May 20, 2006

The Empire of Darkness Series #32: They Are Toast!

Hello everyone!

The dark cabal people don't have very much time left before they'll be booted out of power for good - and forever!

Their disintegrating citadels of deception and mass murderous wars are crumbling into dust as the Light continues to grow exponentially.

Having faith in our collective power to co-create a New Earth is the Key.

Having faith in the formidable Power of Life to renew this living planet back to its pristine state of perfection and balance is the Golden Way for our collective achievement to fully manifest...

Having faith in the certainty of our imminent victory over darkness and knowing deep within that, in fact, through our common resolve to affirm the Power of Love for the highest good of all, we have already succeeded in establishing a bright new era, starting right here, right now, in our collective Heart, is the means to achieve the Plan.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb. If the vast majority of the world's scientists are right, we have just ten years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tail-spin of epic destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics and killer heat waves beyond anything we have ever experienced. "

- Taken from this website on AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH with Al Gore

"Do You think it is possible like Nixon and Watergate, that the American People have rendered a final judgement of disapproval on You and Your War in Iraq?"

— David Gregory asking Bush if he should quit - Taken from

"Man has slowly been destroying the planet since the Industrial Revolution, but with high technology and nuclear developments has now exacerbated the situation to breaking point. Mother Earth is a conscious Being and does not have to bear your never ending abuse without response. She is also preparing for Ascension as are all of the planets in your solar system, and like you she has to go through a cleansing process. That has started but she looks to you to help rectify the imbalances as all must be fully restored, otherwise she will be forced to take matters into her own hands. The Galactic Federation are standing by to help in all matters appertaining to Earth, but in the meantime your intention to help is needed to lessen the damage. You cannot stand by any longer and allow the rape of Earth to continue. With all due acknowledgment to those of you who are already active, insufficient is being done to arrest the headlong plunge into chaos. Greater awareness is required and people's focus desperately needs to be on the issues mentioned. You may question why you need to be concerned when the changes are soon to commence, but you have an obligation to make good the damage to Earth. Of course we will help, and have committed suitable technology and resources to First Contact. Part of your rise in consciousness must embody a true appreciation of Mother Earth, who is going to carry you through to the higher dimension when Ascension takes place. It will be the expansion of your understanding of the life forms all around you, and knowing and acknowledging the sanctity of all life."

— Atmos (18-May-06) Taken from

Worthy of Your Attention

Proposed National Park "Richest of the Rich" in Terms of Biodiversity and Ecosystems, Threatened by Logging (May 17, 2006)
Malaysia's magnificent Belum-Temengor rainforests are 130 million year old, making them some of the richest and most ancient rainforests in the world. Located in Perak state along the Thailand border of Peninsular Malaysia, Belum Temengor rainforests are a world-class wilderness with tremendous ecological, aesthetic and economic values including immense tourism potential. Sadly, this large and intact life-sustaining ancient rainforest marvel is now under threat from both legal and illegal industrial logging. Belum-Temengor's rainforests provide the last refuge for at least 14 globally threatened mammals including the Sumatran rhino, the Malayan tiger, the Asian elephant, tapirs and leopards. This is the only place in Malaysia where all 10 of Malaysia's hornbills are found, flying in flocks of more than 2,000, something not found anywhere else in the world. Despite rising wealth and environmental sensibilities, Malaysia still continues the low value and unsustainable practice of industrially logging their and others' ancient rainforests. This type of poorly conceived industrial development is highly damaging to Belum-Temengor and its ability to continue providing critical local, regional and global ecosystem services such as carbon storage, water cachment, and maintaining wildlife and biodiversity while continuing local sustainable uses and business opportunities. Please respectfully support local initiatives to have Belum-Temengor declared a National Park - and an end to logging in order to pursue eco-tourism and other ecologically based and sustainable economic development opportunities. Your email will be sent to local conservationists in order to sign their petition to protect the area. Take Action now at:

Shit Sandwich

Mirages: Evidence for Multiple Dimensions? (Amazing pictures)
In the past few months mirages have appeared in many different areas of Mainland China. What are mirages all about? Most people commonly believe that mirages are simply phenomena caused by reflections from the atmosphere. This explanation, however, is far from being completely convincing. With the advancement of modern science, scientists have come to understand that the dimension human beings inhabit is not the only one in the universe. There exist other dimensions that man can't see, which have matter and life-forms in them. A mirage is a way in which other dimensions can manifest in our dimension. That is to say the existence of other dimensions can "accidentally" display themselves in this space in the form of mirages, allowing us to see them. CLIP


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Bush Is Now a Lame Duck (17 May 2006)
Forget November, forget '08; president is done. Washington - The great impulse of the punditocracy right now is to look at President Bush's swelling problems with the public and his party in the context of the elections coming up in November and then in 2008. Big mistake. Short of another disaster on the scale of 9/11, George Bush no longer has the power, credibility or ability to effectively govern for the rest of his term in office. Contrary to what you hear on television, governing remains more important than campaigning. Government is more important than elections - to the extent the two can be differentiated anymore. Bush's realm of efficacy will be limited to areas where he can make unilateral decisions, mostly in war and foreign policy. The tax cuts that oozed through Congress last week may well be his last "significant" piece of domestic legislation; I put quotations around significant because they are, in fact temporary. The entire menu of Bush tax tinkering is set to expire in 2010 on someone else's watch, an apt metaphor for this administration. The Bush administration is now locked in a triple-hammer hold that would defeat Houdini. Public support for this president has evaporated to historic lows. Last week's CBS News/New York Times poll put Bush's approval rating at an embarrassing 31 percent. In this week's ABC News/Washington Post poll, voters trusted Democrats over Republicans to handle all 10 of the major issues the pollsters asked about. That's a new one. The new polling is consistent with a long, relentless erosion of public support. (...) But what is apparent, is that George Bush has at his disposal none - none - of the tools presidents have used to turn bad situations around: public support, party support or skilled statecraft. He's a lame duck less than two years in to his second term. You are not being governed. CLIP

Incompetence, a Byproduct of Something Far More Sinister
"The Bush years have been nothing less than a criminal enterprise," writes Bob Johnson. "Organized crime. Thievery on a scale never before witnessed in the history of humankind. Billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars looted from the national treasury and delivered to the pockets of the well-connected."

Karl Rove Indicted on Charges of Perjury, Lying to Investigators
Jason Leopold reports that on Friday, May 12, Fitzgerald served attorneys for former Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove with an indictment charging the embattled White House official with perjury and lying to investigators related to his role in the CIA leak case, and instructed one of the attorneys to tell Rove that he has 24 hours to get his affairs in order, high level sources with direct knowledge of themeeting said Saturday morning. CLIP

Buzz around Gore fuels talk of another run for president (May 19 2006)
The former vice-president is the subject of a new documentary about global warming that opens on Wednesday. And the buzz he has been generating is fuelling speculation that he may want to return to politics. A poll released this week by National Journal, a Washington magazine, showed Mr Gore moving into fourth place when Democratic “insiders” were asked who had the best chance of winning the party’s 2008 presidential nomination – up from ninth place in December.Mr Gore insists he has “no plans” to run again and that he is committed to his campaign to protect the planet.But for some Democrats he represents a viable alternative to Hillary Clinton, the 2008 front-runner, who they fear is too polarizing a figure to be elected president. With a network of activist supporters and financial backers and an aura of celebrity, he is one of the few politicians who could enter the race late in the game and be able to wage a national campaign.....

GAO Reports Military Unprepared for Storm
As the Bush administration plans long-term obligations in Iraq, and sends troops to the Mexican border, little remains for storm disaster response or catastrophic natural disasters.

Newly released Pentagon video is missing something (May 17, 2006)
The media coverage of the newly released Pentagon video was predictable. One by one, America’s free press stepped up to the camera, microphone, or keyboard to tell the American people that the Pentagon on Tuesday, May 16, 2006, released the first video images of American Airlines Flight 77 crashing into the military headquarters building, killing 189 people in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. (...) The newly released Pentagon video is missing something indeed – an airplane. The government alleges that a wide-body airliner, a Boeing 757, crashed into the Pentagon, however it has yet to produce not one piece of hard aircraft evidence to support its allegation. The Pentagon crash site was in plain view. Picture after picture of the so-called crash site have been seen worldwide, and each image of the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 begs the question – where is the airplane? Where are the airplane parts – anything whatsoever that is hard evidence that an airplane crashed at that location? Where is the common aviation debris that has been found at every other accessible crash site since man began to occasionally fall from the sky? CLIP

What The Pentagon Video Should Have Shown (very short video)

U.S. Rolls Out Nuclear Plan (April 6, 2006),0,5989419.story?coll=la-home-headlines
The administration's proposal would modernize the nation's complex of laboratories and factories as well as produce new bombs - The Bush administration Wednesday unveiled a blueprint for rebuilding the nation's decrepit nuclear weapons complex, including restoration of a large-scale bomb manufacturing capacity.The plan calls for the most sweeping realignment and modernization of the nation's massive system of laboratories and factories for nuclear bombs since the end of the Cold War. Until now, the nation has depended on carefully maintaining aging bombs produced during the Cold War arms race, some several decades old. The administration, however, wants the capability to turn out 125 new nuclear bombs per year by 2022, as the Pentagon retires older bombs that it says will no longer be reliable or safe. (...) The blueprint calls for a modern complex to design a new nuclear bomb and have it ready in less than four years, allowing the nation to respond to changing military requirements. Similar proposals in the past, such as for a nuclear bomb to attack underground bunkers, provoked concern that they undermined U.S. policy to stop nuclear proliferation. The impetus for the plan is a growing belief that efforts to maintain older nuclear bombs and keep up a large nuclear weapons industrial complex are technically and financially unsustainable. Last year, a task force led by San Diego physicist David Overskei recommended that the Energy Department consolidate the system of eight existing weapons complexes into one site.Overskei said Wednesday that the cost of security alone for the current infrastructure of plants over the next two decades was roughly $25 billion. Security costs have grown, because the Sept. 11 attacks have led the Energy Department to believe terrorists could mount a larger and better armed strike force. (...) In his testimony, D'Agostino estimated plutonium pits would last 45 to 60 years, after which they would be unreliable and might result in an explosion smaller than intended. Critics outside the government sharply dispute that conclusion, saying there is no evidence that pits degrade over time and that the nation can keep an adequate nuclear deterrent by maintaining its existing weapons.

Basra Carnage Escalates as One Person Killed Every Hour (17 May 2006)
One person is being assassinated in Basra every hour, as order in Iraq's second city disintegrates, according to an Iraqi Defence Ministry official. And a quarter of all Iraqi children suffer from malnutrition, a survey of 20,000 households by the Iraqi government and Unicef says. The number of violent killings in Basra is now at a level close to that of Baghdad, and marks the failure of the British Army's three-year attempt to quell violence there. Police no longer dare go to the site of a murder because they fear being attacked. The governor of Basra, Mohammed Misbahal-Wa'ili, is trying to sack the city's police chief, claiming that the police have not carried out a single investigation into hundreds of recent assassinations. The collapse of government authority in Iraq is increasing at every level and leaders in Baghdad have yet to form a cabinet, five months after parliamentary elections on 15 December. Insurgent attacks on American and British troops are also proving more lethal, with 44 US soldiers and seven British killed so far this month, and with daily losses exceeding anything seen for more than a year. CLIP

Women Run Anti-War Ads in Iraq
CODE PINK: Women for Peace took out full-page ads in 8 Iraqi newspapers today calling on Americans and Iraqis to come together to end the occupation of Iraq.

Great BBC Piece on Iraq Vets Marching Against War
Former US soldiers on the personal cost of war in Iraq.

Cleveland Women Put In Gulag And Held For Psyh Eval For Trying To Put Up Anti-Bush Poster (13 May 2006)
Carol Fisher is being held indefinitely in a surprise May 9 court hearing, becoming another political prisoner held illegally for speaking out against Bush.

Italy to Withdraw Troops, Calls Iraq Occupation "Grave Error"
Another US ally in the war in Iraq distanced itself from the US-led effort today when Italy's new prime minister, Romano Prodi, called the invasion and occupation a "grave error" and said he would propose a withdrawal of Italian troops.

US Troops to Use Banned Laser Weapon in Iraq
A decade ago, the experimental use of tactical laser devices by US Marines in Somalia was curtailed at the last minute for "humane reasons," according to the New York-based Human Rights Watch, which called their use "repugnant to the public conscience" in a 1995 report.

As the Bombs Fall, Iraq's Kurds Have "No Friends but the Mountains" (16 May 2006)
Shell craters and dead branches torn off the trees by explosions mark the places in the mountains of northern Iraq targeted by Iranian artillery firing across the border in a serious escalation of the confrontation between Iran and the US. Frightened villagers, whose farms cling to the sides of the deep valleys below Kandil mountain, ran for their lives as Iran opened fire on Iraqi territory for the first time since the US invasion in 2003. Local officials said about 2,000 shells were fired in four hours.

Iraq War Set to Be More Expensive Than Vietnam
The Iraq war has already cost the United States $320 billion, according to an authoritative new report, and even if troop withdrawal begins this year, the conflict is set to be more expensive in real terms than the Vietnam War a generation ago. The estimate, circulated this week by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service (CRS), can only increase unease over the US presence in Iraq, whose direct costs now run at some $6 billion a month, or $200 million a day, with no end in sight.

Depleted Uranium - Far Worse Than 9/11 (May 3, 2006)
Depleted Uranium Dust - Public Health Disaster For The People Of Iraq and Afghanistan - In 1979, depleted uranium (DU) particles escaped from the National Lead Industries factory near Albany, N.Y.,which was manufacturing DU weapons for the U.S military. The particles traveled 26 miles and were discovered in a laboratory filter by Dr. Leonard Dietz, a nuclear physicist. This discovery led to a shut down of the factory in 1980, for releasing morethan 0.85 pounds of DU dust into the atmosphere every month, and involved a cleanup of contaminated properties costing over 100 million dollars. Imagine a far worse scenario. Terrorists acquire a million pounds of the deadly dust and scatter it in populated areas throughout the U.S. Hundreds of children report symptoms. Many acquire cancer and leukemia, suffering an early and painful death. Huge increases in severe birth defects are reported. Oncologists are overwhelmed. Soccer fields, sand lots and parks, traditional play areas for kids, are no longer safe. People lose their most basic freedom, the ability to go outside and safely breathe. Sounds worse than 9/11? Welcome to Iraq and Afghanistan. (...) American forces admit to using over 300 tons of DU weapons in 1991. The actual figure is closer to 800. This has caused a health crisis that has affected almost a third of a million people. As if that was not enough, America went on and used 200 tons more in Bagdad alone during the recent invasion. I don"t know about other parts of Iraq, it will take me years to document that. "In Basra, it took us two years to obtain conclusive proof of what DU does, but we now know what to look for and the results are terrifying. (...) "Exposure pathways for depleted uranium can be through the skin, by inhalation, and ingestion," writes Lauren Moret, another DU researcher. "Nano-particles have high mobility and can easily enter the body. Inhalation of nano-particles of depleted uranium is the most hazardous exposure, because the particles pass through the lung-blood barrier directly into the blood."When inhaled through the nose, nano-particles can cross the olfactory bulb directly into the brain through the blood brain barrier, where they migrate all through the brain," she wrote. "Many Gulf era soldiers exposed to depleted uranium have been diagnosed with brain tumors, brain damage and impaired thought processes. Uranium can interfere with the mitochondria, which provide energy for the nerve processes, and transmittal of the nerve signal across synapses in the brain. Based on dissolution and excretion rate data, it is possible to approximate the amount of DU initially inhaled by these veterans. For the handful of veterans studied, this amount averaged 0.34 milligrams. Knowing the specific activity (radiation rate) for DU allows one to determine that the total radiation (alpha, beta and gamma) occurring from DU and its radioactive decay products within their bodies comes to about 26 radiation events every second, or 800 million events each year. At .34 milligrams per dose, there are over 10 trillion doses floating around Iraq and Afghanistan. How many additional deaths are we talking about? In the aftermath of the first Gulf War, the UK Atomic Energy Authority came up with estimates for the potential effects of the DU contamination left by the conflict. It calculated that "this could cause "500,000 potential deaths". This was "a theoretical figure", it stressed, that indicated "a significant problem". (...) Two years ago, President Bush withdrew the United States as a signatory to the International Criminal Court's statute, which has been ratified by all other Western democracies. The White House actually seeks to immunize U.S. leaders from war crimes prosecutions entirely. It has also demanded express immunity from ICC prosecution for American nationals. If terrorists succeeded in spreading something throughout the U.S. that ended up causing hundreds of thousands of cancer cases and birth defects over a period of many years, they would be guilty of a crime against humanity that far surpasses the Sept. 11th attacks in scope and severity. Although not deliberate, with our military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have done just that. If the physical environment is so unsafe and unhealthy that one cannot safely breath, then the outer trappings of democracy have little meaning. At least under Saddam, the Iraqi people could stay healthy and conceive normal children. Few Americans are aware that in getting rid of Saddam, we left something much worse in his place.

Violence Escalates in Afghanistan
Up to 105 people have died in some of Afghanistan's fiercest fighting since US-led forces ousted the Taliban regime in 2001.

UN's Annan: World Can Clear Landmines in Matter of "Years"
UN statistics show that 15,000-20,000 people are killed and mutilated every year by anti-personnel mines or unexploded ordnance. More than 80 percent of the victims are civilians, and at least 20 percent are children.

Kofi Annan: "Not a Second to Lose to Save Darfur!"
"We cannot yet rejoice or rest on our laurels," writes UN Secretary General Kofi Annan about the recently concluded Darfur agreement. He calls on donors to be generous, and to be generous right away.

Darfur Effort Said to Face Collapse
Jan Egeland, the chief United Nations aid coordinator, told the Security Council today that conditions in Darfur have deteriorated so drastically that the international assistance effort there faces collapse in weeks.

The CRIME That Covered-Up The Coup (May 15)
There's a corporate dagger that has been leveled at the very heart of all that matters in the USA and the world today. The fact is that the role of government's around the world have been nullified by those corporate powers that have taken control over the most pivotal points of life and promise within the global community. There is a key to this entire quagmire that can no longer be ignored, which is, the mega-crime committed on 911. So long as this government along with others in Europe and the wider world continue to spew lies about what happened on that day - then nothing can ever be changed! The enemy of the United States of America is located in Washington D.C., in Tel Aviv and to a lesser degree in London. This cabal has used and abused the events of 911 to create tyrannies and to advance murder and torture on a grand scale, while they continue to act as intermediaries for the Corporatocracy that is the real power hiding behind most governments. It is these essentially private and protected corporate interests, that are using governments worldwide, to crush whatever remains of those freedoms and laws that were supposed to protect people from exactly this kind of take-over. What has happened is that governments everywhere have largely become superfluous, because the real power now lies with the multi-national corporate giants of the Corporatocracy. 911 was an attack upon the Constitution and the people of the United States, carried out by forces that had far greater designs for their private interests than could have ever been allowed under the US Constitution. Without the chaos of 911 that essentially stripped people of all the protections of law, and that turned all discussions into nothing more than fear mongering and terror warnings that we now know, were used to justify the immediate targeting of the entire US population, as potential terrorist sympathizers. CLIP

The Scariest Predators in the Corporate Jungle (17 May 2006)
United Nations: The world's oil, gas and mining industries account for nearly two-thirds of all violations of human rights, environmental laws and international labor standards, according to a soon-to-be-released United Nations study. The food and beverages industry is a distant second, followed by apparel, footwear, and the information and communications technology sector. "The extractive industries - oil, gas and mining - also account for most allegations of the worst abuses, up to and including complicity in crimes against humanity," says the interim report titled "Promotion and Protection of Human Rights". A more detailed study is expected to be released later this year. These are typically for acts committed by public and private security forces protecting company assets and property; large-scale corruption; violations of labor rights; and a broad array of abuses in relation to local communities, especially the indigenous peoples. (...) According to the report, the United Nations is the process of surveying the "Fortune 500" companies - 500 of the world's biggest corporations - in relation to the protection of human rights. But only about 80 companies have responded so far. Asked why, Mulvey said: "This demonstrates why we need global human rights norms that are binding on corporations, with teeth." She said that reporting must be mandatory, as standard as financial reporting, with a rigorous auditing regime. CLIP

Nigeria's Deadly Days
In Nigeria, frustrated that they remain poor after decades of oil production, locals have begun attacking foreign oil companies, their workers and the Nigerian soldiers who protect them. Not, as in the past, for money, but as part of an armed campaign. Unless there is change, they say, there will be war. The government and oil companies "don't listen to words," said a Delta militia member, "So perhaps they will understand the language of the gun."

Jimmy Carter: Punishing the innocent is a crime (05/07/06)
Innocent Palestinian people are being treated like animals, with the presumption that they are guilty of some crime. Because they voted for candidates who are members of Hamas, the United States government has become the driving force behind an apparently effective scheme of depriving the general public of income, access to the outside world and the necessities of life.Overwhelmingly, these are school teachers, nurses, social workers, police officers, farm families, shopkeepers, and their employees and families who are just hoping for a better life. Public opinion polls conducted after the January parliamentary election show that 80 percent of Palestinians still want a peace agreement with Israel based on the international road map premises. Although Fatah party members refused to join Hamas in a coalition government, nearly 70 percent of Palestinians continue to support Fatah's leader, Mahmoud Abbas, as their president. It is almost a miracle that the Palestinians have been able to orchestrate three elections during the past 10 years, all of which have been honest, fair, strongly contested, without violence and with the results accepted by winners and losers. Among the 62 elections that have been monitored by us at the Carter Center, these are among the best in portraying the will of the people.One clear reason for the surprising Hamas victory for legislative seats was that the voters were in despair about prospects for peace. With American acquiescence, the Israelis had avoided any substantive peace talks for more than five years, regardless of who had been chosen to represent the Palestinian side as interlocutor. (...) Regardless of these intricate and long-term political interrelationships, it is unconscionable for Israel, the United States and others under their influence to continue punishing the innocent and already persecuted people of Palestine. The Israelis are withholding approximately $55 million a month in taxes and customs duties that, without dispute, belong to the Palestinians. Although some Arab nations have allocated funds for humanitarian purposes to alleviate human suffering, the U.S. government is threatening the financial existence of any Jordanian or other bank that dares to transfer this assistance into Palestine.There is no way to predict what will happen in Palestine, but it would be a tragedy for the international community to abandon the hope that a peaceful coexistence of two states in the Holy Land is possible. CLIP

NSA Has Massive Database of Americans' Phone Calls
The National Security Agency has been secretly collecting the phone call records of tens of millions of Americans, using data provided by AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth.

Government Monitoring About 200 Million Americans' Calls
USA Today Reports That NSA Wiretapping Is More Far-Reaching Than Thought

NSA has massive database of Americans' phone calls

Time to Call Bush on Lawbreaking
"The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protects the privacy and liberty of Americans. It says the government can't search or seize you without a warrant issued on probable cause to believe you are involved in a crime. This right," writes Jesse Jackson, "is the line between a democracy and a police state, where the state can search or seize at will. That is the line that the NSA program erased."

One Step Closer to a Police State
"Placing National Guard troops on the border could be a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. And that's just fine with the Bush administration," writes Joshua Holland.

Judge Delays "Divine Strake" Bomb Test
Although the federal government has delayed the Divine Strake explosion, which had been set for June 2 at the Nevada Test Site, activists opposing the enormous blast are not yet claiming victory.

U.S. Military Chiefs Planned to Orchestrate Terrorism in U.S.
"In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba. Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities."  -- ABC News, 5/1/01 CLIP

Child drugs linked to heart attack (March 27, 2006),20867,18614238-2702,00.html
CHILDREN as young as five have suffered strokes, heart attacks, hallucinations and convulsions after taking drugs to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.Documents obtained by The Australian reveal that almost 400 serious adverse reactions have been reported to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, some involving children as young as three. Cases include the sudden death of a seven-year-old, and a five-year-old who suffered a stroke after taking Ritalin. Children also experienced heart palpitations and shortness of breath after taking Dexamphetamine. Others taking Ritalin or Dexamphetamine - the two most commonly used ADHD drugs - experienced hair loss, muscle spasms, severe abdominal pain, tremors, insomnia, severe weight loss, depression and paranoia. CLIP

Think Ritalin Is Safe? - Read What Novartis Says About Its Own Product!
If your child's doctor or a child physiatrist diagnosis your child as suffering from ADD/ADHD - and recommends that you give your child Ritalin each morning before school in order to counter the negative effects of ADD/ADHD, then you should be aware of all the facts surrounding Ritalin. Instead of taking the advice of your doctor - or anyone else whether Ritalin is safe, simply read the packaging label Novartis puts inside each box of Ritalin. I did, and this is what it says: CLIP

Tots Used as Human Guinea Pigs? (May 12, 2006)
ABC News has learned that a Massachusetts hospital is currently recruiting pre-schoolers to test the safety and effectiveness of a powerful antipsychotic drug called Quetiapine.

The Plan to Drug American School Children by George Stone - MEDICALIZATION: Convincing Healthy People They Are Sick (...) Five times as many people are being defined as permanently mentally ill (disabled) today than before the introduction of drug treatment. (Whitaker 2005) Yet, inspite of these ominous facts, millions of American children are routinely being given these dangerous drugs.How did this happen? The drugging of American children is not accidental. (...) Pharma has used its economic power to create an effective lobby, which controls U.S. public health policy as well as watchdog agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). More frightening still, as I will show, the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health (NFC) is a creation of pharmaceutical interests. Two of its central policy recommendations are bald-faced drug marketing schemes. The first targets 52 million American school children for mental health screening by a program known as “TeenScreen.” While the second irrevocably links the mental health treatment psychiatric drugs - - not coincidentally, the most expensive and dangerous psychiatric drugs - - using the pseudo-scientific Texas Medication Algorithmic Program or TMAP. Let’s begin with a look at the money trail of legal drugs and some Pharma history. “The US government contributes more money to the development of new drugs in the form of tax breaks and subsidies than any other government. Of the 20 largest pharmaceutical corporations, nine are based in the United States. Yet drugs are more expensive in the United States than in any other part of the world, and the global drug companies make the bulk of their profits in the United States. “The pharmaceutical and health products industry has spent more than $800 million in federal lobbying and campaign donations at the federal and state levels in the past seven years…No other industry has spent more money to sway public policy in that period…its combined political outlays and lobbying and campaign contributions is topped only by the insurance industry.” (Ismail 2005)Pharma’s huge profit margin has allowed it to buy control of the FDA. (...) Since Michael Moore’s film Fahrenheit 911 and the publication of Kevin Phillips Dynasty, many American’s are aware of the strong ties between the Saudi Royal family and the Bush family around oil. However, not as many know that there are also strong ties between the Pharmaceutical industry and the Bush family as well. (...) TeenScreen plays on fears of teen suicide, just as Fosamax plays on the fears of broken hip bones; mental health screening is hyped as a prevention program that can reduce teen suicide by identifying and “treating” teens at risk. However, a US Preventive Services Task Force report found no evidence that screening reduces suicide attempts or mortality, and that existing screening tools do not accurately identify suicide risk. In addition, the screenings take place at school, often bypassing parental consent. (Pringle 2005d) The TMAP antidepressant drugs, which have been billed as miraculous treatment for depression, do not live up to their hype. They have been shown to increase suicidal thoughts and behavior in children. Their use with children is banned in the United Kingdom. However in the US they have only an FDA “blackbox warning label,” and are not banned with children. Finally, if these drugs were really effective, one would expect to find a significant reduction in suicide rates following their introduction. This is not the case. CLIP

Former Ambassador Who Met With Vince Foster Days Before He Turned Up Dead Claims He Was Murdered (4 Apr 2006)
Leo Wanta gave Foster $250 million earmarked for Hillary Clinton's slush fund disguised as the Childrens' Fund. Foster later turned up dead and Wanta ended up in a Swiss dungeon for 134 days. (...) Recently released and still under house arrest with 10 years remaining on his sentence, an unexpected 2003 decision by a federal judge ruled he was legal trustee of 27.5 trillion, blocking any efforts for others in government to steal the large sum of money, now held in various overseas accounts under the name of Ameri-trust. "I don't think they ever expected the decision and they have been trying to get me out the way so they can get the money before I put it back in the U.S. Treasury," said Wanta, who has also documented that during his prison stay more than $756 billion dollars has been pilfered from the fund by crooked bankers and politicians. The only hope we have in saving our country is to change the private Federal Reserve banking system like President Kennedy wanted to do before he was killed." (...) In the case of the unprecedented giga-funding operation on behalf of the Illuminati, which was presided over by President George W. Bush Sr., the crooks helped themselves and their friends -- including Opus Dei, via an entity calling itself the Francis X Driscoil Trust -- to 2.7% of the total intended giga-loan. namely $742.5 billion A new breakdown of how the allegedly embezzled funds were distributed was given on page 144 of the magazine, and is reproduced here on page 9. CLIP

Human genome map finished
Scientists have publish the finished sequence of chromosome one, the longest and final chapter in the so-called "Book of Life" that makes up the human genetic code. The sequencing has been unveiled in the British journal Nature. It identifies 3,141 genes, flaws in which have been linked to more than 350 diseases, including cancer development, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, high cholesterol, mental retardation and the nervous system disorder known as porphyria. The chromosome amounts to more than 223 million base pairs or "rungs" on the ladder of DNA that provides the chemical recipe for life. This amounts to nearly 8 per cent of the 3 billion base pairs in the human genome. The 22 non-sex human chromosomes are numbered from the largest, chromosome one, to the smallest, chromosome 22. Two other chromosomes, X and Y, define gender.

'Amazon Stonehenge' found in Brazil (May 13)
RIO DE JANEIRO (AFP) - Archaeologists discovered a pre-colonial astrological observatory possibly 2,000 years old in the Amazon basin near French Guiana, said a report. "Only a society with a complex culture could have built such a monument," archaeologist Mariana Petry Cabral, of the Amapa Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (IEPA), told O Globo newspaper. The observatory was built of 127 blocks of granite each three meters (10 feet) high and regularly placed in circles in an open field, she said. Cabral said the site resembles a temple which could have been used as an observatory, because the blocks are positioned to mark the winter solstice. In December, the path of the sun allows rays to pass through a hole in one of the blocks, possibly to calculate agricultural activity and religious rituals. CLIP

The Great Coral Reef Disaster
Global warming is killing coral reefs, the Bush administration has formally admitted. And the admission means that, under US law, it will finally be obliged to take action to reduce the pollution that causes climate change.

Great 8 Min. Trailer on Raw Food Reversing Diabetes
Recommended by "Kathleen Roberts">


From: "Suzanne Ward">
Subject: Re Imminent Tsunami
Date: 15 May 2006

Hi Jean...

Here's the sitting I just had -- NOT to fear!!!

Love, Suzy


Thanks a LOT Suzy - and Matthew!

There was no earthquake near Portugal today so this is enough for me, in addition to Matthew's confirmation, to disqualify the alleged Jesus channeling regarding any tsunami next Saturday.

Best regards ;-)



May 15, 2006

S: Good morning, Matthew dear. Jean Hudon is asking about a tsunami hitting the East Coast of the United States and killing the many millions of people living along the coastline. Please comment on this possibility.

MATTHEW: Good morning to you, dear soul, and yes, I’ll happily tell you that this “predicted” event will NOT happen. There will be NO geophysical events of that magnitude in this unprecedented era on Earth. She has requested that all possible of her life forms accompany her on her ascension journey, and two conditions determine who shall do this: The first is absorbing the light constantly being beamed to all of humankind, as the light is what will enable physical survival in the higher frequencies of Earth’s destination. The second is the longevity choice in individual soul contracts, and the many millions of souls residing along the East Coast of the United States have not chosen to transition simultaneously at some given moment within the next few days.

While it is true that remaining negativity on the planet must be relieved and earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and storms will continue to achieve this purpose, the technology of our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters has been and will continue alleviating the most profound effects of those happenings by leveling out the energy release. Further, if one’s soul contract has been fulfilled and the time of transition is at hand, the person will leave this physical experience to continue evolution in the next spirit lifetime regardless of the safety of his or her location; the same is true if the original contract is amended, which also is by soul level choosing. If the contract calls for continued physical experiencing, the person will survive the same event that others do not.

We understand that the majority of the world’s population doesn’t have the opportunity to read the messages transmitted by high light beings to their respected receivers, but the light intensity is reaching all who are willing with the effect that communication between the soul and the consciousness is becoming clear. This includes a sense of serenity even in the midst of frenzy if you will but allow this to be the foundation of your consciousness.

Living in fear is NOT what you chose to be a constant in your current experiencing, but an emotion you chose to overcome in this time of spiritual renewal in your world. We encourage you—we urge you!—to stay steadfast in the joy and strength of the light, remembering that wherever you are is where you chose to be and that myriad helpers are accompanying you on your pathway.


More on Matthew at


Date: 14 May 2006
From: "Jim Folliard">
Subject: Re: The Perfect Storm Series #6: Unfazed and Mightily Centered

Re: Predicted Tidal Wave along East Coast.

I have had this dream several times, beginning many years ago: I'm standing on the top of a beach along the South Shore of Massachusetts, where I grew up. I'm totally alone; no one else is anywhere near. The ocean has been sucked out as far as I can see. I know a huge tidal wave is on the way, but I continue to stand there, calmly, waiting. . .

Jim Folliard
Portsmouth, RI

Note from Jean: This could also be, metaphorically speaking, a tidal wave of change sweeping the world to renew it all into balance and sanity...


Date: 17 May 2006
From: Ariel Ky>
Subject: Mega-Tsunami Remote Possibility & Call to Planetary Stewardship


In response to your last compilation, I believe there are other more pressing concerns about possible mega-disasters than a tsunami hitting the East coast of the U.S. For one, this hurricane season is predicted to be even more severe than last summer, with four large hurricanes predicted to hit land in the U.S. this summer. Global warming with consequential severe flooding, drought, and weather extremes is another. That the war hawks in Washington D.C. would like to unleash nuclear weapons in an all-out assault on Iran, killing millions of people, should be a pressing reason for resistance of this government. Another grave cause for concern is the ongoing deaths of dolphins and whales. The story you just published of honeybees disappearing is yet another indicator that the slumbering mass of humanity is on a suicidal path.

We must begin to act as better stewards of the planet. Last evening as I was falling asleep I conceived the idea of forming an Earth Council of people from every country on the planet working together to create balance and harmony on the Earth.

I am sending you the yet unedited first draft of what I wrote this morning. I have also clipped in below an article from the BBC about the likelihood of a mega-tsunami from the collapse of the Cumbra Vieja volcano.


Call to Planetary Stewardship

The Earth Council is being formed to include planetary membership of all women, men, and children who want to honor the Earth by living in harmony with each other and all of creation.

When you become a member of the Earth Council, you step up into your role of steward of the planet. You take responsibility for your actions and declare your willingness to work with others for the highest good of all life on the planet. You declare your willingness to share your ideas, thoughts, labor, prayers, and resources in this effort. 

You declare that you are willing to listen to others with respect, to relinquish all positions or considerations that some beings are higher than others and other begins are lower than others. 

You declare that you are willing to change your ideas in order to change what is happening on the planet.

You declare that you are willing to cooperate with others to bring in equality, liberty, and goodwill for all people and life on the planet. 

You acknowledge the Earth as a being with four bodies like yours: physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental, and that these bodies need to be healed, cared for, and balanced like your own.

You acknowledge that you are one of the aspects of this planetary being, as are all other people, elements, animals, fish, insects, plants, trees, rivers, mountains, seas, and land. You commit yourself to a process of bringing harmony and balance to the Earth, of loving, honoring, and cherishing all life and the creative force that imbues all life in the cosmos and in all dimensions.

You renounce all wars and killing of other people, including executions by governments. You renounce the use of torture and all forms of coercion and the use of force to control others and cause suffering. You renounce the use of weapons that destroy life. You no longer cooperate with people in positions of authority who force others to comply with their edicts when it is obvious that they are not serving the highest good of all. You no longer support governments that destroy life.

You embrace the credo, "Honor the Earth. Honor the Life force. Honor all creation." You accept your role as steward of the planet.

When you agree to take personal responsibility for stewardship of the planet, you will then become a member of the Earth Council and you will henceforward be called an Earth Councillor.

Earth Councillors are the meek who will inherit the Earth. Earth Councillors are lovers: lovers of peace, lovers of harmony, lovers of truth, lovers of all people and all forms of life. The planet and the future of humanity needs your commitment. Are you willing to step up on her behalf?

In love and light and laughter,

Daughter of the Earth,

Ariel Ky


Mega-tsunami: Questions and Answers
1. When will the volcano on La Palma collapse?The collapse of the western flank of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, on the southern half of La Palma, is not going to happen tomorrow or next week. Tourists should not cancel their holidays to the Canary Islands, or to the east coast of the United States or the Caribbean. What scientists are predicting is that the collapse is likely to happen any time within the next few thousand years. Scientists also know that a collapse will not happen without any warning. They will be able to alert people to possible danger several weeks in advance.
2. How do scientists know? Scientists have discovered that La Palma will collapse at the time of some future volcanic eruption on the summit of the Cumbre Vieja volcano. Eruptions on the summit occur on average every 200 years or so. The last summit eruption was in 1949, so it may be many decades before the next summit eruption takes place. Furthermore, the collapse will not necessarily happen during the next summit eruption. It may well take five, ten or more summit eruptions before the collapse occurs. But scientists simply do not know how many eruptions it will take. CLIP



Date: 11 May 2006
From: Colleen Marshall>
Subject: Atmos through Mike Quinsey



As you get closer and closer to the time of change, we find that some of you are finding the waiting unbearable. We understand your anxiety, and you really are in the midst of a number of dramatic changes. Some of you have awareness of them whilst for others their knowledge is less evident. It is a build up of energies that are bringing pressure to bear upon the dark, and a major development is about to occur. As we see it there will be a knock on effect following the resignation of Goss Porter, and it has a greater significance than is first realized. The truth behind this occurrence will surface, and with it revelations that will break the secrecy surrounding the covert actions of the C.I.A. and Government.

It has taken quite a time to bring matters to a point where the pressure has paid off. All around there is dissatisfaction, and it these present opportunities that our allies must take advantage of where possible. We help drive their energy and actions to where they will be the most beneficial to the removal of the last cabal. This is our focus and success will at last allow great steps forward to be taken. Be assured that at our level we can co-ordinate the efforts being made, and it is often achieved by overshadowing our allies so that the correct decisions are made. This far we can go as there is still an ultimate target date for change, and it will signal the end of the controlling activities of the dark.

Since it has been decreed that the dark shall not achieve their plan, you will understand that at some point it will collapse. That time approaches very rapidly and there is little that can stop its fulfillment. Indeed, it is not even within the power of the dark to prevent the final acts in this drama. They cannot buy their way out of it, and they will find they are quickly becoming isolated by their own people. Whilst all of this is happening the Light continues to grow, and Lightworkers unflinchingly go about their responsibilities often at some risk to themselves. Be aware that anyone carrying out the Father’s work will be protected and helped at such an important time.

Dear Ones, try to see beyond the threats and false utterances as the last desperate attempts of the dark who are doomed to failure. They are no longer the ones in charge although they do not see it. It is we who look down upon Earth and lead the way, and time has been called on the activities of the dark. The High Councils are allowing events to be wound up, and The Galactic Federation is as near as they can possibly get to beginning their contact with Earth officials. We have understood the need to approach the authorities with decorum and in accordance with ages old tradition.

What I cannot tell you is exactly when events will turn, but be certain that the time is becoming so much nearer. Your problems cannot be solved overnight, but the plans are already drawn up that will immediately focus on your greatest needs. To bring peace is the first essential action that will clear the way for everything else, and that will be enforced in accord with the wishes of the people. Busy times are coming, but these will represent opportunities for many of you to become directly involved with us, and the results will be extremely rewarding. There has been a remarkable acceptance of our presence, and we are gratified by the welcome that many of you plan.

Never again will you be involved in the destruction of your lands and the people upon them. Never again will the Earth be subjected to Man’s neglect and abuse of other life forms. The changes will ensure that you advance into the higher vibrations, and everything will be renewed once more. It was never intended that you should fail this time round, and every effort has been made to bring about your success. The aim has been to avoid the catastrophes of past civilizations where they have suffered almost complete annihilation. It was seen that your progress into the Light would enable you to overcome the challenge presented to you. This was most satisfying as great numbers of you were present when the massive continents of Atlantis and Lemuria were destroyed.

Now you can look forward to a wonderful future that will soon see this present period behind you as it fades into the background. It will gradually seem as a bad dream and no longer be able to have any lasting affect upon you. The process of changing your consciousness has long started, and in your time can be traced back to the days of your Flower People. Changes are not usually dramatic and it takes time to release people from centuries of rigid thinking. It has been achieved a little at the time, but with the turn of the Millennium it has considerably speeded up. We have spurred you on and the awakening has been immensely helped by the unflagging contribution of the Lightworkers. As the response has become greater so the help has increased exponentially.

It is our way of working that gently guides you into the Light, and it cannot fail to awaken those who are ready for an opening of their consciousness. This in turn increases the number of links in the grid, and the power of the higher vibrations breaks down the negative vibrations. The Earth is currently glowing with Light and it is creating a network of energy that is irresistible. This is important for Mother Earth, who needs your help to ensure the changes can take place with the least disruption to you. Some is unavoidable, but know that the souls residing in those areas subject to major change are there by choice to fulfill their soul contract.

I am Atmos a friend from The Galactic Federation, and our duties carry us far and wide as there is much to do throughout your solar system. It is a great task to prepare for the upliftment, but we are equal to it and we are a formidable team that are well rehearsed for the end times. Earth has a special place in our hearts as we know many of you, and as our brothers and sisters we act where you cannot yet handle the needs of the occasion. By now you are beginning to understand the Oneness that exists, and your approach to life is beginning to change. The selfish attitude is being seen as the denial of others and their rights to co-exist along side you. We welcome the change in your consciousness and see Unconditional Love replacing self centered thinking and actions. We commend you for your advancement into the Light.

Thank you


Mike Quinsey



Plans To Microchip Every Newborn In US And Europe Underway - Former Chief Medical Officer Of Finland

By Greg Szymanski


Are you ready for a total elimination of privacy and a robotizing of mankind, as well as an invasion of every thought going through your head?

Are you prepared to live in a world in which every newborn baby is micro-chipped? And finally are you ready to have your every move tracked, recorded and placed in Big Brother's data bank?

Although it seems impossible, plans are well underway to control every move and thought of the American population once the New World Order ends it period of extended violence, a stage of takeover the country is now experiencing.

And since there is very little written in the compliant U.S. media, a story that appeared in the Finnish-language journal, Spekula, tells Americans just how close we are to entering the totalitarian New World Order.

According to the Finnish article, distributed to doctors and medical students, time is running out for changing the direction of military medicine and mind control technology, ensuring the future of human freedom.

"Yet the technology exists to create a totalitarian New World Order," said Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD, a former chief medical officer of Finland. "Covert neurological communication systems are in place to counteract independent thinking and to control social and political activity on behalf of self-serving private and military interests.

"When our brain functions are already connected to supercomputers by means of radio implants and microchips, it will be too late for protest. This threat can be defeated only by educating the public, using available literature on biotelemetry and information exchanged at international congresses."

In her article, entitled Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics, Dr. Kilde claims the U.S. is the main culprit behind the covert use of electronic equipment and weaponry, saying "one reason this technology has remained a state secret is the widespread prestige of the psychiatric Diagnostic Statistical Manual IV produced by the U.S. American Psychiatric Association (APA) printed in 18 languages.

"Psychiatrists working for U.S. intelligence agencies no doubt participated in writing and revising this manual. This psychiatric "bible" covers up the secret development of MC technologies by labeling some of their effects as symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia."

Dr. Kilde added the media has remained "hush hush" about the true intent and purpose behind micro-chipping, saying the perfect cyber soldier can be created with sophisticated equipment and weaponry being used in certain NATO countries since the 1980's.

Listen as Dr. Kilde explains the sinister nature behind the government's use of electronic weaponry as a political means of control:

For more informative articles, go to



Meltdown fear as Arctic ice cover falls to record winter low

David Adam, environment correspondent - The Guardian

Monday May 15, 2006

Record amounts of the Arctic ocean failed to freeze during the recent winter, new figures show, spelling disaster for wildlife and strengthening concerns that the region is locked into a destructive cycle of irreversible climate change.

Satellite measurements show the area covered by Arctic winter sea ice reached an all-time low in March, down some 300,000 square kilometres on last year -an area bigger than the UK.

Scientists say the decline highlights an alarming new trend, with recovery of the ice in winter no longer sufficient to compensate for increased melting in the summer. If the cycle continues, the Arctic ocean could lose all of its ice much earlier than expected, possibly by 2030.

Walt Meier, a researcher at the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre in Colorado, which collected the figures, said: "It's a pretty stark drop. In the winter the ice tends to be pretty stable, so the last three years, with this steady decline, really stick out."

Experts are worried because a long-term slow decline of ice around the north pole seems to have sharply accelerated since 2003, raising fears that the region may have passed one of the "tipping points" in global warming. In this scenario, warmer weather melts ice and drives temperatures higher because the dark water beneath absorbs more of the sun's radiation. This could make global warming quickly run out of control.

Dr Meier said there was "a good chance" the Arctic tipping point has been reached. "People have tried to think of ways we could get back to where we were. We keep going further and further into the hole, and it's getting harder and harder to get out of it."

The Arctic is rapidly becoming the clearest demonstration of the effects of mankind's impact on the global climate. The temperature is rising twice as fast as the rest of the planet and the region is expected to warm by a further 4C-7C by 2100. The summer and winter ice levels are the lowest since satellite monitoring began in 1979, and almost certainly the lowest since local people began keeping records around 1900. The pace of decline since 2003, if continued, would see the Arctic totally ice-free in summer within 30 years - though few scientists would stake their reputations on a long-term trend drawn from only three years.

Experts at the US Naval Postgraduate School in California think the situation could be even worse. They are about to publish the results of computer simulations that show the current rate of melting, combined with increased access for warmer Pacific water, could make the summertime Arctic ice-free within a decade. Dr Meier said: "For 800,000 to a million years, at least some of the Arctic has been covered by ice throughout the year. That's an indication that, if we are heading for an ice-free Arctic, it's a really dramatic change and something that is unprecedented almost within the entire record of human species."

The winter ice has declined all around the region - bad news for polar bears, which spend summer on land before returning to the ice in spring to catch food.

Interactive guides

Global warming,,1267004,00.html

The slowdown of the Gulf Stream,5860,1656541,00.html


See also:

Coral reefs and marine life may be wiped out by global warming (16 May 2006)
GLOBAL warming has had a more devastating effect on some of the world's finest coral reefs than previously assumed, scientists said last night. Large sections of coral reefs and much of the marine life they support may be wiped out. The international team of researchers surveyed 21 sites and more than 50,000 square metres of coral reefs in the inner islands of the Seychelles in 1994 and 2005. Their report is the first to show the damage of global warming on the inner Seychelles coral reef in which rising sea temperatures have killed off more than 90 per cent of the coral. The Newcastle University-led team has published its findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The research showed that, while a warming-up of the Indian Ocean in 1998 was devastating in the short term, the main long-term impacts are down to the damaged reefs being largely unable to reseed and recover. Many simply collapsed into rubble that became covered by unsightly algae. The collapse of the reefs removed food and shelter from predators for a large and diverse amount of marine life - in 2005 average coral cover in the area surveyed was just 7.5 per cent. The survey showed that four fish species are possibly already locally extinct, and six species are at critically low levels. (...) "Unfortunately, it may be too late to save many of these reefs but this research shows the importance of countries tackling greenhouse gas emissions and trying to reduce global warming and its effect on some of the world's finest and most diverse wildlife." CLIP


Forwarded by "Kathleen Roberts">

9/11 mystery for humankind

Nate Arthur - Columnist

April 05, 2006 issue

The Daily Beacon University of Tennesseee

“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”

— Joseph Mengele, Nazi scientist

Americans don't love a good mystery. We prefer an action drama with an explosive, reassuring ending, even though it's nuclear.

In some ways, 9/11 is the most important unsolved mystery that will ever be faced or ignored by humankind. It involves ultimate questions of human trust in governance, of trust in the power of state both to manage generally, and to manage public perception of realities big and small in a time when the public has unprecedented information it could access. Of course the most expansive mystery our own country has ever not solved is the 1960s.

Context is everything. How is it that a government could become so debased it would blatantly participate in the murder of 3,000 of its people, and most importantly, how did the people ever grow so capable of digesting a totally insufficient if not impossible official explanation, when so much reasonable evidence points to the so-called terror attacks being simply a classic "false flag" operation, spawned from within?

Attacking oneself and blaming it on another country or faction is an old, proven tactic, like it or not.

The self-mutilation we saw in New York, Washington, D.C, and now elsewhere is designed to make an otherwise unacceptable militarist agenda appealing to a scared, angry, demoralized public. The curiously unsolvable anthrax attacks (using weaponized anthrax stock attributed to U.S. military labs) and the subsequent "John Mohammed the angry Black Muslim" sniper attacks all went a long way to cement this public trauma, fear, and dissent. Context is everything.

To some, it's obvious that American leadership always had a godless, racist, murderous, venal streak. Several centuries of kidnapping African human beings, forcing them through the middle passage, and breeding them for profit and pleasure indicate to me that something was wrong with our forefathers, and with the New World philosophy in general. Indians were exterminated and controlled like wolves; our government paid well for scalps and pelts.

In Vietnam, we napalmed and defoliated our allies the South Vietnamese, saying it saved them from Communism, just as forced labor and rape (as well as the rape, or at least the whoring of religion) were used by slave-masters to save Africans from savagery. The same remorseless ingenuity is evident today in a lot of what our rulership does, and in what we accept.

It profits the historically unconcerned American to leap from slavery directly to the shadow history of WWII. It's devious, but at its core it's simple.

Wall Street and American industrial interests generously funded the Nazi war machine, from the years of the I.G. Farben/Krups/master-race military build-up all the way into U.S. participation in the war. It's a matter of fact that DuPont, General Motors, the dregs of Standard Oil, IBM and various financial houses all traded directly or indirectly with the evil ones, and some traitors were reprimanded and had assets seized. One major financier of Nazi industrial/military power was Prescott Bush, progenitor of no less than three U.S. presidents, (Nixon's political patron) and ranking member of the cryptic Skull and Bones fraternity of Yale, the social club which allegedly drew its seed money from investments in the early Opium Wars theater, and its philosophic principles from German death cults and high-Nietzschean eugenic pride.

There are deep and priceless connections here worth far more than just consideration (though The Media is allergic to them, even as the 2004 contestants both expressed coy allegiance to this mysterious fraternity, and snickered openly at half-hearted inquiries.) For further ugly international connections, try Googling "H.W. Bush campaign and East European fascists," or "Operation Paperclip/CIA and Nazis."

From this dark lesson in the real bylaws of American capital investment the crypto-historian travels to Dealy Plaza, Dallas, where the first of the Kennedy brothers was publicly executed in a conspiracy. Future CIA director George H.W. Bush was in town, as were some of his anti-Castro comrades, and Nixon, too. Secret Service guardians were withdrawn from the president's limousine as it slowed to a near crawl, in violation of security protocol and foreshadowing other mysterious security distractions that took place 38 years later on September 11, 2001.

From Dallas, it is but a direct flight to "H.W." administrations full of suppressed scandals, drug explosions, assassination attempts, and illegal invasions. And then to our current terrorist mysteries.

Charlie Sheen didn't let the cat out of the bag about 9/11. The cat is kind of in the bag at the bottom of the Potomac. Some reputable scholars have consistently said just what Sheen did, and they've appeared on C-SPAN and CNN, also with no great effect. Perhaps if Captain America himself were to come forward and state unequivocally that President Yosemite Sam and Vice President Fudd should be in Moussaoui's position, we might pay attention.

- Nate Arthur can be reached at >


See also:

The Unofficial Opus Dei FAQ
1. Q: What is Opus Dei?A: Opus Dei a fundamentalistic sect which operates in a Catholic environment. Officially it is part of the Catholic church and so they claim that they are not a sect. Well, it all depends on how you define the word ``sect''. It would be best for you to derive your own opinion by reading this FAQ.
2. Q: Why have I written this FAQ:A: A friend of mine got sucked into this cult and I had to explain to her why it is a bad thing. When I was searching on the Internet for information I found very little. There is their official home page "", which does not reveal much about their true nature. Since I also want to prevent other people from falling into Opus Dei's traps I have written this document. I once was a religious person and a Catholic myself, though I have always been an extremely critical person and did not accept all the positions of the Church. In my opinion, the Catholic Church has accumulated a lot of dust that covers the message of Jesus. Opus Dei is an organisation that adds to this dust and mistakes the dust for the message in a lot of ways. Where one could argue that the original ideas from Jesus made some sense it is already rather questionable what the Catholic Church makes out of it. Even more questionable is the dangerous ideology that the Opus Dei spread in their name. But since the Opus Dei is successful in taking over the Catholic Church there is less and less distinction between them every day.
3. Q: What kind of people are they?A: Mostly good people. People with good hearts who love God and want to do good things and sacrifice themselves for the work of God. Only/mostly good people are attracted by them. These people are all a bit naive because they make one big mistake: They think that the Opus Dei can not be bad, because the people there are good people and they are all very religious. Therefore, they do not see all the evil ideology which is in the teachings of Josemaria Escriva (founder of Opus Dei). CLIP
6. Q: What are the negative things in Opus Dei?A: In short: * The Fascist ideology in Escriva's teachings. The fundamentalism. * The Intolerance towards other religions. * The dishonesty. * The danger inherent in the undemocratic structure of blindly following orders. * The danger inherent in the psychological control they have of their members due to the "weekly chat'' where they have to tell the innermost details of their souls to their spiritual leaders. * The aggressive and manipulative way in which they try to catch new members. * The evil character of the founder. * The fact that they do not reveal their true goals and keep a lot of material secret from the public. * The smug thinking of belonging to an elite. CLIP
Much more info through


Forwarded by Ed Jor-El Elkin>

Subject: Some things you need to know before the world ends
From: "">
Date: 06 Apr 2006

This is an Update from Suzanne Taylor and the Making Sense of These Times website:



William Blum is an astute critic and a straight talker who makes it into the editorial pages of the New York Times. I like his insights into misconceptions that hold us trapped in this reality which just came around in his latest Anti-Empire Report:

This is the meatiest part of that mailing.


Some things you need to know before the world ends

March 22, 2006

by William Blum

"Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens."

- Friedrich Schiller - "With stupidity, even the gods struggle in vain."

...Inasmuch as I can not see violent revolution succeeding in the United States (something deep inside tells me that we couldn't quite match the government's firepower, not to mention their viciousness), I can offer no solution to stopping the imperial monster other than increasing the number of those in the opposition until it reaches a critical mass; at which point ... I can't predict the form the explosion will take.

I'm speaking here of education, and in my writing and in my public talks I like to emphasize certain points which try to deal with the underlying intellectual misconceptions and emotional "hangups" I think Americans have which stand in the way of their seeing through the bullshit; this education can also take the form of demonstrations or acts of civil disobedience, whatever might produce a thaw in a frozen mind. Briefly, here are the main points:

(1) US foreign policy does not "mean well". It's not that American leaders have miscalculated, or blundered, causing great suffering, as in Iraq, while having noble intentions. Rather, while pursuing their imperial goals they simply do not care about the welfare of the foreign peoples who are on the receiving end of the bombing and the torture, and we should not let them get away with claiming such intentions.

(2) The United States is not concerned with this thing called "democracy", no matter how many times George W. uses the word each time he opens his mouth. In the past 60 years, the US has attempted to overthrow literally dozens of democratically-elected governments, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, and grossly interfered in as many democratic elections in every corner of the world. The question is: What do the Busheviks mean by "democracy"? The last thing they have in mind is any kind of economic democracy, the closing of the gap between the desperate poor and those for whom too much is not enough. The first thing they have in mind is making sure the target country has the political, financial and legal mechanisms in place to make it hospitable to corporate globalization.

(3) Anti-American terrorists are not motivated by hatred or envy of freedom or democracy, or by American wealth, secular government, or culture. They are motivated by decades of awful things done to their homelands by US foreign policy. It works the same all over the world. In the period of the 1950s to the 1980s in Latin America, in response to a long string of Washington's dreadful policies, there were countless acts of terrorism against US diplomatic and military targets as well as the offices of US corporations. The US bombing, invasion, occupation and torture in Iraq and Afghanistan have created thousands of new anti-American terrorists. We'll be hearing from them for a terribly long time.

(4) The United States is not actually against terrorism per se, only those terrorists who are not allies of the empire. There is a lengthy and infamous history of support for numerous anti-Castro terrorists, even when their terrorist acts were committed in the United States. At this moment, Luis Posada Carriles remains protected by the US government, though he masterminded the blowing up of a Cuban airplane that killed 73 people and his extradition has been requested by Venezuela. He's but one of hundreds of anti-Castro terrorists who've been given haven in the United States over the years. The United States has also provided close support of terrorists in Kosovo, Bosnia, Iran and elsewhere, including those with known connections to al Qaeda, to further imperial goals more important than fighting terrorism.

(5) Iraq was not any kind of a threat to the United States. Of the never-ending lies concerning Iraq, this is the most insidious, the necessary foundation for all the other lies. This is the supposed justification for the preemptive invasion, for what the Nuremberg Tribunal called a war of aggression. Absent such a threat, it didn't matter if Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, it didn't matter if the intelligence was right or wrong about this or that, or whether the Democrats also believed the lies. All that mattered was the Bush administration's claim that Iraq was an imminent threat to wreak some kind of great havoc upon America. But think about that. What possible reason could Saddam Hussein have had for attacking the United States other than an irresistible desire for mass national suicide?

(6) There was never any such animal as the International Communist Conspiracy. There were, as there still are, people living in misery, rising up in protest against their condition, against an oppressive government, a government usually supported by the United States.

(7) Conservatives, particularly of the neo-kind (far to the right on the political spectrum), and liberals (ever so slightly to the left of center) are not ideological polar opposites. Thus, watching a TV talk show on foreign policy with a conservative and a liberal is not necessarily getting a "balanced" viewpoint; a more appropriate balance to a conservative would be a left-wing radical or progressive. American liberals are typically closer to conservatives on foreign policy than they are to these groupings on the left, and the educational value of such "balanced" media can be more harmful than beneficial as far as seeing through the empire's motives and actions...

[William Blum left the State Department in 1967, abandoning his aspiration of becoming a Foreign Service Officer, because of his opposition to what the United States was doing in Vietnam. He then became one of the founders and editors of the Washington Free Press, the first "alternative" newspaper in the capital. Mr. Blum has been a freelance journalist in the United States, Europe and South America. William Blum is currently living in Washington, DC, using the Library of Congress and the National Archives to strike fear into the hearts of US government imperialists.]

I think an alignment of intelligent people like Blum could contribute to an escalation of "the number of those in the opposition until it reaches a critical mass." For people who haven't been with me long enough to hear me rant about this, pick up on The Twilight Club for a model from the last century, where shapers of thought united to do massive good in the world. The good that a contemporary version could contribute would be to think through our dead worldview which has us in dualistic hell. Let wise ones amongst us come up with a new idea about who we are and what we're doing here that would serve us better.

Here are some tidbits about The Twilight Club, some of whose members were Rudyard Kipling, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Darwin, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Walt Whitman, Edwin Markham, Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas J. Watson, Rudyard Kipling, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Louis Tiffany.

Their conviction was that world peace, harmony and unity would only come about through the brotherhood of man. They were convinced that a person‚s moral creed could not remain as words and platitudes, but must be translated into action. Building on this idea, they formed The Poets‚ Code of Ethics, intended as a worldwide moral code that related strictly to how people acted towards each other, the ethical nature of the code being based on the concept of service to others and to the world...

Andrew Carnegie strongly advocated the necessity of spreading the seeds of culture, morality and ethics. He promised to endow millions for educational purposes—particularly through building libraries. He also organized the Authors‚ Club, providing a house on 34th Street in New York, entirely free of charge providing that each member of the club agreed to write something every year that had a direct bearing on and reference to the moral code of ethics...

Out of this visionary effort came the Scout movement... As their meetings were rotated‚ from house to house, they eventually named their group the Rotary Club, now the Rotary Club International, with millions of members all over the world devoted to service. Other service clubs followed, such as the Kiwanis and the Lions.

Others inspired by the Twilight Club vision, such as Edwin Markham and Sophie Irene Loeb, worked to bring about change in social conditions, such as the elimination of sweatshops, compulsory education and child labor laws. Eugene Grace, president of the Bethlehem Steel Company, and Adolph Ochs, owner of the New York Times, worked to establish advertising censorship. Thomas J. Watson and Walter Russell campaigned for the elimination of the caveat emptor practice of business, which eventually led to the establishment of the Better Business Bureaus.

After the war years, Thomas J. Watson, head of International Business Machines, became inspired by the ideals of the ethical movement organized by Herbert Spencer, wanting the business world to practice these principles. He offered to pay all expenses necessary for the club activities. He, Walter Russell and Edwin Markham decided to stress culture as well as ethics, since culture stems from the arts, for World War one had caused a drop in cultural growth and patronage of the arts. They decided to call this extension of the Twilight Club, The Society of Arts and Science. Taking leadership, Thomas J. Watson and Walter Russell—who lectured for twelve years to IBM employees on better business practices—worked with others, such as Francis Sisson, from the banking, business and legal world, to uplift the standards of industry, law and justice.

For more education to help flesh out the picture of our Iraq debacle, which feels like Greek tragedy when you put all the pieces together, I recommend a shocking piece from the New Yorker magazine: Deluded, by Steve Coll. This information, just coming to light about the state Saddam was in before the invasion, concerns a study which reveals "how the Iraq invasion, more than any other war in American history, was a construct of delusion. Frustratingly, however, we now understand much more about the textures of fantasy in Saddam's palaces in early 2003 than we do about the self-delusions then prevalent in the West Wing."...



America the Fearful

By Bob Herbert


New York Times" --- -- In the dark days of the Depression, Franklin Roosevelt counseled Americans to avoid fear. George W. Bush is his polar opposite. The public's fear is this president's most potent political asset. Perhaps his only asset.

Mr. Bush wants ordinary Americans to remain in a perpetual state of fear - so terrified, in fact, that they will not object to the steady erosion of their rights and liberties, and will not notice the many ways in which their fear is being manipulated to feed an unconscionable expansion of presidential power.

If voters can be kept frightened enough of terrorism, they might even overlook the monumental incompetence of one of the worst administrations the nation has ever known.

Four marines drowned Thursday when their 60-ton tank rolled off a bridge and sank in a canal about 50 miles west of Baghdad. Three American soldiers in Iraq were killed by roadside bombs the same day. But those tragic and wholly unnecessary deaths were not the big news. The big news was the latest leak of yet another presidential power grab: the administration's collection of the telephone records of tens of millions of American citizens.

The Bush crowd, which gets together each morning to participate in a highly secret ritual of formalized ineptitude, is trying to get its creepy hands on all the telephone records of everybody in the entire country. It supposedly wants these records, which contain crucial documentation of calls for Chinese takeout in Terre Haute, Ind., and birthday greetings to Grandma in Talladega, Ala., to help in the search for Osama bin Laden.

Hey, the president has made it clear that when Al Qaeda is calling, he wants to be listening, and you never know where that lead may turn up.

The problem (besides the fact that the president has been as effective hunting bin Laden as Dick Cheney was in hunting quail) is that in its fearmongering and power-grabbing the Bush administration has trampled all over the Constitution, the democratic process and the hallowed American tradition of government checks and balances.

Short of having them taken away from us, there is probably no way to fully appreciate the wonder and the glory of our rights and liberties here in the United States, including the right to privacy.

The Constitution and the elaborate system of checks and balances were meant to protect us against the possibility of a clownish gang of small men and women amassing excessive power and behaving like tyrants or kings. But the normal safeguards have not been working since the Bush crowd came to power, starting with the hijacked presidential election in 2000.

After the Sept. 11 attacks, all bets were off. John Kennedy once said, "The United States, as the world knows, will never start a war." But George W. Bush, employing an outrageous propaganda campaign ("Shock and awe," "We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud"), started an utterly pointless war in Iraq that he still doesn't know how to win or how to end.

If you listen to the Bush version of reality, the president is all powerful. In that version, we are fighting a war against terrorism, which is a war that will never end. And as long as we are at war (forever), there is no limit to the war-fighting powers the president can claim as commander in chief.

So we've kidnapped people and sent them off to be tortured in the extraordinary rendition program; and we've incarcerated people at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere without trial or even the right to know the charges against them; and we're allowing the C.I.A. to operate super-secret prisons where God-knows-what-all is going on; and we're listening in on the phone calls and reading the e-mail of innocent Americans without warrants; and on and on and on.

The Bushies will tell you that it is dangerous and even against the law to inquire into these nefarious activities. We just have to trust the king.

Well, I give you fair warning. This is a road map to totalitarianism. Hallmarks of totalitarian regimes have always included an excessive reliance on secrecy, the deliberate stoking of fear in the general population, a preference for military rather than diplomatic solutions in foreign policy, the promotion of blind patriotism, the denial of human rights, the curtailment of the rule of law, hostility to a free press and the systematic invasion of the privacy of ordinary people.

There are not enough pretty words in all the world to cover up the damage that George W. Bush has done to his country. If the United States could look at itself in a mirror, it would be both alarmed and ashamed at what it saw.


Date: 19 May 2006
From: Peter Phillips>
Subject: Inflated Terrorism - Propaganda Lies -

Inflated Terrorism - Propaganda Lies

By Peter Phillips

The Bush administration is paltering to the American public with exaggerated misconceptions of worldwide terrorism to frighten us into supporting a global police state. With seven hundred military bases and a budget bigger than the rest of the world combined, the US military has become the new supreme-power force repressing "terrorism" everywhere. 

Vice President Dick Cheney's keynote address at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference March 7, 2006 is a telling example of neo-conservative global dominance thought in the current administration. Here are his exact words, "Israel, and the United States, and all civilized nations will win the war on terror. To prevail in this fight, we must understand the nature of the enemy. …as America experienced on September 11th, 2001, the terrorist enemy is brutal and heartless. This enemy wears no uniform, has no regard for the rules of warfare, and is unconstrained by any standard of decency or morality….The terrorists want to end all American and Western influence in the Middle East. Their goal in that region is to seize control of a country, so they have a base from which to launch attacks and wage war against governments that do not meet their demands… ultimately to establish a totalitarian empire that encompasses a region from Spain, across North Africa, through the Middle East and South Asia, all the way around to Indonesia."

Cheney claims that evil terrorists everywhere are plotting for the ruin of "civilized" nations. In order to stop them we must militarily control all the regions they are threatening in a permanent global war. Cheney's military empire, set to prevail over the totalitarian terrorists, will inevitably expand global resistance to US domination. Large coalitions of freedom fighters, fundamentalists, patriots, religious zealots, nationalists, and ideologues of various beliefs will emerge from within the regions the US occupies.

Widespread resistance is exactly what is happening in Iraq. Le Monde Diplomatique on May 2, 2006 described the Iraq insurgents - terrorists to Cheney - as "armed opposition often divided into a set of wholly independent categories which apparently do not have much in common. The categories include the patriotic former army officers, the foreign terrorists, the Sunni Arabs determined to regain power, the Muslims opposed to any kind of foreign occupation, the tribal factions pursuing their own specific vendettas, the die-hard Ba'athists - and the "pissed-off" Iraqis (in coalition soldier jargon, POIs) who are simply sick of the foreign forces occupying their country."

For Cheney and other global dominance neo-conservatives, the terrorist label is so broad that it can be applied to any individual, group, or nation that resists US military occupations, US threats, or US corporate interests anywhere in the world. In reality, the US military is the world's foremost totalitarian force.

Three years ago I met a Dutch journalist, Willem Oltman, at the International Campaign Against US Aggression on Iraq in Cairo, Egypt. Oltman described his teen years during World War II in the Dutch resistance movement. "The Nazi's called us terrorists," he exclaimed. "Now as the US invades and occupies other countries you do the same thing," he added. 

Maintaining an US military global police force enriches defense contractors and enflames resistance. There is no worldwide terrorism threat other than the one we create when we make war on other peoples. Addressing world poverty, sickness, and environmental issues will go much further in preventing single acts of terrorism inside the United States than any military actions we can muster. It is time to challenge the neo-conservative global dominance agenda and stand up for human rights and the traditional American values of grass-roots democracy, due process, governmental transparency, and individual freedoms for ourselves and the rest of the world.

Peter Phillips is a professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University and director of Project Censored a media research group. He is co-editor with Dennis Loo of the forthcoming book, Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush and Cheney, from Seven Stories Press, summer 2006.


Forwarded by "Kathleen Roberts">


Calls 18-Page Letter From Iranian President 'An Act of War'

Days after receiving an 18-page letter from Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President George W. Bush called the lengthy missive "an act of war" and demanded that Iran halt its production of long letters at once.

At the White House, aides said that writing a letter of such length to President Bush, who is known for his extreme distaste for reading, was the most provocative act Mr. Ahmadinejad could have possibly committed.

"Everyone knows that the last book the president read was My Pet Goat," one aide said. "Expecting him to read an 18-page letter is really asking for it, and that Iranian dude must have known that."

According to those close to Mr. Bush, the president was infuriated upon receipt of the 18-page letter and asked aides if it was some kind of joke.

The president then demanded that the letter be boiled down to a one or two page format, or possibly adapted to a DVD version, just as he had ordered for news reports on Hurricane Katrina.

In Tehran, President Ahmadinejad said he was "taken aback" by Mr. Bush's refusal to read an 18-page letter, but said that all his future communications to the U.S. president would be in short, easy-to-read instant-messaging format.


Also forwarded by "Kathleen Roberts">

"Thank you for calling the White House switchboard. Our new voice activated system will help direct you to the proper office."

"If you are calling to complain about the mishandling of the war in Iraq, press one."

"If you are calling to complain about the abuse of prisoners and the White House's endorsement of torture, press two, and then say the name of the torture site that you wish to complain about (and please note for the sake of the voice mail system that it is pronounced Abu GRABE, not Abu grahb)."

"If you are calling to complain about illegal spying on American citizens and the abuse of FISA laws, press 3, but do know that these calls will be recorded."

"If you are calling to complain about the disastrous mismanagement of the hurricane Katrina recovery, please press 4, and your call will be directed to the FEMA. If you wait for more than 48 hours without anyone picking up the phone, hang up and send a letter. We have been assured that all letters will receive a prompt reply within one year."

"If you are Jack Abramoff or any Saudi prince, please call the private line? It is always open."

"If you are calling about the Medicare prescription debacle, please press 6. If you are having a medical emergency, you should proceed directly to your local emergency room, although please understand that your health coverage may not pay for the visit and you can no longer get out from under the bill by declaring bankruptcy."

"If you are calling about the ballooning federal defici t or the recent hike in the debt ceiling to $3 trillion, please press 7, unless you are Bill Clinton calling to brag about the surpluses under your administration, in which case we don't want to hear about it."

"If you are calling to complain about the White House's efforts to block stem cell research, please press 8, and then say the disease that you are most concerned about that may ultimately be cured through scientific research. If you are a scientist calling with new research findings or important clinical data, please hang up, we don't want to hear from you."

"If you are calling to express concern about global warming and our efforts to roll back environmental laws, please press 9, unless you are a government scientist, in which case you are forbidden to talk without first clearing it with the oil lobbyist we hired to screen and edit your research. He can be reached at Exxon 4-2611."

"If you are calling to complain about the President's efforts to "privatize" social security, please press 1 and then the pound key, and your call will be redirected to representatives at Merrill Lynch, who will explain the virtues of putting all your savings in the stock market."

"If you are calling about the need for more prayer in public schools or any other faith-based initiatives, please press 10 and Reverend Falwell will be with you shortly."

"If you are calling to lobby for more Supreme Court Justices who will block a woman's right to choose, please stay on the line and the President will be with you immediately."

"If you are calling about all the tax breaks for the wealthy, press *1 if you have ideas for more loopholes and are making more than a million dollars per year; if you are earning less than a million per year but have ideas for how you may help the wealthy, press *2; if you are earning less than a million per year and just want to complain that all the burden is now falling on you, please call back in a couple of years."

"Press zero at any time if you would like to hear these options again. Thank you for calling the White House. It is our pleasure to be at your service. 

In his first IM to President Bush, released to the press today, President Ahmadinejad writes, "Am building nukes. R U angry? LOL."

Elsewhere, Air Force Gen. Michael V. Hayden vowed today that as director of the CIA he would push the agency to find new and better sources of false intelligence.


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