security would not be in jeopardy. Iraq would be at peace. There would be no Gitmo Bay detention center, or an Abu Ghraib Prison, or a reason for the Bush-Cheney Gang to gut Habeas Corpus. No need for it to also employ torturers, or chemical weapons, or hold detainees without charges or trial. The Geneva Convention would be respected. The tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis, who have died as a result of the war, would instead be alive today. (At the following footnote, see horrific photos of some of the Iraqi dead.) (9)

15. The battle to save our planet, its fragile ecosystem, its fast vanishing animal life and plants and to combat global warming, would be issue “No. 1.” (10) Instead, we are perpetually bombarded with propaganda about defending “Israel’s security.”

16. If there was no Israel, then the “five dancing Israelis” on 9/11 wouldn’t have been arrested. They were nailed after “celebrating” in NJ, while watching the Twin Towers collapsed. (11)

17. U.S. taxpayers would be $140 billion richer! This is the staggering amount they have shelled out over the last 58 years to support the ultra-greedy interests of the Zionist Cartel. (3)

18. The 34 Americans onboard the USS Liberty, who were slaughtered by the IOF, on June 8, 1967, would be alive today; and the 174 others who had suffered injuries that day would not have had to endure their horrific experiences. The shame the U.S. carries for not having quickly defended the men of the Liberty, and retaliated against the Israelis for their deliberate attack on the vessel, would have been avoided. (12)

19. On June 13, 2006, the IOF killed ten Palestinians, including three medical workers and two children, in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, labeled the missile attack an example of “state terrorism.” Only God knows how many Palestinians the Israelis have actually wasted since 1948; or exactly how many refugees it has created, or how many homes, a la Oliver Cromwell, the IOF have demolished. None of this would have been possible without the dubious “state of Israel.” (13)

20. Paul Bremer, a coat holder for Henry “Iago” Kissinger, would have never been appointed Viceroy for an Occupied Iraq. No Israel. No Iraqi War. No Zionist Bremer as Viceroy of Iraq. (14)

21. One of the reasons the Warren Commission failed to properly investigate the murder of JFK was because of Arlen Specter (R-PA), a card carrying Zionist. He was then a “Special Counsel” to the Commission. He concocted the preposterous “Magic Bullet” theory, which shut down any real conspiracy-type probe. It is also interesting to note, that Jacob Rubenstein, aka, “Jack Ruby,” Lee Harvey Oswald’s murderer, had close ties to Meyer Lansky’s National Crime Syndicate. I believe the answer to who really plotted JFK’s killing, died with Oswald. In any event after JFK’s death, Israel’s nuclear weapons program, which he had opposed went ahead. U.S. aid to Israel also increased dramatically. (15)

22. There would have been no reason for a French Ambassador to refer to Israel as “that shitty little country.” (16) In fact, the Jews of the world would have been liberated to fulfill their deepest spiritual quest, as embodied in their religion - Judaism. According to the highly respected Orthodox Rabbi, Dovid Yisroel Weiss, “Zionism has hijacked Judaism.” The courageous Rabbi insists that, “Zionism creates anti-Semitism...And we know...Zionism is the root cause for the pain, suffering and bloodshed of the Jewish people...and, they, (the Zionists), are the greatest factory of anti-Semitism worldwide...Judaism and Zionism is not one and the same. They are diametrically opposite...We should not be mistaken one for the other. And, we shouldn’t be responsible for the actions of what the Zionists do...Now, another of the problems that emanate actually from the Zionist Movement is the fact that they are encroaching upon the rights of the Palestinian people, the indigenous people, who are living there. And, this is terribly wrong. It is against every concept of the Torah...So, whatever they are doing is totally wrong!” (17)

23. Thousands of Israelis have died attempting to build a nation in a land, Palestine, which belonged to another people, the Palestinians. Their deaths would have been avoided. (18)

24. The widespread spying on Americans, without a court order, by operatives of the Bush-Cheney Gang, would have never happened. (No Israel. No 9/11. No spying on U.S. citizens.)

25. On April 4, 2003, a European Union (EU) poll named Israel as the “greatest threat to world peace.” (19) On June 27, 2006, the IOF proved the EU right by reoccupying Gaza, savagely terrorizing the civilian population, blowing up their electric/water generating facilities, conducting a mass arrest of their elected officials, and also, without just cause, provoking the Syrians. In response to the repeated shelling by the IOF of Gaza, Israel’s Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, wisecracked, “Nobody dies from being uncomfortable!” When he addressed a Joint Session of the U.S. Congress, on May 24, 2006, Olmert received 38 breaks of applause and 18 standing ovations from that entity of mostly lapdogs. This is also the same Israeli leader, who, paraphrasing George Orwell's “Animal Farm,” said that he had a “deep regret” about the effects of some IOF’s operations which had killed 14 innocent Palestinians in just nine days, but that the lives of Israeli citizens were “even more important.”(20) Finally, if there wasn’t a Zionist-created Israel, there also wouldn’t be any need for a commentary like this one!




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4. ; and

5. Chalmer Johnson’s “Sorrows of Empire.”


7. ; Scott McConnell’s “Divided & Conquered,” TAC, 07/03/06; and








15. Peter Dale Scott’s “Deep Politics and the Death of JFK” and Stephen Green’s “Taking Sides: America’s Secret Relationship with a Militant Israel.”


17.  and and



20. Ravi Nessman’s “Israel Steps Up Offensive,” AP, 07/03/06; Boston Globe’s “Agony of Gaza,” 07/07/06; and


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


Lebanon left for dead

By Pepe Escobar

Lebanon is mired in a terrifying labyrinth of death and destruction. Beirut's airport is bombed. Israel has imposed a sea blockade. Other than privileged Westerners who are being evacuated by air or sea, people have overnight become refugees. They are plunged into an exodus of hundreds of thousands crammed on rickety rural trucks, overcrowded buses, Red Crescent convoys and even Mercedes with Saudi license plates on a mad dash through Lebanese back roads to Syria.

Israel's lethal bombing is ubiquitous - raining hell over family homes in the Bekaa Valley, over the Liban Lait milk factory on the road to Baalbek, over a Greek Orthodox church, over civilian trucks carrying rice and sugar near the Christian village of Zaleh, over a civil-defense building in Tyre, over a paper mill, over a packaging firm, over a pharmaceutical plant, over the Lake Qaraoun dam, over bridges, water reservoirs, electric plants, gas stations, ambulances, even over Beirut's main Christian neighborhood.

Among the 300-plus killed so far in Lebanon, Israel has killed Canadians and Brazilians of Lebanese ancestry. None of these "targets" are military; this means the Lebanese could prosecute Israel for war crimes. Roberto Laurenti, the United Nations' man in Beirut, had to scream that the situation is "both alarming and catastrophic. There are about 500,000 people displaced already. The situation is extreme."

So where is the much-vaunted "international community"? It is not listening.

The figures don't lie. At the end of the eighth day of fighting, a total of 29 people had been reported killed on the Israeli side of the border, including 14 soldiers and 15 civilians. But the majority of Lebanese deaths have been civilian - and only a very few, less than a handful, according to any number of Lebanese-based news media, were Hezbollah military.

Civilian Lebanese are thus being killed, in proportion to Israelis, at a rate of more than 10:1. This implies that Israel is not targeting Hezbollah, but above all Lebanon's infrastructure.

Israel's war has nothing to do with Hezbollah's ideology, as the Israeli public relations machine spins non-stop; it's already configured as collective punishment unleashed over the Lebanese civilian population. Israel officially ordered the entire population of southern Lebanon in essence to become IDPs (internally displaced persons). Southern Lebanon's population, overwhelmingly poor Arab Shi'ites, overwhelmingly supports Hezbollah.

Hezbollah for its part may have fired about 1,000 Katyusha rockets toward Israel. Hezbollah may possess 12,000 rockets in total. At the current rate, it could keep firing rockets non-stop for more than two months - while Israel bombs Lebanon back to the Stone Age. The decision anyway has been made. According to diplomatic leaks in Washington, London and Brussels, the Israeli offensive will last at least for another week to 10 days.

You deserve to die Although there is no direct evidence pointing to Iran and/or Syria behind Hezbollah's strategy, US President George W Bush has blamed Syria ("What they need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit" - as overheard during the Group of Eight summit in St Petersburg on the weekend).

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for his part has blamed Hezbollah as being in cahoots with Iran. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said there were no "conducive circumstances" for a ceasefire; she will land her Ferragamo-clad feet on Middle Eastern soil only when it's "appropriate", "necessary" and "helpful to the situation" (perhaps "appropriate" would mean the "international community" waiting until Lebanon is totally destroyed and hundreds or thousands more Lebanese are dead).

At any rate, Lebanon is fast joining Bush's "democratic" Iraq. The latest UN report states that more than 3,000 Iraqi civilians were killed in June, and no fewer than 14,338 civilians were killed in the first six months of 2006.

The US ambassador to the UN, notorious neo-con John Bolton, believes "it would be a mistake to ascribe moral equivalence to civilians who die as the direct result of malicious terrorist acts". Israel's bombing for its part is "self-defense" that has had "the tragic and unfortunate consequence of civilian deaths".

Translation: dead Lebanese civilians are collateral damage, expendable and not worth the life of a single Israeli. After all, the Israeli foreign minister had the gall to proclaim that "many civilians in southern Lebanon have Katyusha and other rockets under their beds".

Former Israeli congressman and committed pacifist Uri Avnery, on the Israeli website Gus Shalom, says that Israel's real objective is "regime change in Beirut, and the installation of a puppet government". It's what Israel wanted - and didn't get - with the 1982 invasion led by Ariel Sharon. Israeli journalist Gideon Levy goes one step further, accusing Israel of being a society in "moral collapse". Israelis overwhelming support the bombing of Lebanon to dust.

Even if you survive, no one will help you The tragedy is that the "international community" has totally deserted the Lebanese people; they are the new Palestinians. The minutes at the recent Arab League meeting in Cairo were leaked. The Arabic-language press could not fail to notice what Egyptians, Jordanians, Saudis and Kuwaitis were up to; basically a united front to smash and "disarm" Hezbollah. The specter of the Shi'ite crescent - brandished by Washington neo-cons and dictatorial Sunni Arab governments - is alive and kicking.

The ultra-wealthy Persian Gulf emirates could not give a damn - their only interest is oil at US$80 a barrel. Both Egypt and Jordan are US client regimes - and non-North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies - and in addition have signed peace treaties with Israel. Turkey is also a US-Israel-axis ally. And US-controlled Iraq is smashed, destroyed and mired in its own "Lebanonized" civil war.

Even by its own standards of irrelevance, the European Union has excelled - with the added spectacle of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, French President Jacques Chirac and German Chancellor Angela Merkel meekly toeing the US line. Britain, France, Germany and Italy may condemn - rhetorically - the gulag established by Israel in occupied Palestine. But they are afraid of Hamas and they are also afraid of Hezbollah - what if these Arabs started striking right at the heart of Fortress Europe? Under this rationale, the indiscriminate killing of Lebanese civilians would never rate as a priority.

All according to plan The world has seen this movie before. The seed for understanding the New Middle East war was sown 10 years ago, in 1996. Everything keeps pointing back to the infamous paper "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm", prepared by neo-cons such as Richard Perle, David and Meyrav Wurmser and Douglas Feith for Likud hardliner Benyamin Netanyahu. [1]

The "getting rid of Saddam" part has already been accomplished. The total degradation of the Palestinians is ongoing. The "destabilizing of Syria in Lebanon" took place last year. The next step would be hitting at both Syria and Iran via Lebanon.

Five months ago, Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah's leader, warned in a public speech that if Israel did not release the Lebanese prisoners it was holding, "we will try to get an Israeli soldier". That's exactly what happened. Israel knew it and had five months to prepare for an invasion and/or the current "pinpoint" bombing of Lebanon's infrastructure - something that any military strategist knows cannot be prepared in a day or two.

The fact that the Bush administration and the Olmert government in tandem blame both Syria and Iran follows the Clean Break plan to the letter. And the plan could have been fine-tuned very recently. Former Likudnik Olmert went to the US in May and Likud chairman Netanyahu followed him in June - and landed in neo-con heaven, participating in a meeting with US Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld at a conference organized by the American Enterprise Institute in Colorado.

As far as Bush's "get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit" is concerned, it makes absolutely no sense: it was Bush himself who forced Syria out of Lebanon last year, to clear the way for Israel to attack Lebanon facing no resistance. As for the Israel-Iran confrontation, it has nothing to do with ideology, as the Bush administration puts it. It's pure power play. Israel and Iran are two regional military powers entangled in a battle for regional supremacy. And even the guessing game on Syria and/or Iran supporting Hezbollah is also irrelevant.

The US/Israel axis has historically supported plenty of Islamist groups all over the Arab world - in tune with the supreme objective of fighting what it always considered the real enemy, pan-Arab and secular nationalism. Hamas has been supported by Israel in the past. The US supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. And the US (blowback, anyone?) also supported the Afghan mujahideen in the anti-Soviet 1980s jihad.

Give me a (Clean) Break There is simply no solution whatsoever to the ongoing Middle East disaster until "David" Israel (with its nuclear weapons) stops stealing Arab lands and returns all occupied territory to the "Goliaths" - the Sheba Farms to Lebanon, the Golan Heights to Syria, the West Bank and East Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

Arab puppet regimes will inevitably fall, by the force of their population's rage. The Washington elite may even realize one day (no one is counting on it, though) that the US gains absolutely nothing from Israel's wag-the-dog tactics. Israel inevitably will be forced to negotiate with its neighbors. Then and only then, if still no peace can be reached, Israel might find some legitimacy to keep attacking Arabs at random.

There are diplomatic rumblings about a peace agreement of sorts. Israel and Hezbollah would exchange prisoners; the Lebanese army (what army?) would be deployed up to the Israeli border, and Hezbollah would pull back north of the Litani River; and a new, bigger, UN monitoring force would step in.

There are reports that Israel "might" accept these blue helmets - but only temporarily. Israel, though - as Clean Break rules - does not feel any incentive to accept this solution. Its military logic points to a devastating preemption of both Hamas and Hezbollah - so Iran would have much reduced means to retaliate against Israel in the (likely) event of a US or US/Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear installations.

No one at this point may predict with certainty what the Bush/Blair/Olmert troika is actually cooking. But there is the terrifying possibility that these may be the early stages of the Great Middle East war outlined in A Clean Break; the chance for the US/Israel axis to strike at both Syria and Iran - with no one, be it Russia, China or the cowardly EU, being able to stop it.

1. Readers can access the essential points on">">


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A farewell to Beirut

Robert Fisk in Beirut

July 22, 2006

IN THE year AD 551, the magnificent, wealthy city of Berytus — headquarters of the Romans' East Mediterranean fleet — was struck by a massive earthquake. In its aftermath, the sea withdrew several miles and the survivors — ancestors of the present-day Lebanese — walked out on the sands to loot the long-sunken merchant ships revealed to them.

That was when a giant tsunami returned to swamp the city and kill them all. So savagely was the old Beirut damaged that the Emperor Justinian sent gold from Constantinople to every family left alive.

Some cities seem forever doomed. When the Crusaders arrived in Beirut on their way to Jerusalem in the 11th century, they slaughtered every man, woman and child in the city.

In World War I, Ottoman Beirut suffered a terrible famine — the Turkish army had commandeered all the grain and the Allied powers blockaded the coast. I still have some ancient postcards I bought here 30 years ago of stick-like children standing in an orphanage, naked and abandoned.

An American woman living in Beirut in 1916 described how she "passed women and children lying by the roadside with closed eyes and ghastly, pale faces. It was a common thing to find people searching the garbage heaps for orange peel, old bones or other refuse, and eating them greedily when found …"

How does this happen to Beirut? For 30 years, I've watched this place die and then rise from the grave and then die again, its apartment blocks pitted with so many bullets they look like Irish lace, its people massacring each other.

I lived here through 15 years of civil war that took 150,000 lives, and two Israeli invasions and years of Israeli bombardments that cost the lives of a further 20,000 people. I have seen them armless, legless, headless, knifed, bombed and splashed across the walls of houses.

Yet they are a fine, educated, moral people whose generosity amazes every foreigner, whose gentleness puts any Westerner to shame, and whose suffering we almost always ignore.

They look like us, the people of Beirut. They have light-coloured skin and speak beautiful English and French. They travel the world. Their women are gorgeous and their food exquisite.

But what are we saying of their fate today as the Israelis — in some of their cruellest attacks on this city and the surrounding countryside — tear them from their homes, bomb them on river bridges, cut them off from food and water and electricity?

We say that they started this latest war, and we compare their appalling casualties — more than 300 in all of Lebanon by last night — with Israel's 34 dead, as if the figures are the same.

And then, most disgraceful of all, we leave the Lebanese to their fate like a diseased people and spend our time evacuating our precious foreigners while tut-tutting about Israel's "disproportionate" response to the capture of its soldiers by Hezbollah.

I walked through the deserted centre of Beirut yesterday and it reminded me more than ever of a film lot, a place of dreams too beautiful to last, a phoenix from the ashes of civil war whose plumage was so brightly coloured that it blinded its own people. This part of the city — once a Dresden of ruins — was rebuilt by Rafiq Hariri, the prime minister who was murdered scarcely a mile away on February 14 last year.

The wreckage of that bomb blast, an awful precursor to the present war in which his legacy is being vandalised by the Israelis, still stands beside the Mediterranean, waiting for the last UN investigator to look for clues to the assassination — an investigator who has long ago abandoned this besieged city for the safety of Cyprus.

At the empty Etoile restaurant — best snails and cappuccino in Beirut, where Hariri once dined with French President Jacques Chirac — I sat on the pavement and watched the parliamentary guard still patrolling the facade of the French-built emporium that houses what is left of Lebanon's democracy. So many of these streets were built by Parisians under the French Mandate and they have been exquisitely restored, their mock-Arabian doorways bejewelled with marble Roman columns dug from the ancient Via Maxima a few metres away.

Hariri loved this place and, taking Chirac for a beer one day, he caught sight of me sitting at a table. "Ah Robert, come over here," he roared, turning to Chirac like a cat about to eat a canary. "I want to introduce you, Jacques, to the reporter who said I couldn't rebuild Beirut!"

And now it is being unbuilt. The Martyr Rafiq Hariri International Airport has been attacked three times by the Israelis, its shopping malls vibrating to the missiles that thunder into the runways and fuel depots. Hariri's transnational highway viaduct has been broken by Israeli bombers. Most of his motorway bridges have been destroyed. The Roman-style lighthouse has been smashed by a missile from an Apache helicopter. Only this small jewel of a restaurant in the centre of Beirut has been spared. So far.

It is the slums of Haret Hreik and Ghobeiri and Shiyah that have been pounded to dust, sending a quarter of a million Shiite Muslims to schools and abandoned parks across the city. Here, indeed, was the headquarters of Hezbollah, another of those "centres of world terror" the West keeps discovering in Muslim lands.

Here lived Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the Party of God's leader, a ruthless, caustic, calculating man, and Sheikh Mohammed Fadlallah, among the wisest and most eloquent of clerics, and many of Hezbollah's top military planners — including, no doubt, the men who planned over many months the capture of the two Israeli soldiers last Wednesday.

But did the tens of thousands of poor who live here deserve this act of mass punishment? For a country that boasts of its pinpoint accuracy — a doubtful notion in any case, but that's not the issue — what does this act of destruction tell us about Israel? Or about ourselves?

In a modern building in an undamaged part of Beirut, I come, quite by chance, across a well-known and prominent Hezbollah figure, open-neck white shirt, dark suit, clean shoes.

"We will go on if we have to for days or weeks or months or …" And he counts these awful statistics on the fingers of his left hand. "Believe me, we have bigger surprises still to come for the Israelis — much bigger, you will see. Then we will get our prisoners and it will take just a few small concessions."

I walk outside, feeling as if I have been beaten over the head. Over the wall opposite there is purple bougainvillea, white jasmine and a swamp of gardenias. The Lebanese love flowers, and Beirut is draped in trees and bushes that smell like paradise.

As for the inhabitants of the southern slums of Haret Hreik, I found hundreds of them yesterday, sitting under trees and lying on the parched grass beside an ancient fountain donated to Beirut by the Ottoman Sultan Abdelhamid. How empires fall.

Far away, across the Mediterranean, two American helicopters from the USS Iwo Jima could be seen, heading through the mist and smoke towards the US embassy bunker complex at Awkar to evacuate more citizens of the American Empire. There was not a word from that same empire to help the people lying in the park, to offer them food or medical aid.

And across them all has spread a dark grey smoke that works its way through the entire city, the fires of oil terminals and burning buildings turning into a cocktail of sulphurous air that moves below our doors and through our windows. I smell it when I wake in the morning. Half the people of Beirut are coughing in this filth, breathing their own destruction as they contemplate their dead.

The anger that any human soul should feel at such suffering and loss was expressed so well by Lebanon's greatest poet, the mystic Khalil Gibran, when he wrote of the half-million Lebanese who died in the 1916 famine, most of them residents of Beirut:

My people died of hunger, and he who

Did not perish from starvation was

Butchered with the sword …

They perished from hunger in a land

rich with milk and honey …

They died because the vipers and

sons of vipers spat out poison into

the space where the Holy Cedars and

the roses and the jasmine breathe

their fragrance.

And the sword continues to cut its way through Beirut. When part of an aircraft — perhaps the wing-tip of an F-16 hit by a missile, although the Israelis deny this — came streaking out of the sky over the eastern suburbs at the weekend, I raced to the scene to find a partly decapitated driver in his car and three Lebanese soldiers from the army's logistics unit. These are the tough, brave non-combat soldiers of Kfar Chima, who have been mending power and water lines these past six days to keep Beirut alive.

I knew one of them. "Hello Robert, be quick, because I think the Israelis will bomb again, but we'll show you everything we can." And they took me through the fires to show me what they could of the wreckage, standing around me to protect me.

A few hours later the Israelis did come back, as the men of the logistics unit were going to bed, and they bombed the barracks and killed 10 soldiers, including those three kind men who looked after me amid the fires of Kfar Chima.

And why? Be sure: the Israelis know what they are hitting. That's why they killed nine soldiers near Tripoli when they bombed the military radio antennas. But a logistics unit? Men whose sole job was to mend electricity lines?

And then it dawns on me. Beirut is to die. It is to be starved of electricity now that the power station in Jiyeh is on fire. No one is to be allowed to keep Beirut alive. So those poor men had to be liquidated.

Beirutis are tough people and are not easily moved. But at the end of last week, many of them were overcome by a photograph in their daily papers of a small girl, discarded like a broken flower in a field near the border village of Ter Harfa, her feet curled up, her hand resting on her torn blue pyjamas, her eyes — beneath long, soft hair — closed, turned away from the camera.

She had been another "terrorist" target of Israel and several people, myself among them, saw a frightening similarity between this picture and the photograph of a Polish girl lying dead in a field beside her weeping sister in 1939.

I go home and flick through my files, old pictures of the Israeli invasion of 1982. There are more photographs of dead children, of broken bridges. "Israelis Threaten to Storm Beirut", says one headline. "Israelis Retaliate". "Lebanon At War". "Beirut Under Siege". "Massacre at Sabra and Chatila".

Yes, how easily we forget these earlier slaughters. Up to 1700 Palestinians were butchered at Sabra and Shatila by Israel's Christian militia allies in September of 1982 while Israeli troops — as they later testified to Israel's own commission of inquiry — watched the killings. I was there. I stopped counting the corpses when I reached 100. Many of the women had been raped before being knifed or shot.

Yet when I was fleeing the bombing of Ghobeiri with my driver Abed last week, we swept right past the entrance of the camp, the very spot where I saw the first murdered Palestinians. And we did not think of them. We did not remember them. They were dead in Beirut and we were trying to stay alive in Beirut, as I have been trying to stay alive here for 30 years.

I am back on the coast when my mobile phone rings. It is an Israeli woman calling me from the United States, the author of a fine novel about the Palestinians.

"Robert, please take care," she says. "I am so, so sorry about what is being done to the Lebanese. It is unforgivable. I pray for the Lebanese people, and the Palestinians, and the Israelis." I thank her for her thoughtfulness and the graceful, generous way she condemned this slaughter.

Then, on my balcony — a glance to check the location of the Israeli gunboat far out in the sea smog — I find older clippings. This is from an English paper in 1840, when Beirut was an Ottoman metropolis: "Anarchy is now the order of the day, our properties and personal safety are endangered, no satisfaction can be obtained, and crimes are committed with impunity. Several Europeans have quitted their houses and suspended their affairs, in order to find protection in more peaceable countries."

On my dining room wall, I remember, there is a hand-painted lithograph of French troops arriving in Beirut in 1842 to protect the Maronite Christians from the Druze. They are camping in the Jardin des Pins, which will later become the site of the French embassy where, only a few hours ago, I saw French men and women registering for evacuation. And outside the window, I hear again the whisper of Israeli jets, hidden behind the smoke that now drifts 30 kilometres out to sea.

Fairuz, the living legend of Lebanese song, was to have performed at this year's Baalbek Festival, cancelled now like all the country's festivals. One of her most popular songs is dedicated to her native city:

Peace to Beirut with all my heart

And kisses — to the sea and clouds,

To the rock of a city that looks like an old sailor's face.

From the soul of her people she makes wine,

From their sweat, she makes bread and jasmine.

So how did it come to taste of smoke and fire?

Disgracefully, we evacuate our precious foreigners and just leave the Lebanese to their fate.


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


Voice of the White House

TBR - July 14, 2006

"It is just now getting out that certain hackers broke into the Department of State's most confidential computer files, downloaded much material and put cookies into the system so as to get more material. What did the hackers, as yet unidentified 15 year old kids or foreign intelligence operatives get? Well, DoS isn't talking because it appears from what my friends here have been telling me, they got highly confidential reports sent to them from various embassies in Cairo, Damascus and other countries plus our people in Tel Aviv.

All of this points to a project, now in train, wherein Israel was determined to negate the elevation of Hamas in Palestine by goading the Palestinians into committing acts of violence against them so they could retaliate, retake Gaza, reinstall the settlers, get Hezbollah in Lebanon to do damage so they could nail them and then go after Syria.

What most people do not know is that Mossad and Israeli diplomats meet regularly at Langley with the CIA to exchange information and find ways to assist each other. Also, we share our satellite pictures with them thus saving them the money to put up their own satellites.

This business of provocation, attack and destruction is all very well and good but now they expect, nay, demand, that the Bush people support this. Of course, we cannot because the American public would lynch Bush if he embarked on another, much more serious, war over there but the Israelis will not believe his reluctance. So, they have forced his hand as well as those of the various enemy Arab states and are positive that America will back them.

Mind you, Bush and Cheney have no problems if Israel were to butcher every living Arab in Palestine, Lebanon and especially Syria but we cannot support the resulting war with ground troops.

Also, our military people have told Those in Power, that if the Jews stir up trouble over there to the point of a war, Iran will certainly join in and they do have at least one atomic weapon (obtained from outside the country.) None of this seems to penetrate the Bushites tiny brains and now, their attitude is to take a passive pose whilst mildly suggesting that Israel mind its manners but accusing the Arab states of "wanton provocations."

Of course, the Israelis started this by deliberately shelling a Gaza beach and killing harmless people having a fun time there but Bush does not seem to realize that he is being used. The upshot of this is that if war comes, as it appears to be doing, we will be in a terrible position because if we rush to aid Israel, we will continue to be condemned by the rest of the world and the war may easily turn into a nuclear slug fest. Israel does have atomic weaponry, thanks to our unofficial assistance in obtaining the raw material from our facilities some years ago. They will use it, probably on their main enemy, Iran, and then the resulting war will cut off much of the world's oil supply for which Bush and Tel Aviv will be correctly blamed.

And the U.S. military is in a sorry mess now. They have lost at least ten thousand dead and over twenty five thousand seriously enough wounded to preclude further participation in the anti-guerrilla campaign. They lust for a draft but that is not to be because the announcement of a general draft before the mid-term elections would be political suicide for the Republicans.

Instead of a draft, the Bush people have now so lowered the entrance standards for the military that a huge influx of juvenile delinquents, rabid racists, gang members, social misfits of every kind are swelling the ranks and we see the results in the sharp escalation of drug use, sexual violence, disobedience to authority and a serious morale problem with the relatively "normal" troops. American has no control anymore in Iraq which is engaged in a terrible civil war that the puppets in power there have no ability to deal with. This civil unrest has reached such a level that even a serious backer of American occupation in the Pentagon, a personal friend, now tells me, and others, that we have to get out asap.

If a regional war does break out, our troops will then have to fight Syrians and Iranians as well as thousands of very successful guerrillas and the losses would oust the Bush people without fail.

Well, at the risk of being called a cynic, many have said this would happen but until it does, no one listens or cares.

When your sons come back in rubber bags in increasing numbers and gas goes to $6 a gallon, what will you do then?

None of this pending horror is necessary and all of it, all of the suffering, deaths and economic disasters could easily have been avoided. The first thing America should do is to cut Israel completely loose and the second, is to get out of a totally untenable military/political quagmire.


Forwarded by "Kathleen Roberts">


Pentagon Papers Author Daniel Ellsberg Says Government May Have Carried Out 9/11

Predicts Bush Regime Will Stage Terrorist Attack to Provide Pretext for Iran, Syria Invasion, And Justify Internment Camps for American People

Infowars | July 19, 2006

By Kevin Smith & Alex Jones

Daniel Ellsberg is a former American military analyst employed by the RAND Corporation who precipitated a national firestorm in 1971 when he released the Pentagon Papers, the US military's account of activities during the Vietnam War, to The New York Times. The release awakened the American people to a systematic program of organized deception carried out by the Pentagon against the population to continue the Vietnam War.

Daniel Ellsberg, speaking on air to GCN radio host Jack Blood, stated his concerns that criminal elements of the US government were psychologically capable to have carried out 9/11. He warned that within days after a US military strike on Iran that Bush's handlers would probably stage some type of terror attack in the West to legitimize the new war.

"If there's another 9/11 or a major war in the Middle-East involving a U.S. attack on Iran, I have no doubt that there will be, the day after or within days an equivalent of a Reichstag fire decree that will involve massive detentions in this country."

- Daniel Ellsberg
Author, Pentagon Papers

Ellsberg went on to state that another major Reichstag-like state-sponsored attack would be followed by a martial law scenario which might include detention camps for American dissenters.

Ellsberg said that he worked with individuals at the highest levels of government who staged war provocations several times to whip up pro-war sentiment in the US. Daniel Ellsberg now joins the ranks of hundreds of prominent engineers, physicists, economists, military officers, pilots, high-level intelligence analysts, and cabinet ministers who are exposing the 9/11 hoax.

Each day more and more respected professionals are going public with their questions about the official 9/11 fable. The 9/11 cover-up dam is breaking under the weight of these truthseekers' efforts and the perpetrators of 9/11 are watching them in horror while wondering who will be the next to speak up.

Here is a partial transcript of the interview:

Jack Blood: Have you had a chance to take a look at a lot of this information coming from America's leading scholars, physicists, engineers, etc. Who have taken a look now at 9/11 and are now, not only questioning what might have happened on 9/11, but really being very direct including a number of high level.

Daniel Ellsberg: Actually, I have looked at a lot of that, and I'll tell you without going into it all which would take a lot of time, I find some of it very implausible and other parts of it quite solid, and there's no question in my mind that there's enough evidence there to justify a very comprehensive and hard hitting investigation of a kind that we've not seen, with subpoenas, general questioning of people, and raising the release of a lot of documents, there's no question that (D.E. chuckles) put it this way, very serious questions have been raised, about how much they knew beforehand and how much involvement there may been. Is this a administration capable, humanly and physiologically of engineering such a provocation?

Yes, I would say that, I worked for such an administration myself, Johnson, ah, President Johnson put destroyers in harm's way in the Tonkin Gulf not only once, but several times, with with a lot of his people hoping that it would lead to a confrontation and claiming that it had. And could have resulted in the lost of many lives in the course of it. And what I'm saying now, by the way though is this, and here there's a very strong analogy, to this day there is a controversy gone back and forth historically, as to who caused the Reichstag fire, the burning of their parliament, the Reichstag, on February 27 th 1933. Goering, at one point, the number two man in the Nazi regime, said "I set that fire", later he denied that at Nuremberg, and I've noticed that the latest history suggests, that it wasn't the Nazi's. The point is that all this time later is there is still a controversy about that. But, what there's no controversy about is the use the Nazi's made of it, that very night and the next day.

J.B. Cui Bono, who benefits

D.E. February 28 th, there was a Reichstag fire decree that ended freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of association, all in the Weimar Constitution, and privacy of the postal system and of communications and of telephone, what ended here to, more than we knew four years ago right after 9/11. If there's another 9/11 or a major war in the Middle-East involving a U.S. attack on Iran, I have no doubt that there will be, the day after or within days an equivalent of a Reichstag fire decree that will involve massive detentions in this country, detention camps for middle-easterners and their quote "sympathizers", critics of the President's policy and essentially the wiping-out of the Bill of Rights.

J.B. I know you are walking very carefully here Daniel Ellsberg, but that's pretty strong medicine and we have to look at the history of the world, governments do this, as you mentioned, governments are liars, governments are murderers; this is not above them, I'm sure you are familiar with the Northwoods Document.

D.E. Ah yes, indeed. Yeah talking about a manufactured provocation which could have involved even the shooting down of an American or some other airliner, with American support. Yes I would say by the way, that Americans definitely play this game, I'm sure that it's happening now.
We, I expected by the way, Bush to manufacture a kind of Tonkin Gulf incident before he went into Iraq and then I decided well I'd been wrong they didn't feel they needed that. It is interesting that the memos that came out, in conversations between Blair and Bush, (aka The White House Memo), show that Bush was pressing for the possibility of sending over a U-2 and getting it fired on and using that as an excuse.

J.B. A U-2 painted like a U.N., ah, a United Nations airplane.

D.E. Yes, but they couldn't do that again for sure. But, what is happening right now is that Israel is clearly seeking a generally provocative act by both Hammas and Hezbollah, which I think were not wise acts some people are applauding those in the Middle-East passing out sweets and so forth, very short-sighted I would say, a lot of innocent people are going to die as a result.


From: "Paul Levy">
Subject: Middle East Madness
Date: 21 Jul 2006


by Paul Levy

The other night I was watching Dan Gillerman, the Israeli ambassador to the U. N. being interviewed on t. v. by Charlie Rose. Gillerman was incredibly articulate, and very brilliant. He spoke with the utmost authority and confidence. Here was someone who seemed truly empowered, I thought. Flawless in his logic, it seemed like no one had a chance to win the slightest point in any argument with him. And then, something revealing happened. At one point, Rose asked him whether Israel preferred a military or a political victory. The ambassador answered, "We prefer a MILITARY victory over a military victory.‚ Rose immediately corrected him, saying he meant that Israel preferred a POLITICAL victory over a military victory. Gillerman responded by saying "yes, a political victory over a military victory," as if that's exactly what he had said. He had no idea that he had mis-spoken, and that his Freudian slip may have unwittingly revealed a deeper process that was playing out through his, and by extension, Israel's unconscious.

A Freudian slip is the voice of the unconscious. In his slip of the tongue, Gillerman unknowingly may have revealed what is going on inside the unconscious, whose intentions are the polar opposite of what he imagines or represents them to be (both to himself and to the world) at that moment. In his Freudian slip, Gillerman may have been unwittingly revealing what he was unconsciously dissociated from and hiding from himself, and hence, unconsciously enacting in the world. When we are not in conscious relationship with a part of ourselves, we are doomed to unconsciously give shape and form to it by acting it out in the world.

Once I began contemplating the ambassador's Freudian slip, I wondered what it could have been revealing about his (and Israel's) unconscious. If that was the voice of the unconscious, it is expressing the shadow, the darker part, of what Israel is playing out on the global stage. If it was a genuine Freudian slip, Gillerman is unknowingly revealing that Israel prefers a victory by force over anything negotiated via diplomacy. It is as if this voice that wanted a military victory was thirsting to assert its power and domination over its enemies. It goes without saying that this is the absolute polar opposite of the representatives of peace that Gillerman and Israel like to think of themselves as being. This unconscious dark side that the Israeli ambassador is revealing is none other than the underlying, un-integrated collective shadow of his nation which is being brutally acted out on the world stage.

Gillerman's Freudian slip seems to be revealing an urge on the part of Israel for revenge, an impulse to want to punish their adversaries. Wanting to destroy the "other," Israel is unconsciously acting out the part of itself that has been abused. Israel's knee-jerk, vengeful reaction is coming out of a deep hurt, a deep wound. Israel's unconscious reaction to want to hurt and destroy the other is an expression of the part of it that has been traumatized by its enemies attempting to destroy it. And yet, Israel's desire for revenge is what transforms it from being the victim of terror to itself becoming the terrorist.

The ambassador's Freudian slip may be revealing that Israel, under the guise of being the victim, is actually playing the role of the victimizer disguised as the victim. By acting out of its wound and unconsciously acting out its trauma, Israel is actually doing the very thing it is accusing its enemies of doing. Accusing its enemies of perpetrating violence, Israel is perpetrating violence, thereby pouring fuel on the endless cycle of violence. Does Israel really think that enacting violence is going to make it safer? Doesn't Israel realize that perpetrating violence is just going to inspire and create more enemies than it will destroy? Of course, I can't help but notice the similarity between Israel's (ultimately self-defeating) attitude and that of my own country, the United States.

Israel's argument that Hezbollah or Hamas "started" the violence, though seemingly accurate on a superficial level of reality, is profoundly untrue. Israel and its enemies "reciprocally co-arise" together, which is to say that we can't pinpoint in linear time where the violence actually started. Hezbollah or Hamas didn't react out of a void, but could just as easily point to a previous violence that Israel had perpetrated onto them that they were just reacting to. Israel and its enemies are both unconsciously acting out a deeper process that is beginingless in time (atemporal) and acausal, which is to say that it is a conflict which cannot be traced back to a "first cause," as no one "started it."

Although there are deep, historical roots to this conflict, no matter who is to blame for what has been done in the past, the fact is the only place we have the power to make a genuine difference is in the present moment. Thus, the present situation is the place wherein effective action can be taken to resolve this crisis. From the point of view of the present moment, no one "started" the conflict. Either side, at any moment, can step out of the vicious cycle which is nothing other than an infinite regression and simply refuse to continue to feed the endless, self-reinforcing cycle of violence. Either side of the conflict can simply refuse to participate in perpetuating the cycle of reactive and retributive violence and the self-perpetuating cycle will be broken. This is the deeper meaning of Christ's urging to "turn the other cheek." This is the underlying meaning of both Gandhi and Rev. Martin Luther King's teachings on non-violence. Only by not striking back can we become agents of peace.

There is an incredible "edge" or resistance around criticizing Israel, as many people will immediately accuse me of being anti-Semitic. Being of Jewish heritage myself, it breaks my heart to see the abuse that Israel is unconsciously acting out against its neighbors. It is as if the Jewish people have not learned the deeper lesson of the very Holocaust that almost destroyed us, which is that to project the shadow outside of ourselves is to become the very evil that we are trying to destroy in the outside world (Please see my article Shadow Projection: The Fuel of War, available on my website And yet, for anyone to criticize what the nation of Israel is doing is to not only NOT be anti-Semitic, but is to be a true representative of what the Jewish people ultimately are supposed to stand for, which is peace. This situation is analogous to when a family member in a position of power abuses their power, the other family members are enabling and complicit in the abuse if they remain silent (such as, in this case, other Jews who blindly support whatever Israel does, as well as the United States, who is giving tacit approval of Israel's violent actions by its silence). The family member who speaks up and sheds light on the abuse, though at first quite unpopular and unwelcome, is the one who is the truly loving "patriot" of the family system.

Of course, Israel's enemies are doing to Israel exactly the same thing that I am pointing out that Israel is doing to them. Both Israel and its enemies are mutually projecting their own shadow onto and blaming each other, which creates a dark, but very intimate connection between them. Each party couldn't project the shadow onto the other without its adversary's secret collaboration in playing out and embodying the very shadow being projected. The violence that is happening between these two polarized agencies couldn't happen without their unwitting, mutual co-operation. Israel and its enemies don't exist in isolation from each other, but in co-relation with each other. A deeper process is revealing itself through their interplay.

Israel and its adversaries are both mirroring back what the other is doing. They are enacting their trauma onto each other, and are simultaneously playing both roles of terrorized-victim/terrorist-victimizer. Though the American mainstream media is propagandizing the conflict as being between Israel and the "terrorists" (similar to how they frame the Global War on Terror as being between the United States and the "terrorists"), the question arises "Who is the real terrorist? (The answer goes something like this: the terrorist is just a role in the field that is being played at different moments by all participants in the conflict).

Like a kitten looking in a mirror, Israel and its enemies are reacting to their mirrored reflection, thinking it is separate from themselves. They don't recognize that they themselves are generating and calling forth the very behavior that they are reacting to. Reacting to their own reflection, they are compulsively acting out a collective form of the repetition compulsion, which is to be feeding into and off of each other's madness.

In my book The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of our Collective Psychosis (available on my website,, I name this psychic epidemic "malignant egophrenia," or ME disease for short. Falling prey to this psychic epidemic, we truly suffer from a case of mistaken identity, an erroneous sense of ME, of who we imagine we are. The essence of ME disease is a deep dissociative split in which we project out our own darker half outside of ourselves, becoming entranced in thinking that our own evil exists outside of ourselves. We then try to destroy our darker half as we meet it in the outside world, which is to act out and become possessed by the very darkness we are trying to destroy. The figure of George Bush embodies and is therefore a living symbol of this disease. Not being separate from ourselves, Bush is merely an embodied reflection of the mad part of all of us that dissociates from and projects out our own shadow, and then tries to destroy the reflection of our own darkness as it shows up in the outside world.

The "inner name" of ME disease is "Mad Emperor" disease, as it is what happens when an individual such as Bush, or a nation such as Israel, is in a position of power and abuses its power over others simply because it can. Those who have fallen prey to ME disease identify with an illusory "separate self" (be it on the personal, or national scale) which is fear-ridden, while simultaneously generating fear in others by traumatizing anyone within its dominion. Instead of being in relationship to others and the environment, people (or nations) taken over by ME disease want to dictate, subjugate, dominate, and have power over others. They are tantrum-throwing bullies, who live by the rule of "might makes right." I immediately associate to the archetypal and mythic figure of the negative father (Cronos/Saturn), who abuses his power over others simply because he can, a morally indefensible act.

ME disease is a psycho-spiritual disease of the soul that non-locally pervades and is holographically enfolded throughout the entire field of consciousness. This is to say that ME disease exists, in unmanifest potential, deep within the collective unconscious of all humanity. ME disease in-forms and gives shape to the greater body politic of the world, and it is noteworthy that the Middle East is currently having an acute outbreak of ME disease. ME disease could just as easily stand for "Middle East disease," as this is where the disease is currently having a localized inflammation and is thereby, in fully condensed and essentialized form, where this deeper, underlying non-local field disease is becoming visible in 3-D space and time for all who have eyes to see. This is to say that ME disease, an illness that exists deep within the entire unified field, is embodying, incarnating and revealing itself in, through and as events in the Middle East. We are simply asked to recognize what is being revealed to us.

The ME epidemic that is playing out in the Middle East is a reflection of a deeper process going on within the collective unconscious of humanity, and is hence revealing something to us very important about ourselves. In the crisis in the Middle East there is an extremely valuable lesson for all of humanity hidden (veiled), while simultaneously being revealed for all who have eyes to see. Israel and its enemies are engaged in a ritualized dance of mutual shadow projection in which they are both doing the exact thing they are accusing the other of doing. Terrorized by the other, each side terrorizes in return. They are both looking in a mirror (whose inner meaning, etymologically speaking, is "holder of the shadow"), and trying to destroy their own shadow, which is not only a battle that can never be won, but is a form of insanity. Seen as a dreaming process, we have dreamed them up to objectify and show us these mad parts of ourselves. Israel and its adversaries are embodied reflections of the part of ourselves that unconsciously enacts this same insane behavior, both within ourselves and outside in the world.

Just like George Bush and the terrorists, Israel and its adversaries are acting out a form of collective madness in full-bodied form on the world stage. This is to say that a madness that exists deep inside the psyche of all humanity is being symbolically re-presented and played out in the Middle East. Something is being revealed to us about ourselves through this outer display of collective madness in the Middle East.

The only genuine and lasting solution which will create true peace is for enough of us to realize what is being revealed by what I am calling ME disease as it unconsciously is being endlessly re-enacted in the Middle East. Acting out the unconscious on the world stage, we are a species possessed by a more powerful energy. Like Israel, we are a species in trauma, enacting our trauma as we traumatize others while simultaneously re-traumatizing ourselves in a diabolical self-reinforcing feedback loop with no exit strategy. We are a species gone mad, and yet, in unconsciously acting out our madness, something very important is being revealed to us. Events in the Middle East are both the literal as well as symbolic crystallization of this process. A deeper, mythic process that is taking place in the soul of humanity is playing itself out, both literally and symbolically, in extreme and exaggerated form in the Middle East. Encoded in these events are the key to its resolution.

Once we realize we are reacting to our own mirrored reflection, our relationship to our reflection, both within ourselves and as it appears in embodied form in the outside world, changes. Instead of trying to kill our reflected shadow, we recognize and embrace it as part of ourselves. Re-collecting our projected and split-off parts, we "re-member" ourselves (coming back to our "right mind"), which becomes instantaneously reflected in the outside world, as we remember who we are to each other. Instead of projecting our shadow outside of ourselves (which is to dis-associate and dis-member from a part of ourselves), we recognize, own and take responsibility for our own darkness. Integrating our shadow into the full-spectrum of our being literally "fleshes us out," as we become more spiritually substantial, embracing the light and dark parts of ourselves, which is what genuine incarnation is all about. Waking up to who WE are allows us to open up to including "others" as being inter-related, inter-connected, and inter-dependent parts of ourselves. We step out of a world in which we are alien, and recognize we are co-related with each other as well as the universe at-large, which is to say we are not separable from the universe as a whole. Stepping out of the illusory "separate self," we heal our mistaken sense of ME (which is the cure for ME disease), as we simply recognize what has always been the case, which is that we are truly one.  

Paul Levy is a spiritually-informed political co-activist. A pioneer in the field of spiritual awakening, he is a healer in private practice, assisting others who are awakening to the dream-like nature of reality. He is the author of The Madness of George Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis.

Please feel free to pass this article along to a friend if you feel so inspired. If you resonate with the message of this article and want to help Paul spread his work, please contact him at, as he needs all the help he can get. He is very interested in hearing any reflections you have to offer.


Forwarded by "Ricardo">

St. Germain 20-July-06

Our plans proceed with only minor adjustment, and as formidable as the task is we are pleased to report that it is on track to achieve its goals. It involves thousands of our allies upon Earth, and we bring their efforts together so that we may soon make the announcements you eagerly await. As we often take care to point out, our ways are legitimate and in accordance with the law.

We encourage positive actions, and you have excelled at keeping the pressure upon those who support the dark forces. We shall gladly say that you are not put off by their rhetoric and false statements, and certainly cannot be deterred from your path which you know to be true and worthwhile. This is one situation that the dark cannot buy their way out of, although they think nothing of massive bribery and corruption to achieve their aims.

Our plan is of long standing with a clear objective in view, and we are pleased to say that it is soon to take a quantum leap forward. The dark have to continually change their plans, and lack real purpose beyond trying to destabilize areas that they desire to control. It is a policy that will no longer bear fruit, and will be the undoing of what they hope to achieve.

People are much more informed and interested in worldly affairs. They are also wiser to the methods of the dark and not so easily fooled. However, their compatriots sit at the head of almost every other country, and there is an attempt to bring all under global control. In spite of how it appears, this is not easy even for the vast power of the controlling Illuminati families. Behind the scenes we are laying the foundation for major changes. It shall start with the keystone to our plan, that of introducing a new financial system that is based on precious metals.

Your media, which is controlled by the dark, is filled with stories of death and destruction, and that is their way of causing despair and lack of hope. You who have become aware of the agenda of the dark see beyond the immediate effects, and counter it in your own way. You have a saying that it is darkest before the dawn, and this is the time you are now in. Without your understanding, it would be incomprehensible that out of the headlong rush into oblivion that another way is revealing itself.

The Light has settled upon Earth and grows day by day, touching the hearts of more and more people. There is a new confidence that has come into being since the Millennium, as if someone switched your path to a new track. That was indeed the case as Humanity signaled its readiness to rise up, and attracted the support it needed to be successful. Through the Spiritual Hierarchy great Councils convened a meeting. It was decided that Man should be given the opportunity to show that the Light could bloom on Earth, into a formidable force for change. That decision has been proved to be wise, and in a relatively short time you have responded well to the new energies.

The dark have no answer to the Light, and can only continue their fear tactics hoping to halt progress. The inevitable will happen and events are about to occur that are beyond their control. They will shout and scream, but it will be to no avail and they will fall foul of the very actions they thought would carry them through. History is full of stories about dictators who thought themselves impregnable, and you will find that they bring about their own destruction. Your last cabal know that the truth is coming out about their devious actions, and they are unable to silence the growing numbers of people who stand forth prepared to speak the truth.

We have mentioned many times that people will be in for a great shock when they learn of how they have been manipulated by a whole succession of leaders. Some have been looked up to and recognized for carrying the Light, but overall the Illuminati have ensured that their supporters have come out on top. Their blatant tactics have shown their arrogance in believing themselves to be beyond the law. Two consecutive Presidential elections have been rigged to falsify the result, and you are paying dearly for not having called the people involved to account for their actions.

However, all is not one sided to say the least, and the Light has been allowed to counteract the dark. As a result you have for the first time started to understand the ways of the dark. You have seen, and continue to see your rights eroded as the laws that should protect you have been weakened or overridden. This has brought a response and a movement that looks to restore your rights written into the Constitution. These were not Man’s Laws, but God given through Man to ensure your freedom.

It will not be too long before this period of time will seem but as a bad dream. Changes will come so quickly that you will not dwell upon the past, although you must fully understand it to appreciate your immediate future. You have heard frequently about duality, and it is the reason that you have previously been unable to permanently ground the Light. As soon as you have overcome one challenge the dark have been let loose again, and so your path has repeatedly swung in one direction and then the other.

Now you are in the final straight and the time of the dark is ending. So look upon what is happening now as their last gasp, and the final act in their attempt to conquer you. The end times have been divinely decreed, and it is not within the capabilities of any mere mortal to change them. You are well on the path to Ascension and a wonderful future waits you. You are all acting out the last scenes having learnt your lines well. If you can see this time as the end of a great experience that will now come to a conclusion, you will realize that it can no longer hurt you unless you allow it.

I am St. Germain and tell you that everything planned; including duality has been approached with great love and consideration. It was never intended that you should find your own way out without help. It has always been there, and now you shall see the magnificence of the Beings of Light as they come closer to you. You will be blessed and healed, and released from your traumas, never to return to this level of being unless you so choose.

Raise your consciousness sufficiently and you will find it will carry you through these testing times. Make allowances for others who cannot yet do so, as some are unable to break away from the negative energies that have engulfed them. Eventually the Light will awaken them, but it is not easy after millennia of time living in the dark. Through your own progress and the bringing of Light to Earth, you are helping every one else to rise up, and all will eventually be brought into the higher levels of consciousness. The Creator has planned for all to return to the path of Light, and you may rest assured that your fellow companions will not be left behind. The Creator is all Love, and Love is the motive power behind all things and it exists for all Infinity.

Thank you

St. Germain

Through Mike Quinsey


Date: 16 Jul 2006
From: Ron Van Dyke>
Subject: Our world as I see it

We stand at the threshold of peace on earth! “Crazy!” you say? Perhaps. Like everything else, it depends on perspective.

Yes, the terrorists who want to dominate the world are leading the gullible around by the chain of fear as they always have. Their lies make up the headlines, the top stories, and they focus our attention on where they want us to look. Who are these terrorists? They are ones who have been deluded by power and greed. They sit behind the curtain as their visible puppets make and report decisions in their last-bid attempt to create a New World Order in which they control everything for their own benefit, at the expense of anyone who get in their way. However, their demise is at hand. Their desperation is visible to those with eyes to see.

Literally millions upon millions of our human family choose peace, longing for the long prophesied end of war when “our swords will be beat into plowshares.” Our cries have not only gone up to the heavens, the heavens are responding. Massive channels have opened between the visible and the invisible worlds. Those who call out for empowerment are being downloaded with insights and guidance; and even dormant parts of our very DNA are being reactivated. God is saying, “YES!” to us. Somehow, even amidst the firestorm being staged, we are finding that peace that passes understanding. Somehow, we know that this time, truth wins!

Oh yes, many of us are facing our inner dragons. Issues we have wrestled with our entire lives seem to be resurfacing—even those we thought were finished. We are experiencing greater highs and greater lows than ever before as we spiral towards completion in this phase of our task. We are being shown how we have created the reality we see around us by means of the choices we have made within us, even choices in which we tried to avoid the truth of our own experience. We are now making new choices. Instead of hiding our heads in the sand and pretending the evil does not exist, we are actually internalizing the darkness and transforming it into Light and Love. Our days of denial are finally ending with restoration of our spiritual gifts being accomplished. We, the Lightworkers, are finally standing up and saying to the elite cadre of evil, the cabal of darkness: “Your services are no longer needed!”

Even as we have faced the denizens of our deep, we have allowed our own energy to shift from resistance to surrender; yet, that surrender is not weakness. It is simply the recognition that our ego is not in charge, that a greater power is available for us—the power of our Higher Self that is aligned with the Host of Heaven, the Galactic Federation of Light. We surrender knowing that Light always exposes darkness; so we turn our lights brighter. We tell the truth, our truth, not with sugarcoated, positive thinking, but the real truth of our feelings and experience. We stop trying to convince ourselves that we don’t feel the fear, rather we admit the feelings, knowing that we are seated in heavenly places that are untouched by the conflagration that rages in the world. We have finally allowed ourselves to see that God does not punish us for being human and participating in the human experience of polarity, even polarization. In fact, God shows great grace when we humbly admit our powerlessness in trying to pretend to be above the so-called negative emotions. It’s true; it was often our very hypocrisy that stood between us and our destiny of enlightenment. God remains gracious!

Brothers and sisters, this time we are winning by finally understanding that “when we are weak, we are strong.” How can that be? Is it the Law of the Paradox? Perhaps. What I know to be true beyond myself is that God is allowing everything that can be shaken to be shaken, that that which cannot be shaken will remain. God isn’t coming unglued by the drama being played out, neither in our individual lives nor in the collective life of the human family. Things are simply being turned inside out and upside down. The first will be last and the last, first. Manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. The Lion shall lay down with lamb, and a little child shall lead them.

I see the world’s children dancing in the not-to-distant future—everywhere. I see people around the world celebrating the end of the tyranny of lies and wars perpetrated by the embodiment of the human shadow that was denied for millenniums. That celebration is not merely an outward demonstration of joy; it is more an inward realization of Unconditional Love from Father/Mother God. We rejoice for we see that justice with mercy prevails on Planet Earth.

As the great shift of the ages occurs before our very eyes, many of us who have longed to help the world and its inhabitants heal will finally be ready to wipe away tears by restoring broken hearts. As wars end, so too will religions pass away. We will no longer have to teach people about God, for everyone will know God in their own being, as their True Self. Then, we will experience true peace on earth, true brotherhood and sisterhood in the human family. Then, we will be able, with the help of our cosmic family, to employ technologies that will cleanse the earth, creating, in reality, a new heaven and a new earth.

Keep looking upward and inward, for the Kingdom of God is within YOU. Divine Grace prevails, bringing everything to us for which our souls have long cried. It is ours for the asking…NOW!


NOTE: Please check out this link from our brother in Quebec, Jean Hudon: It has much to consider that will inform and uplift. I have been a subscriber, along with thousands around the world, since my days of publishing Paradox Magazine.


From: "Steve Marsden">
Subject: Quotes about the Current Chaos
Date: 18 July 2006

Hi Jean,

I recently forwarded this collection of quotes to a Yahoo Group that I’m a member of. You may find some of the wisdoms below will be appreciated and useful to members of your own ERN group.

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I hope that in the collection of quotes below you will find some information that may help bring about greater understanding and help to make some sense of the current chaos, conflicts, and confrontations that are continually occurring around the world, particularly in the Middle East. More fully understanding what's going on, helps to us to better cope with and accept what's going on, rather than allowing our mindset to be hijacked into a downward spiraling consciousness of pessimism and hopelessness about the so-called "evil" state developing within the world. The world you witness on your media is NOT your world. That outside world is the desperate machinations of a corrupted planetary hierarchy that is kicking and screaming on its way to oblivion, as it rapidly loses all control and descends into extinction. Take what information YOU FEEL is useful to believe and ignore the rest.


Quotes about the Current Chaos

Strange that as the vibrations are steadily increasing upon Earth, the degree of negativity seems also to be on the increase. Yet it is a sign that the Light is growing, and it is bringing the dark to the surface. What is happening is that the old negative vibrations have to be cleared away before the Light can be fully grounded. This causes imbalances and chaos until the negativity is fully transmuted. (St Germain through Mike Quinsey) -


The intensified influx of God's Light is causing everything that conflicts with the original patterns of perfection destined for this planet to be pushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted into Light. This involves any areas of our individual or collective lives that are not reflecting our highest potential· This degree of purification has not been attempted before and would never be allowed if it was going to cause more harm than good. (Patricia Diane Cota-Robles) -


A purification process is underway on Earth and within every sentient Being. As you allow the cleansing energies of Light to infiltrate throughout your body, you will release and refine everything of a lesser vibration. Can you accept the fleeting discomfort as an opportunity to release that which does not serve your highest good? Then please use all the means at hand to relieve the symptoms or condition, knowing that at its completion you will be ready to accept even greater infusions of Light. (Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman) -


The storms may appear to be here to destroy you. In actuality they unplug a system of control based on electronic and interdimensional tyranny, a dark occultism, a wizardry gone bad. The darker energy chases you and would do anything to divert this great power that rises in you, yet it is in dealing with the darkness that you find your power. Otherwise, dear friends, we see in the Book of Earth that many have been lazy, many have chosen fear or simply turned their backs on a great opportunity. And so the shadow that chases you actually defines your light.

As you develop into your being, at the core of yourself, be willing to face what is there. Do not judge it; rather unify and become one, understanding that your shadow, as it unfolds on your planet, is there for a purpose ˆ to heal and integrate you and to take you into the greater responsibility of creating a Utopia, perhaps. Yes, perhaps out of late 20th century Earth will spring one of the rarest of gems in the celestial records: a Utopia, a civilization so evolved that ALL life is valued, where everything everyone does is completely valued and honored. Here the balance of existence, the yin and the yang, the light and the dark, the black and the white, the day and the night, is seen in divine projection, divine perfection. And so it is. (The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak, from the book, Family of Light) -


You are in very volatile and chaotic times, yet for all that it is providing so many opportunities for experiences that would not otherwise arise. The end times are of necessity bringing to the surface many outstanding issues that Humanity has to face. These are times when you are involved in not only clearing away your old Karmic responsibilities as individuals, but also your collective Karma. Life is one continual round of experience and it is now passing faster than ever before.  If you accept that everyone involved in clearing their Karma is going to be found in the right place at the right time, can you now see how everyone involved is acting out their own personal role. If you can accept this explanation, you will also see that you should stand aside without judgement of those involved. It does not preclude you from having an opinion, but you cannot address the facts unless you realize how Karma is behind what you see. (St Germain through Mike Quinsey) -


It takes a strong willed person to be in the midst of chaos and stay unaffected. With perseverance and determination you can become a pillar of strength and deflect the dark energies. As always it comes down to calmly staying within your own Light energies and not allowing others to penetrate them. It is difficult, and even excessive noise can seriously upset your ability to stay centered. To quote the much used expression, the important thing is to "be in the Earth but not of it" and be an observer when you are confronted by a negative situation. By doing so, you can bring calmness to it and nullify its effect on you. You have much more power than you realize if only you consciously use it. (Ag-agria through Mike Quinsey) -


With this merging of Heaven and Earth coming so much closer together now, there will result much chaos as well. As the negative and denser energies are being "ousted" out of their homes, it may feel like and appear to be a very tumultuous time on Earth. This is what the London bombings are about. Much is being pushed out. This experience of fast moving, chaotic, unpleasant, dark and negative energies around will continue on for awhile. There is no way this cannot be the case, as these energies are being forced to leave. This is in divine order and part of the plan. This is what all the "crashing" will be about.

How to best survive? Know who you really are and what you are really about and stay that course. Also follow a course of what feels good to you. If something does not feel right or good, you are probably in the wrong place and need to move into a better fit. We are feeling the "departure" of many old and outdated energies. At the same time, we are also reaching New territory and finally being able to bring that into form. This is the "shifting over" in the physical and part of the process. Choose your boundaries. Decide what you will and will not do. Hold your space and hold your light and purpose. (Karen Bishop) -


When an obnoxious and aggressive world displays its nuttiness just say to yourself, "I have nothing to say to that." The world cries, "Give me your agreement or your disagreement but whatever you do, don't ignore me!" Intelligently notice both outer and inner darkness then quietly ignore it. Switch your attention back to the present moment with this powerful self-talk statement. You have higher things to think about and the darkness's anguish is not your concern. Every "success" darkness has is based on convincing you that „its‰ anguish is „your‰ concern. It wants you involved with it, fighting it, trying to help it. Dare to reply instead, "I have nothing to say to that!" Your resistance to the disturbance CREATES more disturbance.

Given that you have always had the freedom to determine exactly how the end-times worked out, you have had an input. Until very recently it was not clear whether you would take your experiences beyond the Millennium. With much help from us, you found your impetus and determination to avoid the predicted chaos and catastrophes. Instead of giving strength to the Apocalypse, you brought so much Light to Earth that you changed the path to one that you are now on. We knew of the potential you had, and since that time you have gone on to bring a grid of light into place around the Earth. This in turn has enabled even more light to be grounded and the vision you have of a new Earth can now manifest. (Diane through Mike Quinsey) -


The souls whom you could call tyrannical or evil in their brutality, greed and corruption agreed to act in these ways to provide karmic balancing to many millions of other souls, which extends to Earth's own balancing.  At a certain point, long since reached, their agreements called for these "dark ones" to join their light brother/sisterhood; but instead, they reneged and knowingly and willfully continued their control on the planet.  Waiting for them to honor their agreements to join the light slowed Earth's ascension pace until she requested intervention of extraterrestrial light forces - this is vastly different from the survival assistance she called out for six or so decades past.  Through both advanced technology and intensified light beaming, our extended soul family has steadily diminished the powers of the darkness at the same time they have "inspired" you to generate your own light.  It is your light in conjunction with that of beings throughout the universe that has brought Earth to this point where the truth coming forth will lead to peace throughout your world.  (Matthew through Suzanne Ward) -

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