June 10, 2006

The Empire of Darkness Series #33: Blood and Gore

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Once again after 10 days of gardening and other urgent work here, I could devote several hours preparing this huge 90 page compilation for you. As usual there is a lot of critically important info to be aware of if you are interested to learn a truer picture than what the miserably corrupted and misleading media are presenting us.

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"The once proud US Marines, unable to defeat the resistance that is picking them off one by one, is now a frustrated, demoralized force that is getting even by murdering 3-month-old babies and old women."

— Paul Craig Roberts -- Taken from War Criminal Nation below

"Despite their disputed success in the 2004 elections, Bush the Younger and his Republican compadres have the lowest approval ratings of any administration in the last fifty years. The disconnect between America's political, corporate and media elite and the common people is so great that parallels with Brezhnev's Soviet Union are no longer far-fetched. In Brezhnev's time, the Soviet elite refused to face reality about the limits of Soviet power. The economic health of the country was sacrificed on the altar of the military-industrial complex. The ruble became a global joke. Environmental concerns and provision for basic necessities of the people were luxuries the Soviet elite felt they could no longer afford. Today, the American elite refuses to face reality about a number of critical problems facing the Imperium. The end of cheap oil is coming. Global warming is upon us. Families and the nation are deeply in debt. The dollar is sliding amid talk of a more truly multi-currency global monetary system. America's health care system is broken. Social Security is under attack by the government itself. America is waging war on its own elders. Rising inequality is creating a two-class society similar to the sharply divided societies of the Soviet Union or Latin American Banana Republics. Evidence of American incompetence is mounting everywhere one looks, and although America appears to be the invincible world hegemon, there are disturbing parallels between America's current position and the waning days of the Soviet Empire. Under Brezhnev, the Soviet Union waged a disastrous war in Afghanistan that undermined Soviet pretensions to military invulnerability, cast the Soviet army as a an Imperial aggressor, and set the world's billions of Muslims against Soviet rule everywhere. Under Bush, America is waging a disastrous war in Afghanistan and Iraq that is undermining American pretensions to military invulnerability, casting the American army as an Imperial aggressor, and setting the world's billions of Muslims against American interests everywhere."

— Curtis Lang - Taken from Bush & Brezhnev: Separated at Birth?

"Any economic system based upon greed rather than the public good and the ruthless exploitation of nature is not only wrong, it is a prescription for disaster. Capitalism not only embodies this self destructive ideology, it depends upon endless growth (the ideology of the cancer cell) for its continuation. Endless growth, regardless how well it is managed, is an ecological impossibility on a finite planet. Thus the perceived success of capitalism is short-lived at best. Because it is based upon a cycle of voracious consumption and waste, capitalism will inevitably collapse. This is not idle speculation or wishful thinking on my part; it is a mathematical certainty based upon the most elementary precepts of ecological science. Meanwhile, the ecological consequences of unbridled capitalism will be dire. The collapse of the world’s great ecosystems, driven by capital’s insatiable lust for material wealth, is already well under way and is almost certainly irreversible. To continue down this path will surely make things orders of magnitudes worse than if we change direction and begin to live responsibly and sustainably. Combined with a human population explosion, the growth of highly industrialized cultures driven by capitalism’s ceaseless quest for raw materials, new markets, cheap labor and higher profits, we are witnessing the systematic and wanton destruction of the biosphere in exchange for capital."

— Charles Sullivan - Taken from Sacred Ecology and Capitalism

Worthy of Your Attention

Full Moon in Gemini
(...) The Moon is Full at the 21st degree of Sagittarius on June 11, 2006, 2:03 p.m. EDT, and conjunct dark Pluto and the Galactic Center. Pluto in Sagittarius supports the transformation of our culture’s most basic belief structures. When Pluto is conjunct the moon, which is the seat of our personal subconscious beliefs, and also the Galactic Center, the time is ripe for a total shift in consciousness, a transformation of personal and cultural values on the broadest possible scale. (...) Join this global full moon meditation to align with the Forces of Reconstruction on World Invocation Day. This is the last of the three major planetary festivals which occur in the spring and are celebrated around the world by students and teachers from all spiritual traditions. Every year, since 1952, people in all parts of the world have celebrated World Invocation Day on the day of the Gemini full moon. It is a global day of prayer and meditation when people of different spiritual paths join in a universal appeal to divinity, using the Great Invocation. (...) By tuning in to this matrix of light and consciousness on June 11, and by consciously focusing our intent to unite our energies with all individuals of good will around the world during a day of global meditation, humanity opens a door into the spiritual world, through which the many Ascended Masters of the Wisdom Schools both East and West can pour blessings and specific guidance appropriate to the time and place and situation of each and every person taking part in World Invocation Day. CLIP

GREAT Sarah McLaughlin Video
Standing ovation to Sarah McLaughlin for her spirit, generosity and profound gift of education to her public. Recommended by "Rayah Rowswell">

This Land is Your Land


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13. Condemning Zionism is crucial to world peace, and essential to peace in the Muslim and Arab world
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15. Russia, China Warn of Space Arms Race
16. The Deadliest War In The World
17. Hamas military wing calls off Israel truce
18. Genetically modified crops highly toxic to humans - insects seem to thrive on them
19. Riveting UFO Footage on Free Sci-Fi Channel Documentary

See also:

Bush says Iran has "weeks not months" to respond (June 9, 2006)
CAMP DAVID, Maryland (Reuters) - President George W. Bush said on Friday that Iran has "weeks not months" to respond to a U.S.-backed offer aimed at containing Iran's nuclear ambitions and said Tehran needs to suspend uranium enrichment. Bush said if Iran does not suspend enrichment, "there must be a consequence" and that it would be action taken in the U.N. Security Council. "We have given the Iranians a limited period of time, weeks not months," to respond to an offer for an incentives package for Iran to ensure it does not pursue nuclear weapons, said Bush.

Return of the Petri Dish Warriors: A New Biowar Arms Race Begins in Maryland
The United States has come along way since our British ancestors used small pox poisoned blankets as a biological weapon against Indians.  But, sadly, biological weapons are still with us - -indeed they are becoming a major thrust of the U.S. military and a threat to humanity.Ft. Detrick in Frederick, MD, just 45 miles away from the nation's capitol, is going through a massive expansion into the largest bio-weapons facility in the world.  The federal government is installing a 220 acre campus that will bring together numerous federal agencies anchored by a massive U.S. Army building--22 acres in size.  The National Interagency Biodefense Campus (NIBC) is likely to ignite a bio-weapons arms race. Expansion of Bio-Weapons Activity Will Make America, and the World, Less SafeNot only is this a multi-billion dollar misuse of federal funds, but it will encourage our adversaries to develop similar programs, lead to the invention of new, infectious agents and increase the risk of diversion of U.S. made bio-weapons to our adversaries.  If the government really want to increase the safety of Americans, the U.S. would invest in the public health system, strengthen international controls and work to remove pathogens from the face of the earth, rather than creating new ones. CLIP

Council of Europe calls on European countries to stop renditions (07/06/2006)
Amnesty International welcomes the strong, clear signal that the Council of Europe has sent to European governments and the USA in today's report. It makes clear that the renditions 'spider web' that the USA has woven outside the rule of law is "contrary to basic legal principles" -- involving as it does 'disappearances', arbitrary detention, illegal transfers and torture or other ill-treatment. The report confirms Amnesty International's findings that several cases of rendition occurred with the involvement or co-operation of Council of Europe member states. It also provides additional information about the possible location of sites of secret detention in Romania and Poland. This puts the onus on the Romanian and Polish authorities to conduct thorough and independent investigations without any further delay.The Council of Europe's recommendations echo Amnesty International's own calls. In particular, the USA and European states must put an end to renditions and must conduct independent and thorough investigations into the practice. They must ensure accountability of their own and foreign intelligence services. Amnesty International also calls on the US and the states in Europe and any other states that have been implicated in renditions or held people in secret detention to ensure reparation to the victims of these grave human rights violations. The disturbing facts gathered in Dick Marty's report underscore the need for states to respect and ensure human rights in any measures they take to prevent terrorism. Doing otherwise, as Dick Marty's report says, serves "to strengthen those who aim to destroy the established political, legal and social order". As Dick Marty himself has suggested, the search for the truth about the rendition practice and secret detention cannot and should not end with the publication of his findings. The USA and European states must carry out thorough investigations and must provide full disclosure to the Council of Europe and EU Parliament. Further information : Stop 'rendition' and secret detention

Europe Colluded in CIA Prisoner "Spider's Web"
The full extent of European collusion with the CIA during operations to abduct terrorism suspects and fly them to countries where they may be tortured is laid bare today by the continent's most authoritative human rights body. Several states have allowed the agency to snatch their own residents, others have offered extensive logistical support, while many have turned a blind eye, according to the Council of Europe.

We need to act against rendition

Psychologists and Physicians Involved in Torture at Guantanamo
Psychologists, physicians and psychiatrists, called "consultants," give interrogators information that helps them to increase the discomfort, stress or ill-treatment of detainees, giving tacit approval that allows harsher treatment.

Bush Is "Renegade Rightwing Extremist",,1786442,00.html
Al Gore has made his sharpest attack yet on the George Bush presidency, describing the current US administration as "a renegade band of rightwing extremists."

Media Crimes Sanitize War Crimes in Iraq
Danny Schechter writes, "As events in Iraq continue to slip from bad to worse, the good news brigade is scrambling for new stories ('anything, give me anything') to shore up what's left of public support for a bloody war without end."

Officer at Fort Lewis calls Iraq war illegal, refuses order to go
In a rare case of officer dissent, a Fort Lewis Army lieutenant has refused orders to head out to Iraq this month to lead troops in what he believes is an illegal war of occupation. 1st Lt. Ehren Watada's Stryker brigade is scheduled to make its first deployment to Iraq this month. His refusal to accompany these troops puts him at risk of court-martial and years of prison time."I feel that we have been lied to and betrayed by this administration, "Watada said Tuesday in a telephone interview from Fort Lewis. "It is the duty, the obligation of every soldier, and specifically the officers, to evaluate the legality, the truth behind every order -- including the order to go to war." In making his decision, Watada has reached out to peace groups, including clergy, students, some veterans opposed to Iraq and others. Some war critics are raising money for his legal defense as they seek to galvanize broader opposition to Bush administration policy in Iraq. (...) Watada's actions also may become a lightning rod for others in the debate about the Iraq war. CLIP

Thirty Flew Into the Cuckoo's Nest: The Tangled Web of American "Intelligence"
"From such a tangled web of intelligence organizations, fighting for turf, squirreling away money in black accounts, running covert operations (not to speak of secret prisons and interrogations, kidnappings and assassinations), surveilling everyone in hearing or sight, and monitoring the universe, undoubtedly comes a tangled mass of information, however computerized, beyond the ken of any set of human beings," writes Tom Engelhardt.

FBI says, "No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11"
(...) It shouldn't take long before the full meaning of these FBI statements start to prick your brain and raise your blood pressure. If you think the way I think, in quick order you will be wrestling with a barrage of very powerful questions that must be answered. First and foremost, if the U.S. government does not have enough hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11, how is it possible that it had enough evidence to invade Afghanistan to "smoke him out of his cave?" The federal government claims to have invaded Afghanistan to "root out" Bin Laden and the Taliban. Through the talking heads in the mainstream media, the Bush Administration told the American people that Usama Bin Laden was Public Enemy Number One and responsible for the deaths of nearly 3000 people on September 11, 2001. Yet nearly five years later, the FBI says that it has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11. CLIP

500 Conspiracy Buffs Meet to Seek the Truth of 9/11
Recommended by Fred Burks> who wrote: "The New York Times has written a powerful article on the 9/11 truth movement—the first major newspaper to do so! The revealing article below covers the recent 9/11 truth convention held in Chicago and attended by over 500 people dedicated to the 9/11 movement. This breakthrough article even links from the New York Times website to, which is about the best 9/11 website out there, and to Prof. Steven Jones detailed analysis of the collapse of the World Trade Centers. The truth is coming out! For an excellent summary of 9/11 truth issues filled with verifiable information, see Together, we are building a critical mass which will usher in a brighter future for us all!"

Rummy Announced $2.3 Trillion Missing (9/10/01)

Interview of film maker Aaron Russo on his documentary "America--Freedom To Fascism". This is a very powerful and timely message.

The scariest goddamn film you'll see this year. It will leave you staggering out of the theatre, slack-jawed and trembling. Makes 'Fahrenheit 9/11' look like 'Bambi.' After watching this movie, your comfy, secure notions about America -- and about what it means to be an American -- will be forever shattered. Producer/director Aaron Russo and the folks at Cinema Libre Studio deserve to be heralded as heroes of a post-modern New American Revolution. This is shocking stuff. You'll be angry, you'll be disgusted, but you may actually break out in a cold sweat and feel a sickness deep in your gut; I would advise movie theatre managers to hand out vomit bags. You may end up needing one." --- Todd David Schwartz, CBS

Toronto Star: 'Perhaps Toronto 17 Not Terrorists At All' (June 7 2006)
The Toronto Star postulates that the 17 alleged terrorists accused of plotting to bomb city landmarks may not be terrorists at all. In an op-ed, Thomas Walkom chronicles the history of Canadian terror arrests and how in every case the supposed evidence against the accused has always evaporated. The piece also highlights the alarming absence of bullet proof evidence to suggest the Toronto suspects were plotting anything at all. (...) Developments today have centered around the bizarre assertion that the 17 suspects, 5 of whom are teenagers, planned to storm the Canadian parliament and behead Prime Minister Stephen Harper, accusations labelled as absurd by defence lawyers. One of the lawyers is quoted as saying,"whether you're in Ottawa or Toronto or Crawford, Texas, or Washington, D.C., what is wanting to be instilled in the public is fear". Another commented that there was, "little evidence after two years of investigation," against the suspects. As Kurt Nimmo discusses, the government has already changed their story as the fraudulent nature of the whole charade is exposed. CLIP

Canadian 'Terror Plot' Begins To Unravel (June 6 2006)
Terrorists set up in sting operation, more on unfounded London raid - Just as predicted, the frightening plot to bomb high profile targets in Toronto and the arrest of 17 alleged terror suspects has all the hallmarks of yet another invented nightmare intended to scare western populations into quelling their dissent of the empire. From a manufactured scheme to attack the Library Tower in LA to the British government's hoax Canary Wharf and Ricin terror conspiracies - every major alert or mass arrest since 9/11 has proven to be a fraudulent movie script with no basis in reality. As the credibility of Friday's London terror raid collapses, so does its counterpart in Canada with the news that the arrests were a sting operation in which, "The Royal Canadian Mounted Police itself delivered three tons of potential bomb-making material," to the alleged terrorists according to the Associated Press. (...) The story also coincides with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service's Senate demand for more funding to fight terrorism. It is hardly beyond the pale to suggest that this is another imaginary nightmare dreamt up in order to scare Canadian politicians into rubber stamping a giant cash cow. CLIP

US Concentration Camps?
KBR, the engineering and construction subsidiary of Halliburton Co. was awarded a $385 million 1-year contract (with 4 1-year options) from the Department of Homeland Security to establish “temporary detention and processing capabilities to expand existing ICE Detention and Removal Operations Program facilities in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs.”“We are especially gratified to be awarded this contract,” an executive vice president, Bruce Stanski, said in a statement, “because it builds on our extremely strong track record in the arena of emergency management support.” It’s amazing someone can stand up and say something like that, given the historical facts. Sigh.So, the question is, why do we need concentration camps in the US, and who’s really gonna sit in them??Terrorists? Immigrants to be deported? Victims of natural (or unnatural) events? Poor people? Old people? Whoever doesn’t sign up for the drug benefit written by the insurance industry? (the last a lame attempt at humor, sorry) American citizens culled for one of the rapidly-developing “new programs”? What kind of programs require major expansion of detention centers, each capable of holding 5,000 people? Let’s ask the Bush administration exactly what it means by the “rapid development of new programs,” which might require the construction of a new network of detention / labor / concentration camps across the United States!“Almost certainly this is preparation for a roundup after the next 9/11 for Mid-Easterners, Muslims and possibly dissenters,” says Daniel Ellsberg, a former military analyst who in 1971 released the Pentagon Papers, the U.S. military’s account of its activities in Vietnam. “They’ve already done this on a smaller scale, with the ’special registration’ detentions of immigrant men from Muslim countries, and with Guantanamo.” Peter Dale Scott, author of Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina, suggests that it could be a preparation for conditions of martial law, and notes that a multimillion program for detention facilities “will greatly increase NORTHCOM’s ability to respond to any domestic disorders.” CLIP

Ameriraq - The New Colonial Frontier (June 3, 2006)
The United States is now building a striking diplomatic complex on the bank of the Tigris River in Baghdad. It is more than a mere replacement for the traditionally modest US Embassy in that city. When finished, it will cost more than a billion dollars and consist of 104 acres of grounds, offices, living quarters, eating places, athletic clubs and community facilities. Reminiscent of 19th century "international settlements" such as in Shanghai, China, the new "Embassy" will be a completely self-contained enclave, the largest and most elaborate the United States will have anywhere in the world. The plot of ground reportedly was ceded to the United States for this purpose, although it is not clear whether the US paid for the site. Under normal diplomatic protocols, that means the entire facility will be US territory, self-powered, self-watered, self-sanitized, surrounded by high walls and blast-deflecting berms, protected by American security personnel, and subject only to US laws. Only selected Iraqis will ever see the inside of it. CLIP

Bush Links Energized Enron
"The Bush Family consistently acted to put Enron and its longtime CEO Ken Lay into a position to rip off investors and taxpayers," writes Robert Scheer. "Why is the mass media ignoring that fact now that Lay has been convicted in arguably the most egregious example of white-collar fraud in US history?"

Anti-War Protests Continue at Port of Olympia
Anti-war protesters gathered Wednesday at the Port of Olympia to demonstrate against a 950-foot military cargo ship bound for Iraq. Crowds were small early in the day, but were expected to grow amid rumors that the ship was leaving Wednesday evening. Twenty-two people were arrested Tuesday and police pepper-sprayed a handful of protesters who pulled down a port fence.

The Threat of Depleted uranium Exposure - It’s Real, Deadly and Covered Up by the Pentagon and VA
(...) There’s a problem with these weapons, however - a serious downside never discussed and which great pains are taken to conceal. These weapons in all their forms leave in their wake an irremediable irradiated and chemically toxic landscape far more deadly than the death and destruction to the targets struck. How deadly and toxic the fallout is varies only with the amount of these weapons used. Hundreds of tons of them were used beginning for the first time in the Gulf war in 1991. A likely similar amount was used again in Yugoslavia in 1999 and up to 1,000 or more tons so far in Afghanistan since 2001. Any use of these weapons is reckless and was effectively banned by common consent (and common sense) and never used until 1991 in Iraq (except for that one test). However, their usage ballooned in successive wars to over 3,000 tons so far since the US introduced them on a large and sustained scale again in Iraq in March, 2003.Put in perspective, since first used in 1991, the US military has willfully and criminally spread deadly toxic radiation across a vast area of three countries as well as everywhere else affected by the fallout. It’s caused permanent irremediable contamination with a half-life of 4.5 billion years or forever by my reckoning.One more important fact is these numbers increase daily as since last December US forces have been conducting four to six daily bombings of target sites in Iraq alone that we know about using DU munitions and an unknown likely less frequent number in Afghanistan. CLIP

UN Says Iran Not an Immediate Nuclear Threat
Iran does not pose an immediate nuclear threat, and the world must act cautiously to avoid repeating mistakes made with Iraq and North Korea, the head of the UN nuclear watchdog agency said on Tuesday.

SPIEGEL Interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (May 30, 2006),1518,418660,00.html
In an interview with SPIEGEL, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad discusses the Holocaust, the future of the state of Israel, mistakes made by the United States in Iraq and Tehran's nuclear conflict with the West. (...) SPIEGEL: Denying the Holocaust is punishable in Germany. Are you indifferent when confronted with so much outrage?
Ahmadinejad: I know that DER SPIEGEL is a respected magazine. But I don't know whether it is possible for you to publish the truth about the Holocaust. Are you permitted to write everything about it? (...) We don't want to confirm or deny the Holocaust. We oppose every type of crime against any people. But we want to know whether this crime actually took place or not. If it did, then those who bear the responsibility for it have to be punished, and not the Palestinians. Why isn't research into a deed that occurred 60 years ago permitted? After all, other historical occurrences, some of which lie several thousand years in the past, are open to research, and even the governments support this. (...) Five million Palestinians have not had a home for 60 years. It is amazing really: You have been paying reparations for the Holocaust for 60 years and will have to keep paying up for another 100 years. Why then is the fate of the Palestinians no issue here? (...) One-hundred and thirty-nine countries, including us, are members of the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA) in Vienna. Both the statutes of IAEA and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as well as all security agreements grant the member countries the right to produce nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes. That is the legitimate legal right of any people. Beyond this, however, IAEA was also established to promote the disarmament of those powers that already possessed nuclear weapons. And now look at what's happening today: Iran has had an excellent cooperation with IAEA. We have had more than 2,000 inspections of our plants, and the inspectors have obtained more than 1,000 pages of documentation from us. Their cameras are installed in our nuclear centers. IAEA has emphasized in all its reports that there are no indications of any irregularities in Iran. That is one side of this matter. CLIP - This was forwarded by "Mark Graffis"> who also mentioned the following "bombshell" - which I saw for the first time - probably as an indication of where Ahmadinejad could be deriving his doubts about the true extent of the holocaust.

There is one survey of the Jewish question in Europe during World War Two and the conditions of Germany's concentration camps which is almost unique in its honesty and objectivity, the three-volume Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War, Geneva, 1948. This comprehensive account from an entirely neutral source incorporated and expanded the findings of two previous works: Documents sur l'activité du CICR en faveur des civils détenus dans les camps de concentration en Allemagne 1939-1945 (Geneva, 1946), and Inter Arma Caritas: the Work of the ICRC during the Second World War (Geneva, 1947). The team of authors, headed by Frédéric Siordet, explained in the opening pages of the Report that their object, in the tradition of the Red Cross, had been strict political neutrality, and herein lies its great value. The ICRC successfully applied the 1929 Geneva military convention in order to gain access to civilian internees held in Central and Western Europe by the Germany authorities. By contrast, the ICRC was unable to gain any access to the Soviet Union, which had failed to ratify the Convention. The millions of civilian and military internees held in the USSR, whose conditions were known to be by far the worst, were completely cut off from any international contact or supervision. The Red Cross Report is of value in that it first clarifies the legitimate circumstances under which Jews were detained in concentration camps, i.e. as enemy aliens. (...) In dealing with this comprehensive, three-volume Report, it is important to stress that the delegates of the International Red Cross found no evidence whatever at the camps in Axis occupied Europe of a deliberate policy to exterminate the Jews. In all its 1,600 pages the Report does not even mention such a thing as a gas chamber. It admits that Jews, like many other wartime nationalities, suffered rigours and privations, but its complete silence on the subject of planned extermination is ample refutation of the Six Million legend. Like the Vatican representatives with whom they worked, the Red Cross found itself unable to indulge in the irresponsible charges of genocide which had become the order of the day. So far as the genuine mortality rate is concerned, the Report points out that most of the Jewish doctors from the camps were being used to combat typhus on the eastern front, so that they were unavailable when the typhus epidemics of 1945 broke out in the camps (Vol. I, p. 204 ff) - Incidentally, it is frequently claimed that mass executions were carried out in gas chambers cunningly disguised as shower facilities. Again the Report makes nonsense of this allegation. "Not only the washing places, but installations for baths, showers and laundry were inspected by the delegates. They had often to take action to have fixtures made less primitive, and to get them repaired or enlarged" (Vol. III, p. 594). (...) Volume III of the Red Cross Report, Chapter 3 (I. Jewish Civilian Population) deals with the "aid given to the Jewish section of the free population," and this chapter makes it quite plain that by no means all of the European Jews were placed in internment camps, but remained, subject to certain restrictions, as part of the free civilian population. This conflicts directly with the "thoroughness" of the supposed "extermination programme", and with the claim in the forged Höss memoirs that Eichmann was obsessed with seizing "every single Jew he could lay his hands on." CLIP - This is of course VERY controversial. I recommend checking also what Wikipedia has on this issue at and and then this from the ICRC website...

ICRC in WW II: the Holocaust - A brief account of events related to the holocaust and to ICRC activities during the Second World War (2-02-2005)
(...) Apart from the work of Friedrich Born in Hungary and a few sporadic instances elsewhere, the ICRC's efforts to assist Jews and other groups of civilians persecuted during the Second World War were a failure. By taking part in the 1995 ceremony to commemorate the liberation of the Auschwitz camp, the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Cornelio Sommaruga, sought to show that the organization was fully aware of the gravity of the Holocaust and the need to keep the memory of it alive, so as to prevent any repetition of it. He paid tribute to all those who had suffered or lost their lives during the war and publicly regretted the past mistakes and shortcomings of the Red Cross with regard to the victims of the concentration camps.

See also this refutation of the whole article denying the holocaust...
(...) The Red Cross was absolutely specific about the Jews' fate. It made reference to the Nazi attempt to annihilate them, observing that under Nazi rule Jews had been transformed into 'outcasts condemned by rigid racial legislation to suffer tyranny, persecution and systematic extermination.' ...Most important, the ICRC specifically delineated how systematic annihilation was carried out: 'They were penned into concentration camps and ghettos, recruited for forced labour, subjected to grave brutalities and sent to death camps without anyone being allowed to intervene in those matters.' These were not the ICRC's only references to death camps or systematic annihilation." (Lipstadt, 114-115)

“Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951” - Federal Documents
After the seizures in late 1942 of five U.S. enterprises he managed on behalf of Nazi industrialist Fritz Thyssen, Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. Bush, failed to divest himself of more than a dozen "enemy national" relationships that continued until as late as 1951, newly-discovered U.S. government documents reveal. Furthermore, the records show that Bush and his colleagues routinely attempted to conceal their activities from government investigators. (...) So why are the documents relevant today?"The story of Prescott Bush and Brown Brothers Harriman is an introduction to the real history of our country," says L.A. art book publisher and historian Edward Boswell. "It exposes the money-making motives behind our foreign policies, dating back a full century. The ability of Prescott Bush and the Harrimans to bury their checkered pasts also reveals a collusion between Wall Street and the media that exists to this day." Sheldon Drobny, a Chicago entrepreneur and philanthropist who will soon launch a liberal talk radio network, says the importance of the new documents is that they prove a long pattern of Bush family war profiteering that continues today via George H.W. Bush's intimate relationship with the Saudi royal family and the bin Ladens, conducted via the super-secret Carlyle Group, whose senior advisers include former U.S. Secretary of State James A. Baker III. CLIP

In Brazen Roundup, 56 Vanish From Baghdad
Monday morning, gunmen in police uniforms and ski masks cordoned off a street in the Karkh neighborhood of central Baghdad and were swiftly shoving captives, four or five at a time, into a dozen waiting pickup trucks. Fifteen minutes later, the trucks were gone, and so were 56 people. (...) Monday's kidnappings did not appear to be motivated by sectarian rivalry, a witness said. "Among the passengers were Syrian businessmen, about five or six of them," Hasan Falah said. "There were also some passengers from Diwaniyah" - a predominantly Shiite city south of Baghdad- "and other parts of Iraq. There was no question of Shiite or Sunni because it was a whole mixture." That suggested that the people were simply taken for ransom, a lucrative business that has grown rapidly since U.S. forces overthrew Saddam Hussein's government in 2003. CLIP

Civil libertarians cheered yesterday upon news that Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle signed a law making it a crime to require an individual to be implanted with a microchip. Activists and authors Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre joined the celebration, predicting this move will spell trouble for the VeriChip Corporation, maker of the VeriChip human microchip implant. CLIP

Anger at Oil Chief's $400 Million Retirement Package
Investors and environmental campaigners condemned a $400 million retirement package for the boss of Exxon Mobil, the man known as the "Darth Vader of Global Warming," for his denial that carbon emissions cause climate change.

WHILE AMERICA TWIDDLES THUMBS, CHINESE TAP BILLIONS OF BARRELS - While Washington dithers over exploiting oil and gas reserves off the coast of Florida, China has seized the opportunity to gobble up these deposits, which run throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and along the U.S. Gulf coast.The Chinese have forged a deal with Cuban leader Fidel Castro to explore and tap into massive oil reserves almost within sight of Key West, Florida. At the same time, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who controls the largest oil reserves in the Western Hemisphere, is making deals to sell his country's oil to China, oil that is currently coming to the United States. Meanwhile, a new left-wing populist regime in Bolivia has nationalized the natural gas industry, threatening to cut off supplies to the United States. There are new reports out circulating that Chinese firms are planning to slant drill off the Cuban coast near the Florida Straits, tapping into U.S. oil reserves that are estimated at 4.6 billion to 9.3 billion barrels. This compares with 4 billion to 10 billion barrels believed to be beneath the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, where drilling is held up in Congress due to the objections of environmental groups which warn of endangering caribou. Permission to drill in the refuge, which experts are certain will not present any environmental hazard, has failed by just two votes in the Senate. As Chinese business increases its reach around the world, it is seeking oil, which it lacks domestically. After elections in Mexico in early July, when a new regime hostile to Washington is expected to take power, the United States might be without supplies of Mexican crude oil. The United States gets about 40 percent of its imported oil from Mexico and Venezuela. China is eager to tap into oil reserves in the Florida Straits and then make a deal with Castro to control it. The Chinese have already reopened an abandoned Russian oil refinery in Cuba. Much of the gas refined there is believed to be destined for Freeport in the Bahamas, where the Chinese, through front company Hutchison-Whampoa, has developed a massive port facility and airfield. With the refinery reopened and expanded it will also meet the needs of Castro. Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) has introduced legislation to ease U.S. restrictions that prevent dealing with Cuba to drill in the Florida Straits. It is hoped that Florida regulations that prevent U.S. oil drilling off the state's coasts could also be eased. The irony is that Chinese drilling could be even more of an environmental hazard since China is not as concerned about or equipped to deal with any potential ecological disaster as a result of a spill, said Craig.

Police torture captured on tape; 5 deputies go to prison (April 24, 2006)
On July 8, 2004, five police officers -- sheriff's deputies, auxiliary police, local police -- went to the home of Eugene Siler, in Campbell County, northwest of Knoxville, Tennessee, ostensibly to arrest him for a probation violation. Siler's wife and son were in the home, and were allowed to leave. Before Mrs. Siler left, she surreptitiously turned on a tape recorder. The recording, which you can hear from a link from the Knoxville News Sentinel, or the excellent, 60-page transcript which law enforcement made of the recording, reveal police officers systematically torturing Siler. On almost every page of the transcript is an indication of Siler being beaten. They threaten to break his finges. The officers get a car battery charger and hook it up to his testicles and his nose. They threaten to shoot him.After Siler complained, the officers lied about the beating -- until word of the tape recording came out.All of the officers have been sentenced to multi-year terms in federal prison.(...) This case is an aberration, of course, but since such recordings are rare it is hard to assess how common aberration this behavior is. But a reading of Drug War Chronicle's Corrupt Cop of the Week column demonstrates that this behavior occurs nationwide.

US Troops Kill Pregnant Woman in Iraq
US forces killed two Iraqi women - one of them about to give birth - when the troops shot at their car, which failed to stop at an observation post in a city north of Baghdad.

New 'Iraq massacre' tape emerges (2006/06/01)
The BBC has uncovered new video evidence that US forces may have been responsible for the deliberate killing of 11 innocent Iraqi civilians. The video appears to challenge the US military's account of events that took place in the town of Ishaqi in March. The US said at the time four people died during a military operation, but Iraqi police claimed that US troops had deliberately shot the 11 people. A spokesman for US forces in Iraq told the BBC an inquiry was under way. The new evidence comes in the wake of the alleged massacre in Haditha, where US marines are suspected of massacring up to 24 Iraqi civilians in November 2005. The video pictures obtained by the BBC appear to contradict the US account of the events in Ishaqi, about 100km (60 miles) north of Baghdad, on 15 March 2006. The US authorities said they were involved in a firefight after a tip-off that an al-Qaeda supporter was visiting the house. According to the Americans, the building collapsed under heavy fire killing four people - a suspect, two women and a child. But a report filed by Iraqi police accused US troops of rounding up and deliberately shooting 11 people in the house, including five children and four women, before blowing up the building.The video tape obtained by the BBC shows a number of dead adults and children at the site with what our world affairs editor John Simpson says were clearly gunshot wounds. The pictures came from a hardline Sunni group opposed to coalition forces. It has been cross-checked with other images taken at the time of events and is believed to be genuine, the BBC's Ian Pannell in Baghdad says.

Haditha Inquiry Finds Attempted Cover-Up
The US military investigation of how Marine commanders handled the reporting of events last November in the Iraqi town of Haditha, where troops allegedly killed 24 Iraqi civilians, will conclude that some officers gave false information to their superiors, who then failed to adequately scrutinize reports that should have caught their attention.

US Commanders Knew Haditha Deaths From Gunfire
Marine commanders in Iraq knew within two days of the killings in Haditha in November that gunfire, not a roadside bomb, had killed Iraqi civilians but they saw no reason to investigate further, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

Americans Fired Into Crowd, Afghan Says
American soldiers involved in a vehicle crash here on Monday that set off rioting then fired into the crowd of protesters and killed four people, according to the chief of the highway police in Kabul, Gen. Amanullah Gozar, who saw the accident.

Baghdad Morgue Reports Record Figures for May
New Iraqi government documents show that, excluding the nearly daily bombings, more Baghdad residents died in shootings, stabbings and other violence in May than in any other month since the US-led invasion in 2003.

Afghanistan, Unraveling
Poorly thought-out American policies are at least partly to blame for Afghanistan's rising carnage.

Manipulation of Votes in Elections Questioned in Key Newsweek Article
"Experts are calling them the most serious voting-machine flaws ever documented. It requires only a few minutes of pre-election access to a Diebold machine to open the machine and insert a PC card that, if it contained malicious code, could reprogram the machine to give control to the violator. The machine could go dead on Election Day or throw votes to the wrong candidate. Worse, it's even possible for such ballot-tampering software to trick authorized technicians into thinking that everything is working fine, an illusion you couldn't pull off with pre-electronic systems." CLIP

Was the 2004 Election Stolen?
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. writes about how in the 2004 election Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted - enough to have put John Kerry in the White House.

Stand Up for Democracy With Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
"Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has written a brilliant new article about the biggest political story in the history of the United States: An American politician illegitimately took the office of president by outright theft and fraud," writes Thom Hartmann.

As Darfur War Rages On, Disease and Hunger Kill
The brutal war in Darfur has set off what the United Nations has called the "world's worst humanitarian crisis" - a crucible of death that seems to grow grimmer despite a new peace agreement. But bullets are not killing most people here now - pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria are. And the clinics set up to treat the 35,000 people displaced by the conflict are out of money.

Fear and Mistrust as People of Darfur Turn Against Peacekeepers
Analysts say the Darfur force should be doubled in size, with the power to protect returning refugees and to disarm militia. Yet the western nations that sponsor Amis have made an increase all but impossible by holding back funding. Some soldiers have not been paid for three months.

9/11 + The Neo-Con Agenda - Los Angeles June 24-25
This is guaranteed to be unlike any other conference of its kind - the first one ever presented by Alex Jones, a progenitor of the 9/11 Truth Movement who was the first speak out and challenge the government's official story of what happened on 9/11. Come and experience the biggest ever 9/11 conference - More highly respected speakers than any other, more amazing films than any other, plus special surprise guests. Come to learn, come to share and come to help each other create new strategies to defend the constitution and save the republic from the grip of its greatest enemy. CLIP

Stranger Than Fiction
(...) New York's Metals Management is among the firms taking steel from the huge project to clear Ground Zero. The company says it has bought 70,000 tons of scrap from the ruined twin towers. Some of the scrap has been shipped across the Pacific to Asian, including China and India. Among the consignments of scrap are the "very dense" steel girders from Ground Zero, which could finally yield 250,000 to 400,000 tons of scrap for recycling. (Details at Imagine that! The largest criminal investigation in history and the investigators weren't even permitted to see the most important evidence of all - the steel! During the whole time that Saint Rudy the Recycler and Ratner the Rat were destroying evidence, many of the most respected engineers in the country openly complained not only about the recycling, but also about the Federal government's suffocating control of their investigation. On December 25, 2001, the New York Times ran a story about the frustrations of some of the engineers who were called in to study the cause of the collapse: Interviews with a handful of members of the team, which includes some of the nation's most respected engineers, also uncovered complaints that they had at various times been shackled with bureaucratic restrictions that prevented them from interviewing witnesses, examining the disaster site and requesting crucial information like recorded distress calls to the police and fire departments..." They made their concerns known publicly. Bill Manning, editor of the 125 year old Fire Engineering magazine, noticed a strange difference between the WTC investigation and other major fire investigations in New York City's past. Manning wrote: Did they throw away the locked doors from the Triangle Shirtwaist fire? Did they throw away the gas can used at the happy land social club fire?...That's what they're doing at the World Trade Center. The destruction and removal of evidence must stop immediately." One investigator told the New York Times: This is almost the dream team of engineers in the country working on this, and our hands are tied," said one team member who asked not to be identified. Members have been threatened with dismissal for speaking to the press. "FEMA is controlling everything," the team member said. Dr. Frederick W. Mowrer from the Fire Engineering department at the University of Maryland told the New York Times: "I find the speed with which important evidence has been removed and recycled to be appalling." (Details at CLIP

Genetically Engineered Crops May Produce Herbicide Inside Our Intestines
Pioneer Hi-Bred's website boasts that their genetically modified (GM) Liberty Link corn survives doses of Liberty herbicide, which would normally kill corn. The reason, they say, is that the herbicide becomes "inactive in the corn plant." [2] They fail to reveal, however, that after you eat the GM corn, some inactive herbicide may become reactivated inside your gut and cause a toxic reaction. In addition, a gene that was inserted into the corn might transfer into the DNA of your gut bacteria, producing long-term effects. These are just a couple of the many potential side-effects of GM crops that critics say put the public at risk.Herbicide tolerance (HT) is one of two basic traits common to nearly all GM crops. About 71% of the crops are engineered to resist herbicide, including Liberty (glufosinate ammonium) and Roundup (glyphosate).  About 18% produce their own pesticide. And 11% do both. The four major GM crops are soy, corn, cotton and canola, all of which have approved Liberty- and Roundup-tolerant varieties. Herbicide tolerant (HT) crops are a particularly big money-maker for biotech companies, because when farmers buy HT seeds, they are required to purchase the companies‚ brand of herbicide as well. In addition, HT crops dramatically increase the use of herbicide, which further contributes to the companies‚ bottom line.There are no required safety tests for HT crops in the US˜if the biotech companies declare them fit for human consumption, the FDA has no further questions. But many scientists and consumers remain concerned, and the Liberty Link varieties pose unique risks. Liberty herbicide (also marketed as Basta, Ignite, Rely, Finale and Challenge) can kill a wide variety of plants. It can also kill bacteria, fungi and insects, and has toxic effects on humans and animals. CLIP

Fluoride Toxicity Damage
The recently released National Research Council report on fluoride now confirms what opponents to water fluoridation have been saying for over four decades. The extensive report reviewed all major studies on fluoride toxicity and concluded that fluoride was a major risk factor for a number of diseases and conditions, including cancer, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, immune disruption, Down's syndrome, low IQ in children and brain injury. The effects on the brain were shocking, especially in small babies and children. Despite the just-released report, American Dental Association spokesmen were busy trying to force bottled water manufacturers to add fluoride to the already purified water. I recently saw a picture from the Bangor Daily News showing small children from a Maine elementary school lining up to take their daily dose of fluoride, as prescribed by school officials. This is absolutely criminal ÷ especially when you consider this: A new Harvard study published in the prestigious cancer journal Cancer Causes and Control clearly demonstrates that the present levels of fluoride added to drinking water enhance a fatal form of bone cancer (osteosarcoma) to five times normal rates when given to young boys. This confirms two other studies ÷ one by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and one by the New Jersey Health Department, which found that bone cancer incidence increased by six times in boys exposed to fluoridated drinking water. So who is behind this? Answer: super-phosphate fertilizer companies (fluoride is their major waste product), the American Dental Association (and its government backers), the CDC and the Forsyth Dental Institute. Much more on this through
Canada Pays Environmentally for US Oil Thirst">
Huge mines here turning tarry sand into cash for Canada and oil for the United States are taking an unexpectedly high environmental toll, sucking water from rivers and natural gas from wells and producing large amounts of gases linked to global warming.

AIDS Pandemic Spreading to Every Corner of Globe, Says UN">
With 65 million people infected worldwide, countries' response is "nowhere near adequate." Twenty five years after the first AIDS cases were reported, there is no sign of a halt to the pandemic which is likely to spread to every corner of the globe, the head of the United Nations' AIDS agency has said.

AIDS Groups Call UN Meeting a "Failure"
"As UNGASS +5 winds down, a coalition of over 70 civil society organizations from around the world are denouncing the meeting as a significant step back in the global fight against AIDS. The 2006 Declaration, which was ratified by the General Assembly on Friday, 'recognizes' that $20-23 billion are needed per year," but Richard Kim finds that the assembly "fails to set hard targets for funding, treatment, care or prevention."

Female Focus Needed to Stop AIDS, Say African and US Activists
In sub-Saharan Africa nearly 60 percent of those infected with AIDS are women; in Latin America and the Caribbean girls are nearly twice as likely as boys to become infected; and in the United States AIDS is now the leading cause of death for African American women ages 25-34.

More Than 100,000 Flee East Timor Homes">
More than 100,000 residents of Dili have fled their homes to escape violence. Machete-wielding youths battled in East Timor's capital Wednesday amid burning and looting as Australian troops bolstered a force struggling to stop the unrest.

Russian scientists have invented a battery that can capture energy not only from the sun, but also from the stars, the head of a research institute at the Dubna Nuclear Institute, near Moscow, said. "The scientists have successfully created a new substance," Valentin Samoilov announced, "thanks to which this battery can work on earth, independently of meteorological conditions, using solar and stellar energy. "This is a battery like no other," Samoilov, who head's the Institute's center for applied research, told the Itar-Tass news agency, explaining that it could function 24 hours a day and was twice as effective as an ordinary solar panel at converting light into electricity. Moreover, Samoilov declared, the new battery was cheaper than a solar panel. Full story at

CloudSat system offers views of storms (June 9, 2006);_ylt=Avif6S.qVviRDMQ5Zy8SCpWs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3MzV0MTdmBHNlYwM3NTM
FORT COLLINS, Colo. - The first images from a $217 million satellite project to measure the moisture content of clouds provided breathtaking views of storms on Earth, scientists said. "For the first time we're seeing inside the clouds," said Graeme Stephens, a Colorado State University atmospheric sciences professor and the principal investigator for the CloudSat project. "We can see tropical storms 15 kilometers deep organized on scales of thousands of kilometers across."CloudSat, a formation of five satellites launched April 28, was developed by CSU researchers in conjunction with other agencies to determine the moisture content of clouds, in the hope of developing long-term precipitation models. "We want to know how much water is in the sky so we can see how much water falls," Stephens said. The spacecraft are 438 miles above the Earth.Scientists activated the satellites' radar on Saturday and they took their first picture within 30 seconds, a cross-section of a warm storm front over the North Sea. Since then, CloudSat has captured images of snowfall over Antarctica and a storm over east AfricaThe Antarctic snowstorm pictures were the first ever taken during this time of year, when the continent is in darkness.Deborah Vane, deputy principal investigator at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., said the project could help scientists make more accurate predictions about snow and rain and about the possible results if the climate changes. "Fresh water on this planet is a precious commodity and it comes from clouds," she said. "If we can better understand the process that controls precipitation in clouds, we can better understand the challenges we might face in the future." The project could also help with aviation and weather prediction, Stephens said."It can answer the question 'Why is it dry here and not dry somewhere else?' " he said.

Infant mortality rates drop around five US nuclear power reactors after reactors closed
WASHINGTON, Apr 26 (IPS) - Infant mortality rates around five US nuclear power reactors dropped almost immediately after the reactors closed, according to a new study released Wednesday on the 14th anniversary of theChernobyl nuclear disaster. Raising questions whether allowable emissions of ''low-level'' radiation from nuclear plants endanger nearby residents, the study has prompted calls forthe US government to begin considering adverse health effects associated with nuclear plants before renewing their operating licences. CLIP

Ten highest-radiation cell phones (United States)
Please limit your talk time to extend your lifetime.

10 Lowest U.S. Models

Tropical paradise - the North Pole

Bulldozing the Bottom of the Sea (June 5)
It is a wonderfully clear expression, used by a U.S. biologist about the impact of bottom trawling. "Imagine using a bulldozer to catch songbirds for food — that's what it's like," marine biologist Sylvia Earle says. "After a trawler has gone by, it looks like a superhighway, it's just flat. Nobody's home. A few fish may swim in and out but the residents, those that occupy the substrate, they're just smothered, they're crushed. It's like paving them over." Perhaps it is the kind of comparison we should consider more often — after all, the oceans have been a case of out of sight, out of mind for far too long. We've dumped our sewage into the sea for generations, and have used it to dispose of everything from offshore drilling fluid to munitions. We have dragged bottom trawls back and forth across it so many times that it is — as it was earlier this year — a small miracle when scientists actually find an untouched area of bottom corals. CLIP

More Whale Slaughter Ahead?
The Japanese are still working to lift the ban on commercial whaling later this month. Below is a Greenpeace update on what's happening and how you can help. Nick For me, the oceans are fascinating, full of exotic and mysterious creatures – a world apart. But of all the creatures in the ocean, I’m not sure anything is more captivating and beautiful than a whale. And to me, nothing is as ugly or egregious as a whale slaughtered for profit. (...) Take Action Now Write to the governments of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Marshall Islands urging them to vote with the whales, not the whalers, at the upcoming IWC meeting. With the voting margins razor-thin this year, the Japanese have a good chance of winning a majority vote for the first time.This means that pro-whaling countries will control the agenda, and begin pushing to reopen commercial whaling.

In India's Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh, government officials have ordered an investigation into the deaths of hundreds of sheep and goats who appear to have been poisoned by eating genetically engineered (GE) cotton. "They just became very dull and lifeless and died," said one shepherd, Pendala Venkatamma. Sheep and goats regularly graze on traditional cotton, but after 4-5 days of eating Monsanto's genetically engineered bT cotton, the animals' stomachs swelled, and they died. CLIP Learn more:

Brazil OKs Paving Amazon Road on Environment Day (06 June 2006)
Brasilia, Brazil - Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva gave the green light Monday to paving a controversial road through the Amazon rainforest, benefiting farmers and worrying environmentalists. Lula authorized paving a 975-mile section of the highway from Cuiaba to the Amazon River port of Santarem, a move that would bring Brazil's main center-west soybean belt closer to foreign export markets like Europe and Asia. The improvement of the road, now little more than a dirt track that washes out in seasonal rains, will help cut transport costs for grain exports. Currently, grains like soybeans are sent far to the south, where the main ports lie. However, environmentalists fear paving the road will speed the destruction of the world's largest rainforest by squatters, ranchers, loggers and soy farmers. The government said it is adopting strict environmental controls to help protect the rain forest and has created a "sustainable forestry reserve" of 19 million hectares around the road. "This project will show how we can be Brazilian without being predators, as foreigners often say about Brazil," Lula said during a ceremony marking World Environment Day. Lula generated great hopes among environmentalists by appointing fiery conservationist Marina Silva as his environment minister after coming to power in January 2003, but has since been criticized for doing too little to slow deforestation of the Amazon. In March, he approved a measure that will offer timber companies the chance to log 13 million hectares of Amazon jungle under a sustainable development plan.

Omega-News Collection 3. June 2006

Omega-News Collection 10. June 2006


From: "Susan Flanagin">
Subject: Important info re draft bill
Date: 31 May 2006

Dear Jean, I sent the draft info out to everyone I email with and got more info I hope you will share. I copied it just below this paragraph:

US Mandatory MILITARY DRAFT 18-42 quietly snuck in! As described at on February 14, 2006, Congressman Charles Rangel (NY) introduced a bill (Universal National Service Act of 2006 - HR 4752 IH) aiming at drafting everyone - men and women alike - from the ages of 18 to 42 into the military for a minimum period of 2 years. Or to quote the bill: "To provide for the common defense by requiring all persons in the United States, including women, between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes." The House is to convene on June 6 (06/06/06] to debate and possibly adopt this bill, that is, unless a vast public outcry succeeds in derailing this insanity, which you can do by writing a letter of protest to your congress person through or

Rangel's bill appears to have scant chance of passage, and Rangel himself does not really support the concept of a military draft.

Rangel explained last winter, on the Leher News Hour, that he intends to provoke debate about Bush's presumptuous/un-democratic use of an all-volunteer army to fight unpopular/illegal wars -- such as the invasion of Iraq. 

His premise appears to be: If conscription of military service personnel were re-instituted, it would yield massive protests against the Iraq war by draft-age citizens (since the war is not supported by this population sector's middle & upper class), much as happened during the Vietnam war, when draft-vulnerable, college-age protesters led the 'raising of public consciousness.' 

Rangel predicts that during any debate on his bill, the Bush administration will be forced to oppose conscription (since it fears the ignition of similar, widespread/activist protests) -- and thus will be forced to reveal its [hidden] nefarious beliefs. viz, that it can use US armed forces to pursue military policies, with a virtually-private army, that lack public support. 

Rangel is a legitimate progressive (his voting record on many issues demonstrates this w/o question.) Whether his plan to embarrass the fascists in the Bush administration, vis-a-vis his conscription bill, makes good political sense, is certainly debatable. It's risky, in that there are enough proto-fascist in Congress to possibly pass the bill -- thus calling Rangels' bluff instead of Bush's.

But his intention, here, is apparently only to 'corner' Bush and provoke debate/public concern on the above questions, and he's expected to actually vote against his own bill if it gets out of committee and receives floor debate/national exposure.

He has said that, if the bill is actually ["accidently"] passed, and conscription were re-instituted, it would at least bring the Iraq war to a swift end, and tend to "democratize" the now-elitist presumptions of the Executive/complicit Congress RE non-accountable use of US armed forces.

Rangel's gesture, here, does seem a bit loopy [as well as risky] -- but it does have some merit when considered in context of the corporate news media 'lock-down' of citizen-based debate on Bush's unendingly outrageous actions/manipulations -- and the complicity of a corporate-elected, proto-fascist Congress. 


NOTE from Jean: I also received this through Mark Graffis

Don Stacey wrote: "I checked with the office of Congressman Ron Paul and the House Committee on Armed Services. I was informed that there is no support for this bill at the moment. I was told that there are no co-sponsors of the bill. Nevertheless it presents a danger in that it can be added to another bill and quietly become law. Since the bill is apparently dormant, it is difficult to fight it now. But we need to be alert."



War Criminal Nation

June 9, 2006

by Paul Craig Roberts

Faced with mounting civilian carnage, both from war crimes committed by demoralized and broken US troops and from the raging civil war unleashed by Bush’s ill-fated illegal invasion of Iraq, the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee has decided to waste another $50 billion to continue the lost war for five more months. Our elected "representatives" are so in thrall to the powerful military-industrial complex that no amount of American shame, pariah status and military defeat can shut off the flow of taxpayers’ funds to the merchants of death.

Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are costing hard-pressed US taxpayers $300,000,000 per day! These wars are lost. Yet, imbecilic members of Congress are in the process of funding the war for another year. Multiply $300 million by 365 days and you get $109,500,000,000. These are not the full costs. The huge figure does not include the destroyed equipment, destroyed lives, and long-term care of the maimed and disabled.

Gentle reader, are you getting enough vicarious pleasure from the slaughter of Iraqi women and children to justify this price tag? Is murdering "ragheads" that important to you? If so, you are one sick person, just like every member of the Bush administration.

US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan have killed far more civilians than they have resistance fighters. Bush administration spokespersons are crowing that they have killed Musab al-Zarqawi in an air strike. But al-Zarqawi was an al Qaeda leader, not a member of the Iraqi resistance. Al-Zarqawi’s death will have no affect on the outcome in Iraq.

Far more important is the news that civil war in Baghdad alone claimed 1,400 deaths last month. Perhaps even more important is the news that the Taliban’s resurgence has forced the Bush administration to launch more than 750 air strikes in Afghanistan in May. That is 25 air strikes per day! It is a foregone conclusion that most of the casualties are women and children.

America is drowning in the shame of war crimes. One monstrous slaughter of civilians after another, each denied and covered up until brought to light by photos and eyewitnesses. The once proud US Marines, unable to defeat the resistance that is picking them off one by one, is now a frustrated, demoralized force that is getting even by murdering 3-month-old babies and old women.

The Council of Europe has issued its report on the Bush administration’s policy of kidnapping "suspected terrorists" and spiriting them off to tyrannical regimes to be tortured. US State Dept spokesperson, Sean McCormick, whose job it is to justify the criminal conduct of the Bush administration, said that he was "disappointed" in the report. Sean seemed genuinely puzzled that Europe’s oldest political organization would second-guess the sound judgment of the virtuous Bush administration or protest US violations of international law and human rights.

The only reason Americans can look themselves in the mirror is that they are clueless and have little idea of what is being done in their name. One-third of the US population actually believes that Iraq was behind 9/11 and that Bush found the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Apparently, a large percentage of the US population believes that Iran has nuclear weapons and that America is in danger of being attacked by Iran. No democracy can work when people take their responsibility as citizen so lightly as to be totally ignorant.

Formerly conservative, now proto-Nazi, publications such as National Review and the Wall Street Journal editorial page, keep pounding the war drums, as does right-wing talk radio and neocon propaganda organs such as the Weekly Standard and Fox "News." The few facts that emerge in the interstices of the war propaganda are quickly spun away.

Slaughter of civilians? Just a few bad apples. We will fix that with seminars for the troops on military ethics and core values.

Troop withdrawals? As soon as the undefined mission is completed.

No weapons of mass destruction? Don’t worry about it. We had to have some excuse to invade Iraq and to "build democracy" so that America would be safe.

World opinion? No opinion counts but ours.

Red ink? No sweat. We can borrow more from China. Our growing indebtedness is proof that our power makes us a preferred debtor.

Bush supporters dismiss anyone who tells them the truth as a traitor. Bush supporters are as dependent on propaganda as substance abusers are on drugs and alcohol. Try weaning Bush supporters from the obvious lies that are the basis of this administration, and they will call you every name in the book.

They are proud to be Americans. Lies and war crimes are an American right.

And you had better shut up or those Haliburton-built concentration camps will be your new home.

Dr. Roberts is Chairman of the Institute for Political Economy and Research Fellow at the Independent Institute. He is a former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, former contributing editor for National Review, and was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He is the co-author of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.


Recommended by Nattanya Andersen>



By Chris Floyd

Published: June 2, 2006 in the MOSCOW TIMES

Many observers have compared the methodical murder of 24 innocent civilians by U.S. Marines in the Iraqi town of Haditha -- now confirmed by Pentagon and congressional sources -- to the infamous My Lai massacre in Vietnam, when U.S. troops slaughtered hundreds of civilians in a bloody rampage. But this is a false equation, one that gravely distorts the overall reality of the coalition effort in Iraq.

For it is not the small-scale Haditha atrocity that should be compared to My Lai. It is the entire Iraq War itself. The whole operation -- from its inception in high-level mendacity to its execution in blood-soaked arrogance, folly and greed -- is a war crime of almost unfathomable proportions, a My Lai writ large, a My Lai every single day, year after year after year.

Details of the Haditha killings are finally emerging after months of official cover-up and heated denunciations of anyone who questioned the shifting, conflicting stories issued by the Pentagon following the November 2005 incident. The horror speaks for itself: A unit of Marines from Kilo Company, thirsting for revenge after a roadside bomb killed a comrade, broke into homes near the blast area and systematically executed the civilians they found there, along with five men who happened to be passing by in a taxi, Time magazine reports.

Photos taken afterward by U.S. military intelligence document the carnage. "One portrays an Iraqi mother and young child, kneeling on the floor, as if in prayer," the Sunday Times reports. "They have been shot dead at close range. The pictures show other victims, shot execution-style in the head and chest in their homes." The victims "included a 76-year-old amputee and a four-year-old boy," the Observer reports. "In one house an entire family, including seven children, were attacked with guns and grenades. Only a 13-year-old girl survived." A U.S. government official told the Sunday Times that the attackers had "suffered a total breakdown in morality and leadership."

Take special note of that last statement: It may be the first time that a Bush administration spokesman has ever told the truth about the war. There has indeed been a total breakdown in morality and leadership in Iraq; but it's not confined to the Haditha killers. They are just the inevitable end product of the culture of lawlessness, brutality and aggression deliberately manufactured by the White House to serve its predatory geopolitical ambitions and its dirty war-profiteering schemes.

This fish has rotted from the head, and the corruption has eaten through the entire body politic. It was bound to find its most extreme manifestations in those whom Bush has armed with lies -- a majority of U.S. soldiers believe that Iraq was involved in Sept. 11, polls show -- and sent off to kill and be killed in an illegal war of aggression based on knowingly false and tricked-up evidence. If atrocity is the foundation of your enterprise, if atrocity is the atmosphere you breathe, why then, you are bound to produce atrocities, over and over, despite the many individual soldiers and honorable officers who struggle against the infected tide.

These massacres aren't just momentary outbursts of revenging anger; they're learned behavior. The Marines who killed at Haditha were veterans of the much larger atrocity at Fallujah the year before. There they took part in one of the most savage demolitions of a city since World War II. Eight weeks of relentless bombing was followed by a cut-off of the city's water, electricity and food supplies. More than two-thirds of the residents fled the coming inferno; those who remained were considered fair game in the house-by-house ravaging that followed. Among the Americans' first targets were the city's medical centers, as U.S. officers freely admitted to The New York Times. They were destroyed or shut down, with medical staff killed or imprisoned, to prevent bad publicity about civilian casualties from reaching the outside world, the officers said. Later, an investigation by the U.S.-backed Iraqi government found strong evidence of the use of chemical weapons against the city. Up to 6,000 people were killed in the attack, most of them civilians.

The few hundred Fallujah-based insurgents who had been the ostensible target of the assault had escaped long before the onslaught began. Thus there was no real military purpose to the city's destruction, which had been ordered by the White House; it was instead an act of reprisal, a collective punishment against the Iraqi people as a whole, noncombatants included, for the armed resistance to the coalition conquest. The Marines of Kilo Company simply took what they were taught by their eminently respectable superiors in Fallujah and applied it in Haditha.

No doubt these lessons are being applied throughout Iraq. In March, we reported here on an eerily similar incident in the Isahaqi region, when 11 civilians, including five children under the age of five, were killed during a house raid by U.S. troops. Photos confirmed the attack and the 11 deaths. Local police said the victims had been shot execution-style, although none of them were connected to the insurgency. Pentagon officials, despite the photographic evidence, would confirm only four civilian deaths: unfortunate collateral damage of a firefight with an al-Qaeda operative, they said. The idea that U.S. troops could execute civilians in cold blood was preposterous, they said.

Like Abu Ghraib, Haditha is not an aberration but the emblem of a wider, systemic crime, the natural fruit of an outlaw regime that has made aggressive war, torture, indefinite detention, "extrajudicial killing," rendition and concentration camps official national policy. This moral rot is Bush's true historical legacy.


Forwarded by "Eluned Hurn"> who wrote: “I heard Al Gore at Hay festival and this film is all Stephen says it is. Highly Recommend it to you.”

From: Stephen Simon>
Sent: June 06, 2006

As you have noticed, I have not sent out a MOVIE ALERT in quite some time because there simply have been no films which I felt I could recommend with all my heart and soul.

Until now.

AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH is one of the most fascinating and mind-blowingly powerful films I have ever seen in my life. In fact, I believe that its message, coupled with the incredibly inspiring and uplifting way that it sees our humanity, makes the film perhaps the most important movie any of us may ever experience.

TRUTH is a documentary built around former Vice-president Al Gore's 30 year international campaign to waken the world's consciousness to global warming. Please note right away that this is NOT a political film, nor does it promote a political message. As Mr. Gore says in the film: "This is not a political issue. It's a moral one."

The film details, in brilliantly photographed and documented sequences, how much we as humans are affecting the climate of our world. Mr. Gore's encyclopedic knowledge of and obviously deep and soul-charged passion for the subject matter propels us through a worldwide journey during which we witness how our environmental decisions have impacted both our atmosphere and our planet.

No, it is NOT depressing. In fact, I found it to be quite the opposite of that. The film appeals to the best instincts of our humanity. It makes its case, yes, but it also shows us that we are absolutely capable of changing everything very quickly. In that message, the film allows us to look at our humanity when we operate at our very best, and that is, as most of you know, one of the cornerstones of Spiritual Cinema. It also addresses the core questions of who we are, why we are here, and what we can do to lift ourselves and our spirits in helping to heal, and indeed save, our planet. As such, it's ultimate message and effect is invigorating and extraordinarily inspiring.

There is an old Native American phrase that says that we do not inherit the earth from our parents. Rather, we borrow it from our children.

I urge you with all my heart and soul to take your entire family to see this film the day it opens somewhere near you. In a very stirring and emotional way, TRUTH reminds us that, even in this age in which many media outlets project so much gloom and doom around us, we are indeed empowered to change the way things are. Together, we as a humanity can reconnect to our love of our home, this planet earth, and, in so doing, remember that we as a species still have the power, vision, and humanity to change the course of human events and bring beauty, peace, and vision back into our lives.

With love, respect, and gratitude for all that we are...and all that we can become.

Stephen Simon
Founder: The Spiritual Cinema Circle



Lights, Camera, Al Gore!

The ex-Vice President is enjoying an unlikely heyday as a movie star. All that buzz invites the question: Will he audition again for President?


Al Gore used to joke that it was easy to pick him out in a roomful of Secret Service agents: He was the stiff one. So he was the first to say how surreal it was to find himself the toast of Cannes last week. Over two days at the celebrated film festival, the former Vice President conducted what he figures were 48 interviews, many of them roundtable sessions, to accommodate the kind of interest that entertainment reporters usually bestow on people named Halle and Beyoncé. And then there was that encounter with Hugh Jackman, the Australian heartthrob whose expected summer blockbuster, X-Men: The Last Stand, was set to open in some 16,000 theaters around the world. "It was just a random comment, and here's how I remember it--Hugh Jackman saying, 'Well, I look forward to your movie,'" Gore told TIME with a lusty chortle. "And I thought to myself, Oooo-kay."

Then again, Gore's new movie has something of a mutant-action-hero plotline of its own. It's the tale of a scorned, washed-up politician transformed into a laptop-wielding ninja whose PowerPoint could rescue the planet from the forces of greed and indifference. The slide-show warning about the risks of global warming that Gore, 58, has been giving to audiences for years has been turned into a 92-min. documentary called An Inconvenient Truth. The film opened in New York City and Los Angeles to better-than-decent reviews, expands to all the 10 biggest markets this week and will go nationwide by the Fourth of July weekend. Laurie David, wife of Seinfeld creator Larry David, is one of the producers; it's being distributed by Paramount.

Already there are spin-offs. A book with the same title has been published. The money Gore makes from the film will go toward a bipartisan media and grassroots education campaign whose participants include Brent Scowcroft, National Security Adviser to the first President Bush. Viewers of the film are directed to a website: And at the end of the summer, Gore plans to begin a training program in Nashville, Tenn., that will enable 1,000 activists "to give my slide show in their voices," with a limited-use license to remix its music and images. But the best measure of the potential impact of the Gore film may be the fact that there's already an oil-industry-financed ad campaign to discredit it.

This is not a movie that is likely to draw many people who don't agree with its premise. And yet Gore says, "I actually hold out hope even President Bush and Vice President Cheney could change their minds before their term is up." As some Evangelicals and business leaders--both Republican constituencies--worry publicly about climate control, Gore says, "I think that the small bubble of unreality in which [Bush and Cheney] are living is getting more uncomfortable and a little lonely for them."

When people see his movie, they are also taking a new look at Gore himself. They are proving far more receptive than the audiences of his Senate days, when he would drag his global-warming flip charts to Washington dinner parties. Then again, there could hardly be a better backdrop than record gas prices and the onset of hurricane season if you are trying to draw attention to the issues of energy and the environment. Also working in Gore's favor is a political climate change, as the man who defeated him for the presidency in 2000 is currently suffering from approval ratings in the 30s. Says former Gore aide Chris Lehane: "People are now looking at him through the prism of the last six years and realizing that he had and has a lot to offer."

When Gore appeared at New York City's Town Hall last week, the notice in the box-office window read: TONIGHT'S PERFORMANCE IS SOLD OUT. NO WAITING LIST. NO STANDING ROOM. NO TICKETS FOR SALE. Gore was greeted by cheers, whistles and a standing ovation. Nine days earlier he got the same reaction at the film's Los Angeles opening.

Everyone in the Democratic Party seems to be asking the same questions: Could all this be a prelude to another presidential run? Could the new Al Gore be the answer for a party in which so many are discomfited by the fact that Senator Hillary Clinton is looking increasingly inevitable as the 2008 nominee even though she's commonly seen as unelectable? "I'm not planning to be a candidate again, ever. I have no intention of being a candidate," Gore says again and again. But he also notes, "I haven't made a Shermanesque statement because it just seems odd to do so."

That is the kind of fan dance you would expect from someone who still harbors hope for the job he fell just short of winning six years ago but doesn't want to look hungry for it. Democratic insiders weigh Gore's demurrals against his increasingly robust activism, not only on the environment but also in his full-throated criticism of the Iraq war. His opposition stands in sharp contrast to the support Clinton and many other leading Democratic contenders gave to the invasion of Iraq. And it is far more in tune with the sentiments of the party--and, more and more, the country at large.

One school of thought has it that if Clinton runs as expected, Gore won't be able to resist being drawn into the contest, if only because of a kind of sibling rivalry that goes back to the days when each had to maneuver around the other for influence in Bill Clinton's White House. Gore is the one Democrat whose entry into the race could deprive Clinton of the automatic front-runner advantage she now enjoys with fund raisers and activists.

There was plenty of renewable energy around the prospect of an Al-vs.-Hillary smackdown last week. New York magazine's cover story on Gore, written by John Heilemann, carried the headline: THE UN-HILLARY. And while Gore was basking in solar-drenched adulation at Cannes, Clinton was presenting her own energy plan in an hourlong wonkathon at the National Press Club in Washington. As Clinton showed her command of the intricacies of carbon-dioxide sequestration and cellulosic ethanol, it was impossible not to wonder whether the two of them might once again be crowding onto the same turf. Maureen Dowd wrote in the New York Times: "Al Gore must want to punch Hillary Clinton right through the hole in the ozone layer." Gore, however, took pains to tamp down that kind of talk. As he pointed out Chelsea Clinton in the audience at Town Hall last week, he added, "I want to commend to all of you Senator Clinton's important address on environmental policy."

One development suggests that Gore may indeed be burning the bridges to his political career. In recent weeks, Democratic sources tell TIME, he has been quietly telephoning some of his biggest fund raisers and telling them to feel free to sign on with other potential candidates. And he wants them to put out the word, instructing, "Tell everybody I'm not running." Still, Gore is positioned better than just about anyone else to tap the enormous, near instant fund-raising potential of the Internet should he choose to, considering the following he has generated among bloggers and with the Net-based political organization

Gore is well aware that much of the glow around him would vanish the moment he became a candidate. The irony of the current buzz is that words like passionate and authentic are being used to describe a man who showed three entirely different personalities in as many presidential debates and whose 2000 campaign is remembered mostly for the way it was homogenized and shrink-wrapped by a string of poll-addicted handlers.

His new admirers keep asking, Why didn't we see this Gore when he was running for President? "Part of it is in the eye of the beholder," Gore says. "Those who behold a political campaign do so through a thick lens of skepticism, which is not all bad, but it does affect the way candidates are seen--all the more so when the other side of that campaign is constantly painting negative caricatures. But the second answer is, I've been though a lot in the last six years, and the old cliché, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, sometimes has a grain of truth."

Gore says he has found "a different kind of campaign," one that plays more to his strengths than electoral politics did. The 2000 defeat taught him lessons about his talents and his limits. When he was considering four years ago whether to make a 2004 presidential bid, Gore told TIME, "I'm better at looking over the next ridge to try to anticipate what we're going to see there. What I don't think I'm good at is the back-slapping and political compromise that are part of being a candidate."

Since leaving politics, there's something Gore appears to have discovered he is very good at, and that is earning a living. Friends say he has come to enjoy the luxury of a private life. He has a busy schedule on the lecture circuit, earning as much as $150,000 a speech. The technophile former Vice President has been a part-time adviser to Google since 2001, and while he refuses to say how he is compensated, the guessing in Washington is that Gore has accumulated a hefty chunk of its stock. Forbes magazine reports that the 60,000 options he holds in Apple Computer, where he is on the board, are worth $2 million.

Current TV, the youth-oriented cable network that Gore launched last August, has been picked up by Comcast for its digital tier, and will reach 28 million homes as of this week, says Gore's business partner Joel Hyatt. The network is in negotiations with cable systems in France, Germany and Italy, and expects to achieve the relatively rare feat of becoming profitable in its first year. Says Hyatt: "We are just on fire." Additionally, Gore has begun a London-based equity firm with former Goldman Sachs Asset Management CEO David Blood. It's a partnership that, despite its nickname Blood & Gore, aims to invest in socially responsible ventures.

All this would be hard to walk away from. Or, looked at another way, it would be a good source of seed money for a return to politics. Gore boasts of "moving the needle" in the climate-change debate, but he conceded in his New York appearance, "Look, I'm under no illusion that the office of the President is second to none in its ability to make changes and get things done."

In any case, Gore doesn't have to make any decisions soon. Meanwhile, he's enjoying his red-carpet moment, even as he pleads that he's a little bewildered by it all. The experience, he says, reminds him of a New Yorker cartoon that used to hang on the wall of his Senate office. It showed a funny-looking dog riding a tricycle onstage in an opera house, to rapturous applause from a fancy audience. Gore can relate to what the caption says the dog is thinking: "I don't know why they like this, but I'm going to keep on pedaling."



An Inconvenient Truth

BY ROGER EBERT / June 2, 2006

I want to write this review so every reader will begin it and finish it. I am a liberal, but I do not intend this as a review reflecting any kind of politics. It reflects the truth as I understand it, and it represents, I believe, agreement among the world's experts.
Global warming is real.

It is caused by human activity.

Mankind and its governments must begin immediate action to halt and reverse it.
If we do nothing, in about 10 years the planet may reach a "tipping point" and begin a slide toward destruction of our civilization and most of the other species on this planet.

After that point is reached, it would be too late for any action.

These facts are stated by Al Gore in the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." Forget he ever ran for office. Consider him a concerned man speaking out on the approaching crisis. "There is no controversy about these facts," he says in the film. "Out of 925 recent articles in peer-review scientific journals about global warming, there was no disagreement. Zero."

He stands on a stage before a vast screen, in front of an audience. The documentary is based on a speech he has been developing for six years, and is supported by dramatic visuals. He shows the famous photograph "Earthrise," taken from space by the first American astronauts. Then he shows a series of later space photographs, clearly indicating that glaciers and lakes are shrinking, snows are melting, shorelines are retreating.

He provides statistics: The 10 warmest years in history were in the last 14 years. Last year South America experienced its first hurricane. Japan and the Pacific are setting records for typhoons. Hurricane Katrina passed over Florida, doubled back over the Gulf, picked up strength from unusually warm Gulf waters, and went from Category 3 to Category 5. There are changes in the Gulf Stream and the jet stream. Cores of polar ice show that carbon dioxide is much, much higher than ever before in a quarter of a million years. It was once thought that such things went in cycles. Gore stands in front of a graph showing the ups and downs of carbon dioxide over the centuries. Yes, there is a cyclical pattern. Then, in recent years, the graph turns up and keeps going up, higher and higher, off the chart.

The primary man-made cause of global warming is the burning of fossil fuels. We are taking energy stored over hundreds of millions of years in the form of coal, gas and oil, and releasing it suddenly. This causes global warming, and there is a pass-along effect. Since glaciers and snow reflect sunlight but sea water absorbs it, the more the ice melts, the more of the sun's energy is retained by the sea.

Gore says that although there is "100 percent agreement" among scientists, a database search of newspaper and magazine articles shows that 57 percent question the fact of global warming, while 43 percent support it. These figures are the result, he says, of a disinformation campaign started in the 1990s by the energy industries to "reposition global warming as a debate." It is the same strategy used for years by the defenders of tobacco. My father was a Luckys smoker who died of lung cancer in 1960, and 20 years later it was still "debatable" that there was a link between smoking and lung cancer. Now we are talking about the death of the future, starting in the lives of those now living.

"The world won't 'end' overnight in 10 years," Gore says. "But a point will have been passed, and there will be an irreversible slide into destruction."

In England, Sir James Lovelock, the scientist who proposed the Gaia hypothesis (that the planet functions like a living organism), has published a new book saying that in 100 years mankind will be reduced to "a few breeding couples at the Poles." Gore thinks "that's too pessimistic. We can turn this around just as we reversed the hole in the ozone layer. But it takes action right now, and politicians in every nation must have the courage to do what is necessary. It is not a political issue. It is a moral issue."

When I said I was going to a press screening of "An Inconvenient Truth," a friend said, "Al Gore talking about the environment!!" This is not a boring film. The director, Davis Guggenheim, uses words, images and Gore's concise litany of facts to build a film that is fascinating and relentless. In 39 years, I have never written these words in a movie review, but here they are: You owe it to yourself to see this film. If you do not, and you have grandchildren, you should explain to them why you decided not to.

Am I acting as an advocate in this review? Yes, I am. I believe that to be "impartial" and "balanced" on global warming means one must take a position like Gore's. There is no other view that can be defended. Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), chairman of the Senate Environment Committee, has said, "Global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people." I hope he takes his job seriously enough to see this film. I think he has a responsibility to do that.

What can we do? Switch to and encourage the development of alternative energy sources: Solar, wind, tidal, and, yes, nuclear. Move quickly toward hybrid and electric cars. Pour money into public transit, and subsidize the fares. Save energy in our houses. I did a funny thing when I came home after seeing "An Inconvenient Truth." I went around the house turning off the lights.


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An Inconvenient Truth: Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb
Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb. If the vast majority of the world's scientists are right, we have just ten years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tail-spin of epic destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics and killer heat waves beyond anything we have ever experienced. Here's what the critics are saying about the movie

Global warming 'the greatest atrocity'

Exxon: Immovable Obstacle to Action on Climate Change
Eric Goldstein, a lawyer with the Natural Resources Defense Council, said: "ExxonMobil has gone out of its way time and again to distinguish itself from its competitors as the most anti-environmental oil company."

China Says Pollution Will Worsen With Economic Boom
China's drive for economic growth is in direct conflict with efforts to safeguard the environment, the government warned on Monday, and degradation is worsening despite official efforts to curb pollution.

The 500 million people who live in the world's desert regions can expect to find life increasingly unbearable as already high temperatures soar and the available water is used up or turns salty, according to the United Nations. Desert cities in the US and Middle East, such as Phoenix and Riyadh, may be living on borrowed time as water tables drop and supplies become undrinkable, says a report coinciding with today's world environment day. Twentieth-century modernist dreams of greening deserts by diverting rivers and mining underground water are wholly unrealistic, it warns. But the report also proposes that deserts become the powerhouses of the next century, capturing the world's solar energy and potentially exporting electricity across continents. For instance, a 310-square mile area of the Sahara could, with today's technology, generate enough electricity for the whole world. CLIP

Watch the Blue Man Group video featured on “Earth To America!”


Forwarded on May 31 by "Mark Graffis"



Military Men Who Oppose Neo-Con Warmongering Under Attack

By Michael Piper

For generations, Republicans were strong supporters of the American military. But now that top military men are in open rebellion against the armchair civilian war hawks—the hard-line pro-Israel ideologues who directed President George Bush to order an invasion of Iraq and who now want war on Iran—the angriest voices condemning the military are from GOP circles.

Following the lead of the neo-conservatives, who are viewed as fanatics but still dominate the Bush administration and key GOP policy groups, many GOP loyalists are declaring war on the battle-tested generals, admirals and other military heroes who are saying, “Enough is enough.”

Although none of the military men have yet said “No more wars for Israel,” their rhetoric in writings and public utterances says essentially that.

Conservatives roundly denounced former Marine Gen. Anthony Zinni as an “anti-Semite” for noting that pro-Israel neo-conservatives were the driving force behind the Iraq war and that everybody in Washington knew it. Zinni knew what he was talking about: he formerly commanded all U.S. forces protecting Israel in the Middle East.

More recently, another retired Marine, Lt. Gen. Greg Newbold, former director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote in Time that the Iraq war was “unnecessary” and that the rationale for war by those whom he called “the zealots” made no sense. Newbold’s choice of the word “zealots” was loaded. The term arises from the legend of the Zealots—an ancient sect of Jewish fanatics.

Newbold quit the service four months before the Iraq invasion, in part, he said, because he opposed those who exploited the 9-11 tragedy “to hijack our security policy”—referring to the zealous neo-con fanatics. He added:

“Until now, I have resisted speaking out in public.” But, he said, “I’ve been silent long enough.”

What particularly disturbed Newbold’s critics was that he said he was speaking out “with the encouragement of some still in positions of military leadership.”

He also struck out at what he called “the distortion of intelligence in the buildup to the war”—a slam at the neo-conservatives and their Israeli allies who shoveled up garbage, disguised as “intelligence,” and used it to justify the war.

Newbold brandished his anger at the armchair war hawks, most of whom never served in the military, saying, “the commitment of our forces to this fight was done with a casualness and swagger that are the special province of those who have never had to execute these missions—or bury the results.”

Newbold’s statements received much media attention, so the neo-cons fired back.

Perhaps the most telling attack on the generals came from Stephen Herbits, a former top executive of the Seagram liquor empire, the fiefdom of World Jewish Congress chief Edgar Bronfman, a major patron of Israel.

This longtime Bronfman henchman was appointed by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to make “heads roll” in the military, screening all Pentagon promotions and appointments, implementing the agenda of enforcing lockstep Zionist control of the American war machine.


Writing in the April 20 edition of the egregiously pro-Israel Washington Times, Herbits urged the media to start to investigate military leaders who dared to take on the administration.

Herbits said it would be “a service to this country when the media digs a bit below these attacks to examine the generals.”

Herbits is obviously calling on spy agencies such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a conduit for Israel’s Mossad, to come up with “data” on the military men and provide it to the media to bring the dissidents into line.

But cracking the whip over the entire military will be tough. On April 18, David Broder, senior Washington Post commentator, revealed that some months ago after he wrote of how Rep. Jack Murtha (D-Pa.)—a former Marine colonel who served in Vietnam—had called for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, Broder was contacted by a Pentagon officer who gave his name and rank and then said:

“This is a private call. I am not speaking officially. But I read your column, and I think it is important for you to know that Jack Murtha knows us very well and speaks for many of us.”

This is no secret to those who know official Washington since Murtha has been a leading Capitol Hill voice for the military for years. And this is what makes pro-Israel Republican attacks on Murtha so disingenuous: they paint Murtha as a “pacifist,” “defeatist,” “liberal” ideologue. He is anything but that.

For its own part, in an April 18 editorial, titled “The Generals’ Revolt,” The Washington Post said “the rebellion is problematic” and “threatens the essential democratic principle of military subordination to civilian control—the more so because a couple of the officers claim they are speaking for some still on active duty.”

That same day, a lead editor of The Washington Times Tony Blankley—an advocate of all-out war against the Muslim world—declared that generals still in service who may be planning to quit together in protest against Bush policies may be “illegally conspiring.”

Not content with accusing American military leaders of being seditious, Blankley followed up the next day with a repetition of his smears, calling for a court of inquiry to determine whether the military leaders are guilty of insubordination.

Echoing Blankley, shrill pro-Israel agitator Charles Krauthammer, a psychiatrist by profession, not a soldier, blustered on April 21 with a column in The Washington Post crying of “The General’s Dangerous Whispers.”

In the end, though, what’s most interesting is that prior to the explosion of reports in the mainstream media about the dissatisfied generals—four years after American Free Press first broke the story at a national level, even before the invasion of Iraq—the April issue of America’s oldest and most respected magazine, Harper’s, featured a provocative cover story:

“American Coup d’Etat: Military thinkers discuss the unthinkable.”

This was one month after Harper’s—in another cover story—called for the impeachment of President Bush.

Clearly, some people in high places are not happy with the pro-Israel internationalism of the Bush regime.


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Also from

The Timely Death of al-Zarqawi

Chris Floyd | June 9 2006

Abu Musab Saddam Osama al-Zarqawi, the extremely elusive if not entirely mythical terrorist mastermind responsible for every single insurgent action in Iraq except for the ones caused by the red-tailed devils in Iran or the stripey-tailed devils in Syria, has reportedly been killed in an airstrike in Hibhib, an area north of Baghdad, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki announced Thursday.

Zarqawi, the notorious shape-shifter who, according to grainy video evidence, was able to regenerate lost limbs, speak in completely different accents, alter the contours of his bone structure and also suffered an unfortunate binge-and-purge weight problem which caused him to change sizes with almost every appearance, was head of an organization that quite fortuitously dubbed itself "Al Qaeda in Iraq" just around the time that the Bush Administration began changing its pretext for the conquest from "eliminating Iraq's [non-existent] weapons of mass destruction" to "fighting terrorists over there so we don't have to fight them over here."

The name change of the Zarqawi gang from its cumbersome original – "The Monotheism and Holy War Group" – to the more media-sexy "Qaeda" brand was thus a PR godsend for the Bush Administration, which was then able to associate the widespread native uprising against the Coalition occupation with the cave-dwelling dastards of the bin Laden organization. This proved an invaluable tool for the Pentagon's massive "psy-op" campaign against the American people, which was successful in sufficiently obscuring reality and defusing rising public concerns about what many experts have termed "the full-blown FUBAR" in Iraq until after the 2004 elections.

However, in the last year, even the reputed presence of a big stonking al Qaeda beheader guy roaming at will across the land has not prevented a catastrophic drop in support for President Bush in general and the war in Iraq in particular. Polls show that substantial majorities – even those still psy-oped into believing the conquest has something to do with fighting terrorism – are now saying that the war "is not worth it" and call for American forces to begin withdrawing.

With the Zarqawi theme thus producing diminishing returns, the Administration has had another stroke of unexpected luck with his reputed sudden demise. Moreover, the fact that Zarqawi was killed in a military action means that Mr. Bush will not have to cough up the $25 million reward placed on the head of the terrorist chieftain. That money will now be given to Mr. Bush's favorite charity, Upper-Class Twits Against the Inheritance Tax, an Administration spokesman said.

Despite its fortuitousness, the reputed death of the multi-legged brigand came as no real surprise. After all, approximately 376 of his "top lieutenants" had been killed or captured by Coalition forces in the past three years, according to press reports, and some 5,997 lower-ranking "al Qaeda terrorists" have been killed in innumerable operations during that same period, according to Pentagon press releases. With the widespread, on-going, much-publicized decimation of his group, Zarqawi had obviously been rendered isolated and ineffective – except of course for the relentless series of high-profile terrorist spectaculars he kept carrying out, according to other Pentagon press releases.

News of the reputed rub-out brought bipartisan praise. "This enormous victory in the War on Terror is due entirely to the courage and wisdom of the president," squealed Senate Majority Leader Lick Spittle of Tennessee. "He has seen us through when so many of the flag-burning destroyers of marriage wanted to cut and run. I think this president is the best president the world has ever seen, and if I am ever fortunate enough to be chosen as president by the American people – minus the three million or so whose votes will be discarded, lost, inadvertently mangled or just ignored, of course – I promise I'll be a president just like him!"

"We must give credit where credit is due," said Democratic Sen. Joe Biden, in a rare television appearance. "I have my differences with the way the Administration is conducting this war, but the elimination of Zarqawi is, I believe, a turning point, comparable to the capture of Saddam Hussein, the first Iraqi elections, the second Iraqi elections, the formation of the first Iraqi government and the formation of the second Iraqi government. This is not the end, or even the beginning of the end, but it is, I believe, the end of the beginning. And no, I didn't plagiarize that. I made it up my own self."

The reputed end of Zarqawi's reign of terror comes a mere four years after U.S. forces had pinpointed his hideout and were prepared to destroy his entire operation, only to be forestalled by the White House. Before the war, Zarqawi and his band of non-Iraqi Islamic extremists had a camp in northern Iraq, in territory controlled by American-backed Kurdish forces, who had wrested it from the hands of Saddam Hussein. U.S. Special Forces, CIA agents and other American personnel had a free hand to operate there; indeed, anti-Saddam Iraqi exiles held open meetings in the territory, safe from the reach of the dictator.

In June 2002, American forces had locked in on Zarqawi's location. They prepared a detailed attack plan that would have destroyed the terrorist band. But their request to strike was turned down not once, but twice by the White House. Administration officials feared that such a strike would have muddied the waters in their public relations effort to foment war fever against Saddam's regime.

At every turn, the Bush team had painted a picture of Saddam Hussein as a powerful dictator able to threaten the entire world. They had implied, insinuated and sometimes openly declared that he was in league with al Qaeda. But this wildly successful psy-ops campaign would have been undermined by a raid on Zarqawi, which would have exposed the truth: that Saddam was a crippled, toothless despot who had lost control of much of his own land and couldn't even threaten vast enemy armies within his own borders – much less his neighbors or the rest of the world. It would have also exposed the fact that the only Islamic terrorists operating on Iraqi soil were in areas controlled by America and its allies – which, now that Mr. Bush's invasion has opened the whole country to extremist terror, is still the case.

With Zarqawi's Bush-granted liberty reputedly at an end, the Pentagon moved quickly to confirm the identity of the man killed in Hibhib today. At a joint press conference with Prime Minister Maliki, U.S. Gen. George Casey said Zarqawi's body had been identified by "fingerprints, facial recognition and known scars" after a painstaking forensic examination by Lt. Col. Gil Grissom and Major Catherine Willows.

In yet another amazing coincidence, the announcement of the death of Zarqawi or somebody just like him came just as Prime Minister Maliki was finally submitting his candidates for the long-disputed posts of defense and interior ministers, which then sailed through parliament after months of deadlock. The fortuitous death also came after perhaps the worst week of bad PR the Bush Administration has endured during the entire war, with an outpouring of stories alleging a number of horrific atrocities committed by U.S. troops in recent months.

Oddly enough, Zarqawi first vaulted into the American consciousness just after the public exposure of earlier U.S. atrocities: the tortures at Abu Ghraib prison in the spring of 2004. With story after story of horrible abuse battering the Administration during an election year, Zarqawi, or someone just like him, suddenly appeared with a Grand Guignol production: the beheading of American civilian Nick Berg. This atrocity was instantly seized upon by supporters of the war to justify the "intensive interrogation" of "terrorists" – even though the Red Cross had determined that 70 to 90 percent of American captives at that time had committed no crime whatsoever, much less been involved in terrorism, as the notorious anti-war Wall Street Journal reported. Abu Ghraib largely faded from the public eye – indeed, it was not mentioned by a single speaker at the Democratic National Convention a few weeks later or raised as an issue during the presidential campaign that year.

Today's news has likewise knocked the new atrocity allegations off the front pages, to be replaced with heartening stories of how, as the New York Times reports, Zarqawi's death "appears to mark a major watershed in the war." Thus in his reputed end as in his reputed beginning, the Scarlet Pimpernel of Iraq has, by remarkable coincidence, done yeoman service for the immediate publicity needs of his deadly enemy, the Bush Administration.

It is not yet known who will now take Zarqawi's place as the new all-purpose, all-powerful bogeyman solely responsible for every bad thing in Iraq. There were recent indications that Maliki himself was being measured for the post, after he publicly denounced American atrocities and the occupiers' propensity for hair-trigger killing of civilians, but he seems to be back with the program now. Administration insiders are reportedly divided over shifting the horns to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's already much-demonized head, or planting them on extremist Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, or elevating some hitherto unknown local talent – or maybe just blaming the whole shebang on Fidel Castro, for old times' sake.

The announcement of the new bogeyman is expected sometime in the coming weeks.

UPDATE: It looks like the Twits might not get that reward money after all. Prime Minister Maliki said that those who helped locate Zarqawi, or someone just like him, in Hibhib, would get their reward "later." "We believe in honoring our commitments." However, the Times of London's man in Iraq, Ned Parker, tells us that Zazqawi might have been shopped to the Americans by Iraqi insurgents:

One of the most interesting things about the news of his death is the timing. There have been talks going on since the election last December by US and Iraqi officials to try to bring the homegrown insurgency back into the political process. Certainly there was tension between the homegrown Iraqi insurgency and Zarqawi's foreign fighters. So it's possible a deal was finally cut by some branch of the Iraqi insurgency to eliminate al-Zarqawi and rid themselves of his heavy-handed influence.

So if Bush does decide to pay off the informants – and it's his money, after all, not Maliki's; in fact, in today's Iraq, any money that Maliki's government might still have left after three years of occupation rapine is Bush's money too – but if Zarqawi's rumblers are paid off, then it's likely that Bush will be forking over $25 million to Iraq's Sunni insurgents. That will certainly keep them flush with IEDs for a long time to come. It's FUBAR every which way you turn in Bush's Babylon.


See also:

Pentagon Jettisons US Agent Provocateur Al-Zarqawi (June 8 2006)
Musab dies for the umpteenth time but this time its for real says the US government! - For those of us attempting to keep track of how many times US agent provocateur Musab Al-Zarqawi has been killed or captured today's news comes as something of a relief - the US government has stamped its official seal of approval on the fact that the Pentagon's most influential PR tool is no more. Irrefutable evidence confirms that Musab Al-Zarqawi was a US agent provocateur used to both sell the necessity of the war in Iraq and as a patsy to take the fall for numerous suspicious bombings which only had the effect of realizing a long-held US and Israeli goal to deliberately foment civil war in Iraq and break up the country along sectarian lines. Preceding the release of the recent Al-Zarqawi video tape, the Pentagon embarked on a propaganda push to magnify the role and influence of Al-Zarqawi in Iraq - reinforcing the 'Al-Qaeda in Iraq' brand myth and pinning the increasingly unpopular occupation to the wider 'war on terror'. Leaked documents splashed in the New York Times were proof that the Pentagon has even gone to the lengths of faking letters taking credit for insurgent bombings, attributing them to Al-Zarqawi and leaking them to journalists. Transcripts of meetings between the Joint Chiefs of Staff discussed turning Al-Zarqawi into a caricature and making him appear, "more important than he really is." The same documents directly stated that the false promotion of Al-Zarqawi included marking the the "U.S. Home Audience" as one of the targets of a broader propaganda campaign." This alone is bullet proof evidence that the Al-Zarqawi image, whether the real Al-Zarqawi was alive, dead or rotting away at Guantanamo Bay, was carefully controlled and massaged by the US military-industrial complex all along. His shining achievement in terms of aiding his Neo-Con bosses was to launch a wave of copy-cat beheadings after appearing in the production of the fictional Nick Berg beheading tape. The amount of times that Al-Zarqawi has been reported as killed or captured is beyond a joke but the Pentagon refused to verify any of these instances choosing instead to keep their pawn in place for the time being. CLIP

(...) The War Party is utilizing the zapping of Zarqawi as an occasion to, as the president put it, "give us renewed confidence in the final outcome of this struggle," but that is not only improbable – it is the exact opposite of what is likely to occur. As former Pentagon analyst Anthony Cordesman framed Zarqawi's death:"Most of the insurgency will not be affected, because al-Qaeda is a highly visible and extraordinarily brutal cadre within a much larger group of different insurgent movements. These groups will not be directly affected by Zarqawi's death and could be strengthened if his death weakens al-Qaeda." CLIP

Al-Zarqawi: Dead US Government Agent
Jack Blood fills in for Alex Jones and is joined by Paul Joseph Watson and later Kurt Nimmo to discuss the death of Musab Al-Zarqawi and the bullet proof evidence that he was a Pentagon created boogeyman caricature use to take the fall for staged bombings in Iraq.

The "Elimination" of Zarqawi: A New Episode of the Media War
"We have the bloodied head of the feared Zarqawi displayed on TV by the very military that will not allow us to see the American dead coming home ... What a coup! What a show! And what an event for Iraqi 'leaders' to show off, using phrases like 'he has been eliminated.' Within hours, the more polished US military spinmeisters were showing the airstrikes at a press conference, declaring a 'major victory' and pronouncing another 'turning point,'" Danny Schechter writes.



Unreported: The Zarqawi Invitation

By Greg Palast -- t r u t h o u t | Report

09 June 2006

They got him - the big, bad, beheading berserker in Iraq. But, something's gone unreported in all the glee over getting Zarqawi - who invited him into Iraq in the first place?

If you prefer your fairy tales unsoiled by facts, read no further. If you want the uncomfortable truth, begin with this: A phone call to Baghdad to Saddam's Palace on the night of April 21, 2003. It was Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on a secure line from Washington to General Jay Garner.

The General had arrives in Baghdad just hours before to take charge of the newly occupied nation. The message from Rumsfeld was not a heartwarming welcome. Rummy told Garner, Don't unpack, Jack - you're fired.

What had Garner done? The many-starred general had been sent by the President himself to take charge of a deeply dangerous mission. Iraq was tense but relatively peaceful. Garner's job was to keep the peace and bring democracy.

Unfortunately for the general, he took the President at his word. But the general was wrong. "Peace" and "Democracy" were the slogans.

"My preference," Garner told me in his understated manner, "was to put the Iraqis in charge as soon as we can and do it in some form of elections."

But elections were not in The Plan.

The Plan was a 101-page document to guide the long-term future of the land we'd just conquered. There was nothing in it about democracy or elections or safety. There was, rather, a detailed schedule for selling off "all [Iraq's] state assets" - and Iraq, that's just about everything - "especially," said The Plan, "the oil and supporting industries." Especially the oil.

There was more than oil to sell off. The Plan included the sale of Iraq's banks, and weirdly, changing it's copyright laws and other odd items that made the plan look less like a program for Iraq to get on its feet than a program for corporate looting of the nation's assets. (And indeed, we discovered at BBC, behind many of the odder elements - copyright and tax code changes - was the hand of lobbyist Jack Abramoff's associate Grover Norquist.)

But Garner didn't think much of The Plan, he told me when we met a year later in Washington. He had other things on his mind. "You prevent epidemics, you start the food distribution program to prevent famine."

Seizing title and ownership of Iraq's oil fields was not on Garner's must-do list. He let that be known to Washington. "I don't think [Iraqis] need to go by the U.S. plan, I think that what we need to do is set an Iraqi government that represents the freely elected will of the people." He added, "It's their country, their oil."

Apparently, the Secretary of Defense disagreed. So did lobbyist Norquist. And Garner incurred their fury by getting carried away with the "democracy" idea: he called for quick elections - within 90 days of the taking of Baghdad.

But Garner's 90-days-to-elections commitment ran straight into the oil sell-off program. Annex D of the plan indicated that would take at least 270 days - at least 9 months.

Worse, Garner was brokering a truce between Sunnis, Shias and Kurds. They were about to begin what Garner called a "Big Tent" meeting to hammer out the details and set the election date. He figured he had 90 days to get it done before the factions started slitting each other's throats.

But a quick election would mean the end of the state-asset sell-off plan: An Iraqi-controlled government would never go along with what would certainly amount to foreign corporations swallowing their entire economy. Especially the oil. Garner had spent years in Iraq, in charge of the Northern Kurdish zone and knew Iraqis well. He was certain that an asset-and-oil grab, "privatizations," would cause a sensitive population to take up the gun. "That's just one fight you don't want to take on right now."

But that's just the fight the neo-cons at Defense wanted. And in Rumsfeld's replacement for Garner, they had a man itching for the fight. Paul Bremer III had no experience on the ground in Iraq, but he had one unbeatable credential that Garner lacked: Bremer had served as Managing Director of Kissinger and Associates.

In April 2003, Bremer instituted democracy Bush style: he canceled elections and appointed the entire government himself. Two months later, Bremer ordered a halt to all municipal elections including the crucial vote to Shia seeking to select a mayor in the city of Najaf. The front-runner, moderate Shia Asad Sultan Abu Gilal warned, "If they don't give us freedom, what will we do? We have patience, but not for long." Local Shias formed the "Mahdi Army," and within a year, provoked by Bremer's shutting their paper, attacked and killed 21 U.S. soldiers.

The insurgency had begun. But Bremer's job was hardly over. There were Sunnis to go after. He issued "Order Number One: De-Ba'athification." In effect, this became "De-Sunni-fication."

Saddam's generals, mostly Sunnis, who had, we learned, secretly collaborated with the US invasion and now expected their reward found themselves hunted and arrested. Falah Aljibury, an Iraqi-born US resident who helped with the pre-invasion brokering, told me, "U.S. forces imprisoned all those we named as political leaders," who stopped Iraq's army from firing on U.S. troops.

Aljibury's main concern was that busting Iraqi collaborators and Ba'athist big shots was a gift "to the Wahabis," by which he meant the foreign insurgents, who now gained experienced military commanders, Sunnis, who now had no choice but to fight the US-installed regime or face arrest, ruin or death. They would soon link up with the Sunni-defending Wahabi, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was committed to destroying "Shia snakes."

And the oil fields? It was, Aljibury noted, when word got out about the plans to sell off the oil fields (thanks to loose lips of the US-appointed oil minister) that pipelines began to blow. Although he had been at the center of planning for invasion, Aljibury now saw the greed-crazed grab for the oil fields as the fuel for a civil war that would rip his country to pieces:

"Insurgents," he said, "and those who wanted to destabilize a new Iraq have used this as means of saying, 'Look, you're losing your country. You're losing your leadership. You're losing all of your resources to a bunch of wealthy people. A bunch of billionaires in the world want to take you over and make your life miserable.' And we saw an increase in the bombing of oil facilities, pipelines, of course, built on - built on the premise that privatization [of oil] is coming."

General Garner, watching the insurgency unfold from the occupation authority's provocations, told me, in his understated manner, "I'm a believer that you don't want to end the day with more enemies than you started with."

But you can't have a war president without a war. And you can't have a war without enemies. "Bring 'em on," our Commander-in-Chief said. And Zarqawi answered the call.




Shadowy group meets amid secrecy in Ottawa

Jun. 9 2006 - News Staff

A shadowy group of world leaders and decision makers are meeting in Ottawa this weekend, cloaked in a blanket of security and secrecy that has conspiracy theorists' websites working overtime.

Considered one of the world's most powerful and secret societies, the Bilderberg group's annual meeting was scheduled to be attended by about 130 people at the Brook Street Resort.

The guest list, according to an unsigned press release obtained by The Canadian Press, includes the likes of David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Holland's Queen Beatrix, and New York Gov. George Pataki.

And the Canadian complement includes Indigo books CEO Heather Reisman and former New Brunswick premier Frank McKenna.

British prime ministers Tony Blair has spoken to the group in the past, as have former Canadian prime ministers Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien. Stephen Harper attended in 2003, when he was Opposition Leader. The prime minister is not expected, however, to attend this year's conference.

Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theorists maintain the group has played a key role in world events, allegedly orchestrating the move to a common European currency and getting Bill Clinton elected after he agreed to sign onto NAFTA. And in Yugoslavia, Serbs have blamed Bilderberg for starting the war that led to the downfall of former dictator Slobodan Milosevic.

And according to the release, this year's group will discuss high oil prices and the best way to deal with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But beyond the press release -- which was tantamount to transparency by Bilderberg standards -- there is little indication about what will take place within the hotel.

Canadian writer Daniel Estulin, who has been following Bilderberg for years, describes it as a "powerful" group of politicians and business people with one objective: "To create a one-world government where you don't have individual nations -- you have one region, one religion, one constitution, one church, one currency and one country."

"And you're seeing it right now as you have NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and you have the European Community (EC)," Estulin, author of Club Bilderberg, said Friday on CTV's Mike Duffy Live.

The author claims he has several "intimate friends" who are Bilderbergers, who are constantly feeding him information about the proceedings.

Journalists are banned from the proceedings, except in special cases, and attendees never speak about what took place inside the meetings.

"No one is allowed to talk about it -- but you have within the conference itself the members of the Bilderberg press," said Estulin, adding that members of The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek magazine, The Financial Times and Time magazine are in attendance.

Security measures

Other guests at the Ottawa hotel were asked to check-out before Thursday, cars left in the parking lot will be towed, and members of the hotel gym were told it would be inaccessible for four days.

On Thursday, this year's guests began arriving at the suburban Ottawa location. They came in black limousines and sedans with darkly tinted windows, surrounded by burly security guards and passing through a security checkpoint a half-kilometre away from the hotel.

Even uniformed Ottawa police were required to show identification to private security personnel before passing through the gates.

The Bilderberg group has been surrounded in high level secrecy since it was established by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands in 1954.

The group, which is known by the name of the Dutch hotel where the first conference was held, was originally formed with the goal of establishing better cooperation and understanding between the U.S. and Europe.

There are no real members of the group. Instead, a secret steering committee sends out invitations to mainly business and political leaders each year.

The group has headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands, at a building where phone calls are met by a recorded voice with instructions to leave a message, and calls are reportedly never returned.

Critics such as Estulin say the group is sinister and elitist, and that it operates entirely through self interest.

If the group's motives are legitimate, they ask, why keep their meetings so secret?

"Now you have 125 of the most powerful people in the world, and no one seems to want to know what these people are talking about. If this is not a conspiracy, I don't know what is," he said.

The group, however, claims secrecy is necessary in order to stimulate discussions.

"The meeting is private to encourage frank and open discussion," said the press release.

"There will be no press conference."

Over the past five years, the group's annual meetings have been held in the following locations:

* 2000 (June 1-3) Brussels, Belgium
* 2001 (May 24-27) Gothenburg, Sweden
* 2002 (May 30-June 2) Chantilly,VA, United States
* 2003 (May 15-18) in Versailles, France
* 2004 (June 3-6) in Stresa, Italy
* 2005 (May 5-8) Rottach-Egern, Germany

See also:

Police State or Overzealous Border Patrol? Alex Jones Incident (June 9 2006)
(...) We have seen it coming, said it was coming and apparently the 'police state' is here. On Wednesday night, American Journalist, national syndicated broadcaster and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones and his crew of two arrived in Ottawa to cover and document this year's meeting of the Bilderberg Group. They were immediately detained, separated, searched, interrogated, verbally abused, threatened, had their equipment confiscated and were held incommunicado for some fifteen grueling hours. Is this Canada? I for one am outraged ! I think that independent media members with no criminal history, nor history of violence, and who have made no threat to our nation have just as much right to enter Canada as other journalists working for mega-corporations - and for that matter, the owners and financiers of these mega-corps, who are seemingly immune from immigration laws and the treatment afforded Mr. Jones. Apparently they can come and go as they please. (...) The Bilderbergers cannot be equated with rich Hollywood stars trying to enjoy some privacy with family and friends, who deserve to be left alone (but who are not). They are undeniably the global power elite and are discussing (some might say conspiring), setting their agenda and through the power of money and influence, putting it into practice, and we have a right to know what it is, and to demonstrate against it, if we decide that we are opposed. Without independent inquiry and exposure, we are simply blind little sheep to be herded and exploited. CLIP

Bilderberg Mafia Comes Under Scrutiny Of Canadian Media (June 9 2006)
How long before kingmakers forced to retreat to secret island? -- The Canadian media has already blitzed its American counterparts by producing a rash of reports about the secretive Bilderberg Group meeting in Ottawa as the conference enters its second day. In 2002 Bilderberg met in Virginia Washington yet not one American newspaper or TV station reported on a confab which is routinely attended by the most influential politicos in the world. That trend has totally reversed this time around, with the Canadian media already pumping out more reports than we saw for the entire duration of last year's conference in Germany. These include several pieces by the Ottawa Citizen, as well as the Globe and Mail and the Ottawa Sun. A Canadian Press article has also been syndicated to numerous different outlets nationwide. A handful of separate reports also covered the grueling 15 hour detainment of Alex Jones by Canadian immigration authorities at the request of Bilderberg security. The Canadian media should be commended for doing their job - putting the lapdog American media to shame - and shining a spotlight on an organization that steers the course of geopolitics yet operates with no democratic oversight whatsoever. If this sea change continues at next year's meeting, how long before the skulking kingpins of the global criminal elite are forced to cut their shadowy deals on a remote private island? (...) It also quotes Alex Jones and discusses his ordeal with Canadian immigration. "These guys love secrecy -- 125 of the most elite people on the planet meeting together and setting policy," Jones said. "It's diabolical -- world government, global taxation. On the agenda here, they're debating (an impending) attack on Iran." Following his arrival in one of the fleet of limousines tagged with a 'B' for identification, The Ottawa Citizen approached arch Neo-Con warmonger Richard Perle and challenged him on the question of whether Bilderberg directs the course of world policy, specifically in relation to oil prices considering the large amount of representatives from the industry who attend. "If it did, I'd be trading on oil futures," snapped Perle. The fact is that during last year's conference in Rottach-Egern, Bilderberg luminaries 'forecasted' the dramatic rise in oil prices. A year ago oil stood at $40 a barrel - now it's $70. The BBC also uncovered Bilderberg documents dating back to the 1950's showing that the subsequent EU common market and the Euro was originally the brainchild of Bilderberg. CLIP

8-11th June Ottawa 2006: Bilderberg 2006 and the Killers of Freedom
Venezuela and Iran, two great global 'problems' which, backed by most of the private money in the world, Bilderbergers will attempt to 'solve' in Ottawa next month. The public's majority view however, which they will scrupulously ignore, is that Venezuela and Iran represent two great bastions of freedom which have defended the views of their respective populations and refused to bow to the totalitarian dominance of the biggest war machine the world has ever seen and the fascist Project for a New American Century. (...) Not since Dr Goebbels in the 1940's has the Western public been subjected to such daily repeated lies right across the news media about Iran, the Western plutocrats' latest 'rogue state'. In an incredible feat of myopia, the BBC scrupulously fails to mention that Iran is keeping to the letter of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, which Israel with its bristling nuclear arsenal still refuses to sign. (...) Kissinger, Queen Bee and the rest of the gang are planning to use their obscene capital wealth for totalitarian ends of war. They have no thought or interest in feeding and house the poor of the world. Rather than forgive strangling debt they will be doing everything in their power to use debt and their virtual private monopoly on the creation of money to acquire more and more of our world. African state water companies, Britain's Channel Three ITV network, everything our councils and our governments hold in trust for we the people, the list goes on. We are sleepwalking into a world unfit for future generations, for our old age and human habitation. Ruled by crooked banks and corporations hell-bent on owning everything on our earth. A global plutocracy. Pinochet, Franco, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini's dream. So what can anyone do about it? We must all actively join the global movement against the impunity of these power grabbing crooks. To support the freedom fighters in Venezuela, Columbia, Iraq, Iran and in the USA, UK and elsewhere in the West. The crooks are protected by interlocking secret-society colleagues across the criminal justice system, but only if we let them. Victories have been few and ironically for Bilderberg this year Canadians have shown the way to bringing down Conrad Black, hater of trades unions and fraudster extraordinaire, the world has a lot to learn from the tremendous efforts of the Canadian Authorities to fearlessly arrest, charge and prosecute. We must also prohibit all freemasons or other members of secret societies from holding any public office. CLIP

Much much more at and


Date: 09 Jun 2006
Subject: Alex Jones Detained On Orders Of Bilderberg 


*15 hours of hell at the hands of immigration who knew they were coming.

June 8, 2006

Alex Jones and his team were detained by Canadian immigration on orders of the Bilderberg Group for a 15 hour nightmare of interrogation, accusations and threats of arrests in anticipation of the conference in Ottawa which starts today. The group were detained at 11:45pm last night and only released after 2pm today. Customs openly told Alex as soon as they brought him into custody that the Bilderberg Group was aware of his arrival and that this was the reason for his detainment. All three members of the team were instantly detained despite going through different immigration desks. Officials knew everything about Alex, even the fact that *George W. Bush had once had him arrested in 1998.

"I was screamed at, I was cussed at, I was interrogated," said Alex. Jail threats were issued as officials seized and searched through Alex's equipment for 15 hours. He was told that if any trace of pornography was found on his three computers that he would be arrested. "They were talking about how I was a criminal - they hooked our laptop computers up and said that if they found any porn, even mainstream porn, that it's illegal to take it across lines and that we'd be going to jail," said Alex, thanking God that no trace of any porn was found on his office computers. Searches continued throughout the night and again in the morning.

Immigrations officials seemed to take a gleeful satisfaction in detaining the team, claiming they were liars and not part of the media despite one admitting to having seen an Alex Jones documentary. Accusations of drugs and weapons smuggling were thrown around without recourse.

"You Americans shit all over us Canadians think you can do anything you want to us," said one immigration official who was acting more like a drill sergeant. Towards the end of the ordeal national media, including the Ottawa Citizen and CBC, got wind of what was unfolding and sent journalists to the airport to talk to Alex.

A CBC journalist vouched for the fact that Alex was in the media and that she was planning on interviewing him, after also being subjected to a barrage of questions by officials. At this point immigration officials sharply changed their attitude, reversed a likely decision to deport the team and by the end were apologetic and conciliatory about the entire issue. Alex would like to make it clear that the immigration officials on the whole were just doing what they were told in trying to prove who Alex was and they should not be the focus of any vitriol. Alex himself admits that his behavior was not perfect and he smarted off a couple of times when he should have remained quiet.

The major element of this story is that the pressure was brought to bear by Bilderberg. The point to emphasize again is that it was brazenly stated that the Bilderberg Group were behind the decision to detain Alex and his team. Bilderberg have acquired a notorious reputation of harassing journalists, including Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin, who are simply trying to report on a meeting of the world's most influential powerbrokers.

The immigrations officials said that their reason for detaining Alex was because they feared he was in the country to infiltrate the Bilderberg meeting. Since being allowed to enter the country the team have been watched and tracked by several nefarious individuals and also followed by car. The team booked a decoy hotel in order fool Bilderberg security as to their real location. The decoy hotel has been receiving numerous calls from individuals within Bilderberg's Brooke Street hotel - despite the fact that Alex told no one he was staying there. Further reports on this incident and developments from the Bilderberg conference itself will feature here over the next few days. Jack Blood will host Alex's talk show today.


Forwarded by "Kathleen Roberts">


Nexus Points Emerge For Potential Summer Attack

All indications suggest uncomfortable season of fear ahead

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | June 6 2006

Numerous nexus points have emerged that suggest major western governments are preparing for a summer terror attack that will come close to but not match 9/11 in scale and will provide the justification needed for an air strike on Iran before the midterm elections in early November.

While there is a danger of becoming the boy who cried wolf, disturbing trends over the last couple of months do strongly indicate that the twist in the tale, which is always to be expected in an election year, will be a staged attack on a major developed city or the soccer World Cup. Here are the red flags.

- An increase in taped messages from supposed Al-Qaeda figures Osama bin Laden and Musab Al-Zarqawi.

- Terror arrests in England and Canada that seem to have little purpose other than making a future attack seem inevitable in the minds of the public.

- A report in the Washington Post detailing how 4,000 federal government officials will enter shadow government bunkers on June 19th for a continuity of government drill in anticipation of a major terrorist attack. Every major terrorist attack is preceded by or runs parallel to a government drill in order to provide governments with plausible deniability if they get caught facilitating the attack.

- Martial law evacuation exercises being conducted in Washington DC under the cover of manufactured crises.

- A nationwide FEMA program teaching Pastors and other neighborhood volunteers to inculcate the inevitability of martial law in America to their communities and urging them not to resist when it happens, a procedure set to be completed at the end of August.

- A report from CBS News quoting anonymous US government officials who say that they would be surprised if an attack didn't happen before the end of the year, albeit on a smaller scale than 9/11.

- Sagging presidential approval numbers that have dipped into the twenties for the first time.

- A GOP memo that touts a devastating attack by terrorists on US soil as a way of keeping the Republican party from losing control of Congress in the 2006 midterm elections and restoring Bush's image as a war leader.

- The need for a pretext to launch an air strike on Iran's alleged nuclear processing facilities, an eventuality scheduled for later this month or in July, according to former CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

- Israel's fundamentalist insistence that such an attack be launched as soon as possible.

- A pretext that could be created by means of a false flag attack on the World Cup in Germany, blamed on Hizbullah and by proxy Iran. Israel have sent out veiled threats that this could happen and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's decision to travel to Germany if his country reaches the second round of the tournament is more likely to be based around his desire to offset the potential attack than his love of soccer.

Any future terror attack does not even have to lead back to Iran in order to rally enough support to attack an innocent country as we saw with Iraq. About half of Americans see the world as divided between good guys and bad guys. There really is no need for the shadow government to become more sophisticated in their methods but this might prove their downfall at a later date.

When considered in a nexus, these indications all unfortunately illustrate a desperate drive towards preparing western populations for another attack this summer.


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Daniel Ellsberg Discusses US Concentration Camps (9 Jun 2006)
Almost certainly this is preparation for a roundup after the next 9/11 for Mid-Easterners, Muslims and possibly dissenters," says Daniel Ellsberg, a former military analyst who in 1971 released the Pentagon Papers, the U.S. military's account of its activities in Vietnam. "They've already done this on a smaller scale, with the 'special registration' detentions of immigrant men from Muslim countries, and with Guantanamo."


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis"> on May 29


Condemning Zionism is crucial to world peace, and essential to peace in the Muslim and Arab world

by Anisa Abd el Fattah

May 16 2006

"If the United States does not undergo substantive foreign policy change, one-day we may find ourselves answering for our crimes against humanity before an international court of law, and in that case, it will be hard for us to explain how and why we felt that it was either moral, or legal to accept the implantation of a foreign entity onto the sovereign land of another people."

When we imagine what it has perhaps cost the US to sustain the Palestine/ Israel conflict, the amount imagined is mind-boggling. When we look at Israel today, seeking to ascertain what we got for our money, it is mind blowing, and heart breaking. Perhaps trillions of dollars have made their way from the United States to Israel since 1948 by various routes, and most, if not all of that money has been used to kill Palestinians, to vilify Islam, and to prevent economic, social and political development, while destroying any semblance of modernity that presently exists in the Muslim and Arab world, which is arguably the underlying objective of the Iraq invasion, and also the destruction of Lebanon, and why we are stalking Iran. The United States, whether knowingly or unknowingly has, and is participating in one of the most violent and deadly genocidal campaigns of ethnic cleansing ever carried out against any people other than the Native Americans slaughtered during the Indian wars here in the states, and we have done this through our military aide, and also our acceptance of the Zionist ideal, an evil and racist ideology that not only directly contrasts everything we profess to stand for as a country, but that also violates every relevant divine, human rights, or other law, including our own laws, as well as every norm of decency known to the human species. Our support for Israel has caused the US to be complicit in a crime against humanity from which our nation may never be able to economically, politically, or spiritually recover except through deep and sweeping changes in heart, mind and strategy.

If the United States does not undergo substantive foreign policy change, one-day we may find ourselves answering for our crimes against humanity before an international court of law, and in that case, it will be hard for us to explain how and why we felt that it was either moral, or legal to accept the implantation of a foreign entity onto the sovereign land of another people. We will be forced to answer and explain why we armed that entity, allowed it to have nuclear weapons, and why we stood guard over this evil, preventing all international censure, and condemnation as we watched it carry out every technique that it could, hoping to steal even more land, kill out the indigenous people, and to declare itself superior to all other nation/states, including our own country, its number one patron, and our own people, most of who are not Jewish. An even greater crime than our irresponsible use of US treasure and influence to eliminate the Palestinian people, are our attempts to tie their hands to prevent them from mounting a self defense, much in the way hogs were once tied-up to be slaughtered. Having attempted to strip the Palestinians of their human dignity in almost every way imaginable, we have systematically passed laws, and issued presidential decrees, paid for by Israeli backed lobbyists, which deems their struggle for survival, terrorist and criminal, while the crimes of their occupiers are deemed worthy, not only of US military support, but also billions of US taxpayer dollars annually, making our crime of complicity with Israel, also a crime against our own country, and our own people.

Historically, our Congress has consistently and loyally, without any moral regard, compunction, or conscience used US treasure, and also our political, and economic influence to sustain the illegal occupation of Palestine, even to the detriment of our own stated interests. We have become the most hated, and feared nation in the world, simply because in our international affairs, and our “unconditional” support for Israel, we have demonstrated an incompetence, immaturity and callousness that is to be feared, and also hated. What nation of noble, decent and respectable people can advocate, support and advance Zionism as a philosophy, when it is clear, and even Zionists have confessed in so many words, that Zionism is indeed an ideology which seeks to establish norms of thought and behaviors that are racists, immoral and inhumane. A poem written by a member of the Zionist Jabotinsky movement, and a close friend of Ariel Sharon, cited in an article by Israeli author, Israel Shamir (The Cornerstone of Violence, Aug. 2001), perhaps is the best evidence that Zionism is indeed an idea that is incompatible with international norms in thinking about racial and religious supremacism, extremism and intolerance. The poem says,

We the chosen ones are united by hatred to the slave tribes that rose and dethroned our ancestors and rejected our God. Once you know your place in the world, a swine must stay in its sty. You revolted, and forced us to serve you, but now your end is nigh. We are the masters. You are the slaves. This is God’s design. Soon our sun will rise again, and the slaves would not dare to look at it. And then, the Lord of my people will appear in heaven, while we, the dozens of dozen thousand, chosen ones will sit in the great amphitheatre and watch the miserable columns of souls crawling into their paradise. By God’s will we will name it Auschwitz.

We all know that if any one except a Zionist had expressed these ideas, we would consider that person’s comment to be outside the pale of acceptable civil discourse. If anyone had said such things, referring to the Jews as slaves, etc. they would immediately and in the strongest terms be declared anti-Semitic, and we would read about it and hear about those comments if not for months, at least for weeks in the mainstream media. From the presidents of the world, to the UN, statements would be issued condemning, scolding, and perhaps even threatening anyone who would say things, but only if they are directed towards Jews. How can any of us ever forget when the leader of Germany visited the White House, and began her speech saying that the world should unite in condemning Iran, since its leader had asked why Jews had been granted land in Palestine as reparations for European racism. Threats of invasion, war, and other reactions to the statement were reported daily, condemning Iran and its president for asking publicly what is asked secretly by sane and just people everyday, and in every corner of the world. Few, if anyone except those who either read the poem when it appeared in an Israeli newspaper, or read the Shamir article would have ever heard of this poem, or read these remarks, since they were not publicized, the writer was not publicly censured, and his sentiments received no condemnation.

In the most simplest terms, Zionism is simply abhorrent, and it should no longer be sustained with either US tax dollars, or by our moral capitulation and tacit consent for its violent attempts to expand its influence through the illegal occupation and confiscation of land, and usurpation of power, especially here in the US, where it has attached itself to our government like a malignant cancer that is eating away, and destroying our national body, and also our national soul. In our country’s joint efforts with Zionists, to destroy the Palestinians, and Islam, we are destroying ourselves, and our country is declining in international stature, and in other important ways, while Zionism grows stronger, more ugly, and more smug and arrogant in its supremacism, and so too must the international resistance to this last remnant of primitive man’s primal quest for survival through either the destruction or subjugation of all other living things. It was not enough to end slavery, and to rebuke racism in the US, or to dissemble Zionism, manifest as white supremacism in South Africa. Today the world is challenged with the task to once and for all time, eradicate Zionism by drying up the religious and intellectual swamps wherein it breeds, while dismantling its various projects which include the occupations of Palestine and Iraq, its almost daily attacks on Lebanon, and its threats against both Syria and Iran, and its possible attempts to expand into Sudan through Darfur.


Source: Anisa Abd el Fattah
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The Threat of Zionism - Leland Lehrman - Rense 2005.mp3

ADL, Zionist Policies Causing Rise In Anti-Jewish Sentiment
(...) Protocols is so violently cataclysmic to the man of good intent's understanding of modern history as to virtually guarantee a political and historical awakening which will unavoidably lead to an understanding of the continuing problem of Jewish racism and supremacism. It will also demonstrate that Jewish Supremacism operates on at least an equal footing with Luciferian Freemasonry in the creation of that diabolical political nightmare euphemistically called the New World Order. CLIP



Date: 31 May 2006
From: ICIS-Institute for Cooperation in Space>
Subject: U.S. should scrap missile defence plan, Blix says


U.S. should scrap missile defence plan, Blix says


Globe and Mail Update

OTTAWA — Hans Blix, the UN's former chief weapons inspector, and a blue-ribbon international commission say the United States should halt deployment of its missile defence system and concentrate instead arms control measures.

In a report to be presented to the UN Thursday, Mr. Blix and the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission warn that missile defence systems like the one being built by the United States threaten global peace and security.

Deployment of such systems risk “creating or aggravating arms races,” says the commission's final report.

Mr. Blix, the chairman of the commission, was the chief weapons inspector for Iraq before the U.S.-led invasion. His recommendation to allow inspectors more time to try to find weapons of mass destruction was ignored by President George W. Bush's administration, which now admits there were no such weapons.

This new report is likely to receive a cool welcome in Washington as well. Mr. Bush made deployment of a missile defence system a high priority early in his administration. Some ground-based interceptors - rockets intended to shoot down incoming ballistic missiles - have since been installed in Alaska, but their reliability has been questioned by an independent oversight agency of the U.S. Congress.

Mr. Blix's international commission, whose 14 members include William Perry, a former U.S. defence secretary, says that rather than trying to build a missile defence shield the U.S. should negotiate new treaties to eliminate the threat of ballistic missiles.

The 40-year-old Outer Space Treaty, which banned nuclear weapons in space after the U.S. conducted nuclear tests there, should be broadened to cover all proposed types of space weapons, the commission said.

Meanwhile, the U.S. and any other country thinking of deploying missile defence systems should refrain from “any tests against space objects or targets on earth from a space platform.”

In the past decade, the Pentagon has spent billions of dollars researching space-based weapons, including possible development of orbiting high-intensity laser cannons.

The previous Liberal government in Ottawa said Canada would not participate in U.S. missile defence programs involving space-based weapons. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other Conservative ministers have said that while they are not racing to embrace missile defence they would consider any concrete proposal Washington might make down the line.

The Blix commission, whose work was financed chiefly by the Swedish government and partly by the Vancouver-based Simons Foundation, also said the U.S., Russia and other nuclear-weapons states need to take their obligations to eliminate all of these weapons of mass destruction.

The Non-Proliferation Treaty requires countries to eventually get rid of all nuclear weapons, but disarmament efforts have been stalled in recent years despite the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s.

All countries should begin “planning for security without nuclear weapons” and begin incremental steps to get rid of their arsenals.

Current U.S. nuclear doctrine - issued just three months ago - “parted ways with the UN Charter provisions on self-defence,” Mr. Blix says in a preface to the report.

The Bush administration's doctrine leaves open the possibility of using a nuclear weapon to pre-emptively destroy another country's own nuclear arsenal. U.S. officials have said they want to keep this option in case North Korea or Iran develop nuclear weapons.

As long as any one country has nuclear weapons others will want them as well, the report says.

The report also urges the Bush administration to reverse its opposition to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty for nuclear warheads, saying the U.S. has the leverage to lead by example. If the U.S. does not take the lead “there could be more nuclear tests and new nuclear arms races.”



Russia, China Warn of Space Arms Race


Russia and China on The United Nations Conference on Disarmament Thursday warned that space-based weapons would pose as great a threat as weapons of mass destruction, and called for global negotiations to stop their deployment, the Scotsman internet daily reported.

Diplomats said the calls from the two powers were mainly targeted at the United States, expected by some to leave open the option of putting weaponry in orbit when it issues a new space policy soon.

The Conference on Disarmament is focusing talks on the prospects for launching negotiations on the prevention of an arms race in outer space. The U.S. and Britain are virtually alone among the forum’s 65 member states in opposing the start of the negotiations.

Russian ambassador Valery Loshchinin said that “weaponization” of outer space was akin to the “emergence of a new type of weapon of mass destruction”. He added that if there were no weapons in outer space and no room for the use of force, then there would be no arms race there. “We must nip it in the bud”, the ambassador stressed.

Echoing the warning of the Russian official, Chinese ambassador Cheng Jingye stated that, “A world free of outer space weapons is no less important than a world free of the weapons of mass destruction.”

“The development of outer space weapons keeps progressing quietly and relevant military doctrine is taking shape,” he said, without directly naming the Bush administration.

The White House is due to issue a new space policy this month, the first overhaul in a decade. Some U.S. experts have said it would underscore the Pentagon’s determination to protect its existing space assets and maintain dominance of outer space.

Among other countries at the conference session backing the call for talks were Canada, Germany, India, Indonesia (on behalf of the Group of 21 non-aligned countries), North Korea, South Korea and South Africa.

The U.S. delegation did not speak in the three-hour debate. Britain recognized growing concerns by some states, but said it saw no international consensus on the need for a new pact.

A 1967 UN treaty bans weapons of mass destruction from space, but some experts believe the U.S. would not shy from withdrawing from the pact, just as it did from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty so that it could begin deploying a missile defense shield.

China’s envoy said existing international treaties on outer space, including the 1967 and ABM pacts, left gaps. A new international legal instrument was “obviously needed”, and conditions were ripe for launching negotiations, he added.


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Russian FM Voices Concern Over US Military Plans (07.06.2006)
American plans to develop some of its strategic weapons could have a destabilizing effect and lower the threshold of military response, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in his address to the lower house of parliament on Wednesday, Reuters news agency reported.Lavrov also denied foreign reports that Russian military power is in decline. “Such findings try to fit reality to what people want to think,” he said, quoted by Interfax news agency. Lavrov, echoing concerns showed by President Vladimir Putin last month, expressed alarm at U.S. plans to develop low-powered nuclear charges and equip strategic long-range missiles with non-nuclear warheads. “Such plans could have a destabilizing effect, lower the threshold for use of weapons and have destructive consequences for nuclear non-proliferation,” he said in televised comments.Lavrov’s remarks reflected the cool relations with Washington since Vice President Dick Cheney on May 4 sharply attacked Russia’s record on democracy and accused Russia of using its energy exports to blackmail its neighbors. Kremlin officials claim that the Pentagon’s plans to put non-nuclear warheads on submarine-launched Trident missiles are dangerous, as it would be impossible to tell what sort of warhead they were carrying while in flight.Lavrov, who repeated Russia’s strong opposition to Ukraine and Georgia joining the U.S.-led NATO alliance, expressed misgivings about U.S. plans to station parts of its anti-missile defense system in the NATO member states Poland and Czech Republic. The U.S. was moving missiles to eastern Europe on the grounds of defense against Iranian missiles, he said. “There is a danger these planned anti-missile defense silos could be used for secretly stationing ballistic missile weapons.”Lavrov said talks were going on with the United States to clarify Washington’s intentions. “In parallel, we are also expressing our concern and will try to get due consideration for our interests,” he said.

Russia urges Israel against Iran attack (June 9, 2006 )
Russia sent messages to Israel through US intermediaries recently, voicing opposition to a possible military attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, The Jerusalem Post has learned. (...) The Russian concern, according to this assessment, is that UN sanctions would be the start of a "slippery slope" leading inevitably to military action, just as was the case with Iraq. (...) According to assessments reaching Jerusalem from Washington, the US has no intention of either allowing Teheran to enrich uranium on Iranian soil or to assist it in building civilian nuclear capabilities. These assessments contradict press reports this week claiming that the diplomatic package presented to Iran on Tuesday and supported by the US leaves open the possibility in the distant future that Teheran would be able to enrich uranium on its own soil. According to a Washington Post report, this concession - along with a US promise of aid for Iran's civilian nuclear energy program - would be conditioned on Iran suspending its nuclear work until the International Atomic Energy Agency determined that the program was peaceful. CLIP

Cheney Starts New Cold War Over Oil
Mark Ames writes "One of the oddest reactions to Vice President Cheney's now-infamous speech in Lithuania, the one which many Russians believe officially heralded the start of a new Cold War, came from the mainstream American media. What was so strange? They actually did their job."



The Deadliest War In The World

Simmering conflict in Congo has killed 4 million people since 1998, yet few choose to cover the story. TIME looks at a forgotten nation--and what's needed to prevent the deaths of millions more


May 28, 2006

Sitting on a bed in a refugee camp in Katanga, a cursed province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaïre), Mukeya Ulumba, 28, recounts the epic losses she has suffered in recent months. Several of her relatives and neighbors were killed when antigovernment rebels stormed their village last November, moving from house to house in a murder spree that lasted for hours. Ulumba and her husband managed to flee with their four children, leaving behind their life's possessions, a ravaged community of torched houses and the bloodied corpses of family members and friends. Now Ulumba is struggling to save another life: that of her 6-month-old son Amoni Mutombo. The baby lies whimpering in a clinic run by the aid organization Doctors Without Borders. His belly is distended by malnutrition, and although he appears to be in pain, he has no energy to cry. A nurse tries for half an hour to inject antibiotics into Amoni's twiglike arm, its wrinkled skin wrapped loosely around the bones. Without the drugs, he will die, wasting away from starvation.

Some wars go on killing long after they end. In Congo, a nation of 63 million people in the heart of Africa, a peace deal signed more than three years ago was supposed to halt a war that drew in belligerents from at least eight other countries, producing a record of human devastation unmatched in recent history. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) estimates that 3.9 million people have died from war-related causes since the conflict in Congo began in 1998, making it the world's most lethal conflict since World War II.

By conventional measures, that conflict is over. Congo is no longer the playground of foreign armies. The country's first real election in 40 years is scheduled to take place this summer, and international troops have arrived to keep the peace. But the suffering of Congo's people continues. Fighting persists in the east, where rebel holdouts loot, rape and murder. The Congolese army, which was meant to be both symbol and protector in the reunited country, has cut its own murderous swath, carrying out executions and razing villages. Even deadlier are the side effects of war, the scars left by years of brutality that disfigure Congo's society and infrastructure. The country is plagued by bad sanitation, disease, malnutrition and dislocation. Routine and treatable illnesses have become weapons of mass destruction. According to the IRC, which has conducted a series of detailed mortality surveys over the past six years, 1,250 Congolese still die every day because of war-related causes--the vast majority succumbing to diseases and malnutrition that wouldn't exist in peaceful times. In many respects, the country remains as broken, volatile and dangerous as ever, which is to say, among the very worst places on earth.

Yet Congo's troubles rarely make daily news headlines, and the country is often low on international donors' lists of places to help. After Sudan, Congo is the second largest nation in sub-Saharan Africa, a land so vast and ungovernable that it has long been perceived as the continent's ultimate hellhole, the setting for Joseph Conrad's 1899 book Heart of Darkness. It is in part because of that malign reputation--and because the nation's feckless rulers have consistently reinforced it--that the world has been willing to let Congo bleed. Since 2000, the U.N. has spent billions on its peacekeeping mission in Congo, which is known by its French acronym, MONUC, and it is at the moment the largest U.N. force anywhere in the world. But troops number just 17,500, a tiny presence in such a large country. In February the U.N. and aid groups working in Congo asked for $682 million in humanitarian funds. So far, they have received just $94 million--or $9.40 for every person in need. By comparison, the aid group Oxfam estimates that the U.N.'s tsunami appeal last year raised $550 for each person.

There are various explanations for the neglect. Perhaps the global reservoir of wealth and goodwill runs only so deep. Perhaps the attention and outrage directed toward another African tragedy, the genocide in Darfur, have left the world too exhausted to take on Congo's. But a choice like that comes with a cost. Congo represents the promise of Africa as much as its misery: its fertile fields and tropical forests cover an area bigger than California, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon and Texas combined. Its soils are packed with diamonds, gold, copper, tantalum (known locally as coltan and used in electronic devices such as cell phones and laptop computers) and uranium. The waters of its mighty river could one day power the continent. Yet because Congo is so rich in resources, its problems, when left to fester, tend to suck its neighbors into a vortex of exploitation and chaos. And so fixing Congo is essential to fixing Africa. Says Anneke Van Woudenberg, a senior researcher for Human Rights Watch: "If you want peace in Africa, then you need to deal with the biggest country right at its heart."

That task is enormous. Over the past year, TIME reporters who visited the worst-hit areas in the east of the country found much of it in ruins. Roads and railway lines have washed away or simply disappeared into the jungle. Hospitals and health clinics have been destroyed. Electricity, for those lucky enough to receive it, is patchy. Refugees fleeing fighting between government troops and rebels talk of beheadings, rapes, massacres and torched villages. Their stories, coming eight years after the start of fighting in Congo, sound eerily similar to the reports of atrocities committed in Darfur. In that sense they are powerful admonishments to those who believe the West's responsibilities in Darfur may have been lifted with the signing of a peace agreement in early May: Congo's warring parties too say they are abiding by a peace deal, monitored by U.N. troops. But the dying continues. Congo provides tragic proof that in some places peace and war can look a lot alike.

Malemba-Nkulu is a small town on the upper reaches of the Congo River. Since late last year, the town has swelled with the arrival of some 18,000 refugees who left their villages to escape fighting between government troops and a vicious rebel outfit known as the Mai Mai. Most arrive with little more than the clothes they are wearing. Sitting outside a modest house where they rent a room, Ngoi Banza Leontine, 45, and her husband Monji Banza, 47, say they fled the fighting with their nine children just before Christmas, after the Mai Mai came to their village and burned many of the houses. The Mai Mai, who believe in magic and occultism, began cutting open people's stomachs even before killing them to take parts of their bodies for fetishes. Leontine says she is haunted by the memory of one friend's death. The woman was killed by a machete and then beheaded. "Her head was put on a stick on the edge of the village. I was very, very sad because it was someone I knew," Leontine says softly, holding her 7-month-old baby boy to her chest to keep him quiet. "Whoever could flee ran as fast as possible. They raped women and burned the houses ... Sometimes people were still inside them." Says her husband, who works for local farmers for about 25¢ a day: "They took tongues and thumbs and the genitals of women and men. We want to have a normal life. We need clothes and mosquito nets."

For millions of Congolese like Esperance Live, every day seems to bring a fight for survival. TIME met her last year in a rundown government hospital in Bunia, a dusty town in Congo's northeast. Her son Jonathan, 2, was propped up on a tangled wad of clothes atop a rusting bed; he hadn't moved his limbs or spoken for weeks. Live had already endured a lifetime of sorrow. She lost two children to treatable illnesses. Her sister, her father and an aunt were all murdered in attacks by one of the ethnic militias that terrorize this corner of Congo. Doctors at the hospital determined that Jonathan had meningitis, a life-threatening but treatable inflammation of the lining around the brain and spinal cord. Françoise Ngave, a nurse in the children's ward, said, "If he stays here, he can live," but his mother had little hope left.

Congo's history often seems like an uninterrupted tale of woe. After decades of often brutal foreign rule, first as the private possession of King Leopold II of Belgium and then as a Belgian colony, Congo won its independence in 1960. But within months its first elected Prime Minister had been killed by Belgium- and U.S.-backed opponents because of his growing ties to the Soviet Union, an assassination that eventually opened the way for army general Mobutu Sese Seko to grab power. A U.S. favorite during the cold war, Mobutu presided over one of the most corrupt regimes in African history, siphoning off billions from state-owned companies and allowing most of the country to languish. In 1996 neighboring Rwanda and Uganda jointly invaded Congo to eliminate the Hutu militias, known as the Interahamwe, that had been responsible for the Rwandan genocide and were hiding in Congo's eastern forests. As the invading armies advanced across the country, Mobutu fled, and the invaders installed a small-time rebel leader named Laurent Kabila as President.

But things got worse. In 1998, after Kabila got too friendly with the Interahamwe, Uganda and Rwanda invaded Congo again, triggering what became known as Africa's first world war. The scramble for power and resources dragged in forces from at least eight African neighbors, spawned a myriad of Congolese factions and set off campaigns of ethnic cleansing. Kabila, as nasty and corrupt as his predecessor, was shot dead by one of his bodyguards in 2001. His son Joseph, 29, assumed power. One year later, after some arm twisting by continental power South Africa (whose leaders recognize the crucial role Congo could play in their plan for an African rebirth), the young leader and most of the rebel groups and foreign forces in the country signed a peace deal. A national army was formed, aimed at integrating soldiers who had previously been trying to kill one another. And the Congolese people, who maintain a sense of spirit and beauty despite the horrors around them, dared to hope for a better country.

In the three years since then, some things in Congo have improved. Mining firms have returned, and cell-phone companies--particularly welcome in a country that has just a few thousand fixed lines serving more than 60 million people--are doing a booming business. But in some parts of the country, the fighting has never really stopped. The U.N.'s peacekeeping force has got tougher in the past year, chasing rebels and apprehending or even killing them, but the force lacks the numbers to impose complete order. Congolese troops who are supposed to be helping the U.N. peacekeepers have proved ineffective and corrupt and have been hampered by slow and often nonexistent wages. The European Union is working on ensuring that salaries and rations get to Congo's soldiers, and there has been some improvement. But corruption is still a big problem. A Western official in Kinshasa, Congo's capital, estimates that at least $3.2 million of the $8 million a month budgeted for Congo's military is stolen.

Frustrated and often hungry, Congolese units have taken to looting and pillaging the people they are meant to protect. In early May, Congolese troops in Ituri in the northeast forced at least 4,500 refugees out of a camp because they suspected militia fighters were sheltering there. Some Congolese units have split back into their rebel and ethnic parts and turned on one another. The upsurge in rapes, killings and torture by Congo's security forces has become so serious that the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Congo is debating whether to end its cooperation with the police and army altogether.

Congo's elections, set for July 30, have become both the great hope for and the great threat to the country's recovery. A report by the Brussels-based International Crisis Group warns of trouble ahead, since many former belligerents "stand to lose power in the elections and are set on prolonging or disrupting the transition." The elections will be the Congolese people's first chance to choose their leaders in more than four decades. But just holding the vote will pose a logistical nightmare. It can take four or five days to travel 50 miles by road. The country's main artery remains the snaking Congo River, which is full of treacherous sandbars and shifting currents. The country "hasn't had a census since 1984. There are no ID cards in memory. We will need at least 40,000 to 50,000 polling stations," says William Lacy Swing, veteran U.S. ambassador in Africa and head of the U.N. peacekeeping mission to Congo. He says the poll will cost $422 million. "Elections should be a time of national unity and reconciliation. But if it is not handled correctly, it can be a moment of great division."

Even if the election does run smoothly, Congo's worst problems will surely persist. The country is less a functioning nation-state than a patchwork of disjointed cantons. While the war's messy front line no longer exists, trade between the east and the west is almost nonexistent. "It's as if we are still two countries," says Dr. Pascal Ngoy, a health coordinator for the IRC. That division is felt most keenly in the provinces and is made worse by the long-standing perception that the capital doesn't care about the country's farthest reaches. The local administration in Bunia, for instance, says it sent about $1 million in taxes to Kinshasa in the first half of 2005. It got back just $5,000.

Can Congo be saved? Maybe, but it can't save itself. If the country has any hope of escaping the cycle of violence, misrule and despair, it will need the largesse and mercy of governments and citizens all over the globe. "Even in five years, it will be lucky if we have isolated pockets of real progress," says a Western official in Kinshasa, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Van Woudenberg of Human Rights Watch says, "The focus is on bringing this country to elections, but there's almost no interest in the impunity and human-rights abuses that continue today. The truth is, Congo isn't magically going to become a democracy. It's going to take years of hard work and money."

Is the world willing to see it through? The shame of indifference should be reason enough for action. But without more money from the developed world to help rebuild, without more troops to secure the peace and protect innocent civilians, without a genuine effort by Congo's leaders to work for the country rather than just their part of it and without Congo's neighbors ending their meddlesome ways, Africa's broken heart is unlikely to heal. In 10 years' time, you may be reading another story much like this one. The only difference will be that millions more people will have died.



Hamas military wing calls off Israel truce

By SARAH EL DEEB and IBRAHIM BARZAK, Associated Press Writers 

June 9, 2006

BEIT LAHIYA, Gaza Strip - Hamas militants called off a truce with Israel on Friday after a barrage of Israeli artillery shells tore into Palestinians at a beachside picnic in the Gaza Strip, killing seven civilians.

The declaration raised the prospect of a new wave of bloodshed. Hamas militants suspended a campaign of deadly suicide attacks on Israelis with a February 2005 cease-fire, and have largely stuck to the truce. The Islamic group now leads the Palestinian government.

"The earthquake in the Zionist towns will start again and the aggressors will have no choice but to prepare their coffins or their luggage," the Hamas militants said in a leaflet. "The resistance groups ... will choose the proper place and time for the tough, strong and unique response."

The Israeli artillery attack was part of a wider aerial and artillery bombardment of suspected Palestinian rocket-launching sites that killed a total of 10 people Friday.

The violence fueled tensions already high over an Israeli airstrike that killed a militant commander in the Hamas-led government Thursday.

Tens of thousands of people packed a Gaza soccer stadium Friday for Jamal Abu Samhadana's funeral. They fired thousands of bullets in the air, chanting, "God is great" and "Revenge, revenge."

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack on the beach as a "genocidal crime." He called for international intervention and declared a three-day period of mourning. His rival, Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, said the shelling was a "war crime" and urged an end to recent fighting between Hamas and Abbas' moderate Fatah movement.

The killings raised questions about whether Abbas would go ahead with referendum on establishing a Palestinian state alongside Israel despite pleas from Hamas to hold off.

Abbas is eager to restart stalled peace talks with Israel, and on Saturday was expected to formally announce a July 31 date for the referendum. An official close to Abbas said late Friday the president would make his announcement as planned on Saturday.

The Israeli army said its attacks were aimed at areas that Palestinian militants used to fire homemade rockets at Israel.

Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant, Israel's southern commander, said investigators were trying to determine if an errant tank shell caused the bloodshed at the beach.

"I express deep regret over the fact that uninvolved persons have been hit," Galant told reporters. "We shall try to find a way to ensure not to harm the uninvolved."

Kamal Ghobn said he had just arrived at the beach on a bus with about 50 relatives when the attack took place. "I was still parking the bus and everyone got out to go to the beach. As I locked the door I felt the thud of the shells and felt a sting in my side," said Ghobn, who was slightly wounded by shrapnel. Gobn said he saw four shells land.

The artillery fire scattered body parts, destroyed a tent and sent bloody sheets flying into the air. A panicked crowd quickly gathered, screaming and running around hysterically.

A sobbing girl lay in the sand, crying for her father. "Father! Father!" she screamed.

The body of a man lay motionless in the sand nearby.

Palestinian officials said seven people were killed and more than 30 wounded at the beach. Hardest hit was the Ghalia family, which lost six members, among them the father, one of his two wives, an infant boy and an 18-month-old girl.

"This was his first day at the beach this summer. He was taking his kids to play. It's destiny," said Nasreen Ghalia, a sister-in-law of the dead father. She said one of the survivors was a 7-year-old girl, Hadeel, who had not been told she had lost her parents and siblings.

"Hadeel is now an orphan," she said.

In an Israeli airstrike elsewhere in northern Gaza, three militants were killed after they fired a rocket into Israel.

Hamas staged a series of large demonstrations across the Gaza Strip late Friday. In Gaza City, leaders quoted from the militant wing's statement calling off the cease-fire with Israel.

"We cannot remain silent," said Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri. "God willing, the reprisal is going to be earth shaking. We have no option but to defend ourselves, our people, our children and our land."

France called the Israeli shelling of civilians "disproportionate" and urged calm in the region.

The tough stance by Hamas was likely to deepen a dispute between the group and Abbas.

Haniyeh sent a letter to Abbas on Friday urging him not to hold the vote and to continue negotiations over the plan. He said the referendum would divide the Palestinian people and instead proposed forming a unity government with Fatah.

But late Friday, Palestinian lawmaker Saeb Erekat, a confidant of Abbas, said the president planned to announce the referendum on Saturday as planned.

Public opinion polls show the two-state proposal enjoys widespread support.

But an angry backlash after Friday's killings could erode Abbas' support. Crowds chanted anti-referendum slogans during Friday's Hamas demonstrations.

Abbas has endorsed the referendum plan as a way to end international sanctions against the Palestinians and restart peace talks.

Hamas, which is sworn to Israel's destruction, wants changes in the language of the proposal, and the latest violence is likely to only deepen the group's hard line.

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The ruling Hamas group fired a barrage of homemade rockets at Israel on Saturday, hours after calling off a truce with Israel in anger over an artillery attack that killed seven civilians at a beachside picnic in the Gaza Strip.



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Genetically modified crops highly toxic to humans - insects seem to thrive on them

Uh Oh; The Bugs Are Eating Those "Pest Killing" Crops

Two research teams in England and Venezuela have discovered something alarming about the new genetically modified crops filled with insecticide. The insects not only eat them, they seem to thrive on them.

Scientists at Imperial College in London and the Universidad Simon Rodrigues in Caracas found that the insects that the chemical additive was supposed to kill were not only feeding on the poison, but the stuff seems to help them thrive.

That the biotech companies added genes from a naturally occurring poison, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), which is widely used as a pesticide by organic farmers, means that the mutation by insects to survive the poison is a potential threat to the organic farming industry.

Environmentalists believe the resistance developed quickly because the insects are constantly exposed to the chemical in the plants, instead of being subjected to occasional spraying.

This is bad news for not only the struggling agricultural industry but for over 6 billion world food consumers as well. With the world population exploding and the instability of weather because of global warming, world agriculture is in danger of falling short of producing enough food for everybody.

The GMO experimentation with Bt fell under fierce criticism by growers world-wide who warned that the excessive use of the chemical would eventually generate stronger chemical-resistant pests. Not even the strongest critics dreamed that the insects would be feeding and thriving on the plants engineered with Bts.

But there is more bad news about those modified crops. Lots of it.

Prominent scientists from seven countries recently produced an Independent Report on GM agricultural practices during a public conference in London. The report, titled The Case for a GM-free Sustainable World, called for a ban on GM crops.

The conclusions:

--GM crops failed to deliver the promised benefits. There have been shown no increase in yields or a significant reduction in herbicide and pesticide use. In fact the United States lost an estimated $12 billion over GM crops because of worldwide rejection of them.

--The GM crops are posing escalating problems on the farm. The group found that transgenic lines are unstable. Triple herbicide-tolerant volunteers and weeds have now emerged in North America, creating severe problems for farmers who suddenly have no inexpensive solution to weed and pest control. The fear is that superweeds and bt-resistant pests have been created.

--Further extensive transgenic contamination, especially for corn, seems to be unavoidable. It has been found in maize even in the remote regions of Mexico. Tests showed that 32 out of 33 commercial seed stocks in Canada, where GM corn is prohibited, were contaminated anyway. Corn pollen remains airborne for hours and can be carried by the winds for miles. Thus there can be no co-existence of GM and non-GM crops.

--GM crops are not proven safe. In fact, its regulation was fatally flawed from the start. The principle of "substantial equivalence," a vague and ill-defined rule, gave companies like Monsanto complete license in claiming GM products equal and as safe as non-GM.

--Dangerous gene products are incorporated into the food crops. For example, Bt proteins, added to 25 percent of all GM crops, are harmful to many non-target insects, and some are potent allergens for humans and other mammals.

--GM foods are increasingly used to produce pharmaceuticals and drugs. These include cytokines, known to suppress the immune system and are linked to dementia, neurotoxicity and mood swings; vaccines and viral sequences like as the 'spike' protein gene of the pig coronavirus, in the same family as the SARS virus; and glycoprotein gene gp120 of the AIDS virus that could interfere with the immune system. The fear is that this last gene could recombine with viruses and bacteria to generate new and unpredictable pathogens.

--Crops engineered with suicide genes for male sterility, promoted as a means of preventing the spread of transgenes, actually spread both male sterility and herbicide tolerance traits via pollen.

--Broad-spectrum herbicides are found to be highly toxic to humans and other species of animals. Glufosinate ammonium and glyphosate, used with herbicide tolerant GM crops that currently account for 75% of all GM crops worldwide, are both systemic metabolic poisons. Glufosinate ammonium is linked to neurological, respiratory, gastrointestinal and haematological toxicities, and birth defects in humans and mammals; also toxic to butterflies and a number of beneficial insects. Glyphosate is the most frequent cause of complaints and poisoning in the UK. Its exposure nearly doubled the risk of late spontaneous abortion.

Children born to users of glyphosate had elevated neurobehavioral defects. It caused cell division dysfunction that may be linked to human cancers.

The report warns that genetic tampering with foods may be inadvertently creating super-viruses and bacteria that could spark unstoppable world-wide plagues. "Newer techniques, such as DNA shuffling, allow geneticists to create in a matter of minutes in the laboratory millions of recombinant viruses that have never existed in billions of years of evolution," the report warns.

The report concludes: "Sufficient evidence has emerged to raise serious safety concerns, that if ignored could result in irreversible damage to health and the environment."


Date: 2 Jun 2006
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Subject: Riveting UFO Footage on Free Sci-Fi Channel Documentary

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Dear friends,

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Though many believe UFO visitation to Earth to be impossible, I invite you to explore these materials with an open mind. Is it beyond comprehension that intelligent beings who are thousands, if not millions of years in advance of us technologically might have found a practical means of interstellar travel? If they are far advanced from us, is it not possible that they have moved beyond the need for war and domination? Could it be that advanced extra-terrestrial civilizations don't want us to destroy ourselves and are quietly monitoring without wanting to interfere? I believe anything is possible, but we each must draw our own conclusions.

With very best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and the Team
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton

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